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Krai t . inn-it of folia's K volt.
Any one who will tike Qm iiains to
lammarlae the wronga bonif by the 'u
bans'tluriuK t Iii- las; two dt-oaiU's will !'
Inclined to wonder, not that the isiam'
en sh told revolt, bat that they did uot
revolt long ago.
Spain, the government of which is, as
Lowell said, the worst known instance of
the spoils system, has established as hs
Cuban ministers and agents men who
have not hesitated to aggravate the 'n
Justices already done in the shape of in
ordinate taxes. The island has been kept
full of petty Spanish officers, the depu
ties of tyranny. It is estimated that
from isTs until the present time about
$300,000,000 has been taken from the
appropriations for military expenses, and
in the present Instance many millions
more are required from the Cuban treas
ury to enable the continuance of the
warfare. To add to these grievances UW
Cuban custom house is systematically
defrauded yearly by the Spanish poli'i
eiaits, who practically keep themselves
and their office-holding friends on the
$11,000,000 annually embessled in this
way. The government seems to take
good care that no Cuban native should
hold any but a subordinate and poorly
paid position in the civil service. These
conditions are furthermore aggravated
by tii" discrimination practiced against
Cuba's principal products, for by a law
designed to protect certain Spanish mo
nop 'lies the Cuban producer is prohibit
ed from selling either sugar or tobacco
in Spain and must look for foreign mar
kets us he pan. To emphasize this fea
ture of the Island p 'ople's condition, they
are f itvt d, mi th other hand, to buy
their supplies from the parent country.
Certainly all this is in itself enough to
justify the indignant uprising of the
Cubans, but it is only part of the story
of aggression .and Injustice which is con
tinued throughout almost every feature
of Sti.iiu's deallne with her island de
pendency. The political Spanish partv,
la union constitutional, is in control of
tic government and dominates the
courts, and justice is dealt out with care
ful discrimination as to the politics of the
subject. The other high powers are en
gag d in conducting the preposterous
financiering by which a people of 1,500,
000 have come to have a debt of $:5Ki
000,000. Now that the revolt has mater
ialised the conditions exacted from the
islanders are even more severe, for by
the ruling of the Spanish government ail
insurgents tire "bandits." to be treated
ns such and shot down on sight, while
the Cubans not actively engaged in re
volt are liable in have their homes seized
ami searched en any pretext and at any
These, in brief, are some of the causes
which have led to the Cuban Insurrec
tion, and they show dearly enough how
much the revolt Is primarily due to in
justice Mini not ton merely patriotic de
sire for independence, commendable as
thai desire would be. The Cubans are
lighting for practical reasons as well as
for sentiment, and there is only too much
Justification I'm- thinking that the full
extent of these reasons has not been disclosed.-
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Widow of the Late JournalUt Will Tans
the Remainder of Her 1 n - Amid
Congenial Surrounding The Mansion
In Detail.
Washington Correspondence.
HE middle of Octo
ber will see a new
addition to the
many famous wid
ows who have
chosen the capital
for their home, and
the loss of Phila
delphia will he
Washington's gain,
for at that date
Mrs. Childs will
take up her permanent residence in
this city.
BeinR possessed ot great wealth it
was natural that Mrs. Childs should se
lect the capital, and It is now about
seven months since the building has
begun to rise from Us foundations.
The situation is a fine one, being in
the center, of the block on K street,
just between Fifteenth and Sixteenth
streets, and in a most fashionable
neighborhood, but an equally conven
ient one to the central part of the city.
The White House is only three blocks
MRS. (5
away, on the next square tire the homes
of Quay, Madame Bonaparte and Sec-
I rntnrv I-tnlrn Smith while (in Hip SillUP
square and just at the left of the Childs
house is the huge home of Senator Hale.
To the right are the houses of the first
secretary of the Argentine legation and
the spacious grounds of the home of
Representative Hltt.
The house is four stories high, count
ing the cellar, which is a most com
modious one. The material is a small,
pale yellow brick and the stone work
around the bottom is Avondale rock or
granite from Pennsylvania. There are
about forty rooms in the whole build
ing, and all are in nice proportion,
The entrance is on the right side of the
mansion and is a large doorway, over
which is a pretty carving. Steps lead
up to the wide main hall, which is on
the second lloor. The hall runs almost
the entire length of the house, and on
it face the rooms of that floor, while
from it runs a broad stairway up into
the third story. As one enters the hall
the first object which catches the eye
is an immense open fire-place, over
which is a mirror whose frame is of
antique oak and whose work about the
tiro is of redstone.
The largest room in the house is on
this lloor and it is the library, which
extends all across the front of the build
ing. The chamber Is In a mahogany
known as Haywood, which is a light
tint, almost of a cherry shade. The
walls are tinted with a sage green, the
cases, doors, mantel and cornices are
of the wood and the effect is very fine.
There are huge windows that will make
the room a delightful place for reading.
Adjoining the library is the parlor, or
drawing-room, as it is now called In
polite circles. This room is much
smaller and cosier than the library and
will probably be in a tint of ivory and
gold. The grate is set in onyx' and the
delicate Louis XI. mirror is already in
place. This room, when it Is tinted
bin! furnished in all the graceful ele-
V 1 . ,w 1 1 HU h M W - V..
' ltll U
gances that wealth can command, will
be a gem of beauty an(j probably one
of the most attractive parlors In this
city of magnificent homes.
Next to the drawing room is the din
ing room, which Is quite large in di
mensions. The tinting of this room
will be dark brown with golden trim
mings. At one end is a high mantel
of dark wood, oak, which has been
stained till it is almost black and thus
has an air of great antiquity. The top
is surmounted by a large mirror. On
the left hand Is a big buffet of the same
wood, on which the silver and china
will be displayed, and just opposite Is
the plate cabinet, also of dark oak, in
which the rare pieces of plate will be
shown against a background of rich
velvet. Adjoining the dining room is
the butler's pantry. This apartment
is fitted up in unique style.
A dumb waiter descends into the
kitchen and all about the rooms are
closets and shelves, while around the
top of the chamber is a balcony which
allows access to a second set of closets
up high against the wall. A staircase
admits the servant to the china when
more is needed and thus all of It is be
fore the eyes of the mistress, hut does
not occupy the floor of the room. Just
at one side is a small closet with a
strong steel doorthis is the vault for
the protection of the handsome silver.
Just below the butler's pantry is the
cold-storage room, in which the edi
bles are kept and into which the ice is
put direct from the wagon. This room
is on the ground floor, just below all
the apartments before described.
Here is the huge kitchen with long
ranges extending across one side of the
room. Next to it is the laundry,
which has handsome tiled tubs and a
big, tin-lined room in which the cloth
ing can be put when wet and dried by
Across the hall is the lamp room and
adjoining is the wine cellar. This is
just below the main entrance on the
floor above and has around the walls
wooden racks with little curves cut in
them, so that the bottles will lie safely
on their sides. Adjoining is the store
room for groceries, and next is the
servants' dining room, a large, cool,
comfortable chamber. All of the ground
or cellar floor is in neat colors, finished
in light wood with as much pains as if
It were the drawing room. At the back
of the house runs an elevator, which
Is an important feature of the establish
ment. On the third floor, that above the par
lor and dining rooms, are the chambers
of the mistress of the mansion and her
guest, Miss Peterson, who is a niece of
Mrs. Childs. The first room on this
floor is facing the street, and is a beau
tiful and spacious bath room, finished
in the softest and most attractive tints
of a delicate pink and gold. A grace
fully carved mantel is at one side, rich
tiling floors a part of the place and the
j tub is of porcelain and full of gleaming
spigots. 1 ins is Mrs. thilus own pri
vate hath room. Adjoining is her bed
chamber, which is a spacious apart
ment. It is light and airy and will he
finished in delicate tints of the softest
Opening into her lied room is what is
known or rather will lie known as
"Mrs. Childs' den." It is a cosy little
room, in which she can spend her time
In reading and writing, and just in
front of the window is a tiny balcony
from which she can look down into
Senator Hale's yard. From this "den"
one steps into the sitting room of Miss
Peterson a chamber which is much
like that of Mrs. Childs' and will also
he handsomely furnished. Adjoining
this is the bed room of Miss Peterson,
and next to that is a bright chamber
which will be used as a sewing room.
On the fourth lloor are several large,
handsome rooms which will he used as
guest, chambers, and are furnished in
luxurious style. At the hack of the fine
rooms, which face Hie street, will be
the neat and comfortable quarters of the
A small yard is on the left of the
mansion and at the back is a pretty
stable and carriage house.
It is safe to say that the Childs resi
dence will become one of the sights of
the city and the social world will when
the next season opens find that the
i Quaker City has sent to the capital one
' of its most attractive ornaments. Wash-
ingtou has already within its gates
many famous women. Mrs. General
John A. Logan, Mrs. General Phil Sher
idan, Mrs. Nellie Grant-Sartoris, Mrs.
Blaine and Madame Bonaparte, as well
as Mrs. Harriet L. Johnston, among the
A Notable Function In High Chinese
Society In San Francisco.
Wing Fat, a well-known member of
the Chinese colony, was married at 5
o'clock Sunday morning to Miss Mow
Sing Yu, niece of LI Hoy Hung, presl
dent of one of the Six Companies. Last
night the bride and groom entertained
their friends at dinner at the Hank
Fer Low restaurant on Dupont street. '
Some 200 Chinese and between thirty
and forty ladies and gentlemen were
present. The bride is a demure little
Chinese woman, just 18 years of age.
She is but a recent arrival in San
Francisco, having come from her Orl- j
ental home to marry Mr. Fat, who is
the foreman for Louis Meyerstein &
Co., and is worth over $100,000, says
San Francisco Examiner. There were
but few at the wedding, and the pecu
liar Chinese ceremony was performed
In one of the temples of the Six Com
panies. When the bridal company ar
rived at the restaurant last night there
was a great display of colored lights
and a perfect fusillade of bombs and
firecrackers. The banquet room was
decorated in brilliant colors and aglow
with the light of many Chinese lan
terns. The white guests were seated
at a different table from the Chinese.
and at the table where the latter were
seated the groom presided with his
bride. Mrs. Fat had on a light green
silk costume trimmed with gold bro
cade and many precious stones. The
groom was arrayed in a silk suit suit
able to his rank and fortune. The menu
was most elaborate and there was
nothing to mar the festivities of the
evening in the least. The white guests
enjoyed the affair as much as any who
were present, and the groom was fully
equal to the occasion, both in the dig
nity of his bearing and the mannner
in which he welcomed the guests In
true Oriental style. After the Chi
nese fashion, the speechmaking and the
popping of champagne corks opened
up the wedding dinnner. Li Hoy Hung,
the bride's uncle, made addresses both
in Chinese and English. A Chinese
dinner of choice and rare dishes was
then served. But these many and va
ried courses did not conclude the repast
for to the surprise of many of the Chi
nese and white guests a dinner cooked
and served in the American style fol
lowed. Each lady in the party was
presented by the bride with a fan, a
pair of ivory chopsticks and a Chinese
bracelet. Every gentleman received as
a memento of the occasion a handsome
pipe. At the conclusion of the dinner
the guests repaired to one of the Chi
nese theaters, where a performance by
Chinese children was in progress for
the entertainment of Mr. and Mrs. Fat.
The latter and their relatives to
gether with all the white guests, occu
pied boxes and seats on the stage.
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W. N. V. Denver, Vol. XII. No. 086-48
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