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R. A. KI5TLBR, Editor and Proprietor.
Entered at tlis Kast La Ve
epas, N. M.,
through the
postomcs (or transmission
muni as second-class mutter
Special Notice.
IA Visas Daily optic Delivered by mall,
post-paid, f 10.00 per annum; Hs.ootorslx
- month ; fJ.W) (or throe months, By car
Her, 'it cents per week
IiAi Vkoas Wkkklt Orrio 28 columni, de
livered by mall, post-paid, fi.no per an
num, 11.00 for ilx month., 76 tor three
monthi. single copies In wrappers ,o cents,
Sample copies of both daily aud weekly,
mailed tree when rUMred. Give postomce
address In full, Including state,
OoHHSHroMUKMoa OontalnlTiK nkws, solici
ted from all parts of the country. Com
munications addressed to the editor of
Thk optic, to Insure attention, should be
accompanied oy tne writer's run nam
and address, not tor publication, but ai
iruarantv of ffood faith.
Bhhittanobs May be made by draft, money
order. Dostal uota. express or registered
letter at our rluk. Address all letters and
telegrams to thi Oftio,
East Las Veas. New Mexico
Baekboard Malls,
Malls on th Star roates leave Las Tegas
as follows:
Las Vevai to Fort Somner. Inclndln
. ....... ,'1 1 1 .in Tab HnlAnoln IT Jam QnnU
Kosa and Puerto deLuna, tri weekly, on
Monday, weJ.iesaay ana Friday, ana ar
rive on alternate (lavs of each week.
Las Vegas to Fort Ilascom, including
Ohaperlto, uaiiinns springs, ki uiiervo,
Bell Ranch, liberty and Kiulee, tri weekly.
on Bionuay, neuunuj , .ua .fFnuuy,
each week, and arrive on alternate days
Las Vekfts to Mora, Including Los Alamos,
spello. Ban Ygnado and I
and Koclada. trl
weaklv. on Tuesday. TtaursdaJ
Thursday and Hatur
day, of each week, and arrive on alternato
Las Vegas to Lesnerance. once a week
On Saturday.
Conveyance on Fort Sumnep line. Is b
twn.hnrsa rmokboard. on Port Bascoman
Mora lines by single-horse buckboard. To
Lesnerance by private conveyance
usually soring wagon.
For Delegate to Congress,
Of Albuquerque.
The New York World makes a very
lame effort to compare the bond syn
dicate. which made 810,000,000 or
more, by the connivance of the nation'
al administration, in purchasing the
bonds of the government at less than
their market value and selling them
again at that value to compare this
nefarious transaction with a mythical
organization which the World desig
nates as the "Silver Mine Syndicate;1'
and which, it says, made $146,000,000
out of the American people. The lan
guage of the World is :
Tbe Silver Mine Syndicate bas already
forced tbe government to enact two silver
purchase seta, under which tbe government
has purchased. In round numbers, 460,000,
000 fine ounces ot silver, ter which it paid
la round numbers $464,000,000: and that
silver was wortb, as bullion, In 1895, $318,-
000,000, so tbat the government bas already
paid a tribute to the Silver Trust of about
$146,000,000, dead loss to the people.
Tbe Silver Trust now seeks an annual profit
for itself, at tbe people's expense, of at
least $40,000,000 per annum. It demands
,. an absolute monopoly for itself, of tbe
privilege of making money in tbe United
How more untruths and ' absurdities
could be crowded into the same num.
ber of words, would puzzle the late
Baron Munchausen himself.
In the first place, there is no "Silver
Trust", or "Silver Mine Syndicate"
Such is a mere creation of the World
writer's imagination. It is a gold-bug
' booeaboo, made to frighten nninform
ea people in tne east. A trust is a
combination of Interests to control the
' price and production of any designated
product. It shuts out small dealers,
and raises or lowers the price of its
commoditv at will. Has this ever
been done in the oase of silver, or is it
proposed to do it now P On the con
trary, it is demanded tbat the govern-
ment fix the price of silver, so that it
cannot be raised or lowered, and that
the ooinBge of tbe silver product be
free and unlimited to all. Nothing
could be more opposed than this, to
the very fundamental idea of a trust;
and when the World talks about a
"Silver Trust", the writer is simply
talking through his bat.
! Again, the statement that ' because
; the silver was purchased at $464,000,-
000, and in 1895 was worth only $318,
000,000, therefore the government paid
a tribute to the silver ' trust of about
$146,000,000 this is one of the bald;
est of bald-headed absurdities,- one of
' the most audacious of falsehoods: 'The
government never bought ah ounce of
silver for more than its market ".valiig,
at the time of purchase.-" That this
' silver afterwards declined in value, Was
no fault of those who sold it. It was
the fault of the government, in that, It
, demonetized silver and repealed the
-two silver purchasing laws. But no
one, other than a fool or a knave,' can
contend that those who sold silver to
tbe government, at market value, made
the amount of the subsequent decline,
Bmitb sells Jones a horse for $100, the
' market ?alue of the animal. After,
wards, because of bad treatment by
Jones, the boree declines in value till
' -- - -i
it cannot be sold for more than $60
Will any one short of an Idiot lay ttjat
Smith made tbat ' (50 out of ' Jones t
Yet'iuobj preel'ely, is tbe World's arT
gument. Then, too, It may be" said
tbat this argument ia fully at good and
true as nlneiy-nlne-one-huDdreths of
the arguments advanced by tbe enemies
of tllver. ' Furthermore, "the'fpord
artfully oonceals the" aot that" if tbe
government would now ooln the silver,
which as bullion decreased $140,000,
000 In value, or would issue silver oer
tifioates upon it, every ounoe would
now be wortb its purchase price or
more. Tbe dishonesty of tbe World's
argument is thus made apparent, j
' But another utterance ot the World
it equally as untrue. It asserts that
the "Silver Mine Syndloate" forced tbe
government to enaot tbe two ailyer
purobasing acts, by .which the $14J,
000,000 were made out of the people
Now, John Sherman was the author of
the last of these laws the man who
demonetized silver and depredated Its
value. Would he propose a law for
the benefit of tbe "silver trust "Cer
tainly not. Mr. Sherman himself tells
us why be introduced the Sherman pur
obasing law. It wks no I In the 'inter
est of tbe "Silver Mine Syndicate." jit
was not to put money Into the pockets
of the "silver trust." It was not In
any sense for the purpose set forth by
tbe World. Mr. Sherman Bays lt
was to prevent the free Coinage of sil
ver," and be certainly ought to know.
Thus is another ot the World's state
ments shown to be groundless. '
But the pionaole of folly and false,
hood is reached in the concluding
statement of the World that tbe "silver
trust" now seeks for itself a profit of
$40,000,000 per annum, at the people'!
expense. There are two classes 'of
people in the United States, those who.
sell money and those. who buy money
and tbe latter outnumber tbe former
fully 1,000 to 1. Tbe free coinage 'of
silver will inorease the quantity of
money in the country, and thus reduce
its value. But as one arm of the bal
anoe oannot go down except as tbe
other comes up, so tbe value of money
cannot be reduced without the corre
ponding increase in value of every
thing used for the purchase of money
In this category are inoluded all the
products of man's hands and brains
Such will be enhanced in value by th
free coinage of silver, just as they have
been depreciated by the single gold
standard. Now, if the few thousands,
constituting the money sellers, are the
"people," in the World's sense of tbat
term, the free coinage of silver may
seem, at the first glance, to be at their
expense; by if by the "people"
meant the other hundreds of thousands,
who have money to buy, then the
declaration is without shadow of truth
However, the desperateness of tbe
cause may well be gauged by the char
aoter of tbe World's argument.
Tbe enemies of silver attempt to ex
plain the stagnation in every line of
business, on tbe theory of over-produo
tion ; but there is not a man of sense
among the purchasing olasses who
does not know tbat the reason be does
not buy a new suit of clothes, does not
add to the oomforts of his home, does
not indulge in greater luxuries at bis
table, does not give bis wife and
children greater relief from labor tbe
reason be does not spend more money
in every department of trade, is n6t
tbat there is an over-production of
these things, not that his money will
buy more than ever before, but tbat be
has n6 money with' which to buy fit
any price. ! W - ! ;'
What does it signify loa'man hat
steamboats - are selling at a dollar
apiece, if be has not money ' enough, to
buy a single plank P 'it Is the lack ' of
money, on the part of the' purohasers,
which has closed the factories, and not
over-production, as the goldites dairr.
Mayor OIney, at the' Bryan silver
oiuo, recently gave a good illustration
of this. A firmer had lalsed' an un
usually large crop "of potatoes, but he
found it impossible t& sell a" single
bushel, 'after a 'thorough Canvass of the
neighboring towns. ' Every one to
whom he applied declared ' be bad all
the potatoes he needed. - In disgust,
tbe farmer gave out tbat any who
wanted the potatoes could come and
get them for nothing. In two days, the
entire crop was gone. Seeing many of
those who had told him they had pota
toes enough, busily .engaged In carry
ing them away, be naturally inquired
how it was -they . now Vanted theml
They candidly confessed 4that 'the real
son for not buying wasrthe ant?of
money and not the want of the' pot al
toes. It was lack ot fdnds, and tool
over-production at all, , which. had
destroyed the farmer's market. . Let us
have more money', thenj and business
will revive in every 'department. The
only way to increase the circulation is
by the fr7.;fcnge ofjjfiyer, which all
New Mexicans should vote for. . . - c;
Thk Optic bad but tbe one course to
pursue in the present campaign nnd lt
is pursuing it, without the promise of
pay, or the hope of reward. It's a
matter of prinolZe, and not prinoljpa?,
with us, this year.
Evert candidate will be thankful
when election day comes. " So will the
people. Won't the prophets have their
bands full explatnlnir if and if and if, i
eto. F And we aro MI tons ot prophets.
Tbh only comment on Tub Onto sale to
Mr. Ferguison Is that tbe democratlo can
dldate spent $100 foolishly. Albuquerque
The only barm Tub Optic wishes
'he CUieen Is that it will reooive the
$1,000 yet due from Catron j besides
tbe $500 already paid, and tbe costs of
oourt, for tbe publication of tbat edito
rial, defamatory of tbe oourtt ot tbe
Thi ticket nominated by tbe San
Miguel county republicans, to-day,
promises to be a good one. Let as
much be said of the platform on wblcb
they stand'. "
. i . ; . ; .
A Stringent Law.
To the Editor, of the Optic :
East Las Ykqas, N. M.f October
8th, A. D. 1896. Perhaps it would be
well to call tbe voters' attention to the
(allowing law :
"It any person offers, or gives, any
money, properly or other bribe, to any
qualified voter of this Territory to induce
nim to vote for or against any person or
question, or abstain from voting at any of
the prescribed elections, suob person and
the persons receiving said bribe, or In.
duoement.on conviction, shall he sentenced
lo pay a fine of Dot less tahn $50, or be im
prisoned for a term not less than six
months, and shall be forever disfranchised
and disqualified from voting and holding
oiuce in new Mexico."
Of course, this doesn't prevent bon
est politicians ironi hiring screamers
to go into a cauous. Voter.
The Danger Comes
In cases of typhoid fever, diphtheria and other
wasting diseases, v. hen the patient has been
reduced in flush, and strength, and begins the
toilsome climb to health. Here Hood's Baisa-
parllla finds Its place. It enriches the blood,
strengthens the nerves, gives tone to the di
gestive organs, and builds up the whole system,
need's Pills are the best after-dinner pills,
assist digestion, cure headache. 25o. a box.
The Grant oounty republicans nomi
nated tbe following ticket : For repre
sentative, A. r. names; sheriff, Geo
O.' Perranlt; collector, Arthur Good-
all; Cierfc, W. t,, watsou; treasurer,
W.D.Murray: assessor, T. N. Chii-
ders; county commissioners, Mike
Fleming, John Spiiler, C. B. Alaire;
school superintendent, Ed. Penning.
None But Ayer's at the World's Pair! I
" Ayer's Sarsaparilla enjoys the ex
traordinary distinction of having been
tne only oiooa punner allowed an ex
hibit, at the World's fair, Chicago,
Manufacturers of other Sarsaparillas
sought by every means to obtain a
showing ot their goods, but they were
all turned away under the application
of the rule forbidding tbe entry of
patent medicines and oostrums. Tbe
decision of tbe World's fair authorities
In favor ot Ayer's Sarsaparilla was in
effect as follows: "Ayer's Sarsaparilla
is not a patent medicine. It does not
belong to the list of nostrums. It is
here on its merits "
, One of the most interesting games
of base ball was played on the Poralta
grounds at Belen for forty dollars a
side, between tbe Bjlen nine, consist
ing of players from Belen and Los
Lunas, and tbe Peratta nine, consist
ing of players from Peralta and Valen
cia, tbe Belena oommg out victorious
by the score of 14 to 10.
When any part of the,
body isn't doing the work
that nature intended it to
do, it puts the whole sys
tem out of tune out of
harmony. Sickness in
one part of the body is
likely to run into all parts
of the bodv. When child
ren stand a row of bricks
on end, they knock the
whole row down by up
setting one brick. That is
exactly wht happens to
the health when tne bow
els fail to perform their
proper function. Consti
pation makes trouble all along the line
puts tbe liver out of order, ia bad for the
kidneys bad for the stomach. It holds in
tbe body poisonous matter, and because it
cannot go any place else, it gets into the
blood. The blood carries it all over the sys
tem. That makes sluggishness, lassitude,
bad breath and foul taste in the mouth, fills
the stomach with gas and causes windy
belching, stops digestion in the stomach,
causes sour stomach, heartburn and head
ache. You can avoid all such trouble, for
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets curb con
stipation and its attendant evils.
Some Ready Information. 1
The following statistical i Information
should be cut out and pasted on your of
flee desk for future and ireqnent refer
ence :
Baton IrO
"ueblo 2d
Topeka 730
Springer 70
wagon uounu d
Watrous. 20
-tchlson 770
Kansas City 786
Ht. Louis 1,063
Chicago 1,275
Washington 8.088
San Miguel 29
Olorleta 65
Lamy 63
santa re s-i
Philadelphia .... 2.0U7
New York 3.187
Cerrlllos Kt
Albuquerque i
Los L,u as lft!
Boston .....2 419
Socorro SNH
San Marplal.'... .. .2.'
Las Orucee ..'i.,.. H4if
Kll'aso,.;,. ,.,..,8Sti
Chihuahua ...,.. 612
City of Mexico... 1,612
Los Anerejes 1.0.13
an Diego i. 1,098
Demlng : . i. n ,i . . . .,smi
San Frar Cisco, i. 1.348
Silver C
Gnaywas 906
- A.-" I'M
, v. UotBprlngs.;..6
hlteoalis. direct. .160
La Junta
Denyer ;.2...;i. 3951
Galveston, direct. .700
Mora, v.....,
silver Hlty
Spark's Ranch.
,. 593
Hot SD'esPark.,
Watrous ,
Las Vegas
Chicago ,
, 61W
Kansas uity ....
Raton luunel
Smta Fe
Glorleta 7182
i:ontine',tal Di
vide on A. 4P.... 7255
flagstaff 6866
Socorro 4666
El Paso 8662
Leadvllle 10n6l
Needles til
Salt Lake City.... 4225
Denver 52001
Robt.1. iVI. Ross,
Real Estate
rices i0 Suit u Tims,.
Lots from $100 nj..
SOLE AGENT of the Hill-site
Town Co. addition, and the Eldo
rado Town Co. lower addition.
R'idences.-Business Properties,
Loans, Mortgages and securities.
Desirable Acre Properties: Faima nnder
Irrigation Ditches. Office on
' At Hopewell Oold Camp.
Those intending to visit tbe great 'cold
camp of Hopewell be pieaned to learn that
John J. race Is now prepared to furnish
u WrT4 M mgo0abie rtes. w-tf
The' Maxwell
Situated fn New Mexico and Colorado,
On the Atchison, Tcpeka & Santa Fe, and
- Union Pacific, Denver & Gulf Railways.
Farming Lands Under Irrigation Systems:
,;In tracts of io a".r a and upwards, with perpetual water rights
' cheapj and on' easy terms of io annual payments, with 7 per cent!
.interest.''. Alfalfa, Grain and Fruits grow to perfection.
Choice Prairie or Mountain Grazing Lands,
- Well watered and with good shelter, interspersed with floe ranobes'Jsoltabl.
. 'or raising grains and fruits, in size of traots to suit purchaser. ."""
Large Pastures For Lease,
For long terms ofjyears, feno"4
j a vriusi
: iciozai !
On this Grant, near Its western boundm-y, are situated tba famous Gold MInlnir
Districts of ELIZABETHTOWM and BALDV, where mines have been suocessfullf
operated for 26 years, and new, rich discoveries were made ia 1H95, q
tne new camps or nuuaius ana nAatii
rade, but with lets of as yet unlocated ground open to pro -pec tors on terms similar lo
ana as tavoraoie as, ioe uuiteu oiates uovernmem uvi tna Regulations,
Stage leaves every morning, except Sundays, from Springer for
these camps.
Title Perfect, founded o United States Patent and confirmed by
decisions of the U. S. Supreme Court.
For further particulars and pamphlets, apply to
Raton. New Mexico.
Thomas B. Cation
W.'S. Thornton...
.Delegate to Congress
Chief Justice
Lorton Miller,
Thos. Huilth
h ,
llton, (.
alln, f '
n'es.. .OI
r , i , ..
U B Hamllfi
N. B. LauKhlln
U. L. Hants
Fell i Martlnes.. .Clerk 4th Judicial District
U liar los r. Kasley Surveyor Ueneral
Charles M. Shannon United States Collector
U. 8. District Attorney
rfdward L. Ball u. 8. Marshal
W. U. Loomls Deputy U. 8. Marshal
J. W. Fleming TJ. 8. Coal Mine Inspector
James U. Walker, Santa Fe.Heg. Land office
Pedro Delgado, Santa Fe. . . . hec. Land Office
JohnD. Bryan, Las Cruces.Ren. Land Office
Jaa. P. Ascarate.Las Uruces.Uec. LandOmce
Blcbard Young, Uoswell.. ..Beg. Land office
W. H. Cosgrove, Koswell...Ejc. Land Ofllce
John C. Ulack , Clayton Reg. Land oni ce
Joseph b. Uouand.Clayton.Rec. Land Office
J. P. Victory Solicitor-General
J. H. Orlst, Dlst. Attorney Santa Fe
B. L. Young Las Unices
Thos. j. vviiKersona
A. H. Ilarlle
.silver (Jlty
H. M. Dougherty
Geo. McCormlrc
A. A. Jones
John Franklin
. Las Vegas
. ...Koswell
jose segura
W. a. Wyllys .Clerk Supreme Court
s. a. uergmann eupt. penitentiary
Geo. W. Knaebel.... ......Adjutant General
Hamuel Eldodt Treasurer
Marcenno Garcia Auditor
Amado Chaves Supt. Public Instruction
u. . iiart coal on inspector
E. V. Long President
Lorenzo Lopes Vice-President
uan w. wimenstem Beo'y and Treas
Benlgno Kouiero
Dr. J. Marron Medical superintendent
Geo. W. Ward steward
Mrs. Camella dinger Matron
Joseph B. Beed, of Iowa, Chief Justice,
ASsooitTa justices Wilbur F. Stone, ot
Oolorado; Thomas O. Fuller, of North
Carolina; William M. Murray, of Tennes
see; Henry u. diuss, or a.ansas.
Matthew a. Beynolds, ot Missouri, V. 8
W.H.Jack chairman, Sliver City
M .N.Chaffln. . . .first district .East Las Vegas
M.S.Otaro second district, Albuquerque
K G Ileac" ...third district, alrous
J.F.Hlnkle fifth district. Lower Penasuo
J.A.LaUee secretary ,Laa Vegas
F. O. de Baca
Gregorlo Flores County Oommlssloneri
Dlonlclo Martinet
Gregorlo Varela ...'.Probate Jndve
patncio uonzaies rrooace tilers
Jose G. Montano Assessor
Hllarlo Komero Sherlrl
Carlos Gabaldon Collector
Adelaldo Gonzales. ..School Superintendent
Henry uoxe .Treasurer
F. M. Jones Surveyor
Jesus Ma. prada Coroner
Simon Aragon.,, .Justice of the Peace, No. e
1. 0. deBjtca " " , w
U.S. Wooster " "39
Antonlno zutjia " ' w
oitt of fast lib vztm.
F. K. Oiney , Mayor
T. F. Clay Marshal
C. E. Perry , .....Treasurer
J. IS. Moore........ Becorder
E. V. Long Attorney
Dr. M. W. Bobbins Physician
u. B3inngsworGn
J. JL. Martin
B. I . Forsythe
W. H. Barber
K. L. Hamblln f
8. T Kline 1
L. H Hofmelster
A. I. itogers
J. A. Carruth President
O. V. Hedgcock Vice-President
John York , Secretary
O. Hi. Perry Treasurer
MBHBEBS First ward, Alfred B. Smith,
Geo. V. Beed; second ward, L. O. Fort, W,
8. McLean; third ward, Edward Uenry. J.
M. D.Howard; fourth ward, C. V. Hedg
cock, J. A. Carruth.
W. B. Tipton, M. D. , President. . . .Las Vegas
G-. S.Easterday,M.D.,V-Pres... Albuquerque
Francis H.Atklng, M.D.,8ec....H.Las Vegas
J. H. Sloan, M. P., Treas Santa Fe
Win.Eggert, M. D., Santa Fe
J. J. Shuler, M. D Baton
J. M.Cunningham, M. D K. Las Vegas
3 Western Division.
Conaenssd Time Table Ml.
J. W. Belnhart, John J. McOook,
receivers. '
In effect Sunday, Augnst 6th, 1896,
re oo p
9 io a
B Go p
8 tOa
12 10 p
10 OOP
1 55 p
Allaotic k mm
Chicago io 80 p 8 80 a
Kansas City 7 00 a 5 00 p
Denver 6 15 p 8 80 p
LAS VEQA8 S 46 a 2 66 p
Albuquerque 8 16 p 9 00 a
Ooolldge 8 85 p 4 85 a
WltlRKte 8 OS p 4 08 a
Gallup 2 20 p 8 40 a
- Holbrook 10 40 a 12 20 a
Wlnslow 9 85 a 11 06 p
Flagstaft 7 87 a 8 46 p
Williams 6 05 a 6 55 p
- Ash fori 4 60 a 5 40 p
, Kingman 11 82 p 12 80 p
, The Needles 8 65 p 10 00 a
Blake 7 25 p 8 80 a
Daggett 2 86 p 8 45 a
Ilarstow 8 10 p 8 20 a
Mojave 10 oo a
Los Angeles 7 fo a 8 00 p
BanFranclsco 8 80 p B 80 p
7 as p
8 Ma
8 05a
t tup
1 IWP;
6 25 p
9 10 p
9 00 p
8 25 a
9 10 a
13 80 p
1 80p
1 S0p
6 00p
7 40p
1 56a
1 40 a
6 26a
11 28 P
Vi Its 0
1 65 a
6 48 a
7 60a
9 30a
S 10 p
11 45 a
2 aop
6 50 p
10 46 a
8 05 Pi
10 fi
Summer or Winter.
The Santa Fa route Is the most comforta
ble railway between California and tbe
The meals at Harvev's Dlmnt? Booms are
an excellent feature ot the line.
The Grand Canon of the Colorado can be
reached In no other way,
Gen. Pass. Agent, Los Angeles, Oal, ,
0. 11. SPBEKS,
Asst. Qsn.Pass, Agent, Ban rranciicc.
Land Grant
or nnfenoed; shipping facilities over two
the vicinity ol
ni.uf F, as rich as any
camp In Colo
Raten fair association. Raton, N. M.,
Outober 0th and 10:h, WM. Prom La
Vegas to Hatoa and return J5 95, contin
uous passage each direction. Dates ol
sale October Hth and 10th, 1896, final re
turn limit October 11th, 1C.IC.
Annual meeting, Woman's Board of Mis
sions of tbe Interior, to be held at Des
Moines, Iowa, October 27ih to 29tb, '96
Fare and one-third, on certificate plan, for
round trip.
Grand United Order of Odd Fellowjr, at
Indiannp ilis, Ind., October 6th to 10, '96
'96. Fare and one-third, on certificate
Farmers' National Congress, Indianapo
lis, Indiana, November lOtb-lBib, 1896.
Fare, one and one-third fare for round
trip, certificate plan.
New Mexico Territorial Fair, to be beld
at Albuquerque, New Mexico, October 12tb
to 17th, 1896. The A.. T. & 8. F. railroad
will sell excursion tickets, Las Vegas to
Albuquerque and return, at rate of $2 66
for round trip. Dates of sale, October 10th
lo 17th inclusive. Return limit, October
20th, 1896. Knights of Pythias Territorial
Grand Lodge meets at Albuquerque, Octo
ber 16th. (Same rates will apply.
St. Lo'iis Exposition, Bt. Louis, Mo.
From Las Vegas to fit. Louis, $80.70. Dates
of sale, Hepteniber 23d, 28th and 80th, Oc
tober ltb, 14tb, 19to and 21st, 96. Tickets
limited to continuous parage. Quod go
ing commencing date of tale.
Pan-American Medical Congress, Mexi
co City, Mexico, November lbtb to lUtb,
1896. For above occasion tbe A , T. & 8
F. Kailruad will sell round-trip, excursion
tickets at rate of one fare for round trip.
Dates of sale, November 7th and 10th.
Keturn limit, December 81st, 1896.
Annual meeting American board of com
missioners for foreign missions, at Toledo,
Ohio, October 6th to 9th, 18SJ6. Fare and
one-tbird on certificate plan.
Commencing June 1st, we will sell
round crip tickets to Pueblo, at $16.70; to
Colorado Springs, $18.50; to Denver,
$23.15. Tickets limited to one day in eacb
direction, with final limit for return, No
Tember 16tb, 1896.
C. F. Jones Agent.
tp to Date 1896.
Tbe most oomplcte tariff text ' book
ever published is the new edition ot
"Tariff Facts tor Speakers and Stu
dents,!' defender document No. 9260
pages, just oat. Fablisher, the Ameri
oan Protective Tariff leacuo. Cam
paign text books issued Just before th
election are of little value. The tariff
league is to be congratulated on it k
forusigbt io getting out its band book
so early in the year. Order by num
ber only. Sent to bdv address for
twenty-five cents. Address V. F,
Wakeman, general secretary, 1S5 West
twentv-tbird street. New York.
Rates to City ot Mexico. '
Las Vkoas, N. M., March 9th. 1896
Round trip rates to City ot Mexico, from
Las Vestas. 166.70. Uoioor limit, aixtv
days, with final return limit, of six months
trom date or sale.
louriai rates to rnoemx. Aria., and re
turn trom Lai Vegas, $48.60. Limits,
fifteen days, in each direction, with final
limit of six months, - - : t
tt C. F. jokes. Agent.
Tourist Rates to the Qrand Canon.
From Las Vetras to Grand Canon of th
Colorado river and return, $63.60. Thirty
uaye- transit limit in eacn direction.
Final return limit, ninetv davs from data
or sale. The stage will leave Flaestafr. on
Monuave, Wednesdays and Fridavs. con
nectinz with our tbrouKh California trains
in each direction.
Returning, it will leave the Grand Canon
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The
ride to the canon ia over a good road and
occupies about eleveu bourn. Stations
have been established along: the route and
at tbe canon for tbe accommodation ot
tourists. C. F. Jones, Agent.
For Trade. .., ,
Five hundred and twenty acre ranch,
deeded land twelve miles from Las Vegas,
large bouse and barn, shingle roof,' river
and spring water. Will trade for house
and lot In East Las Vegas.
270-tf iGo. H. Hutchison & Co
r rZTn the Public. !W
We wish to state to tbe good people of
La Vegas and vicinity, that tbe means to
build tbe Sanitarium have been provided
for, but we are without means to furnish
the building. We have concluded, there
fore, to hold a fair during Thanksgiving
wees, to raise iunas witn wnicn to lurnisn
the buildine. We are dependent on the
generosity of tbe publio to accomplish this
purpose; and desire to state tbat we do not
expect to get tbe necessary amount by
large donations, but by tbe mite from the
miny. Hence, we hope tbat none will re
fuse to assist us. This is a publio institu
tion by which all will be benefited, and in
which all ehould feel an interest.
Bi-tees or Charity,
tf. , in charge of Sanitarium.
la a
and is the result of colds and
For your Protection Ihahevej i 1
remedy does not contain If i . ;
mercury or any other lujur-1
Ely's Cream Balm
Is acknowledged to be the most thoronch cure for
Nasal Catiirrh, Cold In Head and Hay Fever of all
remedies. It otim. nd cleanses the nasal pawuigen,
allays pain aha Inflammation, heals the sores, pro
tects tne memhrane from coldB. restores the senses
of taste and smell. Price SOc. at Irn unlets or by mall.
ELY UlWiUfiKa, SO Warrea Buect, Kew Xotk,
ijJkt3s' sjsas? m
(Successor to Coon Bros.)
Painta, Olio and Olaso,
Cerrillos Hard and Soft Coal.
(TELEPHONE So. 60 Goods delivered free In city.
lew Mexico Planing Mill
. A. CIVEMBMVTS, Prop. ,
Pfices to Cortfcctofs end Btilders
In Lumber Shingles, etc. Estimates cheerfully furnished to
Office and Mill Corner Seventh and Jackson Streets, East Las Vegas.
Sample and Club Rooms,
: Comer Blxth Street ard Douglas Avenue,
CHRIS SELLMAN. Proprietor.
Cnoicest brands of imported and domestic wines, liquors and cigars
always in stock. Polite and attentive mixologists in attendance, day and
night. The patronage of gentlemen solicited.
General Broker.
Land Grants, Improved Ranches, Native Cattle, Improved
Cattle, Cattle Ranges, Horses and Sheep, Real Estate. Etc.
Land Scrip of all Kinds, Territorial and County Warrants,
eral Land Office Business. Titles Secured Under the
United States Land Laws.
The Cash Liquor, Cigar and Tobacco Co.
TOO Sixth Street, Opposite
Whibkiks. per oal.
Boor Mesh Bourbon $2.00
" " " 2.25
" " 2.SO
BamplesoKLY5o,J-Pts.l5c,Pts.25o Qts.SOc
Finer Whiskies, pes gal.
White House Club 3.00
Keg Beer,
Be per glass.
50o per gallon.
Bottled Beer,
10c, 15c, 20c, 8c
Per bottle.
Sole Agent
$3.50 per gallon.
28 U. 8. Club
"Carlisle", Bole Agent 3.50
Samples 10c, Half ft. 25c, Pts. 50c, Qts. (1.
Finest Whiskies, feb oal.
I joon riennirg
Bt-ue oi Anaerson 4.zo
Guckenhelmer 5.60
McBrajer, Oscar Pepper and Yellowstone
Half-pints 85c, Pints 65c, Quarts, $1.25.
California and Native Wines from 26c per Bottle, and $1 per Gallon, op.
49-Bear entrance from Lincoln Ave., between Optle Office and Bosentbal Broi.-a
P. 8. "Press tbe Button, We'U do tbe rest."
OJS. Rogers,
Practical Horse-Shoer
Nos. 7, 8 and 0 Bridge street, west end ol
Special attention given to brand
ing irons, and general blacksmith
ing and woodwork. AU work
promptly uone and satisfaction
guaranteed. '
and Builder.
Offtoe next
d.ior wee
t boccessors to T. B. MILLS, Established in 1878.
Real Estate, Mining
Represent the Royal Exchange Assurance Company,
- of London, England ; Assets
County and school boDds boueht and sold. Rest feniliH fnr nlaim.
ties. Large list of ranch and im Droved nmneriv. nnri nvnr s nnn nrn .nr.. nr
lands In the south and southwest, at prices
'hi nl storane la Las
Ca,pa,clt37' 5o,coo
Our Ice is pure, firm and clear,
to our many
. .
Office: 620 Douglas Aye,, East Las Vegas,
Bridge Street,
Las Vegas, N. M.
F. SAV1LLK, Mok3
San Mtgael National Bank.
Fromijl penbox op,
Cnewing eid
From 25c per lb. tp
Bole Agent tor
5c Straight!
t2.15 per hox
8 25
Manufacturer of
Sash and Doors,
Scroll Sawing,
Surfacing and Matching
XlaDLi2i2: Mill
and Office Corner ef Blanchard street and
Grand avenue.
Las Vegas Roller ill,
J. it. SMITH, Prop'r.
Location: On tbe hot springs branch rail
way, East Las Vegas, New Mexico,
Your Patronage Solicited-
f Insurance Agts.
which challenge competitors. Office on
Fesas Hot Spriniri
and gives entire satisfaction
, -w.j.

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