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R. A. K1STLBR, Baltof and Proprietor.
Entered at the
nnafrilTlPM fOI tr(
East 'Lai V
N. M.i
transmission w llir
oug-h tue
main as second-class matter
Special Notice.
Las Vhoas Dailt OPTio-Dellverja by mall,
nost-paid. $10.00 por annum , M-00 lot tlx
montuS; 8350 tor three months, By Qr
rler, 'JR cents per week ,'
f.i vUas wbbbxtOi-tiO J8 column. ??
mailed tree when rtslred. Give postompe
address In full. Including state.
Vted from all parts ot the co'intry. Com
munications addressedto the Jdiwr 01
tukopi-io to Insure attention, should De
accomanfed by the writer's' lull name
!nd addressTnot for publication, but as a
guaranty of pood faith.
Ekmittanobs May be made by aratt.monej
orderTpostal note, express or registered
letter at our risk. Address all let&rs and
fjilairnimi tn
East Lai Vegas,
Mew Mexico
Backboard Malls
Halls on the Star routes leave Las Vegas
follows! nmnef. Inclndln
r.ifico. Los Oolonals, Eden, Santa
en. .nd Puerto de Luna, tri weekly, on
Monday, Wea lesday and Trlday, ana ar
i i"nrt Ra.com. Including
OhtTperlto, Galllnas Springs, Bl Oaerjo,
Bell Kancn, Liberty and Kndee, trt-weekly.
on Monday. Wednesday and Friday, of
each week, and arrive on alternate days.
Las Vegas to Mora, Including Los Alamos,
weekly, on Tuesday, Tnursaay anu rwuj
Saj " of each week, and arrive on alternate
Las Vegas to Lesperance
once a week
Conveyance on Fort Sumner line. If bv
. t.n..A h.i.vi.nri1 . nn Fort Rascom ana
Mora lines by single-horse buckboard. To
Kesoeranco by private conveyance
usually spring wagon.
Tt will he Mr. McKlnlov's aim to
put none but good men in federal of.
floes. If New Mexico get any other
kind of nun, then it is the fault of her
p. who did not have the
...... , , ,
courage to protest against it.
Wk hope tun tne next United States
attorney eeneral will be a man fearless
nf imatn. and an enemv to them. If
he is, and does his duty, he may ae
coinplish peaceably what, in years to
come, may take a terrible war to settle
The Optic is very much interested
in seeing that the coming administration
appoints good men 10 office, and it pro.
poses to look out some for the people
lo that direction, as the politicians
.tiH.nllr. nra onlv looking OUt for
.1..WM.J, .
. themselves.
The supposed grave of Eve is visit-
j k nnar 40 noo Dilerims in each
rear. It is to be seen at Jeddah, in
cemetery t.utside the city walls
tomb is fifty cubits long and twelve
.in. Thn Arabs pntertaln a belief
v,. na ihn tallest woman tba
nuati a.w ..ww -
ever lived.
From reading some newspapers and
hearing loIUoiI speeches, one would
think that America is about the poorest
place on the face of the earth far
common min to nva. e aauv "
hard times are, but we know nothing
of starvation and famine. la fact, we
in this beautiful country, can form no
estimate of what a calamity such as a
famine as that which U upon India
now is. There has been a succession
of short crops over a region 1,000 miles
long and 500 miles wide, and the mil
lions of people inhabiting that country
are face to face with starvation. It is
understood, already, that hundreds of
thousands, if not millions, will perish.
In 1877-8, 9,500,000 persons perish,
ed in northern China, of famine. In
1877, in Madras, 6,500,000 perished,
. nr. I U .
rinanitA thn utmost exertions of the
British government to relieve the snf
ferine. In 1868-9, about 1,500,000
people died from famine In Rajpoo
tana. In 1865-6, 1,000,000 perished
in Bengal and Orissa. It is estimated
that from 15,000,000 lo 20,000,000 of
lives have been lost through famine in
India during the past century. And
it must be understood that there are
always millions in China who merely
live from hand to mouth. Any failure
of crops means death to multitudes of
them. ... We do not see how people
their reasons under that kind of
apprehension and suffering.
It is more important to New Mexico
that honest, clean men be siven the
federal poeiiions in this Territory, than
It is that certain political bosses and
wire pullers are rewarded for their
services. If among the party workers
there be honest and conscientious men,
then they should have the preference
for positions of trust and honor, but a
fearless honesty should be the first
reouisite to obtain office. New Mexico
has, in the new states of Washington.
Oregon, Colorado and others, an ex.
ample she should heed. In the first
years of these new states, office seems
to have been held for the plunder of the
people, Instead of serving the people
Man who were engaged in this dis
graceful business, were patted on the
back as "good fellows," rather than
spurned as traitors to their country as
great as Benedict Arnold. The result
in. that these new states are far worse
off, financially, than any of the Terri
tories. Instead of capitalists seeking
investments in these states, they prefer
to loan their money at 4 per cent, on
thn farm lands of Ohio, Indiana and
Illinois, where a mental and moral fit
rem for office is taken into consider
The people of New Mexico can
even if tbey have no vote for the feder
al officers, prevent to a great extent
immoral men from obtaining federal
position, One iietiUon to IM presi
dent, against a man, sottiog forth the
laot that be Is lookod upon by a por
lion of.Jt.be community, in which he
lives,' as corrupt, will , have Biore
weight against bim tba'u; WJunareil
petitions would have for him,... True it
ia n nnnleasant thine to do, " and es
pecially to a man who has done you no
n.Hnntl wronc. but VOU OWe it U)
yourself, your country and to poster
Ity to do It.
One of the most Important things for
the people to waton u me juuioiary. ai
tbii is corrupt then It Is an avenue of
esoape for every so mndrel lo the Ter
ritory. If tho judiciary is honest and
.in ri.ia without fear or favor tnen it
Is a menaoe to every dishonest politi
cian that is liable to discovery. A Dove
all things let us keep our judiolary
olean. Frown down the candidacy ol
any man, no matter how good a per.
sonal friend he may be, if you know
bim to be tainted with dishonesty to
the slightest degree.
An Observer Record Many oi w
Observations for His) Favorite
To the Editor of On Optie.
El Paso. Texas. November 27m.
1896 The faithful daily visits of The
optic (exoept Sundays) reminds me
tbat for some time no sign oi me ua
appeared in the popular paper from
your observing" correspuuuuu vu
this side of the Bio Grande and corner
of the land.
Your last two daily Issues brougnt
the sad news first of the possibly mnr-
dered Rev Mr. Miller, of Bloomington,
formerly of Decatur, and last ot the
probable suicide oi inai uarortunaie
man. We do not know if he ever visit
ed your city, but no doubt, is the man
whose wife ana son were mere n tew
. . . L A
years ago, for tne laiier s uuaim, sun
who died some time anr, u mmci,
tbat time being psstor in Peeatur. He
is reputed to be an .bngusnmao oy
birth, a talented and popular preacher,
snd bis sad ending throws a gioom
over all who ever knew bim. We
truly trust his was a case oi meniai
We learn with regret, tbat Rev. H.
j Hoover has resigned ana leaves nr
Ottawa, Ks., ere these lines naeiy win
see the light of day. This gentleman
in his two pastorates in this part of
the country bas made many friends and
baa done good ana xaitoiui wi
May with a larger opportunity still
greater success attend him.
The political pot has, we are thank
ful to sav. at last simmered down
somewhat, though there is still a well-
ing up whenever Bryan appears, es
pecially in suoh seotions as favored
him. and where there seems to have
been so far no change of mind. Though
as good citizens, we all wish the in
coming administration, no matter what
our views may nave oeen or are, aouu
dant success in giving us better times,
for this is what we all want.
Here in El Paso, we learn that the
United States commission, together
wild tne Mexico commission on boun
daries, our report to be made throngb
Colonel Mills to our secretary of the in
orior and by bim to ODngress, t ivors
the erection of an international dam
and storage reservoir, to store the flood
waters of the Uio uranae ana use tnem
for the irrigation of this valley on both
sides of the river. We are anxious to
have congress grant the appropriation
to begin this enterprise, which would
mean great things lor &i raso, oom in
the expenditure of over a million of
dollars to begin with, and the benefi
cent results in settling up this valley
and make it blossom like the rose.
The business activity tn these parts
is sid to be perceptible, though there
ha; been a failure or bo. but it is said
this was inevitable, owing to condi
tions, uninfluenced by any political
situation. ' ' ;
The applicants far office will, no
doubt, be many and argent here, there
and elsewhere, and we will have to
hold ourselves ready to not be promis
ing signatures for petitions, until we
have canvassed all applicants and de
rided the fitness of them, not by the
measure of private friendship,, - but
theirs' of publio fitness for suoh offioes
as tbey may seex. vvnat a nappier
world this would be, if all would seek
to do only suoh things as they
conld do.
In musioal circles there has been
some aetivity this winter. A Choral
Union gave a concert last luesaay
evening, when among other selections
they sang, "fretty village maiuen,
..T- . .ri....! anil
noui bounoa-8 "nausi , -nappy u
Bright," fiom Bnlfe'a "Bohemian
Girl"; ''Welcome," by HoeinDergerj
and "The Legend of the Chimes,"
from "Robin Hood," by ve &.oven.
Musicallv it was a grand success,
financially, alas, not so muchly. The
organization is expected to continue.
Preparations for Christmas several
little children's bazars.some novelty of
entertainment for the holidays, etc.,
are in prospect, but business is still a
little dull, owing to the lace mac tne
usual number ot winter visitors have
not yet arrived, but will no doubt come
later. Some have left their country
for their oountry's good. The fiestas
will soon begin ofro laao, tnen were
will be enough of exoitement, if for
good, quien saber hardly. or
gambling and bull-fighting form its
principal features, sun &i raso is
certainly improving, some of the
churches report largo attendence, our
mayor issued a Thanksgiving procla
mation, asking business men to close
rrom 10 a. m., to 2 p. m., how far he
was ooeyed, we cdDnot tell, bat these
are signs of betterment in our moral
status. And, 'still there is room."
But perhaps no more lor any more or
this kind ia your valuable paper, io
we make our bow, and ezit for the
present. Observer.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All drueelsts refund the money if It fails
to cure. 25c. tf
to Silver City, more than eighty miles,
id twenty-tour hours and forty minutes. I
Prfliiv crood for aa amateur. o?eral
mountain road and a river to cross
beside. When he arrived in Silver
Citv. It was diflicult to cut his boots off
sitiinnt iRnnratino- nis swollen ieei. i
,. - - a - -
Ths Avalanelie.
The guide gave the word to lonva
the channel of iue and take to the rocks
on the side, for a snowball or two had
rolled down from above, aud he was
afraid more might follow. Scarcely had
We got ont of our trough and upon the
crags when down came an avalanche
with a vengeance, and we were within
80 feet of a tremendous disoharge of
thousands of tons of snow and ice,
whioh swept down the track that we
had just ascended. We were perfectly
safe, but somehow the half hiss, half
r. remained in niv ears for some
time, and for many nights afterward,
when indigestible suppers or bad SwiBS
Wuw produced evil dreams, the ava'
lannhn was sure to figure in them.
Blackwood's Magaziue.
His Idea of Martyrdom.
rihllrt nf 8 (returning from sohool)'
Mamma, we have been reading of such
dreadful times. I should not liked
to have lived then, and I am sure you
vntiM not. for neonle were tied to a log
of mutton and after gunpowder had
been nut round they were all blown up.
Mamma Are yoa srae waa bos a
stake they were tied tor
Child Oh, yes, mamma, It was a
atanlri I knew it was meat of some
kind. Exohange. ...--
Women will find their place, and it
will neither be that in which they have
hAAn held nor that to which some of
them aspire. Nature's old Salic law
will not be repealed, and no change of
dynasty will be effected. T. H. Hux
Malevolence Is misery. It is the mind
of satan, the great enemy, an outcast
from all joy and the opponent of all
goodness and happiness. J. Hamilton.
The most barbarous, rude and un
learned times have been most subject to
tumults, seditions and changes. Bacon.
A Sound Basis.
The testimonials published by the proprietors
of Hood's Sarsaparilla are not purchased, nor
are they written up In their office, nor are thej
from their employes, but they are fact, from
truthful and grateful people, who are reliable
and as worthy of confluence as If they came from
your moat trusted neighbor.
Bud1! Pilla are the best family catliartlo
and liver medioln?. Harmless, reliable. ,ur.
National W. C. T. U. convention, Ht.
i.nnia. Mo.. Novamber 13th to 20tb, 18W1.
Fare and one-third on certificate plan for
round trip
Annual reunion society of the Army of
Tennessee. Fare and one-tblra, cenincair
nlan. for round trip.
Riannlal convention, national council or
certificate plan, lor round trip.
Annual meeting Federation of Commer
nl.l taachers' aaaoclatinnt. Chicago, te-
Bmber 28th to 81jt, 1896. Fare and one-
tblrd, on certificate plan, fur round trip.
innal National Irrigation conirreas.
Phomix. Arlt. Deo. 15th to 17th, 96. Fn.m
Las Vegas to fhceolz and return $31.95
r,. r .ala rieo. 10th to 13tD incluaive.
Good a-olne to and including Deo. lOtb,
'96. Kiual return limit Dee. 31st 'iw.
C. F. Jotbs, Agent.
Though the TwIce-a-Week Republic
of St. Louis excelled all other, western
weekly papers io publishing the news
of the campaign, it now announces
that it has.extended its news service,
and hnrpafter it will Zive its readers
thn best DaDer In the country. This
means much, because tha next twelve
months will be crowded with news of
bi2 events. With all the improve-
mania tn Ha service the yearly snt.
J J ...
scription will be the same one dollar
r .... l.
a year, by mail, twice a week.
City Marshal Ed Coker,
has been appointed deputy
Sheriff Littrell.
of RatoD,
sheriff, by
None But Ayer's at the Werld's Falrl
Avar's SarsaDarilla enjoys the ex
traordinarv distinction ol having been
the only blood purifier allowed an ex
hibit at the World's fair, Chicago.
Manufacturers of other Sarsapaiiilas
sought by every means to obtain a
showing of their goods, but tbey were
all turned away under the application
of the rule forbidding the entry ol
patent medicines and nostrums. The
decision of the World's fair authorities
in fawor of Aver's Sarsaparilla was in
ffect aa follows : "Ayer's Sarsaparilla
ia not a natent medicine. It does net
hnlnno- tn the list of nostrums. It is
here on It" merits "
Frank Kuoolous. una oOid Uis livery
stable at Maedalena and will spend
tha winter at Golden, after which he
will remove to his old home in Kansas.
" Health and strength carry us
through dangers and make us safe
in the presence of peril. A per
fectly strong man with rich, pure
blood, has nothing to fear from
germs. He may breathe in the
bacilli of consumption with- im
punity. If there is a weak spot
i where tne germs may nnu an cu
) trance to the tissues, then the
trouble begins, Disease germs
propagate with lightning-like ra
pidity. Once iu the blood, the
: only way to get rid of them is
to kill them. This is wnat in.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discov
ia for. It nurifles the blood.
That means that it kills the
but that is onlv part of
what it does. It assists, digestion by stim
ulating the secretion of digestive fluids, so
womotinif assimilation and nutrition; puri
fies and enriches the blood and so supplies
the tissues with the food they need. It
builds up strong, healthy flesh and puts the
whole Doiy into a uiscasficaiauuj
Send si one-cent stamps to cover cost of mail
ing ewf.aoa get ins greai uuu., .
Common 9nse Medical Adviser, atsotHtrlyPHKH
Address, World's Dispensary Medical A:
Uon. No. 66j Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y
anS is tha result ol colds and
sudden climatic changes.
For your Protection
we positively stale that this
remedy does not contain
mercury or any other injur
ious drug.
Elv's Cream Balm
i. wu,i in ha tha most thoroneh care for
Nasal Catarrh, Cold In Head and Hay Fever of all
remedies. It opens and cleanses the nasal passages,
allays pain ana Inflammation, heals tha sores, pro
tects the membrane from colris, restores the senses
of taste and smell. Price BOc. at Druggists or by mall.
ELY BKOTHBR3. M Warren Street. New York.
1 J
y a
DoUglaS n8. Butcher Shop,
Fresh ranch eggs received daily. Pe'l
mora meat for a dollar.Hben any market
The Maxwell
Situated in New Mexico and Colorado,
On ihe Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe, and
Union Pacific, Denver & Gulf Railways.
110,000 an o
Farming Lands Under Irrigation Systems:
In tracts of 20 arr s and upwards, with perpetual water
cheap, and on easy terms of 10
interest. Alfalfa, Grain and Fruits grow to perfection.
Choice Prairie or Mountain
'""""Well watered and with good anulter,
'or raising grains ana fruit,, in size
Large Pastures For Lease,
For Ions; terms of years, ieno'l or
gold :siis:i5is.
On tbl Grant, nrar Its western boundary
.unrated fi,r 21i veara. and new. rich discoveries were ma le In 1895. in the vicinity ol
'hi naipimniKiHKiiAUTi! ana HAHitt
rado, but wiib luW of as vet anlocated ground open to prospectors 00 terms similar to,
sod as favorable as, the United (States Government Laws and Regulation,. ;
S La ge leaves every morning, except Sundays, from Springer for
these camps.
Title Perfect, founded oa United
decisions of the U.JS. Supreme Court.
For further particulars
Raton, New
Tact 0( vmk we.
sumption in stock, and would sooner think a groceryman could
pet alone without sugar in his store than we could without
Piso's Cure. It is a sure seller.
Michigan, September
Santa Pa Route California Limited.
Leaves Chicago 6:00 p. m. Wednesdays
and Saturdays, K.ausis City 9:60 a. m. and
Denver 6:30 p m., Thursday and Bun
day, re icbing Lo Annele in 72 hours
and Ban DUgo In 76 hours from Chicago,
Connecting train foi Ban Francisco via.
Mojave. Returns Mondays and t nnrsaays.
Jiquil maut 01 superD vrsuouiea r unman
palace sleepers, buffet smokiog oar and
dining car. Most luxurious service via auy
Another express train, carrying palace
and 'ourlst slep-re, leaves Chicago and
Kansas I 'ity daily for California.
Inquire or Local Agent, or
O. T. Sicholsow, B. P. A.,
, , A.T. &8 F.R'y.
Asilgnee's Notice.
T.i all creditors and other persons hold
ing or having claims or demands against
he E. G. McDonald company. Insolvent
d v'nSra hnre'nv notified that the under-
I.tonori emmneeof Sdld lnso vent concern ,
oa tne 14tn dSy 0f December, a u. ibm. ana
,n. turn mninpiit va da s tniearter, anu
between the hours of 9 o'clock a. ni. and
6 o'clock p. m., of each or saia
be ready to r eive mu uJu.. ... -nd
demands against the said the K. G.
McDonald company, lnsolve t d btor, at
the omce and place of business of the cald
the a. O- McDorald company, lo the Fur
loia bullolng. on the north side of Bridge
street, a..d west of the bridge over the Gal
"nas river. In the tow;, or Las Ve.as,
county oi "an Miguel, and Territory of New
i . uihixh iil time and mace all
creditors and other persons holding or
ni.inr.mcr iiomanda against the said insoiv
nt debtor, the R. (i McDonald company
are rpquesieu anu irgunw " "
file their said claims for adjustment and
allowance. '
Assignee of the R. O. McDonald company.
j,as vegaa, n. u. jw . uu, tow
Beif eld's Clebraied Cloaks,
First-Glass Dressmaking.
Goods at Lowest Prices for Lash.
Now located on Sixth street, two doo
north, of the Fostoffice,
A Specialty.
Tha Finest Line of
Stoves and Steel Ranges
InthelCity. :
Heating apparatus, heavy sheet Iron
work, etc, contracted for at the bttm
Robt. L. M.Ross,
Real Estate
trices io Suit Hie Times,
Lots from $100 up.
SOLE AGENT of the Hill-site
Town Co. addition, and the Eldo
rado Town Co. lower addition.
Residences, Business Properties,
Loans, Mortgages and Securities.
Desirable Aore Properties; Faimi nnder
Irrigation Dltohes. Office on
Land Grant
Lai for Sale
annual payments, with 7 per cent.
Grazing Lands,
loterspersod with flae ranchei suitable
or tracts to suit purcnaser.
nnfenced ;
hipping facilities over two
urv, are situated toe lamoni
Gold Mining
x . wbere mines have
been lucoessfully
as r ca a, any camp iu vuiu
State Patent and confirmed by
and pamphlets, apply to
have kent Piso's Cure for Con
kavin ot v-v.,
2, 1896.
Thomas B. Cation.... Delegate toC'oagrers
W. T. Thornton uovernoi
iirlnn Miller... Secretary
Trios. Smith , Chief Justice
N. O. toinor.
H B Hamilton, I i.anni.to.
N. B. Laaghlln
nas.. .01
a. o. Hants.
tellx Martinet., .uien 4tn jnaiciai District
Charles P. Kaslev Surveyor-Genera)
Charles M. Shannon United States Collector
V. a. district Attorney
dward L. Hall U. 8. Marshal
W. II. Loomls Deputy U. 8. Marshal
J. W. Fleming V. B. Coal Mine Inspector
Jamas H. Walter, Santa re, Keg. Land omce
Pedro Delgado, Santa Fe liec. Land Office
JobnD. Bryan, I -as Graces, Beg. Land Office
Jaa. P. Ascarate.LasCruces.Rec. LandOffice
Richard Young, uoswen.. ..Keg. uuia umce
w ii nosirrove. Roswell...Rdc. Land Offlce
John C. Black, Clayton . . . Reg. Land office
Joseph a. liolland.Clayton.Bec. Land Office
P. Victory , Sollcltor-Qenerai
H urlst. Diet. Attorney Santa Fe
R. h.
Young i-BB uruceB
Xhos. J. wflkersnn
Silver (Jltj
" , Itator
" Laa Vegas
. H. Hariia
H. M. uougnerty
Qeo. HcCoroilrc
A. A. Jones
John Franklin
W. d. Wyllys Clerk Supreme Court
t. H. Bergniann 8upt. Penitentiary
jose aegura
oeo. W. Knaebel Aaiutant uenerai
Samuel Eldodt Treasurer
Marcellno uarcia auunui
Amauo Chaves aupt. ruouc mscrucuon
U. S. Hart Coal Oil Inspector
E. V. Long President
Loreneo Lopes Vice-President
Carl W. Wlldensteln Sec'y and Treas.
Benlgno Romero ,
Frank S. Crosson
rr J. Marron Medical Superintendent
Geo. W. ward Steward
Mrs. Oamella Ollnger Matron
Jnaanh R Head, ot Iowa. Chief Justice.
ASSOOiaTB justiobs Wilbur F. Stone, ol
i.oinrailo: Thomas O. Fuller, of North
Carolina ; William M. Murray, of Tennes-
;ee: Henry o. oiuss, ot nansas.
Mattnew (i Reynolds, of Missouri, V. S
W.H.Jaca chairman, Silver City
.. T . .i m - .H.l.t.in. IS,.. I7nn.
M.s.Oturo second district, Albuquerque
R.G Hea(. third district, atrous
J.F.lllLkle fifth district, Lower Penasco
J.A.LaRue secretary ,Las Vegas
F. 0. de Baca
Gregorlo Flores
Dmnlclo Martinet
County Oommtssloneri
Gregorlo Varela . ....Probata Jndge
Patricio Gonzales rrobate ciers
.Ioeb a. Montano Assessor
Hllarlo Komero Sheriff
Carlos Gabaldon. Collector
Adelaldo Gonzales... School Superintendent
Henry Goke Treasurer
F. 41. jones surveyor
Jesus &. Prada Coroner
Simon Aragon... . Justice of tha Peace, No. II
L). O.deBaca " " !8
a. 8. Wooster .. ' "M
Antonlno Zubla
r. B
Olnev Mayor
F. uiay . nnriaij
C. E
J. B
V. Long...
Dr. M. W. Rnbblni.
0. Bolllngsworth
In .
j. ftiarun ..
B. I . Koreythe
W. U. Barber
E L. Hamblln
S.T Kline 1
L. H Uofmelster ( .
A. I. itogers I
T. A. Carruth President
0 V. Hertgcock Vlce-Preslilent
John York Secretary
0 B. Perry , Treasurer
Memdrbs-First ward, Alfied it. Smith,
Geo. V. Reed; second ward, L. C. Tort, W.
8. Mel ean ; third werd, Toward llenry. J,
M. D. Howard; fourth ward, u. v. aeag
cock, J. A.Oarruth
W. R. Tipton, M. T., President... Las Vegas
G. S.Kasterday.M D.,V-Pres... Albuquerque
rrancls H. Atklng, M.D.,Sec....E.Las Vegai
J.H.Sloan, M. v., Treas EantaFe
Wm.Eggert, M. D Santa Fa
J. J. flhuler. M. D. Raton
J. U.Cunningham, U. D ..E. Las Vegas
Livery Feed and Sale
Headquarters for
Ranchmen. . ...
Douglas Avenue, East Las Vegas,
33" O-
8sbsBi Vsaiai aa
(Successor to Coors Broi.)
Pal ma. Olio
Cerrillos Hard
TKIiEPHONB Ho. CO Goods delivered
New Mexico
Spic'al P. ices to Cortrectors and Builders
In Lumber Shingles, etc. Estimates cheerfully furnished to
Office and Mill Corner Be vent h and Jackson Btreets, East Las Vegas.
Sample and Club Rooms,
Corner Bizlh Street ard Donglas Avenue,
CHRIS SELLMAN, Proprietor.
Cnoicest brands of imported and domestic wines, liquors and cigar
always in stock. Polite and attentive mixologists in attendance, day and
night. The patronage of gentlemen solicited.
General Broker.
Land Grants, Improved Ranches, Native Cattle, Improved
Cattle, Cattle Ranges, Horses and Sheep, Real Estate. Etc.
Land Scrip of all Kinds, Territorial and County Warrants. Gen
eral Land Office Bnsiness. Titles Secured Under the
United States Land Laws.
The Cash Liquor, Cigar and Tobacco Co.
T09 Sixth Street, Opposite
Keg Beer,
Whiskies. pir oat,.
Boar Hash Bourbon $2.00
So per glass.
50c per gallon. .
Samples only 5c, -Pts.l5c,Pts.25c (jts.&Oc
r iNEB Whiskies, per gal.
White House Club $3.00
U. 8. Club 3 25
"Carlisle", Sole Agent 8.50
Bottled Beer,
10c, ISc, 20c, &
Per bottle.
Bole Agent
Bamples 10c, Half tU. 25c, Fts. 50c, Qts. tl.
Finest Whiskies, per gal.
John Hsnning $4.00
Blle of Andrmon 4.25
Quckenheimer 5.50
McBra er, Oscar Pepper and Yellowstone
Half-pints 85c, Pints 65c, Quarts, $1.25.
$3.50 per gallon.
California ami Native Wines from 26c per Bottle, and $1 per Gallon, up.
49-Bear entrance from Lincoln Ave., between Optic Office and Rosentbal Bros.1
-P. 8. "Press the Button. We'll do the rest."
Practical Horse-Shoer
Noa. 7, 8 and 9 Bridge street, well and o
Special attention given to brand
ing irons, and general blacksmith
mg and woodwork. All work
promptly uone and satisfaction
and Builder.
OfBoe naxt
door Wee
. , niiiMini
u. Ths Optm
' Successors to T. B. MILLS, Established in 1878.
Real Estate, Mining Insurance Agts.
Represent the Royal Exchange Assurance Company,"
" of London, England; Assets
' County and school bonds bought and sold. Best facilities for placing; inch securN
ties. Lartre list of ranob and improved property, and over 8.000,000 acres of timber
lands tn the south and southwest, at prices which challenge competitors. Office OB
Bridge St., Las Vegas, ti. M.
- 'Uics an. Storane in Las Vegas Eot Springs Cacor. :
.A-nri.ia.al Capacity 50,000
Our Ice is pure, firm and clear, and gives entire satisfaction
to our many patrons.
Office: 620 Douglas Aye., East Las Vegas, ti.hV
and Glass.
and Soft Coal
tree to city.
Planing Mill
Bridge Street,
Las Vegas, N. M.
San Miguel National Bank.
From $1 psr box 09
Chewing and
From 25o per lb, cp
Sole Agent tor
'Railsflittkr' k
5c Straight
$2.15 per hoi. .
, 2.26
Manufacturer of
Sash and Doors,
Scroll Sawing, .
Surfacing and Matching
Planing Mill
and Office Corner of Blancbard street and
Or and avenue.
Las Vegas Roller Mill
J. R. SMITH, Prop'r.
Location: On the hot springs branch imllV
way, Bast ha.- Vegas, New Mexieav
Your Patronage Solicited-

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