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R. A. KISTLfcR, Bdltor and Proprietor.
at the Kast Las Vegas,
postoillce (or transmission
mulls as second-class matter
Special Notice.
Lai Vboas Dailt Optio Delivered by mall,
post-paid, Sl. 00 per annum; l&.OU for six
months; i';. IX) for three months, By car
rier, it cents per week.
lis Vkuas Wbkkly Oi'Tio J8 column!, de
livered Djr mall, post-paid, M.OO per an
num, II. 00 for six months, 76 for three
months. single copies In wrappers, 5 cents.
Sample copies of both dally and weekly,
mailed free when desired. Give postofllce
address in full, Including state.
Qohkbspondknuk Containing nkws, solici
ted from all partB of the country. Com
munications addressed to the editor of
Tun optio, to Insure attention, should be
accompanied by the writer's full name
and address, not for publication, but as a
fftinrantv of irood faltu:
BiMiTTANCiis May be made by draft, money
order, postal note, express or registered
letter at our risk. Address all letters and
telegrams to xdnurnu,
JLttBllJBB veK. JS.rV BlDiWi
Backboard Usui,
Mulls on the Star routes leave Lai Vegas
as follows :
Las Veiraa to Fort Sumner. Inclndtn
Anton Clilco, Los Oolonals, Eden, Banta
Kosa and Puerto de Luna, tri weekly, on
Monday, Wea lesday and Friday, and ar
rive nn alternate davs of each week.
LaS VeKas to Fort Bascom, Including
Ohaperlto, Galllnas springs, El uuervo,
on Monday. Wednesday and Friday, of
each week, and arrive on alternate days,
Las vegas to Mora, inciuuing Liu. amuu.,
xirnacio ana uociaua. wi
lt i tbs purpoga of tho soololy tobavdl
man led four orphans, and each will
receive a dowry of $100. Sixteen such
weddings are to take place within the I
year, to occur on some anniversary to
be silooted by tho founder of the so-
duty or ltd rucnibers.
Tbe gooiuiy has (or iti motto "Char,
ity, Tolerance, Ganer sity." Ia mak
ing tbeso dower gifts, it is not Deeessa-
rv that young women be Inmates of I
orphan asylums. Any parentloss girl
may be entitled to tbe benefits of the
association. Tho dower wilt not be
restricted to any creed or sect, but It
is tbe desire of the society that eaoh of
tbe four should be either a Catholic, a
I'rotrsunt. a Hebrew girl or the
daughter of a free mason. The direc
torate of the new sooicty will be com-
pjsod of an equal number of Christians
and Hebrews. Tbe marriages iu each
case will be pubiio. Any kind of
religious ceremony dosired by tbe
principals will be had. Tbe girls will
not be restrained in tbe selection of a
husband, so lorg as he ; Is worthy. It
is tbe founder's belief that in the course
of a few years tbe numbsr of dowries
will be increased, as well as tlie amount
of the endowment, Of course, a good
HArmlln. Han Yirl
tiSjJtti J pbilantbropio people will decline
flays. t0 aooept this scheme seriously;' but if
Las Vegas to Lesperance, once a week, I r , . ,.
on Saturday. they should only realiza now Tar the
rinnwannnA 1-n Vita. Onmnttl HfflA ! (IT I J '
two-horse buckeoard, on Fort Bascom and dowry named goes in Flatland, they
Mora lines oy singie-uorse oucaw-ia, , , . . ... .,-... .nmnthlno-
c5 " - fa a . o i
of the same sort in their bailiwick.
Lesperance by private conveyance
usually spring wagon.
A Cold in the Head
The quickest way to
get rid of it the simplest ;
and surest no bother, no ;
trouble is with
It cures Catarrh. It I
cures all inflammation. It '
Pile's Skin DlttasAi,
Sort Throat, Burns,
Toothacht, Wounds,
Earachi, Sore Musclis,
Hauraljla, Rheumatism.
Two sizes, 35 and 50 Tents.
At druggists, or by mail.
Thi Bkandxstii Co., 374 Canal St.. N. V.
The Maxwell Land Grant
Situated in New Mexico and Colorado,
On tha Atchison, Topeka & SanN Fe, and
Union Pacific, Denver ,& Gulf Railway's
Farming: Lands Under Irrigation Systems:
In tracts of 20 arrs and upwards, with perpetual water rights,
cheap, and on easy terms of io annual payments, with 9 per cent.
nnticoi. -iniuia, vjram anu r ruics grow to perfection.
Choice Praifie or Mountain Grazing Lands,
m31m Gr- COOIESS,
(BaocasBor to Coon Broa.)
.waousAfji kso rctail dbalks i
Painta, Oil and Glass,
Cerrillos Hard and Soft Coal.
TKIiBrnonKNo.re-OocaedollTeredfreelnelty. "
Well watered and with a-nnd shatter. Inar.n.m.i niik n...
ur raising (mm sna rruus, in size or traots to suit purchaser.
Large Pastures For Lease,
n(t terms of years, fenc1 or unfeneed; shipping fsolllties over two
Li.n a. 1. , .
i? iSt iSST.V.L'Mrn. DVC?".ry. "Itaated the (imous Gold MlnlnB;
nn f- A I I I V :
ir " mZ :J rr ."IT' riCD owootm-Im were maris in 1805.
been uooaifuHv
I -I t J i a m
tb. new csmp. of HEMATITE '.pd HAUKY BLUFP. r,oh a. or osmp In Colo
...u..u. iU toe uoicea estates Uoverntuent Laws and Regulations..
Stage leaves every moininc evppnr Siin,t,.,
.1 - Ol - w,iTn, .uu4 kJUl IIICI 1UI
. lew Mexico Planing Mill
.S3. CJlEME1VT8. Prop.
Spic'al Piices to Codrectors arid kUm
confirmed by
liue ferrect, founded oa United States Patent "and
decisions of the U. S. Supreme Court.
For further particulars and pamphlets, apply to
Raton, New Mexloo.
In Lumber Shingles, etc. Estimates cheerfully furnished to
Offlc. and Mill Corner Beventb and Jackson Btreets. East Las Vegas.
In 1801 one person ol every three in
the United K nerdom professed tbe
Romish fa'uh: now only one of everj
sevJQ beloDgs to that communion.
Mathematical calculations show
that an iron ship weighs 27 per cent.
less than a wooden one, and will carrj
115 tons of cargo for every 100 tons
carried by a wooden ship of the same
dimensions, and both loaded to tht
lime draught of water.
Marriage of the Napoleon la Rail
road Building.
It is not trua thai the watch and
clock factories of Japan are making
goods cheaper than thoa 3 of similar
quality in America. They can control
th Ur own market in chejp clooks, bu
they cannot export at a profit. In
watches they cannot yet compete suo
cessfully in both cheapness and quality
with those imported from Switzerland
and America.
Jos. H. Hampioo, who is well-known
in Las Vegas, was united in mirrisg
to Miss Blanche Wilson, daughter ol
Kev. David.Wilson, of Washin.ton, D
J., on the lltb lust. Thk Optic, to
Jtbich Mr. llampson has always been
x nrm and last irieud, voices tne
ieniimentsof this community in wish
iner the fortunate couple a long and
lappy life together. The following
iccount of the wedding is taken from
he Washington Times:
'Miss Iilancbe Wilson, daughter ol
Captured In Albuquerque.
Charles Arms, colored, who was sent
to tbe Territorial penitentiary at Santa
Fe from tbe Bernalillo county court for
grand larceny, the sentence being eigh
teen months, and who bad only a few
months to serve before completing bis
sentence, and who escaped a few days
it o, was captured in Albuquerque at
3 o'clock Sunday morning by Billy
Cobert, n'ght depot master. Arms,
after escaping from the penitentiary,
reached Albuquerque early Saturday
morning dressed in hi3 pen stripes; all
that day, until night, be was boused
by a certain party whom tbe officials
know, and given other clothing. Satur
day night, or rather Sunday morning,
beecreted bimself in a box car tor tne
S ..- VI Pn -T
ati 1 im Tit? AT
mm fflHBiUfca
Bridge Street,
S Las Vegas, N. M.
vV runs wc ikivc iteuc x lLstJ n iurc iur win l;
cuter uti - . . . t . f ' If I mil III
n .mr T n a . m I UUI UU - H as W IIHW W EBL UI BUULIla rf IJVU 1 PtfrfSrVfWff-kn n CTrV Li" - .1 J J 1 " I . I 1 I v
uev. uavia Wilson, u a. a., retirea, i i.''. a , , . , ouuifuuii oiuui,uiu wuuiu suoner iiuxuca erocerynian couia
Pnifnl hill. el. nnnn. I. Ih. nn. be- ln Dy eVent. ArmS W0Uld naVe
tives: the groom being Mr. Joseph t?tlici P0'?' ?ffloer Carson and fcrcSCO, Michigan, September 2. 1896.
. . . - wr . I dBllrir J 1 1 II fN llMfl LT 1 1 1 1 M M II 1 1 II K II llllLrui I -
U. llampson, late of Kansas Uity, Mo., r. . ,? ,. . .
out now located in the City of Mexico "TI"" " .1. . ."uulu-uuu"u
"The ceremony took place in the 7.H " " 4ft.: " 'JuZ..;J
large drawing room ? qf, the Wilso " ""i"uL T
n 1 I t rttr ma kentr I r Ilia rtAnitondsrB
Sample and Club Rooms,
Corner Sixth Btreet ard Douglas Avenue,
CHRIS SELLMAN, Proprietor.
Cnoicest brands of imported and domestic wir.es, liquors and cigar
ways in stock. Polite ar.d attentive mixologists in attendance, day and
ght. The pntronaee of gentlemen solicited.
get along without sugar- in his store than we could without f5nrt21?Tr
a, Piso's Cure. It fa a sure seller. RAVEN & CO., Druggists, .MJL
The pope is very fond of children.
A Btory ia told concerning a little Eog
hsh boy who was recently admitted to
an audienc3 with bis holiness. Tbe
papal secretary invited the boy to kist
the pope's slippers. "We don't kiss-
people's feet in England," said th
little fellow; "but he's a nice old gen
tleman, and I'll kiss bis band." Tht
pope, who docs cot speak English
smiled when tin remark was trans
lated, and held out bis hand to iht
Tho Salt Lake Tribune says thai
Gan. Sick'es thinks that "the uios
dangerous disclosure in the recent eleo.
tion is hit tbeie are ia Ne York City
135,0 JO electors who vjted for the
anti-American, populis'.io and destruct
ive heresies formulated and promul
gated uy Bryan."
is it strange tnat tnose voters ar
there, General P Think of the rich oi
that city who have no appetites for the
rich food which they have in over
abundance, and the thousands who do
not know where they are going to get
bread for their children to-morrow.
Think of the rojfceries in the shadow
of the palaces there! Think of tht
strong men who have not for monthe
been able to obtain any work I Think
of homes where tbe parents are think
ing of the cbild that died last summer,
because it had no shelter from the in
sufferable heat, no ice to cool its lip.
no delicacy to tempt bask i's appetite!
Think of tbe fathers of tbe 50,000 chil
dren who are growing up in ignoranct
because there are no schoplhouses for
them to obtain the rudiments of an
education ln! Think of the squalor oi
the tenement houses; the degradation
of the slums; the eyes that from tht
depths of poverty look every day upon
the displays of wealth! Think of the
wrens that are daily smitten by tht
hawks, and when the full picture fill-
your mind's eye, you will not wondei
any longer that so many were noi
ingntenea Dy threats of panics, not
disturbed by cries of anarchy, dishonor
and attempted repudiation. -
Where a million or two of the great
human family touch elbow while hur
rying through this vale of tears, phil
anthropic schemes that appear ridicu
lous in the eyes of those who inhabit
sparsely settled spots are constantly
being evolved, says a speoial corres-
pondent io tbe Tittsburg Dispatch. As
a rule, these schemes, no matter how
odd they seem to people unacquainted
with life in large cities, have for their
resideuoe. which was beautifully adorn
ed with rare palm?, trees of white
chrysanthemums, and white orchids
there were no bridesmaids or ushers
The only attendant of tbe bride was
her small niece, Miss Esie Byron, who,
:lad in a picture gown of nile greer
ilk and carrying a basket of ' white
tnd green orchids, preceded tbe brld
iod groom into tbe room, to tbe strain
I a mandolin orchestra, which ren
Jfred tbe wedding march.
Ibe father of the bride and Rev. B
B. James, of Baltimore, awaited the
loming of the wedding party in tbe
iay window, where tha short but im
pressive ceremony was peiformed.
Ihe window had been transformed
nto a particularly pretty bower ol
white and green, whicn oolors wert
carried throughout the decoration ol
tbe entire house.
Tbe bride, who is one of the hand
somest young women ln Washington,
a tall and stately blonde, looked hei
)est in a trained gown of white satin
rimme.d in rare duchess laoe. Her
ulle veil, worn off her faoe, was fast-
ned with a diamond star, whioh is an
leirloom ln ber family ; her shower bo
quet was of lilies of the valley and
wnite orchids.
An informal reception followed tht
marriage ceremony, and a wedding
ireakfast was served in the beautifully
ieoorated dining room. Later in tbe
ifternoon Mr. and Mrs. llampson . lei
for a short visit to a friend's countrj
place near Baltimore, where the earlier
davs of their bonevmoon will bd dnent!
I bey will niaae a tour of the northern
oities in Mr. Hampsou's - private' Car,
'.ben go to the City of Mexico, where
Cbey will reside at the Hotel Iturbide.
Mr. Hampson is tbe president of Iht
Mexico, Cuernavaoa & Pabitio railroad,
ow being constructed from .the Citj
i Mexico to toe raoino coast. -
Tbe bride's going-away gown was a
very nanasome tailor-made costume o
nunter green ciotn, with small greet
veivec oat to matcn. ,
Sunday night. He had changed his
convict's garb for a good suit of clothes
and wore a gold waicb. When atked
where be got his new outfit he said be
found tbe suit, watch and all, "bang.
log on a clothes-line."
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund tbe money if it fails
to oure. me. u
Tourist Rates to the Oread Canon.
From Las VeKas to Granl Canon of tbe
olorado river and return, fftii 60. Tblrtv
days' transit limit in each direction.
Kinsl return limit, ninety days from date
of sale. Tbe stage will leave Flagstaff, on
Mondays, Wednesdays tnd Fridays, con
necting with our through California trains
io eacb direction.
Returning, it will leave tbe Grand Canon
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Baturdays. The
ride to tbe canon Is over a good road end
occupies about eleveu bourn. Btaticns
bar been estaoilsbed along tbe route and
at tbe canon for tbe accommodation of
tourists. tC. F. Jones, Agent.
Though the Twtce-a-Week Republic
of St. Louis excelled all other western
weekly papers ia publishing tbe news
of tbe campaign, it now annouooei
that it bas extended; its news service,
and hereafter it will give its readers
the best paper ln the country. This
means much, because tbe next twelve
months will be crowded with news of
Dig events. With all tbe improve
ments to its service the yearly sub
scription will be tbe same one dollar
a year, by mail, twice a week..
All lovers of good musio of Sooorro
bailed with delight tbe .arrival of Ar
thur .von Jessen Sodring, who gave a
piano recital at tbe opera house there;
Saturday night. This pianist, who as
an artist enjoys a national reputation,
undoubtedly drew a crowded house,
and those who heard bim enjoyed a
musioal treat not to be soon forgotten.
tie was assisted by Luis Witt.
Some nine or ten patent surveys are
!0 be made on claims near Ked River
Oity next week. Four were made last
week. It looks as though Taos county
s to become the leading mineral pr
1ucer of tbe Territory.
To the Public.
We wish to state to toe good people of
Las Vegas and vicinity, tbat tbe means to
build tbe oanitarlum nave been provided
lor. but we are without means to furnish
the building. We bare concluded, there
fore, to bold a fair during Thanksgiving
week, to raise ruoda witb blcn to furntth
tbe bnildiog. We are dependent on tbe
generosity of tbe pubiio to accomplish this
purpose; ant aesire to state tnat we oo iio.
-xpect to get tbe oece'sary amount by
arge donations, Dut by tne mite Irom tbe
tur. Hence, we hope tbat none will re.
(use to assist us. This is a pubiio institu
tion by which all will be benefited, and in
which all snouid Uei an interest.
Bit-TEBS of Charity, -tf.
in cbarne of Sanitarium.
Mexican Central Railway.
From tbe sea to tbe clouds. Passing mod
ern cities and ancient monuments. Stan
dard guage in everything management,
ideas and treatment or patrons, rne only
line in the rtepuniic running ruiiman pal
ace buffet sleeping cars between tbe cap
ital and points in tbe United States. Cheap
rates aod piompt service. For full partic
ulars call mi or address
tf Com 'I Agent Rl Paao. Texas.
Thomas B. Cation.... Delegate to Ooagress
W. T. Thornton.. Governor
Lorlon Miller Becretarj
Thos. Smith Chief Justice
N.O. Collier, 1
H B Hamilton, ( ......
N.B.LauKhlln, f Associates
G. D. Hants, I
Kollx Martinet . .Clerk tb Judicial District
Charles F. Kasley Surveyor-General
Charles M. Shannon United States Collector
. . D. B. Wstrlct Attorney
?w?r? l- HftU v- Marshal
w . H. Loomls Depnty U. 8. Marshal
J. W. Fleming TJ. 8. Coal Mine Inspector
James H. Walker, Santa Fe.Beg. Land office
Tedro Uelgado,8auta Fe....Kec. Land Offlce
JohnD. Bryan, Las Cruces.Reg. Land Offlce
Jan. P. Ascarate.LasCruces.Bec. LandOfflce
Richard Young.feoswell.. ..Reg. Land Office
W. H. Cosgrove, KoBwell...Rjc. Land Office
John C. mac , Clayton .... Beg. Land Office
Joseph S. Holland, Clayton.Uec. LandOfflce
i- VctorT , Solicitor-General
J. H. Crist, Diet. Attorney Banta re
R.L. Young .... Las unices
Thos. J. Wllkerson Altraauernii.
General Broker.
Land Grants, Improved Ranches, Native Cattle, Improved
Cattle, Cattle Ranges, Horses and Sheep, Real Estate. Etc.
Land Scrip of all Kinds, Territorial and Comity Warrants. Gen
era! Land Office Bnsiness. Titles Secured Under the
United States Land Laws.
P. 8AV1LLE, Moaj
Ihe Cash Liquor, Cigar and Tobacco Co. .
t09 Bixth Street, Opposite San Mlgul National Bank.'
A. 11. Harlle
B. M. Dougherty
Geo. McCorinlrt
A. A. Jone
John FranWln
Jose Setoira
W. a. Wyllys
...Sliver Clt
... Las Vegas
. T.lhmr1nn
Clerk Supreme Court
' Caod lor Tbe Kidneys.
I bad Ubed nearly every remedy for kid
ney trouble known without relief when I
eras induced to try Macbeth water, which
I am glad to tay did me a wonderful
amount of good in a very short time.
i. a. ueriiiuann Hunt t.niran.i..
t2a5.bel Adjutant General
Kamnel Eidodt Trnmnrar
Marcellno Garcia . ..- Auditor
amado Chaves Snpt. Public instruction
M.S. Hart coal Oil Inspector
E.V.Long President
Lorenzo Lopes Vlce-Presidnnt
Carl W. Wlldensteln..:. .. Beo'i anfl
Benlgno Itonjero '
Mrs.CameUa dinger ..".I ".l."":
Joseph B. Beed. of Iowa. Chief Justice.
associate JCSTiioas Wilbur F. atone, of
Colorado: Thomaa CI. ri.ii.. i,.' X.
Carolina; William M. Murray, of Tennea.
see; Henry O. hluss, of Kansas.
Matthew G. Beynolds, of Missouri, rt. a.
Attorney '
w.H.Jacs:..... chairman. Silver Oltv
Wmsiuaa. per gal.
Hour Mi 8b Bo jr bou j-j oo
" " ' r 2.25
" " " j a,
Samples ONLY 5c,K-Pts.l5c,Pt9.35og's.50c
Fines Whiskies, pica oal
White Bouse Club f 3 nn
u. 8. rub ; a' 25
"CarliBli ", Bole Agent ' ' 8 50
Samples 10c, Half Pta. 25c, Pts. 50c, Qts. $1.
Finest Whiskies, per oal.
John HernlDg 14.00
B Hp of Audmon 4 .g
Guckenbeimer 5 50
McBraer, Oscar Pepper and Yellowstone
Half-pints 35o, Pints B5o, Quarts, .25.
California end Native Wines from 25c per Bottle, and $1 per Ration np
-Eear entrance from LlDCOln Ave., between Optic Office and Rosenthal Bros
P. 8. "Press the Button, We'll do the rest."
Keg Beer,
60 per glass.
50o per gallon.
Bottled Beer,.
10c, 15c, 20c, &
Per bottle.
Sole Agent
13.50 per gallon.
From $1 per box tip
CbewiDg and
From 25c por lb. sp
Sole A Kent for
6c Straight
12.15 per Mox.
Indiana Board of Health.
Tbey are making all sor's of fun ol the
toaiana slate board of bealtb. which
lemand that kissing should cease or else
hat tbe lips be disinfected ateaob con-
'act. w one at tne same lime anv
quaes can practice medicine, in thai
Htate, who can buy a pill bae. Here
is tbe latest one on the board :
George Almlra, dear.
Almira Yes, darlins:.
George Oo vou baDDen to have vnnr I
uutue 01 am erecting nuia convenient;
Aimira ildre it is, darling. Why?
Georee I want to rub some of it on m
lips, sweetheart. I am going to kiss you.
iuy owo, ' v
And tbe clerk of the Indiana state board
or health, and tbe stenographer ot tbe
same, proceeded to osculate in accordance
with tbe latest views of tbat wise organiza
tion. ,
The old story of Pro
metneu9 is a parable.
i-romcinetis was on
terms of intimacy with
the gods. From them
lie stole fire, and gave
i T . 1
41 iu men, i-uj tuia sin
lie was bound to the
rocks of Mount Cau
casus, and vultures
They only ate bis liver. This grew again
as fast as it was pecked away. Are his Buf-
icnngs 10 De imagined f '
Take a modern internretntinn nf
aoie. mere is no cooking without fire. Ia
cooking and eating the mischief lies. The
stomach is overtasked, the finweU hxnn,
clogged, they cannot dispose of the food
mm 19 given mem. The imounties hark
np on the liver. Then come the vulture
tne torments of a diseased liver.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
is more than equal to the vultures of dvs-
pepsia and its kindred diseases. Every
aLuiu vi mc uiscovery is nice a lerret.
wnerever it is sent. It is as sure as the
needle of the compass. There is no more
need ot sutlering from dyspepsia than there
IS ot naneinir ones self. Sold bv all medi.
cine dealers the world over.
Ex-Sheriff of San Miguel couu
Josh Lopez, M.N.ihaffln. ...first distrtct.Kaat Las Vesas
tyM S'au? 'cona district, Albuquerque
Practical Horse-Shoer
Robt, L. !l. Ross
. Real Estate
trices io Ssit the Times,
Lots from $100
SOLE AGENT of the Hill-site
Town Co. addition, and tbe Eldo
rado Town Co. lower addition.
Residences, Business Properties,
Loans, Mortgages and Securities
None Bert Avar's at the World's Palrl
Ayer's Sarsaparilla enjoys the ex
raordinary distinction of having beed
ihe only blood pnrifier allowed an: ex
hibit at the World's fair, Chioago.
Manufacturers of other Sariapaiillaa
sought by every means to obtain a
showing of their goods, but they were
an turned away under the application
I ft tnA rnln T.irhiHrilntr tha ant ..f
object the betterment ot the masses, or patent medicines and nostrums. . The
a fraction thereof. - Of such is a unique decision of the World's fair authorities
organization called the Greater Nsw in ,avor 01 Ayer's Sarsaparilla waa in
York German Orphan Dowrv socIai- .rtnecl nowi: ."Ayer's sarsaparilla
J l ia Tnt m nalanf marl nin l Anm aA
as luo unujD iuju.icb, ib is io luraisn kinnM uA i:.a A -
I uoiwUa av vug 113k Ui UUDbt UlXIBa
dowries to (xerman orphan girls on tbs here on its meritv"
day of their marriage to a worth man
The society had its inception In the A gentleman of R .swell, whose forte
. . , , would appear to be tbe origination of
mind of Lazarus Morgenthau, a gener- bright advertising ideas. snggesU that
ou citizen or large wealth. The so- the first sugar produced by tbe Eddy
ciety's first step in the direction of factory be encased in some attractive
civinir monev to an omhan on wl mamer, nd accompanied by a suita-
l a., in k, ..u ble and pertinent letter of present
. a ttion. to presidentelect
jngiuu Minuuay, xovi. un tnat oate, McKinley.
7 P,fk cwv.cOlD'f
It Is I
and Is the result ol colds and
ssddtn climatic changes.
For your Protection
we poutlvely state that this
remedy does not contain
msrenry or any other injur
ious srzg.
Ely's Cream Balm
Is acknowledged to be the most thorongh core for
Nasal Catarrh, Cold in Head and Hay Fever of all
ranwdlas. It opens and cleanses the uaaal pasaaget,
allays pain and inflammation, heals the sorea, pro
, tecta the mambrane from colds, restores the senaas
'of Mate and smell. Price Cflc at Urugirtsts or by mail.
XUX UaOTHBRH, 56 Warren SlreeU New York.
Livery Feed and Sale
Headquarters for
Ranchmen. ....
Douglas Avenue, East Las VegnS.
Desirable Acre Properties; Farms undor
Irrigation Ditches. Umoe on
: Some Ready Information
Tbe following: statistical! Information
should be cat out and pasted on your of
flce desk for future and freqnent refer
ence: "
Raton...... ...
waKo.i nouna ta
Watrous 20
8aa Mlnuol
Olorlota B!i
l.nniT eo
Santa Fe 831
Cerrillos Wl
Albuquerque 182
1OS Lunas i..H'i
Socorro 208
8an Marcial 2.'
Las Urucea S4ii
Bl I'aso 81
oemliiR ....Sfti
Sliver City n
I m Junta 2ir,l
Denver 8M
"neblo ,
Kansas City.
St. Louis
Washington 2. CM
Philadelphia .... liH'
New York . 1.187
Boston .A..S.11S
Tucson ......;.... 6H8
Chihuahua; 612
City of Mexico... 1 612
i os Antreies l.Km
"an Diego 1,01)8
San Francisco... 1,84ft
Guayunas 806
L. V. Hot8prtns-s....6
WhlteOaks. direct, .lfio
Galveston, direct.. 700
HotSn'BS Park,
rs Vs
Banta Fe
. 6787
..70 ISl
Socorro 4Wf
El Paso.. .SSW,
IMifl villa lnirii
1 toTsr,.,. KM
'liver rity...
Spark's Kanch...,8ri72
Chicago sat
Kansas City 706
Raton Tuuntl 7fi
Glorleta 72
'orHn"tal Di
vide on A.4P....726
""lagstall hx
Ifeedles 47a;
mi Lata uity..., 25
rHlukle:::: street, west end of
.a.uiuLe ecretary,Laa Vegas
T. O. de Baca .1
Gregorio Flores J Oountr Commlsslonen
DlouK lo Martinet "iiisioner
Gregorio Varela Probate Judge
l'atrlclo Gonzales Probate Clerk
Jose G. Montano AaaaaaoJ
Hllarlo Itomero ' .. sheritT
Carlos Gabaldon . Collector
Adelaldo Gonzales... School Superintendent
lleMr,, ....Treasurer
Slmor Ari, a....justlca or the Peace, ffo.l
1). O, aeLeca " .
H.S. ft'ooater 039
F. B. Olnoy Mayor
J-F. Clay Maisnal
VS'u"' Treasurer
J. K. Moore Recorder
n rTvlllr. rr..,4-V, ....... ..v.aw
J. R. Martin
B. I , Forsythe....
W. H. Barber
K. Li. uainblln
8. T Kline
L. H Hofmelstnr
A. X. liogers
n v VfS"1111 i President
0. V. FertHcock vi..i..i 1 1
O K. Perry Trammr-i
MEMBSR8 FlrBt ward. Alfrerl ft Smith
lian V Pa. aann ..... t n a, . 1
8. McLean; third ward, Edward Henry. J
M. D. llowerd: fourth ward. O. v. h,.'
cock, J.A.Carruth. "
Manufacturer of
Sash and Doors,
Scroll Sawing,
Surfacing and Matching
Xlxa.iie; Mill
and Offlce Corner of Blanobard street and
Grand avenue.
Special attention given to brand
bg irons, and general blacksmith
ing and woodwork. All work
promptly uone and satisfaction
and Builder.
Offlce iTt
rtoor wea u. Twa Oprir,
. RnlMIng-.
Las Vegas Holer Mill,
J. E. SMITH, Prop'r.
Location: On tbe hot springs branch ran.,
way, Bast Las Vegas, New Mexico.
Tonr Patronajrn Solicited.
Hucceesors to T. B. MILLS. Established In 1S7S. .
ate, Mining: i Insurance Agts.
Represent the Royal Exchange AssuranceCompany,
of London, P ngland ; Assets
;rsriir raTk-h
KKW MEXICO BOARD OF HKAVTH. I . . . " "-'-' .'
W.R. Tioton.M. D.. President ... l.v...K. "..ty u.i sm ,01 nonos Douent and sold. Best facilities for rIr.inD. .nor.
G. S.Kaatpyday.M D.,V-Pres...Albuauerdue .t?e .f ranch and improved property, and over 8 000.000 acre, of tlmh.
MiotM.::::"-!a sZl. rl .nVUv "d 8iU,5,We8t' ftt Prioes "h,cb b" competitors. Offlo. on
JWin. EKgert, M. D '.Banta Pel
J.J. Bhuler, M. D,
M. D
. Raton
. Las Vegas
Santa Fe Route California Limited.
Lea ves Cbicaffo 6:00 p. m. WedneBdavs
ana Saturdays, fc.au bib City U:oOa. m. and
Denver 6:30 p. m., Thursdays and Sun
days, reaching Los Angeles In 72 hours
and can Diego in 70 hours from Chicago,
Coi-nt-ctins; train for Sao Francisco via.
Mojave. Returns Mondays and Tbnrsdays.
Kqnipnieot of saprb vstlbuled Pullinan
palace sleepers, buffet smoking oar and
dining car. Most luxurious service via any
Another express train, carrying palace
and lourist sle'-pTS, leaves Chicago and
Xmaaa ritv daily for California.
Inquire or Local Agent, or
O. T. KlCHOLS"K. O P. A.,
A. T. & S P. R-y,
'Uicj en. storage m Lsj Vmi Hot mm CascD.
Aajaja.-va.aJ.'- Ca,pLCit37 50,000 Tono
Our Ice is pure, firm and clear, and give entire RutifactioB
1 to OMr manv natron.
Office: 620 Douglas Ave.. East Las Vegas. N.lSt

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