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The People's Paper
lew lain Baito Finest Ciimittli tie Worli
' (Successors to E. Q, Murpbey ft Co.)
Leading drag bouaa to the tooth
want. OrOers solinlted and prompt
ly tilled. Prescriptions a specialty.
Fresh drugs and purest chemicals, only,
ed In our prescription department.
Bole agent for La Vegas ior me aaia ot
(he celebrated
J, Blehl, leading undertaker.
Bults to order,
$15 and Dp,
t Amoi F.
A meal of plenty, well cooked and serf
Cd, at tbe New Brunswick. 100-tt
Don't wait longer, bat pick you a nobby
Ipriog suit to order of Amos F. Lewis. It
Professor Bodrlng oonduoted a children's
dance at Rosenthal ball, this afternoon.
Wines shipped to any part of the Terrl
tor at sacrifice prices. Abrauowskt. It
Order your suits ot experienced men, fit,
make and style guaranteed, at Amos F.
Jowls'. ' It
Benefit ball for tbe Cave juvenile band at
Rosenthal hall on St. Patrick's day In tbe
Stearns makes another slash In prices In
tils adv. and at his grocery establishment,
fbls evening.
Call and visit our bargain oounterl Com
petition always met, at Hofnieister's
Flasa Grocery. It
The Cave juvenile band has been en
gaged to toot for tbe masses on St. Joseph's
day, the 1Mb Inst.
Services at the Baptist church, to-morrow,
at the usual hours. Morning subject,
"The Atonement."
Eva Mar Tucker Is Indisposed, though,
nerhaps, she didn't care to nave the naper
aay anything about it.
Mrs. N. C. Campbell is down with the
pneumonia and Mrs. E. V. Long is also
numbered among tbe sick.
' Sheriff Hllarlo Romero has been kicked
ly a horse, but not out of the republican
party In San Miguel county. .
You cannot buy poor wine at any price,
Of me. I have not got it In stock.
L. H. Wentworth and W. E. Efetes
Irought Into this olty, to-day, , some very
peculiar looking ore, of which they expect
, Weather forecast: Warmer, - to-nigbt
and fair, except showers in north portion ;
Sunday, fair weather, stationary tern-'
perature. ,
Remember, the best entertainment will
take place at the Tamme opera bouse,
March 17th, St. Patrick's day; admission,
fifty cents.
The boys of precincts 5 and 61 will play
pJota (shinny) with the boys of precincts
86, 0 and 33 in tbe old town, to-morrow,
for $30 a side.
For the best and cheapest men's and
boys' suits, to order, see Wanamaker &
Brown's samples at Hartman's. Satisfac
tion guaranteed. 61 -tf
Tbe services at tbe Methodist church, to
morrow, will all be at the usual hours.
Tbe pastor will preach morning and even
ing. A new supply bass in tbe choir will
be Mr. Tiffany, of Albuquerque.
Thb Optic has endeavored as best it
could to accommodate everybody, this
evening correspondents, advertisers, etc.,
with tbe result tbat the paper scarcely re
sembles its former self. Newsy as ever,
though, ehf ........
' tVilliam Knobb, a former Las Vegas peg
and awl artist, bis wife a chambermaid at
hotel or two, has been heard from at
3anesville, Oblo, In the McKlnley state,
where be is a hat repairer at No. 62 north
Fifth street. .
I have never had a dollar's worth ot
shoddy stock in my store, and it is impos
sible to buy poor wines at any price at my
place in fact, prices are the only thing In
my store now -that are' not up to a high
(standard. - It Abiumowsky
Tbe confirmation of Ham Jacobs will
take place at the synagogue, at 11 o'clock,
to-morrow morn fng, and at 4 o'clock, p, m.,
Congregation Monteflore will hold a meet
log in the house of worship for tbe pur
pose of naming a rabbi.
The A. O. U. W. lodge, in this city, had
ezpeoted to give: an entertainment and
banquet at their ball, next Tuesday even
ing, but as that is Halot Patrick's day and
as it would conflict with amusements
already docketed, tbe entertainment com
rnittee nas wisely concluded to. wait until
Tuesday evening, April 7th.
Ibe Presbyterian church extends to all
people a bearty welcome to Its Sunday
services; viz: Sunday school and bible
classes at 9:45 s. m.; morning worship at
11 a. m.; Christian Endeavor prayer meet
Ing at 6:45 p. m. ; evening song service at
7:30 p.m., with talk to young men on
"Business." Strangers and visitors in our
city are especially welcomed, '
. A merry party of about forty gathered
at the pleasant home of Dr. and Mrs, J. M.
Cunningham, last evening; and passed a
few, hours most enjoyably at progressive
ix-faanded euchre. Mrs. D. T. Hosklns
tfon tbe lady's Brst pTire ; A. H. Whitmore,
gentleman's first prize; Mrs. J. A. LaRue,
tbe second lady's prize, and A. B. Smith,
tbe seoond gentleman's prize.
Hugh ttndell, of Bay City, Michigan,
who Is a gueat at tbe hot springs, with his
father, killed a catamount at Trout
aprlngs, yesttrday, which was fully four
feet and a half in length. The animal
was started up by a dog and ran up the
aide of a bill and Into a tree, when it was
hot three times and brought to tbe
jrouod by the clever marksman. He
should have It mounted and preserved as a
souvenir ot bis trip to the Rocky mountains.
tut fttkrl and Piiiii tttititfU vu(i$
With loLrntlnf ami Appropriate
Most of the schools bei short esrc!es la
their rooms, yesterday, before meeting on
tbe grounds In front of tbe city school
building. 1
The first primary department, conduct
ed by Miss Holsmau gave the following;
in. i.Tk.nolHm Hule." by the school:
reflations', "The Tree," by Charles Prury j
"Tbe Hatcbet and tbe Tree," by Helen
Cuuolugham; "Cherish kindly Feeling,"
by Zuma MoDowell j "Lilies," by Joe Mo-
Cormick; "The Flowers," by Alice Smith H
The Tree and the Flower," by Charles
Howard; and a recitation by Robert
Smith, Closing song by the school, .
The second primary,, eonducted by Miss
Rogers, gave the following: Spring song,
by tbe school; recitations, by Mary Tipton,
Either Edwards, Nellie Stoner; song, "Tbe
Golden Rule," by the school; recitation
by Beulah Hartman, Tilden Hosklns, Vin
cent Jones, and vacation song by the
school. .
The third primary, conducted by Mrs.
Douglas, gave tbe following: Song, "Tbe
Meadows," school; recitations, "Merry
Children," Emma Barn am; "Tbe Robin,"
Karle Hartman; "Tbe Little Child," Vera
Gebrlng; song, "Ths Golden Rule," school;
recitation, "Tbe Apple Tree," Jessie Mo
Schooler; "The Brave Old Oak," Ruby
Bchlott; "A Garden of Your Own," Bernte
Marcus; song, "Merry Brooklet," school. -.
Tbe fourth primary, conducted by Mrs.
Garlick, gave tbe following: Reading,
"Tbe Bursting of the Blossoms," May
Ross; recitations, -."Woodman, Spare tbat
Tree,"Cbarlie Smith ;"Mlssion of Flowers,"
Maria Sena; "The Violet," Gussie Roth
geb; song; recitations, "Charlie and His
Father," Maud Reynolds "Mother Earth,"
Nellie Wlthrow; "Waiting to Grow," Gor
don Ray wood; "The Blue Bird's Song,"
Graoe Roseberry.
. The fifth grade, couducted by Miss Will
lams, had very interesting exercises, but
our rf Dorter failed to get a cony of the
Tbe sixth grade, conducted by Miss
Bucber, furnished the following: A good
tree was presented to the Sixth grade by
Miss Ada 8prlnger. Karl Wert gave a
declamation entitled "Tbe Heart of the
Tree." Edward - Springer planted , the
tree, which was dedicated, with a few ap
propriate lints, to John G. Wbtttier, , by
Miss Cora Pettljobn. Manuel Henrlques
and Robert Mitchell then tbrew tbe dirt
around the tree and were assisted in this
by tbe different member of tbe sixth
grade. . . . .
The exerolses in Miss Stone's room were
commenced by the reading ot the gov.
ernor'i arbor day proclamation, followed
by a song,.- "Welcome - to Arbor Day,"
after which nearly every child contributed
an article suitab'e to the occasion. Tbe
following are some o" the trees described:
Tbe apple, india-rubber, chestnut, birch,
maple, aspen;' rain-tree, cow or milk tree,
walnut, asb, beech, olive, elm, palm, oak,
traveler's tree, sago-tree, laughing-seeds,
pine-apple, banana, couoanut, almonds
and banyon tree, etc, There were also
articles on the subject . of rases, violets,
daffodil, lilies and asters.
As so many of tbe pupils in Miss Henry's
room were getting ready for the evening
entertainment, no program was prepared
for arbor day... But quite a number ot the
young' gentlemen, armed with shovels,
picks and crew-bars, . proceeded to tbe
school grounds and dug holes preparatory
to the planting ot the trees. Tbe work
tbey did would probably have cost $8 or
$10 if the school board had hired it done,
At 11 o'clock all the schools met in front
ot'tbe public school building and all en
gaged in very appropriate exercises,. each
room taking some active part.
Tbe pupils and teachers all extend a vote
of thanks to tbe members of tbe city coon
oil and friends who contiibuted to furnish
log trees for arbor day. ,
The Demosthenes literary society's were
greeted with a full and appreciative
bouse, at tbe ..city ball last evening,
The program was carried oot In full
without a jar. Space will not permit as full
an account of each exercise as it merited
Neither could a description do tbe subject
justice. It bad to be beard to be appre
Tbe society took In enough monev to di
all expenses of tbe entertainment, and
I to
finish paying for the floe set of zoological
works recently purchased for tbe high
school library.
The members of the society extend a
vote of thanks to the trusters of tbe Bap
tut church for tbe use of tbeir curtains
and chairs for tbe entertainment.
... Our Fir Department,
. At the annual meeting of the Are depart
ment, last evening, Griff M. Roberts was
unanimously elected chief for the ensuing
year, which is a just recognition, of bis
long and faithful service in the Are depart
ment. A. R. Quinly, the retiring chief,
was tendered a vote of thanks for bis ener
getlc administration of tbe office for the
past year. -
Two committees were appointed, one to
make arrangements for organizing a run
Mug team to represent Las Vegas at the
Territorial tournament, next. July, at At
buquerque. and. the other to see what
could be done toward arousing public sen
timent and procuring necessary funds to
train and pnt a team in the field.
.Those who are in a position to know, say
: thatoever bet or has Las Vegas bad as
much good naterfal ont of which to con
strnot a running team to send to the an
nual firemen's- tournament as it bos this
year, and they are confident that . If the
business men will but lend a small amount
of assistance, that many of the honors will
come to Las Vegas, this year.
About midnight, last nigbt, Are was dls
covered In ths vroodshed lu the rear of Dr.
Alice H. Rice's residence on Eighth street,
and for awhile It looked as though a serl
ous conflagration would take place, as tbe
wind wa very high. However, the effl-
cient fir department mads short work ot
the Are, and the loss was kept within the
limits of $100. There is no discount on
La's Vegas' fire department.
. V ! ;;A Citlzea at Cripple Creek. ' .
Bays tbe Crippl? Creelc correspondent of
the Denver Republican: ';'
A. M. Black well, of St. Lniila.
end M. E.- WUcoxson. of k'.n...
iitv, nave spent tne day looking over the
properties in tne camp in wnlcb tbey are
nterested. with Frank Ihnoldsbv. 'Th
Claude," on Gold hill, aod "The Nightin-
S"., vu xt.vru uiiifare now oeing worked
by these gentlemen.' After investigating
the district thoroughly, the visitors nave
become thoroughly impressed with' its
greatness, and have entered into a new
easing ana Dooaing companv. to ba form
pany, tc
ea Wltn a laree treasorv
fund, to take bold
within th halt
of and develop prorties within
Bimmon-, the Bt Louis hardware man,
will be la the combine. Mr. Ingoldsby will
have practical charge of the work nnilar.
takeo, and Prof. E. B. Kirbv.a Denver ex
pert, will be consulting and advising engineer,
(VA. Rathbun was 111 Watroul, to-day'.
Don1 Estelaco Ortega, left for Puerto de
Lima, io'day.
Alfred Long left for tbe Puerto do Luna
country, this mot ulog, . ;
3, G. Elliott was a through passenger to
Cbleago oa No. 4, to-day. ' .
Mis. P. C. O'Keeie hat gone on a visit to
friends and relatives at San Maroial,
Anastacio Cordova aud wife, parents ot
Nicolas T. Cordova, left for Aleinltoi, to
Judgs Thus. Smith has gone uplht road
to meet his wife on her return trip from
Virginia. "" "!
Judge Charles Blancbard shifted from
Raton to Springer, yesterday, and. is due
at home, to-day.v . ' " ' vV
Anastaclo Manzanares has been In town
from El Serrlto, to-day; Pedro Romero,
from El Cuervo.' '
E. J. Ricks, a hog buyer for Swift & Co.,
left tbe hot springs for Kansas City, yes
terday afternoon. j
Dr. G. W. Harrison was a passeoge for
bis Albuquerque home, from Cripple
Creek, last evening.
, F. A. Manzanares and Henry Goke re
turned from Raton, last evening; Capt; L.
C. Fort, from Springer. ' ' ' " " , '"'
Charles Brown has arrived from Des
Moines, Iowa, to become health-seeking
guest et Harvey's mountain ranch,
T. A. Whitten,. general southwestern
agent ot tbe Singer sewing machine com
pany, is up from Albuquerque again.
. Mrs. John Flournoy, ot Ban Francjsoa, -a
sister of Mrs. Jas. A. Dick, arrived hare on
tbe early morning train from the west
. Cbas. W. WiUerd, end W. W. Arnold,
Denver: Miss Howes Sharon. Mo., and
Frank Smith, Mora, registered at theUew
Optio. .-i i
M. J. Morrln. representing the Hawkey
pickle works, Kansas City, has been Inter
viewing our dealers
and booking orders,
to-day. . - , ti -
Miss McConnell, El Porvenijr; -H.. H.
Brooke, St. Louis, and : Geo, C. Thompson,
East Liverpool, Ohio, are registered, at the
Depot hotel.
Harry Butler, who has been atlAatqale
Joseph's place at Ojo Caliente, to rid him
self of rheumatism, was en route to-Trial-
dad on No, 4, to-day,
Miss Marguerite Head.'who had spent a
few days very pleasantly with relative's
and Men is In this city,' returned to her
home in Watrous,this afternoon.
Cbas. B. Kebrman, the commercial tour
1st, is around this way agaid, and Ed,
Waddles, the St. Joe drummer, took last
evening's train for Albuquerque.' 1 '
F. W,. Hinckley and Wife, the Jatter a
successful party in the celebrated Blvtbe
lawsuit In California, were passengers fpr
New York, on the afternoon train..
Ira Heddy, Decatur, HI.; F. H Ay res
Chicago; T. A. Whltlen, Albuquerque;
Henry , Golte, Sapallo; F, ,M. Freicott,
Pueblo, and Tbof. E. Youbr, Kansas City
were at tbe Plsza hotel, last evenings.
Belvldere Brooks, the "widely known,
popular and efficient assistant superintend
ont for the Western Union telegraph com
pany, headquarter at Denver, Colo..
brother of J. W. Brooks, local manager, to
this city, is down on a visit to him, and at
tending to some business, on the side.
And Still Another. Slash!
Scans Anderson Jam....:'.... 35o
1 large can Im ported Sardines ........ IOj
2 quarts Maple Syrup ,. 85o
2 half -gallon cans Pie Peaches ... , .i-.; 25s
80 pounds Good Rice......;.......:.;..X00
8 packages Oat Flake. .'... .... 266
1 dozen Eggs , .. .... 160
8 cans G. od Lye.... ,'." 25
1 pound Premium Chocolate '.. 85o
1 8-pound can Boston Baked Beans.,.:, loo
S Dackace. Arbuckle'a Cottam t f f
The Grocer. .
, the Bicycle Prises. v ) ,
At the bicycle races, to morrow, . the
following prizes will be given: . First race,
one-fourth mile, first prize, gold medal.;
also, a cull and collar box, donated by tb
Murpbey-Van Petteo drug company; sec.
ond prize, a box ot cigars, donated by
Gross, Blackwell & Co; third . prize, , one
fruit cake, donated by Jas. H. Cluztop;
fourth prize, a bicycle bell, donated by
Rosenthal Bros. . . ... . .
Prizes for half-mile race are "as follows:
First prize, a pair of Morgan " Sc Wright
tires,' donated by Morgan ft Wright,
Chicago; also, a bicycle lamp, donated by
tbe Scott Supply & Tool Co., of Dsnver;
second prize, a box of cigars,' donatSd by
the Browne cfe Manzanares Co; hl'd
prize, a Sterling - silver bicycle; tag,, do
nated by George W. Hlckox & Co.i fpurtb
prize, one-fourth dozen neck ties, donated.
by Unas. Ufeld.
Fur tbe one mite race, first jr!ze(.agold
medal; also, bicycle, sweater, donated. by
T. Brasb ; second prize, a box. of Al &: Bop
cigars, donated by Qulnl'y & Benjamin;
third prize, pair of dresi -gloves, donated
by I. K.. Lewis; fourth prise, -pair of
klnn.l. KnaA J .-J i. T, III .1.
Between tbe quarttr and haU.mil,
there will be a boys' race, the ajinner to
b champion, boy. JtIycla -rider -of Jm.
V (gas and to receive a box of stationery,
uousieu oy u. u. Dcnaercf.
. Races win be run under L, .A V Jule
anu sianaing start. . uaces Start, promptly
at iu o'ciocx. jsveryoooy invited.
uoycie urasn ana Beto HenriqUes now
Harry Wells baa taken a position with
tbe hardware farm of Wagner,.. & Meyer;
in tbe opera bouse block.-- . .... ,
Attend the J. F, Cave band benefit ball.
March 17th, at Rosenthal bail.' ' 102-tf
Awarded : ; .t.
Highest Honors-EWorld' Pair,
U41 1 -Km
pure Crape Cream of Tartar PmvW. Fn
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
How About These?
2 c'afis Anderson Jam . ; .
3Qt. can Ivlaple Syrup;
r Qt. Olives
I Qt. Chow Chow..;;....
Imported Sardines, halves . . . .
itanifttto to lh Peovlt of Sun Miami Coun
ty, iV. if.:
' it Is In the highest degree repugnant to
me to publicly enter loU quarrels and dis
putes, either personal or political; but an
audacious attack, entitled "treason," and
arrogantly addressed to th"nnlon party of
tbe ooupty of Ban Miguel," In which I am
vilely and unjustly Insulted, forces me to
reply In tb if manner to the false insinua
tions which ddmposV the aforesaid effu
sion. " ;
In tbe first place, the circulars signed by
me tbat Inoooently form tb foundation
for the attack, Is not V call for tbe 'tinloa
Ists'Uo assemble, nor tor tbfe onion party,
nor tor any object that . concerns the ad
herents of that party; and everybody who
oan read bli spjlliuj-book will' agree to
fbls statement. The circulars ..signed .by
me that bsve oauied iu;h a disturbance In
the unionist osmp, are simply . a personal
call to my republican friends, who are affil
iated 'with me In tna . unionist ranks,, and
who, the same as It hay .been, flagrantly,
deceived by. unscrupulous people without
character and without honor, and who
have been basely used-and sacrificed as
lamb' upon the unionist altar, . In otjper
words, I consider that the'iialon" 'party
has proved to have been organized for tb
I sole Object of furthering the Interests of
tbe corrupt democratic party. '
- At this opinion of mine is fixed, and
based upon facts, as 'a free man I rebel'
agint such black deceit and will nd long
er carry tbtf bardsn bpr servai a slave
to my pillttcal enemy. vBdUg certain that
my republican frieodrwbo assoolated with
me in-the onion) party are Intelligent and
Independent men,,, andt not yet branded
with the democratic seal, I think they
have -.come to., the .same "conclusion
and. opinion as .myse'f npon the alms
principles and objectsf the union party.
i have invited them by means of these
clrcalars to unite with me ani thus-With
all possible energy and emphasis tote
pudtete forever tbe -dem crat!o -- party,
?u VualoDlst," tbit was "coujelved in
sin aod-born In Iniquity.1' ,:. r :.
r, Certainly, .the circulars that . I, issued
were not for democrats nor for slaves, con
seqaent'y. those- who presume to protest In
I .reply, should not be alarmed..'..' ..
I note with pleasure the fact that the
majority of those who -subscribe to tbe
protest, - bear tbe democratic: brand, and
lament tbat tb 'discovery of their gam-
wlll , liberate the poor ; (Victims tbat
they already bad In itbelr.: clutohes;
the minority of those wbo protest agaiost
me are those poor, miserable oreature
who, because tbey bold public, office, have
not tbe moral courage,, nor'-tb fortitude
nor manhood, to avow their convictions,
or free opinions on political subjeots. The
former I despise and the latter i pitr;
Tb people of Sin MiguefciBoenty-ere
tired ot so much trickeryplalsehood and
deceit, and notwithstanding tbe braggadoi
do, the vituperations and bitter clamor of
the publio enemy, the -enemy of industry
and prosperity ot tbe country , that is
oalled democracy, alios "unionist,": It will
be so routed by defeat at the next election,
and burled In a sepulchre so -deep that it
will never be able to arise again, not even
at the sound of the Angel Gabriel's horn.
And this will be effected by the free and
intelligent people, patriotic and .ionest,
under the . protecting, progressive aod
benefioient republican banner.:,
'Treason," .cry .these . poor, .miserable
creatures In tbeir protest, became they, do
not understand the meaning of the word.
Treason, does not expose Itself, -but avoids
the light. My position In my circular,
rhlcb my enemies ieatitle. "treason,"
as obtained . ' all the" - desired and
possible. publicity. - ''Treason is what the
democrats played on us, with which, uoder
, the name -of "unionist," with- promises
and false representations, they lassoed in
and many of my political friends, and aft'
rwards delivered us, bag and baggage, to
tb enemy; this Is "treason,-" - - . :
; Wbit I have said will, Bufflce .to refute
the unjust charges brought against me by
my political : enemies, and-, by those who
have bold on tha public ' teat, and ! be
lieve tbat th: people of gin 'Miguel county
will endorse, my acts in this connection
when th proper iimeaffersKs.'e.! '
s- r I. b ,,- S ': -NfCQLas T. Cobdqta.; !
-Latest'ttyles'&hd lowest rates In photo
graphs, at thegallery' adjoining Th4 ttp
tic 'dflos; '-Cabinets, flOO per dozen.' Jfni
tortorr," ' exterror'sf,r: private . residences,
itores, animals of all kinds, photographed
oa shortest notice and lowest rates. .- 'Pho
tographs of' public'1 buildings,' and Views
for tale."'' ' -w-aw---- - - fl8tf
'- ; V"Hr ;Stoich... ;. . j
Ditease elsewhere cannot ba conquered.
if y our stomach doee tiotdo Its wor(t wall.
Macbeth mineral water Is. a ' certain, par
for indigestion and other disorders of the
stomach. Begin in ths proper manner to
build up your system by drinking Macbeth
water, fresh from the well every morning.
.Dave Newman Is In cbUrg of the short
order lufroh counter at 'the StaifdlshV place
OB Bridge etreet. "RfegUlur "dinners at 85
cents, r Specialty m acre' of native dishes.
''' f v '''' ' ' '" 112-8ti
Walter Dearden.
assays; and chemist
Trinidad, Colo. -
The . New Brunswick
restaurant for an
appetizing meal. ..
' - v : 106-lf
''Duok eggs for sole, b Norris Cochran
V-W cents per doien. ' ! .:lt
For parties, concerts and
socials, rent
Rosenthal Bros', ball.
Thoroughbred Lang Hbang and Partridge
ucoiu cnioaeu e.-i.oo Der settmir.
113-2t .-. i . HiRBT COORS.
-rOTdww1sblng t6 U "or duv Improved
or nnlmproved real estate will do wall to
G. H.;notchlsou & Co. , .;',' S86tf
Hartman IS a rent far ffutmihr x
Brown and Mills & Merrill,' Bne tailor
made clothing. - Bee samples at Hartman'
tor. Hfi-tf
How's Vevr Liver?
Only so so, eht Tlx It upi don't, be a
human clrvmj drink Macbeth' natural
mineral water aud be a man, -
lM Ooot
fslAOdfilO TEMPLE.
We must have room for Spring Stock, and up to
March 1st, we offer the following bargains, which
. J ' customers should
Ladles' Flatlcid Button, "K.C.Burt'i make,". regular price $3. must to at 13.60
vCJoth Top,
Men'g Cordovan Congress tod Lisa,' . . , ' 6 00 ' " "
Calf Congress and Button,' sizes 6, 6)4, 6, 6'V, " 6 00
Lace, 1 h 2.50
One lot of Misses1 and Children's Caps, s COo and 75c,' "
m Ladies' Gray Ooze Kid Slippers, small sizes, fl 60
' New Mexico Seed House;
Suooesgorto -HARTMAN
M tWl tfroke pflttck, fr. Ilfeld secured a large and
.V... eantiful lot of Hamburg and Nainsook -
' ; - . r Inserting
in all widths, from "narrow" to. "wide."
" 950 Pieces,
i . t such a bargain that we can "offer them at a
.''' per cent, below importer' cost, which is
Less than Half Regular Price.
' ; This Sale For Week ot March 16-21.
Cash Novelty
Come one and all and examine the great
' est Bargains that have ever been offered.
Monday, Tuesday
25 yds. Standard Calico.for $I.OO
20 yd.' Outing Flannel, for $I.OO
12 yds, Figured Sateenfor $I.OO
Bold everywhere at 12Mo yd. "
Best Quality, Ladies' Shirt AC A
Waists, Special Bargain, HOL
All Wool Moreen Skirling, -
. i.:- -1 4GC pcr yard.
Latest in Capeyi Reefer; Jackets,
for the Standard Paper Patterns, 3o and Up.
Henry levy & Bro.
Sixth StTiopposfte PostofHce. " '
Wm. Malboenf,;Pfpp
l A.,SEIIECnL, ManajBr ,
Ladles' and Gents
' At Half Price.
Drooo Goods at Cost
a leader in this line of business, has just
receivea cue nfn instaumeni or orKlWU
0 u v isuix KS. - JUatties are Invited to call
ana ezacnine. . .,
" A Dress-Maicing Departmanl; .
making a speolalty of fine work, 1 In
charge ot Hiss Hanlon, (late of Bullene.
Moor & Emory's, of Kansas City) an
adept In the art of cutting;, fitting; and do
ing; fin work. Tb patronage of tb ladies
is solicited, ah work guaranteed. Prices
irom $.uu op.
j ' Handles the Only v
Plumbing! tinning.
fin i
1$mM; Garuenor.
Psnieular attention paid
to pruning trs, etc.
"... M.OO .
1 60
2,60 and f 3,
. . $2.00 '
Edgings D
1 ;..nd.... LJ
We have daily open
ings of new spring
goods in every line.
A dally visit will pay
Dry Goods Store
and Wednesday
20 yds. Indigo Blue Calico, $I.OO
Btot Quality. ,
20 j'ds. Amoskeag Apron Check
' Gingham for. $1.00
12 yds. Flutter Dress Duck, $I.OO
Sold everywhere at 16c yard,
All Linen Hucked Towels,
size 21x40, 15c each.
All Wool Dress Goods, Spring
Styles, at 25c yard.
Dress Goods, Percales,
-Buys and Sells
Hides, Pelts, Horses,
Mules, and Old and
'New Wagons. V; '
ILa . Vegas, Hew Mexico.
Las Vegas Roller Mill,
J. R. SMITH, Prop'r.
Location: On th hot springs branch rait
. way, East Las Vegas, NewvUexioo. -
bran. flour, grain
" -and feed:; :
Tour Patronage Solicited.
, .; For Spring, 1898
52.19 for Pair Chenille Curtains in New Patterns, worth Sl.so.
79c each, for 6-4 CheniHe
01 .30 for White or Ecru
fcfiSS;, a v - -s ;.,V1 t" "wi
tor on lot' of Cslored Dress Trim-
minus, suitable (or all kinds ot .wash
goods, . ;, -1. : ,
9 c
a yard for Fine Tinsel Trimmings.
Tla very tbipR for dresses.
a yard and upwards (or a new line
ot Embroideries and Laces.
ir.,l yard and upwards (or Veilings,
Q in th very latest style and
Vholesale Grocers
"Wool Dealers
East Las Tegas and Albuquerque, New JHexleOe
ioo, 102 and 104 North Second St.?
St. Louis, Mo.
who is wllllnx to stand or fall on his
zaMtsa a baker, bee oonatantly
. on sal at the .
Opposlt Postofflce, West Side.
Bpeolal orders filled on short notlo.
J. S, Dillon, Prop.
Dealer In all kind of
Fish, Game and Poultry in Season,
T&b Lyons House,
809 South Railroad Ave., Near Depot.
Elegantly Furnished Rooms.
" Tables set with everything the
Market affords. Price reasonabls.
MRS. S. MORSE, - Proprietress
i rta, Sloyes & Asricnltiiral mpleiiienl
op all kinds.;
A larire stock of Stoves and Flows now on hand, whloh will ba sold a lltUai
above cost. These goods aro all warranted to be ol the very best niake in jat
United States, and to give perfect satisfaction. '
At the Old Stand on Center Street.
The Only
never Closed.
Office at "The Fair'
UMertaker M Practical E
IM anl Storage in las
Our Ice is pure, firm and clear, and gives entire iatisfactionj
7 . 'f. ' to our many patrona. , ,; rr-s'
Office: 620 Douglas Ave.. East Las Vegas. N.M
Hand Store,
in Furniture,
And Household Goods of all kinds.
Next door to P. O., East Las Vegas,
Table Covers, worth $1.50.
Lace Curtains, 3I4 yds, long,
uiokN murccn oiirung.
Boys' Cloth:
In this department,
lead, this season. Our stock
of Boys' and Youths' Soits
and Pants are of eribr
make, with double s.: ,tis, .
knees and elbows. :".
Corns anil Ses Our Stock.
The world's famous Pabst
Keg Beer is now on tap at the
following places, at 5c per glass 1
', V vPACE & BELL,"- iy- h
Haaaf aotarr of '
Sash and Doors, ' .; .1 r;
Mouldings, ' V - ". ,'
- , . . Scroll Sawing-,
Surfacing and" Matcbifif
; laniiiKjMiji'
and Office Corner of Blanohard itr a4
ttrand arsnne. "; .
vast las veqa
, ( EAST LAS VEGAS, N. M. '.
First-Class a ;1
1 IN THE CITY. 4. " ,:
Two 'Phones. No. 63.
6th St;, East Las Vegas, w
DEALBJt IN ; . ' ' -A :-' '; :
Teiaj Hot Sprinis JJanoii. : ;
tezuma Restaurant
, Center St., East Las Vega
Best Twenty-five Cent
-Weals in Town.. . ....
Table supplied with everything th mar
' fct affords. Fatronag solltiltad.
54 in. wide, worth en
a pair for Boys'
Knee Pants.
Fin Corduroy
a pair (or Boys' fine all wool Kn
Fauts, with double knees and .
(or Boys' fine al wool Doable.
Breasted Suit, With Stanley
Cap to match. ;
(or Boys' fine all wool Navy
Blue Suits, Doublt'Breasteef,
with two pair Pants and 6t.
ley Cap to match. . , -

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