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Trll I) AILY OPtlE
R. A. KISTLBK, Bdltar and Proprietor.
Kntered at the Kast Las Veras, V. M .,
postomce (or transmission through . Hie
nails as second-clus matter,
ornoiAL rirorTHB um.
Special Notice.
Lj Vboas Dailt orTia-Dellvered by mall,
post-paid, f 111.00 per annum; U.ouforslx
months; J.w for tliroa mouth, by ear-
rler, cents per weeK.
Ltl VKUAI WCBKLT OPTIO 58 Columns, de
livered bjr mall, post-paid, I'i.OO per an
num, 11.00 for six uiontlx, 160 fur three
month!. Blntile copies In wrapper, scents.
Hample copies ol fioth dalir and weekly,
mailed free when desired, (live poftomee
address In full, Including atata.
OouHBaroMPKNoa-iontalnlnK wa, solid
tail from all uarts of the cc'llltrr. Uoni-
munlcatlous addreaaed to the editor of
lut uptio, to Inaure attention, ahould be
accompanied by the writer's full name
and addreaa, not for publication, but aa a
guaranty of good faith.
BiMiTTAMOES May be made by drart money
order, postal not, express or reentered
letter at our risk. Addreaa all lettera and
telegrams to - th wrrio,
Baat Las Venal. Naw Mexico
For President,
william Mckinley.
Of Ohio.
For Vice-President,
Of New Jersey.
"To all our products, to tboae of tbe
mine and the field, aa well as those of the
shop and factory, to WOOL, the products
of the great Industry of sheep husbandry,
as well as to tbe finished woolens of tbe mill,
we promise the most ample protection."
National Republican Platform.
Explorer Nansen is far enough on
his return from bis polar expedition to
report his safety and a successful voy.
nge, together with his belief that his
theory about reaching the north pole is
correct. He sends word that be would
have reached tbe pole, if he could have
trken more time, and that he did pen
etrate the ioy region farther than any
previous explorer, says 'the Pittsburg
Dispatch. (
Well, Nansen will be welcomed back
home and made much of, though he
may not be able to add much to the
world's store of geographical or scien
tific knowledge. He may even be en
couraged to go back, for he is an un.
usually good follow among tbe Arctic
explorers. His strongest merit is that
when be goes up in the ice, he is able
to bring himself and his crew home
again without the aid of a lot of relief
expeditions and other trouble. This is
a point about an Arctij investigator
that cannot be commended too highly.
Mr. Nansen's theory is that the ice
currents flow up over the pole and
come down on tbe east coast of Green
land, and he had expected to merely
drift with the current in his light little
ship from the coast of Franz Joseph
land and come down on tbe other side
of the world. As be reports a lack of
time to complete his journey, it may L-s
assumed that either the ice current was
too slow for his stock of provisions, or
that he discovered intervening land,
and instead of waiting until his men
began to eat' each other, he philoso
phized that to-morrow is another day,
and started home for a better equip,
ment. Whatever flora and 'fauna he
may bring with him will be of tbe
rarest, for has he not been where civil
ized man never was before? There
will not be much of either, of course,
but more scientific interest will attach
to what the explorer has to offer in con
firmation or contradiction of the cur
rent theory he started with. It he
found evidence of a moving ice current,
he has, no doubt, oommitted to it some
tokens which he will expect to find car
ried over to the east coast of Greenland
in time, and that time will serve as a
basis for estimating the speed of the
current. ,
All hail, Nansen! A devoted scien
tist, a close observer, a clever theorist
and an original explorerotherwise
an explorer who sets a new precedent
by bringing himself back safely.
One of the strongest arguments tbe
gold standard papers in the east make
is that the silver issue is simply for the
benefit of millionaire silver mine own
ers of the western states. New Mexi
co is a silver producing Territory, but
how many millionaire silver mine cw
ers has she, and how many silver mines
in New Mexico ever produced a million
of dollars P , People, living in silver
mining districts know how ridiculous
such talk is. Sliver mining Is the most
hazardous of all mining propositions,
and if tbe real truth was known, there
has been a great deal more money
spen t iu mining silver than the product
itself is worth. This silver king talk
may go all right In tbe east, but we
westerners know that It is mere politi
cal buncorab,
mo CA
1 SL 7"i;,' -SB 1
If (he ruij'ldtfui of Oxli territory
want protection they should send sll
verltt and protectionist to congress
to use bis Influence there. . .There, can
be do protection law passed, It silver Is
Ignored in the next congress. -
D ' ' r. .
INew Mexico,
who ber aiversillud
(del fluanclsl 'relief
Industries, will
quicker than any other state or; Terri
tory la the union, with the return of
prosperity to the oouotry, and . more
espeolally will this be true If statehood
is given os. ' " t M
Thomas Wilson, assistant oommls
sary general ol subsistence, Is now on
the army's retired list. He was a West
Point classmate of McPherson, Jhil
enertaan and Sohofleld. More than
twenty members of that class of 1853
lived to hear themselves called gen.
El Tito," a famous Spanish torea
dor, was recently killed In bull fight
at Perplgnan, Franoe, The animal
that killed "El Tito" had taken part
in many battles, anil had in conse
quence become abnormally artful, of ten
tricking his foes by wholly unexpected
maneuvers. ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '.. !
England and Australia are the only
islands whiob exceed Cuba in natural
resources. When not wasted by war
Cuba produces, witn a large sbare of
ber soil untouched, $100,000,000 worth
of sugar and tobaooo annually, besides
tbe products of orchards and forests,
rivers and mountain mines. ' '
A MHhtBKB of the Germania Waiters'
union in New York was discharged
from his position as a waiter in a cer
tain ball on tbe complaint of a number
of compositors that "be couldn't serve
beer with tbe graoe and dexterity of a
waiter accustomed to wait npon print,
An American who recently saw Max
Nordau in a cafe in Paris, says of him ;
No wonder he abases everybody, for
be is the very quintessential figure of
gall and bitterness. He is small and
malicious, and as hairy as a monkey.
His eyes are large, and when he is not
glaring at Ibsen, Wagner and Master
linck, they are fine and rather sad in
The laving of the corner stone of
the Sisters' new sanitarium, yesterday,
was an : occasion long to. oe remem
bered by this city. It marks tbe reali
zation of a long-cherished plan io
fact, of dozens of them looking to
tbe establishment of a suitable place
for the treatment of the numerous
cases of seriously diseased sufferers
who naturally drift to this, the great
est health-giving climate on earth
That the sanitarium will soan be com.
pleted and ready to start on its God
given mission is matter of congralula
tion to the whole Territory.
None But Ayer'a at the World's Pair.
Ayer's Sarsapanlla enjoys the ex
traordioary distinction of bavin? been
tbe only blood punher allowed an ex
hibit at the World's fair, Chicago.
Manufacturers of other Sarsapaullas
sought by every means to obtain a
showing of their goods, but tbey were
all turned away under the application
of the rule forbidding the entry of
patent medicines and nostrums. The
decision of tbe World's fair authorities
in favor of Ayer's Sarsaparilla was in
effect as follows : "Ayer's Sarsaparilla
is not a patent medicine. It does not
belong to the list of nostrums. It is
here on Its merits.1'
No Crow In Oars.
From tbe New Mexican.
The Springer Stockyian Is probably
quite uo previous in us ueciarauon
that tbe Las Vegas Optic threatens to
support the democratio nominees this
fall, but surely the Optic, which has
openly repudiated the McKinley-Hanna
gold platform, will be in a fix in case
tbe approaching republican convention
at Las Vegas stands by that platform.
And if it doesn't, then Jije Albuquerque
Citizen is the republican organ that will
beat a disadvantage all through the
campaign. Somebody , has got to eat
crow, whichever way, the republican
muddle terminates.
Up to Date 1806
Tbe most complete tariff text book
ever published is the new edition of
'Tariff Facts tor Speakers and Stu
dents," defender document No. 9 260
pages, just out. Publisher, the Ameri
can Protective Tariff ' league. Cam
paign text bosks Issued just before ihe
election are of little value. The tariff
league is to be congratulated on its
foresight io getting out its band book
so early in the year. Order by num
ber only. Sent to any address for
twenty-five cents. Address W. F.
Wakeman, general secretary, 135 West
twentv-third street, New York. "
George Miller was before Justice
Roberts, at Eddy, charged with carry.
mg a ueauiy weapon, ne ttts acquitted
Sometimes it seems
to weary woman that
she must certainly
give tip. The sim
plest and easiest
work becomes an
almost insurmount
able task. Nervous
ness, sleeplessness
aiid pain harass her
and life seems hardly
worth the living. .
ut. rierce-s favor;
ite Prescription' was
made for her,
Pierce's. Golden Medical
made for her
The former is for tfu
e ills
distinctly feminine, the other for her Fen.
eral system. Together they supply a scien
tific and successful course of treatment
The " Favorite Prescription " restores
healthy, regular action to the organs dis
tinctly feminine. It forces out all impuri
ties, strengthens the tissues, allays inflam.
mat ion. The "Golden Medical Discov
ery " makes appetite, helps digestym,
promotes assimilation, fills out the hollows
in cheeks and neck with good solid flesh
and brings back the gladsome glow of girl
hood. With these remedies there is no
aeca of aet-i "wti.
'fi-TtY l
- Igiah led
Elood al absolutely1 , essential to health.
It Is secured eeaily and naturally by
taking Hood's Sarsaparilla, but Is lin-
possible to got It from so-called " uerve
tonics," and opiate compounds, ab
surdly advertised as "blood purl
flora." They have temporary, slurping
effect, but do not CURE. To have pure
And good health, take Hood's SarsB)arllla,
Which has first, last, and all tbe time,
:t been advertised as Just what It Is the
' beat medicine for tho blood ever pro
duced. . Its succeas In curing Scrofula,
1 Bait Bheum, Rheumatism, Catarrh,
Dyspepsia, Nervous Prostration and
' That Tired Feeling, have mads
The One True Blood Turlner. All druggists.? 1.
' 1 nt 1 1 re purely vegetable, ro
IlOOdft FlllS liable and beuellclaL 2M.
They Don't Love LI. .
From tbe Eddy Argus.
Tbe Argus has Just made the dis
covery that Li Hung Chang, the Chi
nese diplomat, who is at present tour
ing Europe, and expects very shortly
to visit .the United States, is not in
favor with tha olestials of Eddy.
When asked regarding bis ability,
their remarks are anything but com.
plimentary. They assert that bis pres
ent journey around the country is for
tbe sole purpose of securing money.
He is also aocused of having sold out
to the Japanese during the late war.
On the whole, the Chinese population
of this seotion is not filled with great
feneration for the time.honored states
man, and the Argus would advise
against his visiting this metropolis. , -
They Never Touched Him.' i
From tbe Lordsburg Liberal.
It is quite well known in politioal
circles that Collector of Internal ' Kev
enue Shannon and tbe democratio
gang at Santa Fe do not get along
very well together. In fact, that gang
Is altogether too tough for a man like
Shannon to associate with. Tbe gang
has been trying to get rid of Shannon,
and many and numerous - are tbe
oharges that tbey have made against
mm. finally me department at wasn
ington concluded to investigate tbe
office, and sent out a special inspector
to find the shape affairs were in. The
inspectors dropped into the cilice un
expeotedly and gave it a most thorough
Inspection. He reported to the de
partment.at Washington that bo ;ound
the office in first class shape,
there was not a thing . left un
done that should be done, there was
not a thing done which should have
been loft undone. In short, be did not
know of an office that was kept any
better. Now at Washington, all com
plaints from Santa Fe go into the
waste basket. Tbe Liberal takes pleas.
ure in making public this, fact, for it is
seldom that this can bo said of an of-
floe run by democrats. The only way
to account for it is that the office force
is composed of Grant county men who
never before held an office. Collector
Shannon is an old resident of this
county, his chief deputy is the good
Deacon Loomis, of Silver City, and the
clerk is Bud Moore, of Deming.
Miss Daisy Haughton of Aberdeen,
Mississippi, will arrive in Eddy
this week, for a tow days visit to her
cousin, Mrs. M. B. Sharp. ' Miss
Haughton has been visiting in Fort
Huacbuca, Arizona, and will stop at
Eddy, en route home.
Max Becker, representing the Ger
mania Life Insurance company, left
Albuquerque for the south. He also
represents tbe BrynMawr mills, manu
facturers of woolen goods, Philadel
phia, Pa.
' Some Ready Information.
Tbe following statistical information
should be cutout and pasted on your of
fice desk lor future and frequent refer
"ueblo ....280
Topeka 720
tchlson 770
Kansas City .786
tit- Louis 1.063
Baton ,...H0
Springer 70
agon Mound 46
Watrous 20
San Miguel 29
Glorleta M
Lamy 63
Chicago 1,1175
Washington 2.018
Santa Fe
Philadelphia .... 2,097
New York 2,187
Boston 2.419
Oerrlllos S2
Albuquerque 132
Los Lunas 152
Tucson 698
Chihuahua 612
City of Mexico... 1,612
Bocorro 208
San Marclal 286
Las Cruces Ms
Kl Paso ,..,. SSt!
Doming S6S
los Angeles ..... .1,088
San Diego 1.088
-Ian Francisco... 1.845
Silver City 411
Trinidad m
Guaymas 906
l. v. Hot springs
La Junta 21S
WblteUaks. direct. .160
Denver 895
Galveston, direct.. 708
Mora ......7048
Sliver City 6022
Spark's Kanch....&'72
Hot So'ks Park.. 6767
Springer B8H9
Watrous 64U
l.'incago 5SS
Kansas City 765
Raton 1'uunel 7622
Las Vexes 6 lift
Snta Fe 7018.
Olorleta 7432
Albuquerque .... 6006
Uontinental Di
Socorro 4866
vide on A.&P ....7288
FlaKstaft 6806
El Paso 8662
Leadviuo... IO116I
Keeules ...i..477
Denver.... 62001
Salt Lake City..., 4225
It behooves every citizen in city,
town and country to keep posted on
tbe stirring events that will occur in
this country and in the old world
within tbe next nine months. Tbe re
sults will affect all, personally, directly
tion is on the
eve of tbe most exciting presidential
campaign in its bistory, European
politics are in a very complicated
state, and scientists are applying tbeir
disooveries to many lines that will pro
duce startling new things. To keep
abreast with the world one should
reaa, in igninnn 10 the local or
oounty paper, a live metropolitan
newspaper, such as The Twice-a-Week
Republic, of St. Louis. It is the most
progressive journal in tbe United
States, and in eaoh issue it gives tbe
latest political news of all parties in
tbe field, tbe latest general news of tbe
world and many valuable special feat
ures besides. This model newspaper
is delivered twice-a-week by mall for
only $1 a year, or less than bo cent 5
copy. The price of the Daily and Sun
day Republic has recently been reduced
to only f 0 a year by mail.
Douglas Ave. Butcher Shop.
Fresh ranch eggs received daily. Sell
mora meat for a dollar, than anv mrirt
The litewell Land Grant
"Situated in N6w Mexico and Colorado, "
- '( " ; . , . 1 , '..... ; 1 , . ... , .. ..... ,
' On the Atchison, Topeka & Satita Fe, and
Union Pacific, Denver ,& Gulf Railways.
110.01 an
Farming Lands Under Irrigation Systems: ' ' ':
.-.In tracts of 0 acres and upwards, with perpetual water rights,
cheep, and on easy terms of. jo annual payments, with 7 per cent.
. . interest,.: Alfalfa, Grain nnd Fruits grow to perfection.
Choice Prairie or Mountain Grazing Lands, ,
Well watered and with good shelter, Interspersed with floe ranobe suitable
.,.' . . tor raising grains and fruits, In slae of treats to suit purchaser.
Large Pastures For Lease, ;
. ,r 'on terms of years, fenced or unfenced ; shipping lecilttlesOTer two
1 .''railroads. 1,
;;- 'M'.-GOLD. ; tiiXXXEX&m'' '
' '' On this Grant, near its western boundary, are situated tbe famous Gold Mining
Districts of KLIZABETHTOWN and BALDY, where mines have been successfully
operated for 20 years, and new, rich discoveries were made In 1895, In the vicinity o'f
tbe new camps of HEMATITE and HAKHY BLUFF, ss rich as any camp in Colo
rado, but wiib loti of as vet unlocaled ground opun to prospectors on terms similar to,
and as favorable as, the United Slates Government Laws and Regulations.
Stage leaves every morning, except Sundays, from Springer for
these camps. , , . j
Title Perfect, founded ot United States Patent and confirmed by
decisions of the' U. S. Supreme Court. .. . ,.; ;
. For further particulars and pamphlets, apply to " ' -
. Raton, New Mexico.
Following are the demoo.retio candi
dates for county offices in Eddy county,
as selected at the convention : For pro
bate judge, Ananias Green ; ooramis.
siooer first district, N. Cuoningham;
commissioner second district, Peter
Corn; commissioner third district, G
W. Monroe; sheriff, J. L. Dow; pro
bate clerk, W. R. Owen; assessor, V
F. Coohrao; treasurer, S. T. Bitting;
superintendent of schools, Fred Ny
meyer; surveyor, B. A. Nymeyer; cor
oner, J, T. Cooper.
Rewards Offered.
Whereas, information has just reached
me that upon tbe lltb day of June, A. D
1896, Levi Heirzstein and Merejlluo ttalle
gos were murdered in the county of Guad
alupe, and Territory of New Mexico by
parties unknown, and who are now fugi
tives from justice: .
Nov, t'ucietore, fur the purpose of se
curing tbe amBt and conviction of said
fugitives, I, W. T. Thornton, governor of
the Territory of New Mexico, by virtue of
tbe authority In me veBted, do hereby offer
a reward of five hundred ($500) dollars
each for the arrest and delivery to the
sheriff of Guadalupe county, of tbe mur
derers who committed the crime, the total
reward not to exceed tbe sum of one thous
nnd dollars and to be payable out of any
money in me t erritorial treasury appropri
ated for rewards for the 47th fiscal year
upon conviction of said criminals.
Done at the executive office, this, the
19tb day of June, A. D. 1896.
Witness, my hand and tbe great seal of
the Territory of New Nextco.
seal : W . T. Thornton,
Governor of New Mexico.
By tbe Governor:
Loriox Miller,
Secretary of the Territory of N. M
Rates to City ot Mexico.
Las Vegas, N. M., March 9th, 1896.
Round trip rates to City of Mexico, from
Las Vegas, $66.70. Going limit, sixty
days, with final return limit, of six months
trom date 01 sate,
Tourist rates to Phoenix, Ariz., and re
turn' from Las Vegas, $48.50. Limits.
fifteen days, in each direction, (with final
limit of bix months,
tf , C. F. Jonks. Agent.
Tourist Rates to the Qrand Canon.
From Las Vegas to Grand Canon of tbe
Colorado river and return, $53 60. Thirty
days' transit limit in each direction.
Final return limit, ninety days from date
01 sale, tne stage will leave Flagstaff, on
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, con
necting with onr through California trains
in eaco direction.
Returning, it will leave the Grand Canon
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The
ride to tbe canon is over a good road and
occupies about eleveu hours. Stations
bare been established along the route and
at tbe canon for tbe accommodation of
tourists. C. F. Jones, Agent,
June 1st, we will
round crip tickets to Pueblo, at $15.70: to
Colorado Spring's.:- S18.S0: to rinnver,
$23.15. Tickets limited to one day in each
direction, with .final limit tor return, No
vember 15th, 1896.
Annual Convention. International Assn.
of Fire Engineers Salt Lake City, Utah.,
Aug. 10 to 14tb. tie. Dates . of sale.
Augost Tth and 8tb. One lowest first-clans
standard fare for' the round trip, plus $2,
all tickets to be good for continuous oas-
sage in each direction. Leaving Salt Lake
on August 15 and 22 only.
National Encampment G. A. R. at
St Paul, Minn., September 1st to 4th 1896.
From Lias Vegas to Bt Paul, Minn, and re
turn, $35.20. Dates of sale, August 80th
and 81st 1896; original return limit Bep.era
ber 15th, 1896. Continuous rassaee in each
direction ; going passage to oommence
date of sale: return pge in -coniTience
date of execution." An extension ot final
limit to September 80th, 1896, will be granted
on all tickets deposited with joint agent of
terminal lines at St. Paul on or before Sep
tember 15th, 1890.
Great Council of the "U. 8." Improved
Order of Red Men at Minneapolis, Minn.,
September 7th to 11th, '03. Fare and one
tbird for round trip, on csrtiiloate plan.
Grand Lodge, "10,07," at Albu
querque, N. M., September 8tb to 12th. Mifi.
From Las Vegas to Albuquerque and re-
tnpn. tf, an- Hfea nf mt.a Hr.tomKn. T.t.
StbandBth; limited tor return including I
September 13th, '96..
(J. f'. JONES A cent
Manufacturer of
Sash and Doors,
Mouldings, ;
, Scroll Sawin?.
" Surfacing and Matching
Planlnc Mill
and Offlce Corner ef Blanchard street and
Qrand avenue.
J. S, Dillon, Prop.
Dealer in all kinds of
Fish, Game and Poultry in Season.
- ' . ORDkkS holicited.
ot Laid For Sale
Thomas B. Cation.. ...Delegate to Congress
W. 1. Thornton..... Governor
Lorlon Miller Secretary
Thos. Smith ....Chief Justice
H. B. Hamilton, (
N. B. Laughlln, f Associates
Q. D. Bants, J 1 - .
Felix Martinet.. .Clerk 4th Judicial District
Charles F. Kasley Surveyor-General
Charles 11. Shannon United States Collector
C. 8. District Attorney V
Edward L. Hall C. 8. Marshal
W. H. Loomis Deputy U. 8. Marshal
J, W. Fleming ...IT. 8. Coal Mine Inspector
James H. Walker, Santa Fe,Keg. Land office
Pedro Delgado, Santa Fe....Hec. Land Office
JohnD. Bryan, Las Cruces, Keg. Land Office
Jas. P. Ancarate.Las Cruces, Rec. LandOfflce
Richard Young, Hos well.. ..Reg. Land Office
W. H. Cosgrove, Boswell...Bac. Land Offlce
JohnC. Black, Clayton Reg. Land Office
Joseph 8. Holland, Clayton.Itec. LandOfflce
J. P. Victory Solicitor-General
J, H. Cl int, Dlst. Attorney Santa Fe
R. L. Young Las Cruces
Thos. J. Wllkerson Albuquerque
A. H. Harlle " Silver City
H. M. Dougherty Socorro
Geo. McOormlck Katon
A. A. Jones " Las Vegas
John Franlrlln Itoswell
JoseSegura Librarian
W. B.. Wyllys Clerk Supreme Court
E. H. Bergmann ,.8upt. Penitentiary
Ueo. W.Knaebel Adjutant General
Samuel Eldodt Treasurer
Marcellno Garcia Auditor
Amado Chaves Supt. Public Instruction
U. 8, Hart.... Coal Oil Inspector
E. V. Long President
Loreneo LOpez Vice-President
Carl W. Wlldensteln...,,..Sec'y and Treas.
Benlgno Romero
Frank 8. Orosson
Dr. J. Marron Medical Superintend ant
ueo. vr. vraru Bievard
Mrs. Camolla dinger ..Matron
Joseph B. Heed, of Iowa, Chief Justice.
ASSO014TB josTiOKs Wilbur F. Stone, of
uuiunuu, xiivuium v. fuller, vi aorta
Carolina; William M. Murray, of Tennes
see; Henry O. Slusi, of Kansas.
Matthew G. Reynolds, of Missouri, rj. S.
W.U. Jack. .chairman. Silver City
M.N. Chaffln... .first dlstnct.Bavt Las Vegas
M.B.Otero ("JCond district, Albuqueraue
B.G Ilea? third district, watrous
J F.IIlnk-le fifth district, Lower Penasco
J.A.LaKc.e secretary, Las Vegas
F. O. de Race )
Gregorlo Florea J Oounty Commissioners
Dionlclo Martlner . ,
Gregorlo V arela .Probate Judge
Patricio Gonzales .., .. Probate Clerk
Jose G. Montano .......Assean
Hllario Romero ShorlS
Carlos Gabaldon Collector
Adelaldo Gonsaleg... School Superintendent
reMy. Treasurer
F. M. JOneS fi.irvAvnr
jesus Ma. prada::::::::v.:.....;.::;:ooTSn
Simon Aragon.... Justice of the Peace. No. s
1. 0. deBaca " " " m
a.o. nooster , "39
Antonlno Zubla " :. 4
at. u, uiuoi Uhvav
t. F, Olay. : MrJlf"i
r 171 I)..,.' oua,i
f ' m Treasurer
aV V secorfler
w. T.iwug Attorn a
f)r. M W RAkklnd nu ' ."7"'
J. &. Martin..
B. I . Forsytbe...
W. K. Knrtior
K. L. Hamblln .... f
8.T Kline ".j
jj. xiuimeisier .
A. X. jioKers
J - "
n V1 uaT,th i President
5edBccli: Vice-President
John York...., RnrrBi.npV
O. K. Perry... V.V".. . ""v'SSSSiK?
Members First ward. Alfred il. Smith.
Geo.V. Reed; second ward. L.O. Fort.W.
S. McLean; third ward, Edward Henry. J.
m. u. Howard; fourth ward, O. V. Heda
cock, J.A.Oarruth. ; . j
W. R. Tipton, M. D. .President. .. Las Vegas
6. S.Kasterday.M D.,V-Pres.. .Albuquerque
Francis H.Atklnjr, M.D.,8ec....lli.Las Veitas
J. H.Sloan, M. l)., Treas Santa Fe
Wm.Eggert, M. 6 8anaFe
J. J.Bhuler, M. D Raton
J. M.Cunningham, M. D e. Las Vegav
Mexican Central Railway.
From tbe sea to tbe clouds. Passing mod
ern cities and ancient monuments. Htan
dard guage in everything management,
Ideas and treatmnnt nf tinipnn, 't.. 1
Ilna In tk. r u n .. 1. "u y
ce buffet sleeplpg cars between tbe can.
ital and polncs in the United States. Cheat)
rates and Liomnt service. For fnil rrM..
uiurs can ou or address
J. VI TlONnwrnr
Com'I Agent, El Paso. Texas.
Las Vegas Ro
J. R. SMITH, Prop'r.
Location; On the hot springs branch rail,
way, Bast Las Vegas, New Mexico.
Your Patronage Solicited
- Has Arrived I
She stands ready' to cure all com
plaints, no matter how serious or
long standing. Give her a trial
and be convinced. . .
Office and Residence. 711 KainSf." 7
OIIAtftlN & -lIOHNii,
Livery and Sale Stable.
Tents' and I Camping Outfits Furnj5hed hree witn
learn uire.
Horses boarded by the day or month. Will keep on hand all kinds ol
Hay, Grain and Teed. Lowest prices guaranteed. Agents for the
Rushford and Newton Wagons. Give t a call. .''
1 (Successor to Coors Bros.)
Paints, Oila and Glass.
Cerrillos Hard and Soft Coal.
TKTjBPHOIUS Wo. 6fl Goods delivered tree In city.
New Mexico Planing Mill
. A. CMMEOTS, Prop.
Special Wees to'-Contractors and Builders
In Lumber Shingles, etc. Estimates cheerfully furnished to ,
. contractors.
Office and Mill Corner Seventh'acd Jackson Btreets, EagtLas Vegas,
Sample and Club Rooms,
Corner (Sixth Street and Donglas Avenue,
Y CHRIS SELLMAN, Proprietor.
Choicest brands of imported and .domestic wines, liquors and cigars
always in stock. Polite and attentive mixologists in attendance, day and
night. The patronage of gentlemen solicited.
General Broker.
Land Grants, Improved Ranches, Native Cattle, Improved
r . Cattle, Cattle Ranges, Horses and Sheep, Real Estate. Etc.
Lpjid Scrip of ail Kinds, Territorial and Connty Warrants. Gen
eral Land Office Business. Titles Secured Under the
. ; United States Land-Iaws.
The Cash Liquor, Cigar and Tobacco Co.
109 Elxtli Street, Opposite San Miguel National Bank.
Whiskies. per gal.
Sour Mash Bourbon $2.00
" " " :. ....s 2.25
" " " ......2.50
Samples only 5c, -Pt8.15c,Pt8.25o Qta.SOc
Finer Whiskies, peb gal.
White House Club f3.00
O. S. Club 3 25
"Carlisle", Solo Agent 8.50
Samples 10c, Half Ft. 25c, Pts. 50c, Qts. (1.
Finest Whiskies, peb gal.
John HsnniDg $4.00
Belle of Anderson 4.25
Guckenheimer 5.60
McBrayer, Oscar Pepper and Yellowstone
Half- pints 35c, Pints 65c, Quarts, $1.25,
Keg Beer,
So per glass.
50c per gallon.
Bottled Beer,
10c, 15c, 20c, & 25t
Per bottle.
Sole Agent
forj j
Whisky, , ,(
$3.50 per gallon, j
California and Native Wines from 25o per Bottle, and $1 per Gallon, up.
JWRear entrance from Lincoln Ave., between Optio Offlce and Rosenthal Bros.-a
P. 8. "Press the Button, We'll do the.rest."
Is now Served at the Noon Hour, at the ;
' DINNER served in the evening from 5 uutii 7 . ;
o'clock, at which time " all the delicacies
of the season can he had. Your patronage solicited.
. Successors to T. B. MILLS, Established in 1878. ' ,
Real Estate, Mining: f Insurance Agts.
Represent the Royal Exchange Assurance Company,
of London, England ; Assets
H $23,000,000.
County and school bonds hnncht nnrt ni . . .
ties. Large list of ranch and Improved property, and 1 oVivS 000 O0oT?tC? !TTf
lands in the south and southwest, at
Bridge St., lias Vegas, N. M. ' '
'isles aii Storage is Las Teias M
ArirLuial Oapaclt 50,000 Tcno:
. Our Ice is pure, firm and clear, and gives entire satisfa.Jtioa
;'....w.; -1 ur many patrons. .... ... ,,.,to-,.
Office: 620 Douglas Ave., East LasVegas, N. M?
Bridge Street,
1 Las Vegas, N. M.
Fromilper box'u
Chewing and
Smoking '
m 25c per lb. n
Sole Agent for
60 Straight".; - . .
$2.15 per box,!. .,
Short Order
Lunch Csunter.
Office on

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