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K. A. KI3TLEK, Editor and Proprietor.
Kiitroil ot tlie K.ast Las Vegas, N. H.,
ptmtomce tor trnnk.'Ulsslon through, th
mulls as second-cluss matter.
oi rioiAi, r.vi'
rMitclul Notice.
La Vkoas daily oftio Ktllvered by mall,
post-pnld, twin per unnum; 18.00 for six
months; i'iM lor Mi roe mouths, lis car
. vlcr, 'ii cunts Jim' vvek.
i,s Vi-;..s Vk.khi.t Oi'Tio 82 columns, de
livorod by mull, poHt-PHlil. ;1.X1 per an
num. $l.t0 1,-r nix months, M.00 tor three
months. Sliiulu coplosln wrappers,! cents,
hiiinple conies ol 'iotli dally and weekly,
mulled froo when dt;tred. Ulve postofflce
address In full, Inclii'lit'g state.
0kksI"onikok Oonlnli.'.nB Niews, solici
ted from all purls of tlie country. Oum
rminlciiUoc.s addressed to the editor of
J ai5 oi-ru', to Insure attention, should be
Accompanied ly llio writer's full name
and address, riot for publication, but us a
KUurunrv of good fulth.
KKMiTTANOiit INIny be inailoby draft.money
ordor, postal note, express or registered
lettui- tit our rlsti. Address nil letters and
teienrums to Th u Oftiu ,
Kast Los Vegas, Now Mexico.
Law ot wewspupers.
If s lbscrlbers order the discontinuance
of newspapers; the publishers may con
tinue to send tUoni until all arrearages are
'"If snhscrlhera refuse or neglect to take
their newspapers rrom the oraco to wnicn
t np- ar.nt t!inv nrn lipid responsible un
til thoy have settled the bills and ordered
Miera discontinued.
If Mibscrlners move to other places with
out Iniormlr g the publisher, ana tne news
S a pais iti e sent to tuo roruier pmce ui miii
euco trlev are then roaDonslble
Kuokboard Malls,
Btnlis on the Star routes loave Las Vegas
as follows:
i.hh varh to Fort Sumner. Inclndln
Anton Chlco, Los Colonuls, Eden, Santa
Kosa.and Puerto de Luna, trl-weekly, on
Monday, we.lnosday and Friday, ana ar
ii7A nn nUnrnnte dAvs of each week.
Las Vegas to Fort Hascom, Including
Ohaperlto, Galllnaa Bprlngs, Ki uuervo,
on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, of
oaeh week, and arrive on altornate days.
l.iifl VuMua to Mora. Including Los Alamos
Haoello. San YKiiaclo and Hoclada, tri
weekly, on Tuesday, Thursday and Satur
day, of each week, and arrive on alternate
Las Vegas to Losperance, once a week,
on Saturday.
Conveyance on Fort Bnmner line. Is by
two-horse backboard, on Fort Baacomand
elora lines by single-horse buckboard, To
Lesperanca by private conveyance
usually spilns wagon.
It seems that the Silver City smelt
ing project is about to be abandoned.
The company was incorporated, some
threo months ago, under the name of
Silver City Smelting and Helloing
Co., with S. 15. DrethertoD, manager.
The capital for the establishment of
the plant was held by Dr. Bunmin, of
Silver City, who, a couple of months
since, went insane and his conserva
tors do not feel juiUGed in carrying
out the proposition, hence all is now
at a stands ill. "Considerable money
had already been expended in the way
ol labor and instorial in constructing
the plant, and quite a lare amount
of ore and concentrates are already on
the ground which must now be re-
shipped to some other smelter, the
shipper bearing the less.
It may be that in the humanitarian
code iho tramp has. certain rights
which stay-at-home people are bound
tp respect. Iq order to live, men
must eat, wear clothes and be sheltered
from wind and weather. To get these
things ihy must work. Those who
are able to work and who will not
work and who possibly cannot fiod
work to their hand, must be ftd,
clothed and projected out of the earn
ings of honest toilers. Altogether, the
thing hns become a na
tional nuisanco, for the abate
ment of which what are known
as vagrant laws had to be enacted. It
ii not becausj of the right of the va
grant to live upon others, but because
of compassionate humanity that com
munities do not permit even the laziest
and most worthless creature to starve.
When tramps march in battalions
through the country, the scope of the
laws should be broadened to oover the
case of aggravated mendicancy with a
punishniont suited to the aggravated
character of tba offense. The tramp
who is soized by authority and given
bread upon the condition of earning it
soon sickens of work-house diet. Any
way, it is the great problem of the
I he probable presidential nominee
of the national prohibition convert
Hon, at Pittsburg, is Joshua
.Levering, a prominent citizen of
Baltimore, Md., ia which citv be
was born lifty-one years ago. Ha is
reputed to be a millionaire, and ii
member of .the firm cf E. Levering &
lo. I ue hroi aoes a largo importing
business in coftoo and exports flour
and provisions to and from South
America, where it has several branch
houses. Mr. Levering is one of the
foremost Baptist laymen in the United
States. For twelve years, he has been
president of the Baltimore Youn
Wen's Christian association, and for a
longer penoa superintendent of the
flourishing Eutaw Place Baptist Sun
day school. lie is also presidont of the
house of refuge, vice-president of the
Southern Baptist association and of the
Baptist publication society, treasurer
of the American Baptist education
society, president of the board of trus
tees of the Southern theological semio
ary, at Louisville, Ky., and a member
of the international executive commit
tee of the Young Men's Christian as
sociation. Originally an independent democrat.
Mr. Levering becamo a prohibitionist
in 1884, and voted for St. John. He
was a delegate to the national conven
tion in 1888 and 1892, and is elected
again this year. In 1SU2, Mr. Lsvcr
ing's name was placed before fhe con
vention ns a candidate for vice-president.
He ran for state comptroller in
1891, nod for governor cf Maryland in
J895, receiving 7,700 votes,
Aa May HQih approaches, agula the
vision of 'Tlio l y appears, days
of the tented field, the emptied homo,
the loud alarms, the stilled sobs, the
sad, proud smilo of vuliant love, the
furtive tears of hearts that break, the
rgsr of frenzied war, the soldier lying
dreamless in the trench, the wail of or,
plums in Iho night. Again before the
ruind pass scones and memories that
still have power to chill iho soul with
dread, though sweet-browed penco litis
oast a halo light of half enchantment
over horror's face and made the hid
eous seem the glorious.
We feel again the shudder o! the
earth beneath the blood-drenched feet
of uaniO'Souled men in headlong thou
sands rushing to the light to fling down
life at honor' high behest, or with
lierce fury hold death's tetf at bay.
We hear once more the roar and din
of strife, the thunderbolts ot hell, the
shriek of shells, the moan of trampled
heroes; seo the fall of men like grain
before the reaper, see the flood of new
made rlvors sluggish roll to wash away
a crime, and re-baptiza a nation Gjd
designed for liberty. The days are
dark with anguish and dismay, and
gravel unnamed are numberless as
stars, and desolation broods on town
and field. But woes have ends as all
things, and clear above the bruit of
baleful war, when twilight shadows
deepen and enshreud what pity shrunk
to look on, swells the chant,
the chant of deep-voiced free
dom, and the song sweeps
round the world of peace-kissed vic
tory. The dark days are done and
the remnant troops march their scarred
numbers home victors! victors! vic
tors! but at a price the running years
shall pay till from the sunland to the
snows that waste, not man is man in
There in the purple dawning sleep
the vales with dew. lipped flowers
a-pecp, the crystal tide of babbling
waters, trill of waking birds,, the far,
faint murmur of the drowsy kine,
making the day-birth musical, and
scents of all refreshing health exhale
from breast of fecund nalnre; there
the bills repose, their leafy tops un
vexed ; there rippling, fields of plenty
smile; there marts of trade, the forge,
the shop, the many ways of toil, ' the
fruits of industry, rewards of brain,
the gifts of busy art, the deeds of love
thus, thm Peace writes her epic in
the hearts of men.
And there, when sun shot clouds at
morning's gate make golden highway
to the throne of God, with tattered
banners floatiog to the breez1, with
endless ranks unbroken, mirah the
troops that in their country's days of
direst need gave death themselves, their
souls to glory gave. Ttuse are their
graves and these our offerings, spring's
flowers, glad smiles, and praise, and
thanks no longer tears, but in remem
brance pride, songs and rejoicings in
memoriam ; for they at rest are cur de-
iaoaers sun. ineic graves, more
potent than an armed host, guard peace
upon our hilltops and inspire a patriot
zeal in every noble breast.
Hood's Is the Best
Medicine all the year around, tecauso It puri
fies, vitalizes and eurieucs the blood, and
therefore gives strength to resist Dad effects
from all blood diseases, Malaria, Pneumonia,
Colds, Catarrh,RheumatUm, etc. Serious Illness
has often been prevented when Hood's Barsa
parilla has been taken In lime.
Hood'a Pills are tlio best after-dinner pills
assist digestion, l rcvent constipation. !2Se.
The people of Hagerman,. Chaves
county, propose to continue ibeir
school by private sutiscription-.ihe pub
lic school lund lor that district bavin"
been exhausted.
None Gut Ayer's at the World's Pair.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla enjoys the ex
traordinary distinction of having been
the only blood purifier allowed an ex
hibit at the World's fair, Chicago.
Manufacturers of other Sarsaparillas
sought by every means to obtain a
showing of their goods, but they were
all turned away under the application
of the rule iorbiddirg the entry of
patent medicines and nostrums. The
decision of the Woild's fair authorities
in favor of Ayer's Sarsaparilla 'was in
effect as follows: "Aver's Saisaparilla
is not a patent medicine. . ft does not
belong to the list of nostrums. It is
here on its merits "
Carpenters and contractors are kept
ousy, up at springer, these days, and
there is work for more.
It is a fortunate day for a man when
ho first discovers the value of Ayer's
Sarsaparilla as a blood-purifier. With
this medicine, he knows bo has found a
remedy upon which ho may rely, and
that bis life-long malady is at last con
quered. Has cured others, will cure
A new Catholic church will be
erected at Clayton, the dimensions be
ing 40x100 feet and to stories bifh.
The structure is to cost sotnethinf like
Marvelous Results.
From a letter written bv Rev. Js
Guoderman, of Diamondale, Mich., we
are permitted to make this extract: I
have no hesitation in recommending
Dr. King's New Discovery, as the re
sults were almost marvelous 'n the case
of my wife. W bile I was pastor of the
Baptist church at Rivrs Junction, she
wrs brought down with Pneumonia suc
ceeding L Grippe. Terrible parox
isms of coughing would list hours
with little interruption, and it seemed
as if she could not survive idem. A
friend recoiumouded Dr. King's New
Discovery ; it was quicK in its work
and highly satisfactory in results."
Free Trial Bottles at Murnhfiv.
Van Pettea Druir Co's . Las
and East Las Vegas, and at wholesale
by tuc Browne & Manzanarcs Co,
What day ltgslf to us enrteapsj
Memorial day I Memorial day I
What day Is tins which now appears 1
Memorial day I Memorial day I
We lnok aawi fie gulf of years,
And tin ough a mist of falllnK Hat's,
A country stained with blood appears,
Memorial day ! Manorial duy I
But, God be p-alsod, that time Is o'er
Memorial (lay ! Memorial day 1
New wur'j red In ae ns fl uie no more
Memorial d iy I Memorial dnv I
All Uiohj wlio loll and danger bore,
And blue and gray so bravely wore,
May now the Uod of peaci adore,
Memorial duy I Memorial day I
Some Troubles Experienced With
Indiana In Now Mexico la
Ileocnt Yearn.
J'o i Editor vf the Onlie.
Cotoiuxi, Colo., May 24 h, 189G
When we bade a temporary udlcu to
New Mexico last fill, it was with the
hope that, for a time at least, we bad
got rid of the ubiquitous:
"Lo! the poor loa'.aa, whose untutored
mlii ',"
Scooped in our ducats, n hen h raised our
blind t
Alas! we were mistaken! Oa Satur
day evening, we were once more con
fronted by four specimens of our noble
red cousins, of the "forest primeval,"
who bad strayed to our quiet village to
make "Home howl" and to give a soul
stirring exhibition .of the red man's
way of tripping the light fahtastio toe,
to the dulcet birains hammered out of
an old bull hide stretched over an old
nail keg, by another red specimen,
whose cracked voice added sweet dis
cord to th it evoked from the drum.
They called it -datoing. Perhaps it
was, but there was room, at least, for
honest doubt, yet the tendei foot who
saw the.-o monotonous gyrations, and
hippity-hop s'.eps of ihesq, Indian dan
cers, seemed charmed with the ricochet
y stpsand . ungraceful poses of these
nomads, who were rewarded by an
encore, and a few dimes.
These red brethren are members cf
the Ute tribe, whioh in its day, cut a
prominent figure as raiders and assas
sins. They seem quiet enough now,
save at limes when some of them in
dulge in a little Indian deviltry on the
side, and in a way to avoid legal pun
ishment. Sjventeen years ago, when a soldier
at ft Union, New Mexico, the Utes
were in camp near Cimarron. From
this point they were sent to the reser
vation allotted them in this state, and
very soon after their removal, they be
came sufficiently acclimatized to send
old man Meeker, their agent, up the
golden stairs, without previous warn
ing also, incidentally to decimate the
U. S. army. '-
The idea somehow came that the
thorough'' thrashing administered to
them by Capt. Dodge, of the Ninth U
S. cavalry, bad civilized' these scala
wags tulUcienlly to make them yearn
to be an angel; but it didn't. They
are the same old sixpences, who would
lift a scalp or out a throat as cheerfully
and as neatly as ever, if they could
only do si, without getting their necks
stretched in due firm of law.
Remembering the Utes as they were,
aquaiterof a century ago, and what
they are now, there is but one comfort
ing thought comes to us, and that is,
the red man grows beautifully less in
numbers as time grows on apace, until,
bye and bye, be win, like tne UuHjIo
be but a reminiscence. ,
The dwellers in New Mexico who
came to that favored land, during the
past ten years can hardly realize that
this Territory, now so peaceful and
safe, was only twelve years ago the
scene ot an Indian war, which com.
mcnciug at the Hot Spring agency
seventy-five Wiles west of old Fort
Craig, late in 1879, continued with bu
little intermission until 1884, Noroan
we old fogies of the early days realize
without an effort that the barren
plains of the once dreaded
Jornada del Muerto, where
many' emigrants were butchered
lodians, is now dotted with ranches
and several thriving villages, and that
every one feels as safe and secure as
the locality was in a New England
state, instead of New Mexico, which
until the advent of the railroad within
its borders in 1879, was practically a
uuknown countiy east of the Missouri
river, supposed to be nt only to pro
duco cacti, horned toads and tattle
Tbetriginof the Victoria Indian
war is unknown to the general public,
ft being generally believed that it was
due to a natural desire on tiie Indians
part to kill end Steal ad libitum, but
the fact is that old Victoria went on
the war path, because of indignities
heaped upon him by Lieut. Merritt, of
the inth U. S. cavalry, who happened
to be, for a few- days, in temporary
Ccmuiand of the troops at the Oil
(Jaiienle ngeney mentioned in this
letter. Lieur. merritt looked olten on
the "wiae when it was red," and he
was said to have been comfortably
drunk when be hud the racket which
resulted in Victoria's declaration of
hostilities and the butchering of every
member of the guard who were out on
the open plain near the springs, herd
ing the horses belonging lo Capt.
Hooker's company and ttbing every
horse, using th.em as mounts for his
Later on, Lieut. Merritt was court
martialed, and when the sentence of
the court was made public, it was
iouna mat Lieut. Merritt was
dishonorably, dismissed from the
army. Afte'r quitting the army
the disgraced . Merritt went to
Santa Fe, put up at the leading hotel
there, got on a regulation "toot," and
then blew out his brains. Had Lieut
Merritt considerately blown out his
brains, the day before the debauch
which caused Victoria to leave the
agency and commence active hostili
ties, there would have been no Indian
war, for Victoria up to that time had
always shown a disposition to bs
friendly and peaceful.
That the war, when once began,
lasted -so long, notwithstanding the
fact that Victoria never bad more thau
sixty wariioraat his disposal, While
the regular troops numbered a thousand
or more, has always seemed inexplica
ble to many of New Mexico's residents,
as well as to outsiders. The blame for
this state of affairs belonged to General
Hatch, the then co.tiraander of troops
in New Mexico, who teemed to have a
special talent for keeping bis troopers
at a safe distanoe from hostile Indians.
The only light of any importance in
which Hatch's troops faoed the In
dians and came out victor', was the
A ii.iii limy tlri4 as vc' ak
as blu own good judgement
ami the aaaiituuee of an ar
tistic tallm may elect. He
V. liMtic tallm may elect.
f ''V ll i"y ,;,ki; '"!i "tuba." 1
" "!3"Vj4 ?olii eiureHtlve organs ni
u4'Pf of or(U'r' wU httvc 1
but if
are out
an un-
wholesome appearance. His
complexion and the white of
lii:4 eyes will have a yellow
ish c ist. His toufiue will be
coated, njpelitc poor, his
teeth rusty, his breath abom
inable. Ue is one big, un
mistakable ciii of constipa
tion, The quickest, surest, eas
iest way is to lake Doctor
Puree s rieasant relicts,
ma-lvj of refined, concentrated
They ore
extracts. jnoumii; in tne lease
tni;w into their composition.
They hunt clown nil imnnvilies, and "make
tV-iu move on." Tlioy a-.'? the product of
mry yearn' study m;d practice. Doctor
Pier . cannot afuuil to put for.'h a worth
less 'icle. Send, for a free sample.
Address wllh Jt csntudi) otie-crat stamps to
eovrr r( mniliiin' World's Dispensary
Medical AH'Tia'-ion. llulialo, N. Y., niul ct a
free copy c V People's Helical Adviser."
fight in the St. Andres mountains, ssine
twenty miles or so distant from Ateman
wells, the old-time homo cf that noted
pioneer, Jack Martin, and in thh fight
General Hatoh was couspieuous by his
- Vioioria had a snpromo contempt
for General Hatch and his oolored
troopers, and it was ho who sent word
to General Hatph that ho would pit bis
rqtiaws against his, Hatch's, buffalo
soldiers any time when called on, feeL-j
ing assured the squaws would come out
Victoria, it will bo remembered, had
things his own way, until he crossed
over into Old Mexico, and was there
promptly corralled, and ho and his
band killod by Mexican soldiers.
John J. Bippcs.
Djn't let anyone persuado you to
tske anything else instead of Simmons
i, i, i c- ,,i,i
i-ffver ivegu.avoi. 0o.ii
will try to Co this, but not for your
cood. Thev do it to make a little
more orofit on somelhins which is of
..i ,11, mna,
au i. .in. vi iju,,,, ..u
pav just as n.uch for the Dael as tor tne
j)J. Ha said to tiki Sitnanns Liver
Regulator, and nothing else. Look
for ihe R-d Z on every pa -kage.
Papers have been drawn up formirg
the Sulphur Healing Springs and isin-
itarium . Co., of Tasadena, . Colfax
county. New Mexico, near Ute creek.
The incorporators aro Dr. Grewcr, of
Scranton, Pa , Dr. Deuston, rueo:o,
Colo., and H. Seaberg, tf Springer.
The company will erect largo builduij
fothe convenience and comfort of In
valids in the different stages of dis
Some Ready Information.
Tbe following statistical inforoiation
should be cut out and pasted on your of
flee desk for future and frequent refer
. S!Uel Miles
Baton lio "ueblo S O
Springer 7o I'opeka 720
wagori Mouna
vtchlson 770
Kansas City 7Sfl
San Miguel 29
Glorleta 65
Lamy in
it I.OU1S 1,068
Washlneton 2.088
Santa re 8;)
Cerrlllos wi
Albuquerque 132
Los Luuas 1M
Bocorro j....20
San Marclal Tioi
l'hlladelphli 2,007
New York H.ie;
Huston 2 419
Tucson 6IIH
Chihuahua' 612
(Jlty of Mexico .. 1 6!2
Las Uruc;s M
os Angeles l,m
nn riluorr, 1 (M1Q
El Paso Sftl
Uemlng m
an Diego ........ 1,0(8
-'un Francisco... l,3in
Bliver city ...4ii
Trinidad ' Ut
Gunyinas 606
f.. V. llotSorln-js... 8
La Junta 'Ml
Denver . aw
Whlteoaks, direct,. 1(!0
Galveston, direct.. 700
Mora ..7013
Hot Sp'gs Park.. 7s;
Springer 58.-W
Watrous Gitm'
Spark's Ranch...
iiausas City 765
Raton 1'uuntl ....7W2
Las Vegas ...
8 .mare ....
Socorro- ,
El Paso ......
iMiGlorleta 7182
..70i3.;or.tlnetnl El
,. 6001 vidoon A.&P....72M
,. 45 Flagstaff 6SB8
..8032 Needles 4
101161 salt Lake City.... 4225
.. 62001
Wherea", Frnnk Reltz was recen'lv
foully and brutally murdered near Uilii-
nas Springs, in the cuunly of Sao Miguel,
by unknowa parties, wbo are fugitives
Iron) Justice;
INow, therefore, for tne purpose of pro
curing the arrest cf the perpetrators of
this crime. I, w . T. Thornton, governor of
the Territory of New M-xlco, by virtue of
the au'hority in me vested, do hereby offer
a reward of (.lioiKJ) for the arrest and con-
viclion ot the murderers or K9itz, such re
ward to beiiyabie out of auv money in
the Territorial treasury approuriattd for
tne payment of rewards tor the forty-
Beventn tucai year.
iJjne nt tne ex:cutivn ornce, tills the 14th
dav ot ilav, A. D., V.Hi.
Witness my hind end the great seal of the
Territory or isew Mexico,
i seal 1 W. T. Thornton.
tiovi-rnor of tbo Territory of New M'.jcIco.
By the governor:
Lorion Miller.
Secretary of iSew Mexico.
Rates to City of Mexico.
Las Veoah, N. M.. March 0;h. 1896.
ItouDd trip ratea to City of Mexico, from
Las Vega, 460.70. Going limit, bixtv
days, with final roturn limit, of six monthB
rrom aatd or sale.
iourist rates to rnoenix, Aris., and re
turn from Lai Vegas, 48.50 Limits.
fifteen days, in eecb direciiou with final
limit of six months.
tf C. F. Jones, Agent.
Tourist Rates to the Grand Canon.
From Las Vegat to Grand Canon cf tbe
Colorado river and return, &i3 50. Thirty
uays,' transit limit in each direction.
rinal return limit, ninety cavs from date
oi sale, ins stage win irave f laastair, oa
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, con
necting with our through California trains
in eacn direction.
Upturning, it will leave the u rami Lnncn
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Baturdays. The
loe to toe canon is over a pood road and
occupies about eleven hour. Stations
bave been established along the routs and
at tbe canon for tbe accommodation of
tourists. C. F. Jones, Agent.
Victims of Lost Manhood obould sood at
onco for a book
t!iit explains how
lull muuly vlsror
Vwri!!V w:1 Permanently
'SfaiSSjMP iroroq. iNo man
'i--37r( ouuoringfrom
W'uY I9tol(,norotlib
?! timely advico.
ford to Iimoro tliij
My.V. IJoofe tolls h0V7
rmment and tcno arc ImpaTtC!! to every
tlon Of thO bolv. Pant. v..rt omiUK-J.
port I
proofs (sealed) free loanr na a on aur.licatiou.
Bright Boy or
In this and every town in the viciuity
hore tbeie is not already an aeent. to
sell the Neiv lork Ledger, America's (ir.nt.
st otory raper, oy me weic, anl act ss
geDt, making ! cent oo erory copy sold,
io charge being modo for unsold conlBi.
No Possible Rial. For full particulars, call
voe uiuee vi tuis pjpor
18ih and Curtis Sts.
For the cure of
' and
mrT3 a anr rx a nTnri
-k W I 1 WWW
Best and roost thoroughly equipped
tCeeley Institute tn the United States.
Romelike and comfortable in all Its ap
pointments. An absolute and permanent
sure. Ladles treated privately. Corre
spondence confidential.
Local Representative.
Annual Meeting American Association
of Nurserymen, Chicago, III., June 101b
and lltb: Fare, one and one-third for
round trip, oa certificate plaii) to above
point. .
.Commencing June 1st, we will sell
round crip tickets to Pueblo, at $lfi.70; to
Colorado Springs, $18.50; to Denver,
$23 15. Tickets limited to one day In each
direction, with final limit for return, No
vember 15tb, 189C.
Annual Convention, International Assn,
of Fire Engineers Bait Lake City, Utah,,
Aug. 10 to HtD, '90. One lowest first-class
staudard fare for I be rcund trip, plus $2,
all tickets to be good for continuous pas
sage in each direction. Leaving Bait Lake
on August 15 and 22 only.
Fourth ot July ratA: We will sell round
trip tickets to all points within 200 miles
at one and nn. fifth fara fnr rnnii.l trin.
I Tickets on sale July 3d and 4th. go-id to
return udiii ano including juiy em, ibdu.
I National Peop'e's Party (Populist) con
vention and Amerloan silver 6onventioo,
at at. Louis, Mo., July 22d ,'90. From Las
Vegas to St, Louis and return, $33. 70. Tick
?.t8.011. 8ale July 10th 20tn SD1 !.';
limited tocontmuois passage-lo each dlrec.
tion ; nual llmP, July 27tb, '90,
National prohibition convention, at
Pittsburg, Pa., May 27tb, 1890, from Las
Vegas to Pittsburg ord return, (47 95.
Tickets on sale May 23rd -and 24tb, 1896,
limited to contiuuous pissage in each
direction with final limit of May 81st, 1890.
National Encampment Q. A. R. at
St Paul, Minn., September 1st to 4th 1890.
From Las Vegas to Bt Paul, Minn, and re
turn. 4OT.20. Tickets on sale August 30th
and. list 1896, ftnal limit September 15tb,1890,
All tickets deposited with joint agent on or
before September 15th will be extended
to September 30tb 1800,
- Democratic conveniion at Chicago. Julv
7th, 1898, From Las Vegas to Chicago and
return, $37.70 for rouud trip, tickets to be
sold July 3rd, 4tb and 5th, 1890, with final
limit July 14tb, 1896, limited -to continuous
passage in each direction
. National conference of charities and
correction, at Grand Bapids, Mich., June
4th tj 10th, 18W, fare and one third on cer
tiflcate plan tor round trip.
Republican convention at St. Louis. Mo.
June 16th, 1S96: From Las Vegas to St
Louis, Mo., and return, $32.70. Excursion
tickets oa sa'e, June liitb, 13th and 14tb
with final limit ot June 23J, 1896. Tickets
will be limited to continuous passage, in
each direction, going pasjage to o mmence
da e ot sale,. and rtturn passage to com
mence date or execution
National convention. Young People's
Societies ot Christian Kndeavor, at Wash
ing'on, D. C , July 7 13, 1890: Las Vegas
to Washington and return, f-i2.9i; on sale
July 3d, 4th and 5th, 1890. Limited to con
tinuouS passage, in e&jh direction, with
final limit of July 18th. 1896. An exten-
8j0n 0f return limit, to July 8lt, 1896, will
I . . ' . " ..
De granted on tickets tout are deposit
with loint agent at Washington, on or be
fore 0:00 o'clock p. tn.-, Jn'y 14' h, 189ft
L. f . JONES, Agent.
New Summer Resort.
The Hermitage is a new hotel situated at
the foot of Hermit's Peak, on the Sapello
river, up among the pines, it has many
advantages not usually found at summer
re.-orts, a go 'd hotel with modern improve
ments ana- wen furnished roams, a post
office is located at this point, and fre tele
pbone connection is hid -with La Vegas.
ine table is bountifully supplied with
fruiti and vegetables grown on the place.
Quests wishlug to come, can telf phone and
a conveyance win ne sent lor them, ttati s.
tpi.uu per ween. , j, n. tji'jAN.rropiiotor,
Summer Mountain Resort.
The El Porvenir mountain resort will
now receive guests for tbe summer,
The most picturesque sccnery in America,
fine fishing and bunting. Best of hotel ac
commodations in New Mexico. For terms
for board and lodging, apply to the Ro
mero Mercantile Co., Las Vegas. Carriage
leaves their store, southwest corner ot the
plaza, every Saturday and Tuesday morn
ing at 8 o'clock; fare for the round trip, $1.
For farther information, call at the above
eBtaciwnmeni. antf.
The Park House.
Las Vegas Hot Springs. N. M. We still
have a few choice rooms lett for those who
c 'me early. Tbe most popular house at
the spring'. Mr. Bob Brltton, late from
tbo east, has charge of the kitchen; rvery
tblng is prepared in best ot style. Bates.
85 cents per meal. Hootn and board 7 per
week. Table supplied with tbe best tbe
mn-ket affords. Kocms by tbe day. SO to
73 cents.
oIrs. Kate Dennis,
118-tf - Manager.
To Health-Seeker.
Tbe Bloke Ranch, on the head of the Rio
Sapello, is now prepared to reoeive a limit
ed number of hoarders. This ranch is
located in tbe heart of the mountains, amid
the most beautiful scenery in tbe world,
where brook trout and wild game offer
ample diversion for tbe nlmrod or anyone
seeking out-door sport, it is located only
twenty-five miles from Las Vegas, and
within eight miles of tbe Rio Pecos, and
only three miles from the headwaters of
. ti : .. A .1.1 - v
Address Mrs. J. P. Blake, Rociada, or in
quire for conveyances and rates of W. K.
Uritos, Kast Las Vegas, X4, M.
77-tf Roolada, N. M
Job Work and Repairing, House Mov
j lug and liaising a Specialty.
Youraddrsu, mlth six cants
la stamps, mailed to our Head-'
quarters, 11 Eliot St., Boitos,
Mm., will bring you a full Una
of sample!, and rules for self
measurement, of our justly fa
mous 83 pantsi Suits, $ 13.25 1
Overcoats, $ 10.26, ana up. Cut
to order. Agents anted every
where. New Plymouth Rock Co.
Geo. H. Hutchison & Co.
Mines, and
For Sale or Lease.
Preaching at 11 n, m. and 7:80 p.m.
Sunday school at 11:45 a. m. Society of
Christian Endeavor nt 6:45 p. m.
- All people aro uordiully welcomed.
Strangers nnd sojourners are invited to
worship with us. . -. . , ...
A. A. LAYTON, Pastor.
Sunday school at 9:45 a.m. Preaching
servicos at 11 a. in. and 7:30 p. in. 11. Y.
P. U. at 7:15 p. m.
Ai! are uuidiuily invited to attend its
services. ' .
Sunday school at 9:45 a.m. Preaching
at 11 a. in., followed by tblrty minutes
class meeting. Kpworth League at 7:00 p.
m. Evening service at 7 :80 p. m.
'Tbe pastor and members extend, to all,
tbe welcome of this church, and will be
pleased to see vou at its services.
Masses will be said at 6:80 and 9:00 a.
m, Sunday school at 8 p. in. Vespers and
benediction, of the Blessed Sacrament, at
7:30 p.m. Daily morning mass at 6:80 a.
m. Sermon, at high mass, at 9:00 a. tn.
Rev. Maurice Olibr, Assistant. '
First) mass, for winter season, at 6:80 a.
m. Second mass, for winter season, at 8
a. m. i High mass for winter season, at
10:00 a.m. Sunday school at 8:00 p. in.
Vespers and Bene tic t ion at 4:00 p. m.
The Fathers will preach both in English
and Spanish.
. Pastor in Charge.
Services every Friday, 8 p. m.; Sunday
morning, 11 a. m.; Sunday school, every
Saturday morning, 9:30 to 12 o'clock, and
BUDaay mornings, rrom 10 to 11 o'clock.
.Riv.O. W. TOLSON, Pastor
Preaching at 11 a. m. Sunday school at
o:w p. m. (services at 7:30 p. in.
Singing and prayer meeting, Wedne
any evening.
WANTED, for Investors with
rt, ,i...i j nil i Nice
voaW) ocvuiupcu lfl in iJ
Money furnished for developinj
mining fKUSfLUl'S. Good
Gold, Silver and Copper properties
can be SOLD QUICKLY by
nuui i;sing me
Uoston. Stats. ,
' "
Santa Fe Honte
Westward STATIONS Eastward
No.l. Ko.a.
10 26pm Chicago 10 SOpm t
2 2.5pm Kansas ultj 7 30im
4 27pm 'l opeka 5 03am
9.1.1pm Newton 12 9 mm
lOHipm Hutchinson 11 'ftpm
8 80pm Denver B SOpm
SlopmColo. spr'gs 8 00pm
10 sopm Pueblo 1 10pm
12 f.Opm Trinidad S 45am
7 25pm LAS VEQAS S ISam
lOKiprn Santa f e 10 10am
12 07am LosC'eri lllos 10 50pm
2 05ainAlbuquerq'e 1) i'lipm
Il0 45am Demlng 11 00a ml r
111 40qm Kl l q3o io O0am
9 lOami (iallup. 2 3r,pm,
1 Mpm Wlnslow 9 ssam
4 opm Flagstaff 7 7m
GOBpmXos Angeles 7 00am I
jlQUamiaanFrauclsl ftsopml
Leave Dally.
Arrive Dally.
5:00 p.
Las Vegas
llridne St.
9 35a
6:55 a
Upper L.V.
Hot springs!
4 12P
f. :2ftp
10: a
I A0o 4:0AD
1 45p4:O0p,
Arrive Daily.
J-eave Dally.
Nos. 1 and 2. Pacific and Atlantic exnresa.
have Pullman i olnce dravilnor-room cars.
tourist sleeping cars and coaches between
Chicago and Los Angeles. San Diego and
San r'ranclsco, and Pullman, palace
cars and coaches between Cnlcago and the
City of Mex'co, E. CofklavI), .
Oen. Agent, Kl Paso, Tex.
T. F. & I A., El Pa so, Tex,
Cans.r. Jonks,
Agent, Las Vegas, N.M.
Western Division. ;
Mens:! Tie Wle No. 38.
J. W. Belnhart, John J. McCook,
In effect Sunday, August 6th, 1895.
6 00 P
10 OOp
1 56 p
10 SO pi
s so a
6 00 p
8 SO p
J 66 p
9 00a
4 85a
4 osa
a 40a
12 20 a
v io a
4 .OOP
6 40a
Kansas City
Gallup .
Ash Fork
The Needles
- . Blake .
'. Daggett
. liars tow
fLos Angeles
Han Francisco
6 15 p
S 46 a
8 15 p
8 86 p
8 05 p
2 SO p
10 40 a
7- 87 a
8 05 a
4 60a
7 00 p
7 2B p
12 10 p
s oo a
8 06a
9 10 a
4 4U p
4 58 p
s as p
8 10 p
s oop
12 80 P
1 SO p
4 SOp
6 OOp
7 40 p
1 6sa
4 40 a
6 as a
11 06 p
11 28 P
12 MB
8 to P
6 66p
6 40 n
1 Ha
5 46 a
7 SO a
S 20a
1 40 P
I 10 p
11 82 p
12 80 p
7 25 p
a wp
2 10 p
iu ou a
8 soa
8 46 a
s soa
11 45 a
2 SO p
6 00 p
H OS D 6 60 D
7 ro a 18 no p
8 ao p I 8 80 p
10 46 alio 46 a
Summer or Winter.
The Santa Fe route Is the most comforta
ble railway between California and tbe
The mealr at Harvoy's nining Rooms are
an excellent featuro of the line.
The Grand Oanoi of the Colorado ran be
reached In no other way,
Gen. Pass. Agent, L"s Angeles, Cat.
c, u, sriiicus,
Asst. Qen.Pacs. Agent, San Francisco,
PHpjm, piP, ' '
Jlewijlioy, IImia Chfla,
Piper Hi4$ltiok,
Something Good,
Old Honesty,
Clipper Navy,
No Tax,
Pure Stuff,
Natural Leaf
0. T. Gravely, superior,
W. N. T., Out of Sight,
Pride of KeD tuck v.
J. B.
xuoatan xwist,
Health and Prosperity
ropuiar rrioes
MRS. R. FLINT, Prop.
Centrally Located. Good Accommodations.
Bates. 91.25 per Day. Board and Room $5 and $0 per Week.
General Broker.
Land Grants, Improved Ranches, Native Cattle, Improved
Cattle, Cattie Ranges, Horses and Sheep, Real Estate. Etc.
Land Scrip of all Kinds, Territorial and County Warrants. Gen
eral Land Office Business. Titles Secured Under the
United States Land Laws.
Livery and Sale Stable.
Horses boarded by the day or month. Will keep on hand all kinds of
Hav. Grain and Feed. Lowest nrires cruaranteed. Atrents for the cele.
Hjrated Mitchell Wagon. Give us
bum yy
x.v r fiiir v
5xn6rinCd 6e'ect the Waverley because thoy bave learned to know tbe differ
z?. 7 ence between a wheel that U actually high-grade nr.d one that I
KlUerS -- Umply claimed to be. Home others may be good but the Waverley
is tbe highest of all bigb-grade. Scorchor (3 heights) ?85.00. Dalle
, kd ana t moo, Wio.W
109 Sixth Street, Opposite
K5g Beer,
Bour Mash Bourbon
So per glass. "
50c per gallon.
Samples oslt 5c, -Fts.l5c,r,ts.25o Q ts.SOo
Finer Whiskies. pkr oai,.
White House Club s;i.ut)
U. 8. Ciub .3 25
"Carlisle", Sole Agent .. 3.50
Samples 10c, Half VU. 25c, Pts. 50c, Qts. U.
Finrst Whiskies. per oal.
John Hennlng .. $4.01
Belle of Anderson -, . . . 4.25
HnnlranlinlmD. Kl
Bottled Beer,
10c, 15c, 20c, & 25c
Per bottle. f
Sole Agent
for '
McBraver. Oscar PeDoer and Yeliowstono I Bo Straight
13.50 per gallon.
Hlf- pints Hoc, nuts
California and Native Wines from 25o per Bottla, and ffl per fiallon, up..
49-Bear entrance from Lincoln Ave., between Optic OiBco and llosenthal Ilrcs.-ga
r. 8. "Press the Button, We'll do tbe reet."
John Shank, President.
K, L. M. Koss, Vice-President.
i, E. Moore, Seo'y and Treat. '
V. H. Jameson, Manager
L. O. Jameson.
Las Mil Teiepiie Go.
Cor. Mantanarei and Lincoln Ayes.
-East Las Yegas, N. M.
Electric Door Bells, Burglai
Alarms and Private Telephones pu
n at reasonable rates.
Prematurtness stopped. All emissions and exhausting drains
quickly controlled. Lost powers restored. This is the New
,., Parisian method, and never before used in this country.
All men afflicted with any one of the above disorders, who will cut out
. this notice and send to us, will receive a month's treatment FREE.
Syphilis and private diseases cured in half the lime required
; . Dyoramary met nocis ana at small cost.
' It is wanted for
for people who wish tol
their HOMES. 1
Filled with nngUt Ideas,
firacucai.common acnBe
u Deslfrna A Plans! Ar
rangement of Grounds;
Decorating, Furnishing,
etc., etc.
Scad '.9 cents for a copy
and leal j bow to get the
$5 fai H ANECD0TB.
Pub. Co.
TOM. 8
Exohange Hotel, west sldo Plaza, Las Vegas.
A Complete Stock of Imported, Key West
Mexican and Domestic
And a complete stock of Fancy Smoking Tobaoco;
also Pipes and Walking Canes and the -best lino ol
fine Chewing Tobacco.
. Other brands of tobacco too numerous tc mention, and
will be sold at wnolosule and retail ot tne lowest prices. All
kinds of pipes cleaned and repairod neatly at lowest prices.
Bridge Street,
Las Vegas, N. M.
a xdl
Are built In
the Largest
and Best
Factory In
the World.
and tw.oo.
F. Wright, Agt.
jquor, Cigar and Tobacco Co.
San Miguel National IJ ink.
WHISKIES. feu gal,
Fi-cin $1 per box Bp
Chewinr and
From 25c per lb, u
Sole Agent for .
2 50
ONLY lOo. 2.15 per box.
(J5c, y darts, .$ 1 .25
Practical Horseshcer,
General BlacitRmlthlng, Wagon and
carriage repairing, ncat;y ana
promptly dene
Ioilio 3LCl v e
Opposite Browne & Mansnnaros Co., ' -
A Subscription
-to tbe i
to subscribers to the
Whovin the next thirty tiays
pay us one" ycar' subscription''
in advance,

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