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..... . -
K. A. KISTLEK, Billtor Bad Proprietor.
nt the Host Las Vegas, N. M.
rnatoilli'o for transmission
through the
main as second-class matter.
Special Notice.
Las VKOii Uailt OpTJO-neltvered by mall,
post-paid, lio.OO per annum; Ki.oo for six
months; J'j.&u for three months, By car
rier, '45 cents per weelc.
LkH Vkiiai Wkkkxy onio-81 columns, de
livered by mall, post-paid. $8.00 per an
num, il.50 tor six months, ll.oo for three
months. Minute copies In wrappers, Scents,
baiuple copies ot both dally and weekly,
mnlled free when ilostroil. Ulve postonice
address In full, Includible state.
Oorukhhomuknom Oontali.:ng rntws, solici
ted from all parts of the country. Ooin
munli'atUins addressed to the editor of
Xrnt optio, to Insure attoutlou, should be
acrouipauled by the writer's full name
and address, not for publication, but as a
guaranty of KOiid faith.
. Bkmuxanoks May be made by draft, money
order, postal note, express or registered
letter at our risk. Address all letters ana
telegrams to The optio,
Kast Las Vegas. New Mexico.
haw ol newspapers.
If subscribers order the discontinuance
of newspapers, the publishers may con
tinue to send them until all arrearages are
If subscribers refuse or neglect to take
their newspapers from the office to which
they are sent, they are held responsible un
til they have settled the bills and ordered
them discontinued.
If iiihscrloors move to other placet with
out Informing the publisher, and the news
papers are sent to the rormer piacc vi rest
Annce tneV are tnen resoonsiuia-
. - 11 uck board Malls.
Malls on the Star routes leave Las Vegas
sis follows:
I .a vauiu to Fort Snmner. Includln
Anton Chlco. Los Oolonals, Eden, Santa
Rosa and Puerto de Luna, trl-weekly, on
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, ana ar
rlvfl nn nltArnRtn flAVS of each Week.
Las Vegas to Fort Bascom, Including
Uhaperlto, Galllnas springs, Ki uuervo,
Boll Hunch, Liberty and Kndee, tri-weekiy.
on Monday, Wednesday ana rriuay, v
Barh week, and arrive on alternate days.
Las Vegas to Mora, Including Los Alamos,
Hanello. Ban Ysnacto and Hoclada. trl
weeltlv. on Tnesdav. Thursday and tiatur
day, o! each week, and arrive on alternate
Las Vegas to Lesperance, once a week
on Saturday.
Conveyance on Fort Sumner line, Is b
two-horse huckboard. on Fort Bascom ant
Mora lines by slugle-horse buckboard. To
Lesperance by private conveyance
usually spring wagon.
For President,
william Mckinley.
Of Ohio.
For Vice-President,
Of New Jersey.
Let England take care of herself, let
France look after her interests, let Qer-
' many take care of ber own people, but in
God's name let Americans look after
' America. .Every day's labor upon the
foreign products sent to the United States
takes oue day's labor from American
workingmen. I would give the day's
labor to our own, first, last, end all
the time, and that policy which fails
In this is opposed to American interests.
To secure this is the great purpose of
a Protective Tariff. Hon. William Mo
The personal following of William
MoKioley and the profound confidence
in bis ability to bring back prosperity
will carry the republican party through
the coming fight and crown it with
victory. - .
With regard to that ruined lawn fit
Canton, Ohio, the flow of coBdolenoe
is checked by the reflections of several
other distinguished gentlemen how
they would like to have their front
laws ruined in the same way.
Hon. D. P. Carr, of Silver Gity, has
addressed an open letter to The Optic
on the political situation as be views it
through his colored spectacles. Room
win be found tor tbe letter in- our
crowded columns within a day or two
It is understood, up this way, that a
clean sweep will be made of tbe pres.
ent editorial force employed on tbe
Albuquerque Democrat, to-day. By
whom the writers will be succeeded or
superceded is not known at this writ
ing- , '
General YVevler will positively
and finally crush the Cuban insurgents
next spring. No postponement on ac-
count of weather. This is official, or
authorized. No other statement of
plans or intentions need be acoepted.
At least not until next spring.
A correspondent describes tbe
democratic national convention of 1832,
and points out some important differ
ences between that quiet gathering and
tbe noisy national conventions of tbe
present time. But there is one differ
ence between the convention of 1832
and the one about to meet in Chicago
that the correspondent does not men
tion. The convention of 1832 nomi
nated a president.
No more potent reason can be given
to prove the benefits of protection to
the United States, says the Tucson
Citizen, than the fact that England is
greatly alarmed at the probability of
McRinley'a election and bitterly de
nounces tbe policy as a scheme of rob.
bery. Our interests are advanced by a
policy which England condemns, and
1t is only necessary to study England's
attitude to decide whether it will bene.
fit us or not.
Ji.. Eld
WAT1SK runiFioTjo
Oue of the old dulusious that U now
fairly exploded by solentilio research is
the idta that flowing water will pur
ify Itself luievou miles. " It Is a theory
that bus kept a groat many pooplo in a
comfortable framo of mind when tuny
might bettor have been worrying a lit
tle, and has probably prevented publlo
authorities from ' taking precautious
against the spread of typhoid fever and
other diseases that thry should have
taken. There Is ooo casa la ibis coun
try in which It is known poBiiivuiy that
typhoid fever was conveyed Ironi one
town to another, sixty miles away; by a
running stream, and this actual case Is
a small thing as compared with the
possibilities that have been declared by
learned bodies that have: carefully ex
amined the subject both In this country
and abroad. i H ; ;
One body that investigated it is the
"Rivers Pollution Commission" of
England, whioh deolares in its pub
lished report that the self purification
theory is a fallacy, and asserts that
there is no river in the United King
dom long enough to effect the destruc
tion of sewage by oxidation." This is
startling, but it is not so strong a
statement as was made at a recent
meetiug bf the American society of
municipal improvements, when, in
response to questions asked him by
members of the sooiety, Mr. John W.
Hill, civil ergineer, stated that from
recent experiments he bad found that
the typhoid bacillus will live in Ohio
river water for a period between sixty
and ninety days with full power of re
production. - This would enable it to
travel a . distance of 6,000 miles or
more, if that were possible, and that it
could readily sttrt at the head waters
of the Allegheny or Monongabela riv
ers and reach the intake of every city
wrter works on the banks of the Ohio
and Mississippi livers, and convey
the typhoid fever germ to those who
drink the unfiltered river water at those
Tbis is an extremely important mat
ter to American cities, most of which
derive their public water supply from
flowing streams. The disease germs
may be removed by boiling or filtra
tion, but there aro thousands of people
who will not do either.' If the result
ing dacger came only to the careless it
would not be so serious, but when the
spread of a disease among one class
puts the whole community in danger,
it becomes the duly of the pubho to
protect itself. The public water sup
ply of any city can easily and cheaply
be made pure and wholesome by the
process of sand filtration which is in
use in many cities of Europe, andsjtne
in this country. It ought to be In use
in every city which derives its water
supply from streams or other bodies of
surfaod water. Ia that way you can
force people to use pure water and to
proteot the btalth of themselves and
their neigLbors.
McKiNLtr's nomination furnishes
the London Chronicle the text for
long discussion of protection and free
trade, the burden of which is to show
what a tremendous advantage free
rade would be to the United States in
enabling it to compete in the markets
of the world. That sort of argument
will not have as much weight in this
oountry this year as it bad once. The
people bave tried - a little approach
toward free trade, and thev do not
like it. What is necessary to enabl
this country to eompeto with England
is to overcome the heavy expense of
transportation over long land die
tanoes, a factor that England neve
had and never will have to contend
A dispatch from Murphvs, Cal.
says tbe excitement caused by the rich
gold strike at Ponte's ranch, a few
days ago, has not abated. The lode
now attracting attention runs from
east to west. It is about six feet in
width and is on a straight line with
the old ''Gambling" mine, which
years ago "yielded a succession ol
pockets, netting its owner over $30,
000. , - ,' :
Senator Henrt M. Teller is prob-
ably tbe proudest citizen of Colorado,
to-day, and well may be be at the mon
ster demonstration taking place in his
honor iu Denver on this day and date
Drs. Crosson and Knapp are dili
gently engaged in a project to estab
lish at Santa Fe a sauitarlum and stir
gical hospital. Tbey are working in
unison with Drs. Love and Bernays
and other distinguished St. Louis
physicians. Mr. Geo. VY. Chambers,
the St. Louis artist, who was recently
a health-seeker here, is also interested
in tbe project.
r -j 1 r .
now mucn
business can
a man do
whose system is in a
state of disorder?
Headache in only a
symptom. It is not a
disease. The pain in
the head is the sifrn of
rebellion. There have
been mistakes in diet
and other abuses.
Dr. Pierce's Flensant Pellets arc a treutle.
effective renovator end invigorator of Mom
ach, liver and bowels. They assist nature
without threatening to tear the body piece
meal. There are no griping; pains, no nau
sea. One is a laxative.
A book of 1008 pacts, orofustlv Illustrated.
Written by Dr. R. V. Pierce, called "The Peo
ple's Common Scuse Medital Adviser,' will be
sent re for 31 one-cent stamps to cover cost of
nialliuSTOtty. World's Disnensnrv Medical Aaao
f "lioo, No, U Mutt hlLtt, BlliTilla. N. V.
Medicinal value In a battle of Hood's Bars.
paillla than In any other preparation.
More 'kill Is required, nore eare taken, more
expense Incurred In It manufacture.
It costs the proprietor and the dealer
Moro but It costs ths consumer less, as he
sets more doses for bis money.
Moro curative power Is scoured by Its peculiar
combination, proportion emd process,
- which make It peculiar to Itself. - i
More) people are employed and more space
copied In Its Laboratory than any other.
Mora wonderful cures effected and more tes
timonials received than by any other.
Mora sales unit more Increase year ly year
are reporter by drug
people ar takh
;lna Hood's Barsavarllla
duv than any other, and more are
taking today than ever before,
and still mokb reasons might k
given why you should take
The One True Blood Purifier. : $1 per bottle.
mis cure all Liver Ills and
flQOa S PHIS Sick Headache,
A Democratic View.
From the New Mexican.
The Albuquerque Citizen rejoices that the
bill legalizing the ot of the recent legisla
tive assembly providing bonds - for the
erection of the capltol at Santa Fe, and in
aid of various very deserving and highly
beneficial public institutions of the Terri
tory, was pocketed-vetoed by President
CleveUud. This Is despicable policy on the
pare nf tbat pap-r and will do no good.
The bill will be re-introduce i at the short
session and will pass aud become law, de
spite all opposition. Las Vegas Optio. -
But never with the Briee and Coler
bond amendments attached. If at the
short session in December Delegate
Catron can muster oourage enough to
stand up before the committees ot the
house and senate and tell the plain
truth cs respects these claims nf Brioe
and Coler, bo may stand some prospect
of gotting through the original bill
providing for tbe several institutions,
but he can never hope to succeed as
long as be permits the Brices and
Culers, and other speculative Shy looks,
to dictate the course bo shall pursue as
regards. New Mexico s affairs in con
gress. -
Stock Cattle.
From Chicago Drovers Journal.
There is no doubt but what the do
mand fur stock cattle will be much
better after the western rapge season
opens. Those who bave canvassed the
country, both east and west, find that
there are no young cattle of ; any con
sequence on hand, and all feeders are
wanting them. It is predicted that
there will bo" an unusual demand as
soon as enough cattle of this class
come to market. Feeders are begin
ning to have faith in the future of the
fat ohttle trade. They are of tbe
opinion that an investment now, when
cattle are low, is mucb better than last
fall, when tbey, were comparatively
high and on a decline. . If the demand
m cts expectations, tbe price of fat
range cattle ought to be reasonably
good. .
A Tip to Fishermen.
From tbe Southern Farmer. -.'
Gen. John M. StabI, of Illinois, one
of the most expert and successful fish
ermen in this country, has discovered
that angle worms can be obtained any
where by wetting tbe ground with
solution of blue vitro), or with soap
suds, which brlogs them out In surpns
ing numbers, Col. J' rank I'. Holland
of the Texas Farm and Ranch; consul
ers tbis discovery one of the most im
portant ever made, and proposes that
every ono fond of tbe sport pray lor
Ueb. btahl's prosperity and posterity.
Reward. Hi
Whereas, Frank Beltc was recently
foully and brutally murdered near Oalll
nas Sprints, in the county of Ban Miauel
by unknown parties, who are fugitives
iroui justice;
Now, therefore, for the purpose of pro
curing the arrest of the perpetrators of
this crime, I, W. T. Thornton, governor of
the Territory of New Mexico, by virtue of
the authority in me vested, do hereby offer
a reward 01 (.fnou) lor toe arrest and con
viction of the murderers of Reitz, such re
ward to be payable out of any money In
the Territorial treasury appropriated for
the payment of rewards for the forty
seventh fi-ical year. -
Done at tbe executive office, this tbe Hth
aay ot may, A. u., lao.
Witness my band and the great sf hi of tbe
territory ot JMew Mexico. ,1
Governor of tbe Territory of New I Mexico.
cy tne governor: . . . ;
Lorion Miller, - - ..
Secretary of JSfew Mexico. "i
On July 4. Sand 6. will sell ins'wav
tickets to Chicago at $32.20. Tickets are
Imtted to continuous Dsssaee. -
. One fare fur tbe round trio Vfll ba made
from all points in New Mexloorand from
El I'aso and Trinidad to those who desire
10 attend the wool growers Djeotmsnn Las
v ckcib, truly itu nuu oi.u.
Annual meeting ot the National Educa
lion Association, at Buffalo, New York
From Ls Veens to Buffalo and return
fd2.55 for the round trip. Tickets on sale
July Ad -and 4th. Continuous passage
in eacn airecuon, wun noai limit ot July
141b, 1896. An extension of return limit to
September 1st, 1896, can be bad by deposit
ing tickets beiore July 10th. with Joint
sgeot vi irriuiuai tines, ei uunaio.
Commencing June 1st, we will tell
round crib tickets to Pueblo, at 15.70: tn
Colorado Springs, $18.50: to Denver.
$23.15. Tickets limited to one day in each
direotion, with final limit for return. Nn
vember 16th, 1880.
Annual Convention. International Assn.
of Fire Engineers Suit Lake City, Utah.,
Aug. 10 tol4tb. 'HO. Dates tt sale,
Augost 7th and Sth. One lowest first. pla.s
standard fare for tbe round trip, plus ti,
all tickets to be good for continuous pas
sage in each direction. Leaving Salt Lake
on August 15 and 22 onlv.
national Peop'e's Party fPonullsU con
vention and American silver convention,
at St. Louis, Mo., July 22d, 90. From Las
Vegas to St. Louis and return. $33.70. Tick
ets on sale July 18th, 10th and 20th, '96;
limited to contlnuois passage In each direc
tion; final Hmi', July 29th. "88.
National Eucamnment fl A P .t
St Foul., Minn., September 1st to 4th 1886.
From Las Vegas to St Paul, Minn, and re
turn. C87.20. Tickets on sale Anmiat Both
and 31st 18'JO, flosl limit Henirrbrl!;th 1SS3.
All tickets deposited with joint agent on or
before September 15th will be extended
to September 80tb lHiW.
Democratic convention at DMo. .Tl-
7th, lt96, From Las Vegas to Chicago and
return, $37.70 for round trip, tickets to be
sold July 3rd, 4tb and Btb, 18H6, with final
limit July Hth, 1886, limited to continuous
passage in each direction.
National convention. Young People's
Bocietus of Christian Endeavor, at Wash
ington, D. C, July 7 13, 1898: Las Vegas
to Washington and retnrn. .i2 (M- nn
July 8d, 4th and 0th. 1896. Limited to con-
tmuous passage, in eaob direction, with
final limit of July 18th. 1896. An fl V tan .
sion of retnrn limit, to July 8lst, 1898, will
be granted on tickets that are denoslLed
with Joint agent at Washington, nn , w.
fore 6:00 o'clock p. m., July 14tb, 1896,
F, jonhs Agent, i
The Iaxwell"Land Grant
, Situated in New Mexico and Colorado,
... t .-.. -
On the Atchison, Topeku & SinU Fe, ami .
Un'oti Pacific, Denver ,& Gulf Railwiiys.
1,500,000 acres oILaDilFor Safe
Farming Lands Under Irrigation Systems:
' In tracts of 20 acr s and upwards, with perpetual water rights,
cheap, and on easy terms of 10 annual payments, with 7 per cent,
interest. Alfalfa, Grain and Fruits grow to perfection.
Choice Prairie or Mountain Grazing Lands,
Well watered and with good shelter, interspersed with One ranches suitable
tor raising grains and fiuits, in sice of tracts to suit purchaser.
Large Pastures For Lease, . j. m.
, For long terms of years,' fenced or nnfenced; shipping faollltles over two
. . '. QQX4O '
On tbln Grant, near Its western boundery, are situated tbe famous Gold Mining
Districts of ELIZABETHTOWN end BALDY, where mines bave been successfully
operated for 20 yours, and new, rich discoveries were made in 18D5, in the vicinity of
the new camps of HEMATITE and HARRY BLUFF, as rloh as any camp in Colo
rade, but with lots ot as vet unlooated ground open to propeotnrs on terms similar to,
and as favorable as, the United States (Government Laws and Regulations,
Stage leaves every morning, except Sundays, from Springer for
these camps. ....
Title Perfect, founded on United States Patent and confirmed by
decisions of the U. S. Supreme Court.
For further particulars and pamphlets, apply to
Raton, New Mexico.
Ueauliful Places of Retreat for
the Health and Pleasure
Harvey's Mountain Home.
- Tbis resort is famous for Its comfort,
cleanliness, superior table, abundance of
Hub milk and cream, as well as for its un
rivaled scener and numerous near-by
poiuts of Interest. Tbe best trout Usbing
is accessible by short excursions to either
branch of tbe tisllinas. Hermit Peak
and grand canon are of easy access. Bur
ro's are furnished to guests for daily
riding. The Pecos National Park is within
six miles, and is reached by easy trail;
expeditions can be outfitted and guide se
cured at tbe ranch.
For transportation and terms, inquire ot
Judge Wooeter, East Las Vegas, or ad
dress, H. A. Harvkt.
San Ignaclo Resort.
The Hermitage is a new hotel situated at
the foot of Hermit's Peak, on tbe Sapello
river, np among the pines. It bas many
advantages not usually found at summer
resorts, a good hotel with modern Improve
ments ana wen ruroishad rooms, a post
orace is located at tuts point, and free tele
phone conneotlon is had with Las Vegas,
ine tame is Dountituliy supplied at a
times with all that the season affords
Quests wishing to oome, can telephone and
a conveyance win De sent lor tnem. KateB
$8.00 per week. J. V. Lujan Proprietor,
Summer Mountain Resort. .
The El Porvenir mountain resort will
now receive guests for tbe summer,
Tbe most pioturesque scenery in America,
nne nsning ana nunting. nest or hotel ao
oommodations iu New Mexico. For terms
for board and lodging, apply to the Ro
mero Mercantile Co., Las Vegas. Carriage
leaves their store, southwest oorner of the
Dlaza. every Saturday and Tuesday morn
ing at 8 o'clock: tare for the round trip. $1,
For further information, call at the above
establishment. 80tf,
The Park House.
Las Vegas Hot Springs, N. M. We still
bave a few choice rooms left for those wh
come early. The most popular bouse at
the springs. Mr. Bob Bricton, late from
tbe east, bas charge of tbe kitcben; every
thing is prepared in best of style. Rates,
35 oents per meal. Koom and board $7 per
weea. laoie supplied witn tne Dost the
market affords. Hooms by the day. 60 to
10 cents. .
Mrs. Kate Dennis,
148-tf Manager,
To Health-Seekers.
The Blake Ranch, on tbe bead of the Rio
oapello, Is now prepared to receive a limit-
ea number or boarders. This ranch
located in tbe heart of the mountains, amid
tne most Deautirui Bcenery in the world
where brook trout and wild eame offer
ample diversion for the nlmrod or anyone
eexing oui-aoor sport, it is located only
twenty-five miles from Las Vegas, and
within eight miles of the Rio Pecos, and
only three miles from tbe headwaters of
tne Kio ualllnas. Address,
Address Mrs. J. P. Blake, Roclada, or tn
olre for conveyances and rates of W. K
Jrites, East Las Vegas, N. M.
77-tf Hooiada. N. M.
Agua Clara Resort.
The Agua Clara resort is situated about
eighteen miles from Las Vegas, at tha foot
ot Mineral hill at the junction of two pio
turesque canons, me Blue ana recnlute.
A beautiful small laae is lormed ODnosite
tne ooiei, aoouc wnicn is a forest of pine,
balsam and spruce trees, which make tbe
Jlace very desirable for those suffering
rom lung ana tnroat ainicultles. A free
carriage leaves tbe New Optic hotel at 3 p.
m. every oionaay, transportation born
ways furnished without cost to visitors.
Tbe hotel is built and furnished for con
venience and comfort, and tbe table Is
bountifully supplied and the cook in if is
first-class. The water is the best to be
had In New Mexico, and comes pure aod
sparkling from springs Iu the mountain
side. Rates $5 per week. Further iu for
mal ion given at tbis office and at the New
Optio hotel. W. E. Ester,
, Prop.
Rates to City of Mexico.
LaiVkqas. N. M.. March Oth. 1898.
Round trln rates to Citv of Mmir-.n. from
Las Veeaa. $66.70. Uoine- limit, aixtv
days, with final return limit, of Blx months
from date of sale.
Tourist rates to Phoenix. Aris.. 'and re
turn from Lai Vegas, $48.50. Limits.
fifteen days, ia each direction, with final
limit of bIx months.
tf C. F. Jonks. Agent.
In this and every town In tbe vicinity
where there Is not alreadv an imnt. to
sell the New York Ledger, America's Great
est Story Paper, by the week, and act as
gent, making 2 cents on every copy sold.
No charge being made for uosold copies.
So Possible Risk. For full narticulars. nail
at the office of this paper
General and Nervous Debility.
weakness of Body ana
Mind, Kirects of Errors
or Excesses iu Old or
Younn. llnbuat, Noble
Manhood fully Restored.
How to Knltu-Re and
(strengthen Weak, L'n
devolOiicd Portions of
Body. Absolutely nn-
Wi ."'Jitirt tailing Homo Treatment.
S7lJ.jrT lilla -liunefns ia a day.
n U'Stlfv from bO Ht.Ltp And Foreign
Countries. Send for Descriptive Book, es
planatiou and proofs, mailed (joalodi free.
' 18th and Curtis Sis.
For the cure of J
Best aod most thoroughly equipped
Keeley Institute tn the United States.
Homelike and comfortable in all its ap
pointments. An absolute and permanent
oure. Ladies treated privately. Corre
spondence confidential.
Local Representative.
Now located on Sixth street, two doors
north of the Postoffioe,
A Specialty.
' . Tbe Finest Line of
Stoves and Steel Ranges
In the City.
Heating aDDaratus. lieavv sheet Iron
work, etc., contracted for at tbe bottom
price. Let us figure on yonr work.
'' Douglas Ave., first door
.' west ot Furlong gallery.
Family Washing a Specialty.
Good Work Done
on Short Notice.
Robt. L M, Ross,
Real Estate
Prices to Salt the Times,
' Lota from $100 up.
SOLE ''AGENT of the- Hill-site
Town Co. addition, and tho Eldo
rado Town Co. lower addition.
Residences, Business Properties.
iwoans, Mortgages and securities.
Desirable Acre Properties; Faims under
irrigation uitcnes. utnee on
to nag tame optRA house, lias vedas.
Vour sddreu, with six cents
la iumpt, mailed to our Head-
auartera, ll Mlot St., Boklcs,
ail.. lll brinff vou a full lina
of samples, and rulea for lelf.
measurement, of our justly fa
mou. 83 panti: Suit., f 13.25 1
wvercoaia, iw. ot, and up. luc
to order. Agenli wanted every
where. New Plymouth Rock Co.
Homestead Kntry No. W.
Lasd Offics at Olatton n. U. ,
- April wth.lS'jfi. I
Notice Is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice ot his Inten
tion to make final proof in support of his
Claim, ana mat sain pronr win oe made be
fore K. Ii. ttklpwlth, United States Land
Commissioner, rourtn judicial District,
at Ft. Sumner. N. M., August Sth. lHyti,
viz: Ira P. Gillespie,-of sort Sumner,
for the west half southwett quarter,
southeast quarter southwest quarter
anil iiiuwwuM quarter soutneosE auarier.
sernon i, lowiiamp z nunu raiiKe zu east.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous resilience upon, and
cultivation of, snld land , vis :
John N. J.'bnston. Nat Pe roe, Fi'ancl'ro
Lahato, Polonlo Lopez, all ol Fort Sumner,
M St.
Any person.who desires to protestngnlnst
the allowance of such pi oof or who knows of
any substantial reason, under the law and
the renulatlons or the Interior department,
why such proof should not ho allowed, will
ie given an opportunity, at tnealiove. men
tioned time and place, tocross-examlne the
witnesses of said claimant, and to ntrnr
evidence in rebuttal of that submitted by
clalmaut, John g, slack,
- Register,
g Z tJjjj
' Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:80 p. m
Sunday school at 0:46 a. m. -. Hooiety of
iiiriBuiin rjucieavor ai 0:43 p. m.
All people are cordially welcomed.
Htraiigers aud sojourners are Invited to
worsuip witn uh. . . ,
A. A. LAYTON, Pastor. '
Sunday school at 9:4Sa. m. Preaching
services at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. B. Y.
P. U. at 7:15 p. m.
All are cordially Invited to attend its
Sunday school at 0:45 a. m. Preaching
at 11 a. m., followed by thirty minutes
class meeting. Epwortn League at 7:uu p,
m. Kvoning service at 7:80 p. m.
The pastor and members extend, to all
tha welcome of this church, and will be
pleased to see vou at its services.
Masses will be said at 6:80 and 9:00 a,
m. Sunday school at 8 p.m. Vespers and
benediction,' of the Blessed Sacrament, at
7:80 p. m. Daily morning mass at 0:30 a,
m. Sermon, at high mass, at V:W a. m
VERY REV. J A 8. H. DEFOURI, Pastor.
Rav. Maurice Olier, Assistant.
First mass, for winter season, at 6:30 a.
m. - (second mass, lor winter season, at
a. m. High mass for winter season, at
iu:uua. m. Munuav scnooi at o:uu p. in
Vespers and Benediction at 4:00 p. m.
1 be Fathers will preach both In Kngllsh
ana Bpamt.li.
Pastor in Charge.
Services overy Friday, 8 p. in. : Sunday
morning, 11 a. in.; uouay scnooi, every
aaruraay morning, u:3U to la o'clock, an
bunday mornings, fioni 10 to 11 o'clock.
Rbv. Q. W. TOLSON, Tastor
Preaching at 11 a. m. Sunday school at
s:uu p. m. uervicos at 7:su p. m.
Singing and prayer meeting, Wednes
aay eveuing.
fotRitligiied In Colorado. 1SG6. SarnnlpBtir mall o-
(txprefeft v receive prompt and careful attentlen.
Mi & Silver Culiicn "a'KMSa
Address, 1735 S 1733 Livtuet St., Dtsvir, dels.
, Santa Fb Route
no. a.
10 2bpm( Olileairo
10 30pm
7 aoam
5 ooam '
12 80am
11 IRpm
1 10pm
8 team :
8 Ham
10 10pm
10 50pm
1 25pm Kansas Ulty
4 27 pm
9 15pm
I o nek a
10 tipm
u wpm
9 lfinmi
Colo, hpr'gs
iu Bopm
12 80pm;
7 25tin
111 input
Sunta Ke
13 07UO1
2 P5aiAibuquerq'
1 10 4Aam
111 40.iiul
El Paso
11 00a ml
10 00am
9 I Ou mi
1 5Spm
2 Hfipmi
9 ttriam
4 ,0pm Flagstaff
7 27am
7 OOaral
f.os Angeles
U0 45am3anFrancls ssopm
Arrive Dally.
70d 701 CA1ID NO. S. 70S 704 708
S:00p 9:80a Las Vegas 2:15p 4:S0p 7:00p
A :0.-p ::a Bridge St. 2 :10p 4 :2op 6:5ftD
D:Hp l;4Ha Upper L. V. l:B7p 412p :42p
:l:25p 9:56a I'laclU 1 :B0p 4:05p fi:S6p
l:B0p 10: a Hot Springs l:46p 4:nnp6:30p
5:00p ;
B:05p i
5:18p .
Arrive Daily.
Leave (Dally,
i. , i ii i hi . , ci v 1 1 1. . u ii 1.1 nuianii,; vaii w,
have I'ullman palace drawing-room cars,
tourist sleeping: cars and coaches between
Kna 1 anI it VnniHnnn A...
Chicago and l os Angeles, San Diego and
San francleco, and Pullman palace
cars and coaches between Chicago and the
City ot Mexico, E. Oopsland,
lion. Agent, ki rano, iex..
T. F. It V. A., Kl Paso, Tex.
, . i Chas.IT Jones,
A cent. Las Vegas, N.if.
. Western Division. '"
CsstasEi-TMe. Tatle.No. 38.
J. W. fiolnhart, John J. HcCook, .
In effect Sunday, August 6th, 1895.
6 oo pi
10 00 p
10 SO pi
u io a
4 00 p;
1 so p
7 00 p
7 it p
Kansas City
Flairs ta ft
. Williams
Ash Fork ,
The Needles
JLos An goles
San Francisco
7 uo a
6 00 p
8 80 p
2 65 p
9 00a
6 IB p
S sa
8 16 p
S 85 p
S 00 p
2 20 D
M a
12 10 p
n uo a
8 05a
8 25 a
4 40 P
4 86a
4 8 p
6 25 p
8 10 p
4 08a
3 40 a
S 10 a
12 SOp
10 40 a
12 20 a
a 06 p
0 00 D
1 so p
4 20 p
6 00 p
7 40 p
9 81 a
7 27 a
6 06a
4 60a
11 28 p
D 40 p
8 63 p
6 40 p
li MB
1 55 a
S 48 a
l 55 a
1 40 a
6 25 a
11 32 p
12 80 p
7 50a
0 20a
7 25 p
t Mp
2 10 D
iu ou a
8 80a
1 40 P
U 45 a
8 45 a
s aoa
1 10 p
J 80 p
6 50 D
io oo a
A OS p
7 roa
8 SOp
10 45 a
10 45 a
Summer or Winter.
The Santa Fe route It the most com'orta-
ble railway between California and the
The mealc at VInrver's Dining Bourns are
an excellent feature of the line. -
The Grand ranon of the Colorado can
reached In no other way,
Gen. Fass. Agent, l.ns Angeles, Oal
list, Gen. Pass. Agent, San Franclscc
Atlashe & Pacific
J. B.
Kewslioy, tlorse Blioe, I
Piior Heidsleclc,
Somothing Good, I
via nouyKty,
Clipper Navy,
. - Boot Jack,
No Tax,
P,n a.. m
: Natural beef I
B. T. Gravely, superior,!
W. N. T., Out of Bigbt.
Pride of Kentucky,
Yucatan Twist,
Health and Prosperity,
Popular Ti ivw.
Cllmsr. litnr.
r1" " 7o- ;
Centrally Located. Good Accommodations
Bates, $1.25 per Day. Board and Boom $5 and $6 per Week.
General Broker.
Land Grants, Improved Ranches, Native Cattle, Improved
1 Cattle, Cattle Ranges, Horses and Sheep, Real Estate. 2tc.
Land Scrip of all Kinds, Territorial and County Warrants.
, eral Land Office Business. Titles Secured Under the
United States Hand Laws.
ExnerienCCd select tne Waverley because they have learned to know the differ-.
n. K e ice between a wheel that i actually high-grade and ono tbat I
IICIerSiBV - "imply claimed to be. Some others may ha good but the Waverley
is the highest of ell high-grade. Scorcher 13 heights) SS5.0U. Belle
u .uu iuuu,
Estimates, Specifications
Water Pipes
Decoraii Winflmiil Co.,
The Deooreh I
The Cash Liquor, Cigar and Tobacco Co.
100 Sixth Street, Opposite
Sour Mash Bourbon .;. $2.00
" " " 2.85
Keg Beer,
5c per gins?.
50o per gallon.
Bottled Beer,
Samples only Se, J-Pts.l5o,Pts.3oo Qts.50c
Finer Whiskies. ' tkr oal.
White House Club fS.OO
U. 8. Club 825
"Carlisle", Bole Agent ... 3.50
Samples 10c, Half ft. 25c, Pts. 60c, Qts. SI.
Finest Whibeixs. per oal.
John Banning .; $4.00
Belle of Anderson .................... 4.25
Guekenhoimer 5.50
McBrnjer, Oscar Pepper and Yellowstone
Half- pints 35c, Pints 65o, Quarts, $1 .25.
10c, 15c, 20c, & 25c
Per bottle. .
Sole Agent
13.50 per gallon.
California and Native Wines from 25o per Bottle, aud $1 per Gallon, up.
-Kear entrance from Lincoln Ave., between Optio Office and Ro33ntaaI Bros,
P. 8. "Press the Button, We'll do the rest."
"Km .'amcHimrK-' II III
Prematunness stopped..
quickly controlled.' Lost
1 ansian method, and never
All men afflicteil with any one
uuuic uuu kcuu io us, win
Bypiiins ana private diseases
i a . . .vi'i.
oy orumary meiuoaa ana at
Martin & Howard,
Coatractors & BniMers.
Plant and specifications furnished
freo to patrons. Shop nett door to
Houghton's riftrdwarn Storn.
Job Work and liepairing, Honso Mot
lag and Raising a Spooialty.
Exchange Hotel, west side Fluza, Las Vegas.
A Complete Stock of Imported, Key
- Mexican and Domestic
And a complete stock of Fancy Smoking Tobacooj
also Pipes and Walking Canes and the best lino ol
finn Cliftwinir Prihannn. ' , -
X Other brands of tobacco too numerous to lueuiiuu, and
S will be sold at wholesale and retail at the lowont prices. AH
kinds of pipes cleaned and repaired neatly at lowest prloes.
Bridge Street,
i Las Vegas, N. M.
FLINT, Prop.
Are built in
the Largest
and Best
Factory in
the World.
ana w.uu.
F. Wright, Agt.
(Patented) ' in ornMructcd
with roll and inin that lifts.
f0 per cent, more weight
with same power than wrist
pin and pitman, as UBed ill
all other mills. Thus, where
a ten foot wheel of an ordina
ry mill is required, we put ia .
an 8 foot wheel of tbe Dccoi'oli
nd Riminncee loaults. Com
plete plant, with tower, tank,
pump, and water service
erected on easy
Installment '
. Payments-,
If desired,
Furnished Without Charge.
and Well Casing.' .
Las Vegas, N. M..
San Miguel National Bank.
From $1 per box u
Chewing and
rom 25c par lb. a
Solo Agent for
6c Straight '
1 12.15 per box.
III III IHI MmmmMrmstVsexmWLmii
All ernisBions and exhausting drains
powers restored. This is the New
before used in this country.
of the above disorders, who will cut out
receive a month's treatment FREE.
cured ia half the time required
small cost.
Geo, H. Hutchison Co,
Real Estate,
Mines, and
For Sale or Lease.
mi w

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