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31inln n Stroui; nntl Klnquent l'lrn
fur HlUrr Srnntor Lntlgn Aluo
,Mrlo nn AttilrrA.
WnsliltiKton, Jnn. 12. The senate gal
lorlw were fnlrly well filled to-day In an
tlclpatlon of 'u cporcli by Senator Ciormnn
on Hip currency nnestloit, in which It was
thought ho would propose some cotillion
of tho prolitrm from a Konnte Btnndpolnt.
It vm rxpi'cted also that Senator Quny,
nf Pennsylvania, who had spread beforo
him on lili desk a roll of mnnuscrlpt
which looked HUo one of tho formtdnltle
nnd carefully prepnred speeches for which
he Is noted, would address the senate.
Senator 'Wilson, of lown, nppenred on the
Moor for tho first time this session, after
a Ions llli.css. Governor Koster, of Louis
iana, was also on the floor, belne Intro
duced by Senator lilnnchard.
When the routine procecdlnRS were out
of tho wny, Mr. Coclcretl called up tho
urgent deficiency bill.
The presiding officer, Mr. Harris, ex
plained tho parliamentary situation com
ing over from yesterday. Mr. Hill had of
fered an amendment to the Item appro
priating funds for collection of the Income
tax fo that the legality of the tax would
Lc referred to the courts. The chair had
ruled out the amendment on a point of
crder. -Mr. IIIII appealed from the decis
ion of tho chair and Mr. Morgan moved to
lay tho appeal on tho table. In order to
permit senators to further discuss the In
come tax, Mr. Morgan ngreed to with
draw his motion and this postponed a vote
on Mr. Hill's appeal.
Mr. Teller (Itep., Col.) then addressed the
senate In support of a continuance of the
Income tax. He pointed to the largo treas
ury deficits which had been temporarily
met by bond Issues. The gold supply was
down to S?7,f"X,0iiO and was rapidly disap
pearing. Any proposition to do away with
the Income tax therefore should bo ac
companied by a plan to ralso the revenues
the government required. Mr. Teller gave
It as his opinion that the Income tax would
bp"fimi permanent, even though It was lim
ited to five years by tho present law. He
believed It was such an equitable tax that
the people would Insist upon Its coiitlnn
nnro. Import duties could n6t be put so
high ns to entirely keep out goods. And
without these high duties there was certain
to bo 11 deficit In revenue. It was essen
tial therefore that some middle course
should bo adopted and the Income tax
wis the most just menns of taking this
course. Mr. Teller spoke of the vain and
fruitless efforts of the executive branch
of the government to "do something to re
lievo the present distress of tho govern
ment and the people." It shows, snld the
senator, thnt the executive brunch Is In
the wrong hands. Mr. Teller spoke caus
tically of the "scheme of banking coming
from the treasury department," He re
ferred to the current rr ports that the bill
had been jotted off In thirty minutes to n
stenographer. "X wish to show- all duo re
spect to this bill," said Mr. Teller, "com
ing, as It docs, from such high sources, but
If such a measure enmu from any senator
or member, If it camu from any Populist,
it would be branded as the height of
Mr. Teller declared that the currency bill
proposed to Inaugurate the old era of wild
cat paper. It violated every principle of
finance In this country or any other. Mr.
Teller ridiculed tho talk nbout an "elastic"
and "flexible" currency, where banking
corporations had charge of the elasticity.
"There are nbout six weeks remaining to
this congress," said Mr. Teller. "Xow,
does any person seriously believe thnt a
revision of the vast currency system can
lie accomplished In that tlmo? Why, then,
Is congress and the country stirred by these
frantic appeals from the treasury?"
The senator argued that It was time the
executive authorities stopped what he
characterized as frantlo demonstrations of
Mr. Teller examined In detail the bi
metallic system of France under which
that country now enjoyed absolute tran
quility. Senator Hnwley (Itep., Conn,) nt this
point Interjected a narrative of hi personal
experience In Paris on tho night before
Franco raised tln vast sum to pay Its war
Indemnity to rjermnny.
Mr. Teller argued at length to prove the
low prices of agricultural products to-day
were the direct result of the demonetisa
tion of stiver, first by Germany, then by
the United States, and lastly, tho Latin
t'nlon. In every country which had kept
Its mints open to silver, prices of staple
products had remained absolutely stable
during the last twenty-llvo years. Ho cited
ns Illustration of that fact, India, Mexico,
China and Japan, It has been charged, he
f-ald, that those who were In favor of bl
inetalllsin were not In favor of sound
money. Hut If sound money was to bo pre
Ferved ho warned the senate It would be
preserve! through tho efforts of tho so
called klltvr men.
If tho gold basis was Insisted upon It
would be found too narrow and the tlmo
would coino when nu overissue of paper
money could not bo resisted, He described
tho growth of socialism and nnarchy In
tills country since tho demonetization of sli
ver; tho bitterness that bad grown up be
tween clubscs, This condition had been
produced by legislation,
"Are we now?" ho asked, "to admit ive
have neither tho wit nor wisdom to undo
what wo havodone?"
Although his sldo was not charged with
the responsibility for tho present situation,
he for ono would join with his political ml-vci-Milres
In any schejne or relief that
appealed to his judgment. Hut he had lit
tle hope when lift saw the senate nf the
10th and Walnut.
Cabinet Photographs $3.00 per doz
en. Proof shown and all
work guaranteed.
Phltpd Slnlex cpntrnliled Willi such a slln
alloii nipliuly waiting l" see what Muropo
would do. It w.ts tleplnuiMi nnd disgrace
ful. A change of ndmlnlstt.illou inlxlit nht
mailers, bill he doubled It. The last lie
publican Kdmlulstratloii was voted nut of
iKiwcr nnd he believed It de?ervd (he de
feat, Last fall Ihe people had overthrown
Hip Democratic control In Ihe house be
cause the Democratic parly had shown It
self Incapable of dealing with I ho problem
before It. As for the l'opilllst party, ho did
not liollnvp It ever would be n party of
potter, mill therefoip he believed It would
devolve On either the Itepiilillcan or Detno.
errttlc party to nolvo the problem eventually
when tho pressure of Ihe people would nt
last force logical notion on this monetary
problem. Any scheme In secure his vote
must be In line with what ho believed to
lie Its solution. Mr. Teller closed with nn
eloquent nppenl to those on the other ride
or the chamber lo preieut a solution of the
existing problem which would not sur
render silver. It should be no makeshift,
no temporary expedient, but It should be
ample to avert a crMs more dangerous to
the American people than even that of war.
Mr. Lodge (Hep., .Mass,) spoka of the
danger of arresting npproprlntion.i and thus
killing 11 law by stagnation. Ho did not,
therefore, npprove of rofulng tho Appro
priation necesrnty to execute the Income
tax. The Imposition of a direct Income tax
was the necessary result of abandoning
the protective policy of Indirect taxes, lie
referreil to the present cry for currency
legislation ns n move to cover up Hip most
dismal failure In tariff Icglilntlnn the coun
try hail ever seen. The llrst step to taVe lo
overcome the distress of the treasury was
to raise more revenue. This currency agi
tation served no useful purpose. None of
these schemes could pass, Hut If the one
essential thing wns done nnd tnoie revenue
secured for the ttensuiy, he and Ills asso
ciates would gladly assist In pnsslng a
measure to accomplish that end. Such a
measure was Imperative, Instead of any
more such bills ns the one Just "kicked to
death" In the house of representatives.
Mr. Stewart, or Nevada, followed with o
speech urging the restoration of silver ns
the only means of remedying the present
distressed condition of the government. At
1:20 Mr. Stewart yielded the lloor, to re
sume Monday, and tho senate at 1:45 ad
journed. Home Proceedings.
Washington, Jan. 12. At the opening of
the house to-day Mr. Hatch, chairman of
the committee on agriculture, called up a
bill to extend the provisions of the Wilson
original package liquor law to oleomarga
rine in original packages.
The bill precipitated a discussion regard
ing the merits of the oleomargarine clause
and its constitutionality.
Mr. Hatch attempted to have the extra
hour to which tlic bill would be entitled
under the rule when the committee Is aain
called granted nt this time, but his re
quest was refused. Ho then tried to have
the previous question ordered, but llllbus
tering by .Mr. Hynum- consumed the time
until the morning hour expired and the
bill went over. .f
The house then tooW up the bill to codl
fy the pension laiwa ami tho bill wns pass
ed. V
Shortly berorc 2 o'clock public business
was suspended nn deulogies were given on
the lato Representative George B. Shaw,
of Wisconsin,
llloody Deed of 11 JealoiK Puriiltiiro Pol
isher In Chicago Who Murders
Ills Wife.
Chicago, Jan. 12. Crazed by jealousy,
Jacob Miller, a furnituro polisher, resid
ing at 001 North Wood street, cut his
wife's throat from ear to ear with a
razor nt !) o'clock this morning. The
woman expired Instantly. Miller then
ruslied from the house to the factory
wher he was employed and shot James
Olander, the foretmfti, inflicting a slight
wound over the eyes.
This morning Instead of polng to work
Miller sat about the liouse quarreling
with his wife until 0 o'clock. The wordy
war had waxed fiercer every moment
nnd the man's two little children were
hiding, terrified, behind their mother.
Suddenly Miller stepped toward Ills wife
and drew a razor from his pocket. Seiz
ing the shrieking woman by the hair, he
pulled her head back. She. fell on h.-r
knees nnd her husband drew the shin
ing blade across her throat, cutting the
jugular vein. Tho murdered woman sank
forward on tho ll'-r as Miller relaxed
his hold, lier life blood gushing from the
ghastly wound. Dropping the razor,
Miller rushed from tho house to Knrpen
Hi-os.' factory. Hurrying Into the work
mom, where he was employed, lie faced
James Olander, the foreman, whom he
considered Ills enemy. Before the victim
could run for safety .Miller drev,- a revol
ver and tired at Olander. The bullet
struck tho foreman over the right eye,
plowed a furrow In Ills forehead and
glanced off. Workmen rushed forward
and seized tho innnmo before he could
flro again nnd secured the weapon, while
others aided tho wounded man. Miller
refused to say why ho hilled his wife,
lie wan said liv the neighbors to have
been very Jealous of her and quarrels
had been frequent
Till'. INCOMi: TAX .MUST 111! PAIH.
Tho Failure of Appropriation 4'nnnnt De
feat tlio OpenitloiH of tln Law.
Washington, Jan. U'.-Scnalnr Gordon, of
Georgia, In conversation with' senators
culled attention to certnln provisions
of the Income tax which compel taxpay
ers to mnko returns ami pay their taxes
upon Incomes whether the pending appro
priation passes or not.
"Tho defeat," he said, "of uppinpilntlon
will not defeat the collection of tho In
come tax from tli people. I'nder section
20 of tho law, all peisons and ontpor.itlous
with Incomes above $:!,.MI lire required to
mnko returns accoidlng to the form pie
serllied by tho uneiiuo department and the
secretary or the tieasniy.
"This bIh made," said the genera), "the
plain duty of citizens, and the mere I.illuie
of congress to nppioiulaic money for the
more elfcellvn collection of the Income tax
call not, of eouise. defeat tile operation of
tlio law nor tho attaching of the heavy
penalty provided lor on falliue lo make
(.ucli returns. Tho only possible way lor
Him opponents (i.IIh Income lux lo save
tho people from paying this tax Is to re
peal tho law itself. Tho niero withholding
of the appropriation asked will havo 110
effect whatever, except, perhaps, to de
ceive the uninformed and beguile them
Into a feeling of secuilty mid to neglect
compliance with tho plain requirements of
the law Itself.
"Those who hopo to escupo tho pay.
incut of the Income tax through fall
uru of congress 10 mnko tho appropriation
asked for. and who a,e thus led to neglect
making their leturns ut the limu ilxeii by
law, will Hud themselves Involved In .VI
per cent heavier taxes, mid will be com
nellml to nav them.
"Falluro liy congress to appropriate
money lo collect tlio lueomo tux will not
prevent such collection, mid It Is wrong
to tho people to mislead them on this mat
ter." A l.i lure oil Alunku.
Lawrence, Kus Jan. 12. (Special.) Mr.
Fied Fuiiston, i-nn 01 ex-wougressmuu ;.
II. Funstou, delivered a lecturo at the
opera house in this city last night oil his
experience In Alaska as a special agent of
tlio United States government, Mr. Fun
stou ilustratcd I Is lecturo with photo
graphs by means of a lantern. The lec
turo was regarded asono of the best eycr
delivered In the city.
A New Counterfeit.
Washington, Jun. 12. The secret service
oillclals havo discovered a new counterfeit
ten dollar legul lender note. It is of tho
act of Jluich 3, IbiU. seiles of l&Sa, check
lottor Hi W. S. Itosccrans, register; K. Jl.
Nebeker, tre.isuicr; with a portiult of
Webster having a small pink scalloped
seul. The notes appeared In the West, and
are printed on pulp paper. Their general
appearance U bod.
THINS OP Itltlll) "ItlllOlt.M."
t!Y Mll.AM) LOOMS IIP AND lttllt
(TON'S litlLNDS Altt: NANilt'lNi:.
No Pciira of a Deadlock Aqllnle Hie tlreinN
nf the Slatrinru- Pnlllire of the lll-
galU Itotim to MiitcrulDr D.
O. Mrllnijr Appoint, it.
Topjka, Kas., Jan. 12. (Special.) The
house adjourned yesterday until Tuesday
of next week and many of the members
took advantage of the vueatlnn to go
home. Many of the senators nlo left for
homo tn-iilglil nnd the conreiiuctice Is n
practically deserted lobby.
The llrst week's work of the Kanns law
makers has not yielded anything startling,
nor has It developed anything bad. The
house has been happy and good-natured
In all of Us perfoi malices and through all
of Its ramlllcatlons has mn a subdued re
joicing at the overturn In politics which
reinstated the Heptlbllenn, In power. If ev
ery member of that body could be Inter
viewed us to lis Interests and desires In
the present session the reply of nine
tenths of them would be that Ids highest
aim was to so conduct the affairs of tho
people that the ItepUbllcan party could win
the election two years hence on Its record
In the present legislature.
Hut In the senate a different spirit seems
to prevail. The Populist senators do not
appear to lie wasting any thought on record-making.
In fact, they have surrender
ed hope of the future and are principally
engaged In making hay while the sun
shines. For Instance, the gentleman who
framed th" caucus resolution which was
adopted, and which established the olllcers
and employes of the senate, created on of
llce or two for the sole tun pose of making
a place for seme backwoods politician.
Sil "e that Mrst roll swoop upon the tieas
ury b.- the pally which makes a specialty
of public economy In Its platform, there
havo been resolutions passed eveiy day
which' created additional places, lly a res
olution coming from the Populist side, and
supported by every Populist In the senate,
except two, each committee cliairinairiias
been granted a clerk and a stenographer,
and each senator In the body lias been
given a clerk at the pay of $:i per day. In
fact the employes have become so thick
around the senate chamber that the crowd
Is likely to Interfere with business. If the
count lias not been misstated there are now
102 employes about tlio senate to wait
upon tile modest demands of forty sen
ators. The .Senatorial Sltuatltii.
The senatorial Issue will now take a
back seat for the Inauguration ceremonies
on Monday. Tho headquarters are practi
cally deserted to-day and will remain so
"until Tuesday morning. There Is no par
ticular change In the situation to b re
ported. The various candidates arc hold
ing their own, but that own Is not as clear
a quantity as It might be. With each re
curring day there is a change of sentiment
.is to the strength of the different candi
dates. The hot favorite of one day In the
minds of the lobby may not be the favor
ite the next, and It takes only the change
of a vote or two to establish this favor
ite. To-day the talk Is moie favorable to
C'y Leland, caused by the positive state
ment of I.uclen Haker, of Leavenworth,
that he Is not a candidate for United
States senator and Hint tho weight of
Leavenworth county will be thrown to Mr.
Leland. This means an addition of four
to his first ballot stiength and makes the
First congressional district solid for him
with the possible exception of two f 10111
Atchison county.
The choice of Senator Price, of Atchison,
who is 111 and unable yet 10 attend the
meetings or the senate, Is not known, but
the common belief H that Atchison colmiy
will vole solidly to throw the senator as far
away as po--lble from the home or John
J. Ingall. The boom for Ing.ills which is
being groomed by outside parties can llnd
no sponsor among the members. He sim
ply Isn't under consideration, that's all.
Now and again some statesman appeals
who wisely shakes ills head nnd predicts
that tin- coming senatorial caucus will re
sult in a deadloik and llien, as by com
mon consent, the Icgi.-I.Uuro will turn lo
the brilliant Atchison statesman. Hut this
sort of talk never comes from members of
the legislature. They express no fears of
an unbreakable deadlock. Indeed, there
never was 11 senatorial campaign in Kan
sas when It was so easy for the legislature
to get together on a choice as In this race.
There lias been good feeling among the
rivals and no bitterness Is likely to ailse
that will deadlock the caucus. The mem
bers have made llrst, second anil even
third choice, and there ttiil be none of that
dle-ln-lho-laM-diieh foolishness which Is
admirable as bric-a-brac, but doesn't make
senators. If a reasonable effort does not
lesult In the nomination of their llrxt
choice, these sensible statesmen are going
to philosophically aceppt the situation and
try, try again. Hut there Is absolutely no
following in the Idea thai In lluding a man
upon whom agreement can be made It will
be ucceis.iiy to go outside of tin) six gen
tlemen now formally in the race. Ingalls
by common consent will be n factor In the
senatorial race two years hence, but now
he Is not under consideration by the men
who will cast the votes.
Mr. llmtoii's managers express them
selves as mnie than pleased with the situ
atlon. They profess to believe that their
candidate will be nominated on the second
ballot. Poiihcrwitlvo estimates of Mr. Mor
ton's strength show that he must gather
In about twenty votes from Mime source
10 accomplish tills icsull. At the Leland
hea'lquarteis they scout Ihe idea of any
body helm? nominated on the second ballot,
or on the second day of balloting for that
Tlio Hood managers are putting out no
ilgures, but It Is nuw generally conceded
that he W next to llurtnn III llrst ballot
strength, and yet hH managers say tli.it
their elforts .110 mainly directed toward
making him the second choice of members
tnougli to nominate. Mr. My' a headquar
ters 1110 the rendezvous of a strong fol
lowing which Is not coullnei! lu any sec
tion of the slate. For Instance, ho has two
votes from the northwest part of the state
and one or mure fiom the extreme south
east part. HI managers resent the claim
put out by some of the enthusiastic liurton
liieu that they will go to lliillon or aujuio
else on tho tecond ballot. Mr. Aily'c rivals
pretend to believe that he' will not last
long In Ihe contest, becuuBa of the defec
tion of a number of Western members In
the Seventh district. As an offset they
claim that they have a following In tho
Second and Fourth which more than evens
up the lo'is In the Seventh. It may be slid
In truth that every one of tho candidates
bus votes in congressional dlstilcts not
his own. For Instance, in the Sixth con
gressional district, which has only seven
Itenubllcan voles, Ilurton, Ady, Smith,
Hood and Leland each have a vote or
All arrangements for a bis time oa In
auguration day have been perfected nnd,
weather pennltHitit, there will be nn Im
mense crowd 011 Ihe streets of the capital
1 It J'.
Governor Mori III lein.tlnrd In Ills rooms
le.-d.ty, bill Ills nltelidltiK physician does
not fear a serum turn to hit slight fever.
If tin tiew colnplh alien nrlsps he will be
able to perform Ills part In the ceremonies.
To-day Speaker Lobilell appointed l. fl.
McOr.ty ns Ins clerk, a lecoKiilllon of the
newspaper bojs which Is most f.ivoi.ibly
I eeelveil.
Let, tiling' oiihiatlou t'uue the lionil
(lilies of Wrath to He Opened by
Calaiutt) Senator
Topeka, Kas., Jan, 12.-- (Special.) At 4
o'clock yesterday afternoon tho sennte
went Into executive session to consider
the appointments sept In by Governor
l.i'welllng. At 1! o'clock ndjoiliiiinclit wns
taken tin lit 'J o'clock this inoiiilng nnd at,
II o'clock tn-tilght the session wail still
In pi ogress, with 110 expectation of nil
joiiinliig for K'veint bonis. Theie has been
11 hot mid r.vitlng discussion and nt one
Utile senators lientiy came to blows. S. II.
Snider ws conllrnnd a.i superintendent
of Insurance and S. M. Scott us a member
of the boaid of public works. The police
commissioners ol Atchison, Topeka nnd
Fort Scott wcie also continued. Thcte wns
little or no tight over them. When llln
show, for the board of chniitles, was
t cached, tlio war opened. He was finally
ciinllrlned, but not tint 11 the Populists hnd
aired more dirty linen than lorly lauiuliles
could cleanse lu 11 mouth. The charges III
thoo ciu-p", me nil biollght by Pops and
sustained by Populist testimony. The next
lUilt wns over the slate board or health
ami It Is iiti.lprstnod to bo still linlln
Ished. The senate Is hearing testimony
and calling for records unit prominent Pop
ulists, from Mrs. Lease down, are mix
ing In the row. The alleged cholera fund
steal Is being thoroughly ventilated. Sena
tor Oilrlen Is only waiting ills turn to
launch 11 big light against the confirmation
of the Wlchlln police commissioners. Ho
and Senator Lecdy had a bitter alterca
tion on the lloor of the senate and n good
deal ot feeling was manifested by sev
eral. It Is likely Hint the battle will open
again on Monday morning. To-day the
governor sent a conlldentlnl coaimunlca
tlon to the senate, but It was iefued n
hearing while the secret session continued.
Senator Taylor, or Wyandotte, won his
point by frightening the govornor Into
withdrawing Ills police commissioner nomi
nations for Kansas City. Ka.'i. It Is
said the Itppubllcans could defeat every
one of Hip continuations If they would
stand together and help tho Populist sena
tors who are making the tight on the gov
ernor, but for some reason that docs not
seem to bo their policy.
Deinorriits lllirincr it Mitre's Nest. Where
at They Huge and Imagine
Villi, Thing".
Jefferson City, Mn., Jan. 12. A few Dem
ocrats here have raised a tempest in 11 ten
pot ami are making the most of It. Thurs
day forenoon 111 the house 11 resolution pre
vailed that General Nathaniel Lyon's por
trait, which formerly decorated the walls
of the liouse, ami was removed without
authority, be restored to Us place. Yester
ilav afternoon, Moore, of Stone, went to
Ashley Hiving and requested him to re
placp the picture. Soon afterwards Mr.
Hiving, with a corp of carpenters, entered
the house and going Into Speaker Mussell's
private otllce suggested that the portrait ot
Thomas H. Denton which hangs above
the speaker's chair be pushed about eight
feet to one side and Lyon's portrait be
hung by It. Mr. IlussMl replied: "Put It In
aiiv'sult.ablo place." Thereupon Mr. Hwlng
began lo move Denton's picture a little.
Hut Mr. Pcttljohn, entering at the lime,
interposed an objection and urged that the
portrait of Denton, tho statesman, should
not give place to that of Lyons, the soldier,
and that some other placo ought to be
found for the latter. It was agreed that
his stiRgestlon should be acted upon.
There tlio Incident ended, but interested
political busvbodies made the discovery
that Ilussell and Mooie had planned nn
insult to Missouri's great nnd honored dead
statesman and they have worked the In
cident foV nil It Is worth, and have exag
gerated It lievond any semblance of truth.
Like ghouls in a graveyard, they have not
.eased to dig and hunt and smell lor
tilings burled, nnd by many forgotten.
They nre attempting to nroue sectional
and war passions and prejudices Their
purpose Is discord and they need but an
atom of truth upon which to erect 11 moun
tain or effrontery and tnu!.. No one dr
Mred to outrage the memory of Meuton, no
one thought of It. Hxcept that others have
Htempled to give It nn undue party color
ing It would not be worth a mention.
Hon. Lufajelte Hanson Working In the
Interest or Ki,n.i and Oklahoma
Washington, Jan. 12.-(Speelal.) Hon.
Lafayette Dawson, or Maryvllle, Mo., cx
t'nlted States Judge in Alaska, arrived to
day. He has Important business with the
commissioner of Indian affairs which con
cerns a number of busine.-s men tu towns
adjoining the Osage country, anil which is
also of Interest to some wholesale houses
111 Kansas.
Some time ago the agent at the Osage
agency Issued an order preventing parties
from entering the Osage country for the
purpose of collecting debts. Tills was .in
order In the Interest of the new- adminis
tration traders In that country. The In
dians receive trom the government a half
million dollars annually and this is spent
with merchants, tu addition to oilier funds
received by them. The Indian had be- n
in the habit of trading, with merchants .it
Ciiltevvllle, L'ancy and I'edurvlllc, Kas
iiiul "llatiletlsvllle, Cherokee .Nation and
Cl.nelaud, O. T. In thH way tile merolmiits
in thue towns had grown into the habit of
"tedltlng the Indians, knowing tliey would
be nblu to get their muuey when they le
ccrted the Boveiniiieiit funds. When the
Indians were oiling these merchants o.-r
ln0.lni. and Just heroic n payment wiu
made. Ilils order was Issued, wiibli pie
veiiteil the iiieichaiiis from collecting lie.
counts, and ai til" same time forced the In
dians to deal Willi the traders at the agen
ev It is urg.d (hat there Is .-olluslon
somewhere and that It Is plain how this
understanding could originate and be . Ur
iel mi It Is desired to Induce the com
missioner 10 break the combination, so
hat the Indians can nado at the border
owns or wherever they Please, and so thai
the .Indebtedness already contracted may
lie settled,
Ills Petrified t'orpu Conic to Light After
a Hiatal of ThlrlysU Years.
Waco Tex., Jan. L'.-Gcoibo Henlck.
who catches fur animals, on his round 10
his traps on tho bank of the llrazos, no
Heed a leg sticking nut of tho sand, and
unearthed a man perfect III every limb
and feature, except a gash in the abdo
men, tho bowels luinif absent and thu
cavity full of sand. Thu body Is a perleet
petrifaction, and the features natural,
hair, eyebrows und beard preserved like
life, It Is lecognlzed us tho peHlilcd body
of Hill Johnson, a murderer und outlaw,
who, after Inlllcllng tei'llbln loss on Hie
sheriff's posso lu 1S"A was mortally wound
ed, and afterward lukeii fioui tho Jail by
lynchers and haiujed while ho was dying.
Hill Johnson was shot lu the Jaw, twice
lu tho locust und lu both legs, and the
bullet nun ks are on the petrified body. It
Is also remembered that prior to burial
Hill Johnson was disemboweled bydoctois,
0110 of whom Is lioiu and recognizes thu
body. Hill Johnson killed live men In his
lust light, having killed three before his
lust battle.
Ixindon, Jan, 12. A terrific gale, accom
panied by u heavy 6iiowstonn, Is raging
over South Devonshire, On the Dartmoor
tablet the snow is several feet deep.
ORD on fine tailoring at low prices.
Such Dress and Business Suits
ar, we are making for $20 and
$25 are without precedent in
fine tailoring. Our 1895 Pat
terns are prettier and better
than ever. Our workmanship
is of the highest order. Out
$5 order made Pants arc with
out a rival.
Tailoring Co.,
824 Delaware St.
Much Money Set Apart for the Untutored
Saiage In the West.
Washington, Jan. 12. (Special.) The In
dian appropriation bill reported to-day pio
vldes for pay of agents as follows: Cliey
enne and Arapahocs, Sl.Mfl; Kiowa, $I,m;
Osage, Jl.iinl; Pottawatomie and Great
Neinaliiv In Kansas, l,"e0; Ponca, Pawnee,
Otoe and Oakland, J1..V0; Quapaw, Sl,l');
Sae and Fox, JI.IVK): Union agency, $l,Mi.
To fulfill treaty stipulations.' Apaches,
Klowas and t'omanclies, Medicine Lodgo
treats-, fai.noa; purchase ot clothing, $1l.r):
for pay ot workmen, $l,0fi. For Clieycnnes
nnd Arapahocs. $.15.00); Clilckasaws, W,OX);
Ciioctaws, JM.iKl; Creeks, JID.'.HK; lowas In
Oklahoma, fJ.IIOO; Klekapoos, 3.1tr.; Usages,
$.'U.'j;; Pawnees, ?I7,10i; Pottawatomlcs,
.IM'.IT: Quap.iivs, $1,000; jj.ic ami Fox, or tho
Missouri, $v,070; Semlnoles, JiSGOO; Senecas.
fci.GiiO. Miscellaneous support as rollows:
Apaches, Klowas, Conninciies and Wlchl
tas, fllO.oOO; for subsistence of Arapahocs
and Clieycnnes. $fi,ncV: Poncas. $l.",(i0.
For support or the Haskell Institute at
Lawrence, Kas., $S3,.ri00; rot- piiy or stiper
inteiideiit at Hint Institute, Jl.r.W; Chllocco,
Important to Pencil City.
Washington, Jan. 12. (Special.) The sec
retary or the Interior has made a. very Im
portant decision relative to Ponca City
In reruslng to open the well known J. W.
Lynch case, which Involves about hair tho
townslte, thus settling the titles to that
part or the town. It appears that berorn
the opening or the strip Mr. Lynch mado
nllldavlt or his Intention to file on a cer
tain qunrtPr section of land, and filed after
the hour of aliening. The point In contro
ersy was whether or not a tiling mado
upon nllldavlt of Intention prior to open
ing would hold good. This covers otlu r
claims Involving town property In tho
Strip and applies to other towns besides
Ponca City.
Accident nt l.e Loup.
Ottawa, Kas., Jan. 12. (Special.) Albert
.Mnllory met with .-i very serious nccldeut
at Le Loup. His horse, attached to a cart,
ran away, threw him out and broke ho
leg Just below the knee.
Cash Removal Sale.
For the week beginning Monday,
prior to removal to
1110 Walnut Street,
Everything in the store sold for cash
will be discounted
10 Per Cent
From regular rices.
Your chance to buy the very best
Groceries and
Tabic Delicacies
at a bargain for one week. Quality is
always the first consideration here.
Geo. H. Buecking,
1019 Walnut St.
it was
By the
Ouontiinder Process
You iltm't tnlfo p;as, You don't take
anything-, and It don't hurt a particle to
have your teeth out nt
'flic i
017 to fl'-'O New llldge Hulldluc,
J;. 0. ALM5N, D. 1). S., Mimiigor.
Piano Bargains!
Defining, Upright - S 125
HallelU Davis, Upright - $ 175
Schubert, Upright - - $290
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Kingsbury, Upright - - $235
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1 m &

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