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The Lexington intelligencer. [volume] (Lexington, Mo.) 1901-1949, November 16, 1901, Image 3

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foaia lo BoU l0Ter "a
Pet Pofr
. .1 .niVni) rrr r A 1 rv - Lr
- is enpijcu " uvr"
" moruing last week ghe
the store an hour late and
.jiiog tue niautrr usuxu me
- me, yes. I was UP un w0
morning with my pug
e worthing had spasms and
V terribly"
l:'5 too bad." remarked the
fr coldly, as the hurried away
rn to tin' patient.
,lfn in the store were a cruel,
i' .-ftV ilia XflllVrtii
il'llcUC raja iiic iiAiinuu-
Itinel. if t"e uo2 naa been
, but a pg they might have
ry lur l"- Juuu6 " i
:'ltv were simply amused over
,tion all except a certain
and he was intensely annoyed,
v re a decent young man
1; employed in the office and
i be-en showing marked atten-
hevoung woman.
'av 'after she had obtained
If absence she came in, silent
eved. They knew something
i"cned, and they suspected the
Nevertheless, they grieved
her bar k and exchanged winks
, nry was in a fighting mood,
because a young woman has
,'iarit ies is no reason why men
id li' brutes. Finally one
lt-n captiously opened a con-
, is the dog this morning?'
lie's dead," and her lower
to tremble,
n did lie die?"
It evening.
utiid her eves with a rollcd-
reliit f and swallowed a sob.
iildn't grieve so much if I
"said the hard-hearted man.
m Henry left."
Has too much. She unfolded
'kerchief and covered her
n't cure if vou want to
" she gaeped. "I'd rather
u!d have been Henry or
than my poor dear."
ty had endured it up to that
rhi-n lie said, sullenly, that it
:m thing," and from that
they became as strangers toi
u Study Peculiar Condition of
Ust sol Dublin Harbors.
peresting paper read before
.1 Society of Edinburgh, and
f I in the last number of the
lings of that learned body,
the attention of sanitarians.
ir is entitled "The Seaweed
f tissima, and Its Relation to
ution of Sea Water by
The authors are Prof.
r-d Mr. J. Hawthorne, of
college, Belfast. It appears
some years the upper reaches
t Lough have been troubled
'ions rjUiifinpp. arisinir from
"P of the air at low tide with
f known as sulphuretted
n gas. This is the gas famil-
vry schoolboy who has dab
cnemistry as "the prince of
lun I add that it is thi
inch one species of the eirsrs
I'eno describes, I believe, as
fther recent," owes its pe
I need not further dilate
"Si"ii nature of the Belfast
'usance. In the north of
"arbor the same ncctiliaritv
Naturally, the people set
' "ior as due to the sewage,
Simple, but Prof. Letts and
U'lie a.-sure us that it is in-
'inetul with the growth
"'Va. a ('reen seaweed with
F,1nn, familiar to most people
v name of the "sea lettuce."
"'arches have been of a high
:Hv character. In the first
:;'.v W that when the sea
it is attacked bv certain
" 'croues, whose action is
'' Hl"i the production of
.Iu'i hydrogen gas. Hut the
111 "liieh concerns the public
'!''' the question of sewage
.'""'sea is the fact that the
' apiiears to be a seawee d
'",v lw unci vulgar tastes.
I,f '''lighting in the fresh,
r'b MWilen ti.lc lm,t n..o..!S
(HIT HUM HH Vt isj
w,l"'vcr the ulva occurs,
lr iiiithnr ..itatf e may he
"wati-r is polluted.
The dramatic v,rsin of (;,. Lew
JVall.ce'. widely-read nov,l,
Hur." will be r.-vealed al the Olymp,;
Theatre, St. Lou,,, Monday evening,
November ISib. Klu & ErlaoKer,
ecoMir to all accounts, bi,ve made
the production the most beautiful and
elaborate spectacle ever exhibit nn
the siae in unv u-m r.f ih
4 t --- mv nvim, 4 ue
has b
fence ol .-R-n Hur to iheatace
ii made with all dim fny mint 1 1
the religious interest ,t the book. Its
iiomsn galley where ban Hur tell.
Arrius of the carpenter's son in Beth
eheiu, wbo gave hiru a cup of water
and blessed hiai a bn was being
dragged away as a slave, and again, in
th ii cident in the house of Siujouids,
in Antiocb, where Sheik Ilderiai tells of
the coming of the Wise Men to biro in
the desert for protection from Herod
thirty years before, and that Baltbasar,
tbe survivor of iberu, is now hlj guest
in the Orchard of Palms. It is still
view of the audience. Thousands
people appear to look down upon tbe
contesting charioteers. We see them
at the turn and witness the skill of Ben
Hur as he cleverly smashes the wheel
of Messala's cburiot, and wins the rttce
just as the Roman plunges headlong
beneath trio hoofs of his exciied horses.
The last act gives a picture of the
dreadfixl Vale of Hinuon, tbe refuge of
the lepers and tbe scene on the Mount
of Olives with the multitude drawn
""1 -T
4 A
J. k t
jt v., - . -
1 , 1
.r ' r if
? r-V.v,
t S
Ben Hur: Act V. Exterior of Circus Antioch.
MesHala "A smile but one! It is a Roman that befcs!"
integrity has been maintained in every
detail with the exception of the intro
duction of the NV.nrene. As a per
sonality He is eliminated in the drama.
In the dramatic version the presenta
tion of tbe incidents of the story ends
wi'h the great scene of the healing of
tbe lepers on Mount Olivet by the Naz
arene on His way to Jerusalem. His
presence is merely symbolized by a
shall of wondrously brilliant light
whicb falls on the heads of the lepers
i - ,
-.I. .....,,im ij ii a n mi ng
J ' : i
' " 1
. ' " - ii I
. !
i, ; ... f
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further maintained in the story of the
Star of Bethlehem ami the Child of the
Manger related by Balihasar lo Ren
Hur in the bower of Sheik Ilderim,
when tbe former is training the Arab's
horses tor the chariot raeu, and by the
tale of enchanted lund. Here are the
dancers and singers given up lo
pleasure for pleasuie'ssake. Crowds
young girls throng the stage, whili!
children with farlandsof flower weave
in and out among the dancers An
there by the presence of .the Nazarene.
The nacred and solemn associations of
this his:orio spot are drawn with
exceeding delicacy but wilh a sureness
uf touch that gives one the impression
of hnving been an actual beholder of an
incident in the world's history such as
was never seen btiore and which will
never no witnessed again. t his is I
accomplished without a representation
of. the personality of tbe Master, but
by a pure white light of almost super-
mtiiiral brightness indicating His near
ness, .so strong h the impression pro-
. .; -t' r:' $
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lien llur. Act VI Amrah ''Some there are who call Iliui the Messiah. This only do I know: He cureth
the sick, He even raiseth the dead."' (Copyrighted)
as liny kneel in supplication lo Him as
II passes unseen. This incident is
most reverently and louehingly pre
sented and it Ih by far ihe most effective
in the drama, not even excepting tbe
sen light or I ho charitii race.
The religious interest of the play is
established in the ptelude tbe meeting
of the Wise Men, Ualthasar, Melchair
and Jasper, in Hie desert and the
appearance to ilieni of the Star of
Hethleheru. U is continued in the
Arab SbeiK on a camel and a Roman
warrior behind two horses dash across
the stage al iull speed, itddii.g life and
color and variety to a scene of ever
changing beauty. We are transported
to the land of the lotus eater the
wa:eis of KyPU with a Cleopatra
exercising the allurements and witch
cries which templed lull did not encom
pass the mind of Den Hur.
Then there is the chariot new.
Eight horses run ut -top speed iu full
dueed that it seems a though He was
inout to appear. "Hen Hur" has been
8'en lii five eiiies New Yolk, Boston,
Philadelphia, Itrooklyn mid Chicago.
Up to this lime it has been seen by
more p'-ople than ever assembled for a
theatrical representation in ihe same
per oil of lime, lis St. L 'ins engage
ment will be limited owing to the many
bookings of Hie OUmpii! ilm i nir tbe
winter. Mail orders lor seals will bo
tilled in the order ot iheir reueipi whon
accompanied by cheek or nnJnev order.
Address James J. Bnidy, care Olympic
theatre, St. Louis,
Tho e
:,jlinh Gypsies.
'ngliiiiil n iv. n i-.-tnied,
"' M'M'iiil riiie.-iiilntion at
l,'llu"'' Tlifv claim tlmttlie
'"Ittcllt-p. lv pi""1 l'c
'"' ''"nest), lm livid ilown
"I'uiutiun of rurnu-r tlaj.
Lexliigiotiiiins I'oiiipllmeiited.
In a letvtliy report of the fool bull
came between Central college, or
Fayette, and Went worth, of Lex
ington, the following dosing para
graph appeals in the Fayette Democrat-Leader:
The game was one that, both teams
should be proud of. TheJU cut worth
hoys were perfect geutleiueii and
treated us admirably in every respect.
We would be sale in saying that it
was by far the hardest team we have
played against this year. To form a
proper closing fur this paragraph we
must mention thai Dr. William,
piesldenl of Central Female college,
gave us a "very pleasant surprise by
giving a reeeptiou at the college in
honor of the 'foot ball boys." Only
the two teams and a few others were
pre-ent. After uiectlnif with the
faculty our boys showed that Ihev
liked the girls quite as well as foot
ball anil did their part again royally.
Dr. Williams is an excellent man and
he has indeed a lovely family or girls
After spending an hour with much
enjoyment we were informed that our
train was at hand, so bidding all
goodbye, and with the shouts uf
"Whoop! 'Hili! Hah!'' we left for
Do you get the Intelligencer?
Tom I'rilcliett.
Tom Prltchett, one of the best
known men in .Missouri, cameiin
Saturday night to visit LexiugtoD
relatives and went to Waverly Mon
day to spcmlt lie day. For years past
Mr. Pritclictt has been a clerk at the
Laclede hotel, headquarters, at St.
Louis for Missourians, and plain
"Tom ' Is the familiar tille'by which
lie goes. His connection with ttiat
hotel has been a source of revenue to
il in the class of custom drawn
through the high esteem in which he
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