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Jl The Journal ofilco has been b
q removed from the Chamber
M of Commerca to tho first floor f
H of the Columbia Building at k
y Sixth Btreot and Minnesota k
Q avenue. C
B. C. Babcock & Co.
Jjnclion Cash Orecery House,
in-xi-itm- , ! ifiii .st.,
K.VNStHllir, .... K..NH.
If sou cnntiot conveniently como to our
store (Iron us postal card, and our ollcU
tor will call mill gel oiir order.
Tor the MINT TlHtl'i: DAYS wo offer
the following bargain In groceries:
15 pounds Granulated Sugar, tOci only SOo
worth on each order
3 III box Ko-lii Crackers, 15c.
!) lbs cut loaf Sugtil, $1
.0 lbs powdered fjimnr. Jl.
100 Hi sack Oianulated Sugar, II I."..
Granulated Sugar In bairel", SI 12 per
Holileti )cllow- Sugar. 30 lh, Jl.
Hxtra "C" soft Sugar, IS lbs, fl.
f lbs large Halln, .'5c.
1 lot T".c niiKllsli llreukfnst Tea, 40c lb.
1 lot 73c Ouupowdet Tea. too Hi,
1 lot Mc Young IIvkoii Ten, 35c lb.
1 lot -V Imperial Ten, ."too lb.
1 doz cans Mustard .Snidlnes, -c.
I do fine Oil Sardines, T.0o.
13 lbs California Kvaporuted Pears, $1.
H lbs California Hvaporated Apricot, Jl.
II lbs California llvaporntcd Peaches, Jl.
Cornstarch, no pkg.
K lb bo CtHCkets. Jl.
Luxury I'lour. nothing better, ecry sack
Kiiarinteed, Jl.TS owt,
Peaberry Coffee. ." pkg, Jl.
We deliver Roods to all parts of Kansas
Clt, Kas., Armounlale, Argentine, Chelsea
I'lnco and Oakland. Out-of-town orders
shipped promptly, llemembcr, satisfaction
Kin ranted.
Hinch Bro
1 he short Order
llv.mtilng clem
and ncit. Home-
GIS .Minnesota Ac.
tnatle pie-, e'e Open un
til 12 o'clock each nlcht
Tit.UJi.s Assi:tini,v taki:s action on
PltOI'OsIID i.i:(iisi,atio.n.
LuivjorH Will Ank tin) Co it in. II to Coniul
Prenchcr to Ptij LU'rifu lix-frr-
poant Ikc-rU hi tin Liutl Tor
I'nllti Clrrh (Ithrr In-
trruttiif? Ni'Mi.
The membeis of the tiades assembly held
a meeting yesterday afternoon and adopt
ed resolutions against the abolishment of
the olllcc of state laboi commissioner and
alto against uns attempt to i educe the fees
of the state pi Inter. Hills for these two
purposes base alreadj been Intioduced In
the leglslatuie, and the uiembcis of the
local ii"sembls will light them, because
they think that It will bo against thu In
teiests ot ottrunl-cd labor to have Iho bills
passed. The lesolutlons wcto adopted unan
imously and aftel leeelvlng the slgnattiie
of the preside ul and secretins wile foi
w aided by mail to the senatoi and repie
lentatlvos. of this countj. The it-solutions
uie as follows:
"Whereas, It has come to om knowledge
that a bill has been piesented to the legls
lalme of Kansas piovldlng loi the abol
ishment of (he olllee of stale labor com
missioner, and Imposing the duiies ot the
fame on the piofe-sor of political economy
of the state unlvcistts, and,
"Whcieas, We lcw with alum this
challRS, believing the si me will be delll
mental to the luteiests ot oig.iul.-od l.iboi,
who are lusiiumentul In cieutlUK and ts
estahllshlng ibis oiilcc, and,
'Wheteas, We ale convinced that the
duties of the t.ild olllee can bent be pei
toiuied lij a uu'iubei of oi k.iiiIIl d lauoi,
thereto) c,
'ilesolved, That we, the tiades asseniblj
of Kansas Clt) , Kas,, in icgulai session
assembled, do most cui ileitis pioiest
ORalust the enactment uf said bill, and
L.iriiejtl) miuest j on to ue eet possible
ilfoil to dcle.it the said bill.
"Uheieas, It being made known to this
assembly that theie h.ne bei n ivitaln bills
Intro. lined In the lcKldatuic ot this slate
osklnu toi a reduction In fees allowed by
law to the state pilnter.whleli tlueateii ma
teriall to .tlleit the rate of whkls paid to
the n 01 kinsmen, prlncliially pruileis and
blnde's, theieloie,
' lUsolid, 1'hat while, as cltlens, we
heal illy Indorse an eiouumleal admluliuia
tlon of the aflults of the siatv, and are op
ppjid to eoibltanl and iimeasunahle
lees end Falailes belns paid to nubile of
Ileeis, yet we must protest UK.iinst sin.li
lediieiious as will make It Impossible for
tho state prlntci to p i the pi est lit w.in'e.s
to the woikliiKineii and still le.no a lair
Piotlt far the pilutliiK and bludliiK done
for the state."
The leKlsitlt committee ot the a-seni-)!
presented an oidlnauce whleh it pin
poses to hae liitiocliu.nl 111 the iltj coun
i II pjoUdlnB foi tho cIosIhr of all business
lioilsea In the iltj on riundays, eeeplii.c
lestnurants, hotels and ding sums. The
proposition was Indorsed and tho coiumltlce.
was Inntiinted to piesuit the meaoiiie to
the council at Its next nieettnpr.
A committee was apiiolntud to airan-c
for .i mass meeting to aniline the question
It Is the Intention of the membeis of the
assembly to aiouso public sentiment lo
inch an extent that the oidluancc, If
passed, will be strictly enforced.
.may in: Airoi.vri:i.
i:i-SiTKriint I. on llcinl In the land fur !'
Hi it Clerk.
Tli police lioaul will meet ngaln In u
rouplo of dajs, when u new chief of police
and police Judgo will bo appointed. No
changes In the pitiolmen will lkel bo
made until next Saturday evening, tho
regular meeting night of tho boatil, Thero
Is somo talk nf abolishing llm olllco of po.
lice clerk. If this Is lint dono tbcio will
be a number of applicants for the plate.
Among tho most inoniluently mentioned
candidates Is ex-l'ollce Keigeunt l.ou Ikeid,
who was on the fouo lor four jears pilor
to the tlmo the 1'opullsts gut coiiliol ot tho
police departnieut. lie stuited In as pa.
trolman, and by eillclent sc ulcus and good
conduct was tlovuted to tho position of
seigeaut. While acting III that cupaclty
lie wan shot by Tom Monroe, a moiphtna
lieud of Aimourdale. The bullet took nil
of tho sergeant's teeth out, and his Jaw
bono was shatterc-d The wound uimo near
causing his death Minima wus sent tu the
penlteutlaiy for two seals. A shoit tiuio
afterward Mr, Ikerd resigned. lie secured
a. position as motoumiii on tho "I," loud,
und one day last summer lecelved a shock
while at wpik. Ho fell oer ugnliist the
fender and his lu-iut struck a pole, lie
iecthed a fiactuted skull, ami for weeks
hoered between life and death p u local
hospital. Ho has not entirely lecnyered,
und Is unublo tu du any hard walk. Ills
friends arc pushing his claims foi tho posi
tion of cleik.
ruivr 'iiMii i iius city.
C'linipUtiiunt Who railed to I'ronecute .r.
re.ud ami Lucked V.
Justice of the Peace aims, of Armourdale,
introduced a new feature In the prosecution
of the prohibitoty cases yesterday On Jan.
uary 17 J, T, Uempsey, a well Known char
acter of Armourdale, swore out a warrant
for the arrest of Cal Wjatt, charging him
with violating (he prohibitory law and com
mitting an assault. The trial was set for
January --'. and when that day arrhed the
prosecuting witness failed to nut In an ap
pearance and the cases were dismissed and
wyatl was dlschatged. Justice Sim taxed
tht costs up to Dempsey. the prosecuting
witness. It was claimed that Dempiey had
left the Mate to avoid nppfnrlnt; nealnt
eterdn.i Justice Slm Isstinl a warrmt
for Ilenipe, who returned to Artneurdale
Hl np'lt, nnd Conlnble HttiKpft rn-r. t I
hint Inst nlRht nnd plari-d him In the mini
iv jiu on tnr marge or mainioii pre" u
Mm The i ne will be natih.d with mu. '
itii'Tf?!, ns It Is the Ilrt of H kind n i
broiiRht in the cit oh n similar chirp
and It is expei trd thnl It will nine mm h in
dd (onnrls Moppltic? the pernli loim urn sis
nude before the Jii'tlee of the peace In this
it.vs iiM'i: unu.im.
M. it. Inlilna Dies at s, Murclnd's tins
pltnl nf Hi art Dlrni .
. It. Tohlis, mrciI W cars. died yester
day morning nt Ht. .Mnrgaret's hopllnl of
hiart dlone, I'or ccxeral vrnr lm wn n
i tihotostiiplicr on South l'lftli street Prior
I lo that tlmo he owned a large photograph
I gallctj In Ml. l.onls, und was wealths, lie
I has .siirfetcd iiextrnl sears with heait dls
inse tine week ngo list Ttitirdu he went
to Cliutles Freeman, the titidertnl.er, nnd
made ntratiRementn foi his Initial, He Mild
thai he was coiner to the hospital In die.
nnd tint I he wanted UiIiirh llxed I'd tint
the county would not have to bury him
He willed nil of his proper! In Chillies
Young upon iiRrccmuit lliai the latter
would see that he got n decent burial He
went to the hospital Hie next day and re.
malneil there until his death jesterdny
mornlnff'. The body wns takin to 1'iec
man's undertaking establishment, wheio
fiuiernl erlces will lm held to-du
It Is said Ilia! Tobias Ruined n great
reputation during tho war by painting
tdctiiies of Hie leading generals He was
llxliig at Washington at the time He
nlwnsa said that he had n wife mid one
child, but would neer tell where they
weir The friends of the deccasid pity that
the do not know whole un ot his rein
tlNes reside.
At 1 1:1: i in: i'iti:.cHi:i!s.
Limbers V4 ill Ask the Cmllirll to Compel
'llli m to 1'n.t Met m.e.
Tho attorneys of this city Intend to make
n slgnrous tight ngalnxt tho collection of
tho license which It Is proposed to Impose
upon them They claim that the attoiness
of Kansas Cits. Mo, nie allowed, through
tho comiesj of Iho luembirH of Iho bar,
to practice In this city without a license
Tho uttornes rut tiler claim that thelt
knowledge Is their capital, nnd that tho
mlldsteis of the Gospel ale lttu.illy In
the same class, and that If they nro com
pelled to pas a tax, that the council must
place tho ministers on the list subject to a
similar license.
Said ono of the principal nttorne.s of this
cltv scsteiday "Wo me expected to pay
a license to piacllco our pioiesslon In this
cits, which we eonsldei an Injustice to us,
tho same as to the physh Inns, who do
much towaul nllo luting the Ills and sick
ness of the commuiiUs. and who ale ex
pected to pav n license. It Is our Intention
to petition the council at Its next legulai
meitlng lo Include tho mlnlstcis In tho
Jlliri'lll.H'AX UAMIUHSN.
Much Interest Is Hidiig 'Inkcn In the Ap
pro telling Contest.
The Indications arc that the Itepubllcaiis
will hold their city convention within the
next thlity class, when u full ticket will be
placed In the Held. The contest foi mas or
Is attracting most attention, while much
llitetest Is tnken In the race for councll
imn In tho sexeial wauls .lust how the
pilmailes will be conducted Is a matter
that haH not set hem decided upon. Some
niu In favor ot holding them the --ame old
wav that Is, one voting place In each
waid. Otheis lavoi the I'lawfoid counts
ssstem. while still otheis Insist oil the
establishment of voting plne-cH In null
voting pieclnet The members of tho ee n
tial committee will meet III a shoit time,
when this question will be settled The
election Is onls sixty das's iir. and the
majorlts of the candidates me In favor of
holding the convention calls' so that they
will know their fate calls In the game.
MC.TUOI'Ol.lS .-dtSOi:i.I,As,Y.
The Third Ward Hepilhllcan Cliib.cnlored.
will meet to-night at o .. 11 hall, coiner
of i:ighth stiect and Washington avenue
Ileniv Dues leportcd to the police ses
terdav the los of a poeketbook containing
JS.T.'i He was on .Minnesota avenue Satur
day night at a late hour and was asked bv
a stratihcr to make change foi a Jl bill He
Miliciiiently ml-seil tho money.
-i:HSOYI. .NHVt's.
Mi Mamie Mai tin. of tills cits', who Is a
steiiogiaphei In the lowei house of the leg
Islatuie at Topekn, spent scstorday with
bei parents at No Met Ann avenue
Hons .1 K. Ciihhlson. C. C Hutihlngs
and Itepre-etntlve Allen, of this city, lei t
last night for Topek.i
Mi. Mix Ilol7tii.n U. ot this cits', who has
been visiting fi lends in the South, returned
to his luiine vesteidas. He icpoits busi
ness in that loeallts as being lull.
Titus Swan left last night foi l'loi l,
lud . on a visit to his gtnndpareuts.
Miss (Jraee Cmblne, of Council (iiove. Is
the guest ot fnends on Noith l'ifth street.
William Hlid left last night foi Topek.i
on a business tilp,
W. 11 imldsoii, of Om.iln, spent Sund.iv
wlth his uncle. Mr. Colin McKlnnon, and
famlls . on lsrightnu hill
Miss ('out Johnson left list evening to
visit lenitives and trlenda in Leavenworth.
John Callowas, of S illna, K is , spent
Sunday with friends In Cliandvlew'.
Joseph Dickinson letuined last night
Horn a business tilp to St. I.ouis.
AltVUH ItDAI.i:.
The Si hwarschlld .t Sulzberger Packing
I'ompaiis will lo-das begin constructing
its tunnel nndei Osage avenuo which Is to
lonneit Its new and old power house. The
tunnel Is id be e oustiiii ted for the pui
piisc of making a puisagevvay thtoiigh
which to transmit puwei
The recent cold weather and snow stoini
has caused a I irge nunibei of pool people
of this w ird in appls to the police lor
food and fuel
J. C. Spent ci, of Taioma, Wash, Is the
guest of friends on Osage avenue,
Tho voung people of Aimourdale ato tak
ing advantage of the cold weather and
huge skating paitles go to tho river cue Ii
evening und aitciuoon.
Mr. Daniel Keller left 1 ist night for
South Omaha, Neb, to spend sevetal dass
with f i lends and I clatlves.
IM ilobeitsou returned last night from
Tncoma, Wash
Ml Joseph Watson, of Hudora, Kas , Is
the guest of friends on .Miami avenue.
15. Anthony Whltileld, uf Austin, Tex ,
Is in the city visiting his uncle-, J. 11.
New comb.
lien Mseis and Chailes Haley were ai
tested sesierday by Policeman Oiiuind
on tho ehatge of disturbing the peace. Thes
weia engaged In a light at the corner of
Second and Kansas avenue when auested.
They will be tiled 111 polite touit this
The funeral nf the late William Keepers,
who died list Wednesday jilgllt. took place
sesteidas inoinlug at 11 o'clock fiom tho
famlls rcsldem e Thu servlcis wem under
the uusplcvs of lodge No Oil, Ancient Order
of I'ulted Workmen The body was Intened
In Woodkiwn ceiuetuy. The deceased had
been for a numbei uf yeais a hlghls le
spected cltUen of this cltj
Coiitiaetur Hurii-ht will ugalu bo delased
In his stieet woik lucaiisu of the leeent
cold weather, He had made mcpiratlotis
to begin noik this morning, but will not
now be able to commence lor sevetal das's
A delegation of membeis of tho Christian
I'ndeavor Society of the Clist Congrega.
tloual church of Kansas Cts, .Mu attend
ed the meeting of tho local society last
evening at the Coiigrcgatlonul church.
A. V. llote, of l.as Vegas, N M , Is tho
guest of friends on Ituby uveuue,
J I), I'rant, of Chetopa, Kas., left scs.
terday for his home, after spending several
days with relatives on the North side,
The board of education will convene to.
night In regular session. Considerable
business of a I online iiaturu will be trans
uced. Where the iShuel. Came In.
Tamilian) Times; "Did you know Hill
Yoik, who used to keep a saloon hero In
"Yes, I was acquainted vvih a fellow of
that name,"
"Well, ho Is a hecdlois sort of a fellow,
Ho telegraphs o his aged inoilier fiom
Omaha; 'The lastesf news up hero la that
I am going to hang to-moirow, "
"Yes, that was very heedless. He might
have telegraphed that he was threatened
with tluoat trouble, or something of tf.e
kind. The shock would not have been so
severe to his. uged mother."
"Oh, that's not where the shock comes
"Whete does it come In?"
"Why, the careless fellow forget to pay
for the telegram."
Are unlike nil other pllL. No purlago:
pain. Act specially oa the liver and bile. Car
ter's Little Liver PilU. Oae pill a do-.
Mi's. 1 NM.lt II s Itt.t N ltl;l.l.s:l)
I ItOM t t srilllV IN l,ltni( IHIMl.
Warden I h ir Will tin lii I npeka tu line
' tile 11 lilt, llllilM tllii illtf illit.r I din.
mlllee-Obt s,,,, r. Waul In
ii I r .MUcelbiui mis Ni u ..
I Mrs lift, m. Tanner, who wns nrrested
I nl th Instance of lleoige M. cjiiluihs, for
I a-isaiilt with Intent lo kill, wns locked up
In the city Jail Silurdns night, but aftet
some elTort on the part of her huband, he
obtained the desired Jl.uw) bond,
I The husband now avers that he will have
tiulmby arrested at once on the e barge of
I dlslurblliB the pence nnd dstioslli pri
vate property.
I V 111 th 11 t'lm.e Will no In tnpeka.
Warden S. V Chase will leave for To-
i peka tO'tuotliuv lo answer to the summons
fiom Chairman Jlutlet, of the Investigating
committee, recentl appointed by the leg-
Islatuie to Invesllgale the alleged mlmin
ageinrtit of the state penltetillars
Old sldlers Ask a Prltllige.
The members of the Kansas .V.illonal
home nre Very desirous ror the leglslituie
to enact a law giving them the right lo
vote at state and lintlon.il elections upon
oi adjacent to the reservation here, thu
fame privilege ledng enjuscd b.v imitates
of other national homes
Hum! Vli a Appoint, d.
After several hours ot hard work the
new police board made the following ap
pointments, In addition tn thoe given in
sesterd.iy's Journal. I'd Mutphs, captain;
tleorgc llevllis. sergeant, C)ins Spnigue,
driver patrol wagon, Iteiibin Smith, col
ored, l'rs or Williams, colored; Itlohard
Kullam, Dennis Joins, toloreei. 'lnus
Mace, patrolmen i: rirteh, Jailer, John
I'enton, guard ut Jail.
1'h- boaid will meet again to-day to make
further appointments nnd agree, ir possible.,
upon a cits marshal,
The dedication services nt the cathedral
to-morton night over the completion of the
new pipe otgnn will be a grand nrt.ilr.
There will be a bundled voices In the
County Clerk Nlehaiis hns asked for
bids for the painting of the woodweuk nnd
roofs of the counts court house and kill
Tht police aie annosed with an organized
gang nf shopllftei.s, who hive committed
a number of pett.v deeds of I He.
O It. McNiirv. who has been conllncd to
his room at his sun's residence at the
honi", Is resting somewhat ealcr the pat
lew ems s The captain Is an ex-Andcisou.
vllle pilsoiur and has a host of fl lends In
nil G. A. It circles.
The remains ot M. O Gushing, who wis
killed In Oklahoma, will ntrlvc here to
day. Messrs. i:tteiion and Winning left last
night for Ne w York on business.
Olllcer Schrader anested an offender at
John Glass' saloon, at an earls' hour yes
tciil.iy morning. As he came out on the
street his pilsouer bloke awas. The ol
llcer tiled two shots nt him, but he made
good hi escape.
The Great Western Stove Compinv will
begin work this mniulng with a good pros,
pect for n continuous run for isij, with 3
The school bond will hold Its regulir
monthlv meeting to-morrow night. Theic
will be much business of Interest trans
acted. mioi: l -i.tv i:i roitrt'Mis.
How the Vllllluns of tbe Cruesus-I.lke Hu
ll ina Kings Hate Dwindled
Pinm the iAn Pranclseo Hxamlner.
While the accumulation of wealthy In
the hands of i tew Is nn evil that needi
to be vlgnt ousts combated, there nre not
lacking Indications th it It contains with
in Itselt tbe seeds of Us own destruction.
Pmnllles like the Asteus that f.tsten them
selves like ubelones on a single spot and
suck on the iisnuiies uf a community
fiom generation to geneiatlon, mo hap
pily r.ue, and the conditions that permit
Hem to subsist inm eislls be alteied bv
legislation The dilllcultv of maintaining
gieat aggiegatlous of capital Intact un
der oi dinars' circumstances has been stilk
Ingls Illustrated in San I'lnnelsm
A few seats ago. among mmv large
ae cumulations of wealth In this town,
eight stupeyidous foi tunes stood con
spieuouslv pie-cmlnent the toui rall
lo id fortunes of St inford, Huntington,
Croi ker nnd Hopkins mil the four
bonan. i foi tunes of flood, O'llrlen,
Mac kas and Pali The wildest Ideas
pievalled com erning the sle of these
linaids Stanfmd and Huntington were
i ommonlv supposed to be worth at least
JUii.OOii.Onu apiece At one lime McKay
was called the tidiest man In the wot Id,
and his we ilth was flguicd as high as
Jii',ii,i)ii This estimate was based on
the te.isonable idea of taking the divi
dends on his mining stocks as the Inter
est nil n capital sulilelent to pioduee such
l elm ns at oidluars i.ites, ind perhaps
allowing tin a geometi leal luetuise on tbe
pievlousls observed scale.
Of these huge foi tunes only that of
Huntington uinilns undiminished in the
ot igtn.il hands. Mack.iy Is living, but his
wealth, ... tii.il mid tcputcd, has shrunk
until he soiin times finds it hud to las
Ills hands ,u shoit notice on JSJuHUfli) or
$I,i1ii,iiii in reidv cash The Slanfoid
estate has been geucialls' dedicated to
public uses Tbe Crocker estate hns to
support i-ovci al fiinllles ami sev ci.il ex
pensive establishments The Hopkins es
tate Is piohabls smaller now than when
Mark Hopkins died Cloud and O'Uileu
saw theh wealth diminish tn oidluary pro.
portions bfoie their death, ami tlieli
hells me not conspicuous among multi
millionaires The shiewdest and the h ird
est of the bonan.a kings h is Just died
and his wealth will be diveded Into sevetal
puts In mis i ase, and mis be all swal
lowed up bv the legal talent that his dls
plised sin h ilisorln nt nblllts In the Jes
sup and lllvlhe ensi s
Oil the whole, the Amciican atmosphere,
favoiuhle as II Is to tbe accumulation of
vast fui tunes, does not .ippe.it p.u tie ill ir
is to piomote their pcipotults.
Ill KOIT.'s ' iit.i:.
I Ills 1'rciu Inn in si(is the Continent Is
Doiiiiiiil tu De Oierruu b Orientals.
The Piemh lilstnilan l.e Hon In a re
cent article piedlcts that lliupoe will
eventuilly lietomo the scat of despotism
and later for b.ubarlsm nnd Incur tho
sanni fate as the IS) .-amine anil the Per
sian einpiies. Next the Slavs will de
stois the old eiiltine and tho Huropc will
be uvetiuu with the Orientals, particulars
Is tho Chinese and tho Hindoos.
According tu Piofessor Lo llnr.'a views
a geneial lhiropoan war will bo suc
ceeded by teitlblti economics conditions,
I'lio Orient is nil early commencing tn be
the producer for Hurope Instead nt being
the consumer, and Huiope. In splto of Its
tariff protection, will find it Impossible to
chei k the Mood. India Is now exporting
Its produce, which, In spite of tinnsporta
Hon expenses Is sold at a lower llguie
than the lhiropenu and India, provided
with machinery, Is now competing with
Kiirnpc! In the inanuf ictiirlng mirket.
China, when Its war with Japan Is over,
will follow India's example.
When India and China, with their
enoinious deposits nf coil, have a mnss
nf factories In npeiatlon, they will over
whelm the I'urnpean tnnrkftts with their
pioducts nnd place the Kmopenn woik.
man In tho position where he must
either starve to death fiom I iek of
woik or statve on absolutely Insulllclent
wages, Tho Oilentul wutkiuen will nut
as experience bus shown, desert tludr
ehenp food tea and rice for our moio
expensive food of Huropeun luxuiles,
Piofessor La lion's, views, sas's l.e
Temps, may bo drawn In dark colois.
but eveiy one familiar with political
economy must to a ceitulu extent In?
dorse them The Huropeun markets In
certain of their brunches are now and
have for some time tclt tho killing In.
Iluence of economical cunipotltlou fiom tho
Oriental cuuiuries, mid when such condl
tlous exist now what will they be when
these countries will be equipped with Hu.
ropean machinery and pioduelng Its nr
tides with the same facility us Is now
done In Hurope.' It may not come In our
time', hut a future geneiatlon will hive a
dltllcult problem to solve,
l.liicnbi at icttshurg,
Philadelphii Hecoul: A nttlng feature of
the Gettysburg national pirk bill Is the
ptovlslon for the election upon that heroic
battlelleld uf a btoiue tablet bearing a
medallion likeness of Abraham Lincoln
und the address which he delivered at the
dedication of the patlonnl cemetery on
November ID, IWA That address was
worthy of the field. It was a sudden (lush
of Inspiration, struck like a spark fiom
the battlefields of the war It summeel up
In Its terse, vascular sentences, like the
heait thiobs of the people, the faith, the
aspiration of the nation. It matters nut
that Its most famous phrase was a bor
rowing. That passage was a Jewel not
until then placed In the right setting. It
has become for all Americans since that
memorable day the crs'stalllzed faith of
their republic; no higher or so Imperish
able an Ideal could be engraven upon any
monument than that of "a government
of the people, for the people, and by the
A I urliius llrceli I'oniiiiiiiilt) nnd 1 heir
Wilis uf t IHur,
The region Of Mount Alhos Is as strange
as ir the persons nnd luihiiiliom of Its
oi cup ints, for natives tins are not The
mon.isl'Hes, propcrlv so ilk l, are twen
in nuinbir. and dispersed ovi pvety pari
of thi penltisuld. These have their several
e'talis. both within the leirllors of Alhos
and elsewhere; they hive en. It the right
of self-government, ns well as n share In
the government nf the I'liminntiltv In addi
tion lo these there Is a class of lellglolls
houses subordinate lei the others, nnd
without alls Independent lOipoiate exlst
fliep Thrs,. are called asieteil.i, and ale
til-Jed to one or other of the principal
liioiuisteiles, being gov i Hied bs an ulllcrr
appointed !) them, To the luoinsteiles
dependent asceteila must de mined an In
nuiueiable quantity of cells mid hermit
nges, grouped mound the nseeterla,
clustered together, or standing solum s
In almost evers put uf I lit hols
mountain. The holv mountain Is
set oiul only to Jerusalem In the estlma
llein ur ah pilgrims uf the (lie, K faith
Mount Alhos utfiuds n combination nf
hitturnt lienilllfs rare hi the Cist, Hie
seeneis and vigetatluu being of unusual
varletv. Its shape Is long and unrrow,
having nu nverage breadth nt four mile,
while Its length Is rurtv miles There Is
hut little level laud on the penlnsiili, the
ildge of hills miming down the e enter as
a rule i wining down to the shoie. Tin
peak risen like a psruuld, with a steep
summit or white marble, to the height nf
ncails i.'lil feet, and Is the teiinllial peak
of the most eastern of the thiee penin
sular promontories which stieleh south
from the coast of Turkey Into the Archi
pelago, lis s)!llnn III the waters keeps
the forests ot Mount Athos fresh and
Rieen. nnd the elltnate Is Tor the most pill
hinlthy und pleasant.
The eulglli nf tho ecelestlcal slate e
sldtng In Mount Athns appears lost In oh
FCtirlty, but from evidences extant It Is
found to be veiy ancient, and that enm
piratlvely few vicissitudes have befallen
the strange inmmunlts since Its found i
t loll. It Is believed that except the) dwell
ings of Pompeii, some buildings In Athos
uie tint oldest specimens nf domestic mi hl
IcWuio In Ihirope. The shrines nre In
mnny Instances rlchlv dee-orated with
giilelsnilth's work of gnat nntbiullv. The
wealth, loo, of the monastic libraries In
Illuminated manuscrliits Is Immense, but
linfoi Innately, In spite of much lelsur
nml rich in iterlal, little historical roseari It
goes on The monasteries appc ir to have
nn eluotilcles or archives, but some hau
nt leeent S'e.irs be.-n found to possess
chm teis nnd tltle-decils. grants made bv
It.vantlne euipeiors, with the undent
gold seals still attached
Tim monks nie divided Into three pro
glesslv,. class,.s (in entering the mou.is
lei.v the.v nuclei co a novitiate of three
Sears, from which thes advance to the de
gree of the Lesser Habit, and 111 l.ue In
stitutes, except at tin- hour of death, to
that of the Greater Habit On admission
to the monastery the candidate pledges
himself to abide perpetualls 111 the mon
astic life, In celibacy, lenipcianco nnd pl
ots, In obedience to the superior and to all
the- brotherhood. The Lesser Habit, al
though practically the condition In which
theli lives nre passed. Is pi ope! Is le
gaided us ptospcctlvc, and the monk ot
e ilover who Is Invested with It Is expicss
Iv stated to leeelvo It as nn earnest of the
Gieatti Habit. When ho Is admitted to the
highest older he tepeats bis fiumi'r
pledges, ami adds a solemn renunciation
of "the world and the things that an'
theiein, nceotdlng to the commandment nf
the Lord" The discipline Is severe unci
the services long and laborious.
All are bound, besides vigils, lhnher
ilava and special or local fasts, tu ki ep
Advent, and two periods, one variable oc
ronllng to nthci feasts piendlng SI Petei
and St Paul, and the other of a foitulght
preceedhiR the Assumption Sevei.il specl
tied das me the fasts In the absolute
sense of the wold, though the fechlet
members me bv custom allow id tin- ns1
of a little bread and watei whbh Is placed
icadv on the lefectois table '1 he- uillies
sometimes occupy slxti en or seventeen
hours and about eight ot ten on common
days, while in the mottuaiv e h.ipet prav
eis nevtr cease, the monks relieving inch
other eviiv two hours 'I In liionks nevti
sliep nioi i than live or six hours Thes
go to their i ells at X or i In the iviulng,
and thes ale aroused ut i In the moiiilng
for earls placets Thes nivei taste flesh
mi'iit at ell on l.V) das's In the veil tins
hive nnlv one meal, and at this eggs,
cbeesc, wine, llsb, milk and oil me liu
bldilen them (though allowed on the
other dassj. ant their diet consists minis-
of vegetables and biead boiled In water
on no tlav have thes more than two meals
ltv fat the greater pan of the monks me
engaged in innnuil labor Thev mostlv
wear the Albanliu costume a skirt and
kilt of white cloth closely pleated, with a
vest of el.ii 1; cloth all over gold braid,
gllt-huttoni'd g.iit'rs and a piofuslun nf
small wi.ipons snick In a gas'-coloiod
sish. The hosplt il, the phuimuv, tne
kltchen and stoic h mses oct upv tn ins of
the monks, tin llbr.ules a lew more, the
sacristy and tre isurs some, while a ft vv
me seliol.us and aitlsts. One stringent
and universal rule applying to Hie penin
sula Is the exclusion not ottlv nl women,
but as f.u as Is pisslble ot evirs funile
animal, so the ' iicttlui milk, buttei lieu
eggs cm be had. although the latti I are
eiccaslonulh luipuit.d oil Is the uiilvusal
kitchen iniullmitii dtled vegetables, salt
llsb. pickled oIHcs and black hi eld lire
staples, the drink N inoie vailed and ex
cellent, for III udlltlon to tin pure w it. t
of the iiiiins mountain sptlni-s, theie Is
wine and two sorts of llquurs, one called
inkl, or anlsseetl hi inch, the other inasilc,
or inkl, with an infusion of a vegetable
gum enlleel niistle Itakt fui ins ntie of the
tonvention.il sL-ns of greeting and hospl
t, lilts A .voung monk brings In on a
F.ilvtr l vase full of sweet prtseives or
ill let! fiults, and several huge glasses ut
water and a coirc spending number of sin ill
ones of laid.
The monks call themselves "an .net
listing union, In whii h no man Is evil'
hoi II," hut. In spite of their exaggerated
mlstigvii) It is as well to note th it the
mountain Is dedicate ! to the lllcsseel Vir
gin One of the una intcrles Is al-o under
the p.iltnn.igo nf nincthei woman. St Anne,
mid some of tin mist pre Ions telle s me
said to have been (nought lo the Holy
Mountain by an unknown woman whom
tradition calls ' the beautiful Mary."
The case of a shlpwieeked woman
hi lug tliiown on the mast Is
loii'secn and provided for. The oldest
monks lu the inmmuiiltv would
take charge of In r for the shot test possi
ble) time consistent with humanlts", she
would bo housed apart fiom uuy oihei
habitation In a lonely p.ut of the moun
tain, and nt the e.ullest possible main, nt
taken bv boil to tho lien est port ItUs
slaus, Servians, llulgailans, Itomunnian-..
etc, have found itlons among tho mon.is
teiles and contribute In mans vv.i to sup
liort their nitlonal communities. The mou
nstln republic Is protected nnel icspicted
bs the ottoman goveinmeiil In conliler.i
tlon of a he.ivy semis ti Unite The 111 -.aiitine
school of painting has Its head
quarters bete, and continues Its old tra
ditions with hardly a lay of Western lu
lliienei' to modify Its spirit. To thole unci
the llsv. inline pictures form one uf the
chief attractions of this slngulir commu
nity. Heautlful metal woik Is mi old tra
dition of the Gieek churili, and the crosses,
censets. lamps, tlullies, etc., of tin
mountain mouasteiles, not to siieak uf
tht Ir chased and Jeweled itillquari; s, nio
ticasuies III thenistlvcs, Tim shillles lu
Iho churches theie Is onls one ult.u am
often furnished with reading desks of pre
cious wood. Inlaid with niother-of-pearl.
No fewer than WCl churches, chapels and
oiatorlcs ato said to exist, and them nro
about 3.0tl monks, Very few of the Athos
nnnl-s have been brought un to the mon
astic Hfo, tho majority of them embrace
II alfl'l' 11 lUllgt'l or BIIUlUT expel ll-licti III
tliosu delights which the woild can offei
it Is almost like a fairy tale to hear and
team nf the tloln-rs of this seiilli'stertd
cnmuiunlts, undisturbed by the hustle ami
fill I11QI1 OI lUI Ollieit-eiitu i-ciiilil I T
conteiiiplillvo life hns little or no room
In model n Hurope, so fast do wo live, so
th.tt wo scarce can leallze the truth that
here on this hnllowed ground there is ah.
solum tranquility and peace, Piobably
theie Is no ipot over which the chinch has
a dominion so complete and exclusive, nonu
In which oveiythlng Is so visibly and singly
devoted to n icllgloiis end. It Is a lasting
mid wonderful monument of that novel in.
Iliienco which Issued from nn obscuie coi
per of Asia, took tho civilized woild by
storm and bus held possession of it ever
lactam cs nf the Variation of I in al
Legal Adviser; A man In the tlty of
llaltlmoie stole a cut. The owner of tho
cat procured his arrest on a warrant for
theft, Then the man's lawyer uiose and
told the court that his client hud not
stolen u cat, because It was legally Impos
sible lo steul a cat, because only property
tun be stolen, and cats In the common.
vvoalth of Mursland are not propcrts. but
ferae naturae that Is to say. Iletos, which
aro wild beasts, such as tigers, lions and
fells catus, living in the state of natuie.
The Judge was struck dumb by this aigu
iiiciu of the mans lavvser, and referred
the question to the attorney geneial, a
person of meat learning, who, in his south,
was u mighty hunter of wildcats, which
he pursued over peaks and through chasms
of the Hluo Itldge and chased over back
fences through vacant lots In his native
village. The lormal decision of this em.
nent authoilty has established that, under
lur)land law. sou cannot steal a cat.
Which Is another Uluitrntlve example of
the variation a"'1 contlKt of the local law
la this countrj.
lllllt sTDDI'.N tltp toll POWIIU AMI
trs HI s t,,
l.lltle Wllhilinhiii A.tnnl.heil tlrr Mnllier
nnd the Whole I uurl In MouuHng
the 1 hrnne ninl s,-ntlnR for
Her AiIJiiIiiiiI Hi in rile
"The queen of the Netliet lands orders
.votir excrllcmy lit tepott lo her nt once."
Miss H.ixton Winter, Wllhelinina's l.ngllsli
goveinr's, elellvried this messago to her
little majesty's ii'ljutnnl general, Count
Du Mouceau,
"I will diop In at the nursery In nu hour
or so, nt lunch lime perhnps," answered
the great man vvearlls. "Pros, ask )oiir
inlsltess to give nn leave until then."
"tjucen Wlllielmlna awaits sou hi tltA
pin pie stnte room, not In the nurseiy, slrl"
The grtienl lookeil ns If he Welti going
to snv "What lu thunder Is she doing
there"' when (in orderly appealed nt Ihti
door In nlinounre it member of the queen's
mllll.1t) hotiseholel, Lieutenant llatou Van
"I was passing In front nf the castle."
that geiitlemm reported, "whin I henttl
sntiiehoil) ilium on one of the windows of
the stnte npirtinenis, an 1, looking up, ells,
toveretl her in ijesty nmong the' curtains
beckoning wildly for me to funic up. I
obevi.l the siiniuuiiis nnd found her walk
ing up nnd down tin. loom In a gieat state
or ngltntlon 'Lieutenant,' she oiled, 'have
vou seen this Infamous repnrl vvunu u nml
children slaughtered bv the htindieds ill
our lland of Lomlmk And I the queen
of these cannibals' The lesponslhlllty tests
upon me. Go mill Inform General Vou
Alonceaii that I must see him without tie
las. The queen commands hltu lo fome
nt once-.' "
The adjutant, hearing this. Jumped Into
his uniform coat and while buckling on his
swonl requested Miss Sixton to assure
fjueeti Wlllielmlna he was coming. Then
he ordered Lieutenant Van Zandt to lu
from the queen regent of the matter, nnd,
half n minute liter, stood In the presence
of Ills fourteen-) cat -old soveielcu.
Hut the excitement, righteous Indigna
tion and piltiful telleetlons had proved too
much fur the little girl, who, bv the chince
discovers of a tell-tale document, had been
awakened to a sense of dtcailful responsl
hlllty. Having seated herself on one of
the throne r-hilr, from which she had re
moved the Holland cover, probibls for tho
sake of the effect she desired to produce,
her feelings had got the better of hit, and
.Miss Saxton Jut nppenred 111 time to save
her charge fiom falling to the lloor. The
Kugllsh lads was kneeling on the steps
of the throne, with one arm around Wll
hi'lmlni's waist, while she tried to dry her
terns with n h indkerchlef, when the adju
tant general made his appearance.
This Is the stars about which even bods'
In court society Is talking, and which con
vinced Hie Hulliiieleis that their queen Is
"Old W lllem's" daughter, eveiy Inch of
Not that the last of the Nnssati-Ormlins
was a sentimental prince, or that he ob
jected to an occasional massacre of his
wild subjects In the Dutch indies, whtu
thes deserved punishment It was the exhi
bition of Impeiloiis obstln.ics. ot self-reliance,
of dogged determination Hint made
the staid Nethoil unlets look up This lit
tle queen, whose childish face shoulel ap
peal tn every father mid mother hi the
I ind, but for whose portiutt one searches
111 vain In the picture stoics of Amsterdam
and Hotterdam bv a stamp of her foot,
by n "the queen commands soli" simple
and common enough In court parlance bs
tht- act of humbling a haughty .ind much
detested high ollicei, the ru5.1l llgurehen!
has siiebb ills jumped Into iccognltleui, tun
mote. Into prominence To-das It Is "Wil
helmliia here." and "Wllhelmlna theie."
her short flocks are forgotten nnd the
tcnlltv 01 lie-i qiicenshlp has Impiesscd It
self upon the popular mind Just so It was
with her fnthei, long legardeel a uulsamc,
a llfth wheel. When at the outbreak of
the Pranco-Germnn war, In IcSTO, he
ltiaiehed thiotigh the stieets ot Hague,
arm In arm with the Piench anibassiuloi,
his subjects saw "Iheic was some spunk
left lu him" and cheeied him lustllv.
When Whelnilna had revived, thank" to
the utile es ot h'l attendant ami tjucen Ln.
111.1. who hail followed Lieutenant Van
Z.iudt's summons lutst-intl), tbe ptesi incut
Geneial 1I11 Monctau thieateneil to bring
about .1 11 petition of the te irtul convul
sion to which sin. had siteeumbeil. So her
muthei 01 del eel that the llttlo one he
brought to bed at once, and buns calls
were sent out tor her M.vi.il cnuitsphssl
il.ins Tins found her majesty In high
fevet. ami aftei leuulng the cause of lu 1
illness counseled the queen regent to do
cvtr.v thing In hei power to smooth the
little gill's painful emotions ami pt-rsu ide
In r that the dreadlitl icpntts she I1.1 1 seen
wile fabrications, uuiilt out ot whole
doth bs an enemy of General Veeldci.eotn
mamlei lu Lomhok. Tin ailv ice was stiiet.
ly follow, tl uf ionise, ami It Is hop d v III
have the desired effect. Whether the de
lusions can be Ic.pi up for any length of
time Is an open question Three da.vs
have gone bs slin e the Hist violent nut
bit. ik ami Willielmli'a is still unable to
b.ivi'hei loom Oceitlonally, espei lallv at
night. 1 he Is tumbled with ilieulfiil fan
tasies ot blocielsheel and tnin.ige 'I hen
she pr is s to God not to hold her respon
sible lor the atioeltlos commuted in her
inline, vowing that she will clthei prevent
their npe'lilon ei abclleile
i.Miee'i Huuti. 1 is heat tluoken nvcr the af
filr Willi- nu tlniibtlng her Inlluence
ovt't' the 1 hlld und lu 1 ublllt) to tnrestnll
n'll-assertlvc exhibitions like thai which
necureil the nther tlas. whe fears, on tine
hand, the li.nl eflect 011 Wllln Imln.Vs
health, whlth has never be en s itlsfue tois",
and oil lh othei, that the enemies of hi r
dsn.isl.v, who are scheming for tho soiing
queen's hind, or her tluone, 01 both, will
tike advantage nf the Incident In one was
or anulhei foi their own selfish ends.
Wlllielmlna has been a tractable child so
far, lemslilcilng that she Is 11 d uighter of
mulish old Wlllem Her mother, excellent
women ind thoioiigh dlsi Ipllti.ulan, sue
1 ceiled In cuiblng Inborn w llfullnvss to a
nb els. but tho .-ceuo In the tin one room,
above it-ported, oyei threw all the hitter's
fond taleulalloiis It couvesed to her m.i
jests's mind the- first Inkling thai Wllhelm
lna. within 11 few )eurs, will claim her
lu n-.lll.iry lights and may bihig ttoublo
upon he 1 self and family ly following In
Inr fnthei's footsteps, whoso pugti idous
disposition she bctins to possess In a re
ntal kithln degivo
.Minis courtiers, politicians and diplomats
In Tho Hague who li.ito "the German wo
man" (Queeen llinmnl mil now suddenly
evlncii a liking tor old Wlllem's daughter,
Indulge openls lu historical parallels; tho
calling tu the throne of thu thlitcen-yeai-olel
Isabtlla of Spain, and the
prr.speilty the country cujused undei
her 1 file; the Servian Alexaudet's
coup tl'etat Of touiMi It would bo
ridiculous to dlgiilf) Wlllietnlna's luvoll,
that did inoie holier to hot heart than to
her head-It Is doubtful If he i head had any
thing to do wllh II by compnrlug It to
tho event quoted, still It was pot without
Interest tioiu 11 pss etiological standpoint
"And her precocity," explained one of the
nmbasi-ndors of the povvcis to me to-das.
"may h.ive somo Influence In the selection
of her futuie husband. As marriageable
candidates," continued this nuthorlt), "tho
two sous of .ne late heredltnrj Grand
Duk ot Saxe-Welmer, standing next In
siiccc don by Duch law after WlllU'lmlnn,
have been mentioned, Itulsed nt u pretts
com I, In circumstances (ho teverse of af.
Iluence, iioiui of theso young men, William
ainl Ilerohntd by nnme, would probably
object to allowing his vvlfo full swa) us
Queen of the Netherlands.
"Hut will the kaiser penult such nn al
liance, which means the stiengtheulng of
0110 of thu Confederate states? I have It
on good authority that he schemes to make
one of tho sons of his cousin, Prince Al
brecht, regent of lliuusvvick, the Prince
Consoit of the Nethtrlands, and as wife
of u Hoheiuollei-ii. Wllhelmlna would surely
not be permitted to Indulge her swee,
will. It wuuld be against all famlls tradi
tions with tho Prussians to allow a woman
uven a minimum of self-assertion."
All the Kuropcan diplomats accredited In
The Hagui thought the summoning of
Adjutant General du Monceau by the little
queen Important enough to advi'e their
governments forthwith, and for hours after.
the wires o Herlln, Paris, Brussels, Vienna.
Lotu-im and Dresden were eroanlns under J
a, It's the Standard Fashion,
C hi washing and cloanini;, to use Pcarlinc. Ccr
. tainly the enormous amount of it used every year
if i9
l"tss l II II
UH s.s- II jl
I In weight of cipher dl.pitches, forehnd
owing dlie things I Until to-dnv Hint
tjiieen Wlllielmlna found the tcport from
Hutch Indies tilling of the battles with
the Sullati of Lombok's Awn-tons in her
mother's woikbaskei She read It In seciet
und ill unci sat down to address n memo
ilal on the siibtect to the laud van stale,
the -itati euuiiell.of which she herself Is Hi
nominal president nml which, according to
the constitution, must he consulted on all
bglsl.ituie- mid sunn executive matters
Queen Kmmii llrst Intended lo roiillscate
her daughter's maiden state paper, lint
fearing the criticism uf her enemies nt
court, decided to submit It, especially as
Its contents had leaked out by accident.
It appears that a servant found the- several
drafts made by Wlllielmlna In the nurseiy
and promptly published them nil over the
lu the document tho little queen threat
ens to icslgn unless nPtiraiifes that the
perpetrate!! s of the Lombnk outrage! me
duly punished, and that Her female sub
jects, whether civ Illeel 01 not elvlll.ed, be
protected against the honors of war are
Immedlatels forthcoming, etc , etc. Tho
queen also declares that she will not p.ir
tlclpite lu nnv demonstrations to honor the
victorious troops, whom she ch iracteiktes
as "butchers "
Taking It nil lu nil, the memorial Is quite
n splilted affair, not a childish tliade, such
ns one would e'xpect from iv precocious
Souugster. The 111 1I11 question agitating the
minds of Queen Hmtii 1 mid the heads of
tin government Is "Was Wlllielmlna ln
splted bs Interesting person in kicking up
this tow?"
I have already hinted at tin) fact that
The Hague Is the hotbed of Intrigue at the
pit'sent time. In which the diplomat- of
several slates, Interested In the marrl ige
and succession respectively, pi ly not alto
gether credltnble palls The Prussian, the
Sixe, the Hngllsh, the. Trench and Uelglnu
representative h all nre Irving to outdo
each other u sinurliitss and petty rascali
ties, and though the queen regi nt vv 11 Plies
over her child ns only a loving mother nnd
an unsophisticated, honest woman run. It Is
not Impossible' that 0cc.1sl011.1llv strange In
llueiu es ute biought to bear on the little
queen, or perhaps upon her trusted attend
ants. Strange to nv, little Wllhi'linlni has
onlv one woman lu her letltiue-Iiei Hugllsh
governess. Miss Sixton Winter, already
mentioned. With this exception all the peo
ple in h'r entourage me men com tiers
si ltesnien, generals who elllur leganl
thelt vouthfiil eh irge as ,1 llttlo nulsiuie
111 as .1 lit object for llitteiv. Ami Mattel v,
ellr. c trd to n j-oung girl of great position,
and 10 a daiiglitei of e nntahkerous old Wil
lie lm at that, mas woik no cud of mls
e hlef
Think of it Pour sears more and Wll
helmln 1 Is queen, not onls In name, but In
f.nt. To her peisonallv reverts the ex
clusive executive power of the stite She
may select hei own mlnlstcis, li.'t own
mini van stale She inav iltcldo whom of
her suitors she Intends to marry, nnd, If she
chooses to remain single, may designate- a
successor to the tliinne- at pleasure, with
the consent of paill inient.
CiltCCiril Willi I'lslOl. VND llll.t.s.
scmitnr Peltigievv's Allclnilc olfer In a
It libit- loo Hiring HI 11 kin lib r.
The le-eli-c Hon of Senatoi Pettignvv, of
South Dakota, Is the n itural icsult and
ft ult of n qunrtet nf a cntiicy of public -splilted
effects on his pirt He went to
Diknta tenltoiv when b.uelv out of his
tens, and has grown up with tbe coun
try When only So pais of age ho repre
sented In congress the tenltoiv uf Da
kota, .111 einplle III llltvl, as l.ll-o as nil
New Ihiglaml. The courage of Senator
Pclligiew may be (Unstinted b.v tint Incl
eltiit In 1 ongresslunul caieei
A elntukt efet t nm. moiulng ran led tu
Delegate Potllgivw the caul of a stiiing
er Out In the huiiso e-oiildur 11 shoit,
squatts llguie gieeted lilm nml the seiuiig
statesman w.u lis! tu 11 dot p window' ie
ces., whete his iuteilueiitoi luociedeel to
lead a manuseiipt stoiv lellectlng upon
the iceent life) and inonil ih. nuclei- of
Pettlgievv. lit. 1 lalnied 10 be the iiibllsher
of a Gaud Ann) pnpd In, this cits, and
- ild that he did not want to publish any
thing telle, ting upon Mr Pettlgtew, but
the item had been brought to him b
one ot his icpotteis
The soiing Dikotan invited tho man.
who was nnnifistly a blackmailer, to call
upon him nt thu National hotel at S o'i lock
that evening. The fellow agreed to do to
and ndvl-cd Pettlgievv to luivu J I CM ready
for him when he called, sass the Phila
delphia Times Promptly at S o'clock the
rt'ifjt nf I 11 it lilfii If (11 fl C lm IV 1 u II ri 11. 1.i.l In
Mr Pettlgievv lu his 100111 at the Na-
iioiuil auei nut i-aiier was uiiuilllC'l .'ir.
Peltlgrew diew a toll of bills fiom his
tiiinsers pen ket nnd said "Now, sou give
mo Hint manuseiipt and a rect.lpl fui Jl()
before I give sou tho money."
Willi 11 stitlle, lliilie-.n I Ine- Hint Ice li.nl n
soft snap the blackmailer wiote a lecelpt
for Jh and handed Petilguvv tho iiiaiiu-
scrim, botll of which ILinint 1'flttlL'Pnlt-
put Into 11 ditiwer of his desk. At thu
same time Mr. Pettlgrew lifted from the
ilinvver an immense 1111V5- revolver, nun,
piesentlug that In Ids light hand uhllo ho
held tho roll uf bills In his left hand, ho
l .lil. 'I'lc..... Ic ...cle .ltc.i nf I .1 ., ...1..,, tf.
deal wllh such ehuiaclers ns ou-elthcr
lei ia,v juii tir i.iti S"n 1 niive mil see
made up my mind what to do In your case,
nnd while I am deliberating It might bo
wen tor sou 10 HUL on " uuu 1 sine en
that door "
Tho blackmailer got
a i.sr tvi'sriatv nvii'iiii:,
'I rcllielitbilli. l'lisslbllltles of the Itegluu
Ili'Seiuil the aliisUklppi,
rrnm the Chicago Itecord
Tho Mate-, of tho Atlinlle and Gulf
coasts, llioso of Ihti Allegheny tnuiiiitain
feglou, those of the. Ohio valley, and h ilf
of those washed by the Mississippi Itsdf,
t'llllltl I'll SCI. tlllllll l.lltllll til" CUllllJ J
line of the trans-Mlsslsslpplan ewplm wlth-
..... ...... I. I.ii. 1. ,. ...t. ..,!, 1, .....I .1......
OCIV lt-,uein .. ... u.. ,...., ,tei, iiiciu
would be an area of l,"Ci,73') square miles
left ovei.
Tim total urei of ljurope Is but 3,7'.0.702
squire miles, nnd Iho sieaco left In the
trans. Mlsslsslpplim region after tho rest f
.1.,. ie..t....t i-t l.i.i t. 1.1,1 u.i.iit .i ....
tlU . ...IV't ......11 .11.1. .'S-1-., 11 ,.,(M .. t l l,l
would hei cillillgll 111 tuke lu the Hritisb
Isles, Spain, Including tho eauailes, Por
tugal, Prance, Hilgium, the Netherlands,
with Luxemburg, hwlt.erland, Germans.
Dcnmaik. Norway, Sweden, Austria-Hun.
gars, Hals. Turkey, Gii-cco, nnd all of Hue
minor states of Hurope, Itussla being tho
mil) country that woull not be iniluded,
1. ...... .1.n .l.n.. 11. I, 1.1 I1.1 i.l.n... .... .. .1.
j, i .-it ..it-.., tii.ti .......e. m. iincicit us iiiue-u
left over as the! to-c.illel nrhl region of
tilt l. t. w,..we..,t9 .f, nun time IIIU vr.lUS.
Highest of all in Leavening Poiver. t.atcst U.S. Gov't Report
RdVfe.1 Baking
proves il. millions ol women use nothing
else. And when you nee a fashion so univer
sal, so sensible, and so unchangeable, why
not adopt it?
There arc many thing.-; that try to
imitate Pearlinc. borne ol them
may be more or less successful for
awhile but the public is learning
"Vou can't fool all the people all
the time" and the women who
want the best thing to wash with.
one that is absolutely safe, will
continue to use Pearline made
only by J:rnes l'yle, New York. 3
Ms4ppinn- have redeemed so much ol
II bv the wairl of irrigation
The Mint populitlm of this republic Is
now perhaps, near iujnn W"i. Accotdlng to
the icllslls or 1VM It was but little short
of (.it-no.'".! Less than 17,f0,tX) then re
side d west of the Mississippi, while worn
than U! ntni.uo wrr- domiciled In the IlasL
If the .truiis-Mlsslsslppluii region were to
support only ns huge number In pro
portion as the tcL-lon Hest now supports,
more than lou,(X1.0iJ would dwell between
our gresitest liver nnd the Paclllc coast,
mid this vast number would bo manifolded
ir the habitable pottlniis were to bo set
tied as thickly ns are some countries, Hcl
glnm, for Instance.
I'llWMI HCttMAItltlAGi: flllt ril'ICATK.
sari ly lit pusliiR In mi Old 1111.1c, II Droughtl
Itli hi's tun lle-ertiil Iff.
This Is Hie end of n romantic ntory of an
Old Hlble, a lost marriage certificate and o.
woman who eslnldlslied her claims to her
husband's estate through the kindly media
tion of ti saloonkeeper. John r-irrell, of
l'.trrell .. Pitts, who conducted n. cafo at
le'i Clinton place. New York, told It to a
Herald man.
When Iho old Now York lleroll was
about to be torn down more than a year
ago, .Mr. I'.iriell, who was bend barkeeper
there, collected the Illblcs In the rooms and
dlsti United them to his friends. So tho
"New York Hotel Hlble Society" wan
formed, nnd tho newsp-ipera printed a par
.igruph about It. Tho paragraph wns seen
by Mrs. ltalph Preston and It enabled her
to recall something which was greatly tci
her advantage She had been married In
is '1 at the Church of the Strangers to
ltalph Preston, n son of a vve-althy Vtr
glnli f nulls. She and her husband at tho
llino of the tnarrligo were guests at tho
New York hotel. Tlicv sailed for Uuropn
the elas after the wedding. There young;
Preslon'H love cooled. He left his wife,
and she was helped bv members of then
American colonv In Paris. Her husband
died I)v the nld of her Paris friends shi
was enabled lo return to this country with,
her Infant child. Her busbind's family re
fused to recognize her, saying that she hail
never been legally married to Preston.
She could not find her marriage certifi
cate Not until .she- saw the stoiv In th(i
papeis did she remember that she had fold
. I up the ilociimi lit nnd placed It lu a Ulbln
at the New York hotel She camo at oncn
to New York. She found Mr Pari ell at 111
Clinton place, anil asked him about tho
Hlbles He produced the marriage ccrtlll
fate, tor which he had before vainly tiltel
to Und an owner. She promised Mr Pnrrell
that If she vveie ever lu a position to elf.
so she wtuild rew.ud him. Now comesj
Mr Parrell's sequel. Hi sivs that on Jan
tiars -.', a vvowiii drove up to his place In
a cab. He went out to meet her nnd re.
ineinbered her as Mts. Preston lie sas
she spoke to him plms.inilv ami told hltr
that thiotigh thu Uniting of tot- munlagu
certlllcato she- had been able to piovc her
marriage and get her shit" of her bus
bind's estate. As she was about to drive
avv.iy she handed to Mi. Pairell a small
package. When he opened Ir he f-iiiinl Ilf
teen crisp $101 bills He thinks iim tht
woman must have a foi mm i uit
i:pi:nsiv i: woitt.
Its Pi n gliu ittous Itiin Hit I rite
fill till! lift Iplt nl.
1'roni tho Washington Post
"I icckoii I know how the poo n now
it'll when the king ot Slain s. ui a vvblts
elephant to him nt his modest abode said
Aillst 11 1' Andiews ns he swung out of
tho saddle of his inud-bospntterc.l mor
oughbiid "I wns tho lcclpbtit t.stei lay
of the half Of u wild boar n tenth killed
In the Ardennes, what am I going to do
with It? What would sou do with incut
Hint cost sou about $1 'M u pouu 1
"Whs, tat it, ol eutirsi 1 nm not in.
spired with a veiy gic.it p. ni Ii.iih nu pork,
even of thu domestic coin ltd md sugar
cured vailuly. but when a bunch of wild
hog Is sent to me .icioss nu cu . an and I
have In view ii illnnei vvbiisn pl.io do re
slstnnte will not bo tlupllcaied on any
lublii in America. Hie nov.lt) "1 tho thing
and the t'xpcudituic nut tu! tor upon the
seiulei's well Intiiiiled genet osltv will pre
vt ut nnv I'uir ol Indigestion ui nualniK of!
taste Intctfi ling with ins pai taking of tho
Ull.Hi'll delli ucv
"Thu boar was killeei near I, lege, nnd
Pauls, thu Dusstltlnif wlno ineichaiit with
whom 1 tlt.11, gut fiusst sslon uf It Ho luiti
tho tan ass cut right In half, nml had thn
latter t ml p.u keel up without cvin tho long
halted lilcl.i being tt moved, and sent It to
inc It eiuio In excellent condition Willi
'lif1) collet i' marked on tho outside. I
know that will give it n lack tinvor C
sent It tu Golden mid bail tho hi io removed
and Hie lemuliis butehtied.
"Tlie hums, aio lu cobl stutage nnel to
inorinw ut dinner 1 will suililco insseK
befoio thn roasted loins. If sou sco pub
Ushed In thn fuuue the duplli atlon of an
niilugraph litter fiom inn attesting to thu
vli Hits of lu. Dismal's Ds'spepsla Do
strnver, )ou will know tho giiesls of lt
lusplt allou without fui tlu r Inquiry."
W liru sin suiter f ruin m Idi heuluc br. dlzzl
lie ss, constipation oli . remember Carter's Lit.
tin I.lvei Pills will rtdletu you Oae pill ti 1
AN I.MH'sl'IClOL-i 31(11,1
He I iinnt It el a Iliiudriil l'cet In Iwentjr
till! HlllllS.
Desiring to learn Just how much tunnel
ing a moio can do In a known number ot
hours, we caught u good largo specimen
ami Immediately lurm-d t loose In the mid
dle nf n live ui-ie th Id of clover, snsaa writ
er In St. NIchohiH fur 1-Vbruaiy, The grass
was so thin and wlntt-r-kllled that thu
ground was priiclteally bare, but not loose
Ilka the soil of n cultivated Held. I'lva
sccondrt titter tho moio received Its free,
ilom it hud biiitowcd out of sight. This
mas scorn put belief, but thu fact Is
v om lied lor by the olllclal timekeeper.
Stliklng a stake nt tho starting point vva
rt Hied and left tho digger hurd at work.
Tho start was made nt 11 a, m. and tho
direction taken was eastward. Hy e! p. in,
the mule had dug tvvents-three feet In a
slg-7ug Hue. but keening tho same Ken
eial dliectlnn all tho tlmw nnd without dig
ging mis slde-galhrles Hy 11 a. w, the
following das the turnol liael bttn driven
thlitS-one feet farthct, with numerous
slde-giilleiles, ami four feet had been mid.
el nl the tiul next in tho stalling place.
In unothei hour ten feet had been added at
thu cxtremltv, in iking slxts-elght feet of
main line and Ihlris-slx and one-half fret
uf blanches, or a total of 10P3 feot of tun.
nels eng In twents-ilve hours The hot
toins of ihe luiinels ian very evenls about
four Indies below tho surface. Sometimes
thu htdei wus ellinilcal in shatie. uieusiirlni-'
one ami one-half Inches tu width bs two
Inches In height und soineiliuos It was trl.
angulit, measuring two Inches lach way.
The' Mil fiu o nf the ground was usually
clacked and laised about mi Inch nl.-intr tl..-.
loui-sc of the tunnel. I made it cartful map
oi .no uteu'ns ui mis inoie, ui.iwn T-i scalo
ulong u base Hue.

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