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ijjiiM ; j l
R. A. KI5TLBR, Editor and Proprietor.
postofllce for transmission
mulls as second-class matter,
at tlie Kast Las Vegas,
official pAPKBOFTaa out.
Special Notice.
XiAt vboas Daii.t Optic Delivered by mall,
post-paid, f 10,00 per annum; 16.00 for six
months j f i.oo lor tiireo. months, By car
rler, at cents per week.
1,as Vk(ia Wkkklt Oi'Tio SJ columns, de
num. $1.60 for six months, $1.00 for three
months. Mingle copies In wrappers, J cents.
mvmpie conies 01 uoin uauy ana weemy.
mulled free when desired. Hive postofflce
aiuiress 111 run, iiiriuuinir state.
OoiiRKNi'oNnRNOB OontalnlnK nkws. solid
ted from all parts of the country. Com
munications addressed to the editor of
Thk Optic, to Insure attention, should be
accompanied liy the writer's full name
and address, not ror puuucation, put as
guaranty of uood faith.
Kbmittancks May be made by draft.money
order, postal note, express or registered
letter at our runt, Auuress an letters ana
telegram to - Thk Optic,
ast Las Vegas, New Mexico,
Law of Newspapers,.
If subscribers order the discontinuance
of newspapers, the publishers may con
tinue to lend them until all arrearages are
If subscribers refuse or neglect to take
their newspapers from the office to which
they are sent, they are held responsible un
til they hare settled the bills and ordered
them discontinued.
If subscribers move to other places with
out lnformlr. g the publisher, and the news
Sapers are sent to tue iormer piace 01 rest
ence they are then responsible-
1 Bnekboard Malls,
Halls on the Star routes leave Lai Tegai
as iouows :
Las Vegas to Fort Sumner, lncludln
Anton Chlco, Los Colonals, Eden, Santa
Kosa and fuerro aeLuna, tri-weexiy, on
Monday, Weauesday and Friday, and ar
rive on alternate days of each week.
La Vegas to Fort Bascom, Including
uuapento, uaiunav opnngs, ju uuervo,
Bell Ranch, Liberty and Endee, trl-weekly,
on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, of
each week, and arrive on alternate days.
Las Vegas to Mora, Including Los Alamos,
Bapello, San Ygnaclo and Boclada, tri
weekly, on Tuesday, Thursday and Satur
day, of each week, and arrive on alternate
Las Vegas to Lesperance, once a week,
on Saturday.
Conveyance on Fort Sumner line, Is by
two-horse buckboard, on Fort Bascom and
Mora lines by single-horse buckboard. To
Lesperance by private conveyance
usually spring wagon.
MONDAY EVENING, MAR. 23, 18fltt.
The effort of the Uoited States sen
ate to dispose of the Cuban resolutions
without further delay will be warmly
approved by the country;
Private information reaches The
Optic that the coils are drawing around
the assassins of Col. Fountain and his
little son Henry, and that startling de
velopments may be expected soon.
The Optic hopes this will prove true.
TnE Cunningham-Miller faction of
the democratic party, over at Santa
Fe, is doing its utmost to get away
with tha Thornton faction and is claim
ing that it will be victorious. But
then Gov, Thornton may hold a
trump ca'rd or two for the last hand.
In the mean time the New Mexican is
trying to act as a general pacificator,
but so far has been unsuccessful.
Tho appended is a list of the dole
crates selected to represent the various
counties of the Territory In the re
publican convention at Albuquerque
which convenes to-day. Too list is not
oomplete, as no reports have been re'
oeived from Union or Guadalupe
oountles, only a partial list from Rio
Arriba, and in Eddy county, Judge A.
A. Freeman was endorsed as a dele
gate to St. Louis, but Territorial dele,
gates bad not yet been selected, at last
Bernalillo county : T. A. Finical,
J. K. Armijj, Don Rankin, Jesus Ro
mero, Alejandro Sandoval, Frank VP.
Clancy, Wo, D. Lee, M, A. Jaramillo,
Pedro Castillo, Frank A. Hubbell, J
L. Perea, J. C. midndge, Alexander
Bowie, B. S. Rodey, Thomas Hughes
Chaves county. : Charles II. Sparks,
; Colfax county :T. W.. Collier, L
M.. Beall, Marlon Littrell, Hugh
Smith. "
Dona Ana county: John R. MoFie,
Fred A. Anderson, S. B. Newoonib,
D-ut a r i 1 u 1- t
Albert J. Fountain.:
Grant connty: Don II. Kedzie,
Israel King, Joe . Sheridan. Wm. H.
Lincoln county: M. S. Tal afero,
Geo. B. Barber, W. E. Butler,
Mora county : Serafln Romero, Jose
K. Aguilar, Valentin Jimenes,
Eusebio R. Chaoon, Juan A. D. De
Rib Arriba county: Thomas D
Burns, Perfecto Esquibel. .
San Juan county : W. H. Williams.
San Miguel county: Miguel Sal
azar, John S.' Clark, Miguel A. Otero,
Jefferson Rtvnolds, Kugenio Romero,
Felipe Saoches, Pablo Ulibarri, Severo
Baca, Jose Maria Martinez, Nicolas T
Cordova, Jose Santos Esquibel
Santa Fe county: L. Bradford
Prince, Antonio Ortiz Y. Salazar, C.
M. Conklio, T. J. Helm, H. O. Kin
sell, Charles A. Spiess, Jose D. Sena,
A. Staab.
Sierra county : Frank W. Parker,
Philip Mothersill. '
Sooorro county : F. O. Blood, W. E.
Martin, S. Alexander, W. S. Williams,
Elias E. Baca, Domingo Baca, Deme
trio Perez and Jose E. Torres
Taos county : Malaquias Martinez,
Pedro Saoches, Juan Santistevan,
Squire Hart, jr., Higinlo Romero
Valencia county : J. Frank Chaves,
Salomon Luna, Max Luna, Teofilo
Chaves, Jesm II. Sanches, Manuel Fa
dilla, Carlos Baca, J. S. Van Doren.
Scrofula inlhc Blood
Causes Glands of the Neck to
Swell Up ,
This Troubl and a Cat of Rhau-
matlsm Cured by Hood's).
O. I. Hood 4 Co., Lowell. Mass. 1
" Dear Bin 1 little over a year afo I
had a swelling come on the side of my
aook. I was In very poor health genwalia
and doctored two
months with tat
family physician
who said my com-
plalnt was bilious
attaok. His treat.
ment failed to help
me so I determined
to try Hood's Bar-sapaA-llla.
To my
ling on the side ol
)my necK aisap
peered. Iwasben-
Cerrlllos hotels have lately enter.
tained several parties of eastern gen.
tleiuen who have been looking over
that part of Santa Fe oounty with a
view to becomiDg interested in mineral
Sk rs a s
The flood Qualllice.
Possessed by Hood's Sarsaparilla are almost
beyond moiitluii. Ue.it of all, It purines the
blood, Urns strengthening the nerves. It regu
lates tlie digestive organs, Invigorates the kid
neys and liver, tones and builds up the entire
system. It cures dyspepsia, scrofula, catarrh
an:! rheumatism. Remember, Hood's Cures.
HmiI'i Piile nut easily, yet promptly and
effectively, on the liver and bowels, iiSo,
The Beckman mill, at Bland, was
sold March 12tb, to satisfy the credi
tors. All acoounts were pooled in the
bands of A. L. Finch, who bought it
for $2,800. The cost of the mill was
about $7,000.
KLr. w. iu MaiiernM eflted for my othei
Meadow, Wain, ailments. Aftef
taking three bottles of the medieinej have
not had a sick day since. I for one, reo-
ommend Hood's Sarsaparilla to the affile"
Hood's5 Cures
ted, knowing what it has done for me in
the Dast. My husband was afflicted with
rheumatism and had that tired feeling.
He took Hood's Sarsaparilla and found It
Just the Medicine Needed.
Wo believe It wlU do all that Is claimed to
It, if given a fair trial. Both or us cava
used Hood's Vegetable fills ana are weu
pleased with them." Mas. W. B. Mai
tEKNEH, Meadow, 'Washington.
N.B. Be sure to get Hood's Baraaparim.
Hood'a Pills are purely vegetable, and do
ot gripe, purge, or pain. Sold byalldrug-lsU
Duty of District Attorneys in the
Premises Close Question wheth
er Solicitor General Should
Join In Such Salts. ;
The U. S. Gov't Reports
show Royal Baking Powder,
superior to all others
Terrance Muller is in Albuquerque
from the Borrego mining district where
be has been sinking. a working shaft on
what he considers valuable property.
$300 Reward.
. Executive Office, '
City or Banta Fe, Territory or N. H.
Whereas, On the 8th day of February,
1896, Dionlcio Qal legos mysteriously disap.
peered from the town of Raton, and Terri
tory of New Mexico, and is supposed to
have been murdered by persona who are
now fugitives from Justice. .
Now, therefore, ror the purpose of caus
lug the arrest and conviction of the party
or parties guilty of this crime, I, W. T.
Thornton, governor of the Territory of
New Mexico, do hereby offer a reward of
1800, to be paid out of the Territorial treas
ury from funds appropriated for rewards,
upon the arreBt of the guilty party or par
ties, said reward to be payable out of funds
appropriated for the . forty-sixth fiscal
Done at the executive office, this, the 7th
day of March, A. D. 1806.
Witness my band and the great seal of
the Territory of New Mexico.
Governor of the Territory of New Mexico.
By the governor:
L irion Miller, ,
Secretary of New Mexico,
18lh and Curtis 8ts.
For the cure of
Best and most thoroughly equipped
Eeeley Institute In the United States.
Homelike and comfortable In all its ap
pointments. ' An absolute and permanent
sure. Ladles treated privately. Corre
spondence confidential, '
MIKE w. burke;
Local Representative.
Preaching at
unday Softool
Christian Eudeavor at 8:45 p. m.
Sunday Softool
11 a. m. and
at 9:45 a. m.
7:80 p. m.
Society of
All people are oordlallv welcomed.
Btraugers and aojourners are Invited to
worship with us.
A. A. LAYTON, Pastor.
. Bunday school at 9:46 a.m. Preaching
sorvices at 11 a. ra. and 7:80 p. m. B. Y.
P. U. at 7:15 p. id.
... All are cordially invited to attend its
Sunday school' at 9:45 a. m. Preaching
at 11 a. m., followed by thirty minutes
class meeting. Kpworth League at 7:00 p.
m. Evening service at 7:80 p. m.
The pastor and members extend, to all,
the welcome of this cburob, and will be
pleased to see yon at its services. . ,
Minister in Charge,
Thk last , teport from Cuba is that
Gen. Weyler has now advisbd the
clergy that they must cease to give
spiritual consolation to the insurgents
If that report is true, savs -the Salt
Lake Tribune, it shows clearer than
any elaborate explanation could, the
character of the men who are pursuing
that war on that unfortunate island; it
shows a hate that extends even beyond
this world, a disposition not only
destroy the body but the soul, of every
man who dares to strike for liberty in
that distressed land. We believe that
in the days of the Inquisition, before
executing a , poor wretch, they per
ruitted him to entertain a hope that,
alter nis tortures in mis world were
over, there would be rest for him be
yond the grave. It seems Gen. Wey
ler would take that consolation away
from those who oppose him. To ap
preciate Its full significance, we must
understand that the men against whom
the proclamation is aimed are poor and
ignorant and bigoted ; from their child
hood they have been bronght up with a
fear in their souls of offending: the
- church, and the effect of the procla
mation upon yery many of them will
be more freighted with distress than
would a proclamation authorizing the
regular Spanish army to massacre the
insurgents wherever found.
x elkgb aphic dispatches announce
that Governor Thornton apologized to
Senator . Brice for the resolutions,
adopted by a few repudiationist citi
zens of Santa Fe, and the censure con
tained in them. It matters not what
the New Mexican or the Albuquerque
Democrat assert, or what the repudiat
ing sentiment of -Santa Fe desires,
there is no question that the bonds
sought to be , legalized by Senator
Brice, are not fr, 'dulent. They may
have been illegally issued, but the ma
jority of the bonds are not fraudulent,
although the charge is made that the
. county issued bonds for a greater
mileage of track than was actually
constructed. Senator Brice seems to
be engaged to have the alleged illegal
ity of the issue cured, and there is cer
tainly nothing criminal or fraudulent
about that. Thb Optic thinks that
the citizens of SaBta Fe as a whole are
not in the repudiation business, and
that ex-Governor Prince made a mis
take by presiding at the meeting that
passed the Brice resolutions. In addi
tion. The Optic is informed that last
Friday strong dispatches, signed by
many of the best citizens of Santa Fe,
were wired Delegate Catron, request
ing him to have the bill for the legal
izing of the Territorial . bond issues
pushed tuiuugh. auu enacted as iaw,
even if the Brice amendment had to
pass with the original measure. This
was proper and right, and Thk Optic
is gratified to give publicity to this
fact. ,
The olaims of Oklahoma as a candidate
for statehood are quite as good as those
which were held to be sulllcient in the
case of Utah, for instance, and much
better than those which are presented by
New Mexico, as another example.
The above from the St. Louis G7oJe-
Democrat .u another sample of the
From the New Mexican.
Solicitor General Victory has written
the tubjoined self-explanatory letter to
District Attorney Dougherty
Hon. H..M. Dougherty, District Attorney,
Socorro, jy. m.:
Dear Sir I have received your let
ter, dated Fbbruarv 21st, in which yon
ask whether the solicitor general should
join with you in bringing tax suits,
Compiled laws, section 1750, makes it
the duty of the attorney general to in
stitute and prosecute all suits
against parties indebted to the Terri
tory. ' This was construed by the last
attorney general, and correctly, I
think, as making it the exclusive duty
of the attorney goneral- to -bring suits
in behalf of the Territory. It was his
practice, however, to associate the sev
eral district attorneys with him in
these cases upon a division of the fee
allowed by law. The . aot
of February 15th, 1889, es
tablishing the ofl'ue of solicitor
general, expressly repeals the law
creating the office of attorney general,
of which section lol is a part, and In
enumerating, in aootion S, ths duties of
the solicitor general, which is almost a
complete re-enactment of section 1750,
Cbas. C. Cowan and Fred Thorn
warn in . unices, from tee moan
tains, last week, .after .provisions and
supplies. They are employed at the
Bennett Stephenson" miner
Cuoid breata Jil
oow at the eight of
a face full of pira-
tpies and Dlotchea.
Hollow cheeks.
sunken eyes, and a
sallow complexion
will defy his best
intentions. Beauty
is more than skin
deep. The skin is
merelv the surface
on which is written
in plain characters
the condition of the
Dr. Pierce's Gold
en Medical Discovery is (rood for the com
plexion because it makes the whole body
healthy because it clears and purines the
blood, makes the digestion strong and clears
out impurities of all kinds. By increasing
the ability to assimilate nutritious food.
ana oy tne lniusion ot K9 own ingredients
it enriches the blood and so makes solid,
healthy flesh. It cures diseases of the
lungs, liver, stomach, bowels, . skin 'and
scalp, simply because all these' diseases
spring? from the same cause a disordered
digestion and consequent impure blood.
bold by all medicine dealers.
WU Uiilrhlonn sV. Tn
' -HAVE : '
Real Estate,
Mines, and
For Sale or Lease.
House and lot, next to Central Hotel
Store house, on leased lot good
business property.
Ranch, 154 acres ; under ditch ;
good wire fenae; fish tank, eight feet
deep two iiiiies ironi Las Vegas.
. Restaurant, oomplete fixtures; seven
rooms, three furnished doing good
Two good lots in Dallas, Texas to
trade for Las Vegas property.
Small ranch, 16 acres, under ditch,
tank, all wire fence, 4-room house,
stable, mile from Las Vegas a bargain;
Ranch, 800 acres, 195 cnltivated,
105 pasture, irood orchard,- 4-wire
cedar post fence, river water, large 6
room bouse, furnished ; one half cash,
one half notes or trade. mile from
All letters of enquiry promptly an.'
swered. .Office, New Optio hotel.
Geo. H. Hutchison & Co,
1 Services at 11 a, m,
day school at 10:00 a
and 7:80 p. m.
' Friday Evening; prayer, 4:80 p. m.
Everyone cordial
these services.
invited . to attend
Masses will be said at 6;80 and 9:00 a.
hi. . Bunday school at 8 p.m. Vespers and
bonediotion, of the Blessed Sacrament, at
7:80 p. m. Daily morning mass at 6:80 a.
m. Sermon, at high mass, at 9:00 a. m.
Rav. Maurice Olibb, Assistant.
First mass, for winter season, at 6:80 a.
m. Second mass, lor winter season, at o
a. m. High mass for winter season, at
10:00 a.m. Sunday school at 8:00 p. m.
Vespers and Benediction at 4:00 p. m.
The Fathers will preacn doiq in mngiisn
and Spanish.
., Pastor In Charge.
Services every Friday, 8 p. m.; Sunday
morning, 11 a. m.; Sunday school, every
Saturday momma;, 9:30 to 13 o'clock, and
Sunday mornings, from 10 to 11 o'clock.
Bit. G. W. T01.SON, Pastor.
. Preaching at 11 a. m. Sunday school at
8:00 p. m. Services at 7:30 p. m. '
Singing and prayer 'meeting, Wednes-
aay evening.
Cllmai, Stay,
Newsboy, Horse Hboe,
Piper Ueidsleok,
Bomethlng Good,
Old Honesty,
Clipper Navy,
Boot Jack,
No Tax,
Pure Btuff,
Natural Leaf
B. T. Gravely, superior,
W. N. T., Out of Sight,
Pride of Kentucky,
Yucatan Twist,
Health and Prosperity,
Popular Prices.
J. B. MACKEL, ToteOflfct,
Exchange Hotel, west side Plasa, Las Vegas,
A Complete Stock of Imported, Key West
v Mexican and Domestic
And a complete) Stook of Fancy Smoking Tobaaeoi
also Pipes and Walking Canes and the best lino of
fine Chewing fobaooo.
Other brands of tobacco too numerous to mention, aad
will be sold at wholesale and retail at the lowest prices. All
kinds of pipes cleaned and repaired neatly at lowest prices.
General Broker.
Land Grants, Improved Ranches, Native Cattle, Improved
Cattle, Cattle Ranges, Horses and Sheep, Real Estate. Stc.
Land Scrip of all Kinds, Territorial and County Warrants. Gen,
eral Land Office Business. Titles Secured Under the
United States Land Lavs.
Wholesale and Retail
, liquors and Cigars.
Bridge Street.
1 Las Vegas, N. M.
Livery and Sale Stable.
v. v -, TEAMS.
Horses boarded by the day or month. -, Will keep on hand all kinds of
Hay, Grain and Feed. Lowest prices guaranteed. Agents for the cele
brated Mitchell Wagon. Give us a c:.U
Are built in
the Lareest
and Best
JfiSkiSto! pistes. fhTworid.
friendliness of the gold-bug element of the olnuse requiring the attorney gen
the east (or New Mexico, because we
have opinions of our own.
In Chairman Edward L. Bartlettand
Secretary Max Frost, iho Territorial
republican committee has two exceed
ingly efficient and faithful officials.
They are very attentive and courteous,
and conducted the last campaign suc
cessfully. Nothing succeeds like suc
cess, and these gentlemen deserve
credit for the good work they have
done and are doing for the republican
party of New Mexico.
Jadas In Mexico.
The explosion of Judas is a custom
peculiar to the land of the Moutrzumas,
at least if it ever existed elsewhere it
is obsolete now, and a most curious
one it is. The Indians make, accord
ing to their own ideas of ugliness,
figures somewhat resembling the human
form, three or four inches to eight or
ten feet in height, of a kind of paste
on a paper form. To these they at
tach a fuse, beginning at, the linger
ends, extending up the arms, around
the neck, and down the sides to the
feet, with strong explosives at inter
vals along the line. . It was Curious to
observe the horrible effigies as th y
were borne about, and note each indi.
vidual maker's conception of the hid'
eous. , Some had the faces of animals,
others had merely grotesque human
features, while others-had bat-like
wings, and horns, and hoofs: but all
were. as ugly as sin, which they repre
sented. ,
On Saturday, Easter Eve, at 10
o'clock, the spell of silence which had
held the church' bells tor forty-eight
Hours was broken, and again from
countless towers the curious din rang
out. Then begun the explosion of
Judas; ail over the quaint old city the
reports were heard, some weak, as if
from ordinary (ire-crackers,
eral to institute all suits against parlies
indebted to the Territory Is omitted
The same seotlon, however, provides
that the solicitor general shall co and
perform all duties "now' required by
law to be done and performed by the
attorney general," and, as the bring
ing of "all suits" was a former duty
o( the attorney general, it is, to my
mind, a very cloie question whether it
is not at least my right to participate
with the percentage derived therefrom.
The closeness of the question leaves
me disinclinod to give the benefit of
the doubt on the' subject to myself,
especially as 1 have not given the mat
ter the amount of consideration desira
While, therefore, I do not desire this
letter to be taken as conclusive on the
question in any other cases that may
hereafter be brought to my attention, I
beg, so far aa you are concerned, to
advise that you are authorized, to pro
ceed in the matters covered by your
letter without joining my name in the
suit. That you have full power to do
this seems established bv section 6 of
the n'ct of 1889, above cited, which
makes it your duty to represent the
Territory in all courts of ynury.county
In ail cases civil and criminal.
Very respectfully yours, ,
Jno. P. VicTonr,
Solicitor General of New Mtxico.
Frevr Cared.
. Four out of Ave who
Salter nervousness,
montal worry, attacks
paring the penalty of
early excesses. Vic
tims, reclaim your
manhood, regain your
vigor. Don't despair. Send for book with
explanation and proofs. Mailed (sealed) free.
I They embody mora points of genuine merit than anv other wheels made. No other
machine stands so high In the estimation of cyclist?, because Waverleys are built oa
I hinast vnlitA linaa nnil mi.AliuAra ma.Iva full valn.k fnr tha 111 VAaf:iY1 mnt A VllVm
I I 1 VI I ADL.C.N I erly and you will never be ashamed of your mount.
To Healtn-Seckers.
The Blake Rancb, on the bead of the Rio
Bapello, Is now prepared to receive a limit
ed number or hoarders, 'ibis rancn Is
located in the heart of tbe mountains, amid
the moat beautiful scenerr In the wnrM.
where brook trout and wild game offer I ERIE MEDICAL CO Buffalfl N Y
amDle diversion for the nimrod or anvone tlUC ratu,"" " DUIiaiO, B. I.
seesing out-aoor spore, ills locatea onir
twenty-five miles from Las Vegas, and
tbe Rio Gallinas. Address,
Address Mrs. J. P. Blake, Roolada, or In
quire for conveyances and rates of W. K,
Crites, East Las Vegas, N. M.
77-tf Roolada, N. M.
J. F. Wright, Agt.
No. 8. N0.1.
no. a. fio.4
- The Cash Liquorf Cigar and Tobacco Co.
flOOpm lOOOpui Chicago
V loam' 1 65pm Kansas tilts
within eight miles of the Rio Peoos, and rAW1'' or Investors With
only three miles from the headwaters of T T naRu Ai,, TJI I M CC
' rr -"f- svi 1 1 ws
Money furnished for developing
mining :rjtUSriU10. Good
Gold. Silver and Copper properties
can be SULD QUICKLY by
11 OSjm 4 00pm
2 wpm , 4Spm
BSApm u 50pm
4 00pm 7 00pm
d tjpuii v tzpm
8 BBpmjll OApm
1 raara iz r.upiu
7 89a in I 7 25nm
8 15am 110 HiDOi
ju mam 12 nam
II 10pm ' BtOaui
Coin, bpr'gs
Santa re
10 SOpm
7 I0.im
5 00am
12 S'tani
11 15pm
6 15pra
2 tf.'ipm
12 50pm
8 25am
i 65am
12 80am
10 30pm
8 45pm
5 oonm
10 85-tm
9 15am
8 warn
6 00am
4 2Ham
8 15pm
8 00am
12 65pm
11 loam
9 20am
'. ' Soase Ready Information.
Tbe following statistical Information
ebould De cut out and pasted on your of-
nce aessj. lor (uture and frequent refer
wago.i Mouna,
Watroug. .
I San Miguel.
Gloria ta ..Ml
: None But Aycr's at tbe World's Fair.
Ayer's Sarsapanlla enjoys tbe ez
traordinary distinction of having been
tbe only blood punher allowed an ex
hibit at the World's fair. Chicago.
Manufacturers of other sarsaparillas
sought by every means to obtain a
showing of their goods, but they were
all turned away under the application
of the rule forbidding the entry of
patent medicines and nostrums. The
decision of the Woild's fair authorities
in favor of Ayer's Sarsaparilla was in
effect as follows: "Ayer's Sarsaparilla
is not a patent medicine. It does not
Santa Fe......
Los Lunas
Socorro...... ,
San Marclaf,.,
Las Oruo ...
El Paso .niJ,
Denilng :
Silver Otty ;.
La Junta ;
Denver ..
U!lblO...... ,
Kansas Cltv.
sc. uuis.
Chicago 1.S7S
. . . , w usuing-con. . .
... rnuaaeipi
... 82 New Vork ........ 2.187
...J Ml Boston , i,4i
,.,JI)2 tucsoo 608
208 Chihuahua 612
.,.285 City of Mexico... 1.612
, , mi i.ui Angeies , 1,10.1
..S8ii 'an Diego ........1.0D8
ssan Francisco... 1.SI5
til uuaymas 908
..... 184 L. V. Hot8rjrlnsrs...
vir't il"HWhlteOaks,direct..ieo I
.... viv oK,unireston, Qireci..70O
Mora -....TlMSiSpi
Hot Sd'sts Park.. 678; Ch:
springer. 5889
Watrous .646
Santa Fe
ark's Ranch
Kansas Cltr ...
Raton Tuuntl
n 6i62iGlorleta
7U13 continental Dl-
... 69S
. 7432
sounding like huge bombs. Those not
on tbe streets rushed to windows and
balconies to see whence the noise
came, ibe llieies . were Strang on
ropes or wires suspended across the
public ways, the fuses lighted, and as
we gazed at tbe dangling forms and
saw them blown to pieces, the feel Ids
was almost as if veritable men were
before our eyes, and we even found it I
in our hearts to pity Judas. Mot so
with tbe natives. Many of them were
wrought np to a pitch of religious
frenzy, and it an arm or a leg was
thrown off intact they seized and tore
with their teeth, as it it were in
truth a part of the misguided traitor of
centuries ago. 0. L., in April Lippin-
belong to tbo list of nostrums. It is
here on its merits "
To be kept thoroughly well posted
on tbe news of such an eventful year as
1896 promises to be, a person should
read the columns ot a live.wide-swake,
metropolitan paper, besides the
county or local newspaper. Now is
tbe proper time to begin a yearly sub
scription, which will cover the presi
dential campaign, tbe great speeches,
the November election and tbe out
come of all the wars and troubles
abroad. If intending subscribers will
heed a word of advioe they will-' send
to ; the . Twice a-Week Republic.
They will-receive in return twice
every week ' for- a year a ' copy
of tbe spiciest, newsiest and most en
tertaining newspaper in tbe country.
The Twice a- Week Republic will make
a specialty of giving all tbe political
news and speeches on both sides and
J. R Jetton was examined at Las
Cruces by a committee consisting of
ndge Newcomb, R. L. Young and C.
V. Mead, and be was admitted to the
bar. Mr. Jetton is Judge Fall's law at the same time keeping up tbe very
A big inducement li offered to those
who become so interested that only a
daily metropolitan paper will meet
their wants. Tbe Daily and Sunday
It is expected the Santa Fe placer
company will have its dredging plant
ready for operations iu the bed of the1
Gatisteo river, east of Cerrlllos, within
a few months.
Harper's Bazar
IN 1896.
The twenty-ninth year of HARPER'S
BAZAR, beginning in January, 1806, fiods
It maintaining its deserved reputation botb
as a rasmon journal ana a weekly pen
odical for hume reading.
Every week tbe BAZAR presents beau
tiful toilettes for various occasions, Han-
doz. Bauds, and Chapuis illustrate and
engrave tbe newest designs from the Snest
models In Paris and Berlin. New York
Fashions epitomize current styles in
New York.- A fortnightly pattern-sheet
supplement witb diagrams and directions
enaolea women to cut and make their own
eowDS. and Is ol great valae to tbe Dro
fesslonal modiste as well as to tbe amateur
dressmaker. Children's Clothing receives
constant attention. Fashions for Men are
described in full detail by a man-about-town.
Our furls Letter, by Kathabinb
Dk Forest, is a sprightly weekly recital
01 lashton. gossip, ana social domes In
Paris, given by a clever woman in an en
tertnining way.
Both tbe serials ror lows are tne work of
American women. Mrs. Gerald, , by
Mabia Louisa Pool, is a striking story of
New England life. Maby E. Wilkins, in
Jeronif, a l-oor Man, discusses tbe al
ways interesting problem of tbe relations
between labor and capital. Short stories
will be written bv the best authors.
Dedal Departments. Music. Tbe
Outdoor Woman, Personals, What We Are
Doing, Women and lien, report and dis
cuss themes of immediate interest.
Answers to orrespondents. Oues
Hons receive tbe personal attention of tbe
editor, and are answered at tbe earliest
practicable date after tbeir receipt.
Tbs Volumes ot the BAZAR begin
with the first Number for January, of
each Tear. When no time is mnnftinnf.fi.
subscriptions wui begin with tne dumber gives 1 so pacers a vear. ana everv
current at tbe time of receipt of Order. nanPr haa r. moo. .io-hr
Remittances should be made bv Postof. ' .K r-- --" "
flee Money Order or Draft, to avoid chaucs wide or 48 columns in all. The
or los. I Thrirp-a-wpplf World is tint nnlu
Newspapers are not to copy this ad ver- , , ., ,, J
tlsement without the eznress order of mucn larger man any . weeKiy or
Harper & Brothers. ' semi-weekly newspaper, but it f ur-
habpbr's periodicals. I nishes the news with much greater
Habpkb's Maoazinb one year $4.00 frequency and promptness. In fact,
Habpbb's Weeklt " - .4.00 :,k:"Ln t.u ..i:
Harper's Bazar " 4.00 " -vluu'" ""Pi " mubu-
Habpkii's Round Tabi.h " 2.00 1 ties of a daily with the attractive
Postage Free to all subscribers in tbe I snecial features "of a weelclv.
TTnltfli Hl.lu r.n.H. mnA U- I X J
110 45a m I
111 4OJ111I
Demlng '
El Paso
111 OOaml..
1 10 00am..
9 loom
II 28pm
9 lOami Gallup
1 65pm Wlnslow
4 OkuiI Flagstaff
COSpm'Loj Angeles
i Mpra, a 40am
9 8Sam Itopm
7 97 im 8 45pm
7 ootml 8 00pm
10aamSanFraocls S0pm
: Additional Trains on Sundays.!
Leave Arrive Leaie Arrive
Las Vegas : Springs Springs Las Vegas
iwim - 10 uo am 1 is pm . s 48 pm
a iv pui 0 su uia D ou not . i uo pm
Leave Arrive Leave Arrlva
Sprlniis. Las Vegng. Iai Vegas. SDrlngs.
Unoon. 12 23 pm. USOpm 1 oonm
Nos. S and 4 are solid vestlbuled Umltnrl
trains, composed of dining cars, Pullman
paiace arawing-room cars ana cnair cars
between Chlcauo and Los Anureles. Han ni-
vgu auu ana r ranuisco. -r
Nos, 1 and 2, Pacific and Atlantic express,
hbb t-uuuiaii umue urawiuir.ruom cars.
KfnriBimeuiuK can auu cdicuhi ueivMn
Chicago and Los Angeles, San Diego and
sua Francisco.
jos. 1 ana 2. Mexico ana Atlantic ernmna
have tourist sleeping cars between Chica
go and Albuaueraue. and Pullman nnlam
cars and coaches between Chicago and tbe i
viif or Mexico, ji. uopelard,
uen. Agent, t.i raso. rex.
W. R Brownk,
T. F. A P. A., El Paso, Tex.
. Chas.F. Jones.
Agent, Las Vegas.N .M.
Mexican and
Bole Agent for
the Celebrated
60 Straight .
12.25 per box. '
169 Sixth Street, Opposite San Miguel National Bank.
Whiskies. per oal.
Sour Mash Bourbon $2.00
" "... a.25
" " 2.50
Samples only 5o,K-Pts.l6o,Ptj.35o Qts.50c
Finer Whiskies.
"Carlisle", Bole Agent : $4.00
U.S. Club......;.......... 4.00
John Hanning. 4.00
Samples 10c, Half Pts. 23c, Pts. 50c, Qts. f 1.
Finest Whiskies.
Belle of Anderson .'..$4.25
Cream Rye ....... ........ 4.75
Guckenheimer 5.5Q
McBrayer, Oscar Pepper and Yellowstone
HAUfLlSa, Ufllil 100,
. Half- pints 35c, Pints 65c, Quarts, $1.25.
: California and Native Wines from 25o per Bottle, and $1 per Gallon, up.
49-Bear entrance from Lincoln Ave., between Optic Office and Rosenthal Bros.fv
. p. s. "Press the Button, We'll do the rest."
t3 Corner Center Street and Railroad Avenue.
Fie fines! JoicestLiors! Best Cigars
Your Patronage Solicited.
Elegant Glub Room and Short Or-
der Jjunch Counter
Albuaueraue 600B vide im a .AP . . : ?3Ui
socurro , 4w r mgstan: ....6806
E1P880 86K2 Needles 477
Leadvllle 10MI salt Lake City.... 4225 I
ueuver...-."v ozuui
Auannc k rati
Thrice-a-Week Edition.
The twice-a-week edition of the
New York World has been con
verted into the Thrice-a Week. It
furnishes 3 papers of 6 pages apiece
or eighteen pages every week. This wkstwabd. 1 jlATioNn. bastwarp":
. I Western Division,
;fl Time TaWe No.r 38.
i. W. Eelnhart, John J. McOook,
j receivers, .,
In effect Sunday, August 6th, 1695.
Harper & Brothers, '
P. O. Box 859 N. Y. City.
AI. Pardee, formerly the well-known
base ball pitcher ot Cerrillos, arrived
Albuquerquo from Winslow, and
went to flints fe, he being engaged to
bold down the box for the Santa oRevuhlic has been reduced to only $6 a
ciuo iui3 season, ivear or o lor six inontns.
JOHN SHANK, Manager.
Cars every fifteen minutes, from 8. a, m.
to 8 p. m.
800 tickets for T.00
100 tickets for -(..r0
Si tickets for LOO
In order to give the WEEKLY
OPTIC a more general circulation,
we have arranged to supply the
Thrice-a-Week World
and the
.Weekly ( Optic,
I One ycaKfor C3.50 in advance j
S 00 pi
V iv a
4 00 p
6 40 a
IS 10 p
5 SlSp
s it) o
8 no d
n asp
12 no a
l 85 a
I 48 a
7 60 a
u 20 a
t 40 pi
10 p
S 05 D
10 45 a
10 00p
I 56 P
7 oo p
n uu a
8 05a
9 10 a
12 80 p
1 SO p
4 20 P
8 00 p
7 40 p
1 6Sa
I 40 a
U 45 a
2 SO p
5 OOp
6 50p
10 45 a
Chicago .
Kansas City
Hoi brook
Ash Fork
Tbe Needles
s Blaae
Los An geles
10 80 P,
7 oo a
5 15 p
2 45 a
8 16 p
S S5 p
a 06 p
10 40 a
7 7a
6 06a
4 50a
11 82 p
B 0 p
7 26 p
a 10 p
io on a
s aop
8 soa
6 00 p
8 SOp
2 66 p
8 00 a
4 85 a
4 08a
12 20 a
It 05 p
5 46 P
6 66p
6 top
IS 80 d
8 soa
8 45 a
s so a
8 OOp
8 SOp
Summer or Winter.
The Santa F rnnte 1 the most com'orta-
oie railway netween uanroral and tha
The mealt at Harvey's Dining Booms art
an excellent feature of the line. .
The Grand Canoi of the Colorado can be
reached In nootuer way,
Gen. Pass. Anient. L-s Angeles. Cai.
0. U. Bl'EKKS,
Ast, Gen, Taps. Agent, San. Francisco,
3 Z
Your address, with six cents
in stamps, mailed to our Head.
auartets, 11 Klitt 81., Bwtes,
an., will bring jrou a full line
ol samples, and rules lor self.
meaaurement, of our justly fa
mous S3 panta ; Suitt, 13.25 s
Overcoats, $10.26, and up. Cut
to order. Agents wanted every
where. New Plymouth Rock Co.
Job Work and Repairing, Honse Mot
lng and liaising a Specialty.
John 8bank, President.
K. L. M. Ross, Vice-President.
J. B. Moore, Seo'y and Treaa.
V. II Jameson, Manager,
L. G. Jameson. -j
' THE '
Las Tcps TeMoie Co.
;Cor. Uamanares and Lincoln Aves.
' ast Las Vegas, N. M.
Electric Door tells, Burg la
Alarnn and Private Telephones pu
in at reasonable rates.
It Is wanted for
A Richly Illustratcd iioirrnLT,
for people who wlsb to
. er BKAirriry
tbeir HOMES.
Filled with Bright Ideas.
firactlcal .common ecuae
n DeNlKns A Planum Ar
rangement of Gt'onnda;
Decorating, Furoiah:s,
etc., etc.
Send 10 cents for a copy
and learu bow to get the
American Homes
Pub. Co. I
Boa 7J. .... KNOXV1LLE, TENN.
A Subscription
to tbe
to subscribers to
Who, in the next thirty days,
pay us one year' Ltibscriptioi
in advance.

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