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The People' Paper.
let Kenco Hit lie nicst cnm&teli lit World
Thursday, August aoth.
The Roaring Farce Comcdj, '
- ( nir muni mi limilTfl I 1)
One Big Laugh !
Popular Prices : 25c, 35v, 50c.
11 ON DAY BvENING, AUG. 17, 1896,
J, Biehl, leading undertaker. 63tf
' Arabian Nights," Thursday evening.
Furnished room 333 Fifth street. 239-6t
Macbeth Water enrea atomach
troubles. ' ' 209"
Ladies' kid Oxford ties, 76 cents, at
Bporleder's. - , 247-2(
There are at present fourteen inmates in
the ladies' borne.
Joe Holzinao is off duty to-day on
account of sickness. . ,,,Mr,r
Ladies' Oxford ties in black and tan,
Very cheap, at Bporleder's. 247-2t '
Another interesting letter from Hope
well will be published to-morrow.
" Comrey brothers, two old-timers, are up
from the White Oaks mining country.
If you want to rent a bycicle or have
one repaired call on J. James in the St.
Nicholas block. . It.
N. B. Koseberry has added a fine new
range to the kitchen equipment of his Rail
road avenue short order house.
Tbe "Arabian Nights," next Thursday
' evening, will be one of tbe best plays ever
given by home talent in this city.
Mackel & Tscbann, agents for the world's
famous Lemp's St. Louis lager beer. The
best beer told in Las Vegas. Ask for it.
Jim Franklin, colored, was before JudKe
Wooster, this afternoon, charged with the
burglary of Martin & Howard's carpenter
The Borrego case was again taken up at
10 o'clock this morning, in Santa Fe. At
torney Crist has tbe attention of the court
to-day. .
Frank Bcott, Francisco Salino and Frank
Meias. were fined (9 each this morning in
Judge Wooster" j court for a disturbance
of tbe peace. -
M. W. Tyron, who left ibiscity a few
days ago, with but tbe hope of living until
he reached home, died at Garden City,
Kansas, en route. ,
A telegram to relatives in this city from
Charles Metzger, formerly residing here,
announces tbe birth of a ten-pcund boy at
his home in Denver.
Mrs. Trinidad Romero who was danger
ously ill in this city Friday and Saturday
is reported very much better to-day and
has probably passed the critical point in
her sickness.
In the divorce case of Zenaltu G. Romero
versus Raymundo Romero, the plaintiff
has been given the privilege of visiting
her children until tbe case can be decided
upon its merits.
Veeder & Veeder have been given judg
ment in the sum of $1,225 against the Lake
ranch cattle company for attorney fees.
Of this amount (310 goes to Keeler, Welch
& Hlght, attorneys of Topeka.
Tbe McKInley and Hobart Club held a
meeting at the city hall last Saturday
evening at which a goodly number were
present Another meetiog is booked for
Wednesday evening.
A blunder was made in setting Henry
Levy & Bro's adv. Saturday, which made
it read, bed spread's 40c, boae 90c and boys
waists 16c. It la male right In tbe paper
you hold in your" band and quotes bar
gains without mistake. -
Lewis E. Marcotte, tbe Blx-montbs old
son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Marootte, died,
Saturday evening, at 6 o'clock, and was
interred this morning at 9. Tbe bereaved
father was called, by wire, from the sick
bed of his mother, in Arizona, arriving this
A rumor was current on the street here,
this afternoon, that a man by the name of
SUva, of near Albuquerque, had stolen a
sheep from a herd belonging to A. P.
Buck, of this city, and in the dispute with
the herders, Silva and one of the herders
were killed. - !
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Zimmerman, Mr. and
Mrs. M. P. Moore, Mrs. A. B. Benehan,
Miss Gold, Mr. T. A. Goodwin., of Santa
Fe, and Misses Carruth and Shield, of Las
Vegas, returned to this city, last night,
from a delightful outing of ten days on
the upper Pecos. New Mexican.
A stone side-walk is being put down In
front of tbe Union block, on Sixth street,
in place of the old plank one. Tbe new
one is being raised to the grade, so if yon
happen to be tall, look ont for your head,
when you near the awnings, and If you
don't happen to be tall, look out for your
toes, anyway. -
Mr. M. Stevens and wife, a charming
woman, formerly Miss Bessie Stoops,, of
Las Vegas, spent several days here this
week and were shown about the city by
Hon. L. A. Hughes. Mr. Stevens is con
nected with the legal department of the D.
a. a, St. railroad and his home is at Trini
dad. New Mexican., i
John F. Bostwlck, once a well-known at
torney of this city and Las Animas, Colo
rado, is now an inmate of the ladles' Home
in this city, tbe latest one to be admitted.
He had become a burden upon his relatives,
his friends of former days seemed to have
neglected him, and this was the only step
left to be taken. His mind seems to be
affected from some oause, and be is Indeed
In a most pltiabl condition, a wreok of bis
farmer self.
The Laying of the Corner Stone ei the Sis.
tars' New Sanitarium, Yesterday ArUrnoea.
An Immense crowd was gathered at tbe
sanitarium grounds, In the northern part of
the city, yesterday afternoon, to witness
tbe solemn ceremonies of laying thaoorner
stone of that niagnlBoent structure.
Promptly at S o'clock, tbe long procession
wound its way from the opera house cor
ner out to tbe grounds. In line were the
various orders of , the Catholio churches,
having hundreds in line, the Laa Vegas
military band, Are departments of tba two
towns, city officials of But Las Vegas,
representatives of severe! Of tbe fraternal
orders, tbe distinguished churchman who
bad charge of tbe ceremonies, His Graoe,
Archbishop Chapelle,accompanied by sev
eral other reverend gentlemen In a car
riages and bringing up the rear were
many citizens In carriages and on horse
back, On arriving at the grounds, which al
ready seemed one vast sea of umbrellas, a
roadway was finally cleared to tbe covered
platform, where tbe speakers of tbe occa
sion were) sheltered from - tbe excessive
beat of tba sun, and where tbe choir was
stationed. Here the program as announced
in Saturday's OPTKJ was carried out with
the exception of tbe address by Rev. Nor
man Skinner, who refused to take part Jin
the proceedings, on Sunday, and ' an ad
dress by Fr. O'Keefe, who did not speak,
on acoount of tbe length of the program
and the extreme beat from which the im
mense crowd was undoubtedly suffering.
Tbe program was opened by musio by
tbe cbolr, which was oomposed of Mrs.
Hernandez, Mrs. Cod) , Misses Cochran and
Volmer, and J. J. Cluxton E. H. Nor
ton, and J. M. Cluxton, with Mrs.
Seneoal at the organ and it is needless to
add that their selections were rendered
Chief Justice Tbos. Smith then followed
In a ten-minutes' speech, In which he hap
pily congratulated tbe city and tbe noble
Sisters on tbe erection of tbe handsome
Tbe military band then rendered an ap
propriate selection, which, considering the
number of players who were absent, was
handled very well. -
Father Grotn then addressed the assem
bled throng in Spanish, and he was listen
ed to with deep attention by all those so
fortunate as to understand that language,
Following Father Grom was a selection
by the choir, after which Rabbi L. Scbrei
ber presented an eloquent address on the
beauties of Christian charity and the love
that makes the whole world akin.
After Rev. Schreiber's address, the band
which was stationed on tbe platform near
tbe corner-stone, was requested to play
another selection, while the preparations
were made for the ceremonies at the stone,
but from some one's mismanagement they
were crowded off the platform before they
bad completed their selection, and they
formed in line as they dropped off and
marched to town, rather offended at tbeir
The solemn consecration ceremonies over
tbe corner-stone was then conducted by
Archbishop Chapelie with the ritual of the
Catholic church.
After another, selection ' by tbe cbolr,
Archbishop Chapelie made a powerful ad
dress, first reading a text suitable to the
occasion. He dwelt particularly on the
splendid addresses' made by Chief Justice
Smith and Rabbi Scbreiber. wbo, be said,
raised high bis hopes for that universal
brotherhood wbich be so longed to see ex
isting in all its spiritual beauty between
man and man and tbe churches of God.
At 6:20 the exercises were ended, and
another epoch in tbe history of good ac
complished by tbe noble Sisters may be
said to bave commenced.
Tbe following is a list of articles placed
within tbe stone: Copy of tbe New York
Catholic News, the Kansas Catholic,LeB.ven
worth Standard, photo of Mother Xavler
Ross, founder of Leavenworth branch of
Bisters of Charity j photo Sister Adalade
Callahan. Copies of Church Progress and
Catholio World; photo of Mt. St. Mary's
academy and a catalogue prospeotus of tbe
same; copy of Daily Optic and Leaven
worth Times. A souvenir of v Bishop
Finks' silver jubilee of Kansas City, Kas.
By-laws of tbe Montezuma club and a
roster of tbe Las Vegas fire department;
sacred relics and coins of this date.
Bad Freight Wreck. -
At 6:30, this morning, freight train No.
86, going south, in charge of Conductor
Upton Hays, with Brakemen Bwyer and
Wilkison, went into the ditch about one
mile east of Galisteo. . Fortunately,-" no
one was hurt, although the first report this
morniDg gave one man killed. Engine 716,
with Engineer Seellnger , and F'rc
Buck, was pulling a long train of forty
cars, mostly empties, at a li vely rate.when
a brakebeam on the third oar from tbe en
gine broke and tbe fun commenced, there
being piled up and turned: over fourteen
out of the forty cars, when the train finally
stopped. '
Tbe wrecking crew was oalled out and
left at 6 o'clock, in charge of Roadmaster
Dan Elliott and' Trainmaster: T. G. Mul
hern, and a side-track was built around
the wreck at once, being completed by 11
o'clock, so that traffio was not delayed to
any great extent.
Considering tbe damage done, the,' fact
that no one was hurt is a matter of agree
able surprise to railroad men.
Burglars In the City. '
Saturday night burglars attempted to
effect an entrance into tbe convent, in the
old town, but were frightened away. Evi
dently tbe same men came across tbe
river and entered Conductor M. C. Drury's
house. After first helping themselves to a
lunch In the kitchen tbey proceeded to ran.
sack the bouse and took away (40 in money
wbich they found in a bureau drawer in
Mrs. Drury's sleeping room. . Tbey made
tbeir esoape from the residence without
leaving a clue for the officers to work upon.
Tbe dlty seems to.be afflicted with thieves
just at present as many complaints have
reached this office regarding, attempted
burglaries and from appearances it .'seems
to be . home talent tbat is doing it. The
city has good officers, and It can only be
but a short time until the guilty parties
come to grief. .,
The confirmation of Master George Pracr-
er, eon of Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Prager,1
took place at the Jewish temple id Trini
dad, Colo. Mr. Prager is the well-known
traveling man who has a good trade down
this way.
If you want to boy or sell cattle, woo or
sheep, dou't fail to see or write J. Minium,
wool and live stock broker, East Las Ve
gas, New Mexico.. He will lave you
money. ' 222w&dtf
There Is no bicycle made tbat all in all
will surpass tba Monarch.' Gross, Black
wel! 4 Co, have them for sale, ' It,
E. D. Osborne Is a late arrival at tbe hot
Louis La Tutu, of Puerto de Luoa, is in
tbe city.
If. 8. Hart came up from tbe south this
Myer Friedman was In Wagon Mound
Frank H. Shaffer of Raton, is a visitor
in tbe elty.
Fairfax Gaines went down to El Paso,
last evening. , . .
Egbert Frltslen is in from Puerto de
Lane, to-day.
Jos. Spence Is op from tbe Finos Welle
section of country.
W. W. Prlgmor and family spent yes
terday In Watrous.'
Willie Fisher left this morning for Mora,
to spend a few weeks.
E. E. Veeder went over to Santa Fe,
on last evening's train.
M.'8Hart came up from the south on
tbe early morning train. ;
E. L. Hamblin returned from tbe south
on tba early train Sunday.
Louis Kahn end daughter, Rayitos, are
In the oity from Mora, to-day.
Mrs. Geo. W. Hartman and family went
down to Cerrllios last evening.
K. o. weeks came over from Mora yes
terday, returning this morning, . ,
Will Rosenthal and family will spend a
month camping at the Williama ranch.
Mrs. T. A. Davis will enjoy an outing in
the mountains for the next few weeks.
J. M. Leaeny and family spent yester
day at Trout Springs and at El Porvenir.
Prof. J. A. Hand and wife and Master
Arthur Hand, spend the day at Williams'
N. C. de Baca, of tbe Romero Mercantile
company, went over to Santa Fe, last
L. J. Marcus and family returned from
a week's camping on the Williams ranch.
this morning.
Archbishop Chapelie, accompanied by
two attendant priests, returned to Santa
Fe, laat evening.
Express Agent R. O. Rankin and family
went out this morning, to La Cueva ranch,
for a few days outing.
Fathers Plcard, Sapello; Fayet, Han
Miguel, and Carpentier, Cbaperlto, were
in tbe city Saturday.
Charles Hernandez, Demetrio Silva and
Mr.Casau; are traveling overland to Ros-
well, for tbe fun of the thing. '
Will B. Hunter left in return to Chicago,
after several months' visit to bis wife, wbo
is In this vicinity for ber health.
Mrs. E. G. Shaub, of Springfield, Ma,
passed through this city, Saturday even
ing, to visit ber brother at Rowe.
"' Don Ricardo Johnson, of Sooora, Mex
ico, a friend of Major M. Salazar, was a
through passenger south,' Saturday even
log. '
' Chief Justice Smith returned to Santa
Fe, last evening. Mrs. Smith expects to
go over to tbe Ancient to-morrow even
W. E. Bay less, St. Louis ; Joseph Spence.
Pinos Wells; C. H. Murphy, Denver; E. S.
Weeks, Mora, are late guests of the New
Mrs. Frank Deatberage, wife of a promi
nent Kansas City attorney, arrived at
Watrous yesterday, on a visit to the Head
Pe'rteoto Jaramillo, a faithful employe
of the Duncan & Home stables, baa gone
out to Tularosa on a short visit to hi
C. A. Spless left last evening for Santa
Fe.after spending a day or two in company
with bis wife, wbo is at present visiting
friends bere.
Mrs. 8. Cornell, mother of Mrs. R. J
Van Fetten, left for ber home at Lawn
Ridge Illinois, this morning, after a very
pleasant visit in this city.
8. J, Wrlgbt, Texas,- M. B. Goldenburg,
Puerto de Luna ; F. S. Gordon, Medioine
Lodge, Kas. ; W. B, Starr, Greeley, Colo.;
register at the Plaza hotel.
Miss Mollle Keougb, a matron in the In
dian school at Ft. Defiance, passed through
here for tbat place last evening from a
vacation at her borne in Kansas.
C. ' F. Goddard, wbo was quite well
known in this city back in 1882, and who Is
now a reiident of Butte, Montana, passed
through here Saturday, en route to Ari
zona. ' "' ." '
G..W, Webb, Chicago; Frank H. Shaffer,
Raton; H. H. Marley, Kansas City; W. C
Lyle, Denver; H. W. Robinson, Earlville,
III.; W.S. Hunter, Geneva, 111., and L. O.
Fuller, Eddy, are registered at the Depot
hotel. . . ,
L. O. Fullen, a former attache of this of
ficer and wlo is now succeeding finely as
manager of tbe Pecos Valley Argus, down
at Eddy, Is in the city, to-day, on his way
home from a visit to bis kin-folk at Minne
apolis, Minn,
Patricio Gonzales left this morning for
Raton, where be will meet bis brother,
wbo is returning from the east after an
absence of twentj-two years, in which
time be has prepared himself for the
Alejandro 3rancb, of Mora, is dead. On
Tuesday last,wbile driving over a mountain
road, he was violently thrown from his
wagon and sustained injuries from which
he could not recover, and death came to
bis relief last night. He was an influential
citizen and had held many public offices,
and was at one time speaker of the house
of representatives in this Territory,
Notice the date of your ticket to the
complimentary ball to Professor Sodring.
It should read Tuesday, August 18th, in
stead of Friday. . 243-tf
Highest lienors World's Fair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
: 40 Years the gtanJarii
Rocky Ford Watermelons,
Finest in the land, only 25c.
Las Cruces Peaches,
Mission" Grapes,
., il AT "
Graaf & .Bowles.
; Forty people took dinner at (be hotel,
yesterday, and fully tbat many passed the
resort to picnio in tbe Gallioas cation,
" The guests of 1 Porvenir enjoyed a pic
nic In the Galllnae cation last Thursday.
M. Romero prepared a lunch in Mexican
Style, wbich was highly appreciated. -
Mr. and Mrs. Fleisber, wbo came np
last Tuesday for a week's outing, are so
well pleased with this place thai tbey have
onoluded to remain for several weeks.
M. Romero, Frank Titoe,- E. P. Smith
and Pablo 0. de 'Bsca spent Wednesday
night on Hermit's Peak and enjoyed the
aunrlse and the' grouse hunting tbe next
Notio. to Taxpayer.
Sixty days from this date, August 12tb,
1896, tbe undersigned collector of Han
Mignel county, will place all delinquent tax
bills In tbe bands of tbe district attorney
tor collection, and on and after tbe 1st day
of September a fine of 25 per cent, will be
imposed npon all delinquent taxes. .
r CabIob Gabaldow.
Collector for Ban Miguel County, New
Ever Alert To Current Demand,
. We place on sale Monday, for the week, a large line ot dress
goods, particularly suitable for children's school wear:
Serges, . Tweeds, Plaids, Armures,
Flannels, : Outing Cloths, Cashmeres, Alpacas.
In Short Lengths at Cut Prices.
The early caller will receive best bargains, of course.
School At the same time we will offer a lot of boys' and girls'
1 spring-heel, school shoes, at "bargain prices" excellent dura-
Shoes. ,ble shoes, cheaper than trash found in "cheap stores."
Boy's Suits'
and Pants. .
The carload of new furniture arrived, and will be ready for sale
early in the week. There are in it some notably handsome oak rockers
and dining-room chairs, which we will be pleased to have people see.
Cash Novelty Dry Goods Store.
, Ui - 1 , -ti.'
This Week, Special Sale.
25C yard 60 inch, Turkey Red Table Damask, was 35c. J .j
35C yard 60 inch, Unbleached Table Linen, was 50c.
25C All Linen," Fringed," Hucked Towels, size 19x42, was 35c. -
I2jC Unbleached Turkish Towels, size 21x45, was 20c.
90C Bates.' Heavy, White, Toilet'Bed Spreads, was $1.15. " '
I5C Pair Ladies' Tan Hose, was 25c'
4OC Boys' Mother's Friend Shirt Waists, was 75c. - .
Our Center Bargain Counter will have Big Values this week.
Our entire ptock of Boys' Clothing at New York Cost. !
The Best Children's School Hose in the World. .
Our new Fall Standard Paper Patterns are now ready,
Sixth Street, Opposite Postoffice.
,tj:-. ..... '.
For sale by
Stoves and
' y ; Handles' the Only ' '
Steel Range Stoves
Plumbing:! Tinning.
i iiriESiii
Ward Block, Railroad Aye.,
Mrs. Wm. Goinf Prop.
Tables Serred With
Cooked and Served in the Highest Order.
Meals, 25c; Hoard by week, $6,
A trial will eoDvlnoa yoo of tbe merits of
tbu mqpbl restaurant.
Walter Dearden, assayer and chemist
Trinidad, Colo. 187-tf
Go to Q. V. Hoed & Co., tor your plumb
ing and tin work, All work dona at very
reasonable prices. Try us end be con
vinced. 800-tf.
Bicycle en Easy PayaMats.
High grade bicyoles, Thistles, Eagles,
Win tons, Ajax, Kelley-Maus, Wolff
American, Featberstone, (40 to S100,
Children's full ball-bearlng,pneumatlo
tire, 125.
Ladles' W) model, twenty-two pounds
Cash or easy payments,
tt MxHiuif , 006 Douglas avenue.
Native bran at the Las Vegas Roller
mills, at 60c. per 100. 160-tf
Practical Horse-Shoer,
Not. 7, 8 and 9 Bridge street, wast end of
ge ti
Special attention given to brand
ing irons, and general blacksmith
rag and woodwork. All work
promptly done and satisfaction
guaranteed ' , :-
who Is willing to .fluid or fall on his
.mSrtts as a baker, ha. ooa.tantly.
on sals at the
Opposite Postonce. West Side.
' ' : Rnactal order, flllad on abort notice.
In-preparing the boys for school, do not overlook the
remarkably cheap and good garments offered in our
clothing stock. ; Boys-' suits that were $3.50 are now
$1.95. Pants for. 25c that were 60c and 75c
There are a Few Surprises in Store For You!
Qc for ChildrensVTan Ribbed Hose, Solid Colors, worth 20C.
18c fr Childrens' Tan Ribbed Seamless Hose, Fast Colors, worth 35c.
2i2c fr Ladies' Tan Seamless Hose, Fast Dye, Double Sole and Heel, worth 40c;
REMEMBER : AH prices offered by other dealers will be duplicated at our store.
$1.00, 85c, 65c Boys' Wash Suits, in this
sale, only - ' - 39c
60c Mens' White Uulaundried Shirts,
Reinforced Bosoms, - - 3QC
$1.00 Childs' Navy Reefers, ages 6 to 12
years, in this sale, only - 59c
$1.00 Ladies' Wrappers, In Light and
Dark Colors, now for - 69c
Ik mm lot ri Snae Co.,
Scliool Shoea!
The largest and best assorted stock of
School Shoes in the city, Note the following
"Rough and Ready" School Shoes, sizes 8 to 12 .85
" " " " 13 to 2 $1.00
"Our School Shoe" better goods, sizes 8 to 12 $1.00
u h a " f3 to a $1.25
Victor School Shoes - . . " 8 to 12 . $1.25
" - - " 13 to 2 $1.50
Fall Term Opens September ist.
For particulars, apply to
, Carries the most complete stock of musical goods
in the Territory. Mail orders promptly filled. .. .
The Plaza,
Wholesale Grocers
Wool Dealers,
East Las Yegas and Albuquerque, New HexIcOe
100, 102 and 104 North Second St.;
St. Louis, Mo.
826 & 328 Railroad Avenu.
Ranoli Supplies o. Specialty.
Goods delivered free to all parts o( the city. Call and examine onr stoo as
fore purchasing, and be oonvinced of our low prices.
MT - Complete line of Cartridges and Ammunition always on hand.
Is Offering the Greatest Values in Dry Goods,
Harness, Clothing, Hats, Caps, Boots,
Shoes and Groceries. r i
a , . -"Purchased at a Great Sacrifice, and will give
Our Customers the Advantage of this .
Special Low Prices on Dress Goods.
v ' :l ' A. A. SENECAL." Manager.
MRS. R. FLINT, Prop.
Centrally Located. Good Accommodations.
Rates, $1.25 per Day. Board
Las Vegas,
and Boom $5 and $6 per Week.
All our Ladies' and Misses' Sailor
and Untrimmed Hats, sold all season
from 50c to $2.00, go in this sale for
SA3 Cents.
Any Ladies' Cape in the house

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