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Bast Las Vegas, New Mexico,
I Extract i trora oar Exchanges.)
Little Martha Crouse U seriously ill
wuu tiipnineria, up at uuon
Billy Jones, of Raton, who was Id.
j-irod soma week ago, Is Improving
Mrs. J. D. Loa and children left
Roswell for A'ascosi oounty, Texas,
to visit ber father, sister and brothers.
Monday, Mny 4tb, Is the date for
the meeting of tbe deruoo atio couutj
convention, at ibe court house, lu Llo
coin. .
Dr. G. It. Cram, of Roswell, will
start to tbe ru untalns about tbe 15tb
of May, and will probably remain all
Mrs. Frank Wiigbt, wl ose mother,
Airs. mnnian, u;oa at luton ol pneu
monia, is herseli very low with tbe
same malady.
Sheriff Fritz, of Lincoln, went out
to tbe Saludo after a "wild and
wooiiy" cowboy by tbe name of Thorp,
but me bird bad lljwu.
Silver City Is Infested with a gang of
butgiars. Half a dozen stores hare
been entered and many articles stolen,
besides, in the past ten days.
T. K. Culley, tbe insurance agent,
left Albuquerque for Las Vegas and
otber points nortb of tbe city, and ex
pej s to be absent about a montb.
- Prof. Di Mr.uro, the well-known
vioHnitt, left Albuquerque for Chicago,
where he has an engagement for
three months with a musical organize
Rev. Thomas Harwood, commander
of G. K. Warren post, will represent
Albuquerque at tbe G. A. 11. encamp
merit at Raton, on next Friday and
At tbe Stone Club silom, over at
Clayton, Jose Antonio Lopez aocused
Teofilo G icgo of stealing $15 from
him. A hgbt ensvm in wn.cb hop' z
was worsted.
VV. M. Atkinson, of Roswell, is in
receipt of a letter from C. S. McCarty,
at bot springs, announcing the. death,
from measles, of their infant daughter,
lMsie lather.
S. S. Mendenball has an outfit of
teams at work grading Xhe country
road at the east extension of Second
street, Roswell, from the town limit?
to the Hondo,
John Spring, manager of the Clay.
ton hotel, bas added to tbe charms of
the dining room of that hostelry by
having it re-painted and papered. A
traveling artist did the work.
Died, at Riton, Mrs. E. L. Dilhnan,
after an illness of about two weeks, of
pneumonia, aged &lxty-two yeard. Di
ceased leaves four children to mourn
her loss two daughters and two sons,
all grown.
VV. E. Batler, the gentleman called
to Lioculn, some three months ago, to
take charge of Sheriff Sena's afftirs,
during tbe latter's absence on olHjial
business, took his departure for White
Oaks, bis borne
Tbe individual who claims that tbe
Lincoln News did the "penitentes" an
injustice when it referred lo tbem as
ignorant fanatic?, is requested to call
at the News oflije, and raise his row
with the writer of the offensive paragraph.
Two NavH ) Indians, charged ' with
rtealing 160 sheep fr m Johnson
Bros., and held by a Gallop magistrate
for examination by the grand jury,
werj lodged in the county i ul, at Al-
'pq iTQU", bv Marshal Green, of
The iCnights of Pythias met at Clay
ton a 1 1 appointed a ootnmittei of ar-
rangiments and then adjourned the
meeiing subject to a call of the com
mittee, at which time its r.port will be
heard and if favorable an organization
will be effected. ,
L. B. Prince, of Santa Fe, is prepar
ing an elaborate article for an eastern
magazine on the competition of silver
standard countries with American pro
ducts, and tbe ruin thus brought on
various American industries by the gold
lunacy now prevailing.
rbiem Humphrey and family left
Clayton for Trinidad, Uolo , whence
they will go to La Belle and pay an ex
tended visit to relatives of Mrs. Hum
phrey, after which Mr. Humphrey con
templates taking a drove of horses to
O d Mexico and engage in the s'.ock
Emmett Yates, the yrung man whom
the cattlemen's association made a
strong effort to prevent being released
on b'lil, came forth from bis cell at
Lincoln, a free man for a time at least,
lie gave hail for his appearance in tbe
sum of $750, tha bond being signed by
Jese Vega, U. A. Casey and D. J. &1.
A. Jdwetf; , -
Tbe fire committee of the board of
town trusties, at Roswell, has made
arrangimcnts with Barnett & Devine
to keep the fire engine at the stable,
down there. This arrangement is
made at a- saving to tbe town of f 60
a year, besides having the engine at a
point convenient to teams to haul it in
case of need. , ,
D. L. Miller, one of tha best horti
culturists in the country, has just
completed an examination of many
Santa Fe orchards. He ssjs there will
be a good fruit crop. Sjme damage
has been done to apricots, cherries Bnd
plums, and the pear crop will be
scarcely so heavy as last year, but
otherwise tbe outlook is excellent.
The petition, signed by 118 persons
who are actually engaged either in
mining or business at Bland, has been
forwarded to the attorney-general at
Washington prajinglhat offloial to ex
rt his ii fluence to advance the Oochiti
grant case on the docket of the United
States fnprerae court. Petitions from
otter poin's have also been sent in.
Mrs. Julia Smitb, who has been lu
Albi-querquH since January, in search
of health, died at her home, down
Ihep. She j ins a husband on the
otbir side and leaves a son, eleven
years of see, .to mourn iih other
-. vr ......
relatives. Her sister, miss maij
Chadwiokle. who bas been with
0. H. King, Water Valley, Mm., cured by
Aycr's Sarsaparilla
"For five years, I suffered untold misery
from muscular rheumatism. I tri,i ..nr.
known remedy, consulted the best physi.
Twium not springs, ArK.,tliree times,
spending aiooo there, besides doctors' bills;
but could obtain only temporary relief. My
flesh was wasted away so that I weighed
only ninety-three pounds i my left arm and
leg were drawu out of shape, the muscles
being twisted np In knots. I was unable to
dress myself, except with assistance, and
could only hobble about by using a cane. I
bad no appetite, and was assured, by the
doctors, that I could not live. The pains, at
times, were so awful, that I could procure
relM only by means of hynadermlo infec
tions of morphine. I had my limbs bandaged
In clay, In sulphur, in poultices; but these
gave ouly temporary relief. After trying
everything, and suffering the most awful
tortures, 1 began to take Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
Inside of two months, I was able to walk
without a oane. In three months, mv limbs
began to strengthen, and In the course of a
year, I was cured. My weight lias increased
tj 165 pounds, and I am now able to do my
full day's work as a railroad blacksmith."
The Only World's Fair Sarsaparilla.
AYE Jt'S PILLS cure Headach:
The other night, two masked men
oroke into the Gallegos house at tbe
Rancho de Atrisco. about three miles
south of Albuquerque, bound Mrs. Gal.
legos, who was alone in the house, and
proceeded to turn everything upside
down and wrongside out in a search
for money.
The Discovery Saved His Life.
Mr. G. Caillouette, Druggist, Beav-
ersville, ill, says: "To Dr. King's
New Discovery I owe my life. Was
taken with La Grippe and tried all tbe
physicians for miles about, but of no
avail, and was given up and told I
could not live. Having Dr. King's
New Discovery in my store I sent for a
bottle and began its use and from the
first dose began to get better, and after
using three bottles was up and about
again. It is worth its weight in gold.
We won't keep store or house with
out it." Get a trial bottle free at
Murphey-Van Petted Drug Co's.
drug stores, Las Vegas and East
Las Vegas, at wholesale bv Browne
Manzanares Co. Regular size, fifty
cents and $1.
Edna, tbe little daughter of Mr. and
Mrs Frank Cloud, who has been very
low with diphtheria, at Raton, is re
ported to be improving.
Cure for Headache.
As a remedy for all forms of head
ache, Electric Bitters has proved to be
the very best. It effects a permanent
cure, and the most dreaded habitual
headaches yield to its influence We
urge all who are afflicted to procure a
bottle, and give this remedy a fair
trial. In cases of habitual constipa
tion Electric Bitters cures by giving
the needed tone to the bowels, and few
cases long resist the use of this medi
cine. Try it once. Fifty cents and $1.
Get a bottle at Murphey-Van Petten
Drug Co's , Las Vegas and East Las
Vegas, and at wholesale by the Browne
& Manzanares Co. ,
We might tell you mora about One
Minute Cough Cure, but you probably
know tba( it cures a cough. Everyone
does who has used it. It Is a perfeot
remedy for coughs, colds, hoarseness.
It Is an especial favorite for children,
being pleasant to take and quick in
curing. Winters Drug Co.
Lieut.. E. S. Wright, now In charge
of the abandoned post of Fort Stanton,
and James Meggs, ex. blacksmith at
tbe post, have purchased the High,
tower mining claim, looated on Eagle
oreck, Lincoln county. The price
paid was f 5,000.
It's just at esy to try One Minute
Cough Cure as anything else. It's
easier to oure a severe cough or cold
with it. Lot your next purchase for a
cough be O.ie Minute Cough Cure.
Better medicioe, better result, better
try !t. Winters Drug Co.
A. Pnoe and Simon Cohn were cir
culating among the business men at
Raton to get funds with which to meet
tbe expenses of the u. A, u. encamp
ment to be held in Raton tbe 21th and
25th Inst.
Las Vegas, the Chief City
of New MexicoSome
of Her Resources,
Attractions and
Tske a dose of De Witt's Little Early
Risers, just for the good they will do
you. Ibese little pills are good for
indigestion, good for headache, good
for liver complaint, good for consiipa
tion. I bey are good. Winters Drug
Capt. Borrodaile, father of Lieut,
Col. Borrodaile, will leave Albuquerque
for Juarez, Mexico, In a few days,
where be will accept the management
of tbe Mexican Central railroad eating
bouse at that point.
Bums are absolutely painless when
DeWitt's Wl'ch Hazel Salve is prompt
ly spoiled. This statement U true. 'A
perfect remedy for skin diseases, chap
ped hands and lips, and naver fails to'
cure piles, Winters Drug Co.
Tbe bell for tbe Christian church
bas arrived in Roswell and will be put
in place in a few days. It is the
largest and finest bell in the Pecos
It Is not a miracle. It won't cure
everything, but it will cure piles
That's what DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve will do, because it bas done
n hundreds of cases. Winters Drug
The "basket social" given by Rath-
bone Sisters, K. of P., at their ball in
Raton was a decided social success.
Frank Salazar, a resident of Lincoln,
bas been appointed a deputy sheriff,
by Sheriff Fritz, in and for that pre
en ot.
Busy people have no time, and sen
sible people have no inclination to use
flow remedy. One Minute cough
Cure acts promptly and gives per
manent results. Winters Drug Co.
Tbe apple crop in Lincoln county
for Ibis year is all right thus far, and
it is generally believed that tbe danger
line has been passed.
Pure blood means good health. De
Witt's Sarsaparilla purifies tbe blood.
cures Eruptions, Eczema, Scrofula, and
all diseases arising from impure blood.
Winters Drug Co.
Geo. W. Raines, wile and son,
wealthy folks from Boston, who have
been guests of tbe San . Felipe hotel,
Albuquerque, are arranging to either
visit the Las Vegas hot springs or the
famous Jeroes bot springs.
A little ill, then a little pill. The
ill is gone the pill bas won. DeWitt's
Little Earlv Risers, tbe little pills that
cure great ills. Winters Drug Co.
A monte game was one of Lincoln's
recent attractions. As usual, the
"buckers". came out at the littlb end
of the horn.
DeWitt's Sarsaparilla is prepared
for cleansing tbe blood, it builds up
and strengthens constitutions impaired
by disease. Winters Drug Co.
O. Earickson, representing Gross,
Blackwell & Co., of Las Vegas, was in
Lincoln. '-.,
Neglect of the hair often destroys
its vitality and .natural . hue, and
causes it to fa' I out. Before it is too
late, apply Hall's Hair Renewer, a
sure remedy. :
The contract for the removal of the
remains of soldiers buried at Fort Stan.
ton to tne national cemetery at Santa
Fe, has been awarded to James Meggs.
Almost O
ID YOU EVER suffer from real ner
vousness? When every nerve seemed
to ouiver .with a peculiar, creepy
feeling, first in one place, and then another
and all seemed finally to concentrate In a
writhimr lumbla In the brain, and you be
come Irritable, fretful and peevish; to be
followed by an Impotent, weakened condi
tion of the nerve centers, ringing lo the
ears, and sleepless, miserable nights f
Mrs. jsugeno oeariw,
110 Simonton St.. Elk
hart, Ind, says: "Ner
vous troubles had made
me nearly insane and
physicians were unable
to help me. My memory
. 11. .1a thlno
was almost gone aim -worried
me until I was almost distracted.
I really feared I was becoming a maniac. I
Imagined all sorts of evil things and would
cry oyer nothing. 1 commenced taking Dr.
.,i.. Nrvino and four bottles
J Allien ' .xi , J
her, of this wonderful remedy completely cured
for the past six weeks, will acoompany , me. w'""" "
Be sure to get Simmons Liver Regu
lalor for vour spring medicine. It's tbe
old reliable that did the old folks much
good. Don't let anyone persuade you
to take anything else instead. You can
always tell Simmons Liver Regulator
by tbe Red Z on the package. Don't
forget tbe word Regulator Simmons
Liver Regulator better than anything
else, and sure to do you good.
The output of the Hillsboro gold
mines for the week ended April 16th
was 475 tons. ,
Shiloh's Car; is sold on a guaran
tee It cures incipient consumption.
It is the best cough cure. Only one
cent a dose. 25 cts., 50 cts , $1. Sold
by Winters Drug Co. .
The article in the recent publication
by the bureau of immigation on tbe
mineral resources of Bernalillo county,
was written by A. M. Swan, and should
have been credited tc him. .
Catarrh cured, health' and sweet
breath secured, by Sbiloh's Catarrh
Remedy. Price 50 cents. Nasal in.
jector free. Sold by Wicters Drug Co.
-George Dunnahoo
back driver on the
is a new mail
Roswell Lincoln
Karl's Clover Root will purify your
Blood, clear -your Complexion, reg.
late your Bowels and make your, head
clear as.a bell. 25c, 60c, and 91.
Sold by Winters Drug Co.
John A. Haley, of White Oaks, has
accepted the position of office deputy
at Llnsoln, under Sheriff Fritz.
Dr. Miles'
Y"IV i
SOcts. I
81.00 Bottle.
Lab Visas, meaning "Tbe Meadows,"
Is tbe county seat of Ban Miguel county,
lies on both sides of the Oalllnas river,
and, with Its suburbs, has about 10,000
Inhabitants., . '
It bas water works, street cars, arc and
Incandescent electrio light plant, telephone
exchanges, Territorial agrieultura) expert.
ment station, headquarters of tbe Atchi
son railway system, New Mexico division,
together with railroad machine shops and
tie-preserving works, stock yards, and the
largest sheep shearing and dipping plant
In tbe United States,
West of the river, tbe old town has the
quaint and ploturesque Mexieaa appear
ance adobe bouses, narrow, crooked
streets, native people and customs, handi
crafts and occupations; but tbe placa and
all of the new town, east of the river, con
stitute a distinctive American olty. The
Btreets are wide and well graded, while
sidewalks abound, shaded with growing
trees. . Three parks, filled with grass and
trees, add to tbe beauty and bealthfulness
of the place. Handsome and well-filled
stores, beautiful residences, and Innumera
ble lawns, set ln grass and adorned with
shrubbery and flowers, combine to pro
claim a cultured community, possessed of
all modern comforts and conveniences,
A olty ball, three public school buildings,
court-house, MaEonio temple, opera bouse,
Territorial Normal school and Territorial
Insane asylum are publlo buildings, con
struoted of red and white out sandstone,
unsurpassed in beauty by similar edifices
in any town, of equal size, in tbe States.
above all other
things, the remedy for
sickly, wasted children.
It nourishes and builds
them up when ordi
nary foods absolutely
50Q. and $1.00 at all draggUta.
Geo. F. Bixby, of Roswdl, bas tho
contract, and is now at work on a sub
staniial six-room brick - residence for
W. J. Chlcium, on the mesa south of
the town limits.
Spring is full of terrors to all whose
constitution is not able to resist the
sudden changes of temperature and
otber insalubrities of tbe season. To
put the system into condition to over
come these evils, nothing is so effect.
Ive as Ayer's Sarsaparilla. Take it
J. E. and M. I 'vie, cattlemen of
Kansas, are at Clayton for the purpose
of buying cattle and will call on the
stockmen of Union county and west
ern Oklahoma before leaving.
"Half a span of angry steel" will
An Academy, Seminary, Jesuit college, tuu"u " ibbuiib luau a
Convent sobool, Presbyterian Mission neglected com or cough, tor all throat
school, Methodist manual training school, and lung diseases, Ayer's Cherry Pec
toral is the best remedy. It is invalu
able in oases of croup, whooping
cough, bronchitis, and la grippe.
An enjoyable party was given at
Clayton by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dod
son, to a number 01 their young
Christian Brotheis' institute, City high
school, three graded publlo schools, a kin
dergarten, a commercial school and two
music schools, besides several private teach
ers, are among tbe educational advantages
and facilities.
Las Vegas Is the natural sanatorium of
tbe United States, combining more nat
ural advantages than any other place in
America. Her thermal . waters are the
equal, of the Hot Springs of Arkansas,
while ber climate is lnnaltelv superior,
There is uu malaria, no excessive heat or
cold, no gnats, rats or mosquitoes. The
air is pure, dry. rarlfied, and highly elec
trified a certain oure for consumption, if
tbe disease be. taken in time. The hot
waters are a specific for liver, skin, rbeu
matte and blood disorders. Her Montezu
ma hotel is tbe finest hostelry between
Chicago and California, and is situated in
a beautiful canyon, five miles from town,
wbere tbe Hot Springs, forty in number,
come boiling to the surf aoe.
Abe latitude is about the same as that ol
central Tennessee, while the altitude is
nearly 6,500 feet. This combination givs
a peculiar, out most nappy, result, in tbe
winter, during tbe day, tbe thermometer
seldom talis, in tne snaae, Deiow forty de
grees, while it often runs, in tbe sunshine,
to sixty-nve aegrees or even more, un
the otber band, in tbe summer, tbe heat is
never oppressive, . in tbe shade, i and no
nigbt is too warm for comfortable sleep,
under one. , or two blankets. Tbe-euf Witt
shine nine days out of every ten, the year
round. Ibis, wltb tbe extreme dryness of
the air, caused by the very slight precipi
tation of moisture; the resinous aroma,
rolling down from the pine-clad moun
tains; the large amount of electricity in
tne air, ana tne consequent ozone, result
It's all tbe same, a slight cold, con
gested lungs or severe cough. One Min-
ute Cough Cure banishes tbem. Win
ters Drug Co.
W. M. Atkinson, of Roswell, has
been appointed superintendent of the
Milne -Bush land and cattle company.
An Affidavit.
This is to certify that on May 11th, I
walked to Melick's drugstore on a pair
of crutches and bought a bottle of
Chamberlain's Fain Balm for inflam
matory - rheumatism whioh had crip
pled me up. After using three bottles
I am completely cured. I can cheer
fully recommend it. Charles H. Wet
zel, Suabury, Pa.
Sworn and subscribed to before me,
on August 10, 1891. Walter Shipman,
J. P. For sale at 60 cents per bottle,
by R. D. Goodall, Depot drug store.
The teachers and pupils of the pub
lic schools at Roswell intend to have a
ing from tbealtitude; and the location of the M87 aav P'CniO.
town, land-locked by mountain and mesa
these all conspire to produce an atmos- It will bo an agreeable surprise to
phere which is a balm to all diseases of the persons SuMect to attacks of bilious
respii nbui y uigauB. iu ptsrueuMiKe ul I - , l-V, t .
organs. The percentage of
death from consumption is lower in New
Mexico tban it is any wbere else in tbe
United States; and no other place in New
Mexico excels Las Vegas in tbe salubrity
of its climate. Astnmatics experience
immediate and permanent relief, in this
altitude. V'
In tbe way of health and pleasure re
sorts, Las Vegas is unrivaled, ln a radius
of 'twenty milej, in romantic mountain
glens and besi 1e babbling mountain brooks,
are tbe L.as Vegas not springs, Harvey's,
El Forvenir, Sandoval's Mineral Hill, Ro
mero Ranch, Blake's, Sparks', Sapello,
Rociada, and other places, too numerous
to mention, where health can be recovered,
and life becomes a pleasure to the ennuye,
tbe invalid, tba over-worked business man.
Las Vkoas bas two daily and dve weekly
papers, three banks, two building and loan
associations, three hotels, many boarding
houses, nine churches, a number of clubs,
and all tbe leading civic and social socio
tiss; a roller flour mill, capacity, fifty bar
rels per day ; two wool-scouring establish
ments, cleaning 1,500,000 pounds of wool
annually; a well-equipped brewery and
bottling establishment; a manufactory of
mineral and carbonated waters; two wag
on and carriage factories; a saddle and
barness faotory; a foundi. elec
trio light plant, three planing mills.
nd otber enterprises of less importance.
There are elgbt large wnoiesale houses,
hose trade extends tbrougbout the Ter
ritory, and into the adjoining sections;
prompt relief may
be bad by taking Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrtosi Remedy. In
many instances tbe attack may be pre
vented by taking this remedy as soon
as tbe first symptoms of tbe'disease
appear. 25 auj 50 cent bottles for
sale by K. D. Goodall, Depot Drug
is Simmons Liver regulator. Don't
orget to take It. Now is the time you
need it most to wake up your Liver. A
sIuckIsIi Liver brines on Malaria. Fever
1 a ri 1 '
anu Mgue, rcneumausm, anu many oilier
liis wiucii Miuiier the constitution and
wreck health. Don't forget the word
Regulator., It is Simmons Liver
Regulator you want The word Reg
ulator distinguishes It from all other
remedies. And, besides this, SIMMONS
LIVER REGULATOR is a Regulator of the
Liver, keeps It properly at work, that your
system may ne Kept in good conaition.
LIVER REGULATOR. It is the best blood
purifier and corrector. .Try it and note
tne amerence. look tor the KbD I
on every Dackaire. You wont find it on
any other medicine, and there is no other
Liver remedy like . blMMONS LIVER
KfcuULATOR-the K.mgot Liver Remedies.
ce sure you get it.
J. II. Zclllii & Co., rhlladclphia, Pa,
Hurbw Kbopa.
Toneorinl Parlors,
Center Street,
Bon-ton, St. Louis. Lonsr Branch, round
senator, and round, square and box pom
pauour a speoinny.
Q BIENNIAL I.KAUUK-neirelar mtetlng
atl. U.
eoiid Tuesday evenlu of inch nioutfi
1. J. Hamilton, Pres.
N. B. Rosbdkbut, Boo'y.
Oentor Street,
O. L. Gregory, prop.
Only skilled workmen amDlnrad. Hot
ana com ontns in connection.
I. o. o. r.
VEGAS LODGE No. t. meets evnr
at their hull. Hivth
letting brethren are cordially
T A8
.1 JMonduv evenlnu
irnui. aij visitll
Invited to atteud.
f. W. Flick, Sec'y.
W, K. Ckitbs, N, G,
Two outfits of prospectors, one from
La Junta, tbe other from near La
Junta, passed through Raton en. route
to Hematite.
Chamberlain's Bye and Skin Ointment
Is unequalled for Eczema. Tetter. Salt
Rheum, Scald Head, Sore Nipples, Chapped
Hands, Itching Piles, Burns, Frost llites,
Chronic Sore Eyes and Granulated Eye Lids.
ior sale oy druggists at zo cents per box.
For ptittins; a horse in a fine healthy can
dltion try Dr. Cadv's Condition Powders.
They tone np tho system, aid digestion, cure
iubh 01 nnpuuie, relieve consupnuon, correct
kidney disorders and destroy worms, giving
new life to im old cr over-worked horse. 25
cents per package. For salo by druggists.
Leo Reed bas accepted a position in
the Raton cigar factory, up tbe country.
Plies, Piles Pile.
A sure oure for Blind. Bleed
in? and Itching Piles. Dr. Kirk's
German Pile Ointment has oured the
worst cases of ten years' standing by
three or four applications. No one
nead suffer ten minutes after using
ur. luric's uerman rue Ointment
Our agent, Mr. Goodall, will warrant
every box. Price $1.00. Sold at
Depot drug store Las Vegas
Mrs. D. Klein and family left
well for Si.n Diegj, California.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The best salve in tbe world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped bands, chill
blains, corns and all skin eruptions,
and positively cures piles, or no pay
required. It is guaranteed to give per.
feet satisfaction or money refunded.
Price 25 cents per box. For sale by
Murpliej-Van Petten Drug Co., Las
Vegas and East Las Vegas. At whole.
iile by Browne & Manzanares Co.
The Roswell base ball
organized in a few days.
team will be
A. G. Draper left Roswell for Colo
rado Springs, where he will engage in
During tbe winter of 1893, F. M.
Martin, of Long Beacb, West Va.,con.
traded a severe cold which left him
with a cough. In speaking of how he
cured it, he says:. "I used several
kinds of cough syrup, but found no re
lief until I bought a bottle of Chamber
Iain's Cough Remedy, which relieved
me almost instantly, and in a short
time brought about a complete cure."
When troubled with a cough or cold
use this remedy an 1 you will not find
it necessary to try several kinds before
you get relief. It has been in the mar
ket for over twenty years and con.
hile tbe volume of this trade, and tbelstantly grown in f ivor and popularity.
value of the stocks which they carrv. can
not be duplicated west of Kansas City and
south of Denver. Three merchants' brok
ers have selected the city as their distrib
uting center, the amount of their yearly
sales exceeding, in the aggregate, the com
bined tales ol ail otner such brokers In
Mexico. The retail merchants, of
Las Vegas, are more numerous, and carry
larger ana oetter bcooks 01 gooas man ao
tbe retail merchants ot any otber town in
this Territory or Arizona. ' ' ;
LAS Vegas Is the distributing point for
nearly all New Mexico. By tbe Atchison
system, she bas connection with Kansas
on the east. Colorado on tbe nortb, Arizo
na and California on the west, and Texas
and Old Mexico on the south. Besides
these, she has more stage lines, connecting
er with tributarv territory, tnan bas anv
otber town in New Mexico. . This territory
includes the entire section east, and south
the mountains, and comprises tbe coun
ties of Colfax, Mora, Taos, Ban Miguel,
Banta Fe. Socorro. Dona Ana. Grant.
Chaves, Lincoln and Eddy, with parts of
Valencia and Bernalillo a country larger
than all New England. This takes In the
famous Valley olthe Hlo Urande, and tbe
less famous, but not less excellent, Valley
tbe fecos tbe nnest irult sections or
the west.
This Territory Is rich In everything that
constitutes the Wealth of Natinns. Iron,
coal, lead, silver, gold, mica, limestone,
sandstone, marbles, gypsum, soda In end
ess variety and eihauMless quantities,
are among the several products of the
country which Las. Vegas commands.
Sbeep, cattle ana lunioer abound, so tbat
eacb or tbese prime articles of commerce
this eity Is tbe best market in New Mexico.
81. e handles more wool than all the otber
towns in the Territory combined, while
ber commerce In bides is truly enormous.
Io the same way, Bbe stands pre-eminent
tor ber trade in grata, hay, vegetables,
and other farm products; while her trade
ice, gathered in tbe neighboring moun
tain canyons, extends east into Kansas,
west 1 3 to Arizona, and south into Old
It is o'.d on R-uarantee bv all dnitr-
rlsts. It cures Incipient Consumption
HtX is the be.; Cough and Croup Cure,
Bold by Winters Drug Cc
J. at. UABTIN.
Martin & Howard,
Contractors & Blilte
Plan? and specifications fnrmshec
free to patrons. Shop next door tc
Houghton's Hardware Store.
For sale at 50 cents per bottle by K. D.
Goodall, Depot drii2; store.
J. Winters and family, of New Or
leans, are new arrivals at Raton, and
expeot to make that place their per.
manent home.
FREE TO P. A. 1L A Colored Enjravfo
ot cuineae Masons at work, also, large
Catalogue of Muoonlo booka and g-oods
with bottom pnoea. New Illustrated His
tory of Pieemasoiiryfor Agent. Boware
of thospurlonsMusonlo books. KEOU1NO
A (JO., Publ'ahers and Manufacturers of
muKmlc QMd&4iiiBnadwar. Mew Kerb
Claim Agent
Indian Depredation Claims a
isnecialty. .
Isaac K. Hltt St 3o , Chicago, III.. Bar
aett, Thompson ft aw, Washington, D. O.,
are associated with me in cases before tb
Ooortoi Claims.
A Bright Boy or Girl,
In this and every town in the Vicinity
where there Is not already an aeent, to
sell the New York Ledger, America's Great
est Story Paper, by the week, and act as
agent, making 2 cents on every copy sold,
No charge being made for unsold copies.
No Possible Bisk. For full particulars, call
at tne omce 01 mis paper.
Sixth street and Grand avenue
Orw floods.
M. Romero, Manager,
Booth Bide Plaaa
County Surveyor.
veyor. onice, room l, Olty Hall.
Physicians and Burgeona.
laa. m
i,as vegas, . M. omce hoars: 11 to
10 p. m.,7 tog p. m.
A. U. V. W.
FH!,.JfSL0iGKN0 .meets first and
third Tuesday eveoluKs each month to
I brethren ars cordially invltmj. '
J. 111011M1 i.i., M, w .
., . Vo. w Noris.liooorder
r, Bibzoo. Financier.
K. of P.
TiL DORADO I.Onnw tin. 1 v,..
A?811" HllU ln tbe Clement block, rnr
or SUth street and (Jrand avenue, over tbe
Ban Miguel National Bank, every Thursday
evening. Vi.itina mmh.i ,L a .1 tZ
always weloome..
... . O. LAEiMoaa.O. O.
. J. Mabcds. K. ok. ft 6.
tt.t-Jm'0! BW Mexico, meets first ana
third Tuesday niinni ...k
O'clock at K, of P. M all. Bast Los Vega s , N .
M. Visiting sisters or the older alwayi
welcome. Mas. O. H.
as. at. It. Williams. m. k. b.
M. ol L A O.
jl oiaiooeui ounuing, np stairs.
m. n. suirwiin,
N. M.
Attorn eys-at-Law.
A. JT. A. M.
Ohanm An in m..a. .
third ThurarlAv avMninus n . A TT
efa:- Visiting brethren are
Okciiio Bosehwaiu, Sec.
Las Vegas Bora) Arch Ohnntar n
BOSWELL, I Begular convocations, first Monday ln eacb
'''""B companions fraternally
Invited. J. g. CLAItK. k. b. n
L, U. Bofhbistib, sec.
a a. ouiiainn.easE sias or Diaia. Laa veim.
L.as vegas Commander, wo
communication, second Tuesda
visiting untgnts
iv eacb
coraiany wel-
r OIHce ln Union block. Sixth at.ri.at
tP.T ir, ... .t T ' '
cms. unm v ogtta, n JU
Banta re, N. M. (P. O. Box r. Prac
tices in the supreme court and all district
conns or mo Territory . special attention
given to Spanish and Mexican grant titles
anu xuimugiittigacioa.
corned. q. a. Bothohh. b. n.
L. H. HorvBisTBa. tteo.
LA8 VEGAS COUNCIL NO. 3, Royal and
i i ??lSct Masters. Begular convocation
third Monday of each month. Sanctuary In
Masonic temple. Quo. T. Gould
Masons vlslttniz tha nitv afa nwinii. ...
vited to attend those bodies.
man's block. East Lasvogp.s, N. M.
Eastern Star
T?ePtar,0OmmnD,0Bt,I" second and fourth
At Thursday evenings.
A. F. Bhhedict. Worthy Patron.
Mrs. Emma Benedict. Treasurer.
All vlsltlnir brothers anrl All otor-a nnnllallss
invited. MBS. Mattib Morrat. Secretary.
Three Blocks from Union Depot,
Lorlon Miller. :Z3ZSrSSf MMto 1330 Seventeenth Street.
Thos. Smith Chief Justice I X
Thomas B. Cation.... Delegate to Congress
W. T. Thornton Governor
Lorlon Miller Hacratarv
Thos. Smith Chief Justice I
.Associates I
H B Hamilton,
N. B. Lausihlln,
G. D. Bants.
Felix Martlnes.. .Clerk 1th Judicial District
Charles F. Easley surveyor-General
Charles M. Shannon United States Collector
I. u. H. Hemingway. O. 8. District Attnrnav
Eiiiwuruii. nau.IIM u . a, Alarsual
W. H. Loomts Deputy U. 8. Marsha)
W. Fleming ..U. 8. Coal Mine Insnectnr
James H. Walker,8anta Fe.Reg. Land office
Pedro Delgado.Sauta Fe. . . .Kec. Land omen
Jns. P. Ascarate.LasOruces.Kec. LandOmce
Rlcnara Young.uoswell.. ..Ueg.Land Office
W. H. Cosgrove. Kos,vell...Kjc. Land omc.
John C. Slack , Clayton Reg. Land offlce
Joseph S. Holland, Clayton, Uec. Land Office
P. Victory Solicitor-General
H. Crist, Dist. Attorney .....Banta Fe
K.L.Young 1 LasOruces
Tbos. J. W liter son " Albuquerque
H. name Silver city
M. Dougherty .'.Socorro
Geo. mcuorimr Baton
A.Jones Lai Vnirai
Jonn Franklin " Roswell
Jose segura Librarian
W. a. Wylljs Clerk Supreme Court
eremann oudi. f
Geo. W. Knnebel Adjutant General
t. Penitentiary Price Reduced to Suit the Times
Rates. $150 and $1.75 Per Day.
Special Rates by Week or Hon
Manufacturer of
Wagons,-:- Carriages,
And dealer la
Heavy . Hardware,
Every kind of wagon material on hand
Horseshoeing and repairing a specialty
ftrand and Manzanares Avenues, Bast La
news of every class Wm:,Mi
any ofner Denver
r - I -rX'Si.
Diamnnd Grinding AheelSj
Attachable to Any Sewing Machine.
73 mW
Just the thing for
grinding knives and
bcissors. No dust, no
water. Keen as u
Sent to any address
post prepaid, for 85c
Give name of Sew
ing Machine
Ohas. Trambley,
Ls Tegas, N. M.
Samuel Eldodt Treasurer
Marceiino uarcia Auditor
Amado Obaves Sunt. Public Instruction
u. a. nan uoai uu inspector
B. V. Long.. President
Lorenzo Lones Vice-President
Carl V. Wlldensteln Sec'y and Xreaa.
Henigno itomero.
Frank 8. (Jrosson
Dr. J. Marron Medical SuDerlntendent
M:cameua6nnger-::::: Clean, Neat, Comfortable, and Ke-
nrm m bbtw.tt! r mm r.r .t spectaoie. especially desirable lor
Joseph R.Beed, of Iowa, Chief Justice. IBn""e! na lames traveling aione.
ASSOOlilB jcstioks Wilbur . Stnnfl. nf I KlBCtrin I.Krhh. Klfivatnr.. Hat ha, ptn.
Oolorado j Thomas O. Fuller, of North r-ablp pars naaa tha hntnl for nil nnrtu
Carolina! William M. Murray, of Tennes- aD'e cars Pa8S cne notel Ior aIi Parta
see: neury u. oiubv, ul juuibhb. j jl mv Ultv.
U.uvu. Mt H.;uuiU., Ui AUHUU11, J . Q.
W .H.Jack chairman. Sliver City
.N.Chamn... .nrst district. East Las Veiras
.S.Otero socond district, Albuquerque I
Q Hear ...tulrd district, watrous I
F.Hlnk'.e flrtli district, Lower Penasco I
A.uwue , BBoreiary.tias vegas
O. de Raca
Oregorlo Flores County Commissioners
Dlonlclo Martlnei J
Gregorlo Varela ................ Probate Judge
Patricio Gonzales Probate Clerk
Jose a. Montano ..Assessor
HUarlo Itomero Sheriff
Carlos Gabaldon ..Collector
Adelaldo Gonzales... School Superintendent
Henry Goke... ....Treasurer
F. m. jones surveyor
Jesus Ma. Prada Coroner
R. lVf . Poree, Mgr.'
rx tJL&r
Simon Aragon.... Justice of the Peace, No. 8 1
U. O. do Baca
U.S. Wooster
Antonlno Zubla
1 29
F. K. Olney Mayor
T. F. Clay Marshal
O. B. Earickson... Treasurer
J. E. Moore Recorder
E. V Long Attorney
Dr. M. W. Uobblns Physician
O. H -lllngsworth ... 1
J. K. Martin J
B. I . Foreythe.... .1
w . 1. uarDer 1 , ,.
tc t.. nnmhiin Aldermen
8. T Kline
LtU Hofmelster...
A. X. oogers
Edward Henry President
L. n. Fort...,., Vice-President
John Tort... , , Secretary
O. P. Earickson Treasurer
Members First ward, Alfred i. Smith,
Geo. V. Keed; second ward, L. O. Fort, L.
D. Webb; third ward, Edward Henry. H.
W. Kelly;fourth ward, O. V. Hedjcock, J.A.
V. B. Tipton, M. D. .President. . . Las Vegas
G . S.Easterrtay.M D.,V-Pres... Albuquerque
Francis H.Atkln,?, M.D.,8ec....a.Las Vegas
J. H. Sloan, M. O., Trees.... Santa Fa
Win.Eggert, M.D Santa Fe
J. J. Shuler, M. D Baton
J. M. Cunningham, M. D E. Las Vegas
For Information and free Handbook write to
MONK & CO., 861 Broadway, New Yobic.
OldeBt bnroau for securing patents la America.
Every patent taken out by us is brought beforo
tbe pubU by a notice given free of charge lu tba
tareest ctrculatlmi of any eclentlflo paper tn the
..orid. Buitilididly iiiustrated. No inteliiKenil
man should be without It. Weekly. g.l.OO a
vgar; S1.50 six months. Addrmw, MUNN & CO
gni.isgKBa, 3C1 Broadway, New York City.
James McLaughlin,
Contractor and Builder.
Quotations on Brick furnished, at the
yard or in the wall.
Established In Colorado, 1S66. Sample by mall o:
express wtli rucelve prompt and careful rvtteiuleo.
Gold & Silver Bullion ni'S2Z
Adirtn, 172S k 17S8 Lsvrsccs St, Sraytr, Cola.
Job Printing
Of erery description
executed with neatnesi
and despatch
If you use the Petalnma
Incubators ft Brooders.
Make money -while
others are wasting
time by old processes.
Catalog tells all about
it.anddc KriUes every
article needed tor ini
poultry business.
The "ERIE"
mechanically the best
wheel, prettiestmodel.
we are Pacific Coast
Acrents. Bicvcle cala-
logue.mailed free.givo
fu'Mescriot Ion, prices, etc., agents wanted.
Br anch Hooso, 3i 8 Main St., Los Angeles.
'Ii 48 Page I' I
M Illustrated I,S
rjyL catalogue .Ul
of either sex, any ?e, ln any prt of the country,
at the employment which we furnish. You need
not be away from home over night. Toucan give
your whole time to the work, or only your spare mo
ments. As capital is not required you run no risk.
We supply you with all that Is needed. It will
cost you nothing to try tbe business. Any one
can do the work. Bep'uners make money front
the start Failure i unknown with our workers.
Every hour you labor you can easily make a dollar.
No one who Is willing to work fails to make mora
money every day tban can be made ln three day
at any ordinary employment. Send for free book
containing tbe fullest information.
Box 880,

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