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Uasd the law.
1 . j nisconrr Persistent
"kce with reporter I C'MCMrSTFP fpku I OKDKR OF PUBLICATION.
A Diitinoni.h.4 . 8TATi OF MISSOURI
iumjn Allthnr TVIl. .t I tirilllUltftlf I A
e me
fonan generally mean to
tbod of discouraging
-nisi Author Tells nf
n Interview.
Ucrr Hith Kcumtrt, the noted
vanish actor, who vi5;u,i v tt. j
t liters by having them ar- States this summer, tells this story of
,i(ern courtship will not be his experience with a Chicago re
thrillinjt moments. Re- porter. e
L; the Chicago Daily News "I had just arrived in Chira-o.after
Je young umau cuu - "iuuigjourni-v, when tlit l.cllbov
e gnd had her wooer arrested brought me a card Mat ing that Mr. M.
;ie insiitea on prumeuoumg ui wie uanon would be infinitely
,r home and serenading her grateful to meifl would grant him an
, ffDCe. Sunday evening a interview. Never before nor Mnce
ie damsel, wearied by the have I met such an interviewer Here
0V of her lover, ejected him are some of the questions he asked me
house and caused him to be " 'What do you thinkof them;
lay in a patrol wagon. , yacht races?'
Ulv the young men of the ; " 'What is your onininr, f wi
i itj will not be long in finding strike?'
vo you not think that the local
professor who said that Mr. Rockefel
ler is a greater man than Shakespeare
is utterly wrong?'
"I replied as best I could to these
questions, but when he asked me
what I thought of your country's for
eign policy I grew slightly nervous,
and mildly informed him that I really
was unable to venture an opinion or
such a subject; and that I thought he
had already material enough for a
book, to which he replied:
" 'Yes, I know; but you see, I am a
space man and want to get in as much
stuff as possible,' and he began again.
Finally, after thanking me for my
courtesy, and promising me to 'fix
things all right," I got rid of him.
"Of course I belived him, and the
next morning lost no time in procur
ing a copy of his paper, for I naturally
supposed that after such a terrible
court of inquiry my interview would
take up a column at the very least. To
my annoyance, however, I was unable
to find it anywhere. I looked at the
first page and then at the last; all in
vain! and I was about to give up the
search as a bad job, when, quite ac
cidentallv. I espied the following
paragraph, sandwiched in between
two medical advertisements:
"'Heir Klith Kiiiimrt, the Danish
character actor of the Royal tluater,
Copenhagen, arrived in this city last
light. lie expresses himself as de
lighted with Chicago, and says Hern-
rarrants of arrest are not the
il urocerses which may be em-
r. such affairs. If the law is to
ted there are well-known
Lot only of preventing arrest
making matters exceedingly
jrtable for the arresting
A really persistent lover
i with the proper legal papers
;ve no hesitancy about making
JVith a search warrant he could
lCess without difficulty to the
If the loved one and bring her
presence. With a writ of in
he could keep out any police
who might seek to intrude on
f the object of his attentions
u'd he feel an aggrieved de
list his presents back a writ of
i would meet all requirements.
i by that tim the young
vould have begun to make use
injunctions and outer pro
on her own behalf, but not
caller had secured a firm
ition from which to make the
i 1 Cll 111
limn oi nis love, snouiu ms
mi fail to impress her, he
arrested on
Jl ut he would then
i habeas corpus proceedings
il for false arrest,
mrtship of an earlier period,
it ladders and flashingrapicrs
i i
a part, may nave tieen more
:!iir, but it was subversive of
virimient. It was anarchical,
dern method, besides being
legal, is not without dramatic
lll4llt.KT:H EWULIMII in Red .nd
-.iit imniiiic boil's, wniwi with blue ribbon.
Jtktip no other. Kfo dnnirrron (a'tut
luiKiiinnnd iwtrullonk. Itiu uf vourDruiu-Ki,
nonlula a id "Kfli.r for ii,m.
'I rr,ur" '11. 10,000 TMtimoiuiils. Hold bj
ill Lin.uLi.ia.
WOO Hu'liiMra Mquare, rilILA
MwUIm Ikl. paper.
T-H-E N E W Y O R K W-O-R-l-0
THRICE-A-WEEK edition.
The Most Widely Read News
paper in America
Time lias demonstrated that the
Ttirice-a-Week World stands alone in
its class. Other papers have imitated
its form but not its success. This is be'
cause it tells all the news all the time
and tells it impartially.wheiher that
news be political or otherwise. It is. in
fact, almost a daily at the price of a
weekly and you can not afford to be
without it.
Republican and Democrat alike can
read the Tbrice-a- Wsek World with
absolute confidence in its truth.
In addition to news, it publishes flrstr
class serial stories and other features
suited to the home and fireside.
The Thrice-a-Week World's regular
subscription price is only $1.00 per year
and ihis pays for 156 papers, we offer
this unequalled newspaper and the In
tklligenckr together one year for
la thu Circuit Court of Lafayette County.
Mis uri, liecetnher term, lUul.
Detile Adams and James Adams,
ier liuslund, Ut-llu straight and
Jarn-s II. straight, her husband,
Young P. .MeCornack, Hardy H.
McCormai'k, Malisa Eirlyand
Ibnmas Eurly, her buMmud;
Coy Mcl.'onnack. Jessie McUur
mack, Katie McCormack and
Now at tills diiy come the plalutllTs herein b)
tlieirattoriii' h and Ule their peiitiuii. allrfftnc
auioiiK otbi-r Ihiiiirt. that dolUhdauU Coy Me
Cormai'k, Jessie McCormack, Katie McCor
mack and N'iriiie McCormacik. urn not real
denisot tb.j stale of Missouri
wliereuo'iii. It la ordered bv the clerk
In vacation, (bnt aaid nun resident defen
dants be uottU.d by uublleation that
plaiutlfla have commenced suit SKHlnst
mini in tnit court, the object and Kiuerul
nature of which Is to partition the
folmwlnir described real estate situated in
Lafayette county, Missouri, to-wlt: The south
nun oi tne nortnwvta quarter or the north'
west quarter. section elunUKi. townslilnfortv
elKlit (In) and ranite twenly-eiaht CMt. and
tbut unless the said non-resident defendants
be and appear at this court, at the next term
thereof, to be begun and bolden at the court
house iu the City of Leximrtou. In said countv.
on tbe Hud day of December next, and on or
before tbe first d iv of said term. K the term
shall so loniruontluui', and If mU Hieu on or
Detoretiielastda) "I oaldterm.auawerur plead
totbu petition in auiu cause, the same will be
taken as confessed, and Judmncut will be
rendered accordingly.
And It is further ordered, that a copy hereof
ne nuniisDed. Hccortiinir to law in thu weekly
IntciliKencer. a newauuDer Dubilsiied In said
County of Lal,ieit for four weeks aucees-
jiveu . uuDiisueo at least once a week, in- last
insertion to he at east thirty days before the
first clay of sa d next December term, IIMJ1, of
tms ouurt.
.1. H. CAMPBELL, Circuit Clerk.
By J. W .SYUNOH. Ul'DIlt) .
AlexainlM' Graves and Charles Lyons. Attor
uey mr i-iainuna. iu-,i
hardt is the greatest
X. Y. Times.
iviiij; actress.
Election of bibles.
Lit Is Tbit of tht Bible Society
in London.
5tft collection of Bibles in
ud Kingdom is to be found in
srv of the Bible society, Queen
a street, which includes the
Jul collection made by Mr.
Bristol, says the London
le. Some of the renderings of
' passages are exceedingly
In Coverdale's Bible, the
I Bible printed in English, we
So that thou shalt not nede to
Hi for any bugges by night."
hr sneak of Dip hmrlipar nr "ipr-
, ... ..c ...
night." Children can better
ate the delight of "treacle"
"balm of Gilead," which has
later copy of the Scriptures j
we of Treac e B b e. The
r "Breeches'' Bible is, of
here. Our first parents
" together and made them
ruches." So popular was this
iltnt for 40 years after the ati
! .is issued the two ran side
In a picture bound with a
i"t of Tyndale's translation
iJ drtscd as a peasant of the
ith a wooden leg, sowing
liile men are asleep." Then
tin- Vinegar Bible, so called
"f the misprint in thcl'arable
in. yard which appears as
Every Monday and Thursday a newnpa
per as ?ood as magazine and better lor
it contains tbe latest by telegraph as well
is Interesting stories is sent to tbe sub
icriber o. tbe "Twice-a- Week" Republic,
which is only a fl a year.
The man who reads the "Twlce-a
Week" Kepublio knows all about affairs
political, domestic and foreign events; I
posted about the markets and commercia
matters generally.
The woman who reads the "Twice
Week" Republic gathers a bit of valuobl
information about household affairs an
Ute fashions and finds recreation in tb
briu'ht stories that come under both tb
b "ad In its ol fact and fiction. There
gossip about new books and a dozen othp
topics of especial interest to tne wide
awake man and woman.
Largest Artificial Lake.
' has been in progress for
no years near Denver, Col.,
What, it ie cniil u-ill liPthP
artificial lake in America.
K'fsman, as it is callod, i? niore
evHl miles lntur nnd the dillll
"Ids the water back is called
r("'gt -st in the world, and is al-
feet high, though not yet
i(' There is not a single brick
v-"t piece of mason
"""iintain of granite at the side
'a"i- hake Cheesinan is one
great sources of water em
''.v the Denver Union Water
" "'ff uoat with numerous
' weH as a naphtha launch,
"'"'tant use in transporting
lial l"'r the construction of the
Persian! Weave Various Sentiments Into
Their Work
During the shah's last stav in Paris
he paid a visit to the Gobelins, where
he showed a most appreciative in
terest in all that he saw. Before a re
markably fine Persian carpet, given to
the museum by M. Goupil, he re
mained for some time, interpreting
for himself the symbolical allusions
thickly embroidered upon it, which,
however, he declined to translate into
French. A few days since the mys
tery was cleared up. There arrived
in Taris the manager of the imperial
carpet weaving factory in Teheran,
who stated that he had been commis
sioned by the shah to study the meth
ods of manufaet ure in use at the Gobe
lins. To him the director applied for
a solution of the legends of the carpet
re3 I which had so captivated the shah.
Thereupon the Persian began to react
out a running translation: "A car
pet for the ruler of the earth ; superior
ity for his feet; how beautiful it is;
it is in his cabinet and knows his se
crets. It is pleasant as Paradise, and
brighter than the Academy of Mari
(a Persian painter) for it contains all
the colors of China. The nightingale
coming to perch upon it cannot tear
itself away from its loveliness. Nei
ther winter nor autumn can ever
change the tints of the carpet." This
is a good deal for one carpet to sig
nify, but critics say that it is justified
in holding a high opinion of itself. It
is about three centuries old. Lon
don Pall Mall Gazette.
FAslff EAST?
- I
Commissioners Sale of Real Estate
in Partition.
Rebecca B. Hancock and W, W. Han-'
cock, her husband. Martha V.
Evans anil Jun es Kvaiis, her hus
band, and W. Klrbard Beamer,
Philip It. Beamer. Paschal M. Bea
mer. Samuel c. Meamer, Laura K.
Cropp and John Crnpp, lier hus
band, llattle Patrick and Percy P.
Patrick, her husband, Daisy Ma
lum, Menoah Meamer, Grace Spen
cer, Birdie Beamer and Oule Ueii
nier. U. V.. Sclilotnrldut) and II. 11.
SeldomrldRe, Defendants.
By virtue of a decree and order of sal
made hy the circuit court of Morgan count
Missouri. In the iiIh entitled cause, ilv
undersigned special commissioner, duly ap'
pointed by said court, will ut the court
house door, In the City of Lexington, In the
county or Liuuyeuo, stute or Missouri, on
TUESDAY, the 3d day of EECEMBEK, 1901
between the hours of nine o'clock n. m. and
Hve o clock n. tn., of said dav, und while th
circuit court of said county Is In session, sell
at public: unction, to the highest bidder, tl
following deserllied real estate, situate
lying and being in Lafayette county, iMis
sotiri. to-wlt: The northeast quarter, ea
half of the northwest quarter and the nortl
east quarter of the southwest quarter of Be
tion thirty-six (lit)), township fifty (AO), range
twenty-four (24), and the northeast quarter
of the northeast quarter of sect ion two ('-').
township forty-nbiu (!) range twenty-four
(24): also the north half of thu northwesl
quarter of section one (1), township forty
nine (4!l), ranee twentv-four (21).
rins oi rate: uasu in nanq at time oi sine.
Missouri Pacific-Lexington Br.
No. 71.
Leave St. Loulg 7:45 am
Irrlve eeaalla S;Mpm
Conoormu 4:07 pm
Aullvlllo l-.ttpm
Higginsvllle 4 :i7 pra
Paite City pin
exii-iston 0:11 pm
yrlck" oUipui
Wellington S:4pm
Waterloo 6:40 pm
Napoleon B:4" pin
Independence 6:45 pm
Kansas City 7: 13 pm
St. Joseph
ast round trains.
No. 74.
Leave Bt. Joe M pm
Kansas City D:npm
Independence U: hi pm
Napoleon...... 7:08 pm
Waterloo 7:1 pm
Wellington 7 72 pm
Myrick 7 :;4R pm
No. 73.
V:lb pm
5:t0 am
6:24 am
6:35 am
R:4t am
7 ;if am
7:40 am
8:85 am
1:05 pm
No 72.
6 -.25 am
6 :M am
7:40 am
7:44 am
7 :5I am
H :03 am
Lexlnston 7: IHpm 8:IOam
Page 1'iry :uipin
Hlgglnsvltle 8:21 pin
8:211 am
8:3' am
8:3: pm 8-4" am
Concordia 8:4:' pm 9:e am
Hedalla 10:0" nm liuosain
St Louis 7:lim 6:i'pm
Bpeolal rates to Kansas City every 8aturda
oveulngand Bunduy.
8 60 am . .
0:45 am..
10:05 am .
Ill::l0 am .
11:00 air...
2:15 pm.
.Leaves Lexlng' m
' PageCiiv ....
" H'.gninsvillo...
" Aullville
Daily, except Sunday.
2:5n pm
8 -25 pm
1 :40 pm
1:10 pro
8edalui 10:40 am
Jeflerson City, Boonville and Lexing;
ton Division.
No. 72. No. 71.
Leave. Arrive.
7:15 am Lexington ....
Effective March 10th, J90l
It i.,r w
Announces the Opening of its
j Red River Divia. -i.
Denison and Sherman,
Texas. &
Through Train Service will shortly
be established from St. Louis and Katra
City over the J J J
Shortest Line to Texas
Ppeclal Commissioner.
I'rco Illood Cin e.
We reconimeiid Botanlo Blood Balm (B. B
B ) for all blood troubles, such as ulcers
erttlrg sores, scrofula, eer.ema. Itching b
mors, pimples, bolls, carbuncles, blood pot
son, aching bones, festering sores, cancer,
catarrh, rheumatism. Bulimic Blood Balm
cures all malignant blood or skin diseases.
specially advised for old, deep seated cases.
It cures when all elso fails. Heals every sore
or pimple, stops all acnes and pains by giving
a healthy blood supply. Thorounhly tested
for thlriy years. Thousands cured Atdrun
(tores, $1 lo per large bottle. Our readers
will receive a trial treatment free by writing
Dr. Glllnm. 203 Mitchell St. Atlan'a, Ga.
Describe the trouble and free medical advice
given. Medicine sent at once, prepaid.
Notice to Bridge Contractors.
I will let to the lowest and best bidder on
for construction an A Truss Bridge, thirty
feet span, to be built across Lltile Snl creek
In the northwest oomer of section 20, town
ship 41), range 27, and about one and a quarter
miles south nf Thus J. Powell's residence.
Letting will take place at bridge site at 10:30
o'clock a.m.
Plan and specifications can be seen at
time and place of letting.
contractor is to give oono lor maintenance
of bridge as tbe law directs.
commissioner reserves tne ngnt to reject
Londoners nd
ian 15,000.000 visits
annually to London
A Crying Need.
'e trying need ol a woman if real
UiiuuRo Daily New.
Answer to Question of Young Mail About
to Take a Wife.
A young man recently wrote to the
editor of the Ladies' Home Journal
asking "What have you to say,
ry, the squarely and fairly, to a young man
through of 20 who is about to marry.J Mr.
Bok uses a page for lus answer. iu
salient points are these: That a man
"should make the woman of his choice
his chum, as well as his wife; that he
should show her the highest consid
eration as well as love her; that he
should renumher that lie owes his
wife to her mother, and treat lus
mother-in-law with respect, at least;
.!, ),p should keep his wife informed
to his income; that he should give
her a regular allowance and that lie
8re clwii.1,1 have his life insured in her fa-
l1ftwn' vor And above all, that when a
young man marries he must remem
ber that he leaves a world of self and,
outers into a world ol anomer uu
Whereas, J. W. Jordan and Mary ,T. JoHan
his wife, on the 6th day of May, lsufi, by their
certain deed of mortgage duly recorded In
the oftico f the nv order of deeds of Laf y
ette c.iuntv, Missouri, In liook 118, Dage 55,
roiwcyed "to l afayitte county, stiita of
Missouri, for tne use and nencnt or tne
county M-hool fund of said Lafayette county,
stale of Missouri, the following described
real estate, situate! In the aforesaid
county, to-wit: The northeast quarter of
the southwest quarter section 20. town
ship 4". range iili. containing forty acres
moie or less, which said conveyance was
made to secure a certain bond In said deed
ileM'i'llii'd, wherein said J. V. Jordan and
lulin V I ;, ii and Robert WUkliiMin for
value received promised twelve months
afier date to pay Lafayette couiily, state of
Mlssnurl. tor tne use ami iH'iienv oi me
county school fund Hve hundred and fifty
dollars efi."0.tn. with interest from date
until paid, at the rate of eight per cent per
milium, w ii it ! sad liond Is of i ate tne sum
lith dav of Mav. lWi. and whereas, default
lius in Tn mnile In the coiiilllion of said
iiiurlgage deed and tn the payii ent of said
bond according to the tenor and ciieci mere
, r 1 1 1 1 . 1 tlu'rels now due and uniiald ill mill
clpal und Interest on said bond the sum of
eluhl minimi tniny-nve ami m vciiiv nm
hundredths dollars (Sxr.7) with interest
thereon at the rate of eight per cent per
annum, mn whereas heretofore, to-wit, at
iiu. ml liiiirni.il Antnist term. IIKII. of the
countv court of Lafayette county, state of
uu-mirl mill on the it h dav of tH'lotier.
iiNir said countv court bv Its order of said
date, dnlv entered of record, directed that
n. -i,,.fur nr i.nravette countv. si tie in
Missouri, foreclose said mortgage deed and
U'i tin. mii In Mini of money with tne interest
thereon Iron, the date of said order and the
I'm,! iiiion the rea estate aiiove (leseruieti
la-lug the mortgaged premises aforesaid und
to sell tlie same or so much thereof as may
... ,.,,,.1,1 i iii.i-i.iisarv tn satlsfv the said
deed, interest and costs at, the front door of
the county court house, tn the city of Lex-
Inuton. Latayette county. Missouri, luinui
t li. Mil 1 1: If of the circuit court of sat
countv at 111 llecen.hfr term, 10U1, first hav-
h.ir .,i.-i.ii t.wi-iiiv davs not ce of the time,
,..r,M mul ulai-ii of sale, logetber With the
ilisi-ilptlon of the property to lie sold by
'..ii i.MUi.iiu-iit. In the lute lllgencer.il news
oaia-r published In Lexington, Lafayette
...,n,,ti' winti, nf MUsonrl.
N,m therefore, know all men. that I. the
..n.l..kl.r I I k.'ii, -riinlllHM. sheritf flf LllfllV
..ii., ,.A,i iv tii 1 1 nf Missouri, bv virtue and
in pursuance of said order and the certified
copy thereof to me delivered on this the lot h
,i . ..f i i,.i,,i,r nun. and the miwer and au-
thorllvby law tome given under said order
of said court and said certllieu copy uiereoi,
and heretofore, to-wlt. on t he said Ullh day
,,f i i,,i,,i r iimi. li- l il u non and seized 1 lie
above desi-rllicd real estate for the purposes
aforesaid, and I, the said slienn, uo nereoy
give notice that 1 will on
MONDAY. thkSndiiav ok DKCEMHEK. 1001
i, ie nut he first dav ot said i-ccem
Is r term of said court and during the sitting
,.r ...i.i ..... ,n ut Lev iiirinii. countv ann state
afoiesiiiii. between the hours of nine o'clock
i.. tl, r,,ri'iioiin mill live OCIOCK in tne
afternoon of sahl day, at the front door of
the county court house, in said city of Lex
ington, county and stale aforesaid. In pur
suance of said order and said certllled copy
thereof and bv reason of t lie power and
authority thereby and liy law given lo nie,
sell open'ly at public vendinX to the highest
iilil ler for cash in hand, all the right, title
and interest of them the said J. .. Ionian
ami Mary J. Jordan. Ills wife, of in and to
all of the above described premises and real
estate to satisfy the debt. Interest and costs,
lm.udl.,g the costs of hlJJOTXB.
Slu-rllT of Lafayette County,' Stale of
any or all bids.
Notice is hereby given to all creditors and
other nersons Interested In the estate of
John ei. Htrodtman. deceased, that the under
signed executor will apply to make a final
settlement of said estate, i.t the November
term, 11)01. of tho probate court of Lafayette
county, Missouri, to be begun and held at
the prooate court ro"m. in tbe city of Lex
ington, on the second Monday la November,
10-1216 Executor,
Notice Is hereby given to all creditors and
other persons interested in the estate of Klmes-
ley M. riarreison. deceased, that the under
signed administrator will apply to makes final
settlement of said estate, at tho November
term, lliol, of the probate oourt of Lafayette
county, Missouri, to be begun and held ut the
probate court room. In the city of Lexington,
on tne second Monuay in rtovemner. iwui.
RDVY AtlK B. Hill',
10-12-14 Administrator.
Notite Is hereby given to all creditors and
other persons Interested In the estate of
Cathrlne (Itiscwlseh, deceased, that the under
signed executor will apply to make a Anal set
tlement ol said estate, at the November term,
1H0I, of the probate oourt of Lafayette county
.Missouri, to be begun and held at the .rebate
court room, in the city of Lexington, on the
seconu jHonoay in wovemner, iwi.
U. U. rrir, I AlNtl.
lo-12t4 Executor,
8:2ft am
8:R5 urn
9:10 am
11:30 am
4 45 pm
ttead down.
... North rup .
...Dover... .
... Waverly.
5:11 pm
4:4ft pm
4:1-' pm
4.00 pm
3:8." pm
:i:M pm
1 :1ft pm
.Boonviilo 3:00 pm
Tipton 4:4ft pm
Head up,
Trains arrive at North Lexington i
No. 28 (dally) 7:48 a. m
Trains leave North Lexington :
No. 23, Express tdully) 7 :.V ft m
Main line truins pass uexingiuu juucuun
No. 8. (dally)...
.. 11:19 am
... 7:'ft P ra
... 8:8ft pm
... 3:47 a m
California Limited.
California Limited
8:5H a m
12:20 am
. li:i0am
12: 7pm
6:46 p m
J. D. Eabtkr, Jr., Agent.
W J. Black, Q, V. A.,Topeka, Kas.
Chicago and Alton Railroad.
Trains leave Higglnsvllle as follows!
west sound.
No. 5, St. L. and K C. mall R:4ftam
7, Calif, and Col. limited 7:40 am
M 61, Higginsvllleand K. : accom. 7:ftftam
" 18, Bt. Louis and K C. mall 4:3npm
" 119, Local freight and accom 0:47 am
No. 14, 8t. L. and K, C. mall 9:47 am
" 60, K. C. and Hlgglnsvllle accom. 7 :1ft pm
" 10, Calif, and Col. limited 7:8 pm
" 12, Bt. L and K. C. mail 10 " pm
" Utt, Local irelght and accom 12:4ft pm
W. 8. LYONS, .Ticket Agent,
Telephone No. SO.
3 an antonio;
WACO, 8. A. & A. P. and SOU. PAC
Through Tourist Sleepers
1MI5I0S !i ism
Notice Is hereby given to all creditors and
other persons Interested In the estate of
David Lyons, deceased, that tho under
signed administrator will apply to make a final
settlement of said estate, at the November
term, lwil.of the probate court of Lafayette
county, Mlssnuri, to be begun and held at tbe
probate court room, in tbe city of Lexington,
on tbe second Monday In November, lwn.
10-12-t4 Administrator.
Real Estate, Loans and
Insurance Agents.
Will loan money on Improved farm lauds at
f and 5M per cent Interest
Notice Is hereby given to oil oroditors and
other persons Interested In the estate of Henry
Van Anglon, deceased, that thu undersigned
executors will apply to make a final settle
ment of said estate, at tho Nnvemlier term,
1001, of the probate oourt of Lafayette county,
Missouri, to be begun and held at tho probate
courtroom, in thu city of Lexington, on the
second Monday In November, lwnl.
10-1214 Executors.
Fob 8alb 1 dav for sale a good pay.
Ing business, about two thousand cash
required. For full particulars call on F
Lea Walls: "nt. Lexington, Mo, 4-27
Notice is hereby given to all creditors and
other person interested in the estate of D. I).
Raglandi deceased, that the undersigned ad
ministratrix will apply to make a final settle
ment of said estate at the November term, IHOI,
of the probate court of Lafayette county, Mis
souri, to be begun and held at tbe probate
court room in tbe city of Lexington, on thu
second Monday in November, llfcil.
10-12-14 Administratrix.
Lexington, . - Mo
Surgeon Dentists, offloe in Hearle Building
Eleventh and Main streets, Lexington, Mis
lourl UaDivl
Surgeon Dentist.
Office in the Meng Building,
Lexington, Missouri.
Lexington. Missouri.
Office: Room 8 and 10, Haerle Building.
Quickest and Best Line to
St. Louis, Chicago, Kansas Cit?
What Shall We Haye tor Desert
This question arises In the family everj
day. Let us answer It toJay. Try Jell-O, a
delicious desert. Prepared In two minutes.
No baking! add hot water and set to cool.
Flavors: Lemon, orange, raspberry and straw
berry. At your grocers. 10 cents. 6
JelI-0, the Sew Desert.
pleases all tho family. Four flavors -lemon
orange, raspberry and strawberry. At your
Grocers, loceuu. Try it today.
nil FP Cured by Climax Balve
I ILLvJ or pnoe refunded.
W. 8, LYONS.
Passenger and TlcketAgent.HiggliisvlU-.W-
Oeo.. I. Charlton, o. I' l. a.. iJiiiao, n .
Having decided to close out mr
logs of cows and heifers, tome 60 heat), 9
offer for sale one and all. My line ctn-
Srise Shorthorns, AoguBes Herefords a(3
ersey mixed. All were selected wllh
reference to ml I It strain, formerly befirer
In creamery business Some Twenty oM
wltb calf tt foot and balance to calnr
shortly. Prices raoglos from 25 te fSU
per bead. Call on or address,
Talbot Simpson.
pr27year Aullville, BT.

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