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aipoi.ti:i) uv GovKuoa leedv
Selection of Dr. (.lnsscncl III Widen
the II r en ch In Ihr I'nalurt Forces
of V tinclc((c Count; He
tns .tlrenri a I'lc-
Topckd, Kdg., Teh. 15 (Special ) Gov
ernor I.eedy to-day appointed Dr. S. 8.
Glascock, of Kansas Cit, Kas.. coroner
of Wjandotte county, to fill the xacancy
cauted bj the death of Coroner A. R.
Mcl.eod, last Saturday. Glasscock Is a
The news of Dr. Glasscock'H appoint
ment to the position of coroner was not
a surprise to many of the Populists or
Dttrocrats of Kansas City, Kah. It. has
been conceded all along by those on tho
Inside that Dr. Glasi-cock would land the
job. The other candidates -will be dloap
pointed, and the breach in the fusion
n-nks will be widened.
Dr. 8. S. Glasscock came to Kansas
City. Kick., about six jears ago from Ex
celsior Springs. Mo. lie was raised on a
fcrm near ExccMor Springs, and grad
uated from the Rush Medical -chool. of
Chicago. He returned to Excelsior Springs
and tor a -untie was a partner of Dr.
Praker, or insurance fame. He Is a Mason
and a Bryan Democrat. Soon after he
united on the Kansas side he to as ap
pointed on tho pension board by Presi
dent Cleveland, and has ilnce served In
that position.
Dr. Thaddeus Fitzhugh. formerlv post
master of Kansas City. Kas., was one of
the many auplrants for the job git en Dr.
Glatscock. He Is disappointed, but not
angry, because he did not get the position.
Uoncter. he Is very bitter in his denuncia
tion of the' actions of certain candidates,
principally the successful one.
"I nccr saw such disgraceful conduct
In all my life." said Dr. Fitzhugh xc''
terday. to a reporter for The Journal.
"Dr. McLeod died Saturday, and early
Surday morning candidates were scouring
the city for indorsements for the position.
Monday afternoon I decided to become a
candidate for the place, and when I called
on. my friends I was surprised to learn
that nearly nil of them had been seen
Sunday by other candidates, and had
cither signed petitions or pledged them
selves. They all told me they were sorry
that I did not call sooner."
Tlilcxcs Enter Kit G. Tnjlor's Coop
and Steal Three Fancy
Ed G. Tajlor, a chicken fancier, mourns
the pick of his flock of fouls. Some poul
try lifter who probably thought he was
selecting 23-cnt birds stole Into Mr. Tay
lor's coop Monday night and picked out
three prize winning birds alued at 5.
Three Soclnl ErrnU.
Miss Zoa Loucks entertained Monday
evening at hir home on North Pleasant
street. Miss Webb, of Galena, Kas., was
the guest of honor. Tho-e present were
Misses Pauline Webb. Nanle Wilson. Mary
Wilson. Ariel Peck. Ethjl Plttman. Mabel
Pittmyn, Ada. Thatcher, Julia Tirjraan,
Messrs. William Ormsby, S. Strode. M.
Sjmington, Fred Nlchol, Frank Wilson,
Samuel Pendleton. G. Keeton.
Miss Minnie Sarton entertained Mondav
evening at the home of her aunt. Miss Sell
Todd, on North Liberty street. Those pres
ent were: Misses Minnie Sarton, '.aura
I'atton. Georgia Clajton. Emma. Shelev.
Maggie McCann, Mamie Carroll. Georgia
Walt. Rcttie Hocker, Katie Hocker, Mar
gie Hockcr. Jesse Summers. Robert Jones,
O. T. Parker, Thomas Cole, T. Patton,
John Grlnte-.
A merry party of little people gathered
Saturday evening at the home of Professor
Palmer in honor of his little daughter. Hel
en. Thoc present were Elizabeth AVood
son. Edith Barrett. Bertha Barrett, Sallle
Rice. Sarah Wilson, Isabel McAfee, Xar
Utsa. Rice.
Independence exx-s Ttntes.
Marriage licenses were issued jesterday
to Charles Galvin and Ml-i Marv Sullivan,
W. 11. Cassel and Miss Jennie Flanagan.
Mrs. E. S Fish lih returned to her home
at Burllngame, Kas.. after a brief l-lt with
brr son-ln-Iavv. II. G. llenlev.
Miss Nellie Nlrhol entertained a number
of friends Mondav evening at her home on
North Delaware street.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Bundschu are en-
The State Mcdlrnl Instltntr DUeoveri
a. Remarkable Remedy for
Lost Vigor.
AGE TO AL.lt WHO Wltl'lE.
Free samples of a most remarkable reme
dy aro being distributed by the State
Medical lntltute. Ft. Wajne. Ind. It cured
so many men who had battled for jears
against the mental and phjsical suffering
of lost manhood that the Institute has de
cided to distribute free trial packages to all
who wrile. It Is a home treatment, and
all men who suffer with any form of sexu il
weakness resulting fiotn jouthful follj,
premature loss of strength and memorj,
weak back, varicocele, or emaciation of
part", can now cure themselves at home.
The remedj has a peculiarly- grateful ef
fect of warmth and sonis to act direct to
the desired location, giving strength and
development Just where It is needed. It
cures all the Ills and troubles tint come
from jears of m!sue of the natural func
tions and bos been an absolute success in
all cases. A request to the State Medical
Institute. 13 I1K National Bink Building,
Ft. Wajne. Ind.. stating that jou desire
-one of their free trial packages will be com
piled with. The Institute is desirous of
I caching that great class of men who arfe
unable to leave home to be treated, und
the free sample will enable them to see
how casj- 11 Is to be cutcd of sexual weak
ness when the proper remedies are employ
ed. The Institute makes no restrictions.
Any man who writes will be sent a free
sample, carefully sealed in a plain pack
ace so thai its recipient need have no fear
of embarrassment or publlcitj- Reader
are requested to write without delay.
tertaining a baby girl at their home on
West Maple avenue.
Sjlvester Marqua, clerk at the postofHce
news stand, has secured a position with
the Adams Express Company at the Union
depot In Kansas Cltv.
Company F basketball team will play the
Tiger", of Kansas City, Friday night at
Armory hall.
C. V.. JennlnR, of Salem, III.. Wnnti
to Go to Congress lie In .Now
State Attorney.
Salem. 111., Feb. 13 State's Attorney Q.
E. Jennings, who came within two -votes of
securing the nomination for congress at the
convention which named Jehu Baker. Is an
announced candidate forthe next convention
which names a candidate for the same of
fice. Mr. Jennings was urged by his Dem
ocratic friends to make the race two jears
ago, regardless of the action of the con
tention at Nashville, whieh named Baker,
but fearing this action would elect Mur
phy refused to do so, and has thus placed
himself under obligations to the Populists,
who could never have sent Baker to con
gress unaided by their allies, the Demo
crats. Mr. Jennings Is a cousin of William
Jennings Bryan, whose middle name was
his mother's maiden name, she being a sis
ter of Mr. Jennlng's father. Mr. Jennings
Is a son-in-law of General James S. Martin,
of this city, ex-chairman of the Repub
lican state central committer. Mr. Jen
nings has been state's attorney of this
county for nearly ten years, and was the
law partner or Judge Silas L.. Brjan. fath
er of W. J. Bran, at the den,th of tho dis
tinguished Judge.
Ohio Ilrluery Iutestlfintl-iB; Commit
tee Still Waiting: for Its Stnr
Columbus. O, Feb. 13 The "senate com
mittee Investigating the alleged attempt to
bribe Representative Otis in tiie late sen
atorial contest did not meet to-night, and
the session was postponed to February 23.
No word has been received from Senator
Hanna. Major Dick or H. H. Hollenbeck.
To-dav Chairman Burke received the fol
lowing telegram from C C.Shane, of New
York, who had been subpoenaed:
"Engagements until after the London fur
sale will prevent me from accepting jour
kind invitation, ir. however, jou desire a
chapter for jour Ohio, political history I
rercr jou to my statement already pub
lished In the leading journals, or jou can
send a committee here, to whom every
courtesy will be extended."
In Spite of Dlxlslon In Party. Pltla
bnrir. Pa., Republicans Car
ry the C'It.
nttsburg. Pa., Feb. 13. The municipal
election here to-day resulted in a decided
xictorj- for the Republicans, notwithstand
ing the division in their ranks, caused by
the Municipal League or reform ticket.
The latter ticket, according to returns at
midnight, has elected but one councilman.
Philadelphia. Feb. 1" The municipal elec
tion In this city to-daj resulted In a ie
torj for the Republican candidate for re
ceiver of taxes. William J. Ronej. His
majority Is conservatively estimated at 23 -000
over the vote polled by William H.
MlKht Br Superintendent of Schools
of Greater evv York, lint
Champaign, III , Feb. 1" Dr. Andrew
Sloan Draper, president of the University of
Illinois, has been offered the position of
superintendent of public schools of Greater
New York and has declined it, prererring
to remain at the head or the Illinois in
stitution. Dr. Draper has not made known
his reasons for refusing the offer.
h'eicrnl Postmasters amed.
Washington, Feb. 13 The president to-aav-
sent to the senate the following nomin
ations or postmasters: Kansas Seymour
I. Billings, Marlon: W. C. Perdue. Beloit;
N. B. Needham, Clifton; Ernst P. Karr,
Valley Tails; Z. R. Detweller. Wamego
Mi'sourl John M. Glenn, Sedalla; Jack
son Whlteman, Marceline; Alden L. Ljle.
Golden City; R. N. Shanks. Clarence.
Bar Fixtures for Topeka.
Topeka, Kas.. Teh. 13 (Special.) The
Helm and Pabst breweries have each
shipped a car load of bar fixtures here
from Kansas Cltj- within the past week to
supply new Joints that are springing up un
der the notorious whlskj" pollcj' of the Pop
administration. Thej' were sent here, so a
Jolntlst saj'p, on the representation "that
cverj thing was all right In Topeka."
Rlshop of Tennessee Dead.
Nashville. Tenn., Feb. 13 Right Rev. C.
T. Quintard. Episcopal bishop of Tennes
see, died suddenly In Merldianville. Ga.. to
daj He was chaplain In the Confederate
army, was elected bishop soon after the
war. and during his service has alwajs
devoted much attention to the University
of the South, at Sewanee.
Allison, Too, Has Troubles.
Dubuque. Ia Feb 13 Senator Allison Is
at home to settle the local postmastershlp
coMest. over which the tight Is bitter. In
an interview to-day he expressed the opin
ion that congress would transact no bus.
rcss of Importance excent the adontlnn nf
appropriation bills, and that it will adjourn
about the last of May.
For "Militia Election F-nnd.
Des Moines. Ia Feb 13 John Hume.
W. II. 8. Matthews, Emery Worthin'.on.
all prominent officers In tho Iowa Natioril
guards, will. It Is stated, be placed undr
military arrest, charged with tarapi ring
wltn the returns at the Ilrst election of
commander of the First brigade.
rVnvy Paymaster In Disgrace.
Washington, Feb 13 Luther G. Billings,
nay director In the United States navj-, has
been found guiltj- by a court-martial which
has been In session at the Washington
mw vaid for the past few dajs of false
hood and scandalous conduct ui.tl his been
sertenccd to dismissal from the navv.
"Womnn Suffruirc Defeated In I own.
Des Moines. la.. Feb. 15 The bill to
submit a suffrage amendment was defeat
ed in the upper house of the general as
sembly to-daj 50 to 4".
The next annual convention or the Na
tional Editorial Association will be held at
Denver. September 6
A lire In Sednlla, Mo., last night de
stroyed $2 000 worth of goods in Bohannon
& Howell's notion store.
Richard Hill, of Kearnej, N. J., aged 60,
was married jesterday to Miss Annie A.
r.irker, of New York. She Is Just 18
Much of the oat crop in Northern Texas
has been planted, and In the southern part
or the state the cotton Is already in the
The Massachusetts house of representa
tives has put a cpjlctus on the attempt to
amend tho state constitution and give
vvmen the right of suffrage.
Arch Auberdeen, aged I", of Fort Scott,
pleaded gulltj to a charge of attempted
criminal assault on a 6-year-old girl,, and
was sent to the reform school
The richest church in Atchison. Kas . the
First Presbvterian, has Just elected Rev.
Mr. J. Imdon Countermine, of Mirlon
ettc. Wis , to till its pulpit.
Joe Pruitt. of Terrell, Tex , died jesterdaj
from the effects of a wound made in his
side bj a plow which he was using the daj
before when his team ran awaj.
Several illicit stills have been located
In the rockv hills southwest or Pawnee.
O. 1.. and will be raided In the near future
be United States revenue officers.
John Powell, a colored mm of Atchison.
K.i. whose wife and child .died recently,
was caught In u Greenlcar &. Uaker ele
vator Mondnv night and crushed so he
cam ot live.
Ed L. Martin, tin- father of Mrs. Lenrd.
who was assaulted and murdered bj Sem
Itiol Indians recentl. was arretted at
Mansvllle. 1. T Jestcriln for conipllritv
in the burning of the Indian
In the Miner's Uovverj theiter. New
Ycik. jestrrdav. ;i mm in the auilienc
It-came so interested in the appearance
uf tho "Night Owls" that lie- lost bis bal
unci and fell from the gallery railing to
th" orchestra below, where he was picked
up uni onsclous.
David Sulj-, of Kalamazoo, Mich, waived
preliminarj examination jeterdaj on the
charge of having ten wives, after he had
been confronted bj thrc of them The
women, however, nearly bad a fight, each
contending that she was the oni original
Mrs. Sulj-. the nrst.
The women tvpewnters In the Union
I'm lilt ofhies at Umaha, Neb . ar to be
discharged as soon as the changes can
b convenlentlv made, and male stenogra
phers will take their places. Presi
dent Burt gives ai his rcaton for this that
tw nmen tin nnt tknrVr trell in thp nf.
j nccs with men.
Rheumatism iCurs Is guaranteed to be absolutely
harmless, and a strong tonic in building up the weak
and debilitated. ItcureaAcuteormtisr-utarrheuma-tlsm
in from one to fit e days. Sharp, shooting pains
in any part of the body slopped In a few doses. A
prompt, complete and permanent cure for lameness,
soreness, stiff back and all pains in blps and loin.
Chronic rheumatism, sciatica, lumbago or pain in
the baric are speedily cured. Itscldom falls to give
relief from one to two doses, and almot Invariably
cures before one bottle has been used. The JIunj on
Remedy Company prepare a separate cure for eacli
disease. Atall druggists Ti cents a vial. Jfyouoec-ct
medical advice write Prof. Munyon. IMS Arch
btreet, Philadelphia. It Is absolutely free.
A Leading; Demonstrator of the Sect
Dies of Slrnsles, Refusion; Med
ical Treatment.
Miss Isabella Franklin Jones, a leading
member of tho Unltj- Liberal Scientist con
gregation, which holds Its meetings in the
IHall building, died jesterdaj- at the home
of Thomas W. Gilruth. 1018 West Twenty
first street, of measles. Miss Jones was 37
years old, and came to this cltj- as a
"demonstrator" two months ago. She was
an active Liberal Scientist, and had been
quite a leader in spreading the belief in
Chicago, where she livsd before coming to
this citj'. Two weeks ago she was taken
ill A number or advanced members of the
Liberal Scientist congregation visited her,
tut their Influence failed to dispel her Ill
ness. She grew rapidlv worse and Mr. Gilruth
called Dr. J. K. Boland to attend her
He diagnosed her case and prescribed the
proper medicine, but it was only afte
ccnslderable argument on the put of Mr.
Gilruth that she consented to take the first
dese of medicine. She then refuseJ to fol
low the doctor's directions further. She con
tinued to fall rapidly until her dcatli jester
daj morning. Dr. Boland refuse-! to sUn
the death certificate and the coroner was
notified Ho will probably hold hi inquest.
The Liberal Scientists are in no way con
nected with the Christian Scientists.
Died While Seekine Treatment.
Patrick runchcon. a section hand on the
Kansas Cltj-. Pittsburg & Gulf railroad,
died -vesterday morning while being
brought to this cits for liver trouble. His
home was at Burgess, Mo. Coroner Bed
ford viewed the remains j-esterdiy and de
termined the cause of death as natural.
Other Deaths and Funerals.
Mrs. Mary A. Ralnej-. aged 30. died jes
tcrdav at her home, 21S2 Summit street, of
peri'dnitis. The funeral services will be
held this afternoon at 2 o'clock rrom the
house. Burial will be in Union cemetery.
Vnrlous Agencies Emplojeel to Pre-
Tent n Blaze In lie Water
Works Bulletins;.
Through a series of agencies, each of
which carried the alarm nearer the seat of
trouble, a fire at the Water Works building.
Sixth and Walnut streets, was prevented
vesterday about 1 o'clock. The blaze start
ed on the roof near the chimnej- and was
first seen bv one of the waiters at the
Midland dining room. He telephoned to the
office and a messenger boy was sent to the
Water Works building to notiry the occu
pants of their danger. The elevator boy
heard of the fire and told the engineer and
... .i..t. 1. ml 1.A hlj.a Yitth j liiifIrnt nf
lie eXlllliiiniisu i.ii -- ....... . UUt.,.h ..
water. There was no loss nnd the fire de
partment was not called out. The occu
pants of the big building never dreamed
of their danger.
Fires Yesterdn.
1:32 p. m. Ljdia and Gulnotte avenues,
one story frame dwelling: occupied by D.
M. Carr; loss 23: cause unknown.
4.23 p. m 2520 Forest avenue; two storj
frame dwelling; loss, 2; cause unknown.
To Portland, Ore., for Puarct Sound
and Alaska Travel, From Kansas
City Via Burlington Route.
Personally conduqtcd tourist sleepers via
the Burlington Route fiom Kansas City
to Portland, Oregon, will be established in
service commencing February 17th, 1S3S
They leave Kansas City at 10.40 a. m.
Thursdays; St. Joseph, 12.10 p. m. Thurs
dajs. and run via Lincoln. Denver, Scenic
Colorado and Salt Lake City.
The current lowest rates to Seattle. Ta
coma and Puget sound ports apply via
this TOUte. offering an unusual chance to
make steamer arrangements either at Port
lrnd. Tacoma or Seattle.
Via the Short Line to Texas, the Kntr
On Februarj' 15th. March 1st and 15th
the Missouri, Kansas . Texas Railway will
sell tickets to all points in Texas, Louis
iana nnd Arizona at very low rates. The
only line running chair cars and sleepers
through without change between Kansas
Cltv and Houston. Galveston and San An
tonio. For further particulars call at ticket
oflices, S23 Main. 1044 Union avenue, and
Union depot.
T. J. FITZGERALD. P. and T. A.
Farmer Accidentally Shot.
Hamilton, Mo. Teh 15 (Special.) Chris
Widmelr. a farmer living in the eastern
part or the countj-. put an old shotgun in
a fire to heat it so he could remove the
preechpln. The gun was discharged bv
tho heat, the load entering Mr. Widmelr s
side, tearing a large hole. There is little
hope of his recovery.
Many persons keep Carter's Little Liv
er Pills on hand to prevent bilious attacks,
sick headache, dizziness, and find them Just
what they need.
Special Master Eugene CJuinton. or thp
old Santa Fe litigation, jesterday asked
Judge Williams, at Topeka. to issue an
order cancelling nineteen bridge and branch
road contracts to which the old company
was a part j. These contracts have been
inoperative since the new companv took
charge or the road, hut the special mas
ter wanted to clear the records, and had
them canceled by a court order.
Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothikg Sy.iup for chil
dren teething soltens the gums, reduces inflam
mation, allayspalns cures wind colic. 25c bott'e.
line to SPOKANE. Train service unex
celled. The California Limited Santa Fe
Only two and one-half days. Kansas City
to California. Solid vestlbuled train or
Pullmans, dining car and buffet smoking
car. Most luxurious service vii am line.
Leaves Kansis City every Tuesday. Thurs
dav and Sundav.
Santa Fe Route ticket offices, northeast
corner or Tenth and Main streets and 1050
Union avenue.
x-assciiKer ana .LicKec Agent.
Klondike Gold Fields.
Best reached by- the Denver Short Line,
the Union Pacific. Choice ot routes vlt
San Francisco, Portland or Seattle. Best
ccr.ncctlons with the best steumer. Low
rates. Quick time. Maps time tables and
illustrated guides free. Ticket offices, luoo
Main street. 10TS Union avenue. Union sta
tion. Telephone 1103. J. B FRAWLEY.
General Agent.
The Three Finest Trains.
Kinsas City to Chicago
Kansas City to St. Louis.
Kansis City to Denver.
Vli the Burlington Route. No other line
has new full vestlhuled trains, with all
modern Improvements. The Burlington
Route. leads in fine ervlce from Kansas
For the Klondike.
Three different lines to the gold fields via
the Burlington Route. Call or write to
ticket agent. S2S Main street, or 1044 Union
avenue, for information.
Liquors for Kansas.
Shipped ejnllv In secure packages by
Opposite waiting room. Union depot.
A Winter of Roses
And orange blossoms In delightful South
ern California. Only 66 hours away by the
California Limited Santa Fe Route.
A La Carte Dlnlns Cars
Via the BURLINGTON ROUTE. West and
East, are well known to be unexcelled in
service. All the delicacies of the season
always provided.
Woman Who Gate I'p Property Worth
fftl.OOO to Save Her Loser ga
ins; to Recover It.
BIcomington, 111., Feb. 13 A case now In
progress in the circuit court or this city
reveals a romantic storj-, and maj- cast
light now on events which caused a sensa
tion in business circles or Cleveland, O., a
Tew vears ago. Miss Olga Greenwalt, of
this city, the vrv prcttj daughter of one
of the pioneer business men and capitalists
of Bloomington, and the heiress to one
fifth of the large estate of her father,
became engaged to J. II. Whitney, of
Cleveland, a bookkeeper for Day-kin Bros,
B lumbers, of that city. In 1S93 Day-kin
ros.' store burned, and before the firm's
books were examined Whitney disappeared.
It was alleged he was an embezzler to the
extent of $10,000, and It was soon discov
ered that he had gone to Honolulu. It Is
alleged that Miss Greenwalt. in order to
save her fiance from prosecution, trans
ferred property worth $0,000 to make good
Whitney's alleged shortage. Miss Green
valt Is said to have rollowed Whitney to
Honolulu. It Is charged In the present
suit that Miss Greenwalt was coerced into
paying Whitney's debt, under fear of his
going to the penitentiary. The trustee of
her property, Peter Whltmer. of Blooming
ton, refused to turn her property over, and
Thomas Paigne, representing Day kin
Bros , began suit to obtain possession. A
counter suit has now been begun to deter
mine ownership and charging fraud and
conspiracy in getting the assignment from
Miss Greenwalt. Among other allegations
Is one that Whitney never was an embez
zler. After all Miss Greenvvalt's devotion
to Whitney, she did not become his wire.
Two years ago she married J. H. Hierony
mous, a Peoria, 111, brewer, who Is now
here with her assisting in prosecuting the
Accident Insurance Awarded for
Dentil Hue Indirectly to Wear
ing; a Tight Shoe.
St. Louis. Feb. 15 In a decision of the
United States court ot appeals rendered
yesterday, affirming the decision of the
lower court, wherein Mrs. Sarah I. Smith
obtained Judgment against the Western
Commercial Travelers' Association for $3.
009 on the death of her husband, Judge
Sanborn gives the judicial conception of
tho word ace'dent. Freeman O. Smith, of
this city, died from blood poisoning in
1S95, as the result of a sore toe. the skin
of which htd been abraded by a tight
Mrs. Smith attempted to collect the ac
cident policy but was resisted by the as
sociation. A jury in Judge Adams' court
gave her the full amount of the policy.
The association appealed. Judge Sanborn
held that the death of tho defendant had
been brought about by an external acci
dent and that It was accidental. "What i3
not the result of design or prearrangment."
said the judge, "Is accident. No man In
tentionally wears the skin off his toes and
such injury must be considered acci
Company With a Capitalization of
$30,000,000 Projected Western
Men Said to Desire It.
New York, Feb. 13 Certain steps taken
recently by tin plate manufacturers In the
West indicate a desire on their part to
form a general combination.
The idea suggested is to get as many of
the conveniently located mills as possible to
unite in one central organization with the
definite purpose In view of protecting their
field of operations In such a way as may
be deemed most advisable.
Since the meeting of the Tin Plate Mak
ers' Association of the United States at
Columbus, O., December SO, 1897. the scheme
of forming a central combination has been
growing steadily. Committees appointed at
that meeting have had several conferences
and efforts have been made to arouse an
Eastern sentiment in favor of such a com
bination as isproposed. Thus far, however,
the largest Eastern dealers In tin plates
have apparently held aloof from the
An estimate of the necessary- capitaliza
tion for such a corporation places the fig
ure at about $.10 000,000.
Covlnttton, Ky.. Councllmen Accused
of Contempt Are to Be Released
on Bonil.
Frankfort, Ky., Feb. 15 The court of ap
peals has entered an order granting the
seven Covington councllmen who are con
fined In Jail by order of Judge Tarvln,
temporary liberty. The order directs an
appeal to be taken to the court of appeals,
and grants ball to the respondents, pending
the hearing of the case on appeal.
The Covington councllmen are winners
on the appeal, but none of the substantial
points In issue are passed upon.
They will be remanded to jail again If
the court ot appeals, upon final hearing,
holds that Judge Tarvin acted properlv In
adjudging them gulltv of contempt. The
final hearing, set for February 25, is under
stood to have been ordered s0 that the
court might examine more fully into the
law and the record.
The granting of supersedeas bonds is
probablv because the court regarded it an
unnecessary hardship to keep the council
men confined In jail till that hearing.
Josef Hnfinann, Greatest Soloist Since
Rubinstein, balls for America
on the Trnve,
Berlin, Feb. li Josef Hofmann sailed to
day on the North German Lloyd steamship
Trave from Bremen Tor America. His
farewell appearance was In Hamburg as
soloist with the Philharmonic Society, and
his success was extraordinary. The sever
est of Hamburg's critics sneaks of his ner-
rormancc as follows: "Hofmann has, at the
age of 20, reached a foremost place among
contemporary- pianists, as demonstrated by
nts periormance last evening, lie is not
only a great pianist he is a poet. Not
since we heard Rubinstein have we heard
Chopin played as young Hofmann plays it.
No wonder, then, that the wildest enthus
iasm prevailed."
Crnndall Held for the Grnnd Jury.
Enid. O.T.Feb 13 (Special) The pre
liminary trial of John Crnndall. for the
murder of John McCoy, twenty-live miles
south of this city, was held to-day. Cran
dall was bound over to await the action
of the grand jurv. which is summoned to
meet next Mondav. Cr.tnd.ill claims that
MeCov assaulted Mrs. Crandall by means
of drugs.
Are unlike nil other pills. No purging
or pain. Act specially on the liver and bile.
Carter's Little LIv er Pills. One pill a dose.
IJenth of Mrs. W. A. P. McDonald.
St. Joseph. Mo . Teb It (Special.) Mrs.
W. A. P. McDonald, wlfo of a prominent
resident of this city, and a society leader,
died suddenly at her home. Eleventh and
Charles streets, to-nlght. She had made
several calls during the day. and returned
home in her uual good health. Apoplexy
is given as the cause of her death.
Be bure A our Tickets Read Via
The Short Line to Texas Katv Route. The
Missouri. Kansas & Texas Railwav is the
only line running chair cars (seats free) and
Wagner sleeping cars between Kansas City
and Dillas, Fort Worth. Waco. Houston.
Galveston. Austin and San Antonio with
out change. Ticket otlires. 823 Main street,
10e4 Union avenue -ind Union depot.
The Crescent Hotel,
Eureka Springs. Ark . opens Mireh 1.
In the heart of Ozark mountains; climate
mild and bracing, scenery wild and beauti
ful, unequaled medicinal waters. Excursion
'ates via Frisco lrne. Address Manager
Crescent. Eureka Springs, or James Dono
liue. general agent Trisco line, Kansas
City, Mo.
The onlv complete s'one ballast track to
Chicago and St. Louis is the Chicago &
Alton Their trains are the very finest, and
their time us fast as any.
Dinner Is Ready
In the dining car at C-10 p. m., each day,
on the Burlington Route new Chicago
train. Service is a la carte.
The California Limited
Takes you to Los Angeles In only 36 hours
over the Santa Fe Route. Best route best
train best time. Meals always good.
The Burlington Route.
The best line to Chicago.
Where Days Are Sunniest
And most captivating inviting to outdoor
life that's California. Engage berth now
on the California Limited via the Santa
Fe Route.
The Burllnsjton Route.
The best line to St. Paul.
James O'Neill and his company presented,
"Monte Crlsto" at the Coates last night.
The great Dumas romance, which has be
come Inseparably associated with Mr.
O'Neill, seems to be still his strongest card.
It will be repeated this afternoon. The
engagement will close to-nlght with a repe
tition of "The Dead Heart. '
Dixey's engagement at the Coates will
open to-morrow- night. The "Adonis" of
former days will appear In an entirely new
and novel line, ana us he seems to have
been successful elsewhere in bis departure.
It is probable that his engagement here
will attract considerable attention. In ad
dition to his feats of magic and palming
ho will Introduce some of nls most famous
character impersonations.
There will be a matlneo performance at
the Orpheum to-day, every feature of the
night performances being given In spite of
the fact that the scale of prices is greatly
An interesting musical event of this even
ing will be the Rosenberg sisters' recital
at Lyceum hall. These prodigies will be
heard In a most interesting programme.
The last performance of "South Before
the War" will be given at the Glillss this
afternoon and to-night.
The Symphony orchestra has been en
gaged for a poncert at Lawrence. Kas ,
next Friday afternoon. This Is the first
time that the orchestra has been called
out of the city, but it Is not likely to be
the last, for since lts great success at
home It has attracted much attention In
the surrounding towns. A verj- interest
ins programme will be given the Law
rence people, the orchestral numbers in
cluding some of the best features given
at the Kansas City concerts. The soloists
will be Mr. Louis Buch. violinist, a mem
ber of the orchestra and formerly of
Lawrence, and Mr. Carl Preyer, pianist,
of Lawrence, who was soloist at one of
last season's concerts. The programme
will be as follows:
Tableau from "Le Cld" (Massenet).
Hungarian airs (Ernst), Mr. Buch.
suite, "Aigennne (samt-aaensj.
Ccnccrtstuck (Chamlnade). Mr. Prcjer.
A. Romanzo (Krug): b. Serenade Pizzl
catto (Helmund), string orchestra.
Overture. ' Tannhauser."
The full orchestra ot fifty musicians will
be heard in Lawrence.
Mojt's "A Stranger in New York." which
has made such a hit that three companies
have been put out with it, will follow
"What Happened to Jones" at the Grand,
opening next Sunday afternoon. The per
sonnel of the company announced for Kan
sas City leaves nothing to be desired. The
company was made up to play through to
the coast, and the whole cast was selected
and drilled by Mr. Hoyt himself.
An entirely new line of vaudeville feat
ures will be offered at the Orpheum next
week. This week's features are strong ana
varied, the Hungarian band remaining one
of the biggest attractions.
"The World Against Her" will follow
"South Before the War" at the Glillss,
opening with next Sunday's matinee.
The coming of the "Mjsterious Mr.
Bugle" to the Coates next week Is being
looked forward to as one of the great com
edy treats or the season. One or the run
niest Incidents in the play is said to be a
woetul attempt of the heroine to smoke a
cigar. That she is forced to do so is
evolved from a perfectlj plausible situa
tion, and is carried out in the best spir
it of legitimate farce. Her sweetheart calls
upon her and finds a lighted cigar which
has bean lett there by her cousin. She
dare not tell him of her visitor, fearing
to aggravate his jealous indignation, and
her only way to explain away the cigar Is
to tell him the awful fib that loneliness has
driven her to smoke. To test her truth-
rulness he makes her smoke a fresh cigar,
and the result is amusing to a degree. The
way this scene is handled by Miss
Gretchen Lyons and Joseph Holland is said
to insure a remembrance of the "Myster
ious Mr. Bugle" not easy to dispel.
Country Host to Reach the Gold
Fields Via Portland, Tacoma
or Seattle.
If you are going to the Northwest sea
board and Puget Sound points take the
Missouri Pacific. Denver & Rio Grande.
Rio Grande Western and Oregon Short
Line to Portland. The scenic line of the
world. A through express train dally leaves
Kansas City Union depot at 10 a. m.. ar
rives at Portland the third morning at 7:20
a. m. On every Wednesday a Pullman
tourist sleeping car will be run from Kan
sas City to Portland. Ore., direct, without
For rates, ticket', berths and all informa
tion call at or address E. S. Jewett. Ticket
Agent. Ticket offices. 1032 Union avenue or
SOU Main street. Kansas City-. Mo
General Passenger Agent.
Leaves To-nltrht tor St. Louis.
The "St. Louis Compartment Limited."
on the Chicago & Alton railroad leaves
Kansas City at 9 o'clock every evenlng.and
arrives In St. Louis at 7 o'clock the next
morning. A compartment on the Alton has
all the conveniences or a stateroom, at the
same price as an ordinary' section. Try the
Alton tor a good night's rest.
Kansas City ticket offices Grand Junc
tion, Ninth. Main and Delaware streets,
1038 Union avenue. Union depot. Grand ave
nue depot. A. HILTON.
General Agent Passenger Department,
Fast Time West.
The Union Pacific positively makes over
DENVER. Twenty-six hours quicker time
to Chey enne. Ten hours quicker to Ogden.
Nine hours quicker to Salt Lake Twelve
hours quicker to San Francisco. Nine hours
quicker to Portland than any other line.
Splendid trains, vestibuled. steam heat.
Pullman palace sleeper without change,
Kansas City to San Francisco, every day
in the y ear. Pullman Perfect Dining Cars.
Only line running two trains dally Kansas
City to Denver. City ticket office, 1000
Main street. Telephone 1109.
Stoddard" Lectures.
All persons who have purchased the first
numbers of Stoddard's lectures and de
sire the balance, we call their attention to
the list. They are now ready. You can or
der any of them without the coupons. The
list of lectures Is as follows. The price is V&
cents each:
Part 1 Norwiy.
Part 2 Athens and Venice.
Part 3 Jerusalem.
Part 4 Switzerland.
Part 5 Constantinople.
Part Egy pt.
Part 7 Japan.
Part 8 China.
Part 9 India.
Part 10 Passion Play.
Leaves To-nltcht for Chicago.
The "Chicago Limited" on the Chicago
& Alton railroad leaves Kansas City at
6 o'clock every evening and arrives in Chi
cago at 9 23 the next morning. No other
line makes quicker time. The ery finest
trains with the most perfect a-la-carte din
ing service. Try It.
Kansas Citv ticket offices Junction tick
et office. Ninth. Main and Delaware streets,
1038 Union avenue. Union depot. Grand ave
nue depot. A. HILTON,
General Agent Passenger Department
Births Reported.
Walton. W. P. anil M : l"t Bellefontalne, Feb
ruar 8. bov
Huttle. William and Nannie: 2711 East Mnlh; Feb
ruary l:. air!
Kelly. Solrn and Ruth; 11:1 Freight street; Feb
ruary i:. girl
Merrlfletd. I. II. and Laura: 1116 Poplsr; February
12. bo.
Mnrphy, H. V. and G. K.; S3A Elmwood; February
l: Elrl
Dron. C. and Mary; 113 Freight street; February
13. girl
I.eed. F. D and Ltda, Mrs East Math; February
V. girl
Barnes, W M. and Mary, 2841 Falrmount; February
13. boy.
Deaths Reported.
Srellman. Miss Etta M.: 2030 Holmes, February It;
17 years. phtbl3ls pulmonale, burial In Mount St.
Mary's remeterr.
Fackard. J J . All Saints' hospital: February 12,
43 years, railroad lnurlet; burial In Mount St
Msry's cemeterj.
Powel. infant. 13,11 Grand avenue; Tebruary 12: 3
months, congestion of lung, burial ill t nlon r?me
terj lierkenhour. William. H0S Madison: February 12
C6 jears, pneumonia: burial In Union cemetery
Smllb. l-e-o C: 1117 Behldere. February 13. It
da). Kpamodlc convulsion, burial In t'nlc n tetne
ter) Doarn Catherine: 1101 West Twentj-fourtli: Feb
ruary 14; 8 months; Inanition: burial In Mount St.
Mary's reireter).
Shobe, lobn C . 2407 Eat Twenty third: February
It L9 years, mitral insufficiency; burlat In Clin
ton. Mo
Tambereno Joseph: 511 East Fourth; February It
CI years. gatro Intestinal toxemia, burial In Mount
St. Mary's cemetery
IIulldlnsT Permits.
A K Coull: to erect brick residence at 3113 Euclid
avenue. tSOf)
Quincy A Thompson; to erect frame resld-nce at
211.1 Wabash II.mm
J VV Beem: to erect frame barn at 2920 Holmes
street. tlJ
Two hours of laughter, a solid chunk or
fun. Don't miss the "New Woman" at
Metropolitan hall Friday night, given under
the auspices of the Ladies' Good Will Society.
Saving a Husband's
Only the other
day the newspapers
told the story of
a plucky woman
.who saved herhus-
band from drown
ing on the rock
bound Atlantic
coast. There are
other dangers be
side that of drown-
.. insr from which a
shrewd woman
may. by a little diplomacy, save her hus
band. Men are proverbially reckless about
their health. They do not think it worth
while to pay any heed to a slight indiges
tion, a trifling bilious attack, a little nerv
ousness or sleeplessness, or a small loss of
appetite. The first they know they have
dyspepsia, liver complaint, malaria, rheu
matism, nervous prostration or deadly con
sumption. Even then they are prone to
neglect their trouble until it is too late.
A wise wife will assume guardianship of
her husband's health. She will always
have at hand a bottle of Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery. When her husband
feels out of sorts she will see that he takes
it. It makes the appetite keen, the diges
tion perfect, the liver active, the blood pure
and the nerves steady. It builds firm flesh,
strong muscles, and healthy nerve tissues.
It enres dyspepsia, liver complaint, malaria,
rheumatism and nervous prostration. It
cures 98 per cent, of all cases of consump
tion. An honest dealer will always give
you what you ask for.
" I was a sufferer from malaria," writes Mr. R.
D. Hill, of Zanto. Louisa Co . Va. " Two doctors
failed to cure me. I took three bottles of Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery in connection
with his Pleasant Pellets, and was cured. I can
now do as good a day's work as any man."
Constipation often causes sickness. Dr.
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure constipation.
One little "Pellet" isagentle laxative and
two a mild cathartic. They never gripe.
They are tiny, sugar-coated, anti-bilious
granules, in little vials. Druggists sell
them and have nothing else "just as
good." They regulate the Stomach, Liver
and Bowels.
Are you weak, nervous and de
bilitated as the result of early in
discretions, or excesses later in life,
which have caused emissions, lost
manhood, pain in the back, lack of
development, quickness, defective
memory, losses in the urine and
many other symptoms? Doyouwant
to be restored to perfect health? If
so, consult Dr. H. J. Whitlier, 10
West Ninth street, Kansas City,
Mo., who for upward of twenty
years has never failed to absolutely
cure every form of
Delay is dangerous- The ambi
tion and vigor of men can be
yours; all unnatural drains will soon
be stopped, and you can be restored
to the enjoyment of perfect sexual
health and strength at small cost
Dr. H. J.Whittier is conceded to
be the leading and most successful
specialist in the West; consult him
first and time will be gained, money
saved and years of suffering averted.
FACTS for Men Only, sealed, 6
cents; free at office. Consultation
and urinary analysis free.
Hours, 9 to 4 and 7 to 8; Sunday,
10 to 12. Call or write in confidence.
10 West Ninth Street
Near Junction,
Kansas City, Ma.
Tne Old. Reliable Sneelalltt.
35 Yean' Experience in the
treatment 01 sertoui, chron
ic and Special OlMiiei.
It you are trembled with
pimples. bashfulne. aver
sion to society, stupldneas.
despondency, loss ot energy.
amhlllnn anil . tf -nnM.M
hkh absolutely nnllt you for study or builnesi
you should take treatment from this noted special
ist before It Is too late.
There are thousands of you troubled with weak
aching backs and kidneys and other unmistakable
signs ot nertous debility and premature decay
Many die of this ditSculty. Ignorant ot the cause"
The most obstinate cases of this character treated
with unfailing success
DISEASES ' delicate nature-Inflamma-tlons.
Weakness of Organs, re
suits ot youthful folly. Stricture. Varicocele. I'llcs
Fistula and all jelndred troubles quickly cured, no
detention from business So CLTTINO BLOOD
AND SKIN Dieae. Sores Spots IMmples Siero
fula. Tumors, Tetter. Fciema and Dlood Poison,
primary and secondary, thoroughly eradicated
leaving the system in a strong, pure and healthful
state WHITE rour troubles It living away from
city. Thousands cured by our home treatment.
Absolute secrecy In all professional dealing
CONSLLTATIOS- KRf E. Call or write. Hours. 3
a. m to 9 p m. Sun , 3-11 a m DR. SPINNEY
L CO . 30T W. ath St Kansas City. Mo
r, Cslesester'e Ess-Usk IHssamd Brasi.
eSv Orlstaal ud 01 Gesmlae. A.
DrasxiM for Cliclfrtrr KngtUX He ivSgV
.MMd B rnj in Red ial 6oM me tantsW
nwsre waled wl-b. bin nbhoa TakeLV
as other- X'fit &mgoH mitt tu-
jioiu and imitations AtDrnrfift, Kwal4a
la nanps tor partleaUr tmiBMOtalt aas
Belter for Ladles. ( titur. by retam
by aQ lAKat DracrH'-
Bis Q le a non polsonont
remedy for lionorrho?a,
Uleet, Spermatorrhoea,
Whites, unnatural dis
chargee, or any Inflamma
tion, irntation vr ulcera
sat la Itrietare.
Irrevents eoatsgloa.
tion of dim co as mem-
IrHEEtAsSCHrmruCn. branee. n-astringent.
umanuTi.a I
svoia sjy sjrnirsisss-
"or sent in plain wrapper,
by express, prepaid, for
II Oi. or .". Iiottlf,. t-'.75.
iircular seut oa reu.uesW
U.S. J.
Railroad Transfer Co.,
3rd and Wyandotte Sts. Tela. 303 and is7
Freight. Baggage and llea.y Ilaulinff.
Prompt and satisfactory -enice guaran
teed. D. il. BOWES, Prop'r.
Holland-America Line.
Jror Kottertlam and Amsterdam.
"Ha Bonlosne-snr-Mer.
Direct reute to the Netherlands t ranee. (Jermanyor
Switzerland Moderate prkea. For bandbock and In-
formation apply to gen-nl Western passenger agency.
16 La Salle street. Chicago. 111., or to August Weber.
13 East Eighth street, Kansas City. Mo.
If B
IN the Circuit court cf Jarksn-i rannMr. Missouri.
at Kansas City. No. 2ZZH, Wiley O. Cor. Marie
Copplnger and E. W. Shirt, plaintiffs, ts. Mary V.
Snodgrasa totberwls knot. a as Mollis L. Snodgrass),
In her own right and as administratrix da bants non
of the estate ot T. a Snodgrass. deceased; John J
bnodgrass. Agnes N'eabir. Lizzie D. Elliott. Mary A
t.ray. Edwsrd It. Snodgrass (atberwtse known as
Lddle tnodgratsj. 1. Rosa Nesbit. and the uaaoowa
heirs of T. c. Snodgrass. deceased, defendants. Now.
on this Ith day ot tebruary. 1533, It appearing tot
court, from the affidavit of Wiley o. lox. oa. ot the
plaintiffs herein, that the defendants, John J. Snod
grass. Agnes Nesbit, Utile D. Elliott. Mary . Cray.
Ldward il. Snodgrass (otherwise known as Lddl
baodgrasai. and I Ross Nesbit. are non residents of
the atate of Missouri, and from the allegations of the
petition, under cath. that there are persuas Interest
ed as heirs of T. C. Snodgrass. deceased, whoso
names cannot be inserted la tho petition becatue un
known to the plaintiff, and the court finding that
process cannot Le serv4 on said defendants, tha
court orders that said defendants be nctiaea s fol
lows: To the said John J. Snodgrais. Unle I- El
liott. Mary A. Gray. Edward II. s-ajdinua 'other
wise known as Ed lie Snodgrass;. and the unknown
Lelrs ot T. C. Saodgras. deceased lou are hereby
ruined that Wiley o. Cos. Mirk Copplnger and E.
Shirk have commenced a suit agalnit you ant
others, the object and general nature of the petition
In ald action being a partition amon the parti
thereto of the east one hundred and ten (lift feet ot
lets tea 111)) and eleven HI), and of that part ot lot
twelve (l; which lies south ot th south line of
Ughth tsth) street, all in block three (5) ot reery
place. an adlltlon to the City ot Kansas, now Kan
sas City, Mlvouri. all In Jacluon county. Missouri.
as the same are marked and designated oa the duly
recorded plat of said addition, and that you be and
appear before the circuit court ot Jackson coun'y.
Missouri, at Kansas City, on the second Monday In.
April. las. the same beins tb- nrt day of the April
term, then and there to answer ta the petition of tz
said plaintiffs, and unless, within the nrst three day-
ct said term, you do so appear and anawer or pleaj.
to the petition ot the said plaintiffs, said petition,
wilt b taken as confessed, and Judgment rendered,
accordingly. It Is further ordered that a copy of this
notice be published In The Kansas City Jou-nal. saul
newspaper being designated by the attorneys for th
plaintiffs, with the approval of the Judg of this
court, as most likely to give notice to the persons to
be noticed, and being a newspaper published In Kan
sas City. Jackson county. Missouri, for four (tl week
successively, the last Insertion to be at least nfUea
(15) days befor- the commencement cf the term ac
which the defendants, aret re-juircct to- appear. A trus
Attest: H. M. STONESTRBET Clerk.
ISeall By J. B STACY. I. C.
MItRIFr-S SLE Hy virtue ant authority ot a
special transcript execution issued from the office of
the clerk of the circuit court of Jackson courty. ac
Kansas City. Missouri., returnable to the pril term.
1S3S, of said conrt, apji to me, as sheriff, directed
and delivered in favor ot city of "Aestport to use c
r. A. Warren and against Mary Harvey, I liave
levied upon anl sleaed all the right, title, interest
and estate of said defendant. Marr Harvey, in an L
to the following described real estate, situated In.
the county ot Jackson and state ot Missouri, to-wlt:
Lot number eight ). Work fort-one (41). Hjdo
park, in the city ot TVestport, Jackioa county. Mis
souri, now Kansas City. Jackson, county. Missou-i:
lot number nine (1). btock number torty-one 141),
llvd- Park. In the city of Westport. Jackson county.
Missouri, now Kansas City. Jackson county, Mis
souri, and lot number ten (10). block number forty
one (41). Hyde raS. la.tha city oJ Westport. Jack
son county. Missouri, now Kansas City. Jacksom
county. Missouri, and I win. on Tuesday .the Stli
day of March., -V D. 1SSS. between the hours ot
nine o'clock !n the forenoon and five o'clock In the
afternoon ot that. day. at the south front door of the
county court- house. In Kansas City. Jackson county,
stale or Missouri, and daring the session ot said cir
cuit court at Kansas City. Missouri, sell at public
tendue. for cash, to the- highest bidder, all the
right, title, interest and estate of the above named:
defendant. Mary Harvey; In and to said real estate)
to satisfy sail execution ami costs.
Kansas CUT. "Mo.. February 11th. ISM.
TRUSTEE'S SALEr-Whereas, Mcoll 11. Comslocle
and JIattle E. ComstocsT. his wife, and John R. Will
iams and Carrie O. Williams, his wife, by their deeit
of trust, dated January Kth, A. D. 153:. filed for rec
ord January Mth. 1S3I. and reconied in the office ot
recorder of deeds for Jackson ccunty. Missouri. Irs
book B. No. 436. page 1. conveyed to the under
signed trustee certain real estate lying and belae
situate In the county of Jackson. In the state of Mis
souri, and described as follows, to-wlt: Alt ot lots)
three C). four '4) and live (S). in block C In Jame
son's subdivision, an addition to the City ot Kansas,
now Kansas City. Missouri, which said deed of trust:
was made to secure the payment of their certain
promissory note or bond, and Interest therein de
scribed, and. whereas, said note or bond has becoma
due and now remalna unpaid; now. therefore, pub
lie notice Is hereby given that I. the undersigned
trustee, will. In accordance with the terms and pro
visions of. and by Tirtue of the power conferred upon.
me 'n said deed of trust, at the request of the legal
holder ot said note or bond, proceed to sell the real
estate therein described at pnbllt: Tendue. to tha
highest bidder, for cash, at the atate circuit cours
house door (south door). In Kansas Cltr. In tha
county ot Jackson aforesaid: said court bouse Is lo
cated on the block of ground between Oak and Lo
cust streets and Missouri avenue and Fifth street, oa
Tuesday, the 1st day of March. A. D. 1S3S. between
the hours of nine o'clock in the forenoon and fiva
o'clock In the afternoon of said day. to pay off and
satisfy said note or bond, with Interest, together wits
the ccsta and expenses of executing this trust,
V. W. BARBER, 'Trustee,
TKU6TKKS SALE By reason ot default
In the payment ot the principal note, and.
Interest thereon, described In a deed ot
trust made by Mattle E. Smith and Tllmaa
C. Smith, her husband, dated tha 1st day
of December. 1SS3. and recorded on the litis
day of December. 1SS3, in book B 313. at
pace 155. In the office ot the recorder ot
deeds for Jackson county. Missouri, at
Kansas City. I will, by virtue of the prem
ises and of the power In me vested by saSl
deed of trust, and at tho request of tho
legal holder ot said note, proceed to sell
all of lots numbered 43 nnd 44. in block:
numbered 3. In Coleman Place, an addltioa
to the City of Kansas (now Kansas Cltyj.
Jackson county. Missouri, as shown by tho
recorded plat of said addition, at the south,
front door of tho court house in Kansas
City, between tho hours of 9 o'clock in tha
forenoon and 5 o'clock In tha afternoon, ort
Thursday, the 17th day ot February. 1KB.
at public vendue, to the highest bidder, for
cash, for the purpose of paying" said note
and interest, and the rost of executing: this
trust. P 9. PATTERSON. Trustee.
NOTICE Is hereby given that letters of administra
tion on the estate ot Angus Campbell, deceased,
were granted to the undersigned by the probate court!
of the county of Jackson, state ot Missouri, at Kan
sas City, oa the 27th day of January. 1S3S- All per
sons having claims against said estate are required tat
exhibit the same to the undersigned for allowance,
within one year after the date or said letters, or they
may be precluded from any benefit of said estate, and!
if such claims be not exhibited within two years tronx
the date ot this publication they will be forever
barred. THOMAS J. 3EEII0RN. Administrator.
fisted this Ind dsy of February. ISPs.
NOTICE Is hereby given that letters testamentary
on the estate ot James Llllls, deceased, were granted
to the undersigned by the probate court ot the county
nf Ja:kson. state of Missouri, at Kansas City, on tha
Cnd day of February. lWs- All persons having claims
mlnst said estate are required to exhibit the earns
to the underslgnedafor aiiowatrr:. within one year
after the date of said letters, or they may be pre
cluded from any benefit of said estate, and If suctx
claims be not exhibited within two years from tha
date of this publication they will be forever barred.
THOMAS r. LII.LIS, Executor.
Dated tils fnd day of February, 1U3.
NOTICE la hereby given that letters or administra
tion on the estate of Edmond Taylor, deceased, were
granted to the undersigned by the probate court of
the county of Jackson, state of Missouri, at Kansas
City, on the "3th day of January. 183S. All persons
having claims against said estate are required to ex
hibit the same to the undersigned for allowance,
within one year after the date of said letters, or
they may be precluded from any benefit of sal 1 es
tate, and If such claims be not exhibited within twni
years from the date of this publication they will bs
forever barred.
WILLIAM T. NEW. Administrator.
"X.led this iJth dsy of January. 1S3
NOTICE TO DIRECTORS Notice Is hereby given
that the annual meeting of the board of directors off
the Kansas City. Clinton and Springfield Railroad.
Company will be held at the office ot the tompany 1-x
Kansas City. Missouri, on Tuesday, the Ith day or
March. 193. at 9 o'clock a. m , for the purpose of.
making report to the railroad commissioners of tha
stste ot Missouri, as required by law, and for tha
transaction ot suih other business as may legally ba
brought before the meeting.
J. 9. FORD, ""ecretary.
Kansas City. Mo.. Feb'y ind. lSii.
NOTICE Is hereby given that letters of aamlnlstra
tion on fie estate of btephen E. O. Hardin, decease I.
were granted to the undersigned by the probate courc
of the county of Jackson, slate of Missouri, at Kan
sas ( Ity. on the 7th day of January. 1JJ3, All per
sons having claims against said estate are required to
evhlbit the same to the undersigned for allowance,
wtthln one year after the dale of said letters, or thr
may be precluded from any benefit of said estate, ant
If such claims be not exhibited within two years fro-x
the dato of this publication tbey will be forever
barred. WILLIAM ALLnR'TAIS'. Administrator.
Dated this 7th day of January. 189?
NOTICE TO Dir.lCTORS Notice Is hereby givers
that the annual meeting of the board of directors et
tho Kansas City. Fort Scott and Memphis Railroad
Company will be held at the office of the company lrt
Kanas Clt, Missouri, on Tuesday, the Sth day of
March. 1S01. at 3 o'clock a. m . for the purpose of
making report to the railroad commissioners of tha
state ot Missouri, as required by law. and for th
iransacticn of sJch other business aa may legally be)
brought before tie meeting.
CHARI.ns MERRIAM. Secretary.
Kansas City. Mo Tcp'y 2nd. 1831.
NOTICE is hereby given that letters testamentary
on the estate of Michael Long, deceased. wre grant
ed to the undersigned by the probate court of the
county of Jackum stste of Mia-ourl. at Kansas City
nn the Will day of 1-rbru.ry, 1SSS. All pernons hav
ing claims against said estate are required to exhibit
the same to th undersigned for allowance, within
one jear altar the date of sail letters, or they nia,.
be precluded Irom any benefit of said estate anl It
such claim le not exhibited within to years from
tl- date of this piilillratloi tbey will )m- forever
barred OFOItRK II. t.of:. Esecuior
Dated this 10th day of February. H9-..
NOTICE Is hereby given that letters ot administra
tion, ultli the will annexed, on th estate of Rao J.
Trail, decea--d. were granted to the uit lersign-d by
the probate court of tic- county of Jackson state of
Missouri, at Kansas Cltv. on the Sth day of February.
IMS. All persons having claims against rail estate
are required to exhibit the same to the undersigned
for allowanre. within one yeariafter the date or aalil
Utter-', or they rray be precluded from am benefit of
said estate, and If such claims be not exhibited with
in two years from the date of this publication they
will be forever haired. TIIOMVS J. SEEHORV.
Administrator. With the Wilt Annexed.
Dated this 10th day of February. 15
by given M all creditors and others interested in the
estate ot Mary Eagan. deceased, that I. Tira
cthy Scanlan. executor ot said estate, intend to m.v
a final settlement thereof at the next tnn ot ihs
probate court of Jackson county, to be held at Ksn
aaa City, Missouri, on the -1st day of February, mi.

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