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'W'j VJ"'
R. A. KISTI.GR, Editor ana Proprietor.
Entered at the Kast Las VoKas, N. M.,
poBtoffleo or transmission through the
main a second-class matter.
Bpeclkvl Notice.
Las Vboar Dailt optic Delivered by mall,
post -pu Id, lln.ooper annum; la.ooforstx
months; l'i.50 for throe mouths, iiy car
rier, 26 cents por week;
Lai VKb.v WBitKtT orno 82 columns, de
' Uvored by mall, pout-paid, W.UU per an
num, tl. 50 tcv six months, $1 .ou for three
months. Minnie copies In wrappers, 6 cents.
Sample copies ot fiotli dally and weekly,
mailed froe when rt.?lred. Give postomce
address In full, IncludiPif state. ,
ted Iroui all parts of the country. Com
munication addressed to tint editor of
Thb optio, to insure attention, should be
accompanied by tho writer's full name
and address, not for publication, but as a
guaranty of good faith.
Bkmittanobs May be made by draft.money
nriiur nnatnl note. exDress or registered
letter at our risk. Address all letters and
, new Mexico
letter I
talearanis to
East Las Vegas,
Law oi newspapers.
It subscribers order the discontinuance
of newsnanors. the publishers may con
tlnuo to send them until all arrearages are
If subscribers refuse or neglect to take
their newspapers from the ortlce to which
thAv nr. nam thev Are held resDonslble un'
til they have settled the bills and ordered
tliiira discontinued,
ir subscribers move to other places with
out lnf orrulr g the publisher, and the news
apers are sent to the rormer pi ace ot res,
Huflo they are then resoonsioie-
Buobbomrd Malls.
trulls on the Star routes loav Las Vegas
as follows: . ...
' rjn varnu to Fort Snmner. Inclndln
Anton Chlco, Los Oolonals, Kden, Santa
Bosa and Puerto Ue Luna, trl-weexiy, on
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and ar
rive on alternate days of each week.
Las Vegas to Fort Bascom, Including
Ohaperlto, Galllnas Springs, Kl uuervo.
Bell Ilanch, Liberty and Endee, trl-weekly,
on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, or
each week, and arrive on alternate days.
Las Vegas to Mora, including Los Alamos,
Sapello, Ban Ygnaclo and Koclads, tri
weekly, on Tuesday, Thursday and Satur
day, of each week, and arrive on alternate
Las Vegas to Lesperance, once a week,
on Saturday.
Conveyance on Fort Sumner line. Is by
two-borse buckboard, on Fort Bascom ana
Mora lines by single-horse buckboard. To
Lesperance by private conveyance
usually spring wagon.
fori "? --X'V 1
Tbore will ba a meotiDg In I Ills city
on July 7th and 8tb, that ii of more
Importance to the Territory tbau " any
political meeting yet bold this jcar.
It In the meeting ol the wool grower,
(be wool dealers and tbe sboep breed
er of New Mexiui'. lit sides discuss,
log tbo looal laws in regard to disease
in ebeep and the quarantine laws, the
ru ntter of permanent organlzttiou will
come up, ''Tbo wool growers of tbe
cuuutry ujuat organize if tbty hope to
have Just tat iff laws remain In ffieot.
Tbe republican party lias promised
ample protection to tbij Industry, and
It Is reasonably sure that U will keep
its promise to tbo people, but organi
zation would insure it, and also guar
tee that the matter will not be tam
pered with by each charge of ad.
ministration. Tbe sbeep and wool in
dustry, if organizjd, could con
trol more votes - and 1 icfluence
than any other one indus
try in tbe United States
and it Is high time those interested
were beginning to show their strength.
As it is, tbe wool growers can always
get fair promises, but after congress
meets a few representatives from or
ganized manuf icturers in the New
England states, can go down to Wash
ington and frame the tariff on wool
and woolens to suit themselves. As
long as tbe wool growers permit this,
just so long will tbey continue to keep
their business in jiopardy. Every
man in New Mexico who is interested
in tbe wool growers' industry thould
make it a point to meet in Las Vegas
next month. Tbe meetfng will, be
strictly for the wool growers' industry,
and politics, other than this, will not
be mentioned. New Mexico is a leader
in tbe wool and sheep industry and
should lead in tbe protection of it.
As early or a late convention for
.he nomination of a candidate for dele
gate to congress. Tnat is tbe question.
It Should be a Powerful Agency
Extending Our Commerce.
For President,
Of Ohio. ...
For Vice-President,
0 New Jersey.
Protection must be the key note of
tbe campaign in New Mexico. State
hood next.
In oase of republican success, it is
said that Delegate Catron will support
Hon. Pedro Perea, of Bernalillo
county, for governor.
Many democrats in New Mexico will
either vote the republican ticket, or
atay away from the polls. Hard times
and low prices of wool are having their
effect in the right direction.
Slowly, one by one, are the mem
bers of tbe New Mexico delegation to
St. Louis returnlag home. Tbey
seem to be satisfied with their work,
and "all's well that ends well.".
Judge A. L. Morrison has returned
to Santa Fe with an expression of "I
told you so'on his face, it is said.
He is entitled to that, as he has
worked hard and suocessfu'ly for Major
McKinley's nomination.
The democratic politicians of New
Mexico are looking about for an avail
able candidate for congress, and are all
hoping that Mr. Manzanares may con
sent to run. That is not nuite all; the
Fergasson-Cunninghara-Miller crowd
oppose Mr. Manzanares. -
The consular service is the practi
cal and business side of our foreign
intercourse," writes ex-President Har
rison in July Ladies' Home "Journal-
There are more than twelve bundrt d
persons in tbe consular service of the
United States. These are located in
(be important Commercial cities and
towns of the world, and are described
generally as consuls general, consuls,
commercial agents interpreters, .mar
shals and clerks The dutits of a con.
stl are various and multifarious, lie
is the protector and guardian of Ameri
can commerce; provides f ir destitute
American sailors and sends them home;
he takes cbtrge of the effects oi
American citizens dving in his juris
diction, having no legal representative;
be receives the declarations or protests
of our citizens in. any matter affeot-
ng tbeir rights; he keeps a record of
the arrival and departure of American
ships and of their cargoes, and looks
after vessels wrecked ; be reports any j
new inventions or improvements in
manufacturing processes that bo ma
jbserve, and all useful information re
ating to manufactures, population
soientino discoveries, or progress
ibe useful arts, and all events or fact
that may affect the trade of the United
states, and authenticates invoices and
statements cf tbe maiket value
merchandise to be ' shipped to the
Uoited States. Every consulate is
joumeroial outpost i and if tbe service
hop Id be given permanence of enure
and a corps of men of competent equip
ment, it would become . a powerlu
agency in extending oar commerce.
Homo Truth Concerning
Camp at Hopewell,
Arriba County.
the Gold
It is the intention of the people's
party in New Mexico to run a candi
date for delegate this fall and put up
regular tickets in every county, .where
the leaders of the parly think there is
a show of success. That course is cer
tainly good politics, if the people's
party is to remain in the national field
and it looks as it such were the inten
tion of tbe leaders.
Delegate Catron has returned to
Santa Fe. He thinks be has the oil's
providing for an enabling not for New
Mexico, now pending in the senate and
bouse of representatives, in first-class
shape and that be will be able to push
them to a vote during the short session
and that they will pass ' and become
law. At any rate, he will do his very
best towards that consummation and
The Optic hopes and believes he will
Tbe late General Benjamin F, But
ler's estate was finally settled in the
county court at Pueblo, Colo., on last
Tuesday. Tbe distribution i! the
property as provided in the will was
ordered. Tbe estate owns what is
known as the Craig ranch in Pueblo
county, and although no valuation is
placed upon it, It is considered valuable.
Tbe Butler heirs also own a large In
terest in the Mora grant in New Mexi
co. All the property goes to Paul
Butler and Blanche Butler Ames, Tbe
executors are Paul Butler and Adalbert
None But Ayer's at tbo World's Pair.
AVer's sarsaparma enjoys tbe ex
traordinary distinction of having bee
tbe only blood purifier allowed an ex
bibit at the World's fair, Chicago,
Manufacturers of other Sarsaparillae
sought by every means to obtain
mowing of' tbeir goads, but tbey were
all turned away under tbe application
of tbe rule torbidd log tbe entry
patent medicines and nostrums. The
decision of the Wot Id's fair authorities
in favor of Ayer's Sarsapanlla was
effect as follows: "Ayer's Saisapanlla
is not a patent medicine. It does no
belong to the list of nostrums. It is
here on its merits "
Bert Coe and Harry Pierce returned
bomettt Azteo from school at Las
Crucei.. ,
Mr. D. P. Davis, a prominent livery
man and merchant of Goshen, Va.,
has this to say on the subject of rheu
matism : "I take pleasure in reoi m
mending Chamberlain's Pain Balm for
rheumatism, as I know from personal
experience that it will do all that is
claimed forit. A year ago this spring
my oromer was laid up in bed . with
inflammatory rheumatism and suffered
Intensely. Tbe first application of
Chamberlain's Palm Balm ; eased
me pain ana tue - use of one
bottle completely sored him. For
sale by K. D. Goodall, Depot Drug
store. - - j
. -9
Albert Coe, of Lincoln county, who
has been visiting his brother at Farm-
ington, started back borne Tuesday.
The Good Qualities ,
Possessed by Hood's Sarsaparllla are almost
ueyoud mention. Best of all, it purifies the
blood, thus strengthening the nerves. It ref
lates the digestive organs, Invigorates the kid
neys and liver, tones and builds up the entire
system. It cures dyspepsia, scrofula, catarrh
and rheumatism. Kemember, Hood's Cures.
Um4'i Pill act easily, yet promptly and
effectively, on ths liver and bowels, 26c
Henry Eller came down to Roswell
fmm tbe Jicarillas, and reported every
thing as dull op there.
John D. Walker, late of Maifi.
Tixas, Is working with Warrington at
No. Ill Maln'streot, Rogwell.
To the Editor of the 0Ue, ,
Hoi'icwkll, N. M., June 22, 1896.
There have been so many conflicting
reports circulated about this camp,
that we deem it best to give tbe read
ers of The Oitic a true idea about the
eaiup. Hopewell Is situated twenty,
two miles northwest of Tres Piadras,
Rio Arriba oounty, New Mexico. Tres
Picdrcs is nineiy-six miles north of
Santa Fe, on the Denver & RioGrsndo
railway. There is a good wagon road
from Tres Piedras. There has been
placer mining &oing on bore for sv.
eral years, but tbe placer ground is
most all worked out, and tbe miners
have turned tbeir attention to lode
miniug and are making some fine
showings. Tbe mineral belt is about
ten miles long by five miles wide, and
is on government land. 'There are
about 150 miners working and pros
pecting in tbe camp. We have one
hotel, two general stores, one batcher
sbop, one barber shop, and one assay
oflice, and a number of .new buildings
are being constructed, making In all
about twenty. five buildings in tbo
town.. ' . ' :
Tbe wash is quite deep over the
lodes and in many places tbe lodes are
hard to And, but' there is not a single
mine or prospect in the camp that has
been developed to any extent bat what
makes a good showiog. Tbe ore
bodies are continuous, and go nearly
straight down. A few of them have
pinchat) cat in length, but not one has
run out in depth. The rich gold is
found in iron ores and all tbe ores in
tbe camp carry a good per cent, in
iron. . , -:
Through tbe kindness of . C. Ster
ling, the assayer at this place, we give
you a list of his assays made last
Thursday and taken from his books.
As he cannot famish the names of the
mines and prospects they are made
from, will number them only :
No. 1. Silver, $9 10; gold, $100.
Sliver, $3 60; gold, IttS.OO. . ,
Silver, $3.00; gold, $20.00.
Silver, 49.00; gold. $154.00.
Silver, .70: gold, $8.00. "
Silver, $t.M; go'd, $8.80.
Silver, $9.82 ; gold, 1240.00.
biiver, $2.10; gold, $16.00.
Silver, $1.40: gold, $3 00.
Sliver, 2.10; gold, 4.50. ,
Biiver, $1.83; g)ld, $16 00.
Two other assajs show traces of
gold and silver. These assays were
made for men that were mining and
prospecting and in most all cases are
fine prospects, not over fifteen feet
deep. r
Parties coming to this camp need
not expect to find the gold sticking out
of the ground, but by a little work tbe
miuer can mt.ke as fine a showing, If
not better, than any camp in tbe south
west. A prominent assayer of Denver,
woo has been bere and loosed the
camp over, made tbe remark that
Hopewell will make the greatest gold
camp ia tho United Spates some day.
All we want is time to develop tbe
camp. r .:
There are a number of Las Vegas
people here and all have gojd claims
W. A, Givens and wife left for Lhs
Vegas, a few days .. ago, to make-' ar
rangements to more bere and ere well
pleased ... with the outlook. E. L.
Brinegar has been bere for tbiity days
and has secured aome good claims
and expects to make a fine showing as
soon as bo gets them opened up.
There are plenty of claims and ground
not staked, and we would advise any
one coming heie to bring a camping
outfit and tent, or. arrange te build a
cabin. There is an abundance " of
water and wood all through the dis
trict. There have been a few men that
visited tbe camp, walked around a few
days with their bands in tbeir pockets
and conld not see the gold sticking out
of the ground, who went away telling
everybody thev camp was no good.
There is only one ' way to mine here
and tbat is with a pick and shovel
W e can say without fear of contra
diction tbat there is mare gold in thl
mining district than any other district
in the southwest, and before the snow
flies there will be some wonderful
mines opened lip, besides tbe four or
dve paying mines here now. F;
No. 2.
No. 8.
No. 4.
No. 5.
No. 0.
No. 7.
No. 8.
No. 9.
No. 10.
No. 11.
ONCB AlOKU in Harmony
with the world, 2000
completely curea men are
Hinging happy praises for
- the greatest, grand
est and most suc
cessful cure for sex
ual 'Weakness and
lost vigor known to
medical science. An
account of this vxw
derful discovery, m
book form, with ref
erences ana proofs,
V-1 11 hAfiAnt. In mi,f
ferlng men CsealedV trite. Full nmnlv viirnp .
permanently restored.- Failure impossible.
The Maxwell LancLGrant
" Situated in New Mexico and Colorado,
On I he Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe, ami
. . Un'on Pacific, Denver ,& Gulf Railways,
IJillilllllll ;ii;fk ill Lam I'm' Sain
Farming Lands Under Irrigation Systems:
' ' In tracts of 20 art and upwards, with perpetual water rights,
cheap, and cn easy terms of 10 annual payments, with 7 per cent,
interest. Alfalfa, Grain and Fruits grow to perfection.
Choice Prairie or Mountain Grazing Lands,
,' Well watered and with good shelter, Interspersed with Hne ranches suitable
for ralBlog grains and fruits, in size ot tracts to suit purchaser.
Large Pastures For Lease,
For long terms of years, fenced or nnfenced: shipping facilities over two
REV. NOHMAn'bKINNKR, Pastor. !
Preaching at 11 a. ni. and 7:80 p, m.
Hunday school at U:45 a, in. Hoolety of
ClirlHtinn Kudeavor at 0:40 p. m.
All pnujilo are cordially welcomed.
. Htraugeis nad sojourners are Invited to
worship with us, .
A. A. LAYTON, I'astor.
Buuday school at 9:415 a.m. Preaching
sorvices at 11 a. m. and 7:80 p. m, B. V.
P. U. at 7:15 p. ni.. ..
All are cordially Invited to attend Its
Sunday school at 11:43 a. m. Preaching
at 11 a. m., followed by thirty minutes
class meeting. Epwortb League at 7:00 p.
m. Evening service at 7:!10 p. in.
Tbe pastor and members extend, to all,
the welcome of this church, and will be
pleased to see vou at its services.
On tblx Grant, nrar its wrntero boundary, are situated the famous Gol I Mining
Districts of KL1ZABBTHTOWN and BALL) Y, where mines bave been successfully
operated for 2D yours, and new, rich discoveries were made In 1890, In the vlciuily of
the new camps ot HKMA11TK and UAKUY tJLUlfK.ss rich as any camp In (Julo
rade, but with lots of as vet unlocafed ground open to pro'peotnrs on terms similar to,
and as favorable as, tbe United estates Uovernment Lam and Kegulatlons.
Stage leaves every morning, except Sundays, from. Springer for FATHER T. P. O'KEEFB, Pastor.
these camps. ,
Title Perfect, founded on United States Patent and confirmed by
decisions of the U. Is. bupreme Court. ... .
For further particulars and pamphlets, apply to
Raton, New Mexico.
Masses will be said at 6:80 and 9:00 a.
m, Hunday school at 8 p.m. Vespers and
benediction, of tbe Blessed Sacrament, at
7:80 r. m. Daily morning mass at 6:80 a.
m. Sermon, ot high mass, at 9:00 a. m. ,
Beautiful Places of Retreat fori
the Health and Pleasure
; - ; . Seeker.
Harvey's Mountain Home.
.'This resort is famous for Its comfort,
cleanliness, superior table, abundance of
rich milk and cream, as well as for its un
rivaled scener) and numerous near-by
points of interest. The best trout fishing
is accessible by short excursions to either
branch of tbe (iallinas. Hermit Prak
and grand canon are of easy access. Bur
ro's are furnished to guests for daily
riding. The Pecos National Park is within
six miles, aud is reached by easy trail;
expeditions cn be outfitted and guide se
cured at the raucb. '.
For transportation and terms, inquire Ot
Judge Wooster, Bast Las Vegxs, or ad
dress.' H. A. HaBVBT,
- ' San Igoaclo Resort.
The Hermitage is a new hotel situated at
the foot of Hermit's Peak, on tbe Sapello
river, up among tbe pines. It baa many
advantages not usually found at summer
retorts, a good hotel with modern Improve
ments ana wen rurois&ea rooms, a post
office is located at this point, and free tele
phone connection Is bad with Las Vegas,
Tbe table is bountifully supplied at ell
times with all that toe season affords.
Quests wishing to oome, can telephone and
a conveyance will he sent for them. Rates,
per ween. i . . iujan proprietor.
18th and Curtis Sts.
For tbe cure of J
Best and most thoroughly equipped
Eeetey ' Institute In the United States,
Homelike and oomfortable la all its ap
pointments. An absolute and permanent
cure. Ladles treated privately. Corre
spondence confidential.
Local Representative.
hbv. AiArniCB ulibr, Assistant.
First mass, for winter season, at 6:30 a.
m. rJecond mass, for winter season, at 0
m. High mass for winter season, at
10:00 a. m. Sunday school at 8:00 p. m.
Vesper and Beneliction at 4:00 p. m.
Toe f atuers win preacn Dom in itncusn
and Spanish.
Pastor in Charge. .
Services every Friday, 8 p.m.; Sunday
morning, 11 a. m. ; Hunday school, every
Saturday morning, 9:30 to 12 o'clock, and
Sunday mornings, from 10 to 11 o'clock.
iRav. Q. W. TOJLSON, Taster
Preaching at 11 a. m. Sunday school at
8:00 p. m. Services at 7:30 p. m.
Singing and prayer meeting, Wednes
day evening.
- Patnhitahftrl In Pnlnrftn. Ifififi. BamnlP! bv Jnall o:
express will receive prompt and curcful nttuM-ten.
Gold a Silver Bullion X'oi
idJriH, 1715 a 1738 Ltimaei 3L, Leaver, C:lo.
"Uncle" Henry Huffaktr. an old-
timer in the Peois.. valley, - died last
Sunday morning, presumably from an
over dose of laudanum, v
A. J.
Matt Gorton slaughtered a cow at
iped tbe bes
pounds. All old alfalfa (at.
Roswell. that tipped tbe beam at 1.S35
Summer Mountain Resort.
The El Porvenir mountain resort will
now reoeive guests for the summer.
Tbe most picturesque scenery in America,
one nsning ana nunung. . Best 01 note! ac
commodations in New Mexico. For terms
for board and lodging, apply to the Ro
mero Mercantile Co., Las Vegas. Carriage
leaves their store, southwest corner of tbe
Plaza, every Saturday and Tuesday morn
ing at 8 o'clock; tare for the round trio. SI.
For further Information, call at tbe above
estaDinment. Sutf.
The Park House.
Las Vegas Hot Springs, N. M. We still
bave a few choice rooms lett for those who
come early. . Tbe most popular bouse at
tne springs. Mr. Hob rsruton, late from
the east, has charge of tbe kitcnen: every
thing is prepared in best of style. Rates.
85 cents per meal. Room and board $7 per
wees. . xauie supplied wua toe pest tne
market affords. Rooms by the day. 60 to
74 cents.
Mas. katb Dennis,
U8-tf Manager.
Te Healtn-Seskera.
Tbe Blake Ranch, on the head of the Rio
Sapello, la now prepared to receive a limit-
ea numDer or Hoarders. Tnls ranch is
located in tbo heart of the mountains, amid
the most beautiful scenery in the world,
where brook trout and wild eame offer
ample diversion for tbe nlmrod or anyone
seeking oat-door sport. It is located only
twenty-five miles from Las Vegas, and
within eight miles of the Rio Pecos, and
only three miles from the headwaters of
tbe Kio Galllnas. Address.
Address Mrs. J. P. Blake. Roclada. or in
quire for conveyances and rates of W. K.
Urttes, Bast Las Vegas, N. M.
Tl-tf Roclada. SUM.
$300 Reward.
Executive Off-ior. 1
City of Santa Fa, Tkrritokt or N. M. f
Whkreas, On the 8th dav of Febrnarv.
1806, Dlonicio Oallegos mysteriously disap
peared from tbe town of Raton, and Terri
tory or flew Mexico, and Is supposed to
nave oeen muraerea oy persons Wbo are
now fugitives from justice.
' Now, therefore, for the niimose of caus
ing the arrest and conviction of tbe party
or parties euiiiv or mis crime. 1. w 'i
Iborntoo, governor ot the Territory of
new Mexico, doberebv offer a reward of
fdUU, to be paid out of tbe Territorial treas
ury from funds appropriated for rewards,
upon tue arrest 01 tbe guilty party or Dar
ties, said reward to be pavable out of funds
appropriated for tbe fortr-sixth fiscal
year. . ...
Done at the executive office, this, the 7th
aT or marcn, a. L. law. - ... -
wttn-hs mv hand and the treat annl nf
tne .territory 01 JXew Mexico.
W. T. Tnmtntnn
Governor of the Territory of New Mexicot
oy tne governor:
L"bioii Miller, '
" " Secretary of New Mexico.
Some Ready Information.
Tbe following statistical Information
should be cut out and pasted on your of
Bee desk for future and frequent refer
ences 1 ,
Springer 70
w aio.i Mound 45
Watruus , 20
Saa Miguel 2u
Glorletu , br,
Lamy 6f
Santa Fe 8i
Cerrlllos S2
Albuquerque ,.;,132
Los Luoas liu
Socorro 208
SanMarcial.. 285
Las Unices hm
El 1'aso m
Dealing S68
silver uitv 411
Trinidad .... ......lm
La Junta ..... 2151
Denver 895
'ueblo ....i-'ti
Topeka 7i
tculson 770
Kansas City 7W
it. Louis i.oea
Chicago I,7S
Washington 2.0t
fhlladelDlila .... 2.097
New York 2,18i
uoston... 2 4i
Tucson .. ..' MW
Chihuahua 612
City of Mexico .. 1 6.2
..OS Angeies .1,13-1
Ian Dleuo 1.098
San Francisco... 1,840
(xuayinas 906
b. V. Hot Springs .. tt
Wnlteoaks. direct. 160
Galveston, direct. .JOB
Cltwnx, Htnr,
Newsboy, Hi.rt Blioe,
l'ipor HoidHieok,
SuninMiing Good,
Old Honesty,
Clipper Navy,
Root Jack,
No Tax,
Pure Stuff,
Natural Leaf
B. T. Gravely, suiierior,
W. N. T., Out of Sight,
Pride of Kentucky,
Yucatan Twfnt,
Health and Prosperity,
- Popular Prices..
Exchange Hotel, west side Plaza, Lus Vegas.
A Complete Stock of Imported, Key
' 'Mexicaa and Domestic-
And a complete stock of Fancy Smoking Tobacco)
also Pipes and Walking Canes and tbe best lino ol
floe Cbewiog robaceo. ? v ;
Other brands of tobacco too numerous to mention,' and
will be sold at wholesale and retail at tne lowest prices. All
kinds ot pipes cleaned aud repaired neatly nt lowest prlees.
X 'I
A. V
Bridge' Street,
1 Las Vegas, N. ML
MRS. ft. FLINT, Prop.
Centrally Located. Good Accommodations.
Kates, $1.25 per Day. Board and Boom $5 and QO per Week.
General Broker.
Land Grants, Improved Ranches, Native Cattle, Improved
Cattle, Cattle Ranges, Horses and Sheep, Real Estate. 2tc.'
Land Scrip of all Kinds, Territorial and County Warrants. Geo
ral Land Office Business. Titles Secured Under the
United States Land Laws. V
Are built in
the Largest
IGYGLES. and Best
FxiCtory In
the World.
Experienced 8a'ect tha VVarerley because they have learned to know the differ
zJ.J e ice between a wheel that Ij actually high-grade acd one tbat i
tvlderS simply claimed to b. Home others may be good but the Waverley
-" is tue highest of ell high-grade. Scorcher (3 heights) f85.00. liellct
zu ana zo men, fia.nu ana ssj.uip.
INIIANArol,18, INI).
J. F. Wright, Agt.
Saata Fe Ronte
Mora 704SSpark 's Ranch
not hd'ks ran., mm umcairo .
springer..,. w-Vd
Watrous Oten
LasVexas .6162
8.nta ITe ....7018
Albuaueroua ...,MXH
Socurro ., 46K5
mi raso .,.!. &8H2
Lead vllie, I0u6i
Denver...'. i.saool
Kansas City ?o: I
Raton luun 1 ....722
Glorleta Wi
'Continental 1)1
vide on A.&P....72S6
TiagBtair mm
Needles ..... ......477
jalt Lake City.... vm
' -. , Reward.
Whereas. Frank . Kelts was recent v
tonllrand brutally murdered near (ialli
nas Springs, In the county ot Ban Muuel,"
by unknown uartles. who are fugitives
irom justice; .1
now. toeretore, lor tue purpose of nro-
curlns; tbe arrest of the perpetrators of
ibis orime, I, W. T. Thornton, governor of
tbe Territory of New Mexico, by virtue of
the authority in me vested, do hereby offer
a rewara 01 ivwu) lor tne arrest and con
viction 01 tne murderers ol Keitz, such re
ward to be p-iyable out of any money in
the Territorial treasury amirooriated for
tbe payment of rewards Vr the forty
seventh fiscal year.
Done at tbe ex cutty office, this the 14th
day of May. A. U.. lf-'98. )
witness my band and the great seal of the
.territory 01 ixew Mexico.
iSEAlrl W. T. Thorntok.
Governor ot tbe Territory of New Mexico.
y me governor:
Secretary of 4ew Mexico.
10 2hpm Chicago
2 2rpm: Kansas Ultj
4 u7pm 'Jopeka '
9 ISurnl Newton
lu sipm Hutcmnson
gupm Denver
liiom Colo. Nnr'as
lOiliipiii -Pueblo
12fi0prrf Trinidad
7 25pm LAS VEOAS
10 10pm Santa ee
12 07a in LosCerrlllos
i 05am Albuquerq'e
10 4ffam Demlng 111 00am
11 40aiu El Paso 1 10 ooaml
10 aODm
7 ..man
6 (Mam
It am
11 'liom
8 80Dm
8 15am
10 10om
in 50pm
9 lOanii Gallup
1 6Spm Wlnslow
4 vonm Fiae'taff
(iWinm Loj Aiigeles
9 85am :
7 87 tm
7 OOiml
10 45amSanFrancls B80pm
Arrive Dally.
Arrive 'Dally.
703 701 CARD NO. 1 70a 704 706
8:00p9:80a Las Vegas 3:15p 4-SOp 7:00p
8:03p 9:8fa llrldge St. 2:iop 4:l.p fliMp
H:lp ').4Sa Upper L.V. l:B7p 4 12p B:42p
8:2Sp9:Ma Flactta 1 :op 4:05p fi:S6p
:0pl0: a Hotiiprlngsl:45p4:00p6:30p
. Leave (Dally.
There was a social dance at the resi
dence of Matt Gordon, down at Ros
well. ,
Mrs. jarreii and a party of yonne
folk, of lloswell, went down tbe
Hondo, fishing;. .
The sick man knocking
at the door of health gets
in if he knocks the tight
way, and, stays out if he
aoesn t. mere are thou
sands of ways of getting
sick but only one way to
get well. - Do whatever
yon will, if yon do not put
your digestion . in good
order, and make jour,
blood rich and pure, you
will not get well. Rich,
pure, blood is the only
thing that can bring per
fect health. , Constipation
is a disease of the blood.
A large part of all dis
eases are traceable di
rectly to impurities In the blood, and can
tie cured by eliminating them with Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. The
first tliinar it does is to put the whole diges
tive system into perfect order. It stimu
lates the nnnetite. excites a coolous secre
tion of iUc digestive Cuius and promotes
assimilation, it searcnes out aisease germs-1
wherever wey may oe, Kins tnem and forces
Now located on Sixth street, two doors
north of the Postofflce,
Tinning aafl Plmnliing
A Specialty. .
r ' The Finest Line of
Stoves and Steel Ranges
. In the City,
Heating apparatus heavy sheet Iron
work, etc.. contracted for at the bottom
price. Let ns figure on yonr work.
' !5Fdiirtof July Rates.
.We will sell round trip tickets to points
in Colorado and New Mexico, at one fare
for Hie round trip. Tickets ou eale July
3d and 4tb; good to return until and in.
eluding July 6:b, 18'.K!. Continuous pas
sage each way.
In addition tJ other 4th of July rates,
will sell to Albuquerque, account Firemen's
Tournament, at one fare round trip, on
July 1st atd 2nd. Limited to return July
6th. ' ii -: . i : : .
t C. F. Jones, Agt.
Tourist Rates to the Qrand Canon.
From Las Vegas to Grand Canon nf tha
uoioraao river and return, foHoU. Thirty
days' transit limit in each direction.
Kinal return limit, ninety davs from data
of sale. The stage will leave Flagstaff, ou
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, con
necting with our through California trains
in each d rection.
Returning, it wil leave tbe Grand Canon
Tuesdays, Tbursdays and Saturdays. Tbe
ride to tbe canon is over a good' road and
occupies about eleveu hours. Stations
bave been established along tbe route and
at tbe canon for tbe accommodation of
tourists. . '. ' -. U. . JONES, Agent.
have Pullman ral me drawing-room cars,
tonrlst sleeoloa: cars and coaches hnlivnnn
Clilcai;o and Los Angeles. 8an Diego and
8an r'ranclsco, and a Pullman palace
cars and coaches between Cnlcavo and the
City of Mexico, E. Copelard,
uen. Agent, t.i faso, lex.
W. K Browne,
4 T. Jf.& P. A., Kl Paso, Tex.
. Cbs.P Jones,
Agent, Las Vegas. N ,M,
The Decorah love
(Patented v siisfgconslructed
with roll an 1 tri.ru tbat lifts
50 per cert, more weight
with ssme power than wrist
pin and pitman, m used cn
til other mills. Thus, where
1 ten foot wheel of an ordina
y mill is required, we put in
n 8 font wheel of the Decorah
nu Eruernnceo results. Com
plete plant with tower, tank,
pump, and water-service,
erected ou easyj
Uldesiied. ...
Estimates, Specifications Furnished Without Charge.
Water Pipes and Well.Casing.
Decorali Winflmill Co., CHARD-1t-
The Cash Liquor, Cigar
and Tobacco Co.
Milwaukee V
Keg Beer,
So per glass.
50n per gallon.
Sotiied Beer,.
10c, 15c, SOo, &
Per bottle.
Sole Agent
Carlisle',' .
(8.50 per gallon,
109 Sixth Street, Opposite San Miguel Nutlonal Bank.
uurriNo IT DOWN K1K.
. Whiskies.
Sour Mash IToarbon..... .. ,
" 2.25
" " " 2MI
Samples only 5o, J-Pts;16c,Pts.25c Q'S.oOcI
White House Club ,...f3.00
U. 8. Club , 3 25
n - . '
"Uarlisle", 8ole Agent ..s'... .. 8.50
Bamp'ee 10c, Half 1'ti. 25c, Pts: 60c, Qts. 1.
' Finest Whiskies, per gal
John Henning .. ........ ..... ......$4.00
Bflle of Anderson ov.'fV;'.-. ..... 4.25
Guckenhoimer .. .. .. 6.50
McBraj er, Oscar Pepper and Yellowstone
Half- plots 85c. Pints 65c Quarts. 1.2T..
California and Native Wines from 25o per Bottle, and $1 Der Gallon! no.-.
49-Bear entrance from Lincoln Ave., between Optio Office and Rosenthal Broa.e
P. 8. "Press the Button. We'll do the rest."
I Cigars . , - ;
From $1 per Lox u.
Chewing and
T, bneecs -: 1
From 253 per lb.
Sole Agent for
5o Utralglit; ;t-j
12.15 per box. ;
Western Division.
ConJeDScd Time TaWe No.'38.
J. W. Belnhart, John J. HcCook,
receivers. : 1
In effect Sunday, August 5th, .1898.
Bl'ATluMa I Kastwabd
or Qirl,
the vicinity
an a Kent, to
Graham & Ragsdale bave just fin
iahed a fine jrilt frame for the charter them out of the -aystem. The "Golden
.t iVo ll.anm'i, InHnn Dn.m.ll I Ur-All nivimm" haa Iu.m tmA mritm,
iMlvayinf success fqr over jo jjeara .
jot tie Masonio lodge at Roswell.
Bright Boy
In this and every town In
here there is not already
sell the New York erffnr, America's Ortat
est tstory raper, Dy tbe week, and act as
agent, makioft 2 cauls on every copy sold.
No charge being made for unsold copies.
Mo Possible Bisk. For full particulars, call
at tbe office of tbl paper
Pp to r;to ie.
Tbe most complete-tariff test book
ever published is tbe new edition of
Tariff Facta tor Speakers and Stu
dents," defender document No. 9 260
pages, just ou. Publisher, tbe Ameri
can froteclire Jariff leactie. Cam
paign text books !sned j'ist before the
election are of little value. Tbe tarff
league is to be congratulated on its
foresight in jrottine out its hand book
so early In tbe year. Order by num
ber only. Sent to any address for
twenty-five cents. Address W. F.
Wakeman, general secretary, 185 West
twenty .third itreet, New tSfoi k.
6 00 p
0 10 a
4 00 p
B 40 a
12 10 pi
4 40 P
4 !M P
S 25 p
H 10 P
0 00 d
u no a
1 Ma
0 48 a
9 20 a
1 40 D
10 p
A 05 p
10 45 a
10 00 p
1 5ft p
7 00 p
7 as p
H un a
8 CHVa
8 25 a
9 10 a
12 HO p
1 0p
4 201)
8 00 p
7 40 p
1 so a
4 40 a
6 2Aa
11 45 a
2 W) P
6 00 p
n SO p
10 45 a
- Kansas City
Holhrook -Wlnslew
Plagstatt ,
j Williams
t .. Ash Fori .-
The Needle
, tllojave
ILOf Angeles
Ban Francisco
10 80 p
7 00 a
5 Bp
2 46 a
8 lAp
S 85 p
8 05 p
2 20 D
10 40 a
9 3A a
7 27B
8 ma
4 50 it
11 MP
7 23 p
9 85p
8 10 P
1000 a
7 roa
9 80 p
8 so a
8 80 p
2 66 p
v 00 a
4 33a
4 08a
8 40a
12 20 a
11 Oftrj
46 p
6 65p
6 40 D
13 AO D
10 00 a
9 80a
S 46a
90 a
9 OOp
8 SOp
Snmmer or Winter.
The Santa Fe route Is the most comforta
ble railway between California and the
The mnnlr at Harvey's Dining Boom are
an excellent feature of the line,
Tbe Grand Vanon of the Colorado can be
reached In no other way,
. Sen. Pass. Agent, L-s Angeles. Oal,
0. 11. SPEKS,
Attt. Ota.raai. Agnt, Bao Fraaelscc.
- Prematnn ness stopped. All emissions and exhrnisting drains
quickly controlled. Lost powers restored. This is the NeAv
Parisian method, and never before used in this country.
. ..Annienafilicted-withanyoneof the above disorders, who will cut out
this notice and send to na, will receive a month's treatment FREE.
. Sjpliiliii aud private diseases cured in half tho time required
: by ordinary methods and at small cost. .
Martin & Howard,
Contractors & Baiiaers. .
Plant and specifications furcishei
free to patrons. Shop next door U
Hongljtrm's Hardware Stora
Job Work and Repairing, House Mot
.ir.g and liaising a Specialty
enor cob. hinth and ettxuocba
lieo, H. Hutch'son & Co.
Real Estate,
Mines, and-
ForSale or Lease,

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