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II. Ct.AY AttNOUt AITOIVTi:i) m:-
toittiKit or en I us.
Ho Will Jint Nninn it Pnlltlrrtl I'liiRj-rr or
1 Iter for tlcputy and " lit Itun
(lie Onicn nn limine
Governor Stone )eMcrdny afternoon
pent the nnmo of 11, Clny Arnold to the
senate for confirmation n recorder of
voter! of Kiui'.'is City to stuccoed Chnrlei
8. Owsley, the preetit Incumbent. After
a few moments' deliberation the ap
pointment vinti confirmed. Governor
Stone will probnblv ncnd his commission
to Mr. Arnold to-day nnd ho will take
poieislon of the olflco without delay
nftcr receiving the document.
Mr. Arnold la a well known bulnesi
man of thlt city, and enjoys the repect
nnd conlldencc of nil w lio know him.
Ho belonjjs tit the better element of the
JJemocrncy 01' the city, nnd h.ii never
heon Identified even remotely with the
ballot boK stutters nnd other election
crooks who brought the pirty Into (Ill
repute. He w.is born In Paris, Monroe
county. Mo., In 1S11. At the ago of IS
years ho entered n ding store at .'e
ada, Mo., where ho remained for nlno
)enrs At the time Mr. Arnold began
lenmlng the drug bushiest In Nevada
Governor William J. Stone was n brief
less young lawyer In tint city. They
soon became close friends. In ISTfl Mr.
Arnold moved to Sedalli, where ho
opened a drug stgre, but peeing that
Kansas City was a better place In which
to do business, he came here the follow
ing vear and opened his drug store at
1'ifth and Main street, where It has since
jemnlncd. He Is a member of the board
of malingers of the state Insane asylum
nt St. Joseph, upon which he vvns ap
pointed last May.
Mr. Arnold was seen last night at his
home, corner of Eighth and Locust
stieets. He said: "I knew my name
would be sent to the senate to-day, nnd
I felt certain of my confirmation. I ex
pect mv commission to-morrow, and as
Mion as It arrives I shall take possession
of the olllce.
"I want to say that so far as the fill
ing of the ofllco of deputy recorder Is
concerned I shall bo In no hurry. I see
no occasion for the Immediate appoint
ment of a deputy, and I will take my
time nnd select a man who will bo In
cveiy way qualified for the ofllce, which
I regard as an Important one. I don't
propose to appoint any man who has
political aspirations and who wants to
get Into the office for the purpose of
using It as a stepping stone to some
thing else. The olllce will be run on
stilctlv business principles. It will not
be made a hang out for politicians, nor
t? ill .lUkc-u-yarUtvi-macWnc-Tlw filf
ferent political parties will be treated
fairly and alike. Theie will be no dis
crimination. Men who obtain positions
in the olllce will bnvo to eain their
money and will bo required to attend
strictly to their duties. I will have
neither IKers nor pluggers.
"I would like to have tbo press uige
the legislature to pass laws that will
take away the one-man power that now
exists In the ofllco of the lecorder of
voters nnd provide for fairer elections
than wo have been having. The laws
should bo so changed as to requite a
new registration before every election
nnd tho hanging up of the registration
lists In a number of places In each elec
tion pieclnct for public Inspection, and
persons appointed as Judges and clerks
of election should be compelled to serve
unlchs they are disqualified. T want to
inn tho olllce so as to give the public
honest elections, nnd In ordei to do so
I will need the support of the press and
tho public. I have talked with Governor
Stone about the ofllco nnd tho election
laws, and he agrees with me th.it the
laws should be changed. Ho will prob
nblv send a special message to the leg
islature s-oon. In which be will suggest
changes in the election laws."
J ines Anioiiiitlnglo 8 Illll Impost illiy Julian
Jones lire fas In u Wteplng
nilllc Dreyfus, who runs a gambling
pi ice at the northeast comer of l.lghth
and Wyandotto streets, nnd a mm giving
the fictitious name of "Jerrj Simpson,"
who represented Crlm & Ilenfoid, proprie
tors of poker rooms nt No. SOT Wall street,
wei lined J100 each by Police Judge Joins
v esterd.iy on a charge of running gambling
houses. Threo frequenters of Drej fug'
place ind seventeen frequenters of Crlm
&. llmford'n place were llmd fin each on
u clnrso of frequenting gambling places
Dreyfus was eitremel angr w hen lined.
Ho said that nothing but poker playing
was allowed In his pi no and that onl
members of n private club, called
tho Pickwick Club, were admitted
He was almost four hours getting tho
money to piy his tine and that of tho fre
quenters, nnd tho papei tor hU commit
ment to tlui workhuiiso had been wiltttu
by Pollco Clerk Williams, when tho fine
was llnnlly pild. During the Interim Diey
fus stormed and cried like a child by turns,
Crlm & Uenford paid lines aggregating
$270, making the total amount secured
the city treasury In gambling cases by
Pollco Judge Jones, jesterduy, exactly
J 100.
Since Its great victory at the World's
Pair tho t.ale3 of Di. Pilce'3 ilaklng Pow
der have Increased tenfold.
bl.Cltl.T I'llM'tillllMT,
I)oor mid IMhid 3liiiiuf.it tun m aiitt
III the Midland Until,
Ten of tho leading whalesalo dealci3nnd
manufacturers of suMi, doors and I, Hilda
in the Missouri rivet valley htld a i-iuct
meeting isterday iiftornoon u pailor S
ut thu Midland hotel, and spent tho nftei.
noon discussing mutters of mutual Inter
est In tho IiUblncbs. What was done nt
tho meeting was not m ido public, ns tho
delegates present nil subscribed to nn
ugreemont tn divulge nothing to thu public.
The trade is not oigaulzcd in this terri
tory, and tt was understood that the mat
ter dlfccussed yesleiday was tho mattu of
organisation lor the piotectlon of thu
tnulo liitciests. The gtiiilemen piestnt
jesterduy vitie from Toptku, Lincoln,
Omaha, AtchUon, St. Joseph and Kansas
City, They represented manufnctuicrs
and dealers, and tho number nreteiit lep.
resents thu grcatei part of tho trade In
this tirrltoiy,
Tho .Major Out (if lleultli.
Major Davl3 will leave this evening for
a week's bojoiirn In Jacksonville, Pl.i. Ha
will bo uccomp mleil ,y John 11 .ollcrns,
an old frknd of the inujoi's. Tho major
paid icstcretuy ho vieut foi a lest on tho
advice of his phislUau. During his ab
sence President I'cui II. Tleriiau will bo
acting ni or.
I Iquora fur l.iui.u.
Shipped dally In secure pa-kages by
GEOIiUlI UVSHUL.L. Druggist.
OjHosii wttUini; C9en, Uulga depot.
II f. t'rry I mind tit lie Indebted tn the
tlcriiiiiuAiuefliiin ItMtinititn sn
lugs anil l.(i in ftoelii!liin,
Tho nlidltliig committee of the German
American Savins) nnd t.o-iu Assocl itlon
Jmlcrday (Uncovered a shortage. In the ni
rooms of Knncllicrt J- 1'iej, secretary of
that association. .Mr. fro) h is been secre
tary nnd confidential man for six oir
Ho is about X )enri of nge, nnd Is a fdnRto
man He. Is not known to huvo any bad
habits nt any kind, Tho auditing commit
tee, composed of Paul llntisniuu, A. 1'.
Hpnnr nnd August Klein, upon n partial
oxnmltntlon nf the books, report a short
age of from II.M0 to J2.Gi.
Mr. A Hutorlous, president Of the no.
elation, sild to a icporler last night "I
have known Mr. Trey for about three
yetrs, and he lins ntuajs been a perfect
gentleman. 1 cannot account for tho mo
tive that would prompt hint to take the
mono, incept Hint he wished to use mid
repl ico It He has never lielnnseil to the
church, but has nlniDs been an honest
Mr, Wlltlnm Teke ald that ho would
nrnliilily tuako an assignment of nil his
property to his bondsman, Itobert Kneeht,
whoso plnro of liulncs3 is nt 110 Hast
Twelfth street.
Tho hoard nf rltreelnrs will tnr.pl illrtvlie.
after the auditing i ommlttco completes Its
work, which will prohablv be to-diiv. There
will prob-iblv noi bo any notion brouitht
against Mr. I'rey bv the association The
last time ho eiimo to the moetlnitfi of tho
boird was at tho election of nillcers on
January 10 Although repeatedly urged to
attend meetlnes of the board since that
time, he has nluavs refused to do so. To
"oino of his friends ho has si,l that ho
did not havo tho couraKo to meet with
the board.
.Mr. Trey Is also manager of the Trey
Cool Company, tint lins olllces In tho
Famo rooms as those of tho association,
3U0 and 301 Ittdge building.
I'rank Trails, n iigrunt, Prefers tbo loll
liirj fill to VVorlc on the Itiirk I'lli,
V ltd I be Cliiiln thing.
Trank Travis, alias William Ilallard, who
was sent to tho workhouse last week by
Police Judge Jones for begging on the
streets when he hid overli In his po k
cts, was sent to the rocV pile to work
Inst Wednesday. Instead of working
Travis tried to Incite mutiny. He de
clared that he was an nntrchlst nnd would
not work, and threw his hammer down.
A few men followed his example, but they
were soon forced to return to work. Travis
would not work, however, nnd on Thurs
day he was put m a solitary cell, nnd
has been fed on bread and water nlono
ever since. Yesterday Travis was as stub
born as ever. He said he proforrtd bread
and inter to work, and ho gild ho would
die before he would work. If Travis re
mains obstlnifo ho will bo tho first man
ever sent to the workhouse for any length
of time who did not Jtibmlt to work.
.Superintendent Alt Hr.int said j ester
day Hint August P.llsner, the nn irchlst
who broke the windows of tho Kansas City
State bank, on Delaware street, and who
declared when he was sent to the work
house that he would never work. Is now
one of the best workers In tho Institution.
The Taking of Depositions Jlegun nml T. ,T.
Cillin) Again Tills of Notorious
and Op, n Prutiils.
In tho congressional contest of It. T.
Vnu Horn against John C. Tnrsncy, tho
taking of depositions una begun yesterday
In tho olllco of Orr &. Tidier, In tho Now
York I.lfo building, by Georgo A. Nc.il,
one of the attornejs for tho contestant.
Tho deposition taken cstcrday wns that
of T. J. Canny, a judgo of election In tho
notorious pre-clnct C2, of tho Ninth ward,
wheie such glailng frauds wero committed
by tho tools of tho gang. The story told
by Canny ;,esterdiy was substantlallv tho
same ho has told before in tho contests
for county offices, only. If anything, going
a llttlo mora Into detail In showing up
clearly tho flno work of tho gang, nnd how
It was carried out in this particular pre
cinct. Tho taking of depositions will bo
rccni'.ffirait&-d?y-arid tc5irttinit5 trmil all
tho frauds, bv which the gang put in more
than .1,10 Illegal votes In Kansas City,
.no coveied
lln Dill Not ail an to Slmnt Itlverlto nml
Jllnliits Another llnu for tlio
' Troubfo lie 1 In.
Goetono Colongelo, who shot Dasca'cano
Itlverlto through the body during a fight
at Joe Carl's wedding nt No 110 Cherry
street, Sundiy about midnight, vvns ar
icsted by Olilcer I'lemlng at No. 311 East
Ninth street nt i 30 o'clock jesterdny morn
ing while asleep In bod. Colongelo works nt
Harry Chesa's fruit stand. No 9.U Walnut
stieet, and he went to Chesa's home on
Ninth stieet, where was found. Imme
diately after the shooting. Colongelo wns
very much disturbed over his arrest. He
claimed that he did not uso his revolver
until ho had been assaulted by two or
three men and that he did not aim to shoot
Itlverlto Ho blulmcil a joung man named
Dnmlco for causing all the trouble.
Klveilto Is hlng in a critical condition at
the city hospital.
Siinm 'talk of Applying for a Part of tho
Dntiiodmp 1 nml.
Since tho Untie City (.Mont ) explosion,
attended by so nnnj fatalities to tlromcn,
tho&e Interested In tho matter have begun
to talk about a city pension fund for lire
men of this clt under tho constitution ll
amendment of 1S"U and net of thu Uglsla
tuie of 1S33 authorizing cities of over .'O.OuO
population to vote a percentage of tho li
cense funds for tho purpose of a firemen's
relief fund To bring this about will re
quire tho passage of an ordinance for the
City Stidduj-
iiitborltv to Insult
ltoiiilK for tbn Piirposttof Pav
ing .lll.lgllll lltri.
A bill has hem Intioduccd In tho legls
Intiuu to enable Kansas City to lssuo
bonds in small denominations for the pur
pobo of pajlng Judgments against tho city.
It will havo a direct healing on tho water
works litigation, hut will bo bro uler in
scope, and will enablo tho city to purchase
gas and electric Unlit works as well as
watei woiks,
The Chlneso could light better If they
used Di. Price's Hiking Powder,
a vi:u:i:an
in snuuer.
i:. I.-. lilt lull 1I1.011 Hum Hun Conuertiil Uti
tho Slotk anU 'tiitiitj-Oiio 1ar1t.
Mr. H. 11. Illthardbon, becretnry and
trenbiirer of thu Kunsus City Stock Yurds
Companj, jesterdaj iccelved congratula
tions on tho tvvcutj-lltst nuulverbury of
Ids coiinei Hon with tho company. When
Mr. nichaidson first tamo to Kansas City,
lin becamu assistant cashier at the stock
jnids, Afur that he was cashier for two
seals, and ever sliuo that lima ho has
been bcuitaiy nnd tiensuier,
Vat nut Its rilled,
Tho bo.ud of dlrcctois of tho i:chango
Jliitldlng Asbotlatlou met Mstniduy and
ihiteil 1, P Hubbard to fill the vuuiney
caused by the deuth of Jlajor l.uln K,
Th.iehor, uud J. P. Itlchards to till thq
vacancy Liiused by tho death of Hon. T,
II. Hiilltni. W. II. Claiko was ileut'd sec.
ond vice president, which vmaney was
also caused by the death of Mr. llulleno.
Mr. Hubbard vvua made u member of tho
executive committee.
'Ii lYiiii)Imiili bptihil
Leaves St, Louis !.10 a 111, arilves New
Yoik next day 2 30 p in. VainialJa-I'eun-sjlvanla
short line, (ho new train tho St.
Louis and New York limited leaves St,
Louis 1 o'clock p. in. dally, arilvlng New
Yoik next evening 0 iO. bleeping and din
liii cars thiough on both trains. Call upon
or address llrunner, VandalU line, St.
3lr. Doggett (iolug Must.
Mr. John Dosgett. of tho Dogged Dry
noons company, leaves lo-nignt ror New
join on a iiireo weejca inji. lie will put
oVir.kA tin Inr. imniU wlilln l,i tin. I1...
.", fc'4J.0 ov-wl ,,-v v -yh.
- 1 U'
OMinr nit: cm:-, rut sr in iiiim or.v
lltV AMlsr.s A XIIAI.I, t ItOWl).
He Tells How He Itribbtd ,t t ,Pf nf P.illir
nnd lndlm tlj t , in.nl tho Drntli
nf n Mini- .Inlttt nn
n I nit j, r.
A Jury In tho criminal court csterdiy
turned loose W. W. Parket, one of the
cleverest nnd most Doled pickpockets In
the country, who was nn tilul on the
charge- of picking tho pocket of Mis
N'eltle Onble, nt the milket, of her gold
watch nnd u smnll sum of money. Mrs.
Gable poslttvelv Identified Pat Iter ns the
mm who brushed up ng.ilnst her ns she
vvns boarding nn eloettlc car, but the
Jury seemed to think tint tho evidence
ngalnst him vvns not strong enough to
This fellow Parker h in n record ns nn
exceedingly dnngcious mini to be run
ning ut large. He Is n clever pickpocket
nnd Is proud of his nccompllshments In
that lino. While his trial wna going on
Jisterdny he gave nn nmuslng exhibi
tion of hi j skill by inking a handker
chief from the pocket of Attorney Itnlph
I.itshaw and replacing It with (he
drinking glass which stood on tho
table. Intshaw went on talking, know
ing nothing of what hnd occuned. Par
ker has Just been rtleused from J.ill,
where ho served throe months for pick
ing tho pocket of a conductor on a horse
enron the Hosedale line. He lode on tho
ftont plntfoim with the conductor, and
while talking with him nbotit mules suc
ceeded In trnnsfetrliig to his own pocket
all the money the onmluetnr hid In his.
Many stotha nre told of Pnikir's clev
erness In bis special line. Once he was
sent up to Juliet, nnd h ivlng so nn his
person which he deslied to keep he hit
upon nn Ingenious pi in When ho wns
sent In ehntge of a deputy to take a
bath ho Hi st transfer, cd the money to
the deputy's pocket. When he had fin
ished his bnth ho cooly picked the tb p
uty's pocket nnd had his money nil
right ngaln. Pnikcr boasts that he can
pick ten pockets In ns ninny minutes
nnd none of the victims would be any
the wiser.
After Parker wns discharged by the
cilmlnil emu t, jesterdnj, ho wns lear
rested by the police, who were under tho
Impression that they bad another ense
ngalnst him. When they found thnt tho
caso was a weak one nnd the evidence
unsatisfactory It was decided to release
him on condition thnt he would Immedi
ately leave the city.
I'm Iter sat for a long time In the In
spector of detectives' olllce, while the
records were being fruitlessly searched
for some charge thnt might be preferred
against him Ho vvns unusii illv t ilk.i
tlve and was ann.7lngly good nntuied.
"These an ests lnterferu with my busi
ness a grent tie il," he said. "Several
months ago I started out for San Pinn
clsco, and If I am delajed at all of the
principal points In this manner I nm
nfnild I would grow to be ns old ns Mo
thusilah before reaching there." I'aiker
showed tho newspaper men nnd de
tectives the vatlous w.s In which ex
pel t pickpockets tnke watches nnd pock
etbooks. "It hints my business to tnlk
on this line," he said with a laugh, "hut
I suppose I will havo to entertain you."
Pnrker said the biggest single haul ho
ever made In his life wns when he stole
a pocketbook containing $0,000 from nn
old gentleman who wns boarding a rail
road train. The money vvns In nine
51,000 bills. Parker snld that he wns
born In Algiers, Africa, nnd that he
came to this country In 1SCC. He vvns
first nnesttd In Austria, when ho was 7
years nf age, for picking n mnn's pock
ets. He related with great merriment
how he stole a watch from the chief of
police of Havana. Cuba, nnd bow be
and another pickpocket, known as the
"Ilifj Dago," placed tho blame onto An
other man who wns wnnted for murder
nml were the cause of him being killed
In a fight with policemen.
When Parker left the Central station
he proceeded to Westport He s lid be
Intended to leave that place In the mottl
ing with a oung man named Ilogers,
to whom, Parker sajs, he proposes to
tench his "business " Paiker became ac
quainted with Rogers while tho latter
wns serving a short term for n petty
offense In the county Jail. "He's a
smart, clever bpv," said Parker yestci
day afternoon, "nnd he Isn't nfrald to
go against a game, and he's Just the
kind of a fellow I want to travel
w 1th mo He'll be the best mail In tho
business when I get through educating
him "
It AMU lie Held nt tint .Midland Until (lie
Nlghf of .Taiiiiarv nl Ctiiiiinlt
ttes Appointed.
President Gardiner I.ithrop, of tho Kan
sas City Uir Association, esterd.ty an
nounced that tho annual banquet of tho
assoelatlon, which Is to tako plaeo on tho
evening of January 31, would bo hold at
tho Midland this jonr, nnd that, In addi
tion to tho Judgis of tho appellate courts
of Missouri nnd Kansas and Governor
Stone, there would ho present this ear, as
honorary guisth, the deans of tho law
schools of tho University of Missouri and
tho I'nlverslty of Kant. is, each of whom
would bo cilled upon far toasts to those
Institutions Piesldeut I.athrop announced
that the banquet i onunltteo would bo II
D Ashley, II 1. McCunu and 1' P. llrum
baek, and tho reception committee he ap
pointed as follows James Gibson, .Mnor
U'olistor Davis, C II Adams, A a Austin,
T 11. Ituckner Jaini's nlack, C . Ilurn-
luni, C v t'rnne. Denton Dunn, M, A
Pike. J W. Gainer. C W. German. Al
lied OroROry, D II Henderson, W It,
Hereford, 11. A. Kiauthoff. It fl Mlddlo
brook. J C Meredith, C S Palmer, Wal
lace Piatt. J G. Paxton, J I" Itjland,
J W Snjder, C. ll Hmnll, J A H n, W.
I' Rpotthwood. Il W. Tailor, A. R. Van
Valkeuburgh. Hugh C. Wanl. T. 11, Wal
lace, II, D. I.lllsou and Halo lloldeu.
.Sworn Out for tho
( him n I .iiinitrjiui 11.
License Inspector fitrleklor yesterday
sworo out warrants for tho antst of slx.
teen Chinese Inundrjnien, who havo ro.
fused to pay tho M0 llceuni nqulicd Th.'y
will bo niialgued In tho pollen court this
Tho pioprlotors of boveral of tho steam
laundries In tho city held 11 mooting Jes.
terday. They wero not at Hist In favor of
paling tho license of $10 a jear, and weie
disposed to contest It, but nftur consulting
attorneys the) decided to paj.
Pew, If any, of tho wholesale liquor
men hnvo paid I ho llccuso of 1100 Impobed
Tho picking ioinpanli'8 and tho btnudunl
oil Couipani will contest tho imyment of
tho JJj llceiiso on each delliety wugou.
Tho real estalo men are delinquent, and
few havo paid their license, which was cut
from J100 to $iX
Luscious as Callfonda fruit Is the food
made with Dr. Price's Ilaklng Powder.
Dr. Price's received gold medal at the Cal
ifornia Midwinter fair.
.Morn Diphtheria Cunoh.
New cases of diphtheria wero reported
to the bnunl of health joMcuhty from 103
West rourtceutli stioet, SJu Suiumlt
btiect, 1013 Wj.indotto stieet and 2223 Mich
igan avonun. Tho last ease Is tho second
lu ilia Wells family at this number. A
tube of whooping cough was reported ut
flia llellefontaluu avtnue.
l.tallh Olilcer Wnilng received a messneo
jesterday fiom Dr. Thyman, of Independ
ince, asking whether ho rt commended
antl-toxlno lor membranous croup. Dr
Willing replied that It was 11, suro cure if
uprlled soon enough. A man was sent on
tbo next train foi a bottle of the remedy,
A tlood t'liiimo for liiKstnifiit.
A mercantile manufacturing plant wishes
to remove to Knns is City nnd wants two
goo I joung bublnets men. with a com
bined capital of $10,(m0 or $15,000, to tike an
iictlvo part In the business. No Indebt
edness on tho plant, Heferenceb required
Addrebs 'A Tli, care of Kansas City Jour
nul. Hotel Savoy and restaurant now open
v r'intn aim ucnirai streets The best Euro
- I Dean hotel lu the city. Try Jt, Ewlns &
i&wliu. vrorisifijaj
He Had ttirn it Premium! tlnxnnf the
fourth Ward torn IJinrhrtif
a t i ii t ii r j
Carl (liistnv t'nrls.in. in , 1,1 lesldont
of Kansas City, nnd a leading Swedish
Aineiliali, died yestcldi in.irnlng nt 11
o'clock nt his residence, 5.2 West Six
leetilh sltcet, nfter an Illness nt but
three thus' dtliullon 1 iteilh was
riUied bv congestion of the bowels,
with which he wns seized last Prlday.
He wns fiS jours or ng' , hiving been
born In tho city nf ni.hio, in c'enlml
Sweden, In 1SS7. During his life In
Sweden he Wns rligngod In the whole
sale grocery business. P came to the
United Stales In ISrtn, a man of 4J ntul
tumble to penk n wmd nf Hngllsh, but
full of incigy nnd deletmliuillou. He
made his way to Kansas, and fur n jonr
wns emplnjcd In the consttliellon of Hie
Union Ptcllle mad. In ISTO ho moved
to KntiMH City, nnd engaged In the
milk business at riffeenth street nnd
CAItl. (1 I AlH.hu s
Plor.i nventic. The dalrj farm, which
he had there Is now u sort of landmark.
He was very successful at this c llllng,
mid lu 1SS0 he lemoved to Sixteenth and
Ponn streets, where he engaged In the
grocery business, lie was the first gin
cer on the hill win re his home stands.
In 1SSU he sold nut, nnd Killed ftnm
business, a well-to-do man lie wns the
owner of Cmlson's hall and the block of
btlck houses In which It Is
In politics Mr. Carlson was nlwavs a
staunch Ilepubllcan He was a Uepub
llcan leider In the Pourth wind fiom
the time he be-gnn to reside In It, and
wns a delegate from tint wnrd to all
of the Uepubllc.in conventions save the
last one However, be never ran for of
fice of any ott. lie leaves a wife ami
two grown children, a son and a daugh
ter. Iloth nre mairled, the hnmu of the
daughter being here and that of the
"on In Denver. The funeinl s.ei vices will
be held at 2 33 o'clock Thursday after
noon at the residence
The membels of North Light lodge
N'o 139, Knights of Pv thins, nnd the N
1. I., a Swedish socletv, will participate
lu the ceremonies. Mi Cnilsou was a
prominent member of both these oigan
l7.at.ons, nnd was treasurer of encii pt
the time of his death He was re-elected
tie.asurer of Xoith Light lodge at the
beginning of this jeai.
lluslniss flubs of '1'ils ltv XM1I Try to
Itrlug tbo Nation il Irrlitltiu Con
gress lltii.
At tho meeting of tho Kansas City Im
plement Vehicle nnd Hardware Club, held
last evening In tho Codes House, a re
quest wis iccelvtd from the Commercial
Club asking for tho appointment of 11 com
mittee of l members to at t with a sim
ilar committee fiom tho Conunetcl.il Club
for tho purpose of gottlng the next meet
ing of the Nntlonal Irrigation congicss
held In this cltj Tho request was lcctlvcd
with much favor, .and. noting lu response
to It. Colonel J G. Stowc. tho president,
appointed the following gentlcmt 11 O V
Dodge, of till Kansas Oitv Hnv Pnss coin
lianj , I' i: l.all, of Cinne . Co , H L
Perguson, of tin United States Wain and
Hte.im Kupplv 1 omii.iuj , 1) I! Aldi rson,
of Unidley, V boelcr A Co , V V C ilkins
of tbo Kansas city Punip (itnipnnv, ami
S 11 Stokclj or tho H.iglo M inufae tilling
The next s. sslon of tho Nation il Irrlgi
tlon congitss will bo one of th most im
portant lulgitlmi gatherings ever laid In
tho eountij, nn I It Is expected that fullv
3,000 pcoplo will attend the sessions That
number will In, hi lo some 01 the most tit I
ented civil iifclm 01s In tho lountij, as
well as bundle N of tho lending adiot itis
of tint scheino 11 in all parts ot tie' coun
tr The two ig.inUrtiilm.s are he irtlly
In favor of getting tho gathering In the
eltv, nnd villi uPoiv nothing to icnialn un
done to bring It In re
Tho si sson of 1 110 Implement, Vehicle
and Ilaidw ire t lub last etnlng wns a
vtij pleas tnt 1 in There win about
thirty immbtrs pi 1 sent, and the usu il din
ner was seivtd It was Intend, d to havo
scveuil apt is ieid. but owing to the
meeting uf tin 1 tall dealers lu the eltv
recently the mtnibeis had not picputd
tho p ipei s mil tliej villi come up at a
futuro ineetlii" A resolution of tlmuks
was 'idoptt d to thu local papers of the city
foi tho favois and attention shown tbo
dialers tn tin i nit meeting ot tho asso
ciation lu this 1 It)
An oasis In the desert of household cares
Dr. Price's r .1111 Ilaklng Powdir.
.111 Mm iu:vriiv
ttecelpts at the custom house sterdiy
conslited of one car of eirthniwaie and
one case of htil"klns from LlwriKiol, and
beven ears of bullion from Mexico.
Itov. Hob I. ej Held Is holding revival
inoetlngs at tho Coiuregitlonnl church,
Nineteenth stieet and Woodland avenue.
There will bo services cvety evening this
The coroner held a post moitem exitu
Initlon of the botl of Hdwnrd .Stlblcr,
who died at tho city hospital Sunday aft
ernoon, yesterday, and decided that his
death was caused by spinal meningitis.
Warrants were bworn out by tho jwllco
jesterday for George and Itobert Kiltley,
plumbers, on a eh use of making an e.
eav.atlon on I'ouiteenih street near Hioad
way without guarding It with lights .it
Joe Wright was arrested jesterdiy morn
ing bfortt 1l.1v break with lour chlvkeus In
a s.iek. Their heads had been recently
wrung off and they were still waitn.
Wright was tn.nt to the woikhousa for
one month for vagrancy.
C, G. Callm.n, ehnrged with npproprlat
Ing t.00 woith of ptoiiertj from the L II.
Prlcu Installment Comptny. of which he
was an agent, was uiiilgncd jesterday
before Justice Krueger and his ptullminary
hearing was set foi Jnnuarj 2s
Mis, Carollno Pew gate, of No 1.111 Past
Plfth suvet, was struck by a Norlheait
Klectrlo car on Iiulependenro avenue, jes
tenlaj. Thltii ilhs wx.ro biokeu, and h(r
fico was b.ul!j hnd-d and cut, Tho In
jured woman was suit to tho cltj hospital,
I.d Prolaj, th notorious so-called cm
plojment agent, was arrested ngaln jes
terday on a charge of obtaining money by
fraud from 11 Gicber. Tho monej was
procured by a promise fiom Prolsy to se
cmo Greber cmploiment Piolsy givo
bond to appear for til. I before Justice
Krueger January '22.
The police board held a bhoit session
jcstctday at which It granted several sa
loon licenses Applications for saloon li
censes vi hero renioiibtranees have been filed
wero deferred until u futuro meeting, No
licenses have jet been granted, according
to the bo.ud'3 sectetarj-, to saloonkeepets
against whom the West Hide Law and Or
der League lias madu remonstrances.
John M, Campbell, wanted at Council
liluifs, la,, on a ch irge of fi-auduleutly ob
taining jnonej, baj-b that ho will 1 etui 11
to Iowa without a requisition. Campbell
und bumo other men started a liquor cute
establishment In Des Moines, and P. M.
Hunter, who was one of the shauholdeia,
chuiges that ho was lnegled into the
scheme and money was procuied from him
In a fraudulent ninnnei by his jkartuers.
lo has not onlj cauti'd nv jriest 0f Camp
bell, but otheis who were lmeretd In tho
project an,d are now n Dcs Moines, Camp
bell has been In Kansas City for soini tinia
acting as solicitor for the I'und, Llfo In-
j furtUiSA Cowijun.
llvrltt AMI 111 Mil ATTUMI Till:
IK) IS III .r ll tifAl, CAPITAL
thill One nf rhrie t untitled lij the Mis
Miurl llltir Iriusportittltm Pimipaiiy
Alio it lint Otlnrs Wnrlicd
After Passing Into
Ollur Hands.
The sinking of Ihe Stile of Missouri
leaves only on" of the three big pickets
built by the Kansas Clij and Missouri
Hlver Trinsportatlon Compinj A serl"S
of mlsforlunes seems In have ntlended tho
latter div 1 fforts to este' 'ih river com
mereo lu MIshouiI lid seem that
HI file has followed the vesjcls even to
other waters. The Klale of Missouri never
entered the Missouri liver, Ihe other two
vessel" the A. I. Mason and the Klale ot
Kansas h iv lug been sullleleiit at any time
to carry the freight secured by the trins
portatlon eompaj. The Kmsis carried
freight between HI. Louis nnd Kansas City
and made a number of trips between ('In
i Innatl and this pimp nnd between New
Orleans and Kansas Cltj, and went ns far
north as Kt, Joseph. This boil wns the
first to be vvlthdriwn from the Missouri
river on account of Ihe lick of Interest on
the pirt of many of those Kansas City
shlppets In whose Interest the eompinv
wan organised and Ihe boils built The
Ivoat was s, to T 11 Slmnt". who after
ward sold It to the Clnelmntl, New Or
leans .; Memphis I idiot Compiny, the
eompinv now opetatlng It between 8t Louis
und New Orleans.
The A I. Mason, which was used almost
txeluslvelv for tho St Louls-Kntisas city
trail, but whh h went as far north .01
Ltavctiworlh, rank .lann.it y 1, list jear,
at I'rlnr's Point, Miss, eirrjlng l,i.ii tons
of freight from SI Louis to New Orleans.
The necldent was sild to have been c uiscM
by ovorloulhig. The holt and cargo were
a total lost, but thet, was no los of life,
thu sluicing having been giaduul enough
to allow p issongers nnd crew to get Into
boats The captain, Gcotge G Keith, who
was a Mlssouil river ciptiln ns fir Inch
as 1SII, mistnlnt-d strlous lujiules from the
falling of tho smoke stacks when the bo it
struck, nnd Is now living In St Louis, a
cripple for life from spinal Injuries The
cook and chatnborm ild of the crew, both
colored, were so frightened Hi it they had
to be bound, pi u cd In the boiti and hi Id
to keep them from Jumping Into the river
lu their fienj
The State of Missouri sank neir N( w
Madtld last fill, hut was rilsed 'I hen re
mains now only the State of Knns is ns a
reprosintjtlio of nn ambitious effort on
the part of the Knns is City company to
put on the Missouri rivet formidable com
petition to the ralhoads. The enterprise
was a costly one, nnd Its failure Is likely
to pi event, for a long time to lome, nnv
new attempt to establish trade on the Mis
sour!. Wll.snv IIOIIM) 1111:11,
He Ho. s Not Appt-ir On ttlj W.irrll (I flier
His Arn st.
W. C Wilson, chniged with forging tho
n lines of olllccis of the Advance Pi itennl
Patriotic Alliance to certificates of mem
bership and Insurinee lu th it euganlzi
tlon, as told in tho Sunday Journ il, was
niraigned jesteiduy befoie Justice Krue
ger nnd In defiult of Jl.Otn) bull was com
mitted to Jill to await n preliminary
healing on Jnnu irj' 22. Wilson Is about
CO j curs of nge and does not appear to be
greatly bothered over his arrest He
served six months In Jail list jear at
Lamar, Mo , on a charge of forgerv
Among Wilson's nlleged victims wns Hn
glnecr Wool 1111, who was killed .1 few davs
11 go In a collision betwien a Hannlbil
Hivlteh engine and a W.ib udi passenger
train near the Bluff street bridge.
Slow Progress of a AVurrniit.
The police do not appear to be miking
anj excitlons whntevci to nirest Plitmin
M Shane, of engine house No 1", an 1 1 x
Plrem in Pat I.tmis for whom nll.is war
rants wire Issued list Prldaj on 1 c b irge
of lighting The men weie nirostid In thu
first pi 0 e 011 Information of the fori man
of the limine house, lu which tin tight
took pin Tin 5 were taken to the pu
llin station nnd, after being held a short
time, were allowed to go on their own
ieeoiml7nnee The men forfeit, ,1 their
bonds, whh h weie found to be vvoithless
nnd the city nttornej accordingly Issu. 1
111 w w ii rants foi the arrest of the m, 11
These warrants were pi iced In the hands
of the police, but have not jet been "erv, 1
Police Clerk Williams sild jcsterdij tli it
he diil not know what Police Judge Joins
Intended to do regarding the matter Ap
puttntlv the police did not want to urn it
the men
i:-SI...10 IMiVI.Is,
lie lllntingiilsbi el Knns 111 liefusi s In l)ls
. iiss s. iintnri it "Until r-.
I-x-Senntor John J Ingalls was In tho
city for 1 rhort time list evening Hi
came lu from Knoxvllli, "loan, where b
leeturi I and went out on the first train
for Atchison, to spend a d ly with his
l.imtlj Ho villi Icctuie nt D.ill is, Tex,
Tliursd.ij evening anil villi le ivo lor thit
cltj this evening.
He stated list evening that ho would
not go to Top. ka dining his stay In the
stato mid declined tn discuss the sen 1
torlni nutter He is In splendid health
anil sail he wns enjojlng the travel and
work of lecturing.
.s firm ns the eternal hills the vvell
eirnul fame of Dr. I'rko's llaKhiK I'uu
der. "Inrrlnive I.leeitNeN InmihiI.
The fulluHlnff couples were jesterday
licensed to wed:
Name. .Ac.
llernard Itoeper, Kant, is City .,.,
Clara vomer, Ivans ih t'lty
Silvester W L'len, .lunetloii City, Kas.
Id 1 .May I.ee, Junction Cltj, Kas
DeutliN ltfiiortetl.
Tho fnllowins deaths lure reported to
the ho ml or lie ill til ,LSteidi:
Kelheit", Int.tnt; Jamiaii juj 191J Tracy;
Ptlllbmn; titirf.it In Union eeinetetj.
Xlell, Infant, .1 inn iry is, li:j w.ishlnt,
ton, Htlllborii, lutrlil in I'lilutt cemetei,
(ills, IMilie; Infant, January 11; Tivent,
elKhth and Peim, pm ummil i; burial lu X'u
lon icinetiiy.
Ii-icl:, John; need 31; January SI; Missouri
1'aclflc hospltnl, fi.ietiiii) of the fchull,
hurlil In Heat, mt Illll, .Mo.
Divier. Mis. Anna 1. ; niied so, January
Vi, Tiveutj-llfth and Julioe; iileerntion of
Btomath; burial In .Vlouut St, .Mao's coin
ed ty
Pfelffer, M.; need 30; January 17; 1113
Holmes, nml trill fever, burlil In l'eter
and I'.iul n'lip tety.
Ilrovvn, liit.int; Januity 15, JMS Mlehlsan;
stillborn; buil.il lu nimivnod cemetery.
Aniiersnii, l.lllle; infant: Jaiiuarv ID.
'Kniif.td Cltj, K.ib., pneumonia, hurlal In
I'llloll eemcieij,
llnppenlutri,', A n,; nBed J, January 50,
007 Hut Illeicnlh; Inll.unm-itorj rheunia
tlsm, burial In I'lyiiiomh, (i
Crc.iBsr, Ulwln; iiKed .'; January 10, nil
Akiud, certhro-Bpmal ineiilnnllls, hurlal
lu Uarrensburtf, -Mo.
Hjler, A. T., iiKed 31; January 10, City
huspli il, mitral Insuillclcne , hurlal lu
Kist Ljnne, Mo.
Allen, Inf mt, January ID, 1127 Uist IJIgh
teunth, btillhorn; hurlal lu Cnlon ceme
Its an. Daniel; nsed 01; Janunr) 51j Stn
Walnut; pulmonary tuberculosis, hurlal In
Mount St. Jlary'a cemetery,
Steni.it, Carroll .t Smith, undertakers,
i:il Walnut tlieet. Telepliouo 1015.
Ulrtlm llepoiloil.
The follow Ins births were rt ported to
the bo.nJ of health vesterdas
Con haek, Joseph and I'olllo, hoi ; 1701)
Wist lllshth; January 13.
I Uher, Joseph and Lena; boy; HU I'enn;
Januaiy 17.
(Uiiio, William A, and Orace S ; Rirl;
Ninth and Holmes; January ID.
Asnevv, A. 1 und M., boj : lujj Kat
KUhteenth; January 19.
Jjlinson. John and C. U.j beiy, SIS Ljdla;
Januarj: J4
New tiltigluims Qc vvnrtli i
.Vow tli.ift-lin.iis.....tt25c worth I ,c
New .Shirting- Percales Oc worth 12 c
New Swivel hltlts.
ninth 1 itioit.
r si 1 ror
820 for
-,' P1". for
St, for S
1 1. fin
" 'or 15.00
Id for 20.00
Silk Dresses,
Cloth Dresses,
fivenin.i!: Dresses,
All must go atul at rt very low
Now Slllts 39c
Slllt 1 In renin Table bOe, T.'.c,
SI DO, SI - for OOC
Colored Dress Goods.
New Styles, tieiv Challles, new Silk
nml Wool I'lVects, und at lower pi ices
than ever Wfoic.
New Black Dress Goods.
Xi'W Trilby 88c
.New Serge's, in iueh . . 48c
Now llcnilettas,, Id Inch .. .4Sc
Over a hundred nexu pieces of
new JiUxch Dress Goods now
nuslin Underwear.
fit (.owns, vvpic bt ll'i, now 75c
J"i Unit lis, weie Use, now 69c
10 Sltlits, vvctc 1 00, nmv 69c
2.", Ski its, wet i !: I ,'",, now 98c
20 Skills, vvetc $1 7". now SI.35
Ladles' and Misses' Apions Half Price
a.'i pilrs Diavvers, r.c, now 37c
31 pairs Dtawers, trie, now 48c
21 pall s Dtawers, 7 "ic, now 59c
1! J C01 set Covers, J',e, now I2'jC
I." Corset Cov ers, '.'lie, now (5c
til) Corset Covers, lc, now 24c
In Addition,
Wc will sell one special lot of very
ftuo Muslin and Cambric Underwear
Clowns, Chemise, Skirts, Drawers anil
Corset Covers tit
Half Former Prices.
S no Clow nsjor S5.00
$", DO (low ns for. 2.50
HI 00 Sltii ts for 7. 50
si 75 Chemise for 90c
ST 50 Draw ers for. i.75
SI IO Drawers for 75c
il 10 Corset Cov ei s fur 75c
And so on.
White Goods Dept.
" cases Colored India l.inuus, in neat
stripes nml plaids, finality never
sold for less tlitiu lie (Oc
Shipments of Impjrted White Dimi
ties, in finis checks, samo qualities
j 011 havo been payni"; 31c foi. 25c
Clcarinjj: Sale of
Ladies' Shoes.
Cost not in consulcration.
iiaviland 5: Co.'s
Decorated China on
Special Sale.
On OCTAftO.N COt'XTIMi in China De
partment, near elevatois, joti will find
two beautiful decorated patterns, of lltii
ilancl China 'Iheso patterns nro to be
closed out, and thu pilees villi bo I.liss
THAN HAM' I'lilt'i: 111 fact, less thiin
tho pileo of hito China Tnl.-n a look
nt those goods nnd seo if there is tinj
thinir in the lot thnt vou vvint while
these low prices continue
Det Ooods Co.
Hf-'lfv BV
Rff IUf
. Or, E. C. Wests ffcro anil tlmln Treatment
1'ce.kluiniirii.ifltlto-irlttiii itu-riimi , lrou:inr
tzsil ncnita tiuly, In c uru Wink Munory; lots uf
llralnuul heriM ltmirjlst vi tiiUcl. guirkuo!.;
JvlKlit lawn; nil linams; Lack uf I'ihiiWid.b;
J.erjon.iiirH, lJiltult;al Jiinii,.; miit power
t f tbo (It in rr.tltn OritnnHl eitli-r tn, cnj-i br
on r-ciurllnn; 1 uuiliful 1 rrurf , er I scrstlvo Uo uf
'lolinciii, Oiiuiii ir lli.iir, VThKli poou lead n
W'r'S lou-UMUllon, llilaiiilj nil I Pi mil. llyinail,
tli 1;, nterli villi v-rlituii;iiiriutf'0 toiurBor
n fun,linem,
I'taltnmuiiii.V llnllar, liriiBKlt nul Sole A;
VOI Mala .stteet, Kansas (.'It), Mo.
(ll) Hull Ntllen,
Tho pail, hniiil villi meet this nfteiiinoti
uud discuss the uiiiuvc uu lit ut thu tit)
iii.i rl.et Hpi ut
Cily CiiinpiiDlli I Kh iniiiiii vestenl i palil
nit' miliums on itiicii.il liuud.s ut thu ill)
amouuttiiK to S!.u
John I. II th.sii took out ii pi unit it ster
ility to liulld an iidilitliiu tu the liulldiuu ui
1111 .1 cilnif rm iiviUUt, in tost $1,0.10
MiDiu luvls leciivid u letter from the
prlv.Uti (tiietai) of .Silmibka, iickiiuivl
icilllug Ih. inelpt of thu deiuulliiii ot fiw
lo thu Ndiratd.u suffcreiR
The Ninth Itiiiicu nml t nil.,iili in i
boulevard ihhh, Involvlnir thu loustltu.
tluu.illt) ot the puk lavi will hu iiiKutd
lu thu hiipiciuu court ut Jclteitou I'll) to.
A condemnation jmy In the hiallci of
npcnlni' lliu ullt) bet vv re n r.ui. atul Ollvo
I mm Thlrlceiiih lu Cuiiitieiilli stiiet n.it,
linii muled )estmluy, .tin) t Uit n,
deuce I'lldq) limrnlu-, IMiruii) J,
'Hit, lilur) of Mum in
Ih a fine Mt of Ueth us wall us a lino lieaij
of hair. How Ihe mi unci kIUIcus after u
Kood brunliliig wlih fraKiiint hOZODlifsT'
Nothlns destiiiethe lo the teeth can ilst
pn tho hurfaeo ot at ihe roots If this vcijc
table untldoto tu eurroslon Is duly applied
lie ml of 1'iilillu Wiirl.s,
Tho bonid ol pidiltu woiks will meet this
mornlm and lectlve tho repoit of tho city
iliglmil uu tha charms UKUhist buperlu
tcutleiit of Slleivulks e ill ih.ltl. ,s blated
befoio lu tho Jouiiiul. the reiiort villi com
pletely i uuioiuto Callahan fiom the
chaises of favoritism lu Irttlin of con
tiiuts for construction and repulrs of tide,
wulks and euililiiK 'the tepoit of the city
enijlncer Is In detail, and takes up each
bl'cclllo ihaio of favoritism made. Sume
of tho cases .lie from two to foui )e.ira
Tho nutter of pavlm; Indiana uvenuo
from Twelfth to 1'litocuth stieet jijm been
eut a iiu i'rUaj'.'a Ui)s, .
whnn you hpo it. You'll
Unci plenty oi It In
Hero is one of tho host
pinnon mado nold at a
wry rortfion.iblo pvloo.
There tiro nlmofjt
In us-c. and tho namo of
thoir lrlonds in Legion.
Plcn.sc call ntiel examine.
I 1215 Main Street.
l Jx-ct23HV?v.Oi
, t
roM'cJ of
its chirms
Ilie,lit of a
Complexion Powder
A is a refreshing find brttutlfyint; prep
X .intiofi which imrsrts to thv; com
v pletton the soil plow o the t;t rose
P anil removes f rc;l:Ies, fimplrtaniS all
Q Impurities of the skin. Pouom's has
O won its way itilo the confidence of
(ft ladies all over the land. A thirty
0 years' test has proven its merit. In
rt three shades: Hnk or flesh, White
f ..... ".....s.ic. ,.
i on .-.acu LVLIITWIirnp.
tavsoe iivy -i ivvsAT fjt "&. cc-rj
011 or before January 25.
Until then we can save
n-.pr A
rr i.,V'to7n-r-" 1
s'":S?' f
you money, as
reduce btock.
we must
Martin, Snyder & Co,
s. 1:. Cur. t llli anil Wnlmil sts.
Pianos and Organs
Ill a ihotoititiiliiiciwlfilcuiir the n Ultra! Kns
wlilcli c'oitrn llinotierailnni of uli.nstlou in I
tiuulitiiu, and hi .i i iiilul ippltcalluu uf till
flue piuptrllis of 'irllMiln ltd lot til, Mr Hppt
has proi hie l tut mil tire il.f 1st nuit siiiier t,
tltll' iteli flivtuel tiiti, r ,e whtrh ma) sivitus
ni ini lie iv v iltieinis tutu It is bv Hit Judicious
usu uf stu It uncle if ill, t tint i tiinstltuilciu
may Ijokt idu illv tniili up until sttotic vnousli
tuiest i-v. n ten It in) lu line 1st lliimliels
of unlit)., in il i lies ,nr UiatltiK .iroiinil in ready
to ittsi k wht'ti'vci thtiuis.i weal, piim Wo
In iv .si tpe in ui) i t.u il slntl In Itcapluniir
sulvt well ortltte 1 wnli pur,, tiluoil mil i prop
erly Uiilll tsi,.il fl mil I it tt sjri uizth'
M-nlesiinpl) Willi liullliu w iti'i m milk Sold
otil) tu n itf-puuutlllli. b) timers labeled thus.
JAMDS m ilU.Uil., Ilumn'opilliic Cheiuisls,
I.mitluu. Inlftiul.
Specific No.
I t in rx Si i t.liiln, Krrema
c unlu lit I lint klniitstafs
e-j.ll I. -41.1111.
vnneifir. tin ? ci'Krs I'l.ttm., t,nt nil
- - i'lilt'i; wi.oo.
snorillr tin 1 (': t-t-mui,. k
dllcbilltj HUi Oi ueai un t in, jsk uf women.
- 1'iiHT. st.uu.
M dlt hits sent to all points hecurel) unled,
on rrtilpt, nf price (the all Minptcims tilicr.
orderln iiv mail Cui rt -iiiiiitleueu Coiilltlt ti
ll il. semlst imp fur linoKlct
Olllce hours!) to 5 71o8 Siindaj 0lol3.
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