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The People's Paper.
lew Kexico Has tie Finest Climate in the World
Greatest Invention of the Age,
No Smoke,
. No Trimming,
Last Forever.
All Sizes in Stock.
Graaf & Bowles,
Sole Agents.
TTJ 4" 567
8 9 10 1 1 12 13 14
15 16 17 l8 19 20 21
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
29 3
Concert, ti-nlght,
A. O. TJ. W. meetinft, to night.
Order cot flowers through J. Bltbl. tf
"The Embassy Ball," to-morrow nlgbt
Daylight Is now shortening at the rate of
three ruiuutes per day.
This U the mo-jth for Thanksgiving, tur
' key and cranberry sauce.
Regular meeting of the Woodmen of the
World to-morrow evening.
The "German" (liven ae Parwell to Mat
Nonlhaut, at the Montezuma
Club Rooms,
J. H. Stearns Is having an
the rear of bis grocery store,
office built In
. The water Dices are being put In the
new drinking fountain to-day.
B. Daily, of the post office ne ws stand,
assigned to day, to W. G. Koogler.
Anistacio Lobato was convicted of lar
ceny, to-day, by the Territorial jury.
John Crites has accepted the situation
as messenger boy, at the Postal office.
Call on Thb Optic If you want good job
printing done at the lowest living rates.
The Las Vegas Cuautauqua circle will
meet with Miss Juliet Cochran, this evening.
Passenger Brakeman Uplinger and wife
have moved from Raton to tats city, to re
side. .
W. T. Reed found uU lost Jersey cow
locked in a pasture stveral miles north of
this city.
A new side walk is being laid from the
Ban Miguel bank building to the Crites
second hand store.
TbeMoutezuma olut) room., known as they
re for the number of brilliant oooaslo as
never looked so handsome as they did last
evening, with the iuoreased lights and
bandtome piper favors presented by the
ladles. Tbe occasion tor this, was a "Ger
man" given In honor of Max Nordbaui,
who will leave, to-morrow afternoon, 00
an IndeQnite visit to bis home In Westpha
lla, Germany.
The music wai splendid, as of course It
would be, since It was furnished by Hand's
orchestra. Tbe dancing of the "German
was begun shortly after 8:80 o'clock and
was indulged In by abofit thirty couples.
idis is a beautitul dance, and tbe success
of It, last evening, was greater than ever
before in this city ; Mr. and Mrs.- M. A.
Otero leading the earn. The dance was
kopt up until 12 o'clock v. ben most ele
gant supper was served. After this tbe
dance was continued until 1 o'olock this
morning, when Max Mordhaus with a gift
at Impromptu speaking, that few knew he
possessed, made his farewell remarks, and
bis health and bon voyage were drank.
Tbe following is a list of the ladles present
and the gowns they wore.
Mrs. M. A. Otero, pale pink satin ; Mrs.
J. M. Cunningham, white organdie; Mlis
8idle Holzman, black organdie; Miss Mln
nie Holzman, heliotrope .satin; .Miss Mary
La Rue, figured green organdie, over pink
silk; Miss Etta Head, striped blueellk;
Miss Margaret Head, striped blueellk; Miss
Katie Reynolds, flowered -organdie, over
white silk; Miss Fort, white silk; Mrs. H
W. Green, striped organdie; Mrs. . A. B.
Smith, white dotted Swiss; Miss B. Roth
geb, white organdie; Miss E. Rotbgeb
fl iwered organdie over pink silk; Miss B.
Atktns, white organdie; Miss Davis, green
and pink; Mrs. A. A. Jones,' fight blue
.ilk: Miss Belle Rogers, light b'ue silk;
Mrs. E. E. Hamblin, back silk; Miss Net
tie Ricbely, figured organdie over yel
low silk; Miss Woods, light blue silk; Miss
Stoneroad, figured organdie; Miss Paulina
C. Taliey, white organdie; Mrs. E. G. Mor
phey, black silk; Mrs. O. G. Schaefer, red
crepa; Mrs. J. judell, brown striped silk;
Mrs. R. J. VanPetten, pink chin silk;
Mrs. Harry W. Kelly, black silk ; Mrs. Will
H. Kelly, grey silk; Mrs. Frank Springer,
brown silk ; Mrs. M. Browoe, grey silk ;
Mrs. A. H. Wbitmore, black silk; Miss
Hattie Knickerbocker, black crepe.
A surprise party was tendered Spencer
Btites, in honor of bis seventeenth birth
day, by his friends, last evening.
Las Vegas merchants bave piles of new
goods on tbelr shelves, which will be sold
cheap. See tbelr advertisements.
There was not a very large crowd at tbe
Blue Jay social, last evening, bnt those
present report a very pleasant time.
This Is tbe kind of weather the secretary
of tbe immigration bureau has in mind
when he is at work getting out anew book
Joe Scott was bound over to await tbe
action of the grand jury, for bis disorderly
conduct, and resisting an officer, a few
evenings ego.
More than $200 have been subscribed by
the citizens ft Las Vegas for tbe purpose
of making improvements on the Gall in as
canon wagon road.
Dr, W. R. Tipton was in Santa Fe, yes
terday, and In company with Doctors
Sloan and Diaz, performed an operation
on Mr. McCabe's eyes.
Tbe Wilber stock company must have
given general satisfaction, to have played
to crowded houses, in Albuquerque, for
five consecutive nights.
If you do not dance, it is no reason "wby
you should miss the splendid concert to be
given by the Las Vegas military band, at
Rosenthal ball, to-night.
1 The eastern people are bringing their
gold out of its hiding places In -stockings,
cupboards and stove ovens, but here in New
Mexico It will be unearthed from true As
sart reins.
Juan Sanchez was brought before Judge
Wooster this morning on complaint of P.
D. McElroy, for stealing thirteen head of
cattle from A. E. Bourne. He was bound
over to await the action of the grand jury.
The "German," given as a farewell to
Max Nordbaus, at the Montezuma club
last night, might properly be termed as the
society event or me season, A most en
joyable evening was spent by all those
Richard Gallegos and Fernando Villa
nueba are on trial for robbing the rest
dence of an old woman at La Cuesta. C.
A. Spless, M. C. de Baca and Veeder &
Veeder are the attorneys for the defense
and W. B. Banker and O. A. Larrazolo
tbe prosecution.
The following men are in jail here and
their trials will probably be had in tbe
order of their names, beginning with Jose
Chavez y Chavez, for murder, to-morrow :
Jose Chavez y Chavez, murder; Anderson
Taylor, murder; Scipio Agullar, murder:
Trojillo Santiago, assault to kill;Francisco
Sails, cattle stealing. '
It is an outward evidence of an inward
gTaoe in Simon Ollendoiff, whose occupa
tion Is printed In tbe city directory as "old
timer," that he will sprinkle a little Gslli
Has river water on the linen handkerchief
sent here from Russia, to be blessed by
Schlatter, and return tbe same to bis fal
low countryman, together with a written
"white lie," as to tbe healer having touch
ed it. He thinks that perhaps the cja.r'i
subject w be. f u,y as much, be'qeprtd..
The Bet Paid.
A few days before the general election,
Henry Essinger, of the wholesale liquor
firm of Essfnger fc Judell, of Las Vegas,
and L. L. Lyons, representing the Colora
do packing company, of Denver, made a
bet of (10 on the general result, Ejalnger
chooeing Mcivinley, and as a side issue the
loser agreed to be haltered up and led to a
stall, in plain view of tbe public, like a
horse, and fed on hay. Tbe two well
known commercial tourists met here yes
terday, and like an honorable - gentle-
mao, Mr. .Lyons admitted that ne was
on tbe wrong side of thi fence, and re
quested Mr. Essinger to follow out tbe
letter of tbe bet. At 10:30 yesterday
morning, Mr. Essinger secured from Olm
sted & Dixon a baiter and whip; tbe
baiter was placed over the bead of Mr
Lyons and at tbe crack of the Whip, the
crest-fallen loser was marched to a . box
containing bay, and which was placed di
rectly in front of Sturges' European, near
tbe big red telephone pole. He ate hay
for about five minutes, to tbe amusemen
of about 10,000 people (more or less), and
then at the craok of tbe whip and tbe com
mand of Dr. Essinger, he was driven to his
room at the European. Mr. Lyons Is a fat.
chunky tourist, always with a jolly smile
playing over bis face, and be took his de
feat and subsequent fun like a hero. . Both
gentlemen left the city last night. Citizen
J. E. Hurley went south on No. 1, last
evening. -j"
Joe Burks is calling in tbe place of Pax
ton Woods, who Is sick.
Conductor "Fatty" Kerens has returned
to Las Vegas, after an absence of four
years in Minnesota.
A cow was struck at Berlen yesterday
by a freight. The engine and eleven cars
were thrown from tbe track. .
Harry Long, an Intelligent and reliable
brakeman, is now doing duty on tbe main
line. He had recently been at Waldo.
Tbe Rio Grande division of No. 3 trans
fen ed around the wreck near Belen with
but a couple of hours delay yesterday.
Tbe railroad boys are especially tovited
to attend the concert and : ball, given by
the Las Vegas Military band, to-night.
J. D. Not'grass has reported for, wort",
relieving Conductor Ward, who In turn
bumps Conductor Hubbard to the extra
board. " " ; ., "
General Manager Frey of .the Atchison,
will leave Topeka in a few days going to
Guaymas for an inspection of the Sonora
railway. ' " ; -
George Stevens, an ex-fireman of the
Atchison, at this plaoe, after an absence of
three years, has returned, and is looking
for work. ... i 4.t , .&:. .-'-i
Up Hayes, who has been confined to the
bouse for about three weeks with fever, is
able to be about the house., tbongb. still
quite weak on bis pins. - ' V
Second 84, near Benton, yesterday, bad
three cars off in tbe ditch on account of an
axle breaking on a loaded car. It delay
ed several trains from two to twelve hours.
Dan Trabey, an old-time railroad man
at this point, who has for some time past
resided in Vermont, is back in these parts
again and will take a railroad position at
Rowe. .. , v- - i -
Highest Honors World' FaiiC
DRV .,
Capt. U p. iutt left for Silver City last
evening. ',.
P. J, Towner will leave fof Magtialuoa,
tbls evening.
C. D Bouober'i family are visiting Id
Raton this wek.) . ;
Henry Goke and family were down from
Bapello yestitrday.
Vinoente Mares Is In tbe city from
Wagon Mound, to-day.
Attorney Hugo Seaberg, of Springer,
came down on last evening's train.
F. H. Xabertiux and family left tbls
morning for Chicago 00 a few weeks visit.
Mrs. Geo. H. Hutchison left this morn
ing for a weeks' visit In Topeka, Kansas.
Henry Essina-er spent yesterday In thi
city, leaving for the south last evening
Joe Joquel, a former employe of Tnt
Optic, arrived, last evening, from Pueblo
and St, Louis.
Win. P. Nott, supsrintendent of tbe
Harvey eating houses on this division
went north last evening.
John Stein, the former superintendent of
tbe Harvey eating homes, Is expected to
soon have charge of them again.
P. M. Baumgardner and family are late
arrivals at tbe hot springs, where they will
remain for tbe winter tor the benefit of the
baths. " '. - ' - "
Victor Vlzettt, superintendent of the
Harvey bouses on the A. & P. road, has
Inst returned from an extended visit to
Italy, to his relatives.
Mrs. Joe Kremls and children returned
to 8pringer this morniDg after a plea, an
visit of a few days with her brother Frank
Sturges, and bis wife.
Vincents Mares, Wagon Mound; J. F
Mulbero, Raton; Tito Melendez, Mora, and
Jose C. Buteres, Ventasoo, are among tbe
late arrivals at tbe New Optic
Dan Somen, formerly a section foreman
on tbe Atchison at this point, and who has
been In Maesichusetts for tbe past two
years, has returned to Las Vegas.
Mrs. W. S. McLean and family left; thl
morning to join tbe husband and father In
Anaconda, Montana, They carry with
them tbe best wishes of a host of friends In
Las Vegas.-
M. H. Coot, H. F. Smith, J, M. Lelsb
and B. F. Bingham, Chicago; Hugo Bea
berg, Springer; F. A. Tnwnsend, Denver,
and 8. W. Lensley, Sparta, Ills., are guests
at the Depot hotel. -
madeira tsaoa, an exemplary . . young
man, with a bright future, after a pleasant
visit to his parents and friends In and near
this city, will leave in return to the City of
Mexico, to-morrow evening, where be
holds a responsible position with theAmer-
tcin legation.
J. T. Lindsay, St. Louis; Dr. EJwin
Stesber, Mrs. Edwin Stesber and three
children, sod Mrs. Stesher, Joliet, 111 ; M
B. Goldenberg, ; W. W. Smith, Port
lard, Oregon; Plaoldo Baca y Baoa, Eden;
Arthur Fountain, Sapello; H. J. Loomis
and C. A. Spless, Santa Fe, register at tbe
Plaza hotel.
Brand New
Sewing machines and bicycles for sale-
old machines repaired and made as eood
as new. Call and see us. Next door to J.
A. Dick's grocery store.
Bridge Street, Las Vegas, N. M.
809 tf W. A. Oivwa & Co.
If you want to bay or sell cattle wool or
sheep, don't fail to eea or write J. Minium,
wool and live stock broker, East Las Ve
gas, Hew Mexico, tie win save you
money. . ' - 322wftdtf
1 f
National W. C. T. U. convention, 8t
Louis, Mo.. November 13th to 20tb. 1896.
Fare and one-tbird on certificate plan for
round trip.
Annual reunion society of tbe Army of
Tennessee. Fare and one-tbird, certificate
pian, ior round crip.
Biennial convention, national council of
Jewish women, at New York City, Novem-
oer mm to zutn, low. rare aoa one-third,
certificate plan, lor round trip.
Annual meeting Federation of Commer
cial teachers' rssociatmos, Chicago, De
cember 28th to 31st, 1896., Fare and one
third, on certificate plan, for round trip.
' !" , C. F. Jons, Agent.
' " ; Assignee's Notice.
To all creditors and other persona hold
ing or having claims or demands analnst
tbe R. O. McDonald company. Insolvent
Tou are hereby notified, that the under
signed , assignee of said lnso vent c ncern ,
on tbe 14th day of Decern1 er, A D. 18M, and
for two consecutive dai s thereafter, and
between the hours ot 9 o'clock a. m. and
t o'clock p. m., of each of said days, will
be ready to r' elve and adjust all claims
and demands against tbe said the K. G.
ncLionaia company, insoive t aeotor, at
be office and place of business of tbe said
the B. G. McDonald company, In the Fur-
ouk uuuuing, on me norm siaeor unage
itreet. and west of the brldee over the Gal-
Unas river. In the town of Las ,Veas.
county or fan Miguel, and Territory of New
Mexico, at which said time and place all
creditors and other p-rsons holding or
claiming demands against tbe said lnso'v
ent debtor, the R. G McDonald company
are requested and required to present and
Die tbelr said claims for adjustment and
, T.J. fUrwoon,
Assignee of the R. G. McDonald company.
1 -as vegas, n. m., mov. 2nu, lm. ll-tt.
Beifeld's Clebrated Cloaks,
"First-Class Dressmaking.
Goods at Lowest Prices for Cash.
Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps,
M'sses' and Children's Jer
sey Leggings, Ladles' Felt
Shoes and Slippers. All at
Lowest Cash Prices.
TilE Slflllfc Ciilll Slliil
r.iAoomc TEMPLE.
i Saturday, I will give the Large Pumpkin
to the one guessing the nearest to its
- weight. Everyone buying One Dollar's
worth of goods is entitled to a guess.
! From Wednesday on, I will have on
sale the Finest of the Fine Dainty Home
made Delicacies, consisting of Everything
in the Pastry line. Miss Davenport bak-
Ing., .: iv "
Keep Your Eje on This Space. JAS. M. OLUXTON.
All the week Nov. 16-21 we will sell China,
Glassware, Lamps, and Kitchen Furniture, for cash, at
the ate of So cents on the dollar one dollar saved
every $5.00 worth saving, isn't it?
Look at the b!g line of children's school shoes
on the bargain counter- samples from factory fine shoes
in kangaroo, glove-grain and pebbled goat, worth $1.50,
$2, $2.25 all for 95c per pair cash.
r ' , ." - ""' '
SHaBBH There's a beautiful lot of portiere curtains go
ing for cash at ridiculous reductions. For instance, cur
tains worth $3.25, at $2.15 pair, cash.
Cash Novelty Dry Goods Store.
'We sell cheaper thin any other
house, but for Cash, only.
8c yd. Flannelette Wrapper Ooods, told
every wnere ai riftc.
Children's Natural Wool Vests and Pants:
- 18
Vesta and Pants
Ladles' Fleeced Lined
at 23c.
Ladles' Fleeoed Lined Union Suits at 39c.
Men's heavy Ramdon Shirts and Drawers
Hen's extra heavy Bamdon Shirts and
urawers at oua. ,r
Men's Wright's Fleeced Shirts and Draw
ers at $1.00.
Cotton B'anketi, for Bed Sheets, at 5ic pr.
All wool 10-4 Scarlet B ankets at 3.60 pr.
AH wool 10-4 White California Blanket
at 5.10 pair. ,
All wool 11-4 White California Blankets
at 15. 7S pair.
So a yd. Outing Flannel, sold everywhere
at 8jC.
15c a yd. Double width Dress Goods, sold
everywhere at 25o.
Large assortment of Ladies' Jackets and
Capes, and Children's Jackets.-.
Ladies' Sweaters. t
Ladies' Woolen and Silk Waists. . '
Ladies' Lounging Robes.
fflWWJlH.-- Jill
'f lib
At every great University In America,
from Old Harvard in the East to Leland
Stanford in the West, the H.S.& M. Clothing
is worn and liked. It's tbe' apparel for
intelligent, wide-awake men.
We have the latest Fall styles.
A al W WiatVUU
JAKE BLOCK. Proprietor.
Fall Term Opens September ist.
For particulars, apply to
Wholesale Grocers
Sixth Street, Opposite Postoffice.
The Best Place in Las Vegas
to make your selection anions a
full line of Cooking and Heating
; - IS AT'
Also a full line of
and Ammunition.
Masonic Temple, vt -- ' " East Las Vegas.
iWAK !
, t 1
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Fret
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
40 Yet he Statftat&
Men's Elegant Winter Shirts at 75c, $1.00,
: $i.50v $2.oo, and $2.50.
Most complete line of Winter Gloves wool lined or
unlined, sheep, goat and buck, from 50c pr. up.
Elegant line of Men's White and Wool
Shirts, at very lowest prices.
Complete line Hosiery.
Nobby and Complete line of Men's
Soft and Derby Hats, from
Cheapest to the Best.
Remember I am Headquarters on Up-to-Date Tailor-made
Clothing. Elegant Pants to order, from $4.00 up. Nobby
'Suits or Overcoats to order, frohf '$12.50 up. t Everythinjj
guaranteed as represented. '
Railroad Avenue,
East Las Vegas,
Wool Dealers,
East Laa Vegas and Albuquerque, New Mexico.
100, 102 and 104 North Second St.,
St. Louis, Mo,
9 HH -
826 & 328 Railroad Avenu.
Ranoh Supplies a peoialty
Gooda delivered free to all parts of the city. Call and examine our stoc oe
fore purchasing, and be convinced of our low prices.
49 Complete line of Cartridges and Ammunition always on hand. tM
MRS. R. FLINT, Prop.
Centrally Located. Good Accommodations.
Bates, $1.25 per Day. Board and Room $5 and $0 per Week.
Grand Clearing
Cut Prices! Bargains! Read!
Plain White t)om.t Flannel, worth Sc. .... . . . .... .... . .Sale Price 5c
Scarlet Twilled 1 lannel, all wool, worth 2 c,. ........... . " " 16c
" ' " " " " ' extra heavy, worth 35c,. . " "24c
Cream or Whi e Flaarell, all wool, worth 25c ..." " J5c '
White Shaker Flannel, heavy weight, worth 40c. . . .'. .... ,J " 28c
Fine Outing' Flannel, worth 7c an 1 c ..Y. . . " " fic
Silicia, f r Skirt Lining, yard wide, wrth ioc .......... . " 8c
Silicias, for Waist Lining, yard wide, worth 15c ........... " 12c
Fibre Chamois, 6o-:nches wide, all c lors, wo th 15c. ..... . " "12c
I adies Clo:h, 50-inches, all wool, worth. 50c " 42c
Broad (loth, 50-nches, a'l wo. 1, worth, $1.00 ............ " 79c
Table Oil Cloth, 5-4 wide, white or colore , nt " 18c
Shelf Oil Cloth, worth 1 oc " " 6c
Men's or Boys' Fur Caps, worth $1.10, while thev last .... " 69c
Boys' or Mer's Golf Caps, af sorted sty es,worth 35c and 50c " " 22c
Rl5MEinPER We SeU For Cash, Only.

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