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R. A. MiSTLF.R, Editor and Proprietor,
Knturml at tliB Kust
l.ns Veurts.
M .,
poaioiilco tor transmission
mulls ua second-class mattur
Plipcltil Notice.
Lad Vkoan Mailt opno-Dellveroa by mall.
unst-puKl, Hd.Ofl pr annum; for (iz
miimhn; ta.w liir three months, By car
rier, cents pur wm'K.
Las vkuas WKKKi-r oi"rto-32 columns, de
llvor.id lv mull. riost-palil, $8.01) i per an
num. 1. rii) tV- six months, ll.uo for three
months, iilimh; coph'sln wiuppf r,i cents.
hHinplncoplusot 'ioth dully ana weekly,
nmlloil Iruo whim iltMreil. litve postomce
nildrxHS m full, lin lu(li: state.
0()KI(KSPONlliNOM-Oontlll.:n skws, solid
tea from all purls of the ci.mttrjr.Ooin
munlcnllons addressed to thu editor of
1 hk oi-Tic, to Insure attention, should be
uccoinpunloU hy tin writer's full name
and address, not fyr publication, but us a
KUiirunty of nooil faith.
Ekmitiandkh May be made by draft.money
order, postal note, express or registered
lettor nt our rlst. Address all letters and
telegrams to TuaOPTio,
Kast Las Vegas, New Mexico.
Law ot newspapers.
If subscribers order the discontinuance
of newspapers, the publishers may con
tinue to send thorn until all arrearages are
Plf subscribers refuse or nefrtoct to take
their newspapers from the office to which
they are sent, they are held responsible un
til they have settled the bills and ordered
thaiu discontinued.
If subscribers move to other places, with
.,f i f,,r.,,ir iiia nuiilisher. and the news
papers are sont to the former place of. reel-
0UI1C8 tiiev a) e tueu imuuubuw
tlnokboard Halls,
Mulls on the Star routes leare Las Vegas
as follows: ' . ,
ma vim. tn Fort Snmnor. lnclaaln
Anton Clilco, tos Colonals, Eden, tianta
lioea and Puerto de Luna, trl-weekly, on
Monday, We.i iesnay ana jfnuay, anu ar
.i.t.. ..iinrnntx iinvs of each week.
lyfls Vegas- to Fort Bascom, Including
Utmpertto, Galllnss Springs, Bl Cuervo,
Uoll Hunch, Liberty and Kndee, trl-weekly.
on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, of
each wook. and arrive on alternate days.
I,as Veras to Mora, including Los Alamos,
Hapello, San Ygnaclo and Kociada, tri
weekly, on Tuesday, Thursday and aatur.
day, of each week, and arrive on alternate
Lns vegos to Leoperance, once a week,
Conveyance on Fort Sumner line, is by
two-horse buckboard, on Fort Bascom and
Mora lines by single-horse buckboard, lo
f,es:erane! . by private conveyance
usually spring wagon.
LKT them howl.
, A contemporary says thai a newspa
per may praise a man until it exhausts
its vocabulary and the mau will accept
it as though ho deserves it j -but rub the
hair the other way,- never so gently,
and only onco, and he will go into
hysterics, stop his paper and call you
everything that is bad. Our contem
porary wants to know if this is not
strange. Wo think not. The man
who travels generally upon passes, Is
the man who most lotvily damns the
railroads for their extortions, when by
uooidont ho is called upon to pay for
some slight service. The man in the
most robust health, with never an ache
or a pain, howls the loudest over the
gnat or cinder which may chance to
cot into his eve. A man in kew
Mexico, where the sun will shine 350
days out of Iho year, abuses a cloudy
lay with ten-fold the violence of him
who lives in the murky atmosphere of
some of the states, where the cloud is
the rule and the sunshine the excep
tion. In other words, it is human na
ture to look upon blessings
generally crj iycd, as matters of right
and not of privilege, to under
value that which is of very frequent
occurrence, to over-estimate that which
is tare, and to bo greatly offended at
the withdrawal of a privilege which
has been neither purchased nor deserv
ed. Nevertheless, brethren of the press,
in view ot this trait of human nature,
it is well quite often to rub the hair the
wrong way. Stir up the animals, let
them howl, and snarl and threaten -to
bite. Poke them in the ribs, feed them
the bitter food of truthful, adverse
criticism. Let them see that they have
neither the power nor the perfection,
wh!ch their self-conceit added to the
puff s of the press has caused them to
ascribe to themselves. Lay bare their
follies, touch them to the quick of their
pride; and then when the sweet words
of commendation are again offered,
should Lhey ever deserve them again,
' such words will be fully appreciated,
and not, received with the gracious con
descension or the haughty indifference
' of an eastern despot receiving the honi-
Fge of his s'aveS. Nothing, is more
beneficial than for the press to show its
independence- of oil men, cliques or
Before the next real estate boom
begins we ought to have the Torrens
land title system established in Colo
rado, says the Fucblo Chieftain. Even
with the reduction'of fees, the expenses
attending any transfer of real estate
are so largo as to be seriously con
sidered in calculating the costs. An
instanco could bo given in which an
nrrangerncnt was recently made for a
salo of certain lots for $100, but it was
found that an abstract of title could
not be obtained for less than $9, and
this was just enough lo prevent the
tale. These title expenses grow larger
as the numbtr of transfers increases,
and thus the expenso of titles will be
come so Inre after a while as to prac
tically make it impossible for poor men
to deal in real estate or buy homes.
There ore to many other burdens at
tending the owning of a home or home
site, such ns the fearful taxes and the
cost of water and transportation, that
the mere clearing of the title ought to
be so arranged as to be a nominal ex
pense. It is evident that something
like (he Torrens system must be ob
tained gome day, and, therefore, the
sooGer the belter. Our next state rep.
resentatives sboqld start the movement
in some shape, and should have it in-
vestigated and ready for action before
he legislature meets, 1
The Territorial papers, dally and wcekl y ,
are giving OJnililnruhle space to divorce
pioemdliiRS, snowing that Hie "fad to
luairy sua men get uiyuiucu, mm .v
ero papor expressed It reaently, Is grow
ing to in alarming exteat lu this Terri
tory. Albuquerque Qititeu.
there Ate an unusual number oi di
vorce oases on the docket at the pres
ent term of court In San Miguel ooun-
Some one asks us the causa of
this fatality to tbe nuptial knot th.
tie tbut should be cherished as the
most sacrod on eatb, and we arc
somewhat at a Joss tcanswcr, unless
It be that people are growing careless
of home irfluenoes and prefer to be
come aotuallywicked. Furthermore,
the fact is that men apd women, as a
rule, marry nowadays without due
thought and reflection. They, rush in
lo the marriage state as though it was
a ruero convenience to some thought
less end. Acquaintanceship they may
have with each other, and a delusive
idea that they are mutually In love,
but in reality they are just as ignon nt
of the ability of each to render mar
riage happy as though lhey had never
met. Generally they know nothing of
the tempt riment, Ihe phytbal oondi
tiop, or the inward and outward lives
of eash other, and a want of this knowl-
edre leads to discontentment and even
hatred after marriage.
As one has said, a fair measure of
health In husband and wife is nocessary
to tho making of a happy home, but
thero are many persons united in mar
riage whoso physical conditions better
fit them to beoome Inmates of hospitals
til an for tbe formation of homes. Tje
same authority says that no woman
should receive the advances of a man
who, by immoral and dissipated habits,
has undermined his constitution, and
no man should marry a girl whose
waste is so small as not to leave room
for the operation of the natural organs
of the bedy. These matters are sel
dom or never taken into account in
marrying, and the final result is di
vorce. Passion is too often mistaken
for love, and instead of men and
women knowing each other's hearts
before marriage, lhey are led on by a
false sentiment, and, in time, resort to
the "divorce mill" f or relief from a
yoke that has become galling. Il often
happens that an intellectual man mar
ries an unintollectual woman, or a re
fined and educated womin acoepts a
coarse, "boorish man for a husband.
Tho result is. incompatibility and a
separation. Let men and women take
care to know each other well bofore
marriage, and make suro that mentally,
socially and sympathetically they are
not unfitted -for each other. If 'this
course were pursued in selecting hus
bands and wives there would be fewer
unhappy homes in the country and
fewer grounds for divorce.
The Southwest Sentinel at Silver
City, this Territory, has suspended
publication, the office being in the
hands of the sheriff.
None But Ayer's at tho World's Fair.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla enjoys the ex
traordinary distinction of having been
tbe only blood purifier allowed an ex
hibit at tbe World's lair, UDicago.
Manufacturers of other Sarsaparillas
sought by every means to obtain a
showing of their goods, but they were
all turned away under the application
of the rule forbidding tbe entry of
patent medicines and nostrums. Ihe
decision of the Woild's fair authorities
in favor of Ayer's Sarsaparilla was in
effect as follows: "Ayer's Saissparilla
is not a patent medicine. ft does not
belong to the list of nostrums. It is
here on its merits "
John Duncan has given a bond and
lease on his claim in the Jicarillns,
known as the "Jane Anderson," the
lessees agreeing to make certain de
velopments and to pay the purchase
price within six months. Work has
already begun, and the ores will prob
ably be milled at the Comrey & Green
mill, near the mines.
A Valuable Prescription.
Editor Morrison, of Worthington,
Ind , "Sun," wrius: "You have a val
uable prescription in Electric Bitters,
and I can cheerfully recommend it for
Constipation and Sick Headache, and
as a general b j stem tonic it has no
equal. Mrs. Annie Stehle, 2625 Cot
tage Grove Ave., Chicago, was all inn
down, could cot eat nord gest food,
had a backache which never left her
and felt tired and weary, but six bot
tles of Electrio Bitters restored her
health and renewed ber strength.
Prices 50 cents and $1 00. Get a bottle
at Murphey-Van Petten Drug Co's.
drug stores, Las Vegas and East
Las Vegas, at wholesale by Browne
& Manzanares Co.
James McGahaB, who worked for
J. Korber & Co., at Albuquerque, as a
blacksmith, and occasionally took
turns in tbe prize fighting ring, was
killed in a mine accident a few days
ago. Mrs. McGahanis in Socorro, on
a visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. P.
II. Dempsey.
Mr. D. P. Davis, a prominent livery
man and merchant of Goshen, Vs.,
has this to say on tbe subject of rheu
matism: "I take pleasure In recom
mending Chamberlain's Paiu Balm for
rheumatism, as I know from personal
experience that it will do all that is
claimed for it. A year ago this-spring
my brother was laid up in bed with
inflammatory rheumatism and suffered
intensely. The first application of
Chamberlain's Palm Balm eased
the pain and the nse of one
bottle completely snred him. For
sale by ,K. D. Goodall, Depot Drug
Store. -
General Manager (J. C. Blodgett and
Colonel J. J. Bell, of the El Paso
White Oflka railroad, arrived in White
Oaks from tbe Texas end of the road,
1 ud spent several days at that point.
Of ill liPttltli, despondency and despair,
gives wny to tlio sunshine of hope,
Jiappincss and health, upon taking
Hood's Snrsaparilla, bocauso it gives
renewal lite uud vitulity to tho blood,
and through that imparts
ucivo Btren II gth, vigor
and energy t'10 whole
body. Itciid fl )) this letter:
"Hood'sSar Ucy apartlla
helped me wonderfully,
changed sickness to health, gloom to sun
shine. No pen can describe What l sui
tered. I was deathly slok, had sick head
aches every few days and those terrible
tired, despondent feelings, with heart
troubles so that I could not go up and
down stairs without clasping my hand
over my- heart and resting In fact, it
would almost take my breath away. I suf
fered so I did not care to live, yet I had
much to live for. There Is no pleasure Iti
life If deprived of health, tor life becomes
burden. " Hood's Barsaparllla does far
more than advertised. After taking one
bottle, it is sofflcient to recommend
itself." Mas. J. E. Smith, Belolt, Iowa.
ts the One True Blood Purifier. All druggists. 11,
Prepared only hy C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.
- . .nr mil liver Ills, billons.
Hnnd'S PlllS ness. headache. 25ceut
Hon. n. P. Carr, of Grant County, is
Willing to Trust to his
To the Editor of the Optic.
Sii.veis Cm, N M. May SO, 1896
A few davs before tbe assembling; ot
the Colorado state republican conven
Hon, the Albuquerque Citizen advised
that body to "unload" Senator Teller,
as one srood day's wort, in yesier
day's issue of the same paper is found
the following:
rr the democrats want Senator Teller.
tha n. ilnlier Ihev set him tbe better for
tltA rpnn hllcan nartv. The one idea fellows
nho iniaeine tbev are better than their
party can be dispsnsei) with by the repub-lir-unu
thin vear.
Through some strange perversity,
the republicans of Colorado did not
accept the advice of the Citizen, but,
on the contrary, elected him as the
leader of the delegation from that
slate to the national convention at St
Louis instructing the other delegates
to follow bis lead, whatever course be
raav decide upon. Now the assumed
leading republican paper of the ad.
joining Territory, the interests of ihe
DeoDle of which are identical with
those of the people of that state, sug
ffests that it would be to the advantage
of tbe republican party for Senator
Teller to once affiliate with the demo
crats. Asainst this I.' for myself, and
I believe voicing; the sentiment of ihous
ands of republicans In New Mexico,
most earnestly protest. Two years
ago, the republican parly of this Ter
ritory, in convention, deolared in the
most positive manner for "protection
and bi-metallism" and for tbe free and
unlimited coinage of silver. -
At the last session of the legislature,
no member opposed the passage of tbe
silver memorialwhich I bad the honor
to introduce in the bouse, and it re
ceived the vote of every republican in
both bouses of that assembly. There
was no ambiguity in tbe language of
that resolution, and tbe representatives
of the republican party, la that body,
went on record in favor of the princi
ple now so earnestly advocated and
represented by Senator Teller.
Does the Citizen pretend that be
cause of the apparent probability of the
national republican convention adopt
ing a cold-standard platform, tbe en
tire republican parly of New .Mexico
have deserted the cause of silver.whioh
they so recently endorsed ?
Does the Citizen represent tha masses
of the republican voters of the Tern
tory, or only those who would "keep in
sight of the pie counter?" It is my
belief that upon a careful canvass tbe
editor will find that it voices the senti
ment of only the latter class.
Senator Teller as not an "one-idea
nnn." Tbe palron saint of the Citizen
is the "one-idea fellow," wlo wonld a',
tempt to res' ore prosperity by Increas.
ins the burdens' of taxation, without
providing tbe means of paying them
Neither Candidate McKinley, nor tbe
Citizen, will dare attempt to make the
American people believe that a high
protective tariff will add one cent to
the prico of a bushel of wheat, corn or
oats, or one-sixteenth of a cent to the
price of a pound of cotton, while the
cold standard is maintained. Senator
Tel'er is consistent in advocating pro
tectiou and bi metallism, and is right
in demanding that they shall not be
separated and silvir sacrificed upon the
altar of protection.
To me, Senator Teller is the most
commanding flgure'ln American publio
life to-day tbe bravest, purest, grand
est patriot of all who champion the
people and defy tbe shafts of the place
hunters and lime-servers, who tamely
follow the lead of the plutocrats, who
have all but sapped the foundations of
American liberty.
It will be a pleasure and a duty for
me to follow whither he may lead. I
have hitherto declared, as be has: "I
will not fo!lov the flag of protection
into the -gold standard camp." J
meant it then and I reiterate it now.
Should iho issue be made, as it now
appears that it will bo, for a McKinley
tariff, and the gold standard by the
republican party in the national con
vention, Henry M. Teller may go lo
the democratic party, if it shall be
controlled by the masses and champion
the cause of the people in favor of tbe
full re monetizition of silver. And
whon he goes the state of Colorado
will go with him and thousands of as
good republicans as John Sherman and
George F. Hoar, all ever this land,
will follow his lead.
I do not hesitate for an instant' to
say that I will go with him and,
while do not claim to have any per
sonal toliowing, I know of many in
this county who will go with rue, be.
oause they believe in the righteousness
of such a movement, and it U my be-
lief that la every county in tho Terr!,
tory there will be suoros of republicans
brave enough to pass tho Kitbioon.
U. T. Cahk.
Ten people out of a dozm are in
valids," tays a recent medical author
ity. At least eight out of these ten, it
is safe to allow, are suffering from
some form of blood disease, which a
persistent use of Aycr's Sarsaparille
would be sure to curd. Then, don't
be an invalid.
Thorns in the Pathway.
From tho Springer BtocUmao.
All thin ps Ronnldered. the nowsnapers of
New Mexico, In the vigor of their editorial
opinions, their enterprise in gatliertug
new, and theiroeniiuieutious fidelity to the
belt Ideals of modern jourualiaui, an-, com
paratively speauiug, the Uest lu ine unuou
(States and nuv Intollliiont man, acquaint
ed with the;detilsiof newspaper work, who
will loon over tno neiu auu age acoouut
of the strong and steady discouragements
that face New Mexico : ournaiitni on
evtiy hand, will not tuink this
antimate an exazsrerated one. Just
now our newspapers are aoina;
mm Biileiulld woilc in behalf of tbe various
communities lu which they ore published,
and while tbe unthlnKiue reader, wuo
glances briefly over the columns, gives
Utile heed to tbe influence they are ex
crting, It is nevertheless the fact that tbty
. u I I l - l...;l.,lnn ..n th. T.r.lArv
and all otber agencies, railroads ana im
migration atrnts included, are merely eux
lllary. Las Vegas Optic.
Every newspaper in New Mexioo
will agree with Tun Oitio In the
above pleasant paragraph, but there
are thorns in tbe way of the newspaper
man in this Tertitory at every turn in
the iotirnalistio hichway. I here are
localities that could, if they would,
support a newspaper, and be benefited
groally thereby; and again thero are
towns having established pipers that
do not support tbem, and the paper
is compelled to Sbek outside patron-
aze for the privilege of living in and
supporting the tfiwn wherein it is
published, and these towns, in every
instance, are found to be slow and
backward in all particulars. Some
people regard newspaper patronage
as an act of charity, and ihe editor
as solely exiting on the liber
ality of charitably disposed persons,
and such citizens are always a drag
on that community. The Stockman
is one of tbose Territorial papers that
has always sought outside patronage,
not becauso the town could not support
it, but because It would not. Ibere
are a number of good live men in
Sorineer. but there are a number also
tbataie not so lively and enterprising,
and the two extremes have kept the
town in a dormant state for years, but
thanks to some unseen ' influence, ' tbe
live citizens of the town have set down
on the advocates .of retaining war
prices and keeping all in any and all
emergencies Some cry down every
enterprise simply beoause they are
afraid they will be aked for a dollar
to helo it alonsr. But Springer has
taken unto itself new life and
moving to tbe front, and of cou
with the aid of its newspaper.
The Ideal Panacta. ;
James L. Francis, Alderman, Chi
caeo. says: "I regard Dr. King's Naw
Discoverv as an ideal panacea for
coughs, colds and lung complaints,
having used il in my family for the last
Ave years, to the exclusion ot pnysi
clans' prescriptions or other prepara
Kev. John Burgus, Keokuk, Iowa,
writes: "I have bjen a minister of
the MctBoJist Episcopal church for 50
years or more and have never found
anything so beneficial or that give me
so speedy relief as Dr. King's New
Discovery." Try this ideal ooug'a
remedy now. Free Trial Bottles at Murphey-Van
Pettea Drug Co's., Las Vegas
and East Las Vegas, and at wholesale
by the Browne & Manzanarcs Co.
Mary Judd and Nellie St. Clair were
hned $10 each by Judge urawlorci,
down at Albuquerque, for disturbing
the peace. :
Hall's Hair Henewer renders tbe
hair lustrous and silken, gives it an
even color, and onables women to put
it up in a great vaiiety of sty Its.
Nowadays when women are
trying to do everything it is
not strange that many things
are over - done. It is not
strange that there are all
kinds of -physical and mental
disturbances. If the woman
who is a doctor, or a lawyer,
or a journalist,, or in business
would not try to be a society
woman ioo it migui ue uu-
fcrent ; but the wonian who
knows when she has done a
i day's work lias yet to ha bom.
'JM Usu
'4. .4- lrnA
iuany a wonian .s way is to
keen doin? until she drons.
Working in this way has manifold evils.
The most common trouble resulting from
over -exertion, cither mentally or phy
sically, is constipation of the bowels, with
all its attendant horrors.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets-are the most
effectual remedy in the market. They
work upon the system easily, iiatqrally.
There is uo unpleasant nausea after tak
ing them- No griping no pain no dis
comfort. They are composed of materials
that go through the system gradually, col
lecting an. luipuiiues unu, ukc me pou
little servants that lhey ae, disposing
of them effectually. Sold by druggists.
John Shank, President.
K. L. M. Koss, Vlce-rresldent,
J. E. Moore, Sec'y and Xreas.
V. H. Jameson, Manager
L. U. Jameson.
Lis Tieb Telesnuno Co.
Cor. Manrahares and Lincoln Aves,
East Las Vegas, N. M.
Electric Door Bells, Burglai
Alarms and Pr'ivr.ta Telephones pu
in at reasonable rates.
O. JSsolxlott,
Job Work and Repairing, House Mo
ing and Bailing a specialty.
Bright Boy, or
In this and every town in tbe vicinity
where there is not already an agent, to
sell the Nno York Lrduer, America's Great,
est Btory Paper, by tb. week, and act as
agent, making 9 cents oo every oopy sold.
Wocnarite Demg mnae ror unsuin copies.
No Possible Risk. For full particulars, call
' lit the (mice of this papr
f7A WS
in aw
18th and Curlis Sts.
For the cure of J
' and
Best, and most thoroughly equipped
Keeley Institute tn the United States,
Homelike and comfortable in all Its ap
pointments. An absolute and permanent
cure. Ladies treated privately. Corre
ipondence confidential,
Local Representative.
Annual Meetinar American Asroolatlon
of Nurserymen, Chicago, III., June lutb
and 11th: Fare, one and one-third for
round trip, oa certificate plan, to above
Commencinsr Jane 1st. we will sell
round crip tickets to Pueblo, at $15.70; to
Colorado Springs, $18.50; to Denver,
$23 15. Tickets limited to one day in each
direction, wltli nnal limit lor return, ao
vvmber 16th. 1896.
Annual Convention. International Asan,
of Fire Engineers Bait Lake City, Utah.,
Aue. 10 to 14tn, MO. One lowest first-class
standard fare for Ibe round trip, plus 12,
all tickets to be good tor continuous pas
sage in each direction. Leaving Halt Lake
on August 15 and 22 only.
Fourth or July rates: we win sen round
trin tickets to all points within 200 miles
t one and one fifth fare for round trip.
Tickets on sale July 3d and 4 th, good to
return until and Including July otn, is:w.
National f'eop'e's farty (fopulist) con
vention and American silver convention.
at St. Louis, Ho., July 22d, '90. From Las
Vezas to Bt. Louis and return. $32.70. Tick.
ets on sale July 19ib, 20th and 21st ,'96;
limited to continuo-18 passage in each direc
tion: final limit, July 27th, 'Uo.
National prohibition convention, at
Pittsburg, P.. . May 27th, 1890, from Las
Vegas to Pittsburg and return, (47 95.
Tickets on Bale May 23rd and 24th, 1896
litnitot to contiuuoas passage in each
direction with final limit of May 81st. 18W1.
- National Encampment G. A. R. at
Bt Paul, Minn., September 1st to 4th 1890,
From Las Vegas to St raul, Minn, and re
turn. S37.20. Tickets on sale August 30th
and 31st 1890, final limit September 15th, 1890.
All tickets deposited with joint agent on or
before September 15th will be extended
to September 30th 1890.
Democratic convention at Chicago, July
7th. 1896. From Las Vegas to Chicago and
return, $37.70 for round trip, tickets to be
sold July 3rd, 4tb and ftth, 18H8, with final
limit July 14th, 1896, limited tj continuous
passage In each direction.
Natioual conference of charities and
correction, at Grand Rapids, Mich., June
4th to ujth, lS'.Kl, fart and one third on cer
tificate Dlau for round trie
Republican convention at St. Louis, Mo.
June 16th. 1S96: From Las Vegas to St.
Louis, Mo., and return, $32.70. Excursion
tickets oa sale. June lath, 13th and 14th
witb final limit of Juue 23J, 1896. Tickets
will be limited to continuous passage, in
each direction, going passage to oemmence
da'e or sale, and rtturn passage to com;
munce date of execution.
National convention. Young People's
Societies of Christian Endeavor, at Wash
ington, D. C. July 7 13, 1696: Las Vegas
to Washington and return, $52.95.; on sale
July 3d, 4th and 5th, 1890. Limited to con
tinuous passage, in eajh direction, with
final limit of Julv 18th. 1890. An exten
slon of return limit, to July 81st, 1890, will
be granted on tickets that are deposited
witb Joint agent at Washington, on or be
fore 6:00 o'clock p. m., July 14th, 1890.
C. F. Jokes, Agent
New Summer Resort.
The Hermitage Is a new hotel situated at
the foot of Hermit's Peak, on the Sapello
river, up among the plues. It nas many
advantages not usually found at summe
reports, a good hotel witb modern improve
nients and well furnished rooms, a post
office is located at this point, and free tele
nbooe connection it bad with Las Vegas,
Tne table is bountifully supplied with
fruits and vegetables grown on tbe place
Guests wishiug to come, can telephone and
a conveyance will ue sent tor mem. itaies
$7 00 per week. J. . Lujan, Proprietor.
COI.. YVM. MCKAK, Manager.
Summer Mountain Resort.
The El Porvenlr mountain resort will
now receive guests for the summer.
Tbe most picturesque scenery in America
fine fishing and hunting. Best ot hotel ac
commodations in New Mexico. For terms
for board and lodging, apply to the Ro
mero Mercantile Co., Las Vegas. Carriage
leaves their store, southwest corner of thi
plaza, every Saturday and Tuesday morn
ing at 8 o'clock; fare tor the round trip, $1.
For further Information, call at the above
sstabiuhment. - aotf,
The Park House.
Las Vegas Hot Springs, N. M. We still
bave a few choice rooms lett for those who
come early". The rnot popular house at
the spring'. Mr. Bob rirltton, late rrom
tbe rast. has cliaree of the kitchen: every
thing Is prepared in best of style. Rates,
85 cents per meal. Room and board 7 per
week. Table supplied with tbe best tbe
market affords. Hooms by the day, 50 to
75 cents.
Mrs. Kate Dennis,
143-tf , Manager.
To Health-Seekers.
The BIske Ranch, on tbe head of tbe KIo
sapello, is now prepared to receive a limit
ed number of hoarders. This ranch is
located in tbe heart of tbe mountains, amid
tbe most beautiful soenery in the world,
where brook trout and wild game offer
ample diversion for the nlmrod or anyone
seeking out-door sport, it is located only
twenty-five mileB from Las Vegas, and
within eight miles of the Bio Pecos, and
only three miles from the headwaters of
tbe ltio Ualllnas. Address,
AddresB Mrs. J. P. Blake. Roclada. or in
quire for conveyances add ates of W. K
C rites, East Las Vegas, N. M.
:j. r. nun,
77-tf Kociada, N. M.
Practical Horseshoer,
General Blaotsmlthlng, Wagon and
- Carriage Repairing, aeatly and
promptly dons
Opposite Browne & Mantanartt Co.,
Geo. H. Hutchison & Co.
Real Estate,
Mines, and
For Sale or Lease.
Pr-.nMnir at 11 m and 7:80 n. m.
Sunday school at u:45 a. m. " Society of
(jurisiian jLuueavor at u:u p. 111.
All people are ooruiauv weicouiea.
titrauirers nnd sojourners are invited to
worship with us.
A. A. LAYTON, Pastor.
Sunday school at 0:40 a.m. Preaching
services at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. B. Y.
P, U. at 7:15 p, in.
Aii are cordially invited to attend Its
Rundav achool at 9:45 a.m. Preaching
at 11 a. ra., followed by thirty minutes
class meeting. Kpworth League at i :uu p.
m. Evening service at 7:80 p. m.
Tha oastor and members extend, to alt,
the welcome of this church, and will be
pleased to see vou at its services.
CEl'l'ION. FATHER T. P. O'KEEFE, Pastor.
Masses will be said at 0:80 and 9:00 a
m. Sunday tcnool at o p.m. vespers ana
bonodictlon, of tbe Blessed Sacrament, at
7:80 p. in. Dally morning mass at q:bu a.
m. Sermon, at nign mass, at vai a. m.
Rev. Maurice Oi.ier, Assistant.
First mass, for winter season, at 0:30 a.
m. Second mass, lor winter season, at a
a. m. High mass for winter season, at
10:00a.m. Sunday school ac n:uu p. m,
Vesners and Reneliction at 4:00 D. m.
The f athers win preacn ooiu iu hukiuu
.. ... 1 I . 1 ... T7.
and spanisn.
Pastor in Charge.
Services every Friday, 8 p. m.; Sunday
morning, 11 a. in.; Sunday school, every
Saturday morning, 9:30 to 12 o'clock, and
Sunday mornings, rrom iu to il o'cjock.
.Rev. G. W. TOLSON, Pastor
Preaching at 11 a. m. . Sunday school at
3:1X1 p. m. Services at 7:8U p. in.
Singing and prayer meeting, Wednes
day evening. .
WANTED, for Investors with
Cash, developed MINES,
Money furnished for developing
mining PROSPECTS. Good
Gold, Silver and Copper properties
can be SOLD QUICKLY, by
auurcssing ine
Boeton. Mass.
no. a.
10 26pm
i 2:iiu
4 i'pnii
10 30pm
7 ilOam
5 ooam
Coin, spr'gs
las verjAs
Santa Fe
10 3 pm
6 jjOprai
12 8 am
It liipra
6 30pm
8 00pm
1 10pm
8 15am
it 15am
10 10a ui
10 50pm
iu .iopm
12 nopm
v aspm
10 iopm
13 1'Tam
10 45am I
11 40am I
El Paso -
11 Ooam 1
10 Ooam
9 10am
2 3Spmi
1 66pm
4 'opm
1 27n)
7 OOaral
6 ( ftpin
Los ngeles
10 45am 'an Francis 5 3Qpm
Leave Dally. Arrive Dally.
705 I 703 I 701 ICAHn NO. 2.1 70s I 704 I 706
9 SOa
Lis Vegas
Bruise St.
II 0.rp
Upner L.V.
4 lap
1 :ip
i aop
I :ip
10: a
Arrive Daily.
Leave Dally.
hub, i u i v. i u . mi, mi.t u . iui.ii.. vAp.vav,
have Pullman ra luce draw ing-room cars,
tourist sleeDlnsr cars and coaches between
Knu 1 (.md O lanlflMnnd A tin .1 In av..iaa
Chicago and I os Angeles. San Diego and
Jan Francisco, and Pullman palace
cars and coaches between Chicago and the
i-ity or oiei co, n.tcifniuu,
uen. Agent, m I'usu, i'ex,
W. It BnowNB,
T. F. & P. A., El I'aso.Tex,
! Cms. f. Jones,
' Agent, Las Vegas, N.M
Western Division.
C?Dtes;4 Tims Taile M 38.
J. W. Kelnhart, John J. McCook,
In effect Sunday, Augnst 6th, 1895.
Westward. wl'ATlONa Kastwabp.
6 00 pi
io oo p
1 55 p
7 00 p
t asp
10 90 p
8 soa
8 oo p
8 80 p
1 65 p
8 00a
4 85a
4 08a
A 41) a
V 10 a
4 Oop
6 40a
Kansas City
Las veaaa
Win gate
Hoi brook
.. Wlnslow
.; Williams
i Ash Fork
The Needles
Los Angeles
i oua
t Bp
8 5a
8 15 p
S 85 p
8 05 p
a io d
19 10 pi
n uu a
8 00 a
8 ana
8 10 a
11 80p
1 sop,
4 top
e oo p
7 40p
1 Ma
4 40 a
t asa
u 46 a
i o p
8 oop
4 58 p
8 10 p
00 D
10 40 a
19 JO a
a .tt a
7 97 a
8 05a
4 60a
11 05 p
8 45 p
8 55 p
6 40 p
13 SO n
11 i P
12 K a
I Ha
5 48 a
11 2 p
7 50 a
9 JOa
s oi p
7 25 p
9 Up
9 10 D
io ooa
8 80a
8 45 a
8 aoa
1 40 V
a io p
10 oo a
ft M p 8 50 p
ao p
8 OOp
8 SO p
10 46 alio 4S a
Summer or Winter.
The 8anta Fe route Is the most comforta
ble railway between California and tha
east.,( ' ..- '... ,
The moalr at flarvey's nimng Rooms are
an excellent teature of tbe line.
The Grand Canoi of the Colorado can bt
reached In no otber way.
Gen. Pats. Agent, L's Angeles, Cal.
O. 11. 8FKKKS,
Att. Gen.Fass. Agent, San Francisco,
Santa Fe Rome
J. B.
Climax, Btar,
newsDoy, tiorse Bhoe,
Piper Heidsltck.
Something Good,
i A LI J
Clipper Navy,
No Tar,
Pure Stuff,"
Natural Leaf
11, T. Gravely, superior,
W. fl. T., out oi Bight,
Pride of Kentucky,
Yucatan Twist,
Health and Prosperity,
Popular Prices.
MRS. R. FLINT, Prop.
Centrally Located. Good Accommodations.
Bates, $1 .25 per Day. Board
General Broker. -
Land Grants, Improved Ranches, Native Cattle, Improved
Cattle, Cattle Ranges, Horses and Sheep, Real Estate. Etc.
Land Scrip of all Kinds, Territorial and County Warrants. Gen
era! Land Office Bnslness.
United States
Livery and Sale Stable.
,-. TEAMS.
Horses boarded by the day or month. Will keep on hand all kinds oi
Hay, Grain and Teed. Lowest prices guaranteed. Agents for the cele
brated Mitchell Wagon. Give us a call
PvneHenced select the Warerley becauso they bave learned to know tbe differ
isiiwm ence DetWeen a wheel that, is actually high-grade atd one that i
Riders .St" simply claimed to he. Home others may be good but the Waverley
- ' is tbe highest ot all high-grade. Scorcher VA heights) $ri5.00. Dells
26 and 28 Inch, T5.00 and $85.00.
109 Sixth Street, Opposite
. Whiskies. ran oat..
Sour Mash Bourbon $2.00
Keg Beer,
So per glass.
50n per gallon.
Bottled Beer,
Samples only 5c, -Pt8.15c,Pt9.25o Qts.50c
Finer Whiskies. Pica oal.
White House Club 1.00
U. 8. Club 8 25
Carlisle", Bole Agent. . 3.50
Samples 10c, Half ft. 25c, Pts. 50c, Qta. $1.
Finest Whiskies, peroai..
John Hanning $4.00
Belle of Anderson . 4.25
Quckenhoimer 5.50
McBrayer, Oscar Pepper and Yellowstone
Half- pints 85c, Pints 65c, Quarts, $1.25.
10c, 15c, 20c, & 25c
Per bottle.
Sole Agent
"Carlisle" "
13.60 per gallon.
California and Native Wines from 25c per Bottle, and $1 per Gallon, up.
WRear entrance from Lincoln Ave., between Optio Offlce and Rosenthal Bros. -to
P. 8. "Press the Button. We'll do the rest. "
Corner Center Street and Railroad Avenue.
Fine WinesF C&oicest
Your Patronage Solicited.
Elegant Club Room and Short Or
der Lunch Counter
Premalurcness slopped. All emissions and exhausting drains
; quickly controlled. Lost powers restored. This is tho New
Parisian method, and never before used in this country.
All men afflicted with any one of the above disorders, who will cut out
this notice and send to us, will receive a month's treatment FREE.
Syphilis and private diseases cured in half the lime required
by ordinary methods and at small cost.
A Richlt Illustrated Mo.vthlt.
(or people who wish to 1
tlelr HOMES. I
Filled with Bright Ideas,
Firactlcal.cumrnon aense
n Designs k Plans; Ar
rangement of Grounds;
Decorating, Furnishing;,
etc etc
n?zr3 ' ft crnti fur- a ..am
and letu a bow to get the
American Homes
Pub. co.
63 "
v hi. M
Exchange Hotel, west side riaaa, Las Vegas.
A Complete Stock of Imported, Key West
Mexican and Domestic
And a complete stock of Fancy Smoking Tobacco j
alio Pipes and Walking Canes and tbe best lino ol
Una Chewing Tobacco.
Other brands of tobacco too numerous to mention, and
will be sold at wholesale and retail at the lowest prices. All
kinds of pipes cleaned and repaired neatly at lowest prices.
and Boom $5 and $0 per wee k.
Titles aecurea unaer me
Land Laws.
Bridge Street,
i Las Vegas, N. M.
Are built in
a the Largest
and Best
mfU- theworld
F. Wright, Agt.
iquor, Cigar and Tobacco Co,-
San Miguel National Itank
From $1 per box up
Cm wing and
From 25c per rb. u
Sole Agent for
5o Straight,
$2.15 per box.
Liunors! Best Cigars '
A Subscription
to the
to subscribers to the
Who, in the next thirty days
pay us one year' t-ubscriptiotv
in advance.

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