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Ifiast Las Vegas, New Mexico,
lEitraots from our Exchanges.
The Peooi Valley railway is very
busy tbese days hauling stock, sugar
beets, horses, coil, lime rook and other
freight. The Penasoo and Jttlefl-ld
cattle companies are the shippers and
will run out seventy-five car loads of
cattle In the next few days.
A quiet but very pleasant wedding
took place on Thanksgiving, at the
residence of Jacob Dines, on Chloride
creek. Miss Florence E. Sims, former
ly ot Ava, Mo., but late of Falrview,
and Andrew Hearn, also ot Fairview,
were united in marriage by Mr. Russell,
at 4:30 p. tn.
Biker & Woods, the butobers, of Ed
dy, who have been oonduoting a mark
et next door to the Comer barber shop
on Fox and Cannon streets, down
there, moved their shop to the build
loir recently ocoupied by A. Cubit, as a
stationery store, two doors north of
Lee & Rubb's on Cannon street.
Chas. bcbwartz and W, D. Noursa
came up to Hermosa from the Tripp
mine on the 24 h. They went back on
the 30th. Mr. Schwartz will go to
Milwaukee, Wis , where bis relatives
live; and Mr. Nourse will move back
to Hermosa, and in the near future
contemplates moving his family to
Soma Ready Information.
The following statistical information
should ! cut out and pasted on your of
fice dssk for future and frequent refer
Raton ...
Wago i Mound.
.. 45
Kansas City.
8aa Miguel.
Glorleta 65
Lamy 65
Ohtcago 1,278
Washington a.oss
Philadelphia .... 2,097
New York 2.187
Banta Fe
Oerrlllo Hil
Albuquerque 132
I.OS LunaS 152
fioc rro. 208
San Marclal 295
Las ( uces Has
El Paso 8Sd!
Boston 2 419
Tucson B98
Glilbuahua 612
City of Mexico... 1 612
oa Angeies i,oas
an Diego l,o8
San Francisco... 1,845
Gtuayinas 906
,. V. Hot Springs. ...S
Galveston, direct. .700
Darning S8S
Silver Olty all
Trlnldaa li
La Junta 21 r
Denver 895
Mora 7048
Jllver rity 6022
Spark's lianch.... 8572
Chicago 598
Kansas Olty 765
Raton Tuunel ....7822
Glorleta 732
Continental Di
vide on A.&P....7255
Flagstaff 6866
Needles 477
xalt rake Olty.... 4226
Hot SD'gs Park.. 6767
Springer 68.19
Watrous 6469
Las VegiS 6152
Santa Fa .... ....7013
Albuquerque .... 5008
Socorro 4665
El Paso 3662
Leadvllle loutil
Denver.... 200
Santa Fa Koute California Limited.
' Leaves Chicago 6:00 p. m. Wednesdays
and Saturdays, K.aos is City 0:50 a. m. and
Denver 6:30 p m., Tburedaya end Sun
days, reaching Loa Angeles in 72 hours
and San Dingo in 76 hours from Chioago,
Connecting train for San Francisco via.
Mojave. Keturus Mondays and Thursdays.
Equipment of superb vestibuled Pullman
palace sleepers, buffet smoking oar and
dining car. Most luxurious service via any
Another express train, carrying palace
and tourist sleepers, leaves Chioago and
Kansas City daily for California.
Inquire of Local Agent, or
O. T. Nicholson, O. P. A.,
A. T. & H F. R'y,
Annual reunion society of the Army of
Tennessee. Fare and one-third, certificate
plan, for round trip.
Annual meeting Federation of Commer
cial teachers' vasociatims, Chicago, De
cember 28 b to 31st, 1896. Fare and one
third, on certificate plau, for round trip.
Annual National Irrigation congress.
Phoenix, Ariz., Dec. 15th to 17th, '96. From
Las Vegas to Phoenix and return $31.95.
Dates of aale Deo. 10th to 13th inclusive.
Good going to and including Deo. 18th,
'96. Fiual return limit DrO. 31st '96.
C. F. Jones, Agent.
Rates to City ot Mexico.
Las Vboas. N. M.. March 9tb, 1896.
Bound trip rates to City of Mexico, from
T. Veffaa. 66.70. Uoing limit, sixty
days, witb final return limit, of six months
from date or sale.
Tnnrlat rates to Phoenix. Aril., and re
turn from La Vegas. $4S.0U. L,imire,
fifteen days, in each directiou witb final
limit of six months,
tf O. F. Joints. Agent.
Mexican Central Railway.
From the sea to the clouds. Passing mod
ern cities and ancient mouuments. Stan
dard guage in everything management,
Ideas and treatment of patrons. The only
line in the Republic running Pullman pal
ace buffet sleeping cars between the cap
ital and points in the Uoited States. Cheap
rates and pi ompt service. For full partic
ulars call oil or address
J. F. Donohob,
tf Com'l Agent Rl Pao. Texas.
Assignee's Notice.
To all creditors and other persons hold
Bg or having claims or demands against
the K. U. McDonald compuny. Insolvent
Tfourare hereby notified that the under
signed, asslanee of said inso'vent c ncern,
on the 14th day of Decern er, A. D. 1895, and
for two consecutive davs th-reafter, and
between the hours of So'clock a m. and
6 o'cleclr. p. m., of each of said days, will
be ready to r elve and adjust all clttlrrs
and demands against the told the K. G.
McDonald company, Insolvent d btor, at
the office and place of business of the saia
theB Q. McDonald compjny, lithe Fur
long building, on the north side of Bridge
street, and west of the bridge over the Gal
Unas river, l i the town of La ve as,
ounty o 'an Miguel, and Territory of New
Mexico, at which said time and place all
credlto-s and other persons holding or
claiming demands against the said lnso v
ent debtor, the R. G. McDonald company
are requested ana required to present ana
Die thel said claims for adjustment and
allowance. .
T. J. Ratwood,
Assignee of the E. i. Mcnonaid company.
Lai Vegas, N. M., Kov. 2nd, 1898. 11 tf.
To All Whom it May Concern:
Take notice that I, John L.Laub.of Rowe,
-New Mexico, intxnd, on the ljth day or
.January. 1897 to make application to the
ono able secretary of the Interior depart
ment for permission, under the provisions
.of the act of March S'd, 19', and of the ftt
.of February lath, 1KB. to cut ti e plnetlm
ber upon tbe following described public
Hand, to-wlt:
The south half of the northwest q'iartr
s i( n w K), eouthwett quarter (s w X), the
northwest qurt-r of tha southeast q iartor
n w V4 s e K),and the south half of the
eouth-ast ' quarter ( s e X) of sect on
twenty-three (23): the west half of the
northwest quarter (w n w X), and north
we t quarter of the sou'hwest quarter (n w
K s w "i)of section twenty-flve (25) ;tlie north
hair (n a), t -e north h ,lf f the southei t
quarter in i );, and the northeast quar
ter of the southwest quarter ntVK)
of section twenty. six (20) ; the south hari of
the nort east quarter (sneK), and toe
south half n( the northwest quarter Kn
i) of s ctlon twenty seven (27) ; the s mfh
half of he northeast quarter (s H ne);
the northwest quarter of the south ast
quarter (n w X s e X) ; the northeast qu r
ter of the southwest quarter (n e K s w VO.
and the southeast quarter of the northwest
qu Tier !nw ) or section twenty.
eUht (18. all of town hip fourteen (Ulnorth.
range twelve 1 121 eat ot ihe principle New
Mexico meridian, Fueu lena being situated
in "an Miguel county, New Mcxl'-o, and
w'thln ths franta Ve, New Mexico, land
lfmcs. JOH! L,. IjAITB,
-tf Bows, KVWtfWlCO,
0. H. King, Water Valley, Hiss., eursd by
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
"For five years, I suffered untold misery
from muscular rheumatism. I tried every
known remedy, consulted the best physi
cians, visited Hot Springs, Ark., three times,
spending $1000 there, besides doctors' bills;
hut could obtain only temporary relief, My
flesh was wasted away so that I welfhed
only ninety-three pounds ; my left arm and
leg were drawn out ol shave, the nuisolss
IPS! m
being twisted up in knots. I was unable to
dress myself, except with assistance, and
could only hobble about by using a cane. I
had no appetite, and was assured, by the
doctors, that I could not live. The pains, at
times, were so awful, that I could procure
reiki only by means of hypodermic Injec
tions of morphine. I had my limbs bandaged
in clay, In sulphur, in poultices; but these
gave only temporary relief. After trying
everything, and suffering the most awful
tortures, I begun to take Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
Inside of two months, I was able to walk
without a cane. In three months, my limbs
began to strengthen, and in the course of a
year, I was cured. My weight has increased
tu 165 pounds, and I am now able to do my
full day's work as a railroad blacksmith."
The Only World's Fair Sarsaparilla.
ATJES'S FILLS cure Htadath.
A. F Dennis and V.'Beutlan arrived
in Eddy from Peotone, HI. They come
to test the climate for lung and catarrh
Electric Bitters.
Electric Bitters is a medicine suited
for any season, but perhaps more gen
erally needed when the languid, ex
hausted feeling prevails, when the liver
is torpid and sluggish and the need of
a tonic and alterative is felt. A prompt
use of this medicine has often averted
lone: and perhips fatal bilious fevers
No medicine will aot more surely in
counteracting and freeing the system
from the malarial poison. Headache,
Indigestion, Constipation, Dizziness
yield to Electric B tters. 60o and f 1.00
per bottle at Murpltey-VanPetten Drug
Co., Las Vegas and East Las vegas
At wholesale by Browne & Manzan
ares Co
The construction of the 100-ton stack
at the smelter in Chloride, is now fair
ly under way.
Thousands have been cured of bald
ness and other diseases of the scalp by
Danderine. It will cure you. Guar
anteed. For sale by Schaefer's pliar
Jesse Lee, formerly an Eddyite, bnt
for the past year or more in Roswell,
returned to Eddy this week. He will
be enae-ed with A. J. Allen In the tin
Maior C. T. Pioton is manager of
the State Hotel, at Denison, Texas
which the traveling men say is one of
the best hotels in that section, in
snaakin? of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy Major
Pictonsavs: "1 have used it myself
and in my family for several years,
and take pleasure in saying that I con
sider it an infallible cure for diarrhoea
and dysentery. I always recommend
it, end have frequently administered It
to my guests in the hotel, and in every
case it has proven itself worthy of un
qualified endorsement, nor saie ny
K. D. Goodall, Depot Drug store.
Ladies, wonderfully soft, luxuriant,
beautiful hair is produced by Dander
ine. Try it. For sale byj Schaefer's
Dr. Frank Hinchey, of Eddy, de
parted for Mexico, there to practice
his profession. The. doctor made many
friends while in Eddy and proved by
bis work that he was "way up" In his
profession, eppecially in surgery.
Ministers Should Use
Dr. Miles' Heart Cure.
-rru-nv. T3 KO PEOFESSION, whose
labors so severely tax tbo nervous sys-
tem,astbatof thOUitnistry. Thedo
rangement cf tUo nerve centers of tlio brain
by over work, frequently brings on attacks
of heart troublo, aud nervous prostration.
Ecv. J. P. Kestor, M. D.. Pastor U. B.
church, London Mills, His-, himself a physi
cian writes Fob. 23, 1S: "Heart affection
and nervous prostration bad become so
serious last fall that a littla over work in
tho pulpit would so cornplotely prostrate mc
i!tA.i that it soemod certain I
JJI. IiAIaUj must relinquish tho work
Hajrt CVTt ot tbo miai3try entirely,
lull Hoart palpitation becamo
RCStOreS so bad that my auditors
tt ixt would ask mo if I did not
Healtll have heart disease. Last
November I commenced taking Dr. Miles;
Now Heart Cure alternately with Dr. Miles
Nervine and dc.rivod tha greatest possible
benefit. I have Just closed revival work of
10 weeks, preachlu? nearly every night and
twlco on tbo Sabbath. I can speak for hours
without suflcrlns as I formerly did. Hard
working mlulstera should keep Dr. Miles
grand remedies on hand."
r iiiu' riojirt. Cure Is sold on guarantee,
8rst PoWJe will benefit ot cwney refunded.
ft -" s. jrVS
is b -4k)
MfV' 'Sot
beautiful Flaces of Retreat for
the Health and Pleasure
Harvey's Mountain Horn.
This resort is famous lor its eomfort.
cleanliness, superior table, abundance of
rlco milk and cream, ss well as (or Its un
rivaled soener) and numerous near-by
points of lntereat. The best trout finning
a accessible by abort excursions to either
branch of the Ualllnas. Hermit Pak
and grand canon are of easy access. Bur
ro's are f mulshed to guests for daily
riding. The Pecos National Park is within
six miles, aud is readied by easy trail;
expeditions can be outfitted and guide se
cured at the ranch.
For transportation and terma, Inquire of
Judge Wooster. Bast Lea Veens, or ad
dress. H. A. Uarvkt.
Sao Ignaclo Res art.
The Hermltaee is a new hotel situated at
ths foot of Hermit's Peak, on the Sapello
river, up among lbs pines, it has many
advantages not usually found at summer
resorts, a good hotel with modern improve
ments and well furnished rooms, a post
office is located at this point, and free tele
phone eonneotton is bad witb Las Vegas.
The table Is bountifully supplied at all
tlmaa witb all that the season affords.
Guests wishing to come, can telephone and
a conveyance will be sent for them. Rates,
$7.00 per week. Lujaw Proprietor.
Bummer Mountain Resort,
Ths El Porvenlr mountain resort will
nnm ranulva aruesta lor tne . summer.
The most picturesque soenery in America,
One Ashing ana nuuticg. nest oi aotei ac
commodations in New Mexico. For terms
tor board and lodging, apply to tne uo
mero Mercantile Co., Las Vegas. Carriage
leaves their store, southwest corner of the
plasa, every Saturday and Tuesday morn
ing at 8 o'clock; fare for the round trip, $1.
For further Information, oaii as tne bdovf
establishment. SOtf
The will be a danoe in Fairview on
Friday evening, December ll'h, to
which a cordial invitation is extended
to everybody.
Marvelous Results.
From a letter written by Rev. J.
(iunderman, of Dimoodale, Mich , we
are permitted to make this extract: "I
have no hesitation in recommending
Dn King's New Discovery, as the re
sults were almost marvelous in the case
of my wife. While I was pastor of tbe
Baptist church at Rives Junction, she
was brought down with rumruouia,
succeeding La Grippe. Terrible par
oxysms of coughing would last hours
with little interruption ana it seemea
as if she could not survive them. A
friend recommended Dr. Kings's New
Discovery; it was quick in its work
aud hitrhlv satisfactory in results "
Trial bottles free atMurphey-Van Pet
ten Drntr Co.'s Drug Store at Las Ve
gas and East Las Vegas and at wtoie-
eale at rirowne & Manzanares uo.
Regular size 60c. and $1 00.
Dick Steele arrived in Chloride the
early part ot last week, with a load of
household goods. lie expects bis lami
ly up from Hillsuom id a day or so.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets,
All druggists refund tbe money
if it
to core. aoc.
Judge Braymer and Geo. Braymer,
of Chloride, left for Engle. The latter
will accompany a shipment of cattle
to bis home in Missouri.
Mr hair kent falling out until I was
nearly bald, and several remedies tried
inamkH in rln no ennrt. I commenced
using Danderine six weeks ago and the
rnsult is a fine erowth of new hair.
Mna Kkllk Pickktt. Guthrie. O. T.
For sale by Schaefer's pharmay.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Hearu, of Fair
view, are in Magdalena, where they
will reside in the future.
A good recommendation for Sim-
mnna l.lver Rfipulitor IS. that it 19
ourelv vegetable and strongly tomo
Then too it is better than pills b cause
easier to take in liquid or powder ana
wiih no eriDiDEr, while tbe relief from
constipation, biliousness, sick head,
ache and dyspepsia is quick and sure
'1 find Simmons Liver Regulator t
verv safe and valuable family medi
cine." Rev. J. M. Rollins, Fairchild,
Eilly Wools,
paring to open
of Chloride, is pre
a barber shop, down
The wife of Mr. D. Robinson,
Drominent lumberman of Ilartwi" k
N. Y.. was sick with rheumatism f
five months. In speaking of it, Mr
Robinson says: Chamberlain's Pain
Balm is the onlv thlDg that gave her
anv rest from pain. For the relief of
pain it cannot be boat." Many vry
had cases ol rheumatism have been
cured bv it. For sale at 60 cents p
bottle by K. D. Goodall, Depot drug
store. - ...
The drive cf tbe Braymer cattle
startrd, last week, for Engle, from
Chloride,, where they will be shipped
east. , ;
Piles. Plies Flies.
a nre cure for Blind, Bleed
rir and Itchine Piles. Dr. Kirk
Rarmc.lt Pile Ointment has cured the
worst cases of ten years' stantuag Df
,v,r,a or fnnr ar.rjlications. Jo ont
need suffer ten minutes alter nsm
nr. Kirk's Gorman Pile Ointment
Our agent, Mr. Goodall, will warrant
every box. rnce . u.uu. oom
Depot drop- rnr i -n mr n
I Bucklen'a Arnica 5alve.
The best salve in the world for cuts
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum.fever
sores, tetter, chapped Danas, emu.
Wains, corns and all skin eruptions
and positively cures piles, or no pay
required. It is guaranteed to give per
font, aatisfaction or money refunded
Price twenly-five cents per box. For
sale by Murphey-Van Petten Drug
Co.. Las Vegas and East Las Vegas
At wholesale j Browne & Manzanares
Co.. . '
Ohamberlain'a Eye and Skin Ointment
Is unequalled for Eczema, Tetter, Salt
Rheum, Scald Head, Sore Nipples, Chappeo
Hands, ltcuing riira,""""! "vr
Chronic Sore Eyes and Granulated Eye Lids
For sale by druggiets at zo cents per uo.
For putting a liors-s ih a fine healthy con
dition try Dr. Cody's Condition Powders.
They tone up the system, aid digestion, cure
loss of appetite, relieve constipation, comet
kidney disorders end destroy worms, giving
new life to an old or over-worked horse. t
oW package) for sale by druggis'-
Las vegas, tne uniei city
of New Mexico--Some
of Her Resources,
Attractions and
Las Vboas, meaning "Tha Meadows,"
tbe county seat of Han Hlnael county,
lies on both sides of the Gallinas river,
and, witb its suburbs, has about 10,000
It baa water works, street cars, are and
Incandescent eleotrio light plant, telephone
exchanges, Territorial agricultural experi
ment station, headquarters of tbs Atchl-
sou railway system, New Mexico division,
together witb railroad machine shops and
e-preservlng works, stock yards, and the
argest sheep shearing and dipping plant
in tbe United Btates. -
West of the river, tbe old town bas the
uaint aud ploturesque Mexican appear-
. . . i i
ance adobe nouses, , narrow, crouaeu
streets, native people and customs, handi
crafts and occupation; but the plasa and
all of the new town, east of the river, con
stitute distinctive American city. The
streets are wide and well graded, wblle
sidewalks abouod, shaded with growing
trees. Three parks, filled with grass and
trees, add to tbe beauty and bsaltbfulness
of the place. Handsome and well-filled
stores, beautiful reside nces, and Innumera
ble lawns, set in grass and adorned with
brubbery and flowers, combine to pro
claim a cultured community, possessed of
all modern comforts and conveniences.
A city hall, three public school buildings,
court-bouse, Masonic temple, opera bouse.
Territorial Normal school and Territorial
Insane asylum are pubUe buildings, con
ducted of red and wblte out sandstone,
unsurpassed in beauty by similar edifices
in any town, of equal sise, in tbe Btates
An Academy, Seminary, Jesuit college,
Convent school, Presbyterian Mission
scbool, Methodist manual training school,
Christian Brothers' institute, City high
school, three graded public schools, a kin
dergarten, a commercial scbool and two
mnslo schools, besides several private teach
ers, are among the educational advantages
and facilities.
Lab Vboas is the natural sanatorium of
tbe United Btates, combining more nat
ural advantages than anv other place in
America. Uer thermal waters are the
equal ot tbe Hot Bprinsrs of Arkansas,
while ber climate is infinitely superior.
There is no malaria, no excessive beat or
cold, no snats, rats or mosquitoes, ine
air la nort. drv. rarifled. and highly eleo
trifled a certain cure for consumption, if
tbe disease be taken in time. The hot
waters are a specific for liver, skin, rheu
matic and blood disorders. Her Montezu
ma hotel is tbe finest hostelry between
Chicago and California, and is situated in
a heautiful canvon. five miles from town.
where the Hot Springs, forty in number,
come boiling to tbe surface.
The latitude is about toe same as mat oi
central Tennessee, while tne altitude is
nearlv 6,500 feet. This combination rivhs
a peculiar, but most happy, result. In tbe
winter, during tbe day, the thermometer
seldom falls, in tbe shude, below forty de
grees, while it often tuds, In tbe sunshine,
to sixty-five degrees or even more. On
tbe other band, in tbe summer, tbe beat is
never oppressive, in tbe shade, and no
night is too warm for comfortable sleep,
under one or two blankets. The sun will
shine nine days ont of every ten, the year
round. This, with the extreme dryness of
the air, caused by the very sugnt precipi
tation of moisture; the resinous aroma,
rolling down from tbe pine-clad moun
tains; tbe large amount of electricity in
tbe air, aud tbo consequent ozone, result
ing from tbealtitude ; ana tne location oiiub
town, land-locked by mountain and mesa
these all conspire to produce an atmos
phere which is a Daim to an diseases oc me
respiratory organs. The percentage of
death from consumption is lower tn New
Mexico than It Is anywhere else in tne
United States; and no other place In JNew
Mexico excel L,a vegas in toe wiuuraj
n ita niimata. Asthmatics experience
immediate and permanent relief, in this
altitude. . .
m the wav of bealtb ana pleasure re
sorts, Las Vegas is unrKaieu. in a ramus
of twenty miles, in romantic ujuuumm
glens and beeMe babhling mountain brooks,
are the Las Vegas Hot Springs, Harvey's,
El Porvenlr, Sandoval's Mineral Hill, Ro
mero Kanch. Blase '8. oparaB-, oupouu,
Rociada, and other places, too numerous
to mention, where health can be recovered,
and life becomes a pleasure to tbe ennuye,
tbe invalid, the ovi-r-worked business man.
Las Vbgas has two daily and five weekly
mnsrs. three banks, two building and loan
associations, three hotels, many boarding
houses, nine churches, a nuoioeroi ciuua,
and all the leading civic and social socie
ties; a roller Dour mill, capacity, miy oar
i.ul nnr ItnT! two wool-scouring; establish
ments, cleaning 1,600.000 pounds of wool
annually; a well-equipped brewery and
bottling esinDiisnmeui., muiii:nj u
mineral and carbonated waters; two wag
on and carriage factories; a saddle and
harness factory; a rounai. elec
tric light plant, three pianmg roius
nri ntitr enterprises of less importance.
There ere eight large wnoiesaie nouses,
whone trade extends throughout the Ter-
filnrv. An i into the adjoining sections:
while tbe volntne of this trade, and the
value of tbe stocks which they carry, can
not be duplicated west of Kansas City and
south of Denver, xnree mercnants- orua
era have seleoted the city as their distrib
uting center, the amount of their yearly
sales exceeding, in the aggregate, tbe com
bined rales of all ocner sucn orosers in
New Mexico. Tbe retail merchants, of
Las Vegas, are more numerous, and carry
larger and better siocks oi gouus man uu
tbe retail merchants of any other town In
this Territory or Arizona.
Las Vsioas Is the distributing point for
nearly all New Mexico. By tho Atchison
system, she has connection with Kansas
on tbe east, Colorado on tbe north, Arizo
na and California on the west, and Texas
and Old Mexico on tbe south. Besides
these, sbe bas more stage lines, connecting
ber witb tributary territory, than has any
other town in New Mexico. This territory
includes tbe entire section east and south
of the mountains, and comprises tbe coun
ties of Colfax, Mora, Taos, San Miguel,
SaDta Fe, Socorro, Dona Ana, Grant,
Chaves, Lincoln and Eddy, with parts of
Valencia and Bornalilltri-a country larger
than all New England. This takes in the
famous Valley oftbe Rio Grande, and tbe
less famous, but not loss excellent, Valley
of the Pecos the finest fruit sections of
the west.
This Territorv Is rlcb In everything tbat
constitutes the Wealth of Nations. Iron,
coal, lead, silvtr, gold, mica, limestone,
sandstone, marbles, gypsum, soda in end
ess variety and exnaustless quantities,
are among the several products of tbe
country which Las Vegas commands.
Bbeeo, cattle Bnd lumber abound, so that
in each of these prime articles of commerce
this oity l tbe best market in New Mexico.
Ri,e hardies more wool than all the other
towns In the Territorv combined, while
her commerce In hides is truly enormous,
In the same way, she stands pre-eminent
for her trade in grains, hay, vegetables,
and other fartp products; while ber trade
in iee, gathered In tbe neighboring moun
t.in itimi. extends east into Kansas,
west into Arizona, and south into Old
Whatever may be the cause of
blanching, the hair may be restored to
iisoritrinal color by the use of that
poient remedy. Hall's Vegetable Sici
Han Hair KcDewer. '
Tha Cheapest, Purett'
and Best family Mcili- q,'.,, "V
cine In the world I f'J i"Y J .
It all diseases ol tne V? fC
Uver, stouiacn
and Spleen.
Regulate the Liver
and prevent Chills
and Kbvbk. Malaki-
ous Favaas. Howbl
- Nothing is so unpleasant, nothing so common, aa
bad bread, ; aud in nearly every case it comes front
the stomach, and can be so easily corrected if you will
talcs Simmons Uvea Rbgulatok. Do aot neglect to
sure a remedy for tins repulsive dltorder. It will alto
Improve your appetite, complexion and general health,
How many suffer torture day after day, making Ufa
a burden and robbing exittence oi all pleasure, owing
to the secret suffering from Piles. Vet relief la ready
to the hand of almost any one who will usa syttemati
allv th romedv that has Dermanentlv cured thou
sands. Simmons Livaa Regulator la no drastic,
violent purge, but a geutle assistant to nature.
SHOULD not be regarded aa .
a trifling ailment in fact, nature
demands the utmost regularity of -'
the bowels, and any deviation
from this demand paves the way
often to serious danger. It is
quite as necessary ta remove
impure accumulations from tha
bowels as it is to eat or sleep, and . , .
no health can be expected where
. a costive habit of body prevails. i .
This distressing affliction occurs moat frequeotlv.
Tha disturbance of the stomach, arising from the
Imperfectly digested contents, causes a severe pain la
the head, accompanied with disagreeable nausea, ana
this constitutes what is popularly known as Sick
Headache, for the relief of which TABS Blatatoaa)
Livaa Rbgulatok oa Mbdicinb. r '
manufactured only av
J. H. ZEIXIN CO., Philadelphia, Fa.
George Freldenbloom has engaged
the barbets recently employed by the
Corner barber shop in Eddy, and will
run four chairs In the future.
When most needed it is not unusual
fur your family physician to be away
from home. Such was the experience
of Mr. J. Y. Schenck, editor of tbe
Caddo, Iod. Ter., Banner, when hir
li-tle girl, two years of age was threat,
ened with a severe attack of croup.
He says: "My wife insisted tbat I go
for the d3ctor, but as our family physi
oian was out of town, I purchased a
bottle of Chimberlaia'a Cough Reme
dy, which relieved her immediately
I will not be without it in the future."
Fifty cms a b ttle. For sale by K
D. Goodall, Deoot. Drn S''iM.
Mr. and Mr b.iuei, ot Eddy, bad
a very sick child this week, it being
afflicted with purpura hemorrhagica,
but is recovering sh wly.
It is often n mystery how a cold has
been 'csugh!,". Tb9 fact is, howevar,
tbat when the blood is poor and tbe
system depressed, one beoomea pecu
liarly liable to diseases. When the
appetite or the strength fails, Ayer's
Sarsapaiilla should be taken without
Judou E. Ayers, of Hermosa, died
st 1:15 p. m. Friday the 27th of Nov
ember. The funeral to'ik place at 6
o'clock tho Saturday evening following.
Ayer's Pills, being composed of the
essential virtues of the best vegetable
aperients, without any of the woody
or fibrous material whatever, is tbe
reason why tbey are so muoh mare ef
fective and valuable than any other
cathartics. The best family physio.
Born, on the 25. h of November,
a daughter to tbe wife of Juan Rooha,
down at Chloride.
Are jou bald P Is your clothing oon.
tantly covered with dandruff filthy
animal matter falling from a diseased
scsIdP- Does vour head itcbP Is it in
fested with sores and scans r is your
hair growing thinner year by yearP Is
it dry and brittle P If so, you have a
narasitio disease of the scalp, which
von are neelectinir at great risk. Dan
derine will cure v"U quickly and per
manently Money refunded in case of
failure. For sale by Schaefer's pnar
W. L. Hushes, the tonsorlal artist,
of Eddy, is bappy now.for Mrs. Hughes
and five little oues nave arrived anu
are snugly fixed in tbe brick house on
Alameda street, down there. ,
' This la Tour Opportunity.
On receipt of ten cents, cash or stamps,
generous sample will be mailed of the
most popular Catarrh and Hay Fever Cure
(Ely's Cream Balm) sufficient to demon
strate the great merits of the remedy.
6G Warren St., Kew York City.
Rev. John Reid. Jr., of Groat Falls, Mont.,
recommended Ely's Cream Balm to me. -1
can emphasize his statement, "His a posi
tive cure for catarrh if used as directed."
Rev. Francis W. Poole, Pastor Central Pres.
Church, Helena Mont.
Ely's Cream Balm is the acknowledged
cure for catarrh and contains no mercury
nor any injurious drug. Price, 50 cents.
(Western Division. ,
Confl6ns:fl Time TaWe Mo.' 38.
J.W. Belnhart, John 3. McOook,
In effect Sunday, August 6th, , 1896. I
10 00 p
10 80 Pi
8 so a
8 10 a
4 OOp
6 40 e
7 OOp
7 25 p
8 00a
8 05a
8 25 a
0 10 a
Kaunas City
Win irate
Ash rorlr.
The Veedles
' Barstow
'Log An geles
7 uu a
1 I6p
2 a
8 16 p
t 86p
8 05 p
2 20O
6 OOp
8 80 p
J 66 p
9 00a
4 86a
4 08 a
8 40 a
12 10 p
4U p
4 58 p
6 25p
5 10 p
12 30 p
10 40 a
12 20 a
11 05 p
9 00 p
1 sop
t 20 p
6 00p
7 40 p
1 55 a
4 40 a
6 25 a
U 45 a
2 20 p
6 00 p
9 85 a
7 27 a
6 06a
4 60a
11 28 p
12 55 a
8 40 p
e 66 p
5 40B
1 55a
6 48 a
7 60 0
9 20a
1 40 p
10 p
11 82 p
18 M p
10 00 a
7 25 p
2 86 p
2 10 p
to oo a
8 80 a
8 45S
S 20 a
e 06 p
8 00 p
8 80p
10 45 al
10 46 a
Summer or Winter.
The Rnnta Fe roots Is the most comrorta
ble railway between California and ths
The meelr at Harvey's Dining Booms are
an excellent feature oi me une.
The Grand roro-i of the Colorado eaa bs
reached In noother way,
Gen. Pars. Agent, L"s Angeles, Oal.
0. H. S PEERS,
Agt, Ssn.rasf, Agent, Ban rranoiioo.
T ' a
. ; ii, m
more rmbk mM
jjews of every clasTrhaDv.lM
Barber Shop.
Tonsorlal Parlors,
Center Street. -
Bon-ton. Bt. Louis. Long Branch, round
senator, and round, sqoaxs and box pom
padour a specialty.
Center Street,
O. L. Gregory, Frop.
Only skilled workmen emolored. Hot
and cold baths in connection.
Sixth street and Grand avenue
FFICE over San Miguel Bank. East Las
vegas, j. m.
Dry Oooda.
U. Romero, Manager,
Booth Ride Plasa
County Surveyor.
veyor. Office, room 1, Olty Hall.
Physicians and Burgeons.
O. O. GORDON, Bt. D.
Las Vegas, N. M. Office hours:
12 a, m., S to p.m., 7 tosp.m.
11 to
Malboeuf building, np stairs.
N. M.
Attorn oys-at-Law.
r Office in union
block. Sixth atree'j
East Las Vegas, N. at.
JX. man's block. East Las vatms. N. M
a Santa i e Route
No. 1 Pass, arrive 6.25 p. m. Dep. 8:50 p. m,
No. W freight " 7:1)0 a. m,
Mondays and Fridays.
No.Barrlva 7:ioa. m. Depart 7:1$ a. m
Carries Pullman cars only,
Oarries'Fir t Olass tickets only.
Pullman sleepers, Denver to Las Tegas.
. ati . KA.STBOUNO.
No.2Pass. arrive 4 a. m. Dan. 4:10a. -m,
No. I'i freight 11 7:80 a.m.
, Wednesdays and Saturdays.
No. 4 arrive 2:65 p. m. Depart 3:00 p. m
Carries Pullman earsonly.
Carries Fl st Class tickets only.
Pullman sleeper, Las Vegas to Denver.
.Leave Dally.
Arrive Dally,
703 701 CARD HO. 1. 702 704 706
S:10p 10:00a Lis Vogas 2 80p 8:20p 7:SSp
8:15p l0:0Sa l!rlflKo St. 2:2F,p 6:15p 7:80p
8:2Rp 10.18a Upper L.V. 2:12p 02p 7:17p
8:8fiplO:2Sa Placlta 2:05p B:65p 7:10p
3:40p l:S0a HetSpr'gs 2:0Up 6:50p 7:03p
Arrive uaiij.
Leave Dally.
Santa Fe branch trains connect witb No.
1, 2,8, and 63.
Nos, 1 and 2, Pacific and Atlantic express,
have Pullman ralace drawing-room cars,
tourist sleeping cars and coaches between
Chicago and Los Angeles, San Diego and
San Francisco, and Pullman palace
cars and coaches between Chicago and the
Olty of. Mexico, E. Copelakd,
Gen. Agent, El Paso.Tex.
W. B, Bbowhb,
T. F. A P. A., El Paso.Tex.
Chas.F Jones,
- l.l. t.m Vama.St.tr.
Montezuma Restaurant
. Center Bt. East Las Vegas.
i Best Twenty-five Cent,
Meals in 1 own.
Table supplied witb everything the mar-
, set arrords. racronage soiicitea.
prompt answer a-nd an bmiest opinion, write to
MUNN tV CO., who have bnd now It fifty yenrs
experience In the patent busirpca. Coicmiinlrrv
tfona utrlotly oonfldenttal. A llanribnok of la.
formation ooncorninir rnteni and bow to ob
tain them sent tree. Also a cntalogne Ol mechan
ical and acientlflo books sent fret.
Patents taken thronph Jlnnn ft Co. Tec?lT
tpeoia) notice tn tbe Sciontifio A nierirnn, and
thus are brought widely before the public with
ont cost to the Inventor, This ppJrndid paper.
Issued weok.y. eiranly iifnMrnted, bas by fur t l e
arcftt cfroulattom of rny scientific work ta tiio
World. avef.r. Faniple coplrs sent free.
Building KilUloxivj tnontblv, (l0 ycor. SinrhJ
copiea, U-t cents. Frery number contains bean
tlful plotoii in ee'ors, and photopranhs of new
pounes, with plans, tprabUnff builders to show th
sainst (irtlimR aud pecu. contraot. Aridn-s
C1RTKNNTAI. TVinrVD...!.. .
O Cecond Tuesday evening of eacb month
at I. o. O. V. ball.
B. J. Hamilton, Pres.
N. B. Bosebbbrt. Seo'r,
I. O. O. B
TA8 VEGAS LODGE No. 4, meets ever
JtVtnriaifa V avanlnu s thai.
street. All visiting brethren are cordially
. A.J. Wjcmts, V. 0.
I". W. Fleck, See'y.
a. o. n. vsr
"TVIAMOND LODGE No. 4, meets first and
I W till I Il1 Tnaailita avanlnna v .S. M.n.h Sas.
wyman Block, Douglas avenue. VlalUaa
brethren ars oordlally Invited.
6o. W. notes, Becorder
P P. BlKZoa, Financier.
B. of F.
II L DOB A DO LODGE No. 1, meet at their
jOaatle Hall In the Clement block, corner
of sixth street and Grand avenue, over the
San Mia-uel National Hank. sv,r, Thnnt.
evening. Waiting mem bare of the Older era
always welcome.
.... - B.C. LABIMOBB, 0. 0.
L. J. MABCUS, E. OF B. at 8.
TEAGLE TEMPLE, No. 1, Bathbone BIS
Jlters of Xew Mexico, meets Drat and
third Tuesday evening of each month, at I
O Olock at K. of P. Hall. East Las Vegas. N.
.."ivmsi siswrs or sue oruer aiwSTS
welcome. Has. 0. M. Adams.
U4, M. B. WILLIAMS, M. B. 0.
a W aV cV, SI,
rflianm.i, Ijim wm a w. . .
third Thursday evenlnes of each month. In
the Masonic temple. Visiting brethren are
fraternally Invited. -
Ceoilio Bosinwald Sec
Lata Vearaa Roval Arch nhantuar arn. a
R'Rnlar convocations, first Mondnv In rh
month. Visiting companions fraternally
Invited. O. L. Gbkoobt. E. H. P
L. H. HOFMalsTisB, Sec.
Las Tegas Commander?. No. 1. Reiralai
eommnnlcatlon, second Tuesday each
month Vial ting Knights cordially wel
comed G. A. Bothqeb. E.G.
L. H. HorwElSTBB. neo
Select Masters. Begular convocation
third Monday of each month. Sanctuary In
Masonic temple. Geo, t. Gould,
V. A. KOTflQEB, T. J.M
Masons visiting the cltv ara eordlalli In.
vlted to attend these bodies.
Baa torn star
tegular communications seoood and fourth
XV f hnradar eveninaa.
Mbs J. H. Lbssbnbt, Worthy Matron, i
A. F. Bhnsohit, Worthy Patron
Mas. Emma Bknbdiot, Treasurer.
All vtalttnir hrnthAp, ftnrt rrHa1lm
Invited. Hbs. Mattib Mobbat. Seoretarr.
John Shank, President
Ii. L. M. Ross, Vice-President.
i. B. Moore, 8eo'y and Trees.
V. H. Jameson, Manager,
John Rodus.
Las Tegas Teiepnuns Co.
Cor. Manzanares and Lincoln Aves.
East Las Vegas, N. M.
Electric Door Hells, Burglar
Alarms and Private Telephones pu
in at reasonable rates.
Successor to J. 8. Elston,
Mse oi Sip Plum
Glazing, Paper Hansing, Etc.
Shop Opposite Express Office
Practical Horseshoer,
General Blaessmithlng, Wagon and
Carriage Repairing;, neatly and
promptly done
Opposite Browne & Ilonsanares Co.,
J. K. MABTItl.
. Martin & Howard,
Contractors & BnilSea
Plant and specifications furnished
free to patrons. Shop next door to
Houghton's Hardware Store.
llanuiaetnrer of
Wasons,-:- Carriages,
And dealer In
Heavy . Hardwarn,
TGvarv arlnrl nt nrairnn vnafArf.l nn tt.niS
Horseshoeing and repairing a specialty
urana ana Manzanares Avenues, iait ia
Claim Agent
Indian Depredation Claims a
Isaac it. Eltt Co., Chicago, II!.. Bar
aett, Thompson A 1 aw, Washington, D. O.,
are associated with me In cases before tit
Court ol Clalrns .
Street Railway,
JOHN SHANK,' Manager.
Cars every fifteen minutes, from 8. a. m
to 8 p. m.
200 ticketo for (5.00
100 tickets for $3.60
t25 tickets for tl.00
Job Printing
Of every description
executed with neatnasa
and despatch

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