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The People's Paper.
Hew Mexico HasUe Finest Climate Hike World
J. Blolil, leading undertaker.
l'i'obato court bag been in ieuslou, to-day.
Usury ia slightly uuder the
The New Brunswick
appetizing meal.
restaurant (or an
Mn. Floyd Coleman Is now encaged at
tb Bingor agency. ,
Watrous was visited
bail storm, yesterday.
by quite severe
The largest and best assorted stock of
men's shoes to be bad a Bporledsr's.-172-tf
Cbarles Turner, of Bell ranoh, bis gone
to Arroyo, Colo., to enter tbe employ of H.
TV. Wright.
Dan Rodes was crippled while alighting
from a passenger train at La Junta, Colo.,
ulna years ago to-day.
Miss May Henry la a passenger (or
Europe on tbe steamer "Umbris," which
was aground off Bandy Hook.
The raffle of tbe fine hammertoes shot gnn
will take place at tbe Meadaw City cigar
tore at 8 o'clook this evening.
Geo. H. Marshall suffered another
paroxyism to-day, but bis friends will be
pleased to know that be Is much better
W. G. Koogler will, this week, make tbe
rounds of town, collecting the capitation
school tax. Bee notice appearing else
where. '
Decorations for "Tbe Fourth," flags In
11 sizes, streamers and bunting, also cap
pistols and cap, just received in large
quantity at Ilfeld'a. " It
You will be sure of satisfaction in a re
frigerator it you buy a new "Alaska,1! sucb
as Ilfeli sells for 9 to $17. They are
finely finished and they keep things cold. It
Two man named ' Vicente Trujlllo and
Manuel Martinez, at whose bouses fresh
meat in abundance was found, have been
arrested and Jailed tor the slaughtering
of the B oom steers. .
All should hear Judge L. Bradford
Prince's address on the new phases ot tbe
silver question, at the Tamme opera house.
. Thursday evening. No aduisslon tee acd
ladies specially Invited.
M. O'Sullivan, tbe tailor, Is out pros
pectlng aud bad left his business In charge
of one, Fat Honan, who closed tbe shop,
sold the clotboa belonging to other peopl
and left for unknown fields.
A party from Hutchinson, Kansas, com
posed of six men and two ladies, were on
board last evening's train for Giorieta, ont
from which place they will spend a month
in piscatorial sport on the banks of the
Poccs stream.
Dr. M. A. Hester, graduate of Hanneman
medical college, of Chicago, Is in the city
and will give a course of lectures to ladies
in tbe near future. Tbe time and place
will be noticed in tbe paper. The doctor
ia Btopping at the New Optic.
The St. Paul Pioneer-Press Is -preparing
to handle, the national G. A. R. encamp
merit, next September, in great shape. The
department commanders have thus early
been requested to forward their photo
graphs, with short sketches of their lives.
Mias F. E. Mellen left, this morning, to
visit friends in Raton for a few days
thence she will go to her borne at Evans
tile, Ind., possibly returning in tbe fall,
It not, Chautauqua Circle loses one ot its
most efficient members, and tbe city one
of ber most worthy of women.
Mrs. L. Hollenwagar received a tele
gram, to-day, conveying the sad tntelli
gence of the death ot ber son, John Hoi
lenwager, io Chicago, last evening. The
' cause of his death is nnknown, but it was
very Budden and unexpected. It Is proba
ble that tbe remains will be brought home
for burial. '' ' ;
Tbe Adventists are to build a church in
this city, soon. Quite a considerable
amount of money has already been sub
scribed, the carpenter work and painting
have been subscribed, and an organ has been
donated. Tbe Adventists are of service to
any community, one of their strongest
principles being that tbey will oppose leg
islation of any kind on religious matters,
This is in accord with the constitution of
the United States and the Ideas ot the
founders of this government.
Rev. C. L. Bovard and family came in
from the Bprings, Baturday, where tbey
had been enjoying a few days' rest, and
Mr. Bovard preached for Rev. H. J
Hoover at the M. E. Church, last evening.
Despite tbe rain and the services at Ihe
Baptist church, a goodly number of people
gathered to hear one of his energetic ap
peals to the soul in misery and despair,
This man is evidently becoming one of
' tbe best preaohers of our age, and every
one who falls to hear Mr. Bovard, certain
ly misses a treat.
Mr a. Victor L. Ocboa la dead at El Paso,
Texas. Friday night, as she was sitting
laughing and chatting with some friends
who had called on her, she suddenly
swooned and sank to tbe floor, and before
sbe could be lifted to a couch near at band,
she was dead. Mrs. Ocboa was apparent
ly In excellent health, and ber sudden.
death is attributed to heart failure. The
deceased Was tbe wife ot the noted Mexi
can revolutionists and Journaliat, Victor L,
Ochoa, who was, about two years ago,
. convicted in tbe United States court at El
Paso and sent to the King's county peni
tentiary for a term of three years.
Impromptu Concert at the Springs.
. The Montezuma hotel took on somewhat
of its old-time air, 'yesterday, when an
hundred or more people promenade i
through its spacious halls and corridors
and finally gathered In the elegant dining
room and listened to an impromptu con
cert, wbtcb consisted of a piano and violin
duet by frofeinora Bodring aodNelleen;
tenor solo by E. H. Smith ; piano solo by
Professor Bodring; baritone solo by J. J.
Clinton; soprano solo by Mrs. E. H.
Smith, and a vocal duet byMeaars. Biggs
and Raid.
Fifty peopje went out from Las Vegas on
m. o. lr,u. .uu . mo aeugntrui after-
noon was spent, which might be pleasantly
repeated In tbe near future,
be CdUt-t bfllclala returned frcuJ Mora,
at noon, yesterday.
Irtueo Floras wis sentenced to one year
in the pen, (or larceny, at the Mora court,
Ben), M, Read, one of tbe attorneys for
Agaplto Abeyta, Jr., left (or his Bauta Fe
boms, last evening.
An injunction has been orderod to issue
in the cue of tbe Bell Kantib.Laod and Ir
rigation Co. against Nicolas and Aoaslauio
District oourt met, In adjourned session,
in tbe Lae Vegas court room, this morn
iug, some nntlniihed buslueis being at
tended to. i
Madlaon Hern, under Indictment for tbe
killing of Kafael llael, near Watrous, was
released, at tbe Mora court, In tbe sum ot
$5,000, bis sureties in that amount balng
Capt. W. B. Brunton, Joseph Doherty and
J. B. Wasson. f .
Judge Tbos. 8mltb has signed an order
staying the execution of Jose Chaves y
Chavez, till tbe further order ot tb Terri
torial supremt court, wblcb meets next
month, In Santa Fe, the defendant having
taken an appeal to tbe higher court. , ,
On Baturday, tbe grand Jury of tbe Mora
oourt Indicted Agaplto Abeyta, jr., for the
murder ot J uan Antonio Rael, the Indian ;
also, (or tbe asaasslnation of ex-Sheriff
John Doherty. At bis own request, tbe
prisoner bas been brought over to tha h
Vegas tall, pending an application for a
writ of habeas, corpus by bis attorney, A
O. Larraaolo, Abeyta could not be tried
at tbe present term of court In Mora
county for the reason tbat a competent
jury could not be obtained, an J tbe addi
tional fact that tbe court funds were In
sufficient. Out of 1,800 taxpayers in' our
neighboring, democratic county, only 211
persons have paid their taxes, eighty-five
of wbom are disqualified to sit as Jurors.
Along with Agaplto Abeyta, Jr., To
rn aa Lueero, Juan Lucero, Bostenes Lu
cero, Juan B. Romero, Bartolo Cor
dova, and Estanislado.Bandoval were sev
erally Indicted for complicity In the mur
der of the Indian, and Jose Victor Lujan
and Tomas Lucero for complicity in the
killing of John Doherty. All of these par
ties are behind tbe bars, some of them In
he penitentiary.
Tbe' capitation school tax provided for In
Sec. 36, Chap. 25, of tbe acts of tbe general
assemby, of New Mexico, for 1891, is now
due and payable. Tbe section referred to
is aa follows; ".
"Section 36. Tbat a poll tax of $1 shall
be levied upon alt able bodied male per
sons over the age of twenty-one years, for
sohool purposes. It shall be tbe duty of
the county assessor to make out separate
lists ot all persons liable to pay a poll tax
in each district, and certify tbe same to
tbe clerks of tbe several school districts,
whose duty it shall be to collect the same,
and said clerks shall receive ten per
centum of all moneys collected from poll
taxes. Tbe district clerks are hereby em
powered to bring suit in the name ot tbe
district for the collection of tbe same, if
not paid within sixty days after the lists
have been received by tbe treasurer."
ThiB la a tax levied under tbe laws ot the
Territory, in each of tbe school districts of
the Territory, to supplement and assist the
school funds raised in other ways, but is
entirely separate from tbem and is collect
ed by tbo school districts themselves, and
going directly Into tbe treasury of each
district without distribution.! ' .
Tbe school district capitation tax of one
dollar, Is one of the most Important and
beneficial taxes we have to pay, and it is
therefore hoped, and it will be greatly ap
predated, it all those subject to this tax
will band tbe same to me, or to W. G.
Koogler, who is authorized to collect tbe
same, promptly. By such action you will
greatly facilitate its collection, and favor
those charged with this work. ,
Our schools need al! the money they are
entitled to under the laws of tbe Territory,
and it is therefore needless to urge that
this obligation be met promptly, and thus
save the delay and expense ot resorting to
other measures. Las Vegas bas good
schools and is justly proud of them, but
they can only be kept at their present high
standard by all our citizens. taking an In
terest In tbem, and meeting nngrndgiugly,
the obligations cast upon them by the laws
of the Territory and tbe necessities of the
schools; Respectfully, -
. J. H. York,
Secretary District No. 2.
Firemen's Tournament. ,
following is tbe program of exercises
arranged (or the third annual tournament
of the New Mexico volunteer firemen's as
soclation and their (ourth annual conven
,tioo, at Albuquerque: . .
joxt 2nd ISMS. '. ',
Convention ot New Mexico Volunteer Flra
Association at 9 a. m. called to order by
jrremueiii a n. vuimy.
Address of welcome by Mayor Raldrldge
Response. President A. it. Oulnlv.
Address. B. RUDne. nninf nr Alhiinnarnna
ire uepartmenijsuDjecr., v iremananip.
Address by W. T. AicOrelght, ex-prest
ueui ; BuujeuD, - urbanization. ,
executive session.
Program of races at 1 p. m .
Exhibition drill ot St, Mary 's cadets.
' ' JOXT 3rd. : ; v.
Convention called to order at 9 a. m.
Prece&tatlon of championship belt.
Address by President A R. Oulnlv : anh
Ject, "Fire frighting." ;7 "
executive session. .
Program of races at 1 p, m. '
, JOXT 4th. i
Exhibition drill at 9 a. m. ' i
Parade at 10:30 a. m.: Colonel Hnrratlalla
Krauu marsnai - ,
rrogram or races at 1 u. m. -
fireworks at 8 D. m. on Fourth street, ha
tween Gold and Railroad avenues.
firemen's Ball at Grant's uoara house
Biauu uiurcti ac p. in.
Special Meeting. ' : ,.
The members of tbe hook and .'ladder
company No 1, art requested to meet at
heaquarteri on Monday evening at
o'clook to select delegates to the annual
tournament and convention.
1 B. C. Larimorb,
Awarded '
Highest Honors World's
; 'Da
A pure Crape Cream of Tartar Powder. ' Fret
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
Henry Goke It tbe clt ji to-day.
E. H, Ualazar spent Bundey In 4&IHa Fe"
W. VV. Itaa llui ia In from KI Porveulr
to-day, . v ' '-
J. B. Dunou is back fro 31 bla jaunt to
St. Louis.
V. A. (livens is In returu from a trip up
to Pueblo.
: K. L. Hauiblln Ii In to-day, from Har
vey's ranch. ' '
' Miss Nellie Phillips arrived from Topeka,
laat evenlug, ' '
Kli Green returned from Trinidad, Sat
urday evening. " r "'
i. A. C'arruth Is at borne from a bualneas
trip to Denver. ' . :
Miaa Beasie Beaty, ot Santa Fe, visits
friends In the city.
David Borells Is up from La Clnta
caflan, for auppllea.
Win. B. Toland arrived in the city from
Denver, laat evening.
Seo Romero baa retorned from a bus!
ness trip to El Cuervo. ,; ?
A. A. Jones has again been called " to
Santa Fe on legal matters. .' s '"'
Mrs. Chris. Welgand went down to Car
rillos, Saturday evening. - f
Judge H. L. Waldo came In from Kansas
City on last evening's train, .
Col. Wm. McRte la ia the city, to-day,
from tha Agua Clara resort.
Mrs. W. B. Bunker returned,' yesterday,
from a short sojourn In Mora. ' - '
A. P. Frederick, post-office inspector,-1
in the city from southern points.
Miss Minnie Bmitn left the Sisters' con
vent (or New York, this morning.
O. C. Parker, wife and babe, have re
turned to the Plasa hotel from Mora.
Mrs. M. Balrecke and daughter returned
from a visit to Watroua, last evening.
Miss It. L. Sendry, of the Singer agency,
leaves for Texas oa tbe evening train,.
Judge H. C. Schluas, of Wichita, Kan-
a as, arrived in the city, Saturday evening.
Albert Lawrence,' wife ' and daughter,
reached the city from Trinidad, laat even
ing. " ' - :.
Julian I. Wllliami, Albuquerque; J. A.
Welsch, Ft. Madison, Ia., are at tha Cen
tral hotel. V'
Mrs. Henry Sturges, mother of Frank
Sturgr-s, arrived from Springer, last even
ing, on a visit.
C. F. Rudulph reached town from Ke
nosha, Wis., last evening,' and drove out
to Kcciada, to-day.
A. P. Frederick, Denver; L. M. Keller,
Chicago; G. . Truitt, Cbanute, Kansaa,
are at the depot hotel.
Delegate T. B. Catron oame over (roin
Mora, Baturday attention, and boarded
tbe evening train for Santa Fe. '"
John II. Culley, Bell ranch; C. M. Wag
ner, Denver; Tbomaa Carson, Ft. Sumner,
are registered at the New Optic hotel,
Henry G. Coire came down from ' Den
ver, laat evening, where be was welcomed
at a meeting of tbe atats Keeley league.
Mra. John Rutherford, of Downera Grove,
Chicago, arrived In thla city, SaturJay
evening, on a visit to her sister, Mrs. Wm,
Malbceuf. ' '
Julian 1. Williams, tbe clever young
journalist who baa of late traveled exten
aively over tba Territory, was In tbe city,
between trains, yeaterday.
Adolph Letcher, years ago a reaident of
Las Vegas, and a partner In business of
Charles Ilfeld, arrived from Baltimore,
last evening, in company with his wife.
Antonio Garcia and his son, Bixto, are
in town, to-day, the latter to obtain his
school certificate to entitle him to teach
in the Manuelitas school district, No, 26,
Mrs. J. H. Brinkman, daughter and son,
arrived in this city, Friday, from Kansas
City and went out to the Blake ranch
Mrs. Brinkman is a sister of Mrs. Blake.
Mra. Worden and daughter, of Topeka,
friends of Mrs. T. B. Mills, who have spent
many months in the southwest in search
of good health, returned to their home to
spend the summer months.
Geo. Rosa leaves, in the morning, (or
Colorado Springs, where he will attend
scbool and work before and after school
hours, (or his support, ' as his brother Al
bert bas done for soma time past. .
Herman Dubue, W. H. Baldridge, Cin
cinnati, Ohio; J. H. Hursh,- New York;
Miguel Archuleta, Taos, N. M. ; M. A
Kester, M. D., Santa Fe; M. L. Kramer,
Pueblo, Colo., register at the Plasa .hotel.
Alex. Levy, of tbe firm of Henry Levy &
Brother, ia expected to arrive this evening
from New' York, where be la connected
with Claflin & Co. 'a wholesale house. This
is hia first visit to Las Vegas, though his
brother Henry has been here for years.
; His Farewell Lecture.
Major Scott delivered bis lectnre, and
tbe last one, on" "The Young Man in
Chains,'! to a very large audience, at tbe
Baptist church, last evening, .
The ever welcome rain bad no effect an
the sanguine throng who were there early,
to get seats and bear tbis eloqiienman.
He was earnest, logical and positive. , He
talked over an hour and' the people de
sired he should keep on, but the major
drew some graphic pictures of the "Young
Man," and closed his magnificent address,
after which Miss He well sang a very pretty
and appropriate aolo, joined in tba chorus
by tbe choir. , '
A few words of eulogy from the pastor,
a benediction from Rev. Norman Skinner,
a hand-shaking and tha sad farewell to
Me jor and Mrs. Scott, two of the best lec
turers that ever came' to 'Las Vegas, ' was
ended. Theyaie worthy people and da-1
aerving of larger audlenoea and larger
fields of labor.
Nkw Mexico and Arizona General
Agency, the Mutual Xir Iniub
anck Company of New York. v
Albuqueroue, N. M.,
- . I June 26th, 1S96. J
The undersigned baring resigned the
general agency for New Mexico and Arl
zona of "Tbe Mutual Life Insurance- Com
pany of Near York," to fake .fleet July
1st, 1896, In order to accept service with
the company In a broader field, takes this
method of recommending bis successor,
Mr W. E. Harper, who will take Charge
of tbe general agency on July 1st and Con
tinue tbe business from these headquar
tera aa heretofore.
The undersigned, while in future repre.
aenting tbe company aa executive special
gent In tbe more extend. d field of th.
whole union, Trill devote his special alien
tion to tbe business in Texas, New Mexico
and Arizona. . . S. H. Nawsujr.
?05-2t ' Genera.1 Agent;
Native bran at the
Las Vegas Roller I
mllla. At 60o. per 100.
IrllSt clnSS Goods
At Lowest Prices
Fancy and Staple
f ' l'Vuits and Vegetable, s. J"
Fish and Oysters..,.
"n Season. ' Telephone 18.
, . t
J. 8. Burr baa been appointed agent ajt
Whitewater, N. M., vice A. T. Naugle.
J. Kuhna, storekeeper for the A. & P.,
was a passenger for Albuquerque, from
St. Louts, last evening.
'" The second installment ot re-modeled A.
& P. angtnes, the 20 and 23, were sent from
Topetta to Albuquerque. .;, :. ..-;
O.E. Faulkner, receiver .of the Pecos.
Valley railway, who waa formerly with
Allen Manvel, on tbe Atchison, was en
route for El Paao, en laat evening's train.
Jai.'Purcell, who bas recently been con
nected with the freight department of the
Atcbi8on, In this city, bas been transfer
red to San Marclal, and .will remove his
family to that city, at once.
, Conductors Huttoo and Coffin and Brake-
men MoGirk, Williams, Hudeon and Wat,
kins, bave returned to Topeka from Raton,
where they were transferred several weeks
ago (or service on the New Mexido division
during tbe stock rush,
; The parents of the little Haggler girl,
Who (ell off an Atchison train near Delhi
and wandered Into the country, where she
died of exposure, have filed a suit in the
dfstrlut court at Trinidad, Colo.,' against
tbe railroad company for $6,000 damages.
Geo. Kilmer, who resigned a' position In
Supt. Hurley's office for what he supposed
to be (airer skies and greener pastures, at
Guaymas, Mexico, stayed at , tbat place
just long .enough to check his baggage
back, and Is now well on bis' way to Las
Vegas. 'v. -f
Bids are now being received by the-gen-eral
superintendent's office ot tbe Atehi
son, in Topeka, for the contract of furnish
log coal for engines, on the . A., T. &. H..F.
railway proper. Heretofqre, contracts
have been awarded by divisions, but it is
probable tbat this year tbe successful bid
der will furnish the coal for the entire
line. The contract will be awarded about
July 1st. George W. Felta, ot Glendora,
Cal., who lhaa the contract for furnishing
coal on tbe Atlantic & Pacific, has submit
ted a bid, for tbe A., T. & B. F. contract.:
It is probable tbat no reduction will' b.
made In the working force ot tbe account
ing department, of the Atchison, as-waa
expected, after the Inauguration bf tbe
new weekly system of accounts, on July
1st. This is on account ot tbe Statistical
matter, . which it was recently deaided'
tbe railroads wou'd have to furnish to tbe
board of railroad commissioners. Tbe
new system ot accounts will cut off a por
tion of tbe clerical work, In tbe auditor of
freight receipts' office, hut tbe "nien em
ployed on this work will be switched to
tbe work of compiling statUtios.
Unusual interest is centered In the meet
ing of tbe Atchison board of directors In
New York City, next Wednesday, 'on ac
count oft tbe vice-presidential question.
What action the directors will take is at
this time unknown, but it now seems to be
the general opinion In railroad circles that
tbe office will not be filled, at least for tbe
present. " " -.'.: :. . . :
Considering the preaent light railroad
business in the west, President Ripley,'
aided by General Managers Frey, Wade
and Yoakum, could Very well handle the
operating work, and it is thought that un
til traffic increases and prospects become
more encouraging, the first Vice-presidency
will remain vacant. C. M. Hlggln-
son la also mentioned as a man prominent
for tbe place when the selection Is made.
Go to G. V. Used & Co., for your plumb
ids; ana un woric. All work done at very
reasonable prices. Try us and be con
vinced. 200-tf.
Valuable Teatlffloniala. ,
A number of DeoDl. abOnt tbtrnar. will.
ins; -to ackoowltdge tbs merit of Macbeth
mineral water for dyspepsia, and all
stomach disorders. - Among; these are L.
Marcus aod Max Brooks, of Rosenthal
Bros.' store, who have both .found this
water a valuable remedy for
., annoying
aisorders of tbe stomach.
FOB Rent. Furnished house on Serenth
street. Enquire of Mrs. A. . Jones.
-, -. . 205 St.
11TANTED. - Position as
waitress In a
Apply at this
TT noiel or restaurant.
zos et.
SPKCIALIST.- Dr. Bedell, Specialist cures
all Blood Diseases. Catarrh.'4'llea and
oilier special uiseases laKeour- treatment
HoonjB over aiaiooeui 8 store. . Jtfa-st.
"TTANTED.--A man and wife to. work on
tt a larm. Apply at. once to Lewis I
198 6t.
FOUND .-A Bold
Orao office.
snake pin, apply at
ItX watches and Jewelry renatrlnir of all I
ainasaone. h. ldjan Co .
. ti
pndKe Street. ,
DON'T PAY 'RKNT 100 cash and IS
month for seventy months, vi lli pay fc
m three-room residence, with (rood yard
and (tood neighborhood; centrally, located
Besldence lots Ave years' time. ; ' '
Las Vegas Rollefll
J. R. SMITH, Proper.
Location: On the hot springs branch rail
way, East Las Vegas, New Mexico.
Tonr Patronage "nil liml mnist
Handles the Only
Steel Mb Stoves
Plumbing Tinning.
Hit SnorlGder loo
The Largest and Best Assorted Stock of
i,- ! i New Mexico Seed House.
. ' . Successor to
; Next" Saturday, You Know.
Biit we celebrate the whole week, beginning to-day,
with Fourth of July Bargains:
Hammocks, $1.00, $1.50, $2.50, $3.50, $5.00.
"Summer QMs' "Shirtwaists, in percale, madras and
lawn, from 50c to $2.00, and each one the best value
at its price, to be had in this town.
Silk Waists, handsome, stylish, cheaper than silk alone, $2.85,
$3-5. $5--
Breezy Fabrics, for summer costumes, such as swiss, lawns,
' dimity, madras, silk-striped zephyrs, swivel silks,
' " surpassingly pretty, and so cheapthat a dress pattern
can be had for 50 cents and up. .. ' .
Corsets on the Big Bargain Counter, Corsets tht were
75c to $2.00, all put down to 50 cents, that's for
, one week, . .
Cash Novelty Dry Goods Store.
38 Inch Black Brilliantine. Sold
everywhere at 55 cts. Our price
this week,
- f - 37 cts. a yard.
$S inch Black Brilliantine. Sold
everywhere at 75 cts. Our price
this week, .
; 55 cts. a yard.
26 inch Silk Pongee. Sold every
where at 50 cts. Our price
28 cts. a yard. '
Figured Agra Linen Lawns at
10 cts. a yard.
JNew btyles.
Largest Varistjr of Parasols to
Unly Agents for btandard Paper Patterns.
Sixth Street, Opposite Postoffice.
Dealers in
East -Las Vegas,
: ; FOR
AT ."'
'it ','; . . .
Montezuma Restaurant
' ., Center St., East Las Vegas.
Best Twenty-five Cent
Meals in Town.. .....
Tables supplied with everything tbe mar
ket atroras. ratronage solicited.
Go to
Seconfl Hanfl Store,
And Household Goods of all kinds.
Next door to P.O., East Lai Vegaa,
iMikMM) 8LACIML & 88.
W- , In the City. '
New Designs
Attractive Prices
Up-to-Date Styles
Call and See Our Ladies' 20th Century Shoes
Figured Dimity. Sold every
where at 15 cts. Our price
9 cts. a yard.
Ladies' and Children's Summer
Vests, at
8 cents.
Men's Brown Balbriggan Shirts.
bold everywhere at 40 cts. Ou
- 25 cents.
Best Assortment of Ladies' Shirt
Waif ts in the City, from
50 cents,
- And up.
the City; at Prices Never Known.
New Mexico.
Florist and Lanflscaps Gaftar.
Cut flowera always on hand,.
6c For 25 inch Vestibule Curtain Net. ; ; ;
7c For 40 inch Cream Curtain Scrims.
QcFor 34 inch Curtain Scrims, with Colored Dots.
9c -For 36 inch Silkolene, in all the newest designs and
16c For 36 inch White Dotted Swiss, in all size dots.
Flag Bunting for 4th of July, '4 cents
Only at the Reliable Store, of . '
Wholesale Grocers
' East Las Yegas and Albuquerque, New Mexico.
ioo, loa and 104 North Second St.;
St. Louis, Mo.
Hardware, Stpyes &Aricnltnral Implements
A large stock of Stovea and Plows now on hand, which will be sold a little
above cost. These goods are all warranted to be of the very best make in the
United States, and to give perfect satisfaction.
At the Old Stand on Center Street. EAST LAS VEGAS. N. M.
. Lates as. Storage in Las Vegas Hot Spies Canoo. :
rLriijLsil OstpacitT" 50,000 Tons
Our Ice is pure, firm and clear, and gives entire satisfaction
to our many patrons. !
Office: 620 Douglas Ave., East Las Vegas, 1ST. MT
Successors to T. B. MILLS, Established in 18T8,
Real Estate, Mining Insurance Agts. V
Represent the Royul Exchange Assurance Company
. of London, England ; Assets
County and scbool bonds bought and aold. Best facilities for placing such securi
ties. Larire list of ranch and improved property, and over 8,000,000 acres of timber
lands in the south and southwest, at prices which challenge competitors. - Office oa
Bridge Bt., lias Vegas, N. M 7. t , . i
Is Offering the Greatest Values in Dry Goods,
Harness, Clothing, Hats, Caps, Boots,
Shoes and Groceries.
Purchased at a Great Sacrifice, and will
Uur Customers the Advantage of this.. .
Special Low Prices on Dress Goods.
A. A SENECAL. Manager. ;
Is now Served at the
BJItwilr sel'ved 111 the evening from 5 until, 7
-s-! o'clock, at which time all the delicacies
of the season," can be had. Your patronage solicited. '
who is willing to stand or fall on hla
merits as a baker, has constantly,
on sale at the
- Opposite Postofflc, West Side.
Bpeolal ordars filled on abort notioe.
it in
Noon Hour, at the '..
Short Order -
? p Lunch Counter
BfrEEt Railway,
JOHN SHAN, Manager.
Can every fifteen minutes, from 8.
... to 8 p. ID,
. ' 800 tickets for $5.00
100 tickets for 13.50
iifi tickets for tl.00
a, m.
w3 1

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