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East Laa Vegas Now Mexico
lExtracta rrom Our Exchanges.
Tbe town of Stint Fe is full i
health-seekers and strangers.
ma Danger-Ofcbl log business it on
regular boom, ever at Santa Fe.
Mrs. Ueronlmo Archuleta; of Lmbo,
u uwumjr, i senousiy ill.
Mrs. Ahx. Story left Hil'sooro to re
join Mr. story at Cilpple Creek.
jne governor baa appointed P II
A,eese, or fcspanola, as Bib warden.
ins lerritorlHi supreme oonrt wil
meet in Santa Fe, on Monday, July
The governor has appoloted L. Caa
a II i . a w i. ....
lino, oi oeu, uoiiax connty, notary
MrS. R. O. H inna. of Fdrmlnlrtnn
ta seriously IU with typhoid fever. liar
ine is aespaired of.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Laugbren, of
Jfarmlngton, have gone to Pagosa
parings ur a niintn a stay.
, frank Allen, of Farmington livery
ibuih, aiartea tor kioo, uoio., expeot
jug io oa anient a do ut a month.
flaws Maude Cleveland came up to
Aiouquerqae from the A. & P. juno
tion, and la visiting; Mrs. C. L. Bovard
Mrs. Walter C. Hadley has con
oiaded to close out her busioess inter
ests in Ntw Mexico and return east to
Tbe Dfr Pearce residence on West
r- GuloVavenue, Albuquerque, will be
.ready for ocoupancy on the' 1st of
Benito Pacheco, an old resident of
Santa Fe, aged sixty-six years, died at
V o'clock, yesterday morning, after
long illness. , .
Tbe publio miction of a portion of
tbe household effects of Ernest Meyers
is going on at the Armijo building at
Jesus Valdez was beaten and beld-up
in Alouquarque. A man named Wil
ham Carter was arrested and subse
quently confessed.
A sister of John G. Wald, formerly
in the bindery business at Albuquerque,
arrived in tnat city from Stockton,
Cal., where she had been visiting.
Marion Bilue, of Bourbon, III., who
has large mining interests at Mazda
Jena and talks of erecting a smelter at
cerriuos, was a visitor In Santa Fe. '
Prof. C. M. Light, formerly of In
diana, late of Fort Scott, Kas., re
cently elected as principal of the Sil
ver City normal school, visited Santa
David Stewart, formerly at the At
lantic & Pacific offices in Alouquerque,
is now tbe rustliDg agent for tbe New
York life insurance company, down
Bishop J. Mills Kendrlck and wife
- came np to Santa Fe from Albuquer
que, and will ppend some time there
as guests of Col. and Mrs Tbos. M.
Jonea. .' .
Thomas Williams, of Texas, and
-"L,, JiHyiafeeth-Francis Hendricks, of Mis
souri, were united in marriage by
Judge Paddock, of La Plata, San Juan
ounv. ;
Tbe Aztec Index regrets to announoe
tbatL. F. R-yoolda has sold his mail
contrast and perquisites, which extend
from Cedar Hill to Juwelt, Sn Juan
county. .'..,:,,-. -v. ,: .
A child of Nate Henderson, of Sil
ver City, is ill with typhoid fever;
Jose Bombaugh is also confined at the
ladies' hospital, down there, with the
same malady.
Rev. Asbmun, of the Congregational
church, the traveling supeiiotendent of
tbe missionary society of tbat church,
has returned to A buquerque from a
trip to Ariz na.
" "" Mrs. G. Schober, wife of the pres
ident of the Santa Fe brewing com
pany, has gone on a summer voyage
to Germany. She sailed on one of the
Hamburg liners.
' " Miss Pearl Cotton, oi Lincoln, Neb.,
the handsome daughter of Mrs. Cot
ton, of the U. S. Indian school, arrived
in Santa Fe, and will spend some
weeks in that place.
Tbe Ortiz mining company has
solved the water question, and the mill
at Dolores is now working twenty-four
hours every day, giving employment to
a full force of men. .
F. C. Nott, r f Raton, has added a
full line of undertaking goods at bis
furniture store. J. R. Givens, the
- funeral director and embalmer, has
charge of this department. . .
Bill Cnrson and Stfenno Chaves, tbe
two men who were arrested charged
with breaking . into the residenoe of
W P, II. Soott, on the mountain road,
at Albuquerque, were discharged.
The little aixteen-montbs-oM child
of W. . Turner, at the Una da
Gito ranch, Colfax county, got bold of
a bottle of carbolio acid and spilled it
over himself, badly burning his foe
and body. - .- -
William Mc Arthur, a consumptive,
died in tbe hospital room of tbe city
building, down in Albuquerque. He
was a Canadian by birth, and has a
sister, a Mrs. Tacker, residing at To
ronto, Canada.
Prof. McCowan, of the government
Indian school, left Albuquerque for
Lawrence, Kansas, where he will be
one of tbo speakers at the commence,
ment exercises of the government In
dian sohool of tbat city.
N. F. Irish, bookkeeper at Ilfeld
Bros.' big dry goods store, at Albu-
querque, is still on tbe sick, list, but
slowly improving. Miss Summers, the
assistant) and cashier at the store, Is
i now doing double duty, -
The government pays no rent for the
postofflce quarters, over at Santa Fe,
nd jet its policy is so niggardly that
for mouths it has declined to provide
iNjs'niaster Gable with funds for re
pairing tbe premises. He only asks
Supt. II. H. Griffin, of the agricul
tural experiment station, aoross the
river from Aztez, is laboring bard and
faithfully to develop a method of re.
claiming tbe almost worthless "ohico"
land tbat exists in large bodies in San
FuaD county, t
i mri
Ilia Danger is Averted by thing
"Nearly forty years ngo, after
some weeks of sickness, my hair
turned gray and began falling out
so rapidly that I was threatened
with immediate baldness. Hearing
Ayer's Hair Vijror highly spoken of,
I commenced using this prepara-
mm ..
tion, and was so well satisfied with
the result that I have never tried
any other kind of dressing. It stop
ped the hair from falling out, stimu
lated a new growth of liair, and kept
the scalp free from dandruff. Only
an occasional- application is now
needed to keep my hair of good,
natural color. I never hesitate to
recommend any of Ayer's medicines
to my friends." Mrs. II. M. IIaioiit,
.flroca, jxeD.
Ayer's Hair Vigor
Ayer'l Sartaparilla Remove J'lmplet,
Some miscreants cut about three
fourths of a mile of barbed wire fence
belonging to Aleck Wersonlck, on the
mesa, out from Raton.
Electric Bitter.
Electric Biuers is a medicine suited
for any season, but perhaps more gen
erally needed, when the languid, ex
hausted feeling prevails, when the
liver is torpid and sluggish and the
need of a tonio and alterative ia felt
A prompt use of this medicine has
often averted long and perhaps fatal
bilious fevers. No medicine will act
more surely in counteracting and free
ing the system from tbe malarial poi
son. Headache, indigestion, constipa
tion, dizziness, yield to Electrio Bitters.
Prices 50 cents and $1.00. ' Get a bot
tle at Murphey-Van Petten Drue Co's..
Las Vegas and East Las Vegas, and at
wholesale by the Browne & Manza
narcs Co.
James Bryant and family have mov
ed to Aztec and now occupy the Baker
bouse, over there.
Mrs. Rbodie Noah, of this place, was
taken in the night with cramping pains
and tbe next day diarrhoea set in. She
took half a bottle of blackberry cordial
but got no relief. She then sent to me
to see if I bad anything that would
help her. I sent her a bottle of Cbam-
erlam'a Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy and tbe first dose relieved
ber. Another of our neighbors bad
een sick for about a week and had
tried different remedies for diarrhoea,
but kept getting worse. I sent him
this same remedy. Only four doses of
of it were required to cure him. He
says he owes bit reoovery to this won
derful remedy. Mrs. Mary Sibley, Sid
ney, Miob. For sale by K. D. Good
all, Depot drug store.
Fredrick J. Hellweg, died rt his
residence in Albuquerque. He was an
old timer.
Wake up your liver, but be sure you
take Simmons Liver Regulator to do it
witb it will do it every time, and do
it so well that you'll feel wonderfully
refreshed and strengthened. It is Sim.
mons Liver Regulator that does it.
Tbere is only one Simmons Liver
Regulator, and you'll know it by tbe
Red Z on tbe package. Take nothing
else, and you'll be sure to get all the
good health promised.
T. Romero and wife have sold two
lots in Albuquerque to John D. Tor
Una for $600, giving a quit claim
Full Details Gladly Given.
A Railroad Official's Experience.
nected with railroad construction in
Nebraska, writes; "My heart troubled
and pained me for 19 years. Shortness of
breath was tbe constant and most common
symptom. Intense, excruciating pain, gener
ally followed any severe exertion. Falntcesa,
hunger without any appetite ; fluttering tbat
made me clutch my breast, and palpitation
that often staggered me as if I would fall,
wero frequent attacks. Again, everything
would turn block if I arose from a stoopinr
posture quickly. Sleepless nights with tbotr
Dr. Miles'
prostrating unrest were
numerous and I could
got no rest day or night.
1 consulted leading phy
sicians and tried adver
tised remedies. They
gave mo no relief. One of
Heart Cure
Dr. Miles' circulars described my case ao
exactly that I took Dr. Miles' New Heart
Cure and I am now a well man. I hope
very one troubled with heart disease will
try Dr. Miles' remedies. If they will write
me personally, I will gladly give them full
details of my experinnce." Edw . Edmonds.
P. O. Box 65, David City, Kobrask.
Dr. Miles' Heart Cure is sold on guarantee
that flrat bottle benefits or mopey refunded,
1 1 .
. MsrViloill taSMftli
FrOfll fi letter tWltcn by 3, (Jtiodofi
man) oi imnnnaaiti, mien., we are per
mltted to duke this extraot i I have
in hesitation In recommending Dr
King's New Discovery, as the results
were almost matvclous ,ln the case of
my wife. While I was pastor of the
Baptist Church at Rives Junction she
whs brought down with Pneumonia
succeeding La Grippe. Terrible par
oxysma of coughing would last hours
with little interruption, and It aeemed
aa K she could not survive them.
friend reoommecded Dr. King'a New
Discovery; it was quick in ita work
and bigbly satisfactory In results
Trial bottlea free. .Price fifty cents
tnd $1.00 per bottle at Murphey-Van
Petten Drue Co's. drug stores, Las
Vegas and East Las Vegas: at whole.
sale by Browne & Manzanares Co.
Messrs. Knight and Cundiff, two
writera belonging to the Albuquerque
fire department, are busily engaged
now in preparing copy for tbe illua
(rated book tbey will soon Issue about
the doings of tbe New Mexico assoola
lion of volunteer firemen.
Do you lack faith and love health P
Let us establish your faith and restore
your health with De Witt's Sarsapa
rilla. Winters Drue Co.
Little Jessie Seligman, tbe five
months old daughter of Viotor Selig
man and wife, died at Albuquerque,
from sickness of only a few hours.
"Wake up, Jacob, day is breaking I"
so said De Witt's Little Early Risers to
the man who had taken tbem to arouse
his sluggish liver. Winters Drng Co.
There Is a mnrempnt on foot to get
up a big bicycle meet in Albuquerque
at tbe Territorial fair.
Pass tbe good word along tbe line.
Piles can be quickly cured without an
iiperatloo by simply applying DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve. Winters Drug (Jo.
Mra. Helen Jacobs, of Galveston,
Texas, is in Albuquerque, and will
spend the summer with her friend,
Mra. J. G. Butler, down there.
Pure blood means good health. De
Witt's Sarsaparilla purifies tbe blood,
cures Eruptions, Eczema, Scrofula and
all diseases arising from impure blood.
Winters Drug Co.
Several members of the athletlo as
sociation, at Albuquerque, are agita
ting the organizition of a foot-ball
We are anxious to do a little good in
this world and can think of no pleas-
anter or better way to do it than by
recommending One Minute Cough Cure
as a preventive of pneumonia, consump
tion and other serious lung troubles
that follow neglected colds. Winters
Drug Co.
A rrport has been circulated tbat
Col. Fountain is alive and in Cuba.
No one believes tbe rumor. '
It would be hard to convince a man
suffering from bilious colio that his
agony is due to a mi robe with an un
pronouncable name. But one dose of
PeWitt's Colio & Cholera Cure will
convince him of its power to afford in
stant relief. : It kills pain. . V inters
Drug Co.
Dr. Duncan and wife, of Socorro,
are now visiting in Ohi", but within I
the month will partake of pine apples'
on tbe doctor's plantation in Florida.
Small in size, but great in results.
DeWitt's Little Early Risers act gently
but thoroughly, curing indigestion,
dyspepsia and constipation. Small
pill, safe pill, best pill. Winters Drug
Co. '
Rev. C. L. Bovard left Albuquerque
for Cham a and other points north, ex
pecting to be absent about two weeks.
Persons who have a coughing spell
every night, ou account of a tickling
sensation in the throat, may overcome
it at once by a dose of One Minute
Cough Cure. Winters Drug Co.
Mr. and Mrs. David Stewart, resid
ing on the Mesa, at Albuquerque, are
rejoicing over the arrival at their borne,
of a fine baby girl.
- When we consider that the intestines
are about five times aa long as the
body, we can realize the intense suffer
ing experienced when tbey become in
flamed. DeWitt's Colio & Cholera
Cure subdues inflammation at once
and completely removes tbe difficulty.
Winters Drug Co.
Miss Susie McKenzie left Albuquer
que for Los Angeles. Tbe lady is a
sister of A. II. McKenzie, an em
ploye of tbe Atlantic & Pacific shops.
Eli Hill, Lumber City, Pa., writes
I have been suffering from piles for
twenty-five years and thought my case
incurable. DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve was recommended to me as a
pile cure, so I bought a box and it
performed a permanent cure." This
is only one of thousands of similar
oases. Eczema, sores and akin dis
eases yield quickly when it is used.
Winters Drng Co.
Mrs. W
S. Hcpewell is very sick, at
Plies, rues niea.
A sure cure for' Blind, Bleed
tne and Itching Piles. Dr. Kirk't
German Pile Ointment haa cured the
worst cases of ten years' standing by
three or fonr applications. No one
need Buffer ten minutes after" using
Dr. Kirk's Gorman Pile Ointment
Onr agent, Mr. Goodall, will warrant
every box. Price 11.00. Sold a
Depot drug store Las Vetraa
Jack Carpenter and partners, cf
Hillsboro, are prospecting for gold near
tbe S. L. V. rancb.
Bucklen'e Arnica Salve.
Tbe beat aaive in tbe world far cuts,
bruises, Bores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chill.
blains, corns and all ; skin eruptions,
and positively cures piles, or no pay
required. It is "guaranteed to give per
fect satisfaction or money refunded.
Price 25 centa per box. For aale by
Murphey-Van Petten Drug Co., Lat
Vegaa and fcast Las Vegas.
At whole
(sale by Browne & Manzanares Co,
Aswan. 41 -i n&4
ileauliful riaces cf Uelrflat tar
the llonllh niul rieusuro
Agm Clara Resort.
The Agua Clara renort la situated about
eighteen mllee from Lai '. at the foot
of Mineral bill at tbe Jnnutiou of two pic
turesque uanoni, tbe 131 uo and Tecolute.
A beautiful smell lake is foruiej opposite
tbe hotel, about whloli la a forest of pi no,
balaam end spruce treca, whlob mukt tbe
piece very denlrable for tboae suffering
from lung and throat diffloultlea. A free
oarriage leaves the Mew Optic botl at 3 p.
m. evu'y Monday, tranapurtatlon ho'b
waya furnished without coht to visitor.
Tbe hotel i4 tullt and furtjlsliej for coo-
veulenod end comtort, and tbe table la
bountifully supplied and the rooking I
Srat-claaa. The water In tbe bent to be
bed in New Mexico, and cornea pure and
sparkling from eprlnge iu tbe mountain
aide. Kates $5 per week. Further Infor
mation given at tbia oltlce and at the New
Optio hotel. . . W. E Estes,
Harvey's Mountain Home.
Tbla resort la famous for Ita comfort.
cleanliness, superior table, abundance of
rlcb milk and cream, a wtll aa for its un
rivaled teener and numerous near-by
fiointa of interest. Tbo best trout tUhiog
a accessible by abort excursions to either
branch of tbe Oulliuaa. Hermit P-ak
and graod can n are of easy accesa. Bur
ro's are furnished to guests for daily
riding. The Feeos National Park ia witbin
six miles, and Is reached by easy trail;
expedltlooa can be outhtted and guide se
cured at tbe rancb.
For transportation and terms, inauire of
Judge Wooster, Ejst Le Vegis, or ad-
areas. ti, a. harvey
5a n Ignaclo Resort.
Tbe Hermitage la a new hotel situated at
tbe tout of Hermlt'a Peak, on the Sapello,
river, up among the pines. . It haa manv
advantages not usually found at summer
resorts, a good botel with modern Improve
ments and well furnished rooms, a post-
oluce is located at tola point, and free tele
phone connection ia had witb La Vegas.
Tne table ia bountifully supplied at ail
times witb all that tbe season affords.
Quests wisbiog to oome, can telephone and
a oonveyanoe will be sent for them. Kates,
iff. uu per week. ' j. . Xjujabt Proprietor.
Summer Mountain Resort.
Tbe El Porvenlr mountain resort will
now receive guests for tbe summer.
Tbe most picturesque scenery in America,
one nsning ana Hunting. Best or notel ac
commodations in New Mexico. For terms
for board and lodging, apply to the Ro
mero Mercantile Co.. Las Vegas. Carriage
leavea their store, southwest corner of the
plaza, every Saturday and Tuesday mcrn-
ng at 8 o'clock; rare tor tne round trip, i
For further information, call at the above
eaiari'snment. sou,
' The Park House.
Laa Vegas Hot Springs, N. M. We still
have a few cboice rooms left for those who
come early. Tbe most popular house at
tne spring. Mr. bod uritton, late from
tbe east, has charge of tbe kitchen; every
thing is prepared in beat of style. Rates.
35 cents per meal. Hoom and board $7 per.
week. Table supplied with tbe best the
market affords. , Rooms by the day, 50 ta
70 cents.
Mas. Kate Dennis,
148-tf Manager.
To Health-Seekers,
The Blake Ranch, on the head of the Rio
Sapello, ia now -prepared to receive a limit
ed number of boardera. Tbia ranch is
located In tbe heart of tbe mountains, amid
the most beautiful scenery In the world,
where brook trout and wild game offer
ample diversion for tbe clmrod or anyone
seeking out-door sport. It is located only
twenty-five miles from Laa Vegaa, and
within eight miles of the Rio Pecoa, and
only three miles from tbe headwaters of
the Rio Gailinaa. Address,
Address Mrs. J. P. Blake, Roclada, or in
quire for conveyances and rates of W. E.
Urites, East Las Vegas, N. M. '
77-M Roclada. N. M.
Mra. McGregor left Las Cruces for a
visit to her old home in New Hamp
shira. Nona But Ayer's at the World'. Pair,
Ayer's Sarsaparilla enjoys the ex
traordinary distinction of having been
tbe only blood purifier allowed an ex
hibit at the World'a fair, Chioago.
Manufacturers of other Sarsaparillas
sought by every mcana to obtain a
showing of their goods, but they were
all turned away under the application
of the rule forbidding the entry of
patent medicines and nostrums. The
decision of tbe Woild's fair authorities
in favor of Ayer's Sarsaparilla was in
effeot aa follows: "Ayer's Saisaparil'a
Is not a patent medicine. It does not
belong to the list of nostrums. It is
here on its merits "
J. R. Fisk was quite a sick man for
several days, down at Hillsboro.
Few medicines have held their
ground so successfully as Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral. During the past
fifty years, it has been the moat popu
lar cf all cough cures and the demand
fur it to-day is greater than ever before.
Prompt to act and sure to cure,
Nalhan Price has a bicycle agency at
Witb but little cure and trouble, the
beard and mustache can be kept a uni
form brown or black color by using
Buckingham's Dye for the Whiskers.
a) j a '
n. A. Ringer, of Sierra oounly, pur
chased the Kinsey brand of cattle, num
bering abont 800 head.
Last summer one of our grand chil
dren was sick with a severe bowel
trouble. Our doctor's remedies had
failed, then we . tried Chamberlain's
Colio, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy,
which give very speedy' relief. We
regard it as the best medicine ever put
on tbe market for bowel complaints.
Mis. E G. Gregory, Frederickslown,
Mo. This certainly is the best medi
cine ever put on the market for dysen
tery, summer complaint, colic and
cholera infantum in children. It never
fails to give prompt relief when used
in reasonable time and the plain
printed directions are followed. Many
mothers have expressed their sincere
gratitude for tbe cures it has effeoted
For sale by K. D. Goodall, Depot Drug
For your Protection. Catarrh "Cures' or
Tonics for Catarrh in liquid form to be taken
internally, usually contain either Mercury or
Iodide of Potassa, or both, which are injur
ious if too long taken. Catarrh is a local, not
a blood disease, caused by sudden change to
cold or damp weather. It starts in the nasal
passages, affecting eya, ears and throat.
Gold in the head causes excessive flow of
mucus, and, if repeatedly neglected, the re
sults of catarrh will follow ; severe pain in
the head, a roaring sound iu the ears, bad
breath, and oftentimes an offensive dis
cbarge. The remedy should be quick to allay
inflammation and heal the membrane. Ely's
Cream Balm is the acknowledged cure for
these troubles and contains no mercury
cpr any injurious drug. Price, 50 cents, .
. Alltt !; rD?fVBff1
fiVll-rtilM, illllnllll
WJE$ rdni-ffl' , Viumia' i.f
4?r2'vtr ami in'iio, tu
lueii'iiriid tl Uelutci
phtlt iit, how Hit v re-i-ovtri'u
licMitli, ini-ttr
ful hpliita and Kood
Mppelilt.'; limy wllitell
s'ioii by
tiikinu Him-
I.lVfcK KUiU-
Tba Cheapest. Purest and Beat Family
Medicine In the World I
dice, Hi Nous lit tucks, KICK 11 KA 1JAC1IK, Colic,
Depression of Spirits, SOUR (STOMACH,
Heartburn, etc. 'J'lila ttnrivnlled remedy ia
wurruiitcd not to contain a slnglo particle of
AIshcuhv, or any mineral aubsiuuce, but ia
containing those Southern Roots end llcrbs
which an nil-wise Providence haa placed In
countries wlu-io I.lver Diseases most prevail.
It will cure all Disease caused by Derange,
ment ol (he l.lver and Dowels.
The hYJII'TOMS of l.ivir Complnlnt are a
bitter or had tuslo in llio mouth; Puin in the
Uack, Sides or Joints, often mistaken for Rheu
matism; 5our Stomach; Loss of Appetite;
Bowels alternately costive and lax; llcittlnclte:
Loss of Memory, with n painful Herniation of
having failed to do smuetliing which ought to
have been done; Debility; Low 5plrlta, a thick
yellow appearance of the Skin and Eyes, a dry
Cough often uiistuken for Consumption.
Sometimes many of these symptoms attenel
tbe disesse, at others very few; but the I.1VEK
is generally the seat of the disease, and if not
Regulated In time, great suffering, wretched
ness and DEATH will ensue.
The following highly esteemed personsatteat
to the virtues of (Simmons Mver Itegulntors
Gen. W. S. Holt, Pres. Ga. S. W. It. R. Co.; Kev.
I. R. Felder. Perry, Oa.; Col. II. K. Sparks, Al
bany, Ga.; C. Idttstcrson, Ksq.. Sheriff liibbCo.,
Go ; Hon. Alexander II. Stephens.
"VVe have tested its virtues, nersonnllv. and
know that for Dyspepsia,' biliousness and
Throbbing Hcudaclie it is the best medicine the
world ever aaw. We tried forty other remedies
Detoreonnuions l.lver Keguietor. out none ijuve
usmorothnn temporury relief; out tho Regu
lator not only relieved, but cured lis." Ho.
lELBUUAl'li ANIi .1 kSSfcNUfc-K, :HUCOU, Ulk
J. II. 2!.ILI,N & CO., Philadelphia, Pa.
The Clemow boomers In Socorro
county are talking of platting a town
site near their mines and placing town
lots on tne marxet.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy cures
colds, croup and whooping cough. It
is pleasant, safe and reliable. For sale
by K. D. Goodall, Depot Drug Store
Work is being steadily pushed on tbo
uriscoii group of mines iu Copper
Crook district, Socorro county.
To prevent pale and delicate chil
dren from lapsing into chronic invalids
later in life, they ehould take Ayer's
Sarsaparilla, together with plenty pf
wholesome food and out-door exercise.
What tbey need to build up the system
is good red blood.
Alfalfa harvest is now in full blast
in Grant county, and the orop is boun
tiful. Chamborlain'e Eye and Skin Ointment
Is unequalled for Eczema, Totter, Salt
Rhenm, r-cald Head, Sore Nipples, Chapped
Hands, Itching Piles, Burns, Frost Bites,
Chronic Sore Eyes and Granulated Eye Lids.
For sale by druggists at 25 cents per box.
For putting a horse in a fine healthy con
dition try Dr. Cady's Condition Powders.
They tone up the system, aid digestion, cure
loss of appetite, relievo constipation, correct
kidney disorders and destroy worms, giving
new life to an old or over-worked horse. 25
cents per package. For salo by druggists.
Dr. and Mm. Walter Sands Mills and
child arrived in Albuquerque from New
York and are at the San Felipe. The
dootor is in bad health.
No. 3.
lu ihpm
Kansas (Jltj
10 80pm
i T.vm
7 m
6 00am
4 27pm
v mum
12 80am
11 Inpm
10 85pm
0 itupm
9 lupin
10 sopru
8 00pm
1 10pm
8 4fiam
8 15am
10 10pm
10 50pm
12 &upm
7 25pm
ill nipin
Santa t e
12 07am
2 06am
110 4fiam
111 40am
1 Paso
11 00a ml
10 00am
9 10am I Gallup
1 66pm Winslow
I'.nnm VlntrrtftfT
1 85pm I
9 Hsarn!
7 27im
7 00am
6 06pm'Los Angeles
l046amanFrancls 680pm
Leave Dally.
Arrive Dally;
1.705 703 701 CABD NO. S 702 704
5:00p S.OOp 9:S0a Las Vegas 2:15p4tSop
5:05p 3:06p 9:85a Krldge St. 2:10p4:25p
6:18p 3:18p t.4Na Upper L.V. l:67p 4 12 p
6:25p 8:25p 9:66a Flaclta l:60p4:05p
6:S0p 4:80p 10: a HotSprlngs l:45p 4:00p
Arrive Dally.
Leave (Dally.
Nos, 1 and 2, Pacific and Atlantic express,
have Pullman palace drawing-room cars,
tourist Bleeping cars and coaches between
Chicago and Los Angeles, San Diego and
San Francisco, and Pullman palace
cars and coaches between Onlcago and the
City of Mexico, E. Oopelaud,
Gen. Agent, El Paso, Tex.
W. K Brownb, :
T. F. A T. A., El Paso, Tex, j
CH8.tr Jones,
Agent, Las Vegaa, N,M.
J. S, Dillon, Prop. !
Dealer in all kinds of ;
Fish, Game and Poultry in Season.
Montezuma Restaurant
; Center St., East Las Vegas.
Best Twenty-five Cent
Meals in Town.. .... .
Tables supplied with everything the mar
ket affords. Patronage solicited.
Floiist ni Lanflscape Garflener.
Cut flowers always on band,
ft."..! U City (,( AUMko,
. LJM V KtiAS, . Mi, Mitfxh U,h. I' M
Hound trip rates fn Cllv Jietlio, tn'.m
V" 'os-n'i .f i". HI. Ulllnff Jlmlf, nlxtv
llaya, with final return limit, or six mouths
.uu. l, ..-!, ,u i noonix, ai it. , and re
turn from Lin Vegaa, ia.fiU. Limits.
tmen days, In eeeh dlrectlou with final
iiuiii oi six mouths.
' Jones, Ageut,
Tourist Rntei to the Grand Canon.
PrOfll Lfjg VrlL'AI In Cr.nH f'....nn l.
t-oiorudo river ond return, $fl3 CO. Tliirtv
--j vmiieiv iitxi iv m 86 ca airooiloii,
Kinal return Ifmlv nlimfu .1....
w iw. innsioKu win leave n lAvmntr. mi
Uondavt. WrrliiAiHnvi an I
nrcting with our through Calitrnin trulus
in anh tiwantinn
uhubb ana naturanys. roe
Tide to LDfj f!Bnon lm nvar unr-,1 .nn.l A
occupiea about eleveu bour. Btutiona
. . B iuiui aiuu
our ueen estauusned along the route and
at tbe canon for tbe accommodation of
mutism, ij. k. joker. Air tut.
Oarbdt Sbopa.
Tcuaorlal Parlors,
Oenter Street.
Bon-ton, St. Louis, Long Branch, round
senator, and round, square and box pom
padour a specialty.
Oenter Street,
O. L. Gregory, Prop
Only skilled workmen employed. Hot
mm uom uncus in connection.
Sixth street and Grand avenne
Dry dooda.
- a M. Romero, Manager,'
South Side Flasa
Connty Surveyor.
veyor. Office, room 1, City Hall.
Physicians and riurgconH.
o. v. UOKOON, M. D.
Las Vegaa, N. M. Office hours: 11 to
12 a, m., t to 4 p. m., 7 to 8 p. m.
Malboeuf building, np stairs.
N. M.
Attorn eys-at-Law.
building. east aide of Dlasa. Las Veens.
N. SI. 132-Sm
f Office In Union block. Sixth street.
Eaa) Las Vegas, N. M.
B. A. riSUE,
Santa Fe, N. M. (P. O. BoxK.) Pi-nc-tlcea
In the snpreme court and all district
Courts of the Territory. Special attention
given to spaniau anu aiaxioan grant title!
and mining litigation.
man's block. East LasVegns, N. M.
hot water and hot air. Sower and
drainage. East Las Vegas, M. M.
Atlantic & Pacific
Wutarn DlTlslon.
Contlenssd Time Talle No. 38.
J. W. Belchart, John J. McCook,
In effect Sunday, August Sth, 1895.
6 OO p
10 00 p
10 80 p
7 00a
5 15 p
2 46 a
8 15 p
8 35 p
3 05 p
2 20 p
10 40 a
9 Si a
7 27 a
6 05a
4 60a
8 80 a
6 00 p
8 80 p
2 65 p
9 00 a
4 85a
4 os a
3 40 a
12 20 a
11 06 p
8 46 p
6 65 p
5 40 p
12 80 p
10 00 a
8 80 a
8 15 a
8 20a
10 a
1 65 p
Kansas City
Ash Fork
The Needles
Los Angeles
4 OOp
7 00 p
7 26 p
B 4U a
18 10 p
4 40 p
k uo a
8 06 a
8 25 a
9 10 a
12 80 p
1 80 p
i 2Gi
6 00 p
7 40 p
1 65 a
4 40 a
6 26 a
11 45 a
2 20 p
8 00 p
4 5H p
8 28 p
8 10 p
9 00 p
11 23 p
12 50 a
1 65 a
S 48 a
11 82 p
7 son
9 20 a
1 40 p
8 B) p
7 25 p
2 36p
2 10 p
10 00 a
7 CO a
3 80 p
X 10 pi
S 06 n 6 60 n
8 00 p
8 SO I p
10 45 alio 46 a
Summer or Winter.
The Santa Fe ronte Is the most comforta
ble railway between California and the
The meals at Harvey's Dining Rooms are
an excellent teature of the line.
The Grand Canon of the Colorado can be
reached In no other way,
Gen, Pass. Agent, Los Angeles, Cal,
! 0, 11, 8PEEBS,
Aaat, Gen.Paaa. Asent, San FranclsRC
Street Railway!
' JOHN SHANK, Manager.
Cars every fifteen minutes, from 8. a. m.
'; - . to 8 p. m.
200 tickets for 5.00
100 tickets for $3.50
2S tickets for $1.00
Geo. H. Hutchison & Co,
Real Estate,
Mines, and
For Sale or Lease.
and Builder.
Office next door west of Tbi Optio,
fORXlLNNi.H. l,r Gt F-ttgrler n uellns
ut I o?o V "hull tvenll!i ' t uc1' n-outii
w , B.J. Hamilton, Pres,
N. B, ItosuaKnnv, tioc'y.
I. o. o. r.
TLFGA8 LODGE No. 4, meets every
JJMonday evening ot tliolr bull. Sixth
Kdt5,tTen,d,.,", h,"tUtia "rB C;rdlK'
F. V7. FLECK, S.c.A T- O'N.G.
A. O. fj. W.
TV 4',,1ONSLOI,)ajiIf,0'1'm"8, " nd
Wvn,i 2 1 usday evenings each month In
K-'" Lfuugina Hvc-nue. Yisiiing
brothron are cordially Invited.
o . 1 HUH N HILL, AJ. Vy .
. Geo. W. Noiaj(,Uticoder
r P. Ezbzoo, Flnanctor.
K. of P.
XJCubtle Hnll In the (Jlemeut biook, coiner
2i "'f"61 and Grand avenue, over tbe
e?enm v??. 0nallia1)t every Thursday
alwaja weleoma.
, . B. C. Lauixorv, O, 0.
L. J. IUhcds, K. o II. A S.
D EAGLE TEMPLE, No. 1, Bathbone Sis
thfrri eW U,oxRn' me)tl nrBt all1
SrClv.'Lw5i.5- f Ual!f Knet Vegas, N.
wnifr,.n ' m cruor always
Mus. Ai. It. Williams, m. li. b.
M. of B. 4 0.
A. IF & A, IU,
rttfinm.n r n.l i.a ma n . . n . .
third Thursday evenings of each month, in
t ill MBUInln l.mi.1n . . . '
fioVl.. ,. . t':"'i"' '"inns ui'etiirenara
fraternally Invited.
T.nai Vot-n n.Mtai a HAti -i v. a .
lleguiar cunvocatlons, Urat Monday lu each
lnvltea. j. fe. CIaAiiic. h. p
LAI VAfra.fi nnmmnnr1nf KTr 4 T i
communication, socond Tuesday each
month Visiting Knights cordially wel
cqmod, G. A. Koruokii. K.n.
L. H. Bofmeistbs. Uec.
. 8loct Masters. Begular convocation
third Monday of each month. Sanctuary in
Masonic temple. Gbo. T. Gould,
ur, A. AOTHOBB, T. J.M
VRNntll vlBltln. th. ... . 1 1 1 .
iiT; .pvuDwl at v uuiumjjj in
vited toatteud these bodies, '
1 Caatorn Bear
Rognlar eommanioatiobs seoond and fourth
Thnrsdav ovenlnna.
Miss Lizzib Bowmbr, Worthy Matron.
A. F. Dknboict. Worthy Patron.
Mrs. ICmma Uenediot, Treaourer.
All VlSltinff hrot.hAl'fl nllfl autara nriTAiallm
Invited. Was. Mattik Mdkrat. SonrBtRrT .
John Bhatik, President.
ti, Ij. ai. K089, Vice-President.
J. E. Moore, Sec'y and Treas. '
V. H. Jameson, Manager,
L. G. Jameson,
LiS ta fglntyoi (Jo,
Cor. Man-anares and Lincoln Aves.
East Las Vegas, N. M.
Electric Door Bells, Buisrlar
Alarms and Private Telephones pu
in at reasonable rates.
Succassor to J. 8. Elston,
Glazing, Paper Hanging, Etc.
Shop Opposite Express Office.
Practical Horscshoor,
General Blaoxsmlthlng, Wagon and
Carriage Repairing, neatly and
promptly done.
Jdilsro o.cl Jjyr&
Opposite Browne & tfansanaros Co.,
J. ft. HABTIN.
Martin & Howard,
Contractors &
Plan? and specifications furnished
free to patrons. Shop next door to
Houghton's Hardware Store.
Job Work end Bepairing, House Mov
ing and Eaising a Specialty. '
Manufacturer of
f apis,-:- Carriaps,
And dealer in.
Hoovy .'. Hard wars.
Everv kind of wagon material on hand
Horaeshoelng and repairing a specialty
Gtrand and Manzanares Avenues, East La
Claim Agent
Indian Depredation Claims a
Isaac B. nttt A Do., Chicago, III., Bur
nett, Thompson A 1 aw, Washington, D. 0.,
are associated with me In cases before the
Court ol Claims.
James McLaughlin,
Contractor and Build or.
Quotations on Brick furnisher, at the
yard or in the wall.
Job Printing
Of every description
executed with neatness
and dospatoh
AUke Ottic Jot)

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