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Weak Kidneys Caused by Overwork, by
Lifting or a "Strain
We do not always know the constant
dancer that confronts us through all the
dally walks of life. It may he an acci
dent or sudden Illness; or perhaps, a dis
ease that has been stealing upon us from
day to day.
j It used to be considered that only urin
ary troubles were to be tiaced to the kid
neys, but now modern science proves that
nearly all diseases have their beginning in
the disorder of these most Important or
gans. Now by this is not meant that you
should overlook all the other organs and
merely look after the kidneys.
Your other organs may need attention
but your kidneys most, because they do
If you are sick do not neglect your kid
neys, because as soon as they are well,
thev will help all the other organs to
The kidneys may get weak or diseased
from a thousand and one causes: from
"TJVerworlc, worry; a simple cold, from lift
ing, a strain, or excess In high living.
Others may suffer from diabetes, dropsy,
swelling of the feet and ankles, rheuma
tim, bad blood, gout, gravel, catarrh of
the bladder, sleeplessness, anaemia, ner
vousness, headache or neuralgia.
All these symptoms are due to kidney
trouble, and the most prompt and effectual
cure Is Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the
great kidney remedy.
Kansas City Already an Iiuportnnt
Center for Tills Class of Artis
tic Decorating.
It Is a source of pride that Kansas City
Is already a center for the manufacture
of fine art glass and that the fame of her
works In this line is spreading over the
entire country. East, West, North and
Southr '
The Kansas City Stained Glass works, 312-E14-S1G
Wyandotte street. J. J. Wagner and
A. A. Cummlngs, proprietors, is competing
successfully In art glass with the leading
firms of the United Slates, and Its work
is of the finest. The factory has been
running full capacity all this fall, and
orders have been sent, to California, New
Mexico. Colorado, Utah. Nebraska. Kan
sas. Missouri, Iowa. New York, Kentucky,
Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi. Jxmisiana,
Texas. Arkansas. Illinois. Indiana, Ten
nessee and the Indian Territory.
Ctntral D'tn of Middle Library Window of Art
CU--. Just Finish Lr the Kansas CItr SulneH
Clap Works for Tred Fleml&r. a Banker of Cor
alcana. Tex.
An order of exceptional merit and artis
tic worth has just been completed for the
new residence of Fred Fleming, a banker
of Corslcana. Tex. A group of three
windows for the muslcroom Is of surpassing
beauty. Tin- center winnow was seen yeh-
terday by a. representative for The Journal
at the works. The design shows two Cupids
chabing a dragon lly. From an artistic
standpoint It Is superb. The figures are
true to life In form and coloring, the ex
pretslon of the faces being especially note
worthy. Among ,the many Jlpe points
noticed were the delicate colorings of the
wings, the effect of depth In the water, the
marvelous detail throughout.
Two panels, one to go on each side of the
fireplace In the library, are-olso very fine.
In the center of one Is a lifelike bust of
Longfellow, and In the other. -Dickens. The
expression of the -faces -of- tire figures and
the exquisite harmony of the whole are
particularly noticeable In these panels.
Other fine features of the order consist
:x-xxx- xxxX"X
Per Cent Interest
on Savings Accounts.
Deposits of 1 received, and .
. every young man with ambi- &
f. tion in Kansas City -should X
liuu iii ii-iiiisaa viLy
oil '
Sni i89.0WlPRC ' -CsScRjS.
have an account
IT '-J'J--
V'--i ornn l Or-r-
In taking Swamp-Root you afford nat
ural help to nature, for Swamp-Root Is the
most perfect healer and gentle aid to the
kidneys that Is known to medical science.
If there Is any doubt In your mind as to
your condition, take from your urine on
arising about two ounces, place it in a
glass or bottle and let It stand twenty-four
hours. If. on examination, it Is milky or
cloudy. If there Is a brick-dust settling, or
If small particles Moat about In It, your
kidneys are In need of Immediate attention.
Swamp-Root should at once be taken
upon the least sign of ill health. It will
muke you well and Is for sale the world
over In bottles of two sizes and two prices,
fifty cents and one dollar.
Swamp-Root Is used In the leading hos
pitals, recommended by skillful physi
cians in their private practice; and Is taken
by doctors themselves who have kidney
aliments, because they recognize in It the
greatest and most successful remedy for
kidney, liver and bladder troubles.
To prove its wonderful efficacy, send
vour name and address to Dr. Kilmer &
Co., Binghamton, N. Y., mentioning that
you read this generous offer In The Kan
sas City Sunday Journal, when you will re
ceive, iree OI an cnarge, a. sarajiie uuiue
of Swamp-Root and a valuable book, by
mail, prepaid. This' book contains many
of the thousands upon thousands of testi
monial letters received from men and
women cured. .,
of beveled plate work In copper frames, the
effect of which Is elegant and massive;
also the mltered plate work which has all
the execution and appearance of Dorllnger
cut glass, so even Is the cutting and so
artistic the designing.
The firm Is very proud of an order re
cently completed for the Alcthodlst cnurcii
of Wabash, Ind., received In direct compe
tition with fourteen other firms represent
ing most of the prominent art glas3 man
ufacturers. M'JIMSEYS' FAMILY JAR.
Salt for Divorce Against Well Known
Missouri Editor Ends In Gen
eral Compromise.
MARYVILLE. MO., Dec 9.-(Special.)
Several weeks ago Mrs. Ella B. McJimsey,
wife of E. E. E.McJImsey. editor of the
Maryvllle. Tribune, and a member of the
Republican state "committee from the
Fourth district, Instituted a sensational
proceedings In circuit court, charging her
husband with having bundled her off to a
private asylum in St. Louis, and with hav
ing disposed of large property Interests
belonging to her during her detention there.
This was followed shortly by a petition for
divorce, in which various serious allega
tions were made against Mr. McJimsey by
his wife. To-day It was announced that
both suits have been compromised. Among
other things set forth in the petition re
specting the property, was the claim that
Mrs. McJimsey was entitled to a certain
Interest in the properties known as McJim
sey park, and the handsome home of the
McJImscys. the title to which was vested In
Mr. MeJimsey's father. By the terms of
me settlement Jir. jicjimsey manes gooa
to his wife the'portlon of Interest claimed
by her In these properties, which Interests
he has never- undertaken to deny as being
properly hers.- Investigation discloses that
Mr. McJimsey has not even attempted to
dispose of his wire's property, and that his
actions have been honorable throughout.
Ilv the terms of the agreement Mrs. Mc
Jimsey Is to be given a divorce after the
withdrawal of the serious charges In her
petition. All parties say the agreement Is
Konsn Association of Knights of
the Pen In a Flourishing
EMPORIA, KAS.. Dec 9.-(SpeciaU The
fourth annual convention of the Kansas
State Penmanship Association Is being held
here In the state normal building. Over
fifty delegates are present representing the
various schools In the state. Addresses
were made and papers were read by S. B.
Fahnstock. of Mcpherson: E. E. Roper, of
Emporia; G. E. Eberhardt, of Llndsborg:
E. II. Roudebush. Topeka: L. C. Wooster,
Emporia, and J. N. Engle. White City.
YOU Will Look Better and feel better Christ
mas if you are wearing an Alfred Benjamin
I I VI V?v F
Mr. Broslus, of Pennsylvania, Hoi u
Civil Pension Scheme House Will
Lone a First Rate Orator
, ana Deuuter When It
Oasts Roberts.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 9.-(SpecIal.) Very
little if any doubt Is entertained that the
senate will seat Senator Quay on the cer
tificate of appointment from Governor
Stone, of Pennsylvania. The committee on
elections Is expected to report favorably
upon his case. A canvass of the senate
showed that thirty members now holding
seats have previously voted in favor of
seating applicants for admission on a cer
tificate of appointment. Besides these
there are sixteen other senators who
are expected to vote to seat Senator Quay,
making a total of forty-six, leaving forty
in the negative. It Is said that the Cor
bett case established no binding precedent
because of features that should not enter
Into consideration here. In hat case the
vote was nineteen to 50 against seating Mr.
Corbett. The vote was as follows:
Against seating Mr. Corbett Allen, Ba
con, Bate. Berry, Burrows, Butler, Caf-
frey, Carter, Chilton. Clark. Clay, Cock-
rell, Cullom, Davis, Dcboe, Faulkner, Gal
linger, Gorman, Gray, Hall, Heitfcld,
Jones, of Arkansas; Jones, of Nevada;
Kenney, Llndsav, McBrlde, McMillan, Mal
lory. Martin, Mills, Mitchell. Money. Nel
son, Pasco, Penrose, Pettlgrew, Pettus,
Piatt, of Connecticut; Rawlins, Roach
Shoup, Stewart, Teller. Thurston, Tillman,
Turley. Turple, Vest. Warren, Wellington.
In favor of seating Mr. Corbett Aldrlch,
Allison, Baker, Fairbanks, Foraker, Frye,
Hanna, Hansbrough, Hawley, Hoar, Lodge,
Mantle, Mason, Morrill, Perkins, Sewell,
Turner, AVetmore, Wilson.
If Mr. Quay Is seated the case will doubt
less be accepted as a precedent for seat
ing gubernatorial appointees, although the
senate might refuse admission to some one
else because of some difference In the case,
California, Utah and Delaware, with a
Democratic governor, lack representation
of one senator in the United States senate
because of the failure of their lgislatures
to elect, and In case Mr. Quay Is seated the
governors of these states will undoubtedly
make appointments, provided action Is tak
en before the legislatures of these states
meet again.
Mr. Brosius, of Pennsylvania, chairman
of the civil service committee of the house
and the leading champion of civil service In
congress, has Introduced a bill providing
ior tne retirement or government em
ployes In the classified civil service. It Is
practically a bill for civil pensions, but the
money to carry out its purpose Is to be
furnished by the beneficiaries themselves.
In brief It provides for a deduction of 2 per
cent of the monthly salary of each em
ploye In the classified civil service of the
government, inis is to Degin with July 1.
1900. The fund is to be held In trust by the
secretary of the treasury and Is to be ex
pended for the retirement of employes in
the civil service and certain expenses in
connection therewith.
The unexpended balance of the money on
hand Is to be invested In Interest bearing
Donas. ine Bin proceeds as follows:
Section 1. Every person in the classified service
who shall htve been employed tn the civil service for
a perlpd of twenty years, and ho'shall have become
phylrallr or mentally disabled for the performance
of his or her ordinary official duty, may be retired
upon hli or her application, or may be compulsorlly
retired, and hen retired shall be entitled to receive
from the said fund the retired payment hereinbefore
provided. Provided, that the said period of twenty
years shall be commuted from the orlelnal employ
ment of such persona In the civil service of the gov
ernment, whether as a classified or unclassified em
ploye, and may Include service In one or more depart
ments of the government: and periods of service at
different times, with an Interval during which such
person was not In the service, msy be computed to
gether so as to constitute a total service of twenty
years. And, provided further, that In cases of men
tal disability an application for retirement may be
n-ade by the next friend or guardian of any person
who shall be declared non compos mentis.
Section z. Every person in the classified civil serv
ice who shall attain the age of 60 years, and shall
hate been employed In the civil service for a period
of thirty years, may be retired upon his or her appli
cation, and when retired shall be entitled to receive
from the said fund the retired payment hereinbefore
provided. Trovlded, that the said period of thirty
ears shall be computed In the same manner as here
in provided for computing the period of twenty years
in the preceding paragraph.
Section 3. That on and after July 1. 1904. the em
ployes In the classified civil service of the government
shall be retired from duty as hereinafter provided,
end when so retired shall be entitled to receive from
the said civil service retirement fund, in monthly
payments, an annual retired payment equal to 75 per
cintum of the highest pay received at any time while
In the civil service of the government.
The third condition provides for the com
pulsory retirement of employes 70 years of
age and having served thirty-five years.
Application for voluntary retirement must
be made to the civil service commission and
special protection is provided for the gov-
ernent against any responsibilities. The
final section of the bill reads as follows:
Section 8. That any employe of the classified civil
service who shall be discharged from his or her no-
sltion. or who shall die before becoming eligible for
retirement under the provisions of this act. shall have
refunded to him or her. or shall have patd to his or
her estate, the amount ol pay withheld during his or
her term of office: and If any person shall be removed
from office after becoming eligible for retirement
and before being retired under the pnnlilons of this
act. the right of such retirement shall not be affected
by snch removal.
Whatever confess may gain by the ex
pulsion of Brigham Roberts. It cannot be
denied that It will lose a llrst-rate orator
and debater. His presentation In the house
on Tuesday was an exceptionally aolo one,
considering that he was limited In time,
that he was new to his surroundings, and
that he was practically one man boldly ex
posing himself to the wrath and indigna
tion of the whole people. There was no
sign of nervousness throughout the or
deal, which must have been trying in the
extreme: no tremor or evidence of falter
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ing. He argued his case in a clear, force
ful way, confining himself carefully to the
parliamentary aspects of the same, and
only momentarily adverting to the personal
side of the controversy. His most striking
effect was achieved when he read from the
circular of tho Anti-Polygamous League,
addfessed to persons who were asked to
secure 2.000 signatures to tho petitions
praying for his expulsion from congress.
He first called attention to the 7,000.000
names secured by his opponents, to which
he would reply only by reading from the
printed circular of tho league. When he
read that part In which the recipient is
directed to circulate the petition especially
among "the young people," and the In
structions are: "Nn matter whether they
have signed other Roberts petitions," his
voice resounded with powerrul intonation
through the crowded hall and produced an
Instantaneous tiproar of applause on the
floor and among the lookers-on, the clap
ping extending to the press gallery, where
every correspondent was In his seat.
The Impression made by Roberts may be
summed up in saying that his demeanor
was faultless, his bearing earnest without
being defiant, the whole tenor of his re
marks cautious and politic, but on the
whole betraying tho character of a man
who possesses no great amount of senti
ment and In whom great will power dom
inates every fiber and subdues every nerv
ous weakness, physical and. mental. Withal
he has a strong physique, a determined
face, rendered striking by a large Jaw, and
a splendid voice, capable of every modula
tion, and completely under the control of
a well balanced oratorical faculty.
The proverbial slowness of the national
capital Is illustrated by a jtdcial action
of the week. In which Judge Magner de
cided titat the act of Maryland, passed in
1783, In relation to the taxing of costs in
certain cases, is still in force in the District
of Columbia.
The act referred to provides that, upon
the overruling of a demurrer, the defend
ant shall not only be charged the costs,
as provided by the rules of the court, but
also shall be taxed "the sum of five pounds
current money." This act. Judge Hagner
held. Is still In force In this jurisdiction,
however modified by the reports of the
auditor to whom the question of taxing
costs may be referred.
The old whipping-post law and a number
of ancient sumptuary acts from the days of
Puritan legislation are still on the statute
books, and are occasionally Invoked; and
this, too, under the shadow of the capitol
where congress nine months out of the year
Is engaged In making new laws.
A bill of special interest In the dairy re
gions of the West was Introduced in the
house by Representative Davidson, of Wis
consin. It relates to the oleomargarine In
dustry and assesses a special tax upon this
product. Tho section Is as follows:
That upon oleomargarine which shall be manu
factured and sold or removed for consumption or
use there shall be assessed and collected a tax as
follows: Upon oleomargarine free from color or
ether Ingredient to cause It to resemble pure )ellow
butter. 2 cents per pound; upon oleomargarine made
In imitation of, or to resemble, pure ellow butter,
10 cents per pound, to be paid by the manufacturer
thereof, and any fractional part of a pound In a
package shall be taxed as a pound. The tax levied
by this section shall be represented by coupon
stamps and the provisions of existing laws govern
ing the ergravlng. issue, sale, accountability, et
facement and destruction of stamps relating to to
bacco and snuff, as far as applicable, are hereby
made to apply to stamps provided for by this section.
Thursday, December H, will be generally
observed throughout the country as the
centennial anniversary of the death of the
Father of His Country at Mount Vernon,
but nowhere will the day be more solemnly
celebrated and with as many appropriate
ceremonies as at the national capital,
which bears his name.
The grand lodge of Masons of the District
of Columbia and Virginia will celebrate at
Mount Vernon. A preliminary meeting will
occur under their auspices in the Alex
andria opera house on the eve of the cen
tennial, Washington having been the mas
ter of Alexandria lodge. The programme
for the Masonic celebration on the follow
ing day Is to include a parade of local and
visiting Masonic bodies from the Ebbitt
house by way of Pennsylvania avenue and
Seventh street to tho Mount Vernon boat.
They will steam to Mount Vernon and dis
embark there, to march over the exact
route followed by the funeral cortege of
Washington a century ago. President Mc
Kinley and cabinet will travel to the tomb
by electric cars, and the president will de
liver an oration. The Masons will give a
reception at Wlllard's hotel, beginning at 9
o'clock at night.
The services in the Lafayette Square
opera house In this. city will be under the
auspices of the George Washington Memor
ial Association and will include addresses,
orations, anthems and patriotic music.
Bishop Satterlee will" open the 'services,
and Hon. John A. Kasson "will introduce
the speakers. jrtThe Choral Society of 13C
voices will futnlsh the music.
Senator Harris, of Kansas, has written
a letter to' the Fredericksburg, Va., Free
Lance, In answer to questions from that
paper In reference to the alleged Kansas
Populist boom for Senator Daniel for the
Democratic presidential nomination. He
states that he is "absolutely certain that
the unanimous desire of all those who wish
to see successful co-operation of all the
different elements in Kansas opposed to the
Republican party Is heartily for the re
nominatlon of the Hon. W. J. Bryan."
"I know that the feeling in '95 was one
of general regret that Senator Daniel was
not nominated for the second place on the
ticket, and there was a strong feeling that
had he been given second place we would
.have won. We' In Kansas entertain the
highest regard and esteem for Senator
Daniel, and would be delighted to have an
opportunity to vote for him for vice presi
dent, but I am absolutely sure that the
sentiment of the Western country Is for
Bryan for president In 1900."
The marriage of Miss Paunceforte. daugh
ter of the British ambassador, and Mr.
Bromley, of the British legation here, will
take place either the February 21 or 22,
the selection of the date being contingent
on the arrival of English relatives.
Representative Hull, of Iowa, has Intro
duced a bill that revives Interest In the
hlstorv of the Blackhawk wars, when the
present capital of the Hawkeye state was
an outpost of civilization then known as
Fort Des Moines. Mr. Hull's bill provides
for the establishment of a military post
at or near Des Moines.
That upon the transfer and conveyance of the
United States ot a good and sufficient title to not leis
than 400 acres of laad, without cost to the Unled
States, situated at or near the city of Des Moines,
in the county ot Folk, and state ot Iowa, and on or
near a railroad, and constituting an eligible and
suitable site for sn army post, and to be approved
and accepted by the secretary of war for that pur
pose, then and thereupon there shall be and Is
hereby established and located on raid land a United
I States army post, of such character and capacity as
the Secretary OI war sum uircii u approve.
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Mr. S. Kronberg has opened a studio in
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Connt Von Buelow Will Make Fall
Presentation of Germnnv'n For- "
elifu Policy Before Reichstag
This WeeU-Dr. Miquel
in Deep Disgrace.
(CoDVrleht. 1XS9 liV lh Ani-t..t T.. 1
BERLIN, Dec. 9. Next Tuesday will be
a great day in the reichstng. The budget
debate will open and Count Von Buelow
will make a full presentation of the present
status of Germany's foreign policy. He
will dwell particularly on Samoa and the
Transvaal and will frankly acknowledge
the high value he attaches to the fully
established cordial understanding between
Germany, the United States and Great
Britain. He will also show the absolute
need of a powerful navy. The reichstag
will give Count Von Buelow flattering evi
dence of Its confidence. The ensuing de
bate will be most interesting.
Information which Is considered con
clusive, shows that the ambition of the
anti-coalition paracranli of the nnlitic.-ii k.
sui-iuuons law nas' produced a serious rup
ture between the emperor and the govern
ment and the right and conservative parties
who it was acknowledged were foiled In
an attempt to oust Prince Hohenlohe.
Another Interesting result Is that Dr.
Miquel -who until within a few months
ago wielded the greatest influence, within
the cabinet, over the emperor. Is now
definitely disgraced, to the extent that the
emperor declines to confer personally with
him, but uses Dr. I.ucnnus, chief of the
civil cabinet, as a gobetween. Dr. Miquel
has not yet lost all hope and as a last
remedy to regain favor he proposes to
create a, new working majority in the
Prussian diet which convenes January ;i,
by coalescing the conservatives and center
and winning the latter by a motion to re
store the paragraphs in the Prussian con
stitution which were obliterated during
Kultur-Kampu, giving the Catholic and
Evangelical churches in Prussia full con
trol of church property.
If Dr. Mlquel's statement Is trup, he In
tends to pass the canal bill; but the em
peror, just now, has lost interest in this
measure, his majesty's thought being en
tirely engrossed with his naval project,
toward which all his energies are directed.
Prince Hohenlohe has persuaded the em
peror that he can pass the most Import
ant measures In the near future without
the stubborn right.
It Is probably not too much to sav that
President McKlnley's message will have
.a lasting effect, in cementing American-
tierman irienasnip. A pronounced cordial
and amicable tone toward the United
States has become general In the German
press. Count Von Buelow's frank words
to the Associated Press on the subject have
been since supplemented by similar utter
ances which he has made to several Ger
man papers, the most remarkable being In
the Neuste Nachrlchten in which he re
viewed the traditional friendly relations
since Frederick the Great In the Welton
blood affinity and reciprocity of culture,
spoke in praise ot the United States atti
tude In settling the Samoan trouble in per
mitting cable laying, and in the conclusion
of a treaty, congratulated the two coun
tries on the removal of the friction grow
ing out of the trouble with the Insurance
companies and expressed the hope that the
remaining commercial differences would be
settled through mutual good will.
The first annual meeting of the Soclety
of Naval Architecture, which was organiz
ed In May and already has 600 members,
took place during the week. It was attend
ed by Lieutenant Commander W. H. Beeh
ler, the United States naval attache, -who
Joined the society as an American expert.
He expresses the opinion that the German
department of naval construction Is now
superior to the naval schools -at Glasgow
and Paris and advises the United States
government to send our naval constructors
here rather than to Great Britain and
When the naval architects visited the
factory of the Allgemelne electricltaets
gesellschaft, seven acre3 under one roof,
they were amazed at the great amount of
American machinery and tools for the
more precise work. The same authority
assured the correspondent that the new
German batt'eshlps. of the type of the
Kaiser Frederlch III., are better protected,
have more effective batteries and higher
speed than any other battleships in exist
ence. Five of these have either been built
or have been In course ot construction dur
ing the last six months.
The Berlin university shows 6.744 enrolled
students, besides 4.483 auditors. 120 enrolled
Americans and 405 female auditors. The
emperor Is now causing the erection of a
high iron fence behind monuments In ths
Sieges Alle, to protect them from mutila
tion. The severe cold snap continues
throughout Germany. In Berlin there Is
skating everywhere. The emperor had spe
cial sporting luck at the hunt In Beceke
burg, killing sixteen stags, ot which one
was a slxteen-pronged.
Henry J. Slaker. of the United States
treasury department. Is here studying Ger
man mint methods, which are to be used
In the new mint at Philadelphia.
Goddnrd Case Again Pat Over.
JEFFERSON CITT. Dec. 9. (Special.) Judge Rob
Inson. of the circuit court, to-day extended the time
for the attorneys In the Jefferson Goddard rase to
file their bill of exceptions to January 1. 1500. This
means that the case will not reach the supreme
court for hearing before the April term, as the Jan
uary call begins on January 9 and the cae cannot
now get there In time for hearing at that call.
Mrs. Goaenr Sells Her Sllnc.
JOPLlJC. MO.. Dec. S. (Special.) Mr. Helen
Gougar has sold the White Ribbon zinc mine, owned
by herself and several Indiana friends, to John D.
Cameron, of Joplln. for the Great Depoalt Zinc and
Lead Company, for 150.000. The White Ribbon Is a
rich zinc producer. H was managed by airs. Gougar
herself and she built the.mlll and located the mine.
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does not eradicate.. the drink crave, when taken according to directions, I will,
myself, standjhe cost and refund the money."
Write or call -on us in confidence. Our book on Alcoholism sent Free in
plain wrapper. THE BARTLETT CURE CO..
A Big Line of
1847 Rogers Bros.' Silverware.
1S47 Rogers Bros.' Teaspoons at our
second floor low prices for ClHc
to-morrow only, per set yow
1S47 Rogers Bros." Tablespoons, for
se?".""1.1?..!'" .$1.96
1S47 Rogers Bros. Butter Knife and
Sugar Shell, in silk lined Si. IO
1347 Rogers Bros." Child's Sets. Knife,
Fork and Spoon. In silk Ci rr
lined box JM.UU
1S47 Rogers Bros. Fruit Ci t
Knives, per set ,"Oi7
We have hundreds ot articles laid aside for a good many of our customers.
.Coms-and-select your presents and we will lay them aside for you.
If you cannot spare nil the cash, we will give you the goods for Christmas
and you can pay the balance on ,
Easy Payments.
We have no agents and no collectors. We sell goods on payments Just as
cheap as-others sell for the spot cash. We keep open every evening until 9
.o'clock: Saturdays until 10. Remember we are headquarters for-the 1S17 Rogers
Bros.' Silverware. '-
- .The best repairing done at the lowest prices. Eyes tested free. Save this
address and you are sure to find us, .
rillL W IjpltP IP
Rooms 209-210 Niu Ridge Bldg;
Tdkeekvalor of walk up Oie easy"stdirs to seconbT$o6r arid joiTcannoTmbs us.
At our great Closing-Out
Sale. Do you need a Hat,
a Feather, a Plume, or any
thing in Millinery? Now
is the time. Positively quit
ting the retail business. All
goods at greatly reduced prices
from first coat. An absolute
saving of from 50 to 60 per
cent It will pay you to
buy now. 3fust quit by
January 1st. ,
Main Street.
Dr. A. L. XcKenzt?. graduate of A. T. SUITi
American School of Osteopathy. Kirtsrille, Mo. Of
flee third floor. 1116 Main at. The principle of
osteopathy Is to restore perfect circulation. If you
have sore throat try osteopathy. It Is a sure cure
for constipation. I am prepared to make conipleti
microscopic and chemical analils to show condition
of kidneys and bladder. Consultation fret. OSce
telephone, "Union 1W.
"Correct Attire for Mm."
Founder of the -"WHITE BUTTON" Railroad
Temperance Movement, says of the
In a letter to the "Railway Conductor":
"For two; years I have been investigat
ing and testing a simple- and cheap cure
for the drink crave. I wanted to know
for a dead certainty if it was safe and ef
fective before I said a word in favor of It.
"AU douht is now removed. I have seen
it proved in scores of cases. Not In a sin
gle case has It failed to perfectly eradi
cate all this terrlble'crave for drink, and
In not a case has ltleft a bad result.
"A mnnneed not leave hi business. No
308.10 AlUncton Bldg.. KANSAS CITY. MOl
A Bif Line of
1S47 Rogers Bros." Cold Meat eSC
Forks .V3'
1S47 Rogers Bros. Oyster Forks, In
silk lined box (they are C ns
. beauties, per set 'w
Silver 'Plated Nut Picks and Cracks,
G nut picks and one cracker, tnc
in silk lined box &''
Six Nut Picks and one Crack, better
grade, in beautiful silk lined leather
55 cents.
Mall orders good for three days.
Ilk Gents' Open and Hunting Case 25-year
Full Jeweled Watches jtH.oo
20-year guaranteed Gents' Gold Filled
Chains i...ff.'J.t
French Ebony Sterling Ornamented Mil
itary Brushes, per pair .". f3.0O
French Ebony Toller Sets, mirror, comb
and brush 93.75
Japanese and Dresden Toilet Sets, orna
mented in gold and silver cholce....MJ0
14k Solid Gold Ladles Cluster Rings..3.SO
14k Ladles' Princess, assorted jewels. 3 and
u-stone Rings KI.OO
14k Gold Genu Belcher -Rings 94.00
14k Ladles' Best Filled Lonj: Chaln8..93-3
Sterling Manicure Pieces, extra size BOc
14k Gold Front and Jeweled Lockets. -fl.7.1
Rotters Bros. Best Knives and Forks, per
fed. v. . safe .. av'
Undisputed facts: We have no competi
tion In Diamonds or Precious Jewelry. Our
December Import at the old prices, any
style or design imaginable. Wholesale and,
retail headquarters.
ErtiWisned U7. 936 Alain St.
Eyes Tested Free.
The kind other stores sell a
$2.48 and $Z50.
Rousch Bros.,
1227 Grand
for men Is an easy task If you come
here. Men like thft things that come
from a men's store, and you can de
pend on the correctness of every
thing you purchase here.
Is always acceptable for Christmas,
and this Is the place you want to set
it. We have the largest and most
complete and exclusive stock.
Amonc the new styles are the Kng
Hsh Square and Imperial. Mulford
Puffs. De Jolnvllles. Once Overs and
Prince of Wales" Bows.
Other appropriate gifts purchased
to best advantage here are:
Gloves, Fancy Suspenders with silver
and fold buckles, Oxford and Square
Mufflers. Walking Canes, Silk Umbrel
las. Silk Mitts. Silk Hose, etc, etc
Our holiday display was never so floe
B $2
Clothes. Tliat Fit.
927-929 Main Street.
C-:-M"-0X-0 5XX"XX"X.
Clothes Tliat Fit.
927-929 Mala Street.
Clothes That Fit.
927-929 Main Street.
Athens True Candy Co.
114 East I2th Street.

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