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last Las Yogas, New Mexico,
I Extract! from Our Exchange.
E. M. Keitbley, of Las Cruoes, took
a trip to the mauDtnias the past week.
Tom Bourjjnia left Klnoou for Kan
sas City, to ba absent a week or two on
Walter Matthew sustained a bad
gas'i on his hoad by being thrown from
a bicycle at Raton.
D. W. Bethel, at Rinoon. has been
quite ill for several, days past, and is
unair me care oi ur, Hiclmundson.
Mrs. Lea Sbellenberger, who. has
been visiting irienda at Rinoon for
some time, left that plaoe for El
Rev. W. A. Phelps and family re
turned to Las Cruoes from Van Fal
un's resm, where they haVj been the
past mon'.h.
The marriage ceremony of Miss
Mable Gilbert and A. H. Reiling, was
performed at the Episcopal church.
Silver City.
Officer Johnson at Las Cruces ar
rested a Mexioan charged with steal,
ing a calf. The animal was found in
his possession.
Arthur Hand, whose arm was shot
off at Carlisle, two weeks ago last
Monday, died probably from the effects
of seooncUry shock.
To Miss Lizzie Black is due the
credit of growing to a perfect state of
development the first water lily ever
grown in Silver City.
C. J? Summers, who has been ser
iously ill at the Commercial club, Al.
buqimqno, is recovering. He was
able to sit up Wednesday.
Katheriae Miles enjiyed the com
panionship of a number of her play
mates Thursday at Lis Cruoes, in
honor of her seventh birthday.
J, D. Bryan, ex-register of the land
office at Las Cruces, will resume his
practice of law, and has fitted up an
office in the Dassauer building there.
The Southern hotel dining room,
wmuu visa uyoutu ti'juui iWo ieeKS
ago, by Mrs. Williams, has closed for
want of patronage, down at Silver
W.J. Kennedy, oleik at ,H. E.
Fox's jewelry store, will leave Albu
querque, on his vacation. He will
probably visit Denver and Salt Lake
City, before returning.
Smith & Brockmeir's bicycle estab
lishment will be moved to-day from
the old postoflise building to the room
formerly occupied by the Columbus
cafe at Albuquerque.
Rev. A. A. Hyde is giving a series of
sermons in allegory, entitled "Dangers
of the Wilderness," down at Silver
City. Next Sunday nigbt the subject
will be "Dangers ot Strong Drink."
The Silver City & Northern railroad
lias been seriously damaged by the late
floods; many bridges totally swept
away. It is being repaired, however,
and will in a few days be in operation.
The domand for a sporting "park in
Silver City has been growing for some
time and the enterprising citizens who
have been promoting the scheme, are
just putting their ideas into practical
Contractor Strong, of Albuquerque,
is making a large bookcase eleven fast
long for the officers' library at Fort
Wingate. It will contain drawers,
shelves and pigeon holes and will be
shipped to the fort in sections.
Archibald Cousland and Miss
Maggie Murphy were married at the
Southern hotel parlors, Silver City, in
iho presence of a small party of
friends; Rev. E. S. Cross, of the
Episcopal church, performing the
The family of Chas. O'Conner left
Riton for Illinois, where they will leave
Norman, who recently recovered from
a spell of sickness, it is thought the
low altitude of Illinois will prove bene
ficial in his case.
,g. E. Bretherton, manager of the
Silver City smelting and reduction
company, is purchasing and hauling
copper ores from Santa Rita. He has
ruade a successful run with his new
furnaoe for several days, only closing
down once on account of lacK of lime.
Mr. Simpson, of Boston, owner of
the "Copper Flat" mines, and Man
ager Beray, were in Hanover, Wed
nesday. They report many rich finds
8tid expect to ship ore in large quan
tities as rapidly as it can be taken
from the ground. A boarding house
is being built at the camp to accom
, iHodute the large foroes of men recently
fet to work there.
' Chung, a Chinaman cooking for
Supt. F. H. MoDermott, at Steeple
Rock, Grant county, was gambling
with a Mexican, name unknown, last
Thursday night, in the Mtxioan's j isal.
The final pot was won by Chung. The
Mexican tried to scoop in the pot;
Chung objected with a "32," get.
ting the Mexican in the bowels. The
Mexican is still alive and Chung has
the pot. . x
No Sanctity la Garment.
There is no sanctity in garments. A
rose in n man's liat does not enlarge his
piety. Grace is not conveyed by a piece
of lann cr chastity by the wearing of a
cirdle. A black gown has neither more
sense nor better manners than a black
coat. Nor is a black cloak more edify
ing than a fnstiau frock, no more than
a cambric bib is an ntidot against
lewdness or an atonement for it In
dependent Whig, 1719.
A Vtetnl Faahlon.
"Ah, professor, what a charming col
lection of stuffed birds you have here!
Where did yon get them from ?"
"Oh, that is quite simple, I have
been collecting them for years from the
wornout hats of my seven danghters. "
Zur Eiheitervmg.
"Who is this Dr. Holmes?" asked a
ludy of a New England bookseller re
cently, according to the Boston Literary
World. "I've never heard of him, bnt
his wifo, Mary J. Holmes, writes lovely
A German proverb says, Honor the
old, instruct the young, consp.lt the wis
nd bear with the foolish,
By the Persistent Uoo of
Ayer's Sarsapas ilia
. "I was troubled for years with a
sore on my kneo, which several
physicians, who treated nic, called a
cancer, assuring mo that nothing
could be done to save my life. As
a last resort, I was induced to try
Ayer's Siirsaimrilla, and, after tak
ing a number of bottles, the sore
began to disappear and my general
health improve. I persisted in this
treatment, until tlio sore was en
tirely healed. Since then, I use
Ayer's Sarsaparilla occasionally as
a tonic and blood-purifier, and, in
deed, it seems as though I could not
keep house without it." Mrs. S. A,
Fields, Bloomfield, la.
The Only World's Fair Sarsaparilla.
Ayer's Pills Regulate the Liver..
Rev. C. L. Bovard will hold the
fourth quarterly tr.collng at the Silver
City Methodist church, August 9.h.
Your Boy Won't Live a Month.
So Gilman Brown, cf Si Mill street,
Month finrHnpr. Mflc?,. WAS toM h7 Ih3
doctors. His son had lung trouble,
following typhoid malaria, and he
spent $375 with doctor.?, who finally
gave him up, saying, "Your boy won't
live a month." He tried Dr. King's
New Discovery, and a few bottles re
stored him to health and enable! him
to go to work a perfectly well man.
He says he owes bis present good
health to the use of Dr. King's New
Discovery, ami knows it to be the best
in the world for lung trouble,
Trial botiles ' free at Murphey
VanPetten Drug Co's. drug stores, Las
Vegas and East Las Vegas; at whole
sale by Browne & Maozuuarcs Co.
Kilppr fIifp la ntiw in Iho miffs! r.f
the gTcattst matrimonial harvest known
to its history.
. - - '
Mrs. Rhodid Noah, of this place, was
taken in the nigbt with cramping pains
and the next day diarrhoea set in. She
took half a bottle of blackberry cordial
but got no relief. She then sent to me
to see if I had anything that would
help her. I sent her a bottle of Cham
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy and the tirst dose relieved
her. Another of our neighbors had
been sick for about a week and had
tried different remedies for diarrhoea,
but kept getting worse. I sent him
this same remedy. Only four doses of
of it were required to cure him. He
says he owes hit reooveiy to this won
derful remedy. Mrs. Mary Sibky.Sid
ney, Mich. For sale by K. D. Good
all, Depot drug store.
John Shryock, of Lss Ciuces, has
one of the new viviscopes, which
affords much pleasure to frequenters of
the "Only second ciass suioon iu the
United States."
Remember only such medicines
were admitted for exhibition at the
World's Fair as aro accented for use,
by physicians, in the'practice of medi
cine, Ayer's Sarsaparilla, Ayer's Cher
ry Pectoral, and Ayer'3 Pills bsing in
cluded in the list. They are standard
W. M. Sanders & Co', of Tularosa,
made an assignment to E. E Banner
Their liabilities are G,OUO; assets, un
known. Let The WMe World v
Know The Good
Dr.Miles' Heart Oire Does I
EATtT DISEASE, has Ui victim at a
disadvantage. Always tous'it Uat
heart disease Is lucuralle, vr.'ioatho
symptoms become well deuced, tta patient
becomes rl.-u-incd aud a nervous p-auic takes'
flace. But w-ca a sure rorceiJy is tocnJ
and a u aro effected, sfte.r years of sulTc-riai?..
there Is urea rejoicing and desire ta "iot
tho whole world know." Mrs. Laura Wlne
in"er, of SciUrk, J:'-nas, 'writes: "1 desire
tolet tho wliols wor;d know what Dr. Miles'
Dr. Miles'
Heart Cure
Heart, Oura has dono for
me. For tea years 1 had
pain in my heart, short
ness of breath, palpita
tion, pain in ray leftside,
oppressed feeling iu my
ce&i, rfeak and hungry
spells, bad 6raUJ-!. cyiW- not lie on either
side, was numb and suffered wrriWy. I took
Dr. Miles' Heart Cure and before ifit.l.- hifi
the second bottle I felt Its rood effacls, I eel
now that I am fully recovered, aud that Dr.
Miles' Heart Cure saved my lire."
Dr. Miles' HeartCuro 1b eold on guarantee
that first bottle benefits, or money refuudco.
In -
' Pre Pill.
Semi your addns to II. E. Uueklon
& Co., Chicago, and got a free sample
oox of Dr. King's Now Life Tills. A
trial will oonvince you of their merits.
Tin 83 pills are easy in noiioii and are
particularly effeotive in the cure of
Constipation and Sick Headache For
malaria and Liver troubles they have
been proved invaluable. They aro
guaranteed to bo perfectly free from
every deleterious substance and to be
purely vegetable. 1'hey do not weaken
by tbeir action, but by giving tone to
stomach and bowels, greatly .invigorate
the system. Regular size 25 ) per box.
So'd by Murphey-Van Telten Drug
Co's. ; Las Vegas and East Los Vegas,
ana at wholesale by the lirowne
Manzanarcs Co.
.G. Biavaschl is getting along finely
with the building of his new business
house, down in Socorto.
Do you lark faith and love health P
us eetiumaU jour luito ana restore
your neaitn with ue Witt's Hnrsapa
rilla. Winters Drug Co.
There will be no lack of candidates
fcr the various cilices in Socorro
county, this fall.
"Wake up, Jacob,day is breaking!"
bo said Ds Witt's Little Early Risers to
the man who had taken tbera to arouse
his sluggish liver. Winters Drug Co
There are sidewalK-politioians in So
cotro who can tell just what the result
of next fall's presidential eleotion will
l'a-,3 the good word along tho lino
Piles can bu quickly cured without an
operation by simply applying DeWitt's
Witch lluzel Salve. Winters Drug Co
Miss Maggie Murpby was married to
Archibald Cousland, doivn in Silver
Pure blood means good health. De
Witt's Sarsaparilla purines tho blood,
cures Eruptions, Eezjma, Seiofula and
nil diseases arising from impure blood.
Winters Drug; Co.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Perkins, of
Hillsboro, bfcve gone to their Chi iride
ranch to stay during the heated term.
We are anxious to do a little good in
this world and can lhink of no plens
anter or better wuy to do it than by
recommending One Minute Cough Cure
as a preventive of pneumonia, consump
tion and other serious lung troubles
that follow neglected colds. Winters
Drug Co.
Harry Lino left Lis Cruces, for
Ohio, to visit his parents. He will be
gone about two months.
It would ba hnrd to convince a man
suffering from bilious colic that his
agony is duo to a. mi'Tobe with an un
pronouncablo name. But one dose of
DeWitt's Colio & Cholera Cure will
convince him of its power to afford in-
staut relief. It kills pain. V inters
Drug Co.
N Spa'.cier returned to Lis Cruces,
from Hudson" rprings. Mr. Spalcier's
health is much improved.
Small in eiz, but great in reeulis.
DeWitt's Little Early Risers act gently
but thoroughly, cuiing indigestion,
dyspepsia and constipation. Small
pill, safe pill, best pill. Winters Drug
Mrs. W.&fcskidiiiore and son Will
came in to Las Cruces from the "Bennett-Stephenson"
Persons who have a coughing spcli
every night, on account of a tickling
senbatiou in the throat, may overcome
it at once by a dose of One Minute
Cough Cure. j. Winters Drug Co.
Pi of. 0. II. T. Towuseud returned
home to Las Cruces, from a tour of
Yucatan and Central America.
Just now everybody is beginning to
take a Spring Medicine. And it is a
good thing to do provided you take
Simmons Liver Regulator tbe best
Spring Medicine. It's a sluggish liver
that cgs the system and makes bad
blood. A dose a day of Simmons Liver
lt?gulati r will make a new man out of
you, and a new woman too. Look for
the Red Z on the package. It is Sim
mons Liver Regulator you wml. .
Mrs. Maquina Brooks, of Ruton,died
in Trinidad.
When we consider ibatthe inlestines
are about five times as long as the
body, we can realize the intense suffer
itg experienced when they become in
ilamed. DdWitt's Colic & Cholera
Cure subdues inflammation at once
and completely removes the difficulty.
Winters Drug Co.
t .
l'rof. G. W. Miles, of Rincon, was
in ILmcv-r, Sunday."
Eli Hill, Lumber City, Pa , writes:
I have been suffering from piles for
twenty-five years and thought my case
incurable. DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salvo was recommended to me as a
pile cure, so I bought a box and it
performed a permanent cure." This
is only one of thousands cf similar
cafes. Eczema, sores and skin dis
eases yield quickly when it is used.
Winters Druf Co. .
A moonlight rida was enjoyed by a
number of Las Cruces young folks.
riles, Pllea Mies.
A sure cure for Blind, Bleed
:r g and Itching Piles. Dr. Kirk's
German Pile Ointment has cured the
worst ceseg of ten years' standing by
three cr four applications. No one
need sufier ten micjiles after using
Dr. Eirk's Gertusn Tils Ointment
Onr agent, tlr. Goodall, will warrcnl
every box. Pnce fl.OO. Sold at
Depot drug store I.f. Vepst
Mrs! Woomer, mother of Mr.i. T. B.
Suvoge, left Las Ciuccs for Colorado.
The bet salve in the world f.ircuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, s:ilt i u. i.,u, fever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chill
blains, corns and all skia eruptions,
and positively cures piles, or no pay
rrqnired. It is guratced to giro per
Jeot satijfact'on or money re(j.id; d.
Price 5 cents per bo?. for sale by
Murphej-Vsn Petten Drug Co., Las
Vegas cud East Las Vegas. At whole
sal by Browne & Manzanare Co. 1
Las Vegas, the Chief City
of New MexicoSome
of Her Resources,
Attractions and
Advantages. "
Las Vegas, moaning "The Meadows,"
is the county aeat of tiau Miguel county
Ilea on both sides, of the Oallinaa river,
aud, with its suburba, has about 10,000
It baa water works, atreot oars, aro and
Incandescent electric light plant, telephone
exchanges, Territorial agricultural experi
ment station, headquarters of the Atchi
son railway system, New Mexico division,
together with railroad machine shops and
tio-presorvlug works, stock yards, and the
largest eh'eep shearing and dipping plant
In tbe United States.
West of the river, the old town has ths
qanlnt and picturesque Mexican appear
ance adobe bouses, narrow, crooked
streets, native people and euBtoms, handi
crafts and occupations; but the plaza and
all of the new town, east of tbe river, con
stitute a distinctive American city. The
streets are wide and well graded, while
sidewalks abound, shaded with growing
trees. Three parka, filled with grass and
trees, add to the beauty and healthfulneaa
of tbe place. Handsome and well-filled
stores, beautiful residences, and Innumera
ble luwns, Eet in grass and adorned with
shrubbery and flowers, combine to pro
claim a cultured community, possessed of
all modern comforts and conveniences.
A city hall, three public school buildings,
court-bouso, Maeonic toniple, opera bouse.
Territorial Normal school and Territorial
Iuaane asylum are public buildings, con
structed of red and white cut sandstone,
unsurpassed in beauty by similar edifices
in any town, of equal size, in tbe States
An Academy, Seminary, Jesuit college,
Convent school, Presbyterian Mission
school, Methodist manual training school,
Christian Brothers' institute, City high
school, tbreo graded public Bchools, a kin
dergarten, a commercial school and two
music schools, besides ?everal private teach
ers, are among ths educational advantages
and facilities.
Las Vegas is the natural sanatorium of
the United States, combining more nat
ural advantages than any other place ta
America. Her thermal waters are the
equal of tbe Hot Sprines of Arkansas,
while her climate is iunnitelv superior.
There is no malaria, no excessive heat or
cold, no gnats, rats or mosquitoes. The
air is pure, dry, rarifled, and highly elec
trified a certain cure for consumption, if
the disease bo taken in time. The hot
waters are a specirlo for liver, skin, rheu
matic and blood disorders. Her Montezu
ma hotel is' tho finest hostelry between
Chicago and California, and ia situated in
a beautiful canyon, five miles from town,
where the Hot Springs, forty in number,
come boiling to the surface.
The latitude is about tbe Bams as that ol
central Tennessee, while the altitude is
nearly H.5U0 feet. This combination gives
peculiar, but mast nappy, result. In tbe
winter, during tbe day, the thermometer
seldom falls. In the shade, below forty de
grees, while it often runs, in the sunshine,
to sixty-five degrees or .even more. On
the other baud, in the summer, the beat is
never oppressive, m tbe shade, and no
nigbt is too warm for comfortable sleep,
under one or two blanketa. Tbe sun will
shine nine days out of every ten, tbe year
round. This, with tbe extreme dryness of
tbe air, caused by tbe very sllgbt precipi
tation of moisture; the resinous aroma,
rolling down from the pine-elad moun
tains; tbe large amount of electricity in
tbe air, and tbe consequent ozone, result
ing from thealtitude ; and tbe location of the
town, land-locked by mountain and mesa
these all conspire to produce an atmos
phere which is a balm to all diseases of the
respiratory .organs. The percentage of
death from consumption is lower in New
Mexico tban it is anywhere else in the
United States; and no other place In New
Mexico excels lias Vegas in me saiuonty
of its climate. Asthmatics experience
immediate and permanent relief, in this
In the way of health and pleasure re
sorts, Las Vegas Is unrivaled. In a radius
of twenty miles, in romantic mouutain
glens and beside babbling mountain brooks,
are ths Las Vegas Hot Springs, Harvey's,
El Porvenir, Sandoval's Miaeral Hill, Ro
mero lianch, Blake's, sparks', ttapeuo,
Rociada, and other places, too numerous
to mention, where health can be recovered,
and life beeomes a pleasure to tha ennuye,
Las Veqas has two daily and Ave weekly
papers, three banks, two building and loan
associations, three hotels, many boarding
bouses, nine churches, a number of clubs,
and all the leading civic and social socie
ties; a roller flour inUl, capacity, fifty bar
rels per day ; two wool-scouring establish
ments, cleaning 1,500,000 pounds of wool
annually: a . well-eauiDoed brewery and
bottling establishment; a manufactory of
mincriil and carbonated waters; two wag
on and carriage factories; a saddle and
harness factory; a foundi. elec
trio light plant, three planing mills,
and other enterprises of less importance.
There are elput large wnoiesaia nouses,
whose trade extends throughout the Ter
ritory, and into the adjoining sections;
while tbe volume of this trade, and the
value of the stocks which they carry, oan
not be duplicated west of Kansas City and
sou'h of Denver. Three merchants' brok
ers have selected the city as their distrib
uting canter, the amount of their yearly
sales exceeding, in the aggregate, the com
bined sales of all otber sucn brokers in
flew Mexico. The retail merchants, of
Las Vegas, are more numerous, and carry
larger and better stock8 of goods tban do
tbe retail merchants of any other town in
this Territory or Arizona.
Las veqas ia the distributing point for
nearly all New Mexico. By the Atchison
system, sbe has connection with Kansas
on the east, Colorado on the north, Arizo
na and California on the west, and Texas
and Old Mexico on the south. Besides
thf so, she has more stage lines, connecting
br with tributary territory, than baa any
other town in Now Mexico. This'territory
includes tbe entire section east and south
of tbe mouRtain8, and comprises the coun
ties of Colfax, Mora, Taos, San Miguel,
Sauta Jfe, Boeorro, Dona Ana, Grant,
Chaves, Lincoln and Eddy, with parts of
Vnlpnnin nnrl Rernalillo a countrv larsar
tban all New England. This takes in the
famous Valley of ihe Rio uraode, and tha
less famous, but not less excellent, Valley
f ths Feces the nncst irutt sections or
the west.
This Territory Is rich in everything that
constitutes the Wealth of Nations. Iron,
coal, lead, 'silvtr, gold, mica, limestone,
SHUutitone, marbles, gypsum, soda In end
ess variety and exhaustlesa quantities,
are among the several products of the
country wh'ch Lks Vegas commands.
e-nee;., caiue auu ju timer uut unu, an inai
In each of thirse prime orttcka of commerce
thix oity ts tbe best market in New Mexico.
SLe handle more wocl than all the other
wiwua in tha Torritorv combined, while
her commerce Id hides is truly enormous.
Ia tho same wet, sbe stands pre-eminent
fur ber trcas in grains, hay, vegetables,
and other farm inducts: while her trade
n ipc, g;jthi-re(J in th neighboring moun
tain oiiuor.i, extends eaat into Kansas,
e-t into Arizona, and south into Old
Uouglas in, ftulclier Shop.
Fresh ranch eggs received daily, fell
more meat for a dollar, than any market
in tbe city.
The Best
: SmoklngTobacco Made
Bay Grayson, of Hillsboro. has lust
n nsnea the tirst saddle ever made in
Sierra county. It is for himself and is
a very substantial one.
If the bair has boen made to grow a
natural color on br Id heads in thou-
sands of cases, by the use of Hall's
Hair Kenewer, why will it not in your
Several Deinieg families will start
about tbe first of August for a month's
camping trip in the upper Mimbres
Chamberlain's Coueh Eomedv cures
colds, croup and whooping cough. It
is pleasant, safe and reliable. For sale
by K. D. Goodall, Depot Drug Store.
The young ladles of the Baptist so
ciety, at Ros well, 'gave an exhibition
at Sparks' ball, down there, consisting
of the "Peak Sisters," with other
choice selections of a literary and
musical cnaracter.
Oharcborlaln'a Eye and Skin Ointment
Is unequalled for Eczema. Tetter. Salt-
Elieum, Scald Head, Sore Nipples, Chapped
Hands, Itching Piles, Burns, Frost Bites,
Chronic Sore Eyes and Granulated Eye Lids.
For sale by druggists at 25 cents per box.
For tinttllUT n hnrso in n finA !na1f1,t, ven
dition trv Dr. Cnrlv'a f'nnrlJlinn Pnwdora
They tone up the system, aid digestion, cure
loss of appetite, relieve constipation, correct
kidnejr disorders and destroy worms, giving
new life to an old or over-worked horse. 25
cents per package Forsalo by druggists.
ConnlV Clerk Thomas "!. TTall. nf
Hillsboro, purchased a half-interest in
mo "rreiourg - gom mine irom John
Las Vegas Roller Mill,
. JT. U, SMITH, Prop'r.
Location: On tbe hot springs branch rail
way, East Las Vegas, New Mexico.
Your Patronage Solicited
Montezuma Restaurant
Center St., Bast Las Vegas.
Best Twenty-five Cent
Meals in Town .
Tables supplied with everything; the mar
ket affords. Patronage solicited.
Florist aii Landscape Garflener.
Cut flowers always on hand.
SantaFe Rome
10 28pm
2 25pm
4 27pmi
9 lf?m
10 3) pm
10 30pm
7 WHm
6 00am
12 Slam
Kansas City
11 'tpm
8 lfipm
6 80pm
8 00pm
1 10pm
8 15am
S 15am
10 10pm
10 50pm,
iu .Kipui
12 50pm
7 25pm
io mpm
12 07am
3 ( 5am:
110 5am I i)emlng in fiOawl
jlMtoml Kl Paso 10 00am
8 lOami Gallup gSSpmi
1 Sfipm Wlnslow 9 85am
4?0pra Flag'taff 7 27im
GORrim'Los Angeles 7 00am
1046amSanFrancls 630pm
Leave Dally.
703 703 701 CARP KO. a 70S 704
5:P0p 3:00p 9:80a Las Vppas 2:lfipl-g0p
5:06p 8.06p!):35 llridga St. :10p 4:5p
5:lSP8:lSp1,a Upper L.V. lrS7p4 12p
6 !35p :25p 9 :SSa l'laolta 1 :iwp 4 :05p
5. 80p l:S0p 10: a HotSprlngs 1 16p 4:O0p
Arrive Dally
Leave !Daliy.
No, 1 and t. Pacific and Atlantic express,
have Pullman t alace drawing-room cara,
tonrlst sleeping cars and coaches between
Chicago and I os Angeles. San Diego and
San Kranclsco, and Pullman palace
cars and cooches between Cnioago and the
City of Mexico, K. p-irK.ANV,
Gen,' Agent, fcl l'auo.Tei.
T. F. A P. A., El Paso, Tex.
CaAS.r Jones,
Agent, Lai Vegai.N.M,
Givoib Aivay"
this year in valuable f
articles to smokers of (
o Genuine
You will find one coupon In
side each 2-ounce bag, and two
coupons inside each 4-ounce
bag. Buy a bag, readthecoupou
anu see now to get your share.
Barber Miopa.
Tonsorlal Parlors.
- Center Street.
Bon-ton, Bt. Louis, Long Branch, ronad
senator, and round, square and box pom
padour a specialty.
Center Street,
O. L. Gregory, Prop.
Only skilled workmen employed. Hot
and cold baths In connection.
Sixth street and Grand sventie
Dry Soodc.
M. Romero, Manager,
Bouth Bide Plaia
County Surveyor.
veyor. Office, room 1, City Hall.
Physicians and Burgeons.
Las Texas. N. M. Office hours: 11 to
12a. m., t to 4 p.m. ,7 to 8 p.m..
Malboeuf building, up stairs.
N. M.
A ttor n ey 8-at-Liaw.
building, east side of plaia, Las Vegas,
Office ln Union block. Sixth atreet.
East Las Vegas, N. M.
XV Santa Fe, N. M. (P. O. Box F.) Prac-
uwb iu vuo lujimuia iuri uitu uti ibirict
conrta of the Territory. Special attention
given no opanisn ana Mexican grant titles
ana mimngiuigauon.
man's block, East Laa Vegr.a, N. M.
not water ana not air. sewer ana
drainage. East Las Vegas, M. M
Western Division.
CEs:i Time Talle No. 38.
J. W. Relnhart, John J. McCook, -
' receivers.
In effect Sunday, August 6th, 1895.
Wbbtwaku. j
ibG k mm
B'fATIONa. Kastwakd.
Chicago 10 80 p 8 80 a
Eansaa City 7 00 a 5 00 p
Denvor 5 15 p 8 80 p
LAS VEQAS 3 45a 2 55 p
Albuquerque 8 15 p 9 00 a
Ooolldge 8 86 p 4 35 a
Win Kate 8 05 p 4 08 a
Gallup 2 20 p 8 40 a
Ilolbrook 10 40 a 12 20 a
Wlnslow 9 31 a 11 05 p
FlagstaS 7 7 a 9 46 p
Williams 6 05 a 8 55 p
Ash Fork 4 50 a 6 40 p
Kingman 11 82 p 12 80 p
The Needles 8 65 p 10 00 a
Blake 7 25 p 8 30 a
Daggett . 3 85 p 8 45 a
Barstow 2 10 p 8 20 a
'Mojave 10 00 a
ILos Angeles 7 00a 8 00 p
San Francisco 8 80 p 8 80 p
6 00 pi
10 OOp
1 55 p
7 00 p
7 25 p
v lua
4 OOp
13 10 p
4 4Qp
4 Mp
5 25 p
8 10 p
8 009
8 05 a
8 25 a
9 10 a
12 80 p
i sop
4 20 p
7 40p
1 55a
4 40a
6 25a
11 lis p
Vi a
1 58 a
s 48 a
7 50a
9 20a
1 40 p
11 45 a
t 10 p
2 20 p
8 OOp
8 05 p 8 Up
10 45 alio 46 a
Summer or Winter.
The Santa Fe route Is the most com'orta
ble railway between California and the
The meal? at Harvey's Dining Booms are
an excellent feature or tne line.
The Grand Canon of the Colorado can be
reached ln no other way,
Gen. Pass. Agent, Ls Angeles, Oal.
Aeat. Gen. Pass. Agent, San Franclsoc.
Geo. H. Hutchison & Co.
Real Estate,
Mines, and
For Sale or Lease.
and Builder.
Office next door west ol Th Optic,
QEXENNIAL LKAGUK-Regelar meeting
?t B,e,c?i'ulule",',luy even'n 01 euch month
at I. O. O. F. hull.
n B. J. riAMiLTOM, Pres,
N. B. Bosriibkbt, Sec'y.
I. O. O. V.
J",m8 V106 LODGE No. 4, meets every
JMondar evening at their hall, sixth
fAviBatoSttSd." breth,en Me c5rdltt"T
S. O. OiWIOW, W. Q.
F. W. FtBCK, Bec'y.
A. O. C. W.
T)"MOND LODGE No. 4, meets drat and
Wyman Block, Douglaa avenue. Vloltlng
brethren are oordlolly invited.
. j 11 uji mi 11,1,, m. w.
Gko. w. NorKS, Recorder
F P. Bebzoo, Financier.
K. of V.
1nD,9?D.?.L.PGS,No- their
i?'tl".HaS ln l,,e Clement block, corner
2i"5h ,tft nnd Gran1 avenue, over the
always weloooie; " ' ,aer "
t t . B- o. Labimobi, C. O.
L. J. MABCDS. E. 0K. A 8.
T)1!. temple, no. 1, Kathbone Sis
7..i' " mtnwiw vi lue uruer aiwavs
welcome. mBs. O. e. mnw 1
AlBS. M. B. WltMAMS, H. E. fa
A. W. &A.M.
thirrt j age' t meeta first and
w " . wiui(r, wi eacu montn.m
Oboiiio BosmwAip, Sec.
Till lam Dn.ol A..h n, t .
lnylted. L D. Winn. Hi. H. p
TiBMuumuittuuBry, flu. a. itegQiai
montu Visiting Knights cordially wel
comed. Q. A. Rothorh n f!
J-J8elect Masters. Regular 'convocation
-" w cbuu uiuuuii. oauciuary in
Masonic temple. Geo, T. Goold.
vlted to attend these bodies.
Eastern Star
R'SJ1" eommnnioationa seoond andfourtb
xharedav evenings.
Miss Lizzib Bowmbb, Worthy Matron.
A. F. Bicnediot, Worthy Patron.
Mas. Emma Benedict, Treasurer.
All rlllitlnff hmthap.an
invited. Mas. Mattib Mcrbat, Secretary ,
John Shank, President. '
. ii. m. Koss, Vice-President.
J. B. Moore, Sec'y and Treas.
V H. Jameson, Manager,
L. G. Jameson.
Las Tups -TiItHnu Co.
Cor. Manianares and Lincoln Aves.
East Las Vegas, N. M.
Electric Door Bells, Burglar
Alarms and Private Telephones pu
in at reasonable rates.
Successor to J. 8. Elston,
SB urn ram
Olazins, Paper Hanging, Etc.
Shop Opposite Express Office.
Practical Horseshoer,
General Blaeaamithlng, Wagon and
Carriage Repairing, neatly and
promptly done .
Opposite Browne & Blansanares Co.,
Martin & Howard,
Contractors & Bailflers.
Plant R.nrl snonifioHflp fr,i.l,1
. r .luuujiim
free to patrons. Shop fiext door to
aoagatpn's Hardware Store.
JT. c. omott.
Job Work and Repairing, House Mot
ing ana aaismg a specialty.
Manufacturer of
And dealer ln
Heavy . Hardwares
Every kind of wagon material on hand
Horseshoeing and repairing a specialty
Grand and Manaanares Avenues, East La
Claim Agent.
Indian JJepredation Claims a
onecialty. '
Isaac B. Hltt A Co., Chicago, 111., Bnr
Celt, Thompson A aw, Washington, D. O.,
are associated with me in caaea before tbe
Court oi Clalma.
Street Railway.
JOHN SHANK, Manager.
Cars every fifteen minutes, from 8. a. m.
to e p. m.
300 tickets for 5.00
100 tickets for 3.60 '
25 tickets for fl.OO
Job Printing
Of every description
executed with neatneai
and despateh

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