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Mew Mexico Ntws Scissored Eodi'y
"cm th Newspaper.
At : u.j.t there aro six prisoners
in the county jail at Santa Fe.
X 1 T I ..
iinpB vanor, or Chicago, is
Bptncliriif the winter at fcoeorro.
The great Hermann appears at the
Eaton opera house Thursday, Novem
ber 1st.
The woman's board of trade Is keep
ing the plaza .in excellent condition at
banta Fe.
Jacob Hammel, for many years
resident or oocorro. will in future re
side in Lebanon, 111.
Governor Otero has appointed Chas
r. ouuewen, or Gardiner, Colfax
county, a notary public.
Max Weinberger left White Oaks
via El Paso, for New York, where he
will spend the winter.
Miss Jeanette Ritchie enjoyed a sur
prise party at Raton, given by tne nt
tie people of her room.
lr. N. T. Moore, formerly of Denl
son, Tex., has gone to Roswell to re
side and practice his profession.
James Gibbons, of Montreal, Can
ada, a health-seeker, has taken up his
residence at the sanitarium in Santa
No public schools are in session at
Socorro for lack of school funds, and
several private schools have been
A successor to Judge Leland is not
to be appointed until late in Novem
ber, according to information received
from Washington. - ' .
Kita Montano, a thirteen-year-old
girl at St Vincent's orphan asylum
died at Santa Fe, her father from San
Pedro, being at her bedside.
J. L. Johnson has purchased the Pe
cos Valley meat market at Roswell of
P. F. Rose & Co., and will continue
the business at the old stand.
Levi A. Hughes shipped 5,000 head
of sheep from Lamy, which had been
bought up in the vicinity of Galisteo.
The sheep were shipped to Denver.
mo 'lemnnd for new telephones
has become so great at Roswell that
the first poles have become inade
quate to cairy the great number ol
Alfred Briggs, a well-known charac
ter around Lordsburg, died suddenly
last week, of heart disease. He was
forty -five years old and hal no known
relatives. , .
Some drunken and cowardly rowdies
are in the habit of breaking window
panes in offices and stores about the
plaza and on San Francisco street at
Santa Fe.
James Smith, of Luna, and Mist
Annie Banks, of England, were mar
ried at Albuquerque, at St. John's
Episcopal church, Rev. W. Renieor
Nicolas Yannl, the well-known San
ta Fe shoemaker, has been appointee
shoe and harness maker' at the Grand
Junction Indian school, Colorado, a
$600 a year.
Dr. v; . F. Pease, of the United States
marine hospital service, 'who has been
inspecting the government marine
hospital at Fort Stanton, has left foi
Surveyor John H. Walker, who wai
struck by lightning several weeks ago
was out at Santa Fe for the first time
after his long Illness, and enjoyed i
-short walk.
Rev. Joseph Hintzen, a young priest
arrived at Santa Fe from Louvain
Belgium, and is the guest of Vicai
General Anthony Forchegu. He will
remain in this diocese.
Alejandro Sanchez, a young mar
working for "El Republicano'f at So
corro, has gone to Rio Arriba county
to clerk for the Archuleta mercantile
company at Lumberton.
Mrs. John Griffith and daughter
Miss Jennie, the mother and sister oi
District Clerk John E. Griffith, have
returned to Socorro, after having spent
'several months in Ohio.
A meeting of the Territorial boart
of pharmacy is to be held at Albuquer
que on October 17th and 18th for tlu
purpose of examining candidates and
for transacting other business.
Mayor J. W. Fleming, Alderman Ma
fa er and City Attorney Wright were
elected delegates by the city council of
Silver City to the municipal convention
at Albuquerque on October 22nd.
A matched trotting race between
Stokard & Copeiand's brown mare,
"Virginia," and S. S. Menidenhall's
brown gelding, "Kid," at $100 a side,
has been arranged at Roswell, for Oct.
19th. , (
The Ortiz mining company notified
Territorial Secretary .Wallace that it
had appointed James A. Jackson itf
New Moylco agent.with headquarters
at Ortiz camp, near Dolores, in Santi
Fe county
Victor E. Schofleld, son of John L
Schofield, of Central, Grant county
died at Manila of smallpox, and his
remains will be brought to tnis coun
try and interred in the national ceme
tery at Arlington, Va.
The local butchers at Santa Fe say
that there will be no advance in the
price of meat during the winter, de
spite the reported scarcity of cattle
and the manipulation of pork at the
Chicago stock exchange.
J. P. McNulty, manager of the Amer
ican Turquois mining company, at
Turquesa, has decided to erect a large
and commodious residence and build
ing at the mines of the company in or
der to be near them.
M. P. Stamm has torn down four of
bis buildings at Albuquerque; of the
Gross, Blackwell & Co. buildings only
one remains, and the armory is
ekeleton on the site at Albuquerque
-where the new depot and hotel are to
be built.
Jose F. Jaramillo was sentenced to
thirty-five years in the penitentiary
for murder; Pedro Apodaca, ror as
sauU with intent to kill, eighteen
months; and R. P- Nicholas, for horse
stealing, four years, by Judge Crum
narlfer at Albuquerque.
The following wild animal bounties
were ordered paid by the board of So
corro county commissioners: C. W.
Walker, one coyote: L. M. Allen; one
rnvote: Frank Johnson, four coyotes
Abran Baca, five coyotes; S. C. Abey
- r. lion and four beara.
He Urges Men To Vote for a Govern
ment of the Constitution, Lowe
nd Peace.
ruuowmg is a synopsis of the ad
U1 wavered by Hon. H. M. Dough
erty, of Socorro, permanent chair
"u vi me Territorial democratic
convention at Santa Fe:
Gentlemen of the convention:
One would be very duU of appreci
ation if he did not feel highly honored
and flattered at being choBea to pre
side over this democratic convention.
Words fail me to attempt to convey to
you my feelings of gratitude for being
chosen your permanent chairman. I
shall not attempt it, I shall simply re
turn to you, and each and all of yon
my thanks for the honor which you
have conferred upon me.
In this year I am proud to be a dem
ocrat (Loud applause J I have al
ways had a pride In being a democrat,
not because of any sentiment which at
taches to the democratic name, not be
cause of any Btigma that might attach
to tne name, of republican, but I
have had prideIn being a democrat
from the fact that the democratic party
has always been championing the
cause of the masses as against the
particular classes. (Long applause)
The conditions which we ; are con
fronting today have never existed be
fore. The mistakes which might be
made by either party heretofore were
the same which might be rectified In
time, but the mistake, if it la made
this time, can never be rectified. It
is sought by certain people to under
mine the very foundation of the re
public. So, as I say, it is a condition
which is very threatening. A large
number of our people have been car
ried away with an ambition.and an un
holy ambition, one that has plotted
monarchies before. The ambition of
conquest and administration lures
many who seek to travel the fascinat
ing road which leads to conquest I
use the word fascinating thoughtedly.
There are many things in imperialism
and conquest which appeal to our pride
and ambition, perhaps, as American
citizens, and in the pride, of our man
hood the first impulse would be to
jive way to theBe sentiments. :We
;ook simply Into the immediate future,
jut If we look beyond, we see that road
travels to the same point where all
nations -who have advocated It have
traveled and are traveling to inevita
ble ruin. The administration has been
arried away. They have not profited
by the example of the Roman empire;
history has had no force to keep them
within the lines of proper conduct
rhe same spirit is prompting us now
is prompted the Romans, and all the
people who sought to conquer and hold
nto subjection. If we could not profit
by the past of the monarchies of Eu
rope, why should we not by our own
experiences? As was said by Burke,
'This is not a cause which affects our
country, only, but affects the world,
.'or the reason that we are the pioneers
f the republicans. It was we -who
3rst established that form of govern
nent; we stood under the foundation
hat we govern with the consent of
he governed." (Great applause)' J ,' t
Now, is there anything in our past
which tends to any breach of faith as
o our constitution, and to those prin
ciples? Not one thing can be pointed
,o,but they do not profit by the past.
We have jumped to the grandest na-
ion on the face of the earth; we have
lone that under our constitution.
They don't consider that; they do not
profit by that a constitution which
lever before advocated conquest a
government which never advocated
militarism not blood, but of love and
oeace. What do they seek to do now?
They seek to take the flag of our coun-
ry and drag it through that sea Of
degradation stain It with the blood of
nnocent people, and .when they finish,
lo you think it will be in the same
ondition? The -same unsullied ban
ker of a God-loving, free and liberty-
ovlng people? ' No! Every stripe
will bear an indelible mark the brand
of conquest. Every star will stand as
a shining monument ' of militarism;
every wave of its folds over conquest
ed territory will cause tears to; fall
over the death of a republic, ; and
blushes to rise for the birth of an em
pire. (Long and continued applause)
Gentlemen, a day or two before I
came to this convention, in my home
at Socorro, there was a box came from
Manila, and in that box was the re
mains of a young man who was one
of the most perfect specimens of young
manhood in our community, a few
months ago. He had gone to Manila-
gone their to fight for the government
n their unjust cause.All honor to him!
What an infamy to . the , cause ; that
takes that class of young men to he a
sacrifice upon the altar of McKinley-
ism. (Great applause) I could: not
help but think that that box with the
poor remains of Mr. Mundy was but
one of many thousands that have of
fered up their lives that commercial
ism might get the dollars. Do you
think it was a proper compensation
one life a compensation for all the
thousands they might make? No
They say the democratic party is not
progressive. They say it attempts to
stand in the way of progress. That is
what they say when we say we are not
in favor of imperialism. What is
there in the flag? What about it? It
U not the red part; it is not the white
it is not the stars; it is the principle
it represents. In our campaign four
years ago what man would say we
were not progressive? Because we
fight to carry the principles that flag
represents wherever it goes, they say
we are blocking progress. When we
mention the fact that we are guided
by the constitution, they laugh at u
I remember in this Territory, one of
the most prominent men among Its
prominent men, when I was discussing
the matter with him on the train, and
when I asked him how lie could recon
cile the constitution to certain things
they were doing.he said : "Away with
the constitution! If it stands in our
way we will sweep it asido." What
do you think of those sentiments?
Now let us see. Is the democratic
party not progressive? Do you. know,
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Been Equalled
and I believe you do, that every piece
of territory, with the exception of
Alaska, was taken under democratic
administration? (Great applause)
Florida was acquired under the dem
ocrats; Louisiana under the demo
crats; Texas, the territory ceded by
Mexico, which covers, as we all know,
our Territory, all under democratic
administration, but what a vast dis
tinction between acquiring In that
manner adjacent territory, a class of
country uninhabited except by roving
bands of Indians! What a distinction
in acquiring that class of territory
The Idea of going miles from home to
take a land by the blood of the people!
Can they establish homes so far away?
No,' it la not their purpose.
I don't feel like taking a great deal
of time; I know when we are inter
ested that we often forget ourselves,
but I desire to call your attention to
the question of trusts. This other
question is so far above all others
that it is as a monument the ques
tion of Imperialism absolutely ob
structs from view all other questions,
but there are other questions, even
though some people cannot see them.
I thought the Missourlans were the
worst people in the world to doubt
laughter but the republicans have a
man who can't be shown Hanna
cannot Bee It when it is trottted out
to him(applause). He says there are
no trusts. He ought to read the
resolutions just passed by the republi
can Territorial convention. Why, the
republicans increase the salary ol
useless officers and make piaces for
them take for instance the coal oil
inspector. (Long applause). They
everlastingly kill with kindness.
Trusts are absolutetly necessary to
ie other party. When we talk about
establishing factories Marcus Hanna
jays the United States is too small
io engage in business without calling
on some big organization. Why, the
only time he ever spoke in the senate
was to oppose the policy. We have
had the result of trusts In our Terri
tory. Socorro contains a smelter that
has been closed for the past eight oi
ten years; Suver City has another
example; I understand their works
are about to close down. That is my
information, gentlemen. There are
other trusts besides coal oil trust.
New Mexico. When we mention
che trust question, they eay at once:
Why look at this prosperity! Mr.
Bryan's reply Is the best I have
aeard to that remark. He says lei
every man who has been prosperout
by reason of the republican party,
vote that ticket, and give us the re
mainder and we will have the biggest
majority the country has ever known.
(Applause) I was reading in one oi
the leading papers (republican) of the
enormous prosperity this country was
enjoying from one end to the other,
and in an editorial, but as a mattei
of news, it gave" a list of all the men
on a- strike in the United States and
those who were dissatisfied, and the
number was appalling. The paper
was overcome with It, so they didn't
have,in that Issue at least any editor
ials about the great prosperity we
are enjoying. But with 200,000 coai
miners striking in Pennsylvania; with
thousands of others, with men begging
for bread and more wages, men whe
work six and seven days a week and
get less than $25 a month six dollars
for house rent and then expected
to support a family.What do you think
of this? God forbid that this brand
of prosperity ever reaches New Mex
ico. (Applause).
I am not going to take more time.
If you want to vote for a government
without constitution, if you want a
government of oil and blood, vote the
republican ticket and for Hanna and
McKinley. But if you want a govern
ment of constitution, and love and
peace, vote for the greatest livln
statesman, and our gallant standard
bearer, the Hon. William J. Bryan.
(Long applause.)
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SCOTT 8u E, Chefiitssi, IStw York,
It Would Be an Expensive Step With
The Same Crowd at the
Public Crib.
To the Editor of T h e Optic:
RociadQ, N. M., Oct. 11, '..' 0 A Cue
clear day today follows the evening
and night previous with their cold rain
and sputtering hail squalls. Newsy
notes are just as scarce In this section
,ust now, as teeth In a ow s upper jaw-
but the people are thinking a lot of
things that would not be cheerful read
ing in a lail paper if they caught the
optics of many of our New Mexico
politicians. So perhaps it will be just
as well to omit some of these rambling
thoughts that are circulating through
the public cranium, as said politicians
are known to be somewhat sensitive
and it is little pleasure to hurt their
"phellnks" by telling them just how
they and many of their acts appear
to the public eye. So let us dismiss
notice of them for the present with one
Utni of information that nobqdy is
fooled by their statehood resolutions
In their party platforms. The people
generally well understand that state
hood only means more offices to scram
ble for by these self-same politicians.
More rotten corruption by ", political
rings and coteries. Higher taxes on
the common people.the proceeds to be
filched from our public treasuries to
enable the political vampires to pro
mote their personal schemes at .the
public expense. The people; of New
Mexico have bad quite a sufficient
taste of evils that have flown from the
opening of one drawer in Pandora's
box, In the shape of our present Ter
ritorial government, without just yet
standing another dose of all of the vile
poisonous insects and winged pests that
would flood the air and darken the sun
by pulling another drawer from the
box in the shape of statehood. Let
these dear self-representing politicians
fool congress into granting a state
hood enabling act for New Mexico.
Get up their constitution, present it
to the people for their votes. Then
see how quickly the hope of new, fat
public jobs will go a glimmering. It
will be enough to draw the tears of
pity from the eyes of any little old
Aztec stone image to hear the sad
heart breaking wails of these political
patriots when this occurs. It is rather
an oversight though ' to give them a
glimpse now of what is Bure to "befall
their statehood scheme, because it may
not be desirable to dampen their ar
dor in "the least or prematurely sadden
their hearts before their brilliant bub
ble is finally exploded. Then again,
perhaps it may be well that they weep
a little in advance for its fall and dis
tribute their tears all along the line.
It may as well be understood now, as
well as .at any other time, that the
people of this section, as well as a
majority of them all over New Mexico,
have come to the decisive conclusion
that it will be time enough for state
hood for this Territory when -they can
get men at the head of their public
affairs, everywhere, in the counties
and Territory, who are something bet
ter, broader-minded and more self
sacrificing in the true public interest,
present and future, than mere poli
ticians with no "think" behind their
eyes, except the blurred vision of their
great egos "and where do I come in"
in every matter of public importance.
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Co., and Browne & Manzanares U.
It Is well to know that DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve will heal a burn
and stop the pain at once. It will
cure eczema and skin diseases and
ugly wounds and sores. It Is a certain
cure for dies. Counterfeits may be
offered you. See that you get the
original DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve.
Winters Drug Co. K. D. Goodall.
For sprains, swellings and lameness
there Is nothing so good as Chamber
lain's Pain Balm. Try it For sale
by K. D. Goodall, druggist
The best method of cleansing the
liver is the use of the famous little
pills known as DeWitt's Little Early
Risers. Easy to take. Never gripe,
K. D. Goodall. Winters Drug Co.
TVhon you have no apceUte. do not
relish your food and feel dull after
eating you may know that you need a
dose of Chamberlain's Stomach and
pies free at K. D. GoodaO's drue ttore.
A Gorgeously Bound
Work of art has just been Issued at an
outlay of over $100,000, for which the
publishers desire a manager In this
county, also a good solicitor; good pay
to the right party. Nearly 100 full page
engravings, sumptuous paper, lllumln
ated covers and bindings; over 200
golden lilies in the Morocco bindings;
nearly 50 golden roses In the cloth
bindings. Sells at sight; presses run
ning aay ana nignt so great is the sale,
I Chrisian men and women are making
fortunes taking orders. Rapid promo
tions. One Christian woman made
clear $500 In four weeks taking orders
among her church acquaintances and
friends. Write us. It may lead to a
permanent position to manage our
business and look after our large cor
respondence, which yon can attend to
right at your home. Address J. A.
Knight, Secretary, Corcoran Building,
opposite United States Treasury,
Washington, D. C. 276-2m.-
Bargains for Everybody.
Just received a new line of samples
from Trout, Lancaster, Ohlond Lan
un & Co, Chicago. - I also have
some misfit clothing which will be
sold at a great bargain. Dyeing,
cleaning and repairing a specialty.
J. B. Allen. 268-tf
Do not get scared If your heart
troubles you. Most likely you suffer
from indigestion. Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure digests what you eat and gives
the worn out stomach perfect rest
It is the only preparation known that
completely digests all classes of food;
that is why it cures the worst cases of
indigestion and stomach trouble aftrr
everything else has failed. It may
be taken in all conditions and cannot
help but do you good. Winters Drug
Co. K. D. Goodall.- -r .
Capital which has already invested
heavily in White Oaks coal and other
portable r. cources of tha district. Is
organizing for the construction of an
electric railway connection with the
Rock Island and Northeastern exten
and permanently cured by using Mokl
Tea. A pleasant herb drink. Cures
onstlpatlon and Indigestion, makes
you eat, sleep, work and happy. Sat
isfaction guaranteed or money back.
26cts, end EO cts. O. O. Schaefer,
Bud Smith, of Three Rivers, has pur
chased a residence property at White
Oaks and will move to town to give
his children the advantages of the
schools there.
Do You Need an Electric Belt?
Dr. J. Newton Hathaway has per
fected an electric belt which he Is
prepared to furnish to all patients
who need It at a merely nominal
charge. Write to J. Newton Hatha
way, M. D., 209 Alamo Plaza, San
Antonio, Texas.
Mart Moore and wife have moved
to White Oaks from Three Rivers.
They occupy one of Judge 1ellomys
Came Near Dying.
For three days and nights I suffer
ed agony untold from an attack of
cholera morbus brought on by eating
cucumbers," says M. E. Lowther, clerk
of the district court, Centerville, Iowa.
I thought I should surely die, and
tried a dozen different medicines but
all to no purpose. I sent for a bottle
of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy and three doses re
lieved me entirely. I went to sleep
and did not awake for eight hours.
On awakening a few hours ago I felt
so in-atlfied that the first work I do
on going to the office is to write to the
manufacturers of this remedy ; and
offer them my grateful thanks I and
say, 'God bless you and the splendid
medicine you make.' ' This remedy
is for sale by K. D. Goodall, aruggisu
The LIttlefleld cattle company has
shipped several trains of cattle from
r pens at Kenna, Chaxes county,
to the markets In the last few days.
The first train "load brought $37.55 per
head nt Kansas City.
Pure Whiskey HARPER Perfect
Whiskey HARPER Every bottle guar
anteed HARPER. Sold by J-. B.
Mackel, Las Vegas, ,N. M.
Dr. Paden Is building a warehouse
back of his drugstore at White Oaks,
faam Neid has the contract .
using Acker's Dyspepsia TaDiets.
One little Tablet will give Immediate
relief or money refunded. Sold in
handsome tin boxes at 25 cts. O. G.
Schaefer, Druggist
T. J. O'Kelly left Gallup for Chicago,
to get machinery for the Wlnslow oil
prospecting company. I. Is the inten
tion to sink a 2,500 foot hole on the
property east of Gallup. j
teacher. Use Acker's English Rem
edy la any case of coughs, colds or
croup. Should it fall to gire imme
diate relief money refunded.- 25 cts.
and 60 cts. O. G. Schaefer, Druggist
Torturing skin eruptions, burns and
sores are soothed at once and prompt
ly healed by applying DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve, the best Known cure ior
piles. Beware of worthless counter
feits. Winters Drug Co. K. D.Good
all. -
A new remedy for biliousness is
now on sale at K. D. GoodaU's drug
store. It Is called Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets. It gires
quick relief and will prevent the ak
tack If given as soon as the first indi
cation ,of the disease appears. Price,
25 cents per box. Samples free.
Dr. W. H. Lewis, Lawrenceville.Va.,
writes, "1 am using Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure In my practice among several
severe cases of indigestion and find
it an admirable remedy." Many hun
dreds of physicians depend upon the
use of Kodol Dyspepsia Cure in stom
ach troubles. It digests what you
eat, and allows you to eat all the good
food you need, providing you do not
overload your stomach. Gives instant
relief and a permanent cure. Winters
Drug Co. K. D. Goodall.
Highest Prices Paid.
For boueehold goods; will also ex-
change or sell anything m rurmiure,
etove9, etc. For bargains In second
band goxis call on S. Kaufman,
EHdg( fitreet; L yoga. L. V. 'Fhoue
8. so
Lm Tcgkf Titans XU. Colorado Pfeoss 11
Roller Mills,
J. IL SXITII, Proprietor,
' WhoU and Bet!! dealer la
Flea, Cralun, Cera Meal, Bran
Highest eash Lrtca ctld (or Mllllni Wheat
Colorado Seed Wheat for gale In
Lai Vegas Nkw Mei.
Picture Moulding
Qnarttr-Oais, Pboto Frames,
Mats and Mountings .
Horns 'Phone l0 12th A National
J. V. C0I1SAUL '& SOU,
Planing, Dressing, iflatching, Scrollwork, Mould
ing and general mill work
teSTOffice, corner Graind
Over $3,000 has been spent recently in putting this elegant
nostelry in nrst-class shape.
Rates $2.50 and $100 per day.
made known on application.
WH. VAUGHN, Proprietor.
Meats of all kinds and Poultry and
Game in season, at
Douglas Avenue, East Las Vegas, New Mexico
The CI ai r e H ot e 1
Dof Ac European Plan, 50c, 75c and $1.00 per day.
KalW. American Plan, $1.50 to $3.00 per day.
' The onl,y brick, the only modern, the ONLY
open centrally located, the ONLY fi re-proof hotel in
THE YEAR the city facts we defy any one to deny.
bound New buijding-, new furnittre. . We invit
.' .. comparison. .
Las Vegas Hot Springs, N, M,
Montezuma and Cottages. Mountain House and Annexes
Mineral Springs Baths, Feat Baths. Hospital, Mon
tetania Ranch and Hot Houses, also Parks and Extensive
- Manager
THE Montezuma hotel at Las Vegas Hot Springs, N. M., has
been re-opened. Visitors to this famous resort may now
procure sumptuous accommodations at reasonable prices. The
; Montezuma 'an comfortably provide for several hundred guests
Las Vegas Hot Springs is one of the few really satisfactory
Rocky Mountain resorts. ; It has every essential the right alti.
tude, a perfect climate; attractive surroundings, medicinal
: waters and ample opportunity fur recreation. The ideal place
for a vacation outing. For terms address the manager.
Santa Fe, New Mexico.
The 42nd Year Opens Sept. 4, 1900
T' The College is empowered by law to issue FIRST-CLASS
T TEACHERS' CERTIFICATE to its Graduates, which Certifi-
I cates are to be honored by
New Mexico.
- - - ,
Dnion Mutual Life Insurance Company
(Incorporated 1848.)
v 1 2.mma nnm no n vr nnArof i'mr Tiri1r a cf of law rf nnri frtrfAif.
JLUC OUiy lUSUlaUWC uaaMAj wjvibhuj m
nre. providing for extended insurance in case of lapse after tliree years. Has
glVCu DCilcr icauiia ui kiuciucui
paid than any other company. ,
Death claims paid with the utmost
any form of policy that may be wanted,
iDerai ternis anu ocbi nuvBuiagca.
0. II. ADAMS, Manager,
New Mexico, Arizona and Northwest Texas,
1 Hack Line
Beat hack service in ths city
Heets all trains. Calls promptly
ttemled, Offle at L. M. Cooley'
Ovsrf slabiav ; , -
This is the season when mothers
are alarmed on account of croup. It
is quickly cured by One Minute Cough
Cure, which children like to take. ' K.
D. C-oods.lL Winters Drug Co.
Jab Press for ! Chtap.
This Cif.ce has for sale an oid style
Gordon SxU Job pre.-. Will sUSl do
work as good as a new press. Will
be sold cheap for ca- !i. Also a water
motor, a Job stone 26x38 and a few
cases for type. Any one interested
ill please address this office. 79-tf
Feelings of safety pervade the
household that uses One Minute Cough
Cure, the only harmless remedy that
produces immediate results. It is in
fallible ior coughs, colds, croup and
all throat and lung troubles. It will
prevent consumption. Winters Drug
Co. K. D. Goodall. .
A. HansT.
H. M. Bckdt
m Builders.
fSEstlmaces famished free, on
stone; frame or brick buildings.
Manufacturer of
Sash and Doors,
Scroll Sawing,
Sur ace and Matching,
Planing Mill and Office
Gtaber of National Street and
Grand Evenue. East Las Vegas.
and Builders.
Avenue and Jackson street.
Special rates by the week
:- Steaks!
Fred. D, Michael,, Prop.
School Directors in the Territory of
-,-'' -
"fwj uv.uwao v
promptness and dispatch. Writes
and every policy contains the most
Manufacturer of
Every kind of weon material on hand.
Horseshoeing and repairing a specialty.
Grand and
Manzanares AAenucs,

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