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Cut Alfalfa When New Shoots
Start From Crown.
Just when to .cut alfalfa and
bow many times to harvest a
crop in one season are questions
which have received studied at
tention from experts in the U
nited States Department of Ag
riculture and the various expe
riment stations in alfalfa-producing
states. Ordinarily it i3 a
good time to cut alfalfa for hay
when the new - shoots have
started from the crown, and
from one-tenth to one-fifth of
the plant are in flower. But
these two conditions do not al
ways occur at the same time,
However, the farmer with a lit
tle experience, and keeping in
mind the flower and new shoots,
soon is able to tell when alfal
fa crop should be tut. The far-
mer's best judgment will be call
ed into play, with preference
given to the welfare of the
plant rather than Ihe size of
the crop.
Experiments on Government
plants seem to prove that cut
ting is not essential to the wel
fare of the plant, but is only a
means of getting hay. Plants
of alfalfa that have not been
cut in six years are in better
physical condition today than
those that have been cut regu
larly. Government agricultural
experts lean strongly toward
fewer crops of alfalfa a year,
holding that as large tonnage
can be secured, for example,
with three as with four cut
tings, and with les3 labor. Em
phasis is laid on the necessity
of leaving time enough after the
last harvest to permit the
plants to get a healthy growth,
approximately 4 inches, before
at the State Fair and the ques
tion of building a show and
sales pavillion.
"Go to Grass" is the terse an
swer that W. A. Hock, the new
county agent in Phelps county
is making to farmers who be
long to the County . Farm Bu
reau there- Mr. Hock follows
his statement up with a series
of excellent arguments proving
that the one great need of
Phelps county farm lands is
more grass and more lime.
Meetings between grain grow
ers and threshermen through
out the state are resulting in
reduced prices for threshing
this year's grain yield. The
prices agreed on in most places
average from 6 to 8 cents a bu.
There are 123. County Farm
Bureaus in Texa3 now.
. The commercial fertilizer a-
gencies have started a well-di
rected campaign to discredit the
report of the American Farm
Bureau Federation committee
which made an investigation of
the Muscle Shoals nitrate, plant
project. The A. F. B. F. Com
mittee has recommended to con
gress that the Wilson dam be
completed and the plant be put
in operation by the government
so that fertilizer can be supplied
to farmers at cost. It was to
be exepcted that the commerci
al fertilizer companies would
raise a howl and make every ef
fort to prevent this competi
tion. The American Cyanamid
Company and the Press Service
Co., both of New York, already
have sent a number of reports
into Missouri in an effort to
create sentiment against the
Muscle Shoals project. Farm
Bureau officials, the press and
The Bates County Farm Bu-'the public are warned to read
reau has organized a Federal these reports with caution, bear
Farm Loan Association and ap- in in mind, the object of the
plictions for $95,000 in loans fertilizer companies,
have been made The' 'Bates 1 - ' ' ' . 1
Saline and Lafayette counties
are the first two in Missouri to
plan hearings to try to find out
"What Ails Agriculture?" The
hearings in Saline County were
held last Saturday. Lafayette
County likely will start their
hearings this week. Oother
counties are making plan3 now
for holding these hearings.
The Farmers Livestock Mar
keting Committee of Fifteen
meets in Chicago Wednesday,
July 16. lhis committee is
workings on a plan to solve the
marketing problems of the live
stock farmers that will do for
them what the U. S. Grain
Growers, Inc., plans to do for
the grain farmers namely,
provide a method of marketing
farm products that will return
to the farmer a profit commen
surate with his toil and investment.
Trade in your piano or talking
machine on one of the famous
Straube or Hammond Melo-harp
Player Pianos at McCALL'S-s
"Down on Franklin.
Going home? Bus stops at
11th and Main Sts.
County Bureau also is planning: guardian AND CURATOR'S no
to put a cheese factory in Richf TICE OF RESIGNATION.
Hill and possibly put one in But-! Notice is hereby given that I, Wal
, .. f .Iter B. Waddell, guardian of the per-
ler. 'Farmers living near Prai- SOn and curator of the estate of Jo-
rie City, only 20 miles from'8ePh Benjamin Dryer, a person of
1. TT-n j -r. ii . unsound mind, intend to apply to the
Rich Hill and Butler, received Probate Court of Lafayette County,
a3 high as 39 cents for butter! Missourii at Lexington, at the Au
. , . i-i. !Kust te"m l9'-l to begun and held
fat in May while farmers near 0n the second Monday in August,
Rich Hill and Butler received '21, the same being on the 8th day
u i to j i. rm lof August, 1921, to resign as such
but 18 and 20 cents. There 13 a ; guardian and curator and will on
cheese factory at Prairie City.'aaid 8th dfly of August, 1921, and
"i buiu Augusi. ii-rm ui sum j luuuie
Court ask said Court that I be per-
The Harrison County Dairy
Association has closed a con
tract for delivery of the cream
produced by members for the
next year. The association is
receiving premiums on its pro
duct because the members are
working together to produce
cream that tests above 30 con
sistently. The contract calls
for two grades with 4 cents dif
ference in the price- The con
tract was closed in the Harri
son County Farm Bureau office.
Missouri Farmers
It is reported from Saline and
Lafayette counties that every
co-operative elevator in those
two counties has signed con
tracts to co-operate with the U.
S.Grain Growers, Inc., in "put
ting over" tho marketing plons
of the Commit too of 17.
The organized threshermen
of Lafayette county are report
ed to have set a pric of 11 cents
without crew ainl 22 cents with
crew for threshing the grain in
that county- Tin? farmers who
and victims of this combina
tion" are apparently without re
course but through their lend
ers they are trying hi find a
way to get their grain threshed
at a price that will not take :t!l
of the grnin to r:iy for it.
. The A'lilrcw County Short
horn Breeders' Association met
bisl week at Sr. v.innnh to 1U-
cu.;s the better sire content,
the matter ef :n.i!-.in;r cx h iV-it ! ( .-.XL)'
mitted to resign as such guardian
of the person and curator of the es
tate of the said Joseph Benjamin
Dryer, a person of unsound mind.
Witness my hand this June 30th,
nrdian of the Person and Curator
of the Estate of Joseph Benjamin
Dryer, a person of unsound mind.
Notice is hereby given to all cred
itors and other persons interested in
the estate of Wm. T. Bell deceased,
that the undersigned Administrator
de bonis non with will annexed will
apply to make a final settlement of
said estate, at the August term,
1921. of the Probate Court of Lafay
ette County, Missouri, to be begun
and held at the Probate Court room,
in the city of Lexington, on the sec
ond Monday in August, 1921.
Administrator de bonis non with will
annxed. July 8, 1921
Notice is hereby given to all cred
itors and other persons interested in
the estate of Ambrose Morris de
ceased, that the undersigned Admin
strntor will apply to make a final
settlement of said estate, at the Au
gust term, 1921, of the Probate
Court of Lafayette County, Missouri,
to be begun and held at the Probate
Court room, in the city of Lexington,
on the second Monday in August,
To seal In tha
delicious Ourley
tobacco flavor.
i oostod
Athletic Park Airdome
Every Night Except Sunday
Come And Bring Your Friends
ADMISSION 10 & 15c
Prompt service on baggage to tut
from stations. Call as when yo
Not ire is hereby given, that Let
ters Testamentary on the estate of
Elizji T. Cox deceased, were trrantcd
to (lie iiniii-rsifrned on the 20th day
of May, 1921, by the T'i ohnte Court
of Lnfayi-tte County, Missouri. All
persons having claims against said
e-'.tatu are required to exhibit them
for allowance to the undersigned
within six months after the date of
granting said letters, or they may be
precluded from any bcntPt of suid
estate; arid if such claims be not ex
hibited within one venr from the
date of granting said letters, they
he forever barred.
Witiic -s our sifjnntures this EGth
hv of f.!-v. lP'.'l .
Att.W by :hrn K. Wilson Judge
'f Proliata for Lafayr-tta County,
June 10,1921.
-.1 I
s.u. i::,ili:u cw.ocekyco
110,1 Franklin Ave.
ClflfcBITTtl ,3(4
the qualify cigarette
T5ECAUSE we put the utmost quality into this
U one brand. Camels are as good as it's pos
sible for skill, money and lifelong knowledge of
fine tobaccos to make a cigarette.
Nothing is too good for Camels. And bear this
in mind! Everything is done to make Camels the
best cigarette it's possible to buy. Nothing is done
simply for show.
Take the Camel package for instance. It's the
most perfect packing science can devise to pro
tect cigarettes and keep them fresh. Heavy paper
secure foil wrapping revenue stamp to seal
the fold and make the package air-tight. But
there's nothing flashy about it You'll find no
extra wrappers. No frills or furbelows.
Such things do not improve the smoke any more
than premiums or coupons. And rememberyou
must pay their extra cost or get lowered quality.
If you want the smoothest, mellowest, mildest
cigarette you can imagine and one entirely free
from cigaretty aftertaste,
It's Camels for you.
FOR SALE: One 6-year old
Jersey cow. J. J. Pric.
FOR errand or messenger boy
call Edward Tutt, phone 610.
WANTED: A small safe in
good repair. See Mat Atwood at
Plattenburg Coal Mine.'. 6-28-tf
FOR RENT: One apartment
in Bell Flats. Modern except
heat. 4 rooms and bath.
FOR SALE: A used li2 Ton
Republic Truck. Thoroughly o-
verhauled and in Al condition.
FOR SALE: 4 room frame
house in good condition. Lights
and water. Estill Heights. ' If
interested call 499 Black- .
FOR SALE: A late Model
Light Mitchell 6, just re-bored
and over sized piston. Will con
sider Roadster in part payment
FOR SALE: Late 1919 Model
Ford Touring- car, with starter
block; also an 18 foot motor
boat with 4 h. p. Callie engine.
Call 761 or see Peter Eerioit.
' ' ' 7-11-1 w.
WANTED: Salesman with car
to call on dealers with a low
priced 6000 mile tire. $100.00
week with extra commissions.
The C. L. Smith Co., South
Bend, Indiana.
Mrs. R. T. Russell wentf to
Odessa Tuesday morning for a
visit with relatives.
t ' '
HnP.niiiiFM 'Hfle mmmimfntmm wi.mh.iiwh ipiiji miijiiiiihk j it 1 ) i . j. I . i ' ,i .jji i
lmmammitt'itmttmMMimmmmi i n ihiummm - - - -- - i i m i- - - - m i. Hi , -- , L ... .
Now Selling at the Lowest
Price Level in Tire History
30x3 - - $24.50
32x4 - - 46.30
34x42 - - 54.90
tm. i
f : 7
.' i ill i i
(And Other Sizes in Proportion)
Tire repair men, who judge values best, claw these tires at
having the sturdiest carcusa made. Forty-seven high
craJa car manufacturers use them as standard equipment
They are the quality choice of cord users.
This new low price ia made posaibla by strictest economies
nd specialized production.
Plant No. 2 was erected (or the sole purpose of making
30x3a-inch Non-Skid fabric tirea. With a daily capacity
of 16.000 tires and 20.000 tubes, this plant permits refined
production on a quantity baais,
All materials used are the best obtainable Tho1 quality U
uniform. It is the best fabric tira ever offered to tli ci
owner at any price.

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