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Bast Las Yogas, New Mexico
I Extracts from oar Exchanges.)
W. E. Fugate, wife and little son
left Katon for a month's outing la the
Jesse D Lie has moved bis tin shop
into tbe Brown building, four doors
north of tbe Record office, downatRos.
Mr. and Mrs Frank Cloud have been
receiving the congratulations of friends
oyer the birth of a daughter, up at
Mrj John Hart returned to Bland
from the sanitarium at Santa Fe, bav
ing recently recovered .horn serious
The First national bank building, at
Raton, is being ornamented on Ibe out
side as well as conveniently improved
Dr. Louis Jack and wife, tatber and
mother of Mrs. C. C. Shoemaker, ar
rived in Silver City from Philadelphia
on a visit.
Newman & Mendelson will ocoupy
one or the attractive business rooms in
tbe Investment company's new block
up at Raton. ...
Mrs. J. A. Harlan and son, of Rin
con, went up to Hudson hot springs
Grant county, to enjoy an outing of
wetk or two.
George Mureb, of tbe Santa Fe New
Mexican, has been visiting the Co
obiti district, where he is interested in
mining properties.
Miss Kate u.jaoy, ot Springer, re
tamed home after a short visit in
Rtton, tbe guest of her uncle, J. B
Arellano and family.
The daughter of Nick Carper, the
Seoond street barber at Albuquerque, is
at Colorado Springs, Colo., visiting
ner aunt, Mrs. Knox.
Lost or stolen : A check on the
First optional bank of Raton, payable
to h. Ti'ujiiio, tor $27 9o, given by
Jerome Troy, up there. '
Oliver Nordpie and Miss"' Mary
Pickett, of Catskill, were united in
marriage at the Southern hotel in
Raton, by Riv. J. Sinnock.
Dr. C. G. McKinley left Las Cruoes
for Cbillicothe, Mo., to settle up his
business there, end will then return to
Las Cruces and locate permanently.
The Colfax County Sunday school
association will meet at the Baptist
.church in Raton for its fifth annual
session on August 18ih and 19lh, 1896
The big stone business block of
Smith Bros., up at Raton, is to be three
stories in height, the upper portion
probably to be a first-class, modern
hotel. .
Miss Katie Creager, daughter of J
G. Creager, an enterprising merchant
of mand, lately arrived therefrom Lien
ver, where she bad been teaching
The board of regents of tbe Silver
City normal school held a meeting to
select an assistant prinoipal. Arthur
E. Bennett, of Columbus, Kansas, was
Quite a serious runaway occurred
near Judge Cameron's place in San
Juan county. Mrs. 11. U. Tbarp was
quite badly hurl and tbe wagon is a
total wrejk.
W. G. Gibbons and wife left Las
f!r mp tor n mnnthU nnt.ino in Snleriad
canon. Dr. Bailey will have charge of
the drug store, down there, during Mr.
G, boons' absence.
Mrs. Jenks, wife of Prof. Jenks, the
efficient manager of the "Washington"
mine, arrived in Bland, and will remain
with her husband at the mine, down
there, during the summer.
Tbe marriage of Ben Cordell and
Mi s Birdie Bacbman was solemnized
at Flora Vista by Rev. Hugh Griflio.
The groom is about eighteen years of
age an 1 the bride fourteen.
M 89 Ella Rimsberg has resigned as
o e of the teachers of tbe Rtton pub
lio schools, for tbe coming year, and
Miss Lizzie Downing bas been selected
by the board to fill the vacancy.
Tbe "Crown Point" mine, at Co
cbiti, is again coming forward. The
other day, they took out some ore
which an assay shows will run thirty
ounces in gold and 700 ounces in sil
nr. . ...
The "Albemarle" mine, in the Co
cbiti district, is preparing to deliver a
lot o free-milling ore for treatment at
the Ulerton mill, which Mr. U'Aroy
expects to have in readiness tor op-
e ating, this week.
. Joe Campbell met with quite a pain
iul accident, up at Raton, while work-
ing oa the plumbing in tbe Investment
block, lie was using a gasoline stove,
wh ch went wrong and badly burned
) h band and bead.
Many of the leading populists and
democrats of the lower end of Union
county, assembled in Clayton and
properly organized the democratio and
populists union party, more briefly des
ignated as the union party. .
Porley Wason, who operates the
stage and mail route between Bland
and Thornton, on July 1st moved into
tbe old Harvey house at Thornton, and
will hereafter run it for the accommo
dation of travelers and others.
While at work in the bottom of the
winze of tbe "Lone Star" mine, in tbe
Cochitl camp, tbe operatives struck a
large body of gold quartz, which will
warrant the resumption of shipments
to Pueblo on tbe part of that mine. ..;
The sad intelligence has been -received
at Cedar Hill, San Juan county,
that Rati iff was accidentally killed
in a saw-mill in Washington state. ' A
wile and son survive him, and it was
their intention to join him in the near
fJtura. ' .
Tbe Raton gun olub wiil give a
epeoial shoot on its grounds, up there,
on Thursday, July 2 J, 1896, commenc
ing at 10 o'clock, a. m , sharp, i A
libornl program bas been arranged and
all shooters are oordially invited to
participate. - i
Messrs. John Crooms and Martin
IUrt, of Dallas and Furt Worth, who
have been tbe guests of Mr. A,bbott,
down at Bland, are two gentlemen who
are likely to soon make some invest
ments of a substantial nature in the
Cochiti district. i
C. E. King, Water Valley, K1m., cared by
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
"For Ave years, 1 sulTcreri untold misery
from muscular rheumatism. I tried every
-known remedy, consulted the best physl
clnns, visited Hot Springs, Ark., three times,
spending $1000 there, besides doctors' bills i
but could obtain only lempornry relief. My
flesh was wanted away so Unit I weighed
only ninety-three pounds; my left nrm and
lo were drawn out of sliaye, the muscles
being twisted up In knots. I was unable to
dress myself, except with assistance, and
could only hobble about by using a cane. I
had no appetite, and was assured, by the
doctors, that I could not live. The pains, at
times, were so awful, that I could procure
relief only by means of hypodermic Injec
tions of morphine. I had my limbs bandaged
in clay, in sulphur, In poultices; but these
gave only temporary relief. After trying
everything, and suffering the most awful
tortures, I begun to take Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
Inside of two mouths, I was able to walk
without a cane. In three months, my limbs
began to strengthen, and in the course of a
year, I was cured. My weight has increased
tx 165 pounds, and I am now able to do my
full day's work as a railroad blacksmith."
The Only World's Fair Sarsaparilla.
AYER'S FILLS cure Headache.
Joseph J. Jaffa, of Roswell, bas se
cured the agency for the insurance
oompanies heretofore represented by
R. S. Hamilton, down there.
Cure for Headache.
As a remedy for all forms of head
ache, Electrio Bitters bas proved to be
tbe very best. It effects a permanent
cure and tbe most dreaded habitual
sick headaches yield to its influence.
We urge all who are afflicted to pro
cure a bottle, and give this remedy a
fair trial. In cases of habitual consti
pation, E'ectrio Bitters cures by giving
tbe needed tonio to the bowels, and
Ihw cases long resist the use of
this medicine. Try it once. Prices
50 cents and $1.00. Get a bot
tle atMurphey-Van Petten Drug Co's.,
Las Vegas and East Las Vegas, and at
wholesale by tbe Browne & Manza-
narcs Co.
An animal, said to be a mountain lion,
was seen near George Rathien's place,
in San Juan county.
Mrs. Rhodie Noah, of this place, was
taken in the night with cramping pains
and the nest day diarrhoea set in. She
took half a bottle of blackberry cordial
but got no relief. She then sent to me
to see if I had anything that would
help her. I sunt her a bottle of Cham
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy and the first dose relieved
her. Another cf our neighbors bad
been sick for about a week and had
tried different remedies for diarrhoea,
but kept getting worso. I sent him
this same remedy. Only four doses of
of it were required to cure bim. He
says be owes bit recovery to this won
derful remedy. Mrs. Mary Sibley, Sid
ney, Micb. For sale by E. D. Good
all, Depot drug store.
A. B. Fall
and family have moved
gold camp from Las
out to the
Be sure to get Simmons Liver Regu
lator for your spring medicine. It's
tbe old reliable that did tbe old folks
so much good. Don't let anyone per
suadeyouto take anything else instead
You can always tell bimmons Liver
Regulator by the red Z on tbe package.
Don't forget tbe word Kegulator
Simmons Liver Regulator better than
anything else, and sure to do you
Reynolds & Branch, the new pro
prietors of the stage line at Farming,
ton, San Juan county, are giving gen
eral satisfaction.
ID YOU EVER suffer from real ner
vousness) When every nerve seemed
to quiver with a peculiar, creepy
feeling, first in one place, and then another
and all seemed finally to concontrate In a
writhing Jumble in the brain, and you be
come Irritable, fretful and peevish; to be
followed by an Impotent, weakened condi
tion of the nerve centers, ringing in the
and sleepless, miserable nights f
hi Mllc' Mrs. Eugene Searles,
hart, Ind., says: "Ner
vous troubles had made
me nearly Insane and
physicians were unable
to help mo. My memory
was almost gone and every little thing
worried me until I was almost distracted.
I really feared I was becoming a maniac. I
Imagined all sorts of evil things and would
cry over nothing. I commenced taking Dr.
Miles' Restorative Nervine and four bottle
of this wonderful remedy completely cured
me, and I am as well now as 1 ever was."
Dr. Miles' Nervine Is sold on guarantee.
ant bottle will benefit or money refunded.
' "
The Discovery Saved His Life.
Mr. O. Caillouette. druirelst. Beav
ersvllle, III., savsi To Dr. King's New
Dlsoovery I owe my life. Was taken
with Li Grippe and tried all the pbysl-
cians tor miles about, but of no avail
and was given up an-t told I could not
ave. Having Dr. King's New Disoov
ery In my store, I sent for a bottle aud
began ill use and from tbe first dose
began to get better, and after using
inree Dottles, was up and about again
It is worth its weight in gold. We
won't keep store or bouse without it."
Get a free trial bottle at Murphey-Van
Petten Drug Co's. drug stores, Las
Vegas and East Las Vegas; at whole,
sale by Browne & Manzanares Co.
uoorge t rieaenoioom has opened an
elegant barber shop In the Hotel Pauly,
uown at nosweu.
Do you lack faith and love bealtbP
Let a establish your faltb and restore
your health with De Witt's Sarsapa
rilla. Winters Drug Co.
John B. GUI bas purchased S. A.
Nelson's vegetable farm east of Ros
"Wake up, Jaoob,day is breaking!"
so said De Witt's Little Early Risers to
tbe man who bad taken them to arouae
his sluggish liver. Winters Drug Co,
C. N. Priddy, prominent business
man of ' Leadville, Colorado, and
general superintendent of the Raton
water works, visited tbe latter place.
Pass tbe good word along the line.
Piles can be quickly cured without an
operation by simply applying DeWitt's
Witch Hazel salve. Winters Drug Co.
Mrs. Oscar Goodwin, Mrs. John
Fisher and Mrs. Felix Williams, of
Raton, are quite ill with bilious fever,
Pure blood means good health. De
Witt's Sarsaparilla purifies tbe blood,
cures Eruptions, Eczema, Scrofula and
all diseases arising from impure blood.
Winters Drug Co.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Schultz are the
proud parents of a new son, up at
We are anxious to do a little good in
this world and can think of no pleas-
anter or better way to do it than by
recommending One Minute Cough Cure
as a preventive of pneumonia, consump
tion and other serious lung troubles
that follow neglected colds. Winters
Drug Co.
Rev. T. C. Moffat left Raton
on a
several-days trip to Denver.
It would be bard to convince a man
suffering from bilious colic that his
agony Is due to a microbe with an un-
pronouncable name. But one dose of
DeWitt's Colic & Cholera Cure will
oonvince him of its power to afford in
stant relief. It kills pain. Winters
Drug Co.
A moonlight picnio and dance
said to be on the tapis at Rinoon.
Small in size, but great in refults.
DeWitt's Little Early Risers act gently
but thoroughly, curing indigestion,
dyspepsia and constipation. Small
pill, safe pill, best pill. Winters Drug
Messrs. Alf. Jells, Nat. Oldham,
Caleb Huston and J. A. Carter, left
Raton for several-weeks' fishing.
Persons who have a coughing spell
every night, on account of a tickling
sensation in the throat, mav overcome
it at once by a dose of One Minute
Cough Cure. Winters Drug Co.
W. E Ruffner and famllv and Allen
Alden and wife left Raton on a camp
ing sojourn on the head of the Sugar-
When we consider that the intestines
are about hve times as long as tbe
body, we can realize the intense Buffer
ing experienced when they become in
flamed. DeWitt's Colio & Cholera
Cure subdues inflammation at once
and completely removes the difficulty.
Winters Drug Co.
The wife of Conductor II. II. Butler
has been suffering severely with rheu
matism, up at Raton,
Eli Hill, Lumber City, Pa., writes:
'I have been suffering from piles for
twenty-five years and thought my case
incurable. De Witt's Witch Hazel
Salve was recommended to me as a
pile cure, bo I bought a box and it
performed a permanent cure." This
is only one of thousands of similar
cases. Eczema, sores and skin dis
eases yield . quickly when it is used.
Winters Drug Co.
Miss Mildred, daughter of H. E. Fox,
expects to leave Albuquerque in a few
days to Join her mother in California.
To make your business pay, good
health is a prime factor. To secure
good health, the blood should be kept
pure and vigorous by the use of Ayer's
Sarsaparilla. When tbe vital fluid is
impure and sluggish, there can be
neither health, strength, nor ambition.
Richard M. Stephens and Chonita
Baca were married at Bland.
Piles, Pile niea.
sure oure.for Blind,
and Itching Piles. Dr
German Pile Ointment has cured the
worst cases of ten years' standing by
three or four applications. No one
need suffer ten minutes after using
Dr. Kirk's German Pile Ointment
Onr agent, Mr. Goodall, will warrant
every box. Price fl.OO. Sold at
Depot drug store Las Vesras
Dr. Bur dick left Bland for the Sul
phur?, where he intends to practice
during the summer.
Bucklen's Arnlca;5alv.
The best salve in the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rbeuin, fever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chm-
blains, corns and all skin eruptions,
and positively cures piles, or no pay
required. It is guaranteed to give per
fect satisfaction or money refunded.
Pi ice 25 oents per box. For sale by
Mnrphej-Vao Petten Drug Co., Lac
Vegas and East Las Vegas. At whole
sale by Browne & Manzanares Co.
Henullful l'laces of If e treat for
the Heal Hi and Pleasure
Agua Clara Resort.
Tbe Agua Clara retort la situated about
eighteen inllei from Las Vegas, at tbe foot
of Mineral bill at the Jonotlun ot two plo
turesque canons, the Blue end Tjcolote.
A beautiful small lake is formed opposite
the hotel, about wblott is a forest of pine,
balsam and spruce trees, which make the
Filace very desirable for those suffering
rom lung and throat d flloultlos. A free
carriage leaves the Now (Jplio hotel at 3 p.
m. every Monday, transportation both
ways furnished without cost to visitors.
The hotel is built and furnished for ooo
verilenos and comfort, and the table Is
bountifully supplied end the cooking Is
flret-class. The water is the- beat to be
had in New Mexico, and cornea pure and
sparkling from springs lu the mountain
aide. Kates S3 per week. Further infor
mation given at tbis otilo and at the New
Optio hotel. W.-K. Estes,
Harvey's Mountain Home.
This resort is famous for its comfort,
cleanliness, superior table, abundance of
rich uillk and cream, as well as for its un
rivaled cener and numerous near-by
points of interost. Tbe best trout fisblng
is accessible by abort excursions to either
branch ot the Mallinas. Hermit Ptak
and grand caflon are ot easy access. Bur
ro's are furnished to guests s for daily
riding. The Pecos National Park is within
ix miles, and is reached by easy trail;
expedltioos can be outtltted and guide se
cured at the ranch.
For transportation and terms, inquire of
Judge Wooster, East Las Vegis, or ad
dress. H. A. Hakvky.
San Ignaclo Resort.
Tbe Hermitage is a new hotel situated at
the foot of Hermit's Peak, on tbe Sapeilo
river, up among tbe pines. It has many
advantages not usually found at summer
resorts, a good hotel with modern improve
ments and well furnished rooms, a post
office is located at this point, and free tele
phone connection la bad wltb Las Vegas,
Tne table is bountifully supplied at all
times with all that tbe .season affords.
Guests wishing to come, can telephone and
a conveyance will he sent for them- Rates,
T.uu per weea. J. 1 . IjUJAN rroprietor.
Summer Mountain Resort, '"
The El Forvenir mountain resort will
now receive guests for tbe summer.
Tbe most picturesque scenery in America,
One Ashing and bunting. Best or Hotel ac
commodations in New Mexico. For terms
for board and lodging, apply to the Ko
mero Mercantile Co., Las Vegas. Carriage
leaves their store, southweBt oorner of the
filaza, every Saturday and Tuesday morn,
ne at 8 o'clock: fare for the ronnd trip, $1
For further information, call at tbe above
establishment. - BUM,
Tbe Park House.
Las Vegas Hot Springs, N. M. We still
have a few choice rooms left for those who
come early. Tbe most popular bouse at
tne spring. Mr. noo nrition, late rrom
tbe east, has charge of tbe kitchen; every
thing Is prepared in beBt or style. Hates,
35 cents per meal. Koom and board $7 per
week. Table supplied with tbe best the
market affords. Rooms by the day, 60 to
76 cents.
Mas. Kate Dennis,
148-tf - . Manager.
To Health-Seekers.
Tbe Blake Ranch, on tbe head of the Rio
Bapello, is now prepared to receive a limit
ed number of hoarders. This ranch is
located In tbe heart of tbe mountains, amid
the most beautiful scenery in the world,
where brook trout and wild game oner
ample diversion for tbe nimrod or anyone
seeking out-door sport. It is located only
twenty -five miles from Las Vegas, and
within eight nines or tne tuo 1'ecos, ana
only three miles from tbe headwaters of
the Rio Oallinas. Address,
Address Mrs. J. F. Blake, Rociada. or in
quire for conveyances and rates of W. K.
Crites, Bast Las Vegas, N. M.
77 -tf Rooiada. N. M.
Prof. J. W. Gilmore, for one year
principal of the Eddy schools, depart
ed for bis home in Ohio. -
None But Ayer's at the World's Pair.
Aver's Sarsaparilla eniovs the ex
traordinary distinction of having been
the only blood purifier allowed an ex
hibit at tbe World's fair, Chicago.
Manufacturers of other Sarsapaiillas
sought by every means to obtain a
showing of their goods, but they were
all turned away undertbe application
of tbe rule forbidding the entry of
patent medicines and nostrums. The
decision of the Wot Id's fair authorities
in favor of Ayer's Sarsaparilla was in
fleet as follows: "Ayer's Sarsaparilla
is not a patent medicine. It does not
belong to the' list of nostrums. It is
here on its merits "
There is some talk of the Eddy fire
department sending a running team to
the Territorial fair, this fall.
If you would have an abundance of
dark, e lossy hair, if you would have a
clean scalp, free from dandruff and ir
ritating humors, or if your bair is fad
ed and irrar. and you wou'd bave its
natural color restored, ue Ayer's Hair
Vigor. It is unquestionably the best
dressing. .
A free silver club was organized in
Raton, with C M. C. Houck as tem
porary president and John Beringer
temporary secretary. .
Last summer one of our grand chil
dren was sick with a severe bowel
trouble. Our' doctor's remedies had
failed, then We tried Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy,
which g-ve very speedy relief. We
regard it as the best medicine ever put
on tbe market t)r bowel complaints.
Mis. E. G. Gregory, Frederickstown,
Mo. This certainlyr the best medi
cine ever put on the" market for dysen
tery, summer complaint,' colic ' and
cholera infantum in children. It never
fails to give prompt relief when used
in reasonable time and tbe plain
printed directions are followed. Many
mothers have expressed tbelr sincere
gratitude for the cures it has effeoted
For sale by K. D. Goodall, Depot Drug
Store. 1 : v ... : .
Sheriff Pat Garrett went up to Silver
.City from Las Cruoes to see Judge
Bantz in regard to tbe disposition to
beHnade of two Insane patients.
For your Protection. Catarrh "Cures" or
quid form to
internally, usually contain either Mercury or
Iodide of Potassa, or both, which are injur
ious if too long taken. Catarrh is a local, not
a blood disease, caused by sudden change to
cold or damp weather. It starts in the nasal
passages, affecting eyes, ears and throat
Cold in the head causes excessive flow of
mucus, aud, if repeatedly neglecUd, the re
sult of catarrh will follow ; severe pain in
the bead, a roaring sound in the ears, bad
breath, and oftentimes an offensive dis
charge. The ren;edy ahould be quick to allay
inflammation and heal the membrane. Ely's
Cream Balm Is the acknowledged ure for
these troubles and contains no mercury
nor any injurious drug. Price, 60 oents.
0 Mwm
i.i mi
hi vvi sTtrx
us .:: i f 'JUiF
The Best
I SmoklngTobacco Made
A large number of people assembled
in the Methodist ohurch, at Flora
Vista, San Juan county, to witness the
marriage of Levi Steinbaoh and Miss
M. Louise Shipp. Hev. Howard per
formed tbe ceremony in a very im
pressive manner.
To prevent the hardening of the
sub-cutaneous tissues of the tcalp and
the obliteration of the bair follicles.
which cause baldness, us3 Hall's Hair
Renewer. .
Omitting tbe railroad company, tbe
Prairie cattle company is the largest
and best tax payer in Union oounty.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy cures
colds, croup and wboopiug cough. It
is pleasant, safe and reliable. For Bale
by K. D. Goodall, Depot Drug Store
W. II. Waring has moved bis fami'y
over to Aztec from Bloomfleld, San
Juan county.
Ohamborlain's Eye and Skin Ointment
Is unequalled for Eczema, Tetter, Salt'
Rheum, Scald Head, Sore Nipples, Chapped
Hands, Itching Piles, Burns, Frost Bites,
Chronic kore hyea and Granulated .Lye Lids.
for sale by druggists at za cents per box.
For putting a liorso in a fine healthy con
dition try Dr. uuly s condition 1'owders.
They tone up the system, aid digestion, cure
loss oi nppeiuc, relieve consiipauon, correct
kidney disorders and destroy worms, giving
new life to an old or over-worked horse. 25
cents per package. For sale by druggists.
Rates to City of Mexico.
Las Vegas, N. M.. March Otb, 1896.
Round trip rates to City of Mexico, from
Las Vegas, $66.70. (iolog limit, sixty
days, with final return limit, of six months
rrom date or sale.
Tourist rates to Pboenix, Ariz., and re
turn from Lai Veens, $18.50 Limits,
fifteen days, In each direction wltb final
limit of six months,
tf C. F. Jones, Agent.
. Tourist Rates to the Qrand Canon.
Prom Las Vegas to Grand Canon of tbe
Colorado river and return, $53 50. Thirty
days' transit limit in eacb direction.
Kmal return, limit, ninety days from date
of sale. Tbe stafre will leave Flagstaff, on
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, con
necting with onr through California trains
in each direction.
Returning, it will leave the Grand Canon
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Tbe
ride to tbe canon is over a Kood road and
occupies about eleven hour. Stations
bave been established along tbe route and
at tbe canon for tbe accommodation of
tonrists. C. F. Jones, Agent.
Whereas, Frank Reitzliwas recently
foully and brutally murdered near (Jalii
nas Springs, in the county ot Ban Miguel,
by unknown parties, who are fugitives
from Justice;
jmow, tnereiore, ror tne purpose or pro
curing tbe arrest of the perpetrators of
tbis crime, I, IV. T. Thornton, governor of
tbe Territory of New Mexico, by virtue of
tbe authority in me vested, do hereby offer
a reward of ($500) for tbe arrest and con
viction of the murderers of Reitz, sucn re
ward to be payable out of any money in
tbe Territorial treasury appropriated for
the payment of rewards fr the forty
seventh fiscal year.
Done at tbe executive otnee, tbis tbe 14tn
day of May, A. D., 196.
Witness my nana and tne great seal ot tne
Territory ot .tew Mexico.
ISeal.1 W.T.Thornton.
Governor of tbe Territory of New Mexico.
By tbe governor:
Lobion Miller,
Secretary of .cfew Mexico.
10 2Spm
2 25pm
' Chicago
Kansas ulty
10 30pm
7 30am
9 ISpm
10 35pm
6 30pm
S 00am
12 S lam
11 '6pm
6 30pm
8 00pm
1 10pm
Colo. Hpr'gs
10 SOpm
12 50pm
7 25pm
S 45am,
tt 15am
10 10pm
10 60pm
9 05pm
10 mpm
12 07am
Santa fa
2 05am
10 45am Demlng
111 401 ml El Paso
111 0a ml
10 Ooara
9 10am
1 65pm
Vlnvctnff '
2 8ft p mi
9 85am
7 27m
7 00lm
4 vopm
6 06pm
'Los ngeles
1045amanFrancls 680pm
Leave Dally.
Arrive Dally.
8 -OOp
card ho. 1
704 I
Las Vegas
Brldce St.
8 05p
4 12 ()
Upper L.V.
.1:80 p
10: a,
Hot Springs
1 45pl4:00p
Arrive Dally.
Leave Daily.
Nos, 1 and 2, Pacific and Atlantic express,
have Pullman ralace drawing-room cars,
tonrlst sleeping cars and coaches between
Chicago and I a Angeles. San Diego and
ao Francisco, and Pullman palare
cars and coccbes between I'nlrnKO and tbe
City of Mexico, B. Cohklhd,
Gen. Agent, Kl Paso, Tex.
T. F. I. A., Kl Paso, Tex.
Cbas.F Jones,
Agent, Las Vegas.N.M.
Sanla Fe Route
To Bo
Given Away
thi9 year in valuable
articles to smokers of (
- You will find one coupon In
side each 2-ounce bag, and two
coupons inside each 4-ounce
bag. Buy a bag, read tbe coupon
aud see how to get your share.
Barber Shops.
Tonsorlal Parlors,
Oenter Street.
Bon-ton, St. Louis, Long Branch, round
senator, and round, square and box pom
padour a speoialty.
Oenter Street,
O. L. Gregory, Prop.
Only skilled workmen employed. Hot
and cold baths In connection.
Sixth street and Grand avenue
Dry Wooda.
M. Romero, Manager,
Booth Side Flasa
County Surveyor.
omce, room 1, City Hall.
Physicians and burgeons.
Las Vegas. N. H. Office hours: 11 to
12a. m., 2 to 4 p. m., 7 to S p. m.
Malboeut building, up stairs.
N. M.
Attorn eys-at-JLaw.
building, east side ot plaza, Las Vegas,
N. M. 132-Sin
Office In Union block. Sixth street,
East Las Vegas, N. M.
J. Santa Fe, N.M.fP. O. BoxF.) Prac
tices In tbe supreme court and all district
courts of the Territory. Special attention
given w spanisn ana jaexican grant cities
and mlnlnglltlgatlon.
man's block, East Las Vegrs, N. M.
J. D. KU1Z.
hot water and hot air. Sower and
drainage. East Las Vegas, M. M.
Atlantic & Pacific
- Western Division.
Coiiiens:! Time TaWe No. 38.
J. W. Eelnhart, John J. McCook,
In effect Sunday, August Sth, 1895.
WlCSrWAiiP. BTAI'lONb. Wastwahd .
6 00 pi
10 00 p
10 80 p
8 80a
6 00 p
8 80 p
2 65 p
9 00 a
4 85 a
4 08 a
3 40 a
12 20 a
11 05 p
8 45 p
6 66 p
5 40 p
V 10 a
1 OOp
6 40 a
7 OOp
7 25 p
Kansas City
las vea&s
, Wlneate
Ash Fork
The Needles
FLos Angeles
7 un a
5 15 p
2 46 a
8 15 p
8 85 p
8 05 p
2 20 p
10 40 a
7 27 a
6 05 a
4 (via
12 10 p
8 05a
8 26 a
9 10 a
i p
4 58 P
6 26 P
8 10 p
9 00 D
12 80 p
1 80 p
4 20 l
6 00 p
7 40 p
1 66a
4 40 a
6 25 a
11 28 p
12 55 a
1 65 a
6 48 a
7 50a
9 20a
1 40 p
1 10 p
U 82 p
12 80 p
10 00 a
8 65 p
7 25 p
2 86 p
2 tOp
10 00 a
7 ro a
8 80 p
8 30 a
il 45 a
8 45 a
8 20a
2 20 p
a oo p
6 50 P
8 06 p
10 46 al
8 OOp
10 45 a
8 8U P
. Summer or Winter.
The Santa Fe route Is the most comforta
ble railway between California and tho
east. . . :
Tbe mealr at Harvey's Dining Rooms are
an excellent (eature of the line.
Tbe Grand Canon of the Colorado can be
reached In no other way,
Gen. Pass. Agent, Ls Angeles, Oal,
Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent. San Frannlsnc .
Geo, H. Hutchison Co,
Real Estate,
Mines, and
For Sale or Lease.
and Builder.
Office next
door west of
Thi Optio,
SKXKNNIAF, LK AGl'F Itepelnr nu.ntlng
eenonU lursauy evening of each month
it I.o. o. F. hull,
R. J. Hamilton, Pres.
N. II. ROIEBKIiar, soe'v.
I. O. O. V.
I" AS TKGAS LODGE No. 4, meets sery
.JMomliiy evening at their hull, sixth
strict. All visiting brethion are coruiallf
Invited to attend.
. A. T, Ihoum, N. O,
F, W. Fl.ECK, Sec y.
A. !.. Vf.
Diamond loigk no 4, meets first and
third Tuesday evenliiKS each uiontli in
Vtyman Hlock, Doughis nvonue. MelUug
uoiluen are cordially Invited. .
J. 'illOl.MULI., M. V.
F P. Berzoo, Financier.
K. of P.
I'Cli "J'H I-OPGI5 No. 1, irsen mi their
llOBfctle Hull In the Clement block, corner
or Slith stieet and Grand avenue, over the
8nn Miguel National imnk, every Thursday
evening. Visiting members of tlx oidor are
always welcome.
.... K. C. Larimcki, 0. 0.
L. J, SUitcrs, E. or It. A B.
DKAGLK TEMPLE, No, 1, Ratbbone Sis
.. . .',rs ew Mexico, ni:otu lii-ut and
third Tuesday evening of each month, at S
o'clock at K. of P. Hall, Knst Us Venae. N.
M. Visiting sisters of the order alvtavs
Mas. aj, R. Williams. Al. It. b.
M.ofll.4 0.
A. W. & A. M.
.,t!h?E,niBn Loa9. No. 2, meets first and
third Thnrr.flay evenliu-s of each month, In
the Maoonlr tnmnin. vinmm. ttp.ri.vi.n .. .d
fraternally lnvltod.
Oeoiiio Rosen walu, sc.
Las Vegas Royal Arch Chapter, No. 8
Regular Convocations, first Mnmlnv In nfh
month. Visiting companions fratoroally
invited. J. a. olauk. K. li. v
La9 Veges Comraanderv. Ko. 2. Reirnim
communication, sncond Tuojdoy eich
montn Visiting Knights cordially wel
comed. G. A. Rotuoeb. E. C.
L,. 11. Hofkeistkh. una.
LASVEGA8COU.NCII.no. 2, Royal and
Select Masters. Kegiilar convocation
third Alondav of ear:ll mi-mth. finr.ntunrv In
Masonic temple. GEO. T. Gould,
ur. A. itOTHOEB, T.J. 41
Masons vleltlr.sr the ctfv nm mrdi.ni in.
vltad to attend these bodies.
Bactera Star
Regnlar communications second andfor.rth
Thursday evenings.
Miss Lizzib Bowmkr, Worthy Matron,
A. F. Benedict. Worthy Patron.
Mas. Kmma Benkdiot, Treasurer.
All vtaltlnir brothers FLrw1 ftlstcru pnrrifflllv
invited, man. Mattib Muhkat. Secretary.
John Shank, President.
K. I j. M. Koss, Vice-President.
J. B. Moore, Sec'y aud Treas.
. V. H. Jameson, Manager,
L. Q. Jameson,
Las Veps TbIqidu Co.
Cor. Man anares and Lincoln Aves,
East Las Vegas, N. M.
Electric Door Bells, Burglar
Alarms and Private Telephones pu
in at reasonable rates.
Snccsssor to J. 8. Elston,
Glazins, Paper Eaagins, Etc.
Shop Opposite Express Office.1
Practical Horseshoer,
General Blaeasmlthing, Wagon and
Carriage Bepairing. neatly and
promptly dona
Opposite Browne ft Manzanares Co.,
J. K. MAKTItl.
Martin & Howard,
Gostractors &
Plant and specifications furnished,
tree to patrons. Shop next door to
Houghton's Hardware Storo.
J. O. olxlott,
Job Work and Repairing, IIouso Mov
ing and Raising a Specialty.
Manufacturer of
tons,-:- Carriaps,
And dealer In
Heavy .. Hardware
Every kind of wagon material on hand
Horseshoeing and repairing a specialty
Grand and Manzanares Avenues, East La
Claim Agent.
Indian Depredation Claims
.... v ... mi. a. j.t uuivnuu, 111., 1H I -
dett, Thompson & 1 aw, Washington, 1). o
are associated with me in cases before the
Court ol Claims.
James McLaughlin,
Costractor and Builder.
Quotations on Brick furnished, at the
yard or in the wall.
Job Printing
Of every description
executed with neatnets
and despatch
At ite Ostic Moons

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