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Dtscit.uuit: or Tin: oitAM) ,,1'itv
She Fliers nnd IMiirrft. llitil One Mini. It
Is Alleged, em Whom They Itellcit
Select Inj: il New
Whatever m.n' have been fh renl motive
of JintRO Wotrord In illsehnrRlnR the Brand
Jury nfler It hud reported on Tuesday,
there l.i no rpientlon but th.it his nctton
has creuteit consternation In the ranks
ot the pane. While the Brand Jury was,
for the moat part.mntle up of hlsh minded,
honorable citizens, there Is no doubt that
there was someone on It whom the tlxers
and nlURKcrs of the Banff expected to be
nble to handle, nml relied on not only for
reliable Inside news of what the body was
doinff, but also to prevent Indictments
nftnlnot- the election thieves If possible.
JmlBo Woftord repents that his only rcn
fon for dlscharBlnir the Brand Jury was
that It had nothing; to do rlKht away,
ns tho etnte was not ready to lay beforo
It the evidence In the election cases, and
he thought It better to let It co and sum.
mon a now Jury for the time when It
would be needed. Attorney Georse A. Xcnl,
of the committee of safety, says that nil
the evidence In the election cases which
was gathered by tho committee has been
In the hands of It. K, ilnll, the special
prosecutor, for several days. Mr. llall
says that there Is other Important cvl
dence to be looked up and that .ludBe
Wofford Is right In saylnj; that he would
not be ready to bo before tho Brand Jury
for ten days. It Is a fact, however, that
Mr. llall Is not at all dissatisfied with tho
notion of the court.
If Judge Worford did not know that there
rere good reasons why the old grand Jury
would not be a satisfactory one to handle
the election cases, there were plenty of
well Informed people who did know It,
nnd they are pleased that the Judge took
the nctlon he did. In fact, everybody Is
pleased with the Indication that the cases
ngnlnst the election thieves are to bo
given serious nnd fnlr consideration, ex
cept the members of tho Bang, who are
not backward In expressing their disgust
with the turn nffalrs have taken. They
thought they had things Just where they
wanted them nnd arc very sore becauso
they have cot all their lino work to do
over ngaln, nnd are confronted with tho
fenr that such a grand Jury will be drawn
that they cannot hope to tamper with It.
It Is reported that the new grand Jury
will be drawn under the personal super,
vision of Prosecuting Attorney Mnrcv K.
ISrown and Special Prosecutor It. K. llall,
nnd that they will take caro to see that
only the right kind of men get a place
on It.
Officers Succeed In (letting Mm Away
rrnin the Ilarrlradi'd Houho With.
out HlnodMicd.
When the police visited Dr. Charles Len
Kel's house lit Is'o. nil JlcGee street yes
terdny morning they found tho Insano doc
tor still entrenched behind locked and
barred doors, with weapons of all kinds
close at hand. Lieutenant Boulwnre, Hu
mane Olllcer Sherlock and Patrolman Mur
phy: cautiously entered the yard and
Planned a mode of attack. Uoulwaro of
fered to enter by a side window while the
other olllccrs attracted Dr. Lengel's atten
tion at tho front windows of tho building.
This he did nnd succeeded In taking the
Insano man by surprise. "I've got a war
rant for you," said Itoulware as ho seized
tho doctor by the nrm. "It's only a charge
of disturbing the peace made by your
former housekeeper, and you had better
come with us nnd explain It." Lengel did
not want to go at llrst, but finally sub
mitted. Dr. Lengel's house was In a miserable
condition. He had brought a great quan
tity of coal into tho houte nnd It lay scat
tered about on the carpet. There were
heaps of ashes on tho carpet, too, nnd It
looked like tho floors had not felt a broom
for a long time. The Insane man's horse
htood whinnying plteously In the stable. It
had not boon fed since Sunday, except with
a few pieces of old bread a neighbor had
tossed to him. A woman who lived In an
adjoining house nnd taken courage enough
to tako a pail of water to tho suiferlng
brute on two occasions. A dark room was
found In tho doctor's house where ho Is
hnld to have mat with tho spirits which
his aflllcted mind saw In the darkness and
where ho sometimes burned oil ns an of
fering to the ovll spirits to drive them
from his abode.
When Dr. Lengel was taken to the Cen
tral police station ho appeared to be ra
tional and was very qntet. city Physician
Crow wns summoned, and, after consulting
with members of Dr. Lengel'H family, It
wns decided to hold nn Inquiry Into Dr.
Lengel's sanity to-day. William Lengul,
tho Insane doctor's son, wants him com
mitted to a private nsylum, Dr. Lengel's
weapons were taken from the house on
JleOee street at tho time of his arrest.
Dr. Lengel wns not held at the Central
police station last night, but was guarded
closely at his homo on McGeo street. At
no time was It found necesiary to lock
him up or uso force In detaining him. Iltt-
mnno Olllcer Hhiock will hold him la
custody until the Inquiry into his sanity
takes place to-day.
Coroner Bedford Trying to Find Where tho
Morphia. Vus l'urciiiitied Two Stores
JlefiiHcd to Sell llm Drug to Mm,
The fatal doHO of morphine with which
Tthlnehart Wlndlsh, talesman, ended his
Ilfo at his home. No. 1103 Oak street, was
obtained by him Tuesday afternoon with
money secured by pawning u scarf pin.
Coroner llcdford Is trying to learn where
Wlndlsh obtained tho drug und says ho
will projecu c. the druggist when hu Is
found. Wlndlsh went Into two drug btorea
on Main street whllo u nn Intoxicated
condition, Tuesday afternoon, nnd tried to
buy morphine, but was refused at both
places. One of these drug stores was
O'ltellly Uros,, nnd at that place Wlndlsh
plainly stated that he Intended to kill him.
self with morphine, Ifo made tho remark
In a Joking manner, but, although little
importance was attached to it, (ho drug,
gist dirt not feel like taking the responsibil
ity of selling tho drug.
As told In yesterday's Journal, Wlndlsh
died nt 1 o'clock yesterday morning after
a long struggle to save hU life. Ho wns
found under the Influence of morphine a
few hours before his death. Ho was
tented In nn easy rhalr and wns then only
semi-conscious. At his side was an empty
morphine bottlo which bom no drug store
Wtndlsh's body wns tuken to Stewart &
Carroll's undertaking place. It will be re
moved from there to Mnrshalltown, la.,
for burial to-day, Wlndlsh llrst enmo to
Kunsns Cty about 1S70 and, after walking
for a. long time for John Dogged, went to
Now Mexico. Ho returned to Kansas City
last April and has been leeently employed
nt Lloyd, I.atx & Thompson's.
".Madam, hero is nn article
Difference scare a partlclo
Tivlxt this tooth wash nnd famed S30ZO-"
"DONT caie for It, thanks, sir,
None with that one ranks, sir.
Fact and everybody knows ko."
liuliy Mlt' In Trouble,
Pinky WIU U ugaln In trouble. Dva
Heeler, who was Dlltz's sweetheart prior
to lils Incarceration in tho state peniten
tiary for Illegal voting, and who has re.
fused to hayo anything to do with him
since his release, went beforo Police Judge
Jonea yesterday and sworo out a warrant
for Illltz ou a charge of assault, She
claimed that lilltis cuma to her home ou
Fourteenth street and tried to persuade
her to go to a place of amusement with
him and that when sho refused he struck
her In the face, Eva Heeler Is the young
woman who had Illltz arrested shortly
after his discharge from tho penitentiary
on a charge of creeping Intp her room
and cutting her dresses Into shreds be.
cause she had refused to receive his attentions.
I'or Nrnrly Twenty Vrtirs lip Win a Itel
dent of Kwiil lily nnd Prominent
In ItushieM Circle
David tpdeBrnlT, of Minnesota, for
twenty years a resident of Knniuis City,
died yesterday morning nt 11 o'clock nt
tho home of Ids daughter, Mrs. Cnssle Pas
sed, 1327 Jefferson street. Ills death wns
caused by pnrnlytds, with which lie wns
stricken on Decembers. He wns conscious
up to within two or three days of hi
death. When ho wns seized with the ills
cose he wns on a visit to his two il.ntRh
ters, Mrs. llnssett, nnd Mrs. Frnnk Askew,
wife of General Frank Askew, of Askew
Mr, I'pdegrnfC was "1 years old last
Mondny. He wns born iinr Mount I'lens
nut. Jefferson county, O., In 1S-I. On
coining of age he became a nvtchnnt In
his native town, where ho continued sev
eral years. In 1SI9 he moved to ltarnboo,
Wis,, where he lived twenty-live years.
lie wns nt first n merchnnt there, but later
he beenme a broker nnd speculator In
land. Ho wns well ncqunlnted with many
of tho stHto ofllclnls and prominent people
of Wisconsin, tic came to Kansas City
In lStS and successfully engaged In the
real estate business. He wns llrst In tho
siime ofllco with the late Major L. K.
Thnehcr nnd Captain lid II, Webster,
though he wns never In partnership with
either. Lnter his olllee was In that of the
late Judge John K. Cravens. His Inst
place of business here was over the Grand
Junction ticket ofllco. About six or seven
yenrs ngo he removed to Minnesota, being
occupied In business In Hennepin county,
principally In Minneapolis nnd Mound City.
He leaves n wife, formerly Miss Mnrtha
N. Kirk, of Ohio, nnd three children, two
daughters nnd n son. Ill1 son, Mr. N. T,
Ppdegrnff, lives In Minneapolis. Ho Is now
In the city.
Mr. t'pdegrnff wns an enterprising nnd
successful business man und one of his
most marked traits was his attachment
to his family and his friends. Th fun
ernl services will be held at 2 o'clock to
morrow afternoon nt 1827 Jefferson street.
Tho remains will bo placed temporarily
In the vntilt In Ulmwood cemetery.
The Deep Tones of tliu Itcll In the South
Tower Mine Not llrp'ii Heard Tlil-
Week .1 Cnliln Worn Out.
The clock In the tower of the custom
house has quit striking. It hns not sound
ed the hour for the convenience of tho
public for several days nnd It Is, pretty
certain that It will not ngnln proclaim the
hour for many weeks. It will require nn
appropriation of the funds of the national
treasury for the necessary repairs , before
the sound of the gong will ngnln be heard.
The cause of the silence Is the condition
ot tho wire cable that has been doing serv
ice in holding the weight. It wns put In
about ten years since and has done service
by dny and by night continually since that
time. Itecently It began to show signs ot
growing weakness and It was finally de
cided, to make matters safe, that It should
be placed on the retired list nnd the sound
of tho gong dispensed with. The cable Is
threc-elBhths of nn Inch In thickness nml
about 1CJ feet long. It is very much worn
In several places and was liable to part
and allow tho huge weight to fall. To
prevent this threatened catastrophe the
weight was let down to a secure place and
the striking apparatus of the timepiece
given a furlough. Tho weight weighs con.
sldernbly more than a ton nnd tho thought
of It being suddenly loosened from Its
lodgings and allowed to come crashing
down Into the olllces below was not cal
culated to cause sweet peace and con
tentment to dwell within tho hearts ot the
fortunate ones In the olllces, nnd Surveyor
Welsh, who Is In charge ot the building,
ordered the weight retired and the strike
of tho clock declared off.
The dock will continue to note the time,
but will not sound the hours until tho sur
plus In the treasury Is replenished and an
appropriation made for the purchase of a
new wire rope. Tho clock Is in the north
tower, but the bell that formerly struck
tho hours is located In tho south tower.
cox, to .rr.i'rintso.v city.
Meeting ot ltcprcsentuttics From Various
llur Associations.
The committee ot the Kansas City Par
Association appointed to go to Jefferson
Clt to confer with the committee appoint
ed by the bar associations of other lead
ing cities of the state and with a commit
tee from the State liar Association, which
will meet at Jefferson City to-day. left for
that city last night. The committee con
sisted of W. P. Teas-dale, II. C. McDougal,
Frank Titus und II. D. Ashley. It was
understood that President Gardiner La t li
mp, ot the bar association, would re
main over last night at tho capital to
uct with the committee to-day. Judge
Dobson said yesterday that ho had been
misunderstood somewhat at the bar as
sociation meeting the night before. He
did not Intend to be understood ns advo
cating anything In the way of amend
ments, but that he mqroly reported what
the Judges In conference hnd done, so that
the association could act as It saw lit. And
as to the recommended amendments In the
law regulating applications for changes of
venue, he said: "Tho proposition was to
amend so that ailldavlts ot "prejudice of
the court should be made before some
stated time previous to going to trial,
preferably at or beforo the time for plead
ing. As to tho matter of nllldavit of preju
dleo of the people, It was recommended
that that should bo left to be tried aa any
other question of fact would be."
kkiiuusiiim; roit .unions.
Marshal Shelby Will Select the Material In
Other CoiiutlcH.
X'nlted States Marshal Jo Sheby Is down
In Hates county summoning Juiors for serv
Ice nt the adjourned term of tho federal
court In February. Last Monday he was
given an order for twenty-three talesmun
for duty February 11, and It was suggested
that tho gravity of the interests at stake
in tho cases to be tried at that time ren
dered It expedient that new material be se
cured for tho Jury, as far as passible, and
that It would be well to get tho entire list
from plnces outside of Jackson county and
Kansas City. For this purpose .Marshal
Shelby went down to Hates county and will
secure home of the necessary Jurors there
and will then go to other places In the
district for tho purpose of getting tho re
malnlng ones. Some of them will bo gotten
over In Platte county und others from
down In the central part of the state, The
principal caso for trial at that time is thp
case brought to collect the $5S.w of life
Insurance carried by the lute Dr. George
W, Fraker, of llxcelslor Springs. The caso
was tried In December In tho court nnd
lost by the Insurance companies, but a new
trial was secured.
Charged With Itiinnliig it Lottery.
Saturday, 111 the United States dlstilct
court, the cases ugaliibt the olllcers of the
Pettis County Howl and Investment Com.
pnny will como up beforo Judge Philips.
The olllcers uio John W. Corklns, Robert
Maupln and Hubert Taylor, They are
charged with the violation of the postal
laws relating to the running of lotteries
and the ease Is to be a test of the real
strength of the law, Many cases have
been made In similar matters, but the vital
point In them was not the real one In the
law and this caso Is to bo the test of the
jaw and the construction that will be
placed on It by tho courts.
I. cum St. l.titiU silo ii. in., or 1:00 , m.
for thu Duhl,
The Pennsylvania special leaves St.
Louis 8:10 n. m. over the Vandulla-Penn.
sylvanto, reaching New York us usual at
2:30 p. in. next duy. Tho St. Louis nnd
New York limited leaves at I o'clock p.
in. every day, reaching New York next
day for dinner at 6:30 p. in., u rim of only
twunty-tight and one-half hours. Hoth
good trains. Take your choice. Call upon
or address Hrunner, Vundulla line, St.
The Hurllngton fat train "Ell" leave at
6:50. The only line serving meals on the
cafe plan between Kansas City and Chi.
cago. In addition to regular meal service.
This entire train Is equipped with all myj.
eru Improvements, Service unexcelled.
ni'sUNCSs wii.i. itnvivr..
The lltrlinngo Will Secure New Quarters
nnd ItrMimr the Untiling of Mrel-
Ins'-Hcnmml for 1'ropprty
Is Now Quite Strong.
At a. special meeting of the board of di
rectors of the Ileal 1isl.Uo nnd Stork ex
change held yesterday afternoon In the
Exchange building on Wall street, It wns
Unanimously voted to icmove to new nnd
more commodious roms on or beforo Feb
ruary 1. P. It. .Madden, the president of
the board, nnincd a spelal committee of
three to select sultnbl- rooms tot the rx
cliango nnd report upon their ehol.ic. The
committee wilt mnke Us l-eislon within
two or three days' lime. The Intention of
tho members of the txelinnge Is to boll
regular meetings ro soon ns the exchange
Is sctlled In lis new quarters, nl il endeavor
In every manner to promote the rc.il es
tate Interests of the city,
In tho Fame connection It was tho ex
pression of the Imui I yesterday afternoon
that the provision ot th.' ordlnunse regu
lating the biuliicui ot r,-al estate brokers,
which wns rcontly pn.tsed, be rlgl lly car.
rled out. This oidlnan',e was dr.Uted in
the exchange, nt the Instance of the mem
bers, nnd Is Intended to regulate nnd Con
centrate the real csta'.e business so thor
oughly nnd cflhienlly as to bar out trie
sponsible brokers and "curlier," ind yet
afford every opportunity for success to
agents who ore honest nnd reliable. It hns
long been the opinion ot the members of
the exchange that the size of Kansas City
and the large extent of rc-ul Interests In.
volved hero demand an exchange which
ahull be active, enterprising wul profitable
the renter of the realty business of the
city. This feeling led to the decisive nnd
enthusiastic notion of the board of direct
ors yesterday. The building now occupied
by the exchange was acquired by fore
closure of a mortgnge some months ago by
the John Hancock Insurance Company.
Since that tlmo tho exchange has been
renting from tho company. Tho committee
of three npnotnted yesterday Is to select
rooms In the heart of the city, being care
ful to choose quarters well adapted for
If the present yenr does not prove a
good one for rc.il estnto men a great many
people will be forced to confess they are
false prophets, There Is not an agent In
the city who Is not looking for a brisk
business when spilng opens, and that date
Is not very remote. A few days ago an
ngent who hns handled more or less busi
ness In the years of depression following
the collapse of the great boom, said he
felt more hopeful of a revival In real es
tate this 'Coming pprlng than ho had In
years. He knew prices would never go
lower; ho realized that the trustees' sales
were growing smaller every month, nnd
his connection In n business line with cap
italists led him to believe that the real
estate market would feel a touch of activ
ity this year It has not felt since JSM.
This Is not a good month for general buy
ing In reil estate. Business property has
no season of Its own, but as a rule build
ing lots and suburb.ni property Hnd a ready
sale only when tho cold of winter has gone
and the balmy days of spring have come.
Nevertheless there Is now a good Inquiry
for outside property, and many persons
with ready cash are hunting for lots on
which to build homes.
Tho real estate outlook Is flattering.
Parker, tho ruinous Pickpocket, Again
Under ArreHt Caught Teaching il Hoy
to llecnnio u Criminal.
W. V. Parker, alias "Antonio, the Dago,"
the famous pickpocket, 13 again In the
custody of the police, and this time It Is
expected that ho will bo given a long term
In the workhouse by Police Judge Jones on
a charge of vagrancy. Parker was found
in an Italian barber shop on East Third
street, near Grand avenue, only a short
distance from the Central police station.
When Parker was discharged by the
criminal court on .Monday he wns taken to
tho olllee of the Inspector of detectives in
the Central police station, and after a plain
talk was told that he would be liberated If
he would give his promise to leave tho
city that night forever, and never again
filck a pocket 111 the state of Missouri.
Parker swore by nil that Is solemn that
he would never annoy the police of this
city again. He said he would go at once to
Westport, where he Intended to meet a
young man and take hlin on his travels.
"He wants to learn the business," said
"Antonio, the Dngo," with a smile as
bland as If picking pockets had never been
considered a crime.
About noon yesterday Inspector Moran
happened to be strolling along TTfird street,
and ho spied Parker within a barber shop
talking lo a sharp-eyed lad. "I've got to
arrest you." remarked the Inspector, ns he
entered the place. "May I ask the rea
son?" Inquired Parker, suavely. "You
have broken your promise," wns the reply,
"and the chances are thnt you will now
have to break rock during tho rest of the
" was going to-night," said Parker. "I
have turned no tricks since I left the polleo
stntlon Monday: I hove put my hands In
no one's pockets. I wanted a young man
to work with me when I went away. As I
could not get the Westport youth I was
going to take this one."
"You were going to educate that boy to
bo a pickpocket?" deinnnded the Inspector.
Pat leer shrugged his shoulders. "One
hns to have an assistant to do clover
work," he replied.
The Inspector marched Parker nt once to
the police station, telling him on tho way
that ho need not take It for granted be
cause ho was so easily turned looo on
Monday that the police, were going to en
courage his lawlessness or his uttenipt to
teach crime to a boy. which, in Missouri, Is
a criminal offense. Parker was very much
chagrliined over his nrrcst.
Prnvl cut Anniii.itloii Ilns .More Applica
tions for Worlc Thau II Can Hamlin
An Appeal to the City.
President Faxon, of the Provident Asso.
elation, sent a letter to Superintendent of
Streets Dodds, asking him to Inform the
association how many men could bn em.
ployed by the city, thus relieving tho as.
soclntlou, Mr, Faxon stated that about '0
men nro at work ou the rock plla but that
no morn could be given employment, as
there would bo n surplus of broken rock,
of which tlm association could not duqiosc,
Ho suggested that tho streets could bo
mom thoroughly cleaned nnd employment
given to more men In that way,
Mr, Dodds will confer with tho olllccrs
of tho association regarding the matter.
Ho said yesterday that the i-carclty of
funds In his department prevents hlin from
employing the 100 men he Is permitted to
employ, but that he divided time by giving
men employment for ten days or two weeks
und then employing another bet of men
for the rest of tho month,
Moro Victim of Mm. ilellah.
More letters from the victims of Mrs.
Anna Hellnh, the worthless check swindler,
were received yesterday from (he chief of
police. Opo of the letters was from Mrs.
J. C, Mooar, of Itlver Forest, 111,, who said
that she had been swindled out of $100 on
a bogus check by Mrs. Hclluh In November.
V, W, Lincoln, cashier of the First Na.
tlonal bank of Pulaski, 111., wrote that "ad
dltlanal evidence of .Mrs. Hellah's opera
tions can be produced from this point."
A letter from S. H. Taylor, of Lancaster,
Wis., stated that two persons had been
victimized at that town by .Mrs, Ilellah
and her worthless cheeks. The letter did
not say who the victims were nor the
amounts obtained. The writer wanted Mrs
Ilellah "held" for the Wisconsin authorities
If she did not happen to be convicted In
this state,
Liquors for Kaunas.
Shipped dally In secure packages by
Pjposlls waJtlut room, Uuloa vUfgL
Colonel t L. Irwin May Anept the !!
Hon Temporarily, but llu Ills 1:30
on Another nnd Heller lllllir.
H. Clay Arnold hns lie' ci received his
rontmltiion ns recorder of olu. He ex-
pr.-ts to receive It lo-d.i. As mioh ns the
comtnlfffon arrives Unor.br Owsley will
turn the ntllr'e over to Mr Arnold. There
Is llllleh shpcillatlntt IIS to hr ultl It.. ..hint
deputy under .Mr. Arnold. It has been pub
lished Hull Governor Htone Instructed -Ml.
Arnold to give the pinion to Colonel I..
II. lrnlu and that he would do so. Mr.
Arnold was itskmt )e.rday concerning
the statement. lie snld:
"I don't know how the stoiy got stalled
th.'tt the unlemor ttti.l :ell...t ll.nl 1
innkp Colonel Irwin my rlih-f deputy nnd
that I was going to do so. The story cer
tainly did not come from inc. All there is
lo It Is this! Colonel Irwin .am.' lo me u
few days ngo nnd told lue that It I deslied
he would go Into the nhhe temporarily iitut
hetp inn run It until I selected a chief
deputy. He raid he did nut want to be
commissioned nnd that he would go Into
tho olllee simply as nn necnminodntlnn to
me. I told him that t would be Bind lo
have him help til' for n while. I don't
know whether he still denies to bo Inlo
the ofllco temporal lly or not. He hns his
eyo on nnnthtr appointment that wilt pay
him better and he expects to Bet It. Of
coure he would not want to take a per
manent position under mo If he could get
the olllre he Is nfter."
It Is the general belief among tho Sloii"
men In Knnsns City that Colonel Irwin will
go Inlo tho recorder's olllee ns chief deputy
under .Mr. Arnold. If he does he will have
to he leBUlnrly appointed by Mr. Arnild
nnd conilrnieil by the upper home of the
council, ns he could not perform the duties
of chief deputy without being appointed
and confirmed.
Onirtnl Anxious to I line It Pnssril by the
l.egt.hillire 'I hill t.o.ul Action May
lie ,sp. eillly Tiltien.
Tho city oltlclals ore very anxious that
the mcasiiru now pending lu the legislature,
enabling the city to extend Its Units, should
be passed as quickly as possible. Th"
measure does not concern any city but this,
nnd no statesman has any Intere-t In de
laying Its consideration. The element of
time is very Important, as a Brent deal of
revenue nml other material Interests de
pend Upon speedy action by the legislators,
followed by supplementary action by the
The city Is counting on deriving a very
largely Increased revenue from luxes lu the
territory It proposes to Include lu tho ex
tended limits. The county assessor, ou
whoso assessments the i.ity nrsossor Is re
quired to base the city assessment, made
up his books two years ago, so the ex
tension could not bein tit the city In the
matter of rovenue for the fiscal year be
ginning April 10, 1KI5. The county assess
or will, beginning with this year, make
an nnmial nssessmenl. and he will begin in
June, 1M3. It Is Important, therefoie, that
the bill be passed, the special election held
and the limits extended In time for the
county assessor to make his assessment on
the property, so that the taxes may bo
collected beginning In May. ISM.
The majority of the people of Westport
are said to be in favor of consolidation
with Kansas City, though there Is an ac
tive party oppbslng It. The people of South
Troost avenue, south of the limits, nnd
those composing the population of the dis
trict between Prospect and Troost south
of the present limits, are very anxious to
come into the city, and they are opposing
the extension of the limits of Westport to
Include them. V
An Iowa Mini Searching forim Kpressiniui
Who Makes a I'lliiuy Xolse Willi
His Mnuttl.
Postmaster Homer lte"d receives many
very peculiar requests, but during his of
ficial career he has received none more
peculiar than the one yesterday morning
fiom a gentleman nt Vera, la. It was an
lrqulry for the wheie.ibouts of a certain
man supposed to be lu the city. The writer
"Dear Sir: I am seaichlng for a man.
Is there a men In your city who drives
nn express wagon? lie Is rather low,
heavy set, dark hair nnd eyes nnd makes
a kind of funny nol.e with his mouth
when he talks. The reason that I want lo
Hnd him Is that I signed u note with hlin
nnd had It to pay, and I would lie
pleased to have him refund the amount."
The name of tho man was not given, ns
the writer said he felt certain the man
wns using an assumed name.
The letter w.is turned over to Assistant
Postmaster Seldlltz, and he will keep a
,sharp outlook tor the man who makes a
funny noise with his mouth when he
They Are for a Untitling to Col Not to
i:eeed Sl.'.mil),
Architect Hogg, of the superintendent
of buildings' nillce, hns completed the.
plans for the enlargement of the city hos
pital, the cost not to exceed !15,00ri, as
authorized by the recent resolution of tlm
city council. The plans call for a bilel:
structuro Immediately south of the old
building, halng a depth of 101 feet, with
an "L" l'.).21 feet. Tho front of the main
structuro will be forty feet wide tor a
depth of tlilrty-iight feet, and will then
bu narrowed to twenty-four feet for n dis
tance of tlilrtv-nlnc feet.
On tho llrst story of the new butldlnv
will bo the diur room, a doctor's olllee, a
men's wnrd i'32.1 feet, containing twenty
two cots; a women's ward, ."0x2.1 feet, con
taining thirteen cots, nnd n dying room,
On the second lloor will be a suite of
two rooms for special patients, another
dying loom and a men's and women's
ward of the same dimensions as those on
the llrst lloor. In the basement will be
the men's dlnliiKrooiu. the women's din
lugroom, n staff dlnltisjroom and the
The frame building now used as a sep.
arate ward, locnted Just south of tho main
building, will bo removed to the west end
of tho lot and used as a contagious dh
easo ward. Tho new building will be
connected with the old nt thu southwest
end. More modern conveniences than un
furnished In tha old bulldlnc will bn pro
vlded. Mr. Hogg will soon prepare plans for a
new workhouse, which was ordered done
by tho council at a recent meeting. Tho
cost of this much needed structuro will
not exceed $13,0)0,
Several Witnesis Hxaiuliied on (In, Voto In
the .Second Word.
In tho Van llorn-Tarsney contest the
taking of depoilltons for tho contestant
was continued yesterday and u largo num.
bcr of rltnetei were examined, the uvi
denco relating pilnclpally lo the Second
ward frauds, Those examined were; Fred
C. Gunu, Sidney A, Majildd, A. V. Hur.
nett, William Telle, ,. H. Neves, S. It.
Flink. E. Malmfeldt.. Jumes D, Saunders,
Gils llungerford, II, F. Uarb, It. S. Owen,
C, 11. Ncnrlug, James E. Smith, II. Donley,
A. G. GrIIIIu, At drew Miller and Itecordcr
of Voters 11. Clay Arnold,. Tho attorneys
have forty days In which to complete the
taking o( evident e,
A Slight Cohl, it neglected, often attacks the
lung. "Hroicn't llronclilal Troclut" give sure
and Immediate iclltf .VoM only In boxtt.
City Hull .Vulva.
Acting Mayor Tlernun called at tho may
or's plllcu yesteiday, but trunsuetetl no of
ficial builncs.
A caso of measles was leported to the
board of health yesterday at 2300 East
Twelfth street,
Miss May Kunis, a pupil ot the Woodland
bdiool, wiote to the mayor yesterday that
the city of Truro, whose 7Cjth mayor sent
a New Yeur greeting to Mayor Davis, Is
located In tho southern part of England,
on tho English channel, near Lizard point.
Tho lower house finance cotnmltteo will
hold another meeting Saturday morning
und discuss the bills rendered by Ilecorder
Owsley for printing, clerk hire, etc, No
formal report has been made ou (he bills,
though several meetings have been held,
und tho committee has agreetl to report i
material reduction of the bills,
Must Praise Mood's
"I vm Iro'jMid
with Dyspepsia, and
wnilnsiirh a coali
tion I could hot walk,
lu a week nflrr J
c tcirtuced tnl;li:g
Hem's Knirap.rtlla
I Felt Bottor
--'Tvv S"i cuil-.lnp four hot-
ilfc&5?v j tit i tint ierli'i'lty
r-? fc.v ttited-tmcrfeltbcU
'I,, '" t.-r In my lite, lean
'i v.erk hard, eat licatt-
.y and sleep welt,
'. wife si)s lliero
S ittuipnrlita. Can't
ilUii.N W. SNVttr.it.
help praising Hood's.'
S.tTllIe, l'cmisylunl.i.
Hood's Plllr. cure.. I! f.ivcr in-., nill'vitnesK,
Consllpatluu, l,.li. ItiatUiht'. l;i.lii;ejthui.
Letter Written to Hlin by Major Diitls In
licguril lo the Iterent Iteiiellt,
Just before shirting for Florida, Mayor
Davis Issued the following; open letter to
John Slater:
"John Slater, Esq.
"Ileiir Sir: As it result of your benefit for
the mayor's charity fund, many Ions of
coil nne been nlready delivered to the
needy unfortunate of our beloved city, nnd
the entire K!I7 bus already been disbursed
In fuel and provisions, nnd the grateful
prayers of those thus relieved have gone
he.ivenwnrd for you und tho.e Who so
kindly attended your public seance at Mil
sic hall Monday night.
"In behalf of the citizens nf Kansas City,
nnd those directly benefited by your sym
pathy, allow me to thank you through the
public press.
"Thanks are nlsn tendered to Mr. M. II.
Hudson for the use of Music hall; to tlie
lludson-Klmbeily Publishing Company, for
printing; to the Keith Furniture Company,
to Mr. Fletcher, of the Mason .t- Hamlin
Plum Company; to Kevlll .V Wn pics', for
extra chairs, and to ell other.! who so
kindly assisted to tniiltj Mr. Slater's tennce
so grand a success,
"You have kindly agreetl to give another
beuellt at the Auditorium on Sunday even
ing, Februiuy H. and I heartily accept your
generous offer, hoping all good people will
take the oppoitlmlty to aid In this charity
and see this exhibition of your wonderful
"I know there Is no city In the world
whose citizens are more liberal than those
of Kansas City, nnd my 'control' tells me
the Auditorium will bo crowded by tho-e
desiring to assist the mayor's charity
"I leave this evening for a needed rest
on the advice of my physician, but shall
letnrn sonn enough to render you what as
sistance I can lu the matter. I hope those
appealed to will render yon nil the assist
ance possible, ltespectfully,
The r.incriinient Will Make n Close Study
of .Mortuary Iteports.
Observer Connor, of the weather bureau,
held a conference yesterday with Clerk
Chapman of the board of health regard
ing a circular he has received from M.nk
V. Harrington, chief of the burenu at
Washington. The weather bureau contem
plates an exhaustive study of the elicits
of climate iiikjii disease und the relations
between them. To effect this, the ollhvis
of all boards of health are request
ed lo sent! full reports of vital ptntlstlcs,
which, with the weather observations tak
en at each point, will furnish n. basis for
analysis antl comparison.
The board of health will take up the mat
ter at Its next meeting. It Is intended to
compile vital statistics for the past tlve
years nnd from the comparison anil study
of meteorological observations valuable de
ductions are anticipated. It Is also con
templated to establish a periodical devoted
to climatology.
Clerk Chapman will make an effoit to
secure uniformity In the blanks on which
vital statistics are printed, which will sim
plify the analysis of the statistics. Whin
definite results are accomplished It will be
known Just what neetlons of the country
are or beuellt to persons mulcted with cer
tain diseases, wii.it sections should be
avoided by those .suffering with certain dis
eases, what climates develop certain ills
cases, and other alunble knowledge.
A Card From .foliti sinter.
Appreciating the kindness shown by the
good people of Kansas City during my
long stay In your midst, I tendeied to
jour beloved mayor the benefit for his
chnrlty fund nt Music hall .Monday even
ing last. The following day l visited the
mayor at his oltlce und from him learned
the great dlstiess among the poor of
this cly, ami Hun and there deter
mined to rentier him such further aid In his
charity work us I could, not bccui.se I
touri newspaper notoiietj-, not fiom any
solfi.-ii motive, but hieaui-o I. John Slater,
have seen the necessity for thoi-e who
uio able, putting their shoulder tu the
Wheel lo assist the mayor to Increase
hU charily fund. My lunrt Is in the
work, and I hope the public will etuwd
the Auditorium ou Sunday evening, Feb
ruary s, as,evtty cent received will tin n
und there f,'e turned over to .Major Davis
or anyone appointed by hlin to icctlve
tho rami', A'jaln thanking the public and
pi ess for the kind treatment I have re.
telved, T remain yours.
I'eller.ltjoii of .' ivIrlllH.
Tho nunuiil meeting of the Federation
of Women's Phlhintliraple Societies will
bo heltl Monday, .lanuaiy SS, nt 10 o'clock
n, in. nt the Flint Papist chiu'tii, coiiur
Twelfth street nnd Hnltlmom nvenue. A
veiy Interesting p'oe,rainme has been ar
ranged, Including nn address by Mrs.
Cuslilng, of Leavenworth, on "Woman's
Several gf ntlemen Interested In tho work
of tho federation will be in attendance.
Olllcers will bo elected tor tho ensuing
jear nnd Important business will be con
sidered. An especially Intciestlng part
of tho programme will be tho repot ta
from each of the seventeen societies fed
erated, giving an account of tho work ac
complished. Iteports will ulm be U'celyed
from vni lous Important committees. All
who nro Interested in the work of the
federation urn cordially Invited to nllend.
.Members tiro requested to bring their
lunch mid have a toclnl noon hour.
Consumers of chewingtokcowb
are willing to pay a little more lk
tfte price charged for ihe ordinan
trade tokecos, will find this
brand superior to all olKer5
; f ,'iy v.)
ii'i ij. iirffii-i,rtii
A Dog Cut Open to t'tnd the (iiiine of Death
.Mm. Knrfiiinii Arrcted for Hill
ing the t'litilnc,
A handsome shepherd dog wrnt the prl !"
of Jacob Meyer, a clothing tnnli nt .'o. Ul:
tlrtiiid avenue, Until yesterday, when he
found It de id Willi a piece of meat full of
powdered glass near by. Meyer' wife nnd
n clerk In the store claimed to have seen
n Mrs. Mary Kofltimn, who lives oi r the
store, throw meal to the dog nnd Meyer
Bwote mil a warrntit for her nrrest before
.instice npnz, ne mnue tne cuargc mat
Mrs. KolTman pol'olied the dog because he,
Meyer, had ohce before caused .Mrs. ICoff
man's attest for n ml'ileineiinor and she
had Ihen threatened lo poison the nnlmal.
Meytr thought a great deal nf the dog
and so he hail nn mitopsy held over It In
order to ascertain the exnet cause of Its
death. IJe hnd the ntilnpry nttended by
three witncfse. It was clearly shown
flout the In ce ruled condition ot the ani
mal's Ihioat and stomach that the pow
dered glass cnuscd his death. Meyer said
he wanted to huvc his evidence full lu hand
becauso he proposed lo prosecute Mrs,
Knffnmn lo the full extrnt of the taw.
Constable Vaughn nt rested .Mrs. Koffmnn
shortly nfler the warrant was Issued. She
gave bond of JJOo to appear for trial In
.lustlee Spitz's court to-day and the case Is
likely lo prove an interesting one.
iusim;ss Mir iii:vi:.M,i:tt.
Three c4lon of the t'lit'tt-r Club Held fit
the Co lies lloti.f
Tho I'lastcr Club wiib In session yes
terday nt Hie Cuntcs Utilise. The club
held three sessions, duo timing the
forciiuuli, olio In the afternoon mid und
another lust evening. Several nf thu
delegates nml tiicnibers of the club left
tin the evening train:) for their homes,
while othor.'i remained lu the city for u
lunger slnj-.
The titlb Is composed of gentlemen en
gaged In the mile of cement nnd planter
In the lending lilies iif the Missouri val
ley. It IS funned for the purpose of
bettering business method und for tin;
cultivation uf tho social features tit the
About twenty ilclegnte.s were present
nt l lie mooting yesterday, but they re
fused to make public uiiythliig concent
lnp; the business dime ul the meeting,
declaring Hint It was of u private na
ture nml of no Interest to the public.
ll-l-Speaker I'ltp-llrtek MitM Seek a Warm,
er tillniite.
F.x-Spc.iker John Fltzputrlck, who rep
resented the Filth ward In the council
prior to the last election, Is very sick with
consumption. A benellt entertainment will
be given at Musle hall nest Tuesday even
ing, the procectls of which will be usetl to
defrnj the expenses of a trip to Texas for
the benefit of his health. The four net
Irish drama, "ICathleen Muvouincen," will
be rendered, with a cast of competent ama
teurs. THU UIIIX'IINT llOTIlt.,
Ihlreku Spring", Ark. Opens February
iitllli, I Nil,-,.
A beautiful, stone, llreproof structure,
with nil modern Improvement, situated In
the heart of the (Jiuik mountains. Mild
anil bracing climate. Wild anil beautiful
scenery. I'nrlvuled medicinal waters.
Thinugh sleepers over the St. Louis &
San Francisco railway between St. Louis
and lliirckn Springs. Wiite to the man
ager for descriptive pamphlet, rates, etc.
ho.mi:si:i:k cits' i.ncticmox.
The Klltj' to the front Once More.
On February 1". 1S10, the "K.ity" Itoute,
the Missouri, Kansas it Texas Kail way,
will sell round trip tickets to all points in
Texas at one faic plus ;'. Tickets good for
twenty days with stopovers allowed both
going and coming. For all Information call
at ticket olllces, S23 Main street, or lull
Union avenue.
liorldii Clienp.
On Tiipsdny, February C, the Memphis
jtoiue. win mnue a special one waj' excur
sion rate ot one and one-half cents per
mile to all Florida points. Itate, Kansas
City to Jacksonville, JIS.L'0; to St. Augustine,
JIS.SO; to Tampa, K1.10, etc.
ine -uempuis is ine tegular tl.illy through
car lino to Jacksonville ur.d the only one.
Please ask for full pirtlculnrs.
j. !:. Locicwoon
Clenernl Passenger Agent, Kansas City.
Kansas City ticket olllces: The "Junc
tion," Ninth anil .Main; UKSii L'nlon ave
nue; n. w cor. Ninth and liroadn-ay.
MnrrlllKt- 1. leeii-.es fsnilt-il.
Tho following couples were ycsteidny
licensed to wed:
Name. ABl,
Kmll Carlson, Wyandotte countj-, Kas..:ii
Mary Peterson. Wyandotte county ,K.is.i:s
Dave L. Cuj'utte, Kansas City
Wllla. rihliiille, Jackson county. Mo i)
8. 11. Wright, Jackson county :'g
Heltlo llutlule, Jackson county i'l
Fcrdluando l. West vj;
l.uttlo il. (Jutes, Kansas City j9
Willie C. ilunlleld Indianapolis, lud :i
Anna Adam, Westport, Mo "i
llentliN ltcporti'il.
Tho following deaths were reported to
the board of health yesterday:
Patch, (LA. : aired fil; January 13; Lathrop,
.do.; phthisis pulmonnlls; burial In Klin
wood etmuti ry.
Itour.ds.; Ir.f..nt; January ::'; :'p; Wub.ish;
stillborn; burial In l.'lmwood cemetery
.,,J:.V,".n,'I?'.'Ml- '"c""- -! nRfl "": January
.'.'; .'Ii, Wabash; hemorrhage; burial In F.lm
wootl cemetery,
ijtion, Chin; aged Ji); January i'l: eltv
""- .nu-.-iiiniutiiii iiuriiii in union cem
etery. Mnlllns, Mrs May: aged ffi; January 23;
tlBlii Penn; septicemia; burial In St. Joliu's
Atkinson, Oeoige; aged S2; January "I;
UK Fast Third; tuberculosis; burial In
Union reiiii tcry.
Vuiing, John II.; ngrd K; January 2J;
2110 Lrlpps; Inie.-cnirent pneumonia; bun.il
lu Klinwood cenieteij.
Stor.i, .Mrs. Catherine; aged 17; January
"I; 11)11! Woodland; congestion of the lungs;
burial in Fliuwoad cemetery.
Wlndlsh, Kluehart; aged 41; January 2";
11KJ Hal.; opium poisoning; burial in Mar
shalltown, la.
Cailson, Carl (1; aped f,S; January 31;
Sixteenth nnd Penn; congestion of the bow.
il; buriul lu lllmwood cemetery.
ll.ismuson, tlruce; nged t; January 22j
lljd Fast Third; larnsgeal stenosis; burial
In Union cemetery;
.s.lc.l.a!'(' C'.rroll & Smith, undertakers.
1211, Walnut street. Tclephoiio 1913.
lllrtlia lli'porteil.
The following births were reported to
the bontd of health yeMcrdny;
Simpson, C. II. nml ICIIIu il.; gUi; West,
port; January 19.
Abrnms, F. il. and Vina il.; boy; 1
Park place; January 22.
o'Conuell, Terrenee and -Mary; girl; 2013
St. John's; January 23.
Deilotte, N, S. and il,; girl; 2732 Cherry;
January 20.
Larson. J. L. and Hanna; boy: 3300
Tioofl; Jauntily 22,
llivel, Frank L and Florence J,; boy;
Sixteenth and Uroyo; January 22.
Klnkead, It, (I, and Annie; girl; Melller
place; January 21.
tlrei.ii, II, II. nnd Mary; girl; 3207 High,
laud; Junuuiy 21.
lireen, Dave and Ussie; girl; :ij Flora;
January 17,
Troutman, James T. and Angellne; boy;
Twenty-fifth and Poplar; January 19.
Ulllesple, T. J. and il, S.j girl; 2916 Mer.
eer; January 22.
Tammaslnl, J. and S.; boy; 401 Holmes;
Januaiy 19.
Hull. (1, S. and F. V. girl; 1713t'j Kast
Flghteenth: January 22.
I.uvine. 11, und Mollle; boy; LSI Troost;
January 0.
tlcnuett, J. II. and Lena IL; boy; 1520
Jackson; January 2.'.
Lloj'd, 11. C. und Katrlna C; boy; Main
und Humboldt; January 21.
Taylor, John S. and Ida; boy; Nineteenth
and Cherry; January 19.
Orayson, J. K. and Olive il.; boy; 1221
Independence; January 20,
We Shall Mm
on or before January 25.
Until then we can save
you money, as we must
reduce stock.
Martin, Snyder & Go,
S. II. for. I till and Walnut SK,
Pianos and Organs
QrfC-). IH iS"? ll'otl.SK.
.Matinee Saturd.ivat V
C. il..li:i-Ti:il.sO.V, KhAWA KltliANUKKVi
Ocm 1 1 i vy Oi reus.
.! Acting People, 'lln Horses and t'onlci.
Keservetl Seats -Me, Tie und 11.00,
and Her Superb Company, In
IJicrjiiodv WiiiiIf tnl-i'e
i.irrm oi-wm
Tn-ilny Sistn,
Week Sunday Matinee January 27,
VlltliiiiiC.ilitcr' ttreiil Production.
g.1 IMHAV matixli:,
aUINUrtl January :J7tli.
.tiATIMli: IvVI't lillAY,
U..e und olle.
Mmil.iv John L. huillvan in a new plaj
Will lecture Mnnduv Afternoon
AitTivric t.AKi: ui'Tin: nonv.
Atteml'itice will bs limited to ladles.
TuesOav Aflerneon-
in:t:.N.s roit iii:i.th and iiiiai'ty.
Admission fao c-itis. 1,'rt.crved t-eala notv on
E.llO.lt Uio tOX Olllee.
T'JtK A U I) IT O Rl Ulil.
The Sens-itlon of the World's F.ilr. Himtcu
lieelv'.i Trained Animals unit ooloteal Cir
cus! A performance of tr.ilucu .sav.ure lleasts
tint hasasit.nlMied all nations. Matinees Dally
Tiiesiliij', Wednesday, t'liurndav Friday sal
ttldliy ill '.' Ii. I'rlces 5e e. ftl't . 75c, il (X).
,M.iilnei'K-s5c and an. Seat on fate at lloic
Olllee anJ 111 I.epri; Urol ' musk' More Thursday
niofilnt:. J.in L' I t
Bums Anniversary Celebration,
fuller 111" Atisplees of
JIUMf ll.U.L, Ilnmdrtiij, I'rldny i:o...Inn 25.
Adllll''',loti, l.itilj and ; lltleliiiui, SI.
.. 'I Irkets for .aie j. Junction Tiu-iifLOnica
Gcnii'itl Liter iv tj Ghib
In its unique production of an
Employment Bureau.
Pci 'otiu who are luteremed m htRh nchool
matters, and who doMre 11 ubinin a few
hmir.x of uliolcMinte umutKtuctii should ap
ply nt the
Academy of .Music, I'; II Mcliee Nt.,
application ri:i: .
J ."So.
AMKitii am i:i'i:ii'i:a.ni
Open lioiu C a. in. t 1 iuhliitht.
Open from QifiO a. in, tn IS mltlnlslit.
Private Dining Rooms
Toil r.tllTIES AMI L'l.tJllS.
ate Line Fool
Klsht at the State Line. "L" lloml and Fifth
Street Cable pa.s the tloor, Uno.iin.iktni; on all
llaee and Sporting Lvoihh throughout tha
country. V, !.. .M.vt.'lllV, I'rop.-letor.
East W lag K, Y, Life B'il0. , KAU'ia OUT. M0,
Bcou.kH'pinit, C'hoittaiui, Tjuewriting, Ttlej
rapby, cfill:h Busf ttr, UoJ:ri L-.cuii'cn, etc, t
lowest liMs. CiUloEuti fife."" Tdephjts 1174.
J , F, BPALDINO, A . M. , Prejlient.
Van nml Xlvht riuf.
The Dr. Harvey
Human Hand Truss.
For DeictcttTe, Clrculue AiMreis
U. I. PKAUKOS As CO., Son VtrL
lllnl,.. It ill Hn,- EIV,BPITV V.rt
-,.w.v ..-.., -.-.-. w ., H.
rr i rjr't l-nnn--. .v
gc . '"t:

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