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K. A. KISTLRR, Editor and Proprietor.
Kntnred at the KftHt I as Venus, N.
posloitloe (or tnin:ntsslon through
mulls ui second-class mutter.
Special Notice.
La Vhuas Daily Oi-Tio-Dellvered by mall,
post-puld, lio.oo per snnuiii; $5.00 for tlx
months; t'J.to for tlirtia months, By car
rier, 26 cents per weuk.
Las V'koah wkkklt optio M columns, de
livered by mall, pout-paid, WOO per an
num, $1.60 for tlx months, 11.00 for three
months. Hlnnle copies In wrappers,!) cents,
hample copies of both dally and weekly,
mulled tree when desired. Give postotllce
address In full, including state.
td from all parts of the country. (Joui
munlcutloin addressed to the editor of
Tun uprio, to Insure attention, should be
accompanied by the writer's full name
and address, not for publication, but as a
Kiinranty of iiood faith.
Ebmiitanckh May be made by draft.money
order, postal note, express or reiiisieruu
let ter ut our risk
telegrams to
Kast I,ns Vbkbs
Tub optio.
New Mexico.
Law of Newspaper!.
It subscribers order the discontinuance
of newspapers, the publishers may con
tinue to send them until all arrearages are
paid. . .
If subscribers refuse or neglect to take
their newspapers from the office to which
they are sent, they are held responsible un
til they have settled the bills and ordered
them discontinued.
If subscribers move to other places with
out informing the publisher, and the news
papers are sent to the former place of reel
Junce they ure then res nonsl We
ll uck board Malls,
Malls on the Star routes leave Lai Vegas
as follows: . .
Las Veas to Fort Sumner, Includln
Anton Olilco, Los Oolonals, Eden, Bantu
llosa and Puerto de Luna, trl-weekly, on
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and ar
rive on alternate days of each week.
Las Vegas to Fort llascom, including
Ohaporlto, GalllnaS Springs, Kl Cuervo,
Boll Unnch, Liberty and Kndee, tri-weekly,
on Monday. Wednesday and Friday, of
each week, and arrive on alternate days.
Las Vegas to Mora, including Los Alamos,
flapello, Ban Ygnaclo and Koclada, tri
weekly, on Tuesday, Thursday and Satur
day, of each week, and arrive on alternate
Las Vegas to Lesperance, once a week,
on Saturday. . . .
Conveyance on Fort Sumner line. Is by
two-horse buckboard, on Fort Bascom and
Mora lines by single-horse buckboard, To
Lesperance by private conveyance
usually spring wagon.
Complimentary, mention ot this
paper in the Lincoln News, down the
country :
L edicion del semanario de Las Vegas
Optic en poco flempo contendra un de
partamento en Castellano. Esto bera el
popel mas popular como nunca.
The Denver Republican sums up
column editorial on the applicants for
statehood as follows:
The east has do reason to fear the ad
mission of the proposed states, for tbel
Influence upon national legislation would
be small, and besides, national legislation
does not come as close home to the peopl
as state legislation. Tbe interests of the
people of Arizona and New Mexico in re
spect of domestic legislation should receive
the first consideration. Both Territories
are amply able to maintain state govern
meets, and their inhabitants desire state
hood. To continue them any longer nnder
Territorial governments would be to vio
late a fundamental principla of American
liberty and of the union as well. If justice
is done they will be admitted, and it is any
thing but creditable, to the people ot the
east that because of narrow sectional prej
ndices they seek to keep them out. '
There is a good deal of speculation
in political circles as to the direction
in which Senator Matthew S. Quay, of
Pennsylvania, will turn his support, in
toe event of tbe balloting at St. Louis
being protracted, and his own pros
peels failing to develop. Rumors have
been current during the past two weeks
that a change bad corns over the spirit
of his dreams as a result of the strong
manifestation of McKinley sentiment
in the country and congressional dis
trict conventions, and the selection in
different parts of that state of a num.
ber of McKinley delegates to the
national convention. The senator,
However, has himself put a quietus
on these reports, while at the same
time refraining from expressing any
definite predilections tor any candi
dale. There seems to be no question
of the fact that he has an agree
ment of some kind with ex-
Senator Piatt, Speaker Keed, Mr
Uiarkson and others of the anti-Mo-Kinley
combine, and that, even if he
wanted to, be could not at this stage
of the game go over to the Ohioan
without a breach of faith. At the
same time, there is a feeling among the
prominent politicians who are reckoned
as his henchmen that the party in that
state should be protected in some way,
so that it McKinley is nominated on
tbe first or second ballot, they should
not be left outside of tbe breastworks
But the senator himself is doing tbe
sphinx act, and apparently guarding
any surprises he may have in store for
the eve of the national convention.
1HE female tattler would almost
seem to be a permanent institution of
every, small community. A large
amount of time has been spent in
ridiculing and denouncing her, still she
will flourish and gossip rnd tattle. And
no doubt she will continue to slander
and lie as long as people are found to
listen and believe. Little better than
. , i , 1 1 ,
me taie-Dearer is toe one wnose ears
are always cocked to reoeive evil re
ports about their neighbors. Scandal
is like a piece of counterfeit money, he
who passes it is as bad as he who coins
it. Don't imagine that "they say"
throws all the blame off your sbou!d3rs
when you repeat a lie. To aid and en
courage a crime is nearly as bad as
committing the crime itself. When
you hide behind the excuse that some
one else said it first you add cowardice
to meanness. There are some people
so mean that they feel a sneaking sat
isfaction when misfortune befalls their
best friends, and tbeir stingy souls feel
aolhing but envy and malice when
any one else has a iittle good luck. It
is said that a pebble thrown Into the
Atlnntio creates a wave that does not
rest tiii it washes every Bhore, and
bo it iii with an evil report started on
its travels by a whisper or a nod. You
do not know how many reputations it
may destroy; how many fumllltts it
may divide; bow many Uvea render
unhappy, Cultivate the tame kind of
dlngujt for the acandal monger that
you have for the bog wallowing In the
gutter. Those who wallow in the
slune and filth ot small talk are none
better than the genuine article. Shun
the man or woman whose nose "is al
ways bent to oatcb the Bcent" ot some
dirty story about other people, those
human or inhuman crows and buz
zards who feed on the carrion of gossip.
Mark this: It is generally safe to
silently suspect the person who is al
ways suspicious of others. There is a
'screw loose" somewhere in sued a
nature. Like the cuttle-flab, which
bides itself In a cloud of its own crea
tion these human scavengers will seek
to divert attention from their failings
by continually harping on the short
comings of others. The female whis
perers generally belong to a olass who
have no families of their own and so
occupy their time in regulating the do
mestic relations of others. They call
themselves "friends of the family" and
on their weekly visits they sow dis
union and disoord and set the whole
neighbotbood by the ears.
Those people of New Mexico who
are disposed to find fault because
many of the great railway corporations
are "monopolies," do not stop to con
sider tbe benefits that the consolida
tion of railway interests bring. It
cannot be denied that railway
monopolies are the cause of very ob
jectionable features, but tbe meritor
ious ones should not be forgotten. It
is net many years ago that a traveler
making a journey of a few hundred
miles had to "change oars" from one
to a dozen times. The little roads had
separate depots in every town and city,
and to "change cars" meant an om
nibus or other conveyance, and often
no conveyance at all,, to reach the
distant depot of the connecting road
Trains were run with no reference
the convenience or interest of throug
passengers, ana time-tables were ar
ranged to suit local travel, regardless
of the leaving or arriving time
at the termini, to say nothing about
the stage connections. The trav
eler over these one-horse roads
invariably found when be arrived
at tbe terminus of ono road
be would either have to lie over from
night until morn, or morn until night
before the next train on the other road
departed. Travel was one round
annoyance, and to study out all tbe
"fine points" in a trip of a thousand
miles required a mathematical head
Since these numerous small roads have
been consolidated into large oorpora
tions, all these annoyances have ceased
A person can step aboard a train at
Las Vegas and go into New York by
changing cars only once at Kansas
City, St. Louis or Chicago, and tbe
transfer requires only a few steps
Tbe traveler simply enters a palace
coach and whirls along thousands of
miles before he needs make a change
A lady or little child can now travel
with less difficulty from Las Vegas to
thg Atlantio or to the Pacific than an
experienced traveler formerly traveled
a thousand miles. The publio would
rather accept the "conditions" of the
monopolies than to return to the an
noyances of traveling as it was twenty
years ago. Ihen if we had no rail
way "monopolies" nearly half of us
would not be in New Mexico to-day,
and as we would rather die here than
live in paradise, we have much to be
thankful for.
Hood's Is the Best
Medicine all the year around, because it nurl-
Bes, vitalizes and enriches the blood, and
therefore gives strength to resist bad effects
from all blood diseases, Malaria. Pneumonia.
Colds, Catarrh, Rheumatism, etc. Serious illness
has often been prevented when Hood's Sarsa-
parilla has been taken in time.
Heod'e IMIL are the best after-dinner pills
assist digestion, prevent constipation. 26c.
A fourteen-year-old girl, adopted
into the family of Capt. ltabb, Grant
county, was accidentally and fatally
poisoned by eating "Rough on Rats,
some oi wnicn baa been spread on
bread to exterminate mice.
At 4 o'clock, yesterday afternoon.
tbe funeral services for the late A. M
Codington were held at the family
residence, 213 South Arno street,
Albuquerque. The body will be sent
to Topeka for burial.
None But Ayer's at the World's Pair.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla enjoys tbe ex
traordinary distinction of having been
tbe only blood purifier allowed an ex
hibit at tbe World's fair, Chicago.
Manufacturers of other Sarsapanllas
lought by every means to obtain a
showing of their goods, but they were
all turned away under the application
of tbe rule forbidding the entry of
patent medicines and nostrums. Tbe
decision of the World's fair authorities
n favor of Ayer's Sarsaparilla . was in
Beet as follows: '(Ayer's Sarsaparilla
Is not a patent medicine. It does not
belong to the list of nostrnms. It is
here on its merits."
Stockholders' Meeting.
A meeting of the stockholders of the
Las Vegas Masonic building association
will be held at tbe Masonlo Temple, In
East Las Vegas, N. M., April 27th, 1896,
at 8 o'clock p. m , for tbe purpose of elect
ing a board of directors to serve for the
ensuing year end foi the transaction of
such other nusines' a may legally come
before such meeting Cras. Ilfcld,
A. D. Hiocm its, ' President.
Secretary. , ' 143 3t
East Las Viqas, N.M:, April nth, 180.
The camel Is a
beast of great
strength and en
durance. Notbinf
hurt it until the
proverbial "last
straw " is added to
ita burden. The
human digestive
syutem is very much like a camel.
It 1
really astonishing how much abuse it will
stand. Sometime, however, something
worse than usual will be eaten, and will go
through the stomach into tbe bowels, and
there it will stick that's constipation.
Nine-tenths of all human sickness is due
to constipation. Some of the simplest
symptoms arc coated tongue and foul
breath, dizziness, heartburn, flatulence,
sallowness, distress after eating, headaches
and lassitude. A little thing will cause
constipation, and a little thing will relieve
it. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are a cer
tain cure for constipation. They are tiny,
sugar-coated granules, mild and natural in
their action. There is nothing injurious
about them. Sold by druggists.
Address with si cents in one-cent stumps, to
cover cost of mailing ortv, World's Dipenry
Medical Association, Buffalo, N. Y., and get
free copy of the " People's Medical Adviser."
"The Optic's" El Paso Correspondent
Is On Hand Again With a Timely
1 and Newsy Letter.
To the Editor of The Optic.
El Paso, Texas, April 21st, 1896
This Is San Jacinto day. Ilenoe tbe
Lone Star slate flag, once solitary and
alone, but for half a century safe In
the bosom of the union, floats over the
top of the court house to day.
Texas seems to have more legal ho!,
idays than any slate we ever lived in;
and we have lived In a number ot
tbem. But, then, this state eoj-iys a
number of distinctions. One, that it
was an independent commonwealth
and experimented for ten years with
autonomy, to be at last glad enough
to be received into tbe open arms of
Uncle Sam. Texas tugged at tbe coat
tails of the aforesaid Uncle Sum until
the aforesaid kind, old fellow took pity
on the tec-year-old stripling and
adopted him into his family. But, alas,
fifteen years later, tbe young scape
grace forgot all about tbe old gentle
man's kindness, and kicked, with a
dozen of tbe older boys, too, to be let out
of tho family relation, and, in tbe lan
guage of John 6. Saxe, who drew tbe
moral from cards, "to go it alone."
But to this the answer was, if you
don't stay, "you'll get a lickin'," and
so it had to be, before all of them
could be pacified. But this was long
At an entertainment given, last night,
by the publio schools, to raise money
for the purchase ot books for tbe bigb
school library, the history of Texas
passed in review. This auditor learned
this lesson: Almost all of
its leaders, early settlers, patriots,
statesmen and soldiers, were from
the southern statis. Hence its
thoughts, theories and tests of govern
ment represented the cavalier and not
the puritan, Virginia rather than Mas
sachusetts. What wonder then, that
when our southern brethren attempted
the experiment to divide tbe union that
Texas should go with them. But let it
be said to ibeir honor, that whether tbe
occasion be civic or religious, patriotic.
or political, all classes, ages and con
ditions abound in a hearty and spon
taneous expression of love and loyalty,
adherence and affection for tbe union
as it is.
At a recent large and enthusiastic
gathering at Sao Antonio, where thous
ands from all over Texas were gathered
together on the occasion of tbe sixth
annual Epworth League conference
the speakers of this, as well as olher
prominent southern states, expressed
sentiments oi loyalty as tbev were
proper in their addresses, discussing
tbe great moral issues of the day, suob
as. tbe sanctity of tbe Sabbath, the
Epworth league and the infernal liquor
traine, tbe great missionary movement
and other important questions, that
clearly showed an unbiased observer,
whatever may have been the senli
ments of this people in the pas', their
present love of oountry cannot be
There is another thing we observed
The obdurately continued opinion re
garding tbe character and quality of
tbe lexas people, making no allowance
for cbanges.ls unwarranted and unjust
No people anywhere show acoording
to tne same nunrner more apparent in
telligenceor are better clad, better be
baved or more appreciative of intel
lectual feasts and flow of soul than
this people I The writer was ready to
take note of any idiosyncrasy or pecu
liarity in this particular, but none
presented itself. We did not go to
scoff, and we bad no occasion tn. We
found tbem alike any similar number
of people that might gather among our
better olass of rural and village and
town population anywhere where float
the stars and stripes.
Ban Antonio is toe political mecca
and contains the shrine of ' hero-
worshippers in the world-renowned
Alamo. Its history can be gotten from
the text books, but tbe localisma.have
to be gathered on tbe spot. Oae is to
this eff -ot : When Col. Davy. Crookett
drew a line in the centre of the fort
nd last stronghold saying, whoever
wants to stay with me, tight, bleed
and die, step on my side of the line of
the 170 or more; all stepped over but
one. lhat one escaped to Nacog
doches county eventually, but as be
was making bis way thro' the double
wall to tbe. north and then to the west
before finally teaching in the end east
lexas, they tell it, be should have said.
that while making his escape his heart
beat so loud, he was afraid tbe. Mexi.
cans on the other side of the wall
could bear it beat. There were three
women in the sonth room fit we have
tbe oompared directions right) The
only survivor of tbe Alamo is one of
these three, a Mexican woman, a hun
dred and eleven years old, living at
this time in San Antonio,
A beautiful and perhaps the most
populous city in Texas is San Antonio.
Flowers, shrubs, trees, - everywhere.
Warm in winter, hot in summer, bnt
clad In verdure fair, tbe iarger part of
tne year.
It is this year tbe convention cwy.
First the leugue conference, April 14tb
to. 16 th. This week the battle of
flowers and the Knights Templars'
conclave. In June, 6th to 8th, the
state endeavor convention. For all
these the railroads bave made a five
dollar round-trip rate to remotest
points in tbe state, which meant for
El Paso delegates less than two-fifths
of a cent per miie, for it is 635 miles
from here to San Actonio. The rail-
roads lose nothing, but gain a great
deal, bo does the public.
A large military post, several rail,
roads, some small nianufauiuilng inter
ests, a great many health seekers dur
ing the winter months and a fair
amount of business produced by ad
jacect agricultural and slock districts,
make tbe city a bnstlini; centre of
commerce and consequent activity.
There Is nothing to be seen between
hi Paso and there excopt the cactus,
mesquite and toruello bushes and
trees, with bere and there a little town
and a big court bouse, Del Rio is tbe
best town between the two allies. At
Lacgtrv, whore Fiiz-ilmmons and
Maher had tbeir minute and minnowy
oontest, tbe fallowing sign is in sight
from tbe car window: "loo cold
beer and Is w west of the Pecos." As
we needed neither, we went on and
cense b. fore the patienoe of tbe
reader fails tho Obskkvkb.
Suffrage Convention.
A Territorial mass meeting Is oalled by
the National American woman sulXrsge
aisoolatlon, to be held in Albuquerque,
April 28th and 20th, for the purpose ot or
ganising a New Mexioo suffrage associa
tion. The question of woman suffrage Is ag
gressively before all the people of the great
west Tbe glorions example of Wyoming,
where women have voted upon every ques
tion that men bave for thirty years, bas
answered every objection ot the opponent.
8be has demonstrated that none of tbe
fancied ills that theorists declared must
follow Ihe enfranchisement of women,
have proved true In tbe actual experiment.
Wyoming is to-day an unanswerable
argument for tbe advantages of a govern
ment that . knows no sex. The
progressive spirit of Hew Mexico will
not permit her to lag behind her
neighbors in this line of march. Tbe
time to act is now.
We earnestly request all tbe friends of
the cause to bs present at this mass meet
ing and to participate in Us deliberations.
Entertainment for delegates will be pro
vided In tbe hospitable homes of Albu
querque. Friends wishing entertainment
will please address Miss Cora Armstrong,
636 South Broadway, Albuquerque, N. M.
An interesting program will bo provided.
Come one! Come all II Let this be an
earnest and enthusiastic gathering which
shall make an energetio protest against
existing conditions a fit prophecy of a
new time coming, when there shall be a
higher and truer civilization.
Mrs. J. D. Purkins,
Miss Clara Cumminqs,
Ban Marcial,
Corresponding Secretary.
Mrs. Martha C. Raynolds,
Las Vegas,
The task of transferring tbe New
Mexican s extensive plant t.o its new
quarters, at the northwest corner of
the plaza, ha3 commenced at, Santa Fe
The Park House.
Las Vegas Hot Springs, N. M, We still
bave a few choice rooms left for those who
come early. The most popular bouse at
tbe spring'. Mr. Bob Uritton, late from
tbe east, has charge of the kitchen; every
thing Is prepared in best of style. Rates,
35 cents per meal. Seven dollars per
week. Table supplied with tbe best tbe
market affords. Rooms by tbe day, 60 to
75 cents, $3.00 to $6.00 per week.
Mrs. Kate Dennis,
148-tf Manager.
To Health-Seekers.
Tbe Blake Ranch, on the head of the Rio
Sapello, is now prepared to receive a limit
ed number of- hoarders. This ranch is
located in tbe beart of the mountains, amid
the most beautiful scenery in the world,
where brook trout and wild game offer
ample diversion for the nimrod or anyone
seeking ont-door sport. It Is located only
twenty-five miles from Las Vegas, and
within eight miles of the Rio Pecos, and
only three miles from the headwaters ot
tbe Rio Gallinas. Address,
Address Mrs. J. P. Blake, Rociada, or in
quire for conveyances and rates of W. K.
Urltea, Jiasc Las Vegas, JN. M.
Rociada, N. M,
Summer Mountain Resort.
The El Porvenir mountain resort will
now receive guests for tbe summer.
The most picturpsque sctnery in America,
cne nsning and bunting. Best ot hotel ac
commodations in New Mexico. For terms
for board and lodging, apply to the Ro
mero Mercantile Co., Las Vegas. Carriage
leaves their store, southwest corner of the
plaza, every Saturday and Tuesday morn
ing at 8 o'clock: fare for the round trip, $1
For further information, call at tbe above
estaciioament. sutr.
Practical Horseshoer,
Beneral Blaoicsmithlng, Wagon and
Carriage Repairing, neatly and
promptly done
Railroad Ave. ,
Opposite Browne & Manianares Co.,
Repairer o
Gulls, Locks, Bicycles
and everything of this class.
Rubber Stamps Manufactured, and
Guns kept in strck For Rent.
Sporting Goods, and a full line of
Bicycle Supplies.
Shop on Center Street, next door to Mon
tezuma Restaurant
Light and Fiel Co.
"A light, so bright,
That he who runs
May read."
And at a price that will compare
favorably with kerosene or other
primitive means of illumination.
Call or address office,
Tainmo Opera House.
18th and Curtis Sts.
For the cure of
BSiS uu tuoat luoruugniy - equipped
Keeley institute in the United Btates.
Homelike anil, comfortable In all Its ap
pointments. An absolute and permanent
cure. Ladies treated privately. Corre
spondence confidential.
Local ftepresentative.
Geo. H, - Hutchison & Co,
Real Estate,
Mines, and
i Property
For Sale or Lease.
House and Jot, next to Central Hotel
Store bouse, on leased lot good
Dusiness property.
Ranch,. 164 acres: under ditch:
good wire fenje; fish tank, eight feet
deep two miles from Las Vegas.
Restaurant, complete fixtures; seven
rooms, three furnished doing good
business. ,.
Two good lots in Dallas, Texas to
trade for Las Vegas property.
Small ranch, 16 acres, under ditch,
tank, all wire fence, 4-room house,
stable, mile from Las Vegas a bar
gain. Ranch, 300 acres, 195 cultivated,
105 pasture, good orchard, 4-wire
cedar post fence, river water, large 6
room house, furnished ; one half cash,
one halt notes or trade. mile from
depot, ;
All letters of enquiry promptly an
swered. Cilice, .New (Jptio hotel.
Geo. H. Hutchison & Co,
Qulrhly, Thoroughly,
- Forever Cured.
Four out of five who
snffer nervousness,
mental worry, attacks
of " the blues;" are but
paying the penalty of
early excesses. Vic
tims, reclaim your
manhood, regain your
vigor. Don't despair.
Send for book with
explanation and proofs. Mailed (sealed) free.
At a Very Low Price.
ton or Dallas) Is published Tuesdays anq
Fridays. Each issue consists of eight
pages. There are special departments for
tbe farmers, tbe ladles, and tbe boys and
girls, besides a world or general news mat
ter, luusiraiea
etc. Yon getj
articles, market, reports,
104 Papers for Only $1.
Sample Copies Free. Address
A. H. BELO & Co., P ubllshere
ui jLwi
IN 1396.
The twenty-ninth year olIiHARPER'S
BAZ AH, beginning in January, 1896. finds
it maintaining l s deserved repntation both
as a Kashlon Journal ana a weekly pert
odical for brme reading.
Jvery wtek the U1Z IK presents beau
tiful toilettes for various occasions. Ban-
doz, Bauds, and Chapuis Illustrate and
engrave tbe newest designs from the finest
models in jraris end Berlin. Mew York
Fashions epitomize current styles in
New York. A fortnightly pattern-sheet
supplement with diagrams and directions
enapies women to cut ana make tneir own
gownsand is of great value to tbe pro
fessional modiste as well as to the amateur
dressmaker. Children's Clothing receives
constant attention. Fashions for Men are
described in full detail by a man-about
town. Our Paris Letter, by Katharine
lib f okest. is a spriKotiy weeaiy recital
of fashion, gossip, an i social doings in
Paris, given by a clever woman in an en
tertnining way.
Both tbe serials for ls!W are tbe work of
American women. Mrs- Gerald, by
Maria Louisa Fool, is a striking story of
JNew Hiogiana lire, mart Hi. wilkins, in
Jerome, a f oor Man, discusses tbe al
ways interesting problem of the re'ations
between labor and capital. Short stories
will be written by the best authors.
r pedal Je partmenta. Music, Tbe
Outdoor Woman, Personals, What We Are
Doing, Women and Men. report and dis
cuss themes of immediate interest.
Answers to t orrespondents. Ques
tions receive the personal attention of the
editor, and are answered at tbe earliest
practicable date after tbeir receipt.
The Volume ot the BAZAR begin
with the first Number for January, of
i- ii l . .' in . : i
eHCU year, ft uvu uu iiiuo 10 ujeiiuuueu, 1
sul scriptlons will begin with the Number!
current at tne time oi receipt or uraer.
Remittances should be made by Postof
flee Money Order or Draft, to avoid chance
or lois.
Newspapers are not to copy this adver
tisement without the express order of
Harper & Brothers.
'. . harper's periodicals.
Harper's Magazine one year $4.00
Habper's Wbbklt " 4.00
Harper's Bazar 4.00
Harper's Rodnd Tabl " 2.00
Postage Free to all subucrlbers In tbe
United States, Canada and Mexico.
Address Harper & Brothers,
P, O. Box 959 JS. Y. City.
Preaching; at 11 a. ni. and 7:80 n. m.
Sunday school at tt:45 a. ni. Society of
Christian Endeavor at 6:45 p. m.
All people are cordially welcomed.
Strangers and sojourners are luvited to
worship with us.
A. A. LAYTON, Pastor.
Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Preachln
services at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. B.
r. u. at 7 :io p. m.
All are cordially Invited to attend Its
Sunday school at 0:45 a.m. Preaching
at 11 a. m., followed by thirty niluutes
class meeting. Epworth League at 7:00 p.
to. Evening service at 7:30 p. m.
Tbe pastor and members extend, to all.
the welcome of this church, and will be
pleased to see you at its services.
Masses will be said at 6:30 and 9:00 a.
I m, Bunday school at 8 p.m. Vespers and
benediction, of the Blessed Sacrament, at
1 7:80 p. m. Daily morning mass at 6:80 a.
m. Sermon, at high mass, at 0:00 a. m.
Rav. Miubich Oi.ikb, Assistant.
First mass, for winter season, at 6:80 a.
m, eecond mass, for winter season, at 8
a. m. High mass for winter season, at
10:00 a. m. Bundav school at 8:00 D. in.
Vespers and bene fiction at 4:00 p. m.
lua i at Hers will tireaeu both lu ifinellsb
and Spanish.
Pastor in Charge.
Services every Friday, 8 p. m. ; Sunday
morning, 11 a. m.: Sunday school, every
Saturday morning, 9:30 to 12 o'clock, and
Sunday mornings, from 10 to 11 o'clock.
Rav. G. W. TOLSON, Pastor
Preachine at 11 a. m. Sundav school at
8:00 p. m. Services at 7:30 p. in.
ciugtng and prayer meeting, VY ednes
day evening.
T ANTED, for Investors with
Cash, developed M 1 N ES.
Money furnished for developing
mining PEOSPEOTS. Good
Gold, Silver and Copper properties
can be; SOLD QUICKLY by
auurcssing ine
HoRtun, Ma...
No. 8. no.l.
No. a. No.l
6 00pm
lOOOpmi Chicago
10 30pm
8 30am
i a;pm Kansas Ultj
I iiiiiii
6 00am
II 05im
4 0Opm
S Oiipm
10 SSaul
9 lsam
8 aoam
4 28am
2 40pm
4 00niii
8 45pm
12 Slam
11 15pm
U MJpm
9 Horn
d jftpm
2 3:pm
12 50pm
8 25am
2 5fara
1-2 80am
10 SOpm
8 45pm
S 42 pm
Colo, hpr'gs
s ifSDm
11 (finui
1 nnarn ll ruprn
7 33a til I 7 25pm
8 15pm
8 00pm
12 55pm
11 10am
9 20am
8 15am 10 loom
Hanta Ke
ID 30am 12 07 a ill
12 lOpml SCOaui
10 45am
11 40.1 ml
Kl F asu
11 OOaml
10 OOaml
5 26pm
9 loami Gallup
65pm Wlnslow
4.0pm Fiag-teff
6G5pm:Lo9 Angeles
10 45am sanFranrls
2 35pmi 8 40am
9 85am 11 05pm
7 27 -ml 8 45pm
7 00im 8 00pm
6 30pgH
11 28pm
(j u pm
Additional Trains on Sundays. '
Leave Arrive Leae Arrive
Las Vegas Springs Springs Las Vegas
v do am 10 00 am 2 15 pm ( 2 45 pm
S 10 pm 8 40 pm 6 80 pm 7 oo pm
I eave Arrive Leave Arrive
prlnus. Las Veeis. lai Veuas. BDrlnsrs.
IS noon. 12 25 pm. In 80 pm 100pm
Nns. 8 and 4 are solid vestlbuled limited
trains, composed of dining cars, milman
palace drawing room cars and chair cars
between Chicago and Los Ange:es, San Di
ego and San Francl co.
Nos. 1 and t. 1'aclQc and Atlantic eznress.
uve ruumau ramce urawing-room cars,
tnnrlst sleeping cars and .coaches between
Chlcairo and Los Angeles, San Diego and
-San Francisco.
Nos. 1 and 2. Mexico and Atlantic express.
have tourist sleeping cars between Chica
go and Albuquerque, and Pullman Dalace
cars and coaches between Chicago and tbe
City of Mexico, B. CopElacd,
uen. Agent, M raso. l'ex.
W. ft Brownk,
T. F, 4 r. A., El faso.Tex.
. Cbas.IT Jonbs,
Agent, Las Vegas, N.M.
Western Division.
(Mens:d Time Tatle No. 38.
J. W. Belnhart, John J. McGook,
In effect Sundav, August 6th, 1895.
WKS1W4BK. BTATIOMa. Kabtwabd.
6 00 Pi
10 00 p
1 56 p
7 OOp
7 as p
Kansas City
Win prate
Anb Fork
The Needles
ilojave -
Los Angeles
10 80 Pi
u io a
7 oil a
6 15p
3 6a
8 16 p
S 86 p
8 05 p
3 0 p
10 40 a
9 S5B
7 wa
4 50a
6 40 H
18 10 p
n Uu a
8 06 a
1 J p
t 68 p
8 10 P
9 00 p
8 25 a
9 10 a
13 80 p
1 80 p
4 zun
13 M a
6 00 p
1 65 a
5 tea
7 4U p
1 56a
4 40a
8 25 a
11 82 p
7 50a
8 51 p
7 25 p
2 10 P
10 oo a
7 (Da
8 aop
9 20a
1 40 P
11 46 a
a 1Q n
2 20 p
6 OOp
8 50p
B 08 P
8 OOp
8 so p
10 48 a
10 46 a!
Summer or Winter.
The Santa Fe route Is the most com'orta-
ble railway between California and tbe
The mnftlr at Harvev's Dining Booms are
an excellent feature of the line.
The Grand ranon of the Colorado can be
reached In no other way,
Gen. Pass. Agent, L s Augeles.Cal.
Asit. Gen.Pass. Agent, San Francisco.
Sanfa Fe Bonte
8 so a
5 oo p
8 80a
8 46a I
8 20a I
Climax, Star,
Hewsboy, Horse Bhoe,
iiwr Ueidsieck,
Something Uood,
Old Mouesty,
Clipper Navy,
boot Jack,
Wo Tax,
Pure Stuff,
Natural Leaf
II. T. Gravely, superior,
W. N. T., Out of Bight
. Kodak,
Pride of Kentucky,
Tuoatan Twist,
Health and Prosperity,
. Popular Prioes.
General Broker.
t-and Grants, Improved Ranches, Native Cattle, Improved
Cattle, Ca'tle Ranges, Horses and Sheep, Real Estate. .Etc.
Land Scrip of all Kinds, Territorial and Connty Warrants.
era! Land Office Business. Titles Secured Under the
United States Land Laws.
aisasfflf pai Irwi i, -rrr..a
Livery and Sale Stable.
Horses boarded by the day or month. Will keep on hand all kinds of
Hay, Grain and Teed. Lowest prices guaranteed. Agents for the cele
brated Mitchell Wagon. Give us a call
They embody more points ot gonnino merit than any other wboels made. No other
machine stands so high in the estimation of cyclists, because Waverleys are built on
honest value lines, and purchasers receive full valua for the investment. Bay a Way
erly and you will never be ashamed ot your mount.
Ihe Cash Liquor, Cigar and Tobacco Go.
100 Sixth Street, Opposite San Miguel National Uank.
Keg Beer,
5o per glass.
50o per gallon.
Bottled Beer,
Sour Mash Bourbon
" " " 2.25
" " ...2.50
Samples only 5c, - Pts.l5e, Pts.25o Q -8.50c
Finer Whiskies, peh gal.
White House Club 3.00
U. S. Club 3 25
"Carlisle", Sole Agent 3.50
Samples 10c, Half Ft. 25c, Pts. 50c, Qts. tl.
John Hannlng 4.00
Belle of Anderson 4.25
Quckenhoimer 5.60
McBrayer, Oscar Pepper and Yellowstone
Half-pints 85c, Pints 65c, Quurts, $1.25.
10c, 16c, 20c, & 25c
Per bottle. .
Sole Agent
$3.50 per gallon.
. California and Native Wines from 25c per Bottle, and $1 per Gallon, up.
43-Bear entrance from Lincoln Ave., between Optic Office and Rosenthal Bros.-fc
r. 8. "Press the Button, We'll do the rest."
Corner Center Street and Railroad Avenue.
Fine Wines! Choicest
Your Patronage Solicited.
Elegant Club Room and Short Or
der Lunch Counter
Your address, with six cents
io stamps, mailed to our Head-
auartert, 11 Kllot St., Btiloi,
an., will bring you a full line
of samples, and rules for self
measurement, of our justly fa
mous S3 pants ; Suits, $13.26;
Overcoat!, $10.26, and up. Cut
to order. Agents wanted every
where. New Plymouth Rock Co,
Job Work and Repairing, House Mot
tag and Raising a Specialty
It la wanted for
A Richly Illustuatid Monthlt,
for people who wUS to
their HOMES.
Filled with Biigh'. Ideas.
firactlcal, common sense
n Designs A Plans; Ar
rangement of Grounds;
Decorating, FurnUhlng,
etc., etc.
Send 10 cents for a copy
and learn how to get the
American homes
pub. Co.
3 Z t jljj
8 80 p ,
4S5B I
4 08a VJV tlV
a 40 a J IM
8p V
e 65 p
5 40 p FOR fg
13 80 p AN
10 00 a ANECDOTE. v.
1 7-r-. l FREE!
I ZM R to subscribers to
J. B. MACKEL, Tiitaaist,,
, . Exchange Hotel, west elds Plasa, Las Vegas.
A Complete Stock of Imported, Key West
Mexican and Domestic
And a oomplete stock of Fanoy Smoking; Tobacco J
also Pipes and Walking Cane and tbe best lino of
fine Chewing Tobacco.
Other brands of tobacco too numerous to mention, and
will be sold at wholesale and retail at the lowest prices. All
kinds of pipes cleaned and repaired neatly at lowest prices.
Wholesale and Retail
, Liquors and Cigarsi
Bridge Street,
Las Vegas, N. M.
Are built in
the Largest
and Best
Factory in
the World.
F. Wright, Agt.
, ea.oo
From $1 per box,up
Chewing and
From 25c per lb. a p
Sole Agent for -
5o Straight
$3.15 per box.
Liancrs! Best Cigars
John Rhnnfr PreoMont
R. L. M. Ross, Vice-President.
J. E. Moore, Sec'y and Trees.
V. H Jameson, Manager,
L. Q. Jameson.
. -Tilt
Las Veps TelMie Go. .
Cor. Man anares and Lincoln Ares,
East Las Vegas, N. M.
Electric Door liells, Burglar
Alarms and Private Telephones put
in at reasonable rates.
B Who, in the ne;t thirty days,
K pay us one year' subscription
in Huvance,
I A Subscription
V to the

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