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R Ai KIAf l.fjRi BdltOf IN PMBrtildr.
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KMi'Tml at the Mast I.a VBKaSi ft. M.
M.stuMlce MP tranaitilsslun throUgU tu
(nulla a cond-clas matter,
Special Notice.
Lai Vrhms Dailt Optic Delivered by mall,
pout-paid, $10.00 per annum; s.UUfurtlx
, months; I'i.BO for three months, ltycar
rler, '46 cent per weak.
Lad Vkoan Wckklt Oi'Tio SI column, de
iium, Jl.wi for nix months, 11. ou for three
months. Mingle copies in wravinri,D cents
Sttinule poDlea ol Doth nauy ana weem
mailed free when desired. Give postofflce
amiressin run, including; iiuio.
Ookhk-v' knoio Containlnn hkws, solid
ibu la. . uii yu.na ui liio LUU11117. lyum-
iminliWIon addressed to the editor of
Thb optio, to Insure attention, should Be
accompanied by the writer'! full name
and address, not for publication, but as a
guaranty or Kooa taiin.
Bkmittanokh May be made by draft.mone
order, postal note, express or reicltere
letter at our risk. Address all letters and
telegrams to Tun optic,
Kast La Venas. New Mexico.
, Law of Newspapers,
It subscribers order the discontinuance
of newspapers, the publishers mar con
tinue to send them until all arrearage are
If subscriber refuse or neglect to take
their newsnanera from the office to which
they are sent, tbey are held responsible un
til tuey naye seruea the uui ana oruereu
them discontinued.
If subscribers move to other place with
out Informing the publisher, and the new
paper are sent to. tne rormer piace ol rest
donee mev are men reiDoniiuie-
Bnokboard Hall,
Mali on the Star route leav) Lai Vega
as follow:
Las Veiras to Fort Sumner. Includln
Anton Clilco, Los Golonali, Eden, Santa
Kosa and Puerto de Luna, trl-weetiy, on
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and ar
rive on alternate davs of each week.
Las Vexas to Fort Baa com, Including
Uhaperito, uamna springs, m uuervo,
4171i 1,1.11V. 11, J.UIl-JU, Wk.-TTWK.,
on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, or
each week, and arrive on alternate day.
La Vega to Mora, Including Los Alamo,
rjapano, nan xgnacio ana itociaua, vri
weeklr. on Tuesday. Thursday and ttatur
day, of each week, and arrive on alternate
La Vega to Lesperance, one a week,
on Saturday.
Conveyance on Fort Sumner line, I b
two-horse backboard, on Fort Baicomani
Mora line by single-horse buckboard. To
Liesperance by private conveyance
usually spring wagon.
1 ii 1 UA
Republican City Convention.
A delegate city convention of the repub
licans of the city of East La Vegas will
be held at the city ball, on Tuesday even
ing, March 81st, at 8 o'clock p. in., for the
purpose of nominating candidates for the.
following offices for the election to be held
on Tuesday, April 7th, 1898:
One mayor, to serve for the term of one
year. '
One clerk, to serve for the term of one
One treasurer, to serve for tbe term of
one year. "
Each ward will be entitled to ten dele
gates in the city "convention.
Ward primaries will be held in the dif
ferent wards on Monday evening, March
80th, at 8 p. m., for the purpose of electing
delegates to tbe city convention, and also
for tbe purposo of nominating one alder
man and one member of (he board of edu
cation, each to serve the period of two
years. The primaries will be held at tbe
following places: First ward, the public
school building; second ward, at the office
ofH. 8. Wooster; third ward, at John
Hill's planing mill; fourth ward, at the
seminary building.
John S. Clark,
Chairman Republican City Central Com
mittee. J. A. Carrctr, Secretary.
It promises, after all, to be quite a
spirited city election, but with not tbe
least doubt of tbe result.
The Santa Fe New Mexican has be
come so vindictively personal and so
outrageously unfair in its political
utft&cces, of late, that very little at.
tention is paid to them by the oppo
sition press. The paper used to be
fairer, even in political matters, than
it is now. What has come over the
spirit of its dreams, anyhow P
An Edlto'! UUio Won Buffor
Terribly, ltclilhff lutomo.
Face Haw and Bleeding ttbm
Every Kuown Remedy Tried.
Thoroughly Alarmed lie Tries
Noticeable Improvement
Next Morning.
Cure Speedy and Complete.
My little boy was afflicted with Eczema In
aeule form for nenrlv a vear. durlnor which
time we tried wlilio.it success, it not every
known remedy, ai ltmt a sufficient number to
become thoroughly HltirmoU. Heuwuie that
proved efllcaoiou for other had no apparent
effect upon the child. The disorder appealed
on the right check and was of a blistery and
bloouy form. Hie pillow, moraines, would
rouleotloo it lb boneit t?f their
dlcbtUi but no curiimubieatlon born of I
etiVy, tUftlloo tit prejudice, will find
place la Its column. This, we know,
will meet tba hearty approbation of all
rood CitlK:ns, those who have the best
interests of the town sincerely at heart
and are Interested la the election of
good men and true to fill the several
city oflloes.
bear the bloody imprint of the side of bia
race, while it was Impossible to prevent the
little fellow from scratching his lace, owl
to the intensity of the itching. Being i
ie his lace, owing
chlng. Being ad
chased a box. The
first application was made before putting the
CAl'T. J. Q. (Jlancet and republicans of I
bis stamp must have been edified over tbe
failure of the Territorial convention to
I speak out cn so important question at the j
tariff. It was a corked-up oonventlon,
sure enough. Nu Mexican.
Particularly Capt. Clanoey, who is
about $7,000 out of pocket annually by
demooratio free-trade legislation on
r ol. At the proper time, as stated
lust evening, the republicans of New
Meiloo will be heard from on the tariff I
question in a maimer that will make
- i
tbe democrats of Mew Mexico fairly
tremble in their boots.
' " ' " " ' '' '
Yet Some Suffer in Silence and will not Open the
Matter to their Physician even.
pniCBBYTElUAajDHUrtCtf. ,
Preachlnf St It a. m. and 7:80 p. hi.
inday school at V:48 a. in. HocletV of
Christian Endeavor at 0:45 p. m.
All people are cordially welcomed.
(Strangers and sojourners are Invited to
worship with us.
A. A. LAYTON, Pastor.
Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Preaching
services at 11 a. m, and 7:80 p. m. B. Y.
P. U. at 7:15 p. tn.
All are cordially invited to attend Its
I services.
YOU CAN BE CaiailT EVE) f.uD :.'J.7.
cuililto bed at niirht, and the statement mav
be doubted, hut it is neverthelessa fact, that
tne appearance oi tne anectea parts snowed
a nociceame improvement tne next morning
Continued use of CUTictiBA fullr demon
strated its success, and as a result my child
has as fair and smooth skin as can be found
any where. We used every local application.
Dottle after bottle of blood medicines, all to
no purpose, it was omy wnen uutiouba was
used did he And relief. These facta can be
verified by local druggists, Messrs. Balrd
Bros. W. H. NEMDHAM,
Editor and Pub. Standard, Jfataskala, O.
It were better to nominate and eleot
a candidate for mayor on the strength
of what be has already accomplished
in office, than to nominate and try to
elect a candidate on the strength of
what he might accomplish.
Rpvenr Prima TaaATifKirr. Warm hatha, with
Cdtiuuea Soap, rentla applications of l'uticob. rolat-
mant), and mild doaet of Cuticuu itnoLviMTtbloed
8unnr). roCTia viva ui una. lnr, sola rn
ioaton, Mut.
when others
to be be thought, said or. done to ad
vance the masses and to banish the
darkness of ignorance. They catch
the spirit of dead forms,
and embody it in a new and nobler
shape. The power and influence of
the masses, awakened by suoh efforts,
transform society from ignorance and
stupidity into a condition for growth,
which cab. be depended upon, not only
to sustain our present attainments, but
to carry the torch of progress onward
and upward." Under such circuit!
stances, there can be no relapsing in
this line of march, because there is in
the masses, and their work, newer and
higher life, stability and ultimate vic
tory. Intelligence so arms, equips,
and illuminates them that tbey come
to realize their capacity and power. It
la out of this which springs tbe marvel
ous daring, tbe lofty enthusiasm and
the universal aspiration and enterprise
of their real lives.
The time for holding our city eleo
tion is fast approaching, and our citi
zens should begin to devote some
thought to the selection of good men
for the 'various offices. Great care
should be taken in the selection of
board ol trustees, ana none bus ex
perienced business men, who are in
terested in a wise and economical
city government, and who will do all
in their power to promote the welfare
of the town, should be chosen for this
office. '
Mors towns die for want of confl
dence on the part of business men and
lack of public spirit (ban from any
other cause. When a man in search of
a home or business location goes into
a town and finds everything brim full
of hope and enthusiasm over the pros
peots of the place, and all earnestly
building it up, he soon becomes im.
bued with the same spirit, and as a re
sult, he drives down his stakes and
goe to work with the same interest.
When, however, be goes to a town
where everyone expresses doubt and
apprehension for the future prospects
of the place, moving about and Indulg
ing in mournful complaints, he natur
ally feels it is no plane for him, and at
onoe shakes the dust off his feet, while
he pulls out with all possible speed for
some ojher place. Consequently, try
to make an enterprising town out of
one in which you live.- While you are
worKing ior your own town, you are
accomplishing all the more for your
self. ;
Or no other class of people is Las
Vegas more proud than of her school
teachers. Itieir stoady and constant
aim is to lead the children out upon a
broader stage, into more expanding
scenes, and to Induct them into new
and stronger characters. They aim to
light up the path of life with new
Fplandor and new power. It this is
their work and their aim, all tbeir ef
forts should be supported and second
ed by all right-thinking peiple. They
are to be more and more tbe leaders,
the personification and tbe ready
agents of whatever appear necessary I
Si'CCESS at any election ever de
pends upon a judicious seleotion of rep
reseotative citizens as candidates.
wnere caucuses and conventions are
manipulated by Intriguing politicians
for the advancement of unworthy aspi
rants, defeat is sure to follow in tbe
wake of such unfair proceedings; Tbe
intelligence of the people in . tbe
governing powers at the polls, and
when heelers and bitters attempt to
pain control of a municipality or a
state, public indignation centers upon
such efforts and the protest of tbe
people's sovereignty registered in over
whelming majorities against such pal
pable corruption. But when the masses
meet in convention and dlspassionably
discuss the merits of their favorite sons
and with tbe exercise of deliberate
judgment select standard-bearers of
moral and political worth, then their
success in the canvass is assured, and
good government vouchsafed. We take
great pleasure in assuring our readers
that the ticket placed in tbe field by the
republican convention, next Tuesday
evening, will be selected with care and
with a view to having our commercial
and business interests faithfully repre
sented. ' .
ft the Editor of tin Op Ha
Watrous, N. M.f March 27th. '96.
Carpenters from Las Veiras have been
at work upon Mr. Lang's residence,
for two weeks. It promises to be tbe I
nnest In town.
Messrs. S. E. Tipton and W. Thorp
are protecting tbeir property along tbe
river by a breakwater of rooks and
brushwood. So much of the bank has I
been washed away eaoh spring that
now the river is encroaching upon val
uable property.
Tbe little daughter of Aleo.Wine.ns I
has been very seriously ill, but is now
convalescent. At one time mutters
were so serious that a consultation was I
held between Drs. Tipton and Rolls.
C. W. Wildenstein leaves, next week.
for Deming, where he will visit his son
and try to recuperate bis health.
Mrs. Callan has returned from a I
month's, visit at her sister', in Albu
- - . . a, at I
Photographers have been in town an
week and many of our good citizens
hsro rut cs their favorite smiles and
paid them a visit.
L. Kroenig is the recipient of many
hearty congratulations these days and
also of many' requests to "set em up,"
the occasion being tbe arrival at nis
house of a fine, bounoing baby boy.
Ex-Gov. Hadley is in Chicago. It is
rumored that Mr. Hadley is trying to I
dispose of bis property, with a view of
moving to California.
On Wednesday night, Joseph Bo-
dine, of Tiptonville, bad a paralytic I
stroke, from which tbe doctor thinks
he will not recover. The paralysis in
cludes the left side of tbe face and the
left arm and leg. Tbe right side
shows a slight loss of power.
A man mav dress as well aa
as his own good judgement
and the assistance ol an ar
tistic tailor may elect He
may take his "tubs" but if
his digestive organs are out
of order, he will have an un
wholesome appearance. His
complexion and the white of
bis eyes win nave a yellow
ish cast. His tongue will be
coated, appetite -poor, his
teeth rusty, bis breath abom
inable. He is one bis;, un
mistakable sign of constipa
tion. The quickest, surest, eas
iest way is to take Doctor
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets.
Thev are made of refined, concentrated
vegetable extracts. jNotning in tne least
harmful . enters into their composition.
They hunt down all impurities, and " make
thm move on." They are the product of
many years' study and practice. Doctor
Pier cannot afford to put forth a worth-
leas tels. Send for a free (ample.
Addre with it cents in onecent stamps to
From the Nugget, ChthaOi, Wath,
The neighbors called lier a walking corpse.
For fifteen years elio had suffered from loss
of blood and dropsy. She had not the
strength to stand alone. She had spent
thousands of dollars with the doctors and
had been unable to find relief. Her ease
was considered hopeless.
That is the experience of Mrs. C. Beed, a
well-known lady of this city.
A Nugget reporter colled upon her at her
home last Tuesday. SIio was willing to be
interviewed, she said, if she could be the
means of pointing out to other unfortunates
the way to recovery and good health.
'"It has been over fifteen years since the
. j i . if.. r j . t i i
muiuux .aneneu iiseu, siuu Jura- nwu,
"Since then, until within the last few
months, I never knew what it was to be well
for a single day. I could not sleep. My
appetite went away and I benn to low flesh.
This continued for years. 'I became so weak
I could not wait upon myself. I had to have
the help of others to dress and undress, even
to walk from one room to another. I lost all
my strength. In addition, I had dropsy of
tho blood. My Jimhs were swollen, and
nothing I could do seemed to afford me re
lief. The doctors said I must take iron to
strengthen and invigorate my blood. I took
iron took it by tho bottle and by the box :
took it morning, noon and night. But it did
no good, and Iliad finally lost all hone.
"At last I saw an account of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for Palo People. I thought this
fitted my case exactly and I tried to get some
of tho pills. They were not kept at the
drugstores here, ana I had to send to Olym-
ia. . They came finally, however. I began
take them and experienced relief immedi
ately. I sent for two more boxes to tho Dr.
Williams' Company at Schenectady, N. V.,
and by the time I had taken them I felt like
a new woman. I have been taking them
occasionally since then.
" It was two years ago that I began to nse
. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. I was sixty years
of age then, and had not been able to do my
housework for many years. Now I am able
Ui care for myself, to do my own work, and I
can walk long distances without being espe
cially fatigued.
" I think my cure is a' marvelous one, and
is due entirely to tho Pink Pills for Pale
People. Without them I fear I should have
been dead before now.
" Since my cure has become known the
druggists here have always kept the pills.
1 1 do not nave tosenu away tot
I have recommended
' more.
do not have to send away for them any
them to several
of my neighbors, and I know that they have
done much good in more than one case simi
lar to my own."
In order to confirm this statement beyond
all doubt Mrs. Reed offered to make affidavit
to its truth, and the affidavit is here pre
sented :
State of Washington, )
County op Lewis. J
Mrs. Martha L. Reed, being first duly
worn on her oath, says that she has read the
foregoing report of an interview with her,
and that the same is as she gave it and is
correct in every particular.
(Signed) Mas. Martha L. Reed.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
14th day of May, 1895.
J. M. Kepner, Notary Public
A case of similar import and of much in
terest is here given also, the same having
been originally published by the Advance
of Ogdensburg, N. Y. Whil? it is from the
far east, the facts can nevertheless be easily
substantiated by writing the patient direct.
Every female who is Hearing the critical
period of woman's life will be pleased to
hear the story told by Mrs. Frank Murray,
as follows: - -
Mrs. Frank Murray, who resides near
Ogdensburg, N. Y., says : " I am 40 years of
age, aud lor a number of years resided in
Prescott, Ont. We moved over here some
time ago and have worked this farm since.
It is what is known as the Ferguson Farm
and is about six milesout from the city. My
husband is now working In Ogdensburg at
his trade, that cf x atone mason, while my
children and myself carry on the farm.
"I have been a great sufferer from sick
headache, which would general! come on
about evening, and I would be completely
prostrated, not even able to lift my hand or
help myself in any way. These spells would
last for about 24 hours, and would leave me
in so weakened a condition that for a tan
days I could scarcely drag about the house.
Periodically the spells would come on me.
MM !
Sunday school at 9:48 a.m. Preaching
I at 11 a, m., followed by thirty minutes
class meeting. Kpworth League at 7:00 p.
n. Evening service at 7 :80 p. tn.
Tba pastor and members extend, to all.
tbe welcome of this church, and will be
pleased to see you ar lta services.
Minister In Charge. .
Bervlces at 11 a, m. and 7:80 d. m. Sun
day school at 10:00 a. m. -
Friday Evening prayer, 4:30 p. m
Everyone cordially Invited to attend
these service.
I have also had considerable spinal trouble,
rue or
to the back of my head.
the aharp, darting tongue
most severe, following along
pain being
long my spue ana
Masses will be said at 0:80 and 0:00 a;
m, Hunday school at 8 p.m. Vesper and
benediction, of the Blessed Sacrament, at
1 7:80 p. m. Daily morning mass at 0:80 a.
ermon, at high mass, at 0:00 a. m.
" Have doctored much, but without the
desired result I heard of Dr. William'
Pink Pills for Pale People, and also later
heard of the cures they had effected in a
number of persons personally known to me,
and it was their published stories that de
emed me to try tnem.
" I got some of the pill, and after I had
taken the first box I had no more headaches '
for several months. Last fall the headaches
returned, however, and I took another box
of the pills and am happy to say have not
since been bothered. -"This
summer my head began to have
neavy reeling, ana at time i was Quite
drowsy, but no pains accompanied it. I
cow have more puis and though I've taken
oniy a lew i reel wen again.
" I don't think any neraon could stand it
a great whilcto be troubled a I was and
stand the amount of pain; I know that
Pink Pills are a good medicine and fully'
what they are represented to be. I have
recommended them to some of my friends
witn Deneuciai results. Oh, my, yes I They
have done wonders for me. I do all mtf
own housework on the farm. We have a
dairy of twelve oows, and often when the
Doys are very nusy getting in the crop I
have milked all the cow alone."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale Peo
ple are an unfailing remedy for all dis
ease arising from a poor and watery condi
tion or the Dlooa, such a pale and sal
low complexion, general muscular weakness,
loss of annctite. denression of SDirits. lack of
ambition, antemia, chlorosis or green sick
ness, palpitation of the heart, shortness of
breath on slight exertion, coldness of hands
or teet, swelling ot tne feet and limb, pain
in tne dock, nervous neaaacne, aizzlness,
los80fmemory, feebleness or will, ringing in
the ear, early decay, all form of female
weakness, leucorrhoaa, tardy or irregular
periods, suppression or menses, hysteria,
Rxv. Macbioi Olibb, Assistant.
First mass, for winter season, at 6:80 a.
m. Second mass, for winter season, at o
a. m. High mass for winter season, at
10:00 a. m. Sunday school at 8:00 p. m.
Vespers and Beneiiction at 4:00 p. m..
Tne f athers wui preacn Dotn in Kngiisn
and Spanish.
Pastor in Charge.
Services every Friday. 8 D. m.: Sundav
morning, II a. m.; Sunday school, every
8atnrday morning, 9:80 to 12 o'clock, and
Sunday mornings, from 10 to 11 o'clock.
' Rbv. G. W. TOUSON, Pastor.
Preaching at 11 a. m. Sunday school at
B:wi p. m. Bervlces at 7:80 p. m.
Singing and prayer meeting, Wednes
day evening.
Climax. Stir.
fiewsbtty, fj.iril Blioe,
Piper Heidmtek,
oummoiug UIOU,
Oli lloueaty,
Ullpper Navy,
Boot Jack,
No Tat,
Natural Llaf
a. T. Gravely, superior,
W. N. T., Out of Sight!
Pride of Kentucky,
imiaii.au iviii,
Health and Prosperity,
ropuiar rrioe.
J.-B. MAOKEL, TotacciiLt
BUcnaoif e Hutsl, west Bids PUsa, Las Vagaa,
A Complete Stock of Imported, Key West
Mexican and Domestic
And a complete stock of Fancy Smoking; Tobaoooj
also Pipes and Walking Canes and tbe best line of
floe Chewing Tobaooo.
Other brand ot tobacco too numerous to mention, aad
will be sold at wholesale and retail at tbe lowest price. All
kind of pipe cleaued ami repaired neatly at lowaal price.
General Broker.
Land Grants, Improved Ranches, Native Cattle, Improved
Cattle, Cattle Ranges, Horses and Sheep, Real Estate Etc.
Lnd Scrip of all Kinds, Territorial and County Warrants. Gen
eral Land Office Baslc?ss. Titles Secured Under the
United States Land Laws.
lMMiw.A. O TwvJaII Wholesale and Retail
ES if Ufli, Lips s,
Bridge Street,
Las - Vegas, N.-M.
Livery and Sale Stable-
Horses boarded by the day or month. Will keep on hand all kinds of
riay, Grain and Teed. Lowest prices guaranteed. Agents for the cele
brated Mitchell Wagon. Give us a call
locomotor ataxia
im whAMmn.lBM
sciatica, ail diseases depending on vitiated
-THE- W- I. .".-.
irn ru uir-TiTiiTr WmBTJl -. .m
iihhum iui iu li tv -bw i i ur s
v" Are built in
the Larsresi
humors in tne oiooa, causing scrofula.
diseases, hunchback, acquired deformities,
decayed bones, chronic erysipelas, catarrh,
consumption of the bowel and lungs, and
also for invigorating tbe blood and system
when DroKea uown ty overworn, worry, di.
eases, excesses and indiscretion of living, re
covery from acute disease, such a fevers,
etc., joss ot vital powers, apennaiorrnosa,
early decay, premature old age. Thev act
directly on the blood, supplying to the blood
its life-giving qualities by assisting it to '
aosoro oxygen, mat great supporter or au
organic life. Pink Pills are sold by all deal
era, or will be sent post paid on receipt of '
- - - FA . , J , I.
pnue, au cenu a uux or nix twxes tor $2,011
by addressing Dr. Wil&una' Uediciat Co,
Schenectady, M, Tt.
A Pretty Kettle of Fish that the Dem
ooratio Politicians are Try
ing to Pry. ,
18th and Curtis Sts. '
For the cure of
Best and most thoroughly equipped
Keeley Institute tn the United States.
Homelike and comfortable in all its ap
pointment; An absolnta and permanent
care. Ladle treated privately. Corre
spondence confidential. :
IGYGLES. and Best
Factory In
the World.
They embody more pointi of genuine merit than any other wheels made. No other
machine stands so high In the estimation of cyclist?, because Waverley are built on
honest value lines, and purchaser receive full value for the investment. Bay a War
erly and you will never be ashamed of your mount.
J. P. Wright, Agt.
The Cash Liquor, Cigar and Tobacco Co.
Local Representative.
cover col r' nailing only, world's Dupeiuary
isunaio, w. x., ana get a
Medical A?r
free copy c
" People's Medical Adviser."
Alva M. West, of Hainesvllle, Ohio.
is sight-seeing about Santa Fe.
This paper stands ready and is quite
willing to publig, any and all open,
manly, fair, well Wended ctiticisms'of
the acts of the nresent city officials,
some of whom will be candidates for
None But Ayer' at the World' Fair.
Ayer'a Sarsaparilla enjoys the es
traordinary distinction of having been
tbe only blood purifier allowed an ex
hibit at the World's fair, Cbioago.
Manufacturers of other Sarsaparillas
sought by every means to obtain a
showing of their goods, but they were
all turned away under the application
of the rule forbidding tbe entry of
patent medicines and nostrums. The
decision of tbe World's fair authorities
fn favor of Aver's Sarsaparilla was. in
effect as follows: "Ayer's Sarsaparilla
is not a patent medicine, fx does Dot
belong to the list of nostrums. It is
here on its merits." y ....
To the Editor of the Cbtu.
East Las Veoas, N. M., March 28th,
1896. The democrats are good on
snap conventions. Four years ago
growing out of tbe conflict in New
York, between Cleveland and Hill, the
friends of tbe latter tried to take snap
... . .
judgment" against tbe ex-president
and called a "snap convention," whlob
raised a row In tbe democratic) camp
But who would have supposed that
New York . methods would be intro
duced in Las Vegas t A few days ago,
the veteran politician, Michael S. Hart,
fresh and blooming from Santa Fe,
appeared on our streets, and by some
queer coincidence, J. H. Crist, the
tbairman of the democratic Territorial
committee, and Mr. Wyllys, Judge
Laugblin's court clerk, came at the
same time.. Whether these gentle
men were bearers of secret instructions
from the governor or not your cor
respondent has not learned ; however,
a common attraction seemed to draw
tbem to a common point. A. meeting
at tne omce ot tne ex-aistriot attorney
was hastily held, at which suoh noted
looal democratic politicians as W.
O'Leary, J. W. Zollars, Redmond
MacDonagh, Col. Mike Hart, etc , etc,
were present. While tbe pow-wow
was in progress, your correspondent
observed the Veeder brothers In old
town whether from lack of interest
1 Geo. H. Hutchison & Co. :
ter at the A. O. (J. W. ball assemblage ;
but by the . time O Learv finished bU
oatecnism ot Dr. Milligan, it was evi
dent the managers expected the citi
zens to abandon their oall and put on
the democratic uniform. The members
of tbe oitizens' committee were plainly
tola tney must mutter as democrats, or
tbey couldn't be in tbe procession.
Having thus "knocked out,;' in the
second round, and completely squelch
ea tne oitizens' movement, tbe next
move on tbe board was to supersede! "D a ft 1 "Cof r4-s
tbe demooratio oity central committee, I JXUcll JUiH LtlL6a
a n .a MnarvnHa n 1 1 i .1 n n I '
9e lug luauoxaB vaiiQU at Duau UUUVV1I
Mob for Monday, the 30th, to nominate
candidates for the various oity offices,
and primaries in the various wards, to
elect delegates to this city convention
1 here is an air of hot baste in these
movements, following tbe visit of the
distinguished demooratio statesman
from Santa Fe, who manage d tbe late
demooratio defeat la tbe Territory.
wnion smaoxs strongly ot machine poi
itlos. It is the first move on the dem
ooratio checker board in San Mignel
to control tbe delegates to tbe Termor
iai oonventlon. Whether It is an anti
Childers or anti-Miller move, it is yet
too early to determine, There is prob
ably very little disinterested pMitios In
it. ' Somebody, or probably several
somebodies, Lave a political axe to
109 Sixth Street, Opposite San Miguel National Bank.
Mexican and
Sole Agent for
tbe Celebrated
Cigar. r
Be Straight;
$2.35 per box.
Sour Hash Bourboo
Urban Allan My era
Wlndom, Ean. . " '".
Santa Fe, is on a trip to SJver City
. . a i.
Took a Shot at Him.
"Edward Orr, business 'manager of
the Roswell Reqister," writes a friend
I of the Albuquerque Citizen, "came very
ue&r ueiug miieu iuv uluci cveuiuj.
Crtf 1 n Vfim RiWfi Mr. Orr was at bis office, sitting el bis
ajviuiuit i iwih sjii Hi desk reading a paper, when 'Knock: Territorial
Other , Medicines Utterly Failed
But Hood's Sarsaparilla Cured.
"Sorocr.time since, our boy then font
years old was in the hands of the family
doctor for treatment for scrofula. Be
bad been afflicted with this trouble from
birth and we had been unable to give hint
' Only Temporary Relief.
We decided to give him Hood's Saraapa-
rllla and aroi glad to say 8 bottle of
Hood's entirely cured him. Our oldest
daughter has been taking Hood's Sana
parilla for rheumatism with good results.
W have used from first to last some (10
worth ot the medicine and have received
the equivalent of several hundred dollars'
worth of doctor's treatment and good
T HeadtMeekera.
The Blake Ranch, on the head of the Rio
Bapello, Is now prepared to receive a limit
ed number of boarder. Tbl ranch I
located In tbe heart of the mountain, amid
tbe most beautiful scenery in tbe world,
wber brook trout and wild cam offer
ample diversion for the nimrod or anyone
Hit -a". V i seeaing oui-aoor sport, it I located only
rtrirl C Shrill I .11 twenty-five mile from La Vega, and
BlVUU O I-'"' V Ml VO I within eight mile of the Rio Pecos, and
only tnree mile from tbe headwater of
tbe Kio Ualllna. Address.
Address Mr. J. r. Blake, Rooiada, or In.
health to boot. We cannot speak too
nigrni? oi aooa Bareaparuia ma a mooa
purifier. It is all that is claimed for It."
U. K. MYEBS, Wlndom, Kansas.
The U. S. Gov't Reports
show Royal leaking Powder
superior to all othiru
United States Marshal E. L. Hall, of or becauso tbey were not bidden to the
least, is not Known. as several dem.
ocratio politicians are anxious to send
their party as delegates to Chicago, it
is thought that this meeting had for
its ulterior purpose, to set up a San
Miguel delegation whlob would
leave Don Felix and his follow
ers out in the cold in the
convention and secure
was beard at the front door.. :; MivOrr a representation to put the "slate can
responded, and just as be opened t!w didates" through, and to reach that
door a shot passed uncomfortably -c J end to resuscitate tbe remains of the
to his body. . He Jumped back e ' - democratic contingent in San Miguel,
be did so tbe would be assassin n ana gradually work tt over to tbe sup
beard moving away. Mr. Orr-tiMJ port of those manipulating the demo-
left bis oihce and reported the attempt crane machine
upon his life to the officers, but up to I The defunct democratic Club, which
tbe hour of mailing the Citizen this in. I disorganized and died, two year ago,
snootist baa was resurrected ana a simon-pure.
"all-wool-aod-a-yard-wide" democrat
ic meeting called at the A. O. U. W.
ball for Wednesday night, under tbe
name ot the club. What is queer about
this call is tbat It entirely ignored the
regular a em ocratio city central com
mittee! It was tbe evident purpose of
this new move to get the bulge on tbe
citizens1 meeting hold at Billy Bunker's
oitiee and to Sit down on the demo
cratio city central committee.
At tbe meeting of Wedneeday after.
noon, tbe citizens' committee appoint.
ed to oonfer with the demoorats, was
form a 1 ion no clew to tbe
been obtained
grind, andRhey are getting the politi
oal grindstone ready. Our unsopbistl
eated demooratio brethren are. it won Id
seem, to bt used to pall somebody's
political chestnuts out of the are. Our
genial friend, Gol. Mike Hart, may be
expecting to go as a delegate to Chi
cago. .
A year ago, there was a demooratio
city convention at Judge Wooster's
office. Its president was Dr. F. II
Atkins ana.ionn l. Zimmerman was
secretary. To keep up tbe regularity
ef demooratio organization,: Dr. At
kins, Col. Mike. Hart, Judge E. V.
Long, W. A. Givens and John L. Zim
merman were appointed a city dem
ooratio central committee ta serve
until April 1st, 1896. It looks as if
some of the democratic potentates were
afraid to trast this committee to call
the city ..convention. At least, the
committee is entirely ignored by the
gentlemen whe - have been moving
since tbe visit of the chairman of tbe
late demooratio defeat to this city.
This writer is not on the Inside of dem
ocratic political orders, but it looks as
if tbe governor and his friends have -at
one lick put to sleep the citizens'
movement, retired Dr.M lligan, laid
the wires to ostracise Don Felix and
given the demooratio city central com
mittee a slap in. tbe face. As the head
ot tbat committee is an M. D , be may
be able to bind np the wound.
Behold bow good it is for brethren
to dwell together tn Unity."
Jiood JM!& Ws' I TT-M
nnir for conveyances and rates ot W. K,
vrne,.o.aii mi vega. a, m
Baby" Klliott, of Rincon, wbo was
ill for several days, again gladdens
completely snubbed, but the valiant the hearts of ber playfellows by being
fellows believed, they would tilt befe, witb, tbem.
Mines, and
IJor Sale or Lease.
House and lot, next to Central Hotel
store house, on leased lou good
Dusiness property.
Ranch, 154 acres; under ditch:
good wire tense; fish tank, eight feet
aeep two roues irom Las yegas.4
Restaurant, complete fixtures ; seven
rooms,' three furnished I.oing good
uuaiuesa. .. .
Two good lots in Dallas," Texas to
trade for Las Vegas property.
Small ranch, 16 acres, under ditch.
tankr all wire fence, 4-room house,
stable, ft mile from Las Vegas a bar
Ranch, 300 aores, 195 cultivated,
105 pasture, good orchard, 4-wire
cedar post fence, river waterV large 6
room bouse, furnished ; one "half cash,
one half notes or trade; mile from
depot. . ' i." : , ,, . - - ...
All letters of enquiry promptly an
swered. Uffioe, New Optio hotel.
Geo. H. Hutchison & Co.
The world's famous Pabst
Keg Beer is now on tap at the
. following; places, at 5c per glass :
Goods called for
nd delivered., ,
ran oal.
....... fi.oo
. ' , 2.25
" ' 3.50
Samples ONLY 5c, K-Fts.l5c,Fts.25o Q s.50c
Finer Whiskies.
"Carlisle", Sole Agent 4.00
U. S. Club 4.00
John Hannine.. 4.00,
Samples lOo, Half Pts. 25c, Ft. 50c, Qta. 1.
Finkst Whiskies.
Belle of Anderson $4.25
Cream Rye ....... 4.75
Guckenhelmer 5.60
MoBrayer, Oscar Pepper and Yellowstone
a ai in w T T r "TV d A I
Half- pints 35c, Pints 65c, Quarts, $1.25.
. California and Native Wine from 25o per Bottle, and $1 per Gallon, np.
ay Bear entrance from Lincoln Ave., between Optio Offlce and Boienthal Brcw.i
p. 8 "Pre the Button, We'll do the rest."
Corner Center Street and Railroad Avenue.
Fine Wises! CHoicest Lipors! Best Ciiars
Your Patronage Solicited.
Elegant Club Room and Short Or-
aer .uuncn counter
YraabH,iihslxent 1 ?jOHCBBB AND MRBCTORS.
oW.rti&tt2" JohnBha k, President.
aSinbrK K. Ii. M. Ross, Vic-President.
' . . aj. js. wrnr, oea-y ana irea.
V. H Jam -son. Manager. .
It. G. Jameson.
oi samples, and rules for self-
measurement, of our juttW fa-
1, fw.w 1
nous S3 Dante t Suite.
Overcoats, $10.25, and up. Cut
to order. Ageots wanted evcry-
New Plymouth Rock Co.
O Oolilott,
Job Work and Repairing, Honse Mov
in? and Raising a Specialty .
SHOP COB. NINTH AM) WTBBOCIAB ! 5n at reasonable rates.
Las .Tien 'Ittwni M
" " Cor. kantanarei and &ltnold Ares.
East Las Vegaf N. M. "
Electric D. or Bells, Burglar
Alarms and Private Telephones put
It 1 wanted for
(or people who wish to
their HOMES. I
rilled with Brtarh! Idea. I
rtractlcal.corrimon sense
a Designs A Plans; Ar-
rangement of Grounds;.
Decorating, Furnishing-,
cic, etc
Send IS centa for a copy
and learn how to get the
American Homes
Pub. Co.l
-1 .Ma I
v u 4
A Subs.ription
to the i
to subscribers to the
Who, in the next thirty days,.
pay us one year' t-ubscriptiort
In advance,

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