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KXUt i rt'il) KlO p' T I'Oulitl
l'-,. ! r.V ! Q H!.nd. PT pouni. . .:0o
Our Own jUruml, er pound can. ..25c.
After Dinner Mixture, per pound. .30c
Guatemala, per pouml 35c
Mororaibo per pound 35c
Extra Mocha, per pound 30c
Fancy Mark Java, per pound.... 0c
Extra Mocha and Java, per pound, 40c
Finest Mandhellng Java, per lb... 45c
One pound can Seal Brand, 40c
Two Pound Can Seal Brand 75c
Two pound can Franklin McVeigh's
Three pound can Caracoa .,.....$1.00
Three pound can Fancy M.&J $1.00
Try these and be convinced.
Grocers and Bakers,
Sixth st;
rKIDAY EVENING, DEC. 29, 1899.
Cutlery at Gehrlng's.
Can't stop Uf eld's see ad.
Try that maple peach at Murray's,
Ground was broken today for tne
new Vollmer cottages on Twelfth
Wlntergreen, cinnamon and pepper
mint mints made fresh'at Murray's
Leave orders tor New Year's can
dies at Murray's, the finest placed on.
the market. 46-2t.
Chocolate creams and walnut
creams freshly made by Mrs. Sibley
at Murray's . 46-2t
A car of ten fine coach horses pass
ed through today on No. 1 for Pasa
dena, Calif-.-from New York.
Since the explosion of the gas en
gine at the Ice houses, horse power Is
being used to elevate the Ice.
Creamed naval oranges furnished
on order; also ben boris of every des
cription made d; ily, at Mun,ay's46 2t
Louis Ransom leceived a telegram
yesterday afternccn announcing the
death of his daughter, Mrs. Fannie
Carrol at Topeka, Kansas.
The raffle of the seal skin coat, will
take place tomorrow night at 8
o'clock, til parties' holding tickets are
requested to-be present at Antlers.lt
Forsythe & Lowry are connecting
their establishment with the new
sewer line, the opportunity for which
they, as well as the public, are truly
A. O. Wheeler Is now installed in his
new laundry building, having finished
moving In today. He has added
several new machines to his establish
ment, making It the best equipped of
any In the territory.
A number of business men have in
formed The Optic of their intention
to close their place of business at 12
o'clock next Monday,, and it Is un
derstood that business houses gen
erally will observe a half holiday.
On account of the court being un
able to reach the injunction case of
F. H. Pearce vs. the City of Las Ve
gas, tomorrow, it was continued for
one week in order to allow Chief Jus
tice Mills to be present at the ses
sion of the supreme court next week
in Santa Fe.
The colored people of the city last
evening gave a dance at Rosenthal's
hall. From nine o'clock In the even
ing until four in the , morning the
forty people present, thor
oughly enjoyed themselves. An ele
gant lunch was served by Mrs. Hous
ton and Louis ' Ransom.
In a letter to A. Rosenthal, coun
ty superintendent of schools in Taos
county, District Attorney R. C. Gort
ner. of Santa Fe gave as his opinion,
in answer to a question, that school
district tax levies can not ke di
verted to general school fund of the
county, from the district to which
they belong.
Onions are a kind of all-around
good medicine. . A whole onion eaten
at bedtime will, by the next morning,
break the severest cold. Onions make
a good plaster to . remove inflama
tion and hoarseness.. If an onion is
mashed so as to, secure all the juice
in It it will quiet the most nervous
person. The strength of it inhaled
for a few moments wiU duli the sense
of smell and weaken the nerves un
til sleep is produced from sheer ex
haustion. It all comes from one
property possessed by tle onion, and
that is a form.;of opium. '
J. E. Moore will assume the manage
ment of the Plaza hotel on January
1st The present manager and lessee
H. A. -Simpson, , will probably re
sume his former position with Chas.
Humner, at Puerto de Luna. Thos. J.
Raywood has leased the Plaza hotel
bar and club rooms and has engaged
Lige Weeks to manage the place for
him. Silva & Silva, who have been
running the Plaza bar will suspend
business until February 1st, when
they expect to open up in their own
property, recently purchased on the
west side of the plaza and which they
propose to fit up elegantly, both bar
rnd club rooms. . Mr. and Mrs. Duval
will continue to manage the Plaza
hotel dining room under the new
Fine Apples.
Oranges and
Lemons, a
Fine line of
Green veg
etables, at
(Successor Uj L. U. llofmeWter.)
Will F,ai:p boarded the early tram
for Trinidad this morning.
S. O. Stewart drove In today from
his ranch at Sanches, N. M.
H. W. Kelly returned on the noon
tram from a business trip south.
P. F. Peterson and wife left in re
turn to their home at Blosaburt to
James Davidson, La Junta: H. T.
O'Brien, Chicago, 111.; are registered
at the Plaza hotel.
Charles Blanchard has returned
from a trip north where he had been
placing orders for hardware.
t A large number of the Normal stu
dents spent the afternoon In the Hot
Springs canon today skating.
J. F. Williams, formerly a Las Ve
gas business man, but now of Cerril-
los, Is in the city shaking hands with
old friends.
Mrs. Hattle Reed, nee Sebben, has
gone down to Bland, at which pros
perous mining town her husband has
purchased a small grocery.
Mrs. I. B. Mansen, Nebraska City;
Horace B. Holmes, St Louis, and
Jesse H. Holmes, Jr., St Louis, ere
at the EI Dorado. '
Jefferson Reynolds, the Las Vegas
banker, who is Interested In Hanover
mines, was In the city Saturday, says
the Silver City Independent
E. B. Welch, general manager for
the Home Comfort Range Co., - is
down from Denver looking after the
interests of the company in this neck
o' the woods.
Miss Annie Herlow enjoyed her
visit to mother, sister and friends in
Santa Fe to the extent of missing the
train and getting home a day be
hind schedule time.
Chas. Kohn and wife arrived on No,
17 today from Chicago. Mr. Kohn ia
a cousin of Slg Nahm and will enter
the employe of Stern & Nahm, the
Bridge street merchants.
Judge Booth passed through for the
south yesterday, enroute for River
side, California, where he will visit
his son for the next month and at the
same time try and regain his failing
Joseph Matt, Harvey's Ranch; Mr.
and Mrs. E. R. Cole, Kansas City;
Mrs. Johnson, Miss Johnson and Miss
Carpenter, Watrous; A. S. Fisher,
Mineral Hill; W. J.Bennlley, Raton
and Arnold and son, Santa Fe, are
registered at the New Optic.
Those registering from out of town
it the Castaneda yesterday were:
M. W. Mills, Springer; Mrs. T. T.
Brown, Humboldt Neb.; Mrs, T, T.
ran, Albuquerque, and C. E. Perry,
Santa Fe.
Anastaclo Chavez, who has been
doing some development work on the
Peterson and Roberts copper pros
pect, at Agua Zarca, six miles west
of this city, was badly injured this
morning, by an explosion; which sent
the rocks flying in every direction,
badly lacerating his hand and horri
bly cutting his face. It is also feared
that his eyesight was Injured. Thq
injured man was brought to the city
for surgical and medical treatment.
Deputy Sheriff Ralnbolt, of Chavez
County, Shot by an Outlaw Whom
He Was Pursuing. .
A recent dispatch from Engle, N.
M., conveys the Information that
William Ralnbolt, chief deputy sher
iff of Chavez county, was shot and
probably mortally wounded Christ
mas day during an encounter with
ho two desperadoes he and many
other deputies have been pursuing for
two weeks.
Juan Gonzales, a rancher living
near Palomas, a Mexican settlement
twenty-six miles west of . Engle,
brought in the news. Gonzales says
Rainbolt was brought Into Palomas
,y one of his assistants, a man named
Allen, and that he was shot twice in
the chest, and that it is believed he
has one fatal wound.
From the story obtained from Gon
zales it appears that the chief deputy
tnd Allen encountered the two men
rhey had been trailing on the opea
rrairie, and when within convenient
nailing range ordered the fugitives to
surrender. Instead, one of the rob
bers immediately whipped out a re
volver from its scabbard ' and fired
several shots in quick succession, two
of the bullets striking Rainbolt, who
toppled from his horse. ,' The out
laws then galloped away.
Allen conveyed his wounded com
rade to Palomas, the nearest settle
ment, where he ia hovering between
life and death.
.One of the peace officers reached
i:ngle the following day on horseback.
Fourteen officers have been hunting
rnese cut-throats for twelve dJvs
and the posse has been scattered in
various directions over the Dlains.
Rainbolt is a single man, and his
home is in Roswell, N. M. He is a
popular and fearless young officer.
Advertisea Letter List.
- List of letters remaining uncalled
ror in this office Dec. 20, 1899. ,
Anderson, N. K. Moore, Chas.
Baume, Mattle McKenzie, Everett
Brown, Wilford Bu Martinez, Jose' Ma.
Barr, John
Bownes, Chas.
Connett, W. I.
Clark, Robt.
Chaves, Senor
Edwards, A. J.
Foster, R. L.
Fox, Allen -
Norton, N." D.
Parry, N. R.
Quinlane, Roman
Reeds, M. W.
Rodarte, Jose de
Richardson, G. A'
Snyder, D. E. -Spooner,
Gonzales, Jose M. Ptrebig, I. J.'
Gallegos, Andres Sheppard, C. W.
Holbrook, E. K. Smith, Emmie
Hered, Harry Schrader, John A.
Hills, W. F. Traverse, A.
Jaramillo, Dolorites Wheeler, W. H.
Jones, Geo. Wood, Belle
Martinez, Martina Webb, Chas.
Kivers, Daniel Wilkerman, Jack
Morey, N. A. Wolfel, Fred
Wilcox, Edward Wood, Belle
Persons calling for these letters will
please say "advertised."
liKAK MaLja.m: I
In my itinoc-oce I purchased in New
York (1(A) miles from berr) a jar of
It brought nie great trooble.aod one
of three Uiicgs must occur:
1. i ou must stop niHkitig them; or,
2. 1 roust grtlbem at less expense; or,
3. I n a ruined man.
Mnc my first venture I've had many
' jn." My family from early morn
ery "Pickles;" neighbors ring the door
bell and thoui 1'icklet;" relatives visit
ma in expectation of "Tickles." Your
pickles are my Nemesis, Please, Dear
Madam, quote them by the Keg. Barrel,
Iloirshead, Ton or shipload, and "pre
serve" me. Your very truly.
Mrs. E. U. KIUD, Richmond, Ya.
Conductor Stimmel has resumed his
run on the Hot Springs branch.
Superintendent J. E. Hurley went
south in his special car yesterday.
Conductor John Notgrass has Chas.
Stevenson's run while the latter is off
sick. -j. :
Engineer Jack Lowe will spend the
next thirty days visiting relatives in
Passenger Brakeman A. D." Miles
Is on the Hot Springs branch having
relieved Brakeman McDonald.
Fireman Louden and Mock have re
signed the'r positions at this place
to accept similar ones with the South
ern Pacific Co.
Fireman Henry' and family, all of
whom are just recovering from an
attack of typhoid fever, will leave for
Guthrie, Oklahoma, about the first
of the year, for the purpose of re
cuperating. They expect to be gone
for about six weeks.
FrKay morning, Guadalupe Sacr-ino,
the switch lamp man of the Santa Fe
Pacific at Gallup, was on his way to
the Calalha switch, a mile east, to
move and fill the lamps, and was run
down and immediately killed by a
light engine backing up the Zuni sid
ing. George A. Foley, a few years S
telegraph operator at the Santa Fe
rsllroad station in this city was mur
dered at Perry, Kans. Only last year
he was married to Lydia Smith of this
city, who before her marriage was 'a
milliner in the employ of Gusdoi-f &
Dolan. Mr. Foley was a member pf
Hiram lodge, A. F. & A. M. at San
Marcial and was also well known at
Rlncon and Albuquerque. New Mex
ican. '
The Lackawanna Railroad is the
cleanest railroad In. America. - Even
tnough it cared little for the comfort
of ts passengers, which it does, ' it
probably would 'burn 'hard coal, for
the reason that it owns the most ex
tensive anthracite coal mines in Penn
sylvania, and it is cheaper for It to
burn hard coal, which makes no
smoke, than soft. At any rate, there
is no smoke from Its locomotives.
It is built for the most, part through
the mountains where the rock Is the
material easiest of access, - and its
roadbed for that reason is rock-ballasted.
On yesterday afternoon two young
ladies (?), whose reputation for mor
ality and purity of character Is not the
best. in the world, were before Judge
Wooster and pleaded guilty to the
charge of maliciously assaulting thq
room of another young woman with tne
intent of doing her bodily harm. Af
'er a thorough examination of Jthe case
and hearing the testimony of : several
young men who "Just happened',' to be
present at the time, (about midnight)
the judge assessed the smallest possi
ble fine, $5 each and costs, amount
ing in all to f 16, with the promise
that if the offence was repeated they
would be fined to the limit Consid
oration for the families of these young
nen is all that prompts The Optic
to withhold their names and should
they ever be connected with such an
affair again their names will be made
common property.
Acting Governor Wallace, in ac
cordance with the annual custom, has
pardoned Henry Brooks, a negro serv
ing a life sentence in the peniten
tiary for killing two persons in Grant
county. The pardon is conditional
upon Brooks never again touching
n drop of liquor and upon good be
havior. Brooks has served eight
years of his sentence. 'Before "com
mitting the murders he served fifteen
years in the army under Col. Shatter
and Major Keyes, and his military
record is without a flaw. In the peni
tentiary he was an exemplary pris
oner, and a leader in the Christian
Endeavor society. Mitigating circum
stances of his crime were lately dis
Delicious ice cream and hot coffee
served at Lewis & Coddington's Sun
day and Monday. . , ?6-2t '
Notice, V?,;:;
All persons who feel like forward
ing the welfare of this city, will very
much oblige the management of the
"Humanitarian Home" by handing in
the names of their friends and ac
quaintances in the states, to the un
dersigned, that free copies of the pa
per may be sent to them from the
office, opposltie San Miguel National
bank. M. O'SULLIVAN.
43-tf. Editor
A six room furnished cottage (for
rent with all conveniences. Hot and
cold water. Apply Manager Green-.
icui, not eprmg3, . a. 294-tf
If you want an express wagon ring
up J. J. Crawford, Clay A Givens,
both 'phones. 244-tf
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab,
t8. All drnpgists refund the money
If it fails to cure, 25c. The genuine has
L. 15. Q. on each tablet , 248-6m
For funeral supplies, monuments and
cut flowers go to Dearth, the under
taker. I. O. O. F. cemetery trustee
Uoth 'phones. 28-tf
atiie sot, ,ii Licm.
Daily at Santa Fe.
Wednesday morning the New
Mexico Educational association
in the absence of President JorJan
was called to order by C. L. Herrick.
president of the university at Albu
querque. The association was led in
prayer, by Rev. A. A, Hyde, of the
M. E. church. Professor . Herrick
was elected president of the associa
tion, and Miss Mclntyre, of Gallup,
peeretary pro. tern., after which an
adjournment was taken until 2 p. m.
The afternoon meeting Wednesday
was called to order by the president
at 2 p. m.
The first paper was "The Begin
nings of Moral Training." In the ab
sence of the author. Professor Had
ley was chosen to read the paper.
Professor Hadley, President Hewett
Professor Hodgin and Professor Mo
Clellan discussed" the subject and
brought out many good points. i
The next paper,"The Kindergarten,"
was read by President C. M. Light
The paper showed careful preparation
and was listened to with 'interest
The topic was ably discussed by Miss
Hill of Las Vegas.
Mrs. Weltmer then read a papej. on
"The School and the Home." Profes
sor A. B. Stroup followed with "some
good ideas on the subject. ,
The attendance during the after
noon session was about 100, a' much
better attendance than usual for a
day session. .
The exercises and reception , Wed
nesday evening constituted a note
worthy event. In the dining room of
the Palace hotel, which was prettily
decorated with evergreens, a large
audience assembled. Hon. George
H. Wallace secretary of the territory,
made an eloquent address of welcome.
Hte dwelt on the progress - that had
been made In educational matters in
the territory despite drawbacks which
seemed insurmountable, and declared
that New Mexico need not be asham
ed of Its Educational facilities, which
compare favorably with those of other
Professor C. E. Hodgin, principal
of the Normal department of the
University of Albuquerque responded.
KTe reviewed the history of the educa
tional association, which . tnirieen
years ago was founded in Santa Fe
mainly through the efforts of Santa
Fe residents at that time.,, He is the
only "original member of the associa
tion still in the territory. Professor
C. L. Herrick, in the absence of Presi
dent Jordan, of the association, made
the annual address. Discarding . a
learned peroration which he had pre
pared he took his hearers upon a jour
ney into the fields and woods ana des
cribed very entertainingly phases oi
Dlant and animal life whlcb are known
only to close observers and Btudents,
nd drew lessons therefrom lor uie
eW and the pvipil. He referred
. unrii heine done by tbe unl-'
verslty of Albuquerque in a scientific
way' to demonstrate that the. atmos
phere of New, Mexico contains,, but
few of the noxious bacteria found in
the atmosphere of low and moist
levels, and the studies being made at
the university laboratory of means
to destroy the power of even those
few noxious bacteria found In this sec
tion. - i
The audience then went to the par
iors of the Palace hotel to assist the.
Woman's Board of Trade In tendering.
i reception to the visiting teachers,
The reception committee consisted of
Secretary and Mrs. Prince, Mrs. E. P.
Crlchton, Mrs. Rlvenburg and Solici
tor General E. L. Bartlett. The teach
ers and others were in. turn introduc
ed to the committee, and an hour or
t Jo cnont verv enioyable in a
'social manner. About 200. people at
tended the reception. One of the sur
prises of the affair was the delightful
mil as ran Hered bv an orchestra of
local musicians' recently organized.
The association was called to order"
Thursday morning by the president.
In the absence of the secretary, Miss
Sorter was chosen pro . tem.
The following committees were ap
pointed: : Resolutions, Profs.. Hadley
and . Marsh and Miss Maggie Bucher;
place of " meeting, President Light,
Superintendent Chapman and Profes
sor Hodgin; nominating committee,.
Professor Richards, Professor Hickey
and Professor Cockrel; auditing, com
mittee, Professor J. A. Wood, Profes
sor Givens and Professor Drake.
; "The Physical Child" was the sub-
1ect of the first paper read by Profes
sor W. B. Givens. , Quite a discussion
followed the reading of the paper by a
number of members of the associa
tion. ! -
The Fresh-Air Crank.
The fall has passed and winter's here,
(Hey! Shut the door!)
Hot Scotches take the place of beer,
(Hey!, Shut the door!)
Old King Pneumonia's very near,
With Johnny Frost, his friend most
dear, -And
he's a boy for us to fear.
. (Hey! Shut the door!)
Twenty-Five years' Constant Use
Without a Failure
-The first indication of croup is
hoarseness, and in a child subject to
that disease it may be taken as a Sure
sign- of the approach of an attack.
Following this hoarseness is a pecu
liar rough cough. If . Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy is given as soon as th
child becomes . hoarse; or even after
the croupy cough appears, it will pre
vent the attack. . It is used In many
thousands of homes . in this broad
Ianif and never disappoints the anx
ious mothers. ' We have , Vet to learn
of a single Instance in which it has not
proved effectual. No othe? prepara
tion can show such a record" twenty
five years' constant use without a
failure. For sale by K. D. Goodall,
druggist. "
Notice to Railway Emcloves.
Twenty-one jewel Elgin, or any
other gentleman's or lady's waU'h
that I carry in stock can be purchaMHl
on installments of $5.00 a month. P.
II. Doll, Sixth street jeweler. 41) u
Our tailored costumes for ladies have been given by a!l the
first place for high style, fine fit and perfect finish, so, when we
offer to give buyers our profits on what suits are still on hand
they know that, at the same time, they will get at lowest cost
Uncommon Excellence and Elegance."
, SUIT5 FOR $5.oo--VERE $7.50.
3 suits of medium weight, all wool coveit cloth, two brown,
one grey mixed, neatly made, properly finwhed, skirts lined
with corded percaline, jackets with sateen, $5.00. Two
others at 55 are of black camels hair (not all wool) but will
wear and hold color w;th full a itisfaction ; they are especially
well gotten up with over-lap seams .and full lined jacketr .
; these were leaders at $6.50 now but So.
$16.50 cut to $10.
Swell suit of grey and black home
spun; jacket lined with rich cerise
satin and finished with inlaid velvet
collar. There is but one suit, size
16, and it is a great bargain for some
Mucky lady at 110. Ou
One fine suit In Red fern style
made from heavy black court cloth,
refined and elegant in every detail of
the work and in general effect; it is
size 34 and you can have it at seven
dollars less than its first value at
These suits mentioned are bnt an index to the unparalleled
values offered in this clearing sale of choice garments
and costumes. '
Such an Opportunity is "Golden."
and will not recur ngain in a year. Is it necessary t
. urge acceptance of such bargin chances? A word to
the wise ;
i. i r
Gnat Mi W SALE Before toitorj
$6.50 Ladies' Jackets, Reduced to $4.00
6.75 Ladles' Jackets, Reduced to 495
8 oo Ladies' Jackets, Reduced to' ().00
8.50 Lad'es' Jackets, Reduced to 6.5O
10.00 Ladies' Jackets,, Reduced to 8.00
13.50 Ladies' Jackets, Reduced to, II.5O
Great Clearing Sale of Ladies Capes, Chil
dren's and Misses' Jackets -
. - ' 121 Sixth
Ladies' Fine Kid Slippers
- in all the Latest Styles. Also
a nice line of Ladies' Felt
Masonic Temple.
Special Sale
Muslin Underwear
This Week ;
Good Values Offered.
The remainder of bur ,
Holiday, and Fancy
Goods sold at ex
tremely low figures.
. $12 CUt tO $6.75.
All wool black camels hair serge,
satin serge lined jacket a suit that
will distinguish its wearer at once as
a person of taste be it in street, at
church or on the train a most' re
markable bargain, (one suit only).
Special 13.85 suits of light weight
navy flannel with silk serge jacket
lining and full lined skirt all finished
with neat stitching the work alone
would appear worth more than this In
significant price, $3.85, to close.
Shoe Co.
u u .?
. I .
Wi: vtih to call your attention to just one iu-ni
out of our large tt-;k if Clutlaog:
Wc have too many Boys' Knee Panta,
We have enough to supply every toy in town end
then we would have some left.
X C They Are Good Ones, Too.
Don't your boy need a pair of school pants?
If ho does, you can save money by buying
them here. The prices raDge from 35 cents to
$1.50 per pair.
Wo Have No Shoddy Goods.
R. R. Ave. M. GREENBERGER, Propr.
Majestic fitoblc Iron Roups.
sK mjtstc
$5! HFG.CI1.
The finest Heating Stoves that ever
rolled into Las Vegas, and
Better quality, handsomer finish, or superior grade of work
cannot bo found in any other range. Price within your
reach. Come and see them. Everything jy the Hard
Masonic Temple.
Just the Thing
The King Among
Anybhing you want in the Hardware line.
Sixth Street.
Established 188 1.
Sixth bnd Douglas Aves., East Las Vegas, N. M
tmprod and Onlmprored Lands and City Property for Ml. Investment made and
sktMndad to for non-realdeata. Title .xamlned. r.nrs collected and taxes paid.
P. O. HOGSETT, Proprietor.
4 m m mm m m m m m w a n- w j y
1 - Railroad Ave. S
J ' Ranch trade a specialty.
m Highest prices paid for wool, hides and pelts.
S The Store
r of
8 Little
SZ' Prices.
Rosenthal Bros.
I TIi e Last Woik of 10
1 Our Furniture Department
tc Parlor Suites
Is Bedroom Suites
jg Folding Beds
Dining Tables
f Hall Trees Brass and Enameled Bedss
Side-Boards- Secretaries 5
fi China Closets Desks of all kinds i
sj At . A 3
and tveryinmg pertaining
7 11 IMUl.'Mjl'U'liMl
0 sisiissS
1 mimuni
Don"t buy a range bf cause its
Drst cos is Ef. Thick of fbe
second cost. An old-iasbiuriKl
Bro place is about as good for
cookiog ss most of ihe elitBp cast
iron and cast, iron end Met I. eo
csllert "ranges"' advertised.
Tbtj're made to sell not to bske.
. n Majestic Malleable Iron fcnge
modern, up-to-date, will last a
life time, save toil, time, trouble,
worry, fuel and repairs, give
quick, dependable resulis and hot
water in abundance. Allsizisin
stock. No trouble to show tlitra.
Hardware Store,
- : - East Las Vegas.
for Cold Weather,
Heating Stoves.
P. C. Hogsett, Notary Public
Where jS
Dollars 3
Do 3
Full Duty 3
Ml M fm
at Rosenthal Bros. 3
during the Holiday Season was a winner, in fact, jS
many an empty space shows from where the
goods were told. Before taking our annual lN-rS
VENTORY wo offer special inducements in ourS
Furniture Department, which comprises: S
Morris Reclining Chair,
Fancy Rockers
Beautiful Couches
Fancy Tables
Bed Lounges
Dining Chairs
to a Furniture Department. 54
imi'i mm imjij pu" huh mnn?

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