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Kansas City daily journal. [volume] (Kansas City, Mo.) 1892-1897, January 01, 1895, Image 2

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Alton-dm: ciuix piiai nt i: or-iiii:
niilp Children iulJi liM't.S );( rurl Itlug
l'ulii In Onlrr lli.it 1 lioir '-(liddc-ii
I. Illi." .Mil) lie ( rtishitl Into
I'u'hh.ntihU- Proportion.
If It be trim, a Die t1)lotph6r tilts paid,
1 .ill the l7o of Din feet lltdMr.ttr'H llic
iKWir, ur iliulcriitiinillnir, then um mills
1st hear a Chinese woman tnlk to know
Hint lu ii.it von litlli- HitrlliKiMiK-, ns
a vvrP r In tin- Plillitdolphlii Thins Ad n
line tu if fret iirr emcthlrtl the l7p of
th Ir h ttuls, itml liny hale the smallest
hands or tin) vioiiiun IivIiik. To lie
tlurotbhly fitshlotinhlo, hour vol, the
fjot most not he over two lnehr In Ict.Rth
und Imlf nn Inch utile n, rns the torn. A
Wilt of the Wirtov of Kiviiln? Tung (I
Villi Vi In has mutiv) Ins fed one ituh
mm on Mti.irtrr Ioiir nnd onr-nKth or mi
in h in width;, one of the wive ur ,i
1 uklwi T.io Till h in feet one Ineli lonif
nnu nn.-hnir .in ineli wide, n 'wife bv
; siirtiv.," irlihr.iteil ror her lie.ititv. mil
beloiiKlnu to ii I'ekln iiillltury minlailii,
lnir, r i t Jut (ho size of tlif two small tori
or in i Miliary woman's foot
llit for the ereillt of the Chinese women
lie IL sal. I Hint ihoj weie not bom with
Hi i i' .ii hoofs, likc-wln- when thev ilrt
miis lihht no iloiiht their britln ulN i,n.
ses. I htiilth) Rernic, hut Ihelr feet, like
th ir xr.ts miiiler, Iihk Iwi n ko piruli .cd
and dwarfed by soilal restrictions nn to
nnnosi awaken Hie toli lotion flint thev
weie . r iiteil ill formltlei". "J he ptaotico
or foot-lilndlin;. like many other mi Hut
In China, In n deep-rooted evil, lu net It
It p.irt of the niitlon il rellston anil phll
goiv Tin Iat Is a.Meil. nn .ihoni one
thiiijf the Inhabitants or the empire
mi. iWnn.il InlldeW an.l live b the mor
al niifsniut of tin am ! nt suites
Mnivv of the nodd, -.ii s uhoin the women
.ire ille I upon to worship have deformed
feet Tin koiMi ss of superior wifehood
has a s t of hoofs like knlttlnc needles
'III real. dlt.pla.vc 1 most piomlnentl , .in I
little iil or S .in. I 5 jeai-s of iikp, nliont
the t.nii thev are to In m.urleil ami while
Mill ami. rcoliiK the toitun-s of linilni,- the
lint of Ho Ir imkli s ami fi el i rushed
an 1 bound Into the m,ille.Mt possible sjm.
ore h nt to worship ami hum "Jim pa
per nt the fiet of Ibis ilo. it Ih tin
hilftht or a Chinese ulrl's niiiljltlon to net
h r tiet inalroiinul Into a muss of luoken
boms mpl mmiiflcil llesh the sl.o of tho-o
of the eo..len of supirlot wirihoo. nnl
nii woman has cm loulitd this point
of suffeitni;. Her name, I luliev,, nu
Ah Kill-' ami sin urtt rwnrds win di Illed
ami Blvu. some sjiecl.il title aniotik" tin
Tin re nrc several soper"tltlou orllnn of
foot-blmllnt;. One Is that 'iii"hlnK the root
mrs at first a mode of punishment Inllli te.l
upon both m. n mil women Thin was initi
ated HurliiB the w liked Chow -Sin's lulmi
An nnrlent fable reioids that Chow In hN
wars took n fern lie lantlve. one Ta-K. .
Mho was. as Inr.imous as himclf. The
.both Kve themselMs up to the kh aKMl
oxc.sti of tinrestialne.l sinsu,ilit an. I tin
wildest I'XtrmiiK line The ni.itid
kind of Htaitv oi teir.u.' I,IK iiiblts IiIkIi
nnd three le (nni- Amerlian inllei broad
Jt took miny i,irs to complete It The
Hid out etraamnt Kinleii', foi meil
memerles tuii.l with men, women, ihll-
Iren, hoief, iIoks, rare animals and rur
lous hlrds At Sh-i-kew, now the pioilrue
of C'hlh-le, tlie colleeted n Mist concourse
of people deioteil to pleiisme and illss.
pntlon Thrj there made ,i lake of wine
nnd surrounded It with meat iiispeiult'il on
trees To this paiadKe men and women
leforteil and pissed their time In drunk
enness nnd lU-liaiicher.i The kins? nnrt
the court abi tit tliin time fell -Into con
tempt, Willi h T.i-Ke, Instead of attilhut
liii? to the rhjht entise, asirlbed to the
llKhtnesa of the punlsliments and to the
easj U ith to whlih cilinln.ils wete sub
jected She. therefore, Intiodueed a pun
ishment illed w el-tow, whlih was an
Iron Vessel, and whlih, when heated ted
not. tn criminal was obllRed to hold in
his hands until thev were roasted. Tu-Ke
3io indented the l'.iou-Io, a brass pill.u,
which, beliu? i?re.is"d or ilnuuul, with
iinetiioiis matter and .so mmlc ullpperv
was laid ovu a lite of inals ,( ross the
lire tin ii tin; was forced to walk upon
the Klippn, liurntnt?, lounded hr.i-s u
Is alll thai the lnefieitii.il cllorts of the
poor creatures to walk aciosh the burnlni;
roller arforded the cruel munition much
One or the historians sas that the most
torturous inanitions id Ta-Ke and Chows
Sns ,U1N r0'-Vll,,,l,ns '''"'- pimlHhmnit
was er palnrul and a maik of social ds-
t-i1c? Aier,a,n l1l'l'l" "ho were disliked In
Klni? f'how weie ordered to hae their
unite and toe bonis broken to the size
?i. r ,lK to ""'I trl -"r lnftints'
foot i-oiirlnits. Thes pi rsons woiu neier
?,"'"1 to nnproath men ol rank, ami as
and", S.T' fCOt ",t'! l hK" of fl'H"lv
nnd Mil.misslon AlthoiiRh by some the
hTieniel l?ry,l "Vf11"'! of rool-blnd .ir
is leniel vr.t the Ideas ileielonnl In the
nS'n? r.T. ": ?"'n.'!? ".". 'eiwa..
sont nnlv to nuililcim who tuivo found,
henllhy feet I nln Rlml to leconl the
fuel Hint lhl Illumine tnmrtnrtit In belliq
liruuulit rorwnnl by Anivrlcnn women who
are ri sldctit
The einprett ilowiii?er of I'lilnu has been
rxpecteil Id tniike fome nrl of nn appeal
to the people to put down tie pmellie of
fool-bltiilliu; IU line n Mn lu Im she bus
Inriti fiet hirsilf. nnd does tint billiM In
the cruel practice. It. Is bopul Hint In i
'Pinion nnd wlilnm will be repcctid
bolli b hit' tnaseiilliie and feiutiilm sub
jects nnd Unit the llrst step will be taken
to frte the women of i'lilnu from ii lontli
forac mill li.irbiirouii bomlaite
ei'rnl l'i ople
Hi letnli
It Is Vir.t Prolnlile llnl
i re lltirueil In the
llnli I,
All.ati), X, Y.. Dec ni. 1'otir riiKUed wntls
(Hni n mass or smoldering lulus mark tin
silo of the IMcwill house tii-ihu. Two
huudieil nml llfly of lis quests, thankful
lh.it Ihey pvcnpcil, HioukIi only with Uieli
elolhes on their backs, ule ipuiitiled lit
the other hotil.
The ikiIIic ule unable to m count ror
ilRht pusotis, . two m.UiH unit six musts
who were In the hotel berote the lire. The
suy Unit while It Is possible that thise per
sons may now be lu some hotel, it It qulln
piobnble that their bodies uro hidden In
iho ruins That a uuinbir or corpses Ik
In neath the lulns eeins most probable.
Chef tjuenii.i Tomuuiil, who wils on the
lop Moor, tells n hot i lliltt tale of what he
saw ' I was In my room," said he, "when
some one elle,l 'uro.' The hall was flip d
Mtli smoke nml the atolls were bloi ki-il
with Haines I turned to tun the otlu i
way on the Moor of 'he coniitor lav
three persons. Whether tiny wue nun oi
uotiicii. I touM nut A.i). Tin1 wire shrlck
Im: for help
"I (oiild not slop to help them Tho
llatnes weie leaplni? nloni? the lonldor
and I was loslin? m senses fiutii the uw
ful smoke that iindcrcil lire In the place
almost Impossible i pi,sK,,, mvt t1(111 ,
they irriibbeil m Iej?s. n wns bv main
form Hint 1 pulled tn ser nu mid round
a window, rtom which I lowered nnseir
live stories b means of n rope. I do not
know what In nunc or tin niifoi ttinnto bo
Inns I do not think they eer eseupeil."
The president of France lllccs irnn.1 Mi inn
I'r I'll, e's ll.ikliu? J'owdir Is used hi Ills
. hcf.
It. . I) il. I limn Knl. Ii. rl. ii l.i r t'asxs
Awa ut liidl in ipulls An null
um! Itllllie.
Indianapolis. Ind . Dec ;i The Wv
I'm id Iluell Knlikeib.uku. Il IJ , bishop
of tho dloiise of Indiana, died at ". o'clock
this ufternoon of pneumonia. He wni
bom lit s.ch.ii?htluoke, Ilennscllnei county,
N V. on Kibiuaiy Jl, J3. He was tho
yount;et son of llaunon Knl kirluckoi,
wl.lelv known as "i'lln.e Knlikerbieker."
He is alluded to l.j Washington itlnK us
".My iouln, the coiiKiessnian," and when
Mi- In hit? Hlsted Wuslilin-ton ho lutro
duied him to I'lcsiiknt .Miiillson as "Jh
icuisln Deldiieh Knlckei backer, the croat
hlsmilan of .Vew ot It " h
Itlshop Knlikerbacker enteieil Trlnllv
collei?.. Ilaitloid, funn . and graduated
tlii'oIoKliul semlniuj u, .,.u Vork llv
and i.malneil ihcie three jeat.s. lie was
oid.iln.il .leaeon l Hlshop'rolter In Trln
; chin. I, N-, Voik, i,', ,ir1L,t iJ?, ,,,,1
mmidlately w.nt to Mlinieiipo Is. .Ml
Hist lime Ijeeembei t, iv,i; II,. ,is a,l
Miniid to tin iirl.s.hnn.i i. t.ii.. ...-.'::.
In Oethseinane chinch. Mlniuiiti.ills"
i.. iv. .Minneapolis at. this tlm,
tun Itiiullit t.ool no I ipr.tt far ut III
bifj.t.iii-s.it Almii Money
s. i ur. il.
Illrni'nglimii, Aln , lie. "I -At l.lvir-"
Ion li, to-tib;ht. two tniiiked robl.M
boiiiilrd Hip tooth boutul c rprrss (tain N
3, mi the Alubntnii (Ireut Hoiilliern In
loid which left lure nt 3 in p m , in 1
lobbed tho eipress uir of Its vnlunl.b -The
"i-clio of the roblicry It 1J1 miles hoiiPi
of h. ir, nml details are menser
It seems Hint Hip lol.lmr, dlsRiilted s'
piiso'iiKira, nrter bonrdltii? the trnln. wan
I until it ms eicnln In motion mid th n
K'.lnit out on the phitfnrm, thev put .m
tin Ir timsks mid enleted the express . n
and. til the point or pistols, (ompellul th
inessctiHer In le up the 'ontents of lu-
saip. wiiicii is iiioiiHlit to limn contain, t
s vernl IhnusHiuI ilollms '1 he tobben
was committed etj uitictly. and whin n
wns completed Hip robbers btukeil out if
the onr Willi their pistols still on Hip mis
scticcr mill bnKKaitetiiiisipr, who n. nip,. I
the sntnc en, nml. pulllnu the bell tor I
Kot on when the train slowed up nnd took
10 the Moods. There Is iibsolulel no Pi
iib jet, but Iho in lions of the robbets in-dlc-nlp
Hint thiv wire Rrten hiin.ls. nnd
loeul tnlent nt thnl. The express iiitnpanv
will not tell Just how much tnnnrv was
tnkeii, but It 1 nt ihoukhl to hne be. n
n ery hlrgc Hinount, as tho train Mas i
local, nnd dlil not usually inrry larire
amounts or Inotiev,
'I he inllwu nnd express teopl ' ntc tiur
nltiK ollleuts and lilooi'hoiinils to the
Si cue.
Ilitlin.ilis 'I hat Pnrkbursl Is (IrieiiMllh
I.'lll lliiuiisp Oilier Men Ale
(leltlni? ( n till.
Albanv, N", T., Uec. !)1 Senator I.rxon
was shown the Idler or fir. lnrkhuriit n
sent to the Asoilnle.l J'icss lo-nl,-ht. He
l?lntueI throuBh it and Informnl hlinsilf
of Its reiieral ilinraelet. Thin hi said:
"I shall lmo to nad It uiiefully, and
when 1 Iiiim i .ad It I diiill make an answer
to It I am nut sin pi 1st d .it the tone of
lomleinnntioii. I exji. "led It. In fact It
It a Mrt of cise or Othello's cm tipntton
itone. iithei nun nr Kcltlm? i icdlt r.ir the
woik or eNposute Ir l'nrkhuitt has round
Hint what he bcc.in supei Uclnll.v has bei n
(tone Into ery deeph. tmd tin wuk has
outurown hlm In (In law, we would i all It
professional l.alousj K tin mininltti s
woik of refcu in not it on, lb I'aikhuist
will ha. 'lothlnj? to do bur piemh th.
Uotpil As lo his itiluutcspon the co n
miit.i'S ntlltude ton.inl i-iip. i Intendi nt
Mviii't. I will answei that whin I lime
i.atl his letter through "
.Main up of
ii Mllbi(?
'I c. l lu,
I.ofld-m, J)r. 31 -Th' I.on Ion Athbtl
Club has not cl .i.tted upon the rhnlbn.
of the N'uw Vork A '.b tic (Tub to s nd a
teiim or Hnnlish h in tet to tin rui'ni
ftnlet net .xeir In oi.Pr (o ompdi with
nil Alnerliiin lintu The i htef dllllcullv
Siemt to be that th.' hnllciiRr Is (ill open
one, tin dnte belnrt Im ii, mid Unit the Lon
don Athletic Club will bo ItifWKrd Jti si
i nil impnrtnnt tn.vtltwt lure before .Iiiue.
riml, Iheirfore. nnnl spare Its bel null
I'onfi iiuetilly It Is not thoimlit probable
mi Km.'lltli temn iiiulfl be tmt over bifotp
lite n xi suttitn' r, mil If I lite l ncioni
tillthnl, It Is li, (pp. Hie follow lim ith
lctfs, siipiwtlnu' ivir ihliift ltp to be sntls
fiii'torv.wtll form mitt of the UnKllsh pnit .
W, ,1, M. Unru. who won the lmt.il
Htnles bniptuer thiowlm? cluimplonshl.,
nml the CniilMi tnl Irish h imponhlps
as well as Hi" i Irimplonshlp of i 'an nln
P. S Ilnrnn. prm lib nl of the Cambridge
unlvirslty Athletic Association, three mile
W, IJ, l.ittllis, the .fiinbrlit?e rrnrl;.
II. ('. Mieillii. Uuulon Athletic club, qtinr
tot' nnd hnlr mile run.
I.oui? Jump, C. n. Krv, of Oxford, who
was bent, n in Jul lu.t nl the ijuocti's Club
Iiy I.. P. .Sheldon, of Ynle.
tlodfrey Hhnw, t.nrptxit Athletic Club, the
chmnpinii hurdler or llneLnnd.
. Hundred yard dnsh. Clmrles A. ltriillev,
IttlililirslliM Ctliket iml Mhlellc Club,
who lm won Hie Hnulish ihnmplonilp
for the Hst three nrs.
HlKh Jump, i: Williams, London Athletic
uaj nel I in
mu empire.
m. n bj ciush'nt; their leet arc
the ileepist lopeit all
nw n i
a st a
flu w
i oun
bar I
ma i
1m ..
ni i
1 f
I nK In
.V toruin riconl f.iss It is rei?illv writ
ten in th. kimr's hook thai itn.M, 5; .L1.:
a;is. In the j,,ir A II. Ycsi oi-
i lllO lo bit., I her f., n
11 ' 11 100k like .1 neu mr..,n I .1.1..1
'i" "."". ?Se of Illl "''lest plriite ruleis
I', k MWO j.ai-s . f was wedded to
V" '.' o "hose fcPt w. re so tiny thai
r. Mit lis foi shoes The ladles or tin
.. - jtuiuus as mil itietr hus
' 1 'hen;, nnd all rcmales. were i.un
i lu bind Ihelr feci until il,. . ......
n fcn ..Il as those oi the . mpress Vet
MH il It U m.lfeS Of Hlinpivlillnn h.. l
ah fill custom Is .lllliriilt-uIirTist
1 1. -to Iran It Is more thun ptob-
.ii 1 unruelanlsm hits nil to do with
1 -Hi hoon at, Confucius bei?an to
' Mi., weakness of Hie feninlc ele-
"lr utilitncss tu be. ome siudenth
nip In the ti inplee. oi pla.es of
1 habit or foot-biiidliiK. likewise
o isuiauuR wcimiinkinil. ,1110.
Into praetbi Chinese centlotnin
" iniied theli wives' nn, daiiKh-
I miiid to stop iliein from Biul-
1 1 1 ki.solpliiB, hut this U hnnlli to
r. 1 t. I
Ic. h Nuith the tortuie of the feet lu
pns 111 h. n(?e of J, in the Wesi nt 3 nnd
in Hi. M nth nt thu um of 9 nml 10 Worn, u
ut 1 n ii i e tbpe. lall) umplojcd ror tin
purr i li Is so hciirlren.liHK anil drend
f i i 'hni ,i.ii ruin liven bv ninriiiiKe, i old
and di-iai.t tib they mo, haw not tin
coiiMii. u. atttmpt the agnizing; foot
11 u III -;
I' ' .p. r, n veiy emltunt HnKllah
pi ki an Hint ile.s, rlbes ihu appearniin
of it . ile I Chinese foot upon dissection
Tin i j. i . he mis, was him upward
mil 1 , hw ml on the foot, nnd tin second
twisu I ut ,r It and u ioi so that the cj
tinnitj ren. hni tin Intut . .li?e of the root
Tin ibli'l lo. bonuwhiit o,rlappid tin sci
on I I .1 'Ml.l? ks Obllfllel nml KMiIlltlri
to the iirsjt joint of the llrst toe. The
b'lll of the ureiu toe, much lUlicticil, sip
nratp I iium two fiom the fourth and lirth
toes The rourih toe sti en lied oblbpielj In
Wall irub i the toot, but lens so lliun the
llltlii i..c whlih pin-pid undii and licarlj
a r,)f Hi. toot, ami had h.eu bounil down
to nioi.f?l us to bind the tarsal bone
Th ji"inii i.r the roul was mii II nmed
ntid o b e, lUtuti iiost'td the sole ami
fi p ii.ii. 1 ihi im I ami llllle lot, as ir the
two n Is ot the fool had bei n forced to
RPtlifi ibis wns tillnl for threp inches
with it MIS conileli'i d icllulm llssiie: the
lnslcji wiib three md n Imlf Inehei. jilsih
Tim hid bone, which intiiiinll) forms n
considerable aiiKb', was in a dlrec t line
Mllh the Iif? bones, ami the heel itrelf was
Inmc mid tint, covin d with a juiutlarly
ilensf IntcBiiuient, ami, tormliiK with the
fiiil of the inututnisnl bono of the Krenl to"
and tho tv.o smallest ios. bint undir the
sole, tho three points, of taiilon In walk
Iiib. This Rives you some Men of tho hboii
which Chinese women nn made to uiiilei
Ko. Jt ciitull'ly llliintiati s some of the
lunate, traits of tin It dlsjioslilun. espei Lilly
tho readiness to cudim mint nml inoloni?
fd sulfilint; In ultultilut; n ktmi'laid m li
ly for tho suko of upjie.ii mires A veij
quaint incident lllustiiitlni? this leiniuliit'
Mi,akniu' I' told ot tho war oi jnio, when
it fotili?ii licit took jiobbesslon of mi is
land near Canton, As soon as the unlive
troojia jieicilveij thiniMhi'H beaten Ihey
lushed away for dtinl life with nil thtlr
Moiiimi on their baips. A dilutee kciiit.iI
vas ufii-i u.iiil tLllliij? this story in an Kn.
Kllsli LOloml, u ud he iiiciilloiinl that tho
Momin wiro jirobably tho cause of tint dc
tcat of tho fort, wliuc.it llm l.'iik'llsh sol,
tiler replied Hint tin- Kciitb man luul better
kicp vcr ipiict on that point, us tho native
sol'JIers would have been shut down like
elo(?s If they had not hail llnli umalj.footed
Momeii on their bucks.
Alinwt eMI'liifids Is under the Imr.r..
slon thnl only thi feet of I lie. children of
the jich nrii toiturn), but this Is all u
jnl-ltikf Iho feet of nil tho fenmlis lu
tho implie. ixt'ept thoio of tho ilnnchus,
Tartars uml outcasts, are bound. The
Ken-lien, or "uolilvn Illlri," (dlmlniitlve
ftit) uro not only toiibldertil us u maik
of KemiHty, but nlso of lesjifclublllty If
a ount? man Is bithrotheil to u daughter
of a iRlKhbor, una upon the nmrilnijv ilay
flndu that .she bus I.uko feel he inn with,
ilruw hoiiorubl from th commit uu.J
choose miother wife. To cotinteruet this
custoin it kociuty for the supprcfculon of
foot-lilndln has bttii criutcl In Ainoy,
and ult tho itiotbe-id und failicrs who be.
loni; to It not only ov to allow tin I- own
daughters' f to mow naturally, but they
mako a plcdsti that they will betroth their
a minuet with u jiniutlntluu ot nbotit "i
","" '" IsllleKelbackcl Wtls ileeie.l
inlsslotiuty ; bishop of Ai lom nn. ; S'cw
Mexico, will. It doillncd He wns e ect
ed third bishop of Indiana 1 n .1 me Ss.1
and on October II follow Im?, In SI Mn ik's
chittch, i'hiladelphlu. ho wns idnseerateU
A Mi.binmHil.in's l,, r ( brlstl ,.
llieie kocs a Christian." is w lint the
,,. '? lunula , uei ause no
rollowei ,,t the faith of Mohammed
uses uliohol In any roi in ',u"""""u'
-Mid vet what a retlictlou this Is on n
Bloat Chllstlan nitlon. Ve v lew t.eonle
"pciid inotiBh monev even vear foi in
teixleatlm? lf,r,. which 'slnip, dep. I e
them ot then manhood ,,,,,1 line le, t. to pay
all oi the exjienses of u,,. Koveiniiient w th
oil one cent of Utatlon. Whv Is l s
Sln plv because the p.-ojile who use Inttivl
.aliiiB llijuors or any malt beeraKes n, 1
o nppieclnte the met that then- contain
the poison, nlioliol. It is tin Biudiial in
tioducllon or this Insidious poison Into the
s.vstem wheh Blves a in in an uniontioll
abb appetite foi ll effects, and iveiy man
will have It If he uses uliohol In any Turin
loiil? ' nci'Bh oi often enotiBh The alco
hol will chniiKC the t.v pe of his uitve i.db
and he will suffct fiom alcoholism, u ills
i.ise whlih Is ni.nki..l In- no in,,.. !.-, rn.
ttlinulijits mid it diminished will powor
And then, when the man wauls to stop
he cm t, because he Is in the power of the
ills.au And when he hns triid to live a
solid life, nnd lias telled. he should look
fur nu .11. nl i cllef the sum. ns he would If
he w is suffninB from nnv other dlsense.
Ill h. elev has solve-d tj.o pioblem of the
cute ot alcoholism, for he has cured over
iii nunurcii inoiisnnu in tne t niteii .states
The uovpinnient has Investigated Ills le
sults an 1 adopted his treatment M. liiipuv,
premi. r ol Trance, Is now InvestlKiitlnB
the results obtained In this oiintry ror
the puijio,sp of IntrnduilnB It un
cler the protection of the Trench Bovetn
ment It is the only scleniitl, method of
tieiitmei t. nml theieforp the only success
ful one. Jt will entlielv eliminate from the
svstcm alcohol, and listore the neive cells
to a normal . ondltlon, thus distioyinj? the
ajipetlte tor Intoxicants. restoiinB the Tv III
power nml jilacir,!? ,i man In a nntural con
.lltlon oi heulth
No miin w hu desires to do rlcut ami live
a sober life will evci ibdlb. i ntely return to
dtluk atlei In Is once free irom the appe
tite foi It The treatment of Dr. Ki i lev
will ceit.lllllv destioj lilt appetite fur In
ttKlt.inis mid lestoic the luuith.
This is Hie time ol yeur when cverv
iliinklni' man, who has a. onxcionc-c. makes
up his lulutl to live n sobet life, but, tin
fortuuntcl). Bond resolutions aru broken b, -cinise
the appetite for drink Is slronftr
than ihc will power. Wives', moth' is' ami
slstei.s' hem Is me luoken be. nose the loved
ones tall to k ep theli Bood icscibitluus
I3cn the poor sweplhentts suiter when they
il -tet t ab tthul on Hip briath und In the
bitiin of the one who is tin Ir Ideal ol n
man llviisone knows thai when the
whisky Is in the m.i'i is out, and vet, some
mi n .iv t!u tan stop diinhius whenever
Hu y want to, nml still keep on. Ho thes.
men mean that they want 'o live a life of
ditinkeiiness? It seems so foi no man tan
possibly have any cm use for Intiodui Inij
Into his mouth soini think' which tml
uvv.iy his bmlns, cxiepthiB tin excuse thai
he tan't help it, ijood icnliitlnus ,ne
rlBht. and evtiy nun In Kmioas city, who
Is aildiited to I Mr- use of Intoxicants, and
ri'siet Is himself ami honors, his dem ones,
should di tet mine to live a pel fei ijj sober
life nnd use tviiv means in his power to
UO so ie ill inns, lee mm is inti UIBetlt
eiiciIKh to seek nsslstanie bv tuklliK the
ircatment of 111 Keelej. Take the Kcnulne
ami not be led Into tr .villi; some worthless
linititlnn, which will make vou sb 1, unit
iiave ou In n worn- condition than hefme
All the lnb(ltutes tstabllshitl by Dr. Keelev
m. lu ihu hands of . omrrt, nt jihsleiaus',
who .lie exjierls in the tie.ilincnt of ,ii
eohollc nildl, Hon
The only Intlltule In cither of tho Kan
s is Cllvs iidmliilsterlnrf the ticutment of
Dr KnUv 1 loin ted In the Tonsillolith
bull, link', Kansas Cits. Kits,, and may be
leached 111 twent nilniltis by (hit p'lfth
stunt inble. This Is the most sin ecssful
illi-tltllle In the West, mid Is pall uiiUuil b
nil the lorporntlons and business men, The
quarters lu the Tonsillolith bulMlni.' uie
I.HRe and pleasant, belm? furulshnl Mllh
steam heat, elet trie UkIiis mid nil 'on
vt'ilemes Thete Is no Insiltute or Phjsi
clan 111 Kansas Cltv Mo , u.lmlnlste,rltiB
the Keelty titatmcut. and the nuhllo must
beware of Imitations.
Pitiable Condition of u 1'nrtv of rishcrm. u
nt the Vine, of Hip AVnters.
Detiolt, Dec. ill A sjieelal to tho Tiee
Tress ftom .Menominee, Mich., bays' Mar
tin Ttnnk and John W'osnnkl. brotheis,
wcro cm i led nvv.iy lu an open llMiltii? boat
b the lee last ulqht. They weie seen to
cl.iv dririliiB towat tls ilcath'H door und will
piob.iblj not be lesiuied nt nil, us Iho
vvcathoi has since coiitlnued vct cold mid
no nttempts hivo been miiele lit to to lis.
cue them, as the Hibs am all lioeu in
and their niuclilnciy taken apait for the
A telcBr.un vvnt tent to can.ilia in the
hepp that a tui? Is still In cotntnl'tloti
theie. but no answei lias been leccive.I.
owiiiB to the stroiiB wind mid laiBc bodies
of Ice between the tlueo llhetmen and the
shoie. it Is eonsldeied vvhollv Impossible
to liscuo them They ute without food.
All aic mill lb el When wen HiioubIi u
Blass to-da they were still nllvo.
Hull Triini'lscii Iluccs.
San Tinncsfo, iter. .11 "Soup" Terklmi
Bavo an exhibition of vood tnekevshlp lo
ilnv Up was ildlni? C'xce In the' uiiltilnn
Makes ninl was leudllt Maltistav bv a
leiiBlh. Tlft.v jnnlt rrom the vvbe c'lrce
Ktiimhlrd In the mud nnd went to her
km es. Tcrkllift Iiiilled bei up und. coliif?
ahead, won by hair a Icnctli from .Miiln
stnv. Co.ul.v, who lode Clmrles ijitlck In
Ihe sppontl race, inn Into the feiue und had
his Icb broken, l.'avorlliv) won nil but tho
llrtt hup.
Tlrst mtp Tlve furlonf elUm?, mnbl
ens. Ilannldlne, si (It Isom) to I, won;
Iliavora. V7 (Tntwlej), 3) to 1, eion,T My
Chnrni. !W (CoadM, s to B, third. Time,
Keconil race Tlve fiirlnnc-st selllei. tlnt.ln
Hood No. I, I(! (Hnness v 2-. to 1, won;
hunter. IM (Combs), n lo 1. second: O'Hce,
103 thord). ., lo I. thliil. Tltne. 1.091,.
Third nice quintan stakes', live and onr
hnlf ruiloiiBs; J-j ear-olds. Cine, in.1 (Ter
klns), o to 5, won: Mainstay, us (Cart), 2
to 1, second: Olivia, lie (It. Isoml, 2 to 1,
thliil. Time, 1:1 1'.
Tom lb race sl furlonfrt. Imp. i:ilp,
111 (Teiklns), i to r,, won: Acltntot, PS
eChcun), SI to I, second: Imp. Tarntnptta,
IrtJ (Smith), 10 to 1. third. Time, 1.2Pi.
Tlflh tine About six furloiiBs; solllHK.
Cupt.iln Coster. !Ki (It Jsom), 2 to 1, won.
Ilmilei, 101 (Churn), "i to 1, teconc, .lake
.l.ihnson, M (HIlcM, f. to 1. Ihltd. Time,
Iiiloti 1'iirlllp M ill. 'm In Iho Mei !
Im? In Up Held 1 inmiirroii-Mutt
Alioll.b (ho II, tin, It.
Chlcnpo, Dec. 31 -The fnl ti IMrhV li .
minoitmeil tlmt It Mill be rep- chtt 1 it tin
mi Hill? of the Wontclii rouls oil 'llnr
liy next nml will tnke part In Ih- eifitt
lo rovlve the norliillon atrnem nt. It
will, however. Insist on the abolllloli ,f th
boycott nBtiiiwt . The Hon line has on
on tDcord by (leclarlnir that It vvll nut
s'nil n limn lo C'IHihko lu illsi u - u v
easi bound butlness. It It not known what
i,.LBJ!a'.,m" la-lHo Mill do, but the (. n
. ?. .f"1'1"", I' Hint It vv II not be t. .i. -stiletl
nt the meeting. If It It pot th,
fi... . ., e" "'" K1' nh .'I nml uttempt to
,r.'." ll!V """ftiitloti without,
I Up htle hut nollfed nil lis Vptern
ruiinettiiiiin Hint: "Vol) Mill, on .Innuirv
J.,,,el, lh, Payment of oil escewlve com
tiibtiotis. in Afconliiiiip trith thi ni?re, .
merit rem bed nt the incfUnK of the bci
einl tiintiHitir.t," Thlt nay the llrst notice
to be Issued under tin nHrevlncnt.
Aecpnllnar lo Hip tnl1r( Akp, the mini
bet or rojuls jilticptl In Hip hands of re elv
ers elurliti? I9I wns thlrty-elRht. inllpiiite,
i.itti: bonilii involved., fiTB.niT.tmo: mpltal
J-'. ! ".HI (m, tot.il bond" nnd st.t. k,
S!'1, ynlt s a stmnB dcrpasc front
1W. when the ttmd Knln Itwo receivir-
ilp numbereil sev. my-four, inllenitp i"i -i
i 5i"fti,i'. ,hc lolul r 1)0njB "nJ btocks,
mmmx A
"v! K'JWcnlrs" TZlllwr!lt
vx "m V;tft, J?S&mAvk
sszrxm n-jsmt
Turo, stronB ami quick In action la Dr.
Trices Cream HakltiK TowiUr.
'Ihe Tarson Wns .Nalurallv Surprlsetl.
Abilene, 'Jo, Dec. Sh CJ'ilic a tipple of
eelicineiit was occasioned yesterdav at
the p'lr.st JUtbodlst t hutch In this iltv nt
the commencement ol the iiiuililiif? :civlce.
As the Itev Di. chapman announced his
tet he was assiilbd bv erlt s of "Come
down and out or that pulpit, you devil,"
lomlm? mini u band of so-mlled sanetill
intloulhis, who occupied suits nenr the
pulpit Tollowlni," this ileinoiistratlon they
becunic ubiislvc nnd noWy. They vveio
111 nllv eje, ted fi ..ni the chunh bv foice,
ilnlniliiK thev vveio belni? jiitsecutud Just
Ilka tho Knvlor was
pvv Oilcmit ltucpt.
N'cvv (ii leans. Dec. 31 Twentieth liv
Crest cnt I'lij. Jot key Club winter mcctinf?.
Weiithci told, ti.UK hc,t.
Tlrst i.ui S'elllnu, l. furloiiRt, Hcii
au.l. 1('i iKnlBln). 11 to V won: Van T.runt.
W2 (Tlnn.Ban), ti to 1. second, Slde.in, H)
(Harold), 1.1 to 1. third Time, 1 L'J.
Seionil race HelllnB: s nnd one-half
furious" Adah h. Ti (C.issln), r. to 2 won
In B.illop: Sum Tanner. 17 (J. 1111), 7 to 2,
second, (lee Whiz, 93 (New com), 10 to 1,
thliil Time. 1 ."1
Thlid nice SelllnB. sit nnd one-hnlf fur
Ioiibs llust Tji. li; (hint), I! to 1, won!
Sir .lamis, 111 (Novwomi t, to 1, second.
Cooper. !') (II. Williams), 5 to 1, third.
Time, 1 10' i.
Tom tli lace Selllnj?. six nnd one-hnlf
ftuloiiBs. Iloiinle 15. pi? (Muriay), 13 to 1,
won. IIoiIksoii, I'D HI. Wllllnms), r, to 1,
second: Tlberon, 10-' (TlliulB.xil. to 2,
till nl Time. T'.""4.
Tlfth rape Sellliu?: seven futloiiRt Ad
vocate. Hi (A Clajtonl. 11 to 1, won. Alibi,
in", (.1. Hill), ti to 1. second hay On. lie (U.
Williams), 8 to 5, thlid. Time, 1.35.
Ohio Itnllroiids.
Columbus, O Dec. .11 -The annual re
pott or the Hon William Klrbv , sttilo
rallroml rotinnlcpioner. lias been Illed It
shows n decrease In e.iiiilnRs of tho Ohio
tallronds dtulnR the .vtar of KB,n"l.inn itml
11 ileetiase In Ituoine of I2,UII.Ui0 The
npott goes further ami shows that taklin?
ill th; toads within tho slate., mid those
b.lonmm? to the svslema riiniiinf? into
other states, thev have .turr. ic.l durini;
the venr an aggregate loss of i little over
Now Votk, Dec. .11 The fllcott-l'arlo
tiorBanlzntlon cnintnltlee of the Itpmllnc
ml way met this ufternoon In this It v
11 ml nt the close of the session Isnued the
follow InB Mnti'iiiPUl:
. 'T,!i I'.,nn of ""HilJii'tment. dated October
I. ivil. has not been assented to bv n suf.
tlclent nuinber ot the Income bondholder
and stoikholclcra to make the same effective.
1 he rominlttPP now hold our .1 111,1.
.iKiefiiii-iu 01 .viny 7, ivii, und their cir
cular of Oclob.r 1, HOI. ' notltlp.l the
Irnstee of the Rencrnl mortBni?e to brlna
stilt for the fotcclosure thereof nnd to
press such suit ns expeditiously as jios-
Thp committee will continue to receive
deposit, of Benernl inottr?a(?e bonds undei
the nitrcpment ot -May 7, 1SJI, until Jan
unry St. IsM.
Tho committee will not jiurchntc fur
thclr coupons except from bondhoPlcrs
who diioslt their bonds bprotc .Innuurv I,
1". After January 31 no bonds will be
leeclvetl .cept upon terms to be nn
nnliinctl bv the committee hcrenrtei.
I rlor to the f.ueclosure sale nml ns
soon nt the situation pel mitt the commit
tee Will submit ft nl. in .if p.n,i.nnl...,ln.,
, ,. - '- ,","! - "'V.l,....,M..,,V.l.
.11 im- ionium- pioviueu in tno
of May 7, 1SDI.
at womcirs race ltlse no
fulc ntitl Mitiier Willi litnc;
liloom of l(' rose h only known ti
lie.-illltv wofntl't clicckt. The lie:
strain 'cntisul hy the nihticnts nml j!
nccit i.-ir to tile scv. niul tlic lalxjr
... . ' ... ,,.. ... ,C- ....U
worn-or rrtt-int n r.ttnily, can ollcn iw trnccit to utt imrs mm. Mumma
llntl cpo H. ill.nc lie urtnLlxl fici- mill llioso " feCltlllTt of WCIKItCSt,"
Hlnlr r,'.. in llm tb r ,11... Ill, lite mill trriHrtli.irillc., DCCtlll if lo WniPclt. Ill nltll )'
wrnlth oriicmtv . ami the secret of ltmiiyn wotn.ui't fri-.li fnee nml Moomln checks,
witli strct.ijtli rci'ilttiil, is the chattiro wroiif-ht by Dr. I'lcrct's 1 nvorile "rcscriiHIon.
The fiiitcliuti-il ttrr.iuuuticnts, pnitilul ilisorilert nml chrcnic weaknesses of women,
nfe ctinel Willi Dr Tierce's l avoruc Trccrtj)
woiiintihiioil. for the ttmllicr nnd those fttxittt
rt,,,... r.f 1,'f.. " tbp " 1'ri.sprtlitlmi " it (list V
imriiii the f.vsteni for the change. Icsn ineiliciiie jirctcrilicil for thirty vt it in
the ilise.i'-et of women, by Dr. K. V. l'icrce. Cliicf Coit-ulthiji Wtj sician lo til In
tnllil,1 itnii.t nml Siiniicnl Institute, nl llnlTalo. X. Y. Dr. 1'icrce's I'avotlU 1 re
iscription will cure tile chronic inflammation of the llisliHJ membranes which (ante
.' a t i tl. a . tl .., .... -.-. ! tilMl dlnnlklMMH
fucii cMiatititiic iiraiiM titioii cue sj-htcni. n " ucnuu, t,ic,-!i...i,w.., .ss
ttitw, fnintticst, ncrvotitilcbilily anil all tlifortlcrs arising irom ucrangcnx ins
feoinlp nrcins anil futirtiotlt. ,
.... . ... , 1 ..., vs.. n, , ...
Wives extiecliiii to Deconie motners, siioiiiu kiiow- mat ur. ricrce s mv
tiers nun eiaeiuc mvuisiiism., cm ,c.iic..,
iptioit. 1 or Ihe ouni' irl it t ctitcrlng
itt to become mothers anil later in " Iho .. J
. vlnl lluv need ; it aidt nature in pre- 'K
s-crititioii, taken miriti the petiod of gestation, robs childbirth of its torture
terrors, at well .is of its d.mi'ers to both mother and child, by iiil!n$ nature in
twrimr the svstcni for deliverv. Therebv "labor" nnd the period of confine
nh. irrcntlv sfiorteiicd. It nlso tiromotet the accretion of an nbutulniice of now
incnl fur the child, if taken alter coiifint-ineiit, besides bttllilliig tip the motlrj
Dyspcptin and
1 Female Weakness."
ine rpminittpp now hold over .i ma.
iorltv of the general tnortKiiKe bonds nml
have, In accordance with the bondholders'
is cement
Ciirilliuil (llbbons Is Not Coll!!? to Koine.
llaltlmeiit, Dec. ii he- uiinouncpincnt
was made Koine time ui?o that Catilln.il
I, unions had been Piimiiioutil lo ltonu nnd
that he tonicmplutcil u vlwil to the none lu
the neu i fuline. .Much publlcltv was Kivin
io this iiimpr, both in this lountiy and
huiojie It Is iinnoiiini d riom n most ie
llablti soune that ax there was no sncrtil
inison foi the cui.llnnl polnK to Home
lie linn Klven up nil Id. u of koIiib nluoau
I he wiinn uuthorltj ht.Ucs that If Ciiidlnal
C.lbbons Bhoiild ro to Home ut all. it Mil
elded hme remoto 1C'I,("1 yot undc-
lb, Uh or .Mis. Sirnlf .llliibill.
Fort Siott, Kim , Dec HI. (Snei lai v Mr
Sarnh Mitchell, wife of fi XII t I eH. supcrl
in on.li-nt of the Ton Scott inpl'l liam-lt
fticit r.illtond. tiled at her home In lila
-. ...n. . til,, l. in ..lI.tTt I" ,11 nil Gtn.nn, I,
wan wen known In this cliv. hmim.
here frr.m Mi.,in,i .!,. ,.-...
twelve .veurh iiBo. ' ' "
lcmov td
Kansas Hunk Culture.
hilt" , Dec. .1!.-rSnoclnlA
inpoicn iviis , nee. .11. (Spoelnl.) Ilnnk
Commlbnioner tlreldPiilhal Iiuh received no
tlie of the falluie of the Tlrst Unite flunk
of Jetmoie vvhi.li i losetl Its dooiJ on Sat
i'rfrjyfAn ".'", "tatemi-nt the bank had
"'77.9j individual deposits and but little
OVef 5iW 111 t'ilt.h.
Toillllll Vs. (?.illai;her.
New York, Dee. 31 Tournll. the Trench
bllli.u.l champion, und Tom Hnllaitlicr, the
veteran billtaidist of Chi, ,u?o beirin u
in it.-h for $.!i to-nl.'ht at H-b.ilk line bll
llmds at Dalv B In this clt The nun, li will
be plaved In six nlirhiH. Tournil has to
make .hhi to Callarher's i ,i
The Trenchmnu was beat, n to-nluht by
the Chit .inn plier, who made Quo points to
his opponent's 4SI. The uanie eich nl-'ht
is one ot f.i") points to be tn.ulc by Cotunil
to (i.illacheTs 2i points
Tournil plnvl . civ brllllmt untie Ills
stai lun Was 1)7 points. HalliiKhei's jilRln st
was n. At the entl of the nli?ht't. play,
"Al" Smith orfereil to bet $.".1X1 that Wl.aul
S. hnefer would beat the I'm mil champion
Pout nil took the bet. Al Smith pent a teb
Krain io Sclianft r asking him If ho would
arrange the mntcli.
i:.isl St. I mils Ilesults.
St. J.ouK Mo., Dec SI Tlrst race N'lno-
sKteenths of a mile lint tons won,
Macke, srionu; The un, thlid. Time,
; Ter-
71, .
ricLoiul ract Plvt -etching of a
Pilnce lVyton won: Heniiion, Fecund
epai, iniru. j line, l irj.
Third iace Niiit-sKiccnths of a mile.
Tluth won. Captain tViii?iier, .second , Tatldy
ITjnn, thlid Time. 0 .'.7',
Tourth rat e Tlilrtct nth-slxteenins of a
mile. Halt Wallace won, Liberty Hell, .sec-
jmi. silver mn. inmi. Time, imp,
Tlfth rat e Three-iiuarii r, of
Little Phil won; John IP rklcj
Chartreuse, thlid. Time, 1 HP...
a ni He.
A .Mouiitery Destroyed,
psnpe Sllsslon Kns , Dee 3l.-(Speclnl )
Tlr" broke out In tho en?lne loom of the'
nionaxrr) here ut S o'clock this aftt r
n no n, loinllv desirojlni? it und th, an
nlaiit udiaitnt. llv mini, woik of the
bucket brii?iidc- Ihc otlu i liiiilillnmi near
weie saved J.oss, $h,(hhi, Insiuuneo, J.'.COO.
1). iblul A,ilust the lloiril.
Topeka, Kas , Dec. 3!.-(Speclul.) Juacr
Haen, In the Hhilvvnee iihtiht court lei
iluy, tlnul i disposed of the easo of in
junction bioiiKht io restialu the statu
boinil of health from iislint the $S UOO Uiol
era fund. The dtilslon is okuIiisi the
Tiiliuky llobiirt laukv.
Tort Smith. Ark. D, c. at. -Hubert Lucky,
a membi i of th,. famous took ir.ini?, was
landed In Jail at Toil Smith to ,la, and is
now tn l.l on the iIijik.' or iiuider . f..w
weeks ,iko hiu U j mid his bi other JJill
killed a deputy m irsluil.
l.i.U of Trorn I l.li.
I'ciikacoli Tl.t Dee. ll-TatilcB from
over the bay report Hint the bent h Is cov
ered with lin-'e iuanlltle of fiuzui lish,
driven up by Ihc slroni? noith wind of Trl.
day an.l huturij lxpcrln e.l fiult kiow
er.s tin not ihlnk Hint oriniKe treet. In HiU
Section V.eie klllid III Ihe ft I l 41-. US the
winter ban been t-o .rv that they contained
but veiy little sap Saimnin oi.iuki triiv
do not appear to have sulfire.l The weath
er moderated yencnlay, und the Urn heavy
l.ilil fur many weeks fell last nlnhi An
other cold wave Is advan. Inif, und It Is
feat id will do much dumage.
Ileutli of "Tike" .Siiiiliikky.
ilutte. Mont.. Dec 31 -ljke- Sin.litsky,
an old tlmei lu Noitherii Moi .unn and ills'
covcrer of the famous Hold iiuj? i?roup of
mines of the hlltle Itockieh, was shot und
killed lu the mlnliifc' iauii bcarini? his name
by llurvey Curry. The men had In en ene
mies for seiyrul ji.irs. nml the iciiort Is
(but when they met jesurday .Sanduky
v.as the lint lo pull d kuii. but It missed
lire, anil Curry shot hlm dead The eleud
mail was ubout W yeais ol iiisc, uml vvus
lu b5"w"t nCa Cry ' cal,,'
Honju-uovvn, N. v., liv 31, Miss Susan
I'Vnlmoie I'oojici tUuuhtei of Japies Tin
Imore Coojicr, Ultil lo-Uuy of apoaliiy lu
hi'i Mu .i(t.
Culumliiw, (.. Dec. 31. Thomas llenton
Coulter, tlacth umlttoi' of Hie Tliiu tl Suites;
tic'Hpuri ilinlm,- cN-Tiesldcnt Hnnkson's
ailmliiiitruUou, is a.utl ,it Culoupnrt, u,
Almonie, Ont. in. ai.-.MIss H. lie Arm
Mrona. a wealthy yoiini? ladj. jitmjit.t
from n movliiB Haiti io-iiu and broke her
intl;. llei father witnessed Ihe accident
ind the shock cliove hlm insane.
Nivvjxul n I Dec 31."The I'nlteil
Jlintes iiuisic Sail TintulMo ariiviel hete.
lhi tnori.iuri fioin the New York navy
yuril uml umlioivil off the toipulo stittloii.
Shu will ut unco ricilve lur oinilt of eUht
Wliltcheuil torpcdijis, mid, after trylne
iht.m. will return to .New Vork.
Cincinnati, Dec, 31, Instead of the usual
vvllil-hois, jilay by membeis of thu ihiiiu.
her of i oinm, n e on the last iluj of th
year, the mU i.ief.lovlntr mm curbed ihelr
uopenslilis in that iliiciion to-tav ami
listened to UIl ordlOtlV. the pluiets llsiiijj
Uie aui,-reB4tici raln tul.lcs for a plat
form, '
ChtiHKO, Dec. it Mm. IJniiiiu nilllnahqm
Ilostwli k. one of thu bust known of West
ern slnxcia, tlietl list llldht at Morris,
town, N J Sin was born in I'lilUtleli.hl i
In Ul), uml iiulwilhstMiitiint,' hci udiaine.l
litre, l claim d In 1 voice to it leuiaikubb
dewrie until last rummer, When ahu same
I.. .,,.1.11. ni ,1-... L.i ,!.., ' ' '"
NoiV llnviii, Conn. Dec 31. The dpath
Is annoillliti! ut M.llOse, Muss, of (jeii
cml Julio 11 D. ni.ls, ioriiuil luiuain
major nnd li. ul.n.uit colonel uf the Scv '
e-tith Coiinet tin.t t tilmeiu lu the vu
vinr. IP vvii. aini.varil jiajmastir Ken
dal of uuth i noil i.i und a in. mbei of
the li-Khlatuit of Hut slute diirliiir tin'
Moses a.lininisitati.jii He was bi.veti'd
bllk'ndlet tfciu-iul tit tho eou of the civil
war. "
"Kid" (iiirtlner niul Mllk.v Tote ISo.
"Kill" Onnlner nnd Milky Pete wire to
liuvu louche last nlitbl at a quiet nubut bmi
spot, but when the ctovul io.pbo,l the.
seeuu there vvnt not enough nu"n In
slj?ht to justify the men In tlchttui? to a
tlnlvli. Thev u(?reed to box thiec loutnl,
for u. fiinull purse ami there vvus lively
woik done, (imduer hud all the best it
it and shown" Hint he would tasllj have
vvhlpjied Pete had the Unlit i?ono on. Tele,
howeiver, was name und when (1. miner
veuturetl loo close to him ome ho lauded
i stralKht ilKhthiindei, which sent the
"kid" to i?riis.s (iunlnei luiuled seviial
stiff blows on Tite'n mouth, which stinted
the claict to tlowlni?.
Ilollcviie lliiwllu ('lull,
'llio veohl roll of the llclb-vtin Howling
Club tool; place on thu Itoul alleys lust
cvenlnj?. The bcoic.
Mtrino3, rijiarcs. Total.
It. tiiriicil Troiii st. v.uii,
TojiPk.1 Ka Dec 5! -(Special) Attor
nev c linrli's Hiood Smith returned to-d iv
from St. J'nul, Minn., whole he t-ecun 1
nn order upjiolntlm? n reeelvei for tin
ham.a.e Central lalboad. Mhbh inns fiom
Li a ven worth tn Coiieonll.i The to id hap
been onerated bv Ihe Tntnn T.teltl,. r.,,,
nv and the purpose of this order Is to ion
It oft Horn the main line
The receivers or the Cnlon I'.iciitc were
named as those for the Knnsns Ccntinl
A suit has been brousht ni?ilnt the St
Joseph & Oran.l IsHnd bv tho Central
Trust Comii-in.v or Xcvv York, to fore
close $7,CVJ,000 of Hi st inortfc'.-ii?e bonds.
Cast lltu? 'I rnln.
San hn!t PotosI, Met., Dec. 31. Throuqh
live stock tnUns me to be put on between
Kansas City nnd fct houls nnd this cltv
nnd the Cltv of Mexico. A fast hiu? tralii
vas recently run fiom Knnsas city to the
City of Mevlcri, the time beln mule In
live tl.ivs Shllmers nntl consigners .,n
so well pleased with the lesult that ic(?illir
tinln si iv Ice of Hint kind is td be estab
lished, It is said.
Mrs Awn in Tuiistov or c iwitagt, art
thrstfi Co .''.' wines Wotdt fall lo describe
lliv tnic-rnifcs i.h is- j- -rc
I took Dr rune s ,&iVir$
i nvoruc iti-sii,-tion
I could lint
M-nlk ncro Hie
room vviihout prcat
Fuflirlni? but now 1
mn able lo do in
own woik, th inks to
our wnuilt rful med
iciucs, 1 nni a well
vvoinnii I tulicrcd
nil the time with a
eight In thcboltom
of my stomidi niul
tliei'io-t severe bear
inp dovu p ins, low
down ncro-s me,
with evc.-v t-ti p I at
teniptctl to take I
nlso siilfcred intense
pain in ui luck nud
riRht hip At times
I could not turn mv.
self in bed Mv com-
jtlexion wn villow. my eves bloodshot nnd mv
v hole sv -tt ni w as n comjtkte vvrcxk I suffered
prcotlj from headaches, and the thoiicht of fcsjil
vvoiikl picket! me NovvIcini.it anv thing mid
at nnv time My tnei.ils arc all urpri'el nl the
pitat cliiiiRi in rn T.very one thotight I would
not lhi lliruligh the mouth ol August Two of
mv neiirhbnts arc using our mctliciucs, ami fray
tluv feci like new beings "
Dangerous Diseases Cured.
'. T' 1' fiirf.
ij.' y&xrs. ?5M
P SaC-' vWSK
I v x-
Mrs IIctciiivsov.
r.'&klr, Mrs J N IVT-
ifAm.'tii?fA (' '. "". writes
ra-K-'H-li-,s;3H as lollows
XT-arxri vs'vy
lv """
". frJv
t:aA) TW ' w,
irzxs l w- t
, jlV u
Jsjfe l
FStfK my 1
-.- CS. s-- '
I have need Dr
Pierce i In trite
l'rcscrintimiwith the
gnatist btnifit for
mvsilf ami tl.itigh
tcr nlo Dr Puree s
Ccklen M.i'inl Dis
covcrj .vvlikli In no
C CI li" 1 Mv son WIS
taken vittb i li 1 1
M pirate Hut Ivcr AVuiiletl.
Omaha, Neb. Dec 31 The Central Trut
Compiny, of Now Yoik, has tlietl nn ap
plkatlon In the federal cuurt tisklni? fnt
Ihe (ijipolntment of n sejiarate rti elver for
tho St. Josejih ,: arand Island i.illvvny.
'I be Tbliiiiilous Cook Hing.
South McAlester. I. T., Dec. 31. (Spoclul )
It Is reported here thlt afternoon that a
lai(?e rime of aimed men. supposed to be
the Cook R.inir, me In c.imp ncnt Mus
kogee, nnd Hint nn nttack It contemplate, I
on the Missouii, Kansas ,M Texas i-sprcss
train to-night
Mursh.il Mi .Motor ami a large force of
deputy marshals left on n. spet 'ul tinln foi
Muskogee, and should the expriss train be
attacked, the robbers will meet with a
warm reception fiom Cnclo Sam's of
llceis. 'I liurstou Will He lllpctitl timinr,
Lincoln, Neb., Dec, 31. The Twcntv
fourth lcKlslaturo will eonvcue to-moriow
nt noon. All the membus are lu the city
to-night The senate . .iihuk to-d ly i esull
ei in the selei Hon of Hon John C. Watson
for jiresldcnt iro tern, ami the housi cau
cus. C L. Itietiards, foi speaker. Thcst
s, If c lions linlliaie Hint ibneial John M.
Thuiston wlll biv. a maloiitv in iolnt
session foi United Slates senator.
. xWli&W-WSw- swigh. niul Kidciv V
".V.tS fi)-Z& ') Ci" trouble .mil it com-
V Wi l1J,' r''"-,v Cllrul lli' "Mist
,"' . ' If K JS" Vt could not get MIbs
J .s vs -' along without rioc- gm to cm
' : ' .- lor Turn's PI as lould bi moll
ia the ,
Mns. Latsiiavv.
ant l'ellcts
" Worst Kind of Female Trotibl
Mas li'ttzAniTii I'CTiiii, of EJJjnlle,
'nn ce., f0 wrucsj
When I wrotr- to
vou last hprhu? I
was in n very bid
cainlitl n and cared
little fir UP but
nflcr Inking Uu hot-
IIvb nf 1r l'lprpn'a
tkm nm! Golden VW ""rTffiEijJ wt
Mullcnl nKcocr Jjv V ""
fic orcich I feci VK1 C
orth hinjr, My
ct-c uds 'fcnnlc
trouble ' of the wort
l.iml nud of lotijj
Krc,itl from jnin -U;.7
W.-H SO IRn-OUH I 'l
coitKi uot Mtip had
much v-ilpitatiou of
henrt, nnd n con-f-t
int, ditreij-iuff
drntn itnon tho ,v-
tcm, caused bj iuternal inflnmnntlon and ulccra
lion Alltr the ucof ' rat or It e l-rc-criptiou,' I
corld kcp all night like a jouutf person. '
Congestion, Ulceration,
MibS Mary T Hi r.L. of U'ctlbm i . Com Man Co..
: " v ' ,..- . .-ilz
l'c,( lu uHii , w nil's:
"Accept my kind
thanks for nil the
I'ood, j our medicines
lmc done me. I
was so reduced in
fltsh and treiiRtV
I'tiad been Mifllriufj
ith congestion and
ulceration, and that
tcrnblv distressing
nud debilitating
drain upon the ss
tcm cawcd thereby,
nUo from kidney
trouble for four
mouth- and could
RCt no relief from
mj phiMcians ; but
T c r-ii in rniinil rrtltnt
Vafter taking Doctor
i4 Pkrce. Taonte
I'rtscnptiou and
Goldca Medical
PKcovcrv I bc-
trcugth nlmo-t immcdiitely, so I
nd a crcat dtnl loueir nt n time.
Alter a course of six months' treatment thoic
paiuband dreadful ejmptomt eutirelj left me."
:-.. "7-T3k.TT.rf i.!-..
v vtS,aJj1,
'lilt: Ill'.YTIll'X (HINDI: Is A JIKII.I,.
I l.l V Slltl'I.S'5.
i;jicrlinic or uu K.istcrn A mo in in
J'.ir AV ist I oiiinl Tb.it .luliii Cblna
in. in .U. i,lc a ir c;o,,,l I)o
iut stiu bcrv.iut
101 Icons . ...
T. Jlnkipcncc
I'm tla
IMioonU How I In Ji fi ult,
Tho following fccori'H were nmdo ut
roll of tho I'hoctilj. llovvlliiB Club on
ihvjtti lllivjio IS31 uvcoiuu;
Rtlvorrnati , ,,,
J, Itiier
I. ll.(er .
Hliikcd. Sn.-iios, Total,
.... U II jib
.... 5 s 7
.... tl - ,
.... G A ,,
.... 0 7 iHl
' S -UT
I'.ic ll.i.v ut tbc Cujiltol.
Topokn, Kas.. Dec. 31 (Special 1 Tills
wuk pay day at the Btnto bouse, nnd for thu
otlli'cis vvilliln the bulldlni; tbc nutlltnr
Issued vvnirunts for Jv.tniO In round Huuich.
The pn) loll for the ntnto at Iniiro uiiiounts
ujili niontb to KoincthlnK ovci luO,ciO.
IlrllMi (.olucr lo ('In ' Too.
Paris, Dtc. 31. A dispatch fiom Sliaiur
liut rciclvcd In Ibis iltv Mines that t'10
whole lliltlsh iiudion In I'blncso waters
bloc been sud Icnlj oideitil to jnoccid lo
I'bu Too fiom ChuMin. Xlv dcvolojuncnta
aio tmi'ciiiliiij,'.
Uiglifxt honors nt I'lilcngo ami dill
foinia Mldivlnter fairs wcio rccelvetl bv
in award. .
Entitled "Woraan'i, lloauiy. Peril, Duty, m
Utnluu J",' pacta of Imuortaulluforniatlonwi tilth
tvery woman, uiarrwd cir bluulv. boul.l kuoir
tjuibernlt,villiU uuiio uy aJdros rnrr i"
LjiXUiJ. f lukbdiu UcJ. Co. Lyuu, Ms-IIlCC J lVl
WttihlnBton. Inc. 31 -j-or Oklahoma ami
Indian Ten mr ,,ralr, v ulublo wind.,
Tor Missouii rati, canaille nmjH
TorKansa 1'ilr. , uol, r In castim nor.
Ion; nuitlutly winds, bttoiumj, vailablJ,
London, Dec. SI. The physb Inns n nt.
tcrd.ime upm I.oi.l Itiinduljili I'huiiblll
am omiiucl that thu ;ttlutit jia.sbcd a. tub
Iloijata, l)c -. 31. Now ciiiiliii-crs of tbo
can il tomiMiiy lnn iiKlvcd at I'.tuamu.
'llnlr liruiiijiiimMi alvei. tin. iniiiuttkion
that the won, will bo jitmhi.l. "'"
oiifcnstowii, Den. 31 ill. l.orln A.
Thuuton, tiaivullaii inluUiii to t1L. Unittiil
Statcfc. I u pasniiKcr on thu Mi'um.lilp
.iiiiilila, vvlinli wiled Iiciko ior Kuw YoiL
VoVobama. Dec. 31. it is nnn.it,! ti.-..
the Touahuks, of the Corean provlmo of
t'holludo. lime founded a new lilnudom,
named Kain.ui. It U added that .1 mem'
b. r or the iiliife' famllv has bcuu enthroned
us klntc.
TesuciBaljio V)ec. 31. A Vunjuei con
splraty lu i I. is been illsiovcrcd at Ainn
j.aU und uuniberi. ot urrcsts made, lion
Ilia has fcutniiioueil a uuinbej ot persons
whom lie susju-ota and uivcl to convince
them of the fa, t.
Colon, Dei 31 The news from the .Mo.
qullo roast is very Jiacllic. IVople tbeiu
have ilivldul in bow to the Inevitable In
vltw Unit tin. inniiot net any aid fiom
the l'mti'il HI ties or Unglainl, and that
It U untrue thit there Is uny conspirluj
or icvolutlon midltuted.
Coniltan, Dc 31 Hardly a day jusses
without Hu nrrlvul of some Jlcvdcans
ftoni iiiiateiiiala, uiinuunclni; that thev
havi liwu ill ttuud and obllKed to have
Ihelr beliriulnks 'nils crate i a kirnj
lIllIT a ttlllal (tuiltt Ml.tl.l ..lot,.. IV... II..T.
una cauiies uiucst amonj.' both uatlous.
Tho cash h il.im e In tho ttcasiiry nt tho
close of business visti nitty v.as $lii,(K'.
K'l; cold nseive, fiti.W.llJ,
Chief lliiriU. of the I'heroKeen Nutlon:
H V. ili.iy, .Indue VoiinK niul e-Attotney
aenerul Ilnstliuts, of the Choroheo Nation,
arrived jtstenluv.
HejiiesuHiitlvi. Uroderlck roturned yester
day from a visit tn Kansas, Ife tali
tho; li.ipubticans In, the comliiK legrlHlatuiu
will be able to mako u good selection for
A telcirruin rccelvetl at tho trn.ism-i. ,in.
jiartment e,t. iday slates that $wj,uiio In
itald was withdrawn from tin- sub-tieustiry
Rt Nov ork. This leaves the true amount
of koM reserve JfCOJO,!!;, "
Secretary I leibcrt has remitted tho uu.
CMilied poltlon of the seniuite of l.leij.
tenant, U. D. llostwlck. susivniid for ono
year by lourt-maitlal for .iruiiki.nn.'ss
lilo - "ltiul'eU ,0 llle l'u"r l San
Josejihtis Dunl. Is, elilef rUtW of the In
lei lor ilepaitinent will piubabl tender
his resignation to Hie setretni) c'f the In.
erlor u a few days In onler to tlovnto
his entlie all.-iition to the nsper of whlili
lie Is owiui und eilltnr ut ltulelifh, X C.
(int.rnpr(iieiiinii(i bus wiiuvn n letter
Hi l'tesident Cleveland ask ns lluii ihc,
t'n le. State A urine uml b,. ,t.,i.,iu,,i ,..
Unit Iloslon on tlm imiisluii uf the testl.
mi.ulal lo be iciiilued jtev, Humii. 1 r.
hiultb, D. p. author , of the nation, il hymn
"Amiilcn," vMin b J c, u,ke place In Me
cliunick ball in IVbiimry,
The civil c i vie ii cominlssloii will hold
ex iiulnatloiis on JnnuUr) IB, next, in this
and othi'l I is- cllltS when the boaid
has couipibui examiners, provide, 1 aunll.
unions aic lilt, I at ome, foi the utile e of
llsh I'ultiitUt .a MX! per annum, assistant
i ir messen. i at 7-'i) .mil Bt.itUtl, ,i 1U,i
UKeiit at Sl.imii tor the United Slates com
niisslon of llt and llahules.
lion I i" MunnlnK, ot .Momsomiiy, Ala
has ieielvi.1 lonununieatlons iioni jieonl,'
HiioUKhuut Hie South iiikIuk hlm tu mb
tntselher 1. 1 i.s, niatlves fiom all of tb,
boiitbein ttuiea lot 'he puiiio.se of omanl.
nif ballot rights leujniiu., li. Munnlnir
will won l-siu a call lor u conference of
thus, fuv..ilii(r the movement to meet ut
,New urli ins Januaiy Is, 1W.
I'lve hor.- a ale now limb r Inoeculatlon
heic foi th, iimpose of iirodm ins blood
scilim loi uie emu of (llphtlietla. 'fivo
uf them air the juoperty of the Marino
hospital seivbe and are ijuarli'icel at the
uki (cultural exjierlmenl ktiitlon. The ie.
liMlnliiK thle uie the property of tin njj,
tilct health oillcer l'asscd Assistant Bur.
neon J. J, Kinyoiin Is jiiepailnt' the tox.
An ex.iui'iiatlou will bo held at the
loums of Uie ilvll teivlco commission on
Januaiy 15 foi An assistant ornltholoKlet
and an oinltholoKlst cleiK in the
ilejiartniiiit of agriculture The sal.
ai of the former jiosltlou Is tl t")
and th latter la jur antium Ajijillcanis
It bid ntc away from WashliiKton may bi
cxuinlned ut i-onie uf Ihc lame cities wheie
thi JijimUsioii has cumin-tent boards.
UQVtiUil sA'iiUciitloui arc Uka otise. '
To most of our renders of the Rentier se
the "ilcithen Chinee" cs .a "nuild-of-nll-work"
will be an untiled cxpeiiment, and
dcsplto the annoyunces thev may have ex
perienced nt the handH ot lilddy" or "Knt
lina. the prejudices cf mht uf them
vvould pipmpt them rnlhei to endure the
Ills they have been ac, iistomt d to than to
lly to thoi-,- they know not of, bj cxperU
men tin? with an almond'cyed Mongolian.
JJn the IMcltic slope, hovviver, as is will
known. .Iiihn thlnumnn has earned a veiy
line ehaiacloi for himself us domestic ser
yiint, and the follow Inif uicount ot ills.
ma jiucKcs springer's evpcricncc, whidi
she tonirlbutes to Frunk Leslie's Popular
Monthlv, .N'ovimb.r, will be found both
amusliii,- nn.l Instructive She mal.es the
admission, too, that she lost a perfect
ucasiiic, or a seivant only because his
sense or jnoprleiies was crossly outiasetl
bi hei not iietely slVlns birth to two twin
Bills, but by her ii-soliiilon to keep both of
them. She vviltcs:
"Kiiovvlnpr iioihlntr of Chinamen, nud Rfc
Injr them only bv oicaslonul Klnm.es I had
cast at them while jiassinar their luntidrv
windows in the IJust, J was mote fili,hUncd
than amused at the thmuflit uf havlnjr a
li, il Clilniimau as soneiul liousem.tlil und
look due mornltiR ut 10 o'clock u timid
knock at the door meeteil my ear, and In
resjjonse to mv 'Come In," a Chlnesi bin
was ushered In a tins, ncnt, Hub f.-IIovv.
who immi.llitely lattled off the lolloevinir
tirade: -How do, lady? .Mo Sun Kuni
your, new boy. Me ood boy. Me cook. V
vvashec, take tire kitchen, 11 hlm b. ds,
tend iiuiden. lalse hlm (Kilt and i Id, k, its
(meunlnif raise thickens, tor he mvci i ould
iioiiuioiic ins rs), nun no tv.lv Ulllier llnu
. ,l, no f' "' "" " '"l; lnv Me no do.
Alii e s.mi. in, do bun now all c tune'
"li, i.islonnllv, ii) on eumliiK home Into nt
nlKlr, wc would scold linn for makliu so
...... ., ,,,-i- lien it., ciuiitii m uniaictiluir
.in- iioui oi ine kittliin, while be sli jit In
.... . vitosioii in n uuiik oi ins own eonstiuc
ion sua,,, n,, , rIlini ,hl eclbii!,". which wo
Jocos-lv leinied the 'h uutini,- naiden ' Tho
..w.i- ,,,,t tiuuoitil US UC1.1 11. 1,11 IV llll In-
iniiii-etni nt he to ik the slilnns of
tLIIIIIise musical lllbtiumcilt).
iittut inruiiKli the panels of
by nlt.icbliiK tin ni to the
h without disturbing our
bis Kmtoin
pissed tin.
the tlcor. .m,l
lo. k lifted the l.i
pent t tul slum,..,..
''He was 111 Tor two dajs and s, nt me Ah
kZ.,? ,i.'.".l",.Ul'""' "I,om no "'"' have
..'- ., iui ...,,,1 leMltl
in- oi wn.u ii s lies we
ui.cii. ui. our meals wire well jnenaieil, but
i?.nhpT.?'i -FI,,JV; ",,,u'r 'niaKi'.i.il ina dt
sitlbed when I illstoveretl Ab f.ec iliol-uen-Inir
tiw doiiKh for the bread as he 11,1 ihe
bv ,1 b s" '". "" " Chinamen do
n was illlllcult to say vvhtthn me China.
""' h" 'loKh made th, mo,i hu led
'V'- Thi was one thine; that Ii id not been
h!s"s,?,',me":,,,'s,s, j u-ita
"L'i1 u'lr ','."' ': wt at the tiuni !',"! s:
i. no iiiseiaiuo fe t om n,in.
L" ,s',..,',",.ilr.ol.":"i. Hi cu.ne In
tiieirmiows i: ' : ,'...p -pi ?"
v.is a study, with ,llsm,u, .,, ....... ".1,s.f,.lc?
upon Mn-f,i '."', '.'. ,V.V:.,"!..uV'l",-ici
lltl, ,1... ....... -.".-' '"..IIO,
to look
Mum,. .... .... . " -'-..J ....,, UK IMS
ISil . K. '" s'lllllll. Too mu. li ebb.
m;ike. inu.lie money In the bunks.'
,, tu ti i
ii.'nL"'.,,..n , ",:?' '""'iiliiKr ho
1..., .-".: '"', ''" IVilvl unit i
rvi-f. i-iiil'ih. iiiiii ontitii IIT.H. . i.i . - "-
and miinmcnis for too'oVoV " W1
unn ii-it our unploj """"i
wa'2've.y'V,;!;,f. ,fjr!'l. '!' ucpnrtun.
1...1 . : -. i. ni ni v ii r
und uibtr .uuol.e in Uie housi ' Ho cnUed me out ,i thii i i .,, ... ,"'l'',r"i
"I'poii this occasion he wore tho clothes '"f 'f ' heljtblnt,- "u I , '', t,,1-01 , j11''1,,","1
of elillliiitlo, and a wide blue sash en- i;ie. I'pou my uiihvVer ik In tin Vil,w
.In led bis vv ust. while a beautiful jade l". h-sabl: x.a.iv V, r-,u ",i,SiHr,n';
.litcelet diitiKle-a on his wilst. He wore ii o Notir bov. nnd Wo vu, , .?, 10",nm """
hlsh stundlnK collar nnd nn Aim i lean "minenilutlon (lecom mciiel.i in. i i !'rt,.Uc;
shiit. hnvltui ell-mi-ilnl the uhiul .,.. f,..' 1,0' "scu.iiiuiuuullon) befoto I
this . I'icinoiiial visit.
"Ills n. xt icinirk, '.Mo Retto $10 per
mouth,' astounded me, and I said, '.Mv fum
ily eouslsis ot only two peojile." With a
bow and a wnlto ho repllctl- 'Allee same
tvvci't.v lu t.tiull, ill line same iilke.'
"A lun i (nl i oiivursation with my hus
ban I, who v,es better tieejuaiiited wltli the
ruev'alliiiK liifth pilces, i.sultLd lu Hue
Ivunu's I'UiMKimciit.
" 'All 1'Kht, mo come lluht nnay. 1 IK
I; tn illnimr to-nlKht. Tell mo what ou
like, what time )uu eat, and mu jiab It
"I showed hlm how vvn set our table,
anil as I bad a bouquet of mouuialn llow
eis simlliu to ihe Alpine ..hlwelss, wlbh
Kicw on the Dragon iniiunialns In the lc.
Inlly, 1 placed them in it shallow vase as a
c-iiuer (iieeti 011 inn lame. t;vcr after
olntlnS in"a"r. i ,", a" :"': ' i .'"' ln
ov.cied vvltlie'bn'p'', , ' "i ";..,,'l'?r.
bad null.. I abiivt tbc . i, . ' ;"-'i "n
when I ,is,e 1 'U'j ft il.VI1V S,K' un,t
nil kei t ,)lL '., ', " ''.flni t ' papt.r
had vviltten ns loll,.,',;'.' '.',".",'.' ""''
i ,i ...... i. ...:," h""i u
, luitii , no
lm ; no si old
Itnsu L.,.....,. li... ,l . I'.'il coolly to mm
..- o,Uno nun goon eluurs ' " '
n.,.. ,,.!"!"" .""" "'in... I'. ct.
of 1 1 1, i ..'.", .'.l ,." li"
" " "ttli 111 llf V
.11 III it 11(1 in v
fftPitt hcorot
t. Ifl lio.in ,.,
i hen not to coddle
,,,,... l Kiuieu mir ir-suvu llo.ll. I, DI 0 KUIIK all lo to llbsi.c. ,h,. r ' "" ' uuvo b"en
often rising at daybrcik and rltllnir miles ti itimi t trc.nV all the ', r".,",,,re ,tteit,n
to Kiilenisli the no.euay vhen It sbovvL.I Wool.' i Is t-uoil fn, , .i.i , ".st, of "'" hotly
shins of fndiiiB. lie biouKht his own s. t 't else 1 'In - ?,' 'T-,f ' '"it bewnie of
o earvets and ,oM me he could ,o only ly ilUi'lu'VurWu :',V li i't'i uxT't?'!'''!.',1'
"'i-'e'unpatkeij ,he rocer.e8. paped lb, KJgV1'
shilv.s ill the kill hen pantry, i liopi id tho tin, u'li-t. lint tl !. 'vt' ), "'mo e "ie'i
wood, went io murkit, dreed ihe neuillij. titoide who have a ln.,.i ., ,'"" hl' no
and that evenlnsat '. p in vveatiloii to who have nut bV.n ,.V, ' " JZ BtockliiKS
il line v .iv.d uml txialknilv ii.i,i,i...i ,,. i... ..... "l . ,'.'M.n t''il'l "t them. All n,i.
, ,.--. ,,.,., .. . .,
SllOC. fnt le
nir.it. ilu iiukiy bud been c lived bj him, do Wenr
III toe l.tci III It IHU ictlb IMOIlKUl It) mo rilllQ
wntiie, ne ii)iuif eucu pari niteii
tht aid of linv shuiiit tied nlei Ha c
iinuBine u new seivuni eapabie of such a
uuiiK in an e ninety tuaitaiU iioiisenolil II)
Xe-w Voik cll '
"Jlv lOUimai'ds were always obeyed and
fiillllled to ihe letter, nud I had to show
nun mil om e now io jucjaio tome new or
'rse. that ..en, a.-.
'"iy foiil.l dlscuid
tbo pi Uu these utteilj iil h ,'p?1 dlwiid
her wlltloln Woerlshof . n '"ll0?,leii ' they
of wood. b"t cr s 111. ' " Uu"'u ' """Id ue
Topeka. Kas.. r, , ... t5. '.'..'
lioi Kcneiallv 1...... .. V,'-'0'' '""
iwo sessions of Ui
It Is
. .. iiitTii will bo
iicteui icirisi.iiMr,. .,...
raiicy dehst-rt he had never even heard of. Ine lenson u ihi ,S!W tn J-iniiurj-, nw.
That ouo lesson was siiiUcieut, Months UiViVil.it iifni, , tn0 c"ltiilloii iiro;
some limes elapsed before oskln-,' for a rep. ,i,., ,,t!.' ', .J'."1 'L lituie shall apportion
e-.mon. but Ihe iesi.lt v.a, alwa)s satlsfa'c . " TTlllT '
"When he wiote home a letter to lilt 'iuta''re2u'lUi.'HsesJ ar '.Ti'01 , lo'' not "uil
mot her In Canton be would leave the ti,e nee.ss iv- f-,S. u"' ,."1, ,1,"e' and tnu
klliiien door wide open, und, no doubt with ' ,l(-Uii!' or a sjieclul session.
the idea of llatterlUK us, vvould say aloud
while wilting- senlfines foi us to htar: 'Am ,Iui1ko llurforil U'lll 11..1.1 ....
with nice, inople; no care co back, etc, I (luthrle. l). T Dec ?i ,...-. .
imild not iUc hint of makliu- a purfc of J u llufford. vv lioso .ei7nl,f.cl.D,l 3u1B
bis ear, for he would alums cairj tho Hu 1 li 1 1 r. S h' A '? """''"n
small .h.ui(.-e In that crvl-eable mean. He caused a .loicn'or 11.010 bemo.raMc'U,l13,ia
ulvvajs miule Hie I e en. 111 , ml us sooi, cants to rush fr nt eillv to vvMilttt.pU
as the news spread that lee ir- am f ii writes Chlif Ju'ti.e Du e Urn iSrlnfTU"1'
had been added to Kunis's uccon JMMe mm, f .h ,,...i.e V. 'et,'lat there. Is no
. . . ... KlK ..- -.s 1v JVI L IIC n.l V. Hi-It Haul I
ho OlmL.Mr doesn't lot, ,,,!, ""' '6cei,
k :
eool receptions boiunv
"II- absented himself for two
afternoon and In I lentnllv u.
Sue liana wns eainlm; 50 wee II
iroiiir ot cellars ami slim In tin
dli 111 town This rath r anno
h. mv r mned them at our hou
bun 10 task about ll. anil he aim
blsi bfoasst, smile; 'f,'Q fcttet- i
(lierol.it. nni ut Nt.-.j,.
.Sinltli. Alk. Dec. 31 J'h. ......
It Noivuiu. I T.. ujs i,,.i,i .
li'i,1 lom' hlt-hvvajmaii, supiJOsetl Jc
lokco Ulll at k.30 id.nlc.Jht 'rhi

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