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iiw ' "&iw.i "-nwn!jfrwt:th,'rt,v'4-y?y'
vmtK or tiii: mi:m iti.it1 oi'iiidkan
hS 011V IIOUI.l.Ml cum. '
T. t Itrtl Cirrlnl Oft llio Honors In Class
. unit . Itlntrcr AVullin I niter
In Lluss It tii-Mttrrnn'n
lllir Minnl.
The roll of last rrlilny cloed th( yynr
of the Klifis City IIoivIIiir Club, lilul
Sc-tr-lnry Hilly Wntoii, li.ivltis completed
Hi J ollldnl nvernRr for the vpnr, the
mcHls hnve born mvnrilctl In clan A ntnl
cla" II. "llie ieores mule showed .t Rrent
Improvement over tlioe of 1S93, nti cvlilenoo
of the f m t lint n lirKf mimttor of pro
Hi lent bonier hna lieen developed In
3van-n "'lt This city lim noiv come to
In one of th,o lemllnR liovvlliiir points In the
countrv, nml much of the proKrrM which
lias hi en mnilc In due to the Kansas Cll
Howling Club, which Is the pioneer or
canlz.itlon. In c) is A thli eur the llrt honors
vvrro won by T. U. Hell, with u Kdi"rnl nv
crasc of 1C9 for Jlfty fratnev, an 1 a meiliil
uveraije of 1". The tnednt average, It
Fhould lie explained, I Insed on tvventj
Jle of the lilKheit Rainci rolled by any
member of the club during the eur. Where
n number did not roll twcnlv-llvu i;inu
lie 13 not Riven u mednl nveniRc It. II
ltrley was n. tloo second In class A, with
ii Kuier.il niram nf Hit, and n mednl
mrraite of HI. It M. Dickson imi thlnl
for tbe nievlnl with an nveriRo of 180. and
J. It lteif was fourth with 171. Of those
who did not bowl enough Kimes to net n
me lal average, A. Judnh was llrst with u
rencril axcriiRe of IM for nineteen R,itne
Charley Nlehols and (' 11 I.ainliert rr
next to him with a Rcner.il aenii:e of ICi
each Uli'M n men In cl.ns A Rot u medil
nverajc and sevin Rot a general uveniRe
In rln It, V. V. llleper won the inert it,
with a nied.il imiaRp nf I'D I Talorwas
M-eonil with HH, mid (IcorRc Itoblit was a
closo third with 107. Hobbs made the best
Kcneml aeraRe, lunliiR ICO In tvvenl-d
frames, which kmvi hltn third place In the
entire club on Rentr.il iivenm' Seven
lasi 1! howler" obtained a medal average
iiiii! nineteen pot .iifcneril nveriEf tnl
With to-dai's tnid.il roll the dull In-
nuRiiratcs the ".enoti of 185 It lm been
dccldeJ In future to howl the n Kiil.itlon
tournament game of Unity frames iach
week, Instead of tn frames ns
has been the rule In retofore. There
will be it meetlr.R of the club mhelil
at the (Irand alios to-tlij, at which some
proposed change In the rules RuvernliiR
the vvecklj rolls or the club will be dis
cussed and determined upon.
rollowliiK Is the complete record for the
j car Just clos"d.
Gem ral Jledal
Name. Games. Ami irc. Aer.ii;c.
T. r. Hell ro ira isi
JI. II. farley 51 ICI 1M
It. M. Dickson 4') ICI W)
J. Ilee( :.C ICI 171
W Nichols AS f'! PjS
Dr. Dale 41 lVi ll-S
f. .1. Smith :S V,i V.I
JC. Maler ID 1W 1"
V. Iteehner -C I'd V2
J Carroll Ji 11C 152
W. i:cilnRhant ... .". 1IJ It.'
A. Jurt.ih I'' 11.S
C. Nichols It, Ki
C i: I, unlit n, 2- Ki
0. f lllll H 15J
Sim L'nderwood ... i III
1M IIIcl.in.in 1". HI
J, Undeiwood .... IS ISO
(enor.lI Jledil
Name Games. A emtio. Am nee.
V. V TtleRCr n ICI ISO
('. Talor 20 1U1 K.S
G W Hobbs 2C lu" P,7
1. T.cty 'h IVt It. t
i:. It 1'edert'On JC 117 I'm
J. lllitek K 137 141
J Ilubliird 2C 110 141
i: htanslleld 23 r,7
It S nillntt 7 fiO
i; J nccker 21 14J
J Callahan 1", m
1'. J Jin s J 1)7
A. Mulligan 21 111
C AV Stockton .... 17 in
N Hrathlleld IS in
tV. hmith . ... 18 in
V. S Hilllwell . . Ii, no
t' liennutt Id 110 .
J"1 Sluson 1C 137
II. H l'rtston ' lo
It Slater 1 jj)
G Wi"wn 7 US
.1 -Whitfield 21 U7
II I. Kilt. JI j.-,
G II farter 1 li!
J. Iiurko S 113
Teiun Cipt iliu d lij r. ,i. Smith. i:l Illtk-
iuuii mil (.inrgn Mm km II win
Cmittt for ii Mipptr.
Hterj )cai ihe shooters of K insis Clt
ret together mil ehou"i uji ttams to eon
test for a bl- ir.mii 'uppir This Is the
jolm t mm of 111" Ji ir with tin shuoteis
aiwl Is look.d foiward to with muii) pleas
ant aniii Ipitlons To-morrow has been
llvil us the date or til.' annual shoot this
eai ami Ihe grounds at Washington paik
AMU be the frcene of the tonillet This )ear
the reboot will be tondiieied upon a dif
ferent j,l in fiom that ROM-rain fornur
fliocs The (.hooters will be dltuled Into
thi i inms innte.ul of two and the two
low. i I inn will unite in banqueting the
winnine u un on Satuida, Junuar) 12.
at a pla e lo be d Ided upon 1 tier. The
lowst ttiim will bear CO per cent of the c
penso an 1 the seeond lowest learn will pay
4) per ten!
The captains who have chosen up the
three trains .ire V J .Smith, of the Kansas
CI'j Gun Club, llcoige Ktuikwel, of the
bte. 1. arils Gun Club, and lid Illekm in. of
the O K Gun Club They met jesterd.iy
nf'ernoon and m lee ted tin Ir te itus, with
the number of birds allowed ach shooter,
a& foiluwb
Smiths team f. J Smith (captain), S,
Otorgt hehnder, S, I). S. Gorrten, 7, Louis
i:irhut 7, J II Oiirkce, C, v. S Ilalli
xvell 7 ' I' K.ildwln, 7; II. J. Means, 7.
S h Millitt G. .Sun Vndeiwood. 0, J
"tung j J P I'.illlhdii. 5, Loroy Overlj,
C, I. J lieekcr, "; John OUndei, 1, Will
iam I J iMs, 2
Steokwell's team George Stoeknell (c.ip
mln), S. J K. Gulnotte, t, W. K. i:crlng
liam, 7, it K CampbWl, !, J, f. J.irkson,
C, IM Sweeny, u; H M Wfht, 7, Itohert
Ilarse, 7 W II. Km tell, 7, Chailcs 51111s,
h, J frv. 6. C. W. Stoekton C, Lon Nui
ter 5 Kd ,SeoUlc, 0, Ken lialdwtn, j, Mike
I!i e 2
III kman's team HI Ulekmnn (e-aptain),
S, Lou Vooihecs, 7, G I! Orr, 7, C, S Gott
lieb, t, II II l'rtston, C, J. V. Knot he, i,,
(lejiv Romans, 0, Dr. C. ltien, 6, I)
Williams, 0, (1 N. Walden", c, c, ji,
Gordon u John Nangle, C, J W.Mil'urdy
r J W Ward, Si W. W. Hall, 1, J. a
AhUlch. 2
It lus been agreed betwe'n the captains
that Instiiu! of nn ptrion shooting for un
absept member of iliher te.un the shooter
who does not show up will be erudlttil with
wi many birds, Urn number of which for
each shooter In all thu tiams has ulreadj
been agited upon. The uhoot will begin
promptly ai V) o'clock to-moriow morning
mid the captains ibslre to mge upon all
the shooters the neceksiij of being on the
grounds as early as possible, ( all the
hooters wait until uftemoon to shoot It,
nlll bo Impomlble to get through In one
luy. It bhould bo undi rnood that ,inj
member of the teams whu is not pietm
will Iki iharo'td with hlk iorilon of the- ex.
jnrc of the banquet whether he shoots or
not, all the uliootcis haxing signed an
in;rre-!ii nt to that eittet
Ciplaln J II, McGee has been (.elected to
act ai uftree of the shoot.
fim tlrleiuia liners.
New Orleans, Jan. 3. Twent -third day
Crtsfent City Jockey Club wlntir meeting
leather cloudy and cold; track heavy,
attendance fair
first race .Selling; five furlongs. Wal
terTalbert, JOl (J, Hill), to i, v,on a
gallop by sl lengths; Imp. Pomegranate,
105 (I'eiin), S to I, tecond; Sidcjn.llO (Har
old), S to I, third. Time, 1 07V.
Second rate Selling; ono mile, Jlrake.
man, ltd (A Claton), 5 to 1, won-easllv;
Grey IJukc, 113 (It. Jones), even, becond,
llenrj Owsley, 10J (Haiold), 10 to 1, thlid.
Time. 1-53.
ytUd race Hamllc.ii; Jive furlongs. D.
Wd, 114 (.MK'urt, in !o t. won; TrMf, 107
(Warren). 10 In I, Re on I Alny (Jnreii, 101
(A 'in)ton)M to ."., third Time. 1 07
fourth rni r SelllnR, Mt furlongs Adah
1., bX) (Cassiti) to 1 won, Miss Mamie
x;(J lllll), 3 to I, seeond, Dearest, 107
tl,elh), It to S, third. Time. 1 51.
fifth rare-Selliim, six furlong (lunrdi
lo7 (A. t'HJton), s to 5, woni ?am farmer,
las (.1 lllll), 3 lo 1, setnml; I'm olet, 110
(Thomas), lo to 1, third. Time, 1 2i
On Nett lui'.iliv Hie I'npulnr ItiKiball
Magn lli' Will Mid Ml. M Utile
lit itiil. itt I III. (It..
An lins bein known to n innnbrr of hl
liitlmnte friends for some time, .tiinies It
.Mniinlnp, the popular malinger and sei
nml Iiiki limn nf the lanas Clly lllne,
will, on next Tiiodny in lining, be milted
In marriage to Miss Mamie Dennis, daugh
ter of Mi and Mrs. W lllltm Dennis, of Ml
Holmes strict The cwemou will take
place at SI Patrick's thureh, ami will bu
perfurnied b Itev fathet l.lllls
The bride to be Is a lovely ntid an inn
pINied Voting Imlv, nml Is n rioter of
frank Dennis, treasurer of the Kansas
Clly llliie. Matiugei' Mannliig will leach
Knusnn City frum his home In fall lllver,
Muss, to'da oi to-mormw After the
wedding Mr and Mr Manning will lenvo
for an fastein trip, after which they will
make Kansas Clly tlnli permanent home
.Malinger Manning feels that all his liusl
nes Interests are Identlllid with Kansas
City now, and In fiitute he luldids to llvu
.nn f riiiie'lsi'ii Itnres.
Sin fratulsco, Jan 3 A siliky track
kett the gtioil bursts In their stables to
day nml all Ihe rnim were contested by a
veiy oidln.li' lot
first rate five furlongs; selling. Melan
Ita, 1(0 (Catr), C to ii. won; Gussle, 103
ISIiaw), !) to 5, seeond; St. Urandon, 10J
(llemiissj), I to 1, third. Time, 1 10iJ
Seeond race live furlongs, filling llrl
fast, 105 (I arr), even, won, S.ungoa, 110
(Hill), 7 to 1. second, Little Tough, 101
(fljnn), 5 to 1. think Time, 1 m
Third race five furlongs; selling. Liw
vei, w (Chum), i to 10, won, Conde, 101
(McAtilllTe), 15 to 1, second, The Judge, 101
(Shaw). ;o to 1, third. Time, 1 03'j
l'oui tit r.u i Suv en furlongs, Filling
Ileall itloli, to (flynn), 2 to 1, won, Itt d
Glen, "5 (Choi n), o to 5, ncond, fnthiis
lam, 103 (Cmr). 4 to 1, thlnl Time, 1 r.7
fifth race I'lve furlongs; s-clllng. I'lim
nndn, 101 (Carr), 2 to 1, won; Chemuck, M)
(Ciiorn), 2 to 1, second. Miss Kuth, 91 (Ivln
ue), C to 1, third. Time, 1 10
Muillsoii ltestilts.
St. Louis. Mo, Jan 3. f list nc(-KeII-Ing,
live and one-lii.lt furlongs, uiven
Golden won, J. II Mc , second, Jennie S.,
thlnl lime. 1 i'
sjcond rate Selling; live nnd one-half
furlongs. fdvvln won, Altnlr, second;
Granilvievv. third. Time, 1.11.
Thlnl i.ice Selling, six furlongs Tim
fljnn won, Imposter, second, Capulln,
thlnl Time, 1 IS
fourth lace Selling; live and ono-halt
fin longs John llerkly won; .Ccrobus, sec
ond; Heads oi Tails, third. Time, 1.11.
fifth race Selling, one mile. Pat Wood
cock won; Stwanee, second, National,
third. Time, 1 15
1 ri d Iltuy I, nt s to I tirope.
New York, Jan. 3 four npiesentatlve
pigeon shots were to have nlled for llu
rope on the Majcstlt Prank Wink, IMg ir
Murphj, I. S Thompson and Pled Hoey
were going The hid imppetl out their
plans, nnd dreamed of big winnings Tloy
was the nnlv one of the quai tette who
finally concluded to go Ilnitmnn .t Hub
bud deellntil to Uve .Murphy a leave of
absence. 'Work and Mr Thompson found
that business would detain them, o Hoey
started alone Aftnr some pielimlniry
work In fngland bo will go to Monte
Ttelmoiit Uuw ling Club.
At the weekly loll oi tho Itelmont Ilowl
ing Club, held on the ltojal ullejs list
evening, the following sroits weie made:
Strikes. Spires. Tot il
Wlnlcy ! 9 4i".
Norton !) 7 415
I'eterson 7 i 130
focley S 7 427
Coveit 5 401
Starrctt S 5 12)
Gent 7 2 l.'ii
Sorn n 7 3'C
Muiphy 0 ID 3S!
Coleman 2 5 S.'J
I Up Mmrllng Sntt
Stakes allied .it ?50,0o0 will be riven nt
both the August and October meetings at
Tcne Haute
'Ihe Uoston capitalists who were plan
ning to build a blcjele track havo aban
doni d tho scheme-
The Toronto Hasebnll Club has signed
Pitcher frank Southaid, who was with
Heading, Pa, listjcar.
Hob Wrenn, the tennis plaMr, miy be
come the second basemen of the llarvaid
college baseball team net jcir.
'Shadow" Mabtr, tho Australian welter
weight, has Issued a challenge to light the
winner of the Dempsey-Hjun bout to a
llnlsh for a sldti bet and purse.
Pert Wood Abbes, one of Chicago's
plti hers, was mauled ut llurllngton, VI,
Dei embei 31, to Miss Annls Lucv Ishani
The couple will reside lit Springfield Mass.
''Bills" Alum, tho lightweight pugilist,
Is out with a challenge to light any 113
pound boxer to a llnlsh foi a stake of $500
or Sl.OtX) a sldo und the largest purse, of
fered J. c Knovvles, of the Kings County
Wheelmen, who has riddin 7,000 miles
Blnce Mnieh 1, inoposes to continue tiding
until Mnnb 1, IVJ.', In o.der to cover, If
possible, 10 000 miles
Ono of the best nil lound athletes tint
Yolo has ever hid was C M. GUI, famed as
a football plajei, o.iismnn and runner,
live Mais igo To-dny, Gill, who lias he
roine a tieigyinau, and Is now at W'est
moie, Vt , Is a e indidate to go nil a nils,
hionarj to China or Afiica,
The contest botween Boston and Asbiny
l'ai k for the I. A W national moot Is be
coming Intrusting Sleillng flllott's le
fusal to inn foi the pr.'sldincj is legariled
ns an Indication that the Massnihusetts
division will p. i j no attention to tho hutei,
but us,, all Its energies (n an eifort (o get
the inett Tho Nhw Joisey mm contend
Unit as lloston has held the meet In prov
Ions M?irs, htr chiiiin next jcur lor e
tuilng the event Hhniild be very good.
Plelsrhmiinn iK. Sou will hnve one of the
most formldiblc stnbhs oji tho tmf inNt
season Snugly quartirtd 111 the new and
elegantlj tqulpptd stnlda. at the Oakley
trail., the horses .no wlnteilng well Colo
nil fit Im Iiniunu has mude a hundred en
tiles in tin sluing stakes at Oikley, nnd,
with hihIi grnnd iirformin us Pi luce of
Munniu, Hay S. St Jullen, St Maxim,
benella and a number of royally biod 2-jeai-olds,
the (-table is suit) to piovo an
Imptiitant fiutor In AVustern rating next
It Is undci stood that Pied I'feffer Is to
be given anothi i ihauee b (he nation il
ngneinent tonimlttn. to get within the
National League fold Mr. Hj rue, of
IlruiiklMi who Is a meinber nf the com
mittee, was Ubked by frltnds of Pfi ifei on
1 ijdny If uimtbi r anil niore titlsfactor
statement b the gnat i-ecoml baseman
would ruceivu unslderatlon In reply, Mr
llsrno said- 'Any itatemint that Mr
Pfefier may dffclie lo make will iccilvc
(iiurul intuition Wo cannot piomlfco that
our decision will bo levelled, as wo do net
know that am thing ilso he ma) hive to
say or write will tend to clear him of th
charges lllcd with tho hoarl, but himtelf
und his friends can rest assured Unit a
direful and patient hearing would be ac
corded him and un Impartial decision
i:,lll. MOIiMMi ItllWh.
One Man Uji IIU Sialp I.ild Optu mid An
cjt lie rt'li Mithlutl.
In Sun Jordan's saloon on Thlnl near
Main blreet, early this morning, William
Ilulllngton attempted lo stub Chailes
Davis, but the latter knocked him down
with jl blow on thu head from a poker, A
wound -!x tnehtb lonf was- produced. .
At iiu und Grand avenue, ubout 130
o'elo k rrilay morning, Sam Walkcr wus
stabb, t i tie left bhlu by acorge lrj'ju,
Jim .um. vvad not ttrlous.
vi:siihn MSi:i sTiititr.t) lv of:it
AN i:.STi:it. t'lltt'l'LAlt.
The "Irellng nt ('blragi) Pegging Awty tn
Sfttlf simit'tliltig-l ailing Off In In.
glue mid Cur Untitling "until
I e Morlilinlders.
Clilcnk-n, Jan. ,1 A circular Itistlirited
lt tile Clintitl Tulnk lint been Issued by
the New llnglnml Passenger Assoclu
Hun tigltiilltifr llie W'cstoni ronils not n
little. It declnroi tlml tho Wcslern
loads linvo uceciloil lo the domnnils of
the Caiiaill.iti l'aclllc for illlTcreiillals
fiotn the lerrltoiy of the Trunk line to
Hint of Trnnscontllieiitnt lines without
giving; tliem notice In tiny way or titlfivv
lug them to hnve any voice tu Hie mut
ter. The Western roniU declare that
they have done nothlmr of the kind
They claim that (hey lime never al
lowed the Citnntllnti P.iclllc any differ
ential nt nit, but that Hint line liai
taken them, nml nobotty up lo this
time lint taken the trouble to make the
Canadian Pacille show cause why It
should have tliee differentials. The
pal titular point which prods the West
em lines Is that the lloston lilies which
have slKiicd the clictil.tr have tilt along
had In their r.ite sheet illlTetentlnls to
the Cnnadliiu Pacille far In excels of
those they claim tint Hie Western loads
had no right to grant the Canadian
Thu gencr.il meeting nf tho Western
lines com until nKulii this morning- to
tnke up the question of the Trnmcontl
ncntnl Passenger Association. The mut
ter of lifting the bojeott ftum the Union
l'aclllc was lefciicd to it sub-committee
composed of all the thus Inleiested, nnd
It will repoit to the general meeting at
the conclusion of Its vvoik. The matter
of giantliig differentials to the Cannill.ui
rat lie was lefeired lo the uuvisoty
committee of the Htnlgiiint Clearing
house, which will In this Instance net us
a nub-committee to the general meeting,
The tioublis between the Southern P.i
clllc and the Atchison Weie referred to n
committee consisting of C5enei.il Passen
gui Agents fustls, of the Huillngton,
and Goodman, of Hie Southern Picllle,
and Passenger Tr.illle Manager White.
of the Atchison il Is not expected Hint
any of these committees will leport be
fore to-moirovv afternoon, and they may
be later than that In doing; so.
m:w I'.vss A(iiti:i:ui:.NT. '
Copies of it lloielvid lij I.oi ll Agents A
Willi. Spot III It.
The new- piss ngrecment for s"5 has
been sent out and coplis of It came to
Kansas Cltv jestcrday and engaged tho
attention of the lot.il passeimer men. It Is
perhaps the strictest ngieement adopted
In minv jears, although there Is a loo'o
place In it, and It will probibly not serve
the purposes of such nn agreement better
th in omo Instruments cf similar character
in force in the pist
It pi o Ides for the establishment of an
executive commiltee, to bo composed of J.
W Mklglev, chalrmin, nnd two of the
mintglng offlcira of terminal lines nt Chl
eago St Louis, Kansas Cltj, Houston,
Cinnl a. St. Pud -ind Mich other cities as
may brt necessary, to be selectrd by lines
terminating nt said places It Is provided
lh.it all applications made to the subordl
nite committees shall be referred to the
geneial eh ilrtnin before they shall be
gianttd The following Is the most com
prehensive geneial paragraph of the new
iigreement "In gi nernl, the policy shall be to decline
the IMiuice of annual or time passes to
agents oi conductors of connecting lines,
or mcmbcis of their families, excepting
when rtqiustfd by the piesltlent, vice pies
ldi nt, g ni ral manager or gem ral i-uptrln-l.inltnt
to reiiiesentatlves of htrcet or
cable railway lompinlis to rcpieaenta
llves, of foielgn lines occupjlng the posi
tion of coal sales agents or coal agents,
or those engaged In other eommeiolal busi
ness, and to lepresenl.itlves of refrigera
tor, tank line and other private car com-,
pmtes, not ovvm 1 or contiolled bv rallioad
companies liu-lness nun oi shippers or
those In position to Influence business, hhall
not be furnished liansportitton as bonds
men or as directors in local or auxiliary
companits, noi shall Mitppers of any kind
be placed on the pay rolls of either com
pany pirty hen to, for the puipose or with
the result of furnishing them with trans
portation '
The d tailed specifications are quite in
keeping with the hnul tenor of thee gen
eral rulings Hut the weak point of the
agieemtnt is a clause which pi ov Ides that
"should tin committee decline to authorize
passes which, In the Judgment of any man
aging otllcer, ought to be issued, the lat
ter may Issue such posses giving written
notit e to the i hah man tint he has done
to, which notiro shnll be promulgated."
A SAM A pi: I IllCUI.Ai:.
L'liilrniiii Meji n Wiuits vlure I'riiblng Into
the AIT ill 4 n( Hit) Jtutil.
New York, .Inn 3 Tho Atchison pro
tective committee, ol which Theodore
Me) era Is chairman, has Issued a clieular
to slot kholdi is of Ihe eompiny soliciting
rontilbutlons to a fund for an lndepemli nt
Investigation of the alTnlrs of the company
and the prosecution of thoso upon whom
lests the. icsponslblllty tor tho nilegtd
ixtiavagant waste of time and monej ag
gregating SlOOtW.tWO, and for the alleged
falsification nf 11 books of the company.
"While," says the clieular, "the report of
Stephen Little can he acet pled as act urate
bo far ns it goes, foi home reason not a
word is voui hsafttl as to who lectlved
tho misapplied 'uiuH nor as to whether
any facts exist which may enable the
shaieholdeis to rettlvo either tho whole
or nnv pint of It from the pin tits icspon-
sittio ineietor, ami who ptuiitet, or who
who the p.u tlclp ints In the falsification
of tho complin)' in count", and who of the
management can bu held llible for the
Iossis sustnlned b eeeiiilly hold, rs who
weio di. creed bv iho false and inlslendlug
statements published by tho comp my."
The cireulir tontlnues: "Tim committee
Mijs a coimlbutloii on the part of the
hhaieholdtis of 10 cents per shnio will
yield a fund Millltlent for the purpose,
and It itspeetfully requests If ou nio
tn bvmpathy Willi the movtincnt and desire,
to coopeiatM with tin committee In Its
limits In jour bt half Hint ou icinlt jour
contribution at the late Mated to William
Palniw Smith, treasurer, Ilroiulway,
New Yoik, iltlur by ilraft, poslollho
money ord r or in citirency hy cxpiess,
the receipt of which will bo duly acknowl
edged "
.Nt if I.lm liu orponiti d.
Hpilngflcld, 111, Jan. J -Tho Chicago S.
Cuiboinlale 1 alii mil to-il.i llleil nitlctes
of Incorporation with Ihe seuctaiy of state
to inn fiom a point lu the county of Win.
lailliun tu Carbondale, Jackson count,
with biamh lines Stock, MOO.000. Tho
pilnclpil tillleo will be lu Hast St. Louis
jncorpoiulors and first boaul of directors
aie William 1. lluse; Si Louis, John J.
McLean, lllllsboro, John W. Gilswold ant)
James II Atterbury, LltclilleM; A, G
llrnwn, St Illuio, W S Carter, St, Louis,
and Hodney Kellj, SI Hlmo,
A Cluck Sent to Din Widow.
Sedall.i, .Mo , J in 3. (Special,) Mrs.
Willi tin How land of this illy, whoso hus.
bund was killed at Las, Vegas, N, M while
working for the s una fe company u fm
months ago, leicivul a check lo-day for
t.rJ.l Tentu I li,. ... ol. . . i ., LI. 1. .1 .m.. . ......
paid at thu request of Geneial Manager J.
U 4 l ? .
Sin c lal it "Uuilu,
Toneka. Kus . .Ian .1 si, ..Mill V Thn
Western Passenger Assocl ition has grim
ed a rate of one und a third fare for the
lound trlii for tho Kins is Day banquet at
Toneka. on Junuarv L.I 'I'hn HclfriR will lm
on sale Januaiy 20, .7, 28 and 29, good to
return on ine ztn, 3Uin and 31st,
hdiilltHrit l'.ih.i nn, . .ui.Ali.tt.,..
Atlanta, (i i , Jan. 3 The futo of tho
Southern Pasengir Absoilatlon will be de
cidsd at (he meeting to take place at the
Muslin Underwear
Monthsof qtiict preparation, involving largo contracts and big investments, culminate in a stock on
sale this morning of over 23,000 garments.
Hardly a lot can be repeated at the cost of these now under our control. Our policy always demands
that the retail buyer shall
of our bargains in trade,
possibly never will.
The showing covers both the
the higher uuntitius.
This sale has been organized upon a broad scale for the largest convenience of buyers. Everything that
we could do to facilitate your buying lias been done. Provided for this extraordinary occasion are more than
(ooil heavy Muslin Gowni, Mother
llutibardt yolto of line plaits; neck,
yoke nml sleeves trimmed with neat
cambric lttlllcs, high, full sleeves, no
lu. long, fur 39c
fine Muslin (iovvn, larg-u llleil
sleeves, V ncult! neck mid sleeves tiini
lueil with nice embroidery; lcpttlitr
value SI. In tills sale for... 50c
(iooil heavy Muslin Clown, yoke tif
Hue plaits nml tt limned, totind the nock
with heavy embroidery; tilso cmbrol
deiy on sleeves, former price PL'.'.,
now 69c
1'lno Cambric down, cambric ltiille
nrottml neelc nnd on sleeves, plaits
above; fmmer price $1.35, now... .7Gc
1'lne Cunbile Clown, yoke of Hue
tucks nnd Valenciennes insertion, very
unique and pretty; insertion on sleeves,
with plaits above, fur 89c
(ooilie.ivy Muslin Clowns, yoke of
30 line plaits, collar anil cults of neat,
wide embroidery, jabot, of cmbrolilet y
down fiont. large, full blecves, 50 in.
long 98c
( iooil, strong, fine Muslin Gowns,
yoke of fevviss insertion and line plaits,
riillio of embroidery over shouldeis.
large, full sleeve, 50 in. long. ..SI. 25
rino Cambric Gown, Gretehcn style,
50 inches long, full sleeves, prettily
made SI. 78
And so on with all the between
prices up to S2.75
Good strong Muslin Skirts, wide
hem und 5 plaits above 39c
Good strong Muslin bklrts, trimmed
with deep lino embroidery, 3 plaits
above 75c
Tine Muslin bkiit, deep flounce
edged with deep Valenciennes Incc,
plaits 98c
Others up to S2.G9
Good, strong, heavy Muslin Drawer',
wide hem, 5 fine pleats, yoke b'ind.9c
Good strong Muslin Drawer, deep
edge of fino embroidery, I plaits
above 35c
Good, strong, heavy Muslin Chemises
staple, well made garments 39c
Good, fine, heav3' Muslin Chemises,
pointed yol;c; yoho, neck and sleeves
tiimtned with uu.it einbroideiy. . 79c
13-v.tra fine Muslin Chemises, newest
style yoke, veiy pretty.., SI. 35
Ami so on up to SI. 75
Corset Covers.
Good C.imbi iu Corset Covers will bo
maclo loc
Kieo Cambric Corset Covets, cover
ami tuck finished withembioiilerj25c
Fine C.imln ie Corset Cover, "V ' neck,
trimmed with Valenciennes lace 49c
Low uce Ic Cainbue Corset Cour,
trimmed with insertion of lace . 75c
Hotel Waldorf New York city, on January
13. Tho tvv en tv -three roads will li ar mem
bers li.ave all hlgnlllod tlulr IntPii'lon to
withdrew. In an Intcrvimv tn-li, Com
missioner Si ihlman, the executive head of
the association, admitted thai the-e vv is
probability of the oiganl7atlon going to
jilt 1 e. The dissolution would in1 m the rc
comlng of giicillla, waif.ire anions Southern
lit lth of a lE.illroiil "Man.
Montgomery Ala., Jan 3 Mr Theodore
Welch, gt 1101 il fielght agent of the Louis
ville & Nashville lallioid, with hi'.ulqtiar
tt'is In this city, died suddenly to-d,i. He
was ono of th. best known nllioul men in
the South. Death was duo to apoplcy.
Mr. L D. Hopkins, of S. il.ilia- Mr W. D
Doddridge, of !-t Louis, and Mr W O
Clarke, of St. Louis, all olllt lals of the Mis
souri Pacille rallioul, were at the Pontes
House last evening. Thcv are making .1
tour of tho roads.
There was a mntlng of tho local pass ti
ger atoms at thu parlo s of th.? .Midland
hotel ehterday for the lnteiihnnn'e of Ideas
c once ruing the passenger late summon ami
the local effects of the tamjed condition of
matters geneially throJrihQUt, the coun
Tho net 0 lrnlngs of tho Atchison for the
month of November v.crj fl,!ur,1Vi, a de-
cre iso of JJMJl from November, 13J. Hani
liiris of the system for the live months
fiom Julj 1 to November ) show a ch
ert isa of IJOl.UiO from tho samo period of
i.uni'itv i(,r 'i 111; Mfisinv.
Coutcht Jlcfiirc 11 Clin iiiniitl Club I ncli d l
I'ltllcu Inlerf, re lice,
Cincinnati, O, Jan. 3 A bantamweight
glove tight took plico to-night before the
f)l topic Club between lllll) Murph), of
Austialla, and I'innk .M.iclevvoki, of C'ln
1 inn Hi, tor a puise of WW MnclevvxM was
10 siui.il up ten round. John Murphy, of
Cincinnati, was icfeice. The betting was
C to l In favoi of Murphy. The l'liilng vv is
vc ty tough tlunugh tho nine lOuiul, und
Muiphy teemc I to have tho bent of It,
when at 11 slkiial from tho police Kcfoiee
.Murphy decliud the right III favor of
Murph) Von few of the MM spectators
know that It was ended by police Inteifer
nice, jet the taneial feeling was that tho
promptness of the decision sived a knock
out Mnelew kl was uuxlotis to go on
through vvlih thu ten loumli.
. Dr. E. C. Vest's Nerve and Brain Treatment
HfcOlJuutiori oeiiiMJwrltttn uaruutto, bynutlior
Jzod liiteut vulyt .j euro WtaU ilouiorx; ls4 of
JJrulumiJ trvu I ower;Ii3it Manhood; ulrknted:
rJgDt UiKhti; 1 l Dream: Luck of CouUJeucoi
trvoamuM; Lai.ituio; iUl Jraiui; Xosiof Jowor
of tut Oouerfttfto Oryaua ta ellhtr t.ex,c&aMbr
ovtr-oxertiou; ioutUul J.rror, or kictretifo Uta of
lotucco, Oimu r liquor, vtLkh oon lead to
Miser Couumi4hu,Ju4au(tyfluai)uali. Uymall,
fiulios; tijorij uituuritteiitfuaroutco to euro or
ret uud mouoyf
Urmauu IlaUar, PruffcUtaan Solv -A2.1
WiMdla direct, Kan as City, Mo,
before -atteKv faea B B, Rgj
you now have a chance for economy that will not soon bo repeated
finer and coarser articles, and
Tveiitythree Thousand Garments.
One-Third Off.
Every Cloth Coat and Jacket
goes into this sale at about one
third off gencially more than a
third. The more you know of stylo,
quality, .superiority of these gar
incuts, the more you will bo aston
ished at the littleness of thu prices.
There's nothing in tho stock but
the freshest, choicest garments,
newly made in tho height of btyle.
Cloth and Chinchilla
SIG.BO instead of S25.00
S23.50 instead of $.15.00
SI7.98 instcuil of $27.00
S7.75 instead of 511.50
Long Cloth Coats.
S24.00 instead of S3S.00
SI9.98 instead of $10.00
SI7.98 instead of S3T.00
SI6.50 instead of is; 00
SI4.75 instead of $22.00
SII.98 instead of Sib 00
S9.98 instead of S15.00
S7.98 instead of S12.00
S5.98 instead of $9.00
In Annex.
3 Cloth Coats, that were S30 00, for
8 Cloth Coats, that were $25 00. for
These arc of excellent materials, w el 1
mide, stiong and warm, but are not in
the latest styles.
Long $3 '15 Coats, new, of splendid
quality of fabiic, well made, for
Long SI.2 j Coats, new, stylish and
serviceable, for S3.00
42 Coats of various materials, values
ranging fiom $2.03 to 51.25, are now
For Gentlemen.
Beginning Saturday morning we
and Cuff Boxes, Shaving Sets, Poker
A Si. 25 Cigar Box will bo
A $2 50 Collar Box will be
A S3. 00 Poker Set will be
A S4 00 Shaing Set will be
And so on throughout the entire line.
117' -v-'-f-T.-tif grgif-.TivT '-'!'JtSA'iifrr,TCVtY'
u jwt xr: '.
Why will you suffer?
with libcumitisro, whim relief and a euro 1"V wlthlu jour roach?
Oriilnatyrlirunnilm Isciuud ui exposun to
(lamp un tioUl Minttur smltli n clillls cr Lxnofcurn
totlraftH of luld ntr whin 1 11 lodvla oMrlnatt'tl
mhI wet with nt it, ( jpLtujlj whtii tlifru 1 a
(kpr. sfclui in iHiilUi tnda)hliiiPiilnn tli ltil
(aiciu Jt rHCji jiiuicof 1 10 khuiijii and oilier
orgMfy tin v fut1 to t thi Irdu 1 ui itinrikult
Uupuinoii 14 un In tin' I iod whi. u iMitmnile
p llidlu the J tntH ten June Mit-urU of mu
Lliictr m 11 ukr nfiil ttKaimfutimt bo
r-'l iui mime Ji u l (lixwui IUIl0Pvll-.ni ULU 1 111
fij l&aii thrin 1 inTti tikt( n,uit ihit Ii nmtly
PI wiutihlstiftu nrur tlum- atur) tii-iti jtbt, mado
any titlur uuy
i!t midtia limumrrnhlo liayobcra Animti.il for
tl(ctiru uf rhcutimUni, nut non wir spuitlu
ra ""in me ui uvtry or tiiK tiPKAT itinsn
15 ItiiFt'MAiiu Li Kr which Is uiuloulitt 1H i-Ilt! uf
t23y3i?3PH 'litt:nttiitdltui rl MlnihuntinuUof
V fi Vi5inciluiu Tho 1 nri lifouiirtt m d sut.
Mil'' i- ti' "j itTiuin iuai 1 ujruuvi-u u euro
3DB.HEHDEBS0H, 102 & 104
Pf,. zZ
mi 4i 7: ' 7i
JllUllCTOIIS: i" V. IlUGKii. I'resl.lent
' 1 IIemiv a KUJii-ir, Vlco lrevt
Foreign Drafts Issued on
u. vr, woodward. r, a. vaxon-. . e. hoktsx.
1206 and 1208 Union Avo. (Near Union Depot), Kansas City, Mo.
Richards & Conover Hardware Co.
Cutlery, Iron, Steel, Wagon Wood Work, Nails, Safes, Scales Etc,
Boutbmt Coiner l'lUU v Waudvi; sit, Kaaiu Clij Ua,
relative cheapness is greatest upon
Jfjou're thinking about a dress.
Wo are ninklns Ilrcs'eg
10 order, Iticluilliiir nink
ItiB nnd flnillni,-", In Miss
McCain's 1 00111 fur 113 CO..
tVpammnlilwr Drcsirs
to order. Including tnnk
Inp ami llnillnKK, In .Mrs.
Dexter's room for J12.W..
Wo arc maklncj Dre- es
to order, lnclutllnir malc-
1 $9.50
ItiB nnd muling, In JIlis
room for
In Drees nt tlice prices lining silks or
haliclotlis used will bo extra.
As a special feature wo
will mako up a lot of Jl
per yatd novelties and
staples for $11. Thin, 5 oil
free1, Is only 50e for tlto
KoeiclK nnd fl 50 for the
making and (Hidings
Also Dresses from mate-
rial", Mack atitl colors, I .
vvoith $1". per yd. will All l(
IteJlIM This Is onlv 7c J-L Mh
iter vnrcl foi the irood
and jsw for mnkini; ana
A tery unusual offcrlni;
Is a dres from materials
wottli J2S", complete for
f 1C.2G. 1 his Is 9Se per j nrd
for matcilal and J3 50 for
making and findings......
We nre making Mliscs"
Drces to order (Includ
ing making and findings),
for Mlsves up to 10 jcars
of age, In Miss Jlordau's
room for Jl 73
Remember that every piece of
goods in the Wool Dress Goods
stock, whether it be black or colored,
staple or novelty, has been reduced
in price, and even though you do
not have your dress made here it
will bo a big saving to you to secure
a Dress Pattern now.
shall offer the balance of our Collar
Sets and Cigar Boxes at exactly
larked Prices.
(In remit, acute or Inflammatory cases nomat
ter Uuv, jud)or n fund iho money, an J, more than
ttittt ! will 110 650 fur any iaiu if rheumatism
thntthlH tn utment l nothelporturt,
ltal( irelkf frmu tho Hut. und hiHk9 tho
fper rapid!) -rinoniMliiw 111 khortllcf, and
n f ft do( will (fhe U"tldnl r lUf. It, Hubtlnea
iho pal 11 mid n-iLllIn In thu Joints, moicim.nt
iniuiut a a?y in four or Hv)!i), an lacontpletti
LUiiifn ulitintii wt iK of it u tn 11 Khurtir time.
JI.- id in f In tho ii-mal and wonderful actum of
tUutnuimmMi huudruNof (rtis tan tutlfy,
ad hundred uf lrttLrltm pi sslonwlll show,
nml atikt will 1 tow lu fact, too much taniiut bo
i-allliilta prulb(,nlt Imiubummiunml lb li not a
euro for nnv dlxao emn mtuiimtlt.ni. St&tn
juin L4M) anu emu lor terms rcuu humps
Consultation free, personally or byf
iriii-r VjUU 1114 ur uuuivu,
W. 9th, Kansas City, Mo.
;k'i e ' a n.'wrMi.v t,;
for n
Wentworth Military Academy.
THIS is tho most successful year In tlio
liibtory of this iiibtitution. Very few
places lein.iln uiilllled. After tlio
ClirlMiims liolldajs heliool duties will bo re
sumed Jnnuaiy 7tli. Tins is un excellent
timo to outer, ns tho classes will then bo ro
ory.iiii.otl for tliu second teitn.
Tor full inforjuutiuu und catalogue, ad
di ess
'Major Sandford Sellers, 8ataatr.t' v.
MOW Vni-lc- I Iff RlliMinn.
it n roviNaio.s. Caihlur. D. A. McIvIbdih
r, H. Kusip, II. J. Hucke. bV& btiui
nil Parts of tho Old World.
1 -V-S.-.
Direction Wro. It. Haydea
Tn-nlnlit nml MitUnrn SutlirtH J-,
"The Henrietta."
Mondsj'tncl luxilar . "I'rnrrful tnllpy"
Wnlueftlar intl ThuriiUvV'Tlir Mrlr-m-ljtnr."
Krlitty nd sHtrclr...... "1 I'nnr Iti'lnllnn."
hitunlar Mullneo .. .., "lVnrrful nllrj."
The Powerful Melodrama,
Week-Suiitlny M it., .Inn 6,
Til Itta T.llndl UllAd
.t II m. mm b mm m. m m . mm -'
Commencing Sunday NIGHT,
"The Charity Ball"
I.yci'tim Tlipntcr Cltrrccc
The lllBKitt Irlnilmnintlo Sucreii
uf thu bciittun,
lrlcr, lflo, SBr, 33r, fiOc, "Bv.
Optn Irom 0 n. m. to 12 midnight.
Optn frm 6130 n. m. to 13 mlilnlght.
Private Dining Rooms
Ftiit rAmriKS ami ci.rim.
State Line Pool Room
Right at the State Line. "L" Itoac anil ntth
Street Cable pais tho door. UookumUlnB on all
Itaces anil Sporting Kvents throughout tha
country. C. I,. aiALTIIV, rrtiprletor.
by buy
Cabinet Letter Files
Transfer Cases &$?" H
Indexes and Box Files
P. F. Peitibone & Co.
(Successors to John .Morris Co.)
48 & 50 Jackson St., CHICAGO.
Oldest and Original 4l
10 West Ninth St., Kansas City.Mo.
Leading and Successful Speclllht In Wood,
Nervous nnd Urinary Uleasoi.
M.KVIilIs 111.111 1. 1 IV, with lu many
Rloomy e niptouis, cuietl.
l.ih I' V11AI.1IV iiuriuaiientlr restored
s run, is eured tnrllfo without mere'ury.
U1CI.NAKV 1uii;am, cured ciulelsly and
vmj! alt, OTiunts rAir, consult Dr. IL
J. Wblttler and recoil ii the cqudia opinion or a
physician of experience, bltill and Integrity. No
pioinlsed undo that eaun t be (ultllled
.Mi;ni(IM.i lurnlihcl at muiII cost, and
sent anyvvheie bealed. Tie'aiinent N1.VKK
SI.M . fl, I).
1'ltKII consultation and urinary analysis
fJITTnij1 to heilth and emergencies, sealed,
v uauu (or 11 enti htunipti, Illanllii I reo.
Call or addles:. In eoutldenco
lOWt'il MnlhSt.,
K.V:sS1.S.l!!TV, SIO.
SpiBIIIG Hill liundeill liuitlt!lnulKUci
lutic'i; si. no.
narllln Nn 0 "t""" V'niini.v ami all
opGCIIIG no. , .nuuvoiis ii!,I:ane.
VJtKX bl.UO.
SOBClfiC Nn 3 OUHI-N IVmule lVenlc
ajJBbllie nO. 3. ue-.a and .11., u... of wouiu l.
...e... tfi.tiiw.
Mcdlelncs sent to all polnth heeurely tealcd,
on receipt of price, (ilvo ull bvniptoms when
nrilorliiK liv mull. CorrctptMitli'iiit) Conllileu.
tlnl. hi ml htaiup lor liooltlct.
Omco hours 0 to 5; 7 to 8. .Sunday 10 to 1,
X3U. G-X23S3I51 dtj OO.,
10 Wtut Mutlt St., KAXS b CI t'Y, MO.
Will) TJlEAri. M.U
Wtakru'hsunU Dis
orders of
rvc-ry Cure Uusraqteel
un v, imi (iu,i.n..
Jit.ok rki:i:i
3 W. Lor. Dill. Muln Sll,
w . ( -aV
PL .A.O-S 1
! i following very loiv prices: b
n . , Jri.,v.S,OB ws-6lt.i -'75eacu: 8ft.
lasa; 7 It. WW. H Ul Jioo. iu it. liso la ct
U Hi fw III i t
" 4w4AjJniin, AUUrtiiS li
C. J, 1UKEU, 104 W. THIED ST, ,
KANBac C3I1TV tjrt-t I I
'- rt -IV i
f "rTr
- .mMfr"'

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