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The People's Paper.
kRw ucxico Has tin Finest Climate is lie Worm
J. lilehl, leading; undertaker.
A lost boy Is reported, aoron tbe river.
Qjto M.lboeuC's ball, to-morrow nlgbt.
A child of Dlonlolo Uonmles Is reported
Water euros
Tbe New Brunswick
appotizlnff meal,
restaurant (or on
Sewing machine oil and needles for sale
by Mrs. M. J. Wood. 1'
Three Bisters of Mercy drove across tbe
country to Mora, to-day.
A well digger is advertised for In tbe
want column of this Issue.
B. J. Long, of Hutchinson, Kansas, Is the
new cashier at the Depot hotel.
Tbe Columbia loans money, on tbe most
favorable terms In Las Vegas. 2 1 1 - tf
The best and Quest stock of men's shoes
are to be found at Bporleder's. 221-66
The first carload of fixtures for tbe Cobn
bar and restaurant has arrived fron Chicago.
Tbe dance at the springs,
evening, promises to be a
No creed, but "tbe Christ" and a plea
for Christian union, at Malboeuf's ball,
to-morrow nlgbt.
Tito ipanish iNSTirurn.
The Spanish Institute for the Mexican
evaugoliuU and tsaobers of the Presby
tcirlan church, Is still In session In the nils
ilou sohoul buildings, across the river. Tbe
numbers in attendance are smaller than
last year, owing to the fact that severa
young men who were hera then, went from
bore to tbo Presbyterian college of tho
outbwtKt at DjI Norte, Col J. , an 1 litve
born there throughout tbe year, as mom
burs of a class of twenty, who are prepar
lug theiiisolvos for work as ministers ao
evangelists in tbe Presbyterian church.
All tbu furniture and furnishings for
boarding students having been removed to
Albuquerque, no inducements were offers
this year V Mexican toacbers to secure
their atteudauoe, as they could not be ao
comimdated with board. There are, bow
ever, enrolled seventeen students, vi: Ten
evcngolUts, two teachers and five others,
Tbes ara all kop! buiy, with gtudlei
suitud to thilr various noadi, by four In
Tue natnb.r of olasses would do credit to
a larger institution, as instruction is given
In reading, arithmetic, geography, Eog
lish and Spanish languages, algebra, voci
music, theology and history.
The school is moving along quietly and
doing satisfactory work. The lack of facil
Hies for boarding la all that prevented
larger attendance.
A course of lectures has been arranged to
be given during tbe Institute,' on various
subjects of interest and Importance, three
lectures each by Revs. James A. Menaul
Albuquerque ; Norman Skinner, Las Vegas
J. J. Gilchrist, Mora; R. M. Craig and W
William?, Baota Fa, and I. T. Whltta
more, Phoenix,
Mary Lodge bas been appointed post
mistress at Lucero, Mora county, in place
of John Burcb, resigned.
Tbe wedding of Manuel B. Baca aDd
Miss Jose&ta Torres is announced to take
place on Monday morning.
On Tuesday, July 28th, there will be an
auction sale of most desirable residence
lots, by Judge II. B. Wooster.
The usual social hop at tbe Casino, hot
Borings, to-morrow evening. A special
train will leave the depot at 8:15 o'clock.
The base ball club that went over to
Mora, Saturday night, suffered defeat at
the hands of tbe Mora nine, by a score of
25 to 20.
HerrCarl Groeshner will assist Prof.
Sodiing In furnishing music for the dance
at tbe Casino, to-morrow evening, instead
of Prof. N. P. Neilsen.
Misses Edith and Blanche Rothgeb and
Elw. Grunsfeld will bo the attractions at
the second popular concert at tbe casino,
next Sunday afternoon.
Juan Martinez has been placed under
8300 Load for shooting iuto a crowd of
sheep-shearers. Uis bondsmen are Don
Eugenlo Romero and Capt. Jose Bantos
Live stock is again beginning to move
from southern points. One train load
passed through here, Sunday, and two
train loads fed at the yards north of this
city, to-day.
H. J. Rankin, the prescription clerk, for
merlv of this city, has shifted from Teller,
Colo., and is now employed at the drug es
tablishment of Smith & Waitings, up in
Colorado Springs.
Porflrio Gonzales, who has been a close
student for twenty-six years, now in Mon
treal, Canada, wires his brother, Don Pa
tricio Gonzales, to expect him out in Las
Vegas, almost any day.
At the Citizens' meeting across the river,
last evening, public improvements were
discussed and a committee was appointed
to confer with tbe county board in regard
to several matters of moment.
H. Riscb, the cabinet-maker of Trinidad,
Colo., is in tbe city on a visit to his sick
wife, a guest of Mrs. C. II. Sporleder, and
be may be induced to cast bis lot among
us, opening up a business of bis own.
Mies Cora Archibald will arrive, this
evening, on a month's vacation, part of
which will be spent bore, as tbe guest of
ber brother, and tbe remainder of tbe time
as one of party here, that will visit
outbern New Mexico.
In a letter to tbe business end of Tbe
Optic, George Ross furnishes tbe informa
tion that a certain Las Vegas back driver,
the first letters of whose name are "D.
R.," will soon take a helpmeet from Colo
rado Springs, a Miss Baker.
When Las Veges gets tbe Mora electric
railroad, she will not be behind the best
cities of Colorado. Las Vegas has at
traoted much attention np in the Centen
nial commonwealth, and is regarded as the
coming city of New Mexico.
Members of Las Vegas lodge No, 4, I. O
O F., were most sumptuously entertained
with a bsnquet by the newly-elected offi
cers, at their ball, last evening. Brother
F. W. Fleck had charge of the menu and
It la needless to say that tbe tables fairly
groaned under tbe toothsome edibles pre
pared for the most happy occasion.
Tbe members of tbe Christian church
bare secured Malboeuf's hall for a meeting
ptace and are putting it in condition for
services. To morrow evening, Rear. C. E.
Pile, of Trinidad, will begin a series of
meetings for them, the same to continue
indefinitely. You will know tbe place by
the big sign in front of it. Everybody is
welcomed to tbese services.
The Robb family desire to extend their
beart-felt thanks to tbe many friends who
lent sympathy and aid during tbe long ill
ness of their beloved sister, and to those
who came to administer comfort and con
dolence, at her death. Tbe many kind
nesses shown to them have made a deep
impression upon their hearts, and they
shall never be forgotteu.
Tbe management of the Casino amine
ment company, who have charge of the
Sunday afternoon popular concerts, at tbe
hot spring, wish the public to know that
these concerts will be wholesomely free
from any obj ctionable features. Their
object is to give su-jh performances as will
entertain without desecrating the Sabbath
day. and any faults will be Immediately
The Territorial supreme oourt convenes
at Santa Fe on Monday, July 27th.
The push" at the district clerk's offl:
are making out and mailing cost bills at
truly lively rate.
New witnesses have been summoned i
the probate court in the guardianship case
of Leonidas Leal.
Judge Thos. Smith, wife and ber sister,
Miss Gaiues, are expected to arrive from
Salt Lake City on this evening's train.
Geo. W. Bond &, Bro., of Wagon Mound,
have filed suits in assumpsit against Joss
Eufracio Trnjlllo & Co., of Taos county
and Jose Eufracio Trujlllo individually,
over there.
The joint answer of Mrs. Annie C,
Hutchison and husband has teen filed in
the case instituted against them by Mrs,
Maria Fernandez Mitchell, to quiet title
and for other purposes.
In tbe probate court, Fernando Baca was
required to furnish a new bond as admin
istrator of the estate of Jose Martinez, tbe
sum of (800 having come into his bands
from tbe government for Indian depreda
tions committed.
In tbe absence of Judge Smith, Judge N,
B, Laugblln, of Santa Fe, has signed a de
cree of court granting Minnie Parks a di
vorce from her husband, George Parks, up
in Colfax county; also, Millie Crane from
John B. Crane, same neck o' the woods.
xne case or Julian rrujiiio win come up
for a hearing in tbe Territorial supreme
court at Santa Fe, on Jul 81st, when
dismissal will be entered, the defendant
having recently been granted executive
clemeucy. The case of Scipio Aguilar, un
der sentence of death, will be reviewed by
the high judicial body on August 10th, and
that of Jose Chavez y Chavez, also a con
demned murderer, on August 14th.
Romualdo Montoya preferred the charge
of carrying concealed weapons against
John Cunningham, and the trial was to
come up before Justice D. C. de Baca, this
Twenty-one cars of cattle were fed here,
last evening.
R. A, Curtis bas accepted a position In
the Raton shops.
Engineer Nels Nelson is la charge of tbe
Rincon pusher, at present.
One of tbe two Albuquerque day switch
engines bas been pulled off.
Switch engine 270 was brought up to Sao
Marcial from El Paso, for repairs.
Martin J.Doyle has resumed bis position
in the machine shops at San Marcial.
Fireman J. E. Clark left San Marcial on
a visit to Denver and other Colorado points
Engineer John Johnson and Fireman
Albert Potts returned to San Marcial, for
service. ,
Firnman Lee Boyd left Raton for Fort
Madison, Iowa; Fireman D. Horan, for
The family of Brakeman John Felke ar
rived in Raton from La Junta, to make
their home there.
J. M. Meade and S. A. McCoy, Atchison
civil engineers, reached Thatcher station,
up tbe road, yesterday.
H. C. Rust, yard switchman at Raton,
bas taken a lay-off of sixty days, and gone
to Hopewell on a prospecting trip.
Two Atcbison bridge carpenters boarded
last evening's train . for Santa Fe, at
which point there is work in hand to do.
The family of Switchman G. E. Lang
worthy arrived in Raton from Argentine,
Kansas, to make their borne at that place.
Conductor Maurice Leseney ig laying oft
for physical repairs, his freight crew now
obeying the orders and signals of Charley
Brakeman Brewster, after having been a
guest at the Las Vegas hospital for about
a month, is again on duty, out from San
Fireman Wm. Bispham, of tbe Lake Val
ley branch, aod Mrs. Bispham passed
through for Walnut, Kansas, on a visit to
Engineer Jake Simmons, of San Marcial,
has secured a sixty-day lay-off, and will
visit his parents at Emporia, and probably
some eastern cities.
A Wells-Fargo express ear burned lo tbe
ground, with all i's contents, on tbe A. &
P., at Needles, tbe other day. A spark
from a locomotive did it.
C. B. Rlggs, train dispatcher and tal
ented tenor singor, left this morning for
Topekn, where he will again take employ
ment on tbe Kansas division of the Atchi
T. J. Ryan, who bas been working tem
porarily at Raton, as operator at the depot,
bas accepted a position as agent at Tair-
banks, Arizona, for the N. M. & A. railroad.
jbcrd'nate railroad officials cans; mora
trouble between employes and the com
pany than anything else. An overpower
ing desire to make people believe they are
the general managers of their road,
causes t lie in to forget that an employe is
deserving of battor treatment than an ao.
linal. Tla Railroad TeUgrajihur. Tola Is
a little sever and hardly warranted, sug
gests tbe St. Louis JtrpubUoi
J. G. Hutchinson, onoe roadmaster on
tbe lower division of the AtchiBon, but
now filling a liks position on the Atlantic
& Paoifia, Is in the hospital at Albuquer
que, aod li said to be quits III.
Euglneer W. It, Fisher, of San Marcial,
wired for transportation for himself and
Mrs, Flsber from Albuquerque to Ban An.
gelo, Texas, .Mrs. Fisher has been ill for
several months, and ber physician bas or
dered a change.
Th Atchison paasengor department bas
just Issued an elegantly printed pamphlet
descriptive of Colorado as a health resort,
and as an enticing field for the tourist.
The pamphlet is beautifully Illustrated,
and Is one of the most attractive publica
tions of tbe kind tbat has been Issued by
any railway extending Into tbe slate.
C. C. Miller, a switchman employed In
tbe Atcbison yards at Pueblo, Colo., bad
one eye removed at the company's hospital
InTopeka. Tbe operation was not tbs re
sult of an injury, but was'made necessary
by a diseased condition. F. H. Walkern,
a telegraph operator employed at Nicker
son, was admitted to tbs bosDltal there,
also, suffering from oonjunctlvltig, what
ever tbat is.
Meslcsa Central Railway,
From the sea to tbs olouds. Passing mod
ern cities and anolsnt monuments. Stan
dard guags'in every thing management,
ideas and treatment of patrons, Tbe only
Una In tbs Republlo running Pullman pal
ace buffet sleeping oars between the cap
ital and points in tba United States. Cheap
rates and prompt service. For full partic
ulars call on or address
tf Com'l Agent, El Paso. Tens.
It you want lo boy or sell cattle, wool or
sheep, don't fall to see or write J. Minium,
wool and live stock broker, East Las Ve
gas, New Mexico. He will save you
money. 222w&dtf
Prof. N. C. Campbell, late of this city,
has been visiting Colorado Springs, from
First-class Goods
at Lowest Prices,
Fancy and Staple
Fruits and V egetable,
Fish trnd Oysters. ...
in Season. Telephone 16.
Jas, Aberorombie is in from Anton Cbioo,
Walter Putnam left for Cbioago, this
Dlonlclo Van Salas Is up from his Pin
tado ranch,
Antonio Dclgado has been in town from
Los Alamos. .
Juan Sena bas bled himself away to
Colorado Springs.
Ralph E. Twltchell is back from an offic
lal trip up to Raton.
Mrs. W. E. Crltes and son have returned
from Blake's ranch.
Mrs. Davis bas arrived from Santa Fe
on a visit to her son.
Frank Ross, a printer, left for Colorado
Springs, this morning.
Attorney Hugo Seaberg returned to
Springer, this morning.
Frank Sullivan Is down to business, from
a trip out to El Porvenlr.
Ex-Gov. L. Bradford Prince went north
on belated No. 2, this morning.
'Arizona Frank" was a passenger for
our sister Territory, last evening.
IT. S. Marshal Hall is expected down
from Raton on tbe evening train.
Luis Delgado, son of the west side police
man, Is expected home from Colorado. .
Wm. Frank and members of his family
visited town from Los Alamos, to-day.
Sam Block, old-time commercial tourist,
went up the road on tbe morning train.
Mrs. Frank Long, sister of Mrs. A. R.
Qulnly, arrived In the city, this morning.
Jerry Leahy, tbe barrister, came down
from his Haton abiding place, last evening.
I. H. Rapp, the architect, came over the
mountain from Trinidad to Raton, yesterday."
Geo. Lewis, late of the Blauvelt barber
shop, Is up from Albuquerque, on his way
east. , ' . ,
Mrs. E. L. Hall and two children left
Santa Fe, last evening, for a visit in Mis-
Johnny Carroll, with G., B. & Co., is up
from hot and sultry Arizona points, to
cool off.
Tbos. Crompton, the genteel cook, bas
gone to Albuquerque to accept a position
down there.
J. F. Pebbles, tbe extensive trafficker in
tbe fleecy follows, is down from Colorado
Springs again.
General Manager John O. Plank reached
the hot springs, last evening, from a hur
ried business trip to Chicago.
Don Fernando Nolan is in town, to-day,
on bis way borne to Santa Fet from a visit
to Wagon Mound and vicinity.
Congressman Cbas. Newell Fowler, of
Elizabeth, N. J., was en route for Callfor
nla points, last evening, accompanied by
bis son.
W. J. McLaughlin, who has been bene
tited by the sunshine of New Mexico, for
the past three months, leaves for Cbicago,in
the morning.
General Wheat on aod two attendants
and Lieutenants Bean and Langhorn, were
passengers on their special car for Denver.
this morning. I .
Mrs. J. J. Schmidt and her interesting
children have returned from a trip to "the
states," and are pleasantly-domiciled at
tbe Plaza hotel,
A. A. Jones, who distinguished himself
In having tbe Chicago platform speak out
in favor of the Territories, arrived at
home, last evening.
Mrs. J.J. Schmidt and children, Albu
querque; L. L. Lyon, Denver; J. F. Peb
bles, Colorado Springs; Howard Dav's, El
Porvenlr, put up at the Plaza hotel.
E. Schom berg, Denver ; C. E. Jones, Pa
eblo; Miss Wooif, New York! B. Brooks,
Denver; C. G. Bholes, Cbioago, and B. F.
Deatberoge, Kansas City, are registered at
tbe Dopot hot 1.
H. B. Woosteb, Auctioneer.
On Tuecday, July 23, at 3 o'clock, p. m.,
On tbe ground, will be sold
Three Lots, on Corner,
Fronting Hlllsite Park, oorner of Flftbland
Blancbard Bts., being lots 15, 18 and 17, in
block SB, East Las Vega, adjoining the
residences of Hon, L. C. Fort, Rev. A. A.
Lay ton, eto. Tbese are tbe most beauti
fully situated residence lots still vacant ia
Las Vegas. Either one is a splendid build
ing site, and the three together, constitute
tbe finest residence corner with Park front
In New Mexico. They are 150 feet deep,
with alley in rear. They will be sold
singly or together, absolutely without re
serve, to the highest bidder. This presents
an unparalleled opportunity to obtain a
magnificent property at bard-times prices.
One-half purchase money can remain as
mortgage two years, so not much ready
money .is required, and long before
the mortgage becomes due tbe lots will
have Increased enormously In value. Walk
to HllUite Pai k and examine this property
and you will sea that when it is sold, no
suob corner remains for sale at any price.
224 4t
Walter Dearden,
Trinidad, Colo.
assayer and chemist
Native bran at tbe
mills, at 80o. per 100.
Vegas Roller
For parties, concerts
Rosenthal Bros", ball.
socials, rent
A meal of plenty, well oooked and serv
ed, at the New Brunswick. 108-tf
Go to G. V. Reed & Co., for your plumb
log and tin work. All work done at very
reasonable prices. Try us and be con
vinced. 200-tf.
Oooi Words for Macbeth Water.
I have used Macbeth water, during tbe
past six months, and consider It a valuable
remedy for stomich and liver troubles, I
would use it if it cost $5, Instead of fifteen
cents per gallon. John Shank.
Bicycles for Kent.
New,, standard make, '96 Model bicycles
to rent, 1 y the hour, to both ladles and
2l2tf Gunsmith, Center St.
PriCS Talk This Month.
per yard,
per yard,
per yard,
ILFELD'S mind is made up to sell sum
mer goods in summer; not next winter.
For Challis and Calicoes, if you want them not many of
Ilfeld's customers do, however.
For one line of pretty lawns, which were 9c.
Tourist Rates to the Qrand Canon.
From Las Vegas to Grand Canon of the
Colorado river and return, $58 60. Thirty
days' transit limit in each direction,
final return limit, ninetv davs from data
01 sale, rne stage will leave Flagstaff, on
Mondays, Wednesdavs and Fridays, con
necting with our through California trains
in eacn direction.
Returning-, it will leave the Grand Canon
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The
ride to toe canon is over a good road and
occupies about eleveu hour. Stations
bave seen established along tbe route and
at tbe canon for tbe accommodation of
tourists. C. F. Jones, Agent.
Avarded '
Highest Honors World's Fair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
40 Ye tV
Cash Novelty Dry Goods Store.
The Balance of Our Shirt Waists,
75C, $1.09, $1.15 Qualities, to be sold at
our clearing sale, your choice, 0 Cents. '
2,000 yds. Challies, Lawns and Calicos at 3c yd.
Linen Chimisettes, 5C. Men's Balbriggan Shirts, 25C.
Babies' Embroidered Caps, I5C. Men's Unlaundried Shirts, 4&C
Any Child's Straw Hat in Our Store, 25C.
Ladies' House Wrappers, 75C and up.
Our 25c Ladies' Black Hose at I9C. Infants' Summer Vests, 5C
Silk Striped Cballies at 12C. Manchester Chambrys, 8c yd.
Ladies' Shirt Waist Scarfs, 15c Agents for the P. N. Corsets.
Only Exclusive Dry Goods Store in the City.
Sixth Street, Opposite Postoflke.
1110 OIMMC
m W, fin
For a selection of Sprigged Muslins, Belgian Cords, Dimity
Fancies and Ducks, which were nc to i24c.
1QC Fr American and English Cretonnes, Lawns and Madras
per yprd, Cloths, cut from 15, 16, 1754c.
15 to 19c
For French Orcandies and Fine Silk Zeohvrs.
per yard, 0 ' :
Offering Extraordinary on MondayFANCY SILKS.
Ladles' and Children's SHOES on the Bargain Counter.
-.. I ILFELD'S, The Plaza.
filhn On nr.1 n flnn Dnnf
Summer Clearing Sale
Now going on. Now is the chance to avail
yourself of these goods as quoted :
On lot Children's Kid two strap slippers, Patent tip. lies 6 to 84 10.86
" " " " " " .. " .elsesB tollVi 1.00
"'" " Tan one ' rery Hne. ..... " 10 to 1114 1-M
" " " Pateut leather one strap slippers ., 8)4 to 11 60
" " " Kid " " " " . 9 to 10)4 1.00
" " Misses' ' " ' " ' "12 to 2 .75
" " " Red " " " "la to 8 ' .60
" " ' Tan, nigh button 11 to 13 1.26
" " " ' ' " .... 13to2 150
" " " Kid, front lace, patent tip, square tos 13 to 2 1.25
" " Ladles' Kid Oxford ties Regular price, $1.50, 1.00
" " ' " Prlnc Alberts ". " 8.00, i.25
" " " Oxford ties....... " 2 00, 160
" " " Tan, " " olototop . " " 2.50, 1.60
" " " " Prince Alberts " 3.00, .1.26
" " " " one strap sandals " " 2.25, 1.60
" " " " front lace ... ' 2 50, 2.00
" " " Kid button, patent tip . 2.00, 160
Men's Lace and Congress, good ralua...'. " " 2.00, i.60
These Bargains for Cash, Only.
Carries the most complete stock of musical goods
in the Territory. Mail orders promptly filled ... . ,
The Plaza, - - Las Vegas,
Wholesale Grocers
Wool Dealeis,
East Las Vegas and Albnqnerqne, Neir Mexico
100, loa and 104 North Second St.;
St. Louis, Mo.
826 & 328 Railroad Avenu.
Ranch $3uflies a. Speoialty,
Goods delivered free to all parts ot the city. Call and examine our stooat ot
fore purchasing, and be convinced of our low prices.
W Complete line of Cartridges and Ammunition always on hand.
MRS. R. FLINT, Prop.
Centrally Located. Good Accommodations.
Bates, $1.25 per Day. Board and Boom 95 and $6 per Week.
- Agents For
Great Western Stoves i Ranges
Dealers in
General Hardware and
' Tinware, Paints, Oils, etc.
Masonic Temple.
East ' Las Vegas.
Is Offering the Greatest Values in Dry Goods,
Harness, Clothing, Hats, Caps, Boots,
Shoes and Groceries.
Purchased at a Great Sacrifice, and will
Our Customers the Advantage of this.. .
Special Low Prices on Dress Goods.
A. A. SENECAL. Manager.
and Berries,
For a line of
Shirt Waists.
Shirt Waist Stock
Divided in 3 Lots.
Your choice of
entire line of
and $2 waists
Takes the choice of any Shirt Waist in
the house. Separate collars, . large
sleeves, well made, perfect fitting. This
lot includes all our former $i 75 and $2 00 Waists. , T
Madam Goffrier,
Has Arrived I
.She stands ready to cure all com
plaints, no matter how serious or
long standing. Give her a trial
and be convinced. -
For heavy Percale Shirt Waists.
O Sleeves and perfect fitting.
For a large line of Shirt Waists, large
Sleeves and very desirable colors. ....
East Las Vegas, N. M,

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