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Las tokas
NO. 240
An Old Letter Written by Bryan
Will be Used by the Gold
Standard Democrats.
Chairman Bntler States That the
Populists and the Democrats
Will Work in Harmony.
Indianapolis, Ind., August , 19.
Chairman Rvnum, of the executive oom
mlttee of the national demootatio party,
Stated to-day that it can be positively
asserted that every state in the union,
xoept Nevada, Idaho, Utah, and pot
ibly one southern state, will send s
full delegation to the ndianapols con
vention. The sonnd money headquar
ters has secured what Ibey consider i
mighty valuable campaign document
in the shape of a letter alleged to nave
been written by Nominee Bryad to
George M. Carden, of Dallas, Texas,
February 18th, 1893. The tetter, they
say, justifies the sound money bolt and
destroys the criticisms of Bryan upon
the aotion of the gold men at Chicago.
Here are some extracts that will be
spread broadcast bv the committee :
As early as 1893, when the demo
cratic state convention of Nebraska,
controlled by candidates for federal of
fices, endorsed the president's financial
policy, I stated that I would not follow
the democratic party to a gold stand
ard. Directed by my conscience and by
my best judgment, I shall use that vole
to defend my rights, protect my family
and advance the welfare of society.
No convention can rob me of my con
victions, nor can any party organiza
tion drive me to corspire against the
prosperity or liberty of my country.
'Men who honestly differ upon para
mount public questions cannot afford
to be harmonized by the national con
vention. Cleveland would not sup
port a free silver oandidate for the
presidency, and he should not do so if
he really believes free coinage would
ruin the country, because a man's
duty to bis country is higher than his
duty to his party.
(Signed) W. J. Brtan."
Sawtell. Appointed.
Washington. D C, August 19.
President Cleveland, to-day, appointed
Col. Charles G. Sawtelle, quartermas
ter general of the army, with the rank
of brigadier general. He succeeds Gen.
K. N. Butcbelderwho retired on the
27th of last month.
The Market Report.
Wall Street, N. Y., August 19
Stocks, after a steady opening, devel.
oped a weakness, prices declining
per cent. Sugar, Grangers and
Manhattan scored the greatest losses.
There was a light pressure to sell,
heavier, outside of sugar, which was
force down to 103.
A Small Affair.
Decatur, 111., August 19. The first
state convention of the national party
assembled at the Tabernaole,this after
noon, after a temporary organization
bad been effected. There were about
fifteen delegates present. A state ticket
will be named. The nationalists are
against the banking system and want a
direct issue of currency and free silver.
They are also against fusion and ex
peot to poll 12,000 votes this fall.
Pour Poor Hobos Killed.
Topeka, Kans., Augnst 19. A Bock
Island freight carrying stock from the
southern part of the state, was wrecked
at the sugar mills, four miles west of
this city, this morning, at 5 o'olock.
Four men stealing a ride in a feed box
of a stock car were killed. - The men
must have been asleep, as the train was
slowly pulling into the switch when a
box underneath a car dropped down.
Six cars in the train were ditched.
CHAIRMAN butler talks.
The Populiita and Democratic Committee Will
Work In the Utmost Harmony.
WA8HW0TON, D. C, August 19.
Unless the wishes of Chairman Butler
and the members of the exeoutive com
mittee are set aside, Mr. Watson, the
populist candidate for the vice-presidency,
will not be officially notified of
bis nomination for that plaoe. Chair
man Butler, last night, while deolining
to make any specific statements on the
subject, said the failure to notify would
not be unusual, for the reason that the
populists had never yet notified candi
dates. Chairman Butler denied that
any pooling arrangement, for the cir
culation of literature, had been, ar
ranged between the democrats and
populists, but admitted that they would
work together in the utmost harmony.
It was decided by the committee, last
night, that there should be but one
head for the populist executive com
mittee, and the congressional commit
tee, and Senator Butler will therefore
Preside over all the work.
Washington, D. C , August 19.
Isaac N. Stevens, of Colo , vioe ohair
man of the silver national oommittee,
was arly at headquarters and had a
conference with Senator Jones. He
makes the announcement that his oom
mittee will work la perfect aaaord with
the democrats. Headquarters will be
maintained in both this city and Chi
cago. It was noon before the members
of the populist executive committee
met to begin the session oalled at 9 :30
o'clock. There was in attendance only
a bare Quorum, no additional members
baviug arrived. In reply to inquiries,
; It was stated that nothing but routine
business was traosaoted, and no defi-
nite Information would be given out
for publlpafjon gotlS lata to the after-
f - ,
Proceeding ol th. Openlat Meeting of This
fjreat Oathrinff.
Saratoga Springs, N. Y., August
19. Convention ball was more than
oomfortably packed with representa.
tive members of the bar from all por
tions of the United States at 10:40 this
morning, when Hon. Moorfield Storey,
of Massachusetts, called to order tbs
nineteenth annual convention of the
American bar association. Jnst before
the commencement of proceedings,
Lord Chief Justice Russell.of England,
aooompanied by Sir Frank Lockwood,
Q. C, M. r ., ana Montague uraoken
tborpe, Q O, were k escorted to the
platform, the convention rising en
masse to give the distinguished Visitors
an entbusiastio greeting. After the
president had delivered his annual ad
dress, and the presentation of routine
reports, a recess was taken, which was
followed by a meeting of the session of
legal education. This was called to
order by Chancellor Emlin MoClain, of
the Iowa state noiversity, and papers
on "The Necessity and Importance of
the Study of Common Law Prooedure
in Legal Education," and "Teaching
Practice In Public Schools" were pre
Saratoga, N. Y., August 19. The
opening session of the nineteenth' an
nual convention of the American Bar
Association, in Convention Hall, this
morning, brought out an audience of
nearly 2 000 persons. When President
Moorfidld Storey, of Boston, Mass
oalled the meeting to order at 10 :40
o'clock, there were present on the plat
form, Lord Russell, J. Randolph Tuck
er, Edward J. Phelps, Montague
Quackanthorp, Wm.. Alien Butler, Hen
ry Hitchcock, Austen (i. Fox, Charles
Claflin Allen, Francis Rswle, James
C.Carter, and Sir if rank Lockwood
The president delivered his annual ad
dress. He devoted most of his time to
the exposition of abuse of the courts
in appointing receivers for insolvent
Saratoga, N. Y. August 19. The
following are a few excerpts from the
report to the American Bar associa
tlon of the committee on international
law appointed by the convention of
last year, on "International Arbitra
lion." The committee is composed of
Hons. Everett P. Wheeler, of New
Yor : Riohard M. Venable, of Massa
chusetts, and Martin D. Follett, of
Ohio. The subject will also be made
tha basis ot Lord Chief Justice Rus
sell's address to-morrow morning.
"To the American liar Association:
Your committee respectfully report
that they have, carefully considered the
subject of "International Arbitration."
That the bar association of the state of
New York did, on the 16th day of
April, 1896, present a petition to the
president of the United States, recom
mending that action be taken for the
formation of an international court of
Subsequently a conference in rela
tion to the same matter was held . in
the city of Washington, at which reso
lutions were adopted favoring the im
mediate establishment between the
United States and Great Britain of a
permanent system of arbitration, and
the earliest extension of suoh a system
to embrace all civilized nations.
"The international sailing rules,
international copywrlght, trademarks,
the protection of neutrals, the postal
union and the privileges conferred upon
the Red Cross society, are steps in the
direction of international arbitration.
"While it cannot be said in every
instance the result of arbitration has
satisfied both parties, your committee is
of the opinion that on the whole the
decisions have been satisfactory and
beneficial, and that it is desirable to
provide by treaty for a system of inter
national arbitration in aavanoe oi the
dispute to be arbitrated."
The committee also recommends a
resolution concurring with the opinions
expressed by the Washington confer
ences in April.
Th. BJ-ennUl Conference of the Prlend of the
United State.
Swatbmore, Pa., August 19. The
bl-ennial conference of Friends of the
United States and Canada opened here
to-day, and is the largest, gathering of
Quakers that has ever-been held in this
country. The occasion mirks an epoch
in the history or tbe loiiowers oi Will
iam Penn. Tbe delegates have taken
possession of the grounds of Swartb
more oollege, just vacated by the state
conference. Several thousand have al
ready registered, and it is expected
that by tbe close of the -week no less
than 6,000 Cluster men and women
from abroad will be the guests ot the
local oommittee, which has appropri
ated 110,000 toward the expenses of
the conference. Several hundred of
be visitors have aocommodittiona in
tbe oollege buildiogs, 1,200 are quar
tered in tents on the ground, and the
balance are distributed among Quaker
friends in Delaware, Chester and Phil
adelphia counties. At the opening to
day, a lengthy report was presented
from tbe exeoutive committee of the
eentral conference, which hld its last
meetin.' at Coldstream, Canada. Dur
ing the week's session of the confer
ence, temperance, sooial purity, peace
and arbitration, Indian affairs, the
condition of the oolored people of tbe
south, the general interests ot tbe poor
and higher edu jation.will be disoussed.
Catholic Benevolent Union. '
Wilmington, Del., August 19 Tbe
national convention of the Irish Catbo
iio Benevolent Union of the United
Hates opened here to-day, with several
hundred delegates in attendance. This
morning, escorted by the Knights of
St. Lawrence and the Ancient Order
uf Hibernians, the delegates marched
in a body to St. Peter's Cathedral,
where high mas was celebrated. On
returning from tbe servioe, the oonven.
tion was called to order. In Shield's
hall, by Daniel W. Lynch ot this olty,
ths national president, who delivered
Jf annual mjtff, -
He Has not yet Formed an Op
inion as to the Situation in
Certain States. f"
jpiot Discovered to Blow up the
Castle of ; Infanta Isabella,
Annt of Boy King.
New Yobk, N.Y., August 19. Mark
Harms, chairman of tbe republican na.
tional committee, arrived at 11 o'olook
this morning, at tbe ' Waldorf hotel,
from Cleveland. Mr. Hanna said be
was going to remain in New York on
campaign business a week or ten days
When asked about Bryan's speeon at
Madison Square Garden, Mr. Hanna
said that Bryan's friends were disap
pointed at the effect prodnoea by tne
speeob; In iaot, at nis enure trip.
Chairman Hanna said he bad read Mr.
Coohran's reply to Mr. Bryan's speech,
and be was very enthusiastic over n
He said -everything was running
smoothly at the Chicago headquarters,
and they were jost beginning to see tbe
good results of their educational work
in many districts' through the use of
literature. Mr. Hanna stated that it
was too early yet to form an opinion
as to the politioal situation in the states
of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. .
Toledo, Ohio, August 19. Tbe safe
of the Paragon oil refining company. at
T 111- 1. 1 . -1 U i
irunviue, wu uiuwu . yyvu vaiiy iuib
mornlne. and 1 1.000 secured. The
work was that of expert cracksmen.
A Plot Discovered.
Madrid. Spain. August 19. The
TTnlA aaaerta that the authorities
have discovered the existence of a plot
to blow up tne castie oi igraris, me
residence oi laianta Isabella, nunc oi
the boy king.
A Monument to Chittenden.
WillistoN, Vt., August 19 A mon
ument to Thomas Chittenden, the first
governor of this state, was unveiled
to-day. Tbe event was celebrated bv
a general holiday and there was an at
tractive street parade. Tbe exeroises
at tbe monument oonsisted of music, an
historical address and an oration.
To Open To-Morrow.
Omaha. Neb., August 19. Tbe
proceedings of the eighth annual con
vention of tbe Young People's Union
of tbe United Presbyterian church, for
which delegates have been arriviog
for nearly a week, will be inaugurated
this evening with a reception under
the auspices of the Omaha committee.
To morrow morning the opening ex
ercises will take place in the Creighton
. Caapalsa Opened.
Cincinnati, Ohio, August 19 The
McRluley club opened the campaign
with a big meeting at tbe zoological
gardens, this afternoon. At tbe even
jog meeting Col. - .Leopold Marsorent
will preside. After a short speech by
Congressman Bromwell, Senator John
Sherman will deliver an address.
Much enthusiasm was manifested at
the afternoon meeting, which indicates
that Senator Sherman will have a big
audience to-night. ; ..'
' Grand Circuit Races,
: Buffalo, JsT. Y.f August la. The
grand circuit races opened here, this
afternoon, under somewhat discourag
ing conditions. Tbe. weather is cool
and cloudy, . and the track is slow.
The card for to-day is that postponed
from yesterday.
First heat, 2:16 trot "Franklin"
won; "satin &npper," second; "Mao
duff," third; time, 8:12.
London, England, August 19. At
the Stockton race meeting - to-day,
Great Northern Leger, 1,000 sover.
elgns, for three-year-olds, Leger
course, oue mile five furlongs, was
won by "Drip;" Harkwioke stakes,
600 sovereigns, two-year-old course,
six furlongs, was won by "Cyrenian."
It you want to boy or sell cattle, woo or
sheep, don't fail to see or write J. Minium,
wool and live stock broker, East Lai Ve
gas, New Mexico. He will save you
money. 222w&dtf
New Brunswick
Under the new manage
ment, will set tbe
Special tables reserved for ladies and
families. Your patronage I solicited.
Prop. .
Now located on Sixth street, two doors
north of the Postoffice,
A Specialty.
The Finest Line of
Stoves and Steel Ranges
' In the City.
Heating anparatas, heavy sheet Iron
work, to.. contracted for al the bottom
rrlpe, tt us figure on your work,
F. J. EEHRfflE,
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
11 X . M
Bryan Will Mak. Several Stops oa Ms Trip
Through New Vork. ..
Upper Red Hook, N. Y., August 19.
New York state is to be partly can
vassed by Wm. J. Bryan before bis re
turn to tbe west. His program is not
yet complete and may be changed
somewhat, but so far as it has been ar.
ranged, it wa's summed ,up in the fol
lowing statement, diotated this morn
ing by Mr. Bryan : "We shall leave
Barrvtown at 6 :66, Tuesday afternoon,
tbe 25th, reaohiog Albany at 8 :80 p. m.
We will then leave there at 10 p. ni ,
that night, and arrive at Syracuse at
2:05 a. m., staying until noon, Wed-'
nesday, and reach - Rochester at about
2:26 p. m , where we will stop one
hour, leaving for Buffalo in time to
reach there at 4:45 p. m. From But'
falo, we take the first train to Erie, Pa ,
arriving there early tn the evening. At
Erie I will attend the meeting of the
state democratic clubs on ..the 26th.
will return the next rafern'.ng to Buffa
lo, add remain the rest' of the week in
western New York." I will spend Sun
day at Chautauqua, and proceed west
Wednesday morning.''
Telegrams from many places in New
York, inviting tbe young oandidate to
make addresses, bave been received by
Mr. Bryan,, but he is obliged lode
cline many of the requests. What Mr.
Bryan will do when in the western part
oi tie state, he is not yet ready to an
nouooe, but will do so within a day or
two. This afternoon, Mr. and Mrs.
Bryan went to Rblneheck, to visit El
lerslie, the estate of Gov. Morton.
Accident, Says the Coroner.
London, England, August 19. A
ooron. r's inquest was held to-day on
tne body of Baron von Zadwitz, owner
of tbe yacht "Isolde," killed by tbe
collision of tbe "Meteor" with the
Isolde," off South -sea, yesterday
The captains of the "Isolde," "Brit-
tania" and "Meteor" were examined,
and tbe jnry returned a verdict that
tbe baron's death was due to the purely
accidental collision of the boats.
w' .' '' The Keeley Proceeding.
Indianapolis, lad., August 19.
1 be proceedings of ..the national con
ventiou of Men and'' Women's Keeley
Leagues were continued at the state
bouse this morning. Fraternal dele
gates appointed by tbe Catholic Total
Abstinence Union of America, compris
ing J. Washington Louge, of Philadel
phia; M. Mobbeeby, .Miss McDonald
and Mr i. Kelly, were introduced and
made addresses. There was a warm
contest for the location of the next con
vention, mainly between Milwaukee
and Nashville. Tbe delegates from tbe
latter offer as an inducement the attrac
tions of tbe" Tennessee Ceutennial Ex
position, whiob commences on May 1st,
bile the Wisoonsinites nrge tbe acces
sibility of their city and its opportuni
ties for pleasure excursions.
Capital Paid in
DB. J. M. CUNNINGHAM, President,
FRANK SPBLNGEB, Vice-President.
D. T. HOSKINS, Cashier. ..-.:
F. B. JANUARY, Assistant Cashier.
fi8ave your earnings by depositing them In the Lab Visas Bavthos Bask, where
they will bring yon an income. . ' Bvery dollar saved, Is two dollars made."
rifS w c Ho deposits received of less than 51.
' Interest paid on all deposit of $5 and over.
Hardware Stores & Agricnltnral Implements
A large stock of Stoves and Plows now on hand, which will be sold a littl
above cost. These goods are all warranted to be of the very best make in ths
United States, and to give perfect satisfaction.
At the Old Stand on Center Street. EAST LAS VEGAS. N. M. .
Patronize West Side Stores.
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Better Assortment,
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dold Claim ror Sato.
A half Intereet la a bonaosa prospect.
thirty-one feet down ; assays till and up,
This claim is surveyed and recorded, and
I tbe beat gold proposition aver offered la
New Mexico. Bubjeot to the closest In
speotion, For particulars address
Qxo. H. Hctchjsos,
204tf New Opiio hotel.
LoST On Mon 'a, Au uit l'tli, a mm of
money, Dearths First .National bank,
ureal side or tbe plaza. Anyone finding
same will "e liberally rewarded by calling
at mis omce. hv-h
108T A little square go!d Ic-ket, with
i initial "A" on tue back. The Under
wl.l confer a f ivor by returning same to
Mr, u. Arciiioaia. xtv-n
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Ij Ctitna boar, w rite or call On E. Grln-
nall. Las Vegas hot spring. ?tf-st
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pot. Address, E. I'., box 274.
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ana umncnaru ire ih. , ?o&s
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JD nUtied. Enquire of . Mrs, H. J. Van
rotten. - . ism
ANTED Solicitors for campaign book
TV "Bryan, sswau ana - ee silver,"
autnoneea oy inyan, written oy k. Ij. net
calf, editor of tbe Omaha World-HtraXd. aD
pointed author by Bryan. Contains
speeches and platform. A bona za for
a"nts. a free silver mine for worker
Only $1. Ml. The only autborlz1 bxk, in
per cent;, ureut gvea. . eignt paid,
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rltorj. Pe'maienc, profitable work for
tut Aanress xne National uook uoncern,
star uuumug, unicago. ui nu
watches and Jewelry repairing of ali
aiuus uuue. o. JjUJ n a, uo ,
tf Bridge Street.
TVOH'T PAY RENT 1100 cash and S8
JFmonth for seventy months, will pay for
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ana gooa neignoornooa; centrauy locaiea
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Also a Few Desirable
Rooms to Rent.
L J.
S09 Grand Ave., Opp. Clements' Mill,
. liENRT GoKK, Pres
H. W. Kellv, Vioe Pres.
D. T. Hoskins, Tress.
Paid up capital, $30,000.
CrODa Table Board
closed out within to days to make
Oar 85c Corset at. . .
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First National Bank,
JOHN W. ZOLLARS, Vice-President. A. B. SMITH, Cashier
; Accounts Received Subject to Check.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
East Las Vegas
Tiolesale Grocers.
Wool, Hides and Pelts.
- .uUH
Ranch and Mining Suppliaef
Fence Wire, Nails,
Picks and Shovels.
Cement, Sheep Dips, Sulphur. Wool Sacks.
o. Steel Hay Rakes.
A large and complete line of
Plows and Points
Kept constantly on hand, together with
Garden Hose, Wire Netting,
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of every description.
Your patronage is solicited at the
Old Town Hardware Store, :
A. WISB, Notary Public -Established
Sixth aad Douglas Aves., East Las Vegas, N. M.
Improved and Unimproved Lands and City
attended to tor rion-reiuouii. a uio. oai.uji.uvu, wu..w.u buv .m. .u.
Car Fare Free
to all
East Side Customers.
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x J.
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Yi ;''i..3:i7!5;.;-
Ias T.caa, H.w Bl.zio.
The only first-class house in the
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In charge of Cuisine Department. Bates
Dfio per meal; $6 per week. Tables supplied
wltn everytblng toe market afford.
Booms bv the day for SOo to S1.00: bvl?1
month. S6 to $12. rj
1881. r. O. HOGSKTT.
Property for sale. Investments made and
1 The flnest line of Carriages, Boggles.
If Landaoi, Sa.rey. Phaeton and Boad
Oarts In th Southwest, ol the best
I . Livery and Fed 8 tables.
: Agents for
Soda Bottling Works.
Goods called for
" and delivered,

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