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' 1
Miss Alice Nielsen will occupy a box at
ihft Philharmonic concert this afternoon.
The Five S Club will dance at the
Athenaeum clubrooms Wednesday evening;
February- 8.
The Wednesday Whist Club will meet this
week with Mrs. Barney J. Fradenburgh,
3110 Wabash avenue.
Mrs. A. M. Weston leaves Sunday for St.
Louis, thence to Hot Springs, to take
charge of a sanitarium.
Mrs. Robert nnod!rtft rarHq -vcttm Ken
out Friday for a muslcale Thursday after-
uuuu, xeoruuiy v, at 3 OC10CK.
"Mrs. Madison St. Clair and Mrs. Harlow
A. Baker will give, an at home at the
Coates House to-morrow afternoon.
Mrs. H. J. S. Seele'y gives a tea Wednes
, nay afternoon of this week for her guest,
Miss Eleanor Craig, of Philadelphia. -
Miss Nettle Wells will entertain at lunch
eon Saturday, February 11. for MI-s Mar
tha Prlscilla Ealden ,and her maids.
The engagement of Dr. Frank D. Askew,
or this city, to Miss Elizabeth J. Strana
than, of Chicago, has been announced.
Miss Reynolds and Miss Keebler have Is
sued invitations for a valentine baH'Tues
day evening, February 14, at Lyceum hall.
Mrs. James E. Logan and Miss Logan
have Invited guests for half after 11 o'clock
and 3 p'clock on Wednesday of this week.
Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Tombs have issued
Invitations for a card party Thursday even
ing, February 9, In compliment to Miss Sara
Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Swazey will give a
dinner to-morrow evening for Miss Han
nah, of Bloomington. III., who la visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bushnell.
The marriage of Miss Maude L. Fritz
and Mr. James Flood, of California, will
take place Wednesday at the home of the
bride s parents, 71S Forest avenue.
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Logan sent out
Invitations last week for a dancing party
at the Country Club, Friday evening, Feb
ruary 10. The cards of Miss Helen Near.
of Portland. Ore., and Miss Partridge, of
Leavenworth, are inclosed.
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Holland have
Issued invitations for the evenlnsr of Feb
ruary 13, their golden wedding anniversary.
Mrs. C. A. Ritter has out cards for Mon
day afternoon, February J3. In compliment
to her mother, Mrs. Holland.
Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Latimer, of 113 Gar
field avenue, will entertain the Garfield
Avenue Card Club on Friday, February 17.
On Friday of Inst week the club met at
the residence of Mr. and airs. II. H. No
land. Mrs. Irving L. Bunker and Mrs. C.
L. Merry won the prizes.
Mrs. Henry Rickard and Miss Elizabeth
Gentrv returned Frldav trvpninsr fmm Tr,i-
enworth. where they were the guests of
Mrs. Eleanor Burr. Mrs. Burr gave a
uiicueviii rnaay ior .airs. KlcKard. Mis
Gentry and Miss Oglesby. of Hot Spring.
Ark., fodowed by. an Informal reception
from half after 2 to 3 o'clock.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Thomason will send
out Invitations this week for the marriage
of their, daughter. Mercedes-, to Mr. Fred
L. Ferguson, of Belleville. Kay.' The wed
ding will be celebrated at the home of the
bride' parents. 240 East Thirtieth street
Wednesday. February 22. Onlv a rew rela
tives and friends will be Invited.
Professor Francois BoucHer will have
charge t)f the unique and Interesting musi
cal programme to be siren to-morrow
morning at the Manual Training high
J-chool. No Instrument will be ued save
the- violin, and all the performers will be
little girls, yet the niUFlc nlll be of a high
order. The programme follows:
? Dun (Plejrl). the JIlSfM rrlfjam.
Air Varlc" (Panels), JIIsj Clds CalJin.
"Hlltolttto" (Slurries!, Mlm -Marinn fiage.
"Air. Fifth Varff" (Do Errioll. Hiss Laura ItccJ.
"MuMtc d'Pnrtlr." (Alird). JIliw Marjraret Totrlcr.
"Ksmtsle Mllllalic" (Leonard), Miss Olhe Wnlle-Vj-.
The marriage of Mis France Blossom
Mutteson and Mr. Justin D. Bowersock.
"on Wednesday, will be the most interesting
event or the week. The wedding guests
will all be Intimate friends of the family.
Dr. Hopkins ! to officiate. The attendants
will be. Miss Bowersock. of Lawrence, the
maid of honor: Miss Karnes, Miss Coatcs
worth. Ml Adah Charles Hudson and
Miss Lavinla Tough, the bridesmaids: Mr.
Meredith. Mr. Osborn Van Brunt. Mr. John
Tough and Mr. McDonald, groomsmen:
and Mr. Irving Hill, of Lawrence, the best
man. Mr. nnd Mrs. William SI. Abernathy
gave n dinner last Wednesday evening for
Miss Matteon and Mr. Bowersock and
their bridal party. Miss Karnes and Miss
Hudson's card party Tuesday evening will
le for Miss Malteson.
Mrs. Henry Van Brunt's tea Wednesday
afternoon was characterized by the sim
plicity and Informality properly belonging
to such a function and at the same time
pervaded by the charm of gracious hospi
tality and perfect appointments.
Guests were invited to meet Mrs. E. S.
Washburn's niece, Mrs. Jones: or Nova
Scotia, who received with Mrs. Van Brunt.
rne men incnas ot tne Hostess were ask
ed for the last hour.
La France and Meteor roses were used
In the various apartments. Miss Lucv
Christie served punch In the library, and
Miss Bell, of Colorado, and Miss Marlon
Morse poured tea and chocolate in the'din
ing room. The round tea table bore in its
center a large mound of Meteor roses and
was lighted by silver candlesticks with red
lapersLand shades.
A 12 o'clock breakfast, notable for Its
costly and beautiful appointments, was giv
en Saturday by Miss Frances Llllis for
Ml?" Maud Fritz, of whose marriage tills
week to Mr. James B. Flood so much has
len written. Violets were the flowers
chosen to adorn the occasion, and in v-i-ry
part, or the serx-Ice and menu the rich
violet tints were repeated. The Imported
table linen was a muro-l of daintiness and
was embellished with the famllv crest. The
enterplece was a shapely basket of Eng
lish violets and smilax. Violet shaded can
delabra stood on mirrors, reflecting the
rare silver ana cutglass which surround
ed them. The breakfast room was embow
ered In palms and the mantel and buffet
were small gardens of Bride roses and'
maidenhair ferns.
The place cards were lovely souvenirs.
hand painted, with violets. Each course
was served with violets. ' and the ices
were heart-shaped, violet tinted and served
on beds of violets. The guests were:
Mrs. Charles Mardock, of Lafayette. Ind.:
Mrs. Ljrm Banks, Mrs. William T. Johnson,
Mrs. J. It. Foran. Miss Sue Barsc.
Miss Clara Bachman. Miss Annabel Abell,
Miss Susan Ball, of Ken- Miss Bessie Lillls,
tucky; MUs Sara Hewson.
Miss LHlis ahd her guests occupied box
B at the "Fortune Teller" matinee.
Mrs. Alden A. Baker and Miss Stella
Baker gave an at home Thursday after
noon, which was largely attended and In
every way a delightful afTair. ' Mrs. Har
ley J. Stacey. of Leavenworth, received
with Mrs. Baker and Miss Baker. Assist
ing in entertaining were:
Mrs. Harlow W. Baker, Mrs. Samuel Rldenour,
Mrs. E. M. Rldenour,
Mrs. Ernest Raymond,
Mrs. E. D. Brackett.
Mrs. Henry Hopkins,
Mrs. T. B. Tomb.
Mrs. H. J. Seeley.
Mrs. N. P. Slmonds,
Mrs. a Aicserrey.
Miss Sara Hewson and Miss Nellie White
were at the punch table in the library. The
table stood in a broad bay window, before
a screen of tall palms and Boston ferns,
and the punch bowl was wreathed with red
carnations. Red carnations were on the
mantel and bookcases and a wealth or
graceful potted asparagus Sprengeri, ferns
and palms, asparagus - fern and smilax
filled the fireplaces, wreathed the doorways
and chandeliers and twined about the stair
case. LaFrance roses were used in the
drawing room and dining room. In the
latter apartment they filled a graceful bas
ket which occupied the. center or the table,
resting on a centerpiece exquisitely em
broidered with LaFrance roses. The Iron-'
bons, cakes and ices were pink and white
in further pursuance ot the delicate color
Miss Stella Baker's invitations for a, card
party Friday afternoon were extended to:
Mrs. Harlow W. Baker, Mrs. Russell Anderson,
Miss. Sara Hewson.
Miss urace rarer.
Mrs. Edwin Kreiser,
Missjfellle White.
Miss Sue Barse.
Mrs. Rodney Houston,
Mrs. Frank Warner,
Mrs. Claude Carlat.
Mrs. Ernest Raymond,
Mrs. Edward Meseirey,
Miss Clara Bacbroan,
Miss Anna Hopkins,
Miss Sara Brown.
Mrs. John Trumbull.
Mrs. Trank Spalding;,
Miss Lillian Salisbury,
Mrs. Albert Holmes,
Miss Blanche Purdy.
Mrs. W. B. Winn,
Miss Anna 8wltzer,
Miss Dorothy Stiles.
Miss Minnie McCHntock;
Miss Mary Karnes,
Miss Fannie Mole,
Miss Grace Warren,
Mrs, J. G. Marty.
Miss Blanche Chouteau,
Miss Mabel White,
Mrs. E. M. Rldenour,
Mrs. Robert Parse,
Mrs. L. H. Evans. '
Mrs. Fred Merry.
Mrs. A. P. Tureman,
Miss Nolle Beedy.
Mrs. Joseph Bernardlne,
Miss Edna Irwin,
Miss Edith Chapman,
Mrs. Arthur Irwin,
Miss Mamie Spalding,
Mrs. Frank Lucas,
Miss Mildred Faxon,
Mrs. A. A. Tribble.
Miss Josephine SwHier,
Miss Lulu Sftltzer,
Mrs. Wallace Goffe.
Miss Gertrude McClin.
Miss Palsy Banti.
Miss Winifred Seiton,
Mrs. c. H. Whitehead.
Miss Nellie. Crand.aH.
Ambrosia was served in the library dur
ing the afternoon, and more substantial
refreshments upon the card tables.
Mr. and Mrs. Austint Bridges gave a
dinner Friday evening In compliment to
their guest. Mrs. Frank Moody, of Chicago.
Red carnations were the table flower. The
guests were:
J(r. and Mrs. Edwin W. Shields,
Mr. and Mrs. F. r. Neal.
Mr. and Mrs. M. V. Watson.
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Eaton.
Mr. John A. Brown.
The J. I.'s were entertained last Friday
afternoon by Mrs. Clarence Christie Miller.
The prize winners were Mrs. McEwan and
Mrs Frank Walton Junklns. The next
meeting will be held at the home of Miss
Georgia Smith, 319 Maple avenue, on Feb
ruary 17. The members are:
Mrs. Robert Nicholson,
Mrs. Melirord Feiler.
Mrs. W. W. Andrews,
Sir. R. McEwan.
Mrs. A. Stevens.
Mr?, o. C. Miller,
Miss Smith.
Miss Hunter,
Miss Junklns.
Mrs. J. W. Hamm
Sirs. Janes McKlnney,
Mrs. F. W. Junklns,
3ln. F. Meadows,
Miss Condon.
.Miss Rldgeway,
Misa Hllllker.
Invited guests were:
Mrs. W. H. Dun-
gan. or Monmouth, HI
MIs Height, Mrs.
H. Berry and Mrs. Walter W. Webster.
On Thursday morning last, the regular
monthly meeting of the AVoman's Chris
tian Association was held at the Children's
home, 1113 Charlotte street. Mrs. Kate D
Rhodes presided and the following mem
bers wcro present:
Mrs. M. w. St. Clair,
Mrs. Peter Murray,
Mrs. G. II Nettleton,
Mrs. H. M. Holden.
Mr. P. S. Brown.
ltr. A. S. Haines.
Mrs. S. A. Morgan.
Mrs. E. D. Brackett,
Mrs. M. S. Burr.
Mrs. X. P. Slmonds,
Mrs. A. W. Allen.
Mrs. M. A. Potts,
Mrs. C I). Parker,
Mrs. J. D. Robertson,
Mrs. G. If. Henry.
Mrs. A. J. Murphy.
Mrs. M. B. Morgan.
The visiting committee. Mrs. M. B Mor
gan and Mrs. G. W. Henry, report the
children in excellent health. Inmates of
the home number sixty-six. During the
month, twelve children were admitted and
fifteen dismissed The society extends cor
dial thank" for the generous contribution
of much-needed articles of clothing for
the children, which were received from
rrlends In this city and also from Peabody.
Kas. The committee for February will
be Mrs. Kate D. Rhodes and Mrs. S. A.
Mr. Frank Campbell entertained twelve
guests at the Coates Monday evening to
witness the performance of the AHn icioi.
sen company and at a midnight supper
at his home on AVabash avenue. The table
was decorated with violets and violet rlb-
uon. ine same coior nreanminatinir in th
Ices, cakes and bonbons. The guests were:
3ir. ana irs. iioweii.
Miss Bessie Anderson, of Miss Rose Scully,
Kentucky: Mr. Claude Reynolds,
Miss Frances Howell, Mr. Edgar Simpson
Miss Marian Smith. Mr. Thomas Morrow.
Miss May Campbell, Mr. Alfred dregorj.
Miss Estelle Brooks, of Peerv avenue, en
tertained at luncheon last week in a de
lightful manner for Mls.- Elva Cloon ot
Colony. Kas.. the suest of Mrs. ,ciemon
of East Ninth street. Miss Brooks was as
sisted by her mother. Miss Stone will en
tertain for Mis Cloon Tuesday of thl9
The Ex-Canadian Society, organized with
in the past two weeks, will hold Its next
meeting on March 2. at the Coates Houe
The honorary member of the society are
the wives and chlldien or the members
and Britl.-h Vice Consul P. E. Burrou"'.i,
who rendered valuable aid to the formation
of the society. The charter members are-
Mr. J. Arthur Ancersan, Dr. George Hailey,
ir. .. .it. syi.uiu.
Sir. W. J. Buckingham,
Sir. II. E. Barker.
Sir. A. A. Conkrlle.
Mr. George II. Curren,
Mr. Bernard Corrlgau,
Mr. P. F. Depeir,
Mr. John Kettl.
Sir. Henry'La Pla'nt".
Sir. I. D. Marlatt.
Mr. A. il. SIcDonald.
Jlr. J. M. Orr.
Jlr, Jofrli IlethitV.
Mr. W. C. Klcharason,
Mr. G. K. Robertson.
Sir. William Servos.
Sir. Samuel Shannon.
Sir. James r. Snow,
Sir: G. E. Sharp.""
-Mr. C. E. D. Snow.
Sir. James Stewart.
Sir. F. S. Scott,
Sir. John Tracy,
Mr. A. Tytier.
Sir. Charle3 W. Whit
comb. Sir. Robert W. Waddell,
Sir. W. F. Smart,
Sir. John Sutherland.
Dr. F. 0. Sparling.
Sir. D. Stanton,
Sir. H. X. Snow.
Sir. John Shannon,
Sir. F. S. Steward.
Sir. James Sutherland.
Sir. D. Talor.
Sir. Edwin Worsley,
Mr. J. A. L. Waddell.
nThe, p5.rIoTrT Ec'aI P-Ven by the Central
U 5--F- Thursday afternoon at tho
home or Mrs. S. H. Hubbell. was pro
prcnounced by all present a great success
Mrs. liubbell's new home was made even
more Inviting by elaborate decorations of
red carnations.
Mrs. G. C. Medhury gave an interesting
paper on "Other Sheep Not- ot This Fold."
containing a graphic account or the in
habitants or Cuba and the Philippines. Mrs.
. H. Little created much amusement
with an old. English riddle. A recitation
or much merit was given by Mrs. Olive
Chae. in which was portrayed the dan
ger of the social wine glass. The "Mental
Atmosphere of Houses was the theme
chosen by Mrs. Ed Hubbell, and contained
food for reflection. Spwmi fine. .....! i
numbers were rendered by the Clements.
i , ".""""K" lne oay was disagreeably
cold, a large number were present.
Those assisting Mrs. Hubbell were Mrs.
S. B. Shield, Mrs. W. H. Little. Mrs.
George Ford. Mrs. Ed Hubbell. Mrs. Irv
ing Qiieal and Miss Ellen D. Morris. Light
refreshments were served.
Mr. Grand?' Bridget of JSexv.
Mrs. J. Martin Jones has returned from
Buffalo, N. y.
Miss Onrje Burnett is tho guest of Miss
Maud Keebler.
Miss Mary E. Holmes has returned from
Gainesville, Tex.
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Davidson are at home
from Galveston, Tex.
Mrs. J. C. Yost nnd chlHriw Ji'.vn un
turned from St. Louis.
,jMlss Bell, of Colorado, is the guest of
Mrs. Henry Van Brunt.
Mr. Jerome H: Bernheimer left Friday
evening for New York.
rP&el' S- ""'""tent Is entertaining Mrs.
u. a. fanaw, of Lawrence.
Mr. AV. L. Kessinger left last evening for
a month's stay In Florida.
Mrs. Mary Dexter, of Chicago, is visit
ing Mrs. Lawson A. Pierce.
Miss Allbel Miller has gone to Lawrence
to visit friends for a few days.
Dr. and Mrs. W. S. AA'oods will spend
the month at Hot Springs, Ark.
Miss Jennie Judscn has returned from, a
six weeks' visit in New York city.
u11!3-,.0- A- Hlbbard and Miss Alice Hib
bard have returned from Chicago.
. 5JIi,arl JoEeph and Mr. Samuel Ewing
left Friday evening for New York city.
r.IfsV HH' oIand , wi so to Jefferson
Uty Monday to spend a week with friends.
Mr. and Mrs. George Cooper visited Mrs
Coopers parents in Lexington, Mo., last
Miss Mars- Bigger is visiting the family
of her uncle, Mr. AA C. Bigger, in Law
rence. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Hough are at
home In their new residence, 321G Lexington
Mrs. Thomas J. Harrison has returned af
ter a month's visit to relatives in South
west Missouri.
Mrs. P. D. Rldenour and Mrs. J. C. Les
ter have gone to St. Augustine, Fla.. for
a month's stay.
MiSs Martha Brent and Miss Andrews
are spending ten days with Miss AVavland
in Salisbury, Mo.
.Mrs. Edwin Zea and Mrs. Alex Fraser
will go to El Paso, N.' M., this week to re
main until spring.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Carlat and Miss
Estelle Carlat are spending the winter at
Hot Springs, Ark.
Miss Pauline Swain leaves to-morrow for
St. Louis, and will go later to Chicago for
an extended visit.
Mr. C. J. Schmelzer has gone to AVash
Ington and New York city and will be
away three weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Eaman. of 2G27 Inde
pendence bo.devard, have announced tha
birth of a daujhter.
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Hope and Miss
faarah Massie left last evening for an ex
tended Southern trip.
Mrs. Robert Edgar, who is visiting Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Merrill, left yesterday for
mci UUIMU (II oi, .UOU15.
Mrs. A. J. Barr has returned from Rich
mond. Mo., where she was tho guest of rel
atives for several weeks.
Miss Mildred Faxon has returned home
after a week's, visit to her aunt, Mrs.
Woodward, in Lawrence.
Mrs. Frank Brumback has as her guests,
her sister, Mrs. Ben H. Baker, and Mr.
Baker, of St, Paul, Minn.
Mrs. Luclen Scott, or Denver, who was
Mrs. J. C. Horton's guest, has gone to
Leavenworth to visit friends.
Mrs. Henry Withers and children, accom
panied by Miss Pierce, have gone to Texas
to spend the remainder ot the winter.
Mrs. Leon T. Brown and little daughter
and Mrs. Porte Hovey and son are in El
Paso, N. M., to remain during February.
Miss Madge Packard, or Independence. Is
visiting Miss Louibe Embry. of Louisville,
and Mrs. Ben D. Jay, or New Albany, Ind.
Miss Corinne Shreve, who was the guest
or Mrs. J. H. Gillespie for several months,
has returned to her home in Louisville,
The marriage of Miss Teresa Murphy and
Mr. Bruce Phlpps will be solemnized
AVednesday morning in St. Patrick's
Mrs. W. L. Stevenson left yesterday for
Minneapolis. Minn., where she will be the
guest or Mrs. C. R. Cameron for a week
or ten days.
The pupils or the Kansas City school or
oratory will give their first public recital
at the Academy of Music on the evening
or February 17.
Mrs. Grant Moser and son, who have
been visiting Mr. and Mrs. B. S. Moser. of
Garfield avenue, have returned to their
home In Denver.
Hope lodge. Degree ot Honor. Ancient
Order or United AA'orkmen. will give a
dance and cakewalk in Zahner"s hall Fri
day evening, Februnry 10.
?Ir? IInrrv c- Ot left Friday evening for
AAashington. D. C. where she will be the
guest of her sister. Mrs. A. M. Dockery,
and Congressman Dockery.
Miss Gertie Peppard has returned after
a two years' absence spent in the Training
School for Nlirsp? ntrnnhnd 1n TColln.'i.a
hospital, in New York city.
.?"fiwrtot!eE. Johnson entertained a
Coates House Saturday, followed by a box
" "l juuns Bins at luncheon at the
. u ii. me tieisen matinee.
Mra.AVIIliam Harrison Dungan and daugh
ter, Louise, of Monmouth, in., are visiting
Jm' Duncan's cousin. Mrs. Clarence C'.
Miller, or East Seventh street.
Mrs. AA'. K. Bradburj" left Tliursday morn-.
Ing for San Antonio, to remain during tho
rest of tho winter, with her son Roy and
her sister, Mrs. Frank Graham.
On Thursday, February 8. the Tabernnclo
Society Will hold n. rpnHnu ofr !... -i
de"cS ot M"". and Mrs. Bernard Corrlgan,
liOl Summit street, from 2 until 10 p m
orra,ldM?s- Robert Gillham and Mr.
and Mrs. E. L. Marty left Friday evening
for the South They will spend thi-ee weeks
In San Antonio, Houston and Port Arthur.
Mr. and Mrs. AW-ilter Andrews, assisted
by Mr. and Mrs AA'ill Hamm. entertained a
few friends with progressive high live Fri
day evening, at their home, 1E Jefferson
Miss Antoinette Bowman, of Lebanon.
Ivy., and Miss Elizabeth AVIIson. or In
dependence, aro tho guests or Mr. and
Mrs. J. AV., Moore, or 1021 East Fifteenth
Miss Jessie McDearmon, of COO AVabash
avenue, is entertaining her cousin. Miss
Lucy McDearmon, of St. Charles, Mo
who Is en route home after an extended
AVestern trip.
Miss Kathleen Nelson, who has been the
guest of her sister. Mrs. .T. n ptn.in
in St. Louis, will spend the remainder of
&etwinte-,wlt-1 her sister. Mrs. Milton
A elsh, of loll Llnwood avenue.
The Past Chlets' Association or the De
gree or Honor. A. O. U. AV.. will hold its
next regular meeting at the home ot Mrs.
Rodgers. Sl East Twenty-llrst street, on
Tuesday evening, February 7.
Friends in Leavenworth have received
announcement of the birth of a daughter
on AVednesday to Mr. and .Airs. Roland
Conklln. of New York cltv. Mrs. Conklin
was formerly Miss Macfadden. of Leaven-
11U1 Ui.
Cards are out announcing the marrioge
of Miss Berta Barnhlll and' Mr. Thomas
R. Smith last AVednesday evening. The
ceremony was performed In- the Itev Dr
Comix, of the Prospect Avenue Christian
T.?,Irs-.CoiilwayJF-,.Uolm?s' 3Ira- Churchill
Brldgeford and Mrs. Clara Cannon left
Friday evenii.g for a Southern trip, going
.i.-i. in 11 .rviiiuuiu. jjiey were joined at
I-ort Worth by Jlr. and Mrs. AVare and
Mls Mercer.
The MIses Riley entertained the Fajarita
"' i-iuu j.usuay. evening, auss iiollle
SIr..T. D. Etue.
"Dr, Andrew L. Fulton,
Mr. Joseph Hollliiglr,
Mr. J. G. Hough,
.Mr. T. V. Hall,
-Mr. X. Klrkpatrlck,
-Mr. Albert Lang,
Sir. James Mulr.
Mr. V. X, .Marshall.
Sir. Thomas SfcKee.
Sir. I:. SI. 0terhaut.
Mr. James C. Parks.
Dr. J. Herbert Austin,
Sir. Francois Boucher,
Sir. A. G. Bodwell.
Dr. J. W. Bowman,
Sir. J. S. Crawford,
Mr. A. L. Campbell.
Sir. Ephralm Doherty,
Mr. William Derby,
Sir. J. E. ElUott,
Sir. A. II. Green.
Mr. T. J. Hughes.
Mr. James Hingston,
Keating, Mr. J. F. Haire. Miss Phoebe
Lillbert and..Mr. Murphy won prizes. The
club will meet with Miss Gilbert, 71S AA'es-t
Eleventh street, Thurtday evening, Feb
luary K.
McPherson Ktlief Corps will give an or
ange social at their lull. 101C Grand avenue,
luc.-day evening, February 7. Music, reci
tations, dancing and cards will be the fea
tures of the evening. Farragut Thomas
Jtelier orps and post, McPhersou post and
friends are cordially Invited.
Miss Lottie J. Lucas and Mr. Samuel B.
Loltwood were quietly married last AVednes
day evening at the home of the bride's
cousins. Mr. and Mrs. George B. Barclay,
"i j) oeuerson street, tne itev. Mr. J. v
LOVO offipf.'itlnir ATr and Vrc T?Al--in,i
iruv rvi i
will be at home after March 1, at 1314 Mad-
The Catholic Ladies' Aid Society and a
large number of Us friends played progress
ive euchre Tuesday afternoon and evening
!?, ihe Pleasant . rooms ot the AA'arwiek
t-lub. The prizes or the arternoon were
won by Miss Cremen and Mrs. George
Jvanman. Those or the evening were award
ed Mrs. Edward Blersmith. Miss Lulu AVhlt
lng. Dr. Berry and Mr. Brlttaln.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rosenbaum entertained
about eighty guests the evening ot Jan
uary 29. at their home, at Twenty-iirst
J-treet and Tracy avenue, in honor or their
sister. Miss Pauline Bren. It was a mu
sical evening, and 'an elegant supper was
btryea from a table handsomely decorated
?ti ,Amerlcan lleauty roses and ferns.
Miss Bren left Monday evening for Chicago,
''ere she will visit friends for the next two
-w ? Jj0rena Blanton entertained a num
t'er, h,er young friends Friday afterr.ooi
iS2mi to b o'clock in honor or her l-'th
v-V Si , ""'"versary, at tier nomo on
l i ,V?mi venue. Mrs. A'iola Turner Coon
ana Miss Mary Coon assisted with music
and games. Refreshments were served.
Those present were: Hattle Coon. Mabelle
AUnters. iredonid. Huston. Martha Stout,
i iii g1'"'. Mary Sherriek. Hazel Camp
RivolarT Hanawalt, Maggis Franklin,
An,Miicerr.n,yre- LS.na Sams- Jrene Stone,
sftmMt Ta,1),e5''' o.Grace Koos'er, Marie
achmidt, Helen Stcig.
Miss Jessie P. 'Hartman and Mr. Albert
L. Baumelster, of Independence, were mar
ried in this city AA'ednesday. February 1. at
4:o p. m.. at the home or the Rev. Mr.
i V. V R"lan1- Mr. and Mrs. Baumelsiei
,JmniedlateIy atter the ceremony on a
?ifj? le, tour through Southern Kansas
Silif .Col.rai; , They "''" mafce a brier
lslt to the bride's sister, Mrs. Harry Cook.
i. her ,F,aneh near Medicine Lodge, and
i?-iierV1U 1isit, relatives or the groom in
Colorado. Owing to the absence or the
bride s mother InjPhlladelphia, the wedding
was a very quiet' affair, tho only witnesses
wJ?.he Hr',cle's sIster. Mrs- Clarence C.
AVright, and Mr. AVright.
.ur. anu Jirs. F. E. Sherwin, of 2S21 Cher
ry street, entertained a party ot friends
," um-iasiuuiieu tany puiung Friday
evening in honor ot their guest, Mrs. AV.
. Sherwin. of finliinn -"llv 1n a ,-.....,
delightful evening was spent with cha
rades, games and taffy pulling. Some ex
cellent music on the guitar and mandolin
was furnished by Mr. Cook. Those who
participated were Mr. and Mrs. T. A.
Brodie. Mr. and Mrs. George Gunnel!. Mr.
and Mrs. Lewis Hill. Mrs. R. O. Cross,
Miss Bessie Smith. Miss Pearl Reyburn.
Miss Fanny Knight, Miss Julia Norris,
Miss Crystal Burkhart, Miss GIbbs. Mr.
Theodoro Cook, Mr. Charles Egger, Mr. A.
M. Coates, Mr. R. G. Brodie. Mr. Richard
Burkhart, Mr. Berto A. Knight.
The "Round the AA'orld" apron bazar for
the benefit of the Door of Hnnp will li
held this week in the Heist building. Eighth
and Delaware streets. The opening day,
AVednesday, will be in charge of the Re
bekah lodges of the city, who will serve
the dinner. Thursday and Friday the bazar
will be under the auspices of the Rathbone
Sisters and the AA'oman's Christian Tem
perance Union, respectively. The ladies
are working hard through the inclement
weather to make the bazar a success. A
number of beautiful aprons have been re
celved from foreign countries and from
different states of the Union. Ladies hav
aprons or fancy work to donate will please
send them to the home, at Twenty-eighth
and Cherry streets, Monday, or to the
bazar AA'ednesday. The patronage of the
public is solicited.
Wedding and reception Invitations en
graved in correct form. Send for samples.
Jaccard's. 1032 Main.
There Is a motto that has been adopted
ot late by the business men of the city that
is attracting considerable attention to the
amusements, 'the entertainments, the
things which- make the average Amer
ican citizen njoy life as it should
be enjoyed, as it was meant to be
enjoyed. This motto Is "Make Kansas City
a good placo to live In." There is no city
or an equal size' In the country that has so
tew places of amusement, so few places ot
entertainment, so few beautiful drives, so
few of any or the what are considered in
dispensable adjuncts to a city that lays
any claim to metropolitanism. In con
junction with this it may be said that until
very recently there have been few first
class cafes in the city. There have been
all sorts ot eating houses, und, or course,
there liave been the cafes at the larger
hotels, but there have been absolutely none
or the kind where the fashionable folk love
to congregate, where the nrosneroni husl.
"ess man can have his lunch in the middle
pr the day and entertain in the proper way
his out-or-town customer. And, above all,
there has been nono where this man could
take his wire and daughter and enjoy as
he would like the goods things or life,
mere has been no place where society
could go, or. rather, would go, after the
theater and spend a pleasant hour amid
congenial folk after seeing the play.
It has been said that the men ot Kansas
L.lty are too busy to care for anything of
the sort, but this is not so. They are no
busier than the men of New York, wheie
they have their Delmonico; than the men
SfAnIcaB' lth thelr Kinsley. It is sim
?H!usltne.re have h6" no enterprising
fpl?ramt,,.l,1y.e eared to make the at
Bomji ,late' however, there have been
several departures In this line. There is
now a splendid English rhnn i,n ni
aware street near Ninth, which is distinctly
a business man's place. Much money has
,,Spent ,n llxlnff " "P ln the molt lux
Frank "rShncf' JU14hthe resuIt has bee Sat
maklntr ii?st?V the genial proprietor, is
Sraln in?!1 ,ts -o money- And then
??- Just a ?ew doors away. Mrs. Mc
Jant Ji?h S!a.,,.1!s.hed. Orst-class restau-
an.t 1 . V,"' 'i'"'b lL'" Peains tnereto,
anJJl , ' a lnan wh knows perhaps a
""eh ahout how a cosmopolitan place
,miUltdhe run a.s any man in the country
cess ThePrCil,s also. ,makl"S a huge sue!
5,.i.-ll t1? is no getting away from the
fact that Kansas Clt:ans want the best of
everything and that they will support thm
po lltan -?P"" SEE maki"J'" f.no ?lty co"m":
E?j'i.a hetter place to live in." and it
should be encouraged In evory way.
J. AValdcro Kirk,
nile and hlch hi.i
smile nnrl 1,11, ?,i' ., ".'" "V . "Pans ve
with his
o0rS.W,!Lh' 1?L "tenmer tru'nTs f,
ri. . ;:'..'."i?":u "". is in tie c tv
MWdrrdr?? Land JSSS- He was given a
suit-, nu was given a
ever, for the mercury
rohpri ; ..V. - . "Z or tne mercury
easily. He hasn't much hair to protect
at?enr? tm,Ith, Ieaves th0 coming week to
ism J? tho taIl0" convention at Detroit
Ed proml.oes to bring back all sorts of new
!?iSas.Ln re5ard to spring styles. It Is nrob
ftre6 aSf kM" t0 NW Yrk cIt"
J30? ?oddy Is In a terrible' state of
2lw,,JJ has .Just hnrt ""ifhed a beautiful
i ;, coaV a, '"hole outfit. In fact, and
n,r nf thf6" "tayJnB nwake nights dream
i,efi.t.e. Be,nson he would create when
nit tTk.lt t:lro"" '" his new duds.
Ji"' "w he ia In a quandary. A mon
Jhd.IS?ieJliiable adJ""ct to the frock coat U
And S ui'v "PV0!"1 ha'' been "nnbic to
find one that he looks well in. So ho has
put away his clothes with a deep sighl
ie's3 oHne'&g1' the "ew sprin
It Is an actual fact, but there is not one'
chappie in the city who has had the temer
to ZaT one of the hideous "zebra" col
n ,eysay.,that they are too com
mon, and then they are not pretty, any
way, and of course that settles it.
And when it comes tn droocttnr. i.A
?rnlanJnttne.clty at Ieast. "nd a good
fellow who has been overlooked. His name
's phman. J T. Eshman, and he ranks
w'th the very best of them. "Esh" te mod-
nnt htm-,i??sr"nlnBJ and does not Ilke to
ho'i'8611 fwartl. hut there Is not a
better "crowned" mnn in th. i,. ..
taste runs largely, In small matters, to
S2?y,nests',ond he ha? d02ens ot them. He
also has a large number of pretty stones
He Is a connoisseur in them, and he will
not have a diamond unlpss it is or the verv
best water. Mr. Eshman "hammers thi
any beneVs?'0"' and th6J' dn,t makl
riTv etMa.ai qu.',teta furpr se at the Kansas
fftwl.""i Club the oth,er nlght. which.
Kiiill- ayi H aiJ assregation or Jolly good
Llos'.v,na.Teady Hannirord was the man
responsible for it. There are quite a num
ber of crack billiard players among the
members, and they have very pleasant
i.ttle tourney; among themselves. Teddv q
not, only a swell dresser hut ln the days of
his youth he knew something about hand
ling a rUP. Anrl n.h.n V, ., .ul t "- ...
jtne.- club maj'duncult tbx cbloS
and speclacular masses his fingers Just
itched to get into it. He got the chance
very shortly, and from the stories that are
told of his skill. Jake Schaefer wouldn't
r . II ,for il minute with him. He de
feated the champion of the club hands
.own. and now nobody will play with him
unless he gives a double discount at least,
n,riJheJ? is anything that Henry Merrill
H. i ?s ,hlms;lf upon more than another it
;L . . fciow'tthre- of dogs. The wonderful
n-n In which he marks the distinction Le
tween a mastiff and a poodle, or between
a. great Dane and skye terrier, shows that
...a ?e n' years to . the. ac-
' MxiibuiuiiL in tin k rirm-inn rrn miitnti i
! -OUrce Of crenilina ntlmlraMm. . ,i- t-tA.i
Wel1. the other day a number of the bovs
were assembled in the rendezvous on Tail"
inow ' oiscusslng whether nineteen
J "f the proper measurement for
h?p fSinrt the ,&PrlnS- afHl whether the
li mUh.ln? l veSts W5S tlle sllk colar that
K h,?r the New York commercial men
ffi" been wearing of late, when a scraggly
fcT' ?f a PP brushed up against
Henry s classic underpinnings. He glanced
fo ? JnUlrinsiy Eazod contemptuously
on S..Vh"?ient at the ca.nlne' nnd then went
SS,, i ,h the conversatlon. The dog wan-
h?s hen,i'er,0,neortne wh Stroked
tils head, and he ensconced himself nuietly
iL1"3 "T round Mend's feet. Finally 'the
conversation turned to dogs, and someonl
Wha'thbreed-Ts0Uh1-k f that doff' Henry?
the0rnnPniaBn.,.tan,y VIooa In hIm" was
me response. "He looks as If he wero t
teT VlthTK a,Nw foundlaml and a'seU
Ti,?rLa touch or the cur thrown In."
wire I,,nPnse.,c"cItid,a la"Kh- ana there
rO,nfVnilr? dry wlnks ani1 nod- Inter
t lie tTowd6 thC Var'0US memoers o'
doir" aS.nfl?1 '?at he was a pretty good
uofv. aKain volunteered one or them.
r-tnrnifJ ?r2re '"'''taken in all your' life."
if" rned Henry, as he called the dog to
vou" "ff .m?"' e Is only a P"P and
hnloX'lt" JZUCh ah0Ut him nW. but
no looks like the veriest cur to me I
wouldn't Rive hair a dollar for h m. No A
wouldn't have him for a gift." .
Just then somehodv called Henrv to the
Mm wthe, St0r? and the crowd followed
in h !.,n,os stumbled over a big box
ejacufated: Passageway. aSd he
.in3hai the d,euc? la tnIs?" He stooped
towl'mrds?:1'' and f0Un3 0n " ?he
t- Kansas City, Mo.
From George Ford Morris, Chicago.
His ,ce was a study when he straight-Ilmplylafd?'11-
BUt he undertf He
All right, boys: It's on me,
AVhat'll you
Th box: lmrl rnntnlnorl i hm.miniii,.ii,i
collie pup, the one he had Just been dilat
ing upon, and it was from his friend, tho
great animal artist, and perhaps the best
Judge of dogs in the country. The "pup"
has a pedigree a mile long, and now has a
valet of his own.-. And Henry does not talk
so long and loud of late in regard to his
knowledge about dogs.
1 17e ?Fe Blad.t he able to announce that
joll Harry Aoolf has again reappeared
upon the scene atter.a tough attack of the
grip. All the boys are glad to welcome him
hack, for he is the soul of, good fellowship.
There are wonderful tales' told or the medJ
Icine Harry took while he was down, but
2oSi0I?.ad ,.? .the wrIter that he had con-
,1e.?.himseI .? . tne Kod ld remedy.'
quinine and whisky, and, whispered confid
ingly, "principally the latter." ,
n,.h.at 'he home department of the -Athe
S?mJ?.. In, charge ot broad-minded and
progressive leaders is evident from tha
vi?S,?iCMPe of 'the'Work that Is being donei
J,"fJWllS of interest to mothers and
housekeepers is discussed. Not only ard
papers read on domestic economy, the san-i
nation and yentllatlcn of .homes, house
decorations, the best way to bring up chiN
dreit and other theoretical problems, but
work of actual benefit Is done. A, list H
kept of the names and addresses of good
cooks, housemaids, coachmen, houseclean
!rs:,nursesv. eic- Th's la accessible; to all
members. Under the head of. miscellaneous:
business at the close of each meeting the
chairman inquires whether any of tha
members want servants. The' names of
those answering- are mentioned,, and mem4
bers are solicited to keep them in mind
if the opportunity of sending them, the de
s'jed servants arises.- Then too. ideas- as
children's clothes,-, thelt making and re
making are exchanged., These- are merely
instances of the excellent plan upon whicn
the home department is conducted.
The arrangements for the summer school
of domestic economy to be held under the
auspices or the Athenaeum home depart
ment next vacation are progressing very
satisfactorily. Committees to work up the
cooking, primary sewing and dressmaking
departments will be appointed next week.
The work or canvassing tor pupils will then
begin. Mrs. John C. Gage, chairman or
the home department, has taken a deep
Interest In this project and Is giving it the
benefit of her personal supervision. She
has had many flattering assurances that
the school will be appreciated. Many of
her friends have announced their Intention
or staying at homo from their summer
outings in order to benellt by this instruc
tion. Three especially line concerts will be
offered this spring as a concert course by
the Athenaeum. Max Bendix, tho violin
ist, is the first attraction. He will play at
the Auditorium on February 21. Godow
sky. a celebrated nianist. will nnmA rfurinr.
March, and Bruno Steindel, the 'cellist, in
-nay. in speaKin? ot mis concert course
Mrs. John C. Gage said: "We are willing
to send our children ahrond tnv muefifii
culture, but we sometimes fall to appre
ciate opportunities which are given us here
i u- ti.ui.ii ojiiciiict jiiii-e. e an realize
that among our musical Instructors here
we have some eminent artist Ttnf t-,
have not the 'musical atmosphere,' that
intangible aid to culture for which we go
iu uic uiu iv ui iu ernes, it is not, tnereiore,
on uccount of any inadequacy In our own
musicians that we bring these outsiders
here, but because we want to help our own
artists to create the desired atmosphere."
All the members ot the Athenaeum nro
enthusiastic over the prospect or making
the concert course a success and the pub
lic In general will soon be made to feel
the same interest.
Miss Josephine Casey, ot the sewing de
partment or the Manual Training high
school, read an excellent paper on "Dress"
before the home department of the Athe
naeum on AA'ednesday morning. She advo
cated a study, careful and conscientious,, of
beauty in dress. Line and color are the
chief things to be considered. One should
take care to have one's street gowns bring
out the beauty of the hair, one's daytime
house gowns to bring out the color of the
eyes and one's evening apparel should set
off the complexion. Many practical hints
on proper dressing were given. Next
AVednesday one of the prominent modistes
of Kansas City will talk on the "Spring
Styles for AA'omen and Children."
One anxious mother inquired of the
chairman or tho home department the
other morning if styles for little boys were
ever discussed. The chairman replied "Oh,
Httlo boys never submit to 'styles. Get
them to wear anything you can and be
Mrs. R. J. McCarty, chairman of the cur
rent events department of the Athenaeum,
presided over a large assembly of women on
AVednesday afternoon. It was the occa
sion ot tne nrst open session oi tne depart
ment and. very appropriately, expansion
was tho subject for discussion. Puzzling po
litical subjects were grappled with heroic
ally by the leaders or the different topics.
It was evident that close study and appli
cation naa Deen unuergone. European ex
pansion policies of the past and present
were reviewed. The right of the United
States to keep her new acquisitions. In view
of her promise to the world at large, re
ceived due attention. Tho effect of a co
lonial policy on the constitution, on the
army and'navy: the question of the right of
annexing territory against the wishes of
the natives: whether white races can colon
ize the tropics successfully or not these
and many other weighty questions agitated
the brains of the Athenaeum members.
Those taking formal part in the programme
were Mrs. Bell, Mrs. De Voss. Mrs. Austin,
Mrs. Thorpe. Miss Green. Mrs. Yeager,
Mrs. Deane. Mrs. Barlow. Mrs. Fort, Mr.
Gentry and Mrs. Melnrath. Mrs. Henry
X. Ess and Miss Minna Kldwell made ex
cellent Impromptu speeches on the subject.
The majority of the women favored ex
pansion. It is Interesting to note, 'though,
all or them seemed to find It necessary
to apologize ror such a belief. The Athe
naeum rooms were beautifully Wnt,i
with the stars and stripes, ln graceful
draperies. A'ariety was Introduced into the
programme by three delightful songs bv
Mrs. Fratlt D. Lucas. Mrs. AV. AV nm.
ham accijtocnled her.
A workSig woman's home Is a project
which is interesting the philanthropic wom
en of Atlanta, Ga. Through generous do
nations from Mrs. AVilllam AA'itham and
Mr. E. S. Mumford. the projectors of the
home have received sufficient encourage
ment to give them greater enthusiasm and
hope. The home Is to be not only a shelter
for working women, but a place where they
can secure that Industrial training which
will render them better fitted to work for
themselves and to help others.
The triennial convention or the National
2!n.?.f Woma Sl b "eld at Wishi
lagton tola month. Qua ot tao committees
1 1
recently added to the council la designated
as "domestic relations under the law."
,'and every woman who is a member, of Jt Is
a lawyer. This convention will be a very
.important session, preparatory to the in
ternational convention of the council, which
"meets In London In June. Among the prom
inent American women wno win repre
sent this council on the London platform
are .Mrs. Mary AVright Sewall. president;
iBev. Anna Shaw. Mrs. Perdy Peck, Iowa:
'Mrs. Octavla Bates. Detroit:
Following is a .list of the delegates from
the organizations affiliated with the Na
tional Council of AVomen, that will convene
In AVashington in -February:
National AVoman Suffrage Association,
Mrs. Ida A. Harper, Washington. D. C.
National Free' Baptist.. AVoman's Mission
ary Society, Rew- Ellen .'Kopp, Hillsdale,
National "Woman's Relief Society, Mrs.
Z.lna, Young. Card.
AA'imodaughsIs, Miss Lucy' E. Anthony,
Philadelphia, Pa.
Young Ladies' Mutual. Improvement Asso
ciation. 'Mrs. Minnie J". Snow. Salt Lake
National Christian League for the Pro
motion of Social Purity. Mrs. AVilllam C.
Bolles. Hartford. Conn.
National 'Association of Loyal Women ot
American Liberty, -Mrs. R. M. Stanley,
South Manchester, Conn.
Women's Relief 'Corps. Mrs. Flo Jame
;son Miller, Monticello, 111. .
National Council ot Jewish Women, Miss
Sadie American, Chicago. ,
. Supreme hive. Ladles of the Maccabees,
Miss Bina'M. AVest.
Rathbone Sisters, Mrs, Ida M. Weaver,
Boise City. Id.
Local Council ot AVomen. Mrs. J. Cum
mtngs Smith. Indianapolis, Ind.
Parker, '.Quincy. .III., .
.fraternal delegates, George AVashington
Memorial Association. Mrs. Ellen A. Rich
ardson. AA'Inthrop; Mass.': Mrs. Elizabeth
Boynton Harbert. Evanston. III.. Unity
League; National Council of Women ot
Canada. ,Lady Tllley, Carlton house, St.
John, N. B.; Lady Thompson. Derwent
lodge. Toronto. Canada: Miss Edgar, care
Sir James Edgar. .Toronto.- Canada; Mrs."
E. J. Archibald, No. S3 Inslls street; Hali
fax. N. S.: .Mrs. Er&iiy Cummlngs, care
Globe Printing Company, Toronto, Can
ada. ' v
, The speakers will be: Miss .Susan ja.
Anthony, Rochester, N. Y.; Mrs. CorBIe
Franklin Cook, Howard university, Wash
ington, D. C: Mrs. Emmelinc B. .Wells,
Salt Lake" City. "UI: Mrs. Susan Young
Gates. Provo City, U.: Mrs. Virginia- T.
Smith, Hartford, "Conn.; Mrs. MlnnlcvJ.
Snow. Salt Lake City. U.: -Mrs. Eliza
.beth Boynton Harbert, Evanston. 111.: Mrs.
Ellen M. Putnam, superintendent Soldiers
;and Sailors' Widows' home. Oxford, N. YI;
uiiss Alary xiampion lioyu, uenver, oi.;
Miss Sadie American. Chicago. III.: Mrs.
Maud Nathan, New York, N. Y.: Mrs. D.
,M. Woods. Kansas City, Kas. (Rathbone
Sisters); Mrs. Jennette B. S. Neubert, Kan
sas City, Kas.: Mrs. Ida M. AVeaver, Boise
City, Id.: Mrs. Arabella T. Colllster,
"Portland, Me.; Mrs. Mary Newbury Adams,
Dubuque. Ia.: Mrs. Maria Purdy Peck,
Davenport. Ia.: Mrs. Harriet Stanton
Blatch; Miss May Cannon. Salt Lake,
U.; Miss Blna M. West (Ladles ot the
Maccabees'). Detroit, Mich.: Rev. Anna
Howard Shaw, Philadelphia, Pa.; Mrs.
Elizabeth B. Grannls, New York city.
The subjects will Include: "Suffrage,"
"Christianity as Related to Sociology,"
"Methods of Missionary Work in the
South." "Good Citizenship The 8tatus and
Condition of the AVomen of Hawaii."
"Child Culture and Training The Care of
Defective and Dependent Children," -Is
Expansion for the Best Good of Our Coun
try?" "AVhat Women Have 'Done In Fra
ternal Life Benefit Societies." "Equality a
Patent Conservator of Human Rights."
"Prison Reform In Behalf of Wnmpn fTHm-
inals," "The Message of the Madonna
AVomen's Right of Choice," "Possibilities
of AVomen Scientific Invention by Wom
en," "Which Is or the Greater Value to
the Nation, the Brain or the Heart?" "Best
Means or Ante-Natal Improvement of the
Human Race," ("Compare the Contempo
rary Church and Its Standards AVlth the
Church in the Days or Christ and the
Apostles," "Is the Church Universal a Help
or a Hindrance to the Development or
Womanhood?" "The Tree or Knowledge or
Good and Evil." "AA'ages From the Bible
Standpoint." "Abbesses and Their Value to
the History or Religion." and "St. Hilda,
Mother of the English Language."
The annual congress of tho AVomen's In
ternational Press Union lakes place Febru
ttw".! Wash"iS'on, V. C. Mrs. John
L. McNeil, of Denver, goes as the dele
gate from the Western AVomen's Press
Mrs. Sarah S. Piatt, probably the most
prominent club woman in the West ad
dressed a meeting or all tho clubs or Vic-l00'"-
few days aB- She gave so
iSS"80? reasons why women should
become club members that thev are here
2?1ifd;i ,noro"ShIy believe in th! need
or the times creating club growth. A more
rounded existence Is the crying nied of
wives and mothers. They need to Brtdofi
to the lives of others and torge? flir. AH
should feel a sense of personll service In
& 22rk ?Ve are measured not by
wnlSeet and keD- but what we share.
AAe need systematic study, not a fihchtv
ikmIE.1? one f.ubJ.ect t0 mother. AAV, are
flving In a practical atro nmi chm.1 .... ,i.
stana something about business, but we
rtSiJJJS'.Sf ""'ty lose our womanliness In
doing so. Women need tho largest devel-
s". i...r .; """,s'uwui-not tneory and
cant, but action and actual practice."
Tho AVoman's Club of La Junta, Cal.
SnrK. quX entertainment recently. A
i. . i lucuiucrs secretly planned the
affair and issued invitations jiurporting to
come from the "Ignoramus Club." On the
programmes it was stated that the objects
SUh?iJUubrere !he Protection of the rnJnd
and the dissemination of ignorance A
burlesque on a woman's club meeting Was
carried out very successfully. With thl
nalvette or the average club Tan atteniDt
unad3erhdeeavend.Cal fvcry "52ct 2S5S
ClTib? , tM'heeSaPn!
der or the funds, after the JK.50 had been
Ira B. Jackson, titi with which to deVct
rate a room in the Swansea school: to M
8aJaA ?TrItn MdUMIss Emily Miles 0
?nl - tJ","? IIIes and Miss Warren.' 30.
for a AVest Denver school: to Mrs. 8 if
rPffni..a!,M!ss Sarah O-BrienT M tor
a Gilpin schoolroom: to Mrs. T. M Pat
terson and Mrs. R. c. Campbellt KO for a
South Denver schoolroom. '
RfXiX: .A RoblorTannd Miss"
hv mi tim2 rtJl'" Bln "one composed
Il8l4.nm.0nrhs1ma!',!r' Joe Newman
m kSo. mie if hIs,wn compositions,
iwh yt? w,U,pIay. se'ectIons byRobert
Fln,ch. It Is also hoped to present com.
... UL,1C1 uenver composers.
At the next meeting of the philanthroDlc
tho nAiirt i .i "'" aies- nome and
FT?5Sr?h &&$? nTM
wl1e!olCtfhTntSehetS.ItOEramrae- A
;JL- - era.tlon In November. At present
th. Are,twent. m circulation, jfost of
tnem art In. rmmtw yicfa- - i t
vS'aVim there are no public libraries.
3? finffmW5r more applications than
nn-nn,i"Md- V" JasJ- federation made no
appropriation for the travellnc; library
work and consequently there Is no money
.tSH,u.yJ:a?S2 for the libraries that are sent
uncased. Tacoatorflttixujllhry;toba
s s
Walnut St., KANSAS CITY, MO.
QEO. METCALF, nanager.
Ettrything Pertaining to Viulc
Che Perfection
piano making
It embodied in 4he CHICK
ERING Piano. No piano
in the world ever received so
many flattering indorsements
from the world's greatest
artists, or was used so tx
tensively in the hading con
servatories. Sold only in the
Southwest by
Carl Hoffman,
1012-1014 Walnut St.,
KantasCity'sLcadlng Music Store.
Established 1870189939 Years.
time and tide
-Some Clocks and Watches are made to
sell the prices are very low.
Other Clocks and AVatches are made
to keep time they cost more.
ir accuracy is your object, buy tho
latter; If you don't care, the former will
answer your purpose, and you save a
Ilttlo money. AVo handle tho time
keepers only, and ir you require one
you will -.always find Ik at our store at
a reasonable price.
eady $f Olnwead,
Jewelers and Fine Stationers,
Corner Walnut and Eleventh Sts.
t." -
The utxsfactorjr selection of Diamonds
necessitates absolute certainty as to
their quality. No more complete pro
tection could he given purchasers than
is offered by our strong guarantee
regarding the value and purity of our
gems. J Jt J Positively One Price
the same to everybody.
1032 MAIN ST.
Catalogue fne upon rtquat
We Will km
Your refreshments,
furnish everything-,
including; flowerso
and music if needed. '
We bring chinaj
linen, silverware, etc.
Clean up everything;
and save you all the
trouble. J J J J j j
932 Main St.
sent out is about U. Donations for this
purpose will be gratefully received by tho
committee. People who don't happen to
have hundreds or thousands of dollars to
flv!-aw,a7 5fLR fe.eJ that they cannot
enter the ranks
Of the nhllHTUhmnluL
.rugni nere mey will and an excellent
chance to place 13 where It will do many
many more dollars' worth of eood Dr
Martha C Dibble haa the workfn charVe
an2 '?. el7.lns lkthSbenent of her time
and attention. The libraries received since
November were from the following donors:
The Bancroft Club of Kansas City, one-!
the Century Club, of Carthage. Mo one:
RWpath Club or' JoplhoneV'Fn'dHii
Councn. Springfield, one; Wednesday Club.
St. Louis, two; Mrs. Davis. St. Louis, one.
Pull information with regard to the Sum
mer School of Domestic Economy. whlh
the home deoartment DronoaM hni,Tin. ....
V-w -- - . .- . JT . SSA LAL0m
summer, will be made public wlthfir th4
2" rT iUaVS; c!aS!!e3 are rapidly
being filled and as they are to be limited
In number those wishing to Join, should
not put off .making their arrangements
Classes are not limits tn Ath..o.r '
bers. Scholarships may be secured from
any of the followlntr ladies: Mrs. S. n!
Weeks. Mrs. J. K. Burnham. Mrs. AV b!
Thayer. Mr.. W. S. AVoods. Mrs! DavM
Thornton. Mrs. D K. Holmes. Mrs, T B
:oUe pa rase 2
L v I
8 V
1 -."v.-'fe-yJ
iirft- ft- ..

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