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chase a 6 a CDP.
Ki'ra Kun y Hio per pourisl 1
Tl-ltr.:lI Q r.!."ul, pi-r pound.. 'A
..Svjc j
. .3"sfl
" Our Own Jtrtiinf. pr pound can,t
Aftr IX: n- j Mixture, per pound
Giiiitani.o v per pound
3"c :
M'l.f .u!"- per
pound-...' .Ct f
!-.. .
i - per pu'iuu
Mark Java, per pound.
J' M.;k Java, per pound.... 40e
!"v!Tft Moi-lia and Java, per pound, 40c
j !,e&t Mamlhellng Java, per lb...4."c
(n.j ind can Seal Brand 40c
.1 wo l'Dund Can Seal Brand,.
Two pound can Franklin McVeigh's
T ; S3c
Thrfe pound can Caracoa ....J.$l.Q0
Three pound can Fancy M.A-.J....J1.00
Try thesi and be convineed.
Ofocers and Bakers,
r Sixth St.
Afvcfiltini lu first local column, ag cenln
line: n other clumii, io cents line. For
nufwi Caislflel advertisements. For Sale,
t or Rent, Wanted, etc., sea classified co'nma
e . second psfe. for ntes oa Ions; time locate
call at effk-t.
Still sticking to It
Hope so!
-your pledge, eh?
Advertise In The
the ticket.
0 p 1 1 c that's
Wirt. Oullennann Is helping out on
the ooks and accounts at Appel
.Brost,H ,r i '
Mighty--good reading matter in
Railroad column on third page this
evening '
The' city school
called to' meet on
board has been
Monday evening,
A train" of Bain wagons, new shlp-
uenf. ' llnpd up at Charles Ilfold's es
tabllshraent yesterday.
Wm.Doering, of EvanBville, is i
newly pnployed face scraper at the
Metropolitan tor serial parlors.
A regular mc sting of the east side
Are tjepartmeci v. Hi be held Thurs
day, January 4, at the city hall.
Everything (.uite quiet in court
house corrido s, uow that the judicial
mill has shut down operations.
Start out. in the new year by giving
your local dally a more hearty sup
port ' ft 'la fn every way deserving of
it. :- ;
Said, to be a line opening for a
blacksmith over at Mora, as the
present shop there Is about to .close
Its doors. -
' The two children of Charles Rob
bins are at home from a visit to the
tamlly:. of Conductor- Barry, over in
the ancient' -
The local wit who remarked that
the water .In the mains yesterday
wasn't iWorth' .a dam was mistaken,
after all.'' Two dams had been washed
out.; if '
'A (14ncc was give at Rosenthal hail
Monday night under the auspices cf
a number of the colored ladles of the
city.' It was well attended, and great
ly enjoyed."
., From' a letter received by her bus--i'lund
yesterday It Is learned that the
ifealth ,of Mrs.; jf. C. TJromogenn Is
much Improved by her sojourn in Al
buquerque. "
; The Lewis Shoe and Clothing com
pany has received a large, handsome
new fashion book of spring' and sum
mer clothing for 1900. It arrived on
New 1 ear's day.
Indian foot ball game In Albuquer
que today. In Santa Fe tomorrow,
and a game can be arranged for La
Vegas, the next day, If the matter be
promptly attended to.
O. L. Houghton( of this" city who
has been in the east for some time,
write? to friends in this city informing
them of the death of his mother; Sat
urday last, at Emporia, Kas.
John Frldf" who was with the
Sehuerman bicycle establishment for
several months, has opened , up in bus
iness for himself on Sixth street, in
the room occupied, by HRisch.
' ' -V
; The premises of Elder S. L. Barker,
nut on the Mora road, were trespassed
upon In the absence -of the owner at
the ranch and a shed pillaged of near
ly every portable thing It contained.
People at a distance Judge a town
largely by the appearance of the news
papers published in .it -That The
Optic does credit to Jjaa Vegas in
the eyes of strangers, .goes ."without
It must be awfully dry down at El
Paso, as some of Its. citizens have to
send up to Las Vegas for news that
Is. New Mexico news." Last evening's
Optic will furnish them just about
what is needed,
Big paper again this evening, but
that's nothing new for The Optic,
these days, y Its -course will be on-
-ward and upward till It finally reaches
the goal of Its ambition. Not very far
off either. It Isn't
H. B. Smith, the tonsorial artist who
l.as been holding down a chair In
"imor.'s barber shop, - will open up
1 ysiness for himself next Monday In
the old, H. Romero & Bro. building on
the northeast corner of the plaza.
Just Received!
Genuine Impotted Smyrna Figs
v- Umbrella Vig,
v i . : .Persian 'Dates, -
MAlajfa Imperial Cluster Kaisins,
1 s - -
Cast all zed Ginger, and others too
v'v" ftmuneioftff to mention '
f:-Kif flttt "ever placed on
m l.as Vegntf -'-,- ; -' "
f - i r . .vc yi' : -
Alr. W. S.-Xs-ifcey' coatil'Jt to im-
n bio 'y.
:-5, Kottcngottta is reported very
rn.n-.c A. .F. Eainea U reported
Bruiifcly 1H ,Flt! the
"I.TrrfT J
' E." Moore
was conBnftl to
tkt rmjm ana Leu yesterday.
Marie Schaefer In convalescing
from an attack of tongllltla. "
Mrs. , Orlando Smith recently suf
fered a "third" str&Ve of paralysis.
CTtij;vQttJoi' L Rivera, a typhoid
fever pationt. la mending nicely.
Mrs. Vhlte, w ho has been employed
fn the household of Harry Fox, la
patient t the Home, threatened with
in attack of typhoid fever.
Mr. H. W. Gildemeiater, who ar
rived In the city a couple of weeks
go with her husband, 1 suffering
with an attack of rheumatism. '
CerHficates Required of Teachers.
M C. de Baca, superintendent of
public instruction, has sent out the
following notice to county achool au-
perlntendenta: '
Sar.ta Fe, N.' M.r January 2, 1900.
To the County School Superintendent
of the Territory of New Mexico:
Whereas, It has come to my knowl
edge that In certain achool district
tn this territory the school directors
thereof have contracted and employed
persons who are not qualified to
teach In the public schools, and not
rclng the holder of certificates Is
cued by the county board of examin
ers, therefore the county school super
intendents are hereby Instructed and
directed not to approve any warrant
drawn by school director to any per
son and teacher who is not qualified
and does not hold a teacher's certifi
cate -Issued by the county board of
oxamlners as provided by law.
M. C. de BACA,
Superintendent of Public Ins tract loo.
Plaza Hotel Management
What was meant la The Optic
last evening in announcing the new
management ftt the Plaza hotel, by
the original expression, "A new broom
fweeps clean," was that J. E. Moore,
'he new mine host, was giving the
three-story brick a thorough cleaning
and overhauling generally. Among
other improvements will be the intro
duction of the latest Improved dlsln-
fector which will be turned loose in
rooms as soon as vacated, thereby
assuring the best sanitary conditions.
Mr Moore will retain his present po
sition with Myer Friedman & Bro.
the Plaza being conducted by his wife.
His brother, Charles, the railroad
conductor on a leave of absence for
sixty days, is "temporarily in charge
of. the office during the illness of
Mr3. Moore. The kitchen and dining
room will still remain under the
charge of Mr. and Mrs. A. Duval, the
popular caterers who have been tick
ling the palates of the people in these
parts for many years.
McCarthy'a Mishaps Tonight. .
Barney Ferguson is on hand to
play the role of the unfortunate Mc
Carthy, and he is supported by a
full complement of comedians, danc
ers and pretty glrla to round out the
grotesque Btage pictures. The enter
Ininment opens with McCarthy
among the ballet tfancera, then makes
hint the victim of a picnic party, and
fnally lands him at home after the
honeymoon somewhat broken up by
bis numerous strange misadventures,
Milwaukee (Wis.) Sentinel, Oct 1,
1819. At the Duncan opera . house
tonight- " ; .
Ignacio Trujilio died suddenly of
Meart disease In Santa Fe yesterday
;ind was burled today. He was an
uncle of Vicente P. Romero, an at
tache of this office.
The babe of Mr. and Mrs. Cleofas
liomero was Interred this afternoon
from the west side Catholic Church.
Dionlcla Lucero de Romero, of the
cast side, was burled today.
N. S. Be'iden was fortunate enough
to win the handsome and valuable
real skin sacque at raffle at The-Antlers
on Saturday evening. He threw
II. ... ,-.
Mrs. Benlgno Romero's crazy quilt
was won at raffle Jointly by Mrs. S.
T ujan and Jesus Trujilio, both throw
ing 42. - '
In speaking of the performance of
"McCarthy's Mishaps," which will ap
pear at the Duncan tonight, the Albu
querque Citizen says: "Barney Fergu
son and his company of fun makers
completed their engagement a.t Or-
chrestrion hall last night A fair
sized audience was present and every
one declared that a better comedy has
not been seen in this city this season.
"McCarthy's Mishaps" will not soon be
forgotten and It Is safe to say that
f the company ever visits Albuquer
que again, a full house will be assured
"es.. Barney and company made a de
cidedly goodhlt here." -
j . '
C A. Fortmann, late of Jackson,
Minn., formerly of Canton, Ohio, who
came here a few weeks ago for the
benefit of Mrs. Portmann's health.bas
concluded to, remain" In the city per
manently and Will probably take the
management of a new drug business
to ge opened, poco tletnpo. ' ;
Beginning this, (Wednesday) even
ing at 8 o'clock, there will be given in
the First Methodist church a series
nf lectures on the "Life of Christ'
These lectures will be carefully pre
pared and illustrative each week of
the next Sunday's S. S. lesson. AH
Interested In such a series of Bible
ntudy are cordially Invited to be pres
ent '
It. is expected that the decision in
Iho case of the City of Las Vegas vs.
A gua Pura company will be handed
iViwn today by the supreme court, now
in session at Santa Fo. It will be ob-
tained as soon as possible by The
o p 1 1 c.and tinless It Is so volumln-
o-.is as to prohibit Its publication it
will be published In these columns in
f u.1!
r i'n r,0Va.,t wI7"w0a in -
formed this afternoon of tho hurtful
f-t tltftt the January Issue of Mun-
M,acazln contain an article on
1 man from Las Vegas. Thero"ale' "'K- D- Goodall, Druggist
CAHUOLL w 111 t'AKEIi,
SafotiiTiEs. X. Y., Jq!j 81, 15.i.
In ipt Illoc-dc;j I purcfissed In ew
York (1 JO CiUes from a jar of
It brought m great trouble, and cue
of thre ttiiDfi must occur:
1. You roust shp tu .kn g t.iem; c,
!. I must (tliliem at Icm xpe.iit;or,
3. i in a ruined man.
bine my tlist venture I've had many
jn." My lauiiiT ifotn uny morn
ly "Pitkin, oHahbora nn me ooor
b I and shout J'u kU;" relative visit
nie In fipeclatlnn of Tiois. 1 our
pickles are my Nemesis I'lease, Dear
Maaam, quo IDem oy in ivef. narrei,
H.-eieMd, Ton rr hiplod, and "pre
serve ' me. Tour cry truly.
CA l!l((ll,l WUITAKEIL
Mrs. E. U. KIDl, Kichmoud, Va.
aren't aa many bad men 4a these parts
In proportion to the number of tnhabl
i ants as there are in Gotham,' but
tMs is a tact that some misinformed
people back east will not allow tiiem
selves to believe. However, it is sot
to much the people who are to blame
for these damaging thrusts at New
Mexico cities and towna as it Is the
penny-a-line- space writer for -the
dally papers and magazines. Some
body write a com. to Mr. Munsey's
magazine. Twltchell might do it to
good effect " ' " i
Sam Block, a traveling salesman
who haa been coming to Las Vegaa
for the past twenty years, but who
has not been among us for five years,
was making the rounds of the city
yesterday. The town had improved
fo greatly in his absence that he
experienced some difficulty in locating
bis old customers not on account of
rmoals, but because of many en
largementa and other metropolitan
Improvements made. Sam- pins his
faith to the Meadow City and might
conclude to stake down here - and
grow up with the -country, upon Ills
retirement from business. ,
The Fraternal Brotherhood has se-'.-
ired sufiiclent members for ft char
ter, but will, In order to explain the
p'an and workings of the order to
those whom the representatives have
tiOt met, hold an open meeting on
F"lday evening at 7:30 In K. of P,
liirll, which will be addressed by Mrs,
IS. R. Neidlg, supreme vice-president
of the order. The order has many
good business like features that are
well worth the serious attention of
those who desire , good fraternal In
surance! " ..!"'" '," . .'2
At the meetins of Diamond Lodge
No. 4. A. O. U. W.', last night 'the fol
lowing officers were ' installed: Mas
ter workman, V. II. Jameson;' foreman,
O. L. Gregory; overseer,tC- Wiegand;
puide, 'A. Maloney; jlnplde Watchman,
Thomhlll: outside. watchman, W.
T. Treverton. : In aQOprfgtice ; ' with
the constitution of the Arizona' and
New Mexico' jurisdiction the recorder,
financier and' receiver hold over until
July. , . ' '-.'.' . .. .,,
Axi indignation meeting , has'-- been
cured at the court housed this' even
ing to remonstrate.. against' the' action
of certain citizens in circulating a
petition asking for the removal from
office of our present sheriff, Jose G.
Montano. The ' petition has not yet
bfen presented at The; Optic of
fice for signatures, though it was on
tip in the probate clerk's office. Won
ilr, it Is, that the party who took It
in wasn't booted out unceremoniously;
Judge F, W. Parker, at Las Cruces,
yesterday rendered a decision, in the
Elephant Butte dam case, which is In
f.ivor of the company and the injunc
tion, which was to restrain the com
pany from building, has been dismiss
ed. .The decision holds-that the wa
ters. that pass El Paeo reach the head
of navigation but doubts ihat they are
in sufficient quantity to affect the nav
igability of the stream. ,
-'- , mm I.,' i.v "-.-- -.
Walt G. Benjamin - who is now
paying a lqng-contemplated visit to
lis aged and wealthy .father in Louis
ville Ky'.,. has wired the. compliments
f 'the .'season to all of bis friends and
Iho' enemy or twcr he may possibly
have in; New Mexico..- Walt wlll .be
at, the top' of the financial heap, -one
of these days, but he will then be no
better fellow as the world has It than
he is todayi -."' '-
' The' New Year's reception given by
Mrs. Kellogg -and. her, Sunday school
clnss wan a brilliant, social success.
From 2 o'clock till 5 the rooms were
crowded with callers who came with
the greetings of the season to the
young hostesses and their chaperon.
The year book of the class showed
the names of fifty-one visitors.
The public installation of the newly
elected officers of the Woodmen of
the World will be. held at the J. 0, U.
A. M. hall on Sixth street" thf even
'ng. The ladles' auxiliary, the Wood
men Circle, will be there with well
filled baskets and a big time Is antici
pated. ,
Cutlery at Gehring's.
. This office Is in receipt of an Invi
tation to be present at the banquet
to be given at the Palace hotel. in
Santa Fe on the occasion of the four
teenth annual meeting of the New
Mexico bar association. The social
event occurs this evening.
The illustrated blotters handed
around by The Optic manage
ment are as serviceable aa they are
Having a Great Run on Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy.
Manager Martin, of the Plerson
drug store. Informs us that he Is hav
ing a great run ,on Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. He selU five b'ofTfes
of that medicine to one of any other
kind, and it gives great satisfaction
In these days of lagrlppe there is
nothing like Chamberlain's Cough
- Remedy to stop the cough, heal up tTie
sore throat and lungs and give relief
! within a very short time. The sales
are growing,' and all who try it are
with Its prompt action.
"th Chicago Daily Calumet. For
Philip Maxson la Isaek from Needles,
John James h-ft for his country
ome totiay.
- T
Mrs. Frank Trambley drove out to
Rociada today.
C. S. Long boarded the morning
train for the cast.
F F. Zumm&ch la in town from
nis Rociada ranch..
r-. iuauivu nidi to iwi .ota
.-n the morning train.
Mellton Narvarez is down from Ra
ton on legal business.
Charles Ilfeld was a passenger up
from Albuquerque this morning.
Mrs. Wilt Brown went across the
mountains to Santa Fe yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Howry left the
Hot Springs for Ixis Angeles today.
F A. . Manzanaros and 'M. i W.
Browne departed for El Paso thi3 af
Rev. S. Persone arrived from Trin-
dad this afternoon; Judge. II. L. Waldo
from KanHas City. " . ,
Simon Vorenberg the Mora mer
chant, Is in town, also Green Maxey,
from Puerto de Luna. ?
John Coleman, ranchman, loft this
morning for the ranch, the old Porter
place, north of Liberty. 1 ' ,
M. Callers, New York, and H. H.
McGulre are recent arrivals .a.t the
Rawlins rooming house.
Jose Quintana Is In town from ;up-
ner Los uoionias; also, upu-amo
Gonzales, alcalde In precinct 3.
Mrs. B. A. Read, who has been the
guest of Geo. P. Money and family
ticketed herself to Phoenix, Ariz.
Wolf -Goodman, -representing the
Selnshelmer Paper Co., Cincinnati, la
paying his Initial visit to Las Vegas.
Emery, Bailey, nephew of W. G.
Hunter, took the afternoon train for
Cerrlllos, at which place he is pro
prietor of a meat market.
Miss Mary LaRue, who has befen
down at Santa Fe, the guest of -Mrs-.
M. A. Otero, wife of the governor,
returned home yesterday.
I John Larson, whose dally task is to
Ireep the Rawlins rooming house in
SDDle-Die order and does it, has re
turned from a trip to the mountains.
Mrs. Daniel Cassldy, accompanied
by the son and daughter of Jam3
Dougherty, left for St. Louis today
to spend some weeks with the family
of the latter. ;
Don Juan Navarro, who has been at
tending a meeting of the penitentiary
board, of which he Is a member.
tn return from Santa Fe, en route- to
his home at Mora.
Eugenlo Gallegos and Pedro Gon
zales came up from Rowe today; Ma-
carlo Gallegos, Daniel Cassldy, Lu
ciano Gallegos, Mbraltes, help enliven
ur-streets today., " " 1
W. E. Howry, Wahpeton, N. D
Mrs. M: D. Holt, Kentucky Jno. C,
FisR, St. Louis; G. H. Frisky, Staf
ford, Kan. ; H. E. Harris, Owensboro
Ky., at the Castaneda today.
Mrs. F. P. McClure, who came to
this city several months ago for health
reasons,' together with two children,
left on No. 17 Sunday for El Paso to
make that city their future residence.
Jack Keely, Raton; E. Chas. Hlg
gins, Chicago; Daniel Cassldy and
daughter. Miss Maggie, Miss G. M,
Dougherty,, Cleveland; Charles
Dougherty, Channing, Texas; "Bias
Sanchez, Chacon, ink their cognomens
on the Plaza hotel register.
Mrs. D. A. Baun, who came here
about a week ago from Cleveland
Ohio.1 taking rooms at the El Dorado
hotel, left yesterday on No. 17 for El
Paso, having come to the concluslom
that a lower; altitude -would bo better
for the daughter, who has heart trou
ble. ..: .' .-: -" .'...-:';
Mrs. Sutherland and son; of Maa-i
nlng. ill., are tn the city to spend. the
balance of the winter months ; and
have engaged rooms in the P. C. Car
penter residence. Mrs. Sutherland
's the 'wife of President Sutherland
t the First National bank cf that
.city.. . ; . . r"
Rev. J. J. Gilchrist spent Sunday
at -Agua Kegra and El Rlto, closing
the year with a very Interesting watch
eervlce. ;; At the eonimunion service,
Sunday hfternooh, five persona united
with the church, making . the total
uddltlona to church membership on
the Mora' field thirty-nine since April
1st.'- .-'
"Hannah Smith," who masqueraded
t.s "Santa Olaus" at the firemen's hall
the other evening, and whose Identity
had aroused considerable curiosity,
turns out to be Mrs. F. W. Fleck.who
won the prize tor the most original
ladles' costume.
James H. Atkins & Co. have sold
I heir grocery etore on National street
to A. C. Anderson, late of San Diego,
Calif - -
Notice to Railway Employes.
Twenty-one jewel Elgin, or any
other gentleman's or lady's watch
that 1 carry In stock can be purchased
on Installments of $5.00 a month. P.
II. Doll, Sixth street jeweler. 40t
The locally famous meals at tne
Plaza hotel are equal to the best to
be found anywhere. Superior food,
prepared by professional cooks, served
by courteous waiters from snowy
.tables, leaves, nothing to be desired.
Every meal Is a pleasant surprise and
a toothsome delight. 136-tf.
FOR RENT Rooms suitable for
lodging o light housekeeping over
store. Inquire Steam & Nahm
Bridge street. 24-tt.
Dr. C. H. Bradley, office and resi
dence on Sixth street, . facing Hill
side park, (the Henriques property.)
39-20 tf
f If you want an express wagon ring
up J. J. Crawford. Clay & Oivpng,
Doth 'phones. - 21-1-tf
TBke Laxative Brouio Quinine Tab
ets. All druggists refund the rao-'ey
I If it fails to cure, Vv. ' The genuine has
i L. 1J. Q. on each Uhtit. " 213 6m.
; mr- p ! , - I--
For funeral supplies, monuments and ;
cut" flowers go to Dearth, the under
taker. I. O. O. F. cemetery trim tee
j Both 'phones.
Inventory revealed tho fact that several xlil
pairs and a few slightly siled white blankets
' . ' . are cm hand and these we will ?tll this week
rort cash at a '
Shairo Reduction
from original price, "to clean them out."
Bargain pairs all wool California blankets, size COxSO,
one red, one blue border price $8, cut ti 15.
Bargain 2-- pairs extra heavy, fine, pure wool, Marytvilh.
blankets, 9-4 sizetheso are 810 blankets, but
being considerably soiled, will go for $5.50. cash.
Bargain 3--2 pairs California Crown blankets, very, heavy.
all wool, size 6Gx80, slightly soiled, so while worth
. fully their marked price, $9.75, they're yours for
$7. 25. ' 1 .
Rnrcfiin' a--One pair only of Sterling b'ankels, full 10-4 size,
.5 pound weight,
$3.25; but go
j.,-, On- pair Middlesex blankitsof good wtight and
full J 0-4 size,
Banrain - fairs Taney 1
t:ze, wen uoc,
not fsoued, ooa
Remember Big Sale Ladies Capes, Jack
- ets. Collarettes and Tailored Suits Goes
on Every Day, from 7 in the Morning till
6at night. ' ' ;
Gharles Ilf eld, The Plaza.
of every vestige of staple an l.reftu'arjfodds with astouodingly low
prices on everythimr, th.t to misn buyinjr them is to throw away
the greatest o portunify 'tb commence the New Year with.-. It's
seane in our power .to give an idea in a newspaper page the scope
r magnificence "of the preat bargains prepared for our patrouM
Dress Goods, JLuU IVs Wraps, Underwear, Fancy Goods, House
keeping o(mIs, Housekeeplnfr Ltnuns, Notions, Oraperles,
Trliuitiins, fjiuing-.s, Silks, lil.u-k and Colored, all reduced to'
shadows of real value, making a sight of amazement to behold, and
fjrmirg a combination of" kin is, qu lilies, styles and prices un-
equaled in Las Ytgas.
TtKSH PATTKI1XS in si yards lcn'Rth
Jrom $2. J2.O0 uud $3, worth doublo.
ATnffcU yard Flannelette for wrappers,
- s.usiial prk I0&
AT ,nrfc iiyard Hlannfletts,'e.trii quality,
. 1 vw l-a regular price Yin.
AT'iI- Imitation French'" Flannels, Tr
1 J 2 dressing Sm-Us ainl.WrfVpui-i, osual
psice 2T. - - '
AT rr,f 6 a yard. Silkallne. usual pi-Ice S)j
Cia cents. . .
AT.orfcayarfl, Hlllcallne, sa lacli wide,
1 iryid nulbr prlw isc .- ,
AT,,fca yard, Faucv I'lprurt'd, Dmible
.IwVls Kaced. 31 Inch Denim, worth liSe.
A'f,-ni6 ldW. lilai-k Sateen l.ined I'n
(luiisUk-ts, were sold atjl.t.!..
'y 121 Sixth
Ladies' Fine Kid Slippers
in all the Latest Styles.
a nice line of JLadies'
Masonic Temple.
. " ; --at- '
if eld's,
The Plaza.
only a little soiled, were cheap at
now for 52.10. ., . . :
cut from 53 to 12.
order fleeced cotton blankets, 10 4
uus wh-h., yu. ,
Two pairs Volunteer, heavy flieced col ton blanket?,
.. ii . i i i- ik
pairs, regumny oac, iww ujc ru.
n Ladlea" Black and Colored Mer
" eerlzeii Tlnderkirta.. were ld for
$l.t to $1
i'TCrtc Ladles' Eiderdown Dressing
' Sucks sold tor il and 11.10
!-! rf a pair, Ijadles' Heavy Cotton
Fleeced iiose, regular sue.
AT.-.1 a pair, Children's All Wool
ijvw Eibtxd Hose,.alaes 5 to,8,
regular prlceWC -
AT onrtc pac' Extra Heavy boys and
"-la Kii-la' Merino Vests, Pants and
DfHWers; sizes 1 to .(ii-a-jfreat bargain.
V. ue.l
xl In Radius' anJ -Misses', Jackets -and
Street.: '
Please Lend Us Your Kat Just a tosnt.
V.'.; wi-h to call your attention to ji
nut of our lunre fctotk of CLllunj:
Wc have too many
We l ave t nough to supply
then we would have some
X, TZ They
. Don't your boy need a pair of school pants?
If he does, you can save money by buying
them here. The prices range from 35 cents to
1.50 per pair.
Wc Have No Shoddy Goods.
Bridge Street Hardware Store.
: ' O
Just the Thing for Cold Weather,
The King Among
Anything you want in' the Hardware line.
t m h St reet I ; F. J . G E H R I NG .
Stxtb md Douglas Avea., East Lai Vegas, N. M
mroprovad nd Vnlmprovod Laudt and City Property for .ale InveDtintiiiU mxleand
- atunidawt to for noM-resldantt. 1111m xanilnad. rot nlctd and taxns p;vio.
r ' "' P. 0. HOGSETT, Proprietor.
N. L. Rosenthal &vCo.,
. - i - "; Railroad Ave.
Gfroeril Merchandises
Ranch trade
Highest prices paid for
The Store
ale of ;
fc a -' - a, "
U '" ' .J." '.;".' '
3 , Prices have been
Fur C
lZ 1 - iJ for Fur Collarettes, electric stal, with monkey taila ancles
pJJ.z'j.O " aiiiuiat heads was $3.50.
;r: C jQ for Fur Collarettes, electric seal with grey squirrel tips
tZZ. P5" 4 ' - and animal headi, good length was $4 50.
f! '- - r . " mj
for;Fur dollaretles, very elaborate, riiaiked down from ZZ?t
3'7p':ji.9. ...
VZ ........ - -c
jrZ- - - -- - - - la fact every fur collarette in the ho"se has "S
4 . : i ... 3
; . been marked down considerably.
. 1 . 1 1 ' 1 ... . .
- . -
f 4 4T3k "4 H- SI
''!"!!i!M.!': rM ni 1 ii im jnnuH
,t one iU iu
Boys' Jneeants,
every loy in town and
Are Good Ones. Too.
"II We FImm Vou. Ttll Others
H W Don't, Tell Li
Look out for decided cuts III every
thing we carry. Hown tiny go
Heating Stoves....
Wddon t intend to carry over a single
tove. Now Is the time for the tardy
"Comfort" stoves, like cut, a great fuel
aver, fully lined can remove uslies
without moving stove not like t lie old
fashioned kind, polished steel, CO Cfl
worth $3.5, THIS WKKK, - Vt.JU
All other Heating Stoves reduced
In proportion.
-BlXVt M
(iiod stoves use little fuel; cheap
' stoves use Jots if it. The WILSON
with the funnel draft, cots move to
; begin with but is the cheapest in the
long run. WE SELL IT.
P. C. Hogsett, Notary Public
zk&Att rfV jrfV , j2
a specialty. .
wool, hides and pelts.
Where j
Dollars :
Do :
Full Duty!
. . .
cut and slashed , at
luni jniintuuiHiujiniuH pir

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