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R. A. K13TLER, Bdltor and Proprietor.
"S ?or ansst&h- we
mailt as second-class matter
Bpeclul Notice.
Las VBOAi Dailt orrio-Dellvered by malt,
post-vail, tio.ooper annum ; 16.00 for six
montUi i'i.liOlor tliree months, By car
rier, '16 rents per week ,.
SIS oolor UmoSifSrw- ' thr.ee
tea rrom all parts ottne , f
" to . .'I,0 nSme
SSu aidre.rno't for publication, but a. a
guaranty ol good faith, money
lug oj
real or regleterei
East Las Vegas
New Mexico.
Hnckboard Mali
Mulls on the Star route leave Las Vegas
asfollows: ,, incluflln
vn".ffi t.n. oolonal." liden, Banta
Rosa ana Puerto de Luna, tri weekly, on
u7 . ..rto nd Vrldav. and ar
rive on alternate days of each week.
Las Vegas to Fort Bascom, Including
S'iSH?" rihiVtv and Kndoe.tH-weekly,
S-fll II II TIB Dill "Pl f . . '
fn Mrmdav. wednosday and Friday, or
tloerty anu is
Hanellosan Ygnaclo and Koclada, tri
weekly, on Tuesday, Tnursaay anu ow
day, of each week, and arrive on alternate
d?y".,iro TeiDerance. once a week,
?'' i .irn.tA I
coSveyance on Fort Sumner line. 1. by
twhorsebuckboard, on port Bascom ami
Mora lines by single-horse buckboard To
LVspYrance by private conveyance
usually soring wagon.
Matters in congress are evidently
starting out favorable to an endeavor
to secure international bl-metallism.
With a hot-head in the presidential
chair the past four years, tbe United
" States would probably have hsd both a
war wuu liugiauu o --
. . ? . i- d.imj ,Af Knfl n on ner
hands, we con t agree w..u.
land on his bond issue, but we do
thank him for maintaining peace.
niff h Mr l.lpve- 1
Wltn Mr. leve
Now that the enterprising people
of the Pecos Valley have a large sugar
f aotory in operation, and the outlook is
that it will be both profitable to the
... J . I. n t .i rrt nra ftf
owDers oi tne same aim mo .
thn nnmmiinitv. every town in New
Mexico is crying for a beet sugar fac
torv. It is well and proper that they
should do so, as the industry can be
nnndnntRd with eaual profit in most
any part of the Territory.
Elsewhere, in this paper, appears an
article on artesian wells, in which N
H. Dirton, of the Uuited States geo
logical survey, says that there is prao
tioally an inexhaustible supply of water
all along the eastern side of the Rocky
mountains, at a depth of from 50 to
1 200 faet, and he thinks that with
prontr reservoirs enough water can be
had, by artesian wells, to develop the
rich soil of this oountry.
This is indeed refreshing news to the
people of this country, to whom Provi
dence had given, seemingly, everything
but plenty of water, and had but with
held this from us until a time when it
is valuable to us, and when we have
the means to use it,
Mr. Darton further says, that the
geological survey is now making a
map which will show exactly the dis
tricts where water can be found and at
what depth.
Irrigation by artesian wells, where
water can be obtained io plenty, is the
most successful and satisfactory method
of irrigation known. By it, the farmer
has no "tangling alliances" with his
neighbor; has water at all times and
generally of a superior quality.
The irrigation congress which meets
in Pbceiix next week should look into
the practicability of this sea of water,
under us, being brought to tbe surface
and turning our barren desert , lands
into sunny gardens.
The recent campaign seems to have
drawn the citizens away from all kindi
of citizens' clubs, and other united ef
forts to do something for ourselves
But now that poplitics have been put
aside for business, let tbe progressive
citizens get together in matters of vital
importance. . One of the main troubles
with past efforts of this sort, has been
that tbe few patriotic men who attend.
' ed, would be called upon to plaoe op
posite their names, on a subscription
paper, a good, liberal sum of money
and then further take the street to urge
others to do tbe same thing. But there
are many things that such an organiza
tiou can do without the outlay of (
dollar. Among these things, a document
could be gotten up by a committee, and
addressed to the new industrial agent of
the Atchison road, setting forth, in
conservative manner, the advantages
that could accrue to the railroad com
pany by arranging equitable freight
rates on Iscoured wool and tanned
Again from experiments already
made it has been Bhown that sugar
beets can be raised here equal to those
of the Pecos Valley, and at one time
Clans Spreckels, the sugar king, offered
to put in a factory at Las Vegas if the
amount of beets required could be
guaranteed. Certainly this could be
done If uuited action were taken in the
Mora, Sapello and Galllnas valleys.
It is tbe business of the United States
geolngcal survey to furnish information
as to where artesian wells can be sunk
with profit ; a committee from tho citi
zsls club could get this data with but
little mure expense than the postage.
It is certainly a good token of pro'
perity when the great railroads ol the
went are taking the matter 6t establish
Ing new industnos Into their own hands,
m a nnrtain extent. More than bait
get, In thi. world, may be had lor
the asking. Lot us get togetner ouu
astc for something.
Have Curative Powers Eqnal to the
. Bathe of Carlsbad.
From the Pen ver Republican.
.lohn O. Plank, of Las Vegas, regis-
.h .t thn Albanv. vesterday. "fbe
knt .nrinon of New Mexloo," aald he,
, . . xt .. ... u.vliui " said
..Rmonihe Santa he raiiroaa,
miiH from Las Vegas, ana wey are
situated in a basin about thirty acres
1.. ion. surrounded on all sides by
hills, rliiing to a height of from 800 to
400 feet, shielding the place from wind
uod eand storms. The mua oaius,
ohinh are famous for their curative ef.
feots, are only to be had In two places
,n ihn world, here and at Carlsbad,
Germany, and It has been shown that
tbe mud found at the hot spring of
ivw Mexloo. and which is used in
giving the baths, Is of the same ohemi
cal composition as that of Carlsbad
It is very interesting to note toe mruiov
,, f .hi. mud or Deat,
has been
dow'n from the hills, probably
a century ago, ana wnicu bbvu.ub
. u i, V. a . hiimma iinnnm
RMIUIILT LUH luufltf ubv www
nosed and formea into a luunsuom
which is Draoticallv carbon impregnate
..4 with salts, macnesia. soda, lithia
and various other ingredients.
This neat is Gathered irom ine
Hri. and Dut through a fine
sieve, in order to remove the silicates,
and after this treatment it is as soft as
fl jur. It is then taken to the mixing
rnm. where it is nut In large tuos ana
the water from the hot springs mixed
with it until it Is of about the consist
ency of mush. Tbe mud is now reaoy
fur use aod it is taken into the bathing
rnm. where the oatient Is plaoed 10 a
i...h .nd covered, with the exoeption of
tbe head, and allowed to remain in the
---- ,,hi,.fio minutes
uiuu iui v" J
.i, ,H h.. ar
licilllon o( tne md has an
etfot ti,uilar t0 a m,id poulioe, and
draws the impurities from the body
the pores ol tne skid
. , ia ,. rem0ved from the bath,
pat.ed upon a slab and submitted to a
iffnroua rubbioff. the ohemioal oompo
sition of the mud being suon mai u
can be rubbed from the body with a
dry towi-l, leaving the flesh in a clean
condition. A great many people come
lo this place to take the mua Dam treat
ment, aud some marveiuus cum
tffRtad. Ia one instance 1 remember
to have seen a man, who was all drawn
i,h rhanmatism. and after two
weeks ot this treatment us u
Th treatment is especially oene-
finial to oersons afflicted with neuralgia,
rheumatism and skin diseases. There
are at this plaoe twenty-seven springs
whinh varv In temperature irooi a emu
m . I M
snrinnr tn a hot SOriOg. the
water registering as nignas iv '8'
Fahrenheit, and these waters are much
used for bathing, as they have great
mudimnal properties bv reason of Jbeir
nhnmioal com DosUions. The generally
accepted theory for the existence ot
these hot springs is that tbe strata
rock in this seotion runs perpendicular
and tbe water from the mountains,
nrobablv far distant from tbe not
springs, passes down between tbe per
pendicular strata to a great depth until
it is heated b? the beat from the interior
of the earth, and by reason of tbe rise
in temperature is caused to move op
ward, issuing forth from tbe earth at
such points as are most convenient for
its exit."
Wealthy Brewers Identified witb
Pecos Valley Sugar Interests.
The special car -speria," occu
pied by Messrs. Henry Uiblein, Edward
Uibiein. Capt. rred raost, miss raosi
and tbe Misses Uihlein, all in charge ol
General Manager Goetz, . of the sugar
factory, who had gone to Chicago to
escort tbe party hither, came in wea
nesday morning. ,
The gentlemen named are large
stockholders in tbe sugar factory com
pany ot this pities, and are reported to
be seeking further investments,
Tbey spent tbe day In Eddy visiting
the factory aod points of interest.
Yesterday morning tbey continued on
to R swell, where an inspection of the
upper valley will be made. They were
iined here by Messrs. E. A. Cahoon
and Charles ri. sparxs, oi nosweu
who with Vice-President Faulkner, ao
oomoanied tbe party on tiie northern
valley trip. It is tbe intention to re
turn to Eddy to-night, spending Satur
day here, and then continue, tbe trip
to Old Mexico.
Of course, tbe visit of men so well
known in the business world, and
whose accumulated wealth aggregates
an immense sum, has originated all
sorts of rumors and proposed plans,
What tbe gentlemen will decide to do
is as yet uncertain. Tbe Argus has no
knowledge that tbey nave commum
oated their intentions to anyone. Tbey
are pleased with the valley, and may
after complete investigation, - decide
that it is a profitable field for invest
ment. When a decision Is reached
the Araus will not be dilatory in glv
msr it to its readers. Individually, its
opinion is that if Messrs. Uiblein and
Pubst have oapital for investment.sugar
factories in tbe Peoos valley must make
strong appeals Eddy Argus.
The Danger Comes -
tu casos of typhoid fever, diphtheria and other
wasting diseases, when the patient has been
reduced in flush, and strength, and begins the
toilsome climb to health. Here Hood's Sarsa-
parilla finds Its pls.ee. It enriches the blood
strengthens the nerves, gives tone to the di
gestive organs, and builds up the whole system.
sTaait'a Pills are the best after-dinner pills.
assist digestion cure headache. 25o. a box.
Took an Appeal.
From the Albuquerque Cltisen.
The case of the Uoited States vs. the
three Cbinamen mentioned in the Citi
ten of yesterday, charged with beiog
unlawfully In this country, was con
cluded before Commissioner Burkhart
this morning. Tbe commissioner made
an order that tbe Cbioese be removed
to China, from - wbioa tbey took
an appeal to Judge Collier, who will
bear their side of tho case at tbe court
house probably to-morrow tuorciog.
The Chinese are id tbe county Jail, and
they claim to have been in the United
States from ten to fifieea years, but
have no certificates. Inspector lienan,
who was here yesterday and was
responsible for the arrest of the Mon
golians, returned to 1 Paso this morn
' "Love me, love me," still he cried,
"Ever love, forevorl"
Cupid, laughing, turned aside.
Echo from the lilll ropllod,
"Never, never, never."
"Love me, for I love but thoe,
Evor, love, forever.
Heart to Quart for thoe and me."
Echo slgbfi, "It may not b,
Never, never, never."
"Love roe now In life and duath,
Ever, love, forover."
Badly, In an underbreath,'
Bobbing Echo answoreth,
"Never, nevor, never."
Love me, I shall worthy prove.
Ever, love, forever." I
T1U a fairer fuoe shall movel"
Hocking Eho answers, "Love?" !
Never never, never."
"Love me," still the lover slugs,
"Ever, lova, forever,"
Cupid plumes for flight his wing
As the last faint eobo rings
, "Nnver nevor. never."
Clara B. St. George tn Chicago Inter Ooean.
It Was Out of the Regular order, dm
. Fro Tea umcaeioas.
The Bev. H. P. Fisher could not
resist tbe temptation to tell a story on
a brother minister :
"It was Presiding Elder Still of the
Methodist church. The good old man
is dead now, and it can't do any harm
tn tail this storv of llllll.
"The early traveling of the elder in
Kansas was not easy. He had a mule
on which he used to rido, and this mule
was not always obedient One day the
plder and bis mule encountered a swoL
Ian arrnam. Alouif the edge of the
stream the elder aud his mule strayed
in hone of finding a safe crossing.
Finally the elder found a tree that over
hung the stream, and from which he
tuiui hn could swing to the other
.iHa Ttnfc the mule couldn't swing.
tta nnnM awim. however, which the
alrlor wwiMn't.
it All the extra doming ana rue oiu
rnrnln into a bundle and tied on
the mnlfi'a hack and the animal led to
the water. He swam safely across and
hBn natina crass on the other sida
'The elder looKea u mo
hk und drotmina to his knees, prayed
hnrnntlv that he might make no mis-
take in stettiug across. iuu "nuu,
mi U rm
out and landed safely.
H lmH and tbanltea tne iiora,
Rnt there was a new obstacle. Tbe
was havina a sooa time in tne
refused to be caught again.
Several well directed efforts flew wide
nf the mark, and the good elder was ia
desperation, tte must Keep oib aiipuiu.
mont and he couldn't walk it There
wbb bnt one thing for the elder to do,
nd tha elder did it Down in the
ri.mii crass be dropped on bis knees
and prayed the Lord to help him catch
tb male.
This is the only instance i ever
heard of in which a man called on the
Lord to help him catch a mule, and to
his dying day the elder firmly believed
ha Lord did It. thouen it toon mem
both some time." Topeka Journal.
Homers and Carrier rig-eons.
The homer and the carrier are both
brilliant fliers, .but the homer is the
soeedier bird and better fitted for long
distances. The homor has tbe widest
unread winjrs of all pigeons, and can
sail for an enormous cuatance uirougn
midair. It is also considerably lighter
than the carrier and is possessed of
more nhenomenal powers of endurance,
having been known to fly 800 miles
Without alighting. On a clear day, with
a eood skv and favorable wind, auu
miles is an admirable record, although
600 miles a day is the goal of every pi-
eeon flier's ambition. A bird that can
perform this remarkable feat is worth at
least S100. and may be vainea at auu
if it is capable of a better record. The
bird's sramouoss, stamina and speed
reach their highest point of excellence
at 8 and 4 vears of ace, which is the
natural prime of life for a flier. After
they have passed their prime they de
teriorate in a scarcely noticeable degree
and at 10 or 13 years of age are still
good for the shorter distances. Chicago
Journal. -
Taka Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund tbe money if it fails
to aura. 2So. tf
Bewing mschines and bicycles for sale
old machines repaired ana mane as guuu
as new. Call and see ns. Next door to J.
A. Dick's grocery store.
RrHira Street. Li 8 VEGAS, N. H.
209 tf W. A. UlVBNS & Co.
Asroslloe Lerma, who has been con.
fined tn the county jail at Eddy for
nearly three years, is out on bond fur
nished by bis attorney, U. . tsateman,
in the amount of 1 500.
Centuries airo. peo
ple used to fear what
tney caiicu ine pes
tilence. "Black
Death" was the
.most terrible thing
in the world to them.
They feared It as
people now tear ine
Icholera and Yellow
Fever." And yet
there is a thing that
causes more misery
and more deaths
thin anv of these.
It is so common that
nine-tenths of all
the sickness in the world is traceable to it.
It is merely that simple, common thing
Tt m.l.p. neonle listless.
causes dizziness, headaches, loss of appe
tite, loss of sleep, foul breath aud distress
ft.- .tinr. The little heln needed is
Pleasant Pellets.
IUlUiaU-U J -rs. j
One pill is a (fentle laxative and two a mild
oathartip. Dnee used, always in favor. It
vnn are careless enough to let an unscrup-
I, - jn,,..) epil -onti somethine on
which he makes more money, it is your
nm fault if vou do not tret wed. Be sure
and g-et Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pallets.
and Is the result ot colds and
sudden climatic changes.
Fop your Protection
we positively state that thin
remsdy does not contain
mercury or any other injure
loos drug.
Elv's Cream Balm
Is acknowledged to be the most thorongh cure for
Nsssl Catarrn, coia in nesu snu nay rerrr oi ui
remedies. It opens and cleanses the nnea) passages,
silsys pain ana inflammation, heals the sores, pro
tects the membrane from cokls, restore? the semes
Of trnte snrt smell, rrlcoflflc. at PniffRjutaof by msil.
JitV JJifO i'iiiilta. M Wuren SCrevt. KeVr loth
IM...it SW I I
IThe Maxwell
Situated in New Mexico and Colorado,
On the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe, and
Union Pacific, Denver & Gulf Railways.
ISillil n of
Farming Lands Under Irrigation Systems:
In tracts of 20 acrs and upwards, with perpetual water rights,
cheap, and on easy terms of 10 annual payments, with 7 per cent,
interest. Alfalfa, Grain and Fruits grow to perfection.
Choice Prairie or Mountain
Well watered and with good shelter,
for raising grains and fruits, In size
Large Pastures For Lease, .
For Ions; terms of years, fono"! or
fin r.hla Qr.nt n,m' its western bouodirv. are situated tbe famous'
nistrintji of Kl.IZABRTHTOWN anl BA.LDY.
ope rat d for 25 yesrs, and new, rich discoveries were made in 1SD5, in the vicinity
.iT. hwu i pith .nil HARrlY HI-HFC. h rich as anv camp tn Col
h,,t a,(ih lot. nf as vnt unloi aled arround
and as faviiFn ila as. tbe United ataces woveruiueui, ui uu ..obu.bv.v-..
Stage leaves every morning-, except Sundays, from bpringer lor
these camps. .
Title Perfect, founded oa United
decisions of the U. S. Supreme Court.
For further particulars and pamphlets, apply to
Raton, New Mexico.
IHw llflf5)TlS
Vn to fact 0( wars
s W AV MAW V J ww v V w - 1 " - -
sumption in stock, and would sooner think a groceryman could
ex along wiuiout sugar m ius
Ws Cure. It is a sure seller
Ceresco, Michigan, September
A nice wedding took place at Graf
ton, reccDth, the contracting parties
being Gordon Rogers, a stock baron
of the Gils, BDd Mrs. tsadie reed-
lander, a charming young lady wfau
recently arrived .from the east.
Judge William D. Bsilly scientifically
manipulated tbe nuptial soot mai
now firm y binds together tne nappy
Nans But Ayer's at the World's Pair
Aver's Sarsaparilla enjoys the ex
traordinary distinction of having been
the only blood puriher auowea an ex
hibit at the world s lair, unicago.
Manufacturers of other Sarsapanllas
sought by every means to obtain a
lowing of their goods, Dut tney were
all turned away under the application
of tbe .rule forbidding the' entry of
patent medicines and nostrums. The
decision of the World's fair authorities
in favor of Ayer's Sarsaparilla was in
-fleet as followers "Ayer's Sarsaparilla
is not & patent medicine. It does not
hnlontr to the list of nostrums. It is
" - ..
here on its tnrnts "
Tf vnn want to buy or sell cattle wool or
saeiD. don't faiHo see or write J. minium,
. . . i- 1. - I T,"
wool ana live sioca uruier, v
New Mexico. lie will save y
At Hopewell Oold Camp
ThnoB Intendina to visit the ereat pold
camp of Hopewell be pleased to learn that
John J. race IS now prepared i mru'su
hotel accommndstions. An exceuenii ibuib
is served at reasonai) rates. 258-tf
nntipM 1s herebv alven. that where
as, on the mn uay or aukusi, a. v., im,
1.a ftfr. Vraln Ufuvantllfl ROmD'tlT dUlV 8S-
! slKned all of lt prop rty, real and p rsonal
I nd choses In action to the undersigned tor
the benetli: ot all the credit .rs or saia coin
i anv In accoroance with the statute In such
lease made and irovMed; and whereas, a
bid has Deen otierea tor an oi me sun pi
perty amounting to the sum of $8,700.00; and
wher as. the district court of the fourth
Ju'lcla district of the Territory of Mew
Mexico, Bitting within and for the county
of Mora, dl on the Sith day of November,
A. u. , low, oraer anu unecc umi an ui -iu
properly except s chashasheretofoiebeen
sold under the order of said court, should
-ro o,iii m hniir lor rush tn hand at public
auction to the highest bld-'er afterflve days
notice of the tim- and p ace of men sale in
the man-er p ovlded In said order:
Knur Thkrkfoh !. 1. tne uniiersiKiiBii a-
tirnee of the 8t. Vraln Mercantil company
do here y tilve public notice inaccoraan e
n..h aa ii ni-riar nr sain nnurc iiiut 1 win u.
the 4th day of Dcembar, A D., 1896, at the
hourof So'cloclc p. m of said day, at the
front rloor of the usual place of business of
the St. Vral Mercantile company, in tu
inntntMnn Mora n unt . New Mexico.
(Tr ror sale a nubile auction all of tbe
uooda. chattels, cnosea in action, mm mm
S.,n.i nrnnnrtrnf the St Vraln Mercan
tile conn any nsslKned to me by said deed
f .cdinmAtit dntd Auitust 29th. Ifci! ex
cept such as has heretofore been s Id under
. nt aat Pnnrt for CflRtl. tO tne
highest bliar. At s in saie no um iui its
111" HI 11' . " 1 i
mail il,IUU.W will uiiri:nou f- " '"
ty consist, of a stock of goods, ea' estate,
accom ts snd other property, a descr ption
of which wll be furnished to any applicant
by the undTsiKned.
UBLOU "118 ZBm UUJ ii i'utpuivo. , '
Assignee of the St. Vraln Mercantile coin-
Robt, L (VI. Ross,
Real Estate
trices io Suit the Tine?,
Lots from $100 niv.
SOLE AGENT of the Hill-site
Town Co. addition, and tho Eldo
rado Town Co. lower addition.
Residences, Business Properties,
Loans,Mortgages and Securities.
Desirable Aore Properties; Fauns ander
Irrigation Ditches. Offlca on
Land Grant
Land For Sale
Grazing Lands,
lnterspersod with flue ranobes suitable
of tracts to suit purchaser.!!
unfenoed; shipping facilities over, two
where mines have been
open to prospeotors on terms similar to,
States Patent and confirmed by
fiave kcot PlSo's ClSTC for Con-
biuik. man wv t.uw.i.
RAVEN & CO., Druggists,
2, 1896.
Thomas B. Cation.... Delegate to Con Brest
W. T. Thornton..... uovernor
Lorlon Miller Secretary
Tlios. Hrnltli unlet Justice
N. O. Collier.
U Maniiiiou, l ...onlts
WT T l.nni n T ....-"" '
a. D. Hants.
W . If WOU.l"i
Felix Martinet.. .Clerk 4tb judicial District
Charles F. Basley.... 8urveyor-6eneral
Charles M. Shannon United States Collector
U. o. uisirici Aiiornnv
iCdward L. Hall . U.S. Marshal
W. H. Loomls Deputy U. 8. Marshal
J. W. Fleming TJ. 8. Coal Mine inspector
James It. Walker,8anta re, Keg. Land offlca
PAiirr, TiAiflraao.Nanta re nee. lsdu umci
JobnD. Bryan, lsOruces,Keg. Land Office
Jas. 1 ABCaraw.wis uruuw , hojiuuiuub
Klchara Young, kos wen.. iinn
W II. rip.rove, Howell...H3C Land OfHce
John C. Slack, Clayton Beg. Land omcB
Joserb B
Holland. Clayton.Bec. Land Office
j. p. Vlctorv . Solicitor-General
J. II. Crist. Dlst. Attorney Banta re
n i.. Yninin ' Las Uruces
Xhos. J. Wllkerson ., " Alhuquerque
A. H. Harlle " Silver City
H. M. Dougherty Socorro
u.n Mrf'urmlrlc "... KatOD
A. A. lone" " ....Las Vegas
John Franklin " Koswell
Jcse SeKura Librarian
W. A. Wylljs Clerk Supreme Court
T, H. Bersrmann Bupt. Penitentiary
dnn. w k'naebel Adjutant General
Bamnel KKloat Treasurer
Marcellno uarcia auunur
Amado Chaves Supt. Public Instruction
U. 8. Hart Coal Oil Inspector
E. V. Long President I
Lorenzo Lopes Vice-President
r i nr wnrfn.,.ln QArt'w Ann Trofll. I
IJH11 T. I1UCUB.OIU ....... M " " m ' '
Benlgno Komero...
rrnnk S. Crosson..
Dr J. Marron Medical Superintendent
Geo. W. Ward Steward
Mrs. Camella dinger Matron
I V. T 11 . n ... Tnmn nUaf Jnotlrt.
4UBD)JIJ U. HOTO, Ul 1U" 11 1 111 1 'J i . ...ii.vi
assooiatb JUSTiose Wilbur F. Stone, of
Oolorado; Thomas 0. Fuller, ot North
Carolina; William M. Murray, ol Tennes
see; Henry 0. Bluas, of Kansas.
MattnewG. Reynolds, of Missouri, TJ. 8.
W.H.Jack chairman, Silver City
M.N." hafTin... .first dlstrtct,ast Las VeKas
M.S.Otero second district, Albuquerque
E.G Heac" ...third district, atrou8
J.F.Illnkle fifth district, Lower Penasco
J.A.LaHue secretary, Las Vegas
T. 0. de Paca
Grei;orlo F lores S County Oommlisloners
Dlonlclo Martinet
Greiorlo Varela Probate Jndsc
Patricio Gonzales Probata Clerk
Jose G. Montano .Assessor
Hllarlo ltomero .Sheriff
Carlos Gahaldon Collector
Adeialdo Gonzales... School Superintendent
Henry Uoke .....Treasurer
F. M. Tones Surveyor
Josus aa. Prada. Coroner
Simon Are iron.... Justice of the Peace, No. 5
D. 0. do Baca " " " 88
H. S. Wooster " " . " W
Antonlno Zubla " 41 W
F. B. Olny ......i Mayor
. I, ' , 1 ; 1 11 1 . , .
T. F. Clay
c. B. Perry ..
, .Treasurer
J. E. Moore Recorder
V Long Attorney
Or. M. W. Knhhlns Physician
O. Bolllngswortn,
J. K. Martin.
B. i . ITorsythe....
W. H. Barber
E L. Hamblln
S. T Kline
L. H HofmetBter..
A. X. nogers
, Aldermen
J. A. Carruth President
O. V. Hedgcock Vice-President
John York Secretary
0. K. Perry Treasurer
Members First ward, Alfred B. Smith.
Geo. V.Beedj second ward, L.O. Tort.W.
8. Mcl ean; third ward, Edward Henry. J.
M.D.Howard; fourth ward, 0. V. Hedrf
cock, J. A. OarrutU. .
W. R. Tipton, M. D., President.... Las Vegas
6. S.Kasterday.M D.,V-Pres.. .Albuquerque
rraacls H. Atkins, M.D.,8ec....U.Las Vegas
J. H. Sloan, M. Dm Treas Santa Fe
Win.Eggert, M. D Santa Fe
J. J. Shuler, M. D. Raton
1. M. Cunningham, M. D E. Las Vegas
Livery Feed and Sale
Headquarters for
Ranchmen. ....
Douglas Avenue, East Las Vegas.
dJBA '
I (Snooessorto Coors Bros.)
Paints, Oils
Cf rrillos Hard
rKIiRPnONBSo.es Oools delivered
New Mexico
S. A.
Prices to CoRtrEctors 2nd Btilders
In Lumber Shingles, etc. Estimates cheerfully furnished to
Office and Mill Comer (Seventh and Jackson Streets, East Las Vegas.
FIT. fi ft- ' 0 ft lii
Sample and Club Rooms,
Corner Bixtb Street ai d Douglas Avenue,
CHRIS SELLMAN, Proprietor. '
Cnoicest brands of imported and domestic wines, liquors and cigar
always in stock. Polite a:.d attentive mixologists in atltndance, day and
night. The patronage of gentlemen solicited.
General Broker.
Land Grants, Improved Ranches, Native Cattle, Improved
Cattle, Cattle Ranges, Horses and Sheep, Real Estate. Etc.
Land Scrip of all Kinds, Territorial and County Warrants. Gen
eral Land Office Business.
United States
The Cash Liquor, Cigar and Tobacco Co.
109 Sixth Street, Opposite
Keg Beer,
Whiskies. per oal.
Sour Mash Bourbon $3.00
5 P6' Bl"8"'
50o per gallon.
Samples only 5e, -Pt8.15c,Pts.25o Qfs.SOc
Kiner Whiskies, fkb oal.
White House Club 3.00
U. 8. Club 3 25
"Carlisle", Bole Agent .. 8.50
Bemples 10c, Half Pts. 25c, Pts. 50c, Qts. 1.
Finest Whiskies, per oal.
John Hsnnlng 4.0i)
Bv lie of Anderson . , 4.25
Guckenheimer 5.50
McBrayer. Oscar Pepper and Yellowstone
Half-pints 85o, Pints 65c, Quurts, $1.25.
Bottled Beer,
10c, 15c, 20c, &
Per bottle.
Sole Agenti
f or .
I rn '
S3.50 per
California and Native Wines from 26o per Bottle, and $1 per Ration, up..
JM-Bear entrance frcm Lincoln Ave., between Optic Office and Rosenthal Bror.
; p. 8. "Press the Button, We'll do the rest."
Practical Horse-Shoer
Rot. 7, 8 and 9 Bridge street, west end oi
Special attention given to brand
ing irons, and general blacksmith
tng and woodwork. All work
promptly done and satisfaction
Job Work and Repairing, House Mot
, ing and Raising a Specialty.
Kuccessors to T. B. MILLS. Established In 1878. '
Real Estate, Mining f Insurance Agts.
Represent the Royal Exchange Assurance Company,
of London, F nglaiid Assets
County and school bonds bought and sold. Best facilities for placing such securi
ties. Large lint of ranch and improved property, and over 8.000,000 acres of timber"
lands tn the :ou:t and southwest, at prices w mob challenge competitors. Office on
Bridge Bt., Las Vegas, N. 31.
'Late, ani Storage ia Las Veaas Hot Springs Ceeoh
Ca(pGLcIt'37, 50,000 Tons
Our Ice is pure, firm and clear, end gives entiie satisf action
to our many pstrons.
Office: 620 Douglas AyeM East LasVegas, N.M5
and Glaaa,
and Soft Coal
tree In elty.
Planing Mill
Bridge Street,
Las Vegas, N. M.
Titles Secnrcd Under the
Land Laws.
San, Miguel National Bank.
Cigars v
From $1 per box up
Chewing a'td
From 25c per lb. op
Sole Agent tor '
5c Straight
12.15 per ')0i.
Manufacturer of
Sash and Doors, .
Mouldings, '"
Scroll Sawing, T V
Surfacing and Matching.
and Office Corner ef Blanchard street and)
' Grand avenue.
snw '.Mieit
Las Vegas Roller Mills
J. It. SMITH, Prop'r.
Location: On the hot springs brancki rartfc
way, East Las Vegas, New Mexfceo,
Tonr PRtronaee So io ted.

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