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R. A. KI5TLBR, Editor and Proprietor.
Kntnred at the Kast LasVeiraa. N. M
postoftlca for transmission throuvb tlia
walls ai socona-class matter.
Special Notice.
Lai VgOAi Dailt Optio Delivered by mall,
post-paid, iio.ua per annum; so.uuiorsi
months; f'i.00 lor tliree months, By car
rier, W centi per week
&41 Vkuas WbhkltUptio 18 columns, da
' num. 11.00 for six monthf , '753 for three
montlu. Minnie copies in wrappers,!) cents,
Samnlecoolesot both dally and weekly.
mailed free when desired. Give poitofflce
address in run, including itate.
Oohhbhpondbmok Uontalning nbws, solid
ted from all Darti of the country. Com-
munleatlom addressed to ths editor of
The Optio, to Insure attention, should be
' accompanied by the writer's full name
ana aaaress, not tor pudiicbmuu, uui as
imnrantv of irood faltll.
BiHirrAHOKS May be made by draft, mone
nnlAr nontal note. exDress or realsterei
letter at our risk. Address all letters and
telegrams to tbb optio,
But Lai Vagal, Maw Mexico.
For President,
william Mckinley.
Of Ohio.
For Vice-President,
Of New Jersey.
"To all our products, to those of tbe
mine and tbe field, as well as tboBO of the
abop and factory, to WOOL, tbe products
of the great Industry of sheep husbandry
as well as to the finished woolens of tbe mill
we promise the most ample protection."
National Republican Platform,
The republicans of New Mexico
should fight for their interests, but the
fight should be conducted within party
lines, so far as practicable.
Tbb silver sentiment is growing
noticeably among the republicans in
New Mexioo and the parly cannot do
less than re-adopt the silver plank in
the platform of 1892, at tbe forthcom
ing Las Vegas convention.
The New Yoik Journal, which i3
c inducting a very vigorous campaigu
for free silver, has just published a
unique campaign document, describing
the wonderful formation of the nose,
throat end larynx of tbe Hon. William
J Bryan. The statement is signed by
"Frank E. Miller, ii. D., throat sur
geon lo Vanderbilt Clinic, visiting phy
sician to St. Francis' and consulting
throat surgeon to St. Joseph's Hospi
tils," and looks very much like an afB
davit. The Journal seems to be under
the impression that Mr. Bryan is an
epplicant for an engagement either
by an opera company or by a dime
President E. B. Andrews, of Brown
university, has announced himself a
believer in free coinage of silver by
this country alone, and his belief that
suoh action would produce a practical
parity between gold and silver at one
coinage ratio. This is an interesting
statement, because a few months ago
Mr. Andrews believed free coinage im
politic, and he is a man who bas long
been conceded to be an authority on
the silver question. He was one of our
representatives at tbe international
monetary conference of 1892, and is
well-known writer on the subject. His
change of opinion, following a similar
change by Cernuscbi and other Euro
pean bi-tuetallists, indicates that tbe
best educated minds on this subject
are coming round to the opinion that
it is perfectly safe for the United States
to try free coinage.
some: nuts to crack.
Gold-standard organs represent that
under free oninage "everybody to
whom anybody shall be indebted shall
be bound to receive ' silver dollars in
payment of suoh debt, whether they
may be worth a dollar in gold or worth
no more than 60 per cent, of gold coin,
and . that tbe government will be
obliged to reoeive them at their face
value for taxes and duties on im
ports." Well, now, let us see.
Io the first place, although the bul
lion value of the silver dollar is less
than 60 cents due to legislation
against it yet tbe silver dollar is ac
cepted everywhere for Its faoe value,
and the government is obliged ' to re.
oeive it in payment of all . taxes and
imports, and the despised "6S oent"
silver dollar is a full legal tender.
If the despised "53 cent" silver dol
lar is accepted without hesitation as a
full legal tender now, in face of the
disrepute with whioh congress tried to
surround it, what reason is there to be
lieve that the silver dollar would not
be acoepted as a fnll dollar and legal
tender under free coinage t
Id tbe second place, the friends of
film coinage contend (hat w&en )es.
fat v-, 1
7:'Ttvs7j .
lation discriminating against silver is
romoved, the value ol the bullion in a
silver dollar will rapidly advance to
the full dollar mark, and that tbe "63.
cent" silver dollar wbioh is a full legal
tender in faoe of adverse legislation,
will beoome a "100-oent" silver dollar
and certainly be aooepted for its faoe
value under free coinage.
And further, as to this "o3-cent"
silver dollar, wbioh the gold people so
sffeot to despise, but are so ready to
aooept without disoount, why, if it
would be a dishonest dollar under free
ooinage, with tbe favor of tbe govern,
nient conferred upon it again, why Is
not tbe present despised "63-oent" ill.
ver dollar dishonest now t And why,
if it is dishonest, do not the gold men
refuse to acoept It now as a legal ten.
derf ". j I
. And talk abont repudiation; if it
would be repudiation to tender a silver
dollar for a debt under . a free coinage
law, why Is it not repudiation to tender
the despised "OS-cent" silver dollar
nawP .. . . . I j
The manilestaiions of interest in bl
metallism abroad are most marked In
France and Germany. English bl-met
allists appear to have lost their beads,
and are unable to take advantage of
the existing situation, A recent tele'
gram from Loudon says: "Encouraged
by the emperor's reoent study of cur
rency problems, the bi-metallists of the
reiobstag propose, this autumn, to takti
a census on the Bubject. Three mem
bers ot the German government, in
eluding the chancellor, express a doslre
to re-open negotiations with England
early next spring. Seeing, however;
the strong views of Sir Miohael Hicks-
Beach, the English chancellor of ex
ohequer, and the apathy of even Mr.
Balfour when bi-metallism becomes s
question of public policy, the German
approaches stand a small chance ot
success." This state of affairs must
soon convince the Frenoh and German
bi-metallists that II any action is se.
oared, it must be secured independent
of Great Britain, for the money-bags
of tbat country appear to be control
ling its brains at present.
Our Pueblo Correspondent Touches
up Many Subjects in His
Inimitable Style. v
To the Editor of the Ovtie.
Pueblo, Colorado, August lGtb.
Colorado is a woman's rights state
Here lovely woman has the right to
vote, hold office, and talk politics, at
ber own sweet will, and she, can, in
most cases, bring us Lords of Crea
lion to lime,' or knock our vote galley
west, by casting her vote for tbe other
fellow, bnt here is one thing a woman
cannot ao wtinout proving herself a
seven story failure, and that is, to act
the part of executioner, when an old
ben is to be prepared for the family
dinner pot.
We saw a case in point last evening.
A lady was standing at the wood pile,
axe in band; at her side stood tbe
hired girl, grasping a chicken's legs,
whose head lay on a small log, ready
or tne xatai mow; tbe lady firmly
grasped tbe axe with both hands, then
with arm extended and rigid as the
expression on her handsome faoe, she
raised the axe high over head, and
shutting both eyes, to insure a deadly
aim, she brought tbat axe down with a
thud, but It missed the ben by afoot.
The hired girl got "histerrickv." and
let go of the chicken, nnd the chicken
promptly made a break for liberty.
Of oourse the lady got mad and blamed
tbe hired girl, and the hired girl
promptly retorted by telline her mist-
rets that she couldn't hit the ground
with tbat axe, no matter how bard she
tried. The hen left without express
ing ber opinion, but the lady as she
flung tbe axe away said, tbe next time
she kills a chicken, she will hire a
coon to do it. The Lord of that manor
will fare sump uously at to-day's din
ner on warmed-over hash. .',
Yesterday at about 1 :85 p. m., the
second section of the west-bound Calir
forcia express of tbe Denver oV Rio
Grande was wrecked about seven miles
west of the city. The engine and every
coach except the rear one, jumped the
track. The engine and Sever! of the
coaches were overturned. The engi
neer and firemau were buried , under
the engine, and no doubt were instant
ly killed. ! Twenty of the passengers
were also more or less injured, but
none seriously; The accident was
caused by spreading rails, due to the
intense heat. During periods of In
tense beat, the rails creep, closing the
expansion between the ends of rails So
tightly tbat the points either stick up
ward, or are forced outward, so as to
form an elbow, and any train running
at tbe usual rate of speed, is sure to be
wrecked when it strikes the elbow. To
prevent suoh accidents, if possible, the
company has a track watchman who
patrols his section during tbe day, yet
in the heated period the utmost vigil
ance cannot guard against the sadden
preading of tracks, especially on sharp
curves, where the danger is always
greatest, in tun case the company
cannot oe nem responsible.
About 800 women are employed in
this city as typewriters, stenographers.
DOOKxeepers, clerks, saleswomen, pri
vate secretaries, nurses, etc. The new
woman seems to be crowding the poor
men out or ine most desirable places,
and it is no doubt this taot that makes
them feel that life Is beginning to have
more charms than aforetime, when tbe
average man firmly believed tbat wo
man's high and holy mission consisted
in washing, cooking and scrubbing
and in spanking a numerous progeny
into obedienoe and submission. ,
Work has begun on the new post-
office building, wbioh Uncle Sam will
ereot here. Tbe building wilt cost
(187,000, and is to be ready for -ooou.
pancy by January, 1898. A Chicago
contractor was the successful bidder."
Republicans all over the state are
sigoing petitions requesting Senator
Woloott to resiirn his office, so that an
American can be elected la his stead."
Coloradosns are suob firm believers In
jrecpUver tbtt they have no Uttfor
Prors ths merit of Hood's Barsiiparllla post.
tlva, perfect, permanent Cures.
Cura of scrofula In severest forms, like
(oltrs, swelled neck, running sores, hip
disease, so, ti In the eyes.
Curos ot Bait Itheum, with 11.1 Intense Itching
and minims, scald bend, teller, etc.
Cures of Bolls, l'implcs, and all other erup
tions due to Impure blood.
Cures of Dyspepsia and other troubles wher
a good stomach tonlo was needed.
Cures of Itboiimatlsm, where patients were un-
,- able to work or walk for weeks., .
Cures of Catarrh by expelling the Impurities
. , which cause and sustain the disease,
Cures of Nervousness by properly toning and
feodlng the nerves upon pure blood.
Cures of That Tired Feeling by restoring
s trongtb. Bend lor book of oures by
To C. I. flood & Co., Proprietors, Lowell, Mast
u it rMf are the best after-dinner
flOOd S PUIS pills, aid digestion. 'Ac.
anj one who champions the gold bug
money sharks.
Senator Teller, on tbe other hand, is
the lion of the hour. By his manly
stand for free silver, be bas won tbe
approval and admiration ot bis oonstit
uents. and bis re-election as senator is
a foregone conclusion. , . ,
-. Pueblo had another murder last
night, which, as is generally the case,
occurred in the disreputable part of tbe
City where the Italian saloons abound
An Italian was the vlotim. Up to this
writiog, the police have failed to locate
the murderer. A Mexican woman who
was In company with the dead man
when he was shot, is now in jail. She
steadily refuses to tell who did the
killing, but the police believe tbey can
worm the seoret from ber. These low
Italian dives are a cinse to tbe city,
and give the police more trouble than
any other part of tbe city, and the
wonder is how the keepers, of these
vile dens can manage to get a lioense
or having obtained it, why the police
fail to shut these plaoes that are an
eye-sore to tbe city.
Tbe conoert to be given on Wednes
day night, the proceeds of which are to
be used in sending a representative
workingman east to preaab free silver
to the workingmen there, promises to
be a sucoess, in every way. One of
the features of the concert will be the
reading of Bryan's celebrated speech
made at the Chicago convention.
Ed Crsil, ot thiB city, is the cham
pion unluoky man of Pueblo. In tbe
eleven years of bis married life, bis
home has been burglarized nine times
and now if bis home is not burglarized
for a few months, Mr. Crail feels as
the burglar fraternity had gone back on
i Engineer Cbas. Davenport, who was
killed in yesterday's wreck near this
city, will be buried with Masonic hon
ore. to-day.. He was an old and popu
Iar employe of tbe Denver s Kto
Grande, and had many friends in tbe
city. lie leaves a wife and three cbil
The "middle-of-the-road" populisti
held a meeting last night, at which the
questions that most occupy the public
mind were discussed from tbe populist
standpoint. Senator Woloott got a few
love tokens from some of tbe speakers,
whioh be will probably not relish very
much. John J. Jiippus
Nona But Ayer's at tbe World's Pair.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla enjoys tne ex
traordinary distinction of having been
tbe only blood purifier allowed an ex
Dibit at the World's fair, Cbioago,
Manufacturers of other Sarsaparillas
sought by every means to obtain
showing of their goods, but they were
all turned away under tne application
of the rule forbidding tbe entry ot
patent medicines and nostrums. The
decision ot the World's fair authorities
in favor of Ayer's Sarsaparilla was in
effect as follows : "Ayer's Sarsaparilla
is not a patent medicine. It does not
belong to the list of nostrums, u is
here on its merits "
Tourist Rates to the Qrand Canon.
From Las Vegas to Grand Canon of tbe
Colorado river aod return, $53 60. Thirty
davs' transit limit in each direction
Kinal return limit, ninety days from date
of sale. Tbe stage will leave Fiagstaa, on
Mondays. Wednesdays and Fridays, con
necting with our through California trains
in each direction.
Returning, it will leave tbe Grand Canon
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Tbe
ride to tbs canon is over a good road and
occupies about eleveu bourn. Stations
hare been established along tbe route and
at the oanon for tbe accommodation of
tourists. . C. F. Jojjbs, Agent,
Rata to City ot Mexico.
LasVkoas, N. M., March 9th, 1898.
Round trip rates to City ot Mexico, from
Las Vera. $06.70. Going limn, sixty
days, with final return limit, of six months
irom date or saie.
Tourist rates to Phoenix, Ariz., and re
turn from Las Vegas. $48.00. Limits,
fifteen days, in each direction, .with final
limit or six montns.
tt C. F. Jonis. Agent.
Is Not a Candidate. .
From the Aztec Index.
It is with rtgret tbat tbe Index an
nounces tbat Hon. Thos. D. Burns, of
Rio Arnoa county, will not be a candi-
date this fall for delegate to congress
on the republican ticket. Mr. Burns
is well qualified to represent in con
gress the people of New Mexioo, and
his nomination would be equivalent to
an eleotion.
Before the finished
fruit come bud and
blossom. Bud grows
into blossom and
blossom into fruit
And ao girlhood
mergea into woman
hood and the woman
into motherhood.
The two most crit
ical times in a wo
man's life an the
times which make
the girl a woman,
and the woman a
mother. At these
times, Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescrip-
I -y .. Ji tion is of incalcu
lable Taint. - It
tnYengthens and invigorates the organs dis
tinctly feminine, promotes regularity- of
the functions, allays irritation and inflam
mation, checks unnatural, exhausting
drains, and puts the whole delicate organ
ism into perfect condition. Almost all the
ills of womankind are traceable to some
form of what is known as "female com
5 lain t" There are not three cases in a hun.
red of woman's peculiar disease that Dr.
r foyc'i rsvOTij Ercscr'ptlott wi est tyr
r -' ii
The Maxwell
Situated in New Mexico and Colorado,
On the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe, and
Union Pacific, Denver ,& Gulf Railways. ' A
.S00 O0O acres dI Land For Sale)
Farming Lands Under Irrigation Systems: ' !
In tracts 6f 20 acres and upwards, with perpetual water rights,
cheap, and on easy terms of 10 annual payments, with 7 per cent,
interest. Alfalfa, Grain nnd Fruits grow to perfection.
Choice Prairie or Mountain Grazing Lands,
Well watered and with good shelter, interspersed with fine ranches suitable
- for raising grtlot and fruits, in site ot tracts to suit purchaser.
Large Pastures For Lease, : - ' "
faTro0ands.tm, 'nod or lunten0ed il shipping laeiMtlesljoveT two
gold " 'wnnrasJ- -:
D,.tr$ ftp wM Wx wnesesf
operated for 25 yers. and new, riob dleoor-ries were made in 1895, In the vicinity of
,u uowt.uu u, iiia ana oaksx auuv tr, as rich as any camp in Colo
rade, but wilb lots of as vet unlocated ground opsn to pro peotors 00 terms similar to.
and as favorable as. the United Htatea llovernmBnt .I,h na.,,. ' 1
Stage leaves every moininfir.
these camps. '
Title Perfect, founded on United States Patent and confirmed by
decisions of the U. S. Supreme Court. v
" For further particulars and pamphlets, apply to
Raton. New Mexico.
June 1st, wa will
wa will sell
round orip tickets to Pueblo, at SIS. 70: to
Colorado Bprlngs, $18.50; tj Denver,
$23.15. Tickets limited to one day in each
direction. With final limit for return, No
vember 16th, 169Q.
Annnal Convention, International Ainu,
of Fire Engineers Salt Lake City, Utah.,
Aug. 10 toHtb. '96. Dates it Bale,
Augost 7tb and 8tb. One lowest first-cla-,
standard fare for tbe round trip, plu $2.
all tickets to be good for continuous pav
sage in eaoh direction. Leaving gait Lake
on August 15 and 22 only.
National Encampment G. A. R. at
St Paul, Minn., September 1st to 4tb 1896.
From Las Vegas to Bt Paul, Minn, and re
turn, $35.20. Dites of sale, August 80th
and 31st 1896 j original return limit Hep.eui
berlSth, 1896. Continuous passage in each
direction; going passage to commence
date of sale; return pas. age to convnenoe
data of execution. An ex'ension ot final
limit to September 30tb. 1896, will be granted
on all tickets deposited with joint agect ot
terminal lines at St. Paul on or before Sep
tember 15ib, 1896. .
Great Council of tbe "IT. 8." Improved
Order of Bed Men at Minneapolis, Minn.,
September 7th to lltb, '93. Fare and one
tbird for round trip, on certificate plan. -
Grand Lodge, "I. O. O F.," at Albu
querque. N. M , September 8th to 12tb. '96.
from Las Vegas to Albuquerque and re
turn, w.su; uaieB 01 saie, oeptemoer tin
8th and 9th; limited for return including
DeptemDer lam, m.
C. F. Jones Agent.
Some Ready Information.
The following statistical Information
should be cut out and pasted on your ot
flee desk for future and frequent refer
Raton...... ........liO
Springer ......70
vvagou Mound...'. 45
Watrous 20
Baa Miguel .....29
Glorleta ..55
Laray 65
ueblo 20
Topeka 720
tclilgon 770
Kansas Ulty 7
St. Louis.... 1.068
Chicago 1,275
wasmngton 2.WH
Santa Fe 83
Albuquerque 182
Los Lunas 1M
8ocorro 208
San Marclal 236
Las Unices Kit
El Paso i..88rt
rnuaaeipma ,...2,o7
New York 2.187
Uoston 9 41U
Tucson 698
Onlnuahua 612
Olty of Mexico... 1 612
i.os Angeies l.uss
-nil uiego 1 ,
Demlng 863
Sun Francisco... 1.S1S
Silver Olty 411
Trinidad 14
La Junta 218
Denver 8i
Ouaymas 906
l. v. not SDrinua..
WhlteOaks, direct, .160
Galveston, direct.. 709
Mora 7043
Hot Sd'ks Park.. 6767
liver ritv 6022
spare's Kancn.... 8S72
Chicago 693
Springer 589
watrous nm.
Las Veuas 6if2
Kansas City 765
Raton Tuunel 7622
8 ntat'e .... 7018
Glorleta 7432
Continental Di
Albuquerque ....60W
Socorro 485
vide on A.AP....7256
1 Paso BHh'il
piatman: 6866
Leaavuis lrai
Denver 6200
Needles 477
Salt Lake City.... 4425
Rewards Offered.
Whereas, information has just reaobed
me tbat upon tbe lltb day of June, A. D.,
1896, Levi Heirzsteln and Merejlldo Galle-
gos were murdered in tbe county of Guad
alupe, and Territory or JNew Mexico by
parties unanown, ana wno are now iugi
tives from justice:
now, tneretore, for tne purpose of se
curing tbe arr-Bt and conviction of said
fugitives, i, w. T. Tbirnton. governor of
tbe Territory ot New Mexioo. bv virtue of
the authority in me vested, do berebv offer
a reward 01 nve nundred ($a00) dollars
eaob for tbe arreBt and deliverv to tha
sheriff of Guadalupe county, of the mur
derers who committed the crime, tbe total
reward not to exceed the sum of one thous
nnd dollars and to be payable out of any
money in the Territorial treasury appropri
ated for rewards for the 47th fiscal year,
upon conviction of said criminals.
Done at tbe executive office, this. - the
19th day ot June, A. D. 1896.
witness my band and the great seal of
tbe Territory of New Nextco.
seal -W . T. Thornton,
Governor of Nw Mexico.
By the Governor;
Secretary of ths Territory of N. M.
Douglas Ave. Butcher Shop.
rrepu rancn eggs reoeiveo daily. Bu
mora meat for a dollar, than anv mark
ct.ii 1
in ta mcvj
Manufacturer of
Sash and Doors, . -'
Mouldings, . ,., ' .
Scroll Sawing,
Surfacing and Matching
Planlxie: Mill
and Office Corner ef Blanobard street and
Grand avenue.
J. S, Dillon, Prop.
Dealer In all kinds of -
isr;, Game and Poultry in Season.
mi- ii M. i i i
Land Grant
exceDt Sunda VS- from SnrincrAf ttr
omciAL directory;
Thomas B. Cation Delegate to Congress
vV . T. Thornton Governor
Lorion Miller ..Secretary
Thos. Smith Chief Justice
N.O. Collier, 1
a B Hamilton, I ..,...
N. B. Laughlin, f Associates
G. D. Bants, J
rellx Martlnes. . .Clerk 4tb Judicial District
harlea F. Kasley Surveyor-General
cbarles M. Shannon United States Collector
D. 8. District Attorney
Edward L. Hall IT. S. Marshal
VV. U. Loomls Deputy IT. B. Marshal
J. W. Fleming ....TJ. S. Coal Mine Inspector
James H. Walker, Banta Fe.Heg. Land office
Pedro Delgado.Sauta Fe Bee. Land Office
JohnD. Bryan, Las Cruces,Keg. Land Office
Jas. P. scarate,LasCruces,Bec. LandOfflce
Hlchard Young, koswell.. ..Beg. Land office
W. H. Oosgrove. Koswell. ..Bdc. Land onto.
John C. Black , Clayton . .... .Beg. Land Office
uuBvyu o. auimuu.umjriuu,aeG. lAbnaumCe
J. P. Victory , Solicitor-General
J. H. Crist, Dlst. Attorney Banta Fe
B. L. Young Las Cruces
Thos. J. Wlllterson " Albuquerque
--H.Harlle Silver City
H. M. Dougherty Socorro
Geo. McOormlct ..Baton
A. A. Jones Las Vegas
John Franklin ..Koswell
Jose Segura Librarian
W. H. Wyllys Clerk Supreme Court
E. H.Bergmann Sunt. Penitentiary
Geo. W. Enaebel Adjutant General
Hamuel Eldodt Treasurer
Marcellno Garcia...... Auditor
Ainado Chaves Supt. Public Instruction
M.S. Hart Coal Oil Inspectoi
B. V. Long... President
Lorenzo Lopes ... Vice-President
Carl w. Wlldensteln Bec'y and Treas.
Benlgno Bomero
Frank 8. Croscon
Dr J . Matron Medical Superintendent
Geo. Vf. Ward Steward
Mrs. Camslla Olmger .....Matron
Joseph B. Beed, of Iowa. Chief Justice.
Associate justices Wilbur W. Stone, of
Colorado; Thomas O. Fuller, of North
Carolina; William M. Murray, of Tennes
see; Henry O. Blues, of Kansas.
Matthew O. Reynolds, of Missouri. U. 8.
Attorney. .
W.H.Jaclc chairman. Sliver flltv
M.S.Otero ..
B.G Hea?
.first dl8trict,ast Las Vegas
second district, Albuquerque
third district, watrous
fifth d'.strlct, Lower Penasco
secretary, Las Vegas
F. O. de Baca
Gregorlo Flores
Dlonlclo Martinet
County Commissioners
Gregorlo Varela Probate Judge
Patricio Gonzales.. Probate Clerk
Jose G. Montano .Assessor
Hllaiio Romero shn-ifr
Carlos Gabaldon Collector
auHiaiuu uunzaies...tjcnooi superintendent
Henry Goke Treasurer
F. M. Jones Surveyor
Jesus Ma. Prada Coroner
Simon Aragon... .Justice or the Peace, No. s
D. O. de Baca
H.8. Wooster ..
Antonlno Zubla i 64
F.K.OIney Kay0I.
T. F. day Ma.oi.i
9-S-erry ' Treasurer
J. . Moore Recorder
Si i "in-J. A"?ey
rt II 11, -V- .. ,
r . it. . ... lu ii 11 1 1 1 1. fiinaininn
V. AJ HllugBtTUiUi
, K. Martin..
. 1 . Forevtha
K L. Hamblln
S.T Kline .
L. H Hof metster .
I A. T. liogers
J. A.Carruth Pr.in.
0. V. Hedecock viuiinairtsni.
u,u K Secretary
0. Hi. Perry Treasnrat
Members First ward, Alfred a. Smith
ueo. v. Beed; second ward: L. 0. Fort. W
1. McLean ; third ward, Edward Henry. J,
M.x.Howard; fourth ward, 0. V. Hed
cock, j. A.carruth.
W. R. TtOton. M. TV Prndlrtnnk 1mm
6. S.Easterday.M D..V-Pres...Albuaueraue
Frauds H. Atkins, M.D., Sec. ..Hi. Las Vegas
J. H. Sloan. M. D.. Treas Banta Fa
Win EKKert. M. D Rantn Ta
o.o. ctnuier, m. u Baton
J. M. Cunningham, M. D. ...... .E. Las Vegas
Mexican Central Railway,
From the sea to tbe clouds. Passlnar mod
ero cities and ancient monuments. Ht&n.
dard guage in everything management.
ldas and treatment of natrnna. The nnlv
l,"a uriJiiiiijumuuiuK ruuiuaa pai-
i-' " ' ' -- p ' " void uninaru UJS cap
ii at iuu u',muls iu tne uoicea acates.
nd piIl
rules and piompt service.
f or iuu partio
mars can cm or address
" J. P. Donorok,
tf Com'l Agent, El Paso. Texas,
1 u n 11
90 UDiTQO KM Of liil
L.U0 IIUIIU mill)
J. It. SMITH, Prop'r.
Location! On the hot springs branch talk
way, Bast Las Vegas, New Mexico. 4
Tonr Patronage Solicited
Madam Goffrier,
Has Arrived I
She stands ready to cure all com
plaints, no matter how serious or
loner standing. Give her1 a trial
and be convinced.
CfTics and Residence, 711 Main St,
Livery and Sale Stable.
Tents' and ICamplng; Outfits Furnished Free with
Team Hire.
Horses boarded by the day or month. Will keep on hand all kinds ol
Hay, Grain and Feed. ' Lowest prices guaranteed. Agents for the
Rushford and Newton Wagons. Give us a call. - .
" . (Successor to Coon Bros.) .
... f , -
Painta, OiJ and Glass, ; :
Cerrillos Hard and Soft Coal.
TKLiKPHONB Ho. B9 Goods delivered tree) la elty. .
New Mexico Planing Mill
. A. CLBMRNTS, Prop.
Special Pi ices lo Conktors and Buildi
In LumberjShingles, etc. Estimates cheerfully furnished to
. contractors.
f Office and Mill Corner Seventh and Jackson BtreetB, East Las Vegas.
Sample and Club Rooms,
Corner Sixth Street and Douglas Avenue, ,
i CHRIS SELLMAN, Proprietor.
Choicest brands of imported and domestic wines, liquors' and cigars
always in stock. Polite and attentive mixologists in attendance, day and
night. The patronage of gentlemen solicited. , . j
General Broker. .
Land Grants, Improved Ranches, Native Cattle, Improved
Cattle, Cattle Ranges, Horses and Sheep, Real Estate- Etc.
Land Scrip of all Kinds, Territorial and County Warrants,
eral Land Office Business. Titles Secured Under the
United States Land Laws.
The Cash Liquor, Cigar and Tobacco Co.
109 Sixth Street, Opposite San Miguel National Bank.
Keg Beer,
Sour Mash Bourbon.. $2.00
" " " .....2.25
" " " 2.50
Samples only Bo, J-Pts.l6c,Pts.25o Qts.50c
Finer Whiskies, pkb gal.
White House Club $3.00
U. 8. Club 8 25
"Carlisle", Sole Agent.. 8.50
Samples 10c, Halt Ft.. 25c, Pts. 60c, Qts. tl.
Finest Whiskies. ; per gal.
John Banning , $4.00
Bflle of Anderson 4.25
Guckenhoimer 6.50
McBrayer, Oscar Pepper and Yellowstone
So per glass.
50o per gallon.
Bottled Beer,
10c, 16c, 20c, & 25c
Far bottle.
Sole Agent
$3.50 per gallon.
Half-pints 85c, Fints
California and Native Wines from 25c per Bottle, and $1 per Gallon, up. '
43-Bear entrance from Lincoln Ave., between Optio Office and Bosentbal Bros.-ca
P. S. "Press tbe Button, We'll do tbe rest."
Is now Served at $he Noon Hour, at the . t
DI NfJ&f served in the evening from 5 until 7
-s. o'cIock, at which time all the delicacies
of the season can be had.5 Your patronage solicited.
Clark & Forsyth e, Prop'rs.
Successors to T. B. MILLS, Established in 1878. ' '
Real Estate, Mining
' Represent the Royal Exchange Assurance Company,
of London, England ; Assets
Countv and school bonds bnucht anil mM n. . . . .
"d. k"e u: ?i ransb ""improved FTiOT,,"? s :
'Lakes and Storage in Las
A-iuQ.'u.aJ. CapsicItTr ko.ooo rrnt -
Our Ice is pure, firm and clear,
to our many
Office: 620 Douglas Ave., East Las Vegas, N,M
Bridge Street,
2 Las Vegas, N. M,
From $1 per box n
Chewing and
Smoking '
o m 26c per lb. a
Sole Agent for ''
6o Straight;
$2.15 per box.
65c, Quarts, $1.25
Short Order
Lunch Counter.
Insurance Agts.
Vegas Hot Surings Cacor.
and gives entire gatisf action

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