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ClffiJtSfrjO A
11:11111111,1: i.mi.
Arn iiii llnpelrxly MriiccllnR AlniiK Tlil
Diiiiqrriiut ltiiul.'
The vvorlilrenonnit poet, flray, nvst
"The paths of clory lend but to thoprnvf."
All paths lend to the Kr.tvc, lint rupeclnlly
do thoee iliiiutToiK walk of life, over
work, utriln on the system, dlnlpatlon,
Improper attention to the rule of health,
Involving sleepless nlRht, tired bodied nnd
weak imd shattered nerve, lead to an
early death, or a more dreaded and fpar
fill fate.
Notice the stri'iiRlh and poiverful advice
In the following letter, wrlttteti by Mr.
J. Wesley Mann, of N'orthfleld, Miss :
"About eighteen months ago tny daugh
ter Jennie went Into n laige store as clerk,
nnd uai obliged to make long davs of
about fourteen hours, and the work
proved too haul for her. !'ho was com
pletely run down, being prostrated by ner
voint debllty. She had teirlble restle-
nlght, and was unable to sleep hardly at
all. Her head troubled her, bng dl2s,
and her limb netted, ai.d frcqucntl) she
would sit down and cr, she Mas In such
jiiss jiNMC :ivn.
"Thpv hnd Dr( Green" Netvura blood
an.1 nrvo remeiU In the "tore where she
worked, and the proprietor lecommcnded
her to take It, which she did
"She wiote me while she was taklnc the
Xcnuri that It hid done wonders for her.
She Is now entirely mred of her nervous
ness and has not been so well In jtai.
"She was so nervous that she could
liardlv sit at table, and any little noise
would startle her like a wild partridge.
"She has now used three bottles, and we
arc thankful to say that she Is well, thanks
to kind Providence and Dr Greene's Nei
Mira blood and neie remedv '
It Is beyond the pov, er of words to tell
the wonders that ale done eveiy das bv
tint greatest of all medicines, Ur Greene's
Ncrvitri blood nnd nerve leincdy. No
medicine eer before possessed such won
derful power i to cure. Try It, and tee
what It will do for jou It will make jou
strong and well
It is not a patent medli Ine, but the pre
i rlptton of the most successful llvltnj
speUilIst in curing nervous nnd chronic
ill-eases, Dr Greene, of 33 West l'our
t enth street, New York eltv. lie his the
lirgest prnctlco In the world, nnd this
(.r.ind medical discovery Is tho result of
his vast esperli nee. Tl i great reputation
of Dr. Greene Is a guarantee that his
medlelno will cure, anil the fact that he
i un be consulted by anyone, at any time,
frm of charge, peison illy or bj letter.glvcs
absolute assurance of the bencllcl il action
of this wonderful medicine
Dlreilnr Hlicti d ami Cimiinittii h uiiiid
at ir-ii rthij's 3litlu.
Tho Athenaeum Society met yesterday
nftemoon and elected the following direct
ors and membeiship committees for their
various departmfiUs Department of ed
u ition. Ulruitois, Mesdairn-s si. n
T Italians and I! D Cutter, membership
mmitteo, Mesdames J C Gage und W.
c Hongs Art department- Mesdames
W B Hansen and W. II Oondit. mem
bership cqmmlttee.Mi dames II M Cuteh-
mi and E N. Leg,; Depaitment of llt-
riture' Directors, Menlnmes Jl K Well
mil J J. Kostei , membership commltPe,
' I'. Cathenrt and A A Moshtr De
ri irtment of philosophy and silence 1)1.
rectors, Miss r SI Logan and Mrs r
J Ilalrd, membership committee, sies
dimes D. II l'oitfi and n E Meeker,
Social ethiis department: Directors',
Mesdames r II X. ttleion anl Virginia
Lt-C membership lommlttre Sles Inmes
A r-dbeil and H N Hm. Depaitment of
music: Director, Mm J H Hiuns'
in. mbersblp commllti-ei, Mrs Oliver. A
l rc-etor and member of the 'ommittee in
the last department aie to be supplied by
ihe president.
Lecture up Itiiippruuri.
The lecture on "Tempi n.i ee," to be de
llv. red by the Ulv Alt van 1. r p D05I1, of
X w York, on next Sunluv vening at thu
Auditorium promises to be one of the
largest tempcruiuc meutlngs ever held In
this eltj The Knights of lather Slathevv
and ladles' anlarUa aro putting forth
tbetr best efforts to give tho noted divine
nn elaborate reception during his stay,
Tho delegates to the supremo council,
Knights of rather Mathow, which con
venes nt &t, Louis January 17-1D, leave to.
night and upon their return win escort the
eminent I'aullst father to Kansas City
While here he villi be entertained by the
llrv. T, I 1,1111s at St. J'stiick's parsun
av. At the mass meeting the Protestant mln
lters of the city and Jlabbi Schulman
have been Ini-lud to occupy the htage with
tin Catholic clergv
The Keeley League, Women's Auxlltuiy
to the Keeley Ieauo and the Women's
Christian Temperance Union have also
been Invited and boxei nil be reserved
for their use.
There will be no admUIon fee and nil
friends of the caue are welcome
I o Aug! Il M Itlioilt t lllllllri..
The I'nlon I'acin' is now running one of
in" imam unproitxi ruiunan I'alace Sleep
ing fara every day In the year froin Kun
ens Cltv to Lob APB-les, via, Denver, Chei
ennc, Ogdon and Kacrameiitu. Thli. tar
leavas Kuiimui City at 0 W a. m on the
California and Oregon fait train This
train U llhted with the el. brum
I'lntsche ens, heated by stenin and Is ves
t'bnled throughout Magnificent Pullman
elln.ng cars 011 this triln Only dining car
line Kansas C'ltj to Callfouii.i The Dtn
vir fast lino leuvea Knnas City at 7 Su 1,
m , arriving In Dmner at ;s r, m tiJe
next day, luion. Tho Union I'uiine u the
rmli bne making this fast time Pullman
V lace buffet sleeper and Jne rei lining
..air oar on this train. It Is positively
i he shortest anil thickest lino to Denier
irul San Francisco. No other line qifers
equal laciiiues. city ticket oIIIcls, 100)
-uoiu nisei, joj inion avenue, ami I'nlon
station. Telephones IIW and IQbC.
J. H l'ltAWLKT, General Agent
An Illinois L'npttalliit.
Mr. George I'asllcld, of Springfield, III ,
U spending a few cutis In Kansas City
with Mr. S. n. Hough. Mr. Pustltld has
large propert) interests here and says he
Is well pleased with tht outlook for Kan
sas City's future.
He Smokes Hip .ludse's 1'lpo Idle llrlng
Arrnlgnid 1111 the Charge of
Itlgbwii) Itobberyi
A man rlilmr the lUtltloui name of Al
fred Lit llrunntr, who I relnted to ome
of the most promlmnt people of St Joeph,
Mo, was nrnsted early eslerday morn
Ing while crn7e.l with drink on I'nlon mo
bile, on a charge of halting Thomas Mer
lin!!, n cook nt the Union Dept hotel and
Inking a watch nnd chain from hint nt the
point of n knife.
Mcelnn damn thai LiHtunner had met
him on Union nvemie nbout midnight
Tuedav night nnd had asked for inohev
with whli h to rtt lodging Sleehnli gave
him some small change and directed him
to n lertnln pHcc About two hours liter
Meehnii nnd la Utunner met again on
Union avenue, nnd In Ilmmier with n wild
whoop started nt Mi'i.hiin with a knife, de
claring tint he Would have hl watch ami
chain or kill hint. Meehan surrendered his
watch and chnln and La llrunner said
"Thlt s for sndlng me to a pbee where
thero weie snakes In the led! Whoop' 1
ran sec 'em vet" And La Hnmiicr ran
down n side street with Median's watch
nnd chain. lie wns nriested n short time
nfter and was taken before .Itistlre Joyce,
There he said he didn't want a preliminary
hearing nnd Justlie Jovce ordered him
committed to the grand Jury.
"What's the bond?" Inquired Li Brim
tier, as ho picked up the Justice's pip" from
hl desk and began smoking.
The Justice was astounded nt the man's
Impudence, but answered ' $1 IW"
"Horr I em't go vou Judge," replied La
Hrunnei, tlil pulling nwav at the Justice's
pipe, but the limit Is ten high. Here's
your pipe, Judge. It's Jut a little to
strong, Judge, jou ought to get a new
one " A deputi 1 onstable then marched
La llrunner off to Jail
a run mm i M:r.cti or uastiiy.
Sir. Hiker, of lnpikn, In In Minlilnginn
Looking Out for 1111 Ollit lit! lob.
Washington, Jan 1C Mr Uerman Daker,
e-street commissioner of Topekn, and a
Populist of locil fame. Is on hand looking
for a Job that carries with It some "direct.
Ing,' some monev, nnd nuthorltv. Ho be
lieves that his nolltlcnl sen tees to his
countrv have been nich, no matter under
what lunnt 1. as to entitle him to some pin
eolisldeiatlon. He has vihit Is supposed to
be a very robust Indl itn pull. It Is on this
Hint he Is iclvlng motlv In the event
Senator Yoorhees gives him n place he
can gii.ti iiitee that all Populists in the
state of Indiain. will nld that senator In
his trouble, due less than two oars trom
now Mi liaker is not on very poou ceiiiis
with Senitor Martin, having opposed tne
sinntor in local matters at Topeka In the
n.it. but with the gentle whisper of Sen
ator Potter In the direction of SenntorYoor-
hees he has hopes of something Happening
Hint will be of gteat Interest to hint. Hav-iiiL-
nn Indiana mill, he evpects a Job In the
otllee of sergcant-at-itms of the senate,
w lute Dick llrlght and Senator Yoorhees
are supposed to be able to do almost any
Kinsas tit (ills 1 ltlggir I'reniluin fur Its
Is.iie I b 111 -bl IK"-
Water Works Comml"toicr Chick je.s
trdi received a letter from Wlllard E
Winner, of this cltj now in Chicago, en
closing slips from Chicago papers showing
that a ?4,iH0fi(H) issue of Chicago 4U per
rent gold btaring bonds brought onl a.
piemlum of 1 11 n nt The Kansas Cltv
water wolks bonds, which lire 4'2 per
cent gold bonds, bi ought a premium of
1 3-l"0 per cent One bid for the Chicago
bonds offered onh 31-1000 per cent for the
bonds. Another bid was llb-inco per cent
premium 'ibis is a very flattering show
ing when compared with the price at
which Kansas Cltv bonds were sold
A decision Is espee u d during tho week
from Justice Ilrewer on the question of
the suillclenev of the title offered b.i
the water u oiks companv L. C. Kraut,
hotr, of counsel for the company, sild
Sesterdaj that he did ont think the ele
ction would be accepted as flnnl by tho
parties to the suit, but that tho matter
Would be further litigated
Hi lute on the ltirka Iiupiai lime nt.
Washington, Jan 1U I is not probable
that the house will debate the resolution
lor the Impeachment of Judge Hicks be
fore Monday net Vtepre-smtative Halley
will report the resolution to the house I"rl
d.iy unless there should be a successful
attempt in the Judiciary conimltie-o Tilday
morning to leconslder c-stedav's actien
Time will be wanted for the inmbci-s to
reail the pi lined tettlmon in tho case,
the report .and the mlnoriu views to be
drawn by Sir Broderlck Mr Halley sijs
that he will consent to l't the Rise pass
over until Slonday, but to no latet day.
1 liei 1 I e 1 r or Woman
Is a fine set of teeth as w .1 as a fine head
of huir How the cnuinel Misti ns after a
good brushing with flagrant SOZODOKT'
Nothing destructive to the tielh can olst
on the surface or at the roots, if this vege
table antidote to coriosion fa eluly npplled
-kiting '11rni1.1l lit ralrtiiimnt I'nrk,
The management of the park haH deckled
to give a carnival lor the benefit and
amusement of the many patrons who have
enjojed tho tine skating ilurlng the past
two weeks L'lerything free, and hand
some gold anl sllvei med lis villi be glien
to the fastest lady and gentleman skater,
also for fain 1 skating and nnist and most
comical cuhlume No cxivnse villi be
spated to put the lee in first-. lass condi
tion mid make the eat nil nl a giund mic
1 ess.
1'ur CiMtgiii, Atliiiiu ami 1 limit Ois
niili r, us "Hrnim' Jlruoehitil 'Jraius"
Clile igo tire tt WcnIiiii Vliepln leaf.
C'omtiitncing Januaty 13, the Chleno
Great Weistein will iun all their dining
ears en the cafe plan, Thi ir service can
not be surpassed Dining cam attached to
all trains. Through car sen lee to Dea
Moines, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Dubuque and
Chicago. a LINCejLN,
U. I. & T. A , IOS0 Union ai e.
1" H. LOUD, ti. P. ev. T. A.,
In P illation Ami) Circles,
The Salvation At my will Intioduee anew
feature in Its meeting to-nlght ut the bar
lacks on Walnut street Uniforms will bo
laid aside and each seddbr will appear Just
as he Is at bis woik The blacksmith, with
his tools nnd am II, tl nine hlnist with his
tools, carpenters, cur lepairers, barbers,
bakers, paint, is, piessers, waiters, laun
dry fills, glertpgraplM rs, si haul teachers,
und, In fait, eieritli n In tho shape of a
trade, will be repiit-ciiied
, ,,sa - p.. ,,,,;
.v, vi
Consumers ojcbviiujiotacco nha
l!ie price cked for fc ordinanj
trade tobaccos, will find ftis
v &&&?, M.:w&
1111 t()!T I'lll'Iir TASNtlT Al'l'tllM'
A rOIKiTV silKMlMllt.
l'liiTrr to Cnnflriii I'erluln Appoliilmriils
Itils iltli ,lllilgr of (lie (Mrrillt
Imirl itiiet rrliiilual t'oiirt siber-
IfT's l'e Me brute ut .Vpproved
Other I ourt eu.
Cotintv Counsetef Watcra tiled with
tho eotmtv court )eterday nti opinion as
to the ntthorl'v of tho county cottrt to
Appoint n outipty surveyor tinder the net
of IS?:. Some Jnva ntro !'. W. Ttlttte, 1
civil clip Tieer, nkel the county court to
litie hlin a cotrrmli-sloii n ti county stir
vcyof. lto it, oil the net of lvT.3 nml
Htnte.l that lie w-a ptcpafed to ftlltlll tho
loiittlrcmientt. of the net. The matter
vns roftrred to Counselor W tiers. In
his opinion lip cnld! "i am inclined to
the opinion th tt tho county court has
no rower to nrmollit n county surveyor
under life not of 1ST.'. It would be well
If the nuestion could be settled by the
courts, 11s It 1ms been called to the atten
tion or this court seveinl times. I can
not iiitvl In tli" absence of 1111 adjudi
cation tinon tho law in eiucstlon that
mtrvovevs Iw rppolntcl, and until such
ailjuutcniii 11 is hnd I advise that tlic ap
plication I r fuisael."
Colin1 lot Witter nlso took up the
question ref"rn 1 t.i hlm ncveral days
ago na In the JuiiPdlctlrn of the court In
the matter of iippoltitmeiits of deputies
In tin .ifllc.s of cluuilt clerk, marshal
and pm.ee otltlnp; attorney. He tf.tve It ns
his opltilnn tout the deputies of these
oincefi .etc u.iject to the npproial of the
clioult anu erlnnnnl eoutt Judges. He
"I am of th opinion that the appoint
ment ami number of deputies nnd n.
slstiiut? of t " clerk, of the clicult court
and of tho plleriet of the county by those
olflces ate subject to the approval of the
Judftee ef the circuit coin t, nnd the ap
pointment pnd number of deputies and
assistants of the clerk of the criminal
court, tne mi.rsh.il and the prosecuting
ntiorno) i ' subject to the approval of
the judge ef the cslnnnal court of Jack
son count' ,
"It Is ptovldecl in rection S of the net
of 1S.'3 that 'no money shall be paid to
nny detain- 1 assistant who has not
been nu'liorlt'.d by s ild county court to
be npuolnted ' etc. Yet tho whole tut
must be construed together, nnd I think
th it on nc! r. contiuc'lon the jespon
slbllity of fiine tlio number of deputies
and assl tnnts of the olllceis named
tbove re cs wIUi the Hidtjes of the cir
cuit and ctlinPinl e'outls."
Judge Sti lie seemed disappointed
when -Mr. 'Waters delivered his opinion,
for he had liop'd to limit the number of
deputies .u J . urtall the ospenses In
these oHlce
Since th sale'y net of 1S53 vicnt Into
effect tin- tounty has to foot the bills of
its ofllclals Tees are not allowed, nnd
for this .e-isen a bill from Sheriff O'Xoill
caused 1 e curt to call on Counselor
Waters Tor an opinion. Sheriff O'Neill
piese'ted ,1 bill to be audited b the
court ii r tne transportation of an in
sane vim ,1 to th' St. Joseph asvlum.
The Sin-in In his u'U cl.iimeel 10 cents a
mile f .r transput tatlon, $S buck hire at
ft Jo 'on "11 1 SI tor hack lilt c nt Inde
pendent 0 In teldltlon to this he added
10 centi 11 mile fol lallioad fare. The
total amnaiK ct the bill was S93 The
court warned to kno.v why tho sheiiff
charted up fees when he was working
101 a'Hlns Ueputy Sheriff Lnnghoine
state! 'iU th" fees were chained up ns
usual In older to keep the books, of the
otllee Mi iIk ' lie wns nvvaro that the
sheriff's ofllee vns a s Hailed ofllce It
was h Intention to refund to the coun
ty the ns ibove the sal.arv nnd cx
pcnseT .ml the tecs would be charged
up as be n 111 d the sheriff ct tho prop
er time wo Id turn over the excess.
This ai langerripnt did not suit Judge
Stone. If the county had to p ty the
expenses of tne of! ..o It could do so nt
once, 11 sa I, nml this auangemeiu
would do awuv with the necessltv of the
shi -iff uinine bid; to the county monev
te.elieiT n "."xeess of salaiy. Tho county
might " w -11 retain the money at Hist,
ho sml iht. ild the sheriff be nllowetl
to ch ige up "'os n of old, it would be
queer mit'iiess to p..y monej out of the
eou n ti.asurv In older to have It
paid b ek J'tdfje Stone was not sure
that it w tb" proper tli'ng to do, und
lu conse ,uen"fc th" bill was refened to
the county counselot for his opinion In
the 11 en l-c
Countv Vt.-asurer Cnpelle submitted to
the e urt the names of two deputies). I
V. K 1 bvr and VT. W.. PeacocU. The
cou.t granted him one deputy, with the
privilege, of -ttal i!ns Ml. Peacock up to
Pehr 1 i-v 1
Uurlr the afternoon the court tool:
up ucc nuts uiei alkivied n tiumher of
bills The Wo, Id Publishing; Company,
of Kansas Cltv presented a bill to the
court lor the publication of tho legal
ballni The amount of the bill was
S7T0 70 for wo Insd lions, Attached to
the bill was a ctutement fiom County
Aceouii'ant Slain, which bet out that
the legal rue' foi publishing the legal
ballot won" J hi Jl per square foi the
lire irihurtlin nd 50 cents for each In
scitloil t' 11 .ft 1. He reported that
then w 1 ''0 Miunt'es In the 111 at lnsei
Hoi , and 0- this $lr.Q should be allow- d
The sic 1 je rtlon ot the legal rate
vvi uKl m u 11 to $0 The court allowed
the Wot hi V 'Ulahliig Company $2i5 and
oiden il a iv 11 rant diawn for the same.
X.x-Supr llnecndent Hudspeth (submit
ted an Inv iicory of the property at tho
pool fin 11 The" articles enumerati d
amot'iited tj $11,02" r," Superintendent
Gentry will lllo his lnventoiy in a few
dais, and in tl.e meantime the court 1ms
instructed J S Funroclc to tnl.o nn ln
ventoij seifate and apart from either
of thi other Inventories There Is some
Jlfftre-neu of opinion betwe'pn tho c
superlni. iident a. d the present incum
bent is in the stock which should be
found on tl e farm and the Idea of tho
court Is to get an inventory from a per
son not Intei ested.
After inspectlnir the basement of the
Independence couit house the court nd
Journetl until tu-aa, at 10 o'clock,
KhOl Ivl.D ObT'lIIi: I'IM.s.
.I111U0 W Jtoril I mine Uib i ork Doum hy
Tut!;e dniitk.
The principal business of tho criminal
eourt jesteii 'sy eonhtecl ot knocking out
lineb lnu ose-l by J" late Jones In the po
Ilee ecurt ana letting tho offenders off
n'rii nomli .. punishment. Slost of the
v s i-lnl jenterday wers on appeals
fiom tne poll. e ourt and in every Instance
the ap ol'aul tot otf with a much lighter
pet ulty ul.an that inllloteej by Judge
On- of the most important cases was
tint of Tom Davis, l.wper qf the Lucky
Nu nbur ej.o n at 1TH Urend avintie, who
tu 1.01 I. 'n- s'uco lined M0 and had his
license r.vul.cl by Indgo Jones for keep,
ing on, 11 1 1 Sundt, . Davis entered a plea
of gulliy ad JudeiB Wolford lined hint 25
viltu a 1 of execution on JK, inukliv
the duo 1, it) 6 $'( one. Judge Watford
said that 1 " wai a uotoiiqiis fact that
Ul the an en ate open 011 Sunday he
wouli noi h 10 aad Dai is anjthl g, but
that it vv - p.jied that there was a great
deal qf 1 In te ealoon on tho Sanday
in que1, 1 I'
Two o her -Mses of some importance
line ih D-unst John Anderson and
ltajmo.i l. tui yer, mo of j:l Pine
lay a iiou. . 1 -i, who weie, each lined j;(i0
bj Ju'Jg. '. 1 e-s e..id who appealed to the
ctlmii nl iiain eterday they both plead,
ed guiby in wer euch lined h'i by Judge
Wonor' 1 iel nominal line, which
oir. luut 1 j . u l.floatlun of ull Judge
. Jl "' ulorts 1. Ire-ulC up the polle) buL
O, Ive:lejn, ,t iri.ictr doing business nt
Tenth an I Uli iloitea streets, was last
SeiteiuU, pa d JIOj by Judge Jones' for
t.ell 11, liu 1 lihuiit u llceiuie. He ap.
pealeu to t ie . riiiunal court and yester
uay Jcde WoITtid quathed the Indlet
ineiu ,
J. J. rieih), who was also fined J1W by
Judge Jones for selling liquor without li
cense nnd nppenled, entered a. plea of
prullty nnd his fine was reduced to $25. S.
D. Allmnn, n runner for tho Columbus
Clothing Compnnj, who was fined tlOO by
Judge Jones for soliciting trade on the
street, had his lino reduced to J10 and
costs. Miller Steien, who 11 ai fined J10)
b) Judge Jones for refusing lo comply
with the building ordinances, also had his
line cut down to $10 nnd went on hts way
A number of cases ot minor Importance,
in which the witnesses for tho stnte could
not be produced, were dismissed by the
state. Hun llegnti, pon ot Councilman He
gan, who Is under Indictment for nnult,
nppcared in court vetoidny nnd gave bond
In tho sum of $l.tK, with bis father nnd II.
Iorey ns bondsm 11
The grand Jury Is still busy on the
caes ot persons who nro confined In the
Jail and ho caes ot importance nre likely
lo be taken lip before next week.
t'httrtti Property III Litigation.
The case ot Tlmothv C. Hr.ulley, surviv
ing trustee of tho last will and testament
of T. M. Bradley, deceased, Samuel l'rce
mnn and the Atlas Imeslnient Compiny
ncnlnst Silas Mills, Shackelford Mais, Al
bert Jomeisi John Williams, Charles Watson.
tn:stces of the Mount Silon Missionary
Itaptlst church, was on trial yesttrday In
Judge Hcnty's court before n Jury. The
defendants nre colored men. Plaintiffs al
leged In their petition that they were enti
tled to the iKssc.sIon of tho ground up3ti
which the church stands at the foot of
Mulberry street, and that the elefeneUlets,
on November 1, IS'iO, entered upon nnd
took possession of the property and have
since held It, thereby damaging the plaint
iffs to the amount of 3300. They ask for a
Judgment for that amount and the restor
ation of the property and such other re
lief as the Jtiiors may find they nro enti
tled to rco Ive. Tho church Is upein made
ground, tho title to which, the plaintiffs
and others claim. Thd trial will be re
sumed this morning.
Court .Notes.
Judro Dobson vestcrday granted Whit
Mold Dlehl a divorce from his wife, Josde
Diehl, for desertion. The defendant did
not nppeir In court to contest the uit.
Sallle W. Ludlam, who is being bUi1 by
her husband, llenjamln 1 Ludlam, for ol
vorce.iv a eterday granted J 10 per month
alimony during the pendency of tho suit
and $M to pay her attorney.
A petition for a recount of votes cast nt
the election In November was tiled yester
day in Judge He no's court by tho plaint
iff In the contest case of William T. Jam
ison against J. 11. lire mormann.
Patrick Donohuo 1 estcrctav obtained a
Judgment ng.ihist tho National Hank of
Commerce in Judge Dobson's court, for
S50S Ii He had deposited the money In the
bank and a woman with whom he was In
timate obtained ,eoi-session of his bank
book and drew the- monei out of the bank.
In the contest ease of c-County Judge
Daniel Murphy agiinst County Judge John
H. Stone, the latter vestcrday tiled a mo
tion in Judge Slover's c-ourt to striko out
sity-threi of tho spei tflcatlons In plaint
iff's petition. It Is alleged that the specl
leatloirs do not biate facts sutllcicnt to
constitute a ciuse for action and warrant
the court In disregarding the returns of
the election.
In the caxo of Harrv Chatham against
his wife, Ella Chatham, for divorce, the
l.fendant jostenla.i applied to Judgo Slo
ler for an order for temporary allmonj
ami uttoinei's fees, the stated In her ap
plication that she Is .a poor person and Is
unable to make her own living, The title
of the case Is peculiar, it Is "Harry' It
Chatham, by his n. t friend, Jennie Arra
etrontr, vs. HUi Chatham."
Aevv MiItH l-lleel.
S:5-'" Hruce Lumber Company vs. H.
S Gilliam et nl, mechanics' lien.
22:. i:il Calm vs. Samuel Eppstein;
-.'v.'J L. G Tailor vs. George B. Cough,
appi al.
.'JS30 Prank 1 Webster and Itos.a Web
ster vs. J. SI i,ri gory et ul; specific per
formance and Injunction.
"sil Kansas 1 fty Hay Press Company
vs. John Andr. us; appeal.
Hullriiul Tine s 1'nlil.
Tho city ir. isury was replenished es
teiday by t. receipt of J1,W3 ;i, which
was the ammnt of city taxes turned 01 er
by the eounti collector from the taxes re
ceived bj th. various railroads owning
rights of w n inside the city limits The
city has nothing to do with th assessment
or collei t .n of this tax, but must de
pend 011 1)11 assessment of the state bo ird
of rallro-il .sessors. The Western Union
Telegiaph jinpany was the onlj cor
poration ot't r than a railroad which paid
any tax v -t rday,
The re. 1 neie as follows: Western
Ui.ion, J , .1 , Chicago, Milwaukee & St
Paul, 17. Hurllngton, JO.2J0, Hock
Island, i ' T. Slissouri Pacific (Lexington
bianch) . 11; Mltfouri Paclllo (Slain
line), 81 t! 1 . Memphis, f) o.'3.19; Lnlon
Paeilli , "173; Kansas City Helt line,
$l,MD;i s iHurban Helt, JIG 15 17; Kansas
City, To ( m & A'cstern,J2,bli 72.
Ktolev 11lllnr) Ie iguei l.leetiou,
At thi annual meeting of the Women's
Auvlllai) Keeley League, held jesterdaj
morning In the club rooms In the Hall
bulldli.tr, th so ollleers were elected fot
the ensuli - icar: President, Sirs. Dr. I
SI Ilidge, nrrt vice president, JIis. Hon
Jamin 1" 1 I upee; second vice piesident,
Sirs Wlllhim Uukcr, nrordlng secietarj,
."tilts Jo phlne V. Kelli , correspoiidliin'
becretaij, Ari6. Thomas Toohe ; treasurer,
Sirs Jemili A. Oar), cliaplaln, .Mrs c
SI. Kaitn stipeilutendent of rescue work.
Sirs II J McViiy; assist mt superintend
ent of riscue vi ork, Sirs Slagglo Scott.
The annual reports of the retiring olllccr-i
were pontine! until the meeting next
Wednesday morning. Sirs Dr Hidgo was
the winner of the doll that was diapoi.'d
of for the benefit of tho organization.
SlnrrliiKe Licenses InmiciI.
T)t9 following couples were jesterday
licensed to wed:
Name. jK0-
Jnmes A Hansom, Kansas City.. ;i
Scholia Mundy, Kansas City , is
Samuol S Pitcher, Kansas City.,, 2D
Emma I. Swani-on, Kans ch City 57
Henry Watson, Jackson county, ,..21
LUIo Slat tin, Jackson county.,,,, 10
Charles It. Dalton, Kansas City,.. 32
Slaiy Larklns, Kans is City ;a
Thomas Clordon, Jackson county 22
Delllo Venable, Jackson county 10
A. T. Sleyster, Knustui City 23
Deno Auteiiindt, St. Louis
b. St. Wllkii-on, IvaiiFiib City u
St.agglo DeloiiBhcrtj, ICantas City..,,,,. 27
Ernest Kdppun, Jackson county .)
Einestlno Nltcho, Jtukson county.,,,,,.. 2$
fleorgo 11.. Wells, Council Illuifb, la .. . 21
Clertrtido Leverldge, Jncktan cqunty 2 J
DenlllH Itpparteil.
The following deaths wero reported '0
the board of health yetcrday:
Ilesoher, Infant; January Jl; 429 West
Heienth, cerebro-splnal meningitis, burial
In Peter ami Paul cemetery,
Shaefei, William; aged C3; January H,
S1I East Tenth; valvular disease of the
heart, burial In Union cemoter).
Caske), .Mrs. Margaret; agecl 31; Janu
ary U, Eleventh and Troost; peritonitis;
burial in Slount St, JIary's cemetery.
Jny, WlllUm, nged 3S; January 15; 1103
Campbell, fracture ot skull; burial in Elm
wood cemetery.
iells, Sirs Jane E.; nged 43; January
It;, 16M Walnut; chrorle rheumatism, burial
In Union cemoter)'.
Stewart, Carroll & Smith, undertakers.
J21t Walnut street. Telephone 1915.
Itlrtbi Itepoiteil,
Tho following births wero reported to hs
board of health )esteiday;
Davis A and Lucy; boy; 1323 East
Touite ntti, January II.
S.attlw a W. and Annie; girl; CI1
Spruce, J . nary 13.
Mnrra, in. anro and Teresa; boy; 613
East Pour )i, January H.
Slurra). J w, and Mrs.; boy; 160J Sum.
mlt; Januai) 11,
Decsl, tiaston and Blanche; boy: 633'a
Campbell; January 14.
Deo, J, P und Mary; lrl; Ut) East Third;
January 13.
lly a Syndicate of Jicir lurk and St.
A syndicate of New York and St. Louis
capitalists has recently been formed for
the purpose of btilng the P)rumld Pile
Cure, n remedy well known In some por
tions of tho West and Northwest, but
which has never been systematically and
thoinughly advertised. The gentlemen
composing the syndicate, after thorough
Initstlgalon and repeated trials In aggra
vated inses of piles, believe tho cxtraor
dlnaiy mot It of the remedy combined
with Judicious and liberal advertising, will
makelhe remedy one of the most profita
ble and populnr In the market.
When It Is remembered that n surgical
operation for tho cure ot piles costs any
where from ten to one hundred dollars, to
say nothing of the terrible p.iln and dan
ger to life, and nlso the fact that such
operations nro often unsuccessful. It will
readily be seen that a leiuedy like the
P)ramld Pile Cure, selling tit nil drug
stores nt one dollar per pickage and giv
ing universal satisfaction, cannot fall to
result us a profitable Investment.
In tho many experiments made with tho
remedy niituially the cases selected were
old chronic cases, some ot them of manv
) ears' standing, nnd whether the piles
were of the bleeding, protruding, Itching
or nny other form, the result mis the
same, a completer removal of the disease.
This remedy, known as the P)ramld
Curi, has been advertised In 11 small way
for scleral years, and by reason of Its
great merit Is at the prccnt time sold by
nearly all druggists, but It Is the Intention
of the above gentlemen to advertise the
preparation throughout the whole country,
nnd in nil probibllity as soon na the c
traotdlnary value and Importance of the
preparation becomes generally known It
will certainly supplant nil other remedies
or treatments for the cute of this obsti
nate and common disease.
Tho 1'sranild Pile Curo Is certainly the
pile cure ot the future.
Dlphtherli -till Kagliig.
Grace Hcthel, the pupil ot St, Teresa's
academy who Is tick with diphtheria, was
)e.stenlay removed from the school to
120i SlcGeo street, which Is an Isolated
house. The gill's mother Hied there, until
a short time ago, when she placed the
girl In the aeatle) for tho winter
As a precautionary mensuie. Health Of
ficer nrlni, notified the authorities of
the academy not to open the school yes
terday morning, and It will be kept closed
until tho peilod of incubation has been
passed, which Is two weeks at the fur
thest. At the cud of this time, if no new
enses have developed among tho attend
ants, tho school villi be permitted to open.
A new case of diphtheria vv is reported
to tho board of health )esterday at 1410
Granel avenue.
The antl-toxlne remedy Is being applied
to all the cases reported to the board and
a double application was made In the cose
of the child at St Teresa's academy.
Slti) or Davis, at tho lequest of the board
of health, yestenlav ordered the super
intendent of streets to flush every sewer
and catch basin In the cltj. The work will
begin this morning. Chief Hale has fur
nished the hose and will detail one fire
man to superilsc tho work ot each of
the several gang3 of men who u 111 be at
w ork.
I aee ) in 'I roubles Again.
L E Lace), who pretends to bo an em
plo) ment agent, nnd w ho has been arrest
ed numerous times on charges of swindling
laboilng men, was again nriested jester
day on a warrant Issued by Justice Krue
'ei, charging him with obtaining $1 by
fiaud from V. J. Saunders and SI J
Johnson Saunders und Johnson say the)
give Laeey $1 on his piomNe that he would
secuie work for them at Hean Lake cut
ting ice Lacey tent them to Hean Lake
with a met sage to tho foreman of an lee
cutting crew. The men walked all the
wn) to the lake, which Is about thirty
five miles from Kansas City, and when
they presented their message they were
toll that Lace) was unknown there.
Thev then walked bade to prosecute
Lai cy.
Pall Man Magazine
1 elint ir) .itinln r ow Head).
1 U1TFU ill"
lord 1 reiie rli II imlltim. M. 1., nnel
Sir Dinigl is Mr light.
I'KItl . SB I'llNIs,
'I he e Ir ulittiiilt of the Wall Mall Maga
zine. ' is liu re .tslng mouth ii) mouth 1) leaps
ami bounds. 1 he tre ine mliitis sin 1 1 -h of thee
nou ititie li-Miugltt-ror t lirlntimirt miiuticr
lias gin 11 ti still further linpi tils to the
ripldli growing .opularlt) of tbU superb
special Ie itures in the 1'cbruary dumber:
I lorentlne Pictures, bv Charles Goaf rei Lelanti
lon.nu IJodrt ind ttie Itoostcr, bi Guj Uoothby.
I he Mud-Coll ludlau b 1'hll Iloblusou
A Ilroltnu Ueeri. bj It mdiens
In the Library b) itie Countess of Warwick.
At the King a Head, b) I'rantefort Moore.
llfttil the abort contributions th ixrfaU by
II alter llitaitt unit II llidtr lUqgai d art etitt run
mat both huiini achltud aqrent iurcess There
i 1 1 11U0 mtwy fitter tarl( tlitirUs and pofma
lint nifty i'l tutrated thtottyhout by the leading
hi tut! In Mack and uhite bpUuttld colored front-
itiJIl'Ci -
LlUTOItlAt, AM) PL'III isiitsr, Ofuccs
lb Charing Cross ltd , IV C
NI.W Vultlv 'I ho lutein itlonal News Co.,
Mliuano Street
1 jboxto Tho loronio News Compiny
.Mi stm.ir, I'iho Montietii News Company.
East WlngU, Y, Lift Bldff., KANSAS 0ITJ. M0,
Boo7keepIng,l Bhortcaca, Typewriting, 'Tcleg
ttphyi Xlsglisti Branches, Modern Lingnages, etc. 1 at
lowest rates. Catalogue free.1 Telephone 117 1,
J. T. SPALDIiiQ, A. H President.
Hay ellld Itlit bchutilit.
. UrtUiQ O This remedy licinc in.
.Jim'Ii-iI ellii'i'tiy to tho
Heat of those ellsensiH
tun (fiiito.Urliuu-s
'f MH "'Khiin, rei ulrtix un
xaSJJniiar.intci.il In 1 to :t
'dn.v m. Small plain puck.
l'edurmann A. llallar, Drutrgtsis and Sola
Aeeuts, Wl Statu fat, Kansas Uiy, SIo
TM BifH rsiiei r jfSR
LWfiYNE'3 ?WiP
irx.w.; c
-til.rnt an (ntrmiJ !
oiodieiD. orei Ut-
- Ihvw ..';Wi, c5
A'TtA 11B flr( i.iii.ihm""' - -
Iluy vo'ur I lagi direct fiom iha nianitf iciurar
and save dealer aptotlu Ilet lluiittiij Plajat
the following 1 ery loir prices!
U fa ltc'Uiatlni FIjks-5 It., l.'75oich; OIC,
ni., Tft.tJw'i 1 ft, JltXI. 10 ft, 6W. 1.' ft,
te.75, H It, Itiri), 10 It, tlU.76. Larger sUo
Minn proiwitlou. Addrcji
r-J.rr f ";'.M-T-.T. .. ,-. .."' niM-,-
I A refined complexion must use Pozioni's
1 Powder, Itproauc.'sasoft&beautUiihkin.
.. ; m TirmTr ii7t-niPi'-"T.f rT!rm-- " wjtktx t
If you use Woodbury's Facial
Soap. It is prepared by a specialist
who has had 20 years' experience
treating the skii; Braagists sell it.
na t
y '-
V J? M
Eli Pettijohn's Best!
The finest Breakfast Food on the market is now being
served with cream and sugar free in Bargain Basement.
Call and try it. t
BEEF TEA! For the healthy and the sick.
Made only of pure ingredients very conveniently pre
pared. One bottle by the addition of hot water is
enough to make a cup of this delicious' drink. It cornea
already seasoned 5c per bottle or 50c per dozen.
On Sale Soda Fountain.
Doctor Henderson
102 nml icm West 9th Street, Kansas City, Mo.
TI10 Ol I Itrllible. llnetnr. Oldest 111 trr, r,iiti(icst J.nrnteil. A Hcijiilo
Yid tr
1J (Iratliinto lu Jie-illelni..
ftiiVM uthorl?til bv tho Mnto to treat
' rninrnniccii or money reiiinu u. jvu uiciurmc's iiiriusuc-u iuhuj .u. uw. ., s.. ,..
tfoti Irinii buslucss. Patients nt n ellstotico treated by mall and express. Mcellelael
tent, ei eri-wlicre. Irco Irntn piro or bre.ilttire.
rxperleueonrolinporPitit. btitov our caao nnuscnuior terms. Lnusuiiuuuu is ireu mm c-uuu-ilentlil,
rltbcriiersonally or ly letter. ....., ,e . L v
Seminal Weakness and Sexual Debility, SSSTS!SK5S5t
produnnif losses, pimpled nnd blntchps on tho face, rushes ot blood to bead, pains. In back, eon
tuscdldiasnnilIor,:elfiilncsj,baslitiiltiess. nverslon totttciPty, los4 ot hctujI power, loss ot
tnanhooel, &c . cured lor life 1 enn Wop all nlfli t losrs, rt tom lost sexual power, rcatoro ncrva
and bralu poll cr, enlargo uud Btre-ogtben n cal. parts aud luano j ou fit lor tnurriagc.
Qmlvilic tlinttcrrllilaellsenso.InnllitillCf ,.;rf.G pcrmnncntly curctl without
OVpnillS, iorm, nmi Mattes cured lor31-1 I'LUl - caustic, euttlne, bougies or
lite, llloodl'olsonliti;. Mtln lHejns, Ulrcn", 5 Rounds. No pain, lio t-rpoauro. Patient, can
hwellliie's, Sorcs,(loiiorrliir.iiitiiiaieet,nndallliisotliutri.atnicntatlionie.
foraisof Priiato Hifccjsos poslllicly cured er T?,ifMim.'li JC111 'fto Great Turltlsll
lr.nncT rclundi'd. ) I lV.Il'..UltlUi.i3iii Hhctiraatlo Cure. A
Rnnli- tor both ppxcs. n pi-c. 27 pictures. I RUUH CUKU. '1 bo eroatest. disc-en ery la tho
OUUIV truoto lite, iiltb lull de seriptlou otliinnaUtt medicine. Ouo elos0 Rites lfllcli a
nbovo diseases, tho efTects anil cure, sent pcil-llewdoec iremoro lover nnd piln in joints! a
cdiu plain wriipperforOe.. in snraps. Head this I cure la a low diva, fend statement, ol casn,
little buolttiud answer list of questions. I with htamp lor circular. t n
n..r. Miecniieii nf A nntntmr For Me" 0"l" r.eplctowlth omcruoirs.
1-teC iTlUSeUlll OT AliatOmy thousntuUot curiosities. Tho I Ba. m.USp.m.
llfe-llleo models nnd wax flRures eloeply Impress tho lulud; a fccbool ot ln-1 Sundays 10 to 12.
Btructlon a sermon without weirds. .... . .
11. II I hatm XtMO deriailted In the hank, which I nllt forfeit for abova dhscict thai I cannot curt.
H Mr! :i rft JK h ? i i ra a i" a a a tl a a k? 8 iiSlb
. llnorii President.
IlrMivG ICuvipt, vice Pros s.
Foreign Drafts Issued on
P. A.
1206 and 120S Union Ave. (Near
TO NIGHT, last performaneo of
"The Donagh."
Tridav, Satuidiy M it iw n1cht."Korrv Cow'
lUstrwtl e its.oc, 7fiu und 11.
NEXT WEEK'bT11.!0-v
C. 11 .Teifcrsoiii Klaw & Krlnniroi's
Ou HurM.
i,.it(ji:it ami jilt run th vn iivvit.
Are nle. l'e rfeirni llicei Abniinilliiu In V nude rs
Wlih Us powerful dnmitic. story and Its uni iv-ale-d
two-rlnectrcus '1 ho Rreilest. Indoor the
ater stago circua performance ever attempted
In any country. . .
IttM'rveel Pi its, fide, 7fie, SI.
M-itlnees Wednesday and faatuidas.
Jacob Lilt's Conietlj Jvuvtlti,
A 'conic l'rniltictliiii
And a llrllllanv Company.
Went, beglnntne
pi Men and Women.
3littim o Nitunl i
'4 riii ami fi()( .
Connucncinc Sunil ty Matlntu I'll i
V'eb-ter, A Ilieczy Tlmo
Open trow ti . n.. to V4 mltiatsUL
Open from eJUO n. m. to 13 nililnlcht.
Private Dining Rooms
Pairmount Park,
VA'IImi. JANUARY 19, 1895.
fioltl and hlUt r MctliU for
(j.'iith iimii la.Kj M it lug Unly Fancy
Skuthi-i. ntli limn f,iit il liutllt;
1 ml hjH'til Mauling) Jtust tuiut r
imIo (i)htmiui .Mtiil t'oiiihiil 'Mii(jiur
tuli tustuino,
Right at the State Une. "I." Itoad and Fifth
Street Caula pin the door. Uoominhlns em all
Kates aud bjiortliii; llvcuts throuijhoiu ilia
country I l M 1.1 ItY, I'n.iirleitnr.
To.ibl) SlIIO.
COLD MEDAL, Paris exposition, 188ft.
Oicr 27 lenr special x-rnctieo.
riiari'es low. Ot er m tX) cases cureit Ago ami
New York Life Building.
It. n Tovinoton, Cishler. D. a. MoKmnpt,
I II HUMP, II. J. HcICKr. fa fa. SLltAt.
nil Tarts of the Old World.
Union Depot), Kansas City, Mo.
Oldest and Original'!!
iviy if,
io West Ninth St., Kansas City.Mo.
Letdlnp and Successful SpcclilUt In lllood.
Nervous anil Urinai y Diseases.
Mlitvou Di.iiii.i iv, with Its many
gloomy sj mptoms, cured,
J oir 1 1 A l.l i Y peimanently rostored
s in 1 1. is cured for life without mercury
UltlAltY uisKASl.s cured eiulelily and
Wlll.N ALT. flTiimts 1'AII. consult Dr. IL
J Whlttiet anilfecelvo tho cam! la opinion of a,
physician of experience, skill aud fnteitrlty. No
piomlscs ni.ide that cauiint be fullllled
.Mi;i)ll I.M.i fiirnlshed at smill cost, and
sent anywheie scaled. Treatment M.VI.It
SI.M . II. II.
li:i;i: ronsultatlon and urlntry amlysls
fifTI Mil1 to health and emerBoncles, scaled,
"biuu for . eenu Ntiiinps. lllanUs 1'reo.
Call or adrtiess lu conflilcnco
10 West MlltllSt., KANSAS CITY, SIO
vi' EXTRA FINE- '.
Over Ons Million People vv ear the
W. L. Douglas $3 & $4 Shoes
All our ilioes are equally satisfactory
They ttlve tho best vnluo for ths money.
They equal custom shocii In Myle and lit.
Thtir werrinK qualities arc unsurpassed,
rlie pries aro uniform, ...stampe-el on sole.
From $i to S3 suved over other makes.
If our disler cannot supply jou v e can. faoldbf
v.A.AIIIlVIls, Ifl3 Mluni iota An..
IIOI.IHA i.'.K.i.r, S. w.n.r. lltli nml Slain.
11. 'I. vio ls.fi III Vliiln St.
f. VI. II IIS. I.TJ I iir.iinl Alt'.
1IOIISCII llltlis., IJ.t.l (.rami Ave.
I IIUII Pill. 1, mlt)', .SprliiKlli 1.1 Ave'.
PIIONE Carriage and Baggage
Eevintli nml llrii lihruy,
Tie onlj 1 luteins)
tablet In, tho fill,
i:.3i.rmir.ns, oi'i:.v day anu kigiit.
l'rclilcnt and Mauager.
No Exlra Charge for Night Work.
Al ays call us up when lu need ot a Carriage
or a luggage Watton.
order!, of
Eviiey Cute (lurDtec4.
u vcari' e.vnnrie.nce,
IlA.kL I'll Pl'l
I W. Cor. th ti Mln SH.
'oSl llflBST
75 w. Uriofff nl E
$3 SfS
Mfrt sK
mki . i'.tS
W5 xs i
a m
'S W ti
i ' y T
. "Vs?-s?a-ayBs;
awWwwvVwmwWf JSE ejaBWJWUJ8fflBBBMWgiae

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