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tin Vcsas, New Mexico,
m MIGUEL ran,
IKztracti from our Exchanges.
The Post wngoa was la Qallup with
vcgeiames. , .
Mrs Mix Luna, of Los Lunas.j lned
ner husband, Sheriff Luna, at Albu-
q ieiq le.
I B. Dalies and Cbas. lluiuken, two
you ig gentleman of UjIuq, weru la Al
buquerque, j .
Mrs J. L. Hodgson left Raton for
iort Madison, Ijwa, where her husband
is qjite III.
Dr, CI. R. Enaledow returned to Ri
ton lust week from a professional visit
. 10 i;a'4iuu.' ...
Mrs. Heady, wife of the well-known
conductor, bus returned to Albuquer.
que uom a const trip. .
, ' Rev. A. A. IIjde will conduct relig.
lous f ervioes at Central, Grant oounty,
next fliouuay evening1.
Y ork has commenced on the Smith
Uros.' new business block, oorner First
btreet and Cook avenue, Raton.
d. i . jjidk is spoeen oi Dy a nuni
ber of the leading democrats as a can
Ui Jate for drain county collector.
A. (it Shaw, (ho timber superintend
rnt of the Maxwell land grant com
, pany, Vas in Raton from Catskill.
James A. Harlan has men at woik
on bis gold properties, at Carlisle. The
inir.es are showing up in good shape.
Mrs.s A. McClain, of Lake Valley,
who had been visiting the family oi
n imam gunton,at kilooii, left there.
There was a meeting of tho guild of
me episcopal churcb, yesterday, at the
residence of Mrs. 11. J. Fiilen, Santa Fe
Rev, J. M. Coudert, the parish priest
oi uerrjiMiiio, is in Albuqneiq-ie, and
lias bis name on the Han Felipe regis
tcr. J'; i -
Collector Laird received $8 94 from
the Territorial treasurer as Grant coun
ly's portion of the Pullman palace car
lax. f
II. H. Bickford, wile and son, of
Denver, are at the San Felipe, Albu
quo que. Tbey will remain a few
One. of the pay patients at the ladies'
hospital at Silver City is W. F. Claik,
who has been been quite ill for over a
week.i vj ' ; '
-AKD A- ; -
By the Persistent U 6f
Aycrt Sarsaparilla
"I was troubled for years'with a
sore on my knee, which -several
physicians, who treated me, called a
cancer, assuring roe that nothing
coma be done to save my life. As
a last resort, I was induced to try
Ayer's Sarsaparilla, and, after tak.
lug a number of bottles, the sore
It not only li so, it must ba so, One
Mlnnte Cough Cure aoti quickly, and
that's what makes It go. Winters
Drug Co.
Tho tine bouse of Mr. Densmore at
Gal'up id nearlng completion.
Do you lack faith and love health f
Let us establish your faith and restore
your health with De Witt' Sarsapar
illa. winters uruz uo.
Dr. Cross, of the summit coal com
pany, it ezpeoted in Gallup at an early
ins mm
Scott s
Us Vegas, the Chief City
of New Mexlco5ome
of Her Resources,
Attractions and
Pes Y
, -v -.v
began to disappear and mv ereneral
neaitn improve. I persisted in this
treatment, until the sore was en-
wreiy ueaieu. since men. I uso
Ayer's Sarsaparilla occasionally as
a tonic and blood-purifier. and in.
deed, it seems as though I could not
Keep house without it." Mrs. S. A.
Fields, Bloomfleld, la.
Tho Only World's Fair Sarsaparilla.
Ayer's Pills Regulate the Liver."
Las Vioas, meaning "The Meadows,"
U the county seat of San Miguel county,
lies on both sides of the Oalllnai river,
and, with Its suburbs, hat about 10,000
It ba water works, (treet ears, arc and
incandescent electric light plant, telephone
exchanges, Territorial agricultural expert
ment station, headquarters of the Atcbi
son railway system, New Mexico dlvUion.
together with railroad machine shops and
tie-preserving works, stock yards, and the
largest sheep. sbearlDg and dipping plant
In the United (States.
. West of the river, the old town has tho
quaint and picturesque Mexican appear
ance adobe bouses, narrow, crooked
streets, native people and customs, baud!
crafts and occupation!; but the plsza and
One Minute Cough Cure touches the I all of the new town, eaBt of the river, con
right spot. It also touches it at the Istitute a distinctive American olty. .The
right time if you take it when you have I streets are wide and well graded, while
a cough or cold. See the point P Then I sidewalks abound, shaded with growing
"Give me a liver regulator and lean
regulate the world," said a genius. Tbe
'druggist handed him a bottle of De-
Witt's Kittle Early Risers, tbe famous
little pills.
Those wedding bells will soon ring I
out about tbe 12th of next month-
down at Gallup. .
A high liver with a torpid liver will
not be a long liver. Correct the liver
with De Witt's Little Early Risers, lit
tle pills that cure dyspepsia and con
stipation. Winters Drug Co.
T. J. MoCornuck left. Gallup in
search of a new position.
of Cod-liver Oil and Hy-
pophosphites supplies tbe
blood with the material the
bones and tissues need in
an exhausted and wasted
body that no other food
will supply. It is, first of
all, a tissue builder. .
i joc and Si.ooat all CtiugicUts.-
94 sF
Tho Goings blutkimiih and wheel.
wrlgbt shop was put up at suction at
Gallup. Few bidders appeared and
the outfit was bid in by W. F. Ruchen-
oecker. :
don't cough. Winters Drug Co.
Eaton & Fringle, of Gallup, secured
tha contract for tbe new house at Gib-
Rich O.dham returned to Raton
from a few days' visit to Cripple
Creek, Colorado, the booming mining
Prof. A. N. White, of Greenville,
Tenn., is visiting his uncle, P, B. Lady,
at Silver Ci!y. lie expects to locate
Miss Mary Stephenson, of Las
Vegas, an always welcome visitor to
lUion, rpent a por.ion of last week
there. , ; :
At Lone Mcuntain, last evening,
services were held by Rev. Edward S.
Cross, of tbe Episcopal church of Sil
ver City. b
Dr. G. W. Harrison left Albuquer.
que for Cripple Creek', where ho has
mining interests. He will return on
Sunday. :
John II. Riley, who had been in Rin-
Con seversl days, closing: up his busi-
m S3 interests, left tor ins borne in
Hobos continue to drop into Silver
City, but tbey are properly taken in by
Marshal Kiiburn and put to woik on
the streets. .
Jas. S. Fielder has moved into tbe
house opposite Dick Grabe's, recently
vacated by S. A. Alexander,', down at
Silver City.
Dad" Bonsall wa9 in Rincon, from
tbe San Djrgos. A two foot vein has
been uncovered in the gold strike, re
cently made. ;
I-. is rumored at Albuquerque that
Mijr Kim j ill, sta'.ijae.l at Firl Win.
gate, will soon bs transferred to an
eastern post.;;. -.. i,y j x -"
Frank Lallemont, manager of the
Palinill.i roller mill, was in Silver City
from Rincon on business, a day or two
the past week.; ... - (
J. h is sold out hU roadhouse
station at Dry Creek, Grant county, to
Pa Mender, and will remove to Texas
in a few days.
Chas. Zeiger left Albuquerque, 'by
teem, for Helen, where he will be joined
by Ed. Dold and go out to the Ladrone
mining distuct.
Jack Green's barn, in the rear of bis
house, at Rintonrcaugbt fire In some
Unknown way, and was destroyed.
L -ss ab..ut $100' '
- Superintendent Hurley and Bridge
Inspector Harlan went, over thn road,
below RiLCor. "makluir ; the annual
bstdge inspection.
Joe 'S. Eige, the successful Coohiti
miser, wbo sold out in tbe niche of
timer- realizing handsomely, is in Albu
ii'ierq'ie, on business.
Tbeie is talk of organizing a bicyole
clubMn Silver City. The project IS a
good cce, and should meet with favor
timong local wheelmen.-
J.tT. McLaughlin, tbe San Pedro
mine operator, who was out west on
minintr matters, returned " to Cerrllios
yisterday morning.
Mrs. Gillaiu, who has been visiting
her dauchter, the wife of Rv. Young,
nf tbe Baptist cbnrcb, left Albuquerque
lot her homo in Illinois.
Judge Ddnham and R. II. Greenleaf
were the .volunteer workers who so
neatly decorated - the republican eon
mention hall at Albuquerq'aa. ' '
W. E. Blanchard, of White OAs,
Y"s been is and around Lincoln, for
several-days past, assessing and doing
eomo work in the line of surveying.
F. RidderstoIiSo arrived in ' Rincon,
from Sweden, and went up to Loma
Paida, where he will -visit some time
with Axel Westerbere and Mr. Lund-
J. h J. well, one of Kansas City's
hricht voung men, who spent several
unn i tm in Raton and niadi a host of
frifiids' during his visit, left thit place
tor his borne. ,
fiwrt G lbert, of Silver City, is mak
ing very sitisfictory progress at the
United States military academy at
West Poi-jt. He is well toward tbe
head of bis class.
A letter from Miss Jennie Lesnet. to
her mother, at Lincoln,, states that she
is getting along nicely with tbe duties
of ber new position, in District Clerk
George Curiy's office, at Roswell. , :
Your Boy Wont Live a Month.
So Mr. Gilman Brown, of 84 Mil) St..
South Gardner, Mass., was told bv tbe
doctors, ills son had Lung '.rouble,
following Typhoid Malaria, and he
.'pent three hundred and seventy-five
dollars with doctors, who finally gave
him up, saving: "Your boy wont live
a month." lie tried Dr. King's New
Disoovery and a few bottles restored
him to health and enabled him to go to
woik a perfectly well man. He says he
owes his present good health to use of
Ur. King's New Discovery, and knows
it to be tbe best in the world for Loner
trouble. Free trial bottles at
Murphey-Van Petten Drug Co's.
drug stores, Las Vegas and East
Las Vegas, at wholesale bv Browne
Manzanares Co. Regular size, fifty
cents ana jti. ;
Col. John Brady, of the "Iceberg,"
Albuquerque, is entertaining J. Blair
Gilmore,. a wealthy son of '-Old Kain
tuck," wbo makes Albuquerque his
headquarters, but is at present located
on the Pecos.
Andrew Smith, superintendent of
telegraphy, Atlantio & Pacific, and sec
retary of the territorial fair, returned
to his duties at Albuquerque, after a
trip over the road.
w '
Free Pills.
Send your address to H. E. Bucklen
& Co., Cbicaro, and get a free sample
box of Dr. King's New Life Pills. A
trial will convince you of their merits.
These pills are easy in a:tion and are
particularly effective in - tbe core of
Constipation and Sick Headache. For
Malaria and Liver troubles tbey nave
been proved invaluable.' Tbey are
guaranteed to be pe.fectly free from
every deleterious substance and to be
purely vegetable. They do not weaken
by their action, but by giving tone to
stomach and bowels greatly invigorate
tbe system. Regular size 25c per box.
Sold by Murphey-Van Petten Drug
Co's. Las Vegas and East Las Vegas,
and at wholesale by the Browne &
Manzanarcs Co. '
J. J. Sheridan has taken possession
of the Mitchell house, Silver City, whioh
ha recently purchased.
Prof. Perez is arranging to give a
ball, over at Santa Fe, at the close of
lent, the proceeds to go toward sup
plying the plaza band with new music.
Almost O
,ID YOU EVER suffer from real ner
vousness? When every nerve seemed
to quiver with a peculiar, creepy
feeling, first In one place, and then another
and all seemed finally to concentrate in a
writhing jumble In the brain,, and you be
como irritable, fretful and peevish: to be
followed by an impotent, weakened condi
tion of the nerve centers, ringing in the
ears, and sleepless, miserable nlghtf
"Mrs. Eugene Bearles,
110 Blmonton St.. Elk
hart, Ind., aays: "Ner
vous troubles had made
me nearly iusane and
phyaiclana were unable
to help me. My memory
was almost gone ana every utue uuog
worried dm until I was almost distracted.
I really feared I was becoming a maniac. I
Imagined all sorts of evil things and would
cry over nothing. I commenced taking Dr.
Miles' Bestoratlve Nervine and four bottles
of this wonderful remedy completely cured
me, and I am as well now as I ever wan."
Dr. Miles' Nervine is seld on fueraatee.
fr bole WJ penen j p money refunded,
Dr. Miles'
Don't invite disappointment by ex
perimenting. , Depend upon One Min
ute Cough Cure and you have imuiedi
tie relief. It cures croup. The only
harmless remedy that produces lame
diate results.
The wool season has Just begun
among tbe Navajos and Gallup mer.
chants are thankful.
Quick in effect, heals and leaves no
sear. Burning, scaly skin eruptions
qwckly cured by DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve. Applied to burns, scalds, old
sores, it is magical in effect. Always
cures piles. Winters Drug Co. -
A light form of la grippe is preva
lent, and has caused much complaint
during the week at Uallup.
Soothing, healing, cleansing', De-
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve is tbe enemy
to sorps, wounds and piles, which it
never fails to cure. . Stops itching and
burning. Cures chapped lips and
cold sores in two or three hours.
Winters drug store.
Allan McCord and Quartermaster
Sergeant Levinsohn weie ic Gallup
from tort Wlngate, luesday. ,
J. W. Pierce, Republic, Iowa, says:
"1 have used One Minute Cough Cure
in my family and for myself, with re
sults so entirely satisfactory that I can
hardly find words to express myself as
to its merit.- I will never fail to reo-
ommend it to others, on every occa
sion that presents itself." - Winters
drug store. .
Robert Nichols left Gallup for the
Alaska gold fields, vi San Francisco.
trees. Three parks, filled with grass and
trees, add to tbe beauty and healtbfulness
of the place. Handsome and well-filled
stores, beautiful residences and Innumera
ble lawns, set in grass and adorned with
shrubbery and flowers, combine to. pro
claim a cultured community, possessed of
all modern comforts and conveniences,
A city hall, three publlo school buildings,
court-house, Masonic temple, opera house.
Territorial Normal school and Territorial
Insane asylum are publlo buildings, con
struoted of red and white out sandstone,
unsurpassed in beauty by similar edifices
in any town, of equal sise, In tbe States,
An Academy, Seminary, Jesuit college,
Convent . school, Presbyterian Mission
school, Methodist manual training sehool,
Christian Brothels'- institute, City high
school, three graded publlo schools, a kin,
dergarten, a commercial school and two
music schools, besidea several private teach
ers, are among tbe educational advantages
and facilities.
Las Vegas is the' natural sanatorium of
the United States, combining more nat
ural advantages than any other place in
America. Her thermal waters are the
equal; of tbe Hot Springs of Arkansas,
while ber climate is lnnnltelv superior.
There is no malaria, no excessive heat br
cold, no gnat?, rats or mosquitoes. The
air is pure, dry, rarlned, and highly elec
trifled a certain cure for consumption. If
tbe disease be taken in time. The hot
waters are a speclflo for liver, skin, rbeu
matte and blood disorders. Her Mpntezu
ma hotel is the nnest hostelry between
Chicago and California, and is situated In
a beautiful canyon, five miles from town,
where tbe Hot Springs, forty in number.
come Dolling to in sunace.-. . ; - , . ,
The latitude is about tbe same as that M
central Tennessee, while the altitude is
nearlv 6 500 feet. This combination gives
peculiar, nut most nappy, result. In tbe
winter, during tbe day, the thermometer
seldom faJ's, in the shade, below forty de
greef, while it often runs, in tbe sunshine,
to sixty-nve degrees or even more. Un
tbe other band, in the summer, the heat is
never oppressive, m tbe shade, and no
night is too warm for comfortable sleep,
under one or two blankets. Tbe sun wUJ
shine nine days out of every ten, tbe year
round. This, witn tne extreme dryness or
tbe air. caused by the very slight preclpi.
tation of moisture; tbe resinous aroms,
Be sure to get Simmons Liver Regu
lator for your Spring Medieine. It is
tbe old reliable that did the old folks
so much good. Don't let anyone per
suade you to take anything else instead,
xou can always tell Simmons Liver
Regulator by the red Z on the pack.
age. Don't forget the word Regulator
Simmons Liver Regulator better
tban anything else, and sure to do yon
J Rev. Mr. Gladney left Gallup for his
home at San Maroial. He had been
preaching there for Mr. Adams for the
past three weeks.
Success is the reward of merit,"
not of assumption. Popular appre
ciation is what tells in the long ran.
For fifty years, people have been using
Ayer's Sarsaparilla, and to-day it is
the blood-purifier most in favor with
the publlo, Ayer's Sarsaparilla cures.
Mrs. C. S. Smith, of Gallup, was
taken very seriously ill with a throat
affection. . Dr. Hioch was called in,
and she is improving slowly.
All last winter Mr. Geo. A. Mills, of
Lebanon, Conn., was badly afflicted
with rheumatism. At times it was so
severe that be could not stand up
straight, but was drawn over on one
side. "I tried different remedies with
out receiving relief," he says, "until
about six months ago I bought a bottle
of Chamberlain's Pain Balm. After
using it for three days my rheumatism
was gone and has not returned since."
For sale by K. D. Goodall, Depot
Drug store.
is Simmons liver regulator. Don't
jorget to take It. Now is the time you
need It most to wake up your Liver. A
sluggish Liver brings on Malaria, Fever
and Ague, Rheumatism, and many other
ins which snarter uie constitution and
wreck health. Don't forget the word
KcGULATOR you want. 1 he word REG
ULATOR distinguishes it from ail other
remedies. Ana, besides this, SIMMONS
LIVER REGULATOR is a Regulator of the
i iver, keeps it properly at work, that your
sysiciu inn ic Kepi ill goou conuliion.
LIVE. REGULATOR, it s the best blood
purifier and corrector. Try It and note
the difference. Look for the RED Z
on every package. lou wont, find it on
any other medicine, and there, is no other
Liver remedy like SIMMONS LIVER
KEGULATOR the Klngof Liver Remedies.
lie sure you get it. ;,
J. II. Zellin & Co., Philadelphia, Pa,
, i. ..... n ,
Barbar Vhops,
B. If. ULAUVELT, . , . , v. ,,.
Tonsorlal Parlors,
Osatar Street.
Bon-ton, 8t. Louis, Long Branch, round
senator, and ronna, square and box pom-
pauour a specialty.
-", ii".wujr usveiar nitetln
Center Btreet,
O. L. Gregory, Prop.
Only skilled workmen emnlovod. Hot
ana coia out lis in ooanectlon.
I. o. o. r.
JUMonaar evening at their
street. All viam .... i
Invited tokttind. ' " m" cu'"
r. w. rL.c,s.c.w-E-CR""'1,-G'
.. Dr. C. O. Harrison, dentist, of AlLu
querque, who has been at Fort Win
gate for tbe past week, will be in Gal
lup, next week. -
MissNella Stnker left Gallup for
Placerville, Cal., where she will make
an extended visit.
The base of Ayer's Hair Vigor is a
refined and delica'e fluid, which does
not sou or become rancid by exposure
to the air, and which is as perfect a
substitute for tbe oil supplied by na.
ture in youth and health, as modern
chemistry can produce..
The breaking up of tbe winter is a
signal for the breaking up of the sys
tem. Nature is opening up the pores
iinrl thrnwino- iiff rpfntaa. ' Da VVItt'a
rolling down from tbe pine-clad moun-1 Sarsaparilla is of unquestionable assis
tains; the large amount of eleotrletty in tance in this operation. Winters Druz
Peach trees are in full bloom at Sil
ver City. ...
Tired Women
Need to have tbe action of the kidneys
stimulated and the system' toned up
Parks' Sure Cure is the best remedy to
accomplish this. Many a woman finds
that she Is tired out by work which
ought not to tire her at all. She fears
that her system is broken down, and
she is a hopeless invalid, when a few
doses of Parks' Sure Cure would make
ber look at life from a different point
of view. Don't delay. Every bottle
Is guaranteed. Sold by O G.Sohaefer.
Silver City election occurs on Mon
day, April Otb. V
My lady l.wks into the mirror
And her face It glows with dPllehfc,
As she sees the vast Improvement
Since she used I'aiks' Tea each night.
She Is never tired or weary,
Her Ills end her rains have fled ;
Since sbe drank of Parks' Tea each evening,
A cup full on going to bed. ; . .
Sold ov O. G. Schaefer. ,
There Is considerable pet'y thieving
going on around Silver City.
. Sbiloh's Cur? is sold on a guaran
tee. It cures incipient consumption.
It is the best cough cure. Only one
cent a dose. 25 cts., 60 ots., $1. Sold
by Winters Drug Co.
Hon. Acheson McClintock received
a new buggy down at Rincon.
Earl's Clover Root will purify your
Blood, clear your Complexion, regn.
late your Bowels and make your head
clear as a'bell. 25c, 6Uo., and $1.
Sold by Winters Drug Co. f
i i m m , '
Mrs. J,' A. Harlan paid a short "visit
to Silver City, from Uinoon.
Park' Tea clears the', complexion
Sold by O. G. Schaefer. . . i ,
0 , . . mm
Colonel Motbersill, of Engle, visited
Catarrh cured, health and sweet
breath secured, by Sbiloh's Catarrh
Remedy. - Price 60 cents. ' Nasal in
jeotor free. Sold by Winters Drug Co.
SUHBouleN. ( C I U ) j Zit H.
Onecontadose. "i ' " ' '
if sold, on Eim.rBTjte by all dma)
t -mires ucupiim yonsumpM04
is h W Psn mi Croup ip'onsi
Mi byTf inter Pruj Co
the air. and tbe consequent ozone.' result
ing from tbealtitude ; and tbe location of the
town, land-locked by mountain and mesa
these all conspire to produce an atmoa
phere which is a balm to all diseases of tbe
respiratory organs. The percentage of
death from consumption is lower in New
Mexico than it is anywhere else In tbe
United States; and no other place In New
Mexico excels Lias Vegas in tne salubrity
of its climate, Asthmatics experience
immediate and permanent relief, In this
In tbe way of health and pleasure re
sortr, Las Vegas is unilvaled. In a radios
ot twenty miles,' in romantic mountain
glens and beside babbling mountain brooks,
are the Las Vegas Hot Springs, Harvey's,
El Forvenir, Sandoval's Mineral Hill, Ro
mero Ranch. Ulake's, sparks', Hapello,
Roclada, and other places, too numerous
to mention, where health can be recovered.
and life bcomes a pleasure to the ennnye,
tbe invalid, tbe over-worked Dusineas man.
Las vegas has two oauy and ova weekly
papers, three banks, two building and loan
associations, three hotels, many boarding
bouses, nine onurcoes, a numoer oi ciuos,
and all the leadina civic and social socie
ties; a roller flour mill, capacity, fifty bar
rels per day ; two wooi-scouring estaousn-.
meots, cleaning 1,500,000 pounds of wool
annually; a well-equipped brewery and
bottling estaDitsnmeut; a manufactory or
mineral and carbonated waters ; two wag-
on and carriage factories; a saddle and
harness faotory; - a - lounniy. - eieo-
trio light plant, three planing mills,
and other enterprises of less importance.
There are elgbt large wnoiesaie nouses.
whose trade extends throughout tbe Ter
ritory, and into tbe adjoining sections;
while tne volume oi mis trade, ana ine
value of tbe stocks which tbey carry, can
not be duplicated west of Kansas City and
south of Denver. Three merchants' brok
ers have selected the city as their distrib
uting center, tbe amount of tbelr yearly
sales exceeding, in tbe aggregate, tbe com
bined sales ot all other such brokers id
New Mexico. Tbe retail merchants, of
Las Vegas, are more numerous, and oarry
larger and better stocks of goods than do
tbe.retail merchants of any other town in
this Territory or Arizona. v
LAs Via as is tne aistriDuting point ror
nearly all New Mexloo. By tbe Atchison
Mr. Barton, of tbe Barton Bros.'
shoe company of Kansas Citj, made a
business call on Gallup merchants,
Simon S. Ilartman,' of Tunnelton,
West Va , has been subject to attacks
of col io about once a year, and would
have to call a doc'or and taen suffer
for . about twelve hours an mujh as
some do when tbey die. He was tak
en recently just tbe same as at other
times, and concluded to try Chamber
lain's Colic, Chi.lera and Diarrhoea
Remedy. He'says: "I took one dose
of it and it gave me relief in fire min
utes. That Is mort tban any thing
else has ever done tor me." For sale
by K. D Goodall, Depot Drug Store.
Buckingham's Dye, for tbe whis
kers, can be applied when at borne,
and is uniformly successful in coloring
a brown or black. Hence its great
Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment
Is uncmialled for Eczema. Tetter, Salt-
Rheum, Scald Head, Sore Nipples, Chapped
Hands, Itching Piles, Burns, Frost Bites,
Chronic Sore Eyes and Granulated Eye Lids.
For sale by druggists at 25 cents per box.
For putting a horse in a fine henlth'y con
dition try Dr. Cady's Condition Powders.
They tone lip the system, ; id digestion, cure
loss of appetite, relieve constipation, correct
kidney disorders and destroy worms, giving
new life to an old or over-worked horse. 25
cents per package. For sale by druggists.
Mr. Costillo, tbe new head clerk of
the dry goods department of the Cres
cent ooal company's store, arrived in
Gallup, from Los Angeles, and took
obarge. '
Piles, Plies tmea. .
sure onre for Blind, ' Bleed
and Itohing Piles. Dr. Kirk'f
German Pile Ointment has enred the
worst cases of ten years' standing by
three or four . applications. . No one
need suffer ten minutes after using
Dr. Kirk's German Pile Ointment
Onr agent, Mr. Goodall, will warrant
every box. Price 11.00. Sold at
Depot drag store Las Vegas
Blxth street and Grand avsnns
A. O. 17. W.
TiH?I.0?5LOP,,CHo-. meets Bras and
Dry HooSs.
1.0 BOMKBO, .
M. Bomero, Manager,
Booth Bid Plasa
County Surveyor.
Office, room 1, City Hall.
Physicians and Burgeons.
rnoBNHn.r.. &r xr
K. Of F.
venlni. vufti. mlT"
always waloom.. " u,UBr
L. J. Marcs. K. 0b? , 0. O.
DSH!t vPt,K ?- ' Rthbon. Sis
, 2.r of ew Mexico, meets first and
inira iuesaay evening of eacb month at s
visiElnir it... " . .
- v.-. ui mm uruer
Mas. M. It
at. d.
M. 0111.4 0.
M. K, b.
Las Ve
is, N,
i p.m.
U. Office hours:
,7 to 8 p. m.
u to
aiaiooeur nuumng, np stairs.
JL a.m..
a ouuamg.east side or piasa, Las veras.
m. isa-siu
block, S.'zth street,
M 1L III J 111UU
East Las Vegas, K. M
B. A. riNKB,
n. sant a re. n. m. le. o. box r.i Prac
tices In the sopreme court and all district
courts or the Territory. Special attention
given to Spanish ami Mexican atrant titles
sua muuuKuraKasion.
A. W. A. M.
hSjf S11 JudS . meets first and
ihL'iJi10?' 'nlngs ot eacb month.ln
rrtonn.7.7. ' "," are -
wn au vativua
Lai Vim RawaI A Mh m,..t..
BeKular convoratlnn. nrmt.
KSlVJii VUIMn companions fraternally
myited. j. 6. ouu. k. u. d
;L. a. norstxiBTiB, Sec
Las Veiras Oommandnrv. Wn.
communication, second Tuesday each
month visitinV Knib ?,T.t. Irr.
im". G. A. BOTBQKB K.1.
a. HomaisTaa. Bee.
thMCl&atttn- Keulr 'coivwatioS
iri .i J?J??day ,of eacl1 "onth. Sanctuary In
Ma.so?'9.temPlB- Gxo. X. Gould.
O. 4.UOTUUBB, T.I. it
Masons vlaltlno- th m ... n,,..
vlted to attend tEeso bodler ,v . ' "
Kutera Star
Tf e1" oommnnloatlons second and fourth
long ft roan
man's block, Bast Las Veana, N. M.
bubs unis bowmkb, Worthy Matron.
A. F. IIknkoict. Worthy Patron. '
MiR8,.1f.JMA BaiiaDiot. Treasurer.
All VlaltlnirllrnthAi-flan .1..
invited. MV.:MlrMoBlTsec7Bt
d Grunsfeld, representing the Equi
table life assurance society, arrived in
Albuquerque from a trip over tbe At.
lantio & Pacific.
J. S. Mobler and Joe Karrick, of
Gallup, spent pirt of tbo week in Al
ROYAL Baking Powder.
Highest of alt la leavening
Strength V.fi. Oovernmcnt Report
Pedro Serna returned to Rinoon
from a business trip to Albuquerque. -
Not to ba Trifled With. '
From the Cincinnati QaSette,
Will people never learn that a "cold"
is ah accident to be dreaded, and that
when it occurs treatment should be
promptly applied I There is no knowing
where tbe trouble will end; and while
complete recovery is tbe rule, the ex
ceptions are terribly frequent,and thous
ands upon thousands of fatal illnesses
system, she has connection with Kansas occur every year ushered in by a littl
injudicious exposure and - seeajingly
Buckled' Arnica Salve.
The best salve in the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, . cbapped . bands, chill
blains, corns and all skin eruptions,
and positively cures piles, or no pay
required. It is guaranteed to gire per.
feot satisfaction or money refunded.
Prioe 25 oents per box. For sale by
Murphey-Van Petten Drug Co., Las
Vegas and East Las Vegas; At whole,
tale by Browne & Manzanares Co.
Rumor has it tbat Linooln county is
to have another newspaper. . God help
the poor devil who attempts to publish
it, says the Linooln News.-
Sola Dy O. G. 8CHAEFER.
na the east. Colorado on the north. Arlso
... i -1 : ..1- HM .U. I
anj Old Mexico on tbe south. Besides I trifling' symptoms. Beyond this there
these, sbe has more stage lines, connecting are to-day countless invalids who can
her with tributary territory, than has any traoe tbeir complaints to colds,1
includes tbe entire section 'east and south wnloh at the Unie oI occurrence gate
of the mountains, and comprises the conn- l.no concern, and were therefore neg
ties of Colfax, Mora, Taos, Ban Miguel, leoted. When troubled with. a fiold ose
Baota e, Booorro, iiona Ana, urant Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It is
Valannt'a and Bernalillo a OOUntrv larirer prompt and effectual. 60 03Ut bottles
than all New England. This takes In the for sale by E. D. Goodall, Depot Drug
ramous v aiiey oime am uranae, ana me i ytore.t .
.m r.mnnr mil nns ia ixm inc. vbiiht-i
ot the Fecoff the finest fruit sections of
tbe west.
Th s TSrritorv is rtcn in svervtning mat
f constitutes tbe Wealth of Natl ins. Iron,
coal, lead, silver, goia, mioa,' limestone,
sandstone, marbles, gypsumk BOdsf in end
ess . variety and exbauttlesa quantities,
are among the several products of the
country -which . Las Vegas . commands.
Dbeap, came ana lumuer aoouaa, so mat
In each of these prime articles of commerce
this city Is tbe best market la New Mexico.
SLe haudles more wool than all the other
towns io the Territory combined, wbile
ber commerce in bides is truly enormous.
In the same way, sbe stands pre-eminent
for her. trsae in grains, hay, vegetables,
and other farm products; while her trade
In ice, gathered in tbe neighboring moun
tain canyons, extends east ioto Kansas,
west iato Arizona, and south into Old
Claim Agent.
Indian Depreciation Claims a
: ;; , Specialty.
III.; Bar
At. Thnmnaoa A I aw.
are associated with me la oases before b
Oourt ot Claims
Isaac tt. Hitt jo , Ajnicago, in., uur-
v, naaniagcuu, v. v..
Martin & Howard,
: Contractors & Bsilerx. k
Plant and specifications furnished
(rea to patrons, B'aop nest doer to
BoTightQn'i Iar4wwe Store
'.- Link...
.. To your chain of health,
happ'neM and content
'. me nt may be a ., ... ...
, Bot Air, Hot 1 Water, and
Steam Heating. Tin Hoofing,
Perfection Steel Roofing. Tin
and Copper Ware, Sbeep Dip
Tanks, Smoke Stacks,and Heavy
Sheet-Iron Work a. Specialty.
Pumps, Hydrants, Bath Tubs,
Range Boilers, Wash Basins,
Sinks, Brass Goods, and Pipe
kept ID Stock. ; ' ;
The purchase of -
Will complete the cbala.
i 'r
Repairs furnished' for all makes of stoves
Charter Oak Stoves and Ranges.
General Repairing, Railroad Avenue,
.......,,...,..! , " ast of nter fit
Thomas B. Cation.... Delegate to Conarress
urtanmter." 1320 to 1330 Seventeenth Street.
Thos. Smith Chief Justice once I,
Three Blocks from Union Depot,
Thos. Smith Chief Justice
O. oollier, )
B Hamilton, I , ..,,,...
B. LauglUln, f Assodatet
D. Bants. J
Felix Martlnes.. .Clerk 4tb Judicial District
Charles F. Kasley Surveyor-Genera)
Charles M. Sbannon United States Collector
J B. H.Hemlngway.D. 8. District Attorney
Edward L. HaU U. 8. Marshal
W. U. Loomls Deputy U. 8. Marshal
J. W. FlemlnK . V. 8. Coal Mine Innr-for
James H. Walker, Santa Fe.Beg. Land office
Pedro DelKado.Santa Fe. . . .Bee. Land Office
JobnO. Bryan, Las Cruces, Keg. Land Office
Jas. F. Aecarate.Las Cruces, Rec. LandOfMce
uicnara xoung.Kosweu.. ..tieg.Lana Office
W. H. Cosurove. Koswell...K3c. Land Omca
Jobn C. Black . Clayton Beg. Land Office
Josephs. Uolland.Clayton.Rec. Land Office
P. Victory , Solicitor-General
H. Orlst, Dist. Attorney Santa Fe
B. L. Young Las Cruces
Thos. J. wnicerson " Albuquerque
Silver Cltr
. Las Vegas
..Clerk Supreme Court
pi. renltentlarv
II. Harlle
U. Dougherty
Geo. McOurmlrH
A. A. Jones
John Franlrlln
jose segura ,
W. H. Wyllys
B. H. Berinnann..... Bunt
Geo. W. Knaebel.'..- ..Adjutant General
tiamnel Kldodt...., Treasurer
Marceimo uarcia Auditor
Amado Chaves Supt. public Instruction
at. a. aa.ri uoai uu xnspectci
E. V. Long President
Lorenio Lopes Vice-President
Carl W. Wlidenstetn sec'y and Treas.
Benlgno Bomero
Frank 3. crosfon
Dr. J. Marron., Medical superintendent
Geo. W. Ward ..Steward
Mrs. Oamella dinger ..MatroD
.Joseph B. Keed. of Iowa, Chief Justice.
ASBOC1A.TB JC8TIOB8 Wilbur F. Stone, of
Oolorado: Thomas O. Fuller. - of North
Carolina; William M. Murray, of Tennes.
see; Henry O. Blues, ot Kansas.
jnaicaew u. jtvyuuius, ui uisiuun, u. o.
W.H.Jack........ chairman, Sliver City
M.N.chaffln. . . .first dlstriCt.Kast Las Vegas
M.S.Otero f :Ton(l district, Albuquerque
B.G Hear third district. atrous
J.F.HInk'.e Qftb district, Lower Penasco
J.A.LaBte secretary.Las Vegas
F. O. de Baca )
Gregorlo Floras - Oonnty Commissioners
- iiT-fr-'-n" i'h '
Dionlclo Martinet
Gregorlo Varela... ,
Patricio uonzaiee
JoseG. Montano...
Hilarlo Bomero
Carlos Gabaldon....
Adelaldo uonsales.
Henry Goke
F. M. 'ones
Jesus Ma. Prada...
....Probate Judge
Probate Clerk
.School Superintendent
.. Treasurer
Simon Aragon.... Jostles Of the Peace, No. 6
D.CdeBaca " " . " e
H.S. Wooster , "29
Antonlno Zubia " "'64
F. B. Olney .: ,
T. V. Clay . ..
O. B. Earlckson... ..
J. E. Moore..,
B. V. Lona.
Dr. M. W. Bobbins...
O. H Jill ngs worth . .
J.E.Martin .
B. 1 . Forgythe....
W. H. Barber
K h. Bamblln
S. T Kline...
L. H Hofmelster....
A, X. sogers...,
Edward Henry ... President
L. D. Fart Vice-President
John York.' Secretary
O. P. Karlckeon Treasurer
mkmbbrs First ward. Alfred a. Smith.
Cleo. V. Beed; second ward, L.O. Fort, L.
D. Webb: tlilrd ward, icawara liwry. a.
W. Kelly ; fourth ward, 0. V. Hed,;coek, J.A.
W. B. Tipton , M. D. .President. . . .Las Vegas
G.S.Easterday.U D.,V-Pres... Albuquerque
rrancis H.AtKinx. i.L.,oec. ...... iaa vegas
J. H.Sloan,- M. V., Treas Santa Fe
Wia.Kgxert. M. D samara
J. J.Suuler, M. D Baton
J. M.Cunnlugoam, M. D E. Las Vegas
,., .Mayor
, Attorney
Price Reduoed to Suit the Times
Bales, MM anil $1.75 Per Day.
Special Bates by Week or Hoot
Clean, Neat, Comfortable, and Re
spectable. Especially desirable for
families and ladirg traveling alone.
Eleotrio Light, Elevator, Baths, eto.
Cable oars pass the hotel for all parts
of the city..
R. M. ForeeMgr.'
I Solentlflo American
f Afjency
TRADE aaapaTA.
GOPVRIOHTfl. m:-a.
For Information and free Handbook write to
Oldest biireau for securing patents In America.
Every pa.tenttakea out by utt Is brought before
tbe publl -5 by a notioa given frae of obarge ia tba
Latvest circulation of any Klentlflo paver In t1
world. BplenUldly Illustrated. No iutelllKens
man should ba without It, weekly. A3.00 a
J"ar; $1J six months. Addmn, IIUNN S: CO
tSjLisnina. 361 Bruadway. flew York City.
, James McLaughlin,
Contractor and Builder.
Quotations on Brick furnished, at the
yard or in the wall.
If you use the Pttaunaa
incubators A Breeders.
Make monoy while
others are wasting
time by old processes.
Catalog tells all about
It.andat lcriaes every
article needed lor uii
poultry business.
mechanically the best
wheel. Prettiest model.
We are FaciSc Coast
Aeenta. Bicvcle cata-
logue, mailed free.gives
fal l description , prices, etc., aobwts waStbd.
mALTTHA raCOBATOR C0.,retalaraa,Cal.
BrJJCH HOTJ8B, ajt 8 Main St., IyQS Angeles.
M vs.a5 .li
Fl!ilUhpil In r-olormrlo. ISM. Samnlcl br mail or
express wlh receive prompt and cnrful attentlea.
Sold a Silver Bullion "&&y?&JLt
Adtnn, 1733 k 17SS Livreaot St, Saver, Oolo.
fit WE 111
s Job Printing
Of every description
executed with neatness
and despatch
of cither s, any nge, In any part of tbe country,
at the employment which we furnish. You need
not be away from home over night. Ton can giro
yourwholetlmetotho work, oronlryour spare mo.
ments. As capital is not required you run no risk.
We supply you with all that is needed. It will
cost you nothing to try the business. Any one
can do the work. Beginners make money from
the start Failure is unknown with onr workers. '
Every hour you labor yon can easily make a dollar.
No one who Is willing to work falls to make mora
money every day tban can be made in three days
at any ordinary employment Send for free book
containing the fullest Information.
Sex S39f '

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