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The People's Paper.
Ret Memo Has t&e Finest Climate li Ue World
Greatest Invention of the Age.
No Smoke,
No Trimming:,
Last Forever.
All Sizes in Stock.
Graaf & Bowles
Sole Agents.
Ed Waltnian lg liuk abed. . t
Order cat flowers through J. Biehl. tl
A turkey dinner at the Model restaurant,
to-morrow. It
Busibess all over tbe city abowi signs of
F. C. Nisson has opened a paint shop op
posite Furlong's pbotc graph gallery.
Orchestra practice, to-morrow afternoon
at 2:80 o'clock, at Prof. Hand's rooms.
The Les Vegas Military band will meet
for drill, to-morrow at 9 o'clock a. m.
Men's double-breasted blue California
flannel overshirts. all wool, at $1.60, at
Kosenwald's. -v It
N. B. Roeeberry U making improvements
in tbs arrangement of his short-order
lunch counter.
There is complaint that the subscribers
to the large city papers do not receive
their dailies regularly.
Tbe Baptist church trustees are building
a substantial coal shed, in anticipation of
the coming cold winter.
U. S. court will be called in this city, on
Monday, but it is thought that little busi
ness will be transacted before Thursday.
Tbe mother, brother and two sisters of
II. H. Home arrived, last evening, and
will make their home in this city, this
Our handsome new gentlemen's ties iu
all tbe fashionable shapes are attracting
the trade ao "fanoy prices" at Jlfeld's,
you know. It
Word came to J. G. Wagner, to-day,
tbat Mb wife's father, F. J. Pale, of St.
Lonis, had died at an early hour this
morning. -
The sanitarium shows up nicely under
roof, at a distance. The new heating ap
paratushas arrive 1 from Boston and is be
ing put in position.
The splendid and beautiful mandolins
kept in stock by R. Vollmer will be sold at
special bargains for tbe next few weeks
lOw is the time to purchase.
An eye to your front gates, signboards
and other movable property, to-nlgbt.
The small boy will be at large and full of
divilment, be will perhaps be.
The senior Shakespeare club held
pleasant and profitable meeting with Mrs
' J. B. Dickinson at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. John Robbing, last evening.
Silvano Qallegos and Tim Romero are at
present doing duty as extra west side
polioemen, making four men now employ
ed on the force, across the river.
The ladies' Home In this city is now filled
to repletion, every one of the twenty-one
' beds having an occupant and some of them
being occupied by two persons.
J. J. Cluxton writes that he is in the em
ploy of Baker & Young, tea and coffee
merchants of New York city, as salesman
It is quite likely tbat he is devoting bis
spars moments to voice culture.
A cordial invitation -is extended to the
publio to attend the morning and after
noon services at the Episcopal church, to
morrow. Tbe young ladies of the, city
should make It a special point to be
present in the morning.;.
- It is among the possibilities that Rev, F.
P. O'Keefe, parish priest in East Las Ve
gas, will be transferred to Springer, Rev,
Laminert, of that place, coming to this
city. The matter has been referred by
the vlcar-general to -the archbishop for
final decision. -f" -- ' ' ,.
It Is so generally known tbat the Monte
auma club will give a ball and receive the
eleotion returns, next Tuesday evening,
that the entertainment committee does not
deem it necessary to Issue Invitations to
the same, but will welcome all members
and their friends.
am -
The benefit ball for the E. Romero hose
company, at the Plaza hotel, last night,
was alike a social and a financial sue
cess. Tbe Las Vegas Military band went
over and complimented tbe dancers with a
few choice selections. Those present must
have bad a Jolly time to keep It up until
the wee sma' hours, this morning.- ' .'
The Bryan Silver Club.
There was quite a noticeable difference
in the enthusiasm tbat was displayed at
tbe Bryan club meeting last evening and
that of tbe Catron meeting. At tbe former,
the room was not large enough to bold the
fourth part of those who came and every
inch of standing room was taken. O. A.
Larrazolo made a speech tbat fir clearness
of reasoning, familiarity with tbe subject
and eloquent delivery, has not been equal
ed In this city since Mr. Bryan himself
spoke here, last January. The young man
surprised every person prtsent with his
ability as a speaker. , , . . i
After be finished bis address, Dr. Geo.
T. Gould made a few remarks which were
pertinent to the occasion.
It was decided by the club to bold a
meeting In the court house, Monday even
ing, when tbe silver voters of East Lo:,
Vegas are called upon to meet in front of
Judge II. 8. Wooster's office and march to
the west side In a body. Let every friend
of silver get In line and show the strength
of the party in one grand rally, Just before
the battle.
If a man want! an ofnce-tnoUglt little Of
He must give up his business and run wltU
the crowd;
That the voters ain't for sale, Tout the man
wiiu lie cueu
Is alw rs elected goes In like a flash
Did it ever occur to you? '
Painters Putter. Bill and Hesser are
busily at work on ''streamers" for eleotion
Ask Jake Blook to show yon the letter be
reoeived from bis brother, who Is In Kan
sas City.
KeeD In mind that MoKlnley said, tbe
other day : 'Too can always trust the
For once In bis Ufa. at least, Catron Is
disheartened and scarcely knows in wbiob
direotlon to turn bis bead. '
Chris Bellman made a bet, to-day, that
Bryan would be eleoted by the largest
majority given te a president.
Antonio Barela bas made an excellent
probate judge and bis re-eleotion sbonld be
as certain as was bis re-nomination.
There was a lively politloal meeting at
Los Alamos, last olgbt, participated in by
members of tbe union, and rspublloan
parties. . :- " ' - '
There are thlrty-slx voters registered at
tbe hot springs precinct, Ho. 47, and It 1
thoueht that every vote will be cast for
Jose L. Lopes has returned to town from
a campaigning tour through tbe eastern
nrt of the countv. in the interest of the
republican party.
Pools will be sold on the result of the
election, national, Territorial, county, pre
olnct and some of tbe doubtful states, at
Chris Bellman's "Office," this evening.
Many of tbe business bouses and some
of the private residences were profusely
decorated, to-day. some in obedience to
the order of Mark Hanna, and others In
resnect to the suggestion of Chairman
It is claimed that M. Qallegos, who
claims to be a leader of tbe democracy
over in Mora county, is working faithfully
for the election of but one man on tbe
ticket, tbat man being bis "partner," Joan
Florence, a candidate for tbe legislature
...A letter from a business man in Chicago
to his brother, who is in this city for bis
health, both of them, by the way, being
McKinleyites, states that Bryan is turning
thousands of people In Chicago to the
cause of silver, ana tnai me umcago
brother is shaping bis business now for tbe
worst, as Bryan's election is not only a
possibility but a probability. .
It is an open secret, says tbe New Mexi
can, n case ot Mcjunieya election ana
Candidate Catron can pull the strings,
Gen. E. L. Bartlett U to eucoeed Judge
Laugh lin on the district court benob. Gen.
Bartlett is said to have already picked out
his clerk, but several republican politicians
are opposing his selection and a lively
rap is on band provided McKlnley is
Catron's Speech.
Of all tbe weak, flimsy and childish,
political speeches ever perpetrated upon
an intelligent public, certain It Is, that
that ot T. B. Catron at the Tamme opera
house, last evening, was the worst. Mr.
Catron boasts tbat be never reads tbe
newspapers and those who beard him on
this occasion will never dispute this -sertfoo.
If the ordinary pupil in one of
the debates at the high school, could not
give a better argument in favor of re
publicanism, as it is in 1896, be would be
deemed by his class-mates as weak in the
upper story. Ia the language ot a Mc
Kinley republican, "It was an Insult to tbe
intelligence ot the people present." Mr.
Catron may be a man of brains, bat bis
brains have been nsed In ether direotions
than tbat of acquainting himself with tbe
questions of the day. "
There were just four ladles present, al
though the ladies were specially invited,
and altogether perhaps fifty Americans
were present, at the opening, this number,
however, dwindling to a handful as the
talk proceeded. '
R. E. Twitcbell, late of Santa Fe, also
spoke and attacked Felix Martinez, but
his monthings found little sympathy in tbe
audience. "; ' ..
The meeting was afailure an3 Catron no
doubt sees that be can expect little from
Las Vegas. '". ""'
fit'dest Frowns Is In return from a (rip
Herman I fold left on a business trip to
Mora, to-day.
J. L. Himdnct'oii, of Albuquerque, regis
ters at tbe Central hotel.
Mrs. J. J. Bchmldt and children returned
from Wagon Mound, last evening.
Mrs. Will Rosenthal and little daughter
came in from Harvey's ranob, yesterday,
Antonio Grlego, a former guard at the
Las Vegas jail, visits town from El Cora-
Llda Brown, of Dei Moines, Iowa, loft
tbe Flazt Intel for the oountry, this morn'
Delegate T. B. Catron, (for tbe last time,)
left for tbe south on a local freight train,
this morning.
General Frank Wbeaton and Col. Leg-
nor d, oi me uoitea states army, were
aboard No. 1, last eveolng.
Henry Coke went opto Springer, this
morning, to attend a mortgage sale of
land, in whlob be Is interested. .
' J. N. Duff, Chicago ; J. Btarrock, Lanoy.
J. F. Pieroe and H. O. Peck, Hutchinson,
Kansas, register at tbe New Optic.
Mrs. J. F. Devello, wbo bad spent soma
time at the resorts tbat environ Las Vegas,
left in return to ber borne In Philadelphia
on the early morning train.
H. J. Bobbins, Bhelton, Neb.; W. Mont
gomery, Chicago; E. R. Bogardus and
family, Mason City, Iowa; C. G. Kilmer,
Quay mas, Mexico; T. A. Spencor, White
Oaks, ars among those who register at tbe
Plasa hotel.
Mrs. J. F. Develin, Philadelphia: W, M.
Tipton, and L. A. Hughes. Santa Fei O.
Rosensteln, Chicago; A. C. Webster, Den
ver; J, W. Kevins, Aaw York ; Isaao Wab,
Louisville and Henry Goke, Bapello, reg.
Ltaraa at tbe Depot hotel yesterday.
Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps,
Misses' and Children's Jer
sey Leggings, Ladles' Felt
Shoes and Slippers. All at
Lowest Cash Prices.
"Ward Block, Railroad Ave.,
Mrs. Wm. Coin, Prop.
Tables Served With
Cooked and Served in tbe Highest Order.
Meals, 25o. Board by week, $5.
A trial will convince vou of tba merits
Madam M. J. Smith,
Parlors over Furlong's Photograph
Gallery. -
Latest Parisian Dssigns Direct,
"' Tailor-Mads Suits a Specialty,
. Capes and Jackets Hade
And Re-Lined.
Inspection of Work Invited.
TITTI E hereby authorize every dealer In our goods to
make the following guarantee In our name:
We guarantee each garment made by IIaht,
Schaffneb & Marx and bearing the lubel " H. S. & M." to be free
from imperfections in material and workmanship, to be sewed
throughout with pure dye silk, tailored by skilled workmen and
made of dependable cloth, thoroughly sponged and shrunk.
Should any II. S. & M. garment prove unsatisfactory
and not as above represented it may bo returned and tbe money
will be refunded.
We further guarantee all silk and satin sleeve linings
used In tbe II. S. A M. Full and Winter Overcoats and Ulsters to
wear two Seasons. If they do not, we will rellne the sleeves of
the garments, free of coat. .
New Foster kid gloves at Ilfeld's in tbe
latest fashionable shades. We are tbe only
agents in this city for the makers of these
gloves, and their own guaranteed brands
can be had only of ns. ' " It
Th. Kaaf. nlr,a ii Ktiv anil '!
seasonable hardware Is at Wagner &
Myers', Masonic temple. . , , ,31.2-tf
Exquisite Entertainment.
Stewart's famous pony and dog show
will open a three-days' engagement, Mon
day night.corner Tenth street and Donglas
avenue, opposite the Presbyterian church,
with a Wednesday matinee at 8:30 p. m.
Judging from the euiogistie press notices
this company bas received, wherever it
bas appeared,' it is probable ladies and
children of Las Vegas will be delightfully
entertained npon its advent.
Captain Stewart, by patience and per-
severance has brought bis beautiful milk
white Arabian ponies to a high degree ot
eroellence, and they are said to be the
best school of trained ponies now on ex
hibition. The performing troop of dogs
are incomparable. The riding and, skip.
ping rope . dog "Charlie" Is unexcelled. I
lhe funny clown dogs are the pets, of tbe
little ones,' as are also Mr. and Mrs. Jehk-
kins and the baby, a laughable dot; comedy.
After tbe matinee the children will be in
vited to visit tbe ponies and ride and feed
them sweetmeats, if they desire. Watch
for tbe pony parade at noon, Monday.;
Admission 16 and 25ots. Wlt
. Be was a kind and genial man :
For each na all be had a smile.
Be freely grasped hie neighbor's hand
And shook It heartllv tha whiiot
Be sympathized with all ma nit nd.
And had no motives sinister.
A Deiier B you ne'er would And.
A candidate? Ko, Minister,
Baptist church services at 11 a. m end
7:30 p. m.;8uoday school, 9:45 a. m.; B
T. P. W 7 p. m. Welcome to all in every
Kev. Geo. Selby's telk to young ladles
will be given at the regular Episoopal serv
ices at 11 o'clock," to-morrow, instead ot
10 o'clock as was announced.' vetterdav
The usual services will be conducted at
tbe synagogue,! to-morrow morning at 11
o'clock. "Deeds more instructive than
words," will be tbe subject ot Kabbt
Sobrelber't sermon.
Divine service la St. Paul's church, as
usual, at 11 o'clock a. m. and p
m.; Sunday school and Bible class at 10 a.
m. In the forenoon, Rev. George Selby
will deliver an address to young ladles. A
cordial invitation ia extended to all.
Regular servloes at the Presbyterian
oburch, to-morrow, morning and evening.
Sunday school at 9:45 a. m.; Society of
Christian Endeavor at 6:45. The people of
tbe church extend a most cordial invita
tion to strangers and visitors to participate
In tbe Sunday worship.
A cordial invitation to all tbe services of
tbe Methodist church, to-morrow, as fol
lows: Preaebtng services at 11 a. m. and
7:30 p. m.; sermons by the pastor; Sua
day school, 9:45 a. m.; Ep worth league,
6:30 p. m. Miss Anchor will lead the Ep-
wortb leagne singing. Mr. Groesbner will
play at tbe evening service.
Monday will be All 8ou!s' day, a festival
of tbe Catholic church. The object of it Is
by prayer and almsgiving to alleviate tbe
sufferings ot tbe souls in purgatory.
It was first instituted in tbe monastery of
Clungy, 933, and the following Is the ac
count given of its origin: A pilgrim re
turning from the holy land was compelled
by a storm to land on a rooky Isle, some
where between Sicily and Tbessoloolca.'
Here be found a hermit wbo told him tbat
among tbe cliffs of tbe island was situated
the opening ioto the under world, through
which flames ascended, and tbe groans
tormented by evil angels were audible
Tbe hermit had also frequently heard tbe
complaints and imprecations of tbe devils,
at tbe number of souls that were torn from
them by tbe prayers and alms of tbe pious ;
they were especially enraged, he said,
a'zafnst tbe abbot and moDks of Clungy. The
pilgrim on his arrival acquainted Odilo,
the abbot of Clungy, with what bad cdChe
to bis knowledge, and the abbot thereupon
appointed the day after All Saints to be
kept in bis monastery as an annual festival
for "All Souls." Tbe observance was
quickly adopted by the whole Catholic
world. .,
By another account, the scene of tbe In
cident is laid In Sicily, and tbe institntion
to tbe year 998.
All Saints' day will be specially ob
served at tbe west side Catholio cburch,
tomorrow, by Rev, Fr. Defouri. There
will be solemn mass at 10 o'clock, with
sermon on the saints and souls -in pqrga
tory. There will be solemn vespers at 2 p,
m,, and at 4 p. m., the Benediction ot tbe
Blessed Sacrament, followed by vesDers
for the dead. v ;
On Monday morning at 8:30 o'clock.
there will be a solemn mass for tbe dead ;
also, two low masses. On the succeeding
nine days, there will be high mass at 6:30
o'clock a. m. ; ' ; .
Buy Before Election
Goods Will be Worth More
After Next Tuesday.
There's a lot of new millinery to show now, plumage, flow-
ers, ribbons, velvets as well as pattern hats and bonnets for
both streiet wear and dress occasions.
Big Cut in Some Underwear.
There is a line of ladies' imported Derby vests (only), of
natural gray wool well worth 85c to $1.00 elsewhere, for
. which we ask 60c. Our 50c combination suit can't be
.. matched rin this town, even at a higher price same thing
. .holds good in our finer qualities.
Splendid New Couches
- In plush and corduroy just opened; also some handsome
new carpets to show you in the carpet room.
ILFELD'S, Plaza.
We take pleasure in calling the attention of the public
to the aboveguaiantee of our famous "H. S. & M."
Qothing. This is a store where satisfaction goes
with every sale,
JAKE BLOCK, Proprietor.
mtr'tiimt mm-mm rwritei-s .A
Fall Term Opens September ist.
For particulars, apply to '
Wholesale Grocers
: Cash Novelty Dry Goods Store. Wool
'We sell cheaper thin any other
house, but for Cash, only.
20c a yard, 3 inches wide. -20c
a yard, 5 inches wid;.
28c a yard, 7 inches wide.
32c a yard, 9 inches wide.
Black Silk Boudon Insertion:
0 180 a yard, M inches wide. " :
"25c a yard, 3 inches wide. :
Ladies' Ready-made Waists,
Plaids, Woolens and bilks,
Latest Style.", from $2, up.
Claimed by Everyone.
We carry the largest 1 ne of
Ladies' Jackets and Capee, aad
Children's Jackets,
, at prices which can be reached
- by everyone s pocket. "i:'
We carry the largest assortment of
Children's, Laches' and Men s
Tust Received.the latest in Belts and
Chatelaines: Rob Roy, Cordu
roy and t ancy Leather.
$1,00 Men's All Wool Sweaters,
Bold every where at fl. 50.
East Las Yegas and Albnquerqno, New Mexico.
; " 100, 102 and 104 North Second St.;
St. Louis, Mo.
Sixth Street, Opposite Postofficer
826 & 328 Railroad Avenu.
The :Bt Place in Las iegas -GENERAL 1ERCHANDISE
to make your selection anions: a
full line of Cooking. and Heating
- Also a full line of
and Ammunition.
Masonic Temple. - - East Las Vegas.
Goods delivered free to all parts of the city. Call and examine our stooc 00
fore purchasing, and be uonvincod of our low prices.
Complete line of Cartridges and Ammunition always on hand. . VI
MRS. R. FLINT, Prop.
Centrally Located. Good Accommodations.
Bates, $1.25 per Day. Board and Room $5 and $6 per Week.
MS !
. , Awarded - ;
Highest Henors World's Falrf
Men's Elegant Winter Shirts'oFDrawers, at 75c, $1.00,
$i.5o$t?.oo, and $2.50.
most complete line of Winter uloveswooi lined or
unhned, "Sheep, goat arid buck, from 50c pr. up.
10 yds.
Outing Flannel,
10 yds.
Domet Flannel,
Elegant line of Men's White and Wool
bnirts, at very lowest prices.
. - Complete line Hosiery. "
Nobbv and Complete line of Men's
Soft and Derby Hats, from
Cheapest to the Best.
10 yds.
Scrim at
f 1 If
A pure Crape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia. Alum or any other adulterant
40 Years the Standard- J
JOT Remember I am Headquarters on Up-to-Date Tailor-made
10 1 , Clothing. . Elegant Pants to order, from $4.00 up. Nobby
ff Suits or Overcoats to order, from $12.50 up. Everything
guaranteed as represented.
10 yds.
Vestibule Lace
' Railroad ' Avenue.
East Las Vegas;
10 yds.
Muslin, bleach'd
Special Sale of
We are offering a lot of above line
at prices that will move them.
One lot of Child's Reefers, sizes 4-12,
Worth up to $2.50, at $I.OO
One lot of Ladies' Jackets, all sizes,
Worth up to $3.00, at $I.OO
One lot of Ladies' Jackets and Newmarkets,
Worth up to $9 00, at $2.50
One lot of Misses' Long Cloaks,
Worth up to $5.00, at $2.50
One lot of Ladies' Jackets and Capes,
Worth up to $12, at $5 00
Our Fur Capes in all Popular
Styles and Lengths, Just ?e0drnIng.

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