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The Journnt Compiiny-Ustabllshed ISM.
red At the Postoluee In Kansas City.
Mo., an Second Clnsa .Mnll .Matter.
J .t 1 1 y ni.it Sunday, one venr It SJ
l'nllv nnd Kinulny. six Months a
I)..lly niil Sunday, throe months
Timlv nnd SntiiUy. per inunth ....
Ball wlthiuit Sunday, one year
H'ltiday Journal, one year
Trt Weekly, me year .
T,i W'ekly. "Ix month ,-
Weekly Journal nnd Agriculturist one
Jcur "
2 i
n i
1 to
3 01
Tit.- ' jbs.rlptlon price of the .Weekly
J. .r.al iii'.l Agriculturist bus breh re
el u. fl. Or the ptescnt. lrom It to W cents
i.t' p"teiue address In full. Including
rcjnty nnd stnle. , . . ,
III n-dermic addresses changed give old
nil 'ri n as well ns new.
ltemittiiiics tnny be made either by
!raff, postoillr- order. express money or.
der or registered letter, at our tlsk. Ad
dress .........
Kiinsns City, Mo.
POSTAGH. . , ..
Tir the hnem of those sending slnr.16
copies of the Journal throiiKh the mull.
t.-u give herewith the transient rate of tor
len and domestic postage;
Fight and twelve pan- paper, le.
Sixteen md twenty fuse paper, -c.
The Dally and Puiuhiy Journal, delivered,
per month, He. per we.. 130.
ruin:rTKi mancscihpts
Will not he returned nnd It Is useless to
rlicl,.c stnmps for that purpose. Persons
wlhlng to preserve their lltcinry ptodiic
Hois should retain copies of all commun
tcatlons sent to this olllce for publication.
Busbies odlce ,'l
i:dllorlal and Society iv7
city l-Mltur fin: !U
KAfSTF.HN OFFICT374 Tribune building.
New York. W. Ward Damon, manager.
yVT'KTRHN OFKICK-167. Dearborn Street,
Iloom l. Chicago. 111. Horace M. 1-otd,
Here's hoping Hint II will be a great
deal better than the one Just ended.
The Kansas legislature will be able to
open business this year without the aid
of it sledgehammer.
The new year Is Just beginning to-day.
nnd yet many pe-opl? will llnd before
sundown that It Is already dun.
An Important question whether to
adopt the old resolutions over again, or
take a whirl at some new ones.
It Is not yet known whether .Mr. Till
man will Introduce ns his llrst measure
In the senate the pint ot the quart.
A windmill tower 19S feet tall has just
been erected In Vermont. They must
have high winds In the nreen .Mountain
Kansas senatorial candidates should
shun the deadly deadlock. If they don't
want lo be trampled down by nn Ingulfs
It Is pleasant to note that since tho
erection of that sentry box not a single
occupant of tho White House has been
Miss Pollard's former attachment for
Colonel Breckinridge was not a lawful
one, but those the constables are serv
ing are strictly legal.
A New Year resolution which will bo
easy and pleasant to keep: Resolve to
lead the Journal regularly and recom
mend It to your friends.
The people of Florida are cordially In
vited to come and settle In Kansas City.
It never gets cold enough here to kill
our growing or.inge crop.
The Atlanta Constitution believes con
gress Is n "responsible body." It Is un
doubtedly responsible fur n groat deal
of hardship and loss to the country.
Penal-a- Sit-wurt Is billed for n speech
when congress reassembles, hut on ilc
count of tin- shortness of tho session ho
will occupy ..nly three weeks In Its de
livers. "Que the income tax a chance," erlos
a contemporary. In view of tho condi
tion 'f business for the past two years,
wnildot it be better to give Incomes a
chance ' '
The K- publicans In the Missouri leg
islature .,.. confronted with a new and
strange t t ut the opening of the ses
sion F. -r '.nee they have to organize
the h ISe
Mr tiiad.-iono Is still able to read ton
m twelt- it-uira u day. Ikfore his eyes
became .iffVeted, we Infer, he was ac
customed to read twenty-live or thirty
hours a da.
Tie Brazilian soldiers recently burned
a hospital and ISO sick rebels In it. Iso
country an be free from rebellions and
revriuuiiiiK while it Is given to such
barbarous practices.
.Mr Carnegie has adjusted his business
to Demoetaiio conditions by cutting
tiown wages, in fact, .Mr. Carnegie nd
justs lils businei-s to almost any kind of
cindl'luiis in precisely tho same way.
If there Is a statesman In this country
who can prevent tieastiry delloilH under
a revenue law which doesn't ralso revu
nue. Secretary Carlisle would gladly es
tablish conlldenilai relations with him.
It Is Find that President Mellrlde, of
th lVdcntiun of l.ubor, smokes forty
clean, a day. It Is doubtful If n man
Who smokes to that extent can make n
great siieeess at anything requiring a
steady nerve and a clear brain.
The laibi.ul construction in 1S9I was
the smallest for twenty years. While ttw
largest loads in tho country are tumb
ling Into the hands of loceivers capltal
Ihts do not rcgurd the times as atis.
picluus for inveslliiK In nioie roads.
The theory advanced by pliyslognn.
mists that long, thin noses are evldemo
of line intellectual characters and that
low, thick noses Indicate the contrary,
is like the doctrine of fieo trade very
nice as a theory but wholly untrust.
worthy f jr practical- piii-potes.
Dr. Paikhurst has done wnne excellent
reform work, but he should consider very
carefully ln-pnc deciding to jump tho
newspapers. The newspaper have really
dint a laige portion of the work for
which Dr. Paikhui'st takes the credit.
Nt great reform ever did or ever will
h"u 'eeed In this country wlth'out the lib
era I support -of the press.
The tdectlon of a pulled States scnu
ator In Kansas will nru take pluce till
the second week of the legislative ses
sion. In the meantime there will be a
large amount of wire-pulling and plot
ting urnong the politicians. Koine of the
shrewdest political workers In tho state
ate Interesting themselves In behalf of
candidates, and It will be u contest uf
wits n well ni of merit l-or the hoiinr
nlld ctedlt of the stall it is to he hoped
Ihitt the legislature will b.me Its selec
tion on iltness. without icgntil to lln
wishes anil persuasions of sihemlng poll-
Till: ItllltIN III' ,IAMs.
Now rnmes Julius, the two-faced, "old
est of potentates" With wrinkled rutin
Irtntlice and hoary Imlr lluo the white
sliowllitkes he sits at the opening of
the new year gazing into the Irrevocable
prist. Illear-eyed nnd wnn, hp sees only
the paiiofnltm of the years that nrp no
more, with their Joyn and sorrows, their
hopes and fears: years made glad by
the fruition, of fond desires or sfrewn
Willi the ashes of desolation.
llul Willi another face, radiant with
MUitli anil hope, Julius look lo the fut
ure. With his Iron key he unlocks the
portals of the days to come burdened
with whatever fate tins Norns may have
In store for the humnti race: thpy come
lluotiglng flom out the future, Hoop Into
the beyond and are no more.
Threefold the stilde of Time, flom lit Kt
to ln.il!
Loitering slow the KutUre ereepnth
Arrow-swlft tine Present swrepeth
And motionless forever stands the Past."
January Is a season of hospitality and
social Joy. The embers of the Yule log
kindled upon thousands of henrthi still
sfiul forth their kindly beams: the
holly wreaths and garlands are yet upon
the walls, mid tho benediction of "pence
on earth, good will toward men" lias
not died nivity. In January, as in all
winter months, the domestic virtues arv
broadened and Intensified. The lire
lighted upon I he home altar brightens
the humblest cottage so that to tho
possessor tlieteof It becomes more glori
fied fliitu a palace celled with cedar and
painted with vermilion. Charles Dud
ley Warner declines that the lower the
mercury sinks Mil the thermometer, thti
more nercely the nolth wind rages and
the deeper the snow, the higher rises
the spirits of the community; lie has
also experienced that vague regret that
every one feels ut the termination of a
I lg snow sloim. There is Indeed a su
preme satisfaction In sitting before a
radiant llreplace. safely housed from
the "Icy fang and churlish chiding of
the winter's wind." and listening to the
tonrlng storm without. Hven tho Ks-
qulimiu must have something of tills
feeling as h" crouches in Ills Igloo se
cure from the Arctic blasts that rage
through the long Northern nights.
It Is tills sense of security and pence
Hint Hie home-lire Klves which makes
the risers of the season enjoyable and
even looked forward to with glad an
ticipation. The tire upon the hearth
sends forth Its choorrtil glow amidst tho
tempest like the "light of a Pharos
upon the stormy sen." Us lambent
iinme enables one to "thole the winter's
sleety dribble and crnneuCh cold," and
the cheerless aspect of nature Is soon
forgotten amidst tho Joys of a happy
tlrcsldt! and communion with congenial
lllcssed be winter! There is a pleas
ure in breasting the north wind ns it
sweeps down from Its Icy fastness. The
l.lood bounds and glows beneath Its
eager assaults, and one can say with the
exiled duke in the forest of Anion, "this
is no llattery." And ns the early twi
light draws on apace and perhaps the
storm gathers. Cnwper's words are in
stinctively recalled:
"I crown thee, kliiff of Intimate dellKhts;
Fireside enjoyments, home-born happiness.
And all the eomloits Hint the lowly roof
Of undisturbed retlicinent and the hourB
Of Ions,- uninterrupted evening know."
tiiUN.s o.v tiii: iuiai.n.
The Boston Herald has discovered that
the raising of sheep in tills country "Is
carried on under widely dlll'erent con
ditions." It finds that in some parts or
Ohio, for Instance, the average number
Of sheep in the Hocks kept by farmers
is M: in others,, ISO to a farm. In one
county in Oregon the average flock, at
Hie time the last census was taken, num
bered 6,000, while in Kerne county, Cal
ifornia, seven sheep misers have 20,ii00
each. From this basis a process of rea
soning is followed to show that it is
the owners of tho large Hocks who are
to suffer serious loss In consequence of
the admission of foreign wool free of
duty, while the Ohio farmer who keeps.
Sheep as a merely Incidental accompani
ment to lits general farming can give
up all his profits from that source
without causing him serious distress.
This may be a reasonable apology for
free trade from a Iloston biumlpomt,
for many very narrow things come from
the peculiar enlightenment of that cen
ter of thought. But let the Herald go u
step further in its application of Its
theory. In the newspaper world tho
Herald considots itself one of the largo
Industries. A vast capital Is employed
In its production from I he beginning to
the end of each year. It has neighbors
scattered about In all the towns reached
by lis own circulation. Many of these
neighboring sheets aro published by
men who aie compelled to engage In
other business besides that or newspaper
making in order to earn a living. What
would the Herald think of nn act of
congress that should tax its own Indus
try out of existence but which should
still sutfer tho small concerns to live
on because the proprietors could work
at something else and get money to pay
the current family exponses?
We do not believe that its fealty to
its party would carry It so far as to In
dorse any such view of domestic econ
omy, although it would lie on pieclsely
the same lino as Its views of the tariff
question as applied to tile sheep indus
try. The bean diet has been in.idn to
account for many peculiar things In
Huston, but there should be a limit to
the responsibility of a very wholesome
article of diet for emanations so utterly
gaseous nnd ridiculous as this sort of
The stories of destitution and suffer,
ins in Hie western part of Nebraska ap
peal to the Instinct or humanity- every,
where, a feeling of tstnte pride has
prompted the wide publication of per
Monnl announcements that contribution,
from abroad are not needed; but that
should not deter the charitable minded,
wheiever they may be, from making a
prompt response to the uppeals for
The voluntary aid sent forward by the
well. to-do people uf the eastern part of
the state, generous and prompt though
H has been, has failed to III! all the
hungry mouths or put llres in the housct
on thu bleak and snow covered ptalrles.
Appropriations for the further relief of
the suffering may. and dotbtluss will,
In time be made by legislative authority,
but starving and freezing men, women
and children should not be kept In their
misery with death stalking the half of
tho state, pending the movement of the
machinery of law.
Otlur Koctlons of the country have
been at times in lke degree soudy af
flicted. Firo has visited desolatt.ni and
want upon communities in the fast us
well as th. West, fltini faiulne hn
liiivriirf .n i sections which at- turn
us fa "h-d with plenty an any part if
the htoad I mil. The pluck and Ihe ln
dilstrv of these HUfferers In N'tbrnski
had lii'iiilghi them Ihlough the llil
hardships In blent to the setilemetP nhil
subjection .f the laud III Which they
m.lde their hiitnes, when the merciless
dtotith with red their crops in the midst
of a peilnil of general dlsoourng' ment
and widespread need.
An lll-ailvled font; Hint the fair fame
of the state its a homo for the Immi
grant will be mitde to sutfer should not
be allowed to stay charitable hands In
nn eineigelioy such its certainly exists
their. Fuel nnd food are needed now.
In pionounelng blessings upon the heads
of generous givers the suffering fathers
'and mothers will not stop to ask wheth
er I he lellef conies from Nehiitsknns.
Missouri, ins, or from the noble hearted
of niiv other stnte, Mast or West. Char
ily should know no geographical bound
aries, '
Wo modern men ate (limits strong
At framing lesohitloiis;
Hut win ii It comes lo kei plug them,
Wo are but Lilliputians,
On account of peculiarity of the
Kansas constitution Uovernor I.ewelllng
will still lie In olllce when the legislature
convenes, and will get In a llnal mes
sage. A week later Covornor Morrill
will "take clTect" and will also lsue A
message. In the matter of governors'
messages, therefore, the Kansas legisla
ture will lie the wealthiest legislature
In tin" country.
The old year's nolle! Hood. by, old year!
Wo drop for thee a palling tear;
Though thou are none, a few days more
We'll still date Idlers " H4."
As lo the right of .Mr. Jamison and Mr.
Sloan to the olllees lo which Hip tieonle
elected them tin re is no doubt in any
quarter. The only question Is, will the
"gangs" lawyers be aide to so use the
technicalities of law as to keep them
out of their commissions.
AT 'I'll 13 THI3ATI3lt.
For several season New Year's week
has been filled at the Con ten bv Mr.
Stuart Itohson, who opened his annual
engagement at that house hist night.
The audience was not so huge ns Mr.
ltobsnn Is accustomed to draw in this
city, but the evening before a holiday is
ptoverblally bad for the theater, and
besides, the social features of the Yale
(lieu Club concert attracted a good
many of the cnmedl.in'r regular follow
ing. It Is needless to say that the week
as a whole will be a good one, for there
are few more popular actors than Mr.
Itobson, whose peisonality and stvle
are both unique and who is naturally
and otherwise a very funny man.
Mr. Itobson appeared last night for
the first time in thh city in F.tiekstone'.
comedy, "Leap Year, or the Ladles
Privilege." It is one of the older Kn
gllsli comedies worked over, with the
marks of the up-to-date retoucher,
who Is Mr. Ilnbson himself, vari
ously evident. The best that can be
said of It is Hint it given Mr. Itobson a
flashy sort of character well suited to
tile comedian's eccentilclties, but even
that character Is not equal -to some of
the others In' .the star's repertory. The
play itself, although intended lo 'be far
cical nftre the earlier Kugllsh Idea. Is a
strained play upon the old Hngllsh law
pet mlttlng Hie Indies to propose to the
objects of their affection. It possesses
none of the luxiirlotisness of dress, the
beauty or diction and Hie elegance of
character that enter into Hie old Kn
glisli standards of Sheridan, Coldsmith
or Knowies, and in some of Its situa
tions suggests the cheapest expedients
of Hie modern farce comedy writers. It
exploits n set of meddlesome servants to
an uninteresting degree and has for its
heroine a young widow, represented as
fascinatingly beautiful, put to the ex
tremity or proposing to her own servnnt,
a situation which has too little pallia
tion in the fact that the supposed
servant turns out to be a despised dis
tant relotive who lias wooed ami won in
This criticism is intended more to de
note the kind than the merit of the
play. It may at once be admitted that
It would be acceptable In the hands of
people of whom no better things are ex
pected. It Is. however, no less a com
pliment to Mr. Itobson and his asso
ciates than to their public to say that
there is a measure of disappointment
to those who go out to see what the re
vived play Is like.
Mr. Itobson is as delightful as ever so
far as the eccentric role of Dionyslus
Dimple permits him to reveul himself
and his art. Mrs. Robson Is sei n in a
rollicking character with a bit of a
brogue and with numerous handsome
gowns. The spirited abandon or her
Sally o'Leary did much to hold up a
performance that would have drauged
oeeii'slonally but for her vivacity. .Mr.
Henry Bergman, who Is well remem
bered here through Ills connection with
the "Friends" cast, playn the mock
servant well and shoes a discriminat
ing observer Hint if he ever turns bis
attention to Malvollo lie will probably
make a distinct and praiseworthy cliar
ncteiizntion of Shakespeare's conceited
steward, (leod work was done by Mrs.
flabrlolla McKenn. Mr. Yearance, Mr.
Wooderson and .Mr. tinner. Miss (Sraee
Franklyn Lynch, who made a good im
pression here when she appealed in
"The Comedy of lOrrors," does in it sus.
tain that Impression in this play, as bet
Mrs. Flowerby Is singularly pas.-lve and
"Leap Year" will be repented this aft
ernoon ami this evening. To-morrow
evening, "She Stoops to Conquer;"
Thursday and Friday evenings and Sat
urday afternoon, "The Henrietta," and
Saturday evening. "The Interloper."
A lilMI TltllUTi:.
What Hie World Tidal., or the .luui n.il's
New Year IMIUmii.
Flom the Kansas City World.
Yetterdiiy the Journal Issued a special
holiday edition of forty pages, devoted
mainly to the Industries of thu two Kansas
L'llys. The pilblli iitlmi was renderi d es
pecially unique by appealing in part in
led and blue, color.' need to emlielllnh the
K rare I ni ray of cuts of liulMiims and to
adorn a number of the alino-,t Innumera
ble iidvcriUeinents. Color priming, as
executed by the Journal, W one of the
uoveltlcK ot the ait ut fliutenherg. and Is
cMiaiirdlimry fiom the fact that all the
color red. blue and black are printed
t-liiliiltarn-oiinly, separate cylinder being
need for n,uh Ink, and the papers, In their
patriotic hue, onilim from the huge pret-i.
cut and foldul nady 'ir the counter and
cii.toiners. The perfecting press In use In
the .lMiiin.it press room Is not ex.elled by
any oilier 111 the country- and Is one of
the ciy lew perfei ting machines piodnc.
In loluied prints.
In u i eilew ol the pabt year the- Journal
pn seiitcd mi Intoiebiiiig and valuable urti
elc, mallei ilemonliatln Hint the city,
despite the htislut-M. d.-pivsiluii and disas
ter that wore no gcn.i-.il, is tulvaiivtiig
and that prosperity I liieivui-lng.
The tinde Journal Is highly ciedltahle
to ull tlioe iitriiiiieiil,il in iih pioductlou,
and is a Utr.iitti to the imsh and cuter
prbc of lluxini-bs Mauaeii Hunker and
Muiiaslpv editor Hdnonls The Journal
Is aiwiy along In yea is. ami has been ae
ctined of undue concert aimm, but yester
dai's pcrforniame pumd Iiiconlealubh
lli-tt Hie veteian pobustis vtin nnd vital
ity, and It, ill come U'tpeets, as metro.
poiitaii ns papers Hon) tne most populous
cities, and more modern than muny claim
ing to be Ihe most advanced,
Ol latere.! lo Nii.iici.
Topukii. Kus.. Dec. 5t.-(Speclal.) A de
ilblon JUbt handed down by tho Pulled
.States circuit court of appeals in a Kaiibus
cake Is of intc-iett to law) era and news
paper men. It decides what (ho law iner,
when It says a legal notice shall be .u!
llnlied a certain number of consecutive
weeks. In tho case In hand a ouster's
sale notice hud been published in four
weekly Usues of a paper, but, as a matter
of fact, but lwnty-ieyen duys had elapsed
between the dale of the first publication
liiul the dato of bale. The deeldon holds
that twenty-eight full days must elapse
bei ween the dale of the lir.t publication
and the date of sale, u erjur ty constitute
t lnwfui feur weeks. .
hi i:vi:iti:i.Y titiTit ix);" tin: At rnv
dp tiii: ixmim t ojijii 1 1 i:i:.
'eil.ires rleit the ttietlitutln Wr
"lopped nt the ( rltle.il Point by
'ot Prr-'titc H.t rni i t'hu-
er lo the Itiick.
Nvw York. Dec. SI Mr. Parkhiirsl to
.lisle gave out the siibloltiert statement
afln It had been lead before the everiltUe
coiiimlttee of the Society for the Preven
tion of Crime suit Indorsed by that body:
"In stating my po-ltloti touching ret lain
rpictintis now lying before the public mllul
I iiiiiliol express in) self too applet l.itlvrly
of lh. splendid work thst has been done
by ll.e sennte committee nnd Us talented
eoiiti-el, There hns been created HirotiEh
th-ir Inlriimsntn1lty an rpo'h '" the hl
tory if our cPy nnd there has b i crtired
at the polls a miitilclpn! revoi.iuon that
wool I have been lmposihIe except through
their agency or anency of a similar kind.
And it Is but Jilt that we go further than
this and recuxtilxe the walk of this com
mittee and of Its counsel ns being the In
fluence which Is eonlrlbutlng very largely
to similar mimlrlpsl upheavals throughout
the entile country. Mr. Lexow's commit
ter, Mr. (loft and Ills nssoelnles, do nn!
stand In need of our commendation, but It
Is it plenatire .-is well n a duty b accord
It, and It Is aeconled with earnest cin-dl.il-lly.
"If the readers of the statement will pal
themselves to the pslns of recalling what
transpired last spring they will remember
that at that time the writer of IhW state
ment mid a few associated with him were
the only ones who believed In the honesty
of purpose of the senate committee.
"The nevMperS were almost a unit In
their conviction that to rely upon .Mr. l.--ow
a:nl his colleagues for our municipal
deliverance whs to lean upon a broken
reed. 1 remember very well salng to Mr.
Lexaw nt Albany In the piesence of all hii
associates that 1 hud Just come from New
Yoik. wlieie the entire atmosphere was
pervaded with utter dlsginl of hint nnd all
the members of his committee. I became
convinced, however, by my personal as-o-
ellttloil Willi Mr l.nvme Me 1 ii-i.llev ne.,1
two or three of thiir colleagues, that the
committee could be counted upon to do
honest and faithful and thorough work
cle-ir up to the end. 1 gave lo them my en
tire confidence; I used mv best efforts to
break down the spirit of distrust which pr
valled, and, In conjunction with other mem
bers of the executive committee of the So
ciety for the Prevention or Clime, put at
the service of the senators the entire re
sources or our olllce. And they have been
at ailing themselves of those resources up
lo Saturday night last. We have watched
the actions ol the committee with the keen
est and unqualified assurance. Thcv have
bored Into the rotten tissue of the police
department with utter Indifference ns to Ihe
( hnrnetcr, political or otherwise, of what
they struck.
".Matters had been for so long a. time
conducted In entire thoroughness that we
had even forgotten that we had ever been
distrustful; but late In November the indi
cations were clear that the In-. estimation
was not to be pushed to lis close In the
same energetic and unsparing manner that
had been followed up to that dale. A good
many clays went by In which eases were
discussed which wearied the public, whli h
made no substantial addition to knowledge
already gained and which were frittering
aw lv time that we knew oug'jt to be ex
panded upon the Inspectors .mil superin
tendent. We knew the character of Ihe
police force was a reiiection from Ihe i har
arler of Its chief executive and his Immedi
ate Mitmrllnutes. and that however many
captains might be besmirched and how iter
many sergeants might be cashiered, the
genius of the matter would not be leached
till we had arrived al the quality of Un
live men. who. together, constitute its ex
ecutive headshln.
"In view or all this, we are Justllied In
saying that while the committee stood up
to the rack magnificently through nil the
other portions of the Investigation, they
llliiclied at the crisis. As long ago n
tvhen Mr. Moss undertook to adduce evi
dence against Mr. Byrnes In a direct man
ner, the Investigation committee sprang
to llvrries' aslstunee. Now, Is thnt not
a thing to bo debated'." Their attitude
was Instantly recognized bv those In at
tendance and distinctly stated In the
journals or the next morning.
"New. there was a reason for that. We
are not sating Just yet that there win
anything that could In; proved against
Mr. Hyines; we are saying that the com
mittee withheld theli support lrom ef
forts made to show that there tvai some
thing that could b" proved against Mr.
!lrnes Their thoroughness bnd:e down
at that point. Tiny stumbled Just at the
lompletion of their work. The chairman
of the committee will not dare to dent
that It is 'policy' (I have used that word
advisedly, lie will retognlze what I refer
toi that controlled him In his handling of
Mr. llyrm-s and not a deslie to act In
view of all the pu-.b!e or ascertainable
facts In Mr. Byrnes' case.
"Now, the presumption Is on the side
of the superinten.l-tit's being as criminal
as any other member of the force: so
thnt the hesitancy to hanllb- him as Will-
lams was handled could not proceed from
any prior convlc lion of his Innocence.
Wherever they have stuck In their fork,
they hvu found rot; nnd whether Byrnes
be rotten or not, he has been in rot thirty-one
years and has been the exei utlve
head for rot for ihe last two years. The
presumption, then-tore, was against him,
bo that the Indisposition to handle him
thoroughly must hate been grounded In
other eonslileralleii than that of his pre
sumable Innocence.
There are two ways In which Mr.
Byrnes has put the committer inidei ob
ligations, and to that degree destroyed
their Independence. Bo put them under
obligations by consenting to help defeat
Tammany Ball, and It Is to be remem
bered that Ihl committee Is llrst and fore
most an antl-Tanimany committer and
came down here for anti-TamiiiHiiy pur
poses. We are not saying thai it was
stipulated that If we would secure an
honest election It should be remembered
111 his behalf, but In ihe very nature of the
ease favors have lo he leclprocated.
"The second way In which the committee
put themselves under obligations to him
was by taking bun Into their conlldence
imil allowing liliu in become confederate
with them In liec.tklm; down the force. To
the degree ill width liny obtained help
fiom Mr. Byrnes, they put themselves
practically under obligations to pioteet
him. Now, I know the language that
Byrnes used touching precisely ihls point
and when I heart! It, I knew that every
thing was -up' so far as a square bivesil
gallon of lilm wns concerned. This ncrrnt
anec of It had moitgaged the committee to
that extent, and one peculiarity f n
mortgnge U that It has to bo paid orf or
".Mr. Byrnes has repeatedly attempted to
!j tin- (-Mine n'l'Ue WHO IIIO fiOCll'iy lOl
lie Prevention of t'llnie, but we have in.
fused to ally outseltes with a mail whom
ive believe to be more thr.n any one man
responsible for the 101111111011 of the de.
p.iiimcnt. If ty had consented lo do what
the liirrstlisatliig committee and Its cniin
sel have done, we should thereby have Mir
leudered our point of vantage, sacrificed
our oiestlge and the I,otv committee
would never have been beard of. We are
not charging the coinmltteo or its counsel
Willi 11 dishonest liitini but they blundeieil
liiul they blundered bally.
"We, of Ihe exrt-utlvn committee, feel
Hint our light durliw Hie past ilnee yen is
has been iri-cniiieiily a contest Willi Mr
Byrnes, lie bus known perfectly well that
our only lutein!,,,, has been to secuie the
enforcement ,,r uw in ,1,1, ,.,v and yet
he has dogged our steps from llrst to last
and has omltied no efforts to discredit us
In thu estimation of the roimiiunlty If
the executive eb-nnut of the police-' ile
piutiiiriit had been able 10 accotmiUsh Us
puipos-e. it would bate crushed Ihe So
ciety for Hin Prevention of Crime: there
would have been uo l.ixow commiitet. and
(Irani would have b.-m mayor to-day in
stead of Htiong. ' '
"While pur agents v.eie making It tin
comfortable for their associates vr
Ilyines lepresented 10 tho police Justices
so the pi ess Informs os that tin. Issuing ,,f
hesmpped." lrr'-'ino,"l,l' I""-"" ot'BlB to
"Mr. Blincs struck at our society In
the urrest of our chief detectlie, .Mr. r.ard'
nt-r. I am licit raising any question here
us 10 .iir. iiarunei-s guilt or Innocence, ,iit
am only say tig that the police department!
ip.ibP red with phenomenal unanimity m
rid Itself or the embarrassment which
pur detective rjee.islc.m-ii them, the super
intendent himself taking a hand In It and
wrenching fiom rilghtened Murrctt (If
Mariit's, testimony cm be trusted) such
Information as ha might bo able to ex-
"iiyrnea hated us and kept tab on us and
tried to make us contemptible In public es
teem by shotting that our agent was levy,
lug blackmail, which, us shown by the
Lexow committee, was precisely what his
agents were doing, and what we aie
obliged to presume he knew his ugents
tv. r.i doing
'Within three days of the abovn ih,-.,.l.
u strin 1: oir so lety another blow by try-
ins to dltcKdlt its president. Unlesa all Jlle I
... i. ...... ....... .. - . ,- ,----
hew spapers of tlml dale I led. he called to
gi Hut th- reporter- and In terms of un
i' tr.1r.1d b:tttrns published to the
wmM a ni.is or bl.ii ksit udim ton nine
the nietlviv id ln wotk. the bnse Inn discs
tint liip'fiil It-nil of whl-li wns solid
in 1 ioni .iipilhle falsehoods 1 am writ
ing tli's without animosity, lull be lied oil
llii sain-, and the otijeet of the lie nits to
brink the power that I wa rticlslm
against the tlrloiisliess of his ih-pntttreiu.
lie made a vile, sneaking InsPuatlon
agiilnsl mt- 'hiireh by saving that le knew
of n Will Iredileti paib that conduct-d tmnt
my vestibule lo a dlsrejullnble tesert. For
low -lived vleloiisness Hint tmmt l c.illv
rhllllrd to tin1 prize, for he has sin "f con
ceded lh.it that ppth wns trodden by one
Indltlillial. and he In no proper sense a
member of my rnimrpgatlnti, nnd the busl
ners card of Hint Indlvld'inl party has come
11110 my possession 110111 .Mr. imes own
hands "
sit. the New orl llltlne Menus Well, but
Is isboiiir.ti
Wllkesbarre. Pa.. Dec. .",1 Hx-l'tillnd
States Senator T. C. Piatt, of New York,
who Is hete t (siting relatives. In nn Inter
view with a reporler for lh- Associated
Press to-night, dl.cttssnl the Itev. Dr.
Piirkliurst and his methods without te
irte. "I opposed Dr. Paikhiirst." said
he, "because I did not think his methods
practical, and because 1 looked upon his
schemes as being tlloiuiry. Hl Idea of n
onr-hcaded police Inrce Is simply absurd,
and would put In the hands of the man at
the bend of that deiiaitment a power that
he might use to the great disadvantage
of the force. HIS Intentions are sincere,
lint they are visionary, and, therefore, or
no use. He has done n gieat deal of good,
of course, but I believe his bend Is swol
len by the llattery of the New York news
papers. Ills Ideas legarditig the snppies
slon of ctlme are no longer suggestions,
but oiders. He Is continually saying
'must,' mid to this, practical men not only
take exception, but they criticise It
itererrlng to the resignation of Superin
tendent Byrnes. Mr. Pint said; "t do not
believe Mayor Strong will accept It. Byrnes
Is too valuable a man to lose, and when
the department Is leorgntilzed, he will be
at lite bead or It. I think."
Mr. Piatt irfusrd to discuss the lecent
atlaeks upon him by a Heptihllcnn news
paper In New York.
Hn .May lie n Plenipotentiary or He May
Br ,Iii-t a M'ftctury.
Washington. Dec. 31. Speculation In
diplomatic circles Is active regarding
the capacity in which General Foster
will figure In the negotiations between
the two belligerent powers, t Is thought
unlikely that lie will take part In the
conference, as lo do so he must be ap
pointed by China as a plenipotentiary,
and doubt is expressed xvhether under
International usages a foreigner could
be appointed a conferreo for cither na
tion. If not commissioned ns a plenipoten
tiary he might be present at the nego
tiations In the subordinate capacity or
secretary, but It Is doubted whether a
diplomat who has been secretary of state
and Fulled States minister to foreign
nations would care to take r. place of an
Inferior nature.
No Information lias been received at
the Chinese legation regarding the em
peror's reported notion in depriving LI
Hung Chang of military authority and
superseding him In command by Liu
Klin Yl, viceroy of Lian Klang. Mr.
Chung, of the legation, said to-day that
he thought it possible tliat the emperor
had relieved the vlcerov for the present
if his civil duties and desired him to de
vote his entire attention to military op
erations. Ho expressed .surprise nt the
How the Trench .Moult (tot thn llrst of a
At a monastery In Southern France, savs
a writer in the Toledo Blade, visltois are
proudly told the story of the exploit of a
monk who was once one of the Inmates of
the convent. The monks belong to a
mendicant order and send one of their
member periodically on exclusions to col
lect the tithes.
The hero of the story had been out on
one of these expeditions, and was coining
back to the monastery, his purse well
filled, when he was attacked In a corner of
tin- wtiod by a highwayman, who pointed
a pistol at his head. The monk submitted
Instantly, crying for mercy and tossing
his poise to the thief, who put it in his
"Ah. "gasped the mok, "tnko It. take It!
But what a wigging the pi lor will give me
If he thinks I made no resistance! If you
nre a highwayman of the line old school
you will certainly do me a favor."
"Certainly." said the thief he was anx
ious to deserve the compliment "any
thing you wish. What is It?"
"I want to prove to the prior that I de
fended myself heroically against your at
tacks.Won't vou please shoot a few holes
through that cloak?"
He pulled off his cloak and threw it
down. The ihlef courteously pointed nls
pistol at it ami piilieu tne trigger, -mere
was no report.
"What Is the matter?" asked the monk.
"1 must own to you," said the highway
man, "the I possess no such coinmudlty
is gunpowder."
W..11 ran are a mieer highwayman.
Then please slash Ihe cloak a little with
your dirk." "I am also destltuto of a
fsnlfe." said the thief. "1 have no weapon
of any kind. I attack none but cowards
and tools."
"You do, eh? exclaimed the monk.
"Then 1 guess I'm us good as you! Come
on'" Ho fell upon the thief and smote
him hip and thigh. When he had made
quite sure the he had beaten thu wretch
Into unconsciousness he reiHisscssed him
seir of the purse and went on his way to
tlie motiusleiy
A l.iil Project.
Detroit Free Picss: A Chicago father
called 011 a St. Louis editor.
"My daughter." he began, "has a pro
ject on fool and" .... , , .,
"It must be a huge one," Interrupted the
editor, and tho Interview ended right thcie,
rou.Mi I.INK.
Oregon fanners ibis year expeilmented
with bomo success In raising tobacco.
The African osttlch has but two toes on
each foot, and one of tbeia lias 110 claw.
Birch li.uk, lacked on with brass nails,
makes a line wall paper for u summer
ITaminailou says that the earth Is cool
ing very rapidly. Kmopo has lost live dcg.
this century.
The bwords of the ancient Moxlcans were
composed of bits of Hint or obsidian, set In
a suck annul tne iciigtii nt un oroiuary
A plug of tobacco furnishes all excellent
Indication ol an approaching change In the
weather. When It is damp the air Is moist
and lain Is probable.
Tim Jewesses of St. Louis hate formed
the Slsteihood for IVisonal Service, a
chaillablo oigunl.alliiii which will care for
tho poor of their own denomination and
educate their chlldicii.
When an Armenian maiden attains her
17th xe.tr and Is no! engaged to bo mar
ried she must uiiiliigo a straiigu punish
ment. SI10 is forced to fast thlcc. days,
then for iweniy-toiir hours her fond Is salt
llsh, and she. is mil pci-initti-il to quench
her thirst.
A combined letter card with a case for
Oliver coins, made of muslin, the whole III
closed In a proper envelope, Is a novelty
lately biought out In Bnglaiid, The coins
do not iiittlu In their enclosure ami the
iletk.i is the best in its lino that lias yet
been invented.
The patent olllce lias lecelved a valuable
inquisition to lis museum In a flic slmllo
copy of the Hi Ht puteiu of 11:1 Invention is
sued n Atactica. It was giaiitid by the
gtneial limit In Boston on March ti, liilii.
Joseph Jeiikes was thu iiateulee, and his
Invention a water wliee).
A bread and butter tice fiom th French
settlement 011 tho (lubooii wus recently
sent to it piofessor nt Nancy to unalyite.
The tree yields a fifty ubst.inco culled
cuy-cay. icseinblliig butter, and a giain
containing W per cenl of fatty matter,
fiom which very iioiii-,lng bread Is inude,
Thu ticu Is uu Jryliitjl.i.
It Is proposed to make the port of Bristol,
I'.ngland, accesnible to trans-Atluntlo ves
sels at all times by damming the river
Atou ut Its mouth and using locks. Ac.
tordiiig to the plans of the, engineers a
constant depth of thirty-two feet can bo
obtained, and tho necessary docks and
bieakwuters constructed for 111,000,000.
It has leceiitly been said by tho czar's
consul general ut New York Ihat there are
about :ii.U) Russians, other than Jews,
litlng In that tlty They aie by fur the
least piomlui-nt clement of tho city's 11011-
iilallou and beem neier 10 bold uny as
kembliiKu or muko any kind or public dein
OllStrUllOll. Till, lillOlu, ,,, r.S ihun. .
onstrutlon. The Li cater niii t nf Then are
cpsj - vU ill thrul4fJ.pAmrUu trade"
The t'lmse County .lender spenks of
having a spray of ''tnlrlctoe" fiom a
Knhn breaks the record ngnln by sen
tencing Sl-yenr-nld Itobrrt Heed, of Mont
gomery county, lo be hnnged.
The exact nnd hT-thoillrnl lloxle Sentinel
lirvrr spenks of Jntk rabbits. It always
says "Jack and Jennry rabbits.
That Senna girl who got so high loned
thnt she spoke of It as "suspending her
ho"r" didn't gel a single thing In It
One of cur exchanges out West, which
fairly feeds upon the delights of Imnrgrry,
speaks of irrigation ns the "burning ques
tion," Itepresctilntlve It M. Painter, of Meade
county, abandoned tho Copel.tnd crowd to
Its fnte on Saturday and went home to
celebrate his silver wedding.
Mls Wilt Just naturally had to do It
when she heard the burring words of .Mr
Wlllluim, of Pnx-lro, nnd Hull's how be
came lo gel 11 biiind new bride for Christ
mas. The llerorder does not (impose that Hell
ion shall be caught it laggard In the quick
match or human progiess, and has started
11 boom ror 11 new Jail wllh steel tells
In It.
The Nelnwiikn Slnr hits been forced to
suspend, and with streaming eyes Kill tor
-Mnybr bows down to that potent and
mysterious power before which all things
niu-t be.
The ladles of Council drove and Hia
watha cling so closely to the traditions of
the glamorous past that they ore publish
ing usis 01 inose who ttiirreceivo on .ncw
Yhh's day.
Mr. Krogutoe l a picture dealer out, ot
Belleville, and we thus learn that even so
small n thing as the lettel "g" tnny un
dermine and prosttote the pillared temples
of consistency.
Professor l.elbach Is mistaken. Thnt wns
not a corona he thought lie saw about th"
planet. Mercury. It was the truck left by
13d lloch when "I hung my Ideal on 11 star
and loft It there."
Judge flrlnstnnd, of Lane county, the
only min In the Itepubllcan party who enn
scotch the whlskernl munition of Senator
Peffer, was among the politicians at head
quarters this week.
A young married lady In Peabody called
at the butcher shop the other day and left
an order for "two pounds or slaughter
house steak" with all the nonchalance of a
largely experienced matron.
Hovernor Morrill will say In his message
that he thinks Kansas has entirely too
ninny officers nnd olilces. This will be dis
tressful news to the boys wno nre figuring
on a liydra-headed It ligation department.
Mr. Bwlng Herbert, who Is close enough
lo the throne to know, says Hoveruoi-elect
Moirlll has received 1.110 letters flom men
who do not apply for any particular olllce,
but say they aio willing to take just any
thing ut all.
13dltor James Jones, of the Hussell Itec
ord, spent Inst Sunday In Hiawatha and
occupied a sent in Oovernor Morrill's Sun
day school class. Ho Is now entirely recon
ciled to folding his lily-white hands and
going aloft to Join the cherubim.
Captain George c. Speny. who has been
chief clerk In the olllce of the superintend
ent or telegraphy ror the Santa IV, at To
peka, has accepted the position of superin
tendent of telegraph on the Mexican Cen
tral, with headquarters In the City of .Me.-
The rival candidates for speaker have
pooled Issues on the one proposition that
an eagle eye must be kept on Judge lleek
111. in, ot Arkansas City, to the end that ho
does not Introduce any of that Cowley
county hypnotism in working up ids own
speakership interests.
The While Cloud Hlobe tells ot n news
paper man over there who got a check for
ti'i the other day and, when the bank cash
ier told him he miut Indorse It before it
could be cashed, he turned It over and
wrote n the back with big. round, eager
hand: "I hearth) ' iiiclorse this check."
If Beprcsent.itlve -Moss succeeds, in get
ting his compulsory Keeley cure bill
through the U-glSlatiire. Dr. Keeley will
have to altur his present syslem of giving
a patient nil the whisky he wishes or there
will arise a class of chronic culprits who
will knock all the prollts out of the busi
ness. A lG-yrnr-old toy and a 1.1-year-old girl
eloped from near Seneca lust week, and
the gay entailer rode av.ny with his lady
love on a pillion behind him a though ho
had got all of the romantic detail out of
one of Ingoldsby's legends. And down in
Missouri they found a parson who was
willing to mniry them.
Commenting on the fact that 'f!ene Ware,
the Kansas poet, lives In nn JlS.Oefl house,
the Wichita Hagle musingly comments that
Milton sold "Paradise Lost" for SIC
Well, to Kansas people who live in the
sweet and wholesome presence of singing
birds mid incensed marigolds, there is that
much difference In the poets.
John K. Wright, whose name Is the first
word lisped by the lips of every Central
Kansas babe, was In Topekn on Saturdny
nnd confided to a few friends that It wns
his COth birthday. The iflth of December
has In other ways been honored. The
Mst birthday of John J. Ingnlls falls
on that day, as also the birthday of Will
lain F. Oladsione, the grand old man of
l-3nglnnd. (Hailstone was K.
There Is a Populist editor out In West
ern Kansas who is wasting one or the lin-
est mathematical minds the wiirlil luirt eve
produced. Dining the recent campaign
against the money power he figured nut
that IT the thirty pieces or silver for which
Judas sold Christ had been put out at C
per cent Interest. It would now amount to
!il,H'iJ,fi.riiiii,0(io.ioo,nfM),fi(ici,tiOii.i), and now be
has again added to the vital Information
of the world by pin suing the late of human
birth until he llnds on Christmas day 10o,MM
mothers made themselves presents of new
born babes.
Mrs. Lease Is "blooded." That is to say,
she is determined to have the very best that
Is going, and never boards around with
the brethren, like some of the statesmen
prpdmeil by the Populist uprising. During
me nisi camiiaigii sne was inviieu to speak
at Kansas Oily, Km,, and while there she
nut un ill the best hotel, as the guest of ihe
Popullt committee. This hill the cominlttte
has tailed to pay. and when word of it
reached Colonel .Molly on her return lrom
California she went down there and paid
It like a mini herself, and then devoted
llfteeii minutes to rcl.vlng.what she thought
of small-souled, uickel-plnchlng men who
pretended to play thetnseltes for politi
cians. The shoitage of County Treasurer Dick,
of ICUsworili county, has increased, until
In round iigtires It is now fsl,tim. The
shrinkage of values In the properly of the
bondsmen hns been such, says the He
porter, th.it not much cm be lecovered
from them, and no trace of Dick has been
found. Bo fooled an expert who had been
employed to examine his books a few
months ago in great shape. He had re
ceived Ji",.Cun in taxes from the Union Pa
cllie railroad, but had not cre-dlted it on
the tax lolls. This money he nut Into his
safe to make good certain deficits In va
rious minis, aiiu .tir. Lxpert found there
every dollar the books called for. and nt
once gave out the report that Mr. Dick
was as pure as the driven sno-.v. Later on
the railroad company turned up with a re
ceipt. llrci'kiiirldge's rl111111el.il Troubles,
Cincinnati, O., Dee. 31. Tho case of W. C.
P. Breckinililge to recover the receipts
levied upon at his lecture last Thursday
night was lost by Ihe congressman to-d.iy.
(iistaviis A, Mercer, who levied on the re
ceipts for his sei vices in taking depositions
in tho pollard case 11 year ago, was sus
tained. It Is stated that Breckinridge's
receipts have been small at other points
and hete ho lust all. .Manager Bollen
berger claims the receipts and will replevin
them from Mercer.
Mrs. George B. Peck, wife of the distin
guished Santa Fe lawyer, has entirely lost
her sight as one result of her grave Illness.
Tho Kansas supreme court will convene
nt ! o'clock oil Wednesday morning with a
docket piled ns high ns the late lb-publican
majority In Pennsylvania.
While It ti a fact that a truce has been
declined for the liiaiigiir.il ball there is no
basis for the rumor that Harney Kelly and
Annie L. Itlggs will lead the grand march.
Topeka has decided to give a charily
ball early In Jununry. A charity ball Is
one of those expensive things which com
pels a man to cut down thu wages of his
w 01 king people In order to play even,
Topeka has a man who vowed never lo
enter the state house so long as It con.
tallied a Populist, ami now he is consulting
tho seers and prophets to llnd out if that
bort of a vow has Jurisdiction over thu In.
migiirnl ball.
Mr. Pimeiman. of Kansas Oltv. tvhn w.is
In Toneka on Satiirday.lnformed his fi lends
that he was not candidate for anything,
which is a good ileul better than being
under nun In this, harrowing contest for
railroad commissioner.
Governor Lewc-llliig will return to tho cap
llol on Wednesday morning with the man.
uscrlpt of his completed message safely
lucked under his, arm. Written us It was
under the cyclonic. Influences of Wichita
there is Just no telling what storms it may
The students of Washburn college an.
nouiice that some time in Fcbrmry they
will present a Greek play, "The KIcc
tra of Sophocles." But alas um alack, they
propose to render It la the King's Finnish
01 Ischial so delightful to the Kansas yeo
iiiunry. However, they promise to wear
togas and haberdashes and excallbres alul
things which will be all Greek to the au-
lINri -
You may tnlk about lot.r dntir iig
And your mm'.- Ili.t Csenlrancln
And a-snlllng in a wi.l, delicious whirl.
But n chnss -x notvii the middle
To the scralilne or n fiddle
Is ecstatic with x pretty (leotgla girl.
I hate heird about the praises
Of tho dreumv wutulng mazes,
That's the fashion In your fnncy kind of
Hut If you w'nnt to measure
A terplscliorrnit pleasure
Swing a corner w.lth a Jolly Georgia, glrb
Get your partner for the lancers.
Don't you mind the way she answers.
Nor the way she shakes that saucy little
curl. , ....
Balance all! Now you're In It! ,
That's Ihe way you musl begin It,
If you wish to swing n buxom Georgia g rl.
Atlanta Journal.'
In a long thawing room It Is an object to
decorate the wall space on the side opposite
the mantel, or to arrange turnltiirc in such
a manner as to 'break up the stiff parallel
ogram. One method of doing this Is to
place a sofa at right angles to the wall
lacing the front of the room, .and a 5
o'clock tea table diagonally in front of that.
Agiln, It may be a plant stand holding a
lariilniere, or a palm, or a group of plctlues
suriounding n large central one. with .1
handsome table below. A tapestry paint
ing, large and showy, may take the nlaeu
of honor tin the wall. A cluster ot chairs
around a table upholding unique brlc-a-brae,
or small works of art, tvlli serve the
same purpose, or a pedestal upbearing it
Parian bust or a statuette. It should seem
to be nnturully pdaced in that position, and
should serve to attract tho attention of
guests while waiting for the cutrunce of
the house mistiess.
"In buying buying cheese for an ordinary
famllv of six." says -Mrs. Borer, "buy ellher
a pineapple or un Kdnm; iney will keep
all winter. If necessary. Then buy a pot of
Iloqtiefort and a tumbler of "club house
cheese. Keep them In a cool, dry place and
they will last until used. In this way you
may hate a vailuty at a little expense."
Conductor "How old are you, little girl?"
Little Oltl "If the company doesn't ob
ject, 1 prefer to pay my own fare and keep
my own statistics."
William." mild Mrs. Yoitngwlfe, from tho
head of the stalls, lo her husband, who
had come home at an early hour In tho
morning, " there is some of my homemade
cake In Ihe pantry, a new kind that I niailo
to-day. 1 put it where you can easily llnd
"All right, clenr," responded Mr. Young
wife; 'how ciiu-lilerate of you. I might
ante eaten smile 01 II tvitnoilt tlllllKlllg.
And the grateful husband made a supper
of cold beef.
Marquetry, though limited In quanlltv on
account or Its costliness. Is one of thu 'llrst
ornamentation of furniture. The Inlav
may be of inother-of-j.carl, gilt bronze,
woods of contrasting colors, exquisitely
painted china, the precious metals, tortoise)
shell, so-called -Jewels," that Is, bits ot
richly colored glass; Wedgewood ware and
other pcittery. The results In cabinets,
s debpards, pianos, tables and other aril
cles have a value proportionate to tlulr ar
liMlc success. At the Centennial exposi
tion iwo or three American linns rivaled.
In this line, the best work of thu Old World
It requires exceeding pLtlence and delicacy
of manipulation on the part ol trained
"My wife." said young Mr. l-'itts to a
group ot others 01 his ilk, "takes It as nn
Insult to her sex If 1 make unkind reran! ks'
about any other woman, and as'an Insult
to herseir if 1 make kind 'ones. What the
duece s a fellow to do?
The oldest 111,11 1 led man in tho party ad.
vised him to do nothing. Indianapolis Jour.
One of the new neck fixings, that bor
rows most prominently lrom spacious
Llizaliethan times, licgins with a close gor
get of tur that Incloses a throat ruche of
chiffon as while and full as was Queen
Bess own says the Chicago Times. The
collar Itself, which, by way of Illustration.
s.i is ermine, ine.isuies from top to bottom
at the back, Its widest limit, ten Inches,
seven being ubove and tliiee below what
eons, tutes Ihe dividing line between tho.
throat and shoulder.-. The upper port on
fillies sllllieienlly to give ease to tile Ilea
and allow the lnlde niche to keep ive
over the collar tup. The lower three Incite"
lie perfectly smooth ami piojecng below
' .IS.1" i' ,:. ''..I" "KHjn Is a
" '"""""I pint ui mo cniifon.
f,0' ,,,lI0li!nR",lmosl remcmbeied about
George Pea .) Weimoie, United Slates
senator from Bhode Island, Is that his
wife, while at lloniliiirg, was Invited by
the Prince of Wales to meet him at lunch
eon and irfused. It is said that the 1 rlnc.i
""V,""1' .", "',11'''' "'"l directed tha "ho
should not be presented ut court.
' . i'V.?. . Mt." .!'' ""V made, of naiht.
... nun, silillieu MUD nowers, Hhlrll aio
ine newest thing in te-a tables this vt.1P
Is square nnd consist of two wood" J iravs
mounted on four spludlo leg", the u.mer
liny having an oval'apertui. a either c id
o that It can be carried across ih! .!'
Hm.UI oblong clotlis c-jrefully ueasurcd so
us 10 lit Into the trays will b" ic"de tS
r.ouriJ6oua!eu,''ae -:; "&
my Vo'mllcaiTnlr0'1' "" when
M'r'i:"H ." UWay lulckl'- "ere "mes
Well, what's the matter with her?" was
my liuiulry. ' was
"She's a calamity howler."
"A what'"
"Shi iihe i hasn't seen us. Ah! she's gon
down the other aUle and we'te safe "
"But what's a calamity howler?"' ouerie.i
I, for I thought it must buT ,uw sec.t.ei ke
the Diuikards no '' there, iileise-1 .i,2
Shakers, or boniethlnc of 1 iT.'. . i,...f e l "10
"Why, she's ultyays talking or her illnitj
es and her bad iueft. if he lin'i ck hJj
self, she has a relative, ,0" mend 'whj !
And you get etery , detail, too. Then. If ft
isn't Illness, her husband has Veen tin.
appetite win her lues of woe. But h
ate enough for both, I noticed Good u'r.l
c ejus, thtrre sho Is again; eri run' bra
... -... . -. - .. u.t,.. ni ,ni-
1 1 111 1 HrM
iill!i'"l"'',.t.u!:? ',.,n,?,,"'iJ. fT holding
vr .x in inn in une or iini .irtt mi
dltlons to the willing table. A box ? -ay
Is used for holding even-thing 1 eVled fir
sealing mid stumping letters. Kniill pocket
canes are also provided tor Irave- big not
arger than an ordinary cigarette Cibe,' and
jet holding matches, wax and all nt-ceasart-I
1 llgs lor letter se.-.llni. .,. '..'!. ...''
-in" iiuvei e.111.
papmvei,, f'Honietlmes ''" 'ff wSlrlf ft
placed In the heart of a daisy or an 11 chid
or a hyacinth in- a blue bell, when heso
Powers are to be used for paper "jits
baud of somebody else, and mere ' 1st", a
gleam of hope unywlicro fcr anybody. 1
asked her to luncheon one day. and 1 dot
el. ire In vnn lie, ihu ...t. ..' T tli ..' u'
iiis ttswc eru Hscwder,

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