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The IVople's Paper.
Heir Kenco Has tie finest Cimateli to Worlfl
(Successors to B. Q. Murphey & Co.)
wh0,"":n(, R.u., DRUGGISTS.
Leading drug bouse la the loath
went. Orders aollolted and prompt
tt filled, Prescriptions a speolaity.
Freah drogs and pureat ohemloali, only,
Bled In our prescription department.
Hole agent for Las Vegas for the aale of
the celebrated
Eastern Star, to-night.
Good Friday, April 8rd.
Fresh cat flab at Hayward'a.
f, Biehl, leading undertaker.
All Fools' day will soon be alone.
Band praotice, to-night, at city ball.
The latest style bats at Bporleder'a. 8t
Out vmirBelf a nice bat for Easter, at
Bporleder'a. ' !t
The New Brunswick
appetizing meal.
restaurant for an
Winter ended
the almanac
March 21st, according to
Milliners are getting
pring openings.
ready tor their
March baa five Sundays, Mondays and
Vuesdays this year.
Browne & Mansanares Co. are, to-day,
unloading a car of augar.
A meal of plenty, well cooked and serf
ed, at the New Brunswick. . 106-tf
Leave Tour measure for a nice business
or drees suit at Jake Block's.
All the latest novelties in bats for spring
and summer now at Jake Block's.
Chief Justice Tboa. Bmith has establish
ed bis borne in the Martinez residence on
National street.
An' Important arrest was made, to-day,
In a neighboring county, but in the inter
eat of justice, names are not published.
Tbe Bed Ribbon league held an Interest
ing meeting, last evening, and every one
of tbe forty-seven members seems to be In
L. H. Kroenlg, of Watrous, was in the
city, yesterday, highly elated over the
arrival of a bouncing boy at his home, on
Tuesday last.
The days will lengthen quite rapidly
from this time forward until tbe Slat of
June, when they will be at their greatest
length for the year.
Tom Holland, late of this city and M!n
eral Hill, is now a resident of the city
Cbicago.wbere be is keeping bouse, with his
wife and son, Johnny.
' The city council met, last evening, and
went through the routine work. Nothing
of particular publio importance was done,
Another meeting will be held next Friday
evening. . ' ,
Boycie Brash is in receipt of a letter of
congratulation, from tbe Morgan & Wright
company, of Chicago. The letter aocom
paoied a set of their best make of bicycle
Gross, Blackwell & Co. received, to-day,
one car each of wool sacks, crackers, and
farinaceous gocds,iand loaded out a car for
Albuquerque, and five wagons for Wbite
Oaks and Pinos Wells.
Elmore Wigton "Old Bed," of Mineral
Hill, tn which locality be conducts an old
tangled saw mill and a grist mill, is spend
ing some weeks with bis aged and decrepit
mother, back in Delaware, Ohio.
Frank Zummack, who spent last summer
in this country, has returned from Iowa,
and has purchased a farm in tbe beautiful
Bociada valley. He reports that others
from Iowa will follow him to tbe land of
Tbe afreet car company is re-laying the
rails from the corner of Center atreet and
Railroad avenue, down the avenue, to a
point opposite the depot, which were torn
out some time ago, to permit the grading
' of tbe street.
H. T. Trent, of Denver, will give ai
illustrated Bible lecture at the A. M. E
church, to-morrow evening. Tbe stereop
ticon views of Bible scenes which be pro
duces are said to be very fine. A small
admission of fifteen cents wjll be charged,
Deputy Sheriff William L. Keys was shot
and perhaps fatally wounded at tbe Mo
:. nero coal mines, over In Rio Arriba coun
ty, on . Thursday last. It is charged that
T. N. Stowell, an employe of Dr. Pascal
Craig, fired tbe shot. Stowell is in ens
tody. Tbe rifle ball entered Keys' left side.
bout an inch below, tbe heart, penetrat
ing the lower part of the lungs, and came
out through the back. At last reports,
the victim was yet alive.
The board of regents of tbe Las Vegas
normal school, Edward Henry, president;
Tranquilino Labadie, secretary; Charles
Ilfeld, C. F. Rudulph and W. S. Burke,
met again, this morning, the only absentee
being Member Ilfeld. Contractor. M. Ber
'ardinelli asked that an allowance be made
him for extra work done on the new nor
mal school building, but as the amount
could not be agreed upon between himself
and the board of regedts, M. J. Cavan-
ngh, for Berardinelli, and John "Hill, for
the board of regents, were appointed as ar
bitrators. Another meeting is set for
April 1st. .
From a Golden letter to tbe Santa Fe
New Mexican, re-produced in another col
umn, this evening, it would seem that still
- richer ore has been struck in that mining
camp.runnlng as high as $50,000 to the ton !
. Oscar litlow, the Golden miner, who, was
interviewed by an Oftic reporter, tbe
other day, only hopes that the report Is
true. However, be is well enough satis
fied with tbe richness of the ore from his
four-foot-vein, down there, it averaging
Hum if v iw pur ,uu iu guiu 4 v u un
derstood that George Protzman, in part
nership with his brother-in-law, Marion
Manning, intends putting up a mill at
Golden, '..?'
New a. pomes by wire from Washington
City thai Delegate Catron baa appointed
hla aoo, John W.Catron, cadet to the V;. B.
navi,.ea,uwy at Annapolis, juaryianu,
with bis other aoo, Charles W. Cut ion, aa
In this connection, It way not u amlee
to note tbe fact that the academy at West
Point was early perverted from the origi
nal intention of the government at the
time it was founded. The Intention was
that It should be a school where meritori
ous non-commissioned officers should pre
pare themselves for commissions, but it
was quickly oloied to such only as bad
congressional influenoe, and then It be
came only a step to appointment of lads
from civil life, leaving tba olais it was in
tended to benefit out In the cold,'
Tbe present system at WeBt Point has a
tendency to make a boy over , Into a
machine, and. give bira false notions of bis
nosltlon In life. None of the boyi are
tangbt anything about tbelr own country
None of them come out of there with any
correot notions about the character of thla
government. Their after life In the army
tenda to make them creatures of routine,
excessively timid and conservative. All
of tba great generala of war were West
Point graduate! who bad left tbe army
and went back to civil life. Througb
their absence from tbe army, In their con,
tact with' people, tthey bad acquired
that broadening of tbe mind and knowl
edge of men which afterwards made them
auccessful generals. Tbe advantage of
sending graduates of West Point back Into
civil life, throughout tbe country,, would
be seen in the improvement of tbe military
organizations. Thi Optic trusts that the
New Mexico yonng man who goes to West
Point, this year, may profit somewhat by
these simple remarks, on a most import
ant subject.
The "Citizens" Squelched. ' .
When the democratlo party refuses to
affiliate with any party that can bring a
few votes into camp, that party must be
exceptionally unpopular, but such Is the
case, it seems. A committee from the
citizens' party waited upon tbe democrats
in convention, last evening, and were,
metaphorically speaking, kicked ' out.
After this, the democrats held a meeting
of tbelr own, with A. A. Jonea aa chair
man and M. S. Hart, secretary. Speecbea
were made by W. E. O'Leary, N. B. Rose
berry, Dr. M. M. Milligan.Wm. B. Bunker,
A. A. Jones, Judge Long and others. .
It was decided to bold the ward pri
maries, to-morrow evening, and the nom
inating convention for tbe city officers, on
next Monday evening. -
A straight-out democratic ticket was
determined upon, and . "populists,"
"peoples," "citizens" and "unionists" have
poor consolation from the democrats.
Trainmaster T.G. Mulhern left this after
noon for Trinidad. ;
Mike Coyle Is now employed In the Atch
ison's paint shop, up at Riton. - s
A. J. Frlel, a conductor off the Burling
ton, passed through for California, last
evening. r
C. G. Johnson haa been appointed agent
for the Atchison at Elk Falls, Kan., vice E.
E. Meek, transferred.
Engine 708 will leave the shops this even
Ing, after having been In tbe drop pit for
some time, receiving a general overhauling
Engine 891 will leave tbe shops, to-day
where she has been laid up, for three days
with a broken spring banger and a cracked
Chas. Davis, who has been holding a po
sition in tbe Harvey eating bouse at Dem
ing, Is expected at his Raton borne within
a few days.
Boilermaker John Henshaw has resigned
his position at Raton, for health reasons
and will leave that place for Baa Diego,
Cal., where be will locate. -
Rev. James Milne, a Presbyterian pas
tor of Nevada, Iowa, on bis way borne from
Redlands, Cal., died near Navajo Springs,
Ariz , about noon, Tuesday.
L. W. Lewis, the contractor, who turn
isbed tbe crushed ballast for the Atchison
came up from Ortiz quarries, aod contin
ued on to bis interests at Morley, Colo.
The latest news from Joe Hodgson, the
old-time engineer, who is in tbe hospital
at Fort Madison, Iowa, is that be has tak
en a turn for the better and Is improving,
F, MoCue, tbe foreman of the Atlantic
& Pacific round house, in Albuquerque.
bo recently bad the misfortune to mash
bis left foot, Is up and around, wounds
healing nicely. ,
Ernest Carter, formerly an employe In
the auditor and freight receipts office of
the Atchison,, in Topeka, has secured
position in the auditor's office of the
Midland Terminal railway at Denver
v. ai. rtrcie, stenographer in tbe gen
eral freight office of the Rock Island, at
Topeka, has secured a similar position In
tbe war department at Washington, D. C.
E. C. Segur has been appointed to succeed
him. , .
The fireman wbo "drove off", and left
his engineer behind, and didn't know be
bad lost him until he was ten mlles,hehind,
will think to look for him next time, espe
daily as he now bag thirty days in wbioh
w .tuujr it uver.
Willis Reed, an ex-engineer between
Las Vegas and Raton, and now engaged in
(be real estate' business at La Junta, was
recently widded to Miss Lanra Stevens, at
Raton, the happy couple visiting Denver on
their bridal trip. ,;?.
Two special cars were attached to No. 1,
last evening, No. 99, of the A. & P., con
taining C. W. Smith, the new receiver of
that road, and speoiet car No. 6, of the
Union Pacific, containing A. 8. Van Horn,
the general auditor of that road, who Is en
route for California. : -: -1 '-'-..' '''
Pan Handle lodge No. 193 of tbe broth
erhood of railway trainmen, at. Trinidad,
will give their sixth annual ball on the
evening of April 24th, in the Jaffa opera
house, np there. They have secured tbe
services of Brannan's orchestra to furnish
music for the bappy affair.
The Pullman palace oar company has
filed Its annual report with tbe Territorial
auditor, aa required by law, says tbe New
Mexican. Tbe report shows that during
tbe year ended March lat, 1896, tbe com
pany operated in tbe several counties of
New Mexico, 7,857 standard sleepers and
8,333 tourist sleepers, aod that it. urn..
iuiugiu me lermory lor tbe year
were $7,492.25. Upon this amount It pays
j tax of per cent., or tbe munificent
1mi4Of-.ltl87.8O. which is divided pro rata
among several counties through which tbe
can passed. J
Tba new sprint- stock of retdr.mada I
Harry Kelly bas goo down tbe road.
Joe Dohrrty cams In froinClevalaud,thli
mtrntug. . .;,'-s. ' .',,':.
J. L. Laub and wife returned toGlorleta,
last evening. - ' '
Bert Bry, of Puerto da L'joa, Is Id tbe
city, to'day.
A. Mennet will leave for points south,
this evening.
Miss Ellen Wood returned from Denver,
thli morning.
Rafael Romero drove over from Mora,
this morning. '-i f ,
J. E. Whit more, Jr., is up from GalUaas
Springs, to-day,'
Geo. W. Hickox Is spending to-day with
his family, In Santa Fe. , -r-
Col. M. Brunswick returned from Engle,
on the early train, this morning' r' . . ' '
W. E. Gortuer will visit Santa Fe this
evening, If the fates don't intervene."!,.
Jake Sterns, of Loewensteln, Strousse St
Co's Mora bouse, Is la tba city, to-day j
W. H. Ripple and wife, ot Warsaw,; In
diana, are in' the city for a few days' visit.
Edward Henry went up to Watrous, on
Insurance business, on this afternoon's
No. 4. . . ,
Mrs. E. L. Hight left, this afternoon, for
Macon, 111., after a pleasant visit to friends
here. - '
W. B. Foster, an Insurance agent of San
Francisco, will pass through bare, tbie
evening, . v..-?.-.'-
B. F. Foraytbe and W. G. Benjamin
came in, this morning, from' a two-days'
outing at El Porvenir. .' " V ;"
Mrs. B. Brash and daugbter,Mls Bertha,
are expected borne on tbe early train to
morrow, from . an extended . visit In New
Orleans. : " "'
F. H. Hamm, Albuquerque; J. E. Whit
more, jr., Gallinas Springs, . and Fred J.
Robinson, Cripple Creek, are guests ot the
Dan Francis and Lonis Trauer, tbe sheep
men left, early this morning, for Anton
Chloe, where the former is holding a large
bunch of sheep. . ' . . '.'
Jefferson Reynolds, F. A. Mdnkanarea
and A. M. Blackwell are in Santa "Fe, to
da"y, to attend a meeting of the director
of tbe At Jhlson railroad.- '': v
P.M. Tuttle, Topeka; K. W., Croft,
Pueblo; C. M. Wagner, Denver; L. I. Bay,
Albuquerque; J. W. Caldwell, EI Paso, and
A. E. Bourne, Engle, N, M., register at tbe
New Optic
' F. H. Hamm, of Albuquerque, who has
several thousand bead of aheep out near
Puerto de Luna, came in from, there, this
morning, and left for Kansas City, oa this
afternoon's train, .
W. S. Burke, tbe veteran newspaper
man, at present emplpyod. on - the Alba
querque Citizen, is in townVto-day, In bis
capacity as member of the Laa Vegas nor
mal school board. . . ' .-. s- -
J. D. Kutz, wife and child, and Mrs,
Long, mother of Van Long,"' of ' this city.
arrived from Warsaw, Indiana, this morn
ing, with the intention of "making their
future home here. '-' : '- '' .-';
T.J. Moon, St. Louis, Mrs.' D. Feins,
New York; Henry C.Carter and wife, New
York; J. L. Todd, Chicago ; O. H. Coster,
Denver; H. R. Dow; Cuba, are temporarily
at home at the Depot hotel.
N. 8. Belden, who was an outside' man
for Tub Optic, fourteen years ago), snbse
q'uent'y engaging la the mercantile bust
ness, is here from Ft. Worth, Texas, where
he has been, till recently; the proprietor cf
a large grocery establishment.'" ' '
I, M. Martin. Wm, pest' and wife, and
E. E.jSray, of Chicago;; W. S. Burke, Al
buquerque ; A. W. Bray, Puerto de Luna,
A. D. Rickey, Philadelphia; S. Wrubel,
Denver; W, H. Ripple and wife, Warsaw,
Ind.; B. Sanchez, Roclada; S. 8. Belden,
Ft Worth, Texas, are registered at tbe.
Plaza hotel. ' ' ' " ''
And Still Another Slash!
2 cans Anderson Jam ,' 25c
1 large can Imported Sardines ........ JOo
3 quarts Maple Byrup. . 860
2 half pallon cans Pie Peaches ........ 250
BO pounds Good Rice 1.00
8 packages Oat Flake..;.. ;.'..,', w. 25o
1 dozen Eesrs ; 16o
8 cans G od Lye , 25o
1 ponna rremium unocolate 80c
1 8-pound can Boston Baked Beans ... 15c
S packages Arbuckle'a Coffee..... ..... ?.t f
The Grocer.
Better Horses Proposed.
W. H. Ripple, of Warsaw, Indiana, Is in
tbe city to-day. Mr. Ripple is the travel
ing representative of Singmarker, Ward
Co., of Keota, Iowa, tbe largest coach-
horse Importing company in tbe 0nted
States. He is here with a view to intro
ducing some ot these horses into this coun
try. It is claimed that they are not tbe
heavy, awkward horses that were tbe fad
with eastern farmers, some years ago, but
that they weigh from 1,100 to 1,400 pounds
and are as useful on the road as on the
farm, and would be especially 'useful to
freighters. Nothing speaks o well : tor a
country as good horses and New Mexico is
sadly lacking in this respeoC TStrOWKJ
trusts that Mr; Ripple will meet vth "en
couragement from the large f aoah owners
in this vicinity. r ?
Letter List M.i3.v
The following list of lettn -nmoin. nn.
caiieu 1 or in me posiomce at East Las Ve
gas, N. M., for the week, ending March
2Mii, 1896. Persons calling for these letters
nut please ej Auveriiseu"-
Oalhoun. H. M : Cannll. run nnr
S".'"!.?1- ' i.erguson, O. J. ; Pierce, r. (
Sutphln, Zella. !:.
ec t. goucd, p. M
Grand Band and Orchestra.
20 Ponies, Dogs and Burros
Watch for the Die Street Parade lrRan aiun. avn ...
Pure Delicious Extracts.
Teas and Coffees.
j?'! '..'Finest Grown.;;" ' V
ROlVsE Canned '
Superior Quality."
! These .goods for iale,
only, by
A Card of Thanks. . :
The wife of Agulle Digneo, for herself
and her three small children, hereby ; ten
ders her deep-felt thanks and gratitude to
the laborers ot the normal school for 'their
noble act, in ereotlng a monument to her
deceased husband, Agulle Digneo, wbo
;waa so unfortunately killed, on May 27tb,
1805. May the blessings of an All-Wise
Providence follow tbem. for tbelr good
work, is tbe prayer ot the undersigned, in
ber pwn'ind ber children's names I tA
; " Avblina DtONEO,
His surviving widow.
, Las Vkoas, N.. M. March 26tni JSSfl.
v.. . . Attention, Taxpayers I
' Notice is hereby given, that all parties
-Who are delinquent in their taxes up to tbe
first half of the year 1895, over and above
tbe sum of 1100, their names with tbelr rt
speotive amounts and yearr, will be banded
to the District Attorney for suit and ac
tion before the next term of ' the district
court, and the process will b banded jto
the sheriff for service on April 3d, 1806.
AH parties who wish to save expense and
trouble are hereby notified to call be
fore the undersigned and settle all their
delinquencies Defore that day.
j , CabAos GaBaldow,
Colleotor within and for tbe ooaoty of San
Miguel. 124tt
. Las Vkoas, N. M., March 20. h, 1896.
' " ' ' Uncle Tom's Cabin. '.'
' When will tbe time come when "Uncle
Tom's Cabin"., will' lose its' charm to the
rising generation f 'Judging from Its pre.
ent freshness, Its alluring' powers will be
perennial. There is something in the skill
ful combination of the " pathetic and the
humorous that never falls to fascinate, and
tbe story that It tella of the suffering of
poor slaves appeals directly to the finest
sensibilities of tbe human soul. Such
plays are better than sermon. .They point
a moral and adorn a tale. They, teach us
lessons in thougbtfulness and cbarlty,
Tbey impress on our minds tbe precepts of
tbe golden rule. Mrs. Stowe's book is one
of tbe greatest books of literature, because
it ' deals with questions of immeasurable
human import, and tbe play itself is one
of those simple master-pieces that can
never die. It it does no more than to keep
alive the memory of the rise and fall of
one of tbe greatest iniquities that history
deals with, it was not written in vain". "
The Cook Twin. Bisters' colossal JJncle
Tom's Cabin Company will appear at the
Tamme opera Douse, Monday, Uarcb, 30tn,
' Tbe best line of men V shoes in the city
you can And at Jake Block's. ' '"-" ''
Just received, goods for the season: Gar.
den tools, rubber and cotton bose,, sprink
lers,- nozzles, couplings, menders, eta.
poultry netting and screen wire;, prices
to suit the times, at H. G. Coors'. : Ultf
Your Stomach. ....'
Disease elsewhere cannot be conquered,
It your stomach does not do its work well,
Aiacoetn mineral water is a certain cure
for indigestion and other disorders of tbe
atomacb. Begin in the proper manner v
build up your system by drinking Macbeth
water, fresh from the well every morning',
. ' , .. .. .-- :t
Walter Dearden. assaver and chemist
Trinidad, Colo. - .. r 187-tt
Thoroughbred Lane Shans and Purtrldo-n
ik;diu cnicKen eggs, $i.ou per setting.
118 2c Haukt Cooks.
Dnck eggs for sale, by Norris Cpobran)
at 10 vems per aozen. . . . 11
K . . - i '
For parties, concerts
socials, rent
Rosenthal Bros', ball.
People wishing to sell or buv Imnroted
or unimprbved real estate will do well to
see G. H. Hutchison & Co. S86tt
Hartman is agent for . Wanamaker" a
Brown and Mills & Merrill, fine tailor-
made clothing. See samples at Hartman's
store. - eo-tf
How's Vour Liver? '''
Only so so, eh? Fix it up; don't beta
human clam; drink Macbeth'a natural
mineral water and be a man; - ' f
Mannfaoturer of S
Sash and Doors, :
Mouldings, , .
' Scroll Sawing, -
Surf adnafjd 'Malching
XetTxlxxfs Mill
' . ; .,1,,
and Office Corner of Blanohard street and
. , . urana avenue.
Mnnfwiima Rpclanrahf
MWiiibi.uillU IIUUlUUIUIll
Center St., East Las Vegas,
tllAliLES WEIGHT. Xvod'tI
iiest 1 wenty-tiye vent
Meals in lown..
Tables sanplied with everythina; the mr
ket affords. Patronage solicited. . -
who Is willing to stand or fall on his
merits a a baker, baa constantly
on salt at th.
OPPOSlta PoltOfflOa. Wst Side.
ptolaj orders 8U4 on short B9'JfS i,
m piner Boot anfl M Co.,
The Largest and Best Assorted Stock of
I'll ' -I '
jjvj-'- .New msxico
QEriERAL conr.iiooiorj DUOINEOO.
We will open something
upnolstered with flush, Leather and if ancy L;orduroy. ; cee
the adjustable head-rest, the acme of comfort. V !
The choicest line of Chiffoniers ever shown in this city, now on
exhibition in our rooms. ''' .;, . . , , .
Carpets of all wool, 3-ply, and "Extra Super" grades, in the
most beautiful patterns and colors, together with a large dis
playof rich Smyrna, Moquette and Royal Javanese - Rugs,
' form the attraction for the week, in this department.
f5 Mftre new Spring iDr
I jnia stet:'t4g9' froni New
Ladies' and Childrerls' KnirV Underwear, and. Hosiery for
. spring are now" hi: our "Fast Black," a? cent Hose is the best
! value for the money shown in Las Vegas or elsewhere.
The Next Thing Will be Our Grand Millinery Opening.
. ;' 1: '" :: RememberTlHat I - " I . :.: ,
Cash Novelty
Prices Tell Th
S.oop Yards of Fine Sea Island Zephyr Gingham,
in Plaids, Stripes and CtfecksV ; Sold Regularly
at isTcents.ri J
Only Agents f or the
Sixth; Street, Opposite Postoffice.
Are Located in the
East Las .Vegas, ;;;
And Will Carry a General Line of Hardware,
Stoves, Tinware arid Agricultural Implements.
S 1 1 p? Ra i f yi y
: v. JOHN SHANK, Manager; :
Cars BTery fifteen tn id&tas, front &' -.
.'''"i'i : . t 8 p. m.
v ; : ':"tr '30ft.'Mcketo for $5.00 V
i.W tickets for $3.50 -
J. R. SMITH, PjfopV.
Location t Ua tbeJiot springs branch rail'
way, Bast Las. Vegas, Hew Mexico,
Your Patronage Solicited
- Handles the Only
1 Range StOYes
fluiribltts Tinning
I - If '! "
Las m
In the City.
New Designs
. Attractive Prices .
; Up-to-Date Styles
and See Our Ladies' 20th Century Shoes.
oeea nouse. -;
new and ' veryr elegant in Couches
- Goods and Fancy Silks, the very
Dry Goods Store.
ei r Own Stor.
9 c.
Standard Paper Patterns.
Masonic Temple,
, New Mexico.
Florist ;anS"LanSscaprGartepiv
Particular attention pajd'
': i., to pruoiog trees, etc. ' "
We Have Made a
No Lirnlt,
For 8 yds. Vivette Batiste,
t ast Color, Regular ioc a
yard value.-
A Q n- For 10 yds. Highest Grade
m:Jj Indico Blue Calico.
For io yds. Unbleached
Muslin. Good Quality. -
For 5 yds. Imported
Scotch Zephyr Gingham,
Worth $5.cts. a yard.
IQs For '5 yds. Chameleon,
-TV-H-r "JVloire". Crepe
Worth 20 cents a yard.
We Have Just Opened a New Line of
. - ' ' . - .;.-' . ... ' ....
iaiLflGItllLL & G
Wholesale Grocers
Vool Dealeis ,
East Las Vegas and Albuquerque, New MexIcOe
ioo, ioa and 104
St. Louis, Mo.'
Unbiased Testimony
; (Columbia
, it
it 'tf'
.. ; . Any
'( Hertford' '
Bicycle.. '';
Itfrea If you call
JACOB GRAAF, Local Agent.
Bicycle' Sundries and Supplies.
nardyare, Stores &Agri
A large atock of Store and Plows now on hand, which will be told umt
above cost.1; These goods art "all warranted to Jte of the rery best make ia tk
United States, and to giro porfeot satisfaotioc. : , ) - - . "
At the Old Stand on Center Street. J BAST LAS TEOAS. N.
. (r
The Only
fiever Closed.
Office at "The Fair,"
lakes anfl Storage in las Tenas Hot Springs Canon.
.Ajcitru.GuL Capacity 50.000 Toaa
-Our Ice is pure, firm and clear, and gives entire satisfaction
to pur many patrons. ' .
Qffice:- 620 Douglas Ave.. East LasVegas, Jl. W
J. S, Dillon, Prop. ,
Dealer la, all kinds of
Fht, Game and Poultry in Season,
Special Effort to Show the
You Can i3uy as Manr as You Choose, i " f ?
A i or 10 yds. - Best - Grade
tOU Outing Flannel.
A O For H yds. Best Standard
H-OC Calico.
A yd. For Striped Bareges
and Plaid Serges 33 inches
Worth 30 cents a yard.
lO- A vd. Silk
Striped Batiste.
Worth 3 cents. Double I
Ladies' Muslin Underwear,
Ladies' Waists, at
iNortn second sr.,
dealer or rlder wlU tftll -yoOt,'
which is the admitted leader Irr btcycl
worth; - It's the Columbia. Maybe iora
dealer, . though, . will tell you . he has a!
wheel " just as good." Can't je.:tl fj justs
as good " In that case means the dialer
Is not lucky enough to have the Colura'
bia agency. The sole , agency Is here.
Two 'Phones, No. C2.
6th St., East Las Vegas.
Tie Lyons
309 Sooth Railroad Are., Near Depot, .
Elegantly Furnished Rc:r.$.
""""' ' '. '. : ,-r.
Tables set with ererythlntr '
- Market affords. Price leasooable.
MRS."?. MORSE, - J Prbprietreta
OF 1896.
Best Value In a
qq- special aaie on our entire
U line of 50c, 60c, 65c and 70?
a yard. 8 yards to a Customer, at
39 cents a yard, only. We invite
your special attention to this item.
A yd. : ForiWash Silks
This Week Only. .
In Endless Variety,
f-Q A Pair for All Wool Knee
UC7U Pants.
Underwear, Ladies' Sailors and
. .. - -: , , l
' '" ''!
.i r I,-
' mm

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