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East Lad Yegas, New Jteilco,
I Extracts from Our Exchanges. I
Miss Tin Nymeyer entertained a
yariy 01 young people at Eddy.ln hon
or ol Theodore Kerr and Fred Nymeyer.
Misg Teeple returned to her home in
Baird, Texas, after a three months'
visit with her brother, A. R. Teeple, at
Lawyer Ad H. Wycoff, o! Albnquer
que, hag recently purchased a one
twentieth Interest in the" Washington"
C. M. Blair, brother of Frank Blair,
ol Eddy, arrived there from Mem
phla, Tenn., and will ipend several
Rev. F. T. Bennett, well remem
bered la Eddy, now rootor of St. John's
church, Albuquerque, U visiting in
Mrs. C. L. Bishop and little daugh.
ter will leave Santa Fe for Conneotiout
early nest week, intending to be absent
far several months.
Mrs. A. Bendrat, wife of the pastor
. of the Lutheran chureb, of Albuquer
que, is reported gradually recovering
from a severe sickness,
A wagon load of first-class water
melons, from the gardens of Herman
Blueher, old town, arrived In Albuquer
que and found ready sales.
The room at 205 South First street,
Albuquerque, is being re-modeled, and
will be occupied, when finished, by
Tonsorial Artist Butler.
J. Hein is in Eddy from Franco, in
vestigating the beet sugar industry.
ne is Biasing a tour ol the United
States, and goes from Eddy to Chino.
F. 0. Daughton, J. D. Birdwell, H.
H.Harvey, J. W. Ward and R. C.
Andrews composed a party which ar
rived in Eddy from Big Springs, Texas.
Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Cartwright and
niece have returned to Santa Fe, from
a two weeks' sojourn at Montgomery
rock, where they oocupied the Perry
E. F. Kaine and family, of St. Louis,
guests at St. Vinoent, are delighted
with Santa Fe's climatic attractions
and will remain there for many months
to come.
B. A. Wilkinson left Albuquerque for
his old home in Linooln, Neb., on a
visit. He has settled on a ranch near
the city with the intention of going into
the cattle business.
Dr. Murreli, wife and son, Mrs. Gar.
ner, Mrs. Tipton, Dr. Knapp and sis
ter leave Santa Fe, on Tuesday, for a
two weeks' sojourn in the beautiful
Santa Clara canon.
The front of Joe Barnett's new build
ing, next to the Albuquerque postoffice,
is going up rapidly, and appearances
indicate a somewhat new and unique
architectural design.
A. M. Welles, a mining capitalist of
Colorado, who is working several first
class mines down in the state of Souo
ra, Mexico, passed through Albuquer
que, on his way to Denver.
The saddles, bridles, saddle-blankets
- and sabers for the new Santa Fe cav
alry - company, arrived in Santa Fe
from Philadelphia. The equipment
weighed about 3,000 pounds.
Mrs. Eaton, who has been visiting
her parents, Dr. and Mrs. Rodman at
Eddy, returned to her home near Abi
lene, Texas, last Saturday, accompa
nied by her sister, Miss Pattie Rodman.
Mrs. J. L. Bullis and Mrs. Margaret
J. Church united in giving a delight
ful Uwn party to a large company
of their friends at the residence of
Capt. Bullis, Hillsdale avenue, Santa
Mrs. Albert Grunsfeld, of Albuquer
' que, is at present sojourning in the
White mountains of New Hampshire.
She will not visit her daughters in Bos
ton until about the latter part of Sep.
Prof. D. L. MoEachron, of Franklin,
Neb., recently appointed principal of
the Albuquerque academy by the Con
gregational society of the east, will
, shortly arrive to take. charge of that
W. C. Reiff bag practically com
pleted the school census for Eddy. The
total enrollment of both sexes, to date,
is 858. By time of opening the fall
term of school it will, in all probabili.
ty, reaoh 400.
Mrs. W. H. Mills and daughter. Miss
. Edna, who are visiting relatives and
friends in Michigan and Illinois, will
return home to Albuquerque aoout the
1st of September. They are at pres
ent in Detroit, Mich.
Bert Wallace, who was a carpenter
In Albuquerque about four years ago,
now the round-house carpenter for the
Atiantio A Paoifio at Needles, was in
Albuquerque, returning from a visit to
Chicago relatives and friends.
The Barnett building, on Second
street, Albuquerque, adjoining the
postoffioe, ;.i in the hands of the brick,
masons, and fbe architect expects to
have the building ready for Mr- Bar.
.nett by the latter part of September.
B . G. Tracy left Eddy' for a three
-weeks' visit to Los Angeles, California.
He will meet quite a number of old
time Eddy residents there, ' among
whom are Miss Olive Clark, Mrs. J.
M. Hawking and Mis Mattie Bowman.
The double store tailding, two sto
ries, of the Misses Armijo, on Railroad
avenue, Albuquerque, is now in
the hands of the painters, and the
building will be ready to turn over to
ihe owners by Tuesday, August 25th.
Information comes from Fort Reno,
I. T., that Chief Musician Crentzberg,
ot the Tenth United States Infantry
band, well remembered ' in Santa Fe,
was discharged at Fort Sill on August
9th, after twenty-eight years of service.
Upon bis' return to Fort Rend he re-en-.
Don Jose Pablo Gallegos, of El Rito,
who has several times represented Rio
Arriba county in the Territorial legisla
ture, died on August 14th, cged seventy-nine
years. At the close of the
legislature of 1883of which he was a
member, he bought a coffin for himself
in Santa Fe and took - it home with
him. lie was an influential and worthy
Nervous Prostration
6omplt BecoTtr by the Vh of
Ayer's Saiaparilla
" Some years ago, as a result of too
close attention to business, my health
failed. I became weak, nervous, was
unable to look after wy interests, and
manifested all the symptoms of a de
cline, I took three bottles of Ayer's
Barsaparilla, began to Improve at once.
s . s
and gradually Increased my weight from
one hundred and twenty-five to two
hundred pounds. Since then, I and my
family have used this medicine when
needed, and we are all in the best of
health, a fact which we attribute to
Ayer's Barsaparilla. I believe my chil
dren would have been fatherless to-day
had it not been for Ayer's Barsaparilla,
of which preparation I cannot say too
much." H. O. Hinsow, Postmaster and
Planter, Kinard's, S. C.
Ayer's ; Sarsaparilla
AYER'S Pills Save Doctor's Bills.
Miss Laura Bergmann left Santa Fe
for Durango, Colo., on a visit to her
A Valuable Prescription.
Editor Morrison, of the Worthing
ton, Ind., Sun, writes: "You have a
valuable prescription in Electrio Bit
ters, and I can cheerfully recommend
it for constipation and sick headache,
and as a general system tonio it has no
equal." Mrs. Annie Steble, 2625 Cot
tage Grove avenue, Chicago, wis all
run down, could not eat nor digest
food, had a backache which never left
her and felt tired and weary, but six
bottles of Electrio Bitters restored her
health and renewed her strength.
Price fifty cents and $1.00 per bottle at
Murphey-Van Petten Drug Co's., Las
Vegas and East Lai Vegas, and at
wholesale by the Browne & Manzanares
Hon. Samuel Eldodt and bis excel
lent wife, of Santa Fe.are spending the
week at tneir lovely home in San Juan.
Mrs. Rhodie Noah, of this place, was
taken in the night with cramping pains
and the next day diarrhoea set in. She
took half a bottle of blackberry cordial
but got no relief. She then sent to me
to see if I bad anything that would
help her. I sent her a bottle of Cham
berlaiu's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy and the first dose relieved
her. Another of our neighbors bad
been sick for about a week and had
tried different remedies for diarrhoea,
but kept getting worse. I sent him
this same remedy. Only four doses of
of it were required to cure him. He
says he owes hit recovery to this won
derful remedy. Mrs. Mary bibley.bia
ney, Mich. For sale by K. D. Good
all, Depot drug store.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Halloran, of
Albuquerque, were passengers on the
Pacific coast steamship, "St. Paul,"
which went ashore and was destroyed
off Monterey, Cal., on Saturday. No
lives were lost.
If you have ever seen a little child in
the agony of summer complaint, you
can realize the danger of the trouble
and appreciate the value of instantane
ous relief always afforded by De Witt's
Colic & Cholera Cure, lor dysentery
and diarrhoea it is a reliable remedy
We could not afford to recommend
this as" a cure unless it were a cure.
Winters Drug Co.
There is less cattle stealing in So-
corro county than ever before in its
history. -
Full Details Gladly Given,
A Railroad Official's Experience.
nected with railroad cotutruction in
Nebraska.writcs: "My heart troubled
and pained me for IS, years. Shortness of
breath was the constant and most common
symptom. Intense, excruciating pain, gener
ally followed any severe exertion. Falntness,
hunger witboutany appetite; fluttering that
made me cjutch my breast, and palpitation
that pf tea staggered ma as If I would fall,
were frequent attacks, ASa.'4 everything
would turn black if I arose from a stopping
posture qulokty. Eleepless nights with their
Tr MIVc' prostrating unrest were
HI, numerous And I Could
Heart Clire get no rest day or night
I consulted leading phy
KSt0rCS stclana and tried adver
II lft tlsed remedies. They
nCditU...... gave me no relief. One of
rw mum1 rlrr.ulara described my case so
exactly that I took Dr. Miles' New Heart
Cure nd I am novf a wen man. i nojra
every one troubled With heart disease will
try Dr. Miles remedies. If they wiif wrffa
' r ... J. 1 . 1 . ...11
me penwnaijy, i ui giauiy io wptftn
details of my experience," Edw- Pdhosps.
P. O. Box 65, David City, Nebraska,
Dr. Miles' Heart Cure is sold on guarantee
that first bottle benefits or money refunded.
faM h. Ffaabta. AltlhrKiifi, (Juird
go, says I "t regard Dr. King's New
UUoovery as an Ideal Panacea for
Coughs. Colds and Lung Complaints.
having used It in my family for the last
ova years, to the exoluslon of pbysi
clans' prescriptions or other prepara
P.cr. John Eurgus, Keokuk, Iowa,
writes t have been a minister of
the Methodist Episcopal church for 60
years or more, and have never found
anything so beneficial, or that save me
such speedy relief as Dr. King's New
uisoovery." Try this Ideal Couch
nmedy now.' Trial bottles free at
Morphey-VanPetten Drug Co's. drug
stores, lu Vegas and Kast Las Vegas ;
at wholesale by Browne & Manza
nares Co.
Mrs. 8. L. Oirle. of Eddv. is vlsltinc
her daughters, Mesdames Patterson and
Reed, at Roswell.
'T-' : a rtWa).iiaMi "
Id doesn't matter muoh whether sick
headache, biliousness, indigestion and
oonstipation are caused by negleot or
by nnavoidable circumstances ; De-
Witt's Little Early Risers will speedily
oure them all. Winters Drue Co.
8. T. Bitting left Eddy for the east.
to purchase his fall and winter stocx of
DeWitt's Sarsaparilla is prepared
for cleansing the blood from Impuri
ties and disease. It does this and
more. It builds up and strengthens
constitutions impaired by disease. It
reoommends itself. Winters Drug Co.
ii. i. isenny, me uauas commer
cial man, made his customary visit to
T n . . n n
Tba whole system is drained and un
dermined by indolent ulcers and open
sores. DeWitt's Witoh Hazel Salve
speedily heals them. It is the best pile
cure known. ' Winters Drug Co.
E. O.' Faulkner left Eddv for the
east, to be absent about ten days.
Manv a dav's work is lost bv sick
headao he. caused bv indigestion and
stomach troubles. DeWitt's Little
Earlv Risers are the most effectual mil
for overcoming such difficulties. Win
ters urug uo.
C. E. Conway returned to Eddv from
his trip to the various Territorial
Theories of cure may be discussed
at length by physicians, but the suffer
ers want quick relief, and One Minute
Cough Cure will give it to them. A
safe cure for children. It is "the only
harmless remedy that produces imme
diate results." Winters Drug Co.
Miss Ida Glover, of Colorado City, is
visiting her cousin, E. J. Glover, at
Don't trifle away time . when you
have cholera morbus or diarrhea.
Fight them in the beginning with De
Witt's Colio and Cholera Cure. You
don't have to wait for results; they are
instantaneous, and it leaves the bowels
in a healthy condition. Winters Drug
company. -
G. W. Ballard, Paul Mosher and
George Hopping left Albuquerque for
an outing at the Jea.cz hot springs.
Poison Ivy,- insect bites, bruises,
scalds, burns, are quickly cured by De
Witt's Witch Hazei Salve, the great
pile cure. Winter's Drug Co.
Jesus Armijo y Jaramillo was mar
ried at Ranchos de Atrisco to Mrs.
Trinidad Page.
Be sure you get Simmons Liver
Regulator for your Spring Medicine.
It's the old reliable that did the old
folks so muoh good. Don't let anyone
persuade you to take anything else in
stead. You oan always tell Simmons
Liver Regulator by the red Z on the
package. . Don't forget the word Regu
lator Simmons Liver Regulator bet
ter than anything else, and sure to do
you good.
There is in the city treasury of . Al
buquerque, $291 or thereabouts, to the
credit of the Public Library associa
tion. Nervous debility is a common com
plaint, especially among women. The
best medical treatment for this disor
der is a persistent course of Ayer's
Sarsaparilla to cleanse and invigorate
the blood. This being accomplished,
nature will the rest.
The Bryan club of old Albuquerque,
met on Sunday and will meet twice a
week thereafter,
Piles, Pile amea.
A tore onre for Blind, Bleed
ing and Itching Piles. Dr. Kirk's
German Pile Ointment has cared the
worst cases of ten years1 standing by
three or four applications. No one
need suffer ten minutes after using
Dr. Kirk's German Pile Ointment
Our agent, Mr. Goodall, will warrant
every box. Price f 1.00. Sold at
Depot drag store Laa Vegas
George C. B. Culley, of Albuquer
que, has reoovered one of the horses
stolen from his ranee last spring.
Bucklcn's Arnica Salve. ,
The best salve in the world for outs,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, .. chapped bands,, chill
blains, oorcs and all skin eruptions,
and positively cures piles, or no pay
required. It is guaranteed to give per.
feot satisfaction or money refunded.
Price 25 cents per box. For sale by
Murphej -Van Petten Drug Co., Lac
Vegas and East Las Vegas. At whole.
utle by Browne & Manzanares Co
Charles A- Soheurich is visiting bis
father and mother in Taos. He will
return to Santa Fe, to-day.
Chamberlain' Eye and Skin Ointment
Is unequalled for Eczema, Tetter, Salt
Rheum, Scald Head, Sore Nipples, Chapped
Hands. Itching Piles, Burns, Frost Bites,
Chronic Sore Eyes and Granulated Eye Lids.
For sale by druggists at 23 cents per box.
' For putting a horse in a fine healthy con
dition try l)r. Cady's Condition Powders.
They tone tip the system, aid digestion, cure
loss at annetite. relieve constipation, correct
kidney disorders and destroy worms, giving I
new life to an old or over-worked horse. 2a J
cents per package. For sale by druggists, '
Meant! ful Places of Itetreat for
the Heal I h and Pleasure
Tba Agna Clare resort h aftuated about
eignieen nines iroouaas uks, at tne root
or Mineral bill at thelnnctlua of two plo.
. . v ... . V. - im.:. A 1" I .
A beautiful small lake is formed opposite
tne note), about wmco la a rorast or pine,
balsam and spruce trees, which make the
place very desirable for those suffering
from lung and throat difficulties. A free
carriage leaves ioe new upuo uotei at a p.
m. every Monday, transportation both
ways furnished without cobt to visitors.
The hotel is built and .furnished for con
venience and comfort, and the table Is
bountifully supplied and the cooking Is
flrst-olass. Tba water is tba best to be
had In New Mexico, and comes pure and
sparkling from springs lu the mountain
side. Kates 16 per week. Further Infor
mation g-iven at this office and at the New
Optio hotel. W. E, Estks,
Harvey's Mountain Horns.
TV, I. ... .... ... .....
D I.WUUB IW 'I" fc,
cleanliness, superior table, abundance of
rlcb milk and cream, at well as for Its un
rivaled toener) and numerous near-by
points ol interest. Tne best trout nsblog
is accessible by short excursions to either
branch of the Ualllnas. Hermit Peak
and grand cation are of easy aooess. Bur
ro's are furnished to guests for daily
riding. The Pecos National Park is within
six miles, and is reached by easy trail;
expeditions cn be outfitted and guide se
cured at the ranch.
For transportation and terms, inquire ot
Judge Wooster, East Las Vegas, or ad-
areas, u. A. uarvbt.
San Ignacio Resort.
The Hermitage is a new hotel situated at
the foot of Hermit's Peak, on the Sapello
river, up among the pines. It has many
advantages not usually found at summer
resorts, a good botel with modern Improve
ments and well furnished rooms, a post
office is located at thlB point, and free tele
phone connection is bad with Las Vegas.
Tne table is bountifully supplied at all
times with all that tbe season affords.
Guests wishing to come, can telephone and
a conveyance will be sent for them. Rates.
17.00 per week. . J. V . Lujam Proprietor.
Summer Mountain Resort.
The El Porvenlr mountain resort will
now receive guests for tbe summer.
Tbe most picturesque scenery in America,
nne nsning ana nuntlng. uest or notei ac
commodations in New Mexico. For terms
for board and lodging, apply to the Ro
mero Mercantile Co., Las Vegas. Carriage
leaves their store, southwest oorner of the
plaza, every Saturday and Tuesday morn
ing at 8 o'clock; tare for the round trip, $1.
For further Information, call at the above
establishment. 80tf.
The Park House.
Las Vegas Hot Borings. N. M. We still
have a few choice rooms left for those who
come early. Tbe most popular house at
the springs. Mr. Bob Briiton, late from
tbe east, has charge of the kitchen; every
thing is prepared in best of style. Rates,
35 cents per meal. Room and board (7 per
week. Table supplied with tbe best the
market affords. Rooms by the day, 50 to
75 cents.
Mas. Katb Dennis,
148-tf - Manager.
To Health-Seekers.
The Blake Ranch, on the head of the Rio
Sapello, is now prepared to receive a limit
ed number of boarders. This ranch is
located in the heart of the mountains, amid
the most beautiful scenery In tbe world,
wnere brook trout and wild - game offer
ample diversion for tbe nlmrod or anyone
seeking out-door aport. It Is located only
twenty-five miles "from Las Vegas, and
within eigbt miles of tbe Kio fecos, and
only three miles from tbe headwaters of
the Rio Gallinaa. Address,
Address Mrs. J. P. Blake. Roclada. or In
quire for conveyances and rates of W. K.
Crites, Bast Las Vegas, N. M,
- j. r. nun,
T7-tf Rooiada. N.M.
S. Spitz, of Santa Fe, has gone to
Denver on a trip combining business
with pleasure. .
Sinoe 1878 there have been nine
epidemics of dysentery In different
parts of tbe country in which Cham
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy was used with perfect success.
Dysentery, when epidemic, Is almost
as severe and dangerous as Asiatic
cholera. Heretofore tbe best efforts of
the most skilled physicians have failed
to check its ravages, this remedy,
however, has cured the most malign,
ant cases, both of children and adults,
and under the .most trying conditions,
whioh proves it to be the best medi
cine in tbe world for bowel complaints.
For sale by K. V. Goodall, Depot
Drufe store. : - :
The Territorial fair committee are
hard at work and from present indica
tions their efforts will be crowned with
success, says tbe Democrat. ,
My little boy, when two years of age,
was taken very ill with bloody flux. -1
was advised to use Chamberlain 's Colio,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, and
luckily procured part of a bottle. I
carefully read tbe directions and gave
it accordingly. He was very low, but
slowly and surely he began to improve,
gradually recovered, and is now as
stout and strong as ever. I feel sure
it saved his life. 1 I never can praise
the remedy half its worth. I am sorry
every one in the world dots not know
how good it is, as I do Mrs. Lina S.
Hinton, Grabamsville, Marion Co.,
Florida. For sate by K. D. Goodal,
Depot drug store.
The fire companies of the Albuquer
que fire department will hold regular
monthly meetings Tuesday night at
their various headquarters.
If dull, spiritlessand stupid ; If your
blood is thick and sluggish; If your
appetite Is capricious . and unoertain.
You need a Sarsaparilla. For best
results take DeWitt's. It reoommends
itself. Winters Drug Co. i
Travelirg Salesman J. P. Good
lander has let the contract for a two
story brick house Of ten rooms, to be
erected at the corner ot Seventh street
and Roma avenue, Albuquerque, and
to be completed by . November 1st. It
will be an imposing structure with all
modern improvements and convenien.
For your Protection. Catarrh "Cures'' or
Tonics for Catarrh in liquid form to be taken
ipterually, usually contain either Jtf ercury qy
Iodide of Potassa, or both, which are injur,
ioug if too long taken.- Catarrh is a local, not
a blood disease, caused by sudden change to
cold or damp weather. It starts in the nasal
passages, affecting eyes, ears and throat.
Cold in the head causes excessive flow of
mucus, and, if repeatedly neglected, the re
sults of catarrh will follow ; severe pain in
the head, a roaring sound in the ears, bad
breath, and oftentimes an offensive dig.
charge. The remedy should be quick to allay
inflammation and heal the membrane. Ely'a
Oream Balm is the acknowledged cure for
these troubles and contains no mercury
not any injurious drug. Price, 60 cents. .
1 II.MrtiivV.Yij: I
v .
1 I Mi,l:...i. i :.. S
BlackveiTs Genuine
nd oue coupon Inside eaeb t ounce bag and two coupons Insldseaota eoaea baf .
raid the coupon and sea how to get your soan of tXiO.OOO la pitMau.
Mrs. D. II. Rbors, formerly ot Albu
querque, now of New York, in writing
to a friend there, states that "the
weather back la New Yoik is fright.
luuy hot, aou that she had two horses
to die from the heat while out driving."
Whiskers that are prematurely gray
or faded should be colored to prevent
the look of age,- and Buckingham's
Dye exoels ail othors in coloring brown
or black.
Mrs. Wm. Price, Miss Barber, of
Cooper, lexas, and a party of friends,
left Santa Fe for a camping trip in
Santa Clara canon.
'Canst thou minister to a mind dis
eased P" asks Macbeth. Certainly, my
lord ; the condition of the mind de
pends largely, if not solely, on the
oondition of the stomach, liver and
bowels, for all of which complaints
Ayer's Pills are "the sovereignest
thing on earth." .
Hon. Matt G. Reynolds, attornnv for
the United States court of nrlvata land
claims, returned to Santa Fe, from St.
"Bovs will be bovs." nut von can't
afford to lose any of them. Be ready
for the green apple season by having
DeWitt's Colic & Cholera Cure in the
house. Winter's Drue Co.
Senator Money of AlississiDDi. who
will shortly bs here, will add resa the
Bryan Silver club of Santa Fe next
inursaay night.
Six weeks ago I suffered with a very
severe cold ; was almost unable to
speak. My friends all advised me to
consult a physician. Noticing Cham.
oeriain's (Jougb Remedy advertised in
the -St. Paul Volks Zeitung,! prooured
a bottle, and after taking it a short
while was entirely well. I now most
heartily recommend this remedy to
anyone suffering with a cold Wm.
Keil, 678 Seiby avenue, St. Paul,
Minn. For sale by K. D. Goodall, De
pot drug store.
Jos. Burks is again on deck as
Wells, Fargo & Co.'s iepot agent at
Albuquerque, after a severe illness of
several weeks. H O. Tucker, who
during that time filled the position,
has returned to Trinidad to resume bis
tezuma Restaurant
Center St., East Las Vegas.
Best Twenty-five Cent . j
' Meals in Town
Tables supplied with everything the mar
ket affords. Patronage solicited.
aJ I numiniLiU; ., 1
Florist antl Landscape Gardener.
Cut flowers always on hand.
Santa Fe Route
10 aspini
2 2rpm
4 27pm
10 30pm
Kansas City
T aoam
B 00am
'j opeua
10 85pm
6 80pm
9 10pm
12 30am
11 Iftpm
s supm
8 00pm
1 10Dm
Colo. Hpr'gs
10 BOptu
Santa Fa
8 45am
7 25Dm
8 16am
10 lopm
13 07am
10 60pm
2 05am
v uopm
10 45am
11 40am
El Paso
11 00a ml
10 00am
9 lOamj Gallup
1 66pm Wlnslow
'Air. ml KlHu-Ftnir
S 35pm
9 86am
7 27 m
eo.'ipmXos Angeles
7 00am
1045amSanFrancls SBOpml
Leave Dally. Arrive Dally.
W 1103 1701 CABDKO.!.70i 1704 I 706
11 :05a
Las Vegas
lirhluB fit.
2:15p 6:6p
7:4p 8:Wp
1 1 :2.1a
Upper L.V.
l:67pl6 40p
111 :80a
8:06 p
Arrive Dally
Leave Dally.
Nos, 1 and s, Paclflc and Atlantic express,
have Pullman palace drawing-room cart,
tourist sleeping cars and coaches between
Chicago and l.os Angeles, San Diego and
San Francisco, and Pullman palace
cars and coaches between Cnirago and the
City or Mexico, K. Oopklakd,
Gen. Agent, El Paso.Tex.
W. R BROwm,
T. r. A P. A., 1 Paso.Tex.
Chas.?. Jokss,
gen, I s Vegas.N.k.
? is theV
very best
o 1 SmokiiKr
- M --....-
Vtmmsmsbl J gd
Tobacco 11
Barber Bkopa.
Tonsorial Parlors,
Center Btreet.
Bon-ton, Bt Louis, Long; Branch, round
senator, and round, square and box pom
padour a specialty.
Center Street,
O. L. Gregory, Prop.
Only skilled workmen employed. Hot
and cold baths In connection.
Blxth street and Grand avenue
Dry Sosds.
It. Romero, Manager,
Booth Bids Flasa
County Surveyor.
veyor. Office, room 1, City Hall.
Physicians and Burgeons.
- O. O. OOBDON, SI. D.
Las Tegas, N. M. Office hours: 11 to
m., S to 4 p.m., J to 8 p.m.
Malboeut building, up stairs.
N Ma
Attor o eys-at-Law.
Xjl bulldlng.east side ot plasa, Las Vegas,
N. M. 182-Sm
Office in Union block. Sixth street,
East Las Vegas, N. M.
B. A. riSKB,
Santa re. N. M. (P. O. Box r.l Prac
tices In the supreme court and all district
courts ot the Territory. Special attention
given to Spanish and Mexican grant titles
ana mining litigation.
man's block, Kast Laa Vegna, N. M.
not water ana not air. sewer ana
drainage. East Las Vegas, M. M.
Western Division.
Conted Tims Table No. 138,
J. W. Belnhart, John J. HcOooK,
yjn effect Sunday, August 6th, 1896,
WaSTWABP. I BTATlONa. Eastward .
8 00 p
10 OOp
1 56 P
7 OOp
Kansas City
Flagstaff -Williams
Ash Fork
The Needles
fLos Angeles
10 SO p
7 00a
5 15p
8 45 a
8 15 p
8 85 p
8 05 p
10 40 a
9 86a
7 87a
8 osa
4 60a
8 80a
5 OOp
8 80p
55 p
9 00a
4 85a
4 08a
8 40a
12 20 a
11 06 p
8 45 p
8 66 p
5 40p
12 80 p
10 00 a
8 80a
8 45 a
8 20a
v 10 a
4 90p
8 40a
12 10 p
7 TO p
8 ooa
8 05a
4 40 p
4 58 p
8 10 P
11 28 P
8 25 a
9 10 a
12 80p
1 sup
4 20 p
6 00 p
7 40p
1 55a
4 40a
8 25a
12 58 a
1 55a
B 48 a
7 80a
11 82 p
9 20 a
1 40 p
7 25 p
S 86p
2 10 p
10 00 a
11 45 a
t 10 P
2 20 p
6 00p
6 05 p 8 80 p
10 45 alio 46 a
7 roa SOOp
B B0 p I 8 80 p
Summer or Winter.
The Santa Fe route Is the most comforta
ble railway between California and the
The meals at Harvey's Dining Booms are
an excellent feature ol the line.
The Grand Canon of the Colorado can be
reached in no other way,
Gen. Pass. Agent, Los Angeles, Cal,
O. H. 8PEKR8,
Asst. Gen.Pass. Agent. San Vranclscc.
Geo. H. Hutchison & Co,
Real Estate,
Mines, and
For Sale or Lease,
and Builder.
OCBoa next door west of Tn Orrto,
lie k mm
MONTEZUMA LODntC fth.ffifcft.
qtlENNIAL LRAGUx-negelar muetlna
O sacoud Tuesday evening ol each mouth
at I. o. o, jr. hall.
B. J. HAtiiLioa, praa.
W. B. BosiaaaaT, Sec'y.
I. O. O. T.
T OAS LODGI No. 4, meets fTery
rnvrtdtt.u.nd.,,rthr,,,l oordiai"
8. O. Oawioir, N. G,
A. LUCKEO, V. 0.
T. W. Flick, Sec'y. .
A. . SJ. W.
FU.,0JrS.LO'K,E 0-1' mMt fij-sl and
fc.mi,'2.TnS,af 1 "ach montb in
oretlu-en are cordially Invited.
i , J. JHOKNHlLL, M. W.
m p w.' N ias,Keoorler
w P. Haaaoa, Financier .
at. or r.
If I; DORADO LODGE No. 1, meet at their
of 1,?'?,tI,,HaV ln!D' Clement btoTx, wrnei
of sixth street and Grand avenue, over tba
San Mlvual Hallnn.l U...1. W
lilall tMlAfimsk-
T . , k. o. LAamoaa, 0. O.
L. J. Mabcds. K. o b. a a. .
"TVKAGLK TEMPLE, No. 1, Bathbone Sis
JLS ters of ew Mexico, meets flrst and
inird Tuesday evening of each month, at 8
JJ;. Visiting sisters of the order always
atas. M. B. Williams, Ai.lfi.b.
.; M.of B. AO. '
A. W. A.M.
.i,.!.,1;. o. i, meets first and
tblrd Thursday evenings of each month, In
rrha?;?n1u.Pa:- VU",ng bT'th"n m
Obcilio Bosxmwald, Sec..
Las Vflarna Pw. 1 . A ..h m...... .
"i..ir ... WUB' mouuay in eacn
month. Visiting companions fraternally
invited. L. 1). Wkbr. k. a.
HAirillll. .lnnA...ln.. .1 i... . T
L. H. Hoa-MBUTia, sec.
communication, second Tuesday each
month Vllltlnir Rnlirl.U .i.if.
-T " O U.U.I, WOI
oomed. G. A. Rothqkb. K.n.
L. H. HonfBiann. Uee.
. 8eIect Masters. Regular convocation
tnirn Mnflfliav rt ...h m .... ). q .. .
Masonic temple. gbo. t. Gould.
If.inni vtaltlM. n.. ... .
vlted to attend these bodies.
Bastera Star
RsguUr eommnntoattons second and fourth
Thondaji evenings.
Miss Lizzib Bowhbb, Worthy Matron,!
A. F. Bknbdiot, Worthy Patron.
Mbs. Ehma Bbnbdiot, Treasurer.
All vlnltlnff hmthBN an --..-!
-- - - -n . ....... u ui.u .isiDii bUiumuT
Invited. Mas. Mattib Mobbat, Secretary,
John Shank, President
. L, M. Ross, Vice-President.
i. B..Moore, Seo'y and Treas.
V. H. Jameson, Manager,
John Rodes.
Las Yegas Tiniioiii Co.
Cor. Mansanares and Lincoln Aves.
East Las Vegas, N. M.
Electric Door Bells, Burelar
Alarms and Private Telephones pu
in at reasonable rates.
Successor to J. S. Elston.1
Glazing, Paper Hanging, Etc.
Shop . Opposite Express Office
Practical Horseshoer,
General Blaecsmlthlng, Wagon and
Carriage Repairing, neatly and
promptly done
Opposite Browne & Mansanares Co.,
Martin & Howard,
Contractors & EMta
Flam and specifications furnished
free to patrons. Shop next door to
aongnion-s Hardware store.
Job Work and Repairing, House Mot
ing ana Kaising a Specialty.
Manufacturer ot i
'And dealer In
Hnavy .-. Herdwarn,
Every kind of wagon material on hand
Herseshoelng and repairing a specialty
Grand and Manzanares Avenues, East La
Vegas. .. , h.
Claim Agent,
Indian Depredation Claims a
Specialty. .
, an . A n 1X1. . fin Tit Tln
dett, Thompson ft aw, Washington, D, O.,
are associated with me in cases before the
Court ol Claims.
Street Railway,
JOHN SHANK, Manager.
Cars every fifteen minutes, from 8. a. m.
to 8 p. m.
800 tickets for fo.OO
100 tickets for $3.50
8S tickets for $1.00
Of every description
executed with neatnes a
and despatch

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