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fast Las Vegas,
New Mexico
I Extracts front oar Rxnhansss.l
The minors about Kelly are all hard
su worK as usual.
C II. Lttdlaw, of Hillsboro, was last
nearn iroai at Urlppm Ureek
Chaa. Collier hai about completed
vuuiiuiug ma resilience at Uddy,
aiioiioq machinery tor the beet
sugar laoiory bas arrived la Eddy
r . . .
n. d. v&jia is no longer connected
Edd elcotrio 'IEh company
runners in mo i'eoos valley cannot
npof iment too much with oabbage and
Mrs. Abe HlxenbaUjrb, presented her
nusoana witn a baby daughter, up t
xiaton. (
Died, In Pinos Altos, Grant county
' at the home of F. J. Davidson, Geo
MoLuiloch, aged twenty years.
red Myers, the popular manager
or uotei Windsor, left JSddy for a two
weeks1 trip to Ohio, his old home.
J. D. Simmons has been appointed
J itler at hiver City, by Sheriff Shan
non, to suooeed Win. Conant, resign
C. Duncan, after an absence of three
years at Like Valley, returned to
Ktton to again become a oitizan of that
The cattlemen of Lincoln county are
compiaititng ol tbe large destruo
tion of cattlo, especially calves, by tbe
Mrs. M. B. Sharp Jeft , Eddy for
visit with ber daughter, Mamie, in
Chicago, where the little one is attend
ing sobool.
Mrs. D utbitt, living northeast of
Eddy, some ten miles, who has been
ill for some timo with slow fever,
Mrs. G. D. Ban'z. accompanied by
her daughter, Miss Lucille, has gone to
learned, Kansas, to spend the summer
witb ber Bister.
Good reports continue to be received
here from the Hopewell mining district
ana from tbe Marble Head region,
above ires 1'iedras.
Neil B. Field went down to Silver
City from Albuquerque as attorney for
Mrs. Israel King,, in tbe case of Iirael
King vs Sapello Cattle Co.
Bishop Kendrick has appointed H.
II. Betts warden of tbe Cburch of tbe
Good Shepherd, down at Silver City,
10 suooeea itov. ueorge selby.
Local mechanics at Santa Fe are just
now more busy than tbey have been
for a year past. Many Improvements
in the building line are on band.
Mrs. W. II. White gave a very pleas
ant party at ber borne on Bullard
street. Silver City, in honor of the Club
House base ball nine, down there.
Henry Rosenberg and Max SchuU,
of Silver City, have gone to Santa
Monica, Cal., to visit their families.
They will be absent several weeks.
5e officials cf the local United Slates
land office at Santa Fe, continue to be
overwhelmed with business In connec
tion with small laud holding claims.
Charles A. Miller, druggist at the
city hospital, in Albuquerque, has late
ly received a gold medal from the
school of pharmacy at Kansas City.
D. B. Cu9enbary, of San Angelo,
bought Jno. Byrne's muttons, in Eddy
county, 1,200 head, at $1.65; also,
Julian Smith's, at about tbe same
The Peralta-Riavis case comes be
fore Judge Laughlin again, in Santa
Fe, on Saturday next, when sentence
will be passed upon the great con
spirator. Gen. E. L. Bartlett received a tele
gram at Santa Fe, announcing the
death of bis only sister, Mrs. 11. L
Hallett, at Wayne, N. Y., after a
lingering illness.
A lot of furniture, wagons,
and mules and such, others too num
erous to mention, will take the lead,
down at Fort Stanton, th9 day of the
sale, July 21st, '96.
A report was spread at Lincoln that
a sheep herder had been killed over tbe
tnruntatn on this side of the Patos.
The report proved false, only a wild
cat being the victim.
Capt. John Gray, formerly of Santa
Frf, writes to that place from Spokane,
Washington, that be is not the man
by that name who was recently sent to
the penitentiary in that state.
Rev. and Mrs. A. A. Hyde and E. L.
Oakes and Mioses Addie, Lilhe and
Dean Clayton, of Silver City, attended
the oamp meeting at Bunker's ranch,
on the Mimbres, Grant county..
A. Lseb, who bas conducted a gen
ral gry goods store in Silver City .for
several waeks, disposed of the remnant
of his stock to the Bankrupt store, and
It ft to jiin his family at Raton.
Mrs. Hardesty, of Los Angeles, sis
ter to tho late Hon. Joho J. Bell, ac
companied Mr. Bell . and daughter
Mary on their sorrowful trip to Silver
City, and will remain for a few weeks.
There will be a grand bicycle parade
on the streets of Silver City, next Sat
urday evening, beginning at 0:30
o'olook sharp. It is hoped that every
wheel in town will bo mounted and in
A private letter from Spokane,
Wash., informs the New Mexican that
Valentine Carson, formerly in business
at Santa Fe, is now In that city, and
will probably locate permanently in
that far northwestern oity.
A letter to Judge Collier's family at
Albuquerque bears the intelligence that
elckoess interfered, seriously with tho
Judge's enj)jm?nt of the big Chicago
convention, he being confined to his
room muab of the time.
D. D. Coblengh, the venerable and
well known oarpenter, suffered a
: stroke of paralysis at Santa Fe, and
was inovad to St. Viooant hospital.
His condition U serious, fcut hopes of
tin reoavery are entertained-. ,
Ji. number of Mexioans1 in Pinos Al
tos. Grant.-eddaty, were quarreling,
and during the row several shots weie
' ' fired, one of whloh ' perforated -the dia
phragm of a Mexican whose name was
not harued, and who has since died.
0. H, King, Water Valley, Mill., cured by
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
"For five years, 1 suffered imtolil misery
from muscular ilioiiinatlsm. I tried every
known remedy, consulted the best physi
cians, visited Hot Springs, Ark., three times,
spending ioo0 there, besides doctors' bills;
but could obtain only temporary relief. My
flesh was wasted away so that I weighed
only ninety-three pounds; my left arm and
leg were drawn out of shays, the musoles
"liii--aiTBw iiwi Ian, arr"'
being twisted up in knots. I was unable to
dress myself, except with assistance, and
could only hobble about by using a cune. I
had no appetite, and was assured, by the
doctors, that I could not live. The pains, at
times, were so awful, that I could procure
relict only by means of hypodermic Injec
tions of morphine. I had my limbs bandaged
In clay, in sulphur, In poultices; but these
gave only temporary relief. After trying
everything, and suffering tbe most awful
tortures, I begun to take Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
Inside of two months, I was able to walk
without a cane. In three months, my limbs
began to strengthen, and In the course of a
year, I was cured. My weight has increased
to 165 pounds, and I am now able to do my
full day's work as a railroad blacksmith."
The Only World'! Fair Sarsaparilla.
AYMX'S FILLS cure Ueadach.
Mr. and Mrs. George Norton enter
tained a party of forty five young peo
pie, down at Silver City.
Cur for Headache.
As a remedy for all forms of head
ache, Electric Bitters has proved to be
the very best. J.t effects a permanent
cure and the most dreaded habitual
sick headaches yield to its influence,
We urge all who are affiioted to pro
cure a bottle, and give this remedy s
fair trial. In cases Of habitual consti
pation, Electric Bitters cures by giving
tbe needed tonio to the bowels, and
w cases lone resist the use of
this medicine. Try it onoe. Prices
50 cents and $1.00. Get a not
tie at Murphey-Van Petten Drue Co's..
Las Vegas and East Las Vegas, and at
wholesale by tbe Browne & Manza
narcs Co.
Mrs. Raymond's Friday evening
soirees Bra becoming very popular at
Silver City.
Mrs. Rhodie Noah, of this place, was
taken in the night with cramping pains
and tbe next day diarrhoea set in. She
took half a bottle of blackberry cordial
but got no relief. She then sent to me
to see if I had anything that would
help her. I sent her a bottle of Cham
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy and tbe first dose relieved
ber. Another of our neighbors had
been sick for about a week and had
tried different remedies for diarrhoea,
but kept geUirjr worse. I sent him
this same remedy. Only four doses of
of it were required to cure him. He
savs he owes hit recovery to this won
derful remedy. Mrs. Mary Sibley.Sid-
ney, Mich. For sale by K. D. Good
all, Depot drug store.
There seems to be a slight difference
anions' local populists, down at the
town of Linooln, in regard to the po
litical situation.
Be sure to get Simmons Liver Regu
lator for your spring medicine. It's
tbe old reliable that did the old folks
so much &ood. Don't let anyone per
suade you to take anything else instead
You can always tell Simmons Liver
Regulator by the red Z on tbe package.
Don't forget the word Regulator
Simmons Liver Regulator better than
anything else, and sure to do yon
I. N. Bailey came up to Lincoln
from Spring ranch with a load of ap
ples, the first that have been brought
to that town.
Let The Whole World
Know The Good
Dr.Mes' Heart Cure Docs
EART DISEASE, baa ita victim at a
disadvantage. Always taught that
.i . heart disease is incurable, wnen me
symptoms become well defined, tbe patient
becomes rlarmed and a nervous panic takes
place. But when a sura remedy Is found
and a euro effected, after years of suffering,
there la great rejoicing and desire to "let
tbe whole world know." Mrs. Laura Wine-
inger. of BolkJrk, Kansas, writes! "1 desire
to let the whole world know what Dr. Miles'
Dr. Miles'
Heart Cure has done tor
me. For ten years 1 bad
pain in my heart, tihort
ness of breath, palpita
tion, pain In my left Bide,
oppressed feeling in my
c-est, weak and hungry
Heart Cure
pells, bad! flreUM, could not lie on either
aids, was numb and suffered terribly. I took
PrWlles" Heart Cure and before I finished
the second bottle f felt its' good effects, I feel
now that I am fully recovered, and that Dr.
Miles' Heart Cure saved my life."
Dr. Miles' Heart Cure is sold on guaran tee
that first bottle benefits, or money refunded.
' Tht piscovsry Ssvsd His Ufa.
Mr. G. Catllouette, druggist, BeaV'
eravllle, 111., says t "To Dr. King's New
Dlsoovery I owe my life. Was taken
with La Grippe and trlqd all tbe physl
clans for miles about, but of no avail
and was given up ani told I could not
live. Having Dr. King's New Disco v
ery I a my store, I sent for a bottle aud
began its use and from tbe first dose
began to get better, and after using
tnreo nouies, was up and about again
It is worth i's weight in gold. We
won't keep store or house without it.
Get a free trial bottle at Murphey-Van
Petten Drug Co's. drug stores. Las
Vegas and East Las Vegas ; at whole
sale by Browne & Manzanares Co.
Tom Stockton arrived In Silver City
with a handsome bride leaning on
his arm. He married at Solomonville,
Do you lack faith and love health P
Let us establish your faith and .restore
your health witb Da Witt's Sarsapa
rilla. winters Drug uo. '
L. C. Munger, who is known by tbe
laminar appellation of "Dan," 'eft Sil
ver City fur California, fur recreation
and rest.
'Wake up, Jacob,day is breaking!
so said De Witt's Little Early Risers to
tbe man who had taken them to arouse
bis sluggish liver. Winters Drug Co.
Mrs. J J. Sheridan was quite ill at
Silver City, with intermittent fever, but
is convalescing.
Pa9S tbe good word alone tbe line
rues can oe quicKiy cured without an
operation by simply applyibg De Witt's
VVttcb Hazel Salve. Winters Drusr Co
J. E. White and Miss Maud Knucky
were united in marriage at the home of
the bride in Georgetown, Grant county
Pure blood means good health. De
Witt's Sarsaparilla purifies the blood.
cures Eruptions, Eczema, Scrofula and
all diseases arising from impure blood
w inters irug uo.
Mrs. i nos. iitnm, of bilver City, is
gradually regaining ber health at her
old home in Staunton, Virginia.
We are anxious to do a little good in
this world and can think of no pleas-
anter or better way to do it than by
recommending One Minute Cough Cure
as a preventive of pneumonia, consump
tion and other serious lung troubles
thai Tuilow neglected coius. Winters
Drug Co.
Procopio Facbeco, of Raventon.
moved with bis family to Lincoln,
It would be hard to convince a man
suffering from bilious colic that his
agony is due to a mi robe with an un
pronouncable name. But one dose of
DeWitt's Colio & Cholera Cure will
convince bim of its power to afford in
stant relief. It kills pain. Winters
Drug Co.
Fort Stanton as a military post will
be a thing of the past in the near fu
ture. Small in size, but great in results.
DeWitt's Little Early Risers act gently
but thoroughly, curing indigestion,
dyspepsia and constipation. Sma'l
pill, safe pill, best pill. Winters Drug
All the boys at Fort Stanton are
busy packing for the last shipmints
and assorting articles for the final sale.
Persons who have a coughing spell
every night, - on account of a tickling
8entation in the throat, may overcome
at once by a dose of One Minute
Cough Cure. Winters Drug Co.
The first Bryan club in New Mexico
has been organized at Raton.
When we consider that the Intestines
are about hve times as long as the
body, we can realize the intense suffer
ing experienced when they become in
flamed. DeWitt's Colic & Cholera
Cure subdues inflammation at once
and completely removes the difficulty
Winters Drug Co.
Peaches are plentiful and are selling
at good prices, down in Eddy.
Eli Hill, Lumber City, Pa., writes
"I have been suffering from piles for
twenty-five years and thought my case
incurable. De Witt's Witch Hazel
Salve was recommended to me as a
pile cure, so I bought a box and it
performed a permanent cure." This
is only oce of thousands of similar
cases. - Eczema, sores and skin dis
eases yield quickly when it is used
Winters Drug Co.
And still the farmers of Eddy
county plant sugar beets.
To make your business pay, good
health Is a prime factor. To secure
good health, the blood should be kept
pure and vigorous by the use of Ayer's
Sarsaparilla. When the vital fluid is
impure and sluggish, there can be
neither health, strength, nor ambition.
I. C. Sanchez, of Eddy, mourns the
loss of 35, which he staked on the
wrorg man in tbe bicycle race.
Piles, Flies rues.
A sure cure for Blind,
log and Itching Piles. Dr.
German Pile Ointment has cured the
worst cases of ten years' standing bf
three or four applications. No one
need suffer ten minutes after using
Dr. Kirk's German Pile' Ointment
Otir agent, Mr. Gqpdall, will warrant
every box. Price f 1.00. Sold at
Depot drug store Las Vegas 1
Several large fish were caught cut
of tbe Pecos river, in Eddy county,
tbe largest weighing twenty-two
Bucklen's Arnlca;Salve.
The best salve in the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chill-
blains, corns and all skin eruptions,
and positively cures piles, or no pay
required. It Is guaranteed to give per
fect satisfaction or money refunded.
Prioe 25 cents per box. For sale by
Murphey-Van retten urug Co., Lat
Vegas and East Las Vegas. At whole
sale by Browne & Manzanares Co.
lleaullful Places of Retreat for
the Health and Pleasure
Asus Clara Resort.
Ths Agua Clara resort Is situated about
eighteen miles from Las Vegas, at tbe foot
of Mineral mil at tbe innotlun of two rlc
turesque caoons, tbe blue and Teoolote
A beautiful small lake is formed opposite
ids uotei, a on u wnicn is a forest or plue,
balsam and spruce trees, wblcb rusks tbe
place very desirable for those suffering
from lung and tbroat difficulties. A free
carriage leaves the New Opiio hotel at 3 p.
m. every Monday, transportation both
ways furnished without cost to visitors,
Tbs hotel is built aud furnished for con-
veulenos and .comfort, and tbe table Is
bountifully supplied aud tbe cooking is
nrsc-ciass. rne water is the best to be
bed In Mew Mexioo, add comes purs and
sparkling from springs lu the mountain
side. Kates 5 per wek. Further Infor
mation given at tbls oflloe and at tbe Mew
uptio botel. vv. e. Kbtbb,
Hsrvsy's Mountain Home.
Tbls resort Is famous for its comfort.
oleanllness, superior table, abundance of
ricn uiiik sua oream, as well as lor its uo
rivaled scener) and numerous near-by
points of Interest. Tbe best trout fishing
is accessible by short excursions to eitber
branch of the Ualllnss. Hermit Prak
and grand caflon are of easy access. Bur
ro's are furnished to guests for daily
riding. Tbe Pecos National Park is witbin
six miles, aud is reached by easy trail;
expeditions cn be outntted and guide se-
onrea at tna rancn.
For transportation and terms, inquire of
juuge wooster, uast ias veges, or ad
dress. . it. A. HARVET.
Ssn Ignaclo Resort.
Tbs Hermitage Is a new botel situated at
the foot of Hermit's Peak, on tbe Sapello
river, up among tba pines. It bas many
advantages not usually found at summer
resorts, a good Botel witb modern Improve'
ments and well furnished rooms, a post
office is located st thlB point, and free tele
phone connection Is bnd with ias veeas
'Ph. . 1 . 1 1. L. ...... .1 ... II 1 1 .. . -I,
times witb all that tbe season affords,
Guests wishing to come, can telephone and
a convevance will be sent for them. Rates.
$(.uu per week. J. . jlujan proprietor.
Summer Mountain Resort.
The El Porvenir mountain resort will
now receive guests for the summer.
The most picturesque scenery in America,
one nsninit ana bunting. Best or bo-el ac
commodations in New Mexico. For terms
for board and lodging, apply to the Ko
mi ro Mercantile Co., Las Vegas. Carriage
leaves thslr store, southwest corner of the
placa, every Saturday and Tuesday morn-
ng at o o'clock: rare tor tbe round trip, i
For farther information, call at the above
estaeimumem. tsutc
Tbs Park House.
Las Vegas Hot Borings. N. H. W still
bavs a few choice rooms left for those who
come early. Tbe most popular house at
tbe springs. Mr. Bob BrUton, late from
tbe east, bas charge of tbe kitcben; every
thing is prepared in best of style. Rates.
85 cents per meal, Room and board $1 per
week. Table supplied witb tbe best tbe
market affords. Rooms by tbe day, 60 to
73 cents.
Mas. Kate Dennis,
148-tf - - Manager.
To Health-Seekers.
The Blake Ranch, on tbe head of tbe Rio
Sapello, is now prepared to receive a limit
ed number of boarders. This ranch is
located In tbe heart of tbe mountains, amid
the most beautiful scenery in the world,
where brook trout and wild game offer
ample diversion for the nlmrod or anvone
seeking out-door sport. It is looated only
twenty-five miles from Las Vegas, and
witbin eight miles of tbe Rio Pecos, and
only three miles from the headwaters of
the Rio Qallinas. Address,
Address Mrs; J. P. Blake, Roolada, or in
qnire for conveyances and rates of W. U.
(Jrites, Bast Las Vegas, N. M.
r. nun,
Tl-tf - Roolada. N. U.
Mrs. Hughes, wife of Editor Thomas
Hughes, and son, lelt Albuquerque for
Camp Wbitoomb.
None But Ayer's at th World's Fair. t '
Ayer's Sarsaparilla enjoys the ex
traordinary distinction of having been
the only blood purifier allowed an ex
hibit at the World's fair, (Jbicago.
Manufacturers of other Sarsapaiillas
sought by every means to obtain a
showing of their goods, but they were
all turned away under the application
of the rule iorbidding tbe entry of
patent medicines and nostrums, lne
decision of the YVoild's fair authorities
In favor of Ayer's Sarsaparilla was in
effect as follows i "Ayer's Sarsaparilla
is not a patent medicine. It does not
belong to tbe list of nostrums, it is
here on its merits "
Captain D. W. Roberts, who is en
gaged in the mercantile business -at
Nogal, was a visitor at Lincoln.
If yon would have an abundance of
dark, glossy hair, 1f you would have a
clean scalp, free from dandruff and ir
ritating humors, or if your hair is fad-
ed and gray, and you would have its
natural color restored, ue Ayer's Hair
Vigor. It is unquestionably the best
.Tnan T.nnpz. nf Lincoln, has about
recovered from tbe fall he received on
Sao Juan's dayi,iand is on the News
force again, down there.'
Last summer one of our grand chil
dren was sick with a severe bowel
trouble. Obr dootor's remedies had
failed, then we tried Chamberlain's
Colio, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy,
which gve very speedy relief. We
regard it as tbe best medicine ever put
on tbe market fur bowel complaints.
Mis. E. G. Gregory, Iredenckstown,
Mo. This certainly is tbe best medi
cine ever put on the market for- dysen
tery, summer complaint, colio and
cholera infantum in children. It never
falls to give prompt relief when used
in reasonable time and tbe plain
printed directions are followed. Many
mothers have expressed their sinoere
gratitude for tbe cures it bas effected
For sale by K. D. Goodall, Depot Drug
Store. .
Fiorenolo Gonzales returned to Lin
coln from Santa Fe. His son, wbo bas
been attending St. Michael's college,
came with biro.
For your Protection. Catarrh "Cures" or
Tomes for Uatarrh in liquia lorm to oe tanen
internally, usually contain either Mercury or
Iodide of Potassa, or both, which are injur,
ious if too long taken. Catarrh is a local, not
a blood disease, caused by sudden change to
cold or damp weather. It starts in the nasal
passages, affecting eyes, ears and throat.
Cold in the head causes excessive flow of
mucus, aud, if repeatedly neglected, the re
sults of catarrh will follow ; severe pain in
the head, a roaring sound in the ears, bad
breath, and oftentimes an offensive dis
charge. The remedy should be quick to allay
inflammation and heal the membrane. Ely's
Cream Balm is the acknowledged cure for
these troubles and contains no mercury
nor any injurious drug. Price, 60 cents.
ARK the reenvM
dyftpfptlcit, bilious
siillm-iK, victims of
fever nnd nue, the
iiirrruritil dlseused
patient, how they re
covered lieultli, cheer
ful spirits and I'ootl
uppetitt; they will tell
you bv Inking tilM
mon I-lvtu KfcGU-
Ths Cheapest. Purest and Best Family
Medicine In the World t
dice, BilloitnulUu liH. SICK 1 1 1 A UAt'l I li, Colio,
DepresHion of fcjmits, MHJK STOMACH,
Heurtburn, etc. This unrivalled remedy is
warranted not to contain a single particle of
Mekcukv, or any mineral substance, but is
eontaininr tlioso Southern Itoots and Herbs
which an All-wine l'rovi(ien :o lias placed in
countries where l.lver IJiscitnes most prevail.
It will cure all Disease 1 caused by Derange
ment of flie Liver and l.owels.
The SYMPTOMS of I.iver Complaint are a
bitter or bud tusto in the mouth; l'ttin in the
back, hides or Joint, often miHtttlcen for Kheu
mutifttn; 5our Stomach Los of Appetite;
bowels alternately coHLiveanU lax; lleauacho:
Lobs of Memory, with u nuinful sensation of
having failed to do anmethinfr which ought to
have been done; Debility; Low Spirits, a thick
yellow appearance of the Skin ami Kyes, a dry
Coutfh often mistaken for Consumption.
Burnetii, its many of these symptoms attend
ths disease, at others very few; but the Llvr.tt
Is generally the seat of the il incuse, and if not
Kegulateri in time, great suffering, wretched
bcks and DLATtl will ensue.
The following highly esteemed persons attest
to the virtues of Minimum) l.lver Regulntort
Gen. W. S. Holt, Pres. On. S. W. K. R. Co.; Key.
f. R. Felder. Perry, (Ja.; Col. 15. K. Sparks, Al
bany, Ga.; C. MuBlcrnon, Ksq., Sheriff Bibb Co.,
Ga.; Hon. Alexander H. Stephens.
"We have tested its virtues, uersonnllv. and
know that for Dvsoeosiu. UtliousneKS and
Throbbing Headache it is the best medicine the
world ever snw. we ineti tot tyotiier remedies
before Simmons I.I ver Regulator, but none cave
as more than temporary relief; but the Regu
lator not only relieved, but cured us." Eu.
TELEGUAI'll amii Messknukk, Macon, tin.
J. II. ZCILI.N & CO., Philadelphia, Pa.
Fred L Merrill and Maud M. Flovd.
of Trinidad, in company with some
friends, drove over to Raton, from
Irinidad, and were married, liev. C,
I. Mills performing tbe ceremony.
To prevent the hardening: of the
sub-cutaneous tissues of tbe soalp and
the obliteration of the hair follicles,
which cause baldness, use Hall's Hair
Mrs. F. S. Gaines, of Kansas City,
mother of Dr. Gaines, of Katon, ar.
rived there and will visit five or six
weeks with her son.
Chamberlain 'a Donah RumnrlT nnrn
colds, croup and whooping cough. It
is pieasanc, saie ana renaoie. for sale
by K. D. Goodall, Depot Drag Store.
John Crate, John Brewster and Will
Bruggeman returned to Raton from a
several months' prospecting; trip sev
eral miles west of Cimarron. They
brought in some good looking ore
from a claim on which they did con
siderable development work.
Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment
Is unequalled for Eczema. Tetter."" Salt-
Rlicuni, Scald Head, Soro Nipples, Chapped
Hands, Itching Piles, Burns, Frost Bites,
Chronic Sore Eyes and Granulated Eye Lids.
for sale by druggists at zo cents per box.
For putting a horse in a fine healthy con
dition try Dr. Cady's Condition Powders.
They tone up the system, aid digestion, cure
loss of appetite, relieve constipation, correct
kidney disorders and destroy worms, giving
new life to an old or over-worked horse. 2o
cents per package. For salo by druggists.
Tourist Rates to the drand Canon.
From Las Vegas to Grand Canon of the
Colorado river and return, $53 60. Thirty
days' transit limit in each direction,
final return limit, ninety days from date
of sale. The stage will leave Flagstaff, on
Mondays, Wednesdays snd Fridays, con
necting with oar through California trains
in each direction.
Returning, it will leave the Grand Canon
Tuesday a, Thursdays and Saturdays. The
ride to tbs canon is oyer a good road and
occupies about eleven hour. Stations
bays been estabMsbed along tbe route and
at tbe canon for tbe accommodation of
tourists. , C. F. Jones, Agent.
V Whereas, Frank Rtltz was recently
foully and brutally murdered near (ialli
nas Springs, in the county of San Miguel,
by unknown parties, wbo are fugitives
from Justice;
Now, therefore, for the purpose of pro
curing tbe arrest of the perpetrators of
this crime, I, W. T. Thornton, governor of
tbe Territory of New Mexico, by virtue of
tbe authority in me vested, do hereby offer
a reward of ($500) for tbe arrest and cjn
viction of the murderers of Keltz, such re
ward to be payable out of any money in
the Territorial treasury appropriated for
tbe payment of rewards for tbe forty
seventh fiscal year.
Dune at tbe executive office, this tbe 14th
day of May, A. D., 1896.
Witness my hind and the great seal of the
Territory of New Mexioo.
I seal W. T. Thornton,
Governor of the Territory of New (Mexico.
By ths governor:
Lobion Miller,
Seoretary of New Mexico.
Santa Fe Bonte
No. a.
10 28pm
2 2fpm
4 27pm
9 ISpm
10 35pm
6 80pm
Kansas city
10 30pm
7 mum
5 OOam
12 8am
11 ifipm
6 80pm
8 00pm
1 10pm
8 15am
S 16am
10 10pm
10 80pm
8 06pm
v itipm
Colo. Hpr'gs
10 80pm
12 30pm
7 zspm
10 lopm
12 07am
Santa Fe
2 06am:
110 46aml
111 40:l ill I
1 Paso
111 OOam
10 OOam
9 loami Gallup
1 5Bpm Wlnslow
4'0Dm Flaa-Ftaft
1 85pm I
9 Blam!
7 27m
6 05pm'Los Angeles
7 00am
1 10 4ram San Francis 6 80pm
Leave Dally. Arrive Dally,
.705 I 703 I 701 ICAKD NO. I 702 I 704 I 704)
Las Vegas
llrldge St.
Upper L.V.
2: lllp
1 :r7 p
10: a
Hot Springs
Arrive Dally.
Nos, 1 and t, Pacific and Atlantic express,
have Pullman t alace drawing-room cars,
tonrtst sleeping cars and coaches between
Chicago and 1 os Angeles. San Diego and
an franclsco, and Pullman palace
cars and coaches between Cblcago and ths
City of Mexico, E. Oopelakd,
Gen. Agent, Kl Paso, Tex. .
W. R Browne,
T. F. & l. A., Kl Pa so, Tex.
CnAs.r Jours,
Agent, Las Vegas, N,M.
,wco u every class in2D..,A
any oii?er vmeT.rm-i
1y v
.utsjKT.rvnun. . as- .r?.v-uv:.--v
Barber Shops.
Tonsorlal Parlors,
Center Street.
Rnn -fcnn . flt. T ,n li I 1 Sn a ttrir.h .nn r ti
senator, and round, square and box pom-
paaour a specialty.
Center Street,
O, L. Gregory, Prop.
Only skilled workmen employed. Hot
and cold baths In connection.
Bixth street and Grand avenue
Dry flood.
M, Romero, Manager,
South Bide Flasa
County Surveyor.
veyor. Office, room 1, City Hall.
Physicians and Burgeons.
C. K. OOSaCN, M. D.
lAl Vriri.N. M. OfflRB hnnrs- II In
12a.m., 2to4p.ru. ,7 to8p.ru.
Malboeuf building, up stairs.
Attorn eys-at-JLaw.
building, east side of plaza, Las Vegas,
N.At. 132-Siu
Offli. In TTnlnn tilnnfc. Hl-rth nt-.rAnt-.
East Las Vegas, N. M.
B. A. riSRF.,
V Santa Fe, N. M. (P. O. Box V.) Prac
tices In the supreme court and all district
courts of the Territory. Special attention
given to Spanish and Mexican grant titles
ana mimngiiugauon.
man's block. East Las yew. N. M.
hot water and hot air. Snwer and
drainage. Kast Las Vegas, M. M.
Western Division.
Meflsi Tims Tails Ho. 38.
J. W. Relnhart, John J. McCook,
In effeot Sunday, August 6th, 1895.
-6 00 pi
10 OOp
1 55 p
7 00 p
7 26 p
8 00 a
8 05a
8 25 a
9 10 a
12 .HOP
l sop
4 20 p
8 00 p
7 40p
1 65a
4 40 a
6 28 a
11 46 a
a aop
Kansas City
Win Bate
' Hoi brook
Ash Fork
The Needles
(Los Angeles
10 80 p
7 00a
5 15 p
3 '5 a
8 16 p
S 85 p
3 05 p
2 '20 p
10 40 a
9 3 ". a
7 27 a
0 05 a
4 60a
8 30 a
6 00 p
8 80 p
2 55 p
9 00 a
4 85a
4 08a
3 40 a
12 20 a
V lua
6 40 a
12 10 pi
4 40 p
4 68 p
s as p
8 10 p
9 00 p
11 28 p
11 05 p
8 40 p
6 65 p
5 40 p
12 80 p
10 00 a
8 80 a
8 45 a
8 40 a
1 55 a
5 48 a
7 60a
0 "in
1 40 p
11 82 p
8 50 p
7 25 p
S 86 p
2 10 p
10 00 a
2 10 p
R 03 p 6 50 p
10 46 allO 45 a
7 ro a 8 00 p
8 SO p I 8 80 p
Summer or Winter. x
The Santa Fe route Is the most comforta
ble railway between California and tbe
The mealr at Harvey's Dining Booms are
an excellent feature of the line.
Tbe Grand Canon of the Colorado can be
reached In no other way,
Gen. Pass. Agent, Ls Angeleg.Cal.
0. H, 8PEKRS,
Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent. San Franclscc
Geo. H. Hutchison & Co,
Real Estate,
Mines, and
For Sale or Lease.
and Builder.
Office next door west of Ths Optic,
Male k mm
CBXKNKIAL LRAGUR- Kegelar meeting
frecoutl'lunsiluy evenliis of each mouth
I T Tl ... n
I. o. o. .
T,A,8XEQjl8 I-OWiB No. 4, meets every
itrint AIV,lnLat..t,,elr ,m"' S1Jttn
dtSatTend.U"),'ethron "re cor",aU'
F. W. r.KOK,8ec-y.A,T: ECl'"",'N'G-
A. O. 17. W.
DIAMON'. LODGE NO. 4, meets first snd
a i . ' u?gd."y vnliKS each month In
wyman Bx-ck, Douglas avenue. Vlsitina
brethren at cordially invited.
J . TllOKMIiIX, M. W.
p . S.KO-W- NOYBS.tteoorder
r P. Hibzoo, financier.
K. of P.
E?KE?,S,N?;J...?ets.t their
s? ai i , 7. V . uiou,, corner
son mi ,tfet.aud Grand avenue, over tbe
ivinln'S" v I.7.Y""" "V1 -' ""."any
always welooms.
T T .. R O. LARTMOHB, 0, 0.
L. J. llAKCCS. K. O It. A H.
T1'BrLKf KMPP- No- 1. Kathbone Sis
o cltKik, at K. of P. Hon, East Las Vegis. N .
atas. M. M. Williams, M. K. b.
v . Ill KB. U. tl, . I' K II T
A. If. &A. M.
,i.VS,mn ''""kb. no. 8, meets first and
IKl 2.lhur.",a evenings of oach month, in
OKCIIIO RoSENWAri), sec. w M
La. VACflfl Dnval 1 aU v .
Regular convocations, Brst Monday lu each
invited. j. 6. CtARir. h n
L. H. HOFMRleTBB, Sec.
T kl Tamil rinmm.nit.H n n
. ifhuuiouuoi jr , J. JXGKUinf
Olinmnn PaM.in manr.A rr . l
, iuwuu tuoiuDj Btn'n
month Visiting Knlzhte rordiAtiv n.-ui.
corned. a. A. Rothoeh. v..n.
third Monday of each month. Sanctuary in
Masonic temple. gko. -p. Gould.
u. a. uothuub, T. J.il
kfQIOni VlHtttnir ha ntt. b.a . . i' -
vlted to attadlSese bler '"-
eastern Btar
Re,9plar eommnnloatlocs second and fourth
ihur6day eveninira.
Miss Lizzie Bowmek, Worthy Matron,
A.'. BuNKuicT. Worthy Patron.
Mas. Khha Bknediot, Treasurer.
All Vtfilttni hfr.tliaf.a an1 .let... nnitnii.
Invited. Mks. Mattik Murray. Socreturv .
John Shank, President.
a. Ij. m. ttoss, VIce-rresldent.
J. E. Moore, Sec'y aud Treas.
V. U. Jameson, Manager,
h. Q. Jameson.
Las Mas nmm Co.
Cor. Man-anares and Lincoln Aves.
East Las Vegas, N. M.
Electric Door Bells, Burglar
Alarms and Private Telephones pu
in at reasonable rates.
Successor to J. s. Elston,
Ita ni Sip PaMii
Glazing, Paper Hanging, Etc.
Shop Opposite Express Office.
Practical Horseshoer,
General Blaossmithlne;, Wagon and
Carriage Repairing, neatly and
promptly dons. .
Opposite Browne & Manzanares Co.,
J. K. M4.BTI3.
Martin & Howard,
Contractors ft'Eaillers.
Plant and specifications furnishod
free to patrons. Shop next door to
Houghton's Hardware Storn.
J. O. olilott,
Job Work and Kepairing, House Mot
ing and liaising a Specialty.
Manufacturer of
And dealer In
Every kind cf wagon material on hand
HorBesnoeinetdd repairing a specialty
Grand and Manzanares Avenues, East La
Claim Agent
Indian Uepredation Claims a
Isaac K. Hltt A Co., Chicago, III.. Bnr
dett, Thompson A 1 aw, Washington, o. o.,
are associated with me in cases before tiis
Onurt nl Claims.
James McLaughlin,
Contractor and Builder.
Quotations on Brick furnished, at the
yard or in tbe wall.
Job Printing
Ot every description
executed with neatness
and despatch
At ths OgticjQsiooxs

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