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K. A. KI5Tl.liR, Editor and Proprietor.
Knterod at the hirst l.as Vo
N. M
Mhtoiili!ti for trii...'ulsslon
Jnulla UJ socoudi-IUBS uiuttur.
biieclul Motlce.
I.ah Vnos Daily Oitio Delivered by mull,
postpaid, f lo.tKi pr annum; ii.wioriii
in. nrliH ; .'.i.o Tor three moutlis, lijt car
rler, 2f cinrs per week.
Lah Vkiiah W kkhly Orno 82 columns, de
livHtuii tiv mull. nost.nald. 1HO0 ner an
num. $1.50 lor slxmontlis, tl.uu fur three
nmiilUs. SlnKle (pl8 111 wrappers, scents,
KiimiiiH cuniiia of both dally anil weeklv,
miillKil free wtien desired, (live postoUlce
address In full, luriuiiliiK suue.
in.i ii'niii nil nui'tflni tlin country. Conr
muiilculloiis addressed to the editor of
'J'iin oi-Tiu, to Insure attention, snouiu us
ucciiuii'iuilud li the writer'! full name
and uilires, not tor puuiicuuuu, uuv no
iriiin'Mnt.v nf imnri fnmi.
Bbmi i-i anokb May he made by draft. money
oriler, postal r.cto, express cr roistered
letter at our risk:. Address all letter! and
telegrams to theuptio,
East Las Veaas, New Mexico
Law ol Newspapers.
If subscribers order the discontinuance
of nowspapors, the publisher! may con
tinue to send them until all arrearages are
PHaiab!Prlbora refuse or neglect to take
their newspaper! rrora ine uui w ui
they are sent, they are held responsible un
til thev have settled the bills and ordered
them discontinued.
ifMiKar.Hni.ra ninvstoothsr nlaces wltn
out tnformlr.K the publisher, and the news
papers are sent to the former plane ol roil
dunce niev are tuen reuuuiui-
Itnckboard Halls,
Mull! on the Star routes leave Lai Vegas
as follows; , . .,
in v.uu tn Fort Sumner. lncmdln
Anton Chlco. Los Oolonais, Eden, Santa
lKina nd Puerto de Luna, trl-weemy, on
Monday, We.lnosday and Friday, and ar
.. .. aWnala (Ingfl nf RftCh WBBK.
Las Venal to Fort Bascom, Including
Ohaperlto, Ualllnns Springs, El Cuervo,
Bell Ranch, Uherty and Kndee, tri-weekly,
on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, of
each woeK. ana arrive on uimrimuo
Las Vegae to Mora, including Los Alamos
Hapelio, uan iHnacio uiAsiau., v..
:.. ,i,i nn Tnm, c. Thursdav and riatur
day, of each week, and arrive on alternate
Las' Vegas to Lesperance, once a week
Conveyance on Fort Sumner line, U by
two-horse buckboard, on Fort Bascom and
Mora linos by single-horse buckboard, To
LesDerance bv private conveyance
usually spring wagon.
Nothing new to report for the pres.
ent in tbe Fountain assassination tujs
tery. And still something may arise
at any moment, to clear up the bloody
and gruesome affair.
In Santa Fe oounty, they use all the
1894 county taxes to pay the sheriff'
bills with. Pretty nice thing, 4,hat, for
the sheriff, but rather hard on other
ertditors of the county. ' And where
decs the equity or justice of such
proceeding come inP
Quite a joke it is that they tell on
Prof. S. P. McCrea ppon ihe streets of
Las Cruces, concerning a certain reo
omniendation. So harm done, Mr
ex-president of the agricultural college
at Las Cruces. This is simply done to
let you know that The Optic is "on.
Ex-Pklegatk Antonio Joseph is
setting up the pins for the demccratio
nomination for the legislative council
from the counties of Taos and Rio Ar
riba, this full. Now, Ihe ex-delegat
will make a strong candidate, and tbe
republicans of that section must look
around for a mighty good man to beat
him with.
Thkuk are some dark rumors con
cerning the conduct of George W
Miles, recently appointed professor of
astronomy at the Las Cruces agricul
tural college as treasurer of the board
of regents of the Silver City normal
school,floatiDg about the southern part
of New Mexico. The Optic may have
more to say upon this subject anon,
Tbe board of regents of that institu
tion is strongly democratic now, but
The Optic may be able to give the
facts, nevertheless, ' .
Charges have been preferred
against Sheriff W. P. Cunningham,
oJ Santa Fe county, by Hon. Qharles
W. Dudrow, chairman of the board cf
county commissioners, of that oounty,
aud it is understood that the governor
bus ordered a hearing thereon, " on
Monday. .The sheriff is charged with
having Territorial and county funds In
his possession, unlawfully and contrary
to the requirements of the statute in
such case made and provided, and with
several acts of misfeasance and op
pression in office. Now, let the gov
ernor hew to the line, let tbe chips fall
where they may. The eyes of the
people,' not only of Santa Fe county,
but of the entire Territory, are upon
you, Governor Thornton. If Governor
Thornton will act In the case, The
Optic has in mind as the law directs
snd as the evidence will show, he will
obtain the respect and goodwill of the
best part of the citizpns of New Me
ico, regardless ot party. Let him act
with firmness and decision and he will
have no cause to regret it.
An eastern gold-bug paper, the Buf
falo Commercial, has the following,
which wiil be appreciated by the
friends of real honest money, because
it puts tbe issue squarely between bi
metallism on the old basis and a single
gold standard. The Commercial is en
titled to credit for its frank avowal of
the real issu, and we therefore give It
space, as follows:
The great majority of American people,
including pretty nearly the entire busl
nesa community, are thoroughly wedded
to the honest money, the best money, and
wholly opposed to the dishonest schemes
of the silveritcs, and it is this fact that
makes it so exasperating to see republican
and democratic politicians lying low, avoid
ing plain, unequivocal language on the
subject, and seeking compromise (or the
sake of "harmony." One never hears of
any mealy-mouths among the free silver
ites, whether of democratic or republican
affiliation. It is silver or noth
ing with tbem. It ought to
tie gold or nothing with tbe
honest money men, republicans or demo-
prats, 'hiJ nufjh); fd, I'm utiiib,qin of
fill uonaft li-'trtilUai will, for It (souly
by malting every dollar of our obligations
oi gocd as gold that tbe two metuUoan be
kept in circulation. Tno republican candl
date, whoever he may bo, will have to toe
tbe mark ou tbli quehtlon aud tbers Is
reully nothing to be galnudby trimming at
tlill time of day. ,
Too Chandler! and Germans may cook
up all tba "compromises" they choose.
The country will have none ot them.
The Commercial is right when.lt de
olares that the oounlry will have none
of the Chandler and Gorman compro
mises; they want the issue of honest
money placed squarely before tbem
and they are going to Insist upon tbe
right to pais judgment in favor, njt of
tbe gold standard wbioh is impoverish
ing this nation and enriching Europe,
but of honest money which deals hon
estly with the American people and
with their creditors. . That honest
money is gold and silver, coined at the
ratio which prevailed when both metals
were given their best use, and which
would mako both dollars equally valu
able at all time 8. Every taot In ' the
experience of tbe world ; every rule of
logic and common sense' in favor of
honest bi metallism, the free coinage of
gold and silver at the point where tbe
metals converge In production and In
the usage of the , world, and in spite of
the fact that the gold standard news
papers refuse to give tbe people the
faots, the masses are growing id knowl
edge, and they are going to produce a
condition where the question cannot
be shoved aside by the lofty sneers of
men 'who dare not go into a discussion
of the faots and principles involved.
No; we want no compromises. We
want to meet this issue squarely on the
lines laid down by the above paper;
we want the judgment of the, people
upon what constitutes honest money.
It cannot be, for a single gold stand
ard, raising the price of gold and de
stroying the values of American pro
ducts, is not honest money ; It is legal
ized robbing ot the many for the bene
fit of the few; a monstrous and grow
lng wrjong.
A Misleading Report Connecting the
Man With the Murder of Cot
Fountain and Little Son.
From the Las Cruces Republican.
The facts are as follows: Some
time ago Luis Herrera was arrested
and placed under bond for carryin
concealed weapons. Herrera was
the employ of tbe parties who were
seardbing for the murderers of Col
Fountain and his little son, and was on
tbe point of starting for Chamberino
for a-man, who claimed be knew where
Col. Fountain's body was when be was
arrested. It was thought then that this
Mexioan at Chamberino might know
something, so nothing was Baid at his
trial, why be was armed, and
bond was given for nis appearance
before the grand jury. It turned out,
however, tbal tbe Chamberino man
bad passed the white sands, and saw
bush, which looked suspicious to him
and wheu he arrived at Chamberino
told that he saw tbe legs of Col. Foun
lain stretching out of tbe sand.
Later, It was discovered that Herrera
left Las Cruces on tbe 31st of January
and on the .2nd of February, early In
the morning, his cousin at Tularosa
found bim asleep in his corral, and
Herrera explained tbat his horse had
given out a'bout five miles from Tular
osa and he had walked in with his sad.
die and left his horse at a ranch. He
then borrowed a horse from bis cousin
and asked him to get bis (llerrera's)
horse and keep it until he returned bis
own, the borrowed one. On the 7th.
he appeared at Prude's store, and then
borrowed a pistol, saying that be had
just beard of the murder of Col. Foun
tain and little son, and wanted to go
out and look for tbe bodies. lie tben
went to Ed. Terrell's place and there
borrowed another horse, leaving tbe
horse he bad borrowed in Tularosa
with Terrell. A few days later,' he
was on the plains and joined Llewel
lyn's party, and helped to search for
tbe lost bodies.
llerrera's cousin at Tularosa told
Mr. Banner when he was in Tularosa
that Luis Herrera had left Las
Cruces on the 31st and arrived
there on the second of February.
If this is true, Herrera must have been
very near when the murder was. com
mitted, and when asked where he was
on the 1st of February, he said he was
at Prude's store, and bad not been in
Las Cruces, nor had he beenlnTula-
roso sioco last August.
His contradictory statement caused
a suspicion against him and the sheriff
went to his bondsmen, explaining these
circumstances and bad them withdraw
from his bond, and he ,1s now in jail.
In tbe meantime, tbe sheriff is invest!
gating into his case and find out
whether or not he is connected with
tbe Fountain murders.
None But Ayer's at the World's Pair.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla enjoys the ex
traordinary distinction ot having been
tne only blood puriner allowed an ex
hibit at the World's fair, Chicago.
Manufacturers of other Sarsaparillas
sought by every means to obtain a
showing of their goods, but tbey were
all turned away nnder the application
of the rule forbidding the entry of
patent medicines and nostrums. The
decision of the Woild's fair authorities
in favor of Ayerrs Sarsaparilla was in
effect as follows: "Ayer's Sarsaparilla
is not a patent medicine. It does .not
belong to tho list of nostrums. It is
here on its merits "
Stockholders' Meeting.
A meeting of tbe stockholders of the
Las Vegas Masonio building association
ill be he'd at tbe Masonio Temple, in
East Las Vegas. N. M.. April 27th. 1800.
at 8 o'clock p. m , for the purpose of elect
ing a board of directors to serve for tbe
ensuing year and toi the transaction of
such other nuslnei- a may legally come
before such meeting Chas. ItrtLD,
A, D. Hioaiws, President,
Secretary. H8 8t .
East Las Vegas, NM., April J7f, 18D0,
Tim sick wait knocking
at the door of health. ff'M
In if he knock! the right
way, and, stays out if ha
doesn't. There are thou,
sands of ways of gett'ng
sick but only one way to
get well. Do whatever
you will, If you do not put
your digestion in good
order, and make your
blood rich and pure, yon
will not get well. Rich,,
pure blood is the only
thing that can bring per.
feet health. Constipation
ia'a disease of the blood.
IA large part of all dis
eases are traceable di
rectly to impurities in the blood, and can
be cured by eliminating them with Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. The
first thing it does is to put the whole diges
tive system into perfect order. It stimu
lates the appetite, excites a copious secre
tion of the digestive fluids and promotes
assimilation. It searches out disease germs
wherever tbey may be, kills tbem and forces
them out of the system. The "Go!d;
Medical Discovery" has been used With
unvarying success for over 30 year.
It Has Again Been Extended by the
Governor Over in Santa Fe.
Frcm the New Mexican.
Governor Thornton, yesterday, com
muted tbe sentences of John C. Hill
and Jack Porter, convicted of larceny
of cattle in Colfax county last June
and sent to the penitentiary for five
years, to fifteen months each.
This action was taken on tbe repre
sentation of petitions, letters and
statements of citizens of Union and
Colfax oonntles that the ends of justice
had been satisfied by the punishment
already inflicted and thai, commuta
tions were justifiable.
Every offloer in Union county, ex
cept one, nearly nil tbe officers ot Col
fax oonnty and 1,000 other petitioners
prayed- for executive olemency in tbe
premises and the trial judge withdrew
his opposition . thereto. Messrs.. Hill
and Porter will be released lit Septem
ber. On the recommendation of tbe trial
judge, district attorney, prosecuting
witness and others, the governor has
pardoned J. M. Leary, convicted about
a year ago of assault with intent to
kill, in Bernalillo county, and sen
tenced to serve two years in the peni
tentiary. The sentence of Roy Campbell, con
victed of burglary in Grant oounty,
has also been commuted to expire on
April 30th, upon tbe showing that
Campbell was only eighteen years old
and that this was his first offense.
Jesus Maria Armijo, of San Miguel
county, having served his full sentence
for larceny, has, been restored to citi
zenship. 1 -
When Others Fall -
Hood's Sarsaparilla builds up the weakened
shattered system by giving vigorous action to
the digestive organs creating an appetite, nnd
purifying the blood. It Is prepared by modern
methods, possesses the greatest curative pow.
ers and has the most wonderful record ot ac
tual cures of any medlolne. Try It
flood's) Pills cure nausea, sick headache,
indigestion, biliousness. Sold by all druggists.
Las Vegas, N. M., April 9th, 1896
Sealed proposals will be received at
the office of tbe secretary of tbe di
rectors of the insane asylum, at Las
Vegas, until 10 o'clock a. m., Tuesday,
May 5.h, 1896, and opened immediate
ly thereafter in the preeenoe of bid
ders, for furnishing and delivery, at
New Mexico insane asylum, of all or
any part of the hereinafter named and
described supplies required for tbe
maintenance of tbe asylum for the
six months commencing May 1st 1896
and ending Uctober 31st, 189o.
The directors of tbe asylum reserve
tbe right to rejaot any or all bids.
Other things being equal articles of
domestic production will nave prefer
All goods marked with a star, sam
pies must be furnished, otherwise bids
will not be entertained. , .
9,000 pounds beef as required.
600 pounds good quality green coffee.
1,600 pounds dry granulated sugar.
600 pounds brown sugar.
60 pounds green tea.
200 pounds bomloy. -
300 pounds oat flake.
200 pounds cracked wheat.' '
8,000 pounds potatoes ai required.
300 pounds prunes, crop 1895.
300 poundi evaporated dried peaches,
crop 1895.
200 pounds evaporated dried apples.
50 pounds dried currants.
4 cases raspberries, 2 lb cane, crop 1895.
l eases strawberries, 2 lb cans, crop 1895,
4 cases peaches, 8 lb cans, crop 1895.
4 cases green peas, 2 lb cans,crop 1895.
4 cases sweet oorn, 2 lb cans, crop 1895.
4 cases tomatoes, 8 lb cans, crop 1895.
900 lbs. lard, as required, bidders to
name brand bid on".
200 lbs. breakfast bacon, bidders to name
brand bid on.
300 lbs. bam, bidders name brand.
130 lbs. domestic macaroni.
80 lbs. domestic vermicelli. . -:
25 lbs. domestic chill, ground, crop 1895.
800 lbs. table batter, as required.' :
300 lbs. Cooking butter, as required.';.
150 lbs. baking powder, Dr. Fiioe'aor
150 lbs. cheese, as required. '
25 lbs. pepper, ground.
300 lbs. rice.
1,C00 lbs, washing soap, name brand bid
400 lbs. salsoda.
2 cases concentrated lye.
600 lbs. corn meal, white.
6,000 lb, flour, name brand bid on.
8,000 lbs, corn chop.
4,000 lbs. bran.
4,000 lbs. alfalfa ha, good quality.
2,000 lbs. straw, for bedding.
30 cords split, dry, pine wood, limbs and
sticks excluded.
200 gallons ocal oil, ai required.'
1 gallon linseed oil, boiled. ,
doz. S. H. ihovels, good quality.
100 feet best rubber hose, X inch.
1 doz. sewing machine oil.
4 doz. tin cups, pints, pressed and re-
4 doz. Iron table spoons.
200 lbs. Mexican beans, crop 1895.
200 lbs. white navy beans, crop 1895.
10 cases soda crackers.
6 cases gingersnaps.
2 gross matches, good quality.
20 gals, pickles, or 1 halt bbU
H doz. feather dusters.
8 doz. toilet paper.
12 doz. castile toilet soap. .
4 doz. pint! liquid bluing.
3 doz. brooms, good quolitv, Dandy pre.
2S, !), FruU and, FlowM't Slriokina to
bacoa, 0 at. pekgs..
2S lbs, Durham smoking tobacco, 9
2 csp9 corn starch, name brand bid on
1 case silver gloss starch.
I bbl vinegar, (alder.)
10 lbs sod, baking. "
200 yds sheeting 10-4.
1(MJ yds pillow casing.
100 yds toweling.
300 ydi ootton flannel, 1
100 yds gingham.
75 ydi bleached muslin. ,
18 palrj ladies' shoes.
24 pain men's shoes.
5 doz. pain ladles' hoe.
4 doa. pairs men's hose.
1 doz, coarse combs, "Atlantic" pro
rerred. '
1 dos. fine combs, "Leader" preferred;
13 doa. spools thread.
43 doz. pants buttons. 1 '
1 doc. papers needles.
24 coats for men of overall goods,
24 pairs pants of overall goods.
4 dot. Turkey red bdkfs 28.
1 doa, balr brashes.
1 doz. men's bats.
All to be delivered at tbe asylum,
E. V. Loko, President,
C, W. Wildbkstwn, Seo'y. and Treaf,
Board ot Directors, Territorial -Tnsane
Asylum. 4c it pr wk.
D. W. Stevens returned to Raton
from a trip to Cimarron where he has
large business interests. He reports
very lively times in the mining camps
of that section. The stage line is
taxed to its . utmost capacity lo carry
passengers headed for that booming
aistrict 01 uoifax county.
E. T. Webber returned to Santa Fe
from Denver whenoe he shipped tbe re
mains of . W. Judkias to Hastings,
uiiuu., ur ounai.
it bebooves every citizen in city.
town and country to keep posted on
the stirring events that will occur in
this country and in the old world
within the next nice months. Tbe re
suits will affect all, personally, directly
or indirectly. This nation is on the
eve of the most exciting presidential
campaign in its history, European
pontics are in a very complicated
state, and scientists are applying their
discoveries to many lines tbat will pro
duoe startling new things. To keep
abreast witb the world one should
read, in addition to the local
county paper, a live metropolitan
newspaper, such as The Twice a-Week
Republic, of St. Louis. It is the most
progressive journal in the United
States, and In each issue it gives the
latest political news of all parties in
tbe field, the latest general news of the
world and many valuable special feat
ures nesiaes. Ibis model newspaper
is delivered twice-a-week by mall for
only $1 a year, or less than one cent
copy. Tbe price of the Daily and Sun
day Republic has recently been reduced
to only o a year by mail.
The Park House.
Las Vega! Hot Springs, N. M. We siili
have a few choice rooms left for those wb
come early. Tbe most popular bouse at
tbe spring'. Mr. Bob Briiton, late from
the east, has charge ot the kitcben: every
thing is prepared in best ot style. Rates,
35 cents per meal. Seven dollars per
wees', xaoie supplied witn tne best tne
market affords. Rooms by tbe day, 60 to
70 cents, fit.uu to o.uu per ween.
Mrs. Eats Dennis,
148-tf Manager
To Health-Seekers.-
The Blake Ranch, on tbe head of the Rio
Hapelio, Is now prepared to receive a limit
ed number or boarders. This ranch
located In the heart of the mountains, amid
tne most beautiful scenery in tne world
where brook trout and wild game offer
ample diversion for the nimrod or anyone
seeking out-door sport, it Is located only
twenty-five miles from Las Vegas, and
within eight miles of the Rio Pecos, and
only three miles from tbe headwaters of
the Rio Gallinaa. Address,
Address Mrs. 3. P. Blake, Rociada, or In
quire for conveyances and rates of W. K,
Urltes, JSastLaa Vegas, si. M.
;j.P. Blaks,
T7-tf ' Rooiada, if. M.
Summer Mountain Resort.
The El Porvenir mountain resort will
now receive guests for tbe summer.
Tbe most picturesque scenery in America,
one nsning ana nuntmg. Best 01 notei ao
eommodations in New Mexico. For terms
for board and lodging, apply to tbe Ro
mero Mercantile Co., Las Vegas. Carriage
leaves tneir store, southwest corner 01 the
filaza, every Saturday and Tuesday morn
ng at 8 o'clock: fare for the round trip. $1,
For further information, call at the above
estaciionment. uutr,
Practical HorseshoeiV
General Blaosmlthlng, Wagon and
Carriage Repairing, neatly and
promptly done .
Opposite Browne & Manxanares Co.,
and everything of this class.
Rubber Stamps Manufactured, and
buns kept in stcck For Kent.
Sporting Goods, and a full line of
Bicycle Supplies.
Shop on Center Street, next door to Mon
tezuma Restaurant.
Lifll and Fuel Co.
"A light, so bright,
That he who runs
May read."
And at a price that will compare
favorably with kerosene or other
primitive means of illumination.
Call or address office,
Repairer o"
Bull!! IMs RifiYfilfis
. T&nmo Opera House.
18th and Curtis 8ts.
For the cure of
and .
Best and most thoroughly equipped
Keeley Institute in the United States.
Homelike and comfortable is sli Its tp.
polntments. Ad absolute and permanent
cure. Ladles treated privately. Corre
spondence confidential,
Local Representative.
Geo. H. Hutchison & Co.
Real Estate,
Mines, and
For Sale or Lease.
House and lot, next to Central Hotel
More house, on leased lot good
business property.
Kanch, 161 sores; under ditch;
good wire fen 3e; fish tank, eight feet
deep two miles from Las Vegas.
Kestaurant, complete fixtures; seven
rooms, three furnished doing good
Two good lots in Dallas, Texas to
trade for Las Vegas property.
. Small ranch, 16 acres, under ditch,
tank,- all wire fence, 4-room house,
stable, mile from Las Vegas a bar
Kanch, 300 acres, 195 cultivated,
105 pasture, good orchard, 4-wire
cedar post fence, river water, large 6'
room bouse, furnished; one half cash,
one half notes or trade. mile from
depot. "
All letters of enquiry promptly an
swered. Cthce, New Optic hotel.
Geo. H. Hutchison & Co,
. victims of Lost Manhood should send at
once for a book
that eiDlains how
full manly vigor
is easily, quickly
end permanently
restored. No man
suffering from
weakness can af
ford to ignore this
timely advice.
Book tells how
full Rt.renorh. Ha.
veiopmeni ana tone are imparted to every
portion of the body. Sent with positive,
proofs (sealed) free' to any man on application.
At a Very Low Price.
ton or lianas) is published Tuesdays and
Fridays. Each issue consists of eight
pages. There are special departments for
tbe rermers, tbe ladies, and tbe boys and
girls, besides a world of general news mat
ter, illustrated articles, market reports,
etc, xou get! ;
104 Papers for Only $1.
Sample Copies Free.
A. H. BELO & Co., rubllihert
Harper's Bazar
IN 1396.
The twentv-nlntb tyear of HARPER'3
BAZAK, beginning in January, 1896, finds
it maintaining 1 s deaeiwed reputation both
as a r asmon journal ana a weeKiy peri'
odical for home reading.
Every wtek the BAZAR presents beau
tiful toilettes for various occasions. Ban-
doz, Baudb, and Chapuis illustrate and
engrave the newest dlgns from tbe Unest
models in Paris and Berlin. ' New York
Fashions epitomize current styles In
New York. A fortuiehtly pattern-sbeet
supplement witb diagrams and directions
oaoles women to cut and make their own
gowns, and Is of great value to tbe pro
fessional modiste as well as to the amateur
dressmaker. Children's Clothing receives
constant attention. - Fashions for Mpu are
described in full' detail by a man-about-
toon. Our Paris Letter, by Katharixb
uk r OHEST, is a spngntiy weegiy recital
of fashion, gossip, ani social doings in
Paris, given by a clever woman In an en
tertniniog way.
Botb tbe serials for 18WB are the work of
American women. Mrs. farrald, by
Maria Louise Pool, Is a striking storr of
new jungiana ine. uabt wilkins, in
Jtrom, a f oor Mao, discusses tbe al
ways interesting problem of the re'ationn
between labor and capital. Short stories
wfll be written by the best authors.
fneclsl Departments. Music. The
Outdoor Woman, Personals, What We Are
Doing, Women and Men, report and dis
cuss themes of immediate interest.
Answers to t orrespondents. Ques
tions receive tbe personal attention of tbe
editor, and are answered at tbe earliest
practicable date after their receipt.
Tbe Volumes of tbe BAZAR begin
with the first Number for January, ot
each year. When do tin e is mentioned,
subscriptions will begin witb the Number
current at ine time 01 receipt or Lira sr.
Remittances should be made by Postof-
fice Money Older or Draft, to avoid chance
or loss.
Newspapers are not to copy this adver
tisement without tbe express order of
Harper & Brothers.
harper's periodicals.
Harper's Magazine one year 4.00
Harper's Webkly " 4.00
Harper's Bazar " 4.00
Harpkb's Round Tablb " 8.00
Postage Free to all subscribers in tbe
(Jolted (States, Canada and Mexico,
Address Harper & Brotbirs,
P, 0, Bp 859 M. Y. City,
Preuchlnir as 11 a. m. and
p. m.
Sunday school at 0:45 a. in.
Socletc of
CliriHtian Kudos
. I'.ucioavor at o:4j p. m.
All Miopia are cordially welcomed.
Strangers nnd sojourners are invited to
worship with us. , ,
A. A. LAVTON, Pastor. '
Sunday school at 0:45 a. m. Preaobln
services at 11 a. ni. and 7:30 p. m. a,
P. U. at 7:15 p. m.
All are cordially invited to attend it
. tn.
P ...... .1.1.
at 11 a. m., followed b
by thirty minutes
class meeting.
Epworth League at 7:00 p,
m. Evening service at 7:80 D. m.
The pastor and members extend, to all,
the welcome of this church, and will be
pleased to see you at Its services.
Masses will be said at 6:80 and 9:00 a.
m, ; Sunday school at 8 p.m. Vespers and
benediction, 01 tne messed sacrament.
I 7:80 p. m. Dally morning mass at 6:80 a.
I m, Sermon, at high mass, at V:UU a. m.
VERY REV. J A 8. H. DEFOURI, Pastor,
Rev. Maciiicb Olibb, Assistant.-
First mass, for winter season, at 6:80 a.
m, (second mass, lor winter season, at 0
a. m. High mass for winter season, at
lU:uo a. m. Munaay scnooi at a:uu p. in
Vespers and Bene iiction at i JM p. m.
Tbe Fathers will preach both in English
ana epanisn.
Pastor in Charge. .
Services every Friday, 8 p.m.; Sunday
morntng, 11 a. m. ; Hunday sonool, every
Saturday morning, 9:30 to 12 o'clock, and
Sunday mornings, from 10 to 11 o'clock,
Rv. G. W. TOLSON, Pastor
Preaching at 11 a. m. Sunday school at
o:w p. m. (Services at 7:80 p. in.
Singing and prayer meeting, Wednes
aay evening.
XrANTED, for Investors with
"V Cash, developed MINES
Money furnished . for developing
mining f EOSPEOIS. Good
Gold, Silver and Copper properties
can be SOLD QUICKLY by
auarcssing ine ,
Knatnn, Mess.
N0.8. No.l.
NO. 2. . NO.4
6 00pm
9 10am
lOOOpmi Chicago
10 SOpmi
8 30am
1 Bspm Kansas citj
4 00pm
8 46pm
9 6Upm
7 fOpmi
9 42 Dm
I opeka
5 00am
8 00pm
3 4'ipm
3 85pm
4 00pm
12 81am
11 16pm
10 S5am
9 15am
2 8"pm
12 60pm
8 25am
2 5am
10 30pm
8 80am
6 00am
6 42pm
8 85pm
Oo:o. Hpr'gs
11 Ufipui
4 28am
1 Mam 12 MJnm
6 15pm
8 00pm
12 S6pm
11 10am
9 20am
7 89am 7 25pm,
8 15am '10 10pm
10 Hiiain 12 VTam
12 lOpmi 8C0am
s 45pm
Me Route
10 45am I Doming 11 ooaml
II 40am I El Paso lOCOaml
6 26pm 9 lOanir Gallup 28SpmiS40am
9 10pm 1 66pm Wlnslow 9 8famill 05pm
1128pm 4lopm Flagstaff 7 27m 8 46pm
60ipm 606pmlLos ngeles 7 00am800pm
10 46auiSanFrancl8 630pm
, Additional Trains on Sundays,
Leave Arrive Leaie Arrive
Las Vegas. Springs Springs Las Vegas
use am luuuam it 10 pin a 45 pm
s iv pm o tu pra ; 0 su pm 7 uu pm
I eave Arrive Leave Arrive
Springs. Las Veg is. Las Vegas. Springs
12 noon. 12 25 pm. 12 80 pm 100pm
Nr s 8 and 4 are solid vestlbu'.ed limited
trains, composed ot dining cars, Pullman
lalaca drawing-room cars and chair cars
etween cnicago ana Los Angeles. Han Di
ego and San Francl co.
Nos, 1 and i, Pacific and Atlantic express,
have Pullman in lace drawing-room cars,
tourist sleeping cars and coaches between
Chicago and Los Angeles, San Diego and
snn r rancisco. .
Nos. 1 and 2. Mexico and Atlantic express.
have tourist sleeping cars between Chica
go and Albuquerque, and Pullman palace
cars and coaches between Onlrago and the
City of Mex'co, E. Copklamd,
- -- ueu. Agent, .1 raso, rex.
W. R Browne,
T. F. & F. A., El Paso, Tex.
. CHe.f Jones,
Agent; Las Vegas, N, if.
Western Division. . ' '
Mw:l Time TaWe No. 38.
Eelnhart, John J. McCook,.
In effeot Sunday, August Bth, 1805.
6 00 D
10 OOp
1 56 p
7 OOp
7 25 p
hi mm
Chicago 10 80 p 8 80 a
Kansas City 7 00 a 6 00 p
Denver 5 16 p 8 80 p
LAS VHQAS S6a J 65 p
Albuquerque 8 15 p 9 00 a
Cuolldge 8 85 p 4 85 a
Wlnsate 8 06 p 4 08 a
Gallup 2 40 p 8 40 a
Holufeok 10 40 a 12 20 a
Wlnslow 9 8 a 11 05 p
Flagstaff 7 27 a 8 46 p
Williams 6 05 a t 66 p
Ash Fork 4 50 a 5 40 p
Kingman 11 B2 p 13 80 p
The Needles 8 65 p 10 00 a
Blake 7 25 p 8 80 a
Daggett S 86 p 8 45 a
Barstow 2 10 p V HO a
Mojave 10 00 a
Los Angeles 7 ro a I 00 p
SanFranclsco 40 p 8 80 p
9 10 a
4 OOp
18 10 pi
n oo a
4U P
4 68 p
6 25p
8 10 p
e oo d
8 05a
8 25 a
9 10 a
12 80 p
1 80 p
i 20 1)
8 00 p
7 40 p
it as pj
ri 35 a
1 Ma
S 48 a
7 60 a
i Bo a
4 40 a
8 25 a
8 30a
1 40 D
U 45 a
a 10 p
2 SO P
8 50 p
10 4Kb
10 45 a
Summer or Winter.
The Santa Fe route is the most com'orta-
ble railway between California and tbe
The mealr at Harvey's Dining Rooms are
an excellent feature of the line.
The Grand Canoi of the Colorado can be
reached in no other way,
Gen. Pass. Agent, L-s ngoles.Cal.
0, II, bTEilKS,
Al8t. Gen.raM. Agent. Snn f rtnciipo;
Cllmar, HUr,
Newsboy, Horse Bhoa,
Pilier Heidsleok,
Bome'hlng Good,
Old Honesty,
Clipper Navy,
Boot Jack,
No Tax.
Natural Leaf
U. T. Gravely, superior,
,W. N. T., Out of Bight,
Pride of Kentuckv.
J. B.
Yucatan Twist, . .
Health and Prosperity,
I upuiar I noes,
General Broker.
Land Grants, Improved Ranches. Mtiv Cat'.le, Improved
Cattle, Cattle Ranges, Horses and Sheep, Real Estate. Etc.
Land Scrip of all Kinds, Territorial and County Warrants.
eral Land Office Business. Titles Secured Under the
United States Land Laws.
Livery and Sale Stable.
Horses boarded by the day or month. Will keep on hand all kinds of
Hay (jrain and Teed. Lowest rices guaranteed Atrents for the c!-
brated Mitchell Wagon. Give us
They embody mora paints of genuine merit tbaii any other wheels made. No other
machioe stands so high Id the estimation of cyclists, because Waverleys are built on
honest value lines, and purchasers receive full value for the investment. Bay a War
erly and you will never be ashamed of your
The Cash Liquor, Cigar and Tobacco Co.
109 Sixth Street, Opposite
Whiskies. per gal.
Sour Hash Bourbon.... $2.00
" " .... ..... 3.25
Samples OKLY 5c, -Pts.l5c,Pts.25c Qts.50c
Finer Whiskies, pkb gai,.
While House Club J3.00
Keg Beer,
6c per glas?,
50c per gallon.
Bottled Beer,
10c, 15c, 20o, &
26c n 8. Club
Per bottle.
Bole Agent
"Carlisle", Sole Agent 3.50
Samples 10c, Half Pt. 25c, Pts. 60c, Qts. $1.
Finest Whiskies, teb gal.
John Hennlog f4-0'
Belle of Anderson 4.25
Guckenhoimer... 5.50
McBrayer, Oscar Pepper and Yellowstone
Half-pints 35c, Pints 65c, Quarts, $1.25.
Whisky, '
$3.50 per gallon.
- California and Native Wines from 25o por Bottle, and $1 per Hallon, up.
-Rear entrance from Lincoln Ave., between Optie Office and Rosenthal Bros.-s
P. 8. "Press the Button, We'll do the rest."
Corner Center Street and Railroad Avenue.
FineH Choices!
Your Patronage Solicited.
Elegant Club Boom and Short Or
der Jjimcn Counter
Your addrett, wit six cents
in stamps, mailed to our Headu
auartars, II Kllet St., BditoB,
ail., will bring you a full lino
of samples, and rules for '-If-meaaurement,
of our justly fa
moui S18 panti ; Suits, f 13.26 ;
Overcoat!, 1 10.26, and up. Cut
to order. Agents wanted every
where. -
New Plymouth Rock Co.
Job Work and Repairing, House Mot
lng and Raising a Specialty. "
It la wanted (or
for people who wlsu to
taelr HOMES.
Tilled with Blight Ideas,
Firacllcal.common sense
n Designs A Plans; Ar
rangement of Grounds;
Decorating, Furnishing,
etc., etc.
ena io cents ror a copy
and learn how to get
American homes
Pub. co.
Bmjsj. knoxviub, tbnn.
r we- V
Tfr wh
Exohange Hotel, west side Plaza, Las Vegas.
A Complete Stock of Imported, Key West
Mexican and Domestic
And a oomplets stock of Fancy Smoking Tobaooo)
also Pipes and Walking Canes and tbe best lino oi
fine Chewing Tobacco,
Other brands of tobaoco too numerous to mention, and
111 be sold at wholesale and retail at toe lowest prices. All
kluJs of pipes cleaned and repaired neatly at lowest prices.
Wholesale and Retail
, Liquors and Cigars.
Bridge Street,
Las Vegas, N. ML
a call
Are built in
the Largest;
IGYGLES. and Best
Factory in
the Worid.
F. Wright, Agt.
San Miguel National Bank.
From 1 per box,np
Chewing and
From 25o per lb. n p
Sale Agent for
So Straight
f2.15 por box.
8 25
Liprs! Best Cips
John Shank, President.
R. L. M. Hobs, Vice-President.
J. E. Moore, Seo'y anrt Trees.
V. H Jameson, Manager,
I. G. Jameson.
Lis Y6ps Tsleiiie Co.
Cor. Man?anares and Lincoln Aves.
East Las Vegas, N. M.
Electric Door Hells, Burglar
Alarms and Private Telephones put
in at reasonable rates.
A Subscription
to the-
to subscribers to the
Who, in the next thirty days,
pay us one year' i. inscription,
in advance,

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