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San Mi-
Las V-gu3, N. M.. S.'j.t. 5, 1503.
Regular eessioti of the boar.l t.f
county comrtirsionw t f Ban Migiul
county, N. M., held at 3 0 o'clock a. m.,
September f-th, 1839, In tLe court
house, La a Vegas.
Present, Commissioners Epitncio
Qulntana and A. T. Rogers; ulao the
clerk by deputy, and interpreter.'
Ateent, Commissioner Wm. Frank
A quorum ol tlia boarj being pre
sent, but the chairman absent, Com
missioner A. T. Rogers Tvas elected
to act as chairman pro tern, there
upon the board proceeded to transact
The following warrant were order
ed drawn:
No. 198, Ramon Madrid, clerk if
election 1898, 2.
No. 199, Eugya'.o Florcs, ilerk ot
election 1898, $2.
The treasurer .md e. ofilcto culleo
tor was ordered to cro-lit Jose Do
mingo Trujillo, of jr9c!!it 4, with
payment of $1.87, on Ux roll of 1892,
and to mark "unpaid" theroon the
payment credited to Dom'.nga Trujr.lo,
on July 3rd, 1893, an erroneous entry
having been made.
The assessor was ordered to erase
from the uncompleted tax roll .f
1899, the assessment against Juan J.
Duran, precinct No. 38, he not having
any property sutyeot to taxation be
yond the amount of hi legal exemp
tion. The treasurer and ex-offlclo collec
tor was ordered to receive $1.80 113
full payment of taxes for years ISM
and 1892, from Leonor Urloste, in
precinct No. 64, the former assess
ments against him having been found
The following corrections in assess
ments made In 1898, and previous
years, were made on account of errors
and excessive assessments.
Ieidoro Torres, precinct No. 20.
year 1898, one-half assessment on tax
rolls off.
Felipe Ledoux, precinct 26, al) as
sessments apparently delinquent In
payment of taxes, on account of non
ownership of property assessed, Lis
house having been destroyed by lire
and lot sold years ago.
Esquipula Tafoya, precinct 2, all as
sessments abated 1890, being erro
Ambroslo Crespln, precinct 14, all
assessments abated in years 1S91.
1895, 1896, being double assessments.
Felipe Trujillo, precinct 44, all as
sessments abated of years 1893, 1894,
1895, 1898, on account of non-owner-ship
of property.
Felipe Lucero, precinct 45, all as
sessments abated of years 1893, 1S3 ?,
1895, he. not owning the property as
sessed. Tomas Lopez, precinct 33, all as
sessments abated of 1891, 1893, 1894,
1895, 1896, 1897, 1898, on account of
non-ownership of property.
Crescendo Gallegos, precinct 2, all
assessments abated of 1894, 1895, ou
account of non-ownership of property.
Macedon Maestas, precinct 62, all
assessments abated of year 1891, 1892.
1893, on account of non-ownership of
Florencio Gonzales, precinct 25, 23
per cent, of assessments abated of
years 1893, 1894, 1895, 1896, 1897, on
account of excessive assessments.
Donaciano Crespln, precinct 56,
all assessments abated of 1891, 1892.
Toeing double assessments .
Maria Dolores Blea, precinct 8, all
assessments abated of year 1891, on
Bicoount of nonownerslhip of property.
Antonio Solano, precinct 19, all as
sessment abated of 1885, he not own
lag 'property assessed.
Doroteo Sandoval, precinct 26, all
assessment of 1893 abated, on account
of non-ownership of property.
The board then adjourned until
o'clock p. m., .today.
The board of county commissioners
reassembled at 2 o'clock p. m.,' pur
suant to adjournment, the same mem
bers being present as at forenoon
session; also clerk by deputy and In
terpreter. ""
Precinct 58, the resignation of Ma
nuel Segura, justice of the peace, was
presented to and accepted by the
board, and Fidel Nieto appointed in
place of Manuel Segura.
The treasurer and ex-officio col'cc-
tor was ordered to mark "paid' on
eh tax roll of 1892, the assessment
of Donaciano Herrera, in. precinct 37
In the amount of $6.61, he having ;
receipt for payment thereof, and the
treasurer and ex-offlcio collector vas
ordered to charge Bald amount to 3
h. Lopez; ex-sheriff and collector, for
failure to credit same on tax rolls,
Also to receive $2.72 in full payment
of taxes of Manueliita C. de Jar.imillo
In precinct 26, la year 1893, her as
sessment having been proven erro
neous and therefore reduced so as to
produce said amount of taxes.
The following corrections of assess
ments previous to 1899, were ordered
by reason of erroneous and axcessive
assessments having been made.
Neoomuceno Garcia, precinct. 20, all
assessments cancelled of years 1394
1895, 1896, 1897, 1898, being erroneous.
Gregorio Mares, precinct 26, all as-
ments cancelled of years 1894,
1895, being erroneous.
Manrio Taoia. precinct 24, all as-
KHsftments cancelled of years 1S92
1893, being erroneous.
Isidro Jiron, precinct 63, 50 per cent
of assessments of 1893 and 1894 can
celled, as excessive.
Anastacio Duran, precinct 38, all as-
op,sment of 1892 cancelled as erro
Antonio Baros. precinct 88, all as-
eessment of 1893 cancelled, being er
roneous. Agaplto Baros, precinct 36, all as
sessment of 1893 cancelled, being er
roneous. Estate of Benito Marquez, precincts
39 and 40, 50 per cnt of assessments
of 1897 and 1898 cancelled, being ex
cessive. Clemente Estrada," precinct 37. a'l
assessments of 1891 and 1893 cancel
led aa erroneous.
Tomas Mitchell, precinct 20, reg
ular exemption of ?200 granted for
Of County Commissioner
guel County, N.
Nicoias Ualk'gns, prMLK-t 44, ad us-
st-ssmvat of 1SS6 cancelled, he cot
owning property.
Eugenio Ortiz, precinct 32, all a
5ru. r.U of 1S53 and 1396 cancelled
on account of non-own erahlD of dio-
erty .
Filoraeno Crespln, precinct 11, all
assessments cancelled of 1891 and
S92 and 60 per cent of 1894, 1895,
1S96, 1S37, 1S9S being erroneous and
Santiago Salazar, precinct 22, all
assessment of 1892 canceled, oa ac
count of his death.
Andres Salaz, precinct -19, one third
of assessment of 1891 cancelled, being
Miguel Varela, precinct 64, all 83-
easments of 1891, 1892 and 1893 can
celled as erroneous.
Felipe Ribera, precinct, 11, all as
sessments of 1891 and 1892 cancelled
being erroneous.
Jose Maria Apodaca, precinct 33, 50
per cent, of assessments of 1893, 1K94,
1895, 1896 cancellled. as excessive.
Julio Hernandez, precinct 2, ail as
sessment cancelled of 1892, being er
roneous. Pedro Marquez, precinct 20, reduc
tion of assessment ordered of $325
on sheep. In 1895. same belce er
Juan Armijo, precinct 4, all assess
ment cancelled of 1891, being erro
Laurlano TJlibarri, precinct 44. as
sessment on. 80 acres of land can
celled, year 1891, as erroneous.
Librado Ribera, precinct 32, all as
sessment cancelled "of 1891 and 1892,
being erroneous.
Pedro Sanchez, precinct J 5, 50 per
cent, of assessment cancelled of 1S93.
1894, 1895. 1896, 1897,beUig excessive.
Prudencio Maetaa, prectnet 0, all
assessment cancelled of 1886, being
Blllsandro Ortega, precinct 35. 50
per cent of assessments cancelled of
1892, 1893, 1894, 1895, 1896, 1897, 1S9S,
being excessive.
Amado Blea, precinct 54, all assess
ment cancelled of 1896, being erro
The treasurer and ex-officio collec
tor was ordered to mark as "paid" on
tax rolls $44.05, taxes of Juan Otero
for year 1895, In precinct 9. it appear
lng to the board tht he had paid
same, but had received no credit
therefor from Carlos Gabaldon, col
lector; also to charge said amount, to
said Gabaldon for failure to account
therefor and mark same "paid" on
tax rolls.
The board then adjourned until 30
o'clock a. m. tomorrow, September
6th, 1899..
Attest:" Chairman pro tern.
By ROBT. L. M. ROSS, Deputy.
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Ohio, prevented a dreadful tragedy
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cough had long kept her awake every
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bottle guaranteed. Trial bottles free
at Browne-Manzanares and Murphey-
Van Petten drug stores.
The Red Men's lodge at "allup is
growing, six applications being re
ceived at the last meeting and
tribe is financially prosperous.
Bismarck's Iron Nerve.
Was the result of his splendid
health Indomitable will and tremen
dous energy are not found where
Stomach, Liver, Kidneys and Bowels
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A plan is on foot to buy from Trus
tee Cooper the entire bankrupt har
ness and saddlery stock of M. J
Murray, down at Carlsbad.
It Saved His Leg.
P. A. Danforth, of LaGrange, Ga.,
suffered intensely, for six months
with a frightful running sore on his
leg. but writes that Bucklen's Arnica
Salve wholly cured it in ten days.
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Pain or Piles it's the best salve In the
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plication relieves the pain. For sale
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The annual meeting of the Society
of New Mexjco Pioneers was held at
Santa Fe.
Story of a Slave.
To be bound hand and foot for
years by the chains of disease is the
worst form of slavery. George D.
Williams, of Manchester, Mich, tells
how such a slave was made free. He
says: "My wife has been so helpless
for five years that she could not turn
07er in bed alone. . After using two
bottles of Electric- Bitters she is
wonderfully improved and able to do
her own work." This supreme reme
dy for female diseases quickly cures
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and Lifer or
New Mexico News.
From the Denver "Times."
Postoffice Inspector Charles M.
Waters received word that the post
office at Clarksville, N. M., was burn
ed Sunday morning. The fire was
accidental, and all the office papers
were" consumed. It is not known how
much the loss will amount to.
' Frank W. Broad, a cattle grower
of Omnia, N. M., is a guest at the
Albany. Mr. Broad states that the
winter has been a most favorable
one for stock in his locality. "We
have kept our cattle and sheep on
open range so far," he said, "and
have done no feeding. The stock is
looking well, and unless we get storms
later on they will be in excellent
shape without feeding."
using Acker's Dyspepsia Tablets.
One little Tablet will give Immediate
relief or money refunded. Sold in
handsome tin boxes at 25 cts. 0. G.
Schaefer, Druggist
The Eddy county commissioners
appointed J. O. Cameron as a dele
gate from Eddy county to the nation
al live stock convention which meets
In Fort Worth on the 16th.
It has been demonstrated repeated
ly in every state in the union and in
many foreign countries that Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy is a certain pre
ventive and cure for croup. It has
become the universal remedy for that
disease. M. V. Fisher, of Liberty, W.
Vs.. only! repeats what has been said
around the globe when he writes: "I
have used Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy In my family for several years
and always with perfect success. We
believe that it is not only the best
cough remedy, but that it is a sure
cure for croup. It has saved the lives
of our children a number of times."
This remedy is for sale by K. D. Good
all, Druggist.
Shado Trees for Sale,
For native shade trees Pat Young
can furnish you any tree you want
Now is the time to set them. He
guarantees to replace all trees that
fail to grow. Address Pat Young,
East Las Vegas, Postoffice, and he
will call for your order. 8-3m
Governor Otero has appointed Saul
Harris, of Ocate, Mora county, a
notary public.
French Tansy Wafers, the world's
famous remedy for irregular and pain
ful periods of ladies; are never fail
ing and safe. Married ladies friend.
French Tansy Wafers are the only re
liable female remedy In the world;
imported from Paris; take nothing
else, but insist on genuine; in red
wrappers with crown trade mark. La
France Drug company, importers, 108
Turk St., San Francisco. For sale by
O. G. Schaefer, druggist, sole agent,
Las Vegas, N. M., Opera House
$2,500 Reward I
It is understood that there exists in
this county a band of highwaymen
who have organized for the purpose
of robbing some of the business hous
es and bankz of this city and sevef
al of our prominent business men and
institutions have decided to use their
efforts to apprehend and convict, un
der the law any persons who may
commit any such crimes in our midst.
A fund of $2,500 has been raised
for the purpose of being used as a re
ward for the arrest and conviction of
any person or persons who may here
after commit any such crime In either
Las Vegas or East Las Vegas, and
within a few days a reward for the ar
rest and conviction of such offenders
will be offered by the governor of the
territory of New Mexico, this reward
to be paid out of the fund raised by
our citizens. The governor is ex
pected here within a short time to con
fer with our citizens and formally of
fer the reward. 23-tf
For Sale.
Established paying general mer
cantile business located in one of the
best points in New Mexico. Post of
fice in store. You can either buy or
lease the realestate with improve
ments which consist of a six room res
idence, one store house 40xC0 with
good cellar, good store and post office
fixtures.' stables, corrals with 320
acres land goat pasture. Several par
ties made fortunes there. The real
estate can be bought by paying ten
per cent cash, balance on nine yearly
payments with six per cent interest
on deferred payments.. The real es
tate is owned by a non-resident, the
present occupant will sell on account
of having other business. The busi
ness will bear the closet investigation
For particulars address B care Optic,
Notice of Publication.,
Homestead Entry No. 4337.
Department of the Interior, Land
Office at Santa Fe, N. M., December
1st, 1899.
Notice is hereby given that the fol
lowing named settler has filed no
tice of his intention to make final
proof In support of his claim, and that
said proof will be made before the
probate judge ot San Miguel county at
Las Vegas, N. M., on January litn,
1900, viz: ,
Antonio Griego for the NW4 Sec.
15, T. 14, N., R. 22, E.
He names the following witnesses
to prove his continuous residence up
on and cultivation of said land, viz
Luis Romero y Lobato, of Gallinas
Springs, Antonio Maestas, of Gallinas
springs, N. M., Atanacio Sena.ofLas
Vegas. Agustin Delgado, of Las Vegas
MANUEL R. OTERO, Register,
p.re :
.w2 uhiltr
Utisaued for cure of C5t'CfiSt-C?LDS
.wo III V Packages
MKr25 Per BOX
Solo by DruqcsiM everywhere c lent
m.-," fjca-o on receipt of price
Wm. Maleite of Albuquerque, is in
the Bland district in the Interest of
Mandell & Grunsfold.
A' pure whiskey agrees with any
food, in fact aids digestion. It tones
rhe stomach, increases the flow of the
fastric juices and so promotes
strength and flesh. A pure whiskey
1'ke HARPER Whiskey. Sold by J.
B. Mackel, Las Vegas, N. M.; W. W.
Hawllns, East Las Vegas, N. M.
Second-hand and misfit clothing all
wool and just the thing to keep you
warm this, winter, guaranteed not to
contain any shoddy, for sale cheap by
B. Allen, tae tailor, Grand avenua.
Skin Diseases.
For the Rpeedv and permanent cure of
tetter, salt rheum and eczema, Cham
berlain's Eye and Skin Ointment is
withont an eqnal. It relieves the itch
ing and smarting almost instantly and
its continued use erlects a permanent
cure. It also cures itch, barbcv s itch.
scald head, sore nipples, itching piles,
chapped hands, chronic sore eyes and
granulated lids.
Dr. fadv's Condition Towdera for
horses are the best tonic, blood purifier
ejirtvermirajre. Frice. snanta. tsnldriv
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Old Reliable
Second Hand Store
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Is more delightful in win
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excursions furnished on
CHAS. F. JONES, Agent,
. . THE . v N
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lems of pro
gression can
only be solv
ed Dy tninK-
mg, educated
men and wo
men. A need
therefore ex
ists for a great
power which
is far reaching in its influence.
Such a need is supplied by the
world-renowned Encyclopaedia
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centrated thought from the be
ginning of the world to the .
present hour. No subject in the
realm of reason is left out. The
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The New Werner Edition, the
latest, the most complete, and
the best.
for $1 Cash
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The Complete Set (Thirty tars
Octavo Volumes):
No. t. New Stylf- Buckram Cloth, Martl
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ish Book Pp. $45 oo
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Paper, $75 00.
First payment. Three Dollars ($).oo) aril
Five Dollar j ( 00) permonth thereafter.
A reduction of 10 per cent, is granted by
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si the. work.
Mrs. G. Waring,
P. O. Sewo Stand
Good Meals at Regular Hours,
MealB must be satief actory or trarel
ng is uneojoyable. The Santa Fe
Eoute prides itself on its system of
Harvey dining rooms and lunch coun
tera. There are none better. Break
fast, dinner and surper are served at
convenient intervals. Arnpie tim
given for ail meals.
1 K ttk T"
Tinm Toilet Articles F.i.
finest Cigars in the City,
Prescriptions Accurately Compounded
lut Laa
Dealers in Drugs, Medicines and Chemicals.
Ptnt medicines, sponges, syringes, soap, combs and brushes,
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Las Vegas. - - - New Mexico.
. L
Agua Pura Company
Annual Capacity -
Lakes and storage In Las Vegas Hot Springs Canyon. Orr ic
is pure, firm and clear, and gives entire satisfaction to our many
Office: 620 Douglas Ave.
Las Vegas
Foundry and
J. C. ADLON, Propr.,
1 A Mill and Mining Machinery built to order and
aa1 i v t jisi JitUe iiMius ui Jin Kin us. iuuciiiue
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I i Gasoline Engine;
smcEego dangei; best power tor pumping
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nj WkyL ilLik. ibLL Lik &lsUV.&&&& &&&&&&&
Las Vegas Hot
Montezuma and Cottages.
Mineral Sorinars Eaths.
tezama Ranch and Rot Houses, also Parks and Extensive
. Territory.
THE Montezurfia hotel at Las Vegas Hot Springs, N. M., has
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Montezuma ran comfortably provide for several hundred guests.
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tude, a perfect climate, attractive surroundings, medicinal
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Departments Now Organized:
Winter Term Begins
Monday. January i, 1900.
EDGAR L. HEWETT, Pm't, Las Vegas, N. M.
Pill! m inlni
u2 0 C
Shop corner National and 12th Sts.
All kinds of Blacksmithing, Wagon Work
la f ict, everything pertaining to iny lino.
A share of your patronage solicited.
Ttiu, X. St.
le are Alwajs Busy
in "Jie building reason supplying
choice grades of lumber to builders
and coutractors. We are prompt in
delivering all orders, and supply
nothing but the best seasoned yellow
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f oft woods for building purposes. Al
so builder's hardwaie, building paper
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tractors will do well to get our esti
mate before going elsewhere.
H. 0.C00R5.
- 50.000 Tons
East Las Vezas, N. M.
Iron Works
Machine Shop.
East Las Vegas, N. II.
lUquircs no engineer, no
Las Vegas N. M.
f n. m m -j-
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Tabulating and j
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It in no tray Interferes with the
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Th Smith Premier Tvnewrlter Co.
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Springs, N. HI,
Mountain House and Annexes
Peat Baths. Hospital, Mon-
II, JCa A!tfl Cld'H CEALEH
Aed ! at.ati for
f Bottltd in Dona
.-.arcs APrscvj,
tils' J ... -
We handle, eveiytaug in our line
A complete illustrated price list sent
free upon application. The Lowest
Priced Liquor House in the city.
Billiard and pool room in connec
tion, on second floor.
iirie 1 Implements, Cook Stoves,
Ka-nges, Garden and Lawn
the garland:
The World's Best
Steel Ranges.
Slite" DiB Tanks a SnecialK
Manufacturer of
Sash and Doors,
Scroll Sawing,
Sur aa and Matching,
Planing Mill and Office,
Comer of National Street and
Grand Evcnue. East Las Vegas,
lis Las Mas
Oo Mansanares and Lincoln Aval.
Electric Door Bells, Annunciatorr,
Burglar Alarms and Private
Telephones at Reason
able Sates.
exchange: rates.
OFFICE: $36 per Annum.
KKBlDKH uu. : fio per Annum.
n 1 n mi
Any of the Following Blanks Can Be Obtained at This
Office. Price List Will Be Forwarded on Ap
plication. Also Notary's Records, Bills of
Sale and Notes in Book Form for
Pocket use. Address
The Optic.
Writ of Attachment, Original
Writ of Attachment, Duplicate
Affidavit in Attachment, original
Affid't in Attachment, duplicate
Garnishee Summons, original
Garnishee Summons, duplicate
Bond in Attachment
Order to Garnishee to Pay
Garnishee Receipt
Affidavit in Replevin
Bond in Replevin
Writ of Replevin
Appearance Bond
Peace Bond
Criminal Warrant
Criminal Complaint
Appeal Bond
Notice of Attachment
Criminal Comp'tforS'ch War'nt
Notice for Publication
Notice of Garnishm't on Exec'n
Indemnifying Bond
Garnishee, Sheriffs Office
Bond, General
Sheriff's Sale, Execution
Sheriffs Sale. Personal Property
Sheriffs Sale, Deed
Road Petition
Bond of Deputy
Guardian's Bond and Oath
Administrator's Bond and Oath
Ltters of Administration
Warrant to Appraisers
Summons, Probate Court
Justice's Dockets,8 xl i in. 1 00 p'g's
uatice's Dockets.SJxl in. 203 p'
If ""., I f --?! f-f
Ifc.fc(flJ IImI MHi.1 bis
tverykiod of wro snaterlal aa hand
3.-ihom and rp!iiof a trciit
brtdd and easiMTX Avostlaa, Lul La
Tonsorial Parlors,
; To Winter
!: California
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T did fashion set seal on practice T
- more wholesome, because the
I South Pacific Coast la the
T most delightful ot resorts.
t The fad of the Santa Fe Route
is to convince every man, .
; I woman and child going to
California that It renders the
'. most satisfactory service in
1 1 every detail.
Let us unite our fads.
'. '. CHAS. F. JONES. Agent,
1 1 Las Vegas.
Saita Fe Time Table.
was Mtn
No. 1 Psm. arrlrt 12:S p.m. Dtp 1:45 p. m
No. 17 Pasa. arm IM p. au " 1:30 p. a.
No Freight T.00 a. a.
CALrjrnBVU tnarma.
Arrlvsa at (.-00 a. at. and daparta at tM a. m.
on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
No. 23 Pass, arrtva 1:90 p. m. Dap. liM p. m.
No. X Paaa. arrlTa 4:06 a. m. Dap. 4:10 a. a.
No. M Fraleht. " T:M a. a.
No. Si la Daavar tratn ; No. 1 la California aad
No. 17 tba Marlce tralK
East bound California limited, Monday
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. arrive 3:45
a. m. Dep. 3.50 a, m. -KBanta
Pa branch trains connect with Nee. 1, t
8,4, 17and. .
Lv Las Vegas 3:00 a. a. Ar Hot BprlngeS:30 a. a
Lt Las Vegas 11 :M a a. Ar Eot Springs 12 :80 a
Lt Las Vegas 1 :5 p m. Ar Hot Springs 1: 5Sp m
Lt Las Vagaa :30 pm. At Hot Springs 4:03 pm
Lv Las Vegas 5:00 p m. Ar Hot Springe 6:80 p a
Lv Hot Springe 3 :49 a a. Ar LaaVegaa 10:10 am
Lt Hot Springs 11:18 p a. Ar Las Vegaa 13:48 p m
Lt Hot Springe 3:05 p a. Ar Lea Tegaa 1:80 p m
Lt Hot Springe 4:10 p a, Ar Laa Vegas 4 :40 p m
Lt Hot Springe 5ii5 p m. Ar Laa Vegas IM P m
Noe. 1 and i, California and Atlantic express,
have Pollutes palace drawing-room ears, tonrlit
sleeping cars and coaches between Chicago aad
Los Angeles, San 'Diego and San Franclsee, and
No.'e 17 and S3 have P oilman palace care and
coaches between Chicago aad the City of Mexico.
Bonnd trip ticket to points net ovsr ISO. alien
at 10 per cent reduction.
Commutation tick eta between Lae Vegas and
Hot Springe, 10 rldee f 1.00. Good 00 dare.
Warranty Deed
Quit-Claim Deed
Mortgage Deed
Mining Deed
Assignment of Mortgage
Satisfaction of Mortgage
Chattel Mortgage
Power of Attorney
Lease, long form
" short form
" Personal Property
Trust Deed
Title Bond to Milling Property
Contract of Forfeiiui-e
B tnd of Butcher
Special Warranty Deed
Notice of Protest -
Warranty Deed, Spanish
Bill of Sale, Spanish
Transfer of Location
Marriage Certificate
Proof of Labor v
" " Corporation
Authority to Gather Live Stock
Option, Real Estate
Bond for Deed
Official Bond
Affidavit Renewal Chattel Mortg
Non-Mineral Affidavit
Township Plat
" "
Notes, per 1 CO
' " hour!
The Optic,

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