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t- Mmtfiw.Maflf",TOf"t'-i'
6AP8TAIL. SUf2I,iSi.
vrpUi4 and Undivided ProjlU, - - f 1,300.000
2 Xuiu street. New Ycrk.
400 Chestnut street. Philadelphia. Fa.
184 Washington'street, Boston. Mass.
Sandlhcrqual 2, Hamburg. Germany. ,
Slngel 128. Amsterdam, Holland.
SI Lombard street. London, E. C.. EngllBi.
Dorothes-Strasse E4, Berlin. German
15 Rue du Louvre. Paris. Prance.
C Place Carnot, Havre. France.
OFFICERS Arthur E. StllwelL president: Tie
presidents. J. II cD. Trimble. E. L. Martin. J. J.
Calrnes. J. T. Nolthenlus; William 8. Taylor, treas
urer: Frank B. Wilcox, assistant treasurer: Arthur
C. Robli-ssn. secretary; In a Hubbtll, assistant sec
retary: E. 8. Mother, assistant secretary: N. Norton,
assistant secretary: Trimble 3raley. general coun
FDBEEaffimi mma rsr
K"Tort IF. IE.
Vembera New York Stock Eichtnee. Kaw Tork
Product Dxchanr-. Chicago Board of Trade.
A choice Use of bonds and stocks always on tana.
Send lor weekly auotatlon sheet.
Telephone 2634. Kansas City.
JV hudl all securities lilted la New Tork a
lleU-glns or for Cuh.
DOdDoasilaDDDrj IFdDdDo & GBaa
720 Delaware Street.
i Co.. New York.
Wheat Advanced 1 1c, Corn Advanced
l-4c, Oats Advanced 1-Sc Pork
Also Rose 7 1-3 to 10c, Lard
7 1-Sc and Ribs Sc
CHICAGO. Feb. 6. Big clearances and
Kood export demand at the Atlantic coast
brought about a reaction In wheat to-day
and May left off at an advance of Uo aft
er a break of lc early caused by liquida
tion of long property. Corn closed with, a
Rain of Vic and oats Ho. Pork rose T&Q'lOc,
lard 7c and ribs, 5c
Early wheat news was not of a nature
-to bring- in fresh buying orders and the
market opened weak. Liverpool cables came
equal to "54c per bushel lower and the.Lon
don markets showed even a greater de
cline. The amount of ocean passage in
creased 2,560,000 bushels during the past
week, and the world's shipments amounted
to about 9,000,009 bushels', or 2.000.000 above
requirements. May opened Uc lower at
714T2c. and as there were a few buying
oraers irom Jot. louis .ana rew xoru to
bo filled, it touched 72Vic The Russian ship
ments for the week were only 656,000 bush
els, which was the most encouraging
feature the bulls could find In the early
information. Chicago received 87 cars, of
which only four graded contract. Min
neapolis and Duluth got 621 cars, com
pared with COO the corresponding day a
year ago. Primary AVestern market re
ceipts were 125,000 bushels, against 714,000
bushels last year. The visible statement
when completed showed 400.000 bushels in
crease where a decrease had been looked
for. 'When this became well understood
there was a general effort to getrid of long
wheat and the pressure 'soon carried May
off to TlVSc After that decline, however,
the market gave some indications of re
covering as there was an undercurrent of
opinion that the fall wheat has suffered to
(some extent from the recent cold weather.
Shorts became active buyers on the an
nouncment of clearances at Atlantic seaboard,-
which amounted- to 703,000 bushels.
In the final dealings. New York reported
that CS boatloads had been sold for export
and that caused more activity in the buy
ing, the conseqence of which was an ad
vance in May wheat to 72$jc and 72rs72i4c
was it closing rate.
Corn suffered a little early. In sympathy
with wheat but wae, on tho whole, re
markably firm, considering the large re
ceipts at primary points and the enormous
estimates for to-morrow. Local bulls in
creased their lines- on the bears and this
buying, together with shorts, brought
about an upturn. Receipts"7 cars. May
opened llSc lower.
Receipts 743 cars. May opened,14c lower
at 36i, sold at 30 then improved to
37h, the closing price.
A good cash demand and the advance in
corn .were the strengthening influences in
oats. Receipts were 251 cars. Mav opened
unchanged at 2754, sold at 27 then firmed
up to 28 buyers at the close.
Provisions developed an easier tendency
at thp start on moderate selling of pork
and ribs. Later, however, buying of lard
by English houses, together with heaw
purchases of pork by representatives of
packing houses, brought about recovery.
Mav pork opened 2.Q5c lower, at H0.02W-!B
10.05. rose to $10.17, and closed at $1015
310.17. The range in lard and ribs was
Estimated receipts for Tuesday: "Wheat,
205 cars; corn, 1,523; oats. ZC0: hogs. 30.
000 head.
Wheat Weaker but In Good Demand
Corn Doll Oats Steady.
In store Wheat. S91.900 bushels: corn. 457,600 bush
els; oats, 14,200 bushels, and rye. 29,400 bushels.
Receipts past 48 hours 115.700 bushels
Receipts- same time last year. 137.800 bushels
Shipments past 48 hours. 29,000 bushels
Shipments came time last year. 41,000 bushels
A vtrr cood demand was had yesterday for most
orTerings, but as cables came In lower and the re
relpts were very good, values were a trifle weaker.
The visible supply In the United States and Canada
also showed an Increase of 401,000 bushels, which
favored buyers. Speculation, however, was a little
better than Saturday and the market closed firm
t the prices with most offerings disposed of. By
sample on track here at Kansas City:
No. 2 bard 3 cars CS pounds at C4e. 1 ear ks
pounds at 6454c. 1 car ES54 pounds at 65c, 15 cars 59
pounds at 65c, 6 cars 5954, pounds at 65c, 5 cars CO
pounds at 65r, 1 car. 6054 pounds at 65c, 1 car 5954
pounds at 6554 c, 1 car 60 pounds at C554c 1 car 61
pounds at 6554c
No. 3 hard 7 cars ES' pounds at C154c, 2 cars E5
pounds at 62c. 1 car 5554 pounds at 62c. 6 cars 56
pounds at 62c 9 cars EG pounds at -6254c 4 cars 565s
pounds at C54C. 1 car E654 pounds at 63c, S cars 57
pounds at C3c, 1 car 7 pounds at 6314c. 4 cars 754
pounds at C35c 3 cars E8 pounds at 64c 3 cars ES54
pounds at C45-c 1 car 59 pounds scoured at 64c 3
cars 59 pounds rye mixed at 65c, 1 car 5954 pounds
rye mixed at 65c, 3 cars 59 pounds rye mixed, thin,
at 65c
No. 4 hard 2 cars El pounds at 58c, 2 cars 52
pounds at 60c 1 car E4 pounds at 60t4c 2 cars E3
Iunds at 61c 6 cars 54 pounds at 61c 3 car 5454
pounds at 6154c 1 car 64 pounds at C2c, 1 car E554
pounds at 62c, 1 car C4 pounds headed at 61c.
Rejected hard 2 cars 4$ pounds at &5c 1 car 50
pounds at S?c.
No. 2 red 1 car C pounds at 72c 1 car 9 pounds
mixed at C9c
No. 3 red 1 car ES pounds at 0c 1 cars E7
pounds at 70c
No. 4 red Nominal. 56Sc
Rejected 1 red 1 car 'to pounds at ES54. 1 car E2
pounds at 6054c
.No. 2 spring 1 car E8 pounds at 64c
No. 3 spring 1 car 54 pounds at 61c,
jiounds at 3c
Rejected spring 1 car E4 pounds at 6I0.
1 car E7
Receipts past 43 hours C7.S00 bushels
Receipts same time last year 1S4.S00 bushels
Shipments past 48 hours 15.750 bushels
Shipments same time last year. 41.250 bushels
There was mors In yesterday than for some time
and cables were bearish, which caused buyers to
hold back and squeeze prices a little. Mixed went
off 54c and white 5ic and even at this reduction there
was no especial life to trade. Futures were a trifle
stronger than Saturday, but In the face of an In
crease of 1.069.000 bushels In the visible supply In
the United States' and Canada this had no Influence
upon the rash market here. By sample on track
here at Kansas City:
No. 2 mixed 8 cars at 2254c 1 car at SJKc. 1 car
yellow at 33c
N0.13 mixed S cars at 3is4c. 1 car at 32a,
-No. 4 mixed Nominal. 3154c
No grade Nominal, 3154c
.No 2 white 10 cars at 33c I can at 3354c ( cars
special at 3354c.
ro. a wnite x cars ai szc
No. 4 white Nominal, 22c
Futures February, seminal, 254o; Kay, sem
inal. 2tC
Receipts past 48 hours 11,000 bushels
Receipts same time list year. 19.000 bushels
Fblpments past 48 hours 4.000 bushels
Shipments same time last year S.000 bushels
There were more In yesterday, but the demand
was good and market steady. Loral feed dealers and
catmral men were both buying snd more good heavy
nats could have been sold If here. By sample' oa
track here at Kansas City:
No. 3 I car at 27ic .
No. S Nominal, 270275x0.
SO. t-1 CK 1 :tc
No. 2 white 1 car at 2354c 2 cars at 2955c:
No. 3 white 1 car at 2554c, 1 car poor at 28c
No. 4 white 1 car at KHc
Receipts past 43 hours 1,350 bushels
Receipts same time last year............2,600 bushels
Shipments past 43 hours.. bushels
Shipments same time last year. bushels
Demand fair; market, hardly so firm, under the In
fluence of the weakness In wheat. By sample on
track here at Kansas City:
No. 23 cars at 54c.
No. 3 1 car at 53c.
FLOUR Held firmer, but dull. The Quotations:
Sett wheat, per barrel, patents, 13.4033.60; straights.
J3.20a3.40; extra fancy. (2.8003.00; low erades. 11.40
LEO. Hard wheat Patents. I3.10S3.20; straights.
S2.75e2.S5: bakers'. JL9O02.15; Jow grades. Jl.300
1.50. Established trades and city mills, 30050c per
barrel higher.
CORNMEAL Lower and dull. Bulk, 66067c per
CORN CHOP Dull and weak. Sacked, 62063c per
BRAN Not much coming In and firmer. Sacked,
B703Sc per ewt.; sale of 1 car choice at ESc, and 1
car shorts at 62c per ewt;
CASTOR BEAN'S Steady but dull. Car lots, nom
inal at 95c per busheL
FLAXSEED Dull and lower. Cash and February,
31.03 per bushel, upon the basis of pure.
KAFFIR CORN Steady. White, 29030c per bushel,
and red. 33034c per bushel.
GROUND OIL CAKES Quoted: Car lots. 324 per
ton; ton lots. J2S; 1,000 pound lots, 113; less. 11.33
per 100 pounds, sacked, f. o. b.
COTTONSEED MEAL Quoted: Car lots. 318.50 per
ton at Kansas City, and also all points In Kansas and
Missouri taking same rate as Kansas City.
BKOOM CORN Quotations per ton for car lots, f.
o. b., Kansas City:
Choice green burl 390 00
Choice ercen self-working; 83 00
Good green burl 75 OT
Good green self-working 70 00
Choice red or yellow tipped hurl 70 00
Choice red or yellow tipped self-working 0 00
Common hurl 0 00
MILLET Quoted: German, Jl.00gl.25 per 100
pounds: common, 60075c per 100 pounds.
CANE Quoted at il.O0Ql.05 per 100 pounds.
TIMOTHY Quoted at 31.50S2.O0 per 100 pounds.
CLOVER Quoted at J3.00ffi5.30 per 100 pounds.
Receipts and shipments by cars the past 43 hours:
Receipts, Shipments.
1S99. 1898. 1S99. 1898.
Prairie 35 ;s 4 6
Timothy 10
Clover mixed .............. 1 .. -
Airalfa 2 .. .. .-
Straw .......... 4 .. . -
Clover .. ..
Millet ... .. . -
Totals ...
"Timothy and clover mixed Included.
Tho market yesterday was quiet, but what trading
done was at steady prices. The receipts, while better
than for some days, were not large for Monday, which
favored holders and enabled them to maintain last
week's advance. Sales and quotations furnished by
the Kansas City Hay Dealers' exchange:
Sales: No. 2 timothy, 1 car at 16.50; No. 1 clover
and timothy, 1 car at 37.00; No. 1 prairie, 1 car at
J6.75. 1 car at. 35.50: No. 2 prairie, 2 cars st S6.00. 2
cars scant at 35.50; No. 3 prairie. 2 cars good at 35.25.
2 cars at 35.00. 1 car scant at 34.50; wheat straw, 1
car at 34.00; alfalfa. 1 car at 37.50.
Quotations: Tlmotby--Cholce. J7.00ffl7.50; No. 1.
38.7507.00; No. 2. J6.2506.5O; No. 3, J5.S086.00. Clo
ver mixed No. 1. S6.50U7.00; No. 2. J6.00SC.50; No.
3. JS.50JJ6.00. Pure clover J6.5O07.OO. Prairie
Choice, J6.7507.OO; No. 1. 36.5006.75; No. t. J5.509
COO; No. X J3.005.50: No. 4. J4.OO04.5O. Packing
J3.OO03.5O. Alfalfa 37.0007.50. Straw Rye. Ji.000
4.50; wheat, J3.SO04.OO; oat, J3.W03.5O.
Yesterday's Chicago Market
Furnished by the French Bros. Commission Company,
room 22, Board of Trade building:
Opened. Highest. Lowest. Closed. Saturday.
Mch. J 7254 t 724 J 71H J 72H-54 J IW-K
July 6954 7054 695i 70H 7054-54
Feb 3354 35T4
Mch. 36U-T4 374 36H 37ti 364
July 37 3754 37 3754-K 37 1
Feb 27 2654
3Iay 27T4 25 27S 28 2754
July 26 2654 2554 26-54 26
Feb. 9 90
May 10 OS 10 1754 10 05 10 15-754 10 0754
Feb S CO 5 50
May 6 72t4 5 7254 5 72"4 6 774 G 70
July 6 S254 E 8754 5 S254 S 8754 6 60
Feb 4 90
May S 0254 E 0754 S 004254 5 0754 C 0254
July S 1754 B 175i E 15 C 1754 E 1254-15
Chicago grain receipts Winter wheat, 11 cars; con
tract, 1 car. Spring wheat, 75 cars; contract, 3 cars.
Corn, 743 cars; contract, 70 cars. Oats, 51 cars; can
tract. 31 cars.
Estimated for to-day Wheat, 205 cars; com, 1,525
cars; oats. 360 cars.
WHEAT Cash No. S red. 7172c; No. 3 red, 65
CSc: No. 2 hard, 65c; No. 3 hard, 63065c
CORN Cash No. 2 mixed, 355ic; No. 2 white,
OATS Cash No. 2 mixed, 2702754c; No. 3 white.
Grain Xotes.
Minneapolis wheat stocks Increased 86,090 bushel
last week.
The visible snpply of rye Is 1.5C7.000 bushels, and
ot barley 3.211,000 bushels.
A New York message reported 40 loads ot wheat
taken yesterday for export.
A London cable says: The French crop outlook In
officially stated to be better than. last year's.
According to the latest figures, the Argentine ex
portable surplus of wheat Is 52,000,000 bushels.
A cable report says: There Is not s cargo ot
wheat tor sale off the English coast; everything
cleaned up.
Imports of wheat at Liverpool last week were
976,000 bushels, of which 972,000 bushels were from
Amcrlcan.Atlantlc ports.
The English visible supply ot wheat increased
226,000 bushels last week, against 54,000 bushels de
crease the previous week.
The amount of wheat on ocean passage to Europe
Increased 2,544.000 bushels last week, and corn in
creased 2,568,000 bushels.
The European visible supply of wheat is 62,000,000
bushels, against E9,920,00O bushels a week ago, and
61,000,000 bushels a year ago.
W. A. Hall, for some years bookkeeper for B. F.
Hargis, has bought an Interest In the George I. Kim
ball Grain Company (Twelfth street mill and ele
vator). Liverpool 6tocks of wheat in public and private
houses yesterday were 1,9S7,500 bushels, against
1,875,000 bushels a week ago. Corn stocks are 560,000
busbels, aganist 640,000 bushels a week ago.
French ofUclal crop reports state the condition of
wheat in 13 departments is very good; 67 are good:
7 fairly good. The area sown as compared with last
year In 22 departments Is larger. In 17 smaller, and
In 43 the same.
A message from Vama, 111., says: Nearly all of
'last year's crop of corn has been marketed from this
section. It was so poor that farmers were afraid
to keep it unUl warm weather. Considerable old
corn Is stilt In farmers' hands.
Kansas City grain stocks, with changes last week,
ere as follows: Wheat, 994.900 bushels. Increase 116.
200 bushels; corn. 457,600 bushels, increase E1.200
bushels; oats, 14,200 bushels, unchanged; rye, 83,400
bushels, increase 1,600 bushels.
The primary market receipts yesterday were 823,000
bushels of wheat, against 714.000 bushels a year ago.
Shipments were 109,000 bushels: last year. 161.000
bushels. Corn receipts. 1,202,000 bushels; a year ago,
1,010,000 bushels. Shipments, 207,000 bushcl3; last
year, 225,000 bushels.
The -world's shipments of corn laFt week were
4.225,731 bushels, against 4.S32.0O0 bushels the prev
ious week. Last week's shipments Included 3.697,731
bushels from the United States. 200,000 bushels from
Russia. 224.000 bushels from Argentine and 104,000
bushels from Danublan ports.
Yesterday's clearances for export at the four At
lantio ports were 107.123 bushels of wheat. 76.608
packages ct flour, 450,2(5 bushels of corn,' 74,733 bush
els of oats and 25.226 bushels ot rye. Total wheat
and flour clearances amounted to 704,000 bushels and
corn 495,957 bushels.
Broomhall'a statement thrfws the total quantity of
breadstuffs on passage to Europe, with changes last
week, as follows: To the United Kingdom, 10.384,000
bushels, increase 456,000 bushels: to the Continent.
9.872.000 bushels. Increase 1.040,000 bushels; for or
ders. 11,632,000 bushels. Increase 1,018,000 bushels;
total Increase, 2,514.000 bushels.
The world's shipments of wheat (flour Included as
wheat) from the different countries for the weeks
ending on the dates named, were as follows:
Feb. 4. '99. Jan. 23. '99. Feb. S. '98.
Bushels. Bushels. Bushels.
.6,585.418 4,997.572 3 434.000
.. 656,000 952.000 1,272.000
.. 216.000 224.000 C72.O0O
,. 624.000 40,000 672.000
,. 230.000 512.000 126.000
,. 648,000 424.000
Danublan ports ..
Totals 8.959,418 7.150.000 6.E14.0O0
Changes In the visible supply of grain in the
United States and Canada as reported by the Chicago
tvuLrd of trade:
Corn. Otts,
bushels, bushels.
1,063,000 13.000
1.078.000 29.000
1.076.O00 348,000
1,394.000 152.000
192.000 106.000
164.000 551.000
... 401.000
...1 310.000
... 550.000
...1.706. 000
. 643.000
Preceding week
A year ago
Two years ago...
Three years ago.
Four years ago..
Decrease; others Increase.
The visible supply of grain In the United States
and f.Tiafl, as reported by the Chicago beard of
Wheat, Corn,
bushels, bushels.
A week ago......
A year ago
Two years sgo...
Three years ago.
Four years sgo..
28.984 000 28,208.000
28.5S3.000 27.138.090
86.022.009 29.FO5.000
47.8S5.000 23.3-C.000
66.111.000 12.178.000
.82,326.000 12.855,000
Car lot receipts of wheat:
K.C. Chi.
Y!rterfaT 178 57
St. L. MrJs.
DHh. Tot.
U 665
56 936
A week ago 278 96
Two weeks ago.... 292 139
A year ago. 213 '93
Two years-sgo..... 45 13
Car lot receipts ot corn:
Yesterday . -
A week ago... ....... .....
Two weeks ago.. ......
A year ago... ........
Two years sgo.
Car lot receipts of cats:
A week ago
Two weeks ago.... .......
A year ago
Two years ago.....
K. C.
... 90
... 57
... 11
6t- L. Tot.
2S1 mi
Bt. L. Tot.
84 346
. 19
. IS
,, innniiil nn B Isir-r-tr
Uncertainty as to the Peace Treaty
Dominated the Market and Soles
Were Lower Later a Firm
er Keeling Prevailed.
There wa3 some little call for money yesterday,
both from the country on rediscounts and by homo
borrowers, but the volume of loans was light. Kates
remain steady at 70S per cent, but money easily ob
tainable at this some gilt-edge paper a little less.
But little currency going to the country. Bank clear
ings, 31,524,435. against. J1.5G1.550, a decrease of
J40.115. a loss of 2 per cent.
Eastern exchange still dull.
Houston. Flble &.CO., exchango brokers, quote It as
follows: New York, par; Chicago, par; St, Louis,
The gold reserve yesterday was J227,330,409.
Kansas City Local Securities.
Following aro the prices of local stocks and bonds,
as reported by II. 1. Wright & Co., 720 Delaware
street, telephone No. 2C34:
Annual Last
dlvi- divi
dend, dend. Bid. Asked.
National Bank of Commerce.. 6 Jan.'99 120 125
Kansas City State bank 6 Jan. '99 .. C5
First National bank 10 Jan. '99 219 215
Interstate National bank. 6 Jan. '99 121 125
Union National bank. 7 July '93 108 110
American National bank 6 Jan. '99 77'A 7S&
Missouri Savings bank 8 Jan. ;99 115 125
New England National bank.. 6 Jan. '99 128 125
United States Trust Co "95 100
Western Exchango bank 10 Jan. '99 123 110
Mechanics' bank 6 Nov. "93 93 100
Kansas City Stock Yards 6 Feb. '99 117 120
Metropolitan Street Railway. 4 Feb. '99 84 Si
Con. Smelting and Ref. Co... 6 Dec. '93 100 105
do preferred .'.. 7 Jan. '99 102 104
M.. K. and T. Trust Co 6 Nov. '93 85 90
Central Coal and Coke Co.... 5 Oct. '93 .. 75
do common 14 15
K. C, F. S. I.M. common... 6 Aug. '95 10 25
do preferred i Aug.'SS 35 55
Metropolitan gen. bonds, 5s... 5 103
Metropolitan Consolidated 5s 103 103VS
K. C, F. S.'ei M. bonds. 6s 100 101
Kansas. Cltr. Fittsburg & Gulf stock. 16'4 17
Missouri state 3U per cent bonds 100 102
Jackfon county court house bonds, 4s 102
Kansas City city hall bonds, 4s 103
Sjndicato Gold Mining Co 100 105
Kansas City. Pittsburg & Gulf bonds, 5s... 63 67
Kansas City Elevated Railway bonds, 4s... 75 76
Metropolitan Railway Consolidated 5s 9SH 9314
Kansas City. Mo., school bonds, 4s 102
Kansas City Belt Railway bonds, 6s 103 11214
ivansas uty felavatca Kanway 6S 105
Kansas t-lty 4ft per cent water bonds 11
Kansas City, Mo., gas bonds, 5s 10)54
Stocks and Bonds.
NKW YORK, Feb. . Stock prices were extremely
variable to-day, but .ended with only fractional net
changes, the majority of which were upward. Many
conflicting reports reached the street as to the proba
bilities of confirmation or rejection of tho peace
treaty, and these were Instrumental In staying val
ues. The first effect of the uprising at Manila was
discouraging. Stocks opened below London parity,
and there were soon material declines in a number of
cases. Lake Erie & Western preferred dipped 3H.
Southern Pacific 3?, and numerous other shares to
the extent of a point or more. Tobacco ran off 25i,
and later extended its decline to over 6 points on the
announcement that a rival company hod absorbed an
Important Independent concession. London sold about
15.000 shares of stock. Traders bought on the decline
and prices Improved. Although dealings were much
contracted compared with recent averages, prices
rose above Saturday's closing. A number of high
priced stocks, including New York Central and Penn
sylvania, together with the local traction and ras
stocks, were conspicuous in the recovery, as was Pa
cific Mall and Chicago Great Western preferred "A."
Prices again fell off presently, stop-loss orders were
reached In some cases, and commission houses sold
freely. Twin City Rapid Transit dropped 4, while
Sugar. Lead. People's Gas, Federal Steel and Omaha
sagged to the lowest. Houses with Washington con
nections were watched narrowly with a view of get
ting some Intimation by their dealings as to ths
treaty's chances, but no decided tendency one way or
the other could be detected. Toward midday the
market again worked UDward. with minn- n.Hi,
depression, but gradually top figures were eenerally
reached. The Impression prevailed in some quarters
that the outburst of the Filipinos assured the treaty's
ratification, and on the theory that settlement of the
uncertainty would be beneficial there was buying of
stocks. On the other hand, many decided to reduce
their commitments over night as a precautionary
measure; and these contending Interests rave the
market Its appearance of Irregularity. The feverish
ness which prevailed In the early dealings in a meas
ure gradually disappeared as the day wore on. and
the middle and low-priced stocks sympathized in the
advancing tendency of gilt-edge stocks. In the final
dealings there were slight recessions from the best
The bond market showed marked heaviness In the
early transactions, but later improved In spots, clos
ing Irregular. United States old 4s coupon advanced
54. and the old 43 registered and the Ss 54, in the bid
Closlnc quotations on the New York Stock exchange
Closed I
Yes. Sat.!
. 11
Atchison 22'4
do pref. 6154
Bait. Ohio... 70
Canada Pacific. SS
Can. Southern. 60T4
Central Pacific. E154
Ches. & Ohio... 30
It. C. W.
do pref.
St- L. & S. F..,
do 1st pref...,
do 2d pref
St. L. & S. W..
do pref. ......
St. Paul
St. P. Sc O
do pref.
So. Paclfle
So. Railway ....
do pref.
Texas & Paclfle.
Union Paclfle .,
do pref. ,
u. p.. d. & a
do pref ,
W. & L. E...,
CM. & Alton.. .172
C B. & Q 123
C & E. 1 66
do pref. lis
C. G. W. IBS-
Chi.. Ind. & L. S
do pref. 32
a H N. W 1H
do pref. 190
a. a. c. & st.
.12654 1274
9354 9354
170 170
i 16I41
E0 54
Louis 53s;
do pref. 9S14
Col. Southern.. 714
do 1st pref... E4
do 2d rtrer.... 51 u
"do pref.
Express Comnanles.
Del. & IIudson.112-4 112141
Adams 103 108
American 141 142
United States .. 55 C5
Wells-Fargo ...123 125
D. & R. 0 23tJ 2354
00 pref. 754 75'4
Erie (new) .... 1554 151$
do 1st pref... 295i 4054
Amer. Cot. Oil.. 35 36
do pref. 91 92
Amer. Spirits .. 1314 134
run. nayno ...lis J78
Gt. Nor. pref. .1874 1S5
Hocking Val... 24 24'
Illinois Cent. ..lis?; H5i
Lake Shore ....200(4 200U'
L. & N 63T4 6.T54
Manhattan L...112 11154
Met. St. Ry....233 23154
Mich. Central..H2 lis
o pref 26 2654
Amer. Tobacco.. 14314 11454
uu J'rei ISi 136
Brooklyn R. T.. 91H S24
Cons. Gas 207i 20414
I Com. Cable Co.. 190 190
ll. I--. & Iron.. 34 34
do pref. 90 93
Gen. Electric ..1104 H14
Hawaii Com. Co 7054 70'4
Intl. Paper Co.. 63 6.154
do pref. 91 J2
Laclede Gas .... 51 64
Lead 26T4 374
do pref. 113 113
Nat. Lin. Oil... 7 1
raclflc Mall .... 5354 C1'4
People's Gas ...11354 11354
Pullman Pol. ..16214 1554
Sliver Cert. .... E9H 694
stand. R. & T.. 94 954
Sucar ...13254 1"34
do pref. 112 1124
T. C. & Iron.... 424 43'
U. S. Leather... 754 714
do pref. 7214 75
U. S. Rubber... 5054 51
M. & St. L. 45H 45
uu jbi prei... s-j S3
Mo. Pacific .... 45t4 46
Mobile & Ohio. 4154 41
M.. K. ft T-... 14 14U
do pref. 37"4 3754
N. J. Central.,100 10)
N. Y. Ontral.,13754 136'i
N. Y.. C. & St.
Louis Its; 154!
uo i."t Jim... tz ,2
do 2d pref.... 35 37
Norfolk & W... ip4 191.4!
No. Amer. Co.. 8 S4
No. Paclflo 5154 Em!
00 prer. ..... &o sol:
Ontario & W... 2i4 2:4
u. 11. c 11..... .1 43
do pref 74 74
Ore. Short Line 42 42
Paclfle Coast .. 49 -47
do 1st pref... S6 US
do 2d pref CI 63
Pittsburg 110 ISO
do pref. 116 116
West. Union
Federal Steel .. 6954
do pref. 8754
Reading 214 2154
do 1st pref... ES'i C054!
Second asi'm't paid.
Fourth ass'm't paid.
liocu island ...11754 117-S
State and Rallrond Bonds.
NEW YORK, Feb. 6. Closing quotations on the
New York Stock exchange were:
Alibaraa, class A.. .'.107
North. Pacific lst3....1ir4
do 3s 6S4
do 4s 10254
N. V.. C. &. St. L. 43.107
Northwest- consols ..14354
do debenture Es.,.,.122
Ore. Navigation lsts..lU
do 4s 10214
O. S. Line 6s, tr. 12)
do Es, tr Ill
Reading 4s 87
R. G. W. lsts 93
SUL.4 I.M. con. Sa.11154
St. L. & S. F. gen. 65.12314
St. Paul con 1G24
o:t-Kisi -dfo -a -ig
do Es 122
Southern Railway Es.1054
Standard R. T. 6s.. 9634
Tex. Pac L. G. lsts..lll
do regular 2ds. 49?4
Union Pacific 4s 10454
U. P.. D. 4 O. lsts. 91
Virginia centuries ... 8654
do deferred 854
Wabash 1st Es 115'
do 2ds 9654
West Shore 4s 11:4
Wis. Central lsts 6654
do B 107 I
do curreucy ..100
Atchison 4s 10114
do adjustment 4s... 8314
Can. Southern 2ds..illl!ij
Chicago Terminal 4s. 934
u. & unto s lis1
do 454s 96
C It. & D. 44s.. ..1044
Col. Southern 4s S64
D. & R. G. lsts 10S54I
ao 4S iui',4
East Tennessee lsts..10414!
Erie general 4s 73541
r. w. 4e 1). ist3, tr.. S5
General Electric 5S..111
G.. H. A S. A. 63. ...109
do 2ds 11054
11. d; i. U. E3 110
do con. Cs 110
Iowa Central lsts. .. .10954
La. new consols. 4s. .10314
L. N. um. 4s. 99
Mo. Pac consols. 6s. 114
M.. K. T. 2ds 67'4
CO 43 54
N. Y. Central lsts... 1174
N. J. central Es 11554
North Carolina 6s,. ..130
do 4s 101
Norfolk & West- 63. .129
Government Bonds.
As reported yesterday by Houston, Flble & Co., over
their private New York wire:
Due. Int. due.
Reg. 2 per cents. Opt. Q. Mar.
Reg. 5 per cents 1904
Coupon 5 per cents 1904
Reg. 4 per cents (old) 1907
Coupon 4 per cents (old). ...1907
Reg. 4 per cents (new) 1923
Toupon 4 per cents (new). ..1925
Reg. 3 per cents. 1918
Coupon 3 per cents 1918
Q. Feb.
Q. Feb.
Q. Jan.
Q. Jan.
Q. Feb.
Q. Feb.
Q. Aug.
Q. Aug.
Money nt Home and Abrond.
NEW TORK. Feb. 6. Money on call steady at 254
03 per rent; last loan, 254 per cent: prime mercan
tile paper, 2510354 per cent; sterling exchange
steady, with actual business In bankers' bills at
J4.S5i464-F54 for demand, and at Jt.S35404.834 for
sixty days; posted rates. 34.S401.814 and J1.8C0
4.S614: commercial bills. J4.S2404.S3.
LONDON, Feb. 6. Money, 54 per cent. The rate
of discount in the open market for short bills. 154
per cent: three months' bills. 15101 15-16 per cent.
NEW YORK. Feb. 6. Bank clearings, JlOl.622,037:
balances. J5,515.771.
BOSTON, Feb. 6. Clearings. J15.156.939; balances,
J2.054.493. .
PHILADELPHIA. Feb. 6. Clearings, J10.07l.061;
balances. J2.5S6.6C6.
BALTIMORE, Feb. J. Clearings. j:,642,251; bal
ances. J330.182.
CINCINNATI. Feb. 6. Money. 2406 per cent;
New-York exchange, 20c discount and par; clearings,
J3. 342.000.
I CHICAGO. reD. 6. Clearings, ;u.n...w; oaiasvvs, 1 '"'"ii.'-"'"- --...... - .,...,...
1js.S31.951; New York ehaac, l5c!louat; turung, carte. The very best.
exchange, posted, 34.S4U01.86t4; actual. 14.8354
4.S5IJ: sixty days, J4.S2ti04.815i.
ST. LOUIS, Feb. 6. Clearings, J5.9I2.173; balances,
J963.6S1; money, 406 per cent; New Tork exchange,
par bid. 10c premium asked.
NEW ORLEANS. Feb. 6. Clearings, 31,278,883;
New York exchange, bank. Jl premium; commercial,
50075c discount.
NEW YORK, Feb. 6. Bar silver, t9Ue; Mexican
dollars, 47c.
LONDON. -Feb. C Bar- silver, quiet. 27S per
Grain, Meat and Hay.
ST. LOUIS. Feb. 6. WHEAT Receipts. 33.000
buthels; shipments, 13,000 bushels. Options strong
and higher; spot nominally lower. No. 2 r?d. cash,
elevator 7314c asked, track 73074c: February. 74c;
May, 75?i735jc bid; July. 6951c bid: No. 2 hard.
6714c CORN Receipts. 183.000 bushels: shipments.
22,000 bushels. Options Irregular, with fractional
changes: spot dull, nominal. No. 2. cash, 34c;
track, 345403454c; February. SIKc; May. 25c; July,
3554c. OATS Receipts. 84.000 bushels: shipments,
13.000 bushels. Dull, nominal. No. 2. cash. 2&c:
track. 2554c; February, 2Sc; May, 2S54S28Hc; No. 3
white. 31c CORNMEAL JL75S1.S0. BRAN Firm;
sacked, east track, MI4G0c HAY Dull, easy; tim
othy. 37.5008.00; prairie, J7.OO07.6O. PORK Firmer;
standard mess. Jobbing, old, 13.25; new, J10.00.
LARD rirracr: prime steam, J5.35: choice. 35.4:4.
DRY SALT MEATS (boxed lots) Shoulders, J1.00;
extra shorts. J4.75; ribs, J5.00; shorts, J5.1214. BA
CON (boxed lots) Shoulders. J4.6254; extra, shorts.
4J.-; riD.i, to.su; snorts, X5.k:5S.
MINNEAPOLIS. Feb. 6. WHEAT Steady; Feb
ruary. C9ic; May, 70t;c; July, 70?ic On'track No,
2 hard, 70",ic; No. 1 Northern, 6954c; No. 2 Northern,
DULUTH. Feb. 6. WHEAT No. 1 hard, cash,
7055c: February, 70c; May. (354c; July, 73jc: No.
1 Northern, cash, C85jc; February, 6S54c; May, 7154o;
July, 7151c
Pork, standard mess, J9.7501O.OO. Lard, refined
tierce, J4.125604.37t4; pure, JC.00. Boxed meats, dry
salt shoulders, J4.C0; sides, J4.6254. Bacon, clear rib
sides. 56.1254. Hams, choice sugar cured, J8,5O09.5O.
RICE Quiet; ordinary to good, 304&C FLOUR.
GRAIN AND FEEDSTUKFS Steady. Flour, extra
fancy, J3.5503.73: patents. J4.O504.3O. Cornmeal,
J1.93. Bran. 60067c. Hay, prime, Jll.00012.00;
choice, J13.00313.50. Corn, No. 2. sacked, white. 420
4254c; mixed, 43c; yellow, 4304354c. OATS No. 2.
sacked, 34c.
LIVERPOOL, Feb. 6. WHEAT Spot dull; No. 1
California. 6s 754d06s Sd; No. 2 red western winter.
6a 154d; No. 1 red Northern spring, 5a ll"4d. Futures
closed quiet: March, 5s 754d: May. Es 7d. CORN
Spot quiet: American mixed, new, 2s 8Hd; American
mixed, old. 3s 9d. Futures steady; February, new
crop. 3s 6d; March. 3s 65id; May, 3s 6d. TUR
PENTINE Spirits. 32s. BACON Long clear middles,
light, dull, 27s 6d: short ribs, dull. 2Ss: long clear
middles, heavy, dull, 27s; short clear backs, dull,
2Ss: clear bellies, easy, 32s. LARD-'Prlme Western,
dull, 28s 9d.
Coffee and Sno-ar.
NEW YORK. Feb. 6. COFTEE Options opened
steady st unchanged prices to 5 points decline, fol
lowing unfavorable European and Brazilian markett,
heavier receipts at Rlq and Santos, apathy of spot
buyers and falling off In warehouse deliveries; ral
lied partially on covering following favorable closing
of Havre cables: closed -ulet, unchanged to 5 points
lower. Sales. 9.250 bags, including March. 6.60c;
May. E.7Ec; September. 6.05c; November, 6.10c: De
cember, 6.2006.25c; January, 6.25c Spot coffee
Rio. quiet; No. 1 Invoice. 6c; No. 7 lobbing, 754c
Mild-Quiet: Cordova, 754014c SUGAR Raw. firm;
lair renning. ac; centrifugal, 95 test, 4c; mo
lasses sugar. 354c Refined Firm; mold A, S'4c;
standard A, 454c; confectioners' A, 454c; cut loaf,
554c; crushed, 654c; powdered, 554c; granulated. Ec:
cubes, 554c.
NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 6. COFFEE Steady; Rio,
ordinary tft fair, 7548c SUGAR-Steady: open
kettle, 25403 9-16C; open kettle centrifugal, 3 9-16
45c; centrifugal granulated and white, none In first
hands: yellows, 40454c; seconds. 25403 15-16c MO
LASSES Opea kettle, steady. 15030c: centrtfugsL
steady, 6016c SYRUP None In first hands.
NEW YORK. Feb. 6. FLOUR Receipts. 34 157
barrels; export, 29,720. barrels. Quiet and weak
Winter patents, J3.7504.OO: winter straights, J3.E0a
3.60, Minnesota patents. J3.9O04.15: winter extras.
J2.7O03.OO; Minnesota bakers', J3.1503.4O; winter
low grades. J2.4O02.C5.
CHICAGO, Feb. 6. FLOUR Receipts, 11,000 bar-
reia; Buipmenis, j.to narreis. Dull and weak.
Winter patents, J3.9O04.OO:' hard patents, J3.6O03.7O
straights, J3.4O03.6O: spring specials, J4.20; spring
patents. J3.4O03.5O: clear, J3.3O03.4O; straights. J3.10
03.30; bokers', 125003.60.
ST. LOUIS. Feb. 6. FLOUR-x-Recelpts, 6,000 bar
rels; shipments, 3,000 barrels. Dull, barely steady.
Patents. J3.4503.6O: straights, J3.1593.25; clear, J2.7S
03.00: low to medium grades, J2.OO02.5O.
MINNEAPOLIS. Feb. 6. FLOUR Unchanged.
First patents. J3.CO03.7O; second 'patents. J3.4O03.5O:
first clears. J2.6O02.SO.
Rye and Seeds.
CHICAGO, Feb. 6. FLAXSEED May closed at
J1.1S54; Northwest, 11.1854: Southwest, 11.15. RYE
Cash. 55c; May, 5754c BARLEY 41051c. TIM
OTHY February, J2.40: March, J2.47.
ST. LOUIS, Feb. 6. RYE Steady, 5554c FLAX
SEED Steady, J1.124.
TOLEDO. Feb. 6. RYE Dull, steady; No. 2 cash.
E6c. CLOVERSEED Active, lower; prime cash. old.
J3.50; new, J3.S0.
Kansas City prices of seeds, as quoted by dealers,
are as follows: Millet, COffiioc per 100 pounds; Ger
man millet. Sl.10Ji-l.C5 per 100 pounds; cane seed,
95c0JLOO; red Kafllr.i 55057c per 100 pounds: whits
Kamr, El53c per-100 pounds; clover, J5.OO06.5O per
100 pounds; timothy)' Jl.5002.00 per 100 pounds; flax
seed, J1.05.
Batter, EKES, Poultry and Cheese.
CHICAGO, Feb. 6. BUTTER Firm: creameries. 11
18'4c; dairies, 18026c EGGS Steady: fresh. 1654c
DRESSED POULTRY Firm; turkeys, 954011c;
chickens, Sc: ducks, 70Sc.
NEW YORK, Feb. 6. BUTTER Receipts, 9.970
packages: firm: Western creamery. 1554019c; Elglns,
19c; factory, 12011c CHEESE Receipts, 1,436 pack
ages; firm; large white, 1054c; .small white, 119
1154c; large colored. 1054c; small colored, ll1154o,
ERGS Receipts, 8,768 packages; steady; Western.
194c; Southern, 1801954c.
ST. LOUIS, Feb. 6. POULTRY Finn; chickens.
70754c: turkeys. 85409c; gecsc. 4540554c; ducks, 654
07c BUTTER Firm: creamery, 15020c; dairy, 123
16c EGGS Higher, 1554c.
ST. LOUIS. Feb. C COTTON Steady snd on
changed. Sales, 19: middling. S 13-16c; receipts,
3.75S; shipments, 4,278; stock, 75.473.
NEW ORLEANS. Feb. 6. COTTON Steady. Sales,
1,550 bales. Ordinary, 4 E-I60; good ordinary. 454c;
low middling. E54c; middling. 554c; good middling,
654c: middling fair, 654c Receipts, .10,355; stock,
4I4.9S4. Futures steady. February, 6.74c bid; March,
E.745.75c; April, E.7S0S.79O; May. 5.8105.82c; June,
E.8305.S4c; July. E.85a5.S6c; August, 5.8305.85c; Sep
tember, E.7405.75c; October, 5.7405.75c; November,
(.7605.78c; December, 5.7805.SOC
Dry Goods.
NEW YORK. Feb. 6. The week opened with fair
attendance of buyers. Increase In volume of mall or
ders and good general business doing. Cotton goods
very strong. Advances of 54c In four-yard brown
sheetings, heavy makes, with tendency against buy
ers. Wide sheetings tending against buyers. Coarso
colored cottons very firm. Prints advancing; Im
proving demand for woolen goods with steady tone.
Lead and Zinc.
NEW YORK, Feb. 6. LEAD Easier, J4.6254 bid.
14.674 asked. SPELTER Strong and higher. J3.90
bid. S6.00 asked.
ST. LOUIS. Feb. 6. LEAD Steady, 14.45 Did.
SPELTER Easy, J3.60.
Cltr to Portland
Union Paclfle.
via the
This car will leave Kansas City every
Thursday at G:40 p. m., and run through to
Portland without change in only 72 hours.
The quickest time made between, these
Maximum comfort at minimum cost Is
the principle upon which these cars are
built and operated.
Passengers for San Francisco or Los
Angeles taking berths in this tourist car
do not have to leave the train between
Kansas City and their destination, as the
only change is stepping from one car to
nnnrhnr en route in the middle of the dav.
Porters accompany each car. For further
particulars call on or address
J. B. FRAWLEY. Gen'l Agent
Ticket offices. 1000 Main street, 1038 Union
avenue. Telephone 1109.
The Commercial Club'n Favorite
"Kansas City."
It is the newly equipped, splendid dining
car named "Kansas City," on the Burl
ington route trains from Kansas City to
Chlcngo, at 0:10 p. m., and Kansas City to
Denver .at 10:40 a. m. New china from T.
M. James & Sons, new linen, new table
ware, tho best cooks and most attentive
waiters. Burlington route ticket office, S23
Main street.
Passengers going East, and wishing to
avoid the incline to the Union depot, can
take the Santa Fe Route trains at Twenty
second and Grand avenue station. Best
dining cars In the world; lighted by elec
tricity. Santa Fe Route ticket offices, northeast
corner Tenth and Main sts., 1044 Union ave..
Union depot and Grand avenue station.
Excursion Rates to Colorado.
The Union Pacific Is the only line run
ning two fast trains dally, without change.
Kansas City to Denver. Pullman Palace
Dining cars. Olllces, 1000 Main street, 10J3
Union avenue, and Union station. Tele
phone 1103.
Liquors for Kansas.
"shipped daily in secure packages, by
Opposite waiting room. Union depot.
The Very Finest Trains
First train to arrive in Chicago is the
"Chicago Limited," via Chicago & Alton
railroad. Modern, observation, vestibuled
ctbmitnc ..ovc! T)tnln(. mi, corvlon a la
Hogs, Too, Coming In Slowly, and
Quality Generally Poor Sheep
In Good Demand, bat
Weak and Lower.
Western receipts the past 48 hours:
E. C. Chi. St. L.
Cattle 3.900 14,000 3.000
Hog 5,800 37.000 7,000
Sheep 5,300 20,000 1,300
Same time last year:
Cattle 5, W0 18,000 3,400
Hogs 10,500 35,000 6,400
Sheep G.600 28.000 1.900
St. 1.
NEW YORK. Feb. 6. Cables lower: live cattle.
115401254c per pound, dressed weight; refrigerator
beer, lower at 854c per pound. Exports to-day, none;
to-morrow, 800 cattle and 4.443 quarters of beef.
CATTLE Movements the past 43 hours:
Cattle. Calves.
'Receipts 3.900 2t
Shipments 973 154
Drireouts 573 4
A light run yesterday favored sellers and they
managed to keep prices fairly steady in the face of
a lower Chicago market. Sales, however, were slow.
There were no choice cattlo in and nothing to en
courage Eastern and export buyers. The best price
of the day was J5.20, paid for 20 fleshy cornfed na
tive steers, averaging 1.2S6 pounds. Some few early
sales were steady and Crm, but the close was dull
and weak. Cows were In light supply and the
killers steady and In fair demand, but low grades
dull and weak. Stockers and feeders sold fairly for
Monday, but mostly to speculators. Prices ruled
much the same as Friday. Range cattle, like na
tives, sold very well at the opening and brought old
prices, but the close was slow and weaker. Not
many milch cows 1n and demand fair and market
firm. Common, J1502O; medium to fair, J2502O. and
good to choice, J3505O.
Ko. Ar. Price. No. Av. Price. No. Av. Price.
20..12S6..J 5 20 33..1203..J 4 85 20. .1321 4 70
16..1315.. 4 53 13..1293.. 4 33 8..1090.. 4 90
16..124I.. 4 70 44..1246.. 4 6254 2-. 955.. 4 25
3..12S0.. 4 00 1..14I0.. 3 90 1..1520.. 2 73
1..1110.. 3 73 1..1170.. 2 63 1..1210.- 3 55
1..1170.. 3 33 17..1100.. 3 30 2.. 945.. 3 23
1..1I40.. 3 20' 2..1040.. 3 20 4.. 950v 3 10
1..1040.. 3 00 !.. 810.. 2 75 1.-.10CO.. 2 65
1.. 780.. 2 50- 1..12S0.. 4 00 1..1150.. 3 50
1..10SO.. 3 75 7..1052.. 3 35 31. .1032.. 3 60
1..1070.. 3 40 . 1..1030.. 3 35 3..1010., 3 23
2. .1016.. 313 1..1210.. 3 20 1..1010 3 13
7..10:8.. 310 I..1022.. 2 90 1..100O,. 2 75
1.. 910.. 2 50 1..710.. 2 50
2S.. 646.. 3 75 1.. 800.. 3 50 1..1190.. 3 23
1.. S30.. 2 13 1.. 900.. 2 85 1..1060.. 2 73
1.. 860.. 2 50 1.. 790.. 2 45 1.. 650.. 3 25
1.. 840.. 3 20 1..1340.. 3:5 3.. 7S0.. 3 00
2. .1000.. 2 70 1.. 450.. 2 25 1.. 820.. 2 50
1.. 420.. 2 25
1.. 720.. 4 33 1..15S0.. 3 75 2.. 1510,. 3 70
2. .1350.. 3 50 1..1140.. 3 50 1..1390.. 3 3S
3..1053.. 3 33 7..1297.. 3 15 1..1620.. 2 85
1..1010.. 3 75 1..1200,. 3 60 L.1420.. 3 50 -
1..1560.. 3 40 1..1060.. 3 30 1..1400.. 3 09
1..14S0.. 2 85
2.. 595.. 4 10 23.. 563.. 3 75 1.. 859.. 3 75
24.. 915.. 3 70 2.. 830.. 3 63 20.. 656.. 3 SS
1..1050.. 3 75 17.. 655.. 3 70 1.. 700t. 3 50
1.. 610.. 3 15
2.. 385.. 475 55.. 356.. 5 00 5.. 414.. 3 50
19.. E43.. 4 SO 1.. 210.. 3 70 6.. 328.. S 00
CO.. 411.. E 00 15.. E63.. 4 25 1,. 1309 6 09
1.. 190.. 6 00
8.. 657.. 4E0 2.-793.. 4 60 23..1159.. 4 43
13.. 680.. 4 40 6.. 266.. 4 25 SO.. 761.. 410
13.. 653.. 8 60 3.. S23.. 3 50 42.. 902.. 3 7754
23..1007.. 4 60 48.. S97.. 4 45 IS.. 902.. 4 40
30.. 578.. 4 35 23.. .575.. 4 25 8.. 703.. 4 00
3.. 833.. 4 00 4.-787.. 3 73 -13.. 763.. SCO
5.. 573.. 325 .7.. 678.. 3 25
4O..1027.. 4,53 I I
E0..1057.. 4 25 I 1
60.. 767.. 4 10
17.. 7.. S 50 I
16.. 655.. 3 80 I 29.. 949.. 4 40 I
Z1..1240.. 4 40 I
IS.. 778.. 3 25
69.. 1235.
41.. 1155.
4 90
20. .1214:
14.. 928..
27.. 880..
42. .1089..
4 4S
4 15
3 95
3 95
3 70
3 85
4 40
4 10
6.. 996..
131.. 955..
3 9754
4 45
4 10
3 85
44. .io::..
213. .10SS..
54.. 906..
106.. 811..
14.. S97..
3 9S
3 70
3 70
147.. 967..
65.. S54..
53.. 856..
1.. 900..
5.. 936..
. 846..
2 60
7.. 900..
40.. 706..
1.. 610..
. 3 30 I 1..1570.. 3 25 I 2.. 930.. 2 50
2 75 1..1010.. 3 25 I 1..1480.. 3 20
, 3.S0 I
47.. 9S6.,
4. .1142..
23.. (83..
2..10S3.. 4 00 27.. 532.. 315 11.. 751.. 121
1.. 633..
3. .1060..
3 25 15.. 505.. 2 85 I 19.. 682.. 815
300 f
3C0 I I
31.. '
HOGS Movements the past 43 hours:
Receipts 5,800
Shipments 540
Drive-outs 5.402
The run yesterday was light and most of the offer
ings in only medium to fair quality, quite a per cent
ot the arrivals being Indian and Southwest; hence
little to encourage trade and sales slow. Choice
heavy were about the same as Friday, but light and
medium weights were weak to 6c lower the last halt
ot the day. in sympathy with declines east ot us.
Packers were all out in the yards and in a quiet
way made fair purchases, and by the close most ot
the fresh arrivals had been disposed of. The extreme
range was JL5O03.75; bulk ot sales. J3.6O03.65.
3 30 1..1100.. 3 25 5.
2 90 1..1020.. 2 50 20.
3 00 4.. 697.. 2 60 17.
2 50
No.Dk.Av. Price. No.Dk.Av. Price. No.Dk.Av. Price.
2 SO 500 13 10 6 .. 255 J3 23 90 210 200 33 4754
49 80 226 3 474 23 120 233 3 50 69 ..202 3 53
58 ..203 3 5754 S2 SO 207 3 5754 63 40 210 3 60
65 ..210 3C0 27 ..203 3 60 70 40 229 3 60
70 80 214 SCO SO 40 235 3 60 67 .. 227 3 6254
77 40 241 3 6254 77 80 24S 3 624 84 40 213 3 65
63 .. 257 3 65 66 $0 314 3 70 143 ..301 3 75
7 ..140 150 61 ..110 315 1M 40 105 3 15
47 .. 104 3 20 7 .. 103 3 23 16 .. HO 3 25 .
43 .. 107 3 25 16 .. 113 3 23 11 .. 112 3 23
El .. 83 3 25 63 .. 86 3 23 101 .. 92 3 20
81 20 142 3 35 113 40 15S 3 40 51 80 160 3 40
32 120 193 3 4S 103 160 176 3 45 50 .. 193 3 45
64 .. 161 3 45 78 40 160 3 474 75 210 iy 3 474
61 .. 172 3 50 S3 80 183 3 574 40 40 189 3 574
97 ..194 3 60 7... 263 3 00 3 ..300 3 25
64 200 213 3 45 S3 480 211 3 474 29 .. 224 3 50
73 2S3 226 3 524 79 ..215 3 55 9S 40 210 3 5754
7 200 236 3 60 36 160 258 3 60 91 40 205 3 60
83 160 209 3 60 CO 80 222 3 60 74 .. 251 3 624
63 8033 3 0:ti 63 SO 2S6 3 624 69 .. 245 3 65
60 80 273 3 65 26 80 293 3 63 53 240 301 3 63
73 ..253 3 70 59 ..322 3 70 9 .. 87 310
31 ..100 3 15 67 100 1:0 3 20 33 ..102 3 23
16 .. 123 3 25 5 .. 104 3 25 12 .. 130 3 25
10 ..126 3 25 13 ..129 3 25 59 ..103
20 .. 113 3 23 12 .. 143 3 30 91 120 155 3 40
E7 40 191 3 40 72 120 153 3 45 42 .. 163 3 45
97 ECO 193 3 4S 45 ..176 3 45 26 40 176 3 45
CO 120 192 3 45 81 40 185 8 50 73 .. 131 3 524
92 ..194 3 574 75 160 194 3 60
SHEEP Movement the past 43 hours:
Receipts (.331
Shipments 429
Drive-outs 1.934
More in yesterday than for some days and quality
very good. Buyers got to work fairly early, but
with the pens full they succeeded In squeezing mut
tons down 10c, but lambs generally held .steady.
Killers made very good purchases at the prices and
not many unsold at the close. Stockers snd feeders
quiet, though something doing In the best of them.
No. Av. TO. Prlre.
102 Colorado Iambs 75 J5 00
No. Av. TO Prlre.
102 Colorado Iambs 75 J5 00
32 Colorado Iambs 97 5 00
147 Colorado lambs 73 4 90
132 Western lambs 71 4 83
549 Utah fed lambs 68 4 60
5 Colorado spring lambs. 42 4 50
414 Arizona yearlings 100 4 15
477 Arizona yearlings 92 4 15
183 Colorado sheep and yearlings 90 4 00
- S3 Western yearlings 87 4 M
172 Arizona sheep and yearlings 95 4 00
33 Arizona sheep and yearlings..:.... 96 4 00
503 Texss wethers 93 3 90
203 mixed 77 3 S3
141 Texas feeding lambs 46 3 75
87 Kansas.ewcs 94 3 60
3 Colorados 80 3 50
297 Texas ewes 76 3 23
5 84 3 00
1 Colorado buck 160 3 00
2 lamby ewes 110 2 S3
293 Texas cull ewes. 57 2 60
S Texas lamby ewes 74 2 50
62 goats 100 2 90
HORSES AND MULES Movements oast 48 hours:
Receipts 319
Shipments 339
The week opened yesterday with a fair demand,
both for horses and mules, but as ot late most of it
was from the South and for plantation stock and
buyers wanted cheap and medium priced stuff, and
such sold much the same as last Friday Little do
ing in fancy stock yet. We note the tale ot 14
mules 1454 hands at J63, 22 mixed and pluggy at
J46, 10 mules 15 hands at J35. CO mules 1554 to 16
hands at J92.50, 25 mules Hli hands st 510. 20
mules 154 hands at J67.EO and 20 choice mules at J70.
The quotations:
HORSES Draft horses, good, 1,250 to
1.450 pounda J53 O0Si:5 00
Drivers, extra 65 0OB1M 00
nrivers. good 3S 00 a 75 00
Common to good 15 0OW 35 00
Saddlers, good to extra ,, EO 000100 00
Southern mares and horses 15 35 00
Plum 5O0S20 00
MULES Mules. 12 to 14 hands 13 000 30 00
Mules. 14 to 15 bands. 4 to 7 years, good
flesh snd hair..
40 000 50 00
Mules. 15 to 154 hands. 4 to 7 years,
good flesh and hair BO COO 65 00
Mule. 15 to 16 hands. 4 to 7 years,
good flesh and hair 70 000100 00
SOUTH OMAHA, Feb. (.CATTLE Receipts. 1,600.
Market 10c lower.
HOGS Receipts. 2,500. Shade easier; top, 13.C24:
bulk. J3.5503.E74.
SHEEP Receipts, 4.200. Weaker.
ST. LOUIS, Feb. 6. "ATTLE Receipts. 3.600. Na.
Uvea 10c lower and Inferior Texana cosy to 10c
lower: top Texans, JI.S0. ......
HOGS Receipts. 7,000. About steady; top. J3.875a;
bulk. J3.63ft3.60. '
SHEEP Receipts. 1.300. . Steady; top lambs. Ja.00.
BOUTH ST. JOSEPH, Feb. 6. -CATTLE Receipts,
Quality common and
HOGS Receipts, 1,700.
J3.6O03.65; pigs, steady.
Weak; top. J3.75; bulk.
CH1CACO. Feb. 6. CATTLE Receipts. 14.500.
Packers appeared to be pretty well supplied with
beef In their coolers to-day and regarded It as a
good time to forca prices downward. A few choice
droves of cattle were disposed of at about steady
prices, but otherwlso sales were very slow at a
decline of 10c Fancy cattle. J5.9O0C1O: choice
steers. J5.5O05.85; mediums. Jl.750t.95: beef steers.
J3.9034.70; stockers and feeders. J3.OO04.SO: bulls.
12.7004.25; cows and belters. J3.2O04.OO; Western
fed steers, J4.OO05.CO; Texans, 33.6004.30; calves.
HOGS-Recelpts. 36.000. Trade In hogs was slow at
a decline cf 25405c. Fair to choice JX725402.85;
packing lots. 33.5003.70: mixed. J3.50S3.75: butchers,
J3.5503.SO: light. J3.4503.7254: pigs. J3.2O03.55.
SHEEP Receirts. 20.000. There was a good de
mand for sheep from slaughterers and choice grades
ruled steady but other kinds showed weakness. Poor
to prime sheep. J2.SO04.23: yearlings. J4.2O01.5O; In
ferior to choice lambs, J4.OO05.OO.
Ceo. R. Barse, Pres. J. II. Waitc, Sec and Treas.
Rooms 159-160 Live Stock Exchange Bldf.
MTOl 171 Mi,,
Buying Stockers and Feeders given special atteatlos.
Reasonable Advances to Feeders. Tel. 1S19.
Quiet Under Cold Weather, bat Prices
Generally Firm.
Quotations below are for car lots. On small lots high
er prices are asked and obtained, enough being asked
to cover the cost ot caring for and filling them.
BUTTER Not much en band and arrivals light.
Demand fair and market steady. Receipts, 212 pack
ages. Creamery, extra fancy separator. 13c .per
pound; firsts, lCc; seconds, 15c; dairy fancy, 15c;
country roll, 11013c: store packed, 10c; packing
stock, 9c.
EGGS Not many coming in but prices no higher.
Receipts, 272 cases. Fresh candled Missouri and
Kansas. 15c per dozen.
POULTRY Springs and ducks in good demand and
firm. Turkeys selling fairly, but hens dull. Re
ceipts, C6 coops. The quotations aro as follows:
Hens, live. 7c per pound; broilers. 10c; springs. S4o
per pound; capons. oer S pounds. lOllc: slips,
608c; roosters, old. each 15c. young 20c; ducks, 740,
per pound: geese, 50Cc; turkeys, hens 85-c, young
toms Sc, old toms 7c; pigeons, 50c per dozen; squabs,
J1.20 per dozen.
BUTTERINE Dairy grades, U4e; medium grades,
124c; high grades. 144c: 1-pound rolls, bricks and
prints, lc over above prices; 2 and 3-pound rolls, 10
and 20-pound packages. 154c over above prices.
CHEESE Steady- The quotations are as follows:
New York and Ohio full cream. 114012c; Wisconsin
fancy and full cream. U0U4c;..Young America.' full
cream. 1154012c; Missouri, Kansas and Iowa, full
cream. 100104c
POTATOES Supply only fair and feeling firm, but
no receipts or shipments, owing to cold weather.
Home grown, 20c per busnei: Minnesota large uur
banks. 45050c In car lots, 55060c In a lobbing way;
Rurals, 5oc; mixed varieties, 48050c; Iowa, large
white. 40050c: choice mixed, 45050c; Colorado Gree
ley, ICurals. 65c in car lots. 75c in small lots; Da
kota. Ohio and Rose, 50c Seed, la cor lots Minne
sota Early Rose, 43c; Early Ohio. 51c; Red River
Rose, 51c
SWEET POTATOES Steady. Home grown. SO035o
per bushel.
APPLES Quiet, but firm. The quotations follow:
New York and Ner England varieties, good to choice.
J3.00S3.73: Michigan choice. J3.OO03.f5; California
Reds. 31.6001.75 per box; Oregon and Washington
stock, Sl.5001.73 per box.
CRANBERRIES Steady. The quotations are: Bell
& Bugle. J5.7506.OO; Cape Cod. J5.7506.OO per barrel;
Jersey. J5.75fl6.00.
GAME Steady and demand fair. The quotations:
Ducks, canvasback. 35.50 per dozen; mallards. Jl.000
4.50; redheads. J2.7503.OO; mixed, J1.250L5O: teal,
blue wing. Jl.5001.75; Colorado teal. Jt.5O02.CO;
green wing. tl.2301.EO; white brant. J3.00: plover.
Jl.0001.23; Jacksnlpe. 75c0JLOO. Frogs. 50cS.J2.0O per
dozen, according to size. Rabbits, cottontail. JLOO
per dczen. Opossum. 15040c each.
NUTS Hickory nut3. large. C5073c; small Missouri.
50060c per busheL Pecans. Texas Jumbo, polished.
64Sc: extra large. 7074c; large. E406c; medium.
506c; unpolished. 40414c Peanuts, raw, 440543
per pound: roasted, 70Sc per pound. Cocoanuta. J2.25
per 100. Chestnuts. Sc per pound.
FRUITS Grape. Malaga. J7JM09.OO per 70-pound
barrel. Lemons. California stock In car lota, fancy,
J3.50: choice, J3.C0: common. J2.73: Messina, fancy,
in small lots. 31.504.00. Limes. Florida, J2.00 per
10-pound crate. Oranges, California navels, car lots,
J2.5O03.OO: budded seedlings, car lots, Jl.7502.23;
Mexican. 32.25 In car lots; Tangerines. J3.00; grape
fruit. J4.50. Bananas, shipping. Jumbo. J2.00; large,
J1.75: medium. ll.oogi.EO: peddler. 75cejL00.
VEGETABLES Ths quotations are as follows:
Home grown spinach. Jl.2501.50 per bushel; Arkan
sas. 90c per bushel box; Florida, 40c per dozen
bunches. New beets. Arkansas, 45c per dozen. Egg
plant. J3.00 per dozen. Radishes, Florida, 31.00 per
halt-bushel basket. 25c per dozen. New carrots. 390
40c per dozen bunches, J20.00 per ton In car lota.
Beans, green. Florida, J2.00 per hamper. Tomatoes,
Florida, Jl.0005.00 per 6-hasket crate. Cucumbers,
Illinois hothouse, J1.50 per dozen. California cauli
flower. J2.50 per crate. J1.00 per dozen. Lettuce.
home grown, J1.250L5O per bushel. Beets, homo
grown, 30c per busheL Carrots, 30040c per busheL
Turnips, home grown, 15023c per bushel. 320.00 per
ton in car lots. Cabbage. Northern stock. Holland.
35.00030.00 per ton; New York Danish. J25.OO03O.OO
per ton. JL230L5O per 100 pounds. Onions. Red
Globe. 60065c per bushel: Red Wethersfield. 50060c:
White Globe. J1.00. Horseradish, J1.250L4O per
bu-heL Hand picked navy beans, J1.35 per busheL
California celery, 4oc per uozen. &quasn, liuDbara.
"ScSJLOO per dozen: Northern, 120.00 per ton In car
lots. Celery root. $1.00 per bushel. Canadian ruta
bagas. J17.00 per ton. Water cress. 30040c per dozen
bunches. Pieplant, COc per dozen bunches In s small
Wool. Hides and Pelts.
WOOL Steady, but slow sole. The quotations are:
Missouri and similar Fine. 1140135c: combing.
17540184c; coarse. 1440164c. Kansas. Nebraska
and Indian Territory Fine. 840114c: fine medium.
1140134c: medium. 13401554c; combing. 1543
1654c; coarse, 1340154c. Colorado Fine. 8540104c;
fine medium. 11401354c; medium. 11401454c: coarse
and carpet, 11540134c; extra heavy and sandy. 6540
74c: burry,-203- less.
HIDES AND PELTS Firm and wanted. Quoted:
Green salted, Nos. 1 and 2 and butt branded, all
around S54c: side branded, around 74c; green salted,
bulls and stags, around 7c; green salted bulls, side
branded, around 6c; green glue (tainted or spoiled
hides). 5c; green uncurcd. lc less than cured; green
part cured. 4c less than cured. Green horsehldes,
lorge, 12.75; medium, 12.50; small, J1.50. Dry flint
hides, around 124c; dry salt hides, around 104c: dry
bulla and stags, around 10c; dry glue, around 6c
Sheep pelts, green, 40060c: dry, per pound. 708c
Deer skins, summer, 20c; fall, 18c; winter, 16c. An
telope skins, summer, 15c; fall, 12c: winter, 10c
BEESWAX No., 1. 24c; No. 2. 20c
TALLOIV No. l.,354c: No. 2. 254c.
GREASE White. 3"4c: yellow, 24c; brown. 2c
ST. LOUIS. Feb. 6. WOOL-jBteady. Quotations:
Medium. 1101855c: light line. 1301C4c; heavy fine.
19023c: tnb washed. 18027c.
FURS Raccoon, large. 65070c: medium. 60055c;
small. 30040c Skunk, black, SOaSJc; short striped.
55060c: narrow striped, 35040c: broad striped, 1501
20c Mink large, 80083c; medium. 60065c; small,
45050c Opossum, large, 15c: medium. IOcj small.
5c Sluskrat. fall. Sc; winter. ' 10c Civets. 100
15c Fox. gray. 40050c; red. 6O0SOc Wolf, moun
tain. 11.0002.00: prairie, 25050c. Wildcat. 10020c
Beaver, large. 17.00: medium, J4.50; small. JL009
2.00. Badger. 10023c. Otter, prime large. J6.06$
7.00; prime medium. 34.00&,.5O; prime small. J2.OO0
2.50. Bear. J15.00 and down, as to size and quality.
These prices are for prime and seasonable goods.
A steady and very fair market was had yesterday
for most hog product- Hogs were lower, but this had
no Influence In the faco of a stronger specuIaUve
market, there being mora disposition to buy than for
some days. Quotations:
GREEN MEATS Hams, J6.875407.OO; shoulders,
SWEET PICKLED MEATS Shoulders, Jl.3749
4.50: hams. J7.OO07.5O.
DRY SALT MEATS Shoulders, cash, 34.2504.23
per ewt.: short ribs, cash, J4.8504.95: extra short
clear, J4.8304.95; short clear sides, J5.OO05.1O.
LARD Prime steam, !"r.30.
Via the Katy Route.
On February 7th and a, the Missouri
Kansas & Texas railway will sell tickets
to all points in Texas, New Mexico, Ari
zona and Louisana, at very low rates;
for particulars, call at ticket office. IMS
Union avenue, S23 Main street and Union
depot. T. J. FITZGERALD.
Passenger and Ticket Agent,
Crescent Hotel, Eureka Sprldgs, Aria
Opens February 23. In the Ozark moun
tains. Delightful climate; beautiful .scen
ery; unequaled medicinal waters. Cheap ex
cursion rates. Through sleepers via Filsco
Line. Address J. O. PLANK, manager.
Crescent hotel. Eureka Springs, Ark. or
call at Frisco ticket office. 915 Main street.
Kansas City
to Chicago Santa
Shortest and best line. Finest train and
dining car service between tho two cities.
Try it. . "
The Finest Dining- Car
Via the Burlington Route from Kansas
City to the East and North. Its name
is Kansas City, and Kansas City firms sup
ply Its new dining service and supplies.
Kansas City
to Chicago Santa
Shortest and best line. Finest train and
dining car service between tho two cities.
Try it.
Finer and Faster Than Ever.
The California Limited. Santa Fe Route,
solid between Kansas City and Los
Angeles. Time, 2 1-6 days- Electric lighted.
Three times a week.
The Burlington Ronte, 823 Main St.
Finest playing cards at lowest price. A
40-cent deck of cards for 13 cents, at the
ticket office of the Burlington route.
Advertise your houses for sale or to let
In The Journal If you want to secure a
purchaser or tenant.
Encournctc Home Industries.
The Burlington route does. Its new din
ing car Kansas City is supplied with the
finest tableware and supplies by Kansas
City Arms.
1.200. Weak to 10o lower,
mostly Westerns.
Grave Fears for Cattle In the Wests
Owing to the Severe Weather
Yesterday's Visitors at the
Yards With Stock.
It has been known for some time in a
general way that the number of cattle on
full feed In the AVest was much shorter
than last year, and the general belief in
this wa3 largely responsible for the higher?
prices of the best class of cattle of late.
The Drovers" Telegram has been asking
for Information on this subject for the past
week, and printed yesterday its first batch
of answers to its inquiries. It appears
from them that the shortage in full fed
cattle Is even much lighter than generally
credited by the trade. In Kansas, tha
counties of Barton. Clay. Cherokee and
Jefferson report only 20 per cent as many
cattle on full feed as last year, and fewer
cattlo being roughed through. In the coun
ties of Cloud and Dickinson there Is said
to be only 23 rer cent as many
as last year on full feed. Geary. Sumner,
Washington. Marshall and Morris claim
40 to 45 per cent as many cattle on full
feed as a vpar n-ro. whlli, Harner. Jewell.
Mitchell, Russell and "Wilson say they have
SO per cent as many. In Missouri, as well
as Kansas, there Is a general shortage,
though it is not so marked as in Kansas.
Atchison, Hickory and Johnson say they
have 50 per cent as many cattle on full
feed as last year. Cass, Clay and DeKalb
claim 73 per cent as many, while Davles
and Lawrenco say they have but 33 1-3 pec
cent as many.
Tamblyn & Tamblyn had a letter from
J. T. Spears, of Quanah. Tex., yesterday
in which he says cattle are wintering well
In that section. But little snow and no
loss so far. B. T. "Wear, of Amarillo. Tex.,
says cattle are doing well and wintering
better than last year.
Colonel A. W. Glllett. who Is running "
George S. Tamblyn's farm for him in Linn -county,
says cattle In that section ara
doing very well. About the usual number
are being roughed through, but very- few
cattle being on full feed.
DENVER. Feb. 6. "The live stock own
ers will be heavy losers on account of tha
continued storms In the mountains and out
in tne plains." said President J. V. Spring
er, of the National Live Stock Association.
in speaking or the results of the last few
days. "Reports which we received from
our horse ranch in Montana to-day shove
that tho temperature up there Is 4o below
zero, and the outlook is not bright for
warmer weather. Down in Texas cattle aro
dying by the thousands. A heavy rain
has been followed by a long-continued wind
storm, and the cattle got chilled and have
been dying for several day a on account
of the cold."
Mr. Springer says that soon as practic
able he will have the secretary of the asso
ciation telegraph to all the principal live)
stock regions of the "West and a bulletin
will be Issued showing the extent of tha
losses. Me cas very grave fears that the
West is now passing through an experience
almost as disastrous as that ot the winter
of 1SS6.
LINCOLN, NEB.. Feb. 6. The stats
board of agriculture has begun to receive
reports touching the stock losses In tho
states as a result of the late severe weather.
The indications are that much loss has
been sustained by both cattle and sheep
owners. The weather has been unprece
dently severe for the past two weeks, con
cluding with the blizzard of February 2 and
3. During this period thousands of sheep)
perished of the cold In all parts ot the
state. These sheep were principally bandi
that had been brought in from the South
during the past summer for feeding pur
poses and had not become Inured to tha
rigors of the Nebraska winter.
The annual meeting of tho Missouri and
Kansas Shorthorn breeders, will be held
here at the Midland hotel February 15
and 15. .
Packers' purchases the past week were:
Cattle. -9,560: hogs. 53.R33, and sheep. 10.93):
ncainst. cattle. 1S.S5S: hogs. 79.500, and
sheep, 15.421 the same week last year.
Visitor at the Yards With Stock.
O. A. Cooper, of Humboldt, Neb., was la
with hogs yesterday.
S. A. Sponseller. ot Emporia, Kas.-. had
sheep hero yesterday.
J. Edwards, of Bolivar, Mo., had hoga
on the market yesterday.
O'Kecfe Bros, had cattle In yesterday
from Johnson county, Kas.
John Ineck brought cattle to market
yesterday from Barnes", Kas.
J. C. Rensdn, of Barnes. Kas.. 6old- cat
tle on the market yesterday.
J. B. Jennings, of Jennings, Kas.. had
cattle and hogs In yesterday.
A. Skelton, of Long Island, Kas.. sold
hogs on the market yesterday.
Charles Ostander. of Nemaha county,
Kas.. sold cattle here yesterday.
G. H. Wadsworth brought sheep to mar
ket yesterday from Grenola. Kas.
Carl Huhnstock. of Elk City, Kas.,
brought hogs to market yesterday.
E. A. Mansur, of Mountain Grove. Mo,
brought cattle to market yesterday.
G. "W. Lindsay, of Red Cloud. Neb.,
brought cattle to market yesterday.
Dr. L. A. Goldlng had sheep on tho mar
ket yesterday from Kensington. Kas.
J. P; Hackworth came to "market yes
terday with hogs from Mountain Grove,
"W. N. Richardson had cattle and hoga
on the market yesterday from Red Cloud.
The California Limited
Via Santa Fe Route. Best and speediest
train to California. Kansas City to Loa
Angele3 In 2 1-6 days, three times a week.
Observation car. with spacious parlor foe
IadiC3 and children, is a special feature.
Genesis of the Manhattan CocktalL
From tho New Orleans Times-Democrat.
"The Manhattan cocktail Is a delightful
appetizer when properly prepared." said a
local connoisseur in the art of living, "but
it Is easily ruined by unskillful hands. It
is the Invention, by the way, of a native
of New Orleans, nnd the story of Its origin
Is rather curlou3.. Tears ago Colonel Joe
"Walker was In Now York and went on a
little yachting trip with a party of friends.
By some oversight the liquid refreshments
in the Icebox were confined to Italian ver
mouth and plain whisky, and It occurred to
the colonel that a palatable drink might
be made by mixing the two. The result
was so good that he experimented a lit
tle on his return to New Orleans, and soon
perfected the Manhattan cocktail as it la
known to-day. It was. christened In honor
of his friends on Manhattan island, and
tho fame of the decoction soon spread all
over the country. The truo Manhattan
cocktail Is always made with Italian ver
mouth, but at half the places where they
undertake to serve It French vermouth ia
substituted, and the fine flavor Is alto
gether destroyed. Jtench vermouth is a
sort of wine, while Italian vermouth Is a
cordial pure and simple. They are as dif
ferent as milk and molasses. A cocktail
made from the French brand Is no mors
a .Manhattan than it is a Spanish ome
lette." A Great Man's DIMcnlty.
From the Washington Star.
""When I made a Joke the other day,"
remarked Senator Sorghum, "nobody,
"That's true."
"And when I made a serious speech, Z
awoke the hilarity ot a nation."
"It seems so."
"Well. I give It tip. I don't, know which
Is harder: trying to be funny, or tryins
not to."
A Texas Hanging.
This Is how a Dallas fTex.1 renorter
'chronicled a hanging: "At 11:46 Sherllt
Stewart cut the rope, and John B. Shaw,
dressed In a neat fitting suit of black, with
turned down collar, black tie. and black:
gloves, was ushered into tha presence oC
From" the Chicago Tribune.
Ethel "Yes. I've taken those pretty WrrJ
wings off my hat. It's horrible, when you
come' to think of It. to wear tha plumage
of a song bird as an ornament."
Mabel "I believe you're right, I al
ways wear the whole bird."
j -
. Convincing Evidence. ,
Friend "That song of yours has becotnsj
The song writer "ie I've neord
very popular, nasn t itr
number of people sweating at it
The Very Finest Trains
If you want written a sharp, ana;
send for oar solicitor.
my ad..

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